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Here’s the official release:

    New York, July 21, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Enver Lisin.
    Lisin, 23, was acquired by the Rangers from the Phoenix Coyotes, in exchange for Lauri Korpikoski on Monday.  He skated in 48 games with Phoenix last season, registering 13 goals and eight assists for 21 points, along with 24 penalty minutes.  Lisin established career-highs in games played, goals, assists, points, penalty minutes, game-winning goals (two), and shots (105).  He tied for second on the team in even strength goals (12), tied for third in goals scored at home (eight), and tied for fifth in total goals.  He posted four multi-point performances, including a career-high, three-point effort on March 30 against Dallas (two goals and one assist).  In addition, Lisin recorded six points (two goals and four assists) in 10 games with the San Antonio Rampage of the American Hockey League (AHL) this past season.
    The 6-2, 200 pounder has skated in 78 career regular season games in three seasons for the Phoenix Coyotes, registering 18 goals and 10 assists for 28 points, along with 46 penalty minutes.  Lisin made his NHL debut on October 14, 2006 at Nashville, and recorded his first career point with an assist in his next game on October 17, 2006 at St. Louis.
    Lisin has also appeared in 70 career AHL contests with San Antonio, collecting 20 goals and 23 assists for 43 points, along with 36 penalty minutes.  In 2007-08, Lisin established AHL career-highs in games played (58), goals (16), assists (19), and points (26).  He also posted a career-best, seven-game scoring streak from November 27 vs. Milwaukee to December 14 against Quad City, registering eight points (three goals and five assists) over the span.
    In addition, Lisin skated in 116 career contests with Kazan Ak-Bars of the Russian Super League (RSL), recording 21 goals and 11 assists for 32 points, along with 48 penalty minutes. The Moscow, Russia native was originally Phoenix’s second round choice, 50th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.


This leaves only Dubinsky and Zherdev unsigned among the RFAs. Zherdev’s arbitration hearing is July 31.

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  1. “He tied for second on the team in even strength goals (12), tied for third in goals scored at home (eight), and tied for fifth in total goals.”

    In 48 games he was second on the team in even strength goals? How awful is PHX!?!?!!

  2. I give him seven games and he is riding the pine at the end of the bench, with Tort’s glare tatoo’d on his jersey and a boot imprint on his shorts. I hope I am completely wrong.
    We are starving for goal scorers so maybe there will be an extreme tolerance for defensive mishaps if they are a product of ignorance rather than defensive sloth.

    I think perhaps a big mistake to let korpedo go, I think he would have evolved into a solid two way player.

  3. Unwanted Wade on

    Dubi and Avery are runnin around the carribean in speedos getting trashed and trying to score penicilin.

  4. Dubinsky still unsigned. Why isn’t he re-upped? Is our top center not priority? Or is the club going to do the unthinkable?

  5. Dubi is going to be signed, but if they sign him and the arbiter awards him too much $- then teams will know that Zherdev is just going to work. By keeping that $ open we still have some chance at trading Z’s rights. It’s just keeping our options open for the hopes of getting a pick or somethng for Zherdev-

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    The new, more user friendly site is up. Please check it out and tell me what you think. Today we discuss some free agents that the Rangers should check in on.

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  7. Tomas Plekanec resigns with Montreal for $2.75 mil, I mention this because there are rumblings we might be involved in a three way deal with them and San Jose, still just talk. I seriously doubt we go into this season with Dubby as our top line center.

  8. Lisin good potential Z replacement. You’ll see, guy will spill his guts for Torts and will be pleasant surprise, scoring much more then expecting. I’m pretty sure Duby is not sign b/c Sather is planning mega deal, involved him as a bait.That’s only explanation I have.

  9. Unwanted Wade on

    Dubinsky for Plekanec maybe, I really liked that player in Montreal two years ago, a 70 point scorer that year. I do that in a New York minute.

  10. 4everranger

    i might get a lisin jersey. i think hes a bigger prucha from the little ive seen.

  11. Dubinsky is not only going to be re-signed, he is going to get top line duties centering Gaborik this year. Drawing this conclusion from John Tortorella’s comments(big bodied left handed center) (Dubinsky can fill the top line duties) also some other members of the organization have expressed thier feeling on the issue as well. One of them bing Adam Graves, who fells this will be Dubinsky’s break-out season.

