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Because I have nothing else at this point in the morning, I’ve been meaning to tell somebody this:

There are a lot of ads I love (Heineken), and a lot I hate (Geico’s pile of money). On WFAN radio there’s now an ad for this lawyer who supposedly gets people out of traffic tickets, speeding, etc. Just give him your license and your credit card, and you don’t even have to show up for court, he says.

The guy’s name is Seth Katz. At the end of the commercial, we’re told that the next time a policeman taps on your window, tell him who your lawyer is.

Can you imagine? What do you suppose would really happen if a state trooper pulls you over for speeding or driving under the influence or whatever, and he taps on your window and you tell him, “Seth Katz is my lawyer ….” ?

Do you think you might get no ticket, or a whole pile of tickets?


We’ve been telling you since the day that John Tortorella was hired that Mike Sullivan will be his next and only assistant coach this coming season. Sullivan was under contract to Tampa until this month. Now it appears he’s about to be officially signed.


Here is the latest on the Cherepanov investigation.


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If you missed yesterday, here is the Rangers’ 2009-10 schedule.

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  1. Anyone who hasn’t watched Tortorella’s interview at the prospect camp really should. He pretty much said that the team was too soft, out of shape and didn’t care enough last season and that the rookies will get every opportunity to make the team and play.

    Anisimov and Gilroy will be on the team and as of now probably Byers and another rookie defenseman. How many playoff teams from last year are going to have 4+ rookies on the opening day roster???

  2. I think you’d probably have a headlight out (after the cop accidentally breaks it), you’d get a ticket for failing to signal, one for driving erratically, one for speeding … and you better have your license and reg in order, not to mention you better not be drunk or have anything illegal in the car.

  3. Rick –

    That is a hilarious commercial!

    Have you heard the “Cars for Kids” one? If you listen to WFAN in the morning, I am sure you have..over..and over..and over again..their producer is terrible..whenever I hear that commercial and that stupid song, I want to cut off my ears..literally

  4. roc

    somthing tells me you are going to get your wish. I just hope they don’t go crazy…

    With an opening at LW, it would make the most sense to trade Rozsival/Redden, Zherdev, Lisin and a pick/prospect for a legit center and moving Drury back to LW where he belongs…

  5. I like Larry Brooks passion but sometimes his doom and gloom attitude is too much. All though the Rangers might not be able to bring up a ton of new young guys they do have alot of young guys on the roster:

    higgins is 27
    Lisin is 23
    Gilroy is 25
    Potter is 25
    Gaborik is 27

    They do have young guys coming take it easy Larry. Plus u need some warriors on this team!! Guys that have won!! Calling Sergi Zubov!!

  6. We’ve been clamoring for a top line center for a few weeks now, especially since Gaborik admitted that he’d rather be set up by a playmaker rather than create all the chances himself…


    How many TRUE tablesetters are there in the NHL. 8? And those guys cost a fortune!

    It’d be nice to find a solid B level point producer that would BECOME a 65 assist man playing alongside Gaborik.

  7. oleosmirf,
    I couldn’t agree more with Tort’s assessment of this past season. I think we’re going to see a much different team, not merely in terms of personnel, but in grit, confidence, and pride. This team will be pushing forward, shoving the play into the opponent’s ‘O’ zone, not scampering back playing east-west hockey behind their own blue line. I’m anticipating a team that improves during the entire season as everyone gets on board with Tort’s style and players shake the doubts and pessimism of last season.

