Let’s fix this (updated)


I don’t want to make a bigger deal of this than it is, but it is big.
So I am reposting a message that was in last night’s thread for the benefit of our morning blogsters. Here it is:
  The tone of this blog has gotten a bit, shall we say, off course lately. You guys know it’s about hockey, and that we stray to include other interests, mostly in good fun. We’ve had some hysterical laughs here, for sure.
  But there are some things that aren’t going right. One of them is the personal stuff. It has happened among a bunch of you lately. It’s not acceptable. It’s not good. Nobody wants to see it or hear it. And I certainly don’t want to ban anybody if I don’t have to … but I will.
  Also, the name calling. Let’s try to be a little more sensitive, OK? It takes a lot more creativity to come up with a point than to simply bash somebody’s race or sexual preference or to simply call him/her a $%&@!. Again, not acceptable.
  And finally, the fraud factor. Don’t post as somebody else. Your screen name should belong to you. I’d hate to go through technical hoops to force everybody to use a working, legit email address and to make it so that it will be impossible for anybody other than the original person to use a screen name. Again, if I have to do it, I will.
  This stuff really makes me lose a lot of my enthusiasm for this blog, and I’m sure it has the same effect on others, our good readers, our Boneheads, the Festivus bunch, Capt. Clutch and everybody else. If I lose my enthusiasm, this thing will suffer. Ditto if our real, loyal blog-folks lose theirs. Let’s clean it up, OK?
  If you have something that needs to be ironed out, you can always email me at rcarpini@lohud.com and we’ll try to fix it. Thanks to all.


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AFTERNOON UPDATE: Here’s the preseason schedule.

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  1. It’s not just up to Carp to enforce this stuff too, we have to actively ignore and not reply to these kids or trolls or whatever they are.

    Ignore them or ask them to take their garbage elsewhere.

    Keep your cool, we’re all Ranger fans right?

  2. Korpedo for Lisin Looks to be even, though neither may play in the NHL next year. Both have potential and issues but all in all this trade seems even. I will miss Korpi and thought he was going to repace Betts and or Sjostrom in the PK department but it seems that he wants too much money for a player with one year of XP

  3. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    I really wish you guys would cut it out with the Brad Richard to NY talk. How could that happen? We’re so cap-choked, even getting rid of Redden’s wouldn’t allow for it. After signing Dubi we’re barely going to have 1 million of space. Dropping Redden’s 6.5 wouldn’t make up for the 7.8 Richards makes, especially since we’d be down another defenseman. Practically it isn’t possible.

    I think we need to go to battle with the forwards we have, which I think are generally pretty good. Defense is a huge question mark. Slats needs to figure that out with the limited wiggling room we have salary wise. Redden or Rozsival must go.

  4. If you’re an agent negotiating with Sather wouldn’t you jack up the price?…he’s been overpaying for years. This turnover is a bit out of hand now. 4 full seasons after the lockout, this is Sather’s 3rd attempt to completely change the roster. Beer stains on the floor of Section 422 have longer tenure at The Garden than do 90% of this team. It’s time for Sather to go and retire to play Flick Fishing on his iPhone.

  5. Its even harder to know we still have sather after chicago cut loose tallon. Im not saying we want tallon, just saying how other teams seems to be able to get rid of a GM and we can’t/don’t

  6. It’s a bit of a strange roster at this point- I don’t see how we could possibly add another high priced player, but it seems we are missing 1 more front line talent-

    Agree with everyone’s sentiments on the idiots- don’t feed the animals-

  7. Cant we all just get along? I really hate this move lauri korpikoski was tauted by management as being a good future ranger for a long time since he was drafted. And now our cap situation forces us to deal him. It is very very upsetting.

  8. Local fan- I don’t know how much of the Korpedo leaving is cap related- he would have got a pretty similar number to Lisin-

  9. UESBlueshirt on

    Compared to the past couple of seasons, I’m ok with the roster construction assuming Dubi is brought back in and Lisin is signed. Think about two years ago when they had Jagr/Shanny/Straka as their top wingers and the likes of Malik and Strudwick on D.

    The oldest player under contract right now is Drury and he’ll be 33 when the season starts. How many years were the fans clamoring for a younger, faster and hungrier team?

    They still don’t have the elite talent to match the top teams in the conference let alone the league but they should be in the mix in the middle of the playoff pack.

    As disgusting it is for me to say, I hope the Rangers forwards have the type of season the Devils had last year. Gaborik is every bit the sniper that Parise is, the health issue being the biggest potential constraint. And assuming Dubi is back, I think he might be poised for a breakout year. He’s had a pretty similar career as Zajac with a promising first year and then a bit of a step back or step sideways in his 2nd year. Last year being paired with Parise he put up 60 points. Not Crosby/Malkin numbers but that’s good improvement. If Dubi can achieve similar success then I think they’ll really have something going. One thing that I haven’t seen examined with Dubi’s numbers from last year is that even though he had only 13 goals, 7 of them were game winners.

    The 2nd and 3rd seasons after the lockout were the win now teams with vets and former superstars mixed in with a few up and comers. Last year was sort of a lost year in my opinion. This year it seems like the start of a potentially good team, even if they go through some growing pains I think that despite some flaws with some contracts (we don’t have to go over who they are), they are better positioned to have sustainable success moreso than at any point in the last decade.

  10. Fly Line

    Anisimov, Grachev and Lisin are our future front line talent. you just got to have patience and build a team the right way and if that means the Rangers have to use Dubi and Drury as our top 2 centers for this season than so be it.

    when Anisimov, Grachev, Lisin, Dubi, Cally, Gaborik, MDZ, Sanguinetti, Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, McDonagh are all regulars you’ll be glad we didnt trade them for a stop gap like Marleau or Sharp…

    just be patient…

  11. Carp –

    I speculate that most if not ALL of this slime going on, is Islanders and Devils moles trying to sabotage yours and ours fine Rangers site. Please keep this in mind, as these people virtually give themselves away in the process of contaminating all the good aspects of what we have here.

    Don’t lose your enthusiasm for the blog or real Ranger fans, here. Your contribution here is insightful and much appreciated by your hard-core, loyal following.

  12. I am being patient oleo- but if that is the phillosophy, and I’m fine with that- what are we doing signing 30 year old Koatalik?

    And Lisin is a future first liner? I hope you are right, but did you know who he was 18 hours ago? You are going to base that on highlights of his 14 goals last year?

  13. I CAN NOT believe Phoenix traded this kid Lisin for Korpedo. I suggest everyone go to NHL.com and watch highlights on this kid. He can fly and create scoring chances by beating guys one on one! There must be something to this, no way Sather stole this guy.

  14. Cakewalk,

    I hope you are not referring to me. I am an Rangers and A devils fan, and feel that personal attacks are rampid here, just like at the Garden. It seems people here cant just enjoy a nice discussion without bashing sexual preference or race and religion. It is quite disturbing.

  15. Ok so if Brad Richards isn’t coming here, lets talk about who the first line center will be. Dubi is the obvious in house candidate, but it definitely feels like Sather is still looking for someone. So I have two candidates:
    1.) Patrick Marleau – rumors still out there that Sharks want Heatley and looking to move Marleau to make some room. And supposedly they really like Lisin, could he be a target?

    2.) Patrick Sharp – Blackhawks have gotten themselves in some cap trouble and have no room to sign Kane or Toewes to long term deals after the season.

    What would you guys do?

  16. Mess- Sharp is my guy, just don’t know if we have the right package/cap room to get him- Chicago would be simply dumping him for prospects-

  17. According to the 25-year old defenseman himself, the New York Rangers are interested in acquiring restricted free agent Anton Babchuk. In an interview with Russian paper Sports Day by Day, the Kiev native confirmed that he will not sign the $1 million qualifying offer he received from the Carolina Hurricanes and revealed that the Rangers are amongst a group of seven or eight teams that have expressed an interest in his services to his agent, Jay Grossman.

