Rangers re-sign Potter


I think this guy really figures in their near-future plans.


            New York, July 14, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with defenseman Corey Potter.
             Potter, 25, made his NHL debut last season with the Rangers on December 7 against Calgary.  He recorded his first NHL point with an assist in his next game on December 27 vs. New Jersey, and finished with two points (one goal and one assist) in five games.  Potter spent most of the season with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), registering 10 goals and 22 assists for 32 points, along with 82 penalty minutes in 67 games.  He established a career-high in goals and tied his career-high in points.  He led all Hartford defensemen in goals, and ranked second among team defensemen in assists and points.  Potter recorded nine multi-point efforts during the season, including his first career multi-goal game on February 13 against Lake Erie.  In addition, Potter finished tied for second on the Wolf Pack in postseason scoring with four points, and ranked second on the club with three assists in six playoff contests with Hartford.
            The 6-3, 200-pounder has skated in 177 career AHL games with Hartford, registering 17 goals and 57 assists for 74 points, along with 205 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played (80), assists (27), points (32), plus/minus rating (plus-33), and penalty minutes (102) during the 2007-08 season.  Potter led the team and ranked second in the league in plus/minus rating.  He also ranked third among team defensemen in points and assists, and tied for third in goals.  In 2006-07, Potter made his AHL debut with Hartford on February 7 at Providence, and collected an assist in the contest.  He began the season with the Charlotte Checkers of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL), recording six goals and 13 assists for 19 points, along with 56 penalty minutes in 43 games.  Potter led all team defensemen in goals and points at the time of his recall to Hartford on February 5.  He notched his first professional point with an assist on October 26 at Florida.
            Potter has also skated in 18 career AHL postseason contests with Hartford, recording two goals and eight assists for 10 points, along with 49 penalty minutes.  He collected two assists in his professional playoff debut during the 2007 Calder Cup Playoffs on April 18 against Providence.
           The Lansing, Michigan native was originally the Rangers’ third round selection, 122nd overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Meat Satchel on

    We have a pretty US heavy system right now. Prominent players and prospects:

    Callahan, Dubi, Arnason, Drury, Higgins, Potter, Boyle, Gilroy, Sangs, Krieder, Borque, McDonagh, Sauer

  2. My bad I said Roszival 3rd year of 4th year deal this year, I was wrong 2nd year of deal. the only good news is the rangers are paying more in the early years but the cap hit is $5 mill.

  3. someone on previous thread was asking about RFAs- still have Z, Dubi and the new guy we got for Korpi- Lisin-

  4. Hey Carp,
    I don’t know if youre gonna be in NYC but Big Daddy’s diner on Second Ave. and 83rd street is having a Seinfeld Trivia Night on July 28th and I figured you and some of the other Jerry-philes on here could clean up.

  5. if zubov comes back, that’ll be 14 years between his ranger player days. does anyone have a longer gap in hockey, in terms of years between playing for the same team? rolston had 8-year gap for the devils…anyone out there with a big number like that?

  6. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just looking at the numbers I can’t imagine why Phoenix would trade Lisin for Korpi straight up. I do admit that I know nothing about Lisin, but he scored 13 goals in 48 games and is supposedly fast as lightning.

    Did Sather fleece the Coyotes or is there something more to it?

  7. Cross Check-

    Probably similar to the people that hate Zherdev- if you look at the numbers he looks great- althought Maloney does have a bit of a soft spot (or hard spot) for guys he was involved in drafting-

  8. Cross Check Charlie
    July 14th, 2009 at 5:29 pm
    Just looking at the numbers I can’t imagine why Phoenix would trade Lisin for Korpi straight up. I do admit that I know nothing about Lisin, but he scored 13 goals in 48 games and is supposedly fast as lightning.
    Did Sather fleece the Coyotes or is there something more to it?
    He’s another I’m going to the KHL type. Maybe he is a locker room cancer and a whiny brat?

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Hate to re-post ,reposts but here my repost that I reposted at the bottom last post ,on the last post!

    Disco Stu , too bad i read it all late and Carp plunked out his post. Seems to me he was just raggin on the blog.

