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Not going to have much today, even if there’s big news … which we’re not anticipating.

I have a big family reunion/golf outing upstate, so I won’t be anywhere near a computer or a phone or anything.

I did want to clear up a few things about Zherdev’s July 31 arbitration hearing, and arbitration in general.

1) Yes, it’s true, no team can tender an offer sheet to a player headed to arbitration.

2) The arbitrator can pick the player’s number, the team’s offer, or any number in between.

3) The team can accept the arbitrator’s decision and keep the player if they’re happy with the award.

4) Or the team can accept the decision and attempt to trade him, but that would be risky if the team doesn’t want the player, especially if he “wins” his arbitration case.

5) The team can walk away from the arbitrator’s decision, in which case the player becomes an unrestricted free agent and cannot be traded.

IMHO, the Rangers have been talking to teams about trades involving Zherdev based on certain salaries. If he wins a large contract, though, I think they’ll walk away and let him do the same.


Been delinquent in this: NYRangerscast had Matt Gilroy as a guest on a podcast this week. You can hear the interview here:

NYRangerscast had Matt Gilroy as a guest this week. You can see/hear the interview here.

I hope so, anyway. I had some trouble getting it to play last night.


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  1. I would love to see them get something in return for Zherdev. But that’s like hoping for a wing and a prayer.

    Enjoy your weekend Carp!

  2. I think it would be a mistake to let Zherdev walk away as a FA. Whether he is worth 4+ or not, we could use him next year. If they don’t want to pay him, they still have to get something back. Sather’s contracts to the big 3 are still restricting this team.

  3. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think Sather is sending Zherdev a message and Sather is betting on the the arbitrator siding with the club.

    Z was in the doghouse under torts,I’m sure if the arbitrator sides with the club , Z will be dealt.

    If not, he walks.

    I still think that Dubi will be part of a package with Rozi or redden for a big name , once his contract is settled.

  4. NYRangersFan on

    I can’t believe they cannot trade Zherdev and get something back in return. No team wants him? They can’t trade him for a second round pick? What makes them think the Devils or Islanders will not go after him. Walking away from his abritration is simply a bad move.

  5. Carp, Thanks for posting the Rangers cast , enjoyed listening to it for my Rangers fix today.

  6. Carp – great find on that Gilroy interview.

    It seems like that guy has a pretty good head on his shoulders, although he is 25 so he should be more mature than your average rookie. Interesting to hear about Tortorella stressing the conditioning right off the bat with the developmental players.

    A little scary for him to knock his own defensive abilities and to say Higgins is the best player he’s played with/against – not taking anything away from Higgins but there are a lot of players of his caliber or better in the NHL.

  7. I don’t understand how anybody sees Zherdev being a good fit for us. While he has wonderful skills, he is a soft and unmotivated player. Even after being benched within games he doesn’t respond. Look at how Avery responded after sitting out game five against Washington. He responded by playing too conservatively in game six and then having a tremendous game in the seventh. The point is he responded and I predict he’ll be an improved player for us this year. Zherdev on the other hand can’t motivate himself to get up after being knocked down. Yes, he’s an asset, but what value are the other GM’s assigning him? Not much, I think. Frankly, I don’t think he’s worth the QO. He’ll get his points, but I don’t think he makes the team better.

  8. Im against players going to the Olympics. When Hank plays like the greatest goalie of all time and wins the gold in the Olympics, but plays worse than a AHL backup in the Stanley Cup playoffs, it’s not good. Granted he had that hip flexor injury, but i put the blame on him having to play playoffs hockey in the middle of the god damn year.

    Go Rangers.

  9. Zherdev is not coming back even if the arbitrator gives him the lowest possible salary (3.25 mil). If the Rangers were planning on bringing him back they wouldnt have acquired 4 RW this offseason!!!

    Maybe the Rangers can package him in a trade but on his own he’s not worth anything more than a 5th round pick…

  10. Just woke up to find that Cablevision North Jersey added NHL Network, ch-401….not in HD…yet.

  11. I haven’t had my tv hooked up for a few days due to re-doing the floors and repainting… but.. the 52″ goes back up today wooooooooot!

  12. Can anyone confirm a rumour on a couple of sites that the Habs Carey Price was injured in a bar room brawl in Calgary last night. I see fans discussing it but not the moderators.

  13. Price is a loser, he thinks he’s the sh*t but he’s an overrated loser who everyone thinks will be the next Roy, but he sure as sh*t wont. I cant stand him. I loved it when he was getting bullied by those B’s fans, and then by his own fans. Haha, AHAHAHA !!!

