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Boy when there’s not a lot of news you guys sure do devolve…:) While Carp is out trying to improve his handicap, I thought I’d pop in with some updates…none on Rangers, but at least it’s something!

Thanks to TSN..
• After 20 NHL seasons, Colorado Avalanche forward Joe Sakic may be ready to hang up his skates. The Avalanche have called a news conference for Thursday at 3pm et/12pm pt where, according to local reports, they will announce Sakic’s retirement.

• Sources tell TSN the National Hockey League Players Association has filed a grievance over the Chicago Blackhawks mishandling of a number of its qualifying offers and intends to argue the players affected by the mishap, who remain unsigned, should be ruled unrestricted free agents.
The NHL will be notified and can agree with the NHLPA’s filing, or the league can disagree and the case will move on to an expidited hearing.

• Also, did I miss the chat on this here (sorry, there was lots to catch up on after four days away), but I see Moore is now an Islander. If I’m late, then ignore me here and carry on.

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  1. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    Chris Pronger just signed a 7 year contract extension with the Flyers. Looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of him in the years to come.

    He’s 34 now…you do the math. That’s a big extension for a guy who hasn’t set foot on the ice in Philly yet.

  2. A local fan on


    I’m sorry that I love the Rangers and happen to like the Devils as well. I really dont care if you think its impossible, I guess I can defy logic!!! hehehe look at me!!! I also truly enjoyed the day on this blog. I am here to stay and you can expect a lot of posts from me even if im ignored! sorry 4everanger. Lets talk about how we are going to protect Gabby. Man is brittle. This is not good Pronger will be punishing him for atleast 6 games a year.

  3. 7 year extension?? WTF is going on in the NHL these days? DiPietro-15 years(how’s that working out?), Hossa-12 years with the hawks, Prongers 7 year extension, Vinny in Tampa is signed for a bunch of years…. this is nuts. Unless it’s front loaded, cap friendly and they expect the player to be gone or retire in a few years. Jeez.

  4. Jeff S. from Delaware on


    The contract will obviously be front loaded…most contracts are. It’s currently looking like it’ll be for $35 mil, but only the cap hit will be $5/year.

  5. HA HA HA HA!!

    Pronger is already 34. If he retires after turning 35, Philly will be on the hook!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 7 years?? Pronger will be older than Redden when his contract is up! lol

    btw…Redden and Pronger were both 2nd overall picks in their respective draft years!

  7. Of course I posted this after the last thread died:

    I feel like arguing about how many games Gaborik is going to play is somewhat useless in July. Looking at his last few seasons, it seems obvious that he could play anywhere from 0 to 82 games this season and there’s no way to predict it. We’re all going to have to hope for the best and just swallow our medicine if he gets hurt.

    Also if the Zherdev arbitration only comes out to $4 mil, why wouldn’t we re-sign him? If you’d argue that you’d rather spend the money on an aging star like Zubov or Koivu, I’d like you to think about our signings the last few summers. (See: Redden, Wade.) There’s not many young players with Zherdev’s talent, and he might not fulfill it but I’m more than willing to give him a year to try, especially seeing as there aren’t other options out there we could acquire without a trade.

    This team’s not going to win the cup next season regardless, so it really can’t hurt to give Zherdev one more year to realize his potential. If he does, then great for us. If not, we let him go and bring up a young guy.

    Finally, am I the only person who isn’t quite ready to rush Grachev up? I know his video looks impressive and everything; he’s big and fast and looks like he has scoring instincts. But he played in Juniors last year. He was older and bigger than a lot of the players in his league, and that doesn’t mean he can come up and be effective in the NHL right away. Someone compared him to Ovechkin a little earlier, and I think we all need to just cool off a bit regardless of how impressive 4 minutes of YouTube highlights can be.

  8. “Pronger is already 34. If he retires after turning 35, Philly will be on the hook!!!!!!!!!!!”

    That’s not how it works. Since he was 34 when he signed the contract if he retires after a few years the team does not take the cap hit. We did the same with Naslund. Signed for 2 years at 34, retires after 1. His contract is not on our cap this year.

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Zherdev aint done yet , Larry Brooks is another Eklund as far as im concerned.

  10. Im surpried Sakic is retiring, he should have stuck around to mentor Duchene. Which he still can, but it’s nothing like playing along side your idol. Who knows maybe now they’ll fire their new coach, and tell him that they meant Joe Sakic, not Joe Sacco.

  11. J-bone, im with you Zherdev for 1 year at whatever the arbiter decides is not a big deal- the $ isn’t as big an issue as the legnth- 1 year gives us flexibility for sure going forward-

    Know people hate lines, but with Z going into next year we have 7 top 9 guys, with Anisimov and Grachev hopefully knocking on the door- I have no problem if we have the cap room to sign 2 vets to 1 year deals to fill these spots and then seeing where we are at the deadline- but I don’t want to move any of the top 9 forwards (Gabby, Dubi, Drury, Cally, Higgins, Avery, Zherdev, Grachev, Anisimov) unless we are getting something extremely impactful in return-

    Versteeg is a huge option if he really becomes an option- 5 million is rich, but I don’t know where that number comes from-

  12. Laurel Babcock on

    Doogie, here ya go, from TSN:

    If the PA is accurate and the players involved are deemed unrestricted free agents, the Blackhawks could lose both forward Kris Versteeg and defenceman Cam Barker to the open market.

