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Good morning. Does anybody want to play General Manager today? Or do you have an opinion on the whole Scott Gomez-Marian Gaborik-Donald Brashear roster remake? Or questions about the Rangers going forward?

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  1. Wade Redden is 32 years old on the buyout date of July 20, 2009, putting the total buyout cost at $20,666,667 spread over 10 years. His contract was originally valued at $39,000,000 with an annual cap hit of $6,500,000 beginning in 2008 and ending in 2014. The following is a season-by-season breakdown of the buyout. A negative buyout cap hit number indicates a credit.
    2009-2010 $8,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $5,933,333 $566,667
    2010-2011 $6,500,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $4,433,333 $2,066,667
    2011-2012 $6,500,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $4,433,333 $2,066,667
    2012-2013 $5,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $2,933,333 $3,566,667
    2013-2014 $5,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $2,933,333 $3,566,667
    2014-2015 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2015-2016 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2016-2017 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2017-2018 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2018-2019 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667

    This is what would happen for the next 10 years for the Rangers if they buyout Redden this year.

    As you can see we would save money on the cap for 5 years but take a 2mill cap hit for 5 years longer than he would be on the books if we just let him play out his contract what do you guys think is the Savings for the next 5 years worth the extra cap hit for 5 more?

  2. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’m thinking that it’s not worth it to buy him out right now. who knows what the cap does the next few years, and as we’ve already seen this offseason, sather needs every dollar he can get.

  3. It’s tough- what an awful, awful contract

    Anyway we can get him to retire a la Nazzy?

  4. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Lupz: You also have to factor in the player that replaces Redden’s salary since you still have to fill that void. Totally not worth it, that cap hit would be more painful than watching Redden play defense, and for twice as long.

    FYI: According to Grandpa Brooks, Boyle signed a 2 year deal at 525k per. Discount!

  5. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Boyle could very well but a great low risk high reward signing. If he plays like’s he’s promised then it will be a great signing. If he doesnt who cares?!

    Does anyone know if its a 1 way or 2 way deal? would give us some insight to what they intend with the 4th line maybe…

    Disco Stu was never may favouite simpsons character and clearly it appears the real Disco stu is amde of the same cr*ppy stuff….

  6. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks all! I admit, I was tempted to take him down, but I thought, eh, anyone who refers to him as disco and starts the day so politely should stay. Hope you don’t have questions for the chat today stu.

  7. If you’re going to buy out Redden’s contract, might as well just bury him in Hartford. You’re still paying him money either way, but at least it’s a $0 cap hit (and maybe the demotion causes him to retire or whatever). And if someone picks him up on waivers, good for them.

  8. There’s gotta be a better solution than a buyout. Can’t somebody just push Redden down a flight of stairs, or slug his knee with a crow bar?

  9. Lupz27, thank you for explaining that so graphically. And SCX, you are absolutely correct. Makes no sense to buy out Redden. To much long-term damage to the cap. If he bombs this year, you put him in Hartford and eat the contract.

  10. Lupz27 – If the Rangers do ANYTHING with Redden, it will be to demote him to Hartford(which ain’t happening either). Look, I hated the signing and don’t really like him as a player(I’m still blaming him for not taking the body on that Fedorov goal in Game 7), but Redden is still a top-4 defenseman on this team; maybe top-3. Is he worth $6.5 million? No. But if Redden was making $4 million, no one here would be bitching about him.

    NYRjurgenno88 – I’m thinking Boyle becomes what the Rangers had envisioned they’d have with Voros: A big guy who plays tough and doesn’t mind getting beat upon in the crease on the PP. At the cost, he’s worth every penny.

  11. Rick cant take to much credit for it I just copied and pasted it from a cap crunching site. But anyways your welcome.

  12. meshuggah1902 on

    Carp / Laurel, is there any word on signings (Callahan/Dubinsky)or any free agents?

  13. this whole boyle thing reminds me of rissmiller, voros, fritsche….i have not seen him play that much so i cannot say it as decisively. but he is 6’7″, doesn’t really fight, doesn’t really score, and doesn’t really skate that well given everyone has him pegged for a 4th liner. WTF is his purpose? is he THAT much better than Shoes or Betts? can he kill PPs like them? this move has me baffled.

  14. I agree with the sediment on Redden looks like we are stuck with him for 5 more years unless Sather can pull a magic trick and get sum fool to take his contract in a trade highly unlikely.

