A nothin’ Sunday


There’s not much to talk about, except that the Great One is getting upset. You probably saw the stories yesterday about Gretzky trying to block his personal financial information from being bared in this whole Ugly Coyote mess.

I’m sniffing around trying to figure if there’s anything else coming imminently, and whether there’s any fire at all to this Zubov or Richards smoke.

‘Til then, here’s a new canvas for you weekenders.

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  1. To get back to the Ortmeyer talk from the last post, there’s a good chance he would be signed to a two-way contract and play for Hartford since he couldn’t even make it with the Predators last season. It may have to do with the second ACL injury.

    Callahan filed for arbitration, so there’s no chance for anyone to give him an offer sheet. Right now, we should only be worried about Dubinsky in terms of our young guys.

    Anybody think that’s it’s odd that Betts hasn’t signed anywhere yet? I guess his agent is trying hard to get teams to compete and maxmize his value, but I still think he’s going to end up with Renney in Edmonton.

  2. justin

    ignoring me?
    or are you just mad shook

    come on maybe i could also help you with that horrible laptop
    while im skating circles around you


  3. chris

    if thats how you want to translate that

    its against the TOS for me to explain anything that may be vulgar or pornographic so….. let your imagination flow.

  4. voodoo Hossa on

    Apparently Kris has nothing else better to do today than call people on a blog, names. Pretty sad.

    Ill take Zubov for one year but Ruchards has a ridiculous contract that will eventuallt hinder us from signing a few of our young guys long term so no thank u!

  5. Brooks has a decent point on the Savard, Dubinsky possibility. Hate to say it but the crackpot makes some sense there!

  6. Perry Pearn signs as an asst coach in MTL

    man, things are going from bad to worse there.

  7. Suhweet, last on the other post….thanks Carp. So, did anyone talk about our lack of a banger on the blueline and I missed it???

  8. whats goin on here? err, colin what does ASUS FTW mean??

    and no, brooks is an idiot for thinkin dubinsky for savard would be good. thats a bad deal for us. savard is much older, and too expensive. we need to let doobs develop and let master obi wan tortarella teach him. “use the torts doobs, use the torts”!!!

  9. and why is someone gay for posting “first”!! YEA its corny but come on its even more lame to say” its gay to post first” who cares? thats about as much fun as hes gonna have all day. dont ruin it for him

  10. I really don’t see Dubi going anywhere… Torts loves him, thinks he can mold him into a superstar, Slats wouldn’t include him for a Heatley deal and in fact said that any discussion that started with Dubi or Staal was a dealbreaker. Why would he trade him now?

  11. thats very true riche. if heatley wasnt good enough to trade doobs for, i dont see anyboy being worthy of the all mighty power morphin dubi ranger

  12. mike in ia

    asus for the win.

    with the article it had more to do with prongers contract than anything else and the gm meeting with the salary and the buyout of a contract, etc.
    ill try to find a link to another article later.

  13. In 2009, the most common meaning of “FTW” is “for the win”, an Internet expression of enthusiasiam.

    and Asus i think is Taiwanese multinational company, produces motherboards, graphics cards, sound cards, optical drives, PDAs, computer monitors, notebook computers, servers, networking products, mobile phones, computer cases, computer components, and computer cooling systems.


  14. Brooksie must have been smoking some crack when he typed that up. How in the world do you trade Dubi for Savard??? I truly believe he just comes up with some of this garbage, just to get people talking trash about him.

  15. Jor71

    85% of people on this blog smoke the same crack as Larry! So I wouldn’t be so shocked by any of his articles! Just read more than half of the posts on here and you’ll become crack smoker yourself!

  16. Oh, I know this is not hockey, but did anyone here catch the UFC fights last night?

    My favorite was seeing Bisping getting his bell rung. The guy was so deserving of it, congrats Henderson.

    Oh, Lesnar was such an embarrassment last night after the win. This is not the WWE and he needs to calm it down a bit. I did read that White had a nice talk with him about it last night.


  17. LOL CCCP, I agree.

    How about we do a three team trade with Pens and the Caps. Redden for Malkin, Miroslav Satan and Crosby. We will get Ovie from the Caps for Miroslav Satan.

    I think everyone benefits from this trade.

  18. Hey cv, where did you hear about that trade?

    Also, it is not cool to start talking about peoples mother.

    Everyone needs to chill on the name calling and the fighting. This is a Ranger blog for fans, we should all just get along here!

  19. Hey Colin, I am an Asus man myself :P

    All kidding aside, I was thinking of getting one of their laptops. I also like Sager notebooks.

