Your 2009-10 Rangers schedule


Just out:

Click here for the link to the schedules released by the NHL.

Opening night Oct. 2 at Pittsburgh. Home opener the next night against Ottawa.

We’ll post the entire thing here as soon as possible.


In case you missed it, the NHL made it official that the next Winter Classic will be held at Fenway Park (Flyers-Bruins). Also, the NHL and NBC extended their broadcast partnership through 2010-11.

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  1. Looks as if we’ll get either an optimistic start or a rude awakening opening up against pittsburgh. This should be a good game.

  2. good God!!!!

    does this mean that we’re going to have to be there for
    the cindy love-a-thon when they raise the banner???
    and i’m sure it’ll be on vs.


  3. Nice schedule, we get a challenge in the first game, and Gabby, Higgs, and Boyle both get to face their former clubs early, and we get avenge our loss against the Craps, and we get to see Blowez, Mara and Antro early on.

    To bad we don’t have Heatley. It would be sweet to have him on opening night. His first game as a Ranger at the Garden, against the Sens. Ehhh !

    Cant wait for the season to start, but im not confident in this team just yet. Do something Slats, something good !

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    October 26 against Phoenix. Prucha and possibly Korpikoski and Dawes return.

    I think it’d be pretty funny if Montoya also played his first game in the Garden that night too.

    Someone pointed out we have 7 of 9 on the road to finish the season. I don’t know abuot you, but I’d take 2 games against the Isles, two against the Leafs, and one against the Panthers, Lightning, and Sabres as 7 of my last 10, home or not.

  5. JAY

    It worked for us last year, lol, i don’t mind it. Although the last thing we need is Carcillo, Pronger, and Lappy throwing cheap shots before the playoffs.

    Brash better intimidate these losers. I refuse to cheer for him unless he lays out OV, or his Russian butt buddy Milkman, and his boytoy Cindy


    Don’t be surprised if he does, he was good last season. He might be the starter this season, but he’ll definitely be the backup at least.

  6. this schedule is awful. like others have said last 7 of 9 on the road.

    2 3 in 4 nights in the first 2 weeks

  7. i added up the games for the rangers/devs/isles for oct-dec, atleast we wont be 5 games up in the standings this year

    oct-dec rangers play 40
    devils play 39
    isles play 42

  8. Zhitnik on my Peca on

    Road trip at end of season is probably circus-time at MSG.

    You know…when us fans get treated like a bunch of clowns while Dolan laughs with a handful of popcorn.

  9. heres what i gather

    home games for certain days
    monday 8
    tues 4
    wed 9
    thurs 6
    fri 1 last game
    sat 6 afternoon 1 game
    sunday 7 afternoon 4 games

    breakdown of all games by month
    oct 14 games
    nov 13 games
    dec 13 games
    jan 16 games
    feb 6 games
    mar 14 games
    april 6 games

    i will be selling afternoon games
    sat jan 2nd vs carolina
    sunday oct 11th vs ana 5:00
    sunday nov 1st vs boston 1:00
    sunday dec 6th vs detroit 7:00 be at football game that day

  10. Aaron, to answer your question … just got this from the NHL, in part:

    … captain Nicklas Lidstrom and Henrik Zetterberg return
    to their native Sweden to lead the Detroit Red Wings against the St. Louis
    Blues in the two-game NHL Premiere-Stockholm 2009 that is set for Oct. 2
    and 3. The same two nights in Finland, the Chicago Blackhawks and Florida
    Panthers will square off in NHL Premiere-Helsinki.

  11. I love that 10/11 Sunday game vs Ducks. Giants vs Oakland at 1pm, Rangers vs Ducks at 5pm, me passed out on LIRR at 8pm, wife yells at me at 10 pm.

  12. Bad, bad rumor about Dubinsky being traded for Babchuk floating around out there. Not from any great source. Horrible if it goes.

  13. 22figure8

    lol. go blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…ill have tix available 21nov-dec6, burned on my honeymoon!

  14. YouveGotGold on

    Eric: where are your seats? Please email me and maybe we can work something out for a handful of games. Especially that game against Detroit.


    Bill Goldberg (no, not THAT Bill Goldberg)

  15. Peter
    July 15th, 2009 at 3:44 pm
    Bad, bad rumor about Dubinsky being traded for Babchuk floating around out there. Not from any great source. Horrible if it goes.

    Who’s the source?

  16. YouveGotGold on

    Seth: See my post above. I would definitely be interested in tix during that time period, especially the Detroit game and anything Thanksgiving weekend.


  17. That’s a weird-ass road trip at the season: Devils, Maple Leafs, Islanders, Lightning, Panthers, Sabres. At least there’s that Islanders game thrown in there for the players to be home for a bit.

    The longest homestand is only three games, which happens a few times, but one of them is followed by short trips to Long Island and Philadelphia.

    The weirdest part of the schedule to me is October 28 to November 12: @ Islanders, @ Wild, vs. Bruins, @ Canucks, @ Oilers, @ Flames, vs. Thrashers. I don’t know why they couldn’t swap the Wild game with the Bruins, adding the Wild to the Western trip. But there’s a long break of four days after the trip.

    Another long break comes between Nov. 30 and Dec. 5. I’m excited for when the Coyotes or whatever they will be come to town.

  18. YouveGotGold on

    Ok Eric, email me and we can work something out. I can’t access any “sports” websites at work, but this sneaks through, fortunately for me. I haven’t even seen the schedule, but a game against Detroit definitely is something I’d like to see live. I’ve been on the waiting list for season and partial tix for 2 years now.

  19. The beginning of the schedule looks brutal with the Pens, Caps, and retooled Ducks and a trip to Western Canada in early Nov.

    Don’t be shocked if they get off to a crappy start, but start getting a groove on by Dec.

  20. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    The 6 game road trip sucks bad at the end of the season, but at least we draw some lower ranked teams in the process. Better than playing Detroit, Pittsburgh, Calgary and Chicago in the process.

  21. because all of the Bruins’ rivals (at least in division) won’t get ratings for NBC. There’s still talk of a game at Olympic Stadium in Montreal because the Capitals are scheduled to be in Montreal on that rumored date.

    So the overseas games aren’t actually starting the season? How does that make any sense with the compressed schedule due to the Olympics? I’m glad they kept with two locations and didn’t expand to four as was thought. I still can’t get over the Florida-Chicago matchup.

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