  15. NYRjurgenno88 on


    Boyle certainly gives us a dynamic (size) that we dont have right now because Voros is a waste of space.

    I think he may well get that opportunity to park hismelf in front on the PP. He’s proved in the A he can score, besides bigger guys take logner to develop… maybe LA gave up on him too early.

  16. I have the feeling that Tortorella thinks he can get a lot more out of Redden than he showed last season.

    I think a lot of Redden’s problem was that he wasn’t in top shape under Renney. That was the first observation that Torts made when he arrived – he thought the whole team was lacking in conditioning. If Torts can change that and get Redden into shape and firing on all cylinders, he may end up being serviceable.

    If not, THEN they’ll probably put him on waivers or demote him to Hartford. But I think they’ll give him one more chance to contribute.

  17. Attention all Ranger Fans, BOSS is back! I’ve been reading all your intelligent and crappy posts and have decided to give the a logical, realistic view on ishh. Lets work in catagories:
    Goaltending: Obv Hank, Vally is fine but hoping Vally can play a few more games to take pressure off.

    D-Men: Staal-Girardi: will play together as our top pair 23min a game shutdown etc. Young but obv a few years under their belt so clearly ready for this role. Both need to thrive in this role in their contract year.
    Redden-Roszvi: Both are being shopped, one (only Roszvi) is possible to be moved. If neither are moved look for both to be your VETERAN pair next year. If Rozsvi can be moved, then definatley another veteran (Zubov, Morris for cheap, Mara, random) will be brought to play 2nd/3rd pair depending how kids step up.
    Kids: Pretty sure Gilroy will make the team based on his maturity, age, and capabilty alone leaving one spot for: Heikennen (seems ready and talented from what was read), Sauer/Potter (prob most NHL ready but dotn seem to be more than a 3rd pair Dman), Del Z/Sangs (Hoping one will be ready b/c of the upside and Off ability they both have. Del Z can also play juniors, that wont be bad, meanwhile Sangs should be ready by now, and is def the one who will be used in possible trade offers, etc.

    See Next Post for Forwards…

  18. Doodie Machetto on


    Just when I thought the Rangers were going to choke it away again when Zelepukin scored with less than 10 seconds left, here comes Stephane Matteau with his second double OT goal in the series!

    Who the hell was Stephane Matteau!? I hated the guy because we gave up Amonte for him, but man, I am not so upset about it now!




  19. I agree with the idea that Redden will be given another chance to prove himself. This is a different coaching staff and mindset. I think with the new “uptempo” plan, some of these players will have a better year. Torts now has no excuse, since he is going to start the off season and new season with them. He should know what is needed to get this team going.


  20. tdchi…i just read and re-read your comments….i question them, A LOT.

    wade redden at $4mm is still overpaid. he is not a top 3 on this team. no f-ing way. staal girardi rosy are better than him easily. i would even say mara and morris were on his level. mara was paid 1/5th of what redden was. so redden at $3mm may be more reasonable.

    boyle…on the PP? are u on drugs? he has never scored a PP goal and given that he has 2 career assists, i am guessing not a PP assist either. and a career -9 doesn’t tell me that he is a great defensive player either. shoes or betts way better than that dude. hands frickin down.

    tdchi…do more homework.

  21. Who is Christian Backman, as Eklind says we just signed him..Any relation to Wally Backman, loved last nights purse fight, collected the loose change.

  22. mark my words, by mid-season boyle is the way of rissmiller and fritsche. another waste of $ and energy by d-bag sather.

  23. hopefully i dont have too much work today so i can watch and prticipate. and what ranger fan doesnt play GM? lol.
    were all gms.

  24. mike in ia

    i dont want to give his site traffic please say thats a joke.

  25. I think Voros will be better this year with Gaborik playing here now. They were line-mates 2 years ago and played well together. That is why he drew so much attention during last years free agency (hence the 1 mill/year contract)

    Im actually still hoping to land Heatley …

    2 lines One with Heatley and One with Gaborik on them …… NASTY !!!

    I know Murray “scoffed” at the Rozsival, Zherdev, trade but his demands have to be coming down. They are 2.5 million over the cap and WILL HAVE TO take some money back when Heatley is traded so there is no easy way out of their cap troubles.

