Is that all there is? (updated)


I doubt it. This is pure guess and hunch, but I think Glen Sather has a trade brewing somewhere, because his team is incomplete, and because there are still some UFAs out there who could help but aren’t signed yet.

No idea if this means a Babchuck or another RFA, for whom Sather would have to give up players/prospects/draft picks; or a Heatley — although I think the price is higher now than it was before, now that Ottawa has paid that $4M bonus; or a Brad Richards — which would mean dumping Wade Redden’s contract somehow, or Michal Rozsival’s contract, and probably giving up a good player off the roster.

If some of these trades don’t materialize, then I see them going down the Zubov road. But I don’t think it’s wise to chase Sundin and/or Shanahan.

I know cap space is tight, but it’s not rigid. For example, some of the players whose salaries we are counting against the cap can or will be starting the season in Hartford, and therefore not counting. Arnason comes to mind.

This is all just me thinking aloud. You guys might have your own opinions, perhaps?


LATE MORNING UPDATE: The NHL will release the 2009-10 schedule this afternoon at 3 p.m. Stay tuned.

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  1. Kaiser Permanente on

    There is definitely more to come. Sather isn’t ready to go on vacation yet.

  2. UESBlueshirt on

    Something is bound to happen. It’s very unRangers-like for them to pencil in so many rookies in the lineup.

  3. look at the “rangers poll” Brash and Redden really fighting this one out ha

  4. Rick, good post-tks for your thoughts! totally agree here…im been saying this for days now, somehow someway this team is gonna end up with another marquee name, maybe marleau now, maybe kessel, i dont know but he raised ticket prices this is MSG you know he is itching to bring in another marquee name

  5. I reckon sather has one more big trade in mind! That will then conclude our dealings for the year. expect a guy from out west to join. (i’ve heard through the grape vine)

  6. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i like the youth in the team but really feel we need a physcially imposing D man. I dont want Babchuk. For al lhis goals and size he is a skilled D man and i’d rather someone else short term before MDZ or Sanguinetti (or even McDonagh) are ready. Dont mortagge the future when it looks so bright.

    Maybe if a contract could be moved i’d like a power forward but its not the greatest need.

    Zubov for a small price, short term – yeah that’d be good. Rather him than Babchuk

  7. 1-2 more home playoff games gets him to sell more beer, more cotton candy, and then in june 2010 he will send the season ticket holders saying we made great strides in the 2009-2010 season, i like the way this team is coming along, blah blah blah, we just need a lil more (this is the fun part you get to fill in the blanks-words that come mine, HEART, PASSION, SIZE, SKILL, A NEW CAPTAIN ETC

  8. bull dog line on

    I would not do anything more. this is the kind of team I always wanted to root for, young, talented, and they have added size. But I do think something more is coming. the reason dubi has not been signed yet is because they plan on moving him in any deal they make.

  9. UESBlueshirt on

    Why in the name of the sweet baby Jeebus would the Rangers want to re-sign Shanny.

  10. It would be awesome to bring in Shanny.

    As a coach of some kind. His best playing days are well behind him, but he’s a HUGE asset to a team with a bunch of youngsters. Teach them the right way to play and act.

    And also maybe smack around Brashear a little more…

  11. I can see it now…Rangers Profiles on MSG: #21, Sergei Zubov: You Can Go Home Again…(of course this will replace all the planned airings of #19, Scott Gomez: Go On, Take The Money And Run)

  12. It jsut doesnt sit well with me that Dubi isn’t signed yet

    All this talk from Sather himself how Dubi was too valuable to move in the heatley deal, how they want him to center Gabby, etc etc.

    Then why the hell aint he signed yet?
    No arbitration for him so whats the delay?

    I just hope he doesnt do something stupid and we keep Dubi.
    Two or three years at 1.2-1.5 mil a year?


  13. inhankwetrust on

    sundin and shanny would be terrible ideas, but also very sather-like. I’m surprised they havent signed malik as an imposing defenseman. I’d like to see zubov here and see if we can get a center or a kessel, who is great. if we can dump redden or roszival’s contract, great- i think we have enough (aka potter, sauer, sanguinetti, MDZ) depth in the system to make sure we don’t sorely miss either one of those…

  14. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Sather hss done an excellent job of pinpointing the changes needed. We are only returning 4 or 5 of our 12 forwards from last year. Our defense was OK and our goaltending very good. Our offense was terrile, our PP a complete joke.

    He is returning only Callahan, Drury and Avery for sure, probably Dubie and remote chance Zherdev.

    He is adding Gaborik (scorer), Kotalik (scorer, PP), Higgins (scorer), Boyle (size, youth), Brashear (size, toughness), Anisimov (youth), Lisin (??speed??),

    Now, take your foot off the pedal and coast for a bit.

    Play some golf with me and Carp. I’ll make a tee time at Maple Moor.

