Rangers sign Boyle


            New York, July 8, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Brian Boyle.
         Boyle, 24, was acquired by the Rangers on June 27 from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a third round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.  Boyle appeared in 28 games with the Kings last season, registering four goals and one assist for five points, along with 42 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played (28) and penalty minutes (42).  Boyle notched three goals in a four-game span from March 28 at Nashville to April 4 vs. Phoenix.  He also skated in 42 games with the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League (AHL), recording 10 goals and 11 assists for 21 points, along with 73 penalty minutes.  He collected two points (one goal and one assist) in his season debut with the Monarchs on December 5 vs. Worcester.  In addition, Boyle posted two, four-game scoring streaks – December 13 vs. Providence to December 17 at Manitoba (one goal and four assists) and March 4 vs. Springfield to March 8 at Worcester (two goals and two assists).
          The 6-7, 252-pounder has skated in 36 career NHL games with Los Angeles, recording eight goals and two assists for 10 points, along with 46 penalty minutes.  He registered two points (one goal and one assist) and a plus-two rating in his NHL debut on February 2, 2008 at New Jersey.  Boyle has also appeared in 114 career AHL contests with Manchester, collecting 41 goals and 42 assists for 83 points, along with 162 penalty minutes.  In 2007-08, he established AHL career-highs in games played (70), goals (31), assists (31), points (62), and penalty minutes (87).  That year, he led the Monarchs in goals, ranked second on the team in points and fourth in assists.  His 31 goals also led all AHL rookies and ranked 10th in the league overall, while he finished second in the league among rookies with 62 points.  Boyle also tallied three goals and five assists for eight points in 16 postseason contests with Manchester during the 2007 Calder Cup Playoffs.
        The Hingham, MA native was originally Los Angeles’ first round choice, 26th overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. Could have a chance to compete for the 4th line Center position with Arnason & Anisimov if he has a good camp. He’s huge…does he have much speed to him?

  2. Funny to see where sathers prioritys are get the new guys signed instead of taking care of your own what a joke please get dubi, and cally signed to a long term deal.

  3. patience is a virtue

    cally and dubi arent going anywhere, people need to calm down.

  4. Saying “First” when you are the first to log in on a new column, ranks right down there with “Thanks for taking my call, Dr. Laura,” or whomever. Get a life. Some of us don’t need to see or hear the trite jibberish dozens of times, every week of our lives.

  5. Laurel Babcock on

    Oh Cakewalk, c’mon….it’s a little bit of fun we have here…..really, that one word or number is that bothersome? I was thrilled when I was first once!

  6. NYRanger4Life on

    Hoping this Boyle character doesnt turn into another Aaron Voros, or P. Rissmiller…

    anyone know the terms? Pls nothing over 1m…

  7. well, looking at the trend, it is probably a 17 yr deal worth 34 million, with a player option for 6 more years at 3 million per year. oh yeah, a no move clause, except if he wants to be traded.

  8. Technically… Staal Wart you are not first… Carp is! :P

    and yeah..i been asking about kaspar for the past week! i hope he didn’t sign with KHL!

  9. I’m shocked (not really) by the apparent “dead-weight” signings Slats has been up to, when for the same money we could have kept Betts, Sjoe…

    I’m worried about scoring next season, defense, the powerplay, and the PK.

    Am I leaving anything out?

    At least with Betts and Sjoe (and a little help from Hank) we knew the PK was effective.

  10. Way to go rangers not getting Koivu for 3.25… Thats ok we still have Voros and Rissmiller at 2mill total

  11. Koivu is on the decline, glad we didn’t go for him.

    Interesting to see what becomes of the Heatly situation.

  12. I Was Duguay on

    Riche — to your point about the PK, since it’s summer I’ll say this. We won’t need a good PK because Torts is going to discipline and break the guys in camp and there will be no penalties for fear of skating until puking.

  13. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I think Old Man Sather is up to something…

    Cally and Dubi will be signed, that’s pretty much a given.

    Did we really need fragile Koivu in addition to Gaborik?

    What’s next, lure Lindros out of retirement to put together the most injury prone line in history? No thanks.

  14. Koivu would have been a bad signing.

    I’m fine with them going into the season with the following lines:

    Drury/Callahan or Zherdev/Avery

    I think you’re unquestionably going on the idea that Dubinsky, Callahan, Higgins and Zherdev will significantly increase their production going forward. But who is out there tat really warrants a look? Perhaps you consider Justin Williams as a third line center if you can’t keep Zherdev. But I’d much rather take my chances with what we have than throw a bunch of money at, for example, Lang.

  15. If Korpedo goes to the KH, then that 04 draft, or what ever it was, is officially a bust. Monty, Korp.

    Anyway, nice to see Boyle get signed, hopefully he wins that 4th line spot. Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise us.

    And good to see Koivu gone. No need to sign another guy who will retire after one year.