    Ranger Rick. If you dont read the comments then why am I typing something to you? The thing is , the comments gove you an inside scoop at time to different stories and valuble Ranger views. That right , valuble posts are posted here daily. By not reading the comments Ranger Rick ..I geuss you’ll never know.

    On Zherdev comments. No comment yet.

    ,,, well If Zherdev rolled over and bowed to Glen Sather like Shanahan did. Saying all he wants is to be a Ranger!!! We don’t sign shanny and he goes to the Devils!!?? Least Zherdev is honest but his remarks do make me upset too.

    btw Koala , ya puzzeled me a week ago when ya went on about the tennis. Haven’t figured you out yet.

  10. He got lisin for the same reason for the other 7 forwards for,A trade is coming.We need a center.

  11. CARP
    THANKS for keeping me updated on the honeymoon. cabo is awesome and i highly recommend it.

    glad to be back

    love to see cally and i like the move for lisin.

    we still need a number 1 center.

    anyone want tix section 330

    preseason half price

    also have full season

  12. Korpi is another bust in a long line of Rangers first round busts!
    No scouting ability at all. I as a fan watched korpi in wjc and still
    Cannot get how anyone would take this and think he would be a first
    Round type player.

  13. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Aright Eric!! Your Da man !! If ya have any expecting children on the way ..ya have to post in the waiting room to keep us informed!!!

  14. no kids anytime soon

    now my focus is all about the rangers. snyrangersblog has some games against flyers they are hearing

  15. CARP –

    Would you PLEASE banish the infantile “First” scribblers, here, for at least one week, per offense. This is not a kindergarten, or is it?

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    It’s funny how many of you complain and gripe about the Hugh Jessewoman pick gone wrong. Zherdev is an earlier pick and a 4th overall at that. It would be a shame not to spend a million and a half more for him. I can’t remember if Z and Jesswoman were the same year but if they were , keeping Z could right a bad wrong!!!

    So a few of ya don’t want that lazy sob ,who is gut less and full of himself. But Zherdev is no whining Heatley or a old foggy like Sundin. Z is a playmaker and last time I looked at the Ranger roster- GABORIK DIDNT HAVE ONE.

  17. Lisin, with 13 goals and just EIGHT assists, looks like a selfish, “Me first” type player, right out of the old Brian Savage playbook. I hope Korpi scores 40 goals one of these years, wherever he plays. He was one of my favorites for his upside potential, which sure as hell was wasted, here.

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    …actually Cakewalk , the Bashing of guys saying first is one of the things Carp was refering too. When a person is frst is shows that yer on TOP OF YER BLOG , haha so to speak..kudo for them and Rick said first one time the other day..it was fricking hilarious!!

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    HONESTLY , If people don’t read the blogs comments and continue to grip about certain topics then it THIER own ignorence . I can’t help it if posters dont read all the comments and slander stuff that they have no idea what was said? I think it is funny and hilarious the amount of squabbling goes on. New Yorkers wouldn’t be any different would they?

  20. Guys saying first is stupid. It was only funny when Carp did it because it was ironic. Why did this ever spread through the internet? It’s most stupid when you’re not actually first. Sorry, Greg, I now you love it though (kudos to them?! LOL). :*

  21. puck daddy over at yahoo saying

    pens at isles crosby vs taveres on oct 3rd for isles home opener.

    isles would be better off playing some crap draw then waste pens on home opener. would have sold out anyway

  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    You now I love it? Making sense from a guy whos name is the same as Disco Stu. Both Simpsons characters…interesting. I actually don’t love it but it is cool to be first. Childish as it is ..DO it or don’t , it doesn’t bug me. Im not a child or a teenager trying to be older. Some of us are old and maybe it’s a way to act young? hahaa. BTW spiderpig I love you and your name :)

  23. I was talking to an Islander fan and he went to watch Taveras play on Saturday, he said that Taveras looked really bad wasn’t doing much and other rookies were out playing him. HYPE! ALEXANDER DAIGLE

  24. Sundin to the Rangers per Swedish papers..Sundin sinen flogen groven att Newj Yerkenn dur und lod acht Kroners.

  25. I don’t get why it ticks off so many people when somebody writes “first.” I think that makes them do it more. I don’t have a problem with it at all. There’s a lot more stuff that needs to be monitored, deleted or perhaps banned before we get to “first.”