  15. dubi is coming back he will be in ranger blue when training camp begins….now definitely be concerned about say AA, the kid from wisconsin mcdonagh SP? or del zotto, or next years pick etc….none of these popular names out there-st louis, savard, marleau, richards are coming in for just roszival and zherdev-everyone knows sather wants to get rid of these guys

  16. bull dog line on

    I agree, I think Sather has done a good job this off season.
    The Boyle pickup is very underrated here. I think he is going to be very similar to Joel Otto.

  17. Cindy Crawford on

    On a different note…

    It makes my skin boil that ticket prices have gone up again. I mean we all know Dolan is an ahole, but still come on. No one is getting paid more these days and I am pretty sure the Rangers are one of the only teams that have the nerve to INCREASE prices every year. Other teams have all kinds of discounts. It gets me so heated. I am 23 years old… I love the Rangers and I am putting a chunk of my salary toward season tickets for the 3rd year in a row. I know I am not getting a raise this year… someone please justify this.

  18. NYRanger4Life on

    Carp- completely agree. We’ve stockpiled enough B+ / A- prospects over the last month + to at least put together a tempting offer.

    IMHO, this team sorely lacks a puck carrying, play making center. Say what you want aboot Gomez, but he was our only legit threat last year to carry the puck in to the opposing team’s zone. (even though he would cough it up 95% of the time)
    Dubi may develop into such a player, but I really cant see Tort’s being fully confident with him as the #1 option going into the season. Ditto those pining for AA to center MG as the season opens.

    If we were to acquire a P Sharpe or Marleau (whom I wouldnt mind if Deadden or Rozy was going the other way)…our chances of competing against the Washingtons & Pitt’s of the conference greatly increase.

  19. The reason Dubi isn’t signed yet is he because he had the least leverage; Cally had an arb hearing, Potter/Byers have played less than ten games, and there were UFAs too. Dubi will be done soon.

  20. I will say it again: Brad Richards for Dubi and Rozy. All the evidence points to it. Look at Rozi’s salary vs. cap hit. Tom Hicks is in serious $$$$ trouble. Dubinsky doesn’t have a deal yet. Why? He is one of only two assets the Rangers could really trade right now. The other being Callahan (don’t dismiss the low contract he recieved either) Tort’s is drooling for this Richards. A deal is close. Trust me. The Rangers need a #1 center. I would put my Dubinsky jersey on ebay now if I were you.

  21. UESBlueshirt on

    Dubi was probably a low priority because they had to deal with signing UFAs and then dealing with arbitration cases. The RFA status means the Rangers can wait since he doesn’t have a high threat of leaving.

  22. bull dog line on

    CW, the only thing I agree with you on is the reason dubi is not signed.
    The Rangers will trade him in the right deal. On Richards, he has not been a no 1 center in few years, he is not the answer.

  23. formerseasonholderstillafan on


    I’m with you on the ticks to the point where I didn’t renew this yr. I made it to 20 games last year and had trouble unloading the games I couldn’t attend at face. Tickets were still available at the box office for important games at the end of the season. Often times ticks in 300s available below face on Stubhub, which is how I plan to to see some this yr.

    When I voiced my displeasure to MSG they said they have a 3000+ waiting list… Giants saw a 50yr waitlist dissappear overnight.

    I hope you don’t have to eat ticks, but I fear you may.

  24. Cindy-i totally feel your pain, basically in the same boat as you-been a season ticket holder for the last 6 years….the problem is we live in the big apple-there are no discounts and no free hot dogs etcetc-thats the way the cookie crumbles around here…..i was fortunate to be in the skybox for a bunch of games last year tks to corporate america and even in this economy companies are just so careless of how money is spent-if it has not changed during these economic times it will never change…so if your looking for a hot dog or a free beer head out to LI or Atlanta or Carolina

  25. I agree with Bull Dog Line

    Richards is HIGHLY overrated… once he was taken away from Lecavalier & St Louis, his numbers dropped — big shock

    this guy is not the answer to the # 1 center vacancy

    at this point there are no UFA C’s that are enticing either, I’d start the year with the Centers as they are and see if someone forms chemistry with Gaborik or if a trade needs to happen

    Still think a Zherdev + Rozsival deal is probably in the works as the Rangers seem to be loading up on the RW this week in preparation for losing Zherdev

  26. Cindy-dont know how many games you plan on selling but definitely use the rangerticket exchange to post tickets

  27. Seth,
    Strongly disagree with your opinion of Drury. I really expect Drury to be a much stronger captain this year. Remember, he was the co-winner of ‘The Player’s Player’ award last year. With Gomez gone, I believe Torts will encourage him to exert his leadership on the ice and in the locker room even more. I expect a great year out of him this season.

  28. Daniel J-

    FROM YOUR LIPS TO GODS EARS……TRUST ME I WANT NOTHING MORE THAN DRURY TO SUCCEED….I just think the biggest issue is he just might be one of those guys who cannot handle the spotlight…its the lil things that i notice game in game out-the lack of hussel, the panicking with the puck especially on the pp, the shot which used to be a juggenaut now looks like he is just gripping the stick too tight, we shall see, one thing is for certain he will see a lot more PK time and hopefully this helps him gain some confidence

  29. Rangers open at Pittsburgh on Friday, October 2nd at 7:30. Home Opener is the next night vs. Ottawa at 7:00.

  30. Cindy Crawford on

    Buster – Link?