    Hate him. Hope he misses some time with this injury, if it’s true.

  14. orr- price is wrong beeotch!!! i dont like price either. but playin in front of those crazy fans would be too much pressure for some players. he is a jackass though.

  15. i wish we couldve gotten heatley along with gabby only because of his injury problems. and the 2 of them playin on the top 2 lines would automatically make us a top team and contender. but thanks to dru and redden, we cant get any more elite players

  16. roc- that link was pretty interesting especially how sather backed out because of murrays lowball attempt at using the oilers as leverage in the deal. murray screwed himself with that one. didnt he know lowe and slats are buddies?

  17. Mike, it is not thanks to Dru and Redden; it is thanks to Sather and Dolan.

    We cannot blame players for taking the big money, we must blame the Owner’s and GM’s for offering them.

    Sather made his bed and now we must all sleep in it.

  18. Oh, but I do agree with you and wish we could have gotten Heatly. If both stayed healthy, we could get between 80 – 100 goals (combined) from them.

  19. Thanks everyone! I came across that article thought it was interesting and I glad u liked it!

    Here is the text for people that didn’t see it:

    The Dany Heatley saga has taken on a new twist today.

    In a few NHL circles, people are saying that Heatley is being forced by both the Ottawa Senators and Edmonton Oilers to make a decision about waiving his no-trade clause over the course of the next day. Look, at this point he ain’t going to Edmonton otherwise it would have been done by now. The longer this whole scenario has gone on, the less likely that the Oilers would even want this guy on their team. Why would you want a selfish jerk on your team if you are Oilers management? How do you sell Heatley to your fans and most of all your loyal season ticket holders? The guy has flat out refused on more than one occasion that he doesn’t want to play in Edmonton so how could management or even Heatley spin it to show everyone that he genuinely wants to be in Edmonton? I am sure everyone, including myself that the Oilers rumours would just end at this point.

    As first reported here back before the NHL Entry Draft, the NY Rangers deal to land Heatley was 95% done and everyone involved thought it was done. That was until Sens GM Bryan Murray tried to get more out of the Rangers for Heatley. He went against the “code” and released the names of the potential deal with Edmonton hoping to use it as leverage against the Rangers. Unfortunately for Mr. Murray, he messed up BIG time and Rangers GM Glen Sather pulled his deal off the table and said he wouldn’t pursue the high priced winger anymore out of principle due to what Murray had done to the Oilers. It’s no surprise that Sather’s ties to the Oilers organization had alot to do with it. Sather didn’t want to see longtime friend Kevin Lowe get burned, nor did he like to see Oilers management have to deal with Murray’s shady tactics. At some point, the Rangers might get desperate again and jump back into the Heatley sweepstakes. They originally offered defensemen Ryan McDonagh who Ottawa asked for before the Gomez deal was completed along Ryan Callahan and Michael Del Zotto. NY recently signed Callahan to a new contract but had held out hoping he would be Ottawa and the Sens would get a new deal done at that point for him. As well, it would take nothing for the Rangers to bury Wade Redden’s contract in the AHL with their affiliate in Hartford. This has been talked about quite alot over the past few weeks with Rangers management due to…….surprise Sens fans….Redden’s poor play.

    Teams that are interested in Heatley’s services and have the necessary cap space are the Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets. Both teams have talked to Murray on numerous occasions and as I stated here in a blog two weeks ago, Dallas could be the darkhorse in the Heatley chase. I have been told by numerous sources that they would be extremely surprised if San Jose could make the necessary moves to bring in Heatley’s contract. Meanwhile, the Stars would like to keep Brad Richards and not have to include him in any deal. James Neal would be the focal point of any deal involving Dallas, while Derek Broussard is the player the Sens covet if they were to swing a deal with Columbus. Don’t kid yourself on the Jackets, GM Scott Howsen has told Rick Nash he will do everything possible to get his Team Canada linemate in a Jackets uniform.

    Staying with the Rangers, again….as first reported back here on June 26th, NY wants to walk away from Nikolai Zherdev. He has gone to arbitration and once the arbitrator comes back with a contract number, at that time the Rangers will not accept the ruling, therefore making him an unrestricted free agent. Watch for the Oilers to make a push for Zherdev. Lastly in NY, Derek Morris will be looking for a new team as there is no interest in bringing him back to the Big Apple.

