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Arthur Staple of Newsday wrote a column about Chris Drury, and how it will be up to him to deliver coach John Tortorella’s message this season (does the Clutchmobile make deliveries?).

Anyway, it’s a good column. You can read it here.


There’s a new poll down the right side of the page. Wade Redden edged out Donald Brashear in the previous poll (your least favorite Rangers acquisition?).

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Just got off the phone with MSG re: the luxury suites. Pricing for the upcoming year is still TBD, but the guy said it ranged last year anywhere from 6,000-10,000, depending on date and opponent.

    So figure that’ll go up by 500-1000 bucks on each end and you’ll have an idea on the range. Unfortunately for my friends and I, that’s way too rich for our blood. Even on the low end, you’re looking at 400 bucks a person (16 guest passes and bachelor doesn’t pay), and that doesn’t include the rest of the night. And I imagine that the low number is for like a Wednesday game against the Thrashers or someone equally bad.

  2. Hockeyman Rangers on

    I vote Callahan the new capt clutch. And I don’t mean captain of the team but to [pull through when we need a goal.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Cindy, funny that you gave me that guy’s name. That’s exactly who I just spoke with on the phone.

  4. Mike D (#96) on

    Totally forgot thet Kotalik and Drury played together in Buffalo. That should be a nice addition then…PP duo?

  5. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    The Power Play Duo!!!

    (Sung to the tune of “The Ambiguously Gay Duo.”)

  6. Has anyone seen any quotes from Brashear himself on NY? I can’t remember if there were any in the tough life piece that Rick linked to the other day. Has he commented on his feelings about being in NY?

  7. Cindy Crosby on

    Doodie… that is funny. He is a nice guy and usually very accommodating. I can say other things too but you probably picked that up from the sound of his voice

  8. Chris F.
    July 21st, 2009 at 11:24 am
    Has anyone seen any quotes from Brashear himself on NY? I can’t remember if there were any in the tough life piece that Rick linked to the other day. Has he commented on his feelings about being in NY?

    On his twitter,I forgot what he said exactly but it was something like “2 years with the Rangers, How great is that? I’m excited”.

  9. Great article, thanks for the link Carp.

    I personally like Chris Drury a lot. Do I think he had a bad season? Yes. Do I think hes overpaid? Yes. But there is something about him that I like and I’m really looking forward to this season. I think everyone is going to see another side of Drury this year under Torts. With some of the players the Rangers have brought in, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see Drury put up close to 30 goals.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  10. Dru better have a good year this year. He has no fuggin excuses, this isn’t his 1st time with the team, he doesn’t have a “broken hand”, time to show up, or get the fugg out.

    I just traded him, my 1st round pick, and the guy I drafted in the 1st round to the Kings for Frolov, and Brayden Schenn. Also i traded Redden, and a couple of prospects to the Bolts for St Louis, and i traded Avery and a prospect, and a pick for Kyle Turris. Also i signed Sundin, since he was still available. What a great job by me. Im experiencing major cap problems, and i still have to re-sign guys like Staal, Artie, Grachev, Gilroy, Del Z, Sangs, Danny G, and many many other prospects. I might not have the dough.

    If anybody ha played a franchise in NHL 09 with an East team, is the first team you verse in the Cup finals the Blue Jackets ? Two different times i started a season with Nyr, and both times my first Cup appearance was against the Jackets.

  11. Yeah, it’s kind of stupid, cause in my franchise, Paul Stastny is still a Free Agent, cause nobody wants to sign him. Lol, every team int he league wants that guy if he was a FA.

    And one time in NHL 07, i was in my 3rd year, and Crosby was a free agent, and nobody had the money to sign him, so he was a free agent the whole year, until i signed him. I tried trading him to the Pens, but they wouldn’t accept him, so i kept him.

    Oh yeah, and i found another glitch in NHL 09. There was 17 mins left in the 3rd, and i was up by one, and the opposition wouldn’t take the puck out of their own zone, they just kept skating by the circles, and wouldn’t give the puck, and when the puck became loose, i couldn’t touch it, as if it was invisible. It was weird, and it gave me a free win.