  26. Chris from Albany on

    Quick poll: yes or no to Shanahan (although I don’t think it will ever happen. He’d probably play his last season where he started. Although, the Great One chose to retire as a Ranger, so…) My vote is YES!!

  27. Cross Check Charlie on

    Zherdev doesn’t sound like he expects to be with the Rangers next season does he? Of course, the interviewer steered the interview that way.

  28. Do you write anything ore than the official rangers statement.
    What about your ideas on the resigning or trades???

  29. Do you write anything more than the official releases???
    What about writing what you think of the signings or trades??

  30. On Zherdev, how about waiting for the July 31 arbitration, then once his salary is set, trying to deal him to Carolina as part of a deal for Babchuk? And if that doesn’t work, then maybe sign Zubov (who, by the way, still lives in Harrison, N.Y., just about eight miles from the practice rink and 25 miles from MSG).

  31. Aaron Buckley on

    I say no to Shanny, I dont know what we would use him for other than the PP? and barring people being traded away, i thought we already addressed our PP.

    If we had the extra cash to spend, i would LOVE to have Shanny back, heart and soul type player, a real character player.

    But we dont have the luxury of spending that money on an older character player with no wheels.

  32. Yeah, he’s still got good hands, good shot, lots of character. But did anybody see what Shanahan looked like playing less than half a season? Now imagine what he will be like if he starts at training camp and attempts to go all 82.

  33. john r

    im asking you to post a link to the site with the “german text” that says sundin is a ranger

    i will translate it.

    thanks in advance

  34. Oh no Carp! How can you do this to me?! This blog is so “horrible” with all the “first” comments and late updates! And how can you interact with us in the comment section!! It is unheard of!! Nobody else does it! Not even great Larry Brooks!!! What a shame of a blog this is!!!

    Truly the best blog around! Unexcitable!!

  35. Carp- Thats a good idea but I think Babchuck is going to cost alot more then Zherdev. Plus like I said they need a warrior on that blueline Zubov is the guy.

  36. What happened? No preseason games in Antartica. Or Siberia this year. Rangers get the shaft yet again.

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Yeah me neither CCCP , maybe its a blessing. I was first before ya know. I said “first” or sweeet..yeah those were the good ‘ol dayz.

  38. The fact that Zubov has kept a house here all these years later; that’s awesome!

    Shanny was good for like 15 games with NJD last year and tailed off. Great player, 1st ballot HOFer, but my man is oooold.

  39. 80th!!!!!!!!!!

    wow, you guys are great! Just read the last 3 posts to catch up,you guys are just on top of things, and have interesting comments. No more old guys, although Zubov for a year could be interesting! Crazy Yeti must have a big move coming up, it just feels like he’s got something up his sleeve besides cigars.

    Rick “da Hammer” Carp, PLEASE don’t tell me we can’t rip sather anymore! :-) It’s my lifes work!!!

  40. Please dont pose as me again, my PMS is raging, and there isnt any vinegar in the house.

  41. Carp,

    The first thing is pretty funny in my opinion, but what do I know, I think we need a physical blueliner on the team. As far as the Z thing goes, If we do keep him til after the hearing, let’s trade him to carolina for Ruutu (not babchuk), who would fit perfectly in a torts system, fast, aggressive, with scoring touch and able to lay the BIG hit!!! Speaking of big hitters, what about Gauthier? Or how about if we still are in the Heatley whispers we get volchenkov in the deal as well (although I think he has about a 3 mil cap hit). CCCP, you poor poor guy!!!

  42. Not much veteran leadership in the locker room. Only Drury has a ring. That is the only reason they would even think to bring Shanny back.

  43. Carp,
    Actually I will be in AZ getting married that week so I won’t be around but I have been to some of the other trivia nights. If you’re free you should check it out as it is usually fun and the food is pretty good.

  44. Rick, the ORIGINAL (ME) asked about ripping Sather. And as the original, i’d never discuss “woman health issues” in the room. Ya gotta give me credit for that! Guys dont wanna hear that crap! You might have to go to a sign in system!!

  45. Linda, Glad to hear that, as I was willing to do some shopping for you..Morning Glory is a great product, both for those times, and as a dressing.