  18. UESBlueshirt on

    Dr. O,

    Forgot about Brashear. Still in denail that he’s a Ranger. However I doubt we’ll see him get meaningful minutes. The core of the team is certainly going to be younger than it has been in a long time.

  19. Maybe it was a return favor for giving them Prucha and Dawes for Morris’s contract last year?

  20. Fly Line

    i know who everyone is. I was hoping we got him when rumors started about getting Morris.

    Kotalik was brought here because the PP last season was a joke and we needed a PP specialist. Sure we overpaid for him but we had to if we wanted him here plus his contract is cheap enough where he can be moved fairly easily. Remember the Rangers obviously decided Zherdev wasn’t coming back a while ago so Kotalik is our slightly cheaper replacement…

  21. UESBlueshirt on

    So Local Fan, what are your thoughts on Lemaire coming back to NJ? It looked like they were going to a more offensive style since their best players are forwards.

  22. Maloney is obviously just obsessed with everyone he drafted while he was here, I don’t see the Korpi – Lisin deal as much more than that, Maloney thought he had drafted the team of the future, and he wanted to take the whole thing with him to Phoenix

  23. That seems like a win now signing Oleo, doesn’t it? I don’t really care about the 3 million it’s the 3 years- if your plan is to get the kids to play etc then that signing isn’t really sticking to that plan is my point- I don’t think that Sather is done by any stretch-

  24. UES: Lemaire is a good coach. They led the league in goals two of the years Lemaire was their coach. Of course I would rather them have Sutter, but nothing changes as long as Lou is there… And I trust Lou more then say.. Larry Brooks. We will see.

  25. I Was Duguay on

    This trading with PHX all the time is getting ridiculous. I suppose that’s how the Rangers will end up with Vinny. He’ll get traded to the ‘Yotes for a bunch of nobodies and then Don Maloney will trade him to NY for 18 draft picks and a fruit basket from Ol’ Red Cheeks.

  26. Thanks Carp.

    I had stayed away because of all the rigamirole myself.

    As for Lisin- It’s a swap of two guys who may play in the KHL.

    If we can sign him, he is super quick.
    Gretz always praised Enver – good kid, even if he’s trade bait.

  27. UESBlueshirt on


    I think that was under Robinson or Ftorek they led the league in scoring. They were up in the top 10 a couple of times under Lemaire, but never the top. Then again I saw a stat where the Devils were toward the bottom in the league in scoring in Sutter’s first year so it’s not like he was playing fire wagon hockey either.

    Lemaire certainly isn’t a bad choice, he’s a proven winner but I think his reputation got a little overblown with his early success in NJ (conference finals, Stanley Cup in back to back years but never past the 2nd round afterwards) and he kept Minny competitive but they only had 1 trip beyond the 2nd round in his time there.

  28. Carp,

    What are you hearing about the idea that Lisin was traded for in order to include him in another trade package?

  29. Carp…Amen to your thoughts. And I have no problem with you putting it in 2x. It needed to be said. At least there are some adults watching the playground.

    I know nada about this Lisin kid. I thought Korpi had some potential and showed signs of life.

    Last summer we were talking about the abundance 3rd and 4th liners and that rang true throughout the season.

    This summer we are talking about all the new faces and the new system under Torts with the conditioning and the like. I just wonder how this will all gel together. As discussed above, we clearly have gotten younger. That’s a good thing.

    Have we addressed our scoring woes? Yes, I think right? Gabby. Higgins. This kid Lisin an uptick maybe? I think we have done better offensively, but we did lose Gomer and Naz and potentially Z. What does everyone think? In terms of goals on the roster (based on 2008-09) are we better or worse? Someone run some #s, I don’t have the time. What about the PP?

    What about defensively? We got younger I think by giving Hobey Baker a shot, Del Posto (Zotto, whatever) a shot, Bobby Sangs maybe….but at the end of the day, Staal, Girardi, Rosy, Redden are our top 4. That means we still lack a bonecrunching, clear-the-net D-man. That sucks. Also, unless Staal lived with Brian Leetch all summer, I think we still lack a real PP QB and puck mover. That sucks too.

    So net/net, and please comment or correct me if I am wrong, it looks like the offense got a little better, the PP maybe too, we got a little younger overall, but the D still lacks the fear factor and the offense factor.

    I mean last year our woes were offense, not D and goaltending. So maybe we have improved.

    But does anyone think we are in the top 4 in the East yet?

    I say this because we need to temper the expectations.

    Love to hear thoughts.

  30. Fly Line

    Kotalik has a specific purpose though. He is here for the PP. trading away Dubinsky and a pick for Sharp accomplishes absolutely nothing…

  31. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    If I were GM, I’d be on the phone with Dallas. They were interested in Redden last year and are significantly under the cap. I would be offering either Redden or Roszival for Robidas, who has 1 year left at 1.5 mil before going UFA. That frees up at least 3.5 mil. I would then call Chicago and try and get Sharp for Sanguinetti, Stepan, and a 1st round pick.

  32. new Newman

    the only way for us to be a top 4 team in the East is to develop young talent and actually keep them here and not trade them away.

    That is how Pittsburgh and Detroit do things…

  33. I don’t even think Chicago would be asking Dubinski- I think they would be asking for picks and prospects- I would be banging down their door with one of our D-men propsects and a pick-

  34. Pittsburg got a top 1/2 pick in the draft 3 years in a row- they have top young talent for that reason- that isn’t happening here-

    Detroit is in another world- no team consistently does well in the draft and develops players like they do- they also sign guys to 30 year deals which one day will come back and bite them (not for a long long time though/unless they get bailed out by a new CBA)

  35. UESBlueshirt on


    Agreed, but the Wings and Pens do it a little differently.

    Detroit gets an astonishing amounts of diamonds in the rough with their European scouting. A lot of their core guys are well past 1st round draft picks and always in the later stages of each round because of the perpetual success of the Wings. They also seem to pick the best role players in the game (the Drapers and Maltby types).

    Pittsburgh hit a grand slam earlier in the decade with getting lottery picks for so many years in a row. It also helps having some of the best names in the league in attracting other talent.

  36. couldn’t agree more on younger is better.,.. if sather can deal redden and or roscival and we get a center back great..sharp would be ideal in terms of age (27 i think), and at 3.9mm until 2012 that is pretty good value for a #1 center.

    i would much rather see young guys struggle on the blueline than watch roscival and redden struggle.

  37. UESBlueshirt

    that is correct but still I dont understand how trading our young guys does anything for us.

    Can you tell me the last time a homegrown Rangers player represented us in the all-star game??? (not goalies)

    it has to be Brian Leetch right???

  38. UES: I agree with all you said. I mean his whole reputation is overblown. What is he going to do Tell Parise he cant score goals? Gabby did just fine under Lemaire!

  39. OLEO- I agree the youth is important, but a farm system has 2 functions

    1) to deveolop talent to compete at a low cost at the NHL level
    2) to develop talent to be able to trade

    The key is picking the right guys to trade vs keep-

  40. Jeff S. from Delaware on


    Mind letting us all know where you read that the Rangers plan to play Lisin on their top three lines next season? I don’t necessarily disagree, but how can you know that for certainty?

  41. Jeff S

    obviously not set in stone but you dont put goal scorers on the 4th line. 13 goals in 48 games is extremely impressive.

    unless he’s traded why wouldn’t he be on one of the top 3 lines???

    Fly Line

    yes the thing is this is not the season to trade the young guys. you need to see what you have before you trade them…

  42. Thank you kind moderator, people see I often post first and am proud of it, and some get jealous, and call me names. Hopefully now, this stops.