  20. asus is comin out with a tablet

    windoZe forced them to stop pushin the linux notebpooks and then bought OLPC

    all my motherboards, all asus. best bang for the buck, lol.

    also i can not find that lesnar post fight speech anywhere. mark cuban said it was the “best ever” in all of sports.


  21. Here you go Colin:

    “Straight WWE,” said a stunned Dana White, the president of the UFC. “Brock went so far over the top tonight I can’t even describe it. I don’t think in the history of the UFC we’ve ever done anything like that.”

    Postfight, White pushed his way into Lesnar’s crowded locker room and took the big guy into the bathroom for a private “discussion.” Lesnar himself described it as “a whip-the-dog session.”

    “With women in here you don’t want to know what I said,” White said. It worked, Brock showed up at the press conference smiling, supposedly contrite and even drinking a Bud Light.

    “First and foremost I want to apologize,” Lesnar said. “I acted very unprofessionally after the fight. I screwed up and I apologize. I apologize to Bud Light. I’m not biased, I drink any beer.”


  22. jor

    i need a video
    that sounded pretty crazy
    especially the bud light crap
    you cant bash the people who pony up money like that.

  23. wow
    well when kimbo lost to that guy w/ the mohawk they knew they were going to need a new villain. every sport needs a TO, artest, avery, manny, etc.

    thanks for the link lou been on this phone most of the day.

  24. jor- lol me too. i always wondered why people write ftw. i alwas thought it was f the world.at least thats what me and my buddies used it for.

  25. Hey, if the Rangers could trade Drury for Crosby, Ovechkin, Iginla, Datsyuk, Tavares and Malkin … they still couldn’t do it because Capt. Clutch has a no-move and wants to stay here.

  26. I’m tired of the Dubinsky trade rumors. He did just fine with Jagr and this team will not win a cup anyway. That should not be the goal. The goal should be to develop a franchise from the farm. It’s already started with Staal, Girardi (and I hope the other D prospects make an impact in the future), but the Dubi’s, Cally’s, and soon Anisimovs and Grachevs need to stay as well.

    Look how other teams build their youth.. when did the Rangers ever do that?

    Dolan just wants the extra 2 (or 3) playoff games in round 1 so he can wipe his ass with more hundred dollar bills.

    If Sather wants to (i.e can) make a trade, DUMP SALARY!

  27. Sather needs to dump Rosival’s contract not for Richards, or Vinnie, but because he needs it for Staal…Orr will have his “you know what’s in vice grip” when it comes to negotiating a contract extension

  28. the Rangers are not looking to sign anyone besides their own free agents.

    why you ask? because once they sign Korpikoski, Callahan and Dubinsky they will have no cap room to sign anyone worthwhile…

  29. This sounds a little crazy, but what about Darrly Sydor for a one year deal to mentor all of the kids coming in from Hartford? (Trying to get something going here! ;-) )

  30. Dubi and Cally should both get the same contract Petr Purcha got two years ago. 2 years 1.6 per. Prucha had a 30 and a 23 goal season. Cally has had one 20 goal season and Dubi has had none. I think that contract is more then fair value. 3 million a year is crazy. Mike York had a few good seasons also and he never turned out to be that good. Take it easy these guys will sign.

  31. roc

    No Zubov, can’t afford him either. Richards? no Thornton? no Savard? no Morris? no Sharp? no. Gauthier? no.

    get the picture??

  32. I loved Zubov back in the day…that goal he scored on Ron Hextall at the Coliseum, that broke our winless streak there…

    Olesmirf, I agree that we have no cap room, I was just trying to stoke the fire a bit.

  33. That Hendo knockout was sweet. Fugg Bisping !!! And fugg Lesnar, id like to see how he would do against Fedor ! He thinks he’s a tough bastard, he beat up a has been like Mir, and an old man. Woopty fuggin doo !!!

    Anyway, Cally needs to get locked up, noooow ! I need some sort of Ranger news.

  34. We should never trade Brandon Dubinsky, that dark hair, those glowing blue eyes. He finished his skating and is heading to the showers, where I await him, all glistening and raw, ahhh.

  35. Oleosmirf-

    If they trade Rosy they will have cap room!!

    Get the picture?? Plus Zubov can sign a incentive laden contract

  36. Thanks Buck!!

    Sather has to be smart with the RFA and try to lock them off for as little as possible. Until they prove there worth.

  37. All contracts should be incentive laden….I’m tired of these 8.9 for 37years…and then you get a Redden!

  38. I hear that Buck!!

    Also about the Cap Voros will probably be in the Minors thats another million off the books.

