Rangers re-sign Byers


Here’s the announcement:

            New York, July 10, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Dane Byers.
            Byers, 23, has skated in 165 career regular season games with the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL), registering 44 goals and 58 assists for 102 points, along with 421 penalty minutes.  He established a career-high in goals (23) and plus/minus rating (plus-23) during the 2007-08 season.  Byers tied for third on Hartford in goals and finished fourth on the team in plus/minus rating.  He also posted a career-high, six-game scoring streak from February 8 at Providence to February 20 at Lowell, recording nine points (six goals and three assists) during the stretch.  In addition, Byers made his NHL debut with the Rangers on February 5 against Los Angeles.
          In 2006-07, he set career marks in games played (78), assists (30), points (47), and penalty minutes (213).  He ranked second on the Wolf Pack in assists, third on the team in points and penalty minutes, and fifth in goals.  Byers notched his first career AHL hat trick on March 31 against Manchester.  As an AHL rookie in 2005-06, he collected an assist in his professional debut on April 7 vs. Portland.
         The 6-3, 195 pounder appeared in nine games with Hartford (AHL) last season, recording four goals and three assists for seven points, along with 18 penalty minutes.  He registered six points (three goals and three assists) in a five game span from October 22 at Worcester to October 31 against Worcester, before missing the last 71 games of the regular season to injury.  Byers returned to the lineup for the playoffs, and finished tied for the team lead in goals (three) and second in points (four) in six games.  His three goals and four points both established playoff career-highs.
            The Nipawin, Saskatchewan native was originally the Rangers’ second round selection, 48th overall, in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. FIRST!!

    Are there any girls on here? I am having troubles picking out outfit to go to “Key Food”

    I need an advice.

    Should I wear my below the knee blue skirt and a padded bra on top, OR should I wear my above the knee red skirt and no bra?? I was thinking no bra and red skirt… what you girls think?


  2. awesome news, very exciting glen tks for raising ticket prices, can you please call dallas and get richars in here already, no you cannot include dubi,callahan,staal…make it happen

  3. i really do think we have a real shot at landing sharp from chi, chicago is screwed with their cap space and i bet you the GM is going to figure sharp is the most expendable of the bunch considering they still have to sign toews and kane to long term deals, they really killed themselves with that hossa signing

  4. Rick,

    take a look at the poll, total no. of votes so far on the acquisition you hated most,


  5. Hah! 1940.

    Little story: Frank Brown (formerly of the Daily News, now of the NHL) and I went to lunch during the 1994 playoffs. We ate different lunches and got separate checks, and they both came to $19.40.

    Of course, with the tip it probably came to something resembling the next time the Rangers will win a Cup … i.e. 2290.

  6. that’s a normal lunch in new york city…*checks bank balance after today’s lunch*

  7. disgruntled rangers fan on

    See Carp? It’s Friday, and you’re still here. I told you you would make it through this wave of Gannett layoffs.

  8. laurel- if youre out there somewhere, i have been reading and following the blog but not posting too much. i thought you and carp did great on the last live chat. i’ll have to join it next time you guys do one. but i always get messed up with the timing because of the central time zone.

    looks like byers is gonna be shoes replacement i would guess. hes due for a roster spot. wonder if anisimov steps right up to the 3rd line and arnason and boyle fight for 4th spot. i think maybe arnason gets 3rd line and anisimov playa wing on the 3rd or 4th. i hear he isnt too good at faceoffs

  9. Korpikoski may be next followed by Dubi and then Callahan before his arbitration hearing.

    Keep dreaming if you think the cap money is there to bring in Richards at 7.8 million (are you nuts???) or sharp at 3.9 million.

    The team needs another veteran defenseman. With Dubi and Cally and possibly Korpikoski there ain’t that much cap room left….unless Redden gets waived to Hartford at the start of the season…….

  10. reddens probably not gonna get waived until at least a few months into the season, if at all. he should be given a chance under torts because he did play pretty good down the strecth. he has been known to play acording to how his team is playing. if the team is doing good, he does good and vice versa. hes really not that bad its just his contract. he should be waived just for the fact that he isnt worth even half of what he makes. it doesnt make him horrible, but even if he does play bette next season, hes still hurting the team and its chances of improving by taking up space on the cap. if sather cared he would waive him. it shows me that hes not willing to do whatever it takes to make the team the best it can be.thats what bothers me. i could live with his mistake of signing him, as wee all figured even though he was expensive, we thought he was our new pp qb and expected alot more out of him. but i cant live with sather not ammending his mistakes. thats why we ont be good enough to win until hes gone

  11. downeaster-

    “””Dallas is rumored to be after Wade Redden or Michal Rozsival, so one of them will be heading south if a trade takes place; from the Rangers standpoint, preferably Redden. But the Rangers cannot just swap bad contract for bad contract; they will have to sweeten the pot just a little bit, even though Dallas owes Sather for taking Avery off their hands after last seasons fiasco.”””