    I think Rozsival, a prospect , and a #1 pick could happen for Heatley (since they are cutting their payroll by 2.5 mill in this trade)

    Then we could trade Zherdev to Edmonton for a prospect/draft pick or a depth D-man to replace Rozy after they finally lose out on the Heatley Sweeps.

  26. Doodie-I got home in time to watch the OT. I made my wife (non hockey fan) watch it with me and I told her that when I’m on my death bed and she feels the life leave me, she can blame this game for taking 2 years of my life. STEP ON MY TOE!!!

  27. Cindy Crawford on

    From Zipay’s blog:

    Dates for the arb hearings for both Nik Zherdev and Ryan Callahan will be set either today or tomorrow, according to the NHLPA. I’m expecting that Callahan will avoid the hearing with a deal.

    Word is that several teams have kicked the tires on UFA Alex Tanguay (and checked his repaired shoulder), but nothing imminent. We hear Rangers also have paddles in the trade waters out West, no specifics, although people in the info stream suggest San Jose, L.A., Edmonton and Chicago.

    Boyle’s deal is $525,000 per for two years, down from his $750,000 in ’08-09. Looks like a bargain.

  28. I think Boyle is going to go the way of Mark Bell. We’ll never see him at the garden.

    I think Wade the Blade Redden deserves one more year to get his act together. Tortorella seems to get guys like him in gear.

  29. Forwards: Trickier to write out in lines b/c of the remaining free agents, trades, actuall line combos but here goes:

    1st Line: Avery- Dubi-Gaborik: Wow, Gaborik will be a monster. I’m not that concerned with injuries, b/c the fact he went through with the surgery and looked amazing end of last year. Avery will actually take the “hitting” focus off of Gaby, besides for how well he will play under Torts. We all forget how good a skater and player Avery actually is. This is Dubis year to show he is a top line player or a lowley 2nd/3rd liner. He has the tools, and heart to be a Messier type (Mess was never the most skilled but was the most complete player to Howe to play). Giving him a gritty skater and a Top league scorer and a huge role should make him a success this year. After all, Torts basically said he will make Dubi a star!!!
    2nd Line: Zherdev-Drury-Cally: Cally will be resigned and is prob (as shown at the end of last year) the 2nd best pure goal scoring threat on the team to Gaby, meaning you need him on a seperate line. Drury, other than his contract is always a solid all around GOOD 2nd Line Player. 25g, 30a type guy, due a better year, and Torts will press the “Captain” to actually be one. ‘Z’ I am hoping will be resigned, and explained what he can and must be. He led the team in scoring as many of you say without trying/ being benched, and playing with Voros. Think about that upside with a better line, attitude, and pressure from the coach to play with heart/head.
    3rd Line: Higgins – Anisimov – Korpido: Higgins can play 2nd line as well, will def get PP time, and being off injuries, new to the team, and a what seems maturity you need that on a 3rd line esp with 2 kids. Anisimov, will win his place on the team, way too good for 4th line, not ready for top 2 yet (maybe later in the year or with injuries?). Korpido, ppl he is a 1st round pick, who as a rookie without much playing time had a decent season. He is a baby with amazing blaze and upside. Please resign him and give him 3rd line minutes. Higgins scoring, Anisimov play making/size, Korpido’s speed seems like a young solid 3rd line.
    4th Line: Brash- Boyle-Owens/Arnason/Byers/etc.
    B/c of how the team will be conditioned, this line will see a huge drop off in minutes. Brash will play everygame, new contract, can skate etc. Boyle is huge and young, being given a chance. other wing spot is to whoever earns it and can contribute with Pk etc.
    Other Thoughts: No Richards, No Heatley (unless we rid Redden/Roszi and dotn give up too many kids,picks). Im pretty set on having this team as is stated above. Only changes that can come as a positive is swapping Roszi, etc for a legit 25-30g+ winger/center who isnt overpaid hugely and too old. Then signing a vet d as stated in the Dmen section.


  30. Doodie Machetto on


    I was thinking the same thing as I was watching it last night. Zelepukin’s goal was scored with like 7 seconds left. One second for every year of my life I lost watching that.

  31. NYRjurgenno88 on

    New Newman

    Boyle is a huge physical presence and you can hardly draw PP conclusions from 36 NHL games and im sure there were some PP points in his time in the A. Not only that but Voros got an opportunity so why shoudlnt Boyle?