    I totally agree with that myself. I see Dubi at a minimum with 60pt season this year.

  12. Sorry, but Dubi in my opinion is a 2nd – 3rd line center. I hope he does have a breakout year, but for now that is where he should be playing.

  13. Dennis
    Very nice and organized site,compact info,easy navigation,great job. Not sure I liked white on black text, but it’s just me.

  14. Dubi is way better than Plekanec. stats and points DON’T tell the value of a hockey player

    Plekanec is a softie, perimeter player

    Dubi is an all around player who does a little bit of everything, including toughness and leadership qualities. he is much younger and is worlds better than Plekanec as an all around player with a future

    if points and stats were so important, then Max Talbot would not have made key contributions to the Pens cup win.

  15. Unwanted Wade(the one who came up with the screenname) on

    That’s pretty bad guys/gals. I post here like once a month, and some deliquent goes and uses my creative name?

    Some site you guys got going here.

  16. So I had some free time and decided to make up my 2009 line combos with my rationale for each line…


    Rationale: Regardless of who his linemates are, Gaborik will always be on the #1 Scoring Line. I see Duibinsky as our most offensive centermen and therefore should get a first shot with our new sniper. I like Avery on this line because he can play that in-your-face style that will help draw attention away from Gabby yet still has the speed and hands to keep up. The success of this lines hinges upon Dubi’s ability to progress more offensively and Avery’s ability to limit his penalties, specifically those taken in the offensive zone.


    Rationale: While I feel like Drury has looked more and more like a 3rd line center, let’s face it, he’s our captain and he’s like going to be placed on the #2 scoring line and get 2nd line minutes. There is a chance he won’t play center, but I believe it’s his 2-way style that makes him a better center option than most of our other forwards. Callahan is definitely a top 6 forward and will get plenty of minutes under Torterella. I like the way he’s played with Drury in the past, they have decent chemistry. With that said I see adding another North American player to the mix (Higgins) as a no brainer. He should be able to play the style and has the abilities to keep up with Drury (not saying much) and Callahan in the rushes.


    Rationale: Now that we have our all-American line out of the way, why not try a line with all Europeans. Of course if it was Zherdev and not Kotalik then it could have been all Russian, but I like Kotalik’s contract better than Zherdev’s and that’s before arbitration. This line is a bit hopeful and dependent that Anisimov is truly ready for the big leagues and playing regular 3rd line minutes. Lisin, who has a bit more NHL experience, but not much will also need to prove himself and step into the larger role. What I like about this line is that they are all big boys (> 6ft) and yet still have offensive potential. Kotalik fits in nicely here as well as he won’t have a ton of pressure, but can still score goals.



    First of all, I’m not “happy” we signed Brashear over Orr/Betts, but I am glad that the Rangers no longer have to play against him. With that said, in my book, he’s a 4th liner with good forechecking abilities. Until we get a trade or a prospect proves otherwise, it’s very likely Aranason will be on the roster at the start of the season and he doesn’t belong anywhere else other than the fourth line. Byers isn’t a lock either, but from where I sit, he fits the bill for now.

    Final thoughts, we all know how much Torterella likes to juggle the lines, so from game-to-game, period-to-period and even shift-to-shift this will all changed, but these are the combinations that I’d like to see him start out with. As for defense, I’m not even going there at this time, but I’m pretty sure i know who will start in goal.

    Let me know your thoughts! I’m too bored to work and there isn’t enough hockey news to peruse.


  17. Cross Check Charlie on

    I really don’t want to see Arnason on the team. I don’t know why they signed him. I don’t think he has anything to offer than to take up a roster spot.

  18. NYRich82
    I think you have it you switch Higgins to top line, Kotalik to Second and drop Avery to the third in order to protect the young Russians. Also Arnason will be in Hartford to take over #1 line Role vacated by Anisimov. Boyle will make the team as a 4th liner with some appearances on the PP due to his size

  19. Charlie, Arnason had 22 pts in 71 games last year.. not sure but its probably more than any entire 4th line has had on this team since the lockout

  20. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    With Boyle’s size there is no way he’s going to play in Hartford. That 4th line can really smash people around, but can they keep up with another team’s top line and shut them down? We have yet to find out

  21. Lappy was 4th line center. Actually I think Arnason was second line after Sakic Injury

  22. UESBlueshirt on

    I posted months back that I see Dubi as having a similar career arc as Mike Richards. Richards went from having seasons of 34 pts (79 games) and 32 pts (59) games to 75 pts (73 games) and 80 pts (79 games). Aside from the Crosby/Malkin/Oveckin type players, even a lot of 1st round picks take time develop. Plus Dubi is still growing (or at least still at an age where he’ll continue to add mass) and when he reaches full size he’ll be a force.