    Now that Boyle, and Higgins are dealt with, maybe Slats can try and make a few trades.

  16. Gaborik = G on

    People are talking as if Betts it gone…has he said he isn’t gonna come back? I know Sjo went to Calgary but can we still sign Blair? And if so I think that we should be signing him before boyle….

  17. Koivu is a good solid player, good leader and for a 1 year deal woul dhave been a far better signing than 99% of the trade ideas posted here.

    That guy has heart.

  18. Yeah Janick was from the Gomez deal.
    Don’t understand why Detroit needs him.

  19. Can people stop bringing up Voros or Rissmiller?

    Neither are going to be on the Rangers roster, they dont hit the cap, MSG has enough money to eat those contracts

    Wasnt Rissmiller 1 year anyway?

  20. How would it be a bust? Dubinsky 2nd round, Callahan 4rth Round and Byers is knocking at the door. If Korpedoo goes so be it. we will have at least 2 great picks from that draft

  21. How the hell is Chicago pulling this off? Their cap is 60mil but the rangers is 55? Ye gods Hossa-Sharp-Kane, Toews-Madden-Versteeg, Bolland-Byfuglien-Ladd, Then they have Brower, Eager, Kopecky, Burish and Fraser to make up a 4th line. If they had Hank this team would go 82-0.

  22. That’s why Sather needs to trade for Sharp! Give some picks and cap relief! I wish

  23. Peter,

    I’m not trying to start something here but do you really think that lineup will score any more goals than our pop-gun offense did last season?

    Does it scare anyone with it’s speed, size, talent? Will it punish any liberties others take with it when it’s PP takes the ice?

  24. Hey…remember last year when we loaded up on 3rd/4th liners?

    Deja friggin vu

  25. Brad Richards. Why Sign Koivu when we can dump a salary for Richards. Its gonna happen.

  26. if gaborik goes down and we dont have any one to step up to take on his role…oh boy! kiss the season good bye!

  27. you guys think Sather is simply being patient, or is he potentially just finished? Many people here were asking for the team to play the kids and avoid any huge contracts- could he go into the season with

    Higgins, Dubi, Gabby
    Callahan, Drury, Z
    Avery, Anisimov, Grachev
    Byers, Boyle, Brashear

    Redden, Rosi
    Staal, Girardi
    Hobey Baker, Kid

    Lundy, Vally-

    Is that what we start with? would be interesting-

  28. I predict Redden & Morris on D, with Stall & Girardi, and the 2 best kids out of camp. YOUNG D corps.


  29. At this point what was the point of getting Koivu? I still expect Sather to make a big move and get rid of youth for a veteran but, at this point, I’m happy going into the season with a ton of roster spots available for the young guys to fight for. NO Morris, please.

    I’ve been first a couple of times but I never sar “first.” Not a big deal either way.

  30. Doodie machetto on

    Interesting footnote about Boyle, he is another player sather could have drafted instead of jessiman.

    Anyone have the numbers on the deal?

  31. Cross Check Charlie on

    54th!! Wooo hoo


    How many years in the last ten has there not been a lot of turnover? Maybe one?

  32. Cindy Crawford on

    Cross check, it just seems this year is a complete turn. The last 2 seasons have seen similar rosters. If I really wanted to think I’d go back further but frankly I am having trouble remembering what exactly I did last weekend

  33. I honestly don’t see Sather as being finished…

    We have too many gifted, young d-men (a great problem to have) to keep all of them. Waiting to see which ones flop and which ones work out is suicide.

    You keep the ones you think will be awesome and deal one or two of the others for the help/prospects you need… i.e. scoring.

    Unless Glen is trying for the straight flush in front of Hank in 2 – 3 years with a defense of

    Staal-Del Zotto

  34. cwgatti thats not a very good prediction, morris and mara are gone, definitely

  35. & another thing about your prediction, dubi will not be a third liner, in the playoffs torts used him alot and likes him alot, he will be a first or 2nd liner drury will not be centering the top line, in my opinion

  36. Cindy

    it is amazing how different this team looks from year to year every year! Sather is a master of not keeping players around for long! Another great quality of Glen!

  37. FIRST. . . . . . with anything interesting to say. Brad Richards will be a Ranger. Torts wants players in his image to get to the locker room. That’s why he is so hard up for St. Louis (who may also be a Blueshirt before October). They both have a very close relationship with Tortarella, and I BET he is trying hard to get them both.

    I would believe that Dubinsky, ROZI and a slew of young D will be in play.

  38. voodoo Hossa on

    Can we please stop with the “wanting Brad Richards”
    His salary is more ridiculous than Redden’s.

    Carp you hearing any rumblings about anyone?

  39. You want to talk roster turnover? The only players still with the team since the first post-lockout season (05-06) are Rozi and Hank (and Betts, in the unlikely event he returns).

