PC or not PC (and Rangers sign Johnson)


And I’m not talking “political correctness” although some of the last thread sure showed that a few people could use a quick lesson in that.

I’m talking about my PC at blog headquarters, which is acting up. So I’m putting up this on my laptop as I hit the road for a few interviews and such today. I will try to check back late in the day if and when I get a wireless signal.

I trust you guys will troll the web and post anything you find newsworthy, as you always do, in the comments section.

Oh, Happy Monday.


Heys guys, Laurel here. Thanks for the tip. Here’s the release:

New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with goaltender Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson Johnson, 23, was acquired by the Rangers from the Pittsburgh Penguins, in exchange for a fifth round pick (151st overall) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, on June 27. He appeared in 35 games with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) last season, registering a 14-16-5 mark with a 1.66 goals against average.

Johnson, a finalist for the Hobey Baker Award as college hockey’s top player, earned CCHA Player of the Year honors, and was named to the CCHA First All-Star Team. He was also selected to the NCAA West All-American Second Team. He led the CCHA in goals against average and save percentage, and achieved career-highs in games played, wins, goals against average, save percentage (.940), and shutouts (six).

The 6-3, 200-pounder has appeared in 79 career CCHA games with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks, posting a 25-35-11 mark, along with a 2.33 goals against average, .918 save percentage and seven shutouts. Johnson recorded his first collegiate shutout during the 2006-07 season.

As a freshman in 2005-06, he collected six wins and posted a 2.56 goals against average with a .917 save percentage. He finished the season ranked third in the conference among first-year players in goals against average and save percentage.

The Calgary, Alberta native was originally Pittsburgh’s fifth round choice, 125th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. oh bloody monday indeed, how many more days until Ranger Camp!-about 60 more days of pain….good interview with Torts on MSG Friday night, I cannot wait for the players to enjoy his practice style….who do you think is the most out of shape on the team-Redden,Voros, Roszical, Drury-anyone else come to mind? I was watching the replays of the CAPS series all weekend long and it is amazing how bad a play drury made on the first goal in game 5-i know he was hurt but jeez skate with a lil urgency to try to slow down bradley there….show some heart CHRIS!

  2. seth- dury comes as is with the 7m dollar package. for him to skate to you have to buy the upgraded drury for an additional 1 million.

  3. the only time dru showed heart was when they played the magnet mountain team. thats the only time i saw him yell or get mad or do anything besides chew on his mouthpiece

  4. and that was a preseason game. obviously sather mustve forgotten to buy the upgraded drury for the regular season. no wonder!!!!

  5. Boring monday…summer really drags with no hockey to watch. 2 weeks left in the Tour de France and then boredom will really set in…

    Really want to see some news on Cally and Dubi.

    There’s not even any interesting free agents left to follow: Tanguay, Zubov and Biron…..

    Carp – who you interviewing?

  6. lol rick. hey, ur not supposed to say first!!! youre supposed to say, im cool enough so that i dont have to say “first”. what the heck carpo?? not cool man. just not cool. im outta here!!

  7. THIS IS A GOOD TIME TO START UP A RANGER REPORT HOCKEY LEAGUE!! who will win the elusive CARPY CUP?? tdchi’s clutch commandos or colins colons?

  8. Mike IN IA

    upgraded drury i love it, the concession guys should yell it at MSG…instead of cotton candy for $10 it would be get your “upgraded drury” here, $25 for your “UPGRADED DRURY”, f-me!

  9. 2nd place gets the infamouus thompson head trophy. all the rest get the mcmanus trophy

  10. thats what i was thinkin seth! you know how when you get cable, they tell you if you want the good channels you have to upgrade. same with dru. his upgrade clause just didnt kick in yet

  11. I get the feeling the only thing the Rangers are going to do before the season starts is sign Callahan and Dubinsky and let Zheredev walk and see which defensemen make the big club that they have in the making. If the Rangers are going to make a trade it probably will happen near the trading deadline in the regular season.

  12. mike in ia – I was serious about getting guys together for a game. I don’t even know where to start with that endeavor, but it’d be a good time. Hell, even see if ‘ol SW wants to come out of his golf seclusion for a spell. Maybe get Carp on some skates. I’d happily arrange it if I lived anywhere close to the city(which I don’t)…oh well…

  13. Lets hope the Drury upgrade is part of the Kotalik 1.0 package…..it used to be when he wa in Buffalo..

  14. seth- an upgraded drury cost more than 25 though. and if you want the premium package(which includes 2 ultra clutch game winning goals a season, and an additional pp goal), you have to pay the upgrade service fee, plus an extra 1 million per clutch goal. (clutch face off wins not included)