  23. Keep in Mind though that Boyle is Soft. He is a skill player that doesn’t hit enough. That is the knock on him from the Kings organEYEzation and bloggers

  24. If Boyle Groes a pair then he will succeed in NY. Dubinsky reminds me more of Brind”amour than Richards.

  25. My lines:


    Shift Avery to top line if it needs a deterrent. Otherwise, let him wreak havoc creating more space for the Russians. I figure Kotalik will play with Dru since they had some time together in Buffalo. Tho I like the idea of having Higgins and Cally with Dru. Solid two-way line that can counter. Fourth line obviously is typical crash/energy.

    D is a little more sketchy. I want Gilroy, Potter and Sauer to be our 5-7.

  26. Voice of reason on

    Regarding Arnason: Just based on his inclusion on the Team roster, I believe he’s being given every opportunity to make the Team (Boyle, Byers, Potter, Gilroy are not on the Roster).

    He has had some very productive NHL seasons, and should provide incentive to the young centers.

    Regarding Dubinsky being the top center: Too early to tell. I think there are deals out there, and also don’t discount Anisimov’s ability. Given the right linemates, and power play time, he’ll put up numbers.

    About signing Dubinsky: If another team signs him to an offer sheet between $1.5 and $3 Million per year the Rangers will most assuredly match it. If he is signed for over $3M per, the Rangers may well take the 1st round pick, and the additional space to make a deal.

    Sather will likely not sign Dubi until after the July 31 arbitration hearing for Zherdev. If Zherdev is awarded something the Rangers feel is affordable, they will retain his rights and likely try to include him in a trade. If not, they’ll likely let him walk, then sign Dubinsky.

    By waiting, they effectively give themselves another 10 days to try to leverage the asset (Zherdev). Either way, I would be VERY surprised to see Zherdev on Broadway this year…

  27. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    The beef with Arnason from CO bloggers is that he is atrocious at defense. Statistically he’s not bad and good enough to play on the 4th line, but in reality, if he gets sent out against the opposition’s top unit, he’ll be lost to stop it. Hate on Renney all you want, I know I will, but one effective thing he did do was utilize his 4th line against the opposition’s 1st line to open up space for the top line. He knew Betts and Sjo were good enough to shut em down

  28. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Joe in DE , yeah Renney was perty good at that. 1 more year …come on 1 more year…Let’s bring back Jagr,Straka ,Renney,prucha,Orr,dawes,Bettsie,Pern,weekes,Avery part3,MAlik,Holleweg, and for crying out loud throw Hugh Jesseman on the 3rd line with Dawes and Prucha!!!

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    BTW Renney as assistant cuz then he’d be Tort’s B**ch!!!

  30. I agree VOR, Arnason will definitely be given a shot and will likely be on our roster. I do think the guy plays with heart and has intensity. We could do better, but we’ve done much worse in the past.

  31. I like the “idea” of Kotalik reigniting Drury, but I think that might put too much pressure on him. I’d rather not have Avery on the 3rd line if I could avoid it.

  32. arnason is better than betts offensively. in a sense, he fits the new offensive style better. im not sure how bad defensively he is, but if were lookin at + -, it could be decieving because of the goaltending on the avs.

  33. The problem with trading Dubinsky is that he is the de facto leader and spirit of the team. Also, years ago when Espo was going nuts with trades, the team was ridiculed as the “New York Strangers.”

    Sather needs to focus on chemistry and continuity and cohesiveness, because not keeping core players together breeds just the opposite. Talent is one thing, harnessing and coordinating talent is the challenge. Sather has no concept of “Team,” just throws individual players together. It will take half a year for this collection to mesh, if they do at all.

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on

    #1 line { Callahan Dubi Gaborik

    #2 line { Avery Drury Kotalik

    #3 line { Higgins AA Lisen/Grachev

    #4 line { Brash B B

  35. kotalik is good for 2 reasons. 1, hes a slightly cheaper version of zherdev and will score about the same(maybe not points, but goals). and hes a good shot from the point on the pp. slats did good with signing him. oh and if you count maybe bringing some chemistry with dru than thats 3 good reasons. not sayin hes the key component to us becoming a winning team, but he fills a few needs on the team and will be more important to the team than most think

  36. My lines:


    “Attack of the killer B’s” – I like that!