  46. Congrats Dennis, and thanks for the tip lmao!
    Has Crazy Yeti defrosted Ted Williams head yet?

  47. DENNIS
    congrats. i have been married a week seems like forever.

    hopefully when u get back from honeymoon te rangers will have a number 1 center

  48. DENNIS
    congrats. i have been married a week seems like forever.

    hopefully when u get back from honeymoon te rangers will have a number 1 center.

    anyone pumped for schedule i love to see the long roadtrips

  49. welcom back Eric! a week of marriage feels like forever, AND THAT WAS THE HONEYMOON!!??? Yikes, I’ve been engaged 5 years now, whats in store for me!

    Can’t wait for the schedule to come out, gotta see where Southwest or the Aveo is bringing me to next season!

  50. no kidding carp, congrats dennis!! I’m afraid to go outside…..oh wait I’m already married, nevermind!!!!

  51. Anybody wanting Shanahan back – are you freakin’ serious???

    The team is finally starting to look like a fast-skating team that just may have a couple of spots open for youngsters. But you want a 90 year old dinosaur to take a spot from a kid who deserves it? WTF is wrong with your thinking?

    Shanahan should have retired after leaving the Rangers. He couldn’t even keep up in Renney’s slow-paced system. He’ll have a coronary in Tortorella’s system. Shanny’s done – stick a fork in him. And Sundin isn’t much better.

    No Shanahan! No Sundin!

    Might as well have Sather lace ’em up again.

  52. inhankwetrust on

    are there any decent puck-moving defenseman available besides zubov? we need a puck moving d-man, a #1 center, a defenseman who can hit…

    and i guess add me to the bloggers getting married, but not until november

  53. Uncle Rick,

    I am shocked..In your previous entry I made some posts but I found out now that was one of those was not made by me. There was another one writing in my name..It wasn´t dirty so its not bad..but it is strange…

    In the interim I made my mandatory nap so I couldn´t react to it earlier….

    No I am not getting married in the forseeable future:) and it is also not something I am looking to after the last two years (:

  54. I’m not getting married but I’m taking the New York and New Jersey bar exam in 2 weeks?

    Dump Redden Slats and give me some good karma!

  55. inhank-Dennis Seidenberg is a decent puck moving dman and available. He played very well in Carolina. Marc-Andre Bergeron is out there too but he’s like Poti defensively.

    They don’t need Gauthier and his shot knees.

    The fact that Drury is the only guy on the team with a Cup? Great! Keeps the guys hungry. They can always add experience later on down the road (3-4 years).

  56. inhankwetrust on

    true about seidenberg. bergeron can shoot but i think he’s more of a combo of poti and malik (who is available btw) on defense…i’m more than happy w/ zubov

  57. so, so sorry Linda. I should have known that you’d be ripping the GM and not complaining. very bad assumption by me.

    I’m talking to my tech people about this fraud problem.

  58. anybody know anything about the feud between the gm of ottawa and sather? eklund mentioned something in one of his blogs regarding heatley. i know he is very often making stuff up, but it sounds interesting…

  59. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    According to a post I read on HFboards, Ottawa wanted Mcdonagh as part of the Heatley package. When Sather went out and got Mcdonagh for them, Ottawa turned around and told Sather they wanted Dubinsky too or the deal was off. Sather got pissed and walked away. Obviously take it with a big grain of salt.



  61. Linda- Don’t know who that was who posted at 10:15 as me offering you PMS shopping tips but It wasn’t me.

    I still think the best move for the Rangers would be to package one of our D prospects and a pick for Babchuk. He’s young, can play on the power play and has some size. He’d also be great insurance if Girardi leaves after 2010.

  62. Babchuk is cool but isn’t he kinda bad defensively and soft for a big man? I think we’ve all seen enough soft big men on D for the Rangers.

    Girardi will be RFA won’t he? They can always take him to arbitration.

  63. I was talking about when Girardi becomes a UFA. They probably wont be able to afford him and Staal.

  64. You don’t frighten us, English pig dogs. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person. I blow my nose at you, so-called “Arthur King,” you and all your silly English K-nig-hts.