  40. Bob M.,
    I can’t see Dubi playing ahead of Brad Richards. . . . I think Morris is still in play. If Rozy gets moved, the NYR are gonna need some veteran D. That’s why Morris is still on the board. Torts likes him too. Did you notice that sneaky wrister Morris has?

  41. Cross Check Charlie on


    Last year they picked up Voros, Naslund, Zherdev, then Morris and Antropov and Avery during the season. That’s almost a third of the roster.

  42. Drury is my first line center ONLY because Gaborik in my first line winger. If you have ever watched Gaborik, he doesn’t even NEDD a center. Drury would be a reliable center on that line.

    Dubinsky may not even be a 4th line center on this team. He is probably gonna get dealt.

  43. dubinsky is going NOWHERE for the last time, tort loves him, cwgatti you are really reaching here, we will not get both st.louis and richards, maaaaybe just one

  44. i dont mind morris but i just doubt he is signing here unless he takes a major pay cut from last year, we should just keep Rozy im telling you, he is much better than Morris, Morris made some real dumb plays in our own zone in the playoffs, particularly game 6 leading to one of the caps’ first few goals

  45. I didn’t guarantee St Louis. I said “MAY also be a NYR.”

    We will see. We will see.

  46. cwgatti you are crazy, “dubinsky is not even a 4th liner on this team, hes going to get dealt?”

    No Country for Old Rangers are you reading this stuff?
    I know you are an intelligent hockey fan can you tell this guy he is delusional for me please?

  47. Id much rather have Dubinsky centering Gaborik than Drury, Drury likes to shoot, Dubinksy is always making passes, he will be making passes to a guy that can bury it half the time in Gaborik and he can skate with gaborik and him and Avery could go in the corners and get pucks for Gab, my first line would be Dubi with avery and gaborik on the wings, you dont just put all the best players on the top line you need chemistry and you need a gritty guy on each line to get pucks for guys liek gaborik

  48. If people wouldn’t deal Dubi, and there were rumors that Sather wouldn’t deal him either- for Heatley, why would you deal him for Richards?

  49. If we ended up signing Zherdev and this was the team we went into the season with my lines would be
    Avery – Dubi – Gaborik
    Higgins – Drury – Callahan
    Zherdev – Anisimov – Grachev
    Brashear – Boyle – Korpo

    And I would move Zherdev up to play the power play and possibly put Gaborik on the point/high right circle since he will have the best shot on this team by far, hav zherdev on the left gaborik on the right and have rozi dishing them passes from the top as the quarterback, the way the caps and pens set their PPs up with havin Semin and Ovechkin at the top of the circles, and Malkin, to set them up for one timers

  50. Brad Richards is a terrible option. He’s worse than Gomez and makes even more money. I’d rather keep Roszival.

    I’m tired of people saying “Give the kids a chance.” What happens if we do give the kids a chance and they all end up sucking? Then I’m sure you’ll all be the first to complain that we didnt sign Morris/Mara/Zubov or keep Rozi when we had the chance. Some of you seem to think it’s less a chance and more of a guarantee. Every Ranger fan should know by now that there are no guarantees.

  51. Cindy Crawford on

    I agree that we have had a tremendous turnover when it comes to our roster… but one thing that is very different is that Sather has kept the youth. Got to give it to him for that..

  52. I meant to say that Dubinsky will not be a 4th line because he will be traded.

    As far as ability, he can play 1st line center. He did with Jagr. Of course he dragged Jagr’s numbers down like a lead balloon, but he did play 1st line. Probably can play LEGIT 2nd line on about 6-8 NHL teams. He isn’t bad at all. I just meant that he will not even be a Ranger. That’s why I said he would make the top 4 lines.


    Read this and tell me if you get the same feeling I am getting about Dubinsky. . . . .

  53. I Was Duguay on


    I think the real point of “give the kids a chance” is it’s a helluva lot cheaper to miss the playoffs or get bounced early with youngsters than it is with overpaid vets. I’d rather go one season, all youth and then be $10-15 million under the cap the following season than be right up against the cap with the same results.

  54. Fly Line – thank you. You took the words right out of my mouth. Refusing to deal Dubi for Heatley then subsequently dealing him for Richards would make absolutely no sense.

    I personally like Richards, but do we really need another guy with a contract worth over 7 mil a year who hasn’t scored more than 70 points in the last 3 seasons? Plus if the Rangers really want to do the “youth movement” thing (and many of us seem to agree that’s the best choice for long term), and the Rangers have a couple solid looking prospects at center, why would you trade for Richards and basically ensure that the young guys won’t be playing until his contract is finished (after the 2010-2011 season)? It’s fun to imagine Richards coming and turning the team around, but it wouldn’t work like that anyway. Leaving the roster as it is might be boring and it’ll condemn us fans to a rough season or 2, but it’s going to work out better for us in the end.