  43. UESBlueshirt on


    I don’t advocate trading away some of the core players, which I think management has identified as players like Dubi, Cally and Staal. But as Fly Line said, sometimes you develop players that turn into trade bait. The Pens did that to land Hossa, the Wings did that back in the day to get Shanny.

    Even the Rangers once upon a time were even somewhat competent at doing that. Remember they turned Sandstrom/Granato into Nicholls into Messier. That was a bit of a checkbook trade, but they also turned Turcotte/Patrick into Larmer. Then post-Cup most of their youth for vets trade panned out pretty poorly.

    And while Leetch might be the only non-goalie draftee for the Rangers to play in the ASG for the Rangers in a while, but Dubinsky and Staal have participated in the past couple of Young Stars games so there is hope.

  44. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Thanks Carp…I haven’t been very active because of all the irrelevant BS

    The Rangers have had forward/Offensive problems for 2 years, and in spite of playing good defense and having a world class goalie, we struggle due to Offense/Scoring and the PP

    As bad as Sather had been for many years, he has clearly done a good job completely overhauling the forwards and getting bigger/stronger/faster/younger, and now brining in one dimensional scoring players like Gaborik and Kotalik.

    Gone are 6 of the 12 forwards that played regularly from 2 years ago. (Jagr/Straka/Shannahan/Hollweg/Dawes/Hossa/Prucha
    Gone are 8 of the 12 forwards from last year that played regularly (Gomez/Zherdev/Antropov/Betts/Sjoostrom/Korpokowski/Orr/Naslund)
    The only 4 (actually 3 because Avery left and came back)
    we are returning are Callahan/Drury/Dubinsky/Avery. And they are good. Now the new 7 or 8 forwards we bring in are:
    Gaborik/Higgins/Kotalik/ – good scorers !!
    Boyle/Brashear – good 4th liners
    Arnason – good experience
    Anisimov – ready to go by now
    Byers/Lisin – maybe ready by now

    Ranger fans, we must like this direction/overhaul. It is all we can do for now.

  45. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Fly Line, I disagree. Pittsburgh and Detroit’s long term contracts will make them competitive for years to come. The length of the contract will keep the cap hit down and keep a young, effective and continually developing player in their sweater. The reason they did it right was because they offered those big deals to the right players. Zetterberg and Datsyuk are perennial performers that have exhibited staggering output over the course of several years, all the while staying relatively healthy. Same goes for the Mule. Nobody can argue with Pittsburgh locking up Crosby and Malkin for the long haul. Same goes for Fleury in goal, who has proven to be solid.

    Long term deals bite you in the @$$ when you offer them to players who are injured often (Briere, Gaborik, DiPietro), if the players personality is abrasive and ruins your chemistry (Avery in dallas), if the player’s game is in decline (Redden, Pronger), or if the player is grossly overpaid and his output doesn’t justify his cap hit (Gomez, Drury). I don’t think anyone in Washington is complaining about OV’s 10 mil cap hit, as long as he scores 50-60 goals a year. I would have no problem with Drury for 4 million a year. But for 7? Problem. Same went for Gomez.

    As long as the player earns their reasonable salary, it’s fine, no matter what that number may be

  46. am I the only one waiting to log back on here and see….

    REDDEN SENT TO __________ IN RETURN FOR____________

    lets play fill in the blanks!!!

  47. I am not certain we are out of the Heatley running. I don’t really know if it makes sense to get him at this point. Who would we have to give up to get him? We can’t trade Dubi for him now. We can’t trade Staal. Any thoughts on this?

  48. Joe, I agree with you- but lets wait and see when Zetterberg and Fransen are there for big cap hits in 2018- i think they will have some issues-

    And for the Rangers, as Carp said, when you don’t have world class talent, which we surely lacked last year, you have to take some risks- Gaborik’s health is a far better risk than Redden’s ability-

  49. Nasty1-i agree, i said it last night, heatley st louis or richards somehow someway whether positive or negative is gonna find a way into the 2009-2010 opening day lineup

  50. Jeff S. from Delaware on


    I have thought that for a while. This is pure speculation, but it may be that Sather is acquiring players to trade to Ottawa for Heatley. To please the fans Sather will re-sign Callahan (done) and Dubinsky (forthcoming I believe) and perhaps deal, Lisin, Roszival and perhaps a prospect or pick in return for Heatley.

    If this is the case then I give Sather a lot of credit for his moves this off-season. I don’t agree with all of them, but I still give him credit.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again today. You are a $%&@!.

    I kid, I kid.

    Chicago firing Tallon isn’t a surprise. He RUINED their franchise with his qualifying offer gaffe. No way can they keep Toews and Kane next year with their cap tied up the way it is. They’ll have to dump considerable salary or they will lose one, if not both of them to offer sheets.

    Oh man. Imagine if we could land Toews next year. I’d give up 2 first rounders for him on an offer sheet.

  52. Thoughts on Heatley –

    There is zero chance it happens.

    Thoughts on St Louis/Vinny –

    There is zero chance it happens.

    Thoughts on Richards –

    There is zero chance it happens.

  53. Doodie Machetto on

    Redden sent to Kansas City, Las Vegas, and Hamilton to await franchise expansion in return for autographed jersey of new team.

  54. UESBlueshirt on

    Would Toews get the offer sheet that equates to the maximum amount of draft picks?

    Maybe Chicago waives Brian Campbell, if only that could kick off a trend that would see the Rangers waive Redden.

  55. “perhaps deal, Lisin, Roszival and perhaps a prospect or pick in return for Heatley.”

    OTT turned down Zherdev and Rozi, so they arent taking Lisin and Rozi

    How hard is it to just come to terms with the fact that Heatley isnt coming? Who here even wants him after his antics? Itll be edmonton or san jose, thats all.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Thoughts on Heatley: 5% chance.

    Thoughts on St. Louis/Vinny: 0% chance.

    Thoughts on Richards: 1% chance.

  57. Jeff S. from Delaware on


    I like Kane better than Toews, but agree to disagree. (I also think that the Blackhaws would lock up Toews before Kane)

    Anyway, I do think that the Blackhawks will do whatever they can to lock up both Kane and Toews next year, otherwise they would not have signed all their RFAs that got screwed up offers…instead they would have just let the NHLPA file their grievance and let the cards fall where they may… maybe they would have kept Versteeg, maybe not. I sure hope that Kane and Toews are higher on the Blackhawks list than Versteeg.

  58. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    With the signing of Kovalev, the Senators would be looking to shed salary in any Heatley deal, making the Rangers poor trading partners.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Jive, as the season approaches, Murray will get desperate. He needs to move some salary before the season because he is over the cap, not to mention to get that potential locker room cancer out of Ottawa.

    If he can’t work something out with San Jose, he might have to sell Heatley for pennies on the dollar.

  60. No, Murray has a signed contract with Heatley

    He wont trade him for pennies because Heatley is whining

    He will absolutely get a current Top 6 forward plus other pieces

    If Heatley hates it that much he will accept the EDM trade

    We have nothing to offer/fit under salary.

    Plus, now Murray wants to tag another bad salary near 4mm to offset the bonus he had to pay.

    It just isnt happening.

  61. Heatley is the new Sundin. Make it stop.

    Let’s trade Rozi, Redden, and a pick to WAS for Ovie. We’ll save $1M in cap space in the process to help us re-sign Staal next year.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Jeff, I think Kane’s size lowers his value to Chicago significantly considering how many wings that Chicago has under contract, especially those that play the right side.

    I would also prefer Toews for our team based on our organization needs. He is and will be a true #1 center for the balance of his career, something that we don’t have. Kane is a right wing, a position at which we currently employ a superstar for the next 5 years; a superstar without a true #1 center to play with.

