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  1. wow, slow weekend, eh?

    I think this was mentioned in the previous thread but…that article by Brooks in today’s post about Torts speaking out for Broshame? I don’t know, i get the whole “leave the problems outside of the door” and “play as a team” thing, but for me Broshame hasn’t earned crap in Rangers uniform yet, so…

    it is going to be a very interesting season! Cant f’ing WAIT!!

  2. The password is Roast Beef Sandwich!

    lol Keith Gretzky… Good one mouth!

    Lisin is a great pick up! If he makes the line up and plays all season watch this kid score 20 – 25 goals for us easily! Love the trade!

  3. Enver Lisin

    Talent Analysis

    Lisin is a talented two-way forward with a huge offensive upside and a significant defensive upside. The young forward was more than likely the fastest forward eligible for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. He is fully capable of developing into a top line forward in the NHL. He’s an amazing skater, who’s a good finisher, has a great wrist shot, is very precise and has a deceivingly quick release.

    …lets hope its true!

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    it is true!!!!!! sawwwweet!!!

  5. hey greg in the last post you know that wasnt me dude. . theres been an imposter here stealin peoples name for weeks now!! lol, cmon dude.

  6. cccp- torts doesnt want there to be any bad blood left over from the playoffs but its hard to just let stuff like that go just because hes on our team now. i think the young guys are probably still mad about it. but even though its just a business, you cant just forget what he did to betts. i dont think brash is gonna care if they like him or not though. im sure he knows thats his role on teams he played for and isnt gonna be popular unless hes on your team. comes with the territory., after awhile though, he’ll be accepted by us and hopefully the young players on the team understand this. they’ll appreciate him when he goes out and destroys anyone that goes near gabby. no more watchin duby get smacked around in fights! lol

  7. My daddy punched mommy in the stomach when she was pregnant with me. she wanted to make sure I was brain damaged so she could collect social security disability checks so she could support her heroin addiction. My daddy made me watch movies like Young guns and also those male bodybuilding contests so i could be more manly. Im sorry if i talk about guys butts and dubinskys hiney all the time, its just that my daddy likes him and mommy left him because he hung out with the guys too much. I miss mommy. so please dont hate me. Im just a lonely 30 year old who goes to maryhaven. they dont let me watch my favorite show Angel with that hunk David Boreanz.

  8. ohh yea voros!!! were not a tough team without him!!! thank god glen didnt trade him. hes gabby buddy and main reason gabby signed here. thanks crisco!!!

  9. For ORR.
    You probably should love Lisin.His last name translates from Russian like FOX. You can put his poster near Megan’s.
    As for Brashear, as much as I hated him in the past, it is done deal and we have to live with that and not to be counterpoductive with boos,etc. After all isn’t the job of all enforcers to be nasty, intimidating by definition, so the worth they are, the better they do the job, no? In this department this SOB is the worth and I’m OK with that for my team.End of discussion.

  10. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Last night I had a dream we traded Avery, and I was pleased about it.

    I guess subconsciously I dislike him. Oh well.

  11. Aristophanes = Rediculous…To go with the today’s Password theme. From the Odd Couple episode.

  12. BANJ, great reference. Hilarious Odd Couple episode. The password is Aristophenes. Ridiculous.

    No Country, I should have known you’d chime in with Bosco. Bosco! BOSCO!

    I got nuthin’.

  13. BillyDeeWilliams on


    That’s great. I think the one dude put his arms up as he was falling down, thinking he had won.

  14. According to a reliable source, something may or may not happen. My source also stated that once something does happen, we will know about it.

    My source has never been wrong.

  15. Does everyone think Voros is immediatley Hartford bound?

    I am PRAYING for it, not only becasue he sucks balls, but becasue that deducts another $ 1 million off the payroll

    From everything I’ve read or heard, he’ll be in camp, then sent down.


  16. Laurel Babcock on

    BANJ, outstanding reference! A classic episode from one of the all time great shows.

  17. did anyone see Bruno yet? lol

    im surprised sasha cohen did get killed while filming this “movie”

    i thought it was funny but weak!

    Borat was much better! Great success!

    Culture Ministry of Ukraine banned the movie from playing within its borders! Talking about homophobia!

  18. UESBlueshirt on

    I know it means very little, but Eklund has us Brodeur interested in Nathan Tim Horton’s.

  19. Mike D (#96) on

    Nothing Monday survey:

    Best (i.e. most effective) Rangers enforcer in the last 20 years is:

    Your favorite Rangers enforcer in the last 20 years is:

    My picks: Tie Domi and Colton Orr, respectively


  20. The password is: *fidelio*

    Brashear is a Ranger now… Let’s get over it.