    As funny as the glitches are, NHL 10 better fix this crap. And like i mentioned the other day, they should allow players to request NTC, or NMC, when they sign a contract with your team, and it would make things interesting, and it would be harder to move Dreary, and Dredden.

  12. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Dru better have a good year this year. He has no fuggin excuses, this isn’t his 1st time with the team, he doesn’t have a “broken hand”, time to show up, or get the fugg out.”

    There’s the big problem. If he doesn’t produce do you waive him and take the cap hit? Trading him is almost impossible because who would want him at his current contract?

  13. I know that Chris Drury has been the guy talking to the recently added players and prospective UFA’s on how great it is to play in New York. He did it in Gaborik’s case as well as Matt Gilroy’s. I don’t mind Drury wearing the C again hopefully Kotalik will raise his game a bit.

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  14. NorthCountryRanger on

    i hate how everyone bashes Drury so much. He did what he could with an offensively challenged team last season…had over 20 goals and played in the playoffs hurt and still scored a goal…He is a true Ranger and a great hockey player… not only on the offensive side of the puck, but also a great defensive forward…Now, should he perform under his expectations this season (and those should be around 80 {25g,55a} points with our new scoring talent) then i will be with all of you in saying he’s overrated. He may be soft spoken and all that shit but he is NOT a bad hockey player or anywhere near a liability on the ice. Old captain clutch needs to stop antagonizing people into throwing more negative energy at our boys. Think positive people… I recently spoke with Steve Valiquette (sp.?) at a signing/speaking appearance in Connecticut and he was very excited at how our roster is looking and having torts for a full season. I told him I was looking forward to watching a much more uptempo style and we shared a few laughs about the low points of last season, but all in all he seemed very optimistic and so should you ALL OF YOU…that’s my rant, i’m done… LGR.

  15. Krispy, I agree with you. He’s a good player who will never live up to a huge contract, and who had a horrible year. I think he’s useful, not a bad captain (the players love him, and I think Tortorella really respects him, too) and he should bounce back. But he won’t ever be worth that money, and he will never be moved off the roster.

  16. The locker room during the past season was described as disinterested and confused. Drury didn’t step up when needed then, and I can’t imagine how that would change in the coming season.

  17. Bye Bye Gomer on

    How about “very good but the job isn’t done.” I still can’t believe they got Higgins AND McDonagh in that Gomez deal. Gaborik is an elite player, but huge question mark. That deal will either be great, or another Slats train-wreck. And I still don’t like the Brashear over Orr signing, but it is what it is.

  18. Thanks Carp-

    San Jose has been very quiet. I’m not saying the Rangers are in involved but I can see them making a move.

    When is the next video Chat?

  19. UESBlueshirt on

    Orr, I’m in my 3rd season of dynasty, 2 games away from wrapping up my 3rd straight Cup and I’ve played Edmonton twice and LA once. Somehow Edmonton traded with Calgary to get Kiprusoff. I definitely traded away Redden in the first season for Seabrook from CHI. Traded Gomez after they announced it earlier this month. Never created prospects but I do tend to get cheap and affordable guys. The biggest was that Shanny was still on the Rangers when I got the game so I sent him and Prucha to LA Dustin Brown and someone that I can’t remember. The glitch is that you can sign a bunch of cheap but high potential FA’s after your first season since it seems most of the league doesn’t sign their draftees. Then you can trade those prospects for picks and those picks with mid range talent to get the good young cheap guys.

    My cap compliant team is:

    Cally-Drury-Grabner (high end prospect from Vanc that’s like Lisen)
    Kunitz (traded Naslund for him) – Dubi – Gaborik
    Higgins – Filpula – Brown
    Avery – Anisimov – Sjo

    Staal – Bouwmeester
    Beacheaumin – Seabrook
    Girardi – Weber


  20. On Drury- He posted up another 50pt season last year. Which for him is pretty much an average season. He has just as many 60pt performances as he does 50pt performances. I think with Drury everyone has similar feelings on him. He’s a likeable guy. He’s a stand up guy. He’s a good leader and someone the other players in the room can look up to. But he is maybe one of the top 5 overpaid players in the league. It wouldn’t be such a gard pill to swallow if 11.5 million wasen’t being eaten up in two other overpaid underachieving defenders. But unfortunately that’s the case.