  55. LeCavalier is LeComing to LeRangers. That’s what Slats has up his sleeve. Just one man’s opinion.

  56. Makes perfect sense. Trading a center for a center. Including Dubi in the Heatley deal would leave them without an NHL ready (albeit overrated) center. Gomez was just dealt. So, I can clearly see why Dubi wasn’t part of any Heatley deal.

  57. i know zherdev is a second line forward but somebody is going to have to play the third line between avery zherdev higgins callahan and i thought it might be a nice fit wit the other 2 russians, torts plays 3 lines so its not like they are going to get much less time than the 2nd line

  58. Trading Dubi would have left:
    Like Capt. Quint told Hooper in Jaws:

    “Don’t you tell me my business, boy. . . . “

  59. We just got out of one stupid bloated contract and you guys wanna take on another? Richards is making 7.8 mill for 2 years. You can kiss Staal goodbye if we trade for him cause we will still be broke. And dont say “if they take Rozy or redden because it isn’t gonna happen.`Gtting rid of rozy would be a major mistake as he is our best veteran Dman and all the other crap out there is worse and will be as or more expensive for the return

  60. How about no more big contracts. Staal/Girardi need raises next year and Dubi/Cally haven’t been re-signed yet.

  61. Dubi, Rozi, Sangs, and a pick for VL. I agree Cliff. I have thought about this for a while now. I think Sather has this up his sleeve. The only player whose name has been mentioned in trade rumors that I would include Dubi in a trade for is Vinny.

    Centers would then be: Vinny, Drury, AA, Boyle/Betts. Sounds fine by me, and Vinny could set Gabby up big time. Would be an amazing first line, and finally give this team that legit first line we have so desperately needed for years.

  62. Yea I dont think we are going to be making a blockbuster trade I think we may sign one more UFA forward and Im not even sure about that, this may be it.. I really think we should bring Zherdev back for another shot, it was his first year on a new team and first year in a major market in new york city.. he is still young, turns 25 in november, I think it would be a mistake to let him walk

  63. Vinny L has a Full NTC and a 10 million dollar salary. He is going to rot in Tampa for years to come. That conract kicked in at the start of free agency

  64. I think they need two scoring lines.

    Rozy gets 15 mil for 3 years.
    Richards gets 15 mil for 2 years.

    I could live with Richards for just 2 years.

  65. Thats such a fantasyland first line having Lecavalier and Gaborik on our team on top of all the other monster contracts we have.. Its not going to happen Ill be the first to say it

  66. I much rather have Heatly than Richards.

    I do feel Dubi is on the trading block since his value seems to have been pretty high (but I don’t think he’ll be consistent enough to be good for years to come).

  67. and I agree with Tyree, like i have been saying all along as well, we need to keep Rozsival he is going to be the one veteran d-man that we can count on, im counting on Redden to play better this year but thats about it, Im not going to count on him in big situations or anything like that.. Its not worth getting rid of the salary that Rozsival has if we arent even sure that these younger d-men are going to come up at all, he needs to be a Ranger this year and I think he will be
    And Ill bet money right now that Lecavalier and Richards will both not be Rangers come October

  68. oh and let me add one more name to that list, Dany Heatley

    you people nuts thinking theres a chance we still might get Heatley, ive said it before already how many guys do you want to have making over 7 or nearly 7 mill a year on one team? its insane, its not happening

  69. Oh and another thing:

    I was the guy sreaming to trade Dubi in October of last year when we could have REALLY got something for him.

    I took a lot of abuse for that one too.

  70. Anything is possible with Sather, did anyone think we’d sign Gomez, Drury, Redden, & Rosi to those contracts?

  71. Bolts r not dealing their captain. and what if Vinny does not want to come to NYC, I think he has a no trade clause that kicked in on july 1st. bolts r looking to make the playoffs this year. and on St.Louis no thannks, on the decline and Richards well another contract. id love if we can snag Nathan Horton. he seems like a torts guy.

    Horton to Rangers
    Korpikoski, Girardi to Florida??

  72. roscival is so effin bad.. it’s like he is using paint cans as skates.. his iq is under 20.. he shoots when he should pass, pass when he should shoot.. he can’t keep up with anyone.. gives up the puck in the defensive zone.. staal is the cornerstone of the d.. the sooner we get rid of roscival and redden the better for the rangers.. and if some other stupid gm will take them for a bag of fritos i’d get the deal done today

  73. CW- understand the position need- but Heatley is a much more valuable asset than Richards is- I don’t think either is happening-

  74. I feel like starting a “trade Dreary” rumor. We HAVE to have that cueball back until the BHL (Bettman Hockey League) expands to 40 teams and he gets drafted? I say Dreary and a pound of fettucini for the retired Sakic – even if Sakic does not unretire.

  75. Rob M July 8th, 2009 at 4:33 pm

    …have rozi dishing them passes from the top as the quarterback…
    Have you been watching the same Rozsival that we have? Rozsival couldn’t quarterback a powerplay if his life depended on it. He’s still looking for Jagr every time he gets the puck.