    I loathed the day Jagr became a Ranger too, but I learned a valuable lesson there. If someone performs well in your teams uniform, you support them.

  21. You’ll learn to love Brashear the next time someone takes a run at Lundquist and a NY Ranger actually does something about it.

    Orr was ok but did he really scare anyone?? Look back at all the times Lundquist was run into and Orr was nowhere to be found.

  22. That is exactly what i said salty… so far he (Brashear) is nothing but a bad memory from last season. The respect will come with the effort. We shall wait and see.

    btw salty, did you go to camp?

  23. The Rangers still need some help on Defense … Im curious as to why Seidenberg and MA Bergeron are still available?

    If we could move Rozsival, I think Bergeron would be another nice addition to the PP (has a huge shot from the point)

    How sweet would our PP look:

    PP1: Higgins – Drury – Callahan – Kotalik – Redden (at the points)

    PP2: Gaborik – Dubi – Avery – Girardi – Bergeron (at the points)

  24. UESBlueshirt on


    I don’t get it, do you mean Broduer is interested in the Hot Dog place, Nathans ?”

    Nah, tried to do the strikethrough script and it didn’t work, it was supposed to read: Eklund has Brodeur interested in Tim Horton’s…the new donut shop in Penn Sta.

  25. “You’ll learn to love Brashear the next time someone takes a run at Lundquist and a NY Ranger actually does something about it”

    Yeah, and we’ll love him even more after he takes a penalty while sticking up for Hank, and the team scores a PP goal to win the game.

    Hate Brash ! Im sticking to this club. Kind of like how those La Galaxy fans are sticking to the “Hate Beckham” club. I don’t like soccer, but for some reason i hate that guy, and his stick-like wife. Although i did want a piece of that pie back when she was with the Spice Girls, along with the blonde, and the red head.

  26. UESBlueshirt on

    Orr aren’t you like 19? Spice Girls was mid-90’s, you were a pretty frisky 7 year old.

  27. I actually agree with section 407, and if he gets a penalty as a result, that is one penalty I will be happy to see us take!! If you are going to get a penalty make it worth it, none of these silly hooking obstruction penalties, flatten someone and go to the box!!

    Most effective kocur

    We do need help on D, but not a PP shooter (we have those), a big banger!! Yes, rozy needs to go!!

  28. I had to give proof of insurance and my green card!!

    There is a timmys in penn station, you lucky bastards!!!!

  29. I root for the name on the front of the jersey not the name on the back. These are the New York Rangers and whoever has the privilege on putting one of these sweaters on, I will root as hard for them as I root for anybody else.

  30. Any power play that has Redden on the point will fail. I’d rather have Carp on the point. Redden makes me want Marek Malik back and that is not a good thing.

  31. BANJ!!!!!!!!! aristophenes was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that. Stellar job!!

  32. Anyone know what happened to Mike Pelino? Torts obviously told that guy to hit the bricks.

  33. And the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award goes to

    Donald Brashear!

    “Since the lockout came to an end, Brashear has had trouble adjusting to the new, more wide-open game. After a game in which he went after Darius Kasparitis who had taken a run at Peter Forsberg earlier in the game, he said he did not like the “new” NHL stating that you can’t do anything anymore.”


  34. Rob(the first) on

    Hey guys, wanted to feed you guys this great story about what happened to me on Friday…I was at Lido beach in LI just enjoying a beautiful beach day with the fam. A guy comes over to me and says “hey the Stanley Cup is over there by the concession stands”..Not really believing him, I take my kids with me to investigate..sure enough, Rob Scuderi, who is from LI was there with it. He had taken it on a tour of LI and this was his last stop…Took a few pics with it, he took a pic with my kids nice guy..just signed a big deal with LA. My Dad told him thanks for bringing the cup cause we dont plan on seeing it for a real long time!! he laughed…

  35. Cindy Crosby on


    My aunt and uncle live across the street from where Scuderi grew up and where his parents still live. Anyway I got a call from my dad the other night and he left this vmail:

    “hey i am at aunt m and uncle r’s house and i am looking outside right now and the stanely cup is sitting across the street on the sidewalk. Talk to you later, bye”

    haha so anyway he got a bunch of pics with it and with Rob. Scuderi wouldn’t let my dad take a pic with him holding it over his head. I guess its like a rule that if you dont win it, you don’t lift it over your head.

  36. Rob(the first) on

    very true…I was going to put my son inside the cup and take a pic..but some guy got yelled at for putting it over his head!!