  37. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The question with Sather is several years ago he had a chech (jagr and straka oh my!)influenced team and didn’t win, last year a north american team and didn’t win, this looks like a 70/30 international Vs. north american team.

    international= more finesse and estrogen
    north american= less finesse and more testosterone

    so that’s why he added Brashear to cover the wuss factor

  38. One more thing – for many reasons above lineup could be a real pain in the a&% for opposite teams. Speed, grit, size.

  39. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    every year its the same old song , so much anticipation and hope by all the moves at the start of the season only to suffer the same humiliation in the playoffs.

  40. Unwanted Wade on

    I love the Drury-Callahan-Higgins line as our second option, but trust me, Dubinsky is not a top line center and never will be, gorgeous looks and all. You get a Patrick Sharp or Marleau and we are really good. Otherwise, dont expect much.

  41. bull dog line on

    still the same problem right now, know Dman to run the power play.
    look for Sangs, or Del Zotto, to make team in that roll.

  42. i dont know one cup, i didnt have too much confidence going into this year. we added redden, nas, z and subtracted jags, toots, etc. i didnt like it from the start. in fact i dug out this short email i sent to a friend in july of 2008:

    From: Kevin
    Date: Thu, Jul 3, 2008 at 2:57 PM
    Subject: Re: so…
    To: RV

    i already hate redden

  43. Rich- I agree completely with your assesment on the first line, although Graves think Cally will be on the Left Wall.

    Avery- Dubi- Gaborik

    This is up to Gaborik and Dubinsky to create chemistry between each other. I really like the possibilities here. Remember the puck control games that Jagr and Dubi experienced dowl low. Granted it was short lived, but with Gaborik now as potential 1st line RW I think these two can do a lot of damage together. Now the left side IMO issomewhat interchangeable, but I like the idea of Avery over the for one reason. He is going to cause havoc in front ofthe net, he is going to draw the attentiaon of other players on the ice. When he does Gaborik and Dubinsky need to capitalize. I just think having Avery there gives you a guy that will work along the wall, but also gives a physical presence to theRangers top 6…and most importantly he being out there gives a little more room for Dubi and Gaborik.

    Callahan- Drury- Kotalik
    Cally edged out Higgins for the 2nd line position here. Kotalik IMO was brought in specifically to play alongside Drury. In that Buffalo system, they played one of the best transition games I have ever seen. They came at you from every line, and all they needed was one little mistake and they wrre buzzing all over you. I think that is the mentality with Tortorella’s heavy forecheck. On this line Cally, who is one of the best waterbugs in the league, and perfectly suited for Tortorella’s system has to create turnovers by pressuring the defensemen as much as he can. It’s up to Drury and Kotalik to capitalize on the turnover.

    Brashear- Anisimov – Higgins

    Yep, Brash with 3rd line duties…Not becuase I say so…becuase John Tortorella say’s so. When they aquired Brashear, Torts came out and said he was here to play more than 4th line role in his system. I think he is going to use him more than what Torts used Orr. At times I could even see himbumping him to Drury’s line. <–Call it crazy, but remember you heard it here first. Not saying I would agree with it, but I am almost certain it is going to happen after hearing Tortorella’s comments on him.

    Lisin- Arnason -Boyle/Byers

    I still think Arnason is going to get a chance and capitalize when he does. Yes, youghstink in Colorado, but not too long ago he was being rumored in deals for Matt Cullen. If he can get back into the right frame of mind, the position is there for the taking. Not going to get too excited about any4th line possibilities though. This is Tortorella’s world. A world where 4th liners ride the pine.

  44. bull dog line on

    everybody is underestimating Boyle. he is going to have a big role.
    Brashere is not going to sniff the 3rd line.

  45. One more time … Dubinsky will be signed. That’s the nature of the RFA beast. It takes a while, because the player and his agent have no leverage. It will get done. The only question is whether he will be involbed in a major trade. If not, he will be signed — maybe it will take until training camp, or maybe it will be tonight. That’s how it goes.

    Matt, a No. 1 and you contend for the Cup? Not to poke fun, but maybe if the No. 1 is Gretzky or Lemieux in his prime.