  15. i know tdchi- i just joshin man. i would love to play some puck too if i wasnt halfway ‘cross the country. thats why i mentioned nhl 09 or 10 when it comes out. loser must play as islanders though until they win again. damn, i havent played in my roller hockey league for over 10 years no. im a little rusty lol. but i skate still

  16. uk- i would guess that was why kotalik was signed. seems like a good idea to get him goin too. it was eithjer that or gionta and gomo. we saved 2 mill this way!! yea, now we can sign zubov!! j/k

  17. too much cffee. posting too much. goin to work. later guys and let me know if you wanna get a nhl 09 league goin

  18. all over drury this am i love it……ok ill try to be positive for one moment(i know i know defnitely in the minority here – Rick do you allow positive comments on this blog) I think Roszival has a good year I really do, i think he was very cautious coming back from his hip surgery last year and was hesitant to go into the trenches and win pucks and win battles…..i think this year he turns it around a bit and torts will demand that he shoots the one timer on the PP, he was very reluctant to shoot as you all are very much aware but the lack of the efficient pass to one time the puck was jsut as big of a problem as the reluctant to shoot the puck…

  19. NYRanger4Life on

    According to the Columbus Dispatch, the BJackets are looking for a “skilled” puck moving defensemen. They are actively shopping LW Jason Chimera….who the last time I checked is pretty decent and making only 1.85 / year.

    I know we are pretty set with LW’s, BUT…I’m thinking any deal that involves Rozy going the other way (with a mid level prospect) is worth investigating. Sather has dealt with this squad in the past (Tyutin / Z)….


    Thoughts? He’s a 15 goal scorer…great skater and would be a good option on the 4th line. Most of the peep’s here I’d imagine would pass on this b/c they want the youth to get a chance…. but any chance to jettison Roszival is worth it in my book.

  20. Can’t help but feel like one of our MANY d-prospects won’t be at training
    camp due to a trade… Just a feelin. Rozi stays to be one of the vet
    dmen and Dredden to unfortunately

  21. Happy Monday Carp!
    and Damnit why do you always have to do that first thing…! LOL!!!
    oh and PC as in Political Correctness…is as gay as the day is long…how’s that for PC.
    Call it like I see it!

  22. somebody put me straight on you you pronounce Kotalik’s name…

    Is it KOtalik, KoTALik, or kotalEEK?

  23. Just what this team needs….another 4th liner in Chimera. We have enough 3rd and 4th liners in the system already.

  24. tdchi,
    Just go to Yahoo and start your own league. I did it last year. Easy as pie. I would like to play.

  25. NYRanger4Life

    I highly doubt there is any room for Chimera, the only way that trade makes sense is that its a 3m salary dump.

  26. coming back from honeymoon tonigt. recommend cabo for all needing a vacation.

    any news what day the schedule comes out this week.

    mike in ia
    u deserve the chris drury award.

    where is ORR

  27. I think its funny that you yahoos think that becasue a guy is level headed he has no heart. You really need to learn that its not always good to have a guy loosing it on the bench.

  28. So you say Drury went from one of teh nicest guy and hardest working guys on the NHL to a do it for the $$$ guys….how do you explain than him playing teh the PO’s with a broken wrist…seeing as how their pay checks stop after the regular season….hmmm…just for the money. Give up on trying to paint every guy who gets alot of money a lazy no heart player. Drury has a ton of heart, he palys hard and gives up his body every game, jsut because he doesnt score alot doesnt mean he has no heart, it jsut means that the NHL over pays for some palyers, all teams do it, maybe not every year, not all teams at once, but every team ends up overpaying for a player. And there arnt many people who would turn down a big contract just to say, “well im not worth that much”

  29. Wildcard,
    I have zero problem with guys being paid well, if you earn it, it’s yours in my book!

    Ovechkin get’s $9,538,462 (and plays like it)
    Drury gets $7,050,000 (and he plays like the walking dead…mayb we should give him a raise)

    PS For $7,050,000…I’d play with a broken wrist/leg/ankle/Johnson!

  30. all of this talk of trading Dubi for Savard is making me kind of sick. I know Dubi may never be a #1 center, but he is a great heart and soul guy, and still tons of potential.

    Can you imagine Lucic and Dubinsky on a line together? talk about skilled and hard to play against…

  31. Tom T in South Jersey on

    Hey Buck, have you ever seen AO play the game? He floats around lurking for chances to shoot while the rest of the guys on the ice cover for him.

    Everyone should wait and see what this year brings. As was mentioned before, Drury played an up tempo style in Buffalo and succeeded tremendously!

  32. Trading Dubinsky for Savard would be a MONUMENTAL mistake of Wade Redden signing proportions.

    Forget the fact that Dubinsky is going to improve two-fold under Torts, he’s bigger, stronger and a better skater, not to mention significantly cheaper.

