In case you missed this, former Rangers tough guy Chris “Knuckles” Nilan was arrested in Massachusetts for stealing a bathing suit.

Here’s the story.



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  1. Cindy Crosby on

    Anyone read Brook’s article this morning about the power play?

    While I like how Torts recognizes the problem we have, he doesn’t seem too confident that we have someone that will help fix it.

  2. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Cindy Crosby…

    the fact that Torts recognises that and the fact that Sather is gathering young players at the same position may mean we’re making a move. Its clearthere is no confidence in the current potential players at the PP spot.

    Wouldnt suprise me if they try and dump Reddens (or Roszival) contract and sweeten the deal with one of these young blueliners we have to encourage a team to take on the cap hit and then sign up Zubov for 1 year.

    Stranger things have happened….

  3. onecupin69years and counting on

    What was he doing in Victoria’s secret?
    I thought the beaches were nude at the cape.
    And it figures ,he’s a Boston guy, they’re all fruity.

  4. Was it a men’s bathing suit or a bikini? If the latter Nilan has more problems than we thought.

  5. Police said Nilan struggled with store security officers who followed him out of the store. Police said Nilan denied taking anything and threw punch at one of the guards, but missed.

    Getting old sucks, Knuckles can’t even hit Paul Bart with a punch.

  6. I know people get all over Sather about not doing enough but you have to admit he has been very active this off season. And the fun is not over. There will be more moves. Can’t wait to see whats next.

  7. Carp-

    Are the Rangers planning a press conference to introduce all the new signings and give them there Jersey? Y don’t they do that anymore?

  8. NYRjurgenno88 on


    i for one actually think, Brashear aside – and even that isnt a disasterous move – has had a very solid off season.

    I like the minor moves such as Boyle (risk free, big upside), Williams for Fahey (again the upside here…) and i like that he got the most out of Korpikoski when it was clear he didnt fit under the cap limits.

    He signed Cally to a solid contract and brought in good young players.

    The only thing that disappointed me was Higgins got 1 year. Would have liked to see 2, maybe 3.

  9. Torts has to demand the dman release the puck when they have an opportunity on the PP….whether it is roszival, redden, girardi, or staal they have to eventually shoot the puck, obviously we are nervous on the PP but we need to realize we do not always have to take a slap shot, when is the last time you saw roszival take a wrist shot-this guy has a very underrated shot…..

  10. Police said the 51-year-old Milton resident and James P. McGettrick, 43, of Weymouth, went into a dressing room on Wednesday afternoon with three pairs of shorts and returned two.

    HAH! Who goes bathing suit shopping with their friend who is a guy and goes into the dressing room together?

  11. I thought that the most interesting thing about Brook’s article today was there was no mention of Staal or Girardi. I guess neither figure into the power-play plans.

  12. Cindy Crosby on

    yes JJP last season it drove me nuts that Staal wasn’t on the PP. yeah he is young and perhaps a little vulnerable, but he clearly has an offensive minded style. He should be up there on the point for sure. What gets me is the fact that they don’t even try!

  13. I’m not as willing to heap so much praise on Sather this offseason as others. For one, he has been merely trying to dig the team out of a very deep hole that he created in the first place. Second, while he has completely revamped the team, it’s not like we’re suddenly Cup contenders with this lineup. Third, we are still stockpiled with 3rd/4th line guys, and the ones we had before (Betts, Sjo, Orr) were better than what we’ll have now (Brash is a loser, and we won’t have the #1 PK anymore).

    So, I’m glad he has made some good moves (cap space, dumped 1 of the killer contracts, brought in youth), but Sather still sucks.

  14. Oh, and you KNOW Torts has to get some credit for these offseason moves. Torts arrives, and suddenly Slats is acting like a totally different person. Coincidence? Hmm…

  15. ***ATTENTION***
    “NIX THE 6”
    A protest to Wade Redden’s tenure as a NEW YORK RANGER!!!
    Remove the 6 from your keyboards!
    Remove Redden from our TEAM!!!
    “NIX THE 6”

    Join the revolution! pass this around

  16. UESBlueshirt on

    “NIX THE 6”
    A protest to Wade Redden’s tenure as a NEW YORK RANGER!!!
    Remove the 6 from your keyboards!
    Remove Redden from our TEAM!!!
    “NIX THE 6”

    Join the revolution! pass this around

    How can we pass the full meaning of the campaign along if we remove the 6 from our keyboard?