  12. yes i loved the chat laurel. you should be on it everytime now. youre funny too. i liked when you said ” ga-boar-ik” instead of gab-er-ik, then you said ehh just call ’em gabby lol

  13. richards for redden and anisimov is a good trade. i think wed be adding just a little on the cap with that trade but hes only here for 2 seasons compared to reddens 5. id hate to give anisimov up but hes the only one id be ok with giving up besides korpi, who i think is gonna be good 2/3rd liner for us. they both have good defensive instincts too. its hard but as long as dubi, stal, del z, and grachev, and cally arent involved, id do it.

  14. good. im happy we didnt go for morrison. 33 yr old and def. not a 1st line center.

  15. jive
    well then the next one after that is brookie speculating
    and then there are tons of people in dallas

    im not going to sit here and link to them all

    google + keyboard = info

  16. Just saw you guys signed our former player Kotalik…. If you are wondering what kind of player you have, I would say OK, but not earth shattering… he’s got a hard shot, but the knock on him was that for his size, he isn’t tough and doesn’t use that to his advantage… I hesitate to use the word “soft” but at times, played timid… we called him the “one trick pony”… not much else to his game besides his hard shot… he’s wicked good in shootouts though… backhand that rarely fails.

  17. I am going to happy hour with my Ranger source. I will get him liquored up, and give you guys a report in the A.M.

  18. I wouldn’t get excited aboot Redden going to Dallas, if they’re interested in him, they have serious issues, but i doubt he’ll waive his NTC, so that’s that. There’s a reason he chose New York over Dallas, it’s all aboot the drugs.

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Paul Mara’s beard got an offer from slats but Paul himself didnt. Mara left his beard trimmings in the Ranger locker room so one day Dubinsky can pretend his has one.

  20. im not holding my breath waiting for it to happen but if redden got traded i could ALMOST say this was a great off season.

    trading redden/rozsival would mean you have to include youth and picks

    not something most ranger fans want to do.

  21. somerset

    that link is scary
    44,689,167 next next season?
    how are we going to sign kovalchuk?


  22. colin …

    ha. yeah. let the Kovalchuk dream die !!!!

    to be honest though. most teams have around the same cap situation that we do unless they are a small market team or in rebuild mode.

    as long as we continue to lock down our youth and sign some UFA’s to fill the gaps we will be fine.

    I think Slats has done a terrific job so far this summer, all he has to do now is resign Korpi, Dubi, and Cally and possibly move Redden or Rozy and this summer will be a hug success in my book

  23. mike in ia – While I’d happily deal away Redden, and grudgingly deal away Rozsival at this point, you can GUARANTEE neither is going anywhere, and especially not for Richards…that is unless the Stars are willing to part with a guy like Niskanen(which they won’t), and the Rangers are willing to part with a RIDICULOUS number of prospects(which they won’t), in addition to either of the blueliners.

    I hate to sound like a broken record here, but the Rangers have roughly $3.5 MILLION left in cap space to sign four players. That would bring their roster up to 22 players, and that’s considering they can sign the RFAs for $7.5 million(figure Dubinsky and Cally both take $2 million; and Korpikoski $1 million; Anisimov will make $875,000 and Gilroy $1.75 million).

    They could fit Sauer in as a sixth defenseman for $865,000. Potter about the same. Or they could go with Sanguinetti, who will cost $1 million. Byers would probably be $525,000. That leaves them about $1.25 million for the last piece, assuming Voros is waived or starts the season in Hartford.

    Trade away Redden and you’re opening up a maximum of $7.75 million. You lose your top-pairing defender and open the season with three rooks on the blueline. Still, you’re like $50 grand over the cap if Richards is your man. And the only way Dallas does that deal is if they get a BOUNTY of top-flight young players back in return…meaning you’ll probably jettison Del Zotto, Grachev and maybe Stepan to sweeten the deal enough.

    Sharp is a distinct possibility, and that was some wry thinking on Zipay’s part. I also like the idea of targeting Kessel, who might sign for under $5 million(but would still require Rozsival to be moved). Another random thought is to cast a line out about Stamkos. See if Tampa would take Rozsival, a first-rounder, and Grachev for him. At least then we would have some wiggle room. But guys that are pining for Richards or Heatley or Marleau or any other guy making OVER the salary of the guys going the other way will be pining until the cows come home, cause it ain’t ever happening…

  24. BTW – You guys posting links from Hockeybuzz and Bleacher Report should really understand these are not reliable sources. They’re fan-based sites. This place has more reality than they do…Hockeybuzz still has RISSMILLER listed as a Ranger!

  25. I seriously think our only hope at any success next season will be if two things happen. 1, we stay outrageously healthy like we did last season, and that goes double for Gaborik, and 2, we get depth scoring from unexpected places. Redden magically finds his game, Evgeny Grachev walks on and scores 30 goals, Dubinsky and Callahan go ape and score like wildfire. Something along those lines. I think a lot of that comes down to Tortarella. Can he assemble this group of parts into a functioning, well-oiled scoring and defensive machine? If he can get a group of players together that will at least put forth 100% effort, he’s half way there. Maybe going to battle with a big group of rookies will help there, as everyone will be eager to impress and earn their spot. But with a few moves to improve the defensive corps, and a little luck, we may be OK afterall

  26. yeah…why don’t we trade away everyone for Richards…including the MSG and the hot dog stand next to it!

    Just sit back, relax and wait for Sather to hit us with his “best” move of the summer!