    Sure, Savard might be a better playmaker, but the book on him is he disappears in a big spots. He’s small, probably wouldn’t thrive in our system (he plays a slower, more calculated game) and peaked 2 years ago.

    He has absolutely zero upside. He’s the exact type of player the organiztion should stay away from.

    Id much rather sign a free agent to a one year lease at center, a la Tanguay.

  33. Brandon,

    let me first start with that I agree with you-enough trading the kids for veterans…i am one of the biggest dubi fans out there and I would not make this trade either but dont sell Savard short-he is a top 15 player in the leauge in my opinion and would be tremendous playing with Gaborik

  34. UESBlueshirt on

    If there’s any player that would symbolize the follies of trading away young talent for past its prime talent it would be Savard. Don’t compound the mistake of trading him away in the first place by trading to get him back.

  35. cwgatti – They’re talking about playing hockey for real. I have run a Rangers Report fantasy league for the past two years, but people don’t seem to want to stick around for a second year besides a couple. I’ll let you know when I start it up again next season.

  36. Hockeyman Rangers on

    July 13th, 2009 at 11:51 am
    With great reward, comes great responsibility

    Buck I like it, look at what Nausland did, Yea I don’t think Drury or Redden should retire but some repsonsibility for what they earn. Redden’s deal is far worse than Drury, they need to step up and take a pay cut.

    It would be nice if these contracts could have something in them that if you don’t reach a certain level of play you don’t get your 100% paycheck. Ok obviously I am no lawyer but it would have to worded in a certain way.

  37. Brandon: great points. Savard has peaked and Dubinsky is cheaper and younger and has potential.

  38. Hockeyman Rangers,

    Glad we see eye to eye…I don’t know what the CBA thinks of it, but it would do wonders for our Cap, if we had that clause in Reddens & Drury’s contract


    I think you are right saving Fox for later…you don’t want to strain anything ;-)

  39. I am a Drury fan, That doesn’t mean I don’t curse him and throw things at the TV, when he screws up. Last playoffs were not great for him. He was injured, I think more than his wrist. He was not really in the play, but he should not have been out there. If there had been anyone else that Torts thought would be better out there he would not have played Drury. I was happy with how he played most of the time. He is a great leader, and he will prove it again and again this coming season. Hopefully there will be more production this year, but I don’t think he has scored more than 20 to 30 goals ever. He gets paid a lot of cash , but Sather did the deal. end of story.

  40. I have never been an advocate of political correctness but a fan of the Personal Computer. I have heard great things about apple stuff especially the video editing software. But I was raised on PC and basically too lazy to switch. I cant beleive im talking about computers.

    Mark Savard been there done that. If one thing Ranger history has shown us YOU CAN’T GO BACK.

    Fear and Loathing Of Donald Brashear video w/commentary


  41. Tom T in South Jersey…

    If you had a chance to swap Drury and AO, your telling me you wouldn’t do it, because he floats around lurking for chances?

  42. Mouth

    the only downside on macs are the games… most nice games come out for PCs first and there is a bigger offering (or at least there was back when I used to bother checking… eventually if I wanted a game I’d turn o video systems rather than computers) but still some software isn’t fully compatible…

    but as far as other things my Mac beats Pc’s hands down… My Dad was a computer programmer he worked for IBM for I don’t even know how many years… for work all his computers had to be PC but for personal use there was nothing but Mac in the house.

    and I remember being a kid and high school and hating having to bother with the PC’s in computer class….

  43. I Was Duguay on

    Well hockey Chad Johnson should fit in well with the Blueshirts because he must be used to playing behind a team totally devoid of offense. How do you explain a 14-16 W-L and a GAA under 2 as well as a Hobey Baker nod?

  44. UESBlueshirt on

    Devils announce Lemaire as their “new head coach”. Too bad LouLam doesn’t realize what made the trap system work for the Devils were 2 HOF D in Stevens and Niedermayer and a host of other solid 2nd and 3rd pairings. Also, as much credit as Lemaire gets in his first go around with the Devils they only won one of their Cups with him at the helm. The next year they missed the playoffs and never made it past the 2nd round with him again. Unless a trade is in the works it doesn’t seem the Devils addressed any of their needs for the upcoming season. I really hope this is the year they miss the playoffs entirely.

  45. :)

    hey is anyone near or going to be near Penn Station… I can’t stand the Dunkin Donuts out here on LI (they are often sold out of many of the donuts but always have plenty of bagels… as if most of us aren’t going to go to a Bagel shop for Bagels???) anyway Tim Hortons apparently took over the DD’s in Penn Station and I was wondering if anyone got the chance to see if they were any good.