  17. Nix the 6 thats great!!

    We all know Reddens Contract is brutal. That being said no GM in there right mind is going to take him as long as he places like crap. Killing a guy as a fan in part of being a fan. Redden had a ok playoff series. Our only hope of getting rid of him is if he plays well. I think Rosy will be traded by the start of the season. Lets try something different instead of killing this guy lets try to stand behind him just alittle and hope he comes around alittle. Killing him NEVER works lets try to be different. Just a thought.

  18. Cindy Crosby on

    Roc – completely agree. The booing does NOT help a player. In the end we want him to play well, so why boo? I give up. it’s NY, people are going to boo and it sucks.

  19. Johnny lost his Walker on

    Does anyone else think that Korpi looks like Howard the Duck. I’m going to miss that.

  20. I love how people take shots at Carp and the blog and don’t post a user name, but something like “favorite blog.” Unbelievable.

    I think maybe Nilan will be having scraps of a different nature now, haha.

  21. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Ok some of the deals Sather is making are good ones, HOWEVER what does it do for the NY Rangers NOW. A lot 3rd and 4th liners to which most will end up in Hartford, and then, will the Wolf Pack end up doing anything??? I live in Hershy Bear country and they have contended and won the cup for the last several years. They have have something going in the recruiting business that we don’t have. Every year it comes down too, it looks good on paper but can any of these new palyers GEL on the ice. And also every year we say only time will tell. I still say it all a luck shot, if certian palyers gel with others. But I guess it’s better than not doing nothing and hoping the same players will finally get it together??

  22. Why is Spector saying Shanny will go to either Rangers or Debbies?
    Shanny doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to fit into Torts speed/high pressure system.

  23. He was one of my favs too Peca, but its tough when fans know a player should retire before the player does.

  24. nilan got preferential treatment. some minroity kid get caught stealing you think that is a pay the fine walk situation???

    yea justice is blind!! fame and station in life is irrelevant in handing out justice…

    funny huh…

  25. I could honestly see Shanny ending up on the Isles. I know NJ would be his first choice out of the two, but if he wanted to stay in the area the Isles make sense.

  26. Cindy Crosby –
    “yes JJP last season it drove me nuts that Staal wasn’t on the PP. yeah he is young and perhaps a little vulnerable, but he clearly has an offensive minded style. He should be up there on the point for sure. What gets me is the fact that they don’t even try!”

    Cindy Crosby –
    Roc – “completely agree. The booing does NOT help a player. In the end we want him to play well, so why boo? I give up. it’s NY, people are going to boo and it sucks.”

    Agree totally with both these points, Staal needs to get a substantial increase in PP to at least be given a chance to see what he can do there, though alot of people look at him as a defensive d-man i think that he can be a great offensive player too as he matures, he has a great shot when he uses it i dont care what anyone says, he is going to be a 2way d-man for sure

    I hate seeing anyone get booed on our OWN team in our OWN arena when im at MSG, its not going to help the team do better and its not going to help that player do any better. We can all see why people are angry at the way Redden played for most of the year last year, but can we really blame him for getting 6.5million? I still have faith in Sather since he is making some pretty good moves but HE is the one that gave Wade all this money and the one that put the high “1st Pair/PP QB D-Man” expectations in our minds the second he gave him all of that money. The reality of it is that after the last few seasons he had in Ottawa before coming here is that the guy is a 3.5million/2nd Pair guy if he plays to his current capabilities the way he showed us in the playoffs at points (besides that fedorov goal). So instead of all of us dreaming that he is going to be that 6.5mill PP QB guy, lets just take waht we can get from him and hope he plays decent enough, maybe throws the occasionaly check each period of the hockey game and makes some good passes, and gets limited pp time if any

  27. CCCP

    I created Del Z, along with a bunch of other prospects.