    Seth – Ticket exchange isnt too great anymore. Like everything else, they take a commission. I like craigslist a lot for selling. Also if anyone is interested, I will be selling a bunch this season. I plan to move from the 300’s to the 400’s and will know my location on the 28th of this month.

    Let me know

  31. Buster,

    where did you hear that? If so, I do not wanna be in Pitt when they raise their banner.

    SNYrangersblog is reporting that Shanny is picking between the Rangers or the Devils. I didn’t know we were still an option for him. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

  32. Cindy Crawford on

    Aside from the leadership he would bring… how the HELL would Shanny fit in with Tort’s up tempo style

  33. They cannot go into the season with both Redden and Rozsival and expect to be anything other than mediocre.

  34. Gatti, you can trade him to a team that wants his rights for 1 yearrather than signing him to a multi-year deal-

    Even if the Rangers didn’t want Zherdev back however, they have really fouled his situation up in my opinion and really diminished his value as an asset-

    I think Sharp is in play for one of the d prospects and a high pick-

  35. cindy- i hear ya 5% is not terrible though…ive been able to sell most games i do not attend for a lil above face value..


    “Have you acquired Lisin in 09?”

    Yeah, i traded him for Korpedo straight up, and i got Roenick, and Zubov at the deadline, just for the hell of it. JR wont win a Cup before he retires, so im gonna do it for him in EA, haha, poor guy. I traded Dupont, and a 4th for JR, and I traded Higgins, and Byers for Zubov. Higgs wasn’t doing so well for me. Neither is Aves, but i decided to keep him. And Gabby is as injury prone in real life as he is in EA. Twice in a row he has been injured for 42 games. He missed two months, then came back played 7 games, and again he’s out. I might just keep him sidelined until the playoffs since im almost there. But surprisingly Dreary has been amazing, and has become my leading goal scorer out of nowhere with 30. Cally has 22 goals, and aboot 15 of them are shorthanded goals. I want the Cup !!!!

    Oh yeah, if Hartford isn’t doing so well for you, which they probably aren’t cause they suck in the game, go sign a FA goalie, Sabrina Labdha. He was a random throw in for the game, he’s not a real goalie, but he’s amazing in the game, and usually a team signs him, and that team instantly becomes a Cup contender, it’s weird. But since the season is over, i guess nobody will sign him now, so you can. This is my Nyr lineup…

    Gabby-Richards-Nicky Z

    Danny G-Zubov
    Redden-Del Z

    Artie, Grachev, McDonagh, & Sangs have been in and out of the lineup for me.

  37. I got Zhitnik on my Peca on

    (One of) the last thing I want is Sundin on this team. But look at the bright-side…IF he were, that means you’d no longer have Redden. Our center should come via trade, not FA.

    Shanny doesn’t help us a whole lot. He a fan fave, a class act, a true winner and a highly respected nhl’er…but he just doesn’t fit.

    Babchuck…I’d say ‘yes’. However, that only stands if Rozy is dealt.

  38. Fly Line,

    Anytime there is an arbitration hearing pending or ready to take place, it diminishes the players value. The team is telling the arbitrator how bad the player is and how he is lucky to get the amount they are offering. With Zherdev, there will be plenty of taking from the Rangers management.

  39. Fly Line,
    Agreed, but what could the Rangers get in return? If the Rangers agree with Z, then they have an over priced asset. Who wants that? It’s like me buying a loaf of bread, adding $0.25 and expecting a buyer.
    Now, I am not hot for Richards. I am just relaying what I hear, and what I believe will happen. If I were GM, I would look at a Sharp, or even a Marleau.

  40. I like the idea of Shanny behind the bench next to Torts…but on the team, eh. PP time, yes, but he would stunt the growth of the young-uns (like Prucha three years ago).

  41. Torts wants some room left for young blood – those that can turn into a Callahan or Dubinsky. This type thinking should take a priority over retreads coming from a hard to manufacture trade or leftover UFA’s.

    Only possibilities I see are for the purpose of bolstering the PP – Babchuk(RFA) or Zubov(UFA)

  42. NYR fan in DC on

    What the Rangers need is a puck moving set-up center and that is Nylander. Nylander doesn’t even get ice time in Washington. Package Redden and prospect to Washington for Nylander and the puck moving center issue will be solved.

  43. I liked Nylander with Jagr & Straka, but I don’t think his constant circling around passing and passing and circling and passing and circling fits in with Tort’s “skate forward and shoot” system.

  44. Seth,
    Drury has been a winner and respected everywhere he’s played. I have no doubt he can handle the pressure of NY. I think Gomez being on this team was an inhibiting factor for him. They signed up together and both were looked at to provide leadership. I don’t think Gomez was a plus in the locker room. Obviously his contract was the major factor in moving him but I think this was a factor in trading him. The Rangers are now clearly Drury’s team and I think we’ll see a more confident and dominant leader.