  46. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Overhauling the Forwards…Offense:

    Gone from 2008-2009 season ( 7 of our 12 forwards)
    Gomez, Naslund, Zherdev , Antropov , Betts , Orr and Sjoostrom

    Gone from 2007-2008 season (6 oo our 12 forwards)
    Jagr, Shannahan , Straka , Dawes , Prucha , Hollweg

    The only five returing forwards:

    Drury , Dubinsky , Avery , Callahan , Korpokowski

    Add the following new forwards:

    Gaborik , Higgins , Kotalik , Boyle , Brashear , (either Anisimov or Arnason to center the third line), and take your choice for 12th forward (Byers , Voros, Rissmiller etc)

    I like the direction of the team for the first time under the Sather regime. I like the only 5 remaining forwards, I like the 6 new forwards, and who cares who skates with Boyle and Brashear on the 4th line, Coach Torts doesn’t play the 4th line.

    Defense and goaltending has not been our problem the past two seasons. Offense and forwards have been our problem. We have gotten bigger, younger , faster , and more elite with the most recent moves. I am getting excited for the season.

  47. Cindy Crawford on

    agravaine… i saw it this morning in Penn. They were giving a ton of stuff away. I just walked over to the old DD down on New St thinking if the Tim H’s was open in Penn it would be open here, but it wasnt. So now I am drinking some gross ice coffee from a stupid cafe.

  48. oh… My Mum is very excited for it… she can’t stand DD any longer… altough having a new donut shop in Manhattan does little good for us on LI

  49. agravaine

    i was plannin on bein there this morning for the grand opening. is it 24 hrs?

    dyin for a brownie ice capp!

  50. UESBlueshirt on

    The Flyers with that goaltending? I know they have a lot of quality forwards but with an Emery/Boucher tandem? The Hurricanes are good about once every four years, I fully expect them to revert back to their non-playoff ways. And the Devils with losing much more than they’ve added are expected to be how good? The Habs miss the playoffs though, (Carey) priceless.

  51. Poor John McLean gets passed up again for Frenchie LePew. Fatso will have to throw 20 shutouts this year for the Joiseys to make the playoffs.

  52. When touting the Rangers position in the upcoming season in the east, you must ask yourselves which of the teams that are in this grouping will they be better than? It’s impossible to tell right now due to the state of flux that the team is in, and knowing what kind of lineups they will put forth to match up against some of the proven teams of the east. Montreal will be better ( they wouldn’t have far to come back to achieve that). Toronto will be tougher at least physically, and Pens haven’t sloughed off, Philly is a question mark, but Washington will still be as good if not better, and so will the Bruins. Buffalo …there is one of the bigger question marks – how much if any bit will they improve? Tricky puzzle to solve at this stage of the game.

  53. UESBlueshirt on

    I agree that the Rangers aren’t head and shoulders above the middle of the pack teams and a lot of their success will be determined with how well they adapt to the Torts style of play.

    The team currently constructed, even allowing for Dubi and Cally to be brought back into the fold, has a lot of question marks starting with Gaborik’s durability, the growth of the guys going into their 3rd/4th years in the league, the ability of the rookies to adapt to the NHL game, Henrik’s ability to erase mistakes in a higher risk system, etc.

    In terms of talent, relative to the teams that are projected to finish 4-10 in the East, per ESPN, the Flyers probably have the most talent but they have among the weakest goaltending in the entire conference (I’d say Fleury/Thomas/Brodeur/Lundqvist/Miller/Ward are better, even DiPietro if he’s healthy). Surprisingly enough, the Rangers have been one of the more consistent, albeit mediocre, teams in the conference since the lock out. In fact, I believe only the Rangers and the Devils have made the playoffs every single year since the lockout in the East.

  54. Could those ESPN projections be any more blahze?

    I mean, go out on a limb. What’s the point in having a column if you only make safe picks and state the obvious.

    Act with some conviction in your life.

  55. I think it’s still premature to do projections. Still a lot of unsigned talent out there.

  56. Gaborik is a G on

    “I am a Drury fan, That doesn’t mean I don’t curse him and throw things at the TV, when he screws up. Last playoffs were not great for him. He was injured, I think more than his wrist. He was not really in the play, but he should not have been out there. If there had been anyone else that Torts thought would be better out there he would not have played Drury. I was happy with how he played most of the time. He is a great leader, and he will prove it again and again this coming season. Hopefully there will be more production this year, but I don’t think he has scored more than 20 to 30 goals ever. He gets paid a lot of cash , but Sather did the deal. end of story.”