    He could be our Holsmtrom in a best case scenario and we do need to screen the goalie more and what better than a 6’7 250lb’er??? so no, its hardly on drugs…

  32. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Dan LD: Boyle is going to be given every chance to make the team, especially at the cap hit. I expect him to be the opening night 4th line center.

  33. I Was Duguay on


    One thing about Zelepukin’s goal I can never get over was Richter’s reaction. He was all up in McCreary(?)’s business. Thank god that was the “old” NHL because if Hank did something like that the Devils would have started the OT with a 4-min PP and Hank probably would have been suspended for 4 games.

  34. NYRjurgenno88 on


    exactly, why wouldnt you take a chance on him?
    at various levels he has shown he can play, is low risk high reward at his cap hit and even his NHL play (10pts in 36) projects to around 30ish points at NHL level over a full yr so there’s definitely potential there.

    besides i think most would agree this team needs some size so he’s pretty much needed right now.

  35. Zubov is not a Ranger. I was wondering why are we interested in a guy who is 39 years old and his good years are behind him.

    Do yuo guys think he is the best UFA powerplay QB in the market?

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    It was really fascinating to watch that game and see how it used to be played. Every few seconds I would say in my head “penalty… penalty… penalty…” and nothing was called.

    Ahh, the good ole days.

    Although, I’ll say this. It was a lot slower to watch that game than the games today, and the good scoring chances were few and far between. So I guess it really is a give and take.

    And that was based on the game in regulation, I know things slow down as the OT progresses.

  37. Jive,

    Good point. He’s making just over half of what Voros is getting paid, and he’s got better size and more potential. It would take a truly pathetic effort to not eclipse what Voros did last season. I loved Blair Betts as much as anyone, but I realized he’s coming off a very serious injury, and it’s impossible to know what you’re going to get from him.

    I think people are still upset about giving up a 3rd rounder for him. Get over it, peeps. This is not the NFL, 3rd rounders very seldom pan out. I’m sure Sather had no intention of signing Kessel to an offer sheet anyway, so jump off that bandwagon already.

  38. Pavel, I would never post something without a source (link). I did not mean to post he is a Ranger.

  39. New Newman – I kind of agree with tdchi, Redden and Rozsival aren’t as bad as most think on here. Case in point, who did Tortorella turn to during that Washington series when Staal and Girardi couldn’t get it done?

    Sure the Redden contract sucks, old news. We all know he can never live up to it but to say he’s worth $3mn is kind of absurd. Guys like Mara and Morris get paid $3mn and I would stand to bet you almost any coach in the league would start Redden over them.

    I also think the fact that there are so many Rozsival trade rumors almost reinforces the fact to me that 1) he’s a good player, and 2) his contract is reasonable for what he brings to the table. Obviously there are a few dumb general managers out there (see Gomez/Montreal) but I don’t imagine there are too many who are willing to take a player who is grossly overpaid in this economic environment.

  40. Laurel,

    I am interested to see what you look like today during the chat. Let’s hope this time you can uphold some sort of journalistic integrity when discussing news about the Rangers.

  41. Doodie – The other thing I always notice when I watch that series is how Brodeur played such an upright style compared to today. Case in point, the backhand goal by Leetch in game 7 would be considered such a weak goal by today’s goaltending standards.

  42. Three way deal involving the Rangers is in the works, per TSN We are getting Patrick Marleau and Vlasic, for Dubinsky, Zherdev and two top prospects.

  43. Disco Stu

    What her looks and journalistic integrity have to do with each other? Are you that moron that got upset over the joke thread that laurel made? Get on with your life Disco Stu. Go catch a “Saturday Night Fever” rerun.

    Way to uphold your man integrity Stu by picking on a woman.

  44. Rob(the first) on

    Hey Disco boy,
    How can you give any writer on here a hard time. They bring us much closer to this team then we could ever get on our own. Are u an Islander or Devil fan? I dont think a die hard Rangers fan would act like this…in any event,,,F OFF

  45. Yeah Disco

    Go F yourself and go on Fire and Ice OR a fishsticks board

    Carp can we have our first banned poster??

    PS Laurel, you do a great job! As does Carp and Jane
    But not Josh, he’s 26 and still too young for the blog hehehe

  46. BTW that last New Newman (12:28) with the trade rumor was not the orignal (me) New Newman. Flattered by the imitation, but I talked about Redden and Boyle this AM, not Marleau. Whomever is squatting on my blogname, get a f-ing life and get an original name.

