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  1. Fare thee well faithful Paul Mara. I will miss you and your exceptionally bearded ruggedness. Solid D. Quintessential North American hockey mindset.

  2. I will definitely miss Mara too and wish him well. But it is time for our young D to step up. So, do you sign Morris now, or do we inject two young guys in to the mix this year?

  3. Good Luck to Paul
    He was a true Lumber jack for our boys in blue the past few seasons

    Will always be remembered as a good Ranger D man

  4. Mara was a good/tough Ranger- was hoping he would come back on the cheap but oh well-

  5. True Blue 23 on

    If we can have Morris for peanuts then i say go for it, he wasnt bad in few games that he played for us last season… if not, as many people have said before we have to stop babying our prospects and let them play in meaningfull before they turn 30.

  6. Paul Mara actually didn’t sign with Montreal. The Beard did, Paul Mara was just a throw in.

  7. I say give the young guys a shot
    Im all for no more signigns and letting these prospects come up

    Its time we use our D depth in the Majors

    If we go into the season with:

    Staal Girardi
    Rosi Redden
    Rookie Rookie

    I seriously have no problem with tht, growing pains be damned

    Save some cash, use it mid season for whatever we need, let the youth get some experience


  8. I Was Duguay on

    The first time the Habs come to MSG this year, I can only hope that Gomez and Mara aren’t both on the ice at the same time. I’d like to separate my hat-tipping to Mara and my booing and yelling of obscenities at Gomez.

  9. “Also.. it made me sick to watch us lose in shootouts.. while Hanks was basically near perfect.. apparently this guy is as close to an automatic in the SO as there is in the league.. to me thats worth at least 5 wins and a million bucks per yr alone”

    You’re forgetting that we wont see as many shootouts, with Torts’ system. He plays for the win, not the shootout win, unlike Renney.

    Id much rather have Z over Kotalik.

    And NO to Afinagenov. Dreary, Kalinin, Kotalik, Afin, enough already, it’s not working out. I don’t want to knock Kotalik before he even plays, but this guy isn’t gonna do much for this team. Pointless signing !

    And to bad Mara got signed by the Habs, but eh, hopefully he’s taking holding penalties every time he plays us, oh wait the refs never call penalties against the Habs. Good fit i guess. I like the guy, but it was time to move on.

    Hopefully we don’t sign Morris now. Id rather have Zubov to be honest, if he gets hurt, who cares, we’ll have someone in Hartford to step in. I want a younger D this year.

  10. Lumberjack Paul!!!

    Your fan club in 318 is devastated!!! thanks for bringing it every night!

  11. True Blue 23 on

    thats why orr and mara are no longer needed Brashear is on our side now…ughhh i still get nauseous when I think about it…im getting better though

  12. I swear if the terms of this deal are anything less than 2 million Sather needs to be taken out. Mara > Morris in just about every facet. Very disappointed as I had envisioned this guy signed for a couple of years and wearing an A on his chest. Sad indeed.

    And good point Rick, he was indeed the only guy to go after Brashear. I wouldnt be totally shocked if Mara chose not to come back after Brashear was signed.

    Any ideas at this point if Drury keeps the C and if so who’s gonna get the A’s? Off topic I know but now my only real prospect to get an A is gone, considering the core youngins aint back yet.

  13. Legendary beard is gone! f-ing sux!

    This backwards organization is killing me! people who want to be here are shown the door(Jagr,Kaspar,Straka,Mara) just to name a few… and people like Broshame and captain floating clutch and Wade “not my fault I’m overpaid” Redden get to stick around.


    How long more will Sather keep us all hostage? What is it going to take for him to leave us alone already??

  14. Carp
    Don’t get me wrong, I think Mara is a great guy. Really wanted to play in NY, took a discount last yr to do so. Solid, stand up guy……..kind a guy you need. But to point out that he was the first to go after Brash after the Betts hit is a bit misleading. I remember when it happened thinking that he went after him because he felt he had to, not because he wanted to pound him (which he didn’t). I know you have to show restraint in the playoffs but he wanted no part of B, that was half-hearted.

    That said, his fate was sealed when Torts got here.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    The writing was on the wall, I’m just glad he landed on his feet.

    Mara is a class act.

  16. Maybe Avery should get one? Claude Lemieux had one. If not him, then I guess Gaborik.

    Sad as this sounds, Redden will probably get the other one.