    Drury scored over 30 goals his last two seasons in buffalo, scoring 37 the season before coming to the rangers, NOT including his goals in the playoffs. It’s not that I don’t like the captain, it’s just pissing me off that a 20 goal scorer is getting paid 7 million dollars. When you get paid that much expectations shoot up, and if you aren’t producing offensively, you better get your ass on the ice to block shots, backcheck and help the team in every way you can. If he has another shit season I would like him untying skates of those who are actually scoring goals (mainly Gaborik)

  57. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Sweet, the Rangers won’t be the most boring team in the metro area next season.

  58. if gabby goes down, we wont make the playoffs. only having 1 superstar like that and then a bunch of 2nd/3rd liners is not good enough. if he gets hurt, we arent makin the playoffs.

  59. “Could those ESPN projections be any more blahze?
    I mean, go out on a limb. What’s the point in having a column if you only make safe picks and state the obvious.
    Act with some conviction in your life.”

    ESPN is to hockey what MTV is to music.

  60. ESPN might as well write an article predicting “This year, either a Western or Eastern conference team will win the cup.”

  61. UESBlueshirt on

    “if gabby goes down, we wont make the playoffs. only having 1 superstar like that and then a bunch of 2nd/3rd liners is not good enough. if he gets hurt, we arent makin the playoffs.”

    But that’s pretty much the type of team they had this past season and they still made it.

  62. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    From @LegendOfVinnyT on Twitter:

    “Future News: Mar 28, 2010 (Newark, NJ): Lemaire out, Lamoriello in as Devils coach.”

    Haha, nice…

  63. that would be pushin it nelson. i dont think they dare go so far in predicting a winner from one of the 2 conferences. maybe they predict that the deciding factor in the cup winner will be whoever scores more goals but thats a little too precise for them

  64. The Rangers finishing 7th is pretty reasonable if you ask me.

    However if the Rangers stay the course and dont make any stupid moves like trading young talent for stopgaps, we will be on the right track…

  65. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Breaking news from ESPN: “A cup that may or may not be named Stanley may or may not be awarded in 2009.”

  66. true-ues. but im sayin if gabby goes down for 50 games or so were not makin the playoffs. last year we had no injuries basically. ya get what im sayin.and no zherdev, naslund or antro to help either. its higgins,drury,cally,kotalik and dubi doin most of the scoring then

  67. DR. O- whooaa there lets not get carried away big guy. im pretty sure its a giant paperweight. at least thats what def leppard thought it was when the lead singer placed it on the table upside down. speaking of that, why the hell would the nhl hire a british band to play at the nhl premiere last season? obviously not saying brits dont know anything about hockey, but they sure didnt. that had to be one of the most awkward and dumbest moments for the league. embarrassing.

  68. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I agree that ESPN sucks but I sure do miss NHL on ESPN, NHL2NIGHT, etc. that beats the hell out VERSUS

  69. mike in ia: well those guys you listed are 80-100 goals, and thats not all the players, i am sure that a few goals will come from other guys, Avery for one, who knows about AA, and the 4th line should pot a few, Gabby down for 50 games I dont think will happen, injuries like that can happen to any player though so its some luck involved. I say if he plays 55+ he gets 30+ goals, still seems like a low goal total, but maybe with balanced scoreing some guys will get more that they “should” due to matchup problems from other teams, kind of like BUF a couple years back.

  70. Cindy Crawford on

    Gaborik is a G:

    “When you get paid that much expectations shoot up, and if you aren’t producing offensively, you better get your ass on the ice to block shots, backcheck and help the team in every way you can.”

    Pretty sure Drury was GREAT in the shot-blocking dept. He is a pretty good back-checker as well…

  71. Dont forget Renney had a system that slowed down offensive numbers. Drury may well have had more goals the last two years if the system was difrent. We dont know what he will be like under Torts because he was injured most of the time he was in charge, so this year will tell alot. I like Drury, he is overpaid, but he is a hard working palyer and hates to lose, he doesnt blame anyone but himself for bad games, we need more guys like him.

  72. UESBlueshirt on

    Of course if Gaborik goes down then that dilutes the offense a lot. However you could argue that Higgins + Kotalik will give you the production of Naslund + Zherdev. Antro was a late season addition so it will be tough to gauge what his value would have been over a full season. If Cally can score as much as he did last year and if Dubi doesn’t go a quarter of the season without scoring then I think you’ve matched a lot of the production from last year. Gaborik and Drury could be the big X factors. 70+ games out of Gaborik and a more productive Drury could yield at least 30 maybe 40 goals more than the offense produced last year.

  73. I think Drury would get a pass on his scoring output (ie. 20-25g vs. the 37 he netted in BUF) if he showed some more fire and passion as Captain.

    It’s nice that he plays a solid D game, blocks shots, etc. However, to really inspire love from the people and, in their minds, justify the money you’re getting, you have to either put up big scoring numbers, or bring out the passion in your teammates to boost their numbers. He has no fire (“won’t ruin my weekend…”) and did nothing to bring his team out of any number of funks last year. He was an invisible defensive 2nd/3rd-liner most of last year.

