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            New York, July 9, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Ales Kotalik.
            “Ales is a strong, hardworking player with good skating ability and a heavy shot,” stated Sather.  “We think he will fit well into our system and will provide additional offense and scoring from the wing position.”
            Kotalik has eclipsed the 20-goal mark four times in six seasons, including 21 goals in his first full season in 2002-03.  He also holds the NHL record with 11 career game-deciding goals in the shootout (tied with Vyacheslav Kozlov), and has converted 20 of his 38 career shootout attempts (52.6%).
          The 6-1, 225 pounder has skated in 445 regular season contests with the Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers, recording 121 goals and 130 assists for 251 points, along with 273 penalty minutes.  In 2005-06, he established career-highs in games played (82), goals (25), assists (37), points (62), penalty minutes (62), power play points (28), game-winning goals (five), and shots (261).  He led Buffalo in shots, tied for the team lead in game-winning goals, second in goals, and ranked third in points.  He was also one of only two Sabres to skate in all 82 games during the season. 
            Kotalik appeared in 75 games with Buffalo and Edmonton last season, registering 20 goals and 23 assists for 43 points, along with 34 penalty minutes.  He ranked third on Edmonton in goals and tied for fifth in points.  He also finished second on the team with nine power play goals and third with 208 shots.  Kotalik led the NHL with five game-deciding goals in the shootout, and ranked second in the league with eigth shootout goals.  He posted a career-high, five-game scoring streak from March 24 vs. Detroit to March 31 against Anaheim, collecting five points (four goals and one assist) over the span.  In addition, Kotalik registered his 250th career NHL points with a goal against Vancouver on April 4.  He was traded to Edmonton on March 4 in exchange for a second round selection in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.
            As a rookie in 2002-03, he finished the season ranked second among all NHL rookies in goals (21) and fourth in points (35), and was named NHL Rookie of the Month for January.  In postseason play, Kotalik has registered six goals and nine assists for 15 points, along with 16 penalty minutes in 34 career contests.
         Kotalik also captured a bronze medal with the Czech Republic at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
            The Jindrichuv Hradec, Czech Republic native was originally Buffalo’s sixth round choice, 164th overall, in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.

For those who missed the live chat this afternoon, you can watch it by clicking here


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  1. Carp-

    Does Kotalik replace Zheradav or is he the other scorer u thought they were going to get?

  2. It pains me to make the comparison, but these (Kotalik) are the types of signings the guy across the river (Lou) has been living on for the past decade, and its seemed to work pretty well for him.

    The Devils have made a living off of signing guys that fit their system, both on and off the ice. THey pass on the talent (Zherdev) to get guys that will go to battle for them.

    In a game of 3-post, Zherdev may win every time, but Kotalik is the guy for this team and this system. YOu can argue who’s better all day, but that’s irrelevant. I’ll take Kotalik in this system with Torts are the helm any day of the week over Zherdev, who couldn’t even manage to go more than 2-3 games in a row without getting benched.

    Fill a need. Don’t just sign the best player avaialble.

  3. I’m not going to turn down a cheap 20 goal scorer. I just hope hes not here to replace Zherdev. I’d like to keep them both on the team. We’re starting to look pretty good for next yet.

    Gaborik – 40 goals
    Drury – 20+ goals
    Callahan – 20 goals
    Zherdev – 20+ goals
    Higgins – 20+ goals

    Dubinsky and Avery MIGHT make the 20 goal jump. That plus whatever the kids can put up, our offense is getting much better.

  4. *****Duh, I forgot to add the person I was intending to talk about. Add Kotalik to the list with 20 goals. Thats 5ish 20 goal scorers plus our one superstar 40+ scorer in Gaborik.*****

  5. Chris from Buffalo on

    I remember when he played for Buffalo. He was pretty good. He’s amazing in the shootout though. And he’s not bad on the PP either.

  6. yeah this guy is good down low “in the trenches”. he does fit the system. well lets wait and see where it goes from here.

  7. Understand this is a good player, but Carp you aren’t worried about 3 years for this guy?

  8. Angry Whopper on

    My guess is that if Edmundton is still interested, we could swap Zherdev for Schremp (talented but not liked by ownership)

  9. Fly line, why should I be worried about three years?

    roc, I don’t think they’re finished. That doesn’t mean something big will actually happen, though.

  10. Just watched the chat… you guys did a great job!

    I’m happy with the Kotalik signing. Carp, does this mean Dubi’s not going anywhere? You know how I worry…

  11. um, everyone loving the Devils and calling this a Devils type of move- how have the Devils done since the salary cap era began? Plus, Louie got totally bailed out early on with interesting circumventions of the cap-

  12. BillyDeeWilliams on

    lol…those free agent busts are great…and sad

    i can’t believe the rangers gave holik $45 million over 5 years. jesus christ.

  13. Carp, I think that the 3 years is a big deal because its another guy that swallows up cap space and limits flexibility- next year you have to resign Staal, among others-

    Sort of like I was saying before- if it isn’t a move to get us over that hump, I don’t know why we would chew up future cap space-

    Seems like I am in the minority though, which is good- hope he’s awesome

  14. Chris from Buffalo on


    yes the were on the same line for a while in Buffalo.