  46. I love condescending posters who can’t come up with thier own logic so they try to poke holes in other people posts. Isn’t the simpsons on somewhere?

  47. Cross Check Charlie on

    If they put Brashear on the third line, then Torts ought to be committed and take Sather with him.

  48. Mike in Ia- hope you are right on Kotalik but hes overpaid at 3 million per year and we will be looking to pair him with a draft pick or prospect to get his $ off the books when the cap goes down next year and there is a better free agent available at that price-

    You heard it here first (just kidding Spiderpig)

  49. Hey Carp, is there any reason that it seems the Rangers take longer than other teams to report terms of deals? Why is that something not included in the press release or obtainable shortly thereafter? It shouldn’t be a secret from the fans in a salary cap world…

  50. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on

    Yo Spiderpig , ya heard this here first….New right wing Lisen will wear #19 .

  51. none of the teams report terms of deals. often GMs will leak them to reporters, but nobody talks to the GM of the Rangers … so we usually have to wait until somebody else leaks it or the NHLPA releases it, or the agent tells somebody. I’m way, way too busy to be chasing Lisin’s agent to find out if it’s $600,000 or $700,000 or whatever.

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on

    You heard it here first…

    Paul Mara’d beard has revolked the move and has stayed with his former club , the Rangers. The beard was apperantly seen smearing its self all over the Ranger crest in the Rangers lockeroom. Vowing never to be touched or removed again!

  53. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    But wait there’s More!

    D is for Dubi
    D is for Dallas

    I still say “he who goes to arbitration,Goes”

  54. If these lines turn out to be, i’m honestly a little scared. When it comes down to it we traded Antro, Gomez, Z, Betts, Lori, and Orr for Gabo, Higgins, Kotalik, Lisin, Arnason and Brashear? Color be un-enthused. Not to mention 2-4 rookie D. I could have sworn i heard something in passing about a Winter Classic next year or was i day dreaming?

  55. 2010-11 rangers roster much different in composition from last year. Big question is whether we see different results from all this movement. The addition of a (healthy?) Gaborik is the only new element that excites me for the upcoming season as he’s an elite player. Other than that, Ranger progress will be measured by internal improvement from the likes of Dubinsky, Staal and company. If several young players emerge from their mediocrity, then we’ll have something to talk about. otherwise, our collection of average players will sadly yield another average season.

  56. Noted that my old friend Nigel received a 45% salsry increase in his new 2-year deal signed with Calgary today. The Flames offered him $850,000 a year. Who says there isn’t a life after Broadway! The Flames coaching staff know him well, having coached Dawes in juniors and the WJC tournament and it’s his last chance to show he belongs in the NHL.

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on

    You heard it here first…

    CCCP was caught trying to vaccume up the beard of ex player Paul Mara and was tossed out of the buliding from John Tortarelli himself ! Keeping the vaccumme bag with Mara’s beard in it was a smart move cuz 3 days later CCCP sold it on ebay for $300 .

  58. Nasty- this is the best part of that story. Lets hope it’s true!

    “As of checking just minutes ago, the Rangers are excited about Redden this year and are depending on him. Redden has been working hard and very much out for redemption. I would bet he has a strong year in NY.”

  59. I don’t know how good Redden will be this year, but he’ll have to be better than last year, in order to stay in the lineup.

    To his credit, he was the best d-man in the playoffs.

    Rozsival was atrocious all season. I’d rather have Morris for 82 games.

  60. Ha, do I sense a hint of sarcasm Greg L.? Seriously though, utilizing your 4th line against the opposition’s top forwards is an effective way to free space up for your skill players by matching them against inferior opponents. The problem Renney had was that his team couldn’t score ever. I’m anxious to see if the Killer B’s can shut down the opposition long enough to let Dubi and Gabby run wild

  61. Haha, every day it’s something new for football players. Supposedly that Burger guy called some chick up to his hotel, and forced himself on her.

    She’s ugly, which makes sense cause he looks like Mr. Potato Head. It pisses me off when guys that look like him get to bang chicks like Kim Karfatassian.

    It’s all aboot the money, all aboot the money !