  47. hey guys, we are trading lundqvist for auld straight up, per sportsnet

    I really, really, really do not see the point in these

  48. CARP …

    I wanna play GM today:

    1. To start i would re-sign Korpi, Dubi and Cally, and “sign and trade” Zherdev.

    2. I would package Rozsival, McDonaugh, and a 1st round pick (maybe an additional pick/prospect but nobody big) to Ottawa for Heatley. This would have to get it done because Ottawa is over the cap and would have to be feeling desperate by now to get Heatley out of there. Plus, I really think Heatley is/was holding out to be a Ranger

    3. Trade Zherdev to Edmonton because they lost on the Heatley sweeps for some draft picks/prospects to replenish some of the ones i lost in the Heatley deal originally

    4. Trade a 3rd/4th round pick to Toronto for Ian White. He comes with a 850k/1 year left price tag, and I would have to replace Rozsival’s spot with a cheap Veteran guy and Toronto currently has 9 NHL ready D-men.

    My 22 man lineup:
    Cally (1.75)- Drury – Heatley =(16.3 mil)
    Avery – Dubi (1.75)- Gaborik =(11.15 mil)
    Korpi (1)- AA – Higgins =(4.05 mil)
    Brash – Boyle – Voros/Byers =(3.6 mil)

    Staal – Girardi =(2.37 mil)
    Redden – I. White =(7.35 mil)
    Sangs – Potter – Gilroy = (3.35 mil)

    Hank – Vally =(7.65 mil)

    TOTAL = 55.82 million/ 22 players

    Discuss …..

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    any chance of an audio podcast recording of the live chat? I’ve been asking about this for the past 5 live chats.

  50. Somerset, you’re hired. If only Sather put that much thought into his decision making.

  51. 2. I would package Rozsival, McDonaugh, and a 1st round pick (maybe an additional pick/prospect but nobody big) to Ottawa for Heatley.

    “Dream on” would sum it up best.

  52. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I remember when I was 12 years old and I used to go on the ESPN chats and try to pick fights…those were the good old days.

    Obviously nothing has changed.

  53. “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
    -Albert Einstein

  54. Ok, Laurel you look pleasant. Now just be more serious when reporting the news. Keep your integrity up. :)

  55. NEWMAN

    That wasn’t me, i usually post fake trades, or signings under my own name, or MikeNYC, muahaha, you all have to admit, that Richards trade i posted last night looked pretty official, i know you all clicked the link with anger when you saw that Anisimov, and a 1st round pick were in that deal.

    That will be the last one though.

  56. I wouldnt hire somerset to run my fantasy team let alone a real hockey team

    How do people think we are still going to get Heatley?

    Anyway theres no way Ottawa would make that deal, Rozi, Mcdonaugh & a 1st round pick for Heatley? Yea screw it, its not like Ottawa would need a FORWARD back in this deal where they are giving up their best scorer, definitely not, this is a done deal call Murray now..

    HE SAID DUBI AND ROZSIVAL WASNT ENOUGH, how do you think this is going to be enough? i dont understand what goes through peoples minds

  57. Being annoyed by the pea-brains posting fake trades every 5 means I take life seriously?

    Jeez, maybe you’re the one taking things a little too seriously.

  58. According to sources within the San Jose Sharks organisation, the Vancouver Canucks are willing to part with G Roberto Luongo and C Pavol Demitra to obtain the services of D Rob Blake. Remember, you heard it here first!

    According to sources within the Pittsburgh Penguins organisation, the Minnesota Wild are willing to part with D Marek Zidlicky and G Niklas Backstrom to obtain the services of G Marc-Andre Fleury. Remember, you heard it here first!

    According to sources within the Washington Capitals organisation, the Nashville Predators are willing to part with C Radek Bonk, RW Jordin Tootoo and a 4th round pick to obtain the services of RW Alexander Semin. Remember, you heard it here first!

    According to sources within the Philadelphia Flyers organisation, the Colorado Avalanche are willing to part with RW Milan Hejduk, a rusty zamboni to obtain the services of C Jeff Carter. Remember, you heard it here first!

  59. How am i taking this serious, i have a great time getting reactions from it, especially when people bitch and moan aboot it. It’s a joke, if you cant get a laugh out of it, you’re too serious, and have no sense of humor.