    To make the big money, you must either score, or inspire. He does neither. The defensive/backcheck game is great, but that’s not worth $7M (unless you’re a defenseman…)

  74. I know its Eklund, but an interesting note: he said today that the Rangers and Dany Heatly was 99% and fell thru cause of Dubi. But he said we grabbed one of mntrls players specifically because Ottawa asked us to – higgins seems like a good fit, i would have to guess they wanted mntrls d prospect we picked up, and if we didnt want another young D to add to our stock then it seems like someone is going to be leaving (probably to sweeten up a trade).

  75. Can’t just rely on Gabby, look what happened when Jagr was here and when he went down.

  76. aaron

    well i’m glad the Rangers didnt make that trade. I’d rather have Gaborik and keep the young guys instead…

  77. Gaborik is a G on

    Cindy Crawford:

    “Pretty sure Drury was GREAT in the shot-blocking dept. He is a pretty good back-checker as well…”

    I’m not saying he wasn’t, but that is what is expected of him when he’s paid so much money. I like the guy but I’m not gonna give him a bunch of credit for doing the things a 7 million dollar man who isn’t a prolific goal scorer should be doing (blocking shots, back checking etc). I guess the point I was trying to make is that expectations are VERY high when you get paid that much and when you aren’t scoring more then 20ish goals a year, people are going to get on your case about it, even though it was the dumb GM (Sather) who signed you to that big of a contract

  78. Gaborik is a G

    Drury is not capable of scoring goals on his own like Gaborik can. Drury needs to have great linemates in order be a big goal scorer.

    playing Drury with Dawes and Callahan isnt a great recipe for success…

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    “However you could argue that Higgins + Kotalik will give you the production of Naslund + Zherdev. ”

    You could argue that, but you would be wrong. Not last year, not in any year in which all of those players played.

    If you want to pray that Higgins and Kotalik get it done this year, you can. I’m guessing that if Higgins can return to form it would be comparable.

    I’m excited to see if Kotalik can get Drury going.

    Lou made a good hire in Lemaire. I want to pick against the Devs making the playoffs so badly, but I just can’t because they always burn me when I do. I thought if there was a year that they didn’t, it would be last year, especially after Marty went down. If they made it then, they’ll make it next year, if only because I don’t think any other team has improved itself enough to knock the Devs out.

  80. Production wise- Zherdev Naslund has proven to be better than Kotalik/Higgins virtually every year- and none of those 4 players has the upside (and maybe downside) of Zherdev-

  81. Fly Line

    but Naslund can only get worse and Zherdev is a waste of talent. Kotalik is a PP specialist (which we desperately need) and Higgins is another version of Callahan.

    The biggest difference however is Higgins + Callahan costs 2-3 mil less than Naslund + Zherdev

  82. UESBlueshirt on


    Naslund is the outlier between the 4, but you have to go back to the first year since the lockout where he was a 30 goal and point per game threat (32 goals/79 points that year). His game declined tremendously in the years since then. Maybe Naslund playing next season yields something like 10 points more than Kotalik does but with the way he looked by the end of the year he looked finished.

    In their overlapping careers, Higgins has as many 20 goal seasons as Zherdev. Higgins main constraint has been his health as, 2 of the past 4 seasons he’s missed about 20 games. However in one year he scored 20+ goals in 61 games. Zherdev has a couple seasons where he’s produced more overall points. I’m not in love with the Kotalik signing but the tandem of Higgins and Kotalik will yield similar results for at least $1.5MM less in cap hit than Naslund and Zherdev.

    If you were expecting Zherdev to hit the 30 goal, 70-75 pts marks then of course he tips the scale in favor of bringing him back but that means he’ll have to consitently raise his game to a level that everyone has been waiting for him to do his entire career.

  83. Gaborik is a G –

    Drury scored 22 goals when he played more than half the season with Aaron Voros on his line. Voros is not even an NHL-caliber player. That’s like scoring 22 short-handed goals in a season as far as I’m concerned. Hopefully some of the new guys complement him well, and since he won’t be on the 3rd line anymore this year his production should increase. It probably won’t hurt having Torts whip him into better shape before the season either.

  84. Also, am I the only person who’s excited to see Higgins? He scored 27 goals when he was 24 years old. If he doesn’t miss a bunch of games like he did last year and he thrives in Torts’ system, he could be a legitimate 30 goal scorer along with being a solid PKer and physical player. Feel free to let me know if I’m being too optimistic.

  85. JBone

    30 goals is a bit much but 20-25 goals and 20-25 assists is perfectly fine for a 2nd line LW. plus the intangiables you mentioned makes him very useful for us.