  8. I think you deservedly get more tickets and I think lawyers who help drunk drivers get out of tickets are slime. Its bad enough that if you kill someone while driving drunk that isn’t murder its vehicular manslaughter. If someone is driving drunk they are a danger and they need help too. But first things first you do your best to mae sure everyone else is safe then worry about the driver he may be a victim (of alsohol or drug addiction) but he/she is not a victim in that car crash they are a willfull participant… and every tme someone who drove drunk gets away with it, it may embolden someone else…

    PS: can’t stand the Geico money either… I do like the cell phone minutes commercials (the ones that roll over and the kid keeps complaining he doesn’t want old minutes) and I turn the station for K A R S Kars for kids…

  9. Carp, I heard one the onter day on 1010 wins that was all about cocaine, very surreal, I think it literally started with “Are you addicted to cocaine?”… I work in audio for promos and some episodic stuff, we actually handle those MSG “I am a Ranger” spots, the other ones with the dj scratching in them, and did the “I am a Ranger” video for the open last year at the Garden, but outside of those, we see a LOT of those terrible ads everyone sees on a daily basis on MTV and Nick (anyone with kids I’m sure knows how awful some of them can be)

  10. Hate Kars for Kids. Hate it.

    How about the one for the ED clinic they play every five seconds on WFAN? They say they will show you results during your first visit. Not sure I’d want to see results for that while I’m in the doctor’s office.

    I will never, ever, buy from Geico. I also hate these luxury car ads — one time they’re telling you about the safety features, the next they’re encouraging you to go speeding and skidding sideways on the streets.

  11. Laurel Babcock on

    Despise cars for kids……amazing how they can take a good cause and make you want to dump your car in the river instead of donating it.

  12. flippedturtle on

    1..8..7..7…KARS..for…KID’s….K….A…R…S…cars for KIDS love that song.

  13. Rick,

    When I search for “rangersreport” on Twitter, I can’t find it! Is the account active yet?

  14. Cindy Crosby on

    Why would we want to move Drury to the wing when

    1) We have a shortage of centers to begin with
    2) He was great on faceoffs

  15. Rob, I think it’s working fine. I’ve gotten a lot of notifications of followers.

    Try cutting and pasting this; it worked for me: twitter.com/rangersreport

    Absolutely right on Brad Benson. What an idiot.

  16. CARP – Come on – if Geico really was able to offer a significantly better rate for you, you wouldn’t do it?

    And as for Brad Benson, he sounds nuts, but give him credit for not doing the same old cookie cutter car ads you hear everywhere. He’s attempting to be original.

  17. I hate cars for kids… 1-877 cars for kids blah blah blah blah cars for kids… its the worst commercial around yet it gets in your head each and every time I hear it.

    The fact that they have an acoustic version of it and a non acoustic version of it makes it that much worse.

  18. Carp,
    Since the Rangers have yet to sign Dubinsky, do you think that they are maybe looking to move him along with a Roszi or Redden for an established 1st line center?

  19. I was in the car wtih my 6 year old nephew and that Brad Benson commercial came on- not pleasant!

  20. El Sid, I wouldn’t give either of them my business.

    Kris, If they move Dubinsky, it will be because the other team in the trade insists on getting him. They are not “looking” to move him, and I wouldn’t put any stock into the contract situation. That’s just the way of restricted free agency with no arbitration rights. It takes a while. It might drag into training camp, or it could get done today.

  21. UESBlueshirt on

    GEICO set the bar low for car insurance ads since Progressive has that ultra-annoying lady Flo.

    Best ads tend to be for beer, which is a product that sells itself. Then again the large breweries need some sort of niche to get you to drink their product, since I certainly don’t drink Bud/Coors/Miller for the taste.

  22. I think if we are actively looking for a centerman it means either Dubi or Anisimov will be gone-

    I don’t really see the dire need for a center with Drury, Dubi, Anisimov- give them a shot-

  23. Anyone have ESPN insider? They have a post today titled: “Rumors: Youth movement hits Rangers”

    Can someone post the text?

  24. Carp,
    Why wouldn’t Sather want to re-sign Betts? Besides the fact that he would be on the same line as Brashear LOL….He was our best PK guy last year. Why would Sather want to lose that?