    Kane is also a very small player, something that our team has too many of, especially on the wing (including our superstar).

  63. I think we can forget Heatley – as the Doc says above you’ve only got to look at Ottawa’s current roster to see that their only options are a salary dump trade or bury him in the minors.

    Richards is different, Dallas were looking for a Roszi type defenseman and San Jose were too so Marleau could be an option. I’ve also seen a number of mentions about San Jose being keen on Lisin and that the Korpi trade was just setting up a bigger deal.

  64. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Watch out Stu. I still take crap from some posters for mentioning that weeks ago.

  65. any of you guys interested in the Babchuck rumors swirling? Would you trade a lower level prospect for his RFA rights and sign him to a 1.5/2 million deal?

  66. Disco Stu, unless your IE or FireFox forces you to come here as your homepage, feel free to get your news elsewhere.

    You won’t be missed.

  67. Doodie Machetto on


    I have to continue to disagree. First, Murray MUST move some salary before the season begins because he is over the cap after the Kovalev signing. Second, Heatley will ruin the Ottawa lockerroom. Every day he will be in the media in Canada. Too much bad spotlight on a team that is struggling to find itself after their precipitous fall that has been going on since the second half 07-08 season. Third, Heatley might just be dogging it out on the ice because he doesn’t want to be there. To pay 7.5 million for a player half assing it cripples your franchise (as we are well aware with our overpaid players).

    It might just be one of those scenarios where you just take what you can get to move on. Look at Boston when they dumped Thornton. Sturm, Stuart, and Wayne Primeau is hardly even approaching a good return, but they needed to move him and so they did.

    I’m not saying he ends up here. In fact, I think the Kotalik signing pretty much ensures that he won’t. But I promise that when he is moved (which I believe he will be, even if it happens during the season), it will be something comparable to our Rozsi-Zherdev based package, and it will be to a team on Heatley’s preferred destination list.

  68. I am a little late to this party, but I like the Korpi trade. I thought Korpi was a good player, but he was also a safe player, and the Rangers didn’t get very far with that style. So, Lisin could be more than just a solid player. He really could be a solid 2nd line winger who can get 30 goals a season. Maybe not this year, but I totally expect him to get at least 20 this year if he gets regular time. He had 13 goals in 48 games last year, and apparently Gretzky put him on the 4th line at times. For whatever reason, he fell into Gretzky’s dog house. He probably would have had 25 goals last year if he played a full season. I think that is more than can be said about Korpi. He is a solid player, and I fully expected him to replace Sjostrom on the PK, but now he is gone. So, the bigger question is, who is on the PK? I know Torts likes to use his best players as much as possible, so Dubi? Drury? Cally? Avery? Those guys are going to be some tired fools playing even strength, PP and PK.
    One thing I will say… Sather is great on trades, has improved at the draft, but is bad/horrible with UFAs. Hopefully Gaborik will break that string.

  69. UESBlueshirt on

    Disco Stu, I think you missed the point that the post was telling people to refocus the general discussion to hockey related matters. And by all means this is this not the exclusive source of Rangers information. You obviously found out about the trade somehow.

    Do you ask for your food to be chewed for you as well as served to you too?

  70. wow some people just never rest.

    Disco “Brew”

    News come from everywhere… this blog or other blog or the other other blog…it really doesn’t matter. People come here to chat about everything that is going on around hockey. Why r u so preoccupied with this blog and how you get the info from it? Do you always have to be first to find out the news or are you just an a$$ like that by life?

    Stop worrying about this blog…stop coming here to make yourself look like you know sh.t, cuz you dont!

    You missing important point here… this blog isn’t Carps full time job. He has other things to do. This blog is for the fans. I am a fan and so are others who come here to enjoy it. You obviously come here to bust balls.

    Again, this blog is for the fans, Carp and Co. do a damn good job keeping it going for us!

  71. No. Stu. I deleted your idiotic comment because it contained a vulgarity. You can continue to post your idiotic opinions as long as you keep them clean. You are the lame one.

  72. Right on, Carp.

    I cant remember the last time I posted on here for the reasons you speak of. It is unnecessary – I just stick to reading your blog entries.

  73. I swear I had better see Dubinsky resigned for at least 2 more years before this day is over or I’m going to start growing grey hairs at 23.

  74. It appears I was wrong. I stated yesterday that sather was done and the only thing left was the signing of callahan and dubinsky. It appears this trade is a prelude to even a bigger trade.

  75. they will have no trouble making cap room for Kane and Toews, because even if no other team will take his contract off their hands, they can send Campbell to the minors, and open up over 7.1m in cap space

    yes, they will have to pay him, and that is grounds for firing Tallon, but they will NOT lose either Kane or Toews.

  76. I got a feeling Sather is trying to make a trade involving Redden or rosival as part of the package.

  77. See, that’s the problem with Disco Boy… he doesn’t read comments…he comes in here for just one reason… to whine about Carp.

  78. I’ve avoided posting due to the children. Please stay on top of things Carp and this will develop into a class joint. There are plenty of insightful and witty bleedin’ blue fans here.

    Regarding the team’s moves so far, there’s just too much we don’t know to make surefire predictions. Overall though, I’m really happy with Sather’s moves. The only move I question is the Orr/Brashear swap.

    I didn’t (and still don’t) want Zherdev on this team. Great skills but absolutely no grit or heart did I see (okay, he did fight once).

    I think this team is being built around solid skills, great work ethics, and hearts as big as MSG. Torts will have enough time to fully instill his system. He will also be building confidence and a pride in being part of this team which was a major missing piece last year. The players will have enough time to get in shape and will play a ‘in your face’ type of game. I think we’ll be winning more games in the 2nd and 3rd periods.

    I also believe the locker room will be much improved with Gomez and his smart ass comments gone. Torts will give Drury even more room to establish his captaincy with this young team and I think we’ll see the player we thought we were getting from Buffalo. Remember, Drury was voted co-winner of the Player’s player award.

    Any predictions who will be wearing an ‘A’ on his jersey in October? I predict Avery (I must admit, I didn’t want him) will have a career year and could, if he wants it, be a leader on this team. Would Torts dare give him an ‘A’??

    Gaborik has things to prove:
    I am worth the money!
    I am an elite scorer in this league!
    I am not injury prone!
    I think he’s ready for the big time and will flourish under Torts.

    Stall will be bigger, stronger and even better than last year. He will also be alot nastier! Marc may end up being that crease-clearing big man we need.

    We may not win the cup this season but we’re moving in the right direction.

  79. Hey Carp,

    I know you have been busy here a blog daycare, but did you get that gauthier research done for me i asked about in the last thread??

    On another note Heatley 10% chance, richards 15% chance, marleau 10% chance. I am not a capologist at all (and I do not play one on TV), but if we could send rozy to ott for heatley and get volchenkov from them as well in the deal that would address an additional need of a physical D man. We need a center (our 2nd most important need right now behind a physical D man).

    On another note, is it just me or does carolina RFA (30 July arbitration hearing date) center/forward Tuomo Ruutu not just seem like the perfect player for the torts system!! Get him slats!!!

  80. UESBlueshirt

    When the Rangers are one player away from winning a cup then trade away. We are still rebuilding…

  81. Just one thing about “trolls”:

    The more attention you pay to them, the more they keep posting.

    Just ignore it.

  82. Babchuk would be a nice pickup. He has a hell of a shot, and could FINALLY, be the guy to QB the PP.

    Haha, poor Talon. He builds a team that makes it to the Western Finals, but potentially screws up their future, and now he’s gone. I hope he’s not suicidal.

    If we can land Kane or Toews next season, i would give up sex for 5 months, maybe more, it depends on how much they make, and how good they play.