  27. Rick,

    Is there any reality that Sather will re-sign Betts? He is pivotal for the PK, one of the best PKers in the league. Sather is crazy not to sign him. Well he’s a bit touched anyway.

    Gosh, hockey from 10 years ago is so much different now. Guys bounce all over the league these days. Men like Chelios and Sakic are the essence of hockey and nothing but class. Now its agents, money and “what can you do for me” that runs the show.

    Not to complain but Redden should be ashamed of himself for accepting the money that he did. He has nothing left to give and his “skills” are gone.

    I know this was probably discussed at length… but Naslund was a class act doing what he did for the team.

  28. CCCP

    I agree. I wouldnt touch Richards with a 10′ pole. Dallas will ask for too much and I would NOT want to see Dubinsky, Cally, AA, Staal or Grachev to go anywhere.

  29. Hey Tony!!

    Yeah… he knew the situation they were in with the cap and could have been bought out…etc… Kudos to him. I’ll cheer for him when they retire his number in Vancouver. He may have not but up elite numbers but he did right by the team.

    Good luck with your future Nazzy.

  30. hey all checking in from cabo on honeymoon.

    i like the kotalik signing but not for 3 years. 2 years 6 mil i would have liked better.

    this team needs a center in the worst way.

    trade for richards for 2 years move rozi or if there is a god redden

  31. i thought it was already bruins vs flyers

    it should be bruins vs montreal, but that wount happen.

  32. Laurel Babcock on

    Eric, your wife must love you very very much…or is she just taking a nap? You never said, is she a Rangers fan, too? Cabo…so jealous.


    Fyi, those whose who watched the live Report, since I’ve gone public I’m gonna share a picture of me and one of my favorite Rangers….but I can’t download it here so if you’re interested in naming that Ranger, go to pets.lohudblogs.com.
    I swear, I’m not shilling for my other blog…some of you were there that night….:)

  33. Jor71: As far as I know, Riss was signed for one year. People are still confused about it, because he and Voros signed at the same time. Voros was the one who signed a three-year deal. Riss only signed a year.

    Colin: That same site lists Ilya Gorokhov(remember him?) and Ivan Baranka in the system…’Nuff said. But fine, if you want to eat off of Ecklund’s shit shovel or from Bleacher, feel free. Just don’t offer them as evidence that the Rangers are close to acquiring Richards or Heatley or anyone for that matter. At least say ‘take this for what it’s worth…’

  34. tdchi

    i guess you missed my comments on hockey buzz last week..
    selective reading?
    also i dont ever remember saying “its a sure bet!” or that a trade happened i simply posted 2 links talking about trade rumblings.

    didnt realize i had to run links by you before i posted em.

    ill be sure to do that from now on

  35. the power of the internet my friend

    On May 15, 2008, the Rangers confirmed that Ivan Baranka accepted an offer from Spartak Moscow, but that the Rangers will retain his rights.

    so i suppose thats not a true statement. i dont want to post a link until i run it by you. you should give me your email address.

  36. yo mouth,

    just wanted to send you props for the work youre doing on your blog. really good stuff. love the videos for dummies…keep up the good work brother!!

    if gabby and higgins stay healthy for a majority of the year and if kotalik and drury rekindle that old buffalo magic then i think we are in for one hell of a year!

  37. I’m not saying it’s going to happen BUT imagine if Redden actually played well this year? That would be pretty cool.

  38. Hey colon, you’re true to your words: “my whole life practically revolves aroud the internet. im always down to meet chill people. ranger fans, linux nerds, etc.”

    Too bad you can’t read ’em. Chew on this, trollo.

    downeaster(smartly)said: “Keep dreaming if you think the cap money is there to bring in Richards at 7.8 million (are you nuts???) or sharp at 3.9 million.”

    your dumbass replied:”Dallas is rumored to be after Wade Redden or Michal Rozsival, so one of them will be heading south if a trade takes place…”

    Gah…I won’t repeat the whole BS quote you pasted from Bleacher. Why foment this nonsense? I’ll let you get back to your Warcraft and skittles. Don’t eat too many, you’ll stay up all night posting garbage.

    By the way, you just proved my point. I’ll be sure to post MY rumors on Bleacher. On my site. Then you can puke them out here like they’re your own. Sound nice?

    Or better yet, you can talk hockey, if you know anything about the sport, so true fans such as myself don’t need to wade through your baiting garbage.

  39. Even if we add a center (hey, im all for richards and whom ever for korpi, sangs, rozy, and z)but without a physical presence on the blue line (a fear instilling physical presence) we are going nowhere if we reach the playoffs!!!!