  60. Ohh, it’s a joke! Silly me. Here I was thinking that jokes were supposed to be funny. I’ll never make that mistake again!

  61. Or, here’s an idea, its just annoying, not amusing, and boring.

    I dont know about everyone else, but I come here to talk hockey and about the Rangers, not play cute little 14 year old pranks posting fake links and giggling.

  62. According to TSN, the Rangers have agreed in principle to trade G Henrik Lundqvist for the services of Ron Burgundy, Corey Feldman, and Jesus Christ. More details on the way.

  63. Steeeve, you wouldn’t know a good joke if it raped you. And that’s saying a lot.


    Im sorry, it gets a little boring talking aboot ways to trade Redden, when you know it’s never gonna fuggin happen.

    If this blog turns into BB that would suck, cause these are the kinds of people that were on BB. Boring whiners, who sucked up to Dubi, and has lackey side kick.

  64. yea that last one about jesus christ and ron burgundy is funny but the fake trades and rumors are mad annoying, i rather see someone being serious talkin a trade that would never happen and make fun of them than have to take time to read a fake trade post/link whatever

  65. That’s a good trade as long as Feldman isn’t a part of that deal. Last thing this team needs is a Michael Jackson impersonator around all of our kids.

  66. Anyone else having a problem getting the live chat, and Steeeve, you are so gay, you should be called Gay Gayerson.

  67. Wow, we both say the same thing, yet you’re cool, and I’m humorless and gay.

    Forget this trash, I’m going back to snyrangersblog. Try not not to color outside the lines in your picture books while I’m gone. Sorry you have a bunch of nitwits on your blog, Carp.

  68. if you click on the fake trade links, you deserve it.

    I subscribe to BB+. They provide stuff I can’t get anywhere else. $2 a month woo hoo. It is way worth it.

  69. a link to the chat archive is usually posted. This is the first one I have watched live.

  70. A local fan on

    Hey Guys. I think I have some good news. I just saw Sergei Zubov walking out of the Garden!

  71. bull dog line on

    if true, the Kotalik signing is a good signing.
    my gosh nobody has swooped in and signed the greatest defensive center of all time,Blair Betts.

  72. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I can’t see the Rangers keeping Zherdev now that they signed Kotalik, at least from a cap perspective.

  73. Doodie Machetto on

    Great, another former Sabre retread.

    Let’s see… Drury, Kalinin… when will Sather learn?

  74. Great, we have to bring in Kotalik to make Dreary have a good year ?

    Im not a fan of the signing, to be honest. Slats probably thinks he’s gonna score 40 goals, and he’ll play with Gabby. Good luck with that.

    Hopefully he does good though.

  75. bull dog line on

    there is no pleasing you.
    The Rangers need goal scoring, and Kotalik has scored 20 4times(career high is 25?). plus if they let Zherdev walk they are protected.

  76. i wouldnt say this is zherdevs replacement.

    something is up
    something is coming

  77. Kotalik is a good singing ony 31 still I believe and has a good shot and is a good skater

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    There is pleasing me. I would’ve been pleased if we stood pat.

    Honestly, I think a lot of the Kotalik signing will depend on the contract numbers. Anyone have them?

    I mean, just thinking of our forwards, Kotalik’s signing says to me that Grachev isn’t going to have a roster spot this year, and Korpikoski is going to be scraping for a spot too.

  79. if we were to keep zherdev, that gives us 7 potential 20 goal scorers


    or so i hope

  80. From my research Kotalik has a great shot and is amazing on the shootout, but without someone to get him the puck, forget about it. He also disappears for stretches of 4-5 games at a time (sound familiar?)

    I don’t get this signing. Everything Buffalo touches turns to in New York’s hands.

  81. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’ll reserve my opinion until we find out how much Sather paid for the guy.

  82. Hopefully Grachev DOESNT have a spot

    He turns 19 this year I believe. He needs another season to get adjusted to the N.A. game

    We arent winning the cup this year, no point rushing him to the big show.

  83. John Tortorella: Glad to hear that. Push them all until the start playing like a real hockey team.

    Glad to see these roster changes. Hopefully this means the team is getting molded to play your style of hockey.

  84. plays the point on the power play too
    hopefully way yess than 100000000 shg this seaon ey?

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    I think a lot of Kotalik will depend on his contract.

    But knowing how Sather is with UFAs… it’s probably too much.