  17. I will always like Paul Mara. I wish him the best even as a Hab. Tough guy, big heart, solid defenseman.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    anyone got the dollar amount for Mara? I hope it’s at least 2 million.

  19. ORR WHAT ?!?! – Rangers can’t afford MORRIS unless he takes a MAJOR discount. And the guy just isn’t worth $3.9 million.


    Eat your Wheaties, Sanguinetti and Gilroy. You guys are on deck. Potter and Sauer too. I’m still not 100 percent comfortable with the age of this blueline, but Staal and Girardi both looked like veterans throughout much of last season. And Gilroy at 25 and with four years, plus a captaincy under his belt ain’t exactly a youngster. That leaves one question mark: the number-6 slot. I’ve heard plenty of people say Sangs is ready and Sauer certainly didn’t look out of place, even though he did make some rookie mistakes.

    Regarding Mara, I’m really sorry to see him go. He was a great team player…BUT…and this is a big ‘but’ for you Torts lovers…He and Tortorella never mixed well. That’s largely the reason he was chased out of Tampa to begin with. I could see the writing on the wall with that one…

  20. Just ran into my buddy Bruce Lifrieri at a grocery store here in Montauk. He had absolutely nothing to say regarding any free agent/trade news. But he is excited about the olympics, and various camps during the summer. Sounded disappointed that Gomez is gone. Evidently they were pretty close. Really good guy.

  21. CCCP
    You’re absolutely right. My small knock on Mara is really a HUGE knock on the rest of the team. Except for Orr who fears no one.

    One can only hope that their paths will cross again and Mara knocks the crap out of Brashear.

  22. GC, that’s exactly the point. Of course he didn’t want to fight Brashear. But he knew somebody had to step up and he did it when most others wouldn’t even think about it. Sort of like when Shanahan fought Brashear. Just a great teammate type of guy.

    And you guys are absolutely right, there was something awry in the Tortorella-Mara relationship going back to their time in Tampa.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers and the Blackhawks talking deal, with Patrick Sharp likely coming here. According to two Canadian sites, only a romor, but looks like it could happen, since Chicago is having salary cap issues.

  24. Hi, Rick !
    Do you know the exact date when the NHL will announce the regular season schedule ? It is usually around my birthday, which is tomorrow on July 11th!!!

    Then my work will start planning another trip to the NHL and try to find the right matchups with the best possible logistices..

    That is always a fun job to plan it for a huge schedule..
    Can´t wait to start up with it….:)
    Matthias of Eidengesäß/Germany..

    P.S. best would be two games at the Garden including a derby either against the Isles or Devils followed or a before some huge matchups in Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago with a first visit to the Minnesota Wild..!!!
    8-10 Games in four weeks as I did in 2003!!!

  25. NYRanger4Life on

    Agree about Mara’s heart and loyalty towards teammates…but unfortunately having a big heart doesnt preclude you from taking lazy holding penalties (nightly) and getting beat rush after rush!

    I say good riddance. Give his spot to Gilroy and let the # 6 spot go to Zubov or Sauer / Potter.

    I actually like the idea of carrying 7 defensemen and only using Zubov on the PPs…

  26. Rick
    Maybe I’m making too much of it but if you’re going to point to that “fight”, then you got admit that stepping in to hug a guy is not the same thing as “stepping up”. You said it yourself, he didn’t want to fight Brashear. But he should have. Hell, somebody should have.

    And not at all the same thing that Shanny did. He squared up and looked the punk in the eye and said bring it on.

  27. NYRanger4Life on

    If Patrick Sharp joins the Rangers…. (and depending on what we have to give up) I will denounce all the bad things I’ve sad about Sather ….

  28. Carp – This is slightly off topic, but now that the Rangers brought in Kotalik for 3 mil per year do you see them having issues re-signing Staal and/or Girardi? Staal would obviously be a priority, but it would hurt to lose either of these guys.

    Back on topic with possibly today’s most pressing question, which Ranger now grows the best beard?

  29. bull dog line on

    Mara did what he had to do. In the playoffs you cannot exchange Paul Mara for Donald Brashere.

  30. Need to be back at Madison Square Garden and New York City..
    I ve been to Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto( vs Rangers !!!) in 2007,) so it will be time to return…:)

  31. doodie link us these sites my man! sharp is nasty!! and he hasnt reached his ceiling yet, if he was centering gabby omfg!!