  25. kph

    DEPTH CHART: Youth movement hits NY
    The Rangers may look younger on opening night. They’re giving their young prospects every chance to make the team.
    “It’s my objective to come out of training camp with a handful of young guys who were not here last year,” coach John Tortorella told the New York Post.
    In addition, two youngsters who were on last year’s team might see increased roles. Brandon Dubinsky, 23, will get a chance to replace the recently traded Scott Gomez at center, as will 21-year-old Artem Anisimov.
    07.10.09 Rangers bringing back forward Callahan ESPN
    07.03.09 Rangers complete trade for ‘Yotes Russian winger Lisin ESPN
    07.09.09 Kotalik signs three-year deal with Rangers ESPN

  26. UESBlueshirt on

    The Rangers were dramatically younger this past year. After shedding Jagr/Shanny/Straka the year before the elder statesmen on the team were Drury/Gomez/Redden. If you consider that Brashear at 37 won’t be getting a ton of minutes, every player is at least within a couple of years of 30 and several are significantly younger (Dubi/Cally/Anisimov/Staal/Girardi).

  27. Cindy Crosby on

    Fwah – I was thinking the same thing ahaha

    Also in the post this morning I read a quote from torts saying that they recognize the need for a 1st line center. He said as of now he would like to have dubinsky there, but also wouldn’t rule out anisimov. but the article ended saying something will be done to fill the gap. Confusing but take what you want from it

  28. I’m sure Slats will continue to kick the tyres on a few deals but i think with our current roster, if Torts is willing to put his faith in the youngsters, then we may be almost set and he may let Dubi and AA audition to play with Gabby and Gilroy, Potter, Keikkinen and Sauer will get a shot at being #5,#6,#7 D-men.

    However, i wouldn’t rule out Slats trading for someone if he can shift the equivalent salary in the opposite direction.

    Am i right with my wingers?
    LW: Gabby, Higgins, Avery, Brashear
    RW: Kotalik, Callahan, Lisin, Byers
    C: Dubi, Drury, AA, Boyle, Arnason

    Is Zherdev a RW or LW?

  29. So the team doctors in Omsk were cleared of responsibility for Cherepanov’s death. The nineteen year old apparently treated his own heart condition and no one knew about it. Hmmm. Why do teams always brag about their great state-of-the-art medical care, but then when a player is found to have taken an illegal or harmful substance, all of a sudden, the team doesn’t know anything? This is true in every league, whether they’re in America or Russia. Teams should be under the microscope about medical treatments, and not just blame the players for everything.

  30. I went up to a Cop today, and told him “Seth Cats is my lawyer” and he told me “Okay”

    Not the answer i was hoping for.

    Anyway, nice interview with Torts, i like how he’s saying Dubi could be the 1st line center, and even Artie could be, and he didn’t even mention Dreary as a possible 1st line center, ahahaha, good !!

    Should be an interesting team this year, im hoping to see a ton of youth.

  31. Cindy Crosby on

    I think the best thing with Torts is him saying every single person (specifically referencing the prospects) has an equal opportunity to make the lineup in camp. Finally someone will light a fire under EVERYONE’s ass and make them realize they have to earn their spot on the roster.

  32. Would love to be at the golf but I’ve got no leave left – have holidays to the Seychelles and Norfolk Broads boating coming up!!

    I think i’d be following Monty around the course shouting “cheat” every shot (just like i would if i was at Chavez Ravine and Manny was batting!).

  33. Michabenjamin on


    Can you please tell me about you Messier:Dragonslayer book? I can’t find it in stores!

  34. Micha … depends on the store. I know there aren’t many left in stock. Maybe Amazon or Barnesandnoble.com. … if only I had this blog when I wrote that book.

  35. I’m free of this moderation stuff Praise Messier !

    I’m now worried about Gabby , I looked over his injury list and this guy makes Peter Forsberg look like Lou Gehrig. two hip surgeries and a littany of groin injuries, god I hope this goes well.

    Also, if you didn’t hear former ranger goon Ron Talakowski died at the age of 46 he played during the Espo GM years in the late 80’s.