    He probably double-clutches even when he passes gas.

  76. Neil Sedaka said it best: “Growing Up Is Hard To Do.” lol

    He said “Breaking up is hard to do” But good idea.

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on


    DAM I MISSED FIRST!!!!!!!!! Don’t worry cakey ,youll be first. Daveymax , only thing pathetic about other people is the way you said it right away.You must have been admiring yourself and had an out burst looking in the mirror,hahaaaa

  78. Brad Richards at 7.8 million for the next two years.

    The guy that scored 16 goals and 48 points in 56 games last season and 20 goals and 62 points in 74 games the season before?

    The same crowd that is screaming about Zherdev wanting more than 3.5 million for his 23 goals and 58 points last season wants waaaaay overpaid and overated Brad Richards at 7.8 million?

    Richards best goal output was 26. Zherdev has already topped that. I am not saying Zherdev is worth more than 3.5 million. I am saying Richards is not worth 7.8 million. Where would he ever fit in regarding the cap? Do you think Dubinski could score 30 in a few years?

    You betcha! All this talk about Dubi being trade bait seems to be a little far fetched to me. This kid is still developing. Richards is not and he ain’t worth the 7.8 million a year that the Rangers can’t afford to pay.

  79. cwgatti

    “Dubi, Rozi, Sangs, and a pick for. . . .Richards. That makes sense.”

    huh? Richards…I’ll pass!
    Yeah I want a guy who makes 7.8mil and only scored 16 goals
    in 56 games…makes Z look like a steal

  80. I would only take Richards if we got rid of Redden in the process. The money about evens out, and it gets rid of Redden. 2 birds, 1 stone.

  81. Vague Zubov rumor..


    Like Koivu, it appears Sergei Zubov is ready for a new challenge. After 12 seasons with the Dallas Stars, the soon-to-be 39-year-old defenseman is talking to other teams, as many as six or seven, about continuing his NHL career. It’s believed the New York Rangers are among those teams. (Zubov played his first three NHL seasons with the Rangers, including the team’s Cup-winning campaign in 1993-94.)

    “It’s a process,” Zubov’s agent, Jay Grossman, told ESPN.com Wednesday. “This won’t be happening right away.”

  82. The Rangers missed out on a very good center in Koivu. He always comes to play, and he would been a good bang for the buck. He would have fit perfectly on the first line to feed gaborik. I guess Sather didn’t think so. I wonder who he will come up with?

  83. If Sather brings back Morris or Zubov, what does that say about all of the defensive prospects that we have? What’s wrong with taking 3 out of Gilroy/Heineken/Potter/Sangs/DZ/Sauer and rotating them at 5/6? I’ve seen enough Rangers hockey in my time and wouldn’t mind a year or 2 of building for the future.

  84. from what I hear from kings fans, Boyle is 6’7 but plays like he is 5’9. Another big wuss, maybe? hopefully he isn’t Voros pt.2
    Actually, don’t count out Arnason and Locke for 4th line. Locke, can score at AHL level, got some skill…

    4th line of- Boyle-Arnason- Locke ( Brashear or Byers ONLY when we play divsion rivals/teams with goons)

    PS- We need Brad Richards. BAD!!!!

  85. Yea. We badly need to add another bloated underperforming contract/center to our roster

  86. No one knows if DZ, Gilroy or Heineken can play at the NHL level. We have seen Potter, Sauer, I don’t remember seeing Sangs, but Potter and Sauer looked real bad at times. They likely have improved since then. Training camp will tell the tale. It would be great to see these guys on the Rangers. I am a full believer in home grown talent.

  87. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Brad Richards for what he makes sucks.

    POOR GOMEZ , Canadiens are looking for a new Captain and Marlov got the nod from the fans phone in poll…2nd place went to no captain at all. Gomez , Gomez for all that money , what are you good for?

  88. Richards is the dangerous 2-way center we thought we were getting with Drury. He is a leader and would fit in well on this team. We are not getting Vinny or Heatley, so kill those talks. and “Z”. Zherdev will not be back….

    Trade Redden or Rozsvival to Dallas and bring back either Mara or Morris.

    Rangers 2009/2010

    Gaborik- Dubinsky- Callahan
    Drury-Richards-Grachev ( Drury on wing, why not?)
    Higgins- Ansimov-Avery
    Arnason/Locke- Boyle- Byers ( screw Brashear!)

    Staal, Girardi
    Redden or Roz, __ ( insert either del zotto or whoever)
    Mara or Morris, insert gilroy or sauer
    potter (7th d)

    Not bad, lets the kids play while at the same time making us competitive.

  89. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    ooops that was Markov not marlov.

  90. Yup…we need Brad Richards like we needed Holik, Bure, Mess rd. 2, Bruce Driver, John Maclean, Pat Lafontaine, Eric Lindros etc etc etc.

  91. we need richards as bad as we need Tom Renney and Glen Sather! didnt he break his neck last season?