    With that said, I am happy to see Drury still with the club. But…Early prediction. I think this is the lat season we will see of Chris Drury in a Rangers sweater.

    On Brashear- Nice to have a guy here to do the job, but if Orr didn;t fit into Tortorella’s system, I have to wonder if a Justin Soryal wouldn’t have been better suited. More out of the Darren Langdon mode than the big super-heavyweight, but his avbility to actually play some, his young age, and ability as a fighter IMO would have been a better choice than eating up another 1.4 million dollars on a cap-strapped team. I always have an appreciation for the rougher aspects of the game…and Brash is still anelite fighter(maybe the best) but I like seeing youth worked into the equation.

  21. In the absence of news, I’ll again ask for an insider’s take on the old days. Today’s question for Carp: what was the 96-97 season like behind closed doors, when Mess and Gretz were back together? Was there any tension between the two of them, or due to the fact that the team underperformed during the regular season (minus that one crazy hot streak in the middle)? Any thoughts on the Cinderella playoff run from that year? Was there any specific sign during the season indicating that Mess wouldn’t re-sign?

  22. If Memory serves, coming out of the lockout Mess got a three-year deal for about $18 million – the same deal Vancouver game him in ’97.

  23. When Mess came back in 2000, I believe it was a two-year deal for $11 million. He then signed one-year contracts for his final two seasons.

  24. “But Drury, now 33, is still a winner, still the same competitor who has a championship from just about every level of hockey (and one Little League World Series) he’s played. The broken finger that turned him into a shadow in the postseason was the only negative thing he’ll harp on from 2008-09.”

    Everytime I read nonsense like this, it makes me hate on Drury even more. I really don’t care at all that Chris won the little league world series, or anything else from his past for that matter. The whole “Drury = Winner” thing is such B.S. as far as I’m concerned because as a Ranger, he has done nothing but fail. Yes, he’ll never live up to his ridiculous contract, and that is Sather’s fault for giving him that much, I don’t blame Chris for signing on the dotted line. But come on, he is maybe the most over-rated centers in the game right now. He’ll get you what, 30 goals if he’s having an amazing season? And I like him too, he seems like a good guy, he seems like he tries (unlike gomez who i couldn’t stand because of effort related issues). But everytime I have to be subjected to nonsense like “hey, chris is a constant winner! he’s won in every level of every sport he’s ever competed in! he won the little league world series for crying out loud!” well everytime I have to read that crap, it makes me hate him. And I want to like him. I’m sorry, I’m at work right now and I’m kinda rambling, but enough already with this. Let’s see what Chris does NOW, and for the love of god stop praising him for his past. especially the little league baseball stuff, it boggles my mind that sports writers still mention this in their “chris = winner” columns.

  25. I was in the pool!! on

    Under the new coach and with the players brought in to this point, I really think most people with be quite happy with Drury next year. He will do alot more of what everyone has expected him to do (don’t think of his salary, think of what he is capable of).

  26. NorthCountryRanger on

    When is there going to be a press conference to introduce our new acquisitions? I see Gabby in a #10 rangers sweater, but no conference for it…was this taken in Slovakia? Or can we still expect a forthcoming presser?

  27. UESBlueshirt on

    “Under the new coach and with the players brought in to this point, I really think most people with be quite happy with Drury next year. He will do alot more of what everyone has expected him to do (don’t think of his salary, think of what he is capable of).”

    The problem is that a lot of readers on this blog know exactly what he’s capable of and that’s a 65-70 point season at best. He played top minutes for a Buffalo team that was built on offense on all 4 lines and D that could jump in on the play and he still only came out with a 67 pts season.