  36. You know the advertisements I can’t stand? THE ONES OUR GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR WITH OUR TAXES ON THIS SITE!

    Lifestyle Articles
    Apply by July 31st to cash in on scholarship for working mothers
    Financial Aid Available for Adults Returning to School
    Obama’s stimulus bill pays for education

  37. Hey Mouth, I believe they mentioned that they believe the previous problems were due to his hip problem. In which case, the last hip surgery should correct all of the other problems.

    Let’s hope he is fine and he scores 50 plus goals for us, each year!

  38. Carp

    why do you think Arnason will not make the team. I would think he’d be the front runner for the 4th line center given that he has offensive ability and the fact that he did finish 7th on the Avalanche in points last season.

  39. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    It’s always nice when a team purposely raises its championship banner against New York teams, or the league gives the champions the first game of the season agaisnt us in their home building.

  40. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    You’d think the Rays would have raised their meaningless ALCS banner infront of the Red Sox, but they chose to rub our faces in it.

  41. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    The other thing, I cant believe that the B’hawks make it to the conf. finals and the GM gets canned,

    but this bum Glen Sather is content with the 1st and 2nd round and doesnt get fired.

  42. Jor I hope to god you’re right I couldn’t sleep all last night worrying about this guys health. Must think positive… Must think positive..

    Czech PP cavalry is here ! Ales Kotalik For Dummies Video


  43. Yea I hate political commercials as well, why not put our tax money to something useful, let the media report what you’ve done and run on action not pretty words (but then politics wouldn’t be politics) don’t get me started on our illustrious senate (my sister and I made bumper stickers saying “Elect me to the State Senate I promise to at least go to work” Unfortunately we didn’t get them yet…

    bleh politics on to hockey… anyone see these commercials? I love them:


  44. UESBlueshirt on

    “Calgary picked up Dawes.

    Cant say i was a big fan when he was a Ranger”

    Invisible a lot of the time yes, but for that one year he owned Brodeur. I was at a game that season where he crashed into Fatso and scored even though it was not very clear if or when he got his stick on the puck. I also liked that he completely broke Pronger’s ankles in the game in Anaheim last year.

  45. Wow. The Flames fans are loving this pick up! The TSN comments section is full of “tons of scoring potential” and “next renee bourque” comments.

  46. oleo … I have my reasons …

    sam, tallon got canned because he nearly cost his organization all of its RFAs by missing the deadline with the qualifying offers.

  47. Carp… rolling about your ED comment and being in the doctors office!! hahaaa… so funny!

    I think the Rangers will try to move someone on the backline and possibly another winger as well. ??

    …and Larry Brooks needs a pony ride or something, he’s the most negative sports writer in the area… by far!

    I want to see what this kid Lisin can do on this team, I hope he gets signed and makes the club?? I think playing for a ‘real’ team in a real sports city will do him wonders… and I love Wayne Gretzky, but I don’t think he’s the motivator like Torts is…


  48. Awesome Carp, I just became a Rangers Report Follower on Twitter.

    I recently created my account a few days ago.


    Does anyone know if there are any current Rangers who have an official page on Twitter?

  49. ny rangers-

    there maybe one or 2 rangers that have twitter

    in the next month they will have “verified account” logos next to them so youll know for sure

    Follow Friday is tomorrow!
    get excited new twitterers!

  50. I just seem to remember Dawes constantly moving in to the offensive zone along the boards and getting rubbed out while the puck slowly drifts in and their 2nd D picked it up.

  51. Screw Dawes, i had enough of him after that game against the B’s. Pathetic !

    But the season before, i was a big fan of his, i mean c’mon, he embarrassed Broduer every way possible. Scored on him a bunch of times in regulation, and beat him in the shootout to win it. I remember that fat ass said it was a “lucky shot”, lol he just got faked out of his jock, and he couldn’t handle it. That fat ass is so classless, it’s scary how nobody realizes it, cause they have his records shoved so far up their asses it screws with their minds.