  40. andy – Hey, I got no problem getting along. I just come here to talk hockey. I was trying to urge a bit of restraint for those guys reposting drivel, but I can see some trolls aren’t mature enough to take constructive criticism…So carry on…

  41. tdchi

    i tend to just post links quickly when i see em sometimes. i actually posted the link cause in the comment i was responding to it was mentioned about waiving redden. the link i posted to spoke about the “trade” involving redden. i never claimed any of these statements to be mine. in fact i thought the quotation marks and link back to the site would ensure that this was not something i said. when you say “Then you can puke them out here like they’re your own” it leads me to believe you think i am saying this and quoting it.

    bleacher report is not YOUR “dot com” just because you can “post” something on it. that would be just silly. unless your name is David Nemetz. is it? and its not dumb that you would say oh dont post links from there but you have an account for the site? i find it hard to fathom how someone would trash a site but have an account for it. its like saying mysapce is lame but having an account there.

    its funny you quote me saying something about meeting linux nerds and then assume i play warcraft? how would one go about making that happen (playing warcraft in linux)? without running WINE. and yes i am always down to meet chill people and talk hockey. a lot seems to get lost in text translation. do you want to meet me?

    my life is the internet
    its how i make a living

    we could all get along im not really sitting here arguing… like i said … translation…

    once you show me my OWN WORDS in that comment – http://rangers.lohudblogs.com/2009/07/10/rangers-re-sign-byers/#comment-194029 – then i will “read ’em” and then chew on it.

    until then gibber jabber on… you can leave the name calling in kindergarten. if you have something to say ill be @ warren 77 tomorrow night like usual. not actin hard at all im there every weekend. scream hey trollo when youre searchin real loud! the first molson is on me.

  42. not setting up a fight

    im saying a lot gets lost in translation

    im more than happy to meet people and talk about hockey and drink some canadian alcohol thats all.

    if he has anything he wants to say to me he can say it to me while i buy him a beer.

  43. not even beefin im still tryin to understand how i quoted somethin from a blog and they ended up being my words. an then i get called out for posting a link to a domain when the person who called me out has a login on the site.

    no worries i aint startin aything. im simply saying come have a beer with me. and then call me names. people usually dont talk the same way in person as they do on the internet.

  44. That’s the beauty of internet. Life behind the screen.

    Here, you could be anyone you want to be. Too bad it aint so in real life.

  45. So, on a hockey note anyone remember when hockey was on ESPN (man wouldn’t that be awesome again) during the stanley cup playoffs they did commercials after each team was eliminated it was like a murder crime scene. Those were freaking Hilarious!!!!

  46. Wow this is great, finally something entertaining, not just the same old “we better not trade Dubinsky, Callahan, Staal, Grachev or Del Zotto”

    I got money on Colin

  47. I was kidding around colin.
    I’m a wise ass on the blog and in real life I am too…
    I’m the guy who usually gets his ass kicked, but I’ve never been in a fight…haha

  48. mundo

    unfortunately i am not drunk.

    ufc tomorrow night @ the bar? and i mean that as in ufc 100 live. come on guys! for real.

    carp, jane and laurel should do a live video chat from the bar. with special guests. like some of the commenters here.

  49. staal

    see! a lot gets lost in text translation.

    you smart ass ahahahahahah jk jk

    ugh this is why i dont comment a lot during the season
    too may people

  50. Colin,

    I’m not sure if this is your attempt at civility, but I’ll oblige and explain one last time. And I’ll yell it loud for the cheap seats.

    First of all, I wasn’t even talking to you per se. I was trying to explain(in vain) that there’s no way in hell that the Rangers could fit Richards, or Heatly or any other forward making more than $3 million under the cap. I explained it pretty damn clear too. I also noted they couldn’t trade their cap rocks for another cap rock because they’d essentially be trading one problem for another(scroll up).

    Then, in a moment of frustration, I reminded folks that these sites aren’t reliable sources for rumors in another vain attempt to maybe slow the flow of “OMG…Richards is coming here” posts being left on a thread about Byers of all players…again…not directed at you per se.

    Now you chime in with some snide remarks. I responded in kind, and that’s when you started nailing the sarcasm button like it was your job. I probably should have let it go and allowed you to revel. But I’m not a big fan of attitude on the Internet or in real life, so I didn’t.

    Now about Bleacher, it’s a fan-based site. Anyone can set up an account. I have, in fact, mused about writing my own column there(no I’m not ‘Dave Nemitz’ or whoever), but I spend way too much time dicking around on these sites as it is. And I do a fair amount of writing that’s regrettably not hockey oriented.

    Onto the drinking. I’d readily take you up on the offer were I within 200 miles of NYC. At times, I am. I’ve got plenty of mates that live down there and imbibe. And I certainly make occasional sojourns to watch the Rangers. if one of these times it’s a Friday and I find myself within a cab ride from Tribeca, I assuredly will take a trip to Casa Avery.

    Even better yet, if you’re really interested in chatting mono-et-mono, I’d ask you to find an open hockey session near that aforementioned bar(or within a cab ride). I will happily tote my gear down to the Big Apple and show you how we play the sport up north. Then friend, the beers are on me. As many as you want.


  51. chris

    nice find
    i especially like the 4th paragraph

    lets not hypotheticaly speak about anything
    we will only discuss facts

    bears like beets

  52. Chris from Buffalo on

    Don’t listen to anything that Bleacher article I posted says. That same “writer” said Kotalik was going to the Devils, Morrison was going to the Sabres and Sakic wouldn’t be retiring.

  53. please tell me up north is TO

    and hockey?
    no worries there, lol. dont let my location fool you.

    also please note i never said anyone was comin to new york.

    so anyways….

  54. breaking news- it is confirmed by colin that previous reports of richards to ny were unconfirmed and now is officially unconfirming the original confirmed report.
    in other news, tavres goes to the isles as expected and will score most of his career goals against the new york rangers.