    Either way, im semi happy with the Korp trade, but it’s only minor. Like i said last night, this team is far from a contender. They need something more. Slats needs to pull a rabbit out of his ass, then choke Dreary, and Redden with it !!!

  83. Daniel J

    I don’t think Marc Staal is a mean person to play against…(I hope I’m wrong though)

  84. Wicky,

    Let me help you with the odds fo the Rangers next trade:

    Brad Richards-99.999999999999%
    Anyone else- the remainder.

    These prospects are not ALL gonna play in Hartford. This is loading up for a BIG deal.

    I would say 100% if not for the difficulties faced by Sather by INEXPERIENCED GM’s in Dallas.

  85. Rick-
    I agree 100% with your posting. The main reason I rarely post anything myself is one of two things happen…it is ignored, or it is criticized. I’ve been a Rangers fan for almost 40 years, and living in part of Flyer Country (Delaware) makes it very lonely sometimes. When I discovered this blog a couple of years ago I was pretty happy. I assumed it was a safe haven for Rangers fans far and wide. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. I can’t understand why people with something in common have to rip each other so much. Thank you Rick (and others) for your Rangers news, but I seldom read the comments. Hopefully things will change for the better.

  86. Wasn’t Babchuck the guy we all wanted in the Cullen trade, and instead we got Hutchinson?

  87. I really think our team is best suited by replacing Rozsival with 2 “smaller contracted” Vets and 2 kids this year.

    Id rather see Vet-Morris (2.5 mill), Vet-Babchuk (2.5 mill), Rookie-Sangs (870k) and Rookie-Heikkinen (870k)


    Rozsival (5 mill) and 3 rookies with cheap contracts

    *Obviously with Redden, Staal, and Girardi being a permanent on the back-end*

    I have serious issues with starting 3 rookie D-men, we need to trade Rozy and bring a more well-rounded group of Vets and Rookies

  88. oh man, can´t be possible I made such a huge post, and it obvously I clicked the wrong button, and it is just gone..

    Uncle Rick !

    Would you really think that I am able to talk some of this posters in this nasty words, as I am probably the most polite writer here on the blog..:)

    Would you really think that such a small one like me would be able to..I am definitely not the one you are refering to..:)

    Once in while I really like to complain about the Rangers and their player moves (oiioioioi, Brashear and Kotalik and moving a guy like Korpi)but I would never abuse someone, wouldn´t I ?:)

    Couple of days ago I read about an list of some very interesting names on nhl.com, still beeing unrestriced free agents, like Petr Sykora, Miroslav Satan, Robert Lang or Alex Tanguay and some others I have forgot..

    Don´t you think they would help them up front as I thought that with just the exception of Marion Gaborik, the Rangers didn´t make a good job of getting some talented forwards…

    Nice greetings from down under


  89. I know it is tough to fit them under the salary restric. but they need to do anything, don´t they …..?

    Did you hear anything concerning the release of the regular season schedule tomorrow or one of the following days ?

  90. Buck

    Marc certainly isn’t a ‘dirty’ player, but I definitely saw an edge developing that I hope continues.

  91. UESBlueshirt on


    It’s tough to say who’s the player that puts a team over the top. You would hope that you make a smart trade overall, whether it makes a good team into a great team or it speeds along the development of a rebuilding team.

    I just don’t want to see any more Jarri Kurri/Kevin Stevens/Marty McSorley type trades that send future productive players the other way. But if one of the top prospects on D could return a legit PP QB (like a Mark Streit caliber player) then it may be worth considering.

  92. I agree with somerset about the D. There was an article on espn today that zubov will not be back with the stars and 9 teams were interested in him including columbus, NYR, and stl. I would like our top six to be staal, girardi, gilroy, redden (not that I want him, but I really do not think we have a choice), zubov, and gauthier/volchenkov. I did not put them in any order, and zubov will not be around more than a season or two giving DZ time to develop and we could use the finnish guy as a 7th or fill in when/if zubov gets hurt or gauthier gets suspended!!!

  93. One of the single biggest mistakes the Rangers ever made was letting Zubov go to begin with.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    “- After the new head coach of the Rangers, John Tortorella, has come in, your statistics became worse than they had been over the course of the season with Tom Renney. Did Tortorella trust you less?

    – That was probably one of the reasons. I admit, that I had slump — it’s impossible to play the entire season completely evenly. During that time, at times my game was off completely.”

    I disagree that it is impossible. But if that’s his lousy attitude about consistency, good riddance.

  95. Tallon is still with the Blackhawks. he was just re-assigned, iow kicked to a paper shuffling job where he can’t spend any more of their money.


    “The Chicago Blackhawks have promoted Stan Bowman to General Manager and have reassigned Dale Tallon to the position of Senior Advisor, Hockey Operations.

    “We are very proud to promote Stan to his new position of General Manager,” Blackhawks President John McDonough said. “He brings a comprehensive knowledge of hockey, along with a tremendous intellect and methodical approach to building a successful team and sustaining success. His involvement with our organization and strong understanding of our roster and our system create a very natural and strong transition. Dale will continue to be an important part of our organization, as he has been for many years.”

  96. Roc, last season they had a stretch of four games on subsequent days on the road including the games overseas and this season they have only seven in two weeks..


  97. Hey Guys, can you help me?

    Center #1 makes $7.8mm per year, and last year had 48 points on 16 goals and 32 assists. That is 70 point season pace if he had played 82 games.

    Center #2 makes $7.3mm per year, and last year had 58 points on 16 goals and 42 assists. That is a 61 point season pace if he had played 82 games.

    So why is Center 1, Richards, worth so much more than Center 2, Gomez?

    Why are we replacing Gomer’s salary cap hit for Richards? He isnt going to push us over the top, wish people would stop fawning over him.

  98. “Are you not surprised that problems have come up after your very good season?”

    Z – “Of course I’m surprised! To tell the truth, I thought that we would come to an agreement with the club easily, because last season was one of the best in my career. In New York things actually went very well for me — I scored 58 points. Though the year before in Columbus it turned out that I collected even more points — 61.”

    Coke Sucker !!!

    What a loser. Id like to take Z’s head, and stick it under a bus. What a fuggin scumbag loser. I don’t give a fugg aboot him, trade his pathetic ass to some other team. A “very good” season is 58 points, and disappearing at the end of the year when we needed him the most, and not scoring a single point in the playoffs ? Yeah right. I don’t care aboot him anymore, the last thing we need is youngsters learning from him. They’ll all turn into greedy useless bastards.

  99. Buck
    July 14th, 2009 at 1:20 pm
    Wow Z sounds like he is really committed to us :-p

    I totally agree, ha

  100. I understand that guys want to go with youth and I’m cool with that. However we need to surround these young guys with winners. Guys that have won cups. Guys that have went through long playoffs runs. Mentally tough players. Thats why a guy like Zubov would be a great fit.

  101. Good job cleaning out the rabble Carp, amen.

    Hopefully we can keep Zherdev’s salary low, and give him another shot. But if not, no big loss as he played like I would in the NHL in the playoffs. Like the trade, Lisin I think could be a good pick-up, and good luck to Korpi.

    btw, anyone wants to play NCAA 10 on 360 my GT is JCVD Roundhouse, or any other game, been playing Battlefield 1943 lately.

  102. For the record, I am not personally attached to Richards. I would prefer a more affordable alternative. I would even consider Marleau over Richards. But I am not making the decision. I know who Torts wants. . . .

  103. I always liked Marleau and would like to see him over Richards.

    But, unless Sather does another miracle (as he did with Montreal), I cannot see us unloading any big contracts. Well, the only way we could do that, is if we take a bad contract in return.

    I truly do not think that Sather is done and we just need to sit and wait.