  86. we got him to play the pp point. not bad….not great. wouldn’t we all like another leetch

  87. I remember reading that Kotalik was physicallly the strongest player on the sabres…. but he doesn’t play that way. Lindy Ruff said he’s a physical specimen in the weight room, but my sabres fan friends couldn’t wait to get rid of him. He’s soft and dissapears. Great shot though.

  88. Like this if Zherdev is moving for a center, otherwise I don’t really get it- it makes 0 sense to simply release Zherdev’s rights-

  89. Disco Stu,

    If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. It’s that simple.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    On the bright side, this tells me that Anisimov is very likely to make the team next year.

    Sather could’ve gone for a FA center like Comrie or Williams. Instead he’s loaded up on the wings. That tells me Anisimov is moving up.

    Either that or he plans on trading these wings for centers. But I find that a lot less likely.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    fly line: we are just going to release Zherdev’s rights. We are going to walk away from the arbitration award.

    They were unsure whether to qualify him or not. Anything above his qualifying offer and he’s gone.

  92. Doodie, but how crazy is that- at 3.25 we’ll take him, but at 4 million we simply let him walk? Even at 4 million on a 1 year deal he is an asset to someone- he’s still tradable…

    It’s an awful job by Glen if he doesn’t get something of value for Zherdev-

  93. disco stu

    wheres your blog?

    and for real he doesnt work on the rangers full time. no one does here.

    him, jane, laurel all work on other stuff as well.
    wasnt sam the last full time ranger blogger here?

    like i said before wheres your blog?
    you break the news.

  94. regarding zherdev on

    I’m still pretty sure we’re going to sign Z. You’re allowed to be over the cap until the beginning of the season so why would you not? Worst-case you get some draft picks for him.

  95. guys…i don’t see this kotalik signing anywhere else yet..not too sure if i believe it yet.

  96. rob

    also i think this may be korpedos replacement on the 3rd line if and when he goes to the khl

  97. on

    rob, take a look at my username to find info on the kotalik signing…..

  98. My other post is awaiting moderation:

    Kotalik is 6’1 230, but he plays like he’s 5’10 180. He’s a perimeter player. A shyer, shorter, stronger Antropov with a Zherdev wrister and mentality.

  99. any word on the kotalik contract yet?

    im hoping its low, I was glad to hear Boyle got a $500,000 per deal

  100. Rangers sign Kotalik Thursday, 07.09.2009 / 2:57 PM / 2009 NHL Offseason News NHL.comThe New York Rangers continued to bolster their offense by signing free-agent forward Ales Kotalik on Thursday.

    Terms of the deal were not released.

    The 6-foot-1, 227-pound right wing had 20 goals and 43 points in 75 games with the Buffalo Sabres and the Edmonton Oilers last season.

    A sixth-round pick of the Sabres in the 1998 Entry Draft, the native of Jindr Hradec, Czech Republic has 121 goals and 251 points in 445 NHL games.

  101. Hey Stu,

    You’re kinda like Mushnick – except that he gets paid to monitor all the stuff he complains about.

  102. Yeah, hopefully Slats didn’t overpay.

    I wonder if I can trade Redden for Kotalik, straight up in NHL 09. He’s not doing so good for me this season, surprise, surprise

  103. bull dog line July 9th, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Kotalik got 9 mill over 3 years.



  104. tsn says for kotalik its 3 years, 3m. If that means a million a year for a 20 goal scorer… not bad. It’s like getting Zherdev back, for a reduction of 2 million a year. If that’s correct.

  105. if its 1 million a year its a no brainer- if its 3 million a year its an “I have no brain-er”

    There are some rumors that Edmonton likes Zherdev-

  106. fly line,

    i’m pretty sure you have no brain. why would kotalik take a 1m/year contract? brashear makes 1.4. how could you be so obtuse?

  107. bye bye Zherdev. You were fun for a minute. Afraid to get in traffic, take a hit or station in front of the net.

    In the playoffs you got knocked offf your skates, pushed out of position. You can skate in open ice, but get knocked off your skates too easily. You will never be a game breaker. You need to work on your skating if you want to be a Ranger.

  108. AGAIN, this does not mean Z is not going to be signed. We are allowed to be over the cap. Why would we let Z walk for absolutely nothing?

    Do I think this signing means Zherdev won’t be back? Yes. Do I think it means he will not be signed? No.