  62. “I still say “he who goes to arbitration,Goes”
    -onecupin69yearsand counting

    Luckily Dubi isn’t going to arbitration,so he stays ;)

  63. torts runs a 3 line team, the 4th line wont be matching up against the oppositions best line on a regular basis, if at all.

    also shame on me for clicking that link, but did i read that correctly and eklund said roszival being included was a deal breaker for the rangers, if so come on.

    as far as lines, id let dubinsky start with gaborik and then give anisimov a shot if dubi doesnt work out. id put higgins with gaborik over avery, avery is best suited for the 3rd line i think talent wise.

    drurys line should be the matchup line so cally and kotalik there is fine, tho i have heard kotalik is known not to backcheck much so that will have to change

  64. And the most inaccurate post of the day goes toooooo………

    PAVEL!!! –
    “To his(Redden’s) credit, he was the best d-man in the playoffs.
    Rozsival was atrocious all season. I’d rather have Morris for 82 games.”

    Redden was the BEST d-man in the playoffs????
    Okay the guy played MUCH better in the playoffs than he did in the regular season, absolutely, totally agree with that, but the best d-man in the playoffs? he doesnt come close to Girardi and Staal, yes they had a few mistakes in the playoffs but there is no way that Redden was better than either of them, absolutely not

    & Rozsival was atrocious all 82 games? He had a rough start and then all the assholes at MSG had to boo him too on top of booing Redden, He played much better in the second half of the season and played great in the playoffs, he made one mistake in the playoffs and it was when he fell at the blueline in game 5, which Drury could have saved his ass on if he could have just beat Bradley to the puck

  65. bad contract vs bad contract, player vs player, i would rather have redden over rozy (I do not want either, but if I had to choose, I would take redden. Hopefully…HOPEFULLY we can be rid of both very very soon and this team will be much better off and I will be much happier).

  66. Nasty 1 – That is a very interesting and in-depth article for anyone to write, and it’s written by Eklund! We can only hope that he is telling the truth and not piecing it together from what everyone knows. I figured that the Rangers would never put Redden in the minors unless it is around the trade deadline to clear cap space and if he has been playing badly.

    I know someone on here figured this part: “[Sather] is unbelievably loyal to his roots in Edmonton. He truly saw [leaking the Edmonton trade] as a personal affront to Lowe and his former team.”

  67. that article was written a very long time ago by someone else.
    he just reworded it.

    when i find the link ill post it.

  68. I was in the pool!! on

    I think Redden will be vastly improved this year under Torts. He will not be worth the money, (see clutch & rosy) but his play will be adequate and steady and Greatly improved on the powerplay. Under Renney he could skate (literally n fig.) and not get called out. Under Torts he could get thrown out!

  69. Laurel Babcock on

    You heard it here first. Greg has named a new pasta….Tortorelli :) you can sign for an entree or waive for dessert…

    whatever, sounded funny in my head.

    I believe Carp. Dubi is in…Sally, tell the princess to rest.

  70. “… there is no way that Redden was better than either of them, absolutely not”

    I hate to say it but I agree with Pavel, Redden probably was the best. It’s not a knock on Staal or Girardi but it’s kind of hard to say they were the team’s best d-men in the playoffs when 1) they weren’t matched against the Washington’s best forwards and 2) they don’t play the power-play other than garbage time on the last change.

    I really think this year is going to solidify what the team has in Staal. Either Tortorella turns him into a Pronger-like player who is scary in his own end and can contribute to the offense or he just develops into a great stay at home defenseman. Its hard for me to imagine Staal gets as great an opportunity after this year with the offensive minded guys below him in the system.

  71. Good post Nasty. The part that caught me was this:

    The irony here is the Gomez deal in and of itself is a great trade. The Rangers would be wise to just hold that cap space they created, but no one believes that Sather will last long with some room on the credit card, and there is a need in NY for some pizazz.

    And well, we all know what happened with Gaborik replacing Gomez. I also agree with the sentiment that Slats saw what Murray was doing using the Oilers as leverage. And there’s no way he was going to allow that. He has such strong ties to them. That loyalty can at least be respected. Too bad he’s a jerk to everyone else (Leetch, MacLean, etc.)

    Arnason cannot be on this team. The Av fans hated him. They basically celebrated his departure. I don’t want guys with lazy work ethics. Let Boyle be our fourth line center. It’s a small job anyway on a Tort team. I hope Byers and Dupont compete for a small role.

    lol at Redden working hard. I’ll believe it when I see it. And btw…he was our 2nd best D in the playoffs. Only Girardi was better. Staal struggled.