  104. I know this was discussed previously, but that ESPN ranking really annoyed me.

    How can you already rank NHL teams for next year? I think it would be wise to wait until the final rosters are announced.

    I do not know which is worse ESPN or VS when it comes to hockey.

  105. I wonder if that is truly Martin Havlat or someone posing as him. I am leaning towards someone posing as him.

  106. I watched the Lisin Highlight video, and yes he is impressive. Look at his Phoenix statistics from last year and maybe I see why Gretzky benched him. Lots of minuses on the old +/- stat column.

    I remember watching us against WAshington in the playoffs where the only person who was forcing the game and creating scoring chances was Dubinsky. Not gonna have that problem this year.

    I have the feeling we have too many ofensive pieces right now and another trade is coming. The yearly remake of the roster continues. Lets hope this is the last year of this stuff.


  107. Wow, there have been a ton of rumblings about weird things going on in Chicago-

  108. Sept. 15 Bruins at MSG
    Sept. 16 Devils in Newark
    Sept. 18 Red Wings in Detroit
    Sept. 19 Bruins in Boston
    Sept. 21 Red Wings at MSG
    Sept. 24 Capitals at MSG
    Sept. 27 Caps in D.C.

  109. YUP

    wow thanks for that link. This chicago thing seems twisted, but Havlat should ease up. Once again Twitter redefines “access”.

  110. I Was Duguay on

    With respect the defense, I think we all saw that Staal and Girardi can log some major minutes, if we add Rozival and Morris in there, then even if the 3rd pair are rookies, they won’t be overextended on the ice and might have a chance to develop as the season goes along.

    As far as any further trades go, who knows? Would it be nice to have a front-end center? Of course, but as Jor71 pointed out, Ol Red Cheeks will have to create another miracle to dump salary and I just don’t think that’s gonna happen, but then again, I never thought Brashear would be a Ranger.

  111. well they are remaking the tema that is for sure. I liked Korpikoski but have no opinion on his replacement because I am not sure if i ever really noticed him on the ice. the good news is they are not trading young guys for the martin ruscunsky’s of this generation.

    the rangers will be real young for sure, should have speed also.

    zherdev does not get it and he is on the path of a underachieving 50 to 60 point a year career. dubinsky plays harder, grittier, and with less skill should be a better 2 way player by far…

    sign dubi, and try to package some assets for heatley such as; roszival, lisen or kotalik, a young d man such as del zotto or sanguinetti and 1 other asset.

    heatley, gaborik, drury, callahan, dubi, anismov, grachev, byers,higgins, and others would provide plenty of speed and scoring…

  112. You’re welcome, Jeff

    Yeah, it’s pretty nuts the amount of things he saying and how mad he is.

  113. tomb

    havlat signed with the wild at the beginning of free agency. 6 years 30 million.

  114. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Sorry folks but Korpedo peaked in Game 5 ’07-08 against the Penguins. it’s been downhill since.

    How do you like those Zherdev comments, Greg? Still a Zherdev apologist?

  115. I read the Zherdev interview. Dang, I expect more drive from an NHL player. He seems way too happy with last year’s performance.

    Must’ve gotten to the NHL too easily. Maybe he still thinks he is in a socialist country. Oh wait, actually he is.

  116. yeah tomb.. since the america you know is true capitalism…..

    yea you got your economics degree frome where?

    tax breaks for teams to build stadiums, yea that is true capitalism with the govt. not picking winners.

    i got an idea tomb, stick to hockey…

  117. That Shirt Is Dugay on

    Thank god we’re not playing overseas or down in P.R. this year. Back to the norm.

    Although the trip to Switzerland didn’t hurt Pitt all that much…

  118. In defense of Z- that interview is done while he’s negotiating a contract and when the Rangers have made it pretty clear to him that he’s not coming back- what do you want him to say?

  119. onecupin69years and counting on

    Korpedo 19th overall pick in 04 , was and is a bust .
    1st rounder, 4th line and killing penalties?
    The rangers do better drafting in the later rounds, hank,dubi, callahan, the only exception is Staal.
    sather still doesn’t have clue on how to build a team, what is he doing?

    Roszi, reddon staal and gerardi and who else? The only d worth keeping are staal and Gerardi.
    Last year they were injury free, I doubt if 09/10 will be the same.

  120. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I want him to say he was a lazy uninspired waste of Jagr’s roster spot

  121. tomb, I was laughing with you, and I agree, and I did get a finance degree ;)

    But let’s stick to hockey, and not be condescending Stuart…didn’t you read Carp’s entry above.

  122. the rangers can pick between’ gilroy, sanguinetti, del zotto, sauer, and heikannen(not sure if that is the correct name), for 1 or 2 spots for d

    they are all young and have upside….

    i rather go with the young guys then older players with no upside and avg. peformance….staal and girardi shoud lcontinue to improve for the next few years…

  123. buck i did read it and therefore let’s stick to hockey since most of you experts know jack about business and money or economics….

  124. I agree No Country…it would be nice if Z was a little more diplomatic…how does he get his helmet on ;)

  125. Stuart, I don’t know who Jack is, but I do know that I passed my series 7 and 63 :)

  126. Stuart- I think it’s Gilroy and then 1 of the other guys- Gilroy, I believe, has a 1 way contract meaning he would have to pass through waivers to go down-

    No country- Or he could just say I was the team’s leading scorer and a plus player even though all of the fans and coach hate me-

  127. There are rumblings going on at TSN saying we are still one of three teams in the Heatley sweepstakes, my guess is deciding which center we want to give up.

  128. I don’t think it matters one way or two way when it comes to waivers. I think it means the pay will not decease if he goes to Hartford. I think its age and NHL experience that comes into play with passing through waivers.

  129. Carp: any news on Dubi?

    Also, don’t let the dunce posters get to you–a lot of them (esp. the imposters) are fans from different teams coming here from different boards. They know they’ve gotten to you–you are better off ignoring them. I do (mostly).

  130. Koala…I think Marc-Andre Bergeron could be a fun addition if he could fit under the cap

  131. koala

    Sather may get desperate for a center and sign Lang. Or Comrie. If his stock continues to fall and we can get him on the cheap, comrie might not be too bad…

    i’m ready to be made fun of

  132. Cindy Crawford on

    I think Sykora would work honestly. He has speed and can score…

    Even though we do need a center..

  133. No Country For Old Rangers on


    There is something to be said about that. If your leading scorer is loathed by the garden faithful and team management, that speaks volumes about the person’s character.

    It’s not just about goals and assists. Ranger fans want passion and fire. look at the fan favorites man: dubi, cally, avery. not prolific scorers by any means but players with heart, effort and grit.

    if you want to be a one dimensional scoring threat, you better produce like mofo and do it consistently. you cant disappear for 25 games. you cant be a ghost in the playoffs. we want players to bleed for our team. Z isn’t that type of player, so we say goodbye.

    it is beyond me how people can still support this guy.

  134. What do you think about P.J. Axelsson or Petr Sykora ??

    I just remembered Alex Tanguay playing for the Avalanche on the line with Milan Hejduk and Joe Sakic !

    If he could play a little bit like that, what do you think ?
    I know he wasn´t as good in Montreal and even when he played for the Flames ?

  135. jeffluke,

    Hahaha….true! (I would love to be a Fly on the wall to hear the conversations in the locker room this year!)

  136. It’s beyond me how easily people give up on a 24 year old with that type of talent- think it works both ways-

    Jed Ortmeyer was a fan favorite, Dom Moore was a fan favorite- they played with fire, they played with heart-

    Talent plays a bit into the equation as well- it’s a coach’s job to get the best out of a player. If Torts isn’t up to it, then maybe we have the wrong coach-

  137. Uncle Rick !

    You see, I try to stirr up the discussions as much as possible to make your blog as lively as possible..:)

    I would deserve the Rangers making an exhibition game in Australia !:)

  138. Flyline,

    3 coaches have tried to elevate Zherdev and 3 have failed… instead of blaming the coaches, try blaming the player.