  15. OMG…I saw this from the Dallas Stars boards about them trading Richards and Niskanen for picks and Redden…

    Posted by Art @ 1:37 PM Thu, Jul 09, 2009

    Actually Austin’s idea is about the only one I’ve liked since this whole Richards to NYR garbage started.. I’d hate to give up Nisky in that kind of deal, but Redden is a solid player and is a puck moving defenseman.

  16. Wade Redden for Daniel Briere straight up
    one headache for another, albeit Briere plays center.

  17. NYRanger4Life on

    How can you not be a fan of this move? Perfect system player, low risk comparatively speaking, decent offensive upside. I could see him scoring 28-30 paired with MG and on the #1 PP line.

    Thinking this could be Straka redux, only Kotalik is entering his prime? THoughts??

  18. This Kotalik signing tells me that the rangers are not going to sign Zherdev which is fine by me.

  19. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Just finished watching the Live talk with Carp and Laurel.
    Good job you two , interesting and well organized by Laurel.

    Carp ,I am one of those who will not call for the coaches head or call for players to be traded when we are 10 game s below 500 at Christmas. I hear what yer saying and If we wanna stick with the kids and re-Build..then no crying like Mets fans to start calling for a firing..If you build ya build and ya have to take your lumps and not panick.

    Kotalik under Torts will do good. Anyone under Torts does good or gets benched.

    Zherdev could be gonzo-ed like Gomez!!! Not cool over here with that …

    Gab-er-rick is the way I have always said it ,Its the proper way not Gab-boar-rook.

    Have to say this year Rangers are gonna be fast and rugged and yes Carp…Talented!!!! Ya can’t say we aint gots talent anymore!!hahaa (sorry just had to rub that one in a bit.) Gaborik is so good , hes like Gomez and Zherdev put together with a dose of Drury on the side.Hes as good as those 3 put together.Playing on a team coached by Lemaire and he scored 5 goals on us!!??? HIS GUY DOES IT ALL.

    Its so hard for Ranger fans to accept losing and go on a rebuild…cu it hurts to lose and look up at the ugggghhh Isalnderss!!

  20. Kotalik is not entering his prime…he turns 31 in December…the only thing he does great is shoot from the point…he doesnt get to the net hard, not a great passer, not great on D…he’s a good 2nd line player/great 3rd liner…he shouldn’t be anywhere near the 1st line…He’ll go 25 goals-50 pts with a number in the minuses with good PP numbers MAX

  21. And he is also phenomenal at shootouts…better suited at 2.5 mil, but are we really gonna complain about half a mil with Glen Sather? I also trust Torts judgment, for now.

  22. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks Sally and Greg…..Sally, my thoughts are with the princess :)

  23. Mister Delaware on

    If anything came of the Redden-for-Richards “stuff”, I might give Sather the J of his choice.

  24. So, who will be next to join our beloved hockey club?

    btw, Laurel and Rick… great chat today! we should have them more often…

    Laurel, Shibby said you look great! :P

  25. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I just watched the chat…Nice job Carp and Laurel

    The jerkstore called, they’re running out of Disco Stu

  26. I thought you guys might want to read this…

    Taken from –
    Die By The BladeBuffalo Sabres Blog for Intelligent Fans

    They can’t seriously be paying Ales Kotalik $3 million/season for three seasons. Glen Sather needs to be fired immediately. Anyone want to complain about Darcy now?

    I’m just loving having Sather right where he is ;) Keep it up, Glen!

    better there then in Buffalo

    Nothing to see here, just another overpaid player for Rangers fans to complain about.

    Sather continues to make New York Rangers the laughing stock of the league.

  27. Rangers add another player that likes to shoot…

    Gaborik, Higgins and now Kotalik are all players with high shot totals…

    I’m excited, by the time camp winds down and the roster looks to take shape, this is going to be a very different looking squad!!!

    Another good signing Slats!!


  28. Chris from Buffalo on


    I talked to two of my very good friends that are Sabres fans about Kotalik. Both of them said Kotalik is a good player who will score 20+ goals. That person is probably mad that they traded Kotalik for just a second round pick.

  29. I agree!! How are the rangers the laughing stock in the league when buffalo didn’t make the playoffs last year. That fan sounds bitter.

  30. I read somewhere else where a sports writer had the winners and losers in this years free agent signings. This writer had the rangers as losers stating the Gaborik and Brashear signings are bad and how Sather is going back to his old ways.

  31. Chris from Buffalo on

    Is that fan complimenting Regier who lost Drury, Breire, Campbell in two years?

  32. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Chris from Buffalo:

    As much as I like to make fun of the Sabres, the 3 players you mentioned are all albatrosses around the neck of their current teams.

  33. Chris from Buffalo on

    Yes, but Drury and Briere were the co-captains of the Sabres and Campbell was their best D-man at the time. And since they lost those 3 they havent made the playoffs

  34. How can you crap all over this signing? He is gonna replace Zherdev. So What? at least Kotalik is consistent. People bashing Sather for Redden’s contract is understood (although it is old news by now). Give the guy credit for making some good moves this summer.