    BUT, Dawes did jack sh*t in the playoffs, and scored an empty net goal in the 1st round, but he did score one huge goal in game 5 verse the Pens to tie it up. But we still lost.

  52. Great that you have a twitter now. I got banned from Eklund’s twitter for calling him a bad name.

  53. TR

    Yup, he pussied out, and coughed up the puck so he can avoid the hit, and it led right to a goal, which went off of Rozi. I think Savard scored.

    So pathetic, take a hit you wimp, if you’re not willing to do that, play some other sport. Ugh, i hate him !

  54. These are my posted comments on TSN: (I have quite a collection of “Thumbs-down”)

    “Ummm. Dawes is not very good. For a little guy he plays the game very slooooooow. He tears up the minors because the pace of the game is more to his liking…sub-NHL.”

    “Ask a Ranger fan about his mindset. He would rather give up the puck than take a hit. Lucic did it to him last year. He cowered, coughed it up….it was the game winner. Doesn’t sound like Sutter hockey to me.”

    “You guys just added some depth to your press box”

  55. Oleo- I think that they gave up the 3rd rounder for Boyle’s rights with the intent of plugging him into the 4th center spot-

    BTW, how come no one is getting on Sather for getting a 4th line center with a 3rd round pick!!! You can get a very valuable piece at the deadline for that- see Kotalik/Antro deadline deals last year-

  56. UESBlueshirt on

    Now obviously you can’t dispute Fatso’s accomplishments, the wins, the rings, the broken up families, etc. But the last couple of years he’s been flat out awful in the playoffs and he escapes a lot of the blame.

  57. orr

    yeah that was pretty bad
    looked like he was passin a stone

    but yeah if you cant take a hit play poker, lol.

  58. Fly Line

    maybe the Rangers feel Boyle will eventually be better than a 4th liner. either way I expect Arnason and Boyle to both make the team…

  59. onecupin69years and counting on

    carp you been drivin’ too fast?
    All I can say is that it works, I told a trooper who my lawyer was and the charges were dismissed, try it tonight!!!

  60. Arnason signed a two way deal. He will be in Hartford to replace Anisimov as 1st line center. The knock on Boyle is that despite the fact that he is 6’7″ he plays a soft game so unless he grows a pair and heads to the crease he might as well make reservations for Tort’s Dog House

  61. Reginald Dunlop on

    My lawyer is the Chief……that’s what I usually tell them……works alot better than Seth Katz…ha ha ha…..right Carpy???

  62. Text Size

    Nigel Dawes’ brief stay in Phoenix has come to an end.

    The 24-year old was claimed off of waivers by the Calgary Flames on Thursday.

    Dawes, who is a restricted free agent, was one of 20 players that filed for salary arbitration earlier this month. He was reportedly looking for a one-way deal for less than $1 million, but was instead put on waivers by the Coyotes.

    His arbitration case with the Flames will be heard next Wednesday, if the Flames don’t sign him before then.

    Dawes has some history with Flames coach Brent Sutter, who he played for at the World Juniors.

    Phoenix acquired Dawes, as well as Dmitri Kalinin and Petr Prucha, for Derek Morris at the trade deadline.

    In 64 combined games with the New York Rangers and the Coyotes, Dawes scored 10 goals and 11 assists.

  63. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Come on guys, we all know Jackie Chiles is the best in the business.

    anybody got a link for text of the johnny torts interview? cpu running slower than brendan shannahan today

  64. My name is Seth my last name’s Katz i let you know i aint no putz!
    I’ll get you laid, I’ll get you paid, I’ll get you forward with no delay.
    You know I’m great, you know I’m best
    The only lawyer with honest success!

    You heard my rhymes, you know my deal
    When you in trouble, just mention my name
    And life of yours won’t ever be the same!

  65. UESBlueshirt on

    Seth Katz sounds like he was the final cut for the Beastie Boys before License to Ill came out.