  139. Again, if he’s a failure then hopefully Dubi becomes a failure and gets us 55-60 points in the next 2 years as well-

  140. Dubi doesn’t take shifts off during a game, doesn’t dog it on the back check & defensive zone, doesn’t play around with the puck and then lose it with no effort, doesn’t have a piss poor attitude, hasn’t had 2 Stanley Cup winning coaches give up on him, isn’t looking for $5 million a year.. Zherdev is and does.

  141. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Torts is a brilliant coach with an eye for talent and the ability to get the most out of his players. he knows exactly what Zherdev is: soft

    What is more infuriating to watch-

    A player with all the talent in the world who doesn’t hussle/shows no effort. (zherdev)

    Or a player with less talent who is skating his ass off? (ortmeyer/dom) Ortie and Dom had the fire but not much skill so they’re gone.

    Zherdev has the skill but not the fire so he’s gone. the guy’s been in the league since 03-04. how much time are you going to give him to become the great player you think he is?

    he reminds me of alexander daigle

  142. Has never come close to the offensive production of Zherdev…went 20 plus games without scoring a goal…

    I love Dubi and all of the intangibles but tangibles matter too. We’ve got a 24 year old 60 point guy we are giving up on. Awesome! Wait until Grachev scores 15 goals and doesnt backcheck!

  143. He is LAZY! 60 points is good but imagine if he actually put forth any effort! His career is not so far as a hard working player, who gave it his all and left nothing out there but a guy who has a ton of talent but no effort behind it to make him a very good player.

    He is a good player, nowhere near $4.5 mil or even $4 mil, he is incredibly frustrating to watch and his sense of entitlement (with the contract that he feels the Rangers should just give to him for no reason ) is really sickening!

  144. wow the “q” is nowhere near the “g”. No excuses there. My damned IQ problem is flaring up again.

  145. Attn NYR brass: please keep Blair Betts, im sure they are gonna have a package soon for Duby, but after the past few seasons, I find Betts to be an invaluable 3/4th line center, not to mention special teams play which without it there is no doubt would have made them miss the playoffs and it irks me that somehow there is room for Arnason, Boyle, Brashear, Voros, Lisin etc. We have three young studs in Higgins-Duby-Cally, three giant questions marks in Kotalik-Drury-Gabo, the aformentioned group of head scrachers, and the newly crowned next Sid and Malkin in A.A. and Grachev.
    I’m hopeful that between Gilroy, Potter, Sauer, Heikkinen, and Sanguinetti there are two guys who can seriously play. As a lifelong fan i’m nervous.

  146. No Country For Old Rangers on

    right on Jason

    also the fact that Z is YOUNG and LAZY doesn’t bode well for his future. he should be a hungry player at age 24, trying to prove himself, playing for that contract. sadly, it was not the case.

  147. No Country For Old Rangers on

    if you can get Z cheap sign him to a one year deal but I honestly think Torts has seen enough.

  148. Rick,

    “Losing” is really a frame of mind when it comes to arbitration cases.

    He won’t get what he wants and the Rangers won’t get what they want, it will usually get split down the middle or somewhere around it so both the team and player lose, no?

    Also, can you trade a players rights who has an arbitration hearing pending?

  149. And if Torts is in this arbitration hearing and speaks, I have a feeling Zherdev won’t want to have a contract to come back.

  150. Dubinsky would look great in one of our Aussie mans trunks, all skimpy and wet, glistening with man cream and butt cleverage. Priscilla, Dubinsky of the Desert, er, Dessert.

  151. Rick,

    I think sather wants to definitely bring zherdev back…he does not want to look like a fool for giving up tyutin for nothing if he lets zherdev walk….the problem is you know torts already has zherdev in his doghouse and he does not want him come back on this team….they disagreed on the avery benching during the playoffs and i firmly believe sather and torts disagree on this matter…..if he comes back and he plays the way he played last year he better get comfortable up in the skybox because i think he will be benched often

  152. I’d rather lose with Ortmeyer, Betts, and Dubi than lose with Z.

    3 of those guys are fun to watch and easy to cheer for every single night, even if they can’t put big points up. The other is just frustrating because he won’t put big points up.

  153. No Country For Old Rangers on

    The main advantage of signing Zherdev would be the ability to trade him/package him with rozival or something.

  154. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Whether Torts has seen enough of Z or not, you can’t deny a 60 point scorer falling in your lap on the cheap. If he can be had inexpensively, you’re obligated to take him. Do I want him back for market value, no. But if he can be had in expensively, take him. Then trade him

  155. No, They won´t keep him, because he likes russian borshtsoup even more than american hot dog and the petro rubles from Sulaev even more than the american bugs from big apple, no doubt about it..:)

    Torts already decided to give him a kick !!!

  156. Doodie Machetto on


    He won’t lose. Those things usually go by asking the player to compare his output with another player and that salary. His 23 goals and 35 assists compares very favorably with another Ranger who had 22 goals and 34 assists… and is paid 7 million.

    Hell, they just gave Kotalik 3 million for 3 years for his performance last season which was about 3 goals and 10 assists less.

    But, just to humor you and your hypothetical, I still think the team walks away, even if he loses. Either that or they take it, then deal him.

  157. Zherdev is already gone. The Rangers need a center. I would take Comrie or Lang (whom I lobbied for before. . . it may have been 1998, but I lobbied for him). I would prefer a better player, but I could live with either of those two. . . except I won’t have to because the Rangers are getting. . . . . . you know who.

  158. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, a player technically wins the arbitration if he gets anything higher than what the team offers.

  159. Carp, I think it will be interesting to see which number the Rangers and Zherdev’s camp goes in with- Honestly I don’t think the Rangers have him in their plans anymore, which is foolish- Read somewhere that Z’s agent tried to contact Sather and he wouldn’t even talk to him-which is why they filed for arbitration- not a great sign…

    You guys are just saying he is soft, etc etc- what happens if our “world class” coach ever got him going, don’t you think the upside is crazy? Isn’t it worth a 1 year risk?

  160. Doodie,

    UFA contracts are obsolete in arbitration hearings. Only RFA contracts are able to be compared.

  161. Really? So if my team offers one million, and I want 10 million, and the ruling is two million, I win?

  162. Sather never gives the arbitration guys a deal. I don’t know the stats, but typically Sather crushes arbitration guys. Only a guy with the moxie of a Sean Avery can handle that stuff.

  163. Yeah, it is tough on me here cause of the time change…:)

    Hard job to do..I deserve to have a minium of 15 games during the regular season as afternoon games when it will be released tomorrow and don ´t tell me,you don´t like it…:)

    The Rangers are a global frenchise now and they need to look after their overseas fans..:)

    Look at the Premier Divison when they have early afternoon games on Saturdays in order to accomodate the complet asian world :)

  164. Working under the assumption that Tortorella has had some input with Sather on personnel decisions going forward and acknowledging that different coaching styles require different players – where would most of you fall out on Renney these days??

    Sather/Tortorella are implicitly saying the team last year could not get it done and have moved or not resigned a number of guys at the trade deadline or this summer (Gomez, Naslund, Mara, Orr, Betts, Sjostrom, Morris, Korpikoski, Dawes, Prucha, Kalinin, probably Zherdev).

    Is it fair to say Renney was given a crappy team based on all these moves?

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly line, the Rangers can’t come in any lower than his qualifying offer, which if I’m not mistaken was 3.25 million.

    Is that QO number correct?