  35. Good job by Sather.With all these signings it looks lioke the Rangers are stock piling for a trade.How many forwards do we have?

  36. KOTALIK IS NOT HARDWORKING!!!!!!!!!! He’s notorious for bouts of shy, lazy play!!!!!! My Sabres-fan friends are making fun of us!!

  37. I don’t want Richards, he’s already won a Cup and has a big contract plus only two years left. I question his hunger.

    I’d like to keep both Kotalik and Zherdev, sign Zubov, and trade Rozi for like a 3rd round pick to get under the cap.

    Revised from yesterday

    Korpi-Boyle-Owens/Byers/Dupont/Weisse or Brashear for goon games.

    Redden-Sauer (Sauer can cover up for goofy Redden pinching).
    Zubov-Heikenen or Gilroy.

    Sangs stays in Hartford for one more year to work on his D.

    Don’t rush Grachev unless he has a sick preseason, be patient with his development. Ditto for Del Z.

  38. I know he DOES hit (i think he had 130 or so last year) but, like Z, he’s guilty of periodical lapses in drive and devotion.

    And as we all know, Torts doesn’t take kindly to the “non-trying” sort. I hope this works out and Torts summons Callahan-esque efforts out of Kotalik, but if not, this has the potential to be a disgruntled 3rd line signing.

    At least we replaced Morris’ shot on the PP (not that it went in, but at least it didn’t knuckle)

  39. MikeA i would definitely swap avery and kotalik in those lines, Kotalik likes to shoot and I still think Avery Dubi Gaborik would be a good line combo, Gaborik is great but hes not going to get in the corners much for you, Avery can do that and Dubi also, then with Kotalik on the 3rd line we have 3 lines that can supply scoring hopefully, our secondary scoring right now is looking way better than it did going into the year last year

  40. Hey, I think Richards is overrated and way overpaid, but if Sather can deal Redden’s contract for him, that’s a great, great trade. Don’t believe it has any chance of happening, though.

  41. Kotalik will be fine in dealing with Torts. Lindy Ruff is just as much a hot head and disciplinarian.

  42. Yeah but I dont know if it is worth ridding of Redden’s contract.. We can get rid of it at the years end if he has another poor season by putting him in Hartford.. and then not have to worry about having that 7+million on our capspace for next year, which is when we will have to pay Staal… I like the forwards as they are and if there is room I would bring back Zherdev but I think this Kotalik deal may be the substitution plan for Zherdev highly because of Torts i believe. Bringing Richards in will hurt Anisimovs chances of coming up this year and I really want to see him in the lineup as 3rd line center, and dont start the “well we can move Drury or Dubinsky to the wing” Maybe Drury but those two are too good at faceoffs and being defensively responsible to move them to the wing, I think dubi is going to be a great center, a great 2way center and I think he will be Torts first line center come October

  43. Rob, that’s true, but Redden isn’t going to Hartford this year. If you deal him for Richards and Richards plays this year and doesn’t work out, they can buy him out at 2/3 that amount with the cap hit spread over two years … or they can send him to Hartford and eat a lot less contract than if Redden goes to Hartford.

  44. zherdev-dubinsky-gaborik

  45. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks again, Shibby and No Country….Rob, you gotta join the chats! See today’s from the link above. I leave you all to Carp and yourselves for the evening. I’m knuckleheaded out :)

    P.S. Where was mike ia today???

  46. Here is Inferno over at Ranger Review’s take on this signing:

    “Not a fan of this signing..though it largely depends on the term. Guy is a shooter, he can rifle the puck (when he actually hits the net), but he brings little else to the table. He’s basically a 20/20 guy who has always played in a wide open system. The only way this makes any kind of sense is if it is a precursor to a trade of some sort.

    Let’s just assume that Kotalik is here to replace Zherdev, and Higgins was here to replace Naslund… we just went from (based on last years production)..24G, 22A + 23G, 35A (47G, 57A) to 12G 11A + 20G, 23A (32G, 34A)

    Even if you go by Higgins and Kotaliks career averages and assume they play all 82 games you go to 24G, 19A + 22G, 24A (46G, 43A) which is STILL a step down from what we got last year.

    This is quite baffling. If we are in fact walking away from Zherdev, even with the addition of Gaborik we really are only a tiny bit better today offensively than we were yesterday. To me, the only way this makes sense, is if we are walking away from Korpedo (while bringing back Zherdev), and replacing Korpi with Kotalik.

    It gets worse, apparently it is a 3 year deal for 3 million a season. I really do not understand this signing whatsoever. 3 years, 3 million per for a guy who, on his best year will basically just equal what Z gave us last year, whereas for 4 mil you could lock up Z and have 60 points almost guaranteed with 80-100 point upside if he ever brings it all together…this is just a stupid move on so many levels, unless of course it is a precursor to a trade.”

    I personally think that this move is the precursor to a trade.

  47. Nasty 1 , You are absolutly right. I was trying to say it before. We can’t count on Kotalic as replacement for Z.

  48. Holy Crap I take back my 7:29 post…I had a few beers tonight…I thought the player was Kopitar from LA…damn!

  49. Not so many sober heads here that take reality to Z potential and price. I can’t believe that Dubi potential is much more.