  37. Yeah, for real…where is kaspar? kaspar, come back to the family you bastard! lol he better be here by the opening day!

  38. How about Porno Password from The Cable Guy?

    “The password is….. nipple”

    Or from Ace Venture

    “New England Clam Chowder”

  39. And the best enforcers in the last 20 years have been Kocur and Orr.

    I take Orr over Domi because Orr has knocked guys out with one punch, I don’t remember Domi having that ability.

    And I like Orr because he ran over Ovechkin.

  40. Mike D (#96) on

    Vogs: Totally right…the punch that leveled “glass jaw” Fedoruk is still my favorite punch in a hockey fight ever!

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    19!??? no way Orrs not 19 , hes like 16 -17 . I think he mentioned that befer…

    Yeah no Kaspar ..geuss he went to band camp too!!


    Yeah, i thought chicks had the cooties really early in my life, but it didn’t last long. Once i saw Barbed Wire on Showtime and saw Pamela Anderson swinging her massive gonzagas, while water poured all over her, i knew, that is what i want by my bedside, next to my Gizmo stuffed animal.

    My sister had the Posh Spice barbie doll, and i used to take off the clothes, but obviously the doll boobs are never Pam Anderson sized.

    Point being, I like chicks, boobs, and i still like Gremlins !!

  43. the Brashear signing IMO helps Avery the most. I remember times when Avery would just get beat up all game. Who in the league has the balls to go after our players now that Brashear is here???

  44. I was in the pool!! on

    I found it interesting that Torts said we could move Brashear “up and down” in our lineup.

  45. The more I think about it and read some insightful comments above, my 2c on Brashear lead me to quote Michael Corleone, “It’s not personal, it’s business.”

    I mean I am sad to see Orr go. He was one of the more effective fighters we have had in a long time. But as somenoe pointed out above, he didn’t really put fear into anyone opponent’s mind.

    Someone also mentioned the runs at Lundy made this past year. Orr was not a deterrent for that.

    Someone also mentioned Avery getting f-ed with all the time.

    Brashear takes care of all of those things.

    Betts got hit with a cheap shot. But now that Brash is on the Rangers, that cheap shot isn’t going to happen to one of our guys. Part of the reason it happened to Betts was cuz Orr was scratched that night vs. the Caps.

    You go into battle and if a mercenary joins your team, despite any past transgressions, you hope he fights for you with the same energy and effectiveness as any time in the past. Period.

  46. “CCCP
    July 20th, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    yup..Torts will rotate Brashear with Gaborik on top line!”

    well they did say they think Brashear can play a little bit

  47. UESBlueshirt on

    Did you realize that Donalds last name when you change the syllables is Shear Bra. Too bad his name wasnt Strapjock.

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    I think if we can get over Avery’s antics against us ( like when he spat with Dubi and called Vally a minor leager) Then welcoming Brashear shouldn’t be any different.

    Thing is Brashear doesn’t yap as much as Avery he just goes out an “goons” ya like a true professional. Why did Marty swing his stick like an axe and wholloped Brashear wayy back then? Cuz Brashear does his job and is well hated ….Colton Orr took too many games off.

    AHHH Orr , 2 years ago..that explains it…I remember now…btw I did win that bet with you long time ago. Muhahahaa and I remember that too!!!

  49. Ha, a blog with a Seinfeld reference for a name “The Black and White Cookie” http://sportscookie.blogspot.com/

    JERRY: Oh look Elaine, the black and white cookie. I love the black and white. Two races of flavor living side by side. It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it?

    ELAINE: You know I often wonder what you’ll be like when you’re senile.

  50. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    I agree with New Newman , thats a first!!!

  51. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Brashear isn’t going to be a one man army for the blueshirts, he can’t be. He won’t play that much. I do think he will be more active in policing that Orr, who was less adept at hunting down bullies than beating them to a pulp one he got his hands on them. The team needs to be tougher collectively. Whoever is on the ice needs to take care of it then and there. Dubi, Cally, Drury, Rozsival, all can take care of themselves and need to stand up if someone starts taking liberties. Remember Redden one-punching Chris Clark? Prucha duking it out? That’s TEAM toughness

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Redden probaly broke his hand during that fight and played like a weeney the rest of the season. Some team toughness….but I do get what ya saying.

  53. I know it’s not a password from the show… but this one always sticks with me and makes me laugh at random moments…



    Oh, and I’m not saying it will or should happen. But I can remember seeing Brash being used on a second powerplay unit in the past to camp in front… his hands aren’t the worst in the league and he’s big as @&!#%$! Maybe if the powerplay has early season woes again, they should consider giving that a shot?