    New York will once again make a push for Phoenix Coyotes defensemen Ed Jovanovksi. He has two years left on his deal and has a no-trade clause. Even though Jovo built a new house in Scottsdale a little over a year ago, NY is the one team he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause for.

    The Rangers are interested in the services of Sens free-agent defensemen Brendan Bell along with the LA Kings. Both teams are making a big push for Bell’s services. Bell would want a one-way deal and could help either team on both the powerplay and bring some solid depth on the blueline. Here is hoping Bell winds up in a great situation for the coming season.

  20. I would take jovanovski

    if z’s contract gets arbitrated to a low number, resign him and ship him out for that center we need.

    sacrifice one of the young D if we have to. It wouldnt be a bad package.

  21. i guess rozy or dredden would have to go instead of a young prospect to make the cap work

  22. I was trying to say –

    jova for redden and z (if he gets a low contract awarded and we resign him)

    or just resign z if he gets a low contract and use him to pick up a center

    there haha sorry about the mix up.

  23. Instead of letting Zherdev walk away uncompensated as a UFA… If the arbitrator awards Zherdev more money than the $$$ cap allows the Rangers to pay him, could the Rangers send him to the minors for a part of the year until his $$$ contract fits in under the cap? Or is there some sort of NHL rule that prohibits teams from sending players to the AHL after going through the arbitration process?

  24. If there’s one team Dredden wont waive his NTC for, it’s the Yotes.

    In NHL 2010, they should allow FA’s to want NTC, or NMC, it would make things interesting, and annoying, but real.

    Lol, it would suck trying to move Wade, and him not wanting to leave, but at least you can have the balls to bury him in the minors, or just refuse to play him, until he agrees to a trade. Mwahaha !!!

    NHL 10 better be good, without the retarded glitches of NHL 09, except for the funny ones, i love those.

  25. paulieplatypus

    there is no rule but 1) its not ethical and 2) the second he was waived he would be on the next flight to Russia…

  26. I wonder if Redden gets boo’d badly enough and its looking like he’ll be heading to the minors if he would take the chance to jump out of the spotlight and go to a smaller market franchise

  27. Cross Check Charlie on

    If they assign him to Hartford, he would have to clear waivers to be brought up wouldn’t he?

  28. Laurel Babcock on


    Linda, see comment in last post.

    All, I am over Heatley.

    I have a feeling the Carps are having an amazing time! So glad blog daddy can’t communicate so he can fully enjoy!

  29. I am looking forward to NHL 10. I am wondering how many people will play it? I would like if we get some people here to play against one another.

    Perhaps we can set up some type of league and have the league standing set up here for all to view….just a thought.

  30. Ew, Jovanovski.

    I would much rather deal Callahan than Dubinsky for Heatley, since they play the same position. That is a trade offer that would have sat well with me. Too bad we couldn’t get it done, but now we have McDonagh, Callahan, Del Zotto, and Gaborik instead, keeping our assets for now. Maybe we can make the same kind of trade for a center, giving up Dubinsky. As much as he has shown to be a “power forward,” I would say there’s less than a 50% chance that he develops into a true top-line player, in terms of scoring.

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    only on the xbox 360 for me !!!!

    Jovo is the crease clearing brute we have always needed.

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    I’m not gonna speculate on Zherdev’s case but I for one want him back. Many of you have givin up on him because he gave up in the playoffs. He actually was givin up on by his coach and going into a contract year Zherdev wanted to finish as strong as he started. Basicly the people who are against the re-signing of Zherdev are overly disappointed how he finished not how he started the season? Am I correct?

    We have what Zherdev needs to succeed this year. Last year he was on his own. Zherdev is fast and shifty and could thrive in the “Tort’s” system. His passing is awsome and has had some bad passes for sure but his is young and is creative. Rangers need him , I know they do.

  33. I dont understand how people can think Dubi will never be a great player, he is so early in his career, no one can tell, and its not worth it to gamble and trade him away with the possibility of him becoming a great player, not a mark messier, but an adam graves type player with heart that does all the little things on top of scoring 30 goals a year, which i am confident he can do. Dont make a stupid deal throwing away young assets (what we have all been stressing NOT To do after last season ended, we all said we need to go younger) for a guy like Richards/Heatley
    Build from Within and good things can happen with all the prospects we are developing

  34. I would trade neither Dubinsky nor Callahan in a deal for Heatley. My understanding was that the original deal was Zherdev and Rozie, with McDonough obtained from the Habs specifically to be a part of the deal. Once they had McDonough, Murray asked for Dubinsky. That one report was the only one I ever heard of that included Cally. And the signing of Kotalik may relegate Cally to the third line, but he should really be a second line RW.