  32. No way Hawks trade Sharp. That guy can play! Rangers always get guys that make their make someplace else. Sharp’s best years are ahead of him. I would trade anyone for him. Staal, Dubi, Cally, take your pick.

  33. Bye to Mara, he was a good Ranger. It was time for him to go. Rick, I know Mara was the 1st to jump Brashear after the Betts hit, but all he did was bear hug em. I know it’s better than nothing but I would have preferred some knuckles to the nose.

  34. This whole Brashear vs. Mara grievance is incredibly fickle in my eyes.

    That’s how you’re gonna remember a guy who took a pay cut to play here last year? Didn’t he drop the gloves with Tucker on the night he got back from his seperated shoulder? Speaking of the shoulder, he sought out Asham after the game just to thank him for pulling back a bit at the end of the fight.

    Give the guy a break

  35. bull dog,
    I get it. No stupid penalties in the playoffs. But maybe, sometines the message is bigger than the penalty.

    I will let it go now. Believe me I like Mara. Would have loved to have him back. BUT, there are some moments that last with you for years. I remember Dave Schultz pounding Dale Rolf until he was basically in a pool of blood, and NO RANGER DID A F***ing THING ABOUT IT. The Betts hit was not on that level, but it was close.

    Sorry to rant.

  36. while he meant well his game markedly declined half way through the season and even more so when torts got here, also while he “went after” brashear he did take a penalty as a result and negate a pp (tho i guess that was for the best given our pp last year). he was a fine player but not really a loss at all. there is no need to have redden, rosi and mara on the same team. morris while a little better will cost more, so I also say leave him be and let two rookies play and if u can move rosi then go after zubov

  37. I’d heard that Mara found Asham after that game and thanked him for easing off after he realized Mara was injured. Great story.

    Mara is a total class act and a good defenseman. He really represented the kind of character that the team had in the 2006-2007 season (for my money, the best one since the lockout). Seemed like he was a great fit during the good years with Renney. Good locker room guy, bummer to see him go.

  38. I thought Steve Zipay just suggested the Rangers go after Sharp – didn’t look like there was anything substantive to it other than an idea. Are those sites just parroting his idea as rumor?

  39. Mara had heart – going to miss him but it is time for our young D men to get the NHL call.

  40. why are players going to the KHL? sure they’re blasting nhl salaries away, but the league is very unstable…

  41. Torts didn’t like Mara. I wonder about Torts. Mary played with more heart and guts than anyone, but because Torts didn’t like him he goes. Lots of bang for the buck missed there. I am not suprised though.

  42. The Rangers have announced that they have re-sigend restricted free agent forward Dane Byers.

    Byers, 23, was the 48th pick in the 2004 NHL draft.

    Byers only played nine game last season due to a knee injury but had four points in six playoff games last season.

  43. It seems like it was best for Mara to leave due to Tortorella’s presence, but I will still miss him. I think he would have been better to keep around over Morris, but maybe Morris won’t be back either. It sounds like Sather is trying to trade a defenseman before deciding on signing another one.

    Even Wyshynski (Puck Daddy) gets in on the beard jokes: “Habs announce they’ve signed Paul Mara to a 1-year deal; his beard gets 3 years with a logging company in NW Territories.”

  44. Great… now there are two gaps to fill on D

    And none of the D prospects are ready so dont spout out Sands/DZ

  45. Speed Ranger on

    Rob F — re: KHL — good question!

    Last season some players were forced to take salary cuts – some were paid late, if at all. Makes me wonder if the players going there now are more motivated by leaving the NHL spotlight or politics than making more money.

  46. “thats why orr and mara are no longer needed Brashear is on our side now…ughhh i still get nauseous when I think about it…im getting better though”

    Brashear on the Rangers is almost as bad as Megan Fox dating David Silver from 90210. Im sorry but id actually rather have Brash on Nyr for two years than see that has been loser dating a piece of pie like Fox. Ugh, im gonna be sick !!!

    And i would love to have Sharp on Nyr, but what are the odds the Hawks trade a 40 goal scorer ? Hossa, Sharp, Kane, Toews, Versteeg. that was what they need to build around as far as forwards go.

  47. i brought up the khl thing because i saw hudler is in some mixup with them and the wings…i wanted hudler to be a ranger at some point lol

  48. Guys can we relax with Paul Mara-I understand he was an honorable player by taking less money because he wanted to stay in NY but lets face it he was not an upgrade to Aaron Ward. He is not a good skates, his shot was decent but he couldnt hit the net for his life, tks Paul for trying but time for you to move on! let the kids come in and learn, let them make some valuable mistakes that they can learn from…..