  54. vibz- that one punch will be his shining moment in his ranger career unless he can play like he did 3-4 yrs ago. watched the other fights and i gotta say that redden is kinda tough and scrappy when he has to be. but even though it wasnt a colton orr peacemaker, he does throw a good punch.

  55. william- if the pp is that bad that they put brash out there, i think maybe its time they give shanny a call and sign him for the season for pp and pk only. let him park 20 fet out and just feed him one timers.

  56. mike in ia, I wouldn’t be irate if they brought Shanny back to plug some PP’s in stat sheets, but I think it would be better for the structure of the club financially and in longevity if they left his spot for an organizational filler?

    I was also being somewhat facetious with the Brashear powerplay talk, but hey… I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we did see that at some point!?

    For our all our sake, I hope it’s not out of desperation but more for curiosity?


  57. orr- back in early 80’s when i was a little lad my dad got me the gizmo stuffed animal. if ya shake it, it makes squeeky noise lol. you must have an older brother or sister if u have one of those things or youre 19 in dog years. am i right? i think they came out with them in ’84 when the movie came out. anyway, dont ask me how, but somehow over the years it mustve got packed in a box and stayed there for like 15 years, and i found it one day goin through old stuff. so i gave it to my daughter but shes scared sh!#less of it!! so i showed her the movie and now she loves it. the movie is awesome especially when the gremlins are gettin drunk in the bar and one of them is smokin a cigar. looked like slats at the draft table

  58. i figured william. puttin brash on the pp would be a tom renny special. i think torts put the 4th line out once or twice too just because he couldnt stand watchin zherdev skate figure eights in his own zone or watch gomez full head of steam in the zone and back pass it to the invisible man. it was so disorganized i think torts just said F it and let betts and shoe grind out the 2 min.

  59. *CCCP*

    Yeah, hit up Camp Ocho this weekend… I’m assuming you passed…

    …which was probably not a bad choice… pretty shoddy showing this year, the rain on Friday night was relentless and really did a good job spoiling the night and putting a rough spin on the next day.

    I’m used to a little rain at every Camp Bisco at this point but I think a lot of people forgot what its like to get reallllly shat on while camping out…

    The mud made most of the main stage swamp area, so what is usually one of the most spacious/wide open opportunities to see the Biscuits, became a very packed in crowd in the “better” areas. Then the covered “rage tent” never got a chance to see the sun/dry out and that became just a guttermess that you could hardly traverse… the staff did not even try to lay hay down or sand or anything… I think that site might have played itself out this weekend…

    Further on the band line up was just really lacking as far as the dark and dirty… they skimped out this year… it’s that simple.

    With all that said, Camp is still one of the highlights of my year/summer… if not for just getting schwilled up with my best friends and being in that complete circus of comedic filth atmosphere.

    any Phish shows for you (or anyone else) next month?

  60. Doodie machetto on

    Anyone ever get a single event suite at MSG for a rangers game? I’m planning a bachelor party and want to know what one of those things costs. Let me know.

  61. *Salty*

    Ouch man…that really blows! I actually wanted to go and felt guilty that didn’t… but now I feel good that I decided not to go! lol

    As far as the line up go… as I said before, I’ve seen them all and more than once in the last year or so…
    so that was one of the main reasons why I decided to skip the camp this year. I am really looking forward to “Shpongle Live” in October! Cant wait!

    You want to know my highlight of the summer/year so far? A house party I got invited to over the last weekend. The house was full of Russian OTB’s dancing to some cheesy House music and drinking as if they never saw booze before. Hilarious!

  62. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia , Actually who cares about where (truefans) is …that guy was NO Truefan. Mike , I was teasin about the stuff I said earlier. I knew it was yer imposter!!

  63. if you have the Fine Living Network on your cable or satellite provider make sure to tune into Three Sheets the best drinking show ever tonight at 10.

  64. Hey guys…

    Yeah the more I think about the brashear signing it sort of makes sense. Since Gabby is pretty brittle – I think Sather picked him up knowing he was gonna sign him… I guess it would make players think twice about head shots and dirty hits against their superstar forward.

    Anyone else think they should sign Tanguay?

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Higgins is the only Montreal player we should need and that includes Kovalev Mr Shark man.

  66. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Kevin Weeks had the first winning season of his career in 2008-09, but he couldn’t hold the starting job in New Jersey after Martin Brodeur was injured. OMG Weekes IS really weak!!
    Backman was something of a disappointment for the Blue Jackets, who acquired him from the Rangers last summer. He might benefit from a change of scenery. OMG did he just say a change of senery would help!!????? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Wake up!!!!