  39. I wonder about Voros though…now with Gaborik (His former line mate in Minn. … I wonder if they get a long)

  40. roc

    so the Rangers should trade Rozsival to make room for a 38 year old who missed pretty much the entire year last year and give him an incentive based contract and make our cap situation even worse in 2010.

    Rozsival will be traded at the end of this season. thats a fact. trading him now would just be pointless

  41. He was playing great at the start of last season, and he was one of the players who called Gaborik to talk him into signing here…

  42. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Would anybody be into doing a Fantasy Football league??

    I think it would be cool to have a league maybe up of us Ranger Report loyalists. A little early still but I thought I would throw it out there.

    Also- I’m moving back to NY so if anybody has any real estate connections let me know. We’re looking anywhere in nyc or within a 60-90 mile radius of NYC with train access into the city.


  43. Buck-

    I hear u but its going to be about putting the best team on the ice and lets be honest Voros is a horrible skater. Not Steve McKenna bad but bad. Trots wants speed and Voros might not be in the cards.

  44. roc

    there is no site better than capgeek.com Just choose the players you want to include in the team and they do the math for you…

  45. Oleo-

    That is a good site. They Have Rissimiller,Voros and P.A Parteanu on the roster. At least two of these guys will be in Hartford. Thats at least 1.5 millon.

  46. roc

    yes I am well aware of that. I have all 3 not making the team but once you replace them with Anisimov, Byers, and the 6th defenseman you are at around 6.7 mil. Factor in another 700 K for an emergency callup you have 6 mil to resign the 3 RFAs

    Korpedo: 1.5 mil
    Dubi: 1.9 mil
    Cally: 2.2 mil

    Thats 5.6 mil right there which leaves enough money left over a deadline pickup but not enough left to sign anyone who makes more than 1 mil

  47. Roc, I totally agree with you, but one has to wonder with his connection to Gabby…(but he should totally be in Hartford!)

  48. ORR, I have been waiting a longtime for Fedor to sign with the UFC. They could have signed him previously, but (allegedly) the UFC wanted him only to fight exclusively for the UFC.

    Fedor always does the Sambo Tournament in Russia and (allegedly)the UFC did not want him to do it while under contract.

    Brock is a beast, but I can see Fedor taking him down and finishing him off.


  49. Ole, don’t you think 2.2 is a little high for Cally…he has a 20 goal season, but he has had one 20 goal season…not 2 or 3

  50. Guys all I can tell u is there are still moves to be made. I’m almost sure of that.

  51. buck

    no not if you want to give him more than 1 year which would be the smart thing to do. I mean you cant have Staal, Girardi, Dubi, Cally, Korpedo all get raises next season. we wouldnt be able to keep them all…


    Korpedo made 1.1 mil last season. a 400K raise is not much…

  52. I may be crazy, but I think we could fit Z into our cap number this year still- Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the only way that Dubinski gets more than the $633 QO if someone signs him to an offer sheet? I played around on that capgeek.com and if we have the following team we still have around 1 million for a depth defenseman-

    Centers- Drury, Dubi, Anisimov, Boyle
    Wingers- Gabby, Z, Kotalik, Higgins, Avery, Cally, Brashear, Vorros
    D- Redden, Rozi, Gilroy, Girardi, Staal
    Goalies- King, Vally

    I gave Z 4mil, Cally2mil, Dubi 633k- that comes to 55.4 million- am I dreaming?

    We can also still use Korpi to make a trade-

  53. Fly Line

    haha Dubinsky for 633K. Thats could never happen. Another team would swoop in and give him an offer sheet in a second.

  54. oh geez, just when i thought it was safe to post again, look out!! theres my imposter again!!!

  55. yea im sure dubinsky isgonna see at least double that flyline. no way that happens.

  56. Doesn’t someone have to do that though? I don’t really see anyone signing him to an offer sheet at this point- wouldn’t they have done that already?

  57. And even if you double that, give him 1.2 million and we are still pretty close to the cap-

    my basic point is I don’t see Z as 100% gone as all of the writers and posters do-

  58. jor- fedor would destroy lesnar. ive seen him fight in pride for awhile and he took out rampage, axe murderer ilva, shogun, cro cop. i woulkd like to see fedor join ufc. his brothers pretty good too

  59. fly- with the kotalik signing, it just took a good chunk of money that wouldve gone to Z if he was comin back. 3 mill for this guy and ya gotta think that theyre gonna sign cally and dubi. whats left after that? i doubt there will be enough to sign him

  60. Fly Line

    Zherdev was gone the second Tortorella started benching him every game…

  61. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    No Country:

    I’d be down for doing a fantasy football league. Let me know if you’re still interested.