  109. Offhand I think in every move we’ve made so far we’ve gotten bigger. I like where this is going.

  110. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s overpaying for Kotalik, big time. I expect him to be a Garden pariah before too long. I hope that I’m wrong, but I don’t think that I will be.

    For those espousing the signing of Zherdev, two things:

    1) You are allowed to only go 10% over the cap during the offseason. It’s not like you can sign everyone and then trade them before the season starts. This isn’t EA Sports.

    2) If you pick up Zherdev for one year at 4million and change (his likely arbitration award), who the hell is going to want to trade for that? No one will have the cap space to absorb that hit purely for non-NHL players. Some salary will have to come back the other way, and it will be deadweight salary.

  111. you think this is a good move dan?

    I didn’t think it was a 1 million per year deal buddy- its a bad move at 3 million a year for 3 years-

    Zherdev is a better player- take him for 1 more million and 2 less years, the flexibility is worth it and HE IS A BETTER PLAYER-

  112. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So more than 3.25 mil per is too much for Zherdev, yet 3 mil per for an older, less talented, less productive winger is a good move? Sounds like we got crappy Sather today.

  113. Dan – same difference. We no longer expect Z to be on our roster next year, one way or another.

  114. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I would’ve taken the one year of Zherdev’s 4 million plus over Kotalik’s 3 years of 3 million.

    Sather really is not expressing any foresight for next offseason when Staal will be RFA.

  115. A local fan on

    hahahhahaha. OMG 3 years 3 million per. This must be a joke. Please Please Please.

  116. Gaborik = G on

    Yeah I gotta agree with Fly Line…Kotalik is a sniper but can’t do the things nikky can do, Nik’s got enough talent for us to at least hold onto him for one more year and see if Torts can help him grow some balls. If not it frees up 4 million in cap space and we don’t bring him back next year. And Kotalik’s production will go down from year to year, a 2 year deal would have been better

  117. Tortorella is gonna hate Kotalik. A 230lb beast that would rather ghostily fade into the boards…

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, I wasn’t going to say it.

    I’ll withhold on this one until the season. If Kotalik performs, I won’t have to.

    Let’s just remember this for when he plays like a poor man’s Zherdev, who is a very poor man’s Kovalev.

  119. It’s all about the roster flexibility- 3 years is too many- who were we bidding against?

    I would have rather had Koivu for 1 year-

  120. Ranger Steve on

    Agree with the sentiment, keep Zherdev if Kotalik got 3 years @ $3 mil a year. Kotalik made $2.5 mil last year. Zherdev is definitely going to get at least a $4 mil a year award in arbitration. If we are not going to keep him, please don’t let him walk for nothing.

  121. So our top five wingers at the moment are Cally, Gaborik, Kotalik, Higgins and Avery. Last year going into the season the top five were Cally, Zherdev, Naslund, Dawes, and Voros. I daresay that’s a nice improvement.

  122. damn, some people are annoying! let Carp be… you know the story already…

    Kotalik 3 years 9 mil! wtf else do you need?


  123. Agree Adam- but it could have been Gaborik (please don’t put Cally ahead of Gabby!) Cally, Z, Higgins and Avery-

    also have to factor in that we had Gomez last year, this year no Scotty-

  124. there is still a lot of confusion out there

    is it 3 years at 3 mill per?
    or 3 years at 1 mill per?

    i would HAVE to assume the former.

  125. Fly, I put Cally first for institutional loyalty. Besides, maybe he’ll pot 40 next year :)

  126. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, yes, it’s an improvement, but I think that looking at things that way ignores mistakes that could have been avoided, i.e., the potentially disastrous Kotalik contract.

    Also, if you look at our centers

    Gomez, Drury, Dubinsky, Betts

    Drury, Dubinsky, Anisimov, Boyle

    I think that’s definitely a step down in quality.

  127. This has gotta be a sign Zherdev is trade bait. At #3 mill per year for Kotalik the Rangers would be strapped for cash if they keep Zherdev. If Edmonton is interested, as rumored, I say Zherdev for Andrew Cogliano and Rob Schremp.

  128. No, we’re not banning Stu. Every blog has to have a jackass.

    Hey, Stu, nobody’s holding you here. You can go. The Boneheads will be happy to show you the exit.

  129. MW edmonton would not even give us cogliano straight up for zherdev, the kid is 3 years younger than zherdev and has a sick amount of potential

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