  72. matt- i moved to iowa because i heard the pizza is fantastic!!! no, i really moved here cuz its much cheaper to live, and i have family here and texas. got a house here and texas where my father lives. its really not bad out here though. i mean, yea, we have the iowa (soon to be gone) CHOPS minor league team!!! yea!! lol. no, its slow and the water is slightly irradiated but its home now!!

  73. you heard it here first, and second. duby will be signed. oh and gabby will get decapitated by orpik in the season opener which will lead to sathers firing

  74. this season will be very stressful for us ranger fans. every time gabby gets checked sathers anal fissure will tear again and his colostomy bag will explode

  75. redden was our best d man in the playoffs. not saying he was great, cuz all our d looked like 80 year old cripples while ovie and co. skated circles around them.

  76. yea, i love when people blame redden for the fedorov goal. i mean blame the guy for everything right?? blame redden for global warming and jock itch too while were at it. cmon the shot was pretty good but hank has to stop that. his glove work better be improved this year. but, yea, redden couldve done somethin besides stand there. i mean it wasnt really his fault, but he shouldve at least checked him or told him his girlfriend was fat or something

  77. yea the chops dont like to pay rent or whatever it was but anaheim is bailin out on them just like dallas did. i dont know what exactly it was, but they owed money to anaheim for the rights to the farm team and didnt pay for months. gotta say im not surprised. they love nascar and college football here go hawkeyes!!! somebody please shoot me

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on


    Dont worry about Gaborik , seriously all the worring will jinx him and hell ya mays well say he will be hurt in preseason and miss the WHOLE season. Then next year he comes back and gets hurt 5 games into the season. What I’m saying is if ya worry about certain things and continue to do so…They eventually come true. Gaborik’s Doctors have OPERATED on the problem and Minnesota paid the price of not having him.He had that surgury and took the time off and The Wild suffered , not us. When he came back he was awsome.
    Gaborik will score 50 goals this year….you heard it here first!!

    Btw that was perty funny Laurel , creative.

  79. i despise redden

    that being said, him and rozi really were our best d-men in the playoffs

  80. if Tyler Arnason plays more than 7 games in a Ranger Uniform I’m gonna go Flipmo squad. This is a guy who belongs on the Fishsticks.

    Last Ranger Roundup For Colt 45 Plus Zebra Steve Kozari’s Officiating Is Horse Dookie : http://www.rangercrisis.com

  81. Using Cap Geek this is the Roster i’d like to see next year

    * trade Rozy to Dallas for Robidas
    * trade a 4th round pick to Toronto for Ian White (7th D-man)
    * Resign Zherdev
    * Resign Dubinsky

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    * Nikolai Zherdev — $3,500,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    * Brandon Dubinsky — $1,750,000
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    * Enver Lisin — $910,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    * stephane robidas — $1,500,000
    Ilkka Heikkinen — $875,000
    * ian white — $855,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,400,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $1,399,168

  82. ‘In 2007-08, Lisin established AHL career-highs in games played (58), goals (16), assists (19), and points (26)’

    16 goals + 19 assists = 35 points not 26.

  83. Good read, i was supposed to have lunch with Graves a few months ago but i had an exam that day. I was very disappointed, but my dad said he had a great time and Graves was a really genuine guy.

  84. Based on Gravy’s take i’d be keeping an eye on DelZ and Grachev during training camp – especially if, as expected, we walk away from Zherdev.

    I’ll bet now that we have all these young stud defensemen Slats is really regretting the Redden contract (especially the length).

    Carp – what are your thoughts on his arbtitration hearing? If he gets $3.5m or less do you think both sides will agree to the deal?

  85. UESBlueshirt on

    Bergeron and Gaborik? That’s really tempting the hockey gods of injuries.

  86. UK, once the arbitrator rules, there’s no more agreeing. It’s just a matter of whether the Rangers keep him or walk away. If they keep him, they can still try to trade him. I think if he gets a big salary, they just walk away and let him be a free agent.

  87. I read that yesterday on HF too. Good stuff. Graves is just such a classy guy.

    I like what he had to say about Stepan. Hoipefully Fox sports will pickup more College hockey this up and coming season. Last year they did well by airing lots of Wisconsin, Michigan, U North Dakota games etc. Hopefully they continue to do so. Would like to see more of him in his sophmore season.

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