    As for Redden, for me he sucks, he just cost me a double OT game against the Sabs for failing to clear the god damn puck. Him and his weak fuggin arms, and i just broke my chair because of him. I seriously hate that guy.

  28. Carp, do you think the Rangers have their eye on Lecavalier and the TB ownership situation?

    Bettman has required co-owner Barrie to ante up $10mm by today to cover projected 2010 losses. This is relevant because Barrie is the owner who wants to keep Lecavalier, while the other owner, Koules, is reportedly in favor of a trade for financial reasons.

    So if Barrie leaves the picture, that could leave a Lecavalier auction. And with the Habs replete with new salaries that take them to the cap, it seems like the Rangers would be one of the few willing bidders.

    It’s pretty apparent from the NY Post interview that Torts wants an elite playmaker, like Richards or Lecavalier. Maybe determining the TB scenario is the domino that needs to fall before the final piece can be set?

  29. Cindy Crosby on

    Rob M – I know, I am with you. It is just unfortunate that people are so negative.

    ORR – so yeah he isn’t playing to his potential but we are stuck with him. Why not root for him instead of booing him off the ice every night? I dont know why I ask, it is such a lost cause.

    Do you remember when we blew the 5-0 lead against MTL? Every goal we scored that night, their fans cheered louder and louder and eventually got them going. Would that ever happen in MSG? HA! Pathetic.

  30. Cindy Crosby on

    hahahah wow I just realized what you wrote up there. I thought you were referring to the series against the caps bc he did blow that play toward the end. My Bad!

  31. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I agree that the booing is probably counter productive but this guy is making more money in one period than most of us will make in a year. also he’s making that money for playing the game he supposedly loves. yet he plays a sloppy uninspired game.

    if you don’t produce or at least appear to put forth a real effort, angry new yorkers are going to express themselves

  32. No Country – I agree 100%. For example, neither Dubi nor Redden put up big scoring numbers last year. But one is loved, and one is hated. There is a reason.

  33. I was in Victoria Secrets with him, watching him from the peep hole in the other room. He was going to shove a speedo somewhere else, but he was too tight. And he doesnt accessorize well.

  34. Hey guys, I was wondering how you make your name link to websites. I am not too computer savvy here. Thanks.

  35. I agree about that too, Wade Redden never looks inspired, appears to have no intensity 99% of the time, and is just the opposite of Dubinsky, when you watch Wade Redden there is no evidence that he is laying it all on the line for his teammates, as it does appear when watching Cally & Dubi.. Everyone shows their emotions, if any, differently, but it does annoy alot of people including me the way that Redden appears “effortless” during games, and that is not the word effortless as in looking nonchalant as it would be used when describing a play Jagr would make to deke past a defender and score a goal that looked all too easy, but im using effortless as in not trying at all paired with poor results

  36. Cindy Crosby on

    Guys I agree with all of your points about Redden, but in my mind that is no excuse to boo ANYONE on YOUR TEAM. Period.

    Fans are supposed to root for their team. In the end we want them to win. Booing in no way whatsoever helps

  37. If I had a job where 18,200 people booed me every night I’d quit. But then again if I got payed tons of money I guess I’d just get ear plugs

  38. same here i NEVER boo but you have to see their point about how the guy looks out there, but i never booed a ranger and i never will.. but like you said before its a lost cause cuz there are so many that are going to boo either way..

  39. I know this is an odd post…I have only posted a few times but I read everyday. I have been watching those 1994 highlight videos on youtube and got to thinking about that year. Can anyone explain the situation of what happened back in 1994 between Keenan, Mess and the team around game 6 of the Devils series. I remember reading something about the team walking out or some sort of intervention. Thanks in advance!

    Lets Go Rangers!

  40. This is disturbing news, Not just the fact that Nilan got caught stealing a bathing suit but he fought the security guards and is associating with a guy who has been arrested for distributing oxycotin. I hoe this doesn’t take a John Kordic turn.

    Glen Sather Punk’s Bob Gainey: Ryan McDonagh for Dummies Video

  41. “I never boo, I curse alot, but never boo !”