  45. I don’t think it will be Marleau – its only for one year at $6.3m but i can’t see that San Jose need or would want Roszival (they have Boyle, Blake, Vlasic, Erhoff, Lukowich, Huskins and are up against the cap with only 8 forwards signed up) and we can’t swallow a salary that big without giving 80% back in other player salaries.

    And as the SI article says, Richards is needed by the Stars until their youngsters are ready and that won’t be this year or maybe even next.

    Sharp is more of a scorer than a set-up man, although i like his contract $3.7m for 3 more years, but i don’t see how he fits.

    We’d be better keeping our team together and giving Dubi a chance to prove he can play with Gabby and then we’d be better set up for a cup run in the year or two after that.

  46. Mikey, relax. The RFAs without arbitration rights always take longer. It could potentially stretch all the way to training camp. Not a big deal. It will get done … if they hurry it, it’s only because they’re trading him.

    Likewise with Zherdev, he’s not likely to be traded until after his arbitration (hearing July 31) and the ruling.

    Washington isn’t taking Redden, not at that money … and especially not after seeing those seven games in April and hearing how that was the best he played all season.

  47. Nobody is going to take Redden unless Sather offers like 3 first rounders. He’s a burden.

    Opening in Pitt? Lovely if that’s true. The Rangers can’t win in that building. I guess it’s good to get one of those 3 losses over as early as possible.

  48. For RFAs; anyone remember when Richter held out at the beginning of 91-92 all the way into the regular season and Greg Millen was the backup for like 3 days?

  49. Richards is still living off his ’04 playoff performance, I agree he is overrated, definitely not worth his salary, we’d hate him like Drury or Redden inside 3 months.

    I hope you’re wrong Buster and we’re not opening in Pitt to see their banner. F that.

  50. Cindy, it’s the old if you dont want them, there’s a long line of people that will take em. When Dolan lowered the prices 4 years ago, I knew we’d end up paying for it in the long run. My buddy has the tiks and I do my best to help him sell some off.

    No Zubov
    No Shanny
    No Richards
    No Sundin
    No to trading Dubi.

  51. Rick, with both the paper and blog I am sure you are very busy. However, I just reread “Nightmare on 33rd Street” and was wondering if you have thought about writing another book? BTW, I wonder how different this organization would have been if that Tkachuk/ Khabibulin deal didn’t fall through during Slats first season?

  52. Bruce, I cringe when I hear people talking about “Nightmare” because it was so poorly edited. I thought the book itself was pretty good, because it was my second, and because I did it as we went through that season, and because Ron Low and so many others were great characters. But the editing was disastrous. Then the publisher went under.

    But thanks. I might write another book, depending on the subject. Hockey books are a tough sell, unless it’s Messier or Gretzky or Lemieux … and even then, not like baseball or football books.

  53. Bruce,

    anyway you would mind loaning out “nightmare on 33rd Street?” I’ve wanted to read it but can’t find it anywhere

  54. Here it is. Can somebody please tell me how we can keep Dubi??? We are over the cap. I think Dubi is gone and we get another 500K player to fill his spot. Somebody please explain how they could see it any differently..

    1 Gaborik $7,500,000.00
    2 drury $7,050,000.00
    3 Avery $1,937,500.00
    4 Brashear $1,400,000.00
    5 voros $1,000,000.00
    6 rismiller $1,000,000.00
    7 anisimov $821,667.00
    8 higgins $2,225,000.00
    9 callahan $2,300,000.00
    10 dubinsky $3,000,000.00
    11 zherdev $3,000,000.00
    12 Kotalik $3,000,000.00
    13 Lisin $1,750,000.00

    1 redden $6,500,000.00
    2 rozival $5,000,000.00
    3 girardi $1,550,000.00
    4 staal $826,667.00
    5 Gilroy $1,750,000.00
    6 ??? $1,000,000.00
    7 ??? $1,000,000.00

    1 lundquist $6,875,000.00
    2 ????? $550,000.00


  55. or if the judge had ruled in the Rangers favor in the Lindros deal.

    Or if Keenan had stayed. Or if Sather hired Tortorella when he had the chance in ’00.

  56. A players trade value doesn’t go down once an arbitration hearing happens…you think the other GMs in the league don’t know what Sather is going to say at the hearing?

    And Carp, I think if someone likes Zherdev (and I think someone does) then they could give up something small at this point to acquire his exclusive rights to try to work out a deal- If there is interest I think he’ll get dealt before the arbitration hearing and you will see him sign a deal quickly-

  57. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Local (devils) fan:

    You way overpaid for Dubinsky and Lisin, Zherdev is obviously not going to be on the roster, and neither is Rissmiller. That alone saves around 5.5 mil. Add in Byers and the Rangers are still under the cap.