  92. I hope Gomez has a great year with the habs. He is making ton of money but it seems you forget who did the offering. There was no gun held to Sathers head. If you think Gomez took the money then came to NY to play bad your nuts. he had the worst reason of his life and he was not happy about it i an sure of that. He is a bit of an odd ball and he handles adversity different than most, I am sure he didn’t want to be traded, and he wanted another kick at the can to show Ranger fans he is better than last season. The played injured when likely he shouldn’t have been playing at all. I think he has heart and a lot of guts.

  93. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Miked , If we didnt have that Redden & Drury contract then I do see your lodgic. With those 2 contracts there is no lodgic. Our team can’t afford to pay out another huge contract cuz just because you have the guy and hes paid does’t mean he deliver on it.

    It’s all about Gaborik now , Hope Dubi does’t pushed out the door. You see signing players to Complement our core group is the real deal here. Core group is Hank,Gaborik and Staalsie. The past tells me that as much as we love Dubi and Cally…GuLp!!! They could be next to go . When Gomez was signed , Jagrs writting was on the wall and he was shipped out. Now Gomez is gone and it’s Gaborik who is the main ticket now. Guy scores like 4 -5 goals against us in one game , wow Gaborik is the real deal. To make him happy , everyone is expendile now with the exeptions of Hank and Staalsie.

  94. Gomez was always Rangers killer when he played for the debbies! Watch him light it up against us next season!

  95. They need another vet Dman because it makes zero sense to have two rookies playing together, it would be awesome, but it’s asking a lot.

    Get Zubov so they can deal Rozi and Zubov can play 3rd pair minutes and run the PP, and mentor the kids:

    I’d like to see Staal/Girardi, Redden/Sauer, Zubov/insert young player. If Zubov goes down, then we have two kids and so be it.

    By the way, I watched those scrimmages from Prospect Camp and while it’s only scrimmages, this Heikennen kid looks like he knows what he’s doing and the beat writers like him. Him and Jordan Owens are my wild cards to make the team:

    Korpi (or Grachev)-Anisimov-Zherdev
    Owens-Boyle-Byers (Brasher for goon games).

  96. Greg L, good point. I was saying only reason we could/should get Richards is if either/OR Redden/ Rosz are moved

  97. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Actually CCCP , Hanks getting better every year so looks like with Higgins playing against his old team ..Rangers are shutting out Montreal ummm like 3 – 0 #1 Star is Hank #2 Gaborik #3 Zubov

  98. Just Curious why we don’t know the Cap hits for Brian Boyle and Tyler Arnason?

  99. don’t know if anybody mentioned this yet, but MSG is showing Game 7, Rangers-Devils, from ’94. Should be a good game.

    local fan is probably rooting for both teams … just kidding, local fan.

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Miked ,ya said ” Richards is the dangerous 2-way center we thought we were getting with Drury. He is a leader and would fit in well on this team. We are not getting Vinny or Heatley, so kill those talks. ”

    I agree that Richards would be the 2 way center we thought Drury would be. Too bad we didnt have Richards over Drury!!
    I like Drury better but realisticly Richards is more of the total package. Fantasy trade is Drury and Rosival to Dallas for Richards and Zubov.

  101. Sather loves his “Terms of the Deal Were Not Disclosed” for contracts. He’s Shady like Slim.

  102. I’m all for dealing Redden for a forward and signing Zubov short term- but don’t reel like dealing Dubi for Richards is a good thing- anyone see the eklund rumor that Edmonton is interested in Zherdev (again grain of salt but interesting)

    Carp, good episode on, the Bro/Manzier, TBS

  103. Id much rather see Nyr vs Pens 1st game of the season instead of game 7 in 94 against the Devs.

    I got chills when Z scored that goal with 7 secs left. Then Hank stole the show in OT, before winning in the shootout. Best part of the OT, was Staal putting Crosb*tch on his ass when he tried to split the D.

  104. lol Carp!

    im gonna go ahead here and predict that the Rangers will win this game in double OT!

    “Matteau, Matteau!!”

  105. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Alrighttt Carpiniello!! Go Rangers!!!!!! Go Matteau!!!!! hehe who woulda thunk Matteau? To bad I aintz gots MSG , boooo Rick ya teaser!!Im off for now ,yeashh.

  106. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    ORR , I forgot the details of that game , wow that was a great game!!!Staal knocking down Crosby,Z scoring with 7 sec left…we all thought the Rangers lost…then winning the shoot out.That was a great game ..I forgot about that one.

  107. Carp

    How DARE you switch over? This is game 7 vs Devils we talking about here!! No Seinfeld can beat that!
    Put the remote down and step away from it immediately!