    Exactly. I drop a lot of f bombs, c suckers, a couple of Pesci “You Mudduh Fugger, you” among many many other bombs.

    I don’t throw beer on anyone like that retard fan did last season. Id like to run that guy over with a car. When i get my license of course.

  42. i dont know how anyone can watch one of those rangerscrisis videos without putting it on mute

  43. Finestatus:

    In Game 4 of the Devils/Rangers series in ’94 Keenan popped a gasket and decided he needed to bench his best players and pull Richter in what turned out to be a loss. After the game, instead of accepting his responisbilities for the moves he made, he talked cryptically of injuries suffered by Leetch and Messier as to why they didn’t play much.

    Obviously something was VERY wrong in the locker room because the Rangers came out as flat as could be in Game 5 and lost to go down 3-2.

    Reports are that the team confronted Messier about the games Keenan was playing. That this wasn’t the time to play stupid head games with benchings that could cost them the playoffs. Messier listened to his teammates and reportedly had a long sit in private with Keenan. I forget which book I read it in, but supposedly Messier walked out of Keenan’s office and said bluntly “That won’t happen again”

    Messier’s “We will win tonight” proclamation wasn’t quite as profound as the headlines made it sound…but he said afterwards he felt a need to inspire his teammates even though he was now giving the Devils blackboard material which went against his usual instincts. Leetch’s quote is something to the effect of “I read the back page and told Mess, great look what you’ve got us into now”

    Keenan did redeem himself in a pre-game Game 7 speech of the Finals that Messier said pointedly was “The best I’ve ever heard in my life”

    This trip down memory lane brought to you by….Someone who’s bored at work and waiting til the clock hits 5

  44. I could have sworn I read the word ‘coveted’ in that Dawes write-up…Coveted by whom?

  45. I for one will welcome Brashear. I know he’s going to get booed during the home opener and I’m dreading it.

  46. CCCP
    July 16th, 2009 at 10:22 pm
    July 3, 2003

    “Sabres acquired center Chris Drury and Steve Begin from Calgary for Steve ReinprechtRhett Warrener, and Keith Ballard.”

    I would kill to have Reinprecht, Werrener, and Ballard. Hell, they might even care when we get blown up the day before the Holidays.

  47. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    I wouldn’t be surprised for a second if Dawes scored 20+ this season. His numbers weren’t impressive here in NY, but when you stop to think about it, nobodys were. The more firmly Renney’s system got entrenched in the team, the less we scored. 2 years ago, Dawes was a more prolific offensive player, but then again, so was the rest of the team. I don’t think I could totally hold it against Dawes. He never really got a chance in Phoenix, especially playing with a team that bad. Moving to the Flames, with a good supporting cast, he could really heat up (pun intended).

  48. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think Nilan and his boy toy saw Bruno and had to have his suit.

  49. Joe in DE

    the only way Dawes scores 20+ in Calgary is if they play him with Iginla.

    Dawes has terrible positioning and is just clueless when he doesnt have the puck. He was invisible out there sometimes…

  50. JASON

    Yeah, i don’t really want my license, but i have to get it if my uncle hooks me up with a job.

    As for Dawes, i honestly thought he’d score 20 last season, but obviously he didn’t. But you never know. I thought Cally was gonna put up 20-30 in 07-08, but when he got injured it really slowed him down, and he didn’t have that great of a season, until he got it together late in the year. Then this season he had the kind of year most of us expected. Point being, who knows, maybe Dawes might do the same.

    But i agree, he has crappy positioning, and he’s proven he has no guts, and is scared to take a hit to make a play. That’s the last thing any fan would want to see out of a player on their team. Im glad he’s gone.

  51. UESBlueshirt

    thnx man.. ill def. check them out!

    “Eat seafood … live longer
    Eat oysters … love longer
    Eat clams … last longer” :)

  52. Dawes was a scratch in Phoenix for most of the remainder of the season after they got a good look at him for several weeks.

    when even the guy who drafted you and then traded for you, Maloney, gives up on you and puts you on waivers, well then it is pretty clear that dawes is not on the upward path in the nhl

    the only thing that will help him in Calg is the fact that the team, excluding him, is very tough and aggressive, thus opening some room for him.

    but Dawes is complete crap along the boards and corners, and that is what a winger needs to be.