  49. I second that Seth. Mara was an OK defensemen but good Ranger. We will not miss him in the up coming season. Let the kids play!

  50. why are you all obsessed with slow defensemen.. mara may have had heart..great..but he was slow and old..i could care less

  51. I’m sorry to see Mara go! I would have liked seeing the Devils sign him to a one year deal but I guess it wasn’t in the cards…

    Also I’m looking forward to watching the Islanders next season. I’ve always liked them a lot too and they might have a decent squad next year. Say what you want but they are local and so am I.

    SUCK IT.

  52. A LOCAL FAN, who do you root for when the local teams face off against one another? do you plan on buying a lot of plane tickets to fly to kansas city?

  53. Guy was serviceable and good team guy but I’m not gonna lose any sleep over his departure. Another guy who primarily was brought in primarily to help the offense and didn’t

    Gabby Days areHhere Again ! : Marian Gaborik For Dummies Video


  54. I’m not sorry to see him go. We knew he wasn’t resigning. I just don’t have an overwhelming urge to point out all of his inadequacies.

    I’m glad the kids are getting a chance (though 30 games into the season you’ll all be clamoring for a veteran presence on the blueline) but I enjoyed rooting for Mara. I love being able to root for GOOD humans.

  55. lou-lol! tomg, you see the people on this site, they bleed blue, the larry brooks article was probably read by everyone on this site by 6am this am

  56. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Gonna miss Mara, he brought leadership and some stability to the blue line. Not the best game ever, but a solid, consistent guy who gave it his all every night, even on nights when he screwed up. Hard to dislike a guy like that.

    Like I said before, our blue line NEEDS some veteran presence who can lead and mentor these young guys. Redden can’t do it, and Rozy is gonna get shipped out. Paging Chris Chelios to take the 6th spot?

  57. Laurel Babcock on

    Happy birthday Matthias, and Linda too on Sunday!

    I wonder if Freidrich will sponsor the beard contest now that Mara’s gone…..

  58. Mara was as good at chatting up his teammates as anyone could be. he is the consummate team guy.

    too bad his lack of foot speed makes him more of a grabber than a hitter in the corners. that does not wear down opposing forwards when you don’t hit them.

  59. just bustin chops tomg..

    i would agree with the sentiment out there about letting some of these young guys play up finally.. let’s see what we got in our system..

    can’t find anything on the sharp thing..my buddy who is a hawks fan says they will need to trade someone.. whether it’s now/deadline or next offseason in order to sign toews/kane and keith

  60. I liked Mara. He wasn’t Lidstrom, but gave 100% heart. You can always appreciate guys like that (Mara, Betts, Ortmeyer, etc) and hate to see them go. Too bad we couldn’t keep him on the cheap as a 7th D to help out the kids or step in when we have a gap (injury, etc).

  61. canadiens d is gonna be slow with mara and hal gill, maybe they can get hatcher out of retirement to perfect the trifecta

  62. Are there any girls on here? I am having troubles picking out outfit to go to “Key Food”

    I need an advice.

    Should I wear my below the knee blue skirt and a padded bra on top, OR should I wear my above the knee red skirt and no bra?? I was thinking no bra and red skirt… what you girls think?


  63. a local fan….no bra and red skirt lol im a guy but if u look good, id rather see u with no bra….just my personal opinion….lol i joke i joke

  64. eventually we are going to have to log in here to comment.
    so ill thank you idiots now for ruining this site.

  65. Thanks for the bday shout out Laurel!!

    gonna miss Mara and BEARD! Stand up guy, great team guy, AWESOME AS ALL GET OUT BEARD! Wish him well with the Habs, except when they play us!! Now is the time for one of the Hartford kids to grab the spot!

    Schedule comes out July 15 (moms bday) and I can’t wait to pick my game of the year!

  66. The most under rated of all the defensemen, and quite possibly their best. NO ONE rode a fast forward out of a play without taking a penalty than MAra – and he was dynamic against Kovalev. He would skate shoulder to shoulder with the forward with his stick out but not interfering until the guy ran out of skating room, or out of gas. He had a terrifc shot from the point, low level and usually on the net. But he was on ice for the PP so seldom that few noticed it. This team will miss him believe me.

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