  86. Gaborik is a G on

    J Bone-

    Drury did not play more than half the season on Voros’s line first of all, Voros barely played the second half of the season and Drury didnt do shit. Renney tried every possible line combination and i didn’t see Drury’s goals going up so his lack of production cannot be blamed on Voros. The Rangers offensive is inferior to the Sabers when Drury played for them but not 20 goals worth. And he played on the 3rd line this year because frankly he played up to the skill level of a 3rd liner, no higher. Hopefully he can get some chemistry going with Kotalik on the 2nd line when the season starts, if not expect him to drop to the third line once again and stay there for the rest of his career. If playing on the PP with Gaborik, with good wingers on the 2nd line, in a high tempo offensive system under an ass kicking coach, doesn’t bring his production up, I can confidently (and sadly) say Drury has lost his game that helped him drop 40 goals in the season before coming to the Blueshirts.

  87. J-bone- I’m excited for Higgins, I think he’s a Callahan type of player in terms of “hard-nosed” with a goal scoring touch- he’ll be a good addition-

    Sather has opted for the “steady” player rather than the high risk/high reward Zherdev- I would have gone the other way given the 3 year commitment vs 1, but I’ll get off that for a while-

    As of right now it looks like we will see Anisimov and Grachev baring anymore roster moves as we have 2 open top 9 forward slots (assuming Dubi and cally are back and Z and Korpi are not)- I would like to see Grachev develop a little more before throwing him in the fire-

  88. Gaborik is a G

    yes but whether its Prucha, Dawes, Voros, Korpikoski, Callahan, Zherdev, Naslund. it doesnt matter.

    Drury needs big time scorers as his linemates. Now we finally have one for him and I expect him and Drury (along with Avery) to make a very solid line.

  89. Fly Line

    why do you keep assuming Korpikoski isnt coming back?? He’s 21 years old and is relatively cheap…

  90. Ex-Ranger Reggie Fleming passed away over the weekend. For Rangers fans who may be too young to remember him, Reggie had courage that is all to often missing today.

    Reggie was not with the Rangers for long, but he quickly became a Garden favorite. While not a particularly big man, particularly by today’s standards, he was fearless, and would drop the gloves at the slightest provocation, and many times with no provocation at all. He was the epitome of an enforcer, playing both defense and forward.

    His longest stay was with the Chicago Blackhawks, where he won the Stanley Cup. (Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita may have helped a little.

    He was 73 years old and will be missed.

  91. Gaborik is a G on


    Anyone playing with big time line mates is going to net goals. You see what kind of player they really are when they ARENT playing with big time line mates. If drury doesnt produce with Gaborik then he really is done as a big goal scorer in the league.

  92. probably just a ploy to get more money or someone like Eklund pulling something out of their ass.

    Korpikoski is guaranteed a spot on the team as well as around 1.2 mil and will most likely be our 3rd line LW and 2nd pair PK. it would make no sense for him to leave…

  93. I know its for far different salaries- but Zherdev is garbage at 58 points and a plus rating, but Korpi is a must sign at a -10 and 14 points- Korpi will be 23 in 2 weeks and Zherdev isn’t 25 yet-

    Maybe I should change my handle to I love Zherdev but I don’t get the total disregard for him on this blog and around the Ranger universe- he’s not a perfect player by any means but he’s as talented a second winger as we have had in a long time-

  94. Fly Line

    Zherdev has played 5 years in the NHL and he still is just as lazy and shows the same little amount of hustle and determination as he always has. What makes you think he is all of a sudden going to change his ways???

    Tortorella is instilling a specific style of play here and Zherdev doesn’t fit in. Yea it sucks he is leaving for nothing but that’s how it is…

  95. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Jack Johnsson????? wow!!!..no wait!! Must scroll up . awww it’s Chad!!! CHAD Johnsson ??? AHHHH I know why. Cuz I can’t stand Vally. Vally is a back up who will never be a starter.He has size and a cool spiderman mask but in reality..he sucks!! Sorry Vally but you are not good enough to give Hank atequet ( bad spelling) rest. I hope Chad makes the team. TDCHI and Colin ..great fighting guys!! FINALLY ITS SOMEONE BESIDES ME!!

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    oleosmirf. Torts had run in with Vinny and Vinny responded. Zherdev was drunk on Renny-aid and it took sometime to wear off the effects. You saying he is lazy and so on …easy to make that assumption when he faltered this playoffs..but where were you during the season when he was on fire? Where were you??

  97. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    Zipay reports on Twitter that Callahan has signed!!!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    ok ok fine Dubi next , then Zherdev!!!

  99. I know you want Z back, but that will be impossible with this salary cap, unless Rozsival is dumped for a pick or something.