  55. Really? Are we going back down this track? If you guys are playing hockey, I’m down.

  56. So thats Brash, Boyle and Byers on the 4th line (or sitting on the bench doing Sudoku for 56 minutes and 4 minutes of banging bodies or picking fights).

    Anyone who includes a line “the – insert random team name here – are interested in Redden” you know they are not serious and it is obviously some fan pulling someones chain.

    However, if Slats can rid us of 2 of those contracts and keep Gabby healthy and make Drury a force then he should get the keys to the city!!

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Byers , good ol Saskatchewan boy :) hem hem

  58. Chris Drury (Captain) on

    Hey guys. I’m about to go on my morning run… I’m trying to get into better shape for next season. Better to clutch you with my dear…

    I’m pretty pleased that my man Kotalik is on board.

    My broken hand is finally healed so it’s been fun getting intimately re-acquainted with it. the internet is clutch for porn.

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    I dunoo , I read both sides to the story but it seems tdchi says the link that colin posts is unrealiable and colin’s defense is he just posts stuff and doesnt believe all of it either and that he know the internet and isnt a dummy.

    Then a ufc style fight after the one guy buys the other a molson. Like in Molson Canadian? ummm blah!!! Popular around here but Labattes blue and pilsner is better!!! Even Kokanne is better than molson canadian crap!!!!hahaa just my opinion , hell I don’t even drink that much at all.

    So it Colin Vs tdchi , whos gonna win ….well we can’t promote fighting on here as much as It sounds cool. I’d never pick a fight or scrap with anyone on here , soo easy fellas.

    Acting tough on the internet is fun cuz at the end of the day , if ya get too scared of the guy ,ya can turn off your pc and be safe!!!!

  60. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    im be back later , good morning Mr Drury , it’s kinda exciting having an ex-teamate in Kotalik joining the Rangers eh? Well we know you pulled a few strings and spoke to Gabby before he came saying that ditching Goofy gomez was the wise disision and glen was gonna get you Kotalik so your stats win go up. Awsome .

  61. I say they trade Redden for Richards, and sweeten the pot with Voros and Rissmiller. I would like to throw in Brashear also, but that likely sweeten it much.

  62. I Hope if we get any center that it would be Sharp. He only makes 3.9 mil and he had a good playoff performance (7g 4a).

  63. Wicky- the interview was good especially when he dropped the f-bomb haha

    Mundonyc- that is not me

  64. Haha, yeah that was funny when Torts dropped the Fugg bomb, and a couple of “god damns”. Jeez, im so happy this guys our coach, i hated the Renney interviews so much.

    Love Torts !!!

    And i got money on Colin.

  65. no country

    pizza in canada sucks?
    pizza pizza is awesome! they cut the one slice into 2, lol.
    i blame the water not bring nyc water thats why its not as good.

  66. pizza in iowa is worse and its basically the same all over because thje water in ny is much better. makes better dough, and theres real italians makin it!!

    guys are gonna havea hockey showdown huh? why not just break out some nhl 09 and settle it without actually having to travel large distances. or we could just come together and unite against all islander fans. while weve been fighting over redden and drury, theyve been regrouping and are makin moves to become the dominant ny team. we must stop them now before its too late!!!

  67. JohnR – I’d love to get a pick up game together with some of the regulars here and on other sites. Seems to me, there are plenty of us who play and/or played. For some reason, I’m remembering Sam tried to or did organize something outside the city. Or maybe that was a different site. I’d play in a heartbeat…been almost nine days since I last skated, cause all the rinks thaw for goddamn Independence Day and summer leagues don’t start until mid-July.

    I also agree on Sharp, although I still can’t figure out how they’d fit him under the cap. I guess you could do Zip’s deal, (Korpikoski, Sanguinetti and a pick)which would likely be more than enough for the Hawks, then try to move Rozsival or Redden for a pick and sign Anton Babchuck to a $2.5 million contract(Canes were offering him $1 million). Gah..who knows. There’s no figuring out Sather, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to coax Messier out of retirement…

  68. mike in ia – A lot of folks still don’t think the Isles are going to be that tough next year. I’m not one of them. I’ll bet they at least make a serious run at the playoffs. They signed Rolson, which is always a good move with IR..er..DiPi in net. Streit on the PP. Taveras with Baily and Okposo…I tell you, LI is going to be TOUGH in a year or two. That’s why they need to bring back Milbury.

  69. lol tdchi. milbury!! what a cretin. i agree we really could use sharp and i loved how he played in the playoffs. and yea, i agree that pretty soon, its gonna be us and the devils at the bottom of the division. we have gotten slightly better up front i think, but not enough to really get us in contention with the pens, bruins,capos etc.. i think in a year or 2 both us and the isles will be much better and with our guys(gabby,duby,cally staal,grachev,anisimov) goin up against isles (tavares,bailey,okposo,streit,etc… it will make the rivalry much better with 2 more even teams. devils are goin downhill it seems at least for now until they get more vscoring and a true goalie prospect to one day replace brodeur. im def. lookin forward to isles-rangers games in teh future

  70. colin- whos justin??

    and whats this im hearing of morris likely returning? wtf? no! we need a crease clearer or app specialist. get zubov for a year until del zotto or sangs are fully ready, or we shouldve just resigned mara to play with one of the rookies. morris costs too damn much. why, cuz his shots from the point are good and get through? he hasnt scored on any of them since becoming a ranger. and slats, please get duby and cally signed. even zherdev. hed be perfect for 2nd line wing and less pressure with gabby here now

  71. tdchi

    Ya I haven’t played in two years. My wife and I had a second child and I’ve been broke! I’m starting roller hockey in two weeks and I can’t wait! My friend is setting the team up with jerseys. He started a hockey stick company and he want to promote it.