  50. lmao Staal Wart

    dont tell me you went to that East Side Club to meet up with MikeNYC! was he wearing jeans and a tank tp, brown pinstriped Yankees hat??

  51. I’d rather have Marleau than Richards but I don’t see either trade happening.

    With the amount of shootouts in the game, the Kotalik signing was worth it. This guy is 50% in shootouts, that’s almost unheard of. Of course, 3mil is waaaay too much money for this guy.

  52. Just saw this on another site..Suppose Scotty Gomez doesnt make so much, do you trade him to Montreal for Higgins, McDonagh and Valentenko.


    Name a player from the 1994 Rangers Cup team who also won the Cup with New Jersey Devils.


  54. I am not totally against this signing, and you have to think that Torts wanted this guy on his team. But I really think that there is a trade coming.

  55. no, what is on? Unfortunately, when you have kids, they take over the television. I am watching some annoying programming on the Sprout Network and I am ready to go drink some Drayno to help ease the pain, ha.

  56. i really dont know what to think. If we keep kotalik i dont think he is as bad as people paint him to be. But, if there is a trade, i hope its for Marleau and not for Richards.

  57. What do you think of Patrick Sharp in Chicago. Zip seems to think we could land him for Korpi, Sangs, and a pick. I think the kid is a damn good player, but is he what we need right now?

  58. So I will throw this out there. Non hockey related. I have a BlackBerry Curve 8330 on the Sprint Network and they are coming out with a new BlackBerry on Sunday, the BlackBerry Tour 9630. Verizon is also coming out with the same phone on the same day. I am with Sprint because it is very good and reliable in my area and I save a hell of a lot of money than I would be spending on Verizon.

    My question is, this phone is going to be a great phone, but they plan on releasing a version of the same phone later this year, I think in December, but having wi-fi capabilities. Sprint 3G network is pretty damn fast as it is, so is having wi-fi really that important? I have never had wi-fi on a phone before.

  59. haha, someone is posting as Fly Line instead of me, and it wasn’t even a bad post!

    But to answer your question imposter fly line- no, the Gomez trade was made becuase it freed up $- I like the return, it’s close- but from a pure talent standpoint, give me Gomez-

    When you put Gabby into the mix- that is what makes it a great deal, in my opinion. I thought Gomez would be tought to move, let alone get a fair return-

  60. I would think it won’t happen either, but you have to think that with signing Hossa, and also having Kane and Toews to think about, they might be interested in shedding some salary and not getting a lot of salary back.

  61. no idea Nasty 1…you should ask this kid colin…
    he comes on the blog all the time… he seems like a gadget geek…he might know.

  62. Yeah, I will probably just get it on Sunday. I am part of Sprint’s Premiere program and I can get a new phone every year instead of every 2. Phones are like computers and ipods now. One comes out and then 5 months later there is a better one. Bastards! HA

  63. No Country For Old Rangers on


    you know ‘A local fan’ is watching that garbage

  64. Like Nasty said,and I said 7:27,,,,a trade is coming,But I’ll ad one more thing someone is going we don’t want to go.
    Someone big coming this way.

  65. No Country

    i bet he is!

    its not a bad game though…fast and physical.

    They showed a record that fat kid Marty shares with Andy Mooge for 7 consecutive OT loses!

    To be a part of this record is pretty embarrassing for a “superstar” goalie that he is…

  66. Of course, guys. Either Richards or Lecav are coming, and we are getting rid of Redden or Rozie, but Dubinsky has to go too. Of course.

  67. Look Pete, I have this really strong gut feeling that this is going to happen.

  68. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i’d hate to see either Dubi or Cally go but if you are gonna trade one, I am shipping Dubi and hanging onto Cally.

    How about you guys?

  69. And I will just say this. Last year, after the Dallas game when we got our asses handed to us, I came on here and told everyone that Renney was going to be toast, because I heard from a friend who sometimes has inside info that it was the case. I then a day later let everyone know that it was going to be Torts. Sure enough it was Torts. I am not saying that I know everything or that it is definitely going to happen, but I happen to know that there have been some pretty intense talks between Tampa and NY regarding big Vinny. If it happens, well that remains to be seen, but it definitely is something that is being looked at very seriously.

  70. Old Country, If they ship a guy like Dubi, who Torts likes, I will think this would “youth” movt. will be a bunch of Bull ship.

  71. I don’t come on here and post fake links or make things up like some people do. I don’t even get bothered when people do that, because it is funny a lot of the time. I pretty much respect what everyone says or brings to this blog, for the most part. I am just passing along information that was given to me. Take it for what it is worth. Might not be anything at all, but it might be something just the same.

  72. I love Dubi and Cally, but I would ship 1 of them in a deal for Vinny in a second. Not both, but 1 of them.

  73. i feel like… no wait…hold on a moment… it went away…just a second guys… oh oh…its coming back!!
    I FEEL LIKE….damn!! it’s a smelly one! lol

    no but seriously…why would any one take redden?? why would tampa trade Vinny? its the St.Louis whos coming to town!