  108. MikeA
    July 8th, 2009 at 7:21 pm
    They need another vet Dman because it makes zero sense to have two rookies playing together, it would be awesome, but it’s asking a lot.
    Get Zubov so they can deal Rozi and Zubov can play 3rd pair minutes and run the PP, and mentor the kids:
    I’d like to see Staal/Girardi, Redden/Sauer, Zubov/insert young player. If Zubov goes down, then we have two kids and so be it.
    By the way, I watched those scrimmages from Prospect Camp and while it’s only scrimmages, this Heikennen kid looks like he knows what he’s doing and the beat writers like him. Him and Jordan Owens are my wild cards to make the team:
    Korpi (or Grachev)-Anisimov-Zherdev
    Owens-Boyle-Byers (Brasher for goon games).

    Mike where the hell is Avery?

  109. Laurel Babcock on

    Poll: is is a bro or a manzier?

    I hate when people give away the end of taped games before I’ve seen them. damn!

    Don’t forget to tune in to tomorrow’s chat kids….yours truly is joining Papa Carp. Only nice comments about me will be allowed. Anything I don’t like and you’re banned!!!

  110. To bad we didnt do the Marty chant back in 94 would have won the series in 5, man that still gives me chills to this day, Matteau Matteau!

  111. bull dog line on

    man i missed out on cwgatti trading the entire team again.
    he is the best fantasy trader on this blog. not very good with reality.

  112. what is the point of posting fake trades and fake links?

    do people really get erect over doing it 6 times a day?

  113. Lupz-I forgot about Aves LOL whoops. I’d like to see him play with AA this year. He’s not a first line guy. Not enough skill or offense.

    Chechoo-Dubi-Gaborik (the two do the dirty work for Gabby)
    Higgins-Drury-Cally (Blue Collar Line should all be 20 G, 20 A guys)
    Avery-Anisimov-Zherdev (The two can play the Russian skill game and Avery can do the grinding for them, plus Artie and Avery played together in HFD and Artie is great at the cycle game)
    Korpi-Boyle-Owens or Byers and Brashear (Korpi does the dirty retrieval work, Boyle plays D and crashes the net, and Owens can keep up speed wise, Brash for the goons, or Byers is a moose)

    That Richards trade was dumb. Rangers need to shed more than Rozi to get Richards under the cap and Torts said nice things about Dubi/Cally/Anisimov/Staal/Girardi.

  114. mike nyc want to try that face to face little punk?. You probably live with your parents big baby. …..Carp should ban you. I’ll kick you to the curb. Let me know where & when.

  115. Man, there’s no fighting on Rangers forums! We’re better than that. What are we Islanders fans?

  116. Blogging about hockey in July – takes half a heart

    Making up trade rumors on a hockey blog in July – takes the other half of the heart

    BEEFING on the hockey blog in July – TAKES BALLS!


  117. bull dog line –
    “man i missed out on cwgatti trading the entire team again.

    he is the best fantasy trader on this blog. not very good with reality.”

    THANK YOU bulldog line, very good observation, dude is living in his own world

  118. Yankee day game, otherwise i’d be there watching- make sure you both tie your jerseys down…no fighting strap is a misconduct

  119. Top floor there, I will be wearing jeans and a tank tp, brown pinstriped Yankees hat. How will I know you.

  120. I gotta laugh, “lets get Zubov” coming from the same people who bitch and moan every time the rangers consider getting someone over the age of 25

  121. Reports in San Jose say the Rangers have replaced Toronto as the team involved in a three team deal, Sharks and the Black Hawks are also players, with Marleau the prize we are going for.

  122. CCCP…You wanna be my friend? I’ll meet you on 42nd street, I be the one holding the sign that says…for a good time call MikeNYC

  123. Chris-This Zubov thing is different
    1. He’d only be here for a year or two.
    2. He’s great on the PP and his presence alone would help improve from 29th overall last year.
    3. He’d mentor the kids; he wasn’t great defensively when he came in the league and has worked his tail off the last dozen years learning and mastering his craft.

    and most importantly:
    4. Zubov being traded was pretty much the biggest Rangers injustice in my lifetime. Him and Norstrom should have been the top pair in the late 90s into the 2000s but whether it was xenophobe Colin Campbell or Neil The Deal trying to win now, him getting dealt was step 1 of 3 that ruined the franchise for a decade. It would be poetic justice and closure if he came back.

    5. It’s time the fans honor this man; led the 94 team in scoring and was clutch in the playoffs yet who was left out at Messier night? Who never gets any recognition for his role in winning the Cup? Who is the All-Time Russian DMan scoring leader? Who is gonna be in the Hall of Fame? Sergei Freaking Zubov.

  124. you know its funny im always trying to get people to meet me @ warren 77
    no one ever shows

  125. gotta say that was the lamest sh!t i ever seen on this blog. 2 ranger fans fighting ezch other over a joke trade. when they should be out beating on islander fans. cmon guys no fightin. but if you do, i got 50 on bklnblue!!