    As for the idea that Zherdev will thrive under Torts’ sstem, he certainly hasn’t so far – he’s been overmatched and outworked constantly. I think he was a great talent on a team that had none. But I also think this team has added offense in places where many of yiou aren’t expecting it. Higgins is a guy everyone will love. I’ve always watched this kid play for the Habs and wished he was ours – he is like a bigger, stronger version of Callahan with a better scoring touch.

  35. I could not agree with Rob M. more. We have plenty of other assets to trade: Dubinsky and Callahan have never been in trading plans, Heatley or not.

  36. Peter, I gotta be honest. I think the key to Torts’ system (as has been said time and time again) is conditioning, especially with the Olympics tightening the schedule. Frankly, I don’t think Zherdev was in his best shape last season, especially when Torts came in. If he can pull that up before camp, we may be looking at a workhorse.

    What I like the most is that there is no more bull$hit with Torts’ system. Bring it on! Can’t wait.

  37. When is the official release date? It’s always early September..the 8th? idk, i always pre-order and get it sent to my house.

  38. NHL players in the Olympics just crams the regular season schedule even more. Seven games in 10 nights, anybody? Typical Bettman illogic. Boy does he love the NBA.

  39. Actually, that article is false. When the rangers were trying to trade for heatley Murray wanted either stall and prospects and sather offered Dubi, rosi and Zheredev and Murray turned it down. I’m glad the rangers didn’t make that trade. Heatley is a selfish piece of garbage and a one way player. I love callhan and dubi. They are still in there learning process and i think they are going to be good players for the rangers.
    I’m glad sather went after gaborik but the only thing i don’t understand is why sather gave him so many years and money. There wasn’t any other team that offered gaborik anything so sather bid against himself. Gaborik has a history of playing 40 games a year, there is no way he is worth the years and the money. Sather really sucks when it comes to contract negotiations, especially in the cap era.

  40. Hey tomg, how do you know no one else offered him a contract?

    Sorry, but I highly doubt that the Rangers were the only team trying to sign him. There has been plenty of other players that were “injury proned” and were sought out by several teams.

  41. No Country For Old Rangers on

    if anybody wants to tango in 09 on ps3 send me a friend request

    playstation id: TenderSituation

  42. Most of the guys on this site are like me, we dont want to see Dubinsky traded, I picture him raw on my ceiling poster, glistening in Broadway Blueboy,

  43. No Country For Old Rangers on

    it would be cool if EA got their act together and actually put some effort into a hockey game. there are so many little details that they completely neglect. little things like double minors, broken sticks, playoff beards, unsportsmanlike/bench minors, etc would really add to the hockey experience.
    major oversights like no fantasy draft shows that they are just lazy and dont really care about the nhl series because they clean up on madden, nba domestically and fifa internationally

    the dubinsky man-crushes are out of control on this blog

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    We love Dubi so sue us!!! Man crush? COME ON , it’s not a crush it’s a fan following you knucklehead haha!!

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    wish you had xbox 360 no country , i’d mop the floor with ya in NHL09 for that comment :)

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    $10,000 a month Zherdev pays rent for a place in manhatten!!!!!Better have maids ,personal chef and gold faucets in the bathrooms!!

  47. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    There is nothing better than to split the team and crush any spirit of unity.
    We all know Dolan is an idiot ,he has ruined the Knicks and rangers.
    We all know sather is past his prime in Ny and should be out the door.

    So Brashear will get special treatment, I wonder who will room with him on the road?” C’mon big guy , let’s go for a drink, movie , etc?

    Whatever respect I had for torts he threw away with the ” water bottle”
    He’s a puppet.

  48. a couple of other gannett websites were too. I think it’s something on their end. I got the same popup for the Asbury Park Press website

  49. found it Laurel!

    $10,000 a month in Huntsville, I’d be living large up on the gated community on the mountain!

  50. I wonder if they are working on a password script, to stop the non-sense that has been going on here?

  51. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Hasn’t fedorov gone back to russia to play?
    Didn’t he have some Russian mob problems there?
    I think he might be swimming with the sturgeon one day.

  52. Trots has a quote in Newsday today saying the rangers are not done retooling!!
    Still thin up the middle was the quote!!