  74. Nasty, I’m hoping your sources are good! There are only a few players that I would trade some of our young assets for, Vinny is certainly one of them- that would seem to be cap hell for a while, but talents like Gabby and Vinny would be great to watch with Hank still back there-

  75. I think Tampa is pretty close to the cap ceiling, and I think they are ready to go in another direction, especially with having Stamkos and Hedman now. With St. Louis there as well who is a fan favorite. I think they realize that they can get a really good return for Vinny and shed salary at the same time. It is my belief that a package on our end starts with Dubi.

  76. I really like this signing. 3 million a year is an average amount for a 20+ goal/ 40-50 point guy. I’ve been saying since Gaborik was signed that we need a winger that has a prior relationship with Drury. That we should start trying to build around our Captain.

    I didnt realize he was such a PP and SO expert. These are 2 areas that you can never get enough help in. GOOD SIGNING SLATS

  77. You cant trade for a #1 center when you already have me. If you do however it will be their summer ruined not mine because I still have 7.5million and the clutch mobile

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    I said it the day Gomez was traded that Vinny is comming to town.

  79. No Country For Old Rangers on

    What would it take to bring Vinny? A first round pick seems like a given. Dubi or Cally, Rozi or Drury, and a prospect?

    All of Nastys points about Tampa’s situation are solid I think. I don’t even want to fantasize about the VL/Torts reunion until it actually happens. this team would actually be able to contend.

  80. Sharp would be awesome. But have to move Redden to minors. Not to start agreeing with you crazies, but Redden is here to stay. Rangers won’t banish him to Hartford even though thats exactly what they should do. But if Sharp is the target, then Redden to Hartford has to happen.

    Redden in a package to Dallas seems like the only realistic possibility. Dubi is a goner and so is Korpedo.


    Rozi in a package for Marleau is the other. Again Dubi and Korpedo tag along.

    The Korpedo addition gives the rangers a 3rd round pick for a potential offer sheet to Kessel.

    Think Vinny is out of reach.

    Think I am crazy.

    Laurel is awesome!!!

  81. To land Vinny it is going to probably take some combination of this Dubi, Rozi, Korpi, Sangs or DelZoto, and a pick.

  82. Dubi is better than Callahan. would not trade either of them though. I just hear people want to trade Dubi over callihan too much. I just have this feeling that Callahan won’t last long. Hope he retires a Ranger, just not next year.

  83. Just watched the Sakic press conference. One of the classiest and best hockey players of his era. Best of luck to the guy. I wanted him to be a Ranger so bad when they signed him that offer sheet.

  84. I think that the rangers need a number #1 center without giving up thier youth. somehow getting ride of redden would be awsome.

  85. “Look Pete, I have this really strong gut feeling that this is going to happen.”

    Wasn’t being sarcastic, though I now realize it sounded that way. I agree with you. My actual real point was that there’s no way we get to acquire eitgher of those guys AND unload Rozie or Redden without giving up some solid youth in return. I think for Vinnie we’d be looking at Dubinsky, Rozival, DZ or Sangs and probably a pick.

  86. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I would make that trade in a heartbeat. What does Vinny make a year?

  87. That I am not sure of. I do think there is a reason that we heard about Vinny being possibly traded for a while and then all of a sudden it died. One reason is because his no trade clause kicked in, and it was widely believed that if he was going to be dealt, that it was going to be before free agency began. Well, it never happened, and then all of the Vinny talks died down. Sather wants Vinny and so does Torts. Big time. Vinny and Torts had their differences, obviously, it was well documented, but both of them were better for it and you know the outcome. Vinny knows that Torts has what it takes to win and vice versa. I would have no problem at all giving up some of the above mentioned players or handing him the “C” the minute he walked through the door. And I stand by that statement.

  88. Where's Pavelich? on

    – Kotalik is okay; one year too long and $500k too much

    – I love goal scorers, but, there is a notable lack of “passers”.. Dubinsky is really good at holding the puck and finding the open man (thnaks Jags), and he may find himself as 1st line center b/c of that (he shld focus on Joe Thornton highlights to find his upside).. Aves is a decent set up man.. on D, is Leetch available???

    – I think the team is set, given cap restrictions, will mara play for 1.5m?

    I THINK I like the team, as constructed, better this year than last yrs, (except Braschear/Orr and Redden yr 1/Redden yr II)

  89. once i see it on wikipedia then ill believe it, lol
    jk obviously
    id love it if he came here
    but id be nervous to see what the rangers would have to give up.

  90. It was good to chat with you guy and gals tonight. I haven’t been on much, although I have been reading your posts. Good catching up. Talk soon.

    The Nasty 1


  91. TBL: Vinny

    NYR: Dubinsky, Rozi, Sangs, 2nd ’10

    Thats my prediction.

    Bye bye Zherdev, bye bye Korpi



    Big question will be who fills in the blanks? I wouldnt bank on Grachev to crack the lineup this year.

  92. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    The Rangers aren’t really good trading partners for the lightning anymore, considering they drafted Hedman and signed a bunch of FA defenesmen.

  93. Tampa wants scoring talent forwards and picks for vinny. We are the oposite of a good trading partner for them. He isn’t coming here.

  94. ..and it makes no sense for Tampa to take on anymore salary. The Rangers would need to clear a lot of cap space to get Vinny in.