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    colin , do mine!!!! Track me!!! Oh yeah you know my real name…and maybeeee my picture. Other than that my name is not on Google like my dummy friend who has his picture shown when you google his name.

  101. well you can officially close the lid on Zherdev. Word is this is about 3 mil a year (not official)

    Can’t afford Zherdev (even if you let Korpedo go) if that is true…

  102. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    If Glen Sather wants Zherdev , he’ll find the cap space no doubt about that. Tort shows that hes doesn’t want Z but last time I looked the GM makes the team not the coach.

    Easy to point at Zherdev for not being the player he should have been during the playoffs. Drury sucked during the season ,at the end and during the playoffs …least Z played well from the start of the season and during the middle.If Zherdev isn’t resigned then Drury MUST BE STRIPPED of his Captaincy!!

    If Zherdev goes , im gonna be pissed. Alot of you guys on here know his potencial. Others dont have a clue.Seems there waiting for some Gomez part 2 instead of not giving up on our own.

  103. You make a good point, but how about my idea:

    No Drury.
    No Zherdev.
    Loose women.


  104. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Kotalik at $3 million probally means Z is gone. DUH ,it is pritty ovious but ive seen stranger things happen on the Rangers .

  105. UESBlueshirt on

    $3MM for Cally? Yikes. I like him as much as any Rangers fan but given what he was making, the salary structure for players with his experience and he’s only hit 20 goals once that is a lot.

  106. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    No Drury
    NO Redden
    NO Rosival
    cool buzz
    loose woman


  107. UESBlueshirt

    well its obviously not a 1 year deal thats for sure. 3 mil for 3-4 years is a bargain considering what he might be worth down the road.

  108. $3 mill a year for 4 years gives cally security and gives rangers fair value for a core player..

    no complaints on this. sign Dubi to similar and give Korpi 1 yr and be done…

    trade roszival, the d man from the canadiens, 1 other d man prospect, and a high pick for heatley and the rangers are done..i like higgins and do not want to include him in the trade… if they want a forward on the big club trade them kotalik (instead of the pick)he does not have a no trade and his salary and roszivals matches heatley or is slightly greater then heatleys..

  109. Where are you guys seeing the 3 million? Hopefully that means its a pretty long-term deal-

    I agree Z was gone when they signed Kotalik- unfortunately

  110. i would be surprised if cally gets $3million/year. im thinking somewhere between $2- $2.5 max

  111. Again, Laurel on top of every signing – where is Cally update??? Sam, are you coming back, dude? ;)

  112. Zipay is saying 2 years for 1.8 million (def 2 years, 1.8 is a guess)

    not quite 3 fellas-

    zip is saying its a 2 yr deal….

    seriously though what the hell happened to Kaspar???

  114. zip is guessing 1.8 mil. i would think it would be a little higher but he’s usually right on the money…


    late birthday present for me!!!

    Ryan Callahan signs, avoids arbitration (UPDATE)As we surmised, the Rangers right wing agreed to terms, avoiding a hearing that was scheduled for July 23.

    (UPDATE) We can confirm that it is a two-year deal. Nothing confirmed on the numbers, but I’d expect about $1.8 million over the two years.

    The Rochester native scored 22 goals and added 18 assists last season and drew praise from head coach John Tortorella. In a conversation a few weeks ago, when he was invited to the U.S. Olympic team camp in August, Callahan—who earned $600,000 last season, said he didn’t anticipate any problems in negotiating a new contract.

    Neither did we.

    Thanks ZIP for that!!! It is now NOT a nothing monday!!

  116. Eklund also pulls things out of his ass…he just creates trades that are logical and puts an (e3) next to it…

  117. i know eklund is bs, but he said this one had already happened was why i threw it on here

  118. oleosmirf
    July 13th, 2009 at 8:08 pm
    Eklund also pulls things out of his ass…he just creates trades that are logical and puts an (e3) next to it…

    He does make slow off season days fun. I love reading his forum. The people registered there are pretty funny.

  119. Fly Line

    just went on hockeybuzz. didnt see anything related to korpikoski. you have a link?

  120. 13 goals in 48 games last season. Never seen him play but he’s Russian and probably will be our 3rd line RW.

    looks like Zherdev could be back after all…

  121. Also, if the 1.8 million is true, then watch out- it sort of opens up the door for Zherdev as well- we’ll see- we have some additional cap room though-

  122. 904K but he is an RFA so he is due for a raise.

    either way suppose Cally signs at (1.8) and Lisin gets an even 1 mil, there is 4.5 mil left to sign Dubinsky and Zherdev.

    don’t think that is enough…

  123. by my count- if we sign dubi for 1.3 we will have the 4 million to sign Zherdev-

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