  53. roc- yep, they know duby isnt a 1st line center. gabby needs a playmaker to set him up. dubinsky is a 2nd/3rd liner. i like duby but i just cant see a top line of him, avery and gabby being good enough. if you get a guy like gaborik, you gotta get him a set up man or else why bother

  54. fedorov has enough money to make his mob problems go away.

    jor- i know its not wade and drus fault for takin the money. you know what i meant though. i just mean the situation of havin those 2 take up so much salary

  55. jor- i hope carp does something about the fake posters. its pretty annoying and the imposter isnt even funny. if youre gonna be an imposter at least try to be a little funny.

  56. Mike, I feel your pain regarding those two contracts. I feel most people misunerstand most of the fans rage against those 2 players. I am sure if they were making half of what they are getting, most of us would be happy with them.

    I am a big fan of Dubi, but some people act as he is the next “Great One” or something. If we can get a guy who can put 40+ goals in a year (consistently) and is in his prime. Why should we not include him in a deal?

    I laugh at times when people make up trade proposals and want to get a 1st line player and offer 3rd – 4th line players in return. You need to give up something good, in order to get something good.

    If the trade makes sense and it fills a gap, I say go for it.

  57. Try my pain, my man had me up all night. It was Saturday and we did our Sunday nooner early.

  58. No Country For Old Rangers on

    “I am a big fan of Dubi, but some people act as he is the next “Great One” or something. If we can get a guy who can put 40+ goals in a year (consistently) and is in his prime. Why should we not include him in a deal?”

    My sentiments exactly Jor. Dubinsky is great but I don’t consider anybody on this roster untouchable except hank.

    brash is here. i dont like it either but we might as well get used to it.

    Greg- I too wish we could play nhl. i’d light you up with Omsk. dubinsky would be a minus 3 and Zherdev would go down with a broken leg courtesy of JJ.

  59. no country- yogs is a rhino. i dont know how in the hell slats thought zherdev and nazzy could fill his shoes. combined they had about 20 more points last season than jagr had the year before and that was a bad year for him. 1 yogs is better than z and naz. duby shouldnt get more than cally. he should get a little less and even though he had 1 more point, he had a lousy 13 goals and if he hadnt scored in the final few games hed have like 10 or 11.

  60. jeez its been 2 and a half months since weve seen a ranger game. were at the halfway point till the season starts and already the team is totally different. i kinda like the way torts is gonna run things now. as we speak all these young prospects are workin their butts off to make this team. gonna be a fun season no matter what happens.

  61. No Country For Old Rangers on


    i’m still not over it (clearly) i will never understand how they let the single greatest offensive player to wear a rangers jersey walk away. had he delivered a cup, he would have been elevated to or above messier status. at least we got to witness the magic first hand. there will never be another 68. hopefully gaborik can come close in the 45-60 games he plays

  62. Did you ever see the movie Young Guns, that gorgeous hunk Emilion Estevez has a tub scene where he stand up and is butt naked. I picture Dubinsky in that position, and I lotion him.

  63. It was a disgrace not to bring Jagr back last year, and to expect Gomez and Drury to lead a team was ridiculous as well. And people are giving credit to Sather for getting rid of Gomez? Too much time is spent worrying about Redden and Rozi — it’s offense the Rangers need. Who are the great defensive defensemen that Pittsburgh or Washington has? Sure Lidstrom is great on Detroit, but they lost the Cup because Datsyuk was hurt. It’s top offensive players that make the difference, and outside of Gaborik, the Rangers have no one. And Sather is responsible for that slap in the face to Rangers fans.

  64. kc- were kinda in a transition period right now. bringin gaborik in will help alot, and sather is hoping the young guys we have now turn out to be our top players soon. i think hes doing the opposite of what he used to do and hes showing some patience in the prospects and 2nd year/3rd year guys to become the future of the team.

  65. “Did you ever see the movie Young Guns, that gorgeous hunk Emilion Estevez has a tub scene where he stand up and is butt naked. I picture Dubinsky in that position, and I lotion him”

    I try to forget male ass scenes, but Estevez had a funny ass scene in National Lampoons “Loaded Weapon”, a classic starring Estevez, and Samuel L Jackson, along with a bunch of cameos.

    Funny movie, if nobody has seen it, you should check it out, although it’s rarely on tv anymore.

  66. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and down right awfull!!!... says Greg L. on

    mike in ia ….ummm I never knew you like that sorta thing , im outta here!!!!

  67. I hope that was an imposter :)

    I agree that Hank is truly the only one who should not be traded. Once you have a franchise goalie, you never let him go; you build around him.

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