  58. Carp, in your mind, seeing it up close, what would you say are the top three reasons why Messier’s second act here failed? Nobody ever seems to ever ask Mess himself that question, and I’d be so curious to see his response.

  59. True Blue 23 on

    so would you all rather have zubov in a line up over one of our rookies? I am personally tired of these dreadfull contracts that we cant move later on. if zubov comes it better not be for more than a year…..

  60. if the Rangers can somehow move Wade Redden, i dont really care who we get for him.

    If the Rangers can do something like Redden, Lisin, Zherdev and a conditional pick for Brad Richards, i think you have to make that move. I just dont see why any team would take Redden…

  61. If Callahan got 2.3 Dubi will get 3 Million. Carp so if I remove Voros, Rismiller and Zherdev that brings us to $56,035,834 with 3 empty spots to fill.. So we are going to have 3 more rookies making 500k that still brings us right up to the cap…

  62. Jason,

    My copy is from when the book first came out. So I am not exactly sure where to find it if the publisher is not around anymore. Sorry about that. If you can find a copy you will definitely enjoy it though. Now that we have had a little success, and have some legitimate prospects to be excited about, you can look back on the “Dark Years” and laugh a bit about how awful the organization was.

  63. and we lost Gomez and now basiccly Zherdev (i think our top two points guys last year) and replaced them with Kotalik and Gaborik. I just dont see how we got better. obviously trading gomez was good for our cap situation but he is still a very nice player. maybe he was worth 5 million but he was still our best playmaker. And the orr for Brashear thing is embarassing. We got older, slower and more expensive on that deal. We all saw brashear last year. the guy cant cant skate..

  64. Still think if the Rangers want a puck moving center they should heavily pursue Savard. Hes got one year left on his contract and im pretty sure Boston would like to sign Kessel to a long term deal. Savards cap hit is 5 million per yr and he would be a huge fit in with Gabby and the Torts system. With Kessel at the age of 21 and Savard at 31, I think Boston would rather have Kessel. Would you mind giving up Dubi for the return of Marc Savard in a blueshirts uni? Hes had over 60 assists for the past four seasons running amounting from 97pts in 2005 97pts, 96pts(2006), 78pts(2007), and 88pts last season. So I think I could live with giving up Dubi for him…

  65. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    How do you plan on fitting Savard’s 5 mil per under the cap without trading Roszival back? The Bruins and Rangers aren’t good trading partners since neither can afford to take on much salary.

  66. Adam, let’s start out with the fact that he had some pretty bad coaches, and some really bad teammates. Plus he was pushing 40 and playing first-line minutes and special teams. His buddies started to drop (Richter injuries, Graves and Leetch traded). And the organization was a mess.

  67. True Blue 23 on

    highly doubt that Bruins are looking forward to moving Savard…life as a ranger fan would be sooooooooo good if we can get can dream

  68. Local fan you should just follow the Devils and there cap.
    Oh wait, they have done almost nothing this off season, oh wait, they got there old coach back.

    What do you base Dubi getting 3 mil on?

  69. Bruce,

    Thanks, I actually found it on Amazon. I read the Larry Brooks books when it came out about the 93-95 teams. Kinda seems like this book may top that with dysfunctionality.

  70. I think Dubi will make less than Cally…based on production…but if he starts to produce he will get a big raise come contract time

  71. Carp – all fair points about Mess Part Deux…but Leetch being traded…that wasn’t until the end of the last season before the lockout…not to mention he hand-picked all the coaches, hand-picked all the players they signed and wouldn’t dare be relegated to 2nd line minutes…he had a HUGE hand in the mess…Question: At what point do we stop “celebrating” 1994 and begin calling it a drought again? It’s been 15 years…

  72. Buster,

    It’s all Sam Rosen’s fault. “This one will last a lifetime” has cursed us. Now, thanks to his line, we may not see another one in our lifetimes.

  73. Local- I agree with the Kotalik/Zherdev thing- I beat that to death- but if I have a choice of Gomez or Gaborik I don’t think that one is too close- the health thing is the only issue- I haven’t seen his MRI’s or anything but he looked awesome at the end of last year after the hip surgery- plus you have to factor Higgins in with that thinking too-

  74. The health this is a big big issue! I mean what if Gabby goes down. Then Drury and Higgins and Kotalik are our primary scores with no secondary scorers.

  75. Jason,

    You’re right – also, the guy that held up that sign “Now I can die in Peace” isn’t very peaceful right now.

  76. Cindy Crawford on

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do on the web to pass time right now

  77. I agree there is another big move coming. This line up is so incomplete.


    Spare: Voros?

  78. “I hope you’re wrong Buster and we’re not opening in Pitt to see their banner. F that”

    Hey, the Leafs beat the Wings on opening night at the Joe 4-3 or something like that. You never know.

    Id like a challenge to start the season, not play garbage teams like the Bolts, Philly, and the Hawks, which were all crappy teams when we versed them.