  72. Turns out Mara’s deal with the Habs was worth 1.65 million. . . i would have resigned him for thatlittle.

    Especially if we trade Rozy, we will need a Veteran D-man in Rozy’s spot.

  73. Sauer can be a crease clearer, he’s feisty. I’d seriously like to try him with Dredden because he plays a stay-at-home game and will cover up for Redden’s goofy pinches.

    Zubov for a year would help mentor the kids in running a PP. Just start a camp fire and have him tell his tales of running a PP to Staal/Girardi/Sauer/Sangs/Gilroy/Heikinnen/Potter and have Del Z, McD, and all the junior kids phone in.

    The secret ingredient in NY for pizza is water indeed!

  74. mike in ia – only way he returns is if Redden or Rozsival are moved. Or if he takes a major salary cut There’s simply no cap space available for him. I read somewhere that his wife wanted to stay in Arizona, where there really is no money for him…

    somerset – That’s a real bummer. I would have taken Mara over Redden at least.

    JohnR – nice. I just got on blades for the first time this summer last week. I keep thinking I’ll hit them regularly to get more of a jump on the ice. But my blades kind of suck. I had a choice between getting decent blades and decent skates or shitty blades and awesome skates. Went with Graf 703s and some Nike blades that cost like $85(and way about 50 pounds). Thus, I’m never much in the mood to use them…The skates on the other hand…man. Great buy.

  75. I get allot of my stuff at Hockey Monkey. I got ccm Mavericks for $190. They were originally $375.

  76. Where's Pavelich? on

    Mara at 1.65MM?.. I would have signed on for that.. my guess is Torts didnt like Mara’s coniditon while in Tampa (he was always known to play a little out of shape)…but he def picked up his conditioning as a Ranger… he would have been a very good “A”

    FYI: Byers isnt a good fighter (hopefully he can hit and MAYVBE score a little); nor is Boyle for his size…I forget how it works, but if the Rangers signed Orr to 4 yrs at 4mil couldnt they but him out in yr 3 for $1mil.. and take a very similar hit as Brascher at $1.4 for 2 years?

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Too many Rangers with the acception going to Callahan …Don’t hit enough!! Byers or whom ever they get , get a guy who hits!!It’s not how big ya are ( Dion P)its your speed and timing to make that big hit. If any kids can move into that spot ..They better know how to throw thier body around.

  78. Don’t worry Z, the Rangers aren’t that soft. They could be tougher but these guys hit:

    Cally, Dubi, Avery, Brashear, Byers, and Owens (my wild card to make the team) and on D Staal, Girardi, and Sauer will bang plus they say our favorite import beer Heikkinen throws the body pretty well.

  79. Ortmeyer possibly back to Rangers

    And I did not get this form Eklund
    Buddy o mine works for the preds’

    Said that his agent got a phone call from Glen

  80. i really doubt owens makes the team. we just have so many 3rd-4th line guys that are ahead of him in the depth chart. i feel maybe he would get a few games if someone goes down but i cant see him beating out byers or arnason. maybe boyle but hes pretty big and we need size back there.

  81. ortmeyer? how many 4th liners are we gonna stockpile? when is glen gonna look at signing cally dubi and z first before signing another guy that cant score

  82. i know

    I said that to my friend “where is he going to play on the Rangers” How many foruth liners do we need?
    Unless he will replace someone in Hartford

    who knows what wacky uncle glen is up to!!

  83. Mike-I know the odds are against Owens but he has something that none of the other potential 4th liners have; explosive speed. He can skate like Freddie Sjo and was the Pack’s fastest skater. Torts loves speed and liked Sjo so maybe Owens will open some eyes in camp. It’s up to him.

    I’d 100% bring Ortmeyer back to Hartford. He’s a great guy to have in this organization. Him and Tyutin were the first two to start the climb back to respectability.

  84. Laurel Babcock on

    Rob L….yeah, I know it was a gimme, but don’t we make a great looking couple?

    colin, hmmm. interesting idea

    CCCP, can always count on you to crack me up.