  62. What a great day.I took a rare trip into the city today.Had a nice lunch,saw a show,Walked all over the place,then I got to the Garden,even tho it;s the off season it was great being back.
    On to the reason I’m here.Am I the only one that thinks that we have WAY to many forwards so a deal must be in the works.

  63. Well that’s what I’m trying to figure out (I hate the Kotalik signing)- What do you think that the figures for Cally and Dubi will be? I don’t see Dubi getting nearly as much as everyone else does-

    If 3 million is realistic for Cally +Dubi its doable-

  64. Fly Line

    at a bare minimum you are looking at:

    Korpedo: 1.25
    Cally: 2.0
    Dubi: 1.5

    although given Korpedo’s offers to go abroad and Cally going to arbitration and Dubinsky possibly getting an offer sheet, I dont see any way you bring them all back at less than 5 mil for the 3 of them.

    remember Cally and Dubi are probably looking at multi-year deals so the dollar amount would have to be more…

  65. Oleo-

    Hear where you are coming from- I just don’t see where Dubi has any leverage to get his 1.5 million. Cally is debatable because of the arbitration- I’m not overly high on bringing Korpi back-

  66. i think korpi is overpaid at 1.25. he had 6 goals. not very good. i could take him or leave him at this point. just get dubinsky and cally signed. zherdev can take a 1 yr deal and for 2 mill. if hes serious about being a ranger and earning his money, let him chew on that for a whole season. give him what higgy got. see if he has team spirit. lol

  67. for a first rounder, korpi was not what i expected last season. i thought hed steadily improve and move up to at least the 2nd line. i honestly could care less if he returns. he was ok defensively, i guess thats why he got a roster spot in rennys lineup.

  68. Fly Line

    why wouldn’t you bring Korpikoski back. He’s 21 years old and a solid two way player with plenty of upside.

    Dubi will get the same contract that the other players his age and that have similar numbers get which is around 2 mil

    Callahan will get slightly more b/c he’s more productive and more important to the team…

  69. No Country For Old Rangers on


    When I get something together I’ll post the info. I’ll probably wait a week or so.

  70. Buck

    Yes I was talking about Denis Gauthier! Sorry about the delay in the response.

    No country

    I would be interested in the football.

  71. Again I know its a pipe dream- but if we can get Z for 3.85- Cally for 2 and Dubi for 1.3 while playing 2 of the kids (Gilroy and Heikkinen) we are under the cap-

  72. mike in IA

    Korpikoski has potential and should get around 12 goals this season and be one of our top PK. 1.5 mil for that is very reasonable. To let him walk for that price is ridiculous.

    Zherdev is guaranteed at least 3.25 mil as he is a qualified RFA. He lead our team in points last season and even though he has no heart, 2 mil is a joke for a 24 year old with 58 points. but then again he is not coming back so its irrelevant.

  73. Oleo- don’t you see a problem with the logic that we are just going to let our 24 year old with 58 points walk?

  74. Totally disagree with that- Z for all of his faults would be our second most dynamic player next year- 58 points doesn’t just happen

  75. oleo- thats why i said it. because he isnt comin back. but i was just sayin, thats what he deserves at this point. same contract as higgins. the fact that he will get 3-4 isnt so bad, its just now that kotalik is signed, it pretty much made it irrelevant.

  76. Need a number 1 center, and its not Dubi nor Drury. Should make a push for Savard or Sharp, both teams are in cap trouble…I don’t care what people say but I think Dubi is expendable especially for an all star like Savard…

  77. Is there a rule that players and/or the organization can’t comment on the arbitration hearings before they take place? Or is it just that the teams and the agents don’t want to infect the negotiating process or their chances of winning if the case does go to hearing?

    Just curious, because I find it interesting that Callahan chose arbitration almost to help his chances of staying with the Rangers. Dubinsky still not being signed or going through arbitration makes me wonder if there is the possibility that they’re leaving the trade door open.

    I would rather not see Brandon go, but if he does, it better be for a legitimate centerman and not another reclamation project.

    I just wonder why we don’t hear from Callahan camp on why they chose arbitration. Can the press seak-out the player and ask them questions or are these all taboo in the process?


  78. Mike, that fight between Fedor and Cro-Cop was one of the best fights ever. Fedor even said that was his toughest match.

    Alex is good and I read they have a younger brother in training. I do not remember his name, but I am sure he will be just as good.

    Ok, back to hockey….I hate to see us lose one of our young guys, but thanks to Sather, we really have no cap room to retain all of them.