  65. Dr. O- that makes a ton, ton of sense considering all of the rumors that Sather walked away from the deal mad- would love to see McDonaugh become a huge player for us!

  66. and if humanly possible I will be at Seinfeld trivia- if I get my ringer its over- the kid taped, not DVR’d, TAPED all the episodes and used to watch them constantly. It’s sick, but this could be our big payoff-

    The summer of FLYLINE!

  67. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Have you acquired Lisin in 09?

    he’s not bad, a little slower than i would have thought but in 5 games he’s already got more goals than the clutch one

  68. Whats going on with Blair Betts? When you watched him everyday you saw how he ate up pressure mins and blocked shots by the bucket full. Guess the brasher signing showed him the door eh?

  69. I just redid the hardwood floors in most of my house, but have to wait a couple more days to move furniture due to painting.. ugh.. I want my NHL 09!

  70. I sure hope you’re right Carp. Potter deserves a real shot. He’s our most advanced D in the org and has proven he’s NHL ready. I really want him, Gilroy and Sauer to have the inside track for 5-7.

  71. The Rangers may have to re-sign Betts just because they are so thin at center. Regarding Brash, forget the past and move on. These guys are men.

    Dr. O,
    I believe that the story regarding the Heatley trade is half true. But I believe that Sather lowballing was the ultimate failure in the Heatley deal. And I don’t blame Sather one bit.

  72. Whatever, if Sather actually stuck to his guns and resisted giving up Dubinsky for Heatley, that’s fine with me.

  73. before ppl head down to trivia…if ppl head down there…
    we’ll exchange team names…it should be fun…
    Redden to the CBJ for a cup of Soft Serve icecream…only thing softer then his Defensive play

  74. I bet the rangers walk away from Z’s arbitration award and he signs with the Islanders. he is young skilled and fits their rebuilding philosophy.

  75. Spector explains the Korpi trade:

    Phoenix Coyotes general manager Don Maloney won’t let the uncertainty over the ownership of his team and its uncertain future in the Phoenix area preventy him from making moves to improve his club.

    Maloney today dealt right wing Enver Lisin to the New York Rangers in exchange for left wing Lauri Korpikoski.

    Both are restricted free agents who’d been qualified by their respective clubs prior to the trade but had yet to sign new contracts.

    Lisin had been touted as one of the Coyotes promising prospects. In his rookie performance last season he had 13 goals and 21 assists in 48 games.

    Maloney already had plenty of depth on right wing (Shane Doan, Peter Mueller, Mikkel Boedker, Victor Tikhonov and Scottie Upshall) and needed depth on the left side.

    The Rangers were lacking in depth on the right side (Ales Kotalik and Ryan Callahan are the only two natural right wingers) and had the depth on the left side to part with Korpikoski, who in his rookie debut in 2008-09 had 14 points in 68 games.

    The best GENERAL hockey blog on the web. You are on the best RANGER blog on the web.

  76. Carp… what is going on with Zubov and Richards? We got a tease a couple days ago, but no answers. You have any? I hear that Dallas loves Richards and won’t part with him. Not sure about Zubov, but I would expect him to ask for too much money. True or no?

    Also… what is the deal with Dubinsky??? There has been absolutely no news about him this offseason… other than trade rumors. Is the kid going to get an extension or is he trade bait for an elite center? I am kind of bummed we didn’t get Heatley. What a talent!

    I don’t know about you, but this roster doesn’t seem to be complete yet. Sather must be working on something. With our cap situation, I also can’t see Rozy being around by training camp… if only because Redden is untradeable. Make sense?

  77. I personally think Ilkka Heikkinen will make the team. I have nothing to base this on as I’ve never seen him play but his offensive numbers in Finland have been very impressive.

    Over the past 2 seasons (105 games) He has 19 goals and 52 assists and was 3rd in the Finnish league in points (for d-men)…

  78. I am upset about Korpikoski. He NEVER got a chance to show what he could do. Sometimes it takes players a little longer to develop. I think he will be a very solid 2nd line player for years to come.

    Not surprised that Don Maloney traded for him. I remember watching an MSG special about that draft year. Don was mic’d and when the rangers traded down and got Korpedo, don was GUSHING and saying, “We hit a home run!”

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