  79. I don’t think we will see Shanny back here, but i think he will be in our division for family reasons – NJ or the Isles

  80. No way Dubi gets 3 million. Have you seen his stats??- I’d be surprised if he gets over 2mill. JMHO

  81. “Id like a challenge to start the season, not play garbage teams like the Bolts, Philly, and the Hawks, which were all crappy teams when we versed them.”

    Yeah… Because the Hawks sucked last year, EH?

  82. Ranger Steve on

    For everyone complaining about ticket prices, I agree with you but keep the following in mind:

    -When the Rangers did not make the playoffs for 7 years, the prices were not going up much, if at all. They even reduced prices.
    -Compared to other areanas, the 300s and 400s are still cheap.

    It would be nice for the Rangers to give us a discount, throw in some more bones than a fan fest, but they don’t have to, so they don’t.

    My family has had tickets since ’65, the old Garden. It is recent phenemenon for the Rangers to let you skate on the ice, fan fest, etc. These things are not great, but this is better than the 80s and 90s when you did not get anything.

    Finally, you can ALWAYS resell a 400 level seat on Craigslist for face. I don’t think I ate one game last year, except for the preseason BS.

  83. Ranger Steve on

    Dubi is coming back or he will be packaged for someone like Kessek. This would be a good trade, much better than Middleton for Ken Hodge!

  84. True Blue 23 on

    why is everyone calling me with a stupid rumor that rangers are opening in Pitt? Non sense!

  85. I don’t think the Rangers are done yet either, and I don’t think there is any sort of deal brewing between the Canes and the Rangers. In looking around the league IMO if there is any 1 team that may take one of the big contracts off the Rangers hands it’s gotta be Columbus.

    Here’s my thinking on this…

    Columbus was one of the clubs rumored to be heavily interested in Wade Redden during last years off season. Of course the Rangers landed Redden in that bidding war, but i’m not so certain the Rangers won that one with a bigger contract. Could have been Redden refusing to sign in a lesser market. I mean no offense to anyone from Ohio…but could Columbus really be considered a desirable place to play? With that said the Jackets are currently way under the cap with only 5 defenseman currently signed.

    For Columbus, there were reports that they were looking for a defenseman last week sometime. With that said, they are obviously going to first look to trade expendable assets correct? Take a look at the depth Columbus currently has on the left side right now.

    Rick Nash
    Kristian Huselius
    Frederick Modin
    Nikita Filatov
    Jason Chimera
    Raffi Torres

    Figuring Nash, Huselius and Filatov are all completely untouchable, that leaves any of the following…Modin(3.5) Torres(2.2) or Chimera(1.8). My guess is Chimera who name was mentioned by some blogs as being on the block is probably the least tradeable of the three. Torres who was rumored to NY before could be tradeable, especially with the injury factor…and Modin already played for Torts and did fairly well in that system.

    Again, this is all just speculation, but for both clubs this deal could make sense. Columbus gets the recognizable name, and adds a top 4 defenseman. They also add by trading expendable asset. Win/win for both clubs.

  86. Just announced, Flyers get Brain Campbell and Kyle Beach with a first rounder for Scott Hartnell and Simon Gagne. Big move.

  87. staal wart-remember how pumped up this team was on GRAVES NIGHT lol!, naslund, drury and gomez were so excited for GRAVES!

  88. All this talk about tickets makes me so jealous

    Ive been a rangers fan since i was little kid, but I live in New Brunswick Canada (where EVERYONE is a habs/leafs fan) and I have to admit Ive never been to a Rangers game.

    We have some really great Quebec Major Junior Hockey, and used to have some AHL teams around back in the day, but I cant wait to actually make it to the Garden

  89. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Dallas is also significantly under the cap and were rumored to have offered Redden 6 mil per last off season. If I were Sather I would look to trade either Redden or Roszi to Dallas for Robidas (1.5 mil per, 1 year left), and throw in a pick or prospect to sweeten the deal if necessary. That would free up enough cap to try and land Sharp from Chicago with prospects and picks, getting them out of some cap problems, and setting the Rangers up nicely for the next several years.

  90. Top 5 Hockey books:

    1. The Cold War
    2. Losing the Edge
    3. Grapes
    4. Messier
    5. Why is the Stanley Cup in Mario Lemieux’s Swimming Pool?

    May be edited in the next few days, as I don’t have access to my library right now.

  91. Tru dat Seth,
    but Naslund and Gomer, are no more…
    I think Dubi was pumped. When I see him play he reminds me of Graves…Dubi is all heart, and Graves didn’t score much earlier in his career. Similar to Dubi

  92. I was in the pool!! on

    There is no way in Hell that this is your 2009 NY RANGERS. The only questions I have is:
    Will we make a blockbuster trade picking up someone who could put us in cup contention while shedding a huge dman contract?
    Or will we make a small ripple for 1 or 2 players in their thirties?(or forties).
    I think both ideas are being looked at but we won’t know until Z has his arb. hearing. Imnsho…..

  93. I dont want to buy Redden out either.

    Ideally, he has a decent year this year, so potentially we can waive him, have someone pick him up, and only be on the hook for half for the duration of his contract

    Better than buying out and being on the hook for years after the contract expires.