  53. Orr,

    I think that was part of the problem. We banked on a few of the younger guys/rookies to come up big and they didn’t at all.

  54. ARLINGTON, Va. — The Washington Capitals have traded defeceman Keith Seabrook to the Calgary Flames for future considerations.

    Seabrook was taken by Washington in the second round of the 2006 NHL entry draft.

    He played with the WHL’s Calgary Hitmen the last two seasons.

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on


    BOOOOOOOOOOOOO , booing is a wake up call and should never be premeditaded. If you plan to boo ,that’s wrong. If your cheering and cheering and the lazy sob still isn’t doing anything ….then some booing is needed. Then when they do good , a big cheer is the thing to do. YOUR team needs you just like Cindy Crosby said , Mtl came back from 5 -0 cuz their fans cheered and wow did they ever!!!

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    btw CCCP , I live in Saskatchewan. If ya even know where that is!!!?? Haaahaaaa

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Yo Mouth , I posted you a message yesterday on here , did ya see it ?

  58. Redden aint that bad in NHL 09 . he is 3rd in points midway thru the season on my NHL 09 with 3 goals and 34 assits. And you gotta remember he played great in the playoffs along with avery. maybe with gab and dub picking up their games this season he might have someone to mix it up with. The guy only played one season in NY… if hes willing to make some effort this season for a change (same goes for Roze) and actually learn how Torts wants his DMEN to play then i think you’ll all be biting your tongues come 2010.

  59. Greg

    Saskatchewan?? so it is a real! I thought it was some kind of a city from the Harry Potter movie! :P

  60. Well lets see. I hate Boo-ing. However after spending a crapload of money to go to 3 consecutive Ranger games over Christmas watch the team blow a lead to the Crapitals, loose to NJ then finally beat the fishsticks, I had every right to boo the team. I booed Redden so much I had no voice for 2 days after the loss to the Caps…and I’d do it again if they played that crappy.

  61. Cindy Crosby on

    But how can you say something like that after you saw what happened in Montreal? Do you get more satisfaction out of booing or possibly being a contribution to your team’s win?

  62. Ive driven through Saskatchewan a few times. We lived in Alaska and took the motor home to the lower 48 every other summer for a couple of months.

    Moose Jaw, Regina, I just remember it being pretty flat compared to the rest of Canada. Lots of farms. sparsely populated. must be as bad as parts of Alaska in the winter. but beautiful to be sure.

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Exactly Staal Wart , ya pay , they don’t deliver ..ya booo. See ya didn’t premeditate the boo . Now next time again you give them a chance then who knows. Only thing is booing should only be done if the games outta reach ,or if its followed up by cheers a little later. Kinda like scolding a dog then treating it later.

    No Harry Potter here , its a real as it gets!!! ..or is it?

  64. ive been all over the world but never to Canada! maybe one of these days…


    Im coming over! You better learn how to cook borsch and vareniki (pirogi)!

  65. CCCP, That site for Knuckles Nilan I was referring to was Tae a look.

  66. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    yeah Tomb ,sparcely populated through out but alot more so In the Cities like Saskatoon. Pure city life over here for me (city slicker), I don’t do “farm life”.

  67. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Weza German disendends over here ..not hutterites but both parents can speak it. Only Bortch is the german kinda ( my moms) and her perogies but she lives out side the city.

  68. Staal Wart – just because you bought games to 3 games in a row over Christmas time doesnt mean they should win all three games, everyone pays good money to see them play, that doesnt mean you are going to see them win, thats why there are 82 games, nobody goes undefeated, you just picked a bad time to go see them.. I never boo, premeditated, or meditated… you never played a bad game in your life? it happens, individually, and as a team sometimes… deal with it.. and even with Redden, if it is bad alot of the time, still, like we have been saying its not going to help anybody to boo so why bother

    Dawes’ downfall was that he was pathetic in his own end at times, and was a big reason why Renney would scratch him.. he is small and not that tough i know, but he has a real good shot and i dont agree with everyone about him being bad positionally.. he could score 15-20 if he played 75-82 games even if he doesnt play with Iginla

  69. Staal Wart July 17th, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    CCCP, That site for Knuckles Nilan I was referring to was Tae a look.