  28. deaden redden and brashrear should have to room together, even for home games ;-)

  29. Where's Pavelich? on

    FYI – Not sure if anyone mentioned it (or cares), but Nigel Dawes signed 2 yrs at $850k with Calgary..could be a good fit… I still think he has a 30 goal season in him

  30. According to Zipay we signed Lisin to a contract…I was wondering when that was going to happen….I will look for a link.

  31. “i would rather see soryal on the big club this year than byers”

    WICKY- I totally agree here with you. I don’t thin Byers is very impressive at all. Whether diuscussing his game, or his fighting ability. Or even his ability to play on the 4th line.

    To me, 4th liners(especially in this system) need to be able to do as muchas they can in thier 4 minutes of fame per night. With that said, they either need to be able to win a scrap and pump up the team, and or send a message to the other team.

    Edge Soryal over Byers here

    They need to be able to throw a big hit, at times playing with reckless abandon to spark the club if they are flat.

    Edge Soryal over Byers here

    Of course if the opportunity arises they need to capitalze on a scoring chance.

    Edge Byers over Soryal here

    Factoring in all of the above IMO the club would have been better saing the money, inking Soryal to a 400k contact, and maybe tossing Arnason in between he and maybe Voros.

  32. Runninamok

    I dont know about you but Byers scoring 3 goals in 6 playoff games for HFD after missing pretty much the entire season with a torn ACL is pretty impressive to me.

    Byers plays with an edge, (averages 200 PIM a season in HFD), has offense and has size.

  33. Where's Pavelich? on

    I agree dawes was done for us, but I like the fact he may get a chance elsewhere…and, agreed on Soryal, he can scrap and hit, offense may not be ready for NHL level, dont know about his defense..

  34. “Runninamok

    I dont know about you but Byers scoring 3 goals in 6 playoff games for HFD after missing pretty much the entire season with a torn ACL is pretty impressive to me.

    Byers plays with an edge, (averages 200 PIM a season in HFD), has offense and has size.”

    Yep, pretty good performance, I will give him that. Especially coming off a torn ACL. I know what thats like for sure. My left knee currently has the same exact problem! But I am thinking this one differently. I see Byers as a 3rd line player, not as a 4th line player. Meaning, for him to be effective he is going to need more icetime, and frankly there is just too much depth on this club to give him that. And believe me. I am a guy that totally appreciated the rugged North American style of hockey. But, as far as Byers is concerned, I think the downfall is that I don’t see him as an impact player. An impact player who needs to impact in the very limited icetime he will get in this system. That isthe reason I was pointing the finger toward Soryal. But that too is contingent upon Soryal also handling the enforcer issues aswell. But b eing that Brash is now the 2nd highest paid enforcer in the game.

  35. Player Salaries Franchise Values
    1994-95 Top 10 Player Salaries 2002-03Top 10 Player Salaries
    Player Salary
    Gretzky, Wayne $6,540,028
    Messier, Mark $6,293,103
    Stevens, Scott $5,800,000
    Bure, Pavel $4,500,000
    Lemieux, Mario $4,071,429
    Lindros, Eric $3,640,000
    Lafontaine, Pat $3,563,795
    MacInnis, Al $3,500,000
    Shanahan, Brendan $3,500,000
    Hull, Brett $3,300,000
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    Jagr, Jaromir $11,483,333
    Tkachuk, Keith $11,000,000
    Lidstrom, Nicklas $10,500,000
    Kariya, Paul $10,000,000
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    Sakic, Joe $9,856,018
    Leetch, Brian $9,680,000
    Holik, Robert $9,600,000
    Forsberg, Peter $9,500,000
    Pronger, Chris $9,500,000

    1995 Top 10 Most Valued Franchises 2002 Top 10 Most Valued Franchises
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    Detroit $126 million
    Chicago $122 million
    NY Rangers $118 million
    Boston $111 million
    Philadelphia $105 million
    Anaheim $99 million
    Toronto $96 million
    Vancouver $91 million
    Montreal $86 million
    Los Angeles $78 million
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    Philadelphia $262 million
    Dallas $254 million
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    Montreal $187 million

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