  94. anyone else see Spector is saying Shanny will choose between either the Rangers or Devils.
    After trading Dubi, nothing would piss me off more than signing Shanny

  95. GerryD,

    Have you been hanging out with Orr too much? At least he puts fake links in with his fake trades/signings.

  96. They are crazy if they bring Shanny Back!! There bulding a team on speed and your going to bring in a snail. Makes no sense.


    I can not wait for the schedule to come out! I live in New Mexico and want to see if I can watch a Rangers game anywhere around me….

  98. Runninamok,

    Your posted trade ideas with the CBJs are interesting, but I dont see them making a deal for Redden. Especially considering his contract and his play in 2008-09. The best chance of Redden in a CBJ sweater was last year during the FA period.

    The CBJs are a newer franchise to the NHL block and they have a very savvy GM in Howson. He knows he is going to have a lot of young guys to lock up in the future to build the franchise around. They just secured Nash longterm, other younger guys who are on the cusp of being very good will be coming up for new contracts soon. Howson wont be saddled with the stupid Redden contract which would inhibit his abilities to maneuver around the cap.

    Mason, Brassard, Voracek, Filatov, Russell, even Umberger are going to need contracts soon. Plus, he just watched CHI make a dumb move and sign Hossa to big $$ which is going to put them in trouble next summer when Kane, Toews and Keith are up for new deals.

    The other thing…CBJ is a smaller market team. They usually are well under the cap, they arent going to spend up to the limit unless they have a legit shot at going all the way. IMO that may be 5 years down the road for them. Until then, they will keep their young talent, keep their cap number down and watch all the other teams spend wildly on FAs.

    If the NYR ever move Redden’s contract. It will be a miracle. NO ONE wants that contract on their books. I dont care how “sweet” the NYR make the offer. The only way he gets moved is via waivers with two teams paying that salary.

  99. Ranger Steve on

    No Shanny, been there, done that. If we bring in another forward, get a center. If Sather really wanted to bring in a winger and we had cap space, what about Bertuzzi? He looked good in CAL last year.

    Redden sucks, plain and simple. If the Rangers could, they would give him away – no one wants his albatross of a contract. We can only hope that Sather will either buy him out or bury him in the minors.

  100. Does anybody really buy the whole “building the team on speed” thing after last year – Gomez, Zherdev, Sjostrom, Dawes, Prucha, Korpikoski all fairly quick. Even Callahan and Dubinksy were above average….

  101. ultimate steve on

    i know people are against getting richards, as he is just another player who isnt worth his contract, but if dallas would take wade redden then i say do it. richards has two years left, wade has 5. we are weak down the middle right now and richards whether hes worth his salary or not will help with that. this is a good move because you replace gomez’s production with less years on the contract, and you get rid of wades contract. also richards could possibly be moved at the deadline if it didnt work out.

    if we can obtain richards while at the same time ridding ourselves of wade redden i thknk its a great move, regardless of whether or not richards is work his contract. its done in two years.

  102. The best thing to happen to the Rangers was that Larry Bertuzzi never awarded Lindros to the Rangers. 1994 or even a Cup later would have never happened. There’s a reason Colo won the Cup; because they got more for Lindros than the Cowboys got for Hirschl Walker.

  103. Ranger Steve on

    MikeA – you wouldn’t have taken Lindros in the 90s. The Rangers would have probably won more than 1 cup. He was the best player in the 90s. Only in a “garage league” like the NHL could the then best prospect be traded to two teams. Having a young Lindros and a Messier in his prime the Rangers would have dominated.

    Do you remember the ’97 playoffs when Lindros put Bruce “how high can I jump and miss a puck” Driver in the red dress a few times?

  104. Buster, I don’t think you should ever stop celebrating ’94 … if you were around for it (ps, MSG tonight has one of the games in Vancouver from the ’94 finals).

    But, yes, this is a drought again. Fifteen years without even a sniff. Oh, and 1-for-69.

  105. I’m just happy I saw a cup. Watching those 94′ games are so awesome until the reality sets in and I realize the Rangers will most likely never been that good again.

  106. I do not think we should stop remembering (celebrating) ’94, but MSG needs to stop selling us ’94.

    It was awesome and I will always remember it, but I would like for us to have another ’94, in my lifetime.

  107. I don’t mind them showing the 94 playoff games but can we see some of the isles and Caps games also. Can we see other games also. Like Messier scoring his 500th goal. Home openers from the 80’s and 90’s. Some different too would be nice.

  108. Guys, why risk losing a 24 yr old forward who can be a
    game breaker at times, especially when we already gave up
    our youth in Tyutin to get him. So what if he gets awarded
    $4 million for a year. Signing him and then using him in a trade is much better then letting him walk for nothing. We would also be able to say where he goes to play, a team that wouldn”t bite us for making the trade (ala west coast). Remember we can go over the cap by 10% until the last roster cuts need to be made which I believe is around Sept 30. The Devils did this a few years back when they were in cap hell.
    Rick your Thoughts?