  79. What four centers do you have from the current pickins not including Dubinsky?

    Who Centers Gaborik? I don’t think it will be Drury…?


  80. Dubinsky, Drury, Anisimov, Arnason/Boyle are our 4 centers. Dubinsky will probably center Gaborik and Avery.

    Is having an all-star center for this season that important????

  81. I’m not saying trade Dubinsky at all… I love Dubi! I’m just responding to all of the talk involving him and wondering about what’s going to happen to him, Callahan and beyond.

    Believe me, I’d rather Brandon stay.

    I just said that if the Rangers were trading him, they better get back a legit center.


  82. I’ve said before that I wouldn’t mind seeing what Anisimov or Grachev will do with Gaborik, but I know that could be a little time away from now, especially Grachev.


  83. i just hate when I hear stuff like “We need a number 1 center” or “We need a big crease clearing defenseman”.

    Yes we do need those guys but not now. We need to develop our own players and then in a few years when we are deep enough to make a run at the cup, we can then add the missing pieces.

    Lets see if what we have now is good enough before we resort to big spending. These big name acquisitions have got us nowhere the past 15 years. It is time to try something else…

  84. I agree with you for the most part… I want to see what our own guys do because we’ve lacked that for so long.

    However, sometimes trades work out the other way as well, just maybe not for the New York Rangers so much?

    I just wish we knew more about the process as it was happening, but I guess that’s the deal.


  85. On Korpi-The reason he makes so much is he was a first rounder and his deal was at the beginning of the post lockout.
    No one should be down on him, it’s not his fault he was drafted higher than what he is; he was a Maloney pick and Maloney was pretty bad at drafting.

    To me he’s Jan Erixon or maybe Jiri Lethonnen if he develops; he’ll be a solid checking line guy who MAY score 20 goals but that’s it.

    Dennis Gauthier? That guy is shot. His knees are pretty bad.

  86. zherdev is one of those players that you either sign because you believe he can get to the next level and become a star, or dont resign because hes had so many chances and still hasnt shown he has the will or desire to. it wouldve been a non issue if he wouldve just shown up for the playoffs. he was brutal. that doesnt mean his 58 points didnt mean anything. its just that nobody else wanted the kid becaue of his lazyness and inconsistent play. we couldnt even trade him to ottawa because they wanted dubi. whats that say about point totals?

  87. I like Nicky Z. I know he had a horrible playoffs but I still think he’s a good kid; everyone forgets about him fighting Stamkos, or that back check when he saved a breakaway early in the season, or his performances against the Flyers when Palin dropped the puck, the Pens shoot out game, etc.

    He was rushed into the NHL to be the face of the Jackets at 18 and spoke no English, etc. He’s still a young buck. Be patient, let him mature. I wanna give him at least one more year wearing the Blue jersey.

  88. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Talent should play with talent . Gaborik should play with Zherdev!!

  89. Cally and Dubi should get about the same – 3 or 4 years at an average cap hit of about $1.5-2m. Dubi has strung together 2 40 point seasons and Cally has had 1 – these guys are not scoring at the rate Higgins was 2/3 years ago and he was getting $1.7m from the Habs. If it goes to arbitration remember both sides can only reference previous RFA contracts, any UFA deals are not used as examples. So in this case if it gets there the arbitrator may award Cally $1.2m a year. Dubi has less leverage as he is a year younger and may have to settle for less.

    I like Korpedo too, but 14 points and -10 in 68 games does not translate to a $1.5m a year contract. He was on a good deal previously (due to old CBA) and should get the same again, until he gets a 20-goal or 40 point season himself.

  90. Those who are not “first” and feel dumpy about it, you can always just post here – “Thanks for taking my call, Dr. Laura,” like all the other house-honeys with nothing better to do.

  91. Zherdev has a chance to become what Cherepanov could have become. unlimited upside potential, realized. About 20 players I would trade from this organization before even considering letting him go. Star players form the core of championship teams. He has not yet sunk to the level or “journeyman,” or “Grinder.” A keeper if ever there was one. Wish we could dump Dreary, and Redden, for starters.

  92. William: I dont think Dubi was eligable for arbitration, but maybe Im wrong. Anyway, he may have made it clear he wants to stay in NY, and maybe he wont leave for a few hudred grand just because someone throws it at him. He wont get any huge offer sheets, so I dont see a problem. He will re-sign soon, so will Callihan, and maybe Z will be back in the fold, if his number is close to the 3.25 that he is qualified for than I tihnk Sather agrees, than he can be traded for a center. Heck, even if he is given a 4 mill or a 4.25 mil contract he can still be traded for a center.

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