    Once again ladies and gents; I’d stay away from players who have won a Cup and have a big contract. Mess was an exception as it was in his DNA but there’s a lack of hunger.

  95. Now I am hearing its Tampa Bay we are talking to, but the player we are interested in is Marty St Louis, and the price accrding to my contact is Dubinsky and McDonagh the players Tampa wants.

  96. I don’t think there is a lack of hunger after already winning a Cup…each year is different and you strive for the same goal each and every year…if you don’t, you shouldn’t be playing the game. Plus, Torts has a good relationship with Richards and he made Vinny who he is today…motivation would not be a factor. If you’re not motivated, Torts wont play you.

  97. hey doodie

    higgins signed for 1 year.

    one of the two high priced defensemen will be gone, probably number 33. he is easily moveable after this year with much of his salary front loaded

    problem solved

  98. HOLY LOYD CHRISTMAS…You guys boozin…suckin’ back on grampa’s old cough medicine?!? There are some pretty outrageous things being said here, and I figured maybe to add a bit of reason.

    The Rangers have $11 million in cap space, and 13 players signed. That doesn’t include RFAs Callahan, Dubinsky, Zherdev(who is presumably gone), Korpikoski, or Potter. And it doesn’t include AHLers who may make the team, such as Ansimov, Gilroy, Sauer, or Sanguinetti.

    Callahan, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, Anisimov, and Gilroy will be on the roster, costing roughly $7 million total; leaving the Rangers with 18 players and $4 million in cap space. Doing the math, that’s $1 million to be spent per player or some combination thereof(say three minor league players at $500,000 each and one NHLer at $2.5).

    The Lightning have 19 players signed and have $11 million worth of cap space, not including Kurtis Foster, RFA Matt Lashoff, and a pugelist.

    With Stamkos, Hedman, and Lecavalier, the Lighting have perhaps the most electric collection of young talent outside of Pittsburgh and Washington. Add in Malone, St. Louis, Meszaros, and a healthy Smith, you’ve got a team that is going to be good next season, have all their star players signed through 2010-11 and will have more than $20 million to purse out next season on bringing in 11 players

    Why the @#$% would they trade their captain and best player?!? Certainly, Vincenzo would bring in a nice bounty. FAR more than some people here are suggesting.

    Nasty: you say some combination of those players? You list Dubi, a borderline secondline center, Rozsival, an overpaid veteran defenseman, Korpikoski, a thirdline PKer, Sanguinetti, a minor league defenseman and Del Zotto, a puck mover who probably has the most upside out of all five. And Tampa is going to give up a superstar center for a combination of this? I would be amazed if they’d trade him for ALL those players.


    Regarding Richards…I’d make almost the SAME argument. The Stars have a very good team. Unless they’re deciding they’ll never compete with Chicago, SJ and Detroit and they need to do a rebuild, the Rangers are going to be paying PREMIUM for Richards. That means Dubi, DZ,and a top pick at least. NTM, the Stars are in even better shape than the Lightning. They’ve got $11.5 million to purse out and 21 players signed PLUS Richards. So they’re going to do the Rangers favors and take some bogus contract like Redden or Roszival so they can dump their number-1 center?

    Hey. I guess stranger things have happened. Bob Gainey was a Star once wasn’t he? Maybe he’s got a mind-meld with Nieuwendyk. Otherwise, I think y’all can keep on dreaming about Richards and/or Lecavalier…

  99. the 2 feuding Tampa owners sat down with Bettman, and the one who wants to keep Vinny was basically made the top dog, so I don’t expect any trade of Vinny.

  100. “Now I am hearing its Tampa Bay we are talking to, but the player we are interested in is Marty St Louis, and the price accrding to my contact is Dubinsky and McDonagh the players Tampa wants.”

    I didn’t want to correct you earlier, but NOW you are right: It is St. Louis who the Rangers were/are targeting. Not Vinny. The deal that WILL happen, is Richards for a combo of Rozi, Cally or Dubi, & prospects/picks. The Rangers can’t go into the season with the centers they have. If Richards wasn’t targeted, they would have just signed Koivu, right?

    Sit tight. It will happen.

  101. I wouldn’t be surprised if St. Louis wound up here especially given that he basically lives in this area (Fairfield County) with his wife in the off-season and reportedly loves it here, but I just don’t think it would be smart to give up more young players for a 34-year old dude and then, on top of that, who on earth is going to play center?

  102. Ales Kotalik-sniper on PP?
    Who better to feed him than Brad Richards?
    It’s all making sense to me now.

  103. Kotalik Big Time Slap Shot can play the point on the powerplay. I like the signing but could grow weary of him quick since he doesn’t play physical at his size. He’s a mucker and a grinder but not physical.

    Gabby Days Are here Again ! : Marian Gaborik For Dummies Video

  104. Someone posted as me about the St. Louis trade possibility. If you have something to say then post as yourself.

  105. I like the Kotalik signing. I didn’t realize how big he was. If he can put up 20+ for the salary he’s making, and help out on the PP… bye bye Zherdev. I won’t miss you.

    I’m still figuing Sather wants to trade Zherdev and Roszy for Zubov.