    Hey its a fake me…what an honor.

    Thats true Rob M. but in the fashion they collapsed against the Capitals…my boos where totally called for.

  70. Rob M
    I don’t have a problem if my Rangers play a good hard working game but loose…I am totally cool with that…but when I’m spending money on a ticket, and then 9.50 for many beers…and they give some half assed effort like they did…I booed with every fiber of my being…however…when they played the Fishsticks a few days later and won…I cheered them on with everything I had…

  71. Rob M-

    I have been a diehard fan for 20 years now. I have had season tickets for the last 7 years…of course we all are big rangers fans and want the end result to be postive (ie to win) but as a fan all i can do when i am unhappy is boo-i do not get to talk to the team between periods, i do not get to yell in the locker room at roszival for not shooting the puck or for redden skating half a– to the open puck or yell at renney for not pulling hank with one minute to play down a goal and the puck in the offensive zone or when a specific player jumps off the bench too early resulting in a too many men on the ice penalty…i think the fan has a right to boo when they are unpleased-now of course try to keep it clean as there is no reason to use racial slurs/offensive language but as a fan (and there are many knowledgeable fans in the blueseats who understand the game quite well) i think it is their right to let the team/players/coaching staff know when they are not pleased with something….

  72. and trust me i want the rangers to win as much as anyone else here…..i bleed blue….wow i need a drink!

  73. i may be jumping the gun here. but i think the seinfeld episode is the putty “devils!” episode…

    also isnt there a ranger devil game on on msg?
    did they plan that?

  74. what does walking off with a bathing suit have to do with hockey? I thought you wanted to clean up this site!!!

  75. So, if i am a bathing suit does it automatically mean that i dont like hockey??

    P.S. rcm, you’ve missed the point. The guy with bathing suit is an X-ranger! i didnt think it was going to be that hard to get it!

  76. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Ranger fans sure can be pritty staight forward. Like wayyy back when Flyer goalie Pele Lindberg crashed his porshe and died. Ranger fans screamed at the flyers other goalie during a game (Bob Frose)to buy a porshe!!!!

  77. The chant was

    “Buy a porche hextall, buy a porche”

    And my dad never let me say it. The only one we were allowed to say was the potvin sucks whistle.

    Another favorite though was

    “Beat you wife potvin, beat your wife”

    The good old days.

    My favorite game was when the flyers were in town and two flyers fan in full jersey hockey long pants and goalie masks were walking the bowl between the yellow and green. A cascade of food and drink from the blue and green as well as some up from the yellow pelting the two. They were escorted out for causing a riot. The fans were excused from “wrong doing”

    Just reminiscing…

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier and uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    interesting roc . Quite.

  79. Sally and Laurel…do you guys have facebook?? if so, you gotta see a poll i just did! I think only you two would understand

  80. “beat your wife potvin, beat your wife” was chanted nearly every 5 minutes at nassau the day we debuted Avery, Antro and Morris. “Avery! Avery! Avery!” was chanted every 2 minutes.

  81. Laurel Babcock on

    Linda, how do I find you on facebook? I’m on but it’s bull. only did it to track a non-related nephew of mine.

    Greg, wow, I forgot about that Porche chant. ouch.

    Was once at a home game against Flyers and a very nerdy guy by himself had on their jersey. The people near me went nuts, flicked all their lighters (ah, back in the smoking days!) and kept chanting “Burn the shirt!” The guy eventually took it off. It may sound funny, but was actually quite awful.

    I hate the booing. I curse, yes, but never boo.

  82. YOu anti booers are on the right track = it’s stupid childish and very inneffective as far as motivating. It can however mess up a guy who is already a bit messed up, inexperienced, and confused. I’m not ready to have Sather ‘s bust in the rotunda for this season. Remember, it’s not only bringing guys aboard ( he’s done that a lot) but what you do with them afterward. With him, it’s not much.
    so we have to wait and see.

    And why is Voros still on this team?

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