  109. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So, are you guys saying there isn’t going to be a Doug Lidster night next season?

  110. Staal Wart:

    Dubinsky and Graves do have some similarities as you said.. especially in the heart area… BUT… Graves didn’t get knocked off his feet anywhere near as much as Dubinsky does (lower center of gravity?), and that’s hard to fix. That’s a big plus in Graves’ corner.

  111. cindy

    you say “OM NOM NOM NOM!”

    if not your viewing the page wrong, lol

    you have season tickets you are going to sell? i didnt read all of the comments but i thought i saw something along those lines.

  112. If Sather signs Sundin, I will officially quit being a NYR fan until he leaves the post.

  113. “Just announced, Flyers get Brain Campbell and Kyle Beach with a first rounder for Scott Hartnell and Simon Gagne. Big move.”


  114. Cindy Crawford on


    I dont even know what OM NOM NOM NOM! means!

    hahah but yes I would like to sell like half of the season. I am moving up to the 400’s this year. If you cant buy all 20, I will sell you whatever you want.

  115. cindy

    pretend you are eating real loud.

    this link is probably better

    just click on the pic and then once the pic loads yell “OM NOM NOM NOM”
    its very fun to do @ work

    give me an email address and ill email you now. i dont think i can do all 20 but im definitely always interested in catching a game.


  117. Cindy Crawford is not the real Cindy Crawford?? Her name is Joseph?? That’s it!! I quit!! :P


    i think ill change my name to “WHERE IS KASPAR?” until he shows up!

    Hey Carp, I know you’re doing a great job on the blog… but why there are no weather updates?? :P

  118. Cindy Crawford on

    No I use my former assistants email address to handle these types of things. It’s all me CCCP… Cindy Crosby

  119. I Was Duguay on

    I know it was posted a few hours ago, but credit is due to Bull Dog Line for comparing Boyle to Joel Otto. tip of the hat to you sir.

  120. i will have tix to sell. section 330 face is 56 a tix have a pir season tix holder sell like 15-18 games

  121. Here a poll,
    What are you more excited about:

    A)Bruins vs. Flyers in the 2010 Winter Classic at Fenway Park

    B)Tim Hortons shops open at NYC including Brooklyn

    My answer is B

  122. Usually i attend 10 to 15 games a season…last year i only went twice! wanna know why? Because i found this blog!! I have never had so much fun watching games in comfort of my own house while going stupid here on the blog with true Rangers fans!! I say screw the MSG!! Viva la Rangers Report!

  123. I usually go to 12-15 games a year. Last year I only went to 5 plus 1 playoff. Wanna know why? CAUSE I’M MARRIED WITH 2 KIDS AND A MORTGAGE AND BUSINESS BLOWS! OK, I’m better now. 10 minutes till the schedule?

  124. Rangers Steve-I would not have wanted Lindros back in 1991; the ransom was insane it was Kovalev, one of Weight/Amonte, Beezer, Patrick, Gartner, and a 1st rounder. Too much. Philly never won a Cup because they gave up too much. Plus you know that this is the Rangers and he would’ve had concussion problems way before 97.

    The reason the Rangers stunk after 94 (well, 97 you know what I mean) is because of trading away Zubov/Nostrom/Lapereire/Savard and bad drafting.

  125. Hey Carpy,

    You’re famous in the rangers blogosphere, people confusing Zipay for you in live chat, Zip wasn’t too happy:

    [Comment From NatureBoy]
    Rick, any chance we can get Drury off this team – does he have any value ?
    Nature boy, have you’ve been chewing mandrake root? First of all, who’s Rick? This ain’t Casablanca. Bye….

  126. I’m just really glad the NHL didn’t go for that insane 2 winter classics idea that was floating around a few weeks ago.

  127. im the sucker that attends 30-35 games a year…getting married this year its all done hill!


    I think you should organize a field trip for the everyday bloggers-we should head to the ROCK OR THE COLISEUM sometime in OCT/NOV

  128. Cindy Crosby on

    Andy I was just about to post the same thing. That was great! hahah. 3 MINS!

  129. I have a Tim Hortons up at college in upstate Cortland, coffee is pretty good and so are the eats, better than stupid Starbucks

  130. I’m with Carp here. This organization can’t be trusted. Prediction: Dubinsky gets packaged to Dallas with Rozsival for Richards.

  131. Sorry Everybody!
    Just got out of Suana with my friend Mats.which busta rymes with Slats.
    We are working out together. You want crease clearing centre defence and # 1 center circa 1999, well here we are! You can order # 72 jerseys again. I will not be able to trade numbers with Bruce Wayne Redden face. Too many rubles for me.

  132. I don’t get the idea of salivating over a very old vet defenseman of hi income, instead of throwing some of the more promising kids into the frying pan and looking them over. At least for a month or so. That may be the entire solution. And what have you lost? There’s no guarantee tha old folks money bags is going to do the job… one more year down the tank.

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