  126. colin- i was there last weekend man!!! where were you??? i was there with the big sign “mike in iowa”!!!!! lol colin, some peeps here read bad reviews on it so thats why nobody goes. its also kinda akward for some people to meet other fans from online blogs in real life ….

    this just in, gm rick carpinielo has just traded mikenyc and bklynblue to the devils blog for a local fan and a sixer of hineys

  127. mike in ia

    i read the reviews and afterwards i checked my cc statements. all 5 of them were perfect. i got waited on by 3 people. i dunno theres bad reviews for a lot of the places i go to.

    and my whole life practically revolves aroud the internet. im always down to meet chill people. ranger fans, linux nerds, etc.

    i dunno i always get vip treatment there. maybe its my kicks? hahaha.

    and i actually was there friday. i was quite happy w/ how quiet it was. it was also the day before the 4th so most people were in jersey already.

  128. Back to the thread….what was Boyle’s contract worth? $787k? He was on $750k last year so would get a raise of 5% automatically, but the press release says nothing about accepting a qualifying offer, therefore presumably its for more money and no mention of term either – what a frickin lame press release!!!

    As for Korpedo, if his dad still read’s the blog tell him not to go take the Russian mafia money, stay and take the Dolan $$ please..!!

  129. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    206!!!!!! Hey did I miss out on the fight!!!????? $20 canadian on bklynblue !!!! He sounds tough!!!

  130. people arguing and setting up fights over the internet are absolutely hilarious

    please continue

  131. and I like how mike picked out his outfit at midnight the night before

    first day of kindergarten style

  132. lol jive. yea that was funny. not a smart move, unless mikenyc has a friend whos 6’5″, 260 lbs of muscle and is gonna tell him to wear the clothes that he wrote on here lol. who he had just described instead of himself.

  133. uk- i would think boyle got just a slight raise. i cant see him makin more than 1mm/per.

  134. all the talks of trading for richards is just funny. i mean, hes basically another gomez. maybe hes a little better but for the most part, hes comparable to a gomez type player. and for more money. if the plan was to get him, we’d have kept gomez imo. as much as dru n dubi arent 1st line centers, i think either of them could handle playing on the 1st with gabby. i think zherdev should be signed even at 4 mill. i know he is a ? going towards next year but by losing gomez,naslund, and antro, we have to keep him because he is the best option for a 2nd line winger and would probably produce more with less stress on him to be the go-to guy. let torts work with him a little and even if he isnt a 70-80 point guy, im sure he can at least get around 60-65 npoints. that is fine for a guy like him. we have too many 3rd line grinder types. naslund antro and gomez were all finnesse type skill guys. we need to keep zherdev if there are no better options.

  135. I can’t see what we have that we could trade for Marleau or Richards at the moment – without giving up one of our young core players. Although there is more and more rumour that we are dangling Dubi.

    I could see us trying to snag someone like Tanguay – he has previous chemistry with Drury and might play the role of a playmaker on a line with Gaborik. I don’t see him potting more than 20 goals though so would he be worth the $5m per we would probably have to pay? Can he be a top line LW?

  136. People just like complaining about Z

    $4mm??? LET HIM WALK!!

    Oh, ok…and replace him with what exactly? What free agent of his caliber is out there for that money or less? Or do you want to propose another NHL 09 video game trade where we give up nothing and get back a top-flight player.

    Zherdev is good, even for 4mm he is good. 60 point players in their mid 20s after 5 seasons in the NHL get paid that money.

  137. Wade Redden is 32 years old on the buyout date of July 20, 2009, putting the total buyout cost at $20,666,667 spread over 10 years. His contract was originally valued at $39,000,000 with an annual cap hit of $6,500,000 beginning in 2008 and ending in 2014. The following is a season-by-season breakdown of the buyout. A negative buyout cap hit number indicates a credit.
    2009-2010 $8,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $5,933,333 $566,667
    2010-2011 $6,500,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $4,433,333 $2,066,667
    2011-2012 $6,500,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $4,433,333 $2,066,667
    2012-2013 $5,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $2,933,333 $3,566,667
    2013-2014 $5,000,000 $6,500,000 $2,066,667 $2,933,333 $3,566,667
    2014-2015 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2015-2016 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2016-2017 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2017-2018 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667
    2018-2019 $0 $0 $2,066,667 $-2,066,667 $2,066,667

    This is what would happen for the next 10 years for the Rangers if they buyout Redden this year.

    As you can see we would save money on the cap for 5 years but take a 2mill cap hit for 5 years longer than he would be on the books if we just let him play out his contract what do you guys think is the Savings for the next 5 years worth the extra cap hit for 5 more?

  138. flippedturtle on

    Wow what a strange mix of opinions and I love the internet fight club idea. If this is your first time posting….You have to fight!

    Anyway I hate the Richards idea, I would rather stay with the changes we made so far. I can’t take another high paid player that is never going to live up to our expectations. Anyone that gets 7 mil should be AO caliber nothing less.

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