  67. Whoa… I was just talking to my girlfriend about Three Sheets!! We used to watch it on MOJO HD, and were very pleased to hear FLN picked it up! Grrrrrrreat Show!

    Pleepleus is awesome!

    I just wish we could get FLN in HD, but oh well… just glad to have the show back again.

    Now if someone would pick up the show “I Bet You”


  68. ESPN insider is reporting that two teams are interested in Patrick Sharp. Anyone subscribe to insider? Wondering if we are one of those teams . . .

  69. Patrick Sharp may be the first of several Blackhawks to be dealt — Dustin Byfuglien, Kris Versteeg and Cam Barker are also on the market. And two teams, the Maple Leafs and Sharks, seem interested, the Daily Herald reports.
    The Hawks are looking to clear cap space through trades so they can sign next year’s unrestricted free agents: Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith. However, a source told The Fourth Period that the front office isn’t “losing sleep” over it. “They’ll get it done.”

  70. Buffy The Luongo Slayer would be great for the Rangers to get. That is the big body we desperately need. Perfect 3rd liner. Obviously Sharp would be an awesome acquisition, but i wouldn’t mind getting Big Buf. Also another good reason to get him is cause Joe Michaletti will shut up since Nyr will finally have a player that went to the college he went to. I swear he gets major boners when Nyr plays against someone from his college.

  71. just in case anyone has forgotten, Arthur Staple took it upon himself to remind us of Captain Fantastic…

    “But Drury, now 33, is still a winner, still the same competitor who has a championship from just about every level of hockey (and one Little League World Series) he’s played. The broken finger that turned him into a shadow in the postseason was the only negative thing he’ll harp on from 2008-09.”

    I’m just a mean, beyotchy girl, but wow I can’t wait until his contract is up!!!!

  72. i love the “three sheets” show! I was very mad when “Mojo HD” channel got canceled! Too bad cablevision in Brooklyn doesn’t carry the Fine Living Network.

  73. Laurel Babcock on

    Doodie, I’ve been a guest at one, and it totally rocks! Big HOWEVER, they’re a fortune now I’m guessing….If you can afford it and get one, party on…

  74. Surprising to see Redden as an adept pugilist. Dude can throw down and whoop some ass… when he feels like it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Torts tears him a new one in the offseason. Torts speaks of everyone pulling their weight, and I hope he is harder on the vets than he is on the kids. Redden is the poster child for complacency, and maybe Torts can shake him up. I’m certainly not betting the house on it, but how nice would it be for Redden to find his game and start contributing? It would be a real shot of adrenaline to this team

  75. I was on the Island at Lido Beach this weekend, and former Pens player Rod Scuderi was there, with the fricking Stanley Cup. He was kind of swamped but was really nice. My friend got a picture of the trophy. I doubt we will get Sharp for money reasons.

  76. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    Kaspar Kaspar , next time you go out like that better make sure ya call home( the blog) you had many of us worried sick!! You coulda been killed!!!! Even Eric called onhis honneymoon for pete sakes!!!! Geeezeeeeeee!! Actually , your GROUNDED!!! Now goto your room mr!!!

  77. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Someone was talking about Redden coming around this year and actually doing something??? It would be nice to see, but I also hope Tort’s sits ANYONE, VETERAN OR NO VETERAN if they don’t. Or if it gets bad enough how about a trip to Hartford. I think we have enough prospects that would love to have a chance to take over for these unpassionate players.

  78. Doodie Machetto on


    thanks for the vote of confidence in how awesome it is. Now if only someone could tell me the price. I’ve got a call into the sales department at the Garden. Hopefully they’ll call me back today.

    And yes, I agree it is likely a fortune. But it says you can fit 16 people in, so splitting the cost among 15 (bachelor doesn’t pay) it might be affordable.

  79. HOLY SH** Batman…ITS KASPAR…We where worried sick over you…LOL!
    The blog was in termoil…

  80. Doodie: If you find out about the suite at MSG for your bachelor party let me know too.

    Im getting married next June and would LOVE to do the same thing

  81. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Look, if we can move Redden’s contract for pretty much anybody, I’d do it. But I don’t think it’s going to happen, at least not without giving up a LOT in return. So if we’re stuck with the guy, he might as well do something while he’s here. Let’s face it, the guy would never be a fan favorite for any salary, but the only reason we hate him so much is because of the contract he has. The guy has some skills, just not 6.5 per skills

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