    22figure8, if you dig in old blog posts I did when Carp was off, I have a neat Gresch story (sigh)

  85. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    2009 New York Rangers (As of Right Now)
    Calahan – Dubi – Gaborik
    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik
    Avery – Anisimov – Korpikoski
    Brashear – Boyle – Voros
    Staal – Girardi
    Rozsival – Redden
    Potter – Sauer/Sanguinetti/Del Zotto

  86. Chris Drury

    Here is the chart:

    Heart – Soul – Minnesota play dough

    Spare part – Overpaid underachiever – Sloppy seconds

    Buffalo wing – AA battery – Lauri the boy

    Ghetto the Horrible – Baby Godzilla – Golden Girl


    Younger Brother – Dan the man

    Yesterday’s garbage – Jagr stocker

    Vacant – Vacant


    King wanna be

    Number 2

  87. Isn’t it funny how the teams take off on the weekends. Not many signing on Sat and Sun. Just bored.

  88. haha im sorry I left my Chris Drury name on

    thanks for the quick update, i was away for a few days

  89. ZzZz – Dude, I’m not sure I’d call this team soft. At the very least, they’re a lot more physical than they were last season to start. First off, you have Avery back in the lineup. And Gaborik is no slouch himself; definitely not the type of player I’d call soft. Second line, hopefully Dubi regains his edge, and we all know Callahan’s MO. Fourth is decidedly tougher too. Boyle is a banger, so is Byers. Neither one can fight worth a damn, but they can both hit well. And then…mrrmph…Brashear. I hate the guy, but when he hits, bodies go down. And he can skate better than Orr too. Defense could be a wash depending on who they fill the sixth position with. Sauer hits hard; probably as hard as Mara did. Gilroy, I don’t know. The other thing is these guys are A LOT bigger than they were last year. Size is good these days, provided they’ve got wheels.

    ZzZz – Cally is an RW. I guess there’s a chance Gaborik moves to LW and for that line. But if that’s the case, I bet we see Gaborik-Drury-Kotalik. Absent a trade, I think they’ll start Dru as their number-1. He is the captain…

    And This One – I could almost guarantee Arnason is insurance for Anisimov. If AA comes to camp in shape and ready to go, third line is all his. If he doesn’t and needs more seasoning, Arnason steps in. Otherwise Tyler joins his old drinking buddy with the Hawks in Hartford.

    mikeynj – I’d take Ortmeyer back here in a heartbeat. It never rested well with me that they let him go in the first place. Jed is such a class act. Reminds me a bit of Gernander. Solid lower-line player who will throw everything on the line for the team. You can’t get enough of those guys in today’s NHL.

  90. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So our 4th line is going to be Brashear, Boyle, Byers, Korpikoski, Rissmiller, Voros, and Ortmeyer? Is that really necessary?

  91. You folks who are lumping Kovalchuk in with the Russians,
    may be surprised that he would not appreciate that. He’s from the Ukraine, and you know how much they love the Russians.

  92. flynn – Kovalchuk is about as Russian as they get. Are you thinking of Antropov maybe?

    Dr. Ogrodnik – Korp will be on third or on another team. Rissmiller will be in Hartford if anything. Voros will be a bench warmer of he doesn’t get bought out. Frankly if they sign Ortmeyer, it will probably be to play in Hartford, or as a depth player. I doubt he’ll cost much more than the league minimum, and he can kill penalties with the best of ’em; a poor man’s Betts if you will…By the by, I’m digging your handle. Ogrodnik was a very under-rated Ranger. One of the great scorers.

  93. Depth Chart (in no order):





  94. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    My point is, Sather has already stockpiled a bunch of 4th liners, and Torts doesn’t even use a 4th line.

  95. honeymoon is great thanks for all for keeping me updated.

    please no jed again. i for one like to see betts back but know it wont happen.

    i recommend cabo for those looking to get away.

    we need a center

  96. My sources in Toronto are telling me there is a strong possibility that Mats Sundin will be a Ranger by Monday. Considering what else is out there, I strongly urge Glen Sather to sign him for this season.

  97. mats sundin lol. i totally forgot about him, i mean last year the guy holds the league hostage and gets to choose his team after he sees which one he likes and is in good shape standings wise, then gets paid obscene amount and does jacksquat playing on a line with 2 studs. barely noticable in the playoffs. nobody wants him now, im sure sather doesnt. im hoping he can see what a mistake it would be. im sure hes upgrade over dru, but might as well just put dubi on top line and save the money for trade deadline. sundin for 1 year is just too little too late. hes good enough to help us get 5th or 6th again, not good enough to do much else after that. id rather get jags back or a shannysaurus if were goin to get an old fart

  98. Mats Sundin? on

    How the hell would we have the cap space to sign him unless he’s gonna play for like $2M or less?

    That being said we could do worse than him, but I think he’ll retire and stay that way.

    The only other FA we will probably sign is Zubov.

  99. theflynn
    July 11th, 2009 at 7:19 pm
    You folks who are lumping Kovalchuk in with the Russians,
    may be surprised that he would not appreciate that. He’s from the Ukraine, and you know how much they love the Russians.


    I am from Ukraine (but I am neither Ukranian nor Russian) and i absolutely have zero problems with Russians! Maybe if you live in Russia then you might have some sort of resentment towards Ukrainians and vice versa… and even then this is more of a myth than anything. Last name Kovalchuk might suggest Ukrainian roots (Andreychuk, Terry Sawchuk, Dale Hawerchuk, Jordin Tootoo, Ukrainian Canadian mother) but Illiya is Russian… and plays for team Russia…( Russians or Ukrainians… its all the same crap… one eats borsch and pirogi…the other eats potato with sour cream)

    Why would he play for Team Russia if he had problems with Russians? It makes no sense. Plus, i can totally see him coming to New York because of the large Russian community here. It could very well be our wild card if we go for Illiya next summer. Atlanta got almost none-existent Russian community and i bet Illiya misses Russian bread and kefir in the morning.