  106. Cross Check Charlie on

    Just wondering aloud why Sather just doesn’t sign everybody to one year contracts and start over the next year. He seems to try to do that anyway, but makes it harder on himself by signing guys to long term contracts.

  107. richards is too damn expensive. duby can become better than him. give him a chance this season. if cigarpuss wouldnt trade duby for heatley, what makes you think hed do it for an even more expensive less productive richards. st.louis would have been good 3-4 years ago. hes too old now. hed be another naslund. maybe naslund 1.5. kotalik is essentially brought in to make up for antro. maybe not as much points, but around the same. higgins can replace naslund. gaborik can easily double gomez production(goal wise, maybe just a around the same in points). duby and cally id expect to have better seasons(cally maybe the same or a little more, duby definitely hit the 20g mark), then ya have aves who will get around 35-40p, anisimov can put up maybe 8-10g, 20-25a. zherdev if brought back can be expected to do more also. i think were in fine shape now. taking a chance obviously with only 2 nhl centers but higgins can also play c and ya got arnason and boyle)both centers). i think if we can get a better player for 1st line, with just trading rozy and zherdev, a pick or prospect, i would do it. but the only guy i wanted was heatley, and if slats wouldnt trade doobs for him, then i think were only makin a trade if rozy and zherdev are goin the other way

  108. More overpaid Buffalo garbage…Kalinin…Drury…Kotalik. For around the same money could have made plays for Versteeg, Scuderi, Clowe, Cole, Gill, Bolland. Paying this guy more than Higgins is scary. Hes a career third liner and will quickly turn into a whipping boy on this thread. Although he is errily similar to Z, Great shot, talented, lazy, he might be more impressionable for Torts to light a fire instead of benching.

  109. ya cant just sign everyone to 1 year deals. most wont go for it first off, second, then if all these guys have huge seasons, at least we will be able to retain them and not have to overpay for them if they get other offers i see guys like higgy and ziggy gettin 1 yr deals. gabby i wouldve done it for 3-4 tops, but you dont wanna be having top start over again next year when all these guys contracts are up

  110. If we send Kotalik out on the 2nd/3rd line and he grabs 20 or more goals and makes the PP better then thats job done and worth $3m per in my opinion. We paid Naslund $4m last year and he potted 24 goals and did absolutely nothing for the PP. Also if he can re-kindle the chemistry with Drury then we could see more than we expect from both of them.

    I think its good that Slats (seemingly) has a budget worked out for each position – he’d alloted approx. $3m for a right winger (ie Zherdev) and is using the money Zherdev won’t get to pay for an able replacement. I’m not saying Kotalik has the same potential as Z, but he’s a proven 20+ goal-scorer and thats not a bad price to pay for one.

    As for the St.Louis and Richards rumours we better not be giving up too much – in fact the St.Louis one puzzles me now as we seem to have enough wingers (Gabby, Kotalik, Higgins, Avery, Callahan, Korpi, Grachev, Brash, Byers etc…).

  111. I like that we are bringing in players who want to play in NY.

    Also like that we are definately a bigger, stronger team (maybe not so much on the back end) and I think teams will look less forward to playing us than they did last yeat.

  112. I find it hard to believe that any adult and competent GM would give up Richards for Redden even up. But if one does….
    It’s a no brainer. You add by subtraction. Because on the rebound Richards would be a lot easier to subsequently trade again than Redden is.

    If you look at it logically, what Redden has become is a huge bleeding ulcer on the Ranger corpus, that truly needs to be excised.

  113. kyle,

    3 of the players you mentioned re-signed with their old teams. bolland, versteeg, and clowe were never in play. in fact, bolland was never a free agent to begin with, and versteeg and clowe were RFAs who would have required more than the 3 and 3.5 million they got respectively. there was never any reason to be interested in defensive defensemen like gill and scuderi.

    and as much as you might not want to admit it, not everyone wants to play for the rangers.

  114. Also.. it made me sick to watch us lose in shootouts.. while Hanks was basically near perfect.. apparently this guy is as close to an automatic in the SO as there is in the league.. to me thats worth at least 5 wins and a million bucks per yr alone..

  115. onecupin69years and counting on

    Despite all the moves, I still dislike sather..
    His moves never seem to work out…never.
    Edmonton was another style of game .

  116. NYRangersFan on

    Tortorella played Zherdev exactly 12 minutes in the playoffs. He gave Callahan 19 minutes. Do you really think Zherdev is in the plans? Zherdev can get more if he is an unrestricted free agent. That won’t happen until next year. In his best interest he has to get traded to a team that will use him as a top line winger. Rangers will not use him much this year.

  117. You would think there has to be something else brewing- but if we signed Kotalik to package Dubi or Cally with Rosival to make another trade, then I don’t like it-

    Personally, I would have stayed with what we had- my belief being that Zherdev is better than Kotalik.

  118. Not the worst signing in the world, but I have to question bringing in anothwer 30yr old player with a relatively high pricetag before Dubinsky has been inked to a multi-year contract! I mean, I get it…Kotalik is a good player to compliment Chris Duruy. They played on the same line in Buff for a while. They put up good numbers in an offensive run and gun. Problem is, as everyone here already knows…$11.5 million in 2 defenseman who are less than stellar is killing this club. With that said, find a way to mive one and the Kotalik deal is a good one. If not…that money needed to go to Dubinsky.