  166. UESBlueshirt on

    For those making the Dubi/Zherdev comparisons, not sure if that’s an apples to apples comparison. Dubi is going into his 3rd full year, Zherdev is going into his 6th. Dubi plays center and thus has more responsibilities in his own end. Dubi can also play both on the PP and PK.

    Earlier I mentioned how Dubi’s career has so far mirrored Travis Zajac’s. Promising rookie year, disappointing 2nd year and then made decent strides in his 3rd year. Zajac had 62 points last year. In a full year playing in a more attacking system I think Dubi can probably match those numbers.

  167. Fugg Sundin, he had his chance to sign with us last season and he chose the Nucks over us, so he can take his poker chips and stick it up his ass. I hate him !

    Nice to see Pott-head re-sign, i don’t know what the chances are of him playing for Nyr any time soon, unless Sangs, Del Z, Gilroy, and the rest of the young D don’t play good enough to hold a spot on the team. He was pretty good in the games he played with us.

  168. I try to watch the Bowman Press Conference from Chicago as you always need to be aware, what´s happening in different markets and teams..:)

    ….but it is not working..!!

    Is there anyone who tried the same ?

  169. UES from your lips to God’s ears! I agree that it’s not really a fair comparison, just taking a guy the fans love and comparing him to Z-

    Doodie- not an expert at all but I think we can come in 15% lower than the QO (don’t remember where I read that)

  170. I have to say publicly- Im sorry. Few times in my posts I tried to justify signing Zherdev b/c of his talant, joung age,promissing upside and most of all I thought he really likes to play for Rangers. Now, I read his interview in Russian and what lost in translation was his tone – total disrespect for club he is playing and kind of indiference, type of “whatever” (except the money)I didn’t like it at all and totally change my attatude. Let him go.

  171. I think its “The Player cannot receive less than 85% of the previous year’s salary”

    What did Z make last year? 2.5 right?

  172. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, techinically that is correct.

    If the player takes the team to arbitration, any amount over what the team is offering is technically a win for the player.

    The same goes in reverse for the team if they take the player to arbitration. Any amount lower than what the player is demanding and the team wins.

    It’s a silly and technical distinction, but you know me, I love those things.

  173. you kidding me, it is not working..

    You guys making fun of someone sittin´on the other side of the world in the middle of the night…

    The guys from nhl.com deserve to get a kick in the b…oh no obscenity violation here :)

  174. I think that means the Rangers can come in with a number of 2.125 on the low end

  175. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly, where did you see that?

    I’m sure the Rangers will come in as low as they possibly can.

  176. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Zherdev’s cap hit was 2.5, but his actual salary last year was 3.25. That’s why he got the 3.25 qualifying offer.

  177. series 7 still means you know jack…series 7 does not have anything to do with economics it has ti do with being licensed to sell securites, so what…

    btw there are 2 stuart posters..

  178. Lisin is a talented two-way forward with a huge offensive upside and a significant defensive upside. The young forward was more than likely the fastest forward eligible for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft. He is fully capable of developing into a top line forward in the NHL. He’s an amazing skater, who’s a good finisher, has a great wrist shot, is very precise and has a deceivingly quick release.

    From Hockey’s Future

  179. I wonder how much Comrie will sign for? He put up pathetic numbers last year and I think he was in the 3.5 – 4 mill range. I’ll take him @ 2.

  180. If that’s true Dr. O then our low number could be 2.76-

    I’m not up to speed on exactly how QO work, etc- was the deal Z was on last year the end of a multi-year deal?

  181. anyone a little concerned about payroll flexibility going forward? Looking at our team it seems as though everyone we have is locked up-

    Higgins is UFA after next year/Staal-Girardi are both RFAs and Vally is UFA-

    other than that we are locked up (if Dubi signs a 2 year deal) which scares me if a) all 3 of those players are great next year and demand raises and b) the Salary cap goes down-

    This is why I wanted Z instead of Kotalik- the 1 year deal offers us more flexibility-

  182. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly line, I’m with you. The 3 year term is the big problem I had with the Kotalik signing.

  183. Kotalik is just as tradable as Z. Maybe moreso because of his consistency over the years. Z means nothing anymore.

  184. Doodie Machetto on

    cwgatti, we wouldnt have had to trade zherdev. his contract would have expired next year.

    And Kotalik’s contract isn’t that tradeable, especially if he struggles next year.

  185. If Z wanted to prove himself, he should have already. He was so scared at the end of the season/playoffs he was pissing himself whenever he had the puck. I say let Z go. You will probably forget Z the first time u see Gaborik breakaway next season.

  186. this is roszivals 3rd year of a 4 yr deal. the only onerous contracts left will be gomez and redden assuming gaborik stays healthy. with 1 yr left at $5 mill roszival will be tradeable believe it or not….

    there terrible contracts are becoming fewer so I think the payroll flexibilty is better then it was….

    if grachev and anisimov can give them good years this can be a good team. That is a lot to ask but what the heck………..

  187. Well if any player struggles, his trade value drops. That’s common sense. But if we are looking at histories, Kotalik is more valuable as a player and a trade chip.

  188. Kotalik is not as tradable an asset as Zherdev is- when you pay more than anyone else for a guy, it tends to limit his trade value-

  189. This will be Rosival’s SECOND year of his four year deal stuart, that contract was signed last summer after Redden signed….. Are Dubinsky and Zherdev the only RFA left now that potter signed? I can’t think of anyone else

  190. Stuart,
    I agree. His cap hit is $5mil per. But his actual cost is less than that (I think as low as $3mil in the last year). That is very appealing to a team in financial trouble (Edmonton, Columbus, DALLAS, etc.). If Rozi gets $7mil (cash) over the last 2 years of the deal, he is a cash bargain.

  191. stuart
    July 14th, 2009 at 4:48 pm
    this is roszivals 3rd year of a 4 yr deal. the only onerous contracts left will be gomez and redden assuming gaborik stays healthy. with 1 yr left at $5 mill roszival will be tradeable believe it or not….

    Drury instead of Gomez I am assuming?
    And Rozi is tradeable at 2 yrs 5mm per, thats not that outrageous for him

    Redden on the other hand..

  192. You can’t trade for Zherdev because he will score 0–ZERO–points in the playoffs. His value is zippo now and zippo later. I bet he is in Russia next year anyway. If he wanted to accept a fair deal, I could see TAKING A CHANCE on him AGAIN. He is an enigma for sure.

  193. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues and is getting uglier!!!... says Greg L. on

    Disco Stu , too bad i read it all late and Carp plunked out his post. Seems to me he was just raggin on the blog.

    Ranger Rick. If you dont read the comments then why am I typing something to you? The thing is , the comments gove you an inside scoop at time to different stories and valuble Ranger views. That right , valuble posts are posted here daily. By not reading the comments Ranger Rick ..I geuss you’ll never know.

    On Zherdev comments. No comment yet.

    ,,, well If Zherdev rolled over and bowed to Glen Sather like Shanahan did. Saying all he wants is to be a Ranger!!! We don’t sign shanny and he goes to the Devils!!?? Least Zherdev is honest but his remarks do make me upset too.

    btw Koala , ya puzzeled me a week ago when ya went on about the tennis. Haven’t figured you out yet.

  194. Just for the record, Arturo Gatti was a close relative through marriage, since some of you were asking. I cant comment any further.

  195. What makes Korp a bust? 1 season where his role was undefined rotating from center to wing. Come on. That’s not how it works. You have to have more patience. He probably won’t be more than a 3rd liner but already had the wheels and instincts. And what’s more. He was versatile and already a fixture on the PK. So, maybe he won’t be more than a 15-20 goal, 40 pt guy. But I really wish they’d have retained him to see what he could do on say a third line with Anisimov under ideal ice-time.

    Lisin has talent but why has he been benched so much? Is he another Zherdev in training?

    Call me a skeptic.

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