    P.S. it’s funny how some of the best all time Canadian hockey players have Russian or Ukrainian roots.

  100. Just got off the phone with my source…

    My source saying that by Monday, Wednesday the latest Vladimir Putin will be the new
    New York Rangers GM!

    …stay tuned!

  101. awesome night @ w77 tonight
    i actually got a job offer in montreal
    for 6 weeks

    so justin if i take the job i may be driving “north”
    strait shot up hwy 87

    you should check out diggnation live in nyc it was pretty fun. also since your blog is pet based do you know “cute with chris”? he did some live shows in TO and cali as well.

    have a good weekend all

  102. Was Mikko Koivu the centre for Gaborik when he was in MN? Cause looking at their rosters for the last couple seasons they never have had a BIG time centre like Richards of Thornton….

  103. From Brooks:

    “I can go one-on-one in certain situations, but I like to play with a center who carries the puck while I get open,” Gaborik, the former Minnesota sniper who signed a five-year, $37.5 million free-agent contract on July 1, told The Post on Friday while he visited the club’s training facility in Greenburgh.

  104. I watched Gaborik’s EVEN STRENGTH goals from the past couple of seasons on the “NHL Video Portal” and his Center in

    2006-2007 was Demitra
    2007-2008 was Demitra for half a season and Belanger for the other

    2008-2009 was Koivu and Sheppard

    In 2007-2008 (when he scored 42 goals) he was usually paired with either Parrish, Voros, or Fedoryk on the other wing. So I think its safe to say he likes his other winger to crash the net on his line

    Im thinking the line should be…

    Avery – Dubinsky – Gaborik OR
    Callhan – Dubi – Gaborik

  105. Our PP is gonna be alot better this year!!!! I watched the last couple of seasons PP goals by Kotalik, Higgins, and Gaborik

    Gaborik obviously Snipes off the boards

    Kotalik has a BOMB from the Point (PP Quaterback anyone??)

    Higgins pretty much scores nothing but Dirty goals and deflections on the PP from in front

    My top 3 Lines as of now would be:

    Gaborik – Dubinsky – Avery
    Kotalik – Drury – Higgins
    Callahan – AA – Korpi

    1st PP Line:

    Gaborik – Dubinsky – Higgins (in front)
    Kotalik – Redden at the Point

    2nd PP Line:

    Callahan – Drury – Avery (in front)
    Girardi – Rozsival at the Point

  106. i think kotalik should be on the same line as dru for the pp. he could deflect kotaliks blasts from the point. other than that youre lines look good. kotalik and dru have played the pp together before. im actually happy we got this guy. some people were talkin about gettin him at the deadline. and it prob wouldve been better than morris for our pp. you know this is dru’s team now. hes doin the same thing jagr did in bringin his old mates on board.

  107. seth

    Brad Richards is not coming to the Rangers. It is not possible. He makes 7.8 mil for the next 2 seasons. Given that the Rangers have to resign Dubi, Cally and Korpedo and we only have 6 mil in cap space there is not enough cap room to bring Richards for this season, let alone in 2010 where the cap is more than likely going down and Staal, Girardi and others are RFAs and are due for a raise.

    So Heatley, Thornton, Richards or whoever you guys think are coming, its not happening…Let the kids play…

  108. oleosmirf – Agree 100 percent. I’ve been saying this all along. Fans like to think this team will get the best of the best, and I don’t blame them. But there comes a point when suggesting futile moves is a vicious tease. This is one of those points. From where I’m looking, these are the only real moves the Rangers could do to improve the team.

    1. Package Rozsival, Zherdev and a high prospect(either DZ or Grachev) to a team with lots of cap space and a number-1 or future number-1 center who costs less than half Rozy’s salary…Berglund on Stl., Stamkos on Tampa, Mueller or Turis on Phoenix, maybe Kesler on Van.; sign Babchuck to replace Rozy. Mind you, this is a BIG stretch.

    2. Package Dubinsky with Z for a mid-priced center like Sharp.

    And that’s about it. Sather is in the worst cap-corner of his tenure. In fact, I don’t think there’s another GM that’s in as bad shape after the Kotalik signing.

  109. Stupid Ranger highlight of my weekend – at Monmouth Park yesterday in the 7th race there was a horse name “Dubinksy”.

    I of course had to bet it silly. Dubinsky won the race and I won the race straight up, the exacta and the trifecta. I am going to surmise that this was the first time in years that being a Rangers fan has actually made me money.

  110. tdchi

    we have bad cap problems coming up in 2010 however Rozsival can be easily moved after this season to a team like Phoenix Nashville or Florida who have plenty of cap space. That wont be enough but Higgins probably wont be back either so we should be ok.

    i prefer to just resign the three of our RFAs (Zherdev is obviously not coming back) and let the season play out as is. If you compare our roster right now to the team we had going into the year last season I find it hard to believe we cant make the playoffs. At least this time we will have some offense and might win a round maybe 2 if Hank stands on his head…

  111. In case I haven’t mention it before, I would feel hella better if we would address the physical need on the blueline!!

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