  66. Cindy Crosby on

    From Wikipedia

    Michael Sullivan (born February 27, 1968 in Marshfield, Massachusetts) is a former American head coach and center in the National Hockey League. He is currently assistant coach with the New York Rangers. He is John Tortorella’s best friend and right hand man.

  67. onecupin69years and counting on

    Carp ,see what you started..
    Dolana and sather use-Do- we, cheat’em and Howe

  68. UESBlueshirt on

    I read somewhere that Blake Comeau rejected his QO from the Isles. Guess he’s jealous of the Tavares-mania.

  69. Cindy Crosby on

    Latest trade rumour has a three way deal involving the Rangers, Ottawa and San Jose, with Chris Drury and prospects going for Patrick Marleau.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t trust wikipedia. On July 1, it said I was signed to a multimillion, multiyear contract with the Rangers.

    I showed up on July 2nd and they wouldn’t even let me in to talk with Glen to sign the papers! Turns out it was a farce the whole time!

  71. Cindy Crosby on

    Doodie, I agree wikipedia is not always accurate. However, it was reported that by the end of the day Sullivan will have signed. Usually Wikipedia is right on when someone signs, gets traded with a new team

  72. Latest news:

    Glen Sather just acquired a brand new check book from Dolan.
    Sather is happy to have a full, brand new check book in his hands. Sather also added that he is taking Dolan for lunch to celebrate new acquisition!

  73. Mike D (#96) on

    Latest news:

    Rangers name Sullivan as assistant coach Former Bruins head coach was also assistant to Tortorella in Tampa Bay New York Rangers Jul 16, 2009, 2:26 PM EDT New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has named Mike Sullivan assistant coach.

    Mike Sullivan, a Rangers draft pick in 1987, re-established his ties to both the team and John Tortorella on Thursday.
    Sullivan, 41, begins his first season as an assistant coach with the Rangers after spending the last two seasons as an assistant coach with the Tampa Bay Lightning. He served as an assistant coach under John Tortorella with Tampa Bay during the 2007-08 season. Prior to joining the Lightning, Sullivan served as head coach for the U.S. Men’s team at the 2007 World Championships in Russia. He also served as assistant coach for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Team at the 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy.

    Sullivan began his coaching career in 2002 as head coach of the Providence Bruins in the American Hockey League (AHL). He led Providence to a 41-17-9-4 record and first place in the AHL’s North Division through the team’s first 71 games, before being named assistant coach of their parent NHL club, the Boston Bruins.

    The following season, Sullivan was named head coach of the Bruins (NHL), and led the team to a 41-19-15-7 mark and the Northeast Division title. In two seasons as Boston’s head coach, he posted a 70-56-15-23 record in 164 regular season games.

    Prior to joining the coaching ranks, Sullivan skated in 709 career NHL games in 11 seasons with the San Jose Sharks, Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins, and Phoenix Coyotes, registering 54 goals and 82 assists for 136 points, along with 203 penalty minutes.

    The Marshfield, Massachusetts native was originally selected by the Rangers in the fourth round, 69th overall, in the 1987 NHL Entry Draft. He began his NHL career with San Jose in 1991 after spending one season with the San Diego Gulls of the International Hockey League. Prior to turning pro, Sullivan attended Boston University, where he skated in 141 career college games and registered 61 goals and 138 points over four seasons.

  74. Dear Rangers Fan,

    With the 2009-10 Season only a few short months away, the entire Rangers organization would like to thank you for your continued support.

    To help us further improve services and programs for next season, we ask that you take a few minutes to fill out an online survey by clicking the link below. The information you provide will help guide us in our continued efforts to create valuable Rangers experiences.

    If you could take this survey by Thursday, July 23, 2009, we would truly appreciate your feedback.

    Thank you again for your continued loyalty and we look forward to hearing from you.

    -The New York Rangers


  75. Rangers Survey on

    Which NY Rangers player is the hottest, and only the guys, please. Doodie, we know you have a ceiling poster of Brandon Dubinsky, so no cheating.

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