  119. Hey Kern- have you checked out any numbers? Zherdev sucks? He’s friggen 25 and in the last 2 years, when you say he sucked, had 58 and 61 points.

    Kotalik has had 38,43,43 in the last 3 years, and had one season of 62 points 4 years ago.

    So we locked up a guy for 3 million over 3 years that pretty much has 0 chance of being as productive over a guy we could have had for 1 million more for 1 year-

  120. Some of these trades for Vinny are ridiculous. We don’t have anything to give to them for that guy, unless we unload all of out talent.

    Staal, Cally, Grachev, 1st round pick +

    This isn’t like Heatley, there’s no pressure to force a trade.

    Honestly, anyone who thinks WE can get that guy, you should put to much into that, cause it will never happen, unless Slats is buddies with this guy.

    Richards, eh, it will probably happen. I personally like the deal, cause he only has two years left on his contract, and we most likely are getting rid of Rozi, who has 3 year left on his contract. It’s worth it, as long as we don’t give up anything too important. And we do need a center. Id rather go for St Louis since it’s definitely possible, but with the Kotalik signing, im pretty sure we’re done with wingers.

  121. Im so sick of larry brooks

    Bitch moan bitch moan

    In one article he cries about Zherdev’s lack of two way play, and in the next bitches about why were not keeping him and building a “expansion team” roster with a star goaltender

    F LArry. go cover the woman’s liberty b-ball team

    And MikeNJ – I had the name first, try a new handle buddy

  122. i dont get why we signed kotalik for so much money, he has never even put up the numbers higgins has (who is also a more complete player) yet he makes 800K more for two more years? seems like us once again overpaying for modest talent, im not saying he is gonna be awful, but 3M seems like a lot for a fringe 2nd liner with work-ethic problems

  123. Danny Briere... on

    Supposedly the Flyers want to get us to take him. I heard they offered him to the Habs on draft day, Gainey said no, and instead got Gomez.

    Would Philly take Redden or Rozi to unload Briere? He’s a smurf but a damn good one assuming he doesn’t get hurt.

  124. I love Larry Brooks!

    He is the best writer in the world! So good to know he and I are on the same page! People usually ignore me but to know that Larry shares my worthless opinion is so comforting. I am not alone!

    Btw, Newark is the best place to live in the entire world! Wouldn’t move out of here for anything! The smell doesnt bother me at all!


  125. Danny Briere, I suggested that yesterday.

    Redden and Briere have identical cap hits, although I think Briere’s contract lasts a year longer. If you could get Briere for Redden straight up I think you have to do it. Although Briere’s contract is lackluster there’s no question he can be a productive player. On the flip side the Rangers would be the new Buffalo Sabres with Drury, Kotalik, and Briere.

    By the way, Maxim Afinogenov is still unsigned. I think you could have him for one year @ 1 million given his declining production the past two seasons, which might make him a worthwhile gamble. He probably ends up in the KHL though.

  126. This is the best paragraph in Brook’s article…
    “But really, Kotalik is just another thread in this crazy-quilt team general manager Glen Sather and head coach John Tortorella are preparing to present as the 2009-10 Rangers. The rate of turnover and lack of continuity are staggering. It’s a patchwork roster that resembles a third- or fourth-year expansion team with a franchise goaltender.”

    Wow…I hate that I love the laughing stock of the NHL

  127. Some of you need to shutup about not signing Dubi and Cally long term. This is the way the NHL works. It’s not cost-effective to sign everyone to long term deals. They both will play next season at a fairly low salary, why the hell would you pay them 3 million when you dont have to? Sign them next year when their time comes. We’re cap strapped enough without adding a few million more to the bill.

    Use your damn heads.

  128. Habs sign defense man Paul Mara to 1-year deal1 minute ago from web on the fourth period twiter

  129. Fare thee well faithful Paul Mara. I will miss you and your exceptionally bearded ruggedness

  130. “Also.. it made me sick to watch us lose in shootouts.. while Hanks was basically near perfect.. apparently this guy is as close to an automatic in the SO as there is in the league.. to me thats worth at least 5 wins and a million bucks per yr alone”

    You’re forgetting that we wont see as many shootouts, with Torts’ system. He plays for the win, not the shootout win, unlike Renney.

    Id much rather have Z over Kotalik.

    And NO to Afinagenov. Dreary, Kalinin, Kotalik, Afin, enough already, it’s not working out. I don’t want to knock Kotalik before he even plays, but this guy isn’t gonna do much for this team. Pointless signing !

    And to bad Mara got signed by the Habs, but eh, hopefully he’s taking holding penalties every time he plays us, oh wait the refs never call penalties against the Habs. Good fit i guess.

  131. Mara gave his all, but was limited ability-wise with a consistently errant shot from the point, and has a rather low hockey-instincts I.Q. – was mistake prone and tentative. He was a lousy acquisition in the first place, but not a lazy bum, so I wish him well in Montreal so long as they lose, every night.

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