    The interest in these two players league wide as UFA’s would be significant. In Barker’s case, one league source cites his value at $3 million on the low end, and as much as $5 million on the high end.

    The Chicago Blackhawks have cap issues and may not be able to afford to compete in the feeding frenzy without making drastic moves to free up money.

    This issue is far from resolved, but early indications suggest it may not end well for the Chicago Blackhawks.

  13. LOL!! Brooks another Eklund? You guys are horrible!! At least the Post and Newsday and this newspaper care about hockey. The new guy from the Daily News is waste. He has no rumors or breaking news of his own. Bring back John Dellapia

  14. Seems to me that Zherdev shouldn’t want anything to do with arbitration…

    He played OK and had decent numbers, but then dissapeared for long stretches of games, INCLUDING the 7 most important ones of the entire season. He didn’t put up career highs, and didn’t get his team to the next level.

    I’m usually on the player’s side in these things (see Avery) but on this one… Slats is going to make him look like a lazy, inconsistent, fool.

    If they award anything more than a modest raise I’d be shocked.

  15. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    But if it is an extension that does not kick in until after his contract is up next season, does that change things, since Pronger would be over 35 when the new contract takes effect?

  16. Speed Ranger on

    A Local Fan — I think protecting Gaborik is Brashear’s role, no? Not that they’ll be on the same line, but I am hoping for some ESP on Brashear’s part so he can take care of someone BEFORE he busts one of Gab’s glass bones.

    btw – I love this sport so much, I don’t hate any team. And I love a good rivalry, which you can’t have w/o an opponent.

  17. Chicago has already signed 6 of the 7 RFA’s they had, and are close to signing Versteeg

    All 7 will probably be signed before the ruling is even made, making it irrelevant.

  18. I Was Duguay on

    Thanks Laurel.

    I guess Versteeg (as mentioned on the earlier thread) would be worth looking at, the Rangers need another D like Sather needs another cheek.

  19. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    As previously mentioned, all of the Blackhawks have been resigned except for Versteeg.

  20. Barker signed a contract already. He is not UFA and was for abot 3mill and change a season. Versteeg and Brouwer I think are the only ones left on the list

  21. So Orr someone at work forwarded me a link that apparently Megan Fox’s Transformers audition was her washing Michael Bay’s ferrari while he videotaped and nothing more

  22. It has been a really slow off-season for the Rangers. I cant remember the last time we had only half a team going into the 2nd week of Free agency which means either:

    1. Im wrong and the Rangers really are gonna skate like 4-5 rookies next year (my guess was 3 rookies max)

    2. There are some big trades cooking because Sather doesnt “fancy” the UFA’s available.

    Im leaning towards option #2 ?? Which could be interesting

  23. Dr. Ogrodnick :

    I believe it’s the age of the player when the extension is signed,not when it kicks in, so I’m pretty sure they won’t have to pay him if he retires. Of course I could be wrong ;)

  24. As for Nic situation, unlike majority, I think it will be big loss. You can teach or force a lot of things to your players, except God given talant and that’s a case. Besides, being able to score unbelivable goals, he is a playmaker(ready to feed Gabo the best) – watch his laser passes, setting scoring guys and vision of the game, which a lot of his partners didn’t share or posess. Hhe is of course soft on the puck and shy by his nature,wich was extremely annoying to watch sometimes,but he has time and desire to overcome it. He is not heartless or gutless; we saw him even try to fight and stand for partners. I’m pretty sure he likes and wants play for the Rangers, just like all rare talants needs work and patients. Think about it, with everything negative being said he scored 1.5 times more points than all favorite “busy bee” Calli (whom I admire).I do believe his potential is still huge and hate to see if it will bite us in an ass later in any other team. My point is – you almost always can force talant to work, but could never force mediocraty become a talant. May be I’m wrong, but we should try at least for another year.

  25. DAN

    Yeah i heard aboot that. I hope that’s not all that’s on video tape. Although id much rather see Megan Fox and Bar Rafaeli going down on each other instead of that loser Michael Bay.

    Unless it’s just Fox in a bikini washing the Ferrari, without any play by play from Bay.

  26. Laurel, you are killing me girl!! I just wrote war and peace on the other thread and didn’t realize it moved! Here’s hoping copy and paste works!!

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    ALL YEAR WE CRIED FOR SOMEONE TO HELP OUT GOMEZ AND ZHERDEV , who are both great passers. We Finnally got a real bona-fide scorer in Gaborik. Jagr and Graves have topped 50 goals in a season for the Rangers and Gaborik could be the next. We need to keep Zherdev because after Gomez being gone now , Z is our guy who can really dish it to Gabby.

  28. DanTheRangerFan on

    Does anyone else think the NHL is turing into a circus act with these ridiculouse contracts…This is just getting crazy when does it stop…Hope this doesent ruin the nhl. Not like it isnt already hurting.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues… says Greg L. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Don’t let emotions of having 1 bad month of underperforming after being under pressure and humiliation (he is a sensitive kid) defining his entire season and ability.

  30. DanTheRangerFan on

    The way the nhl is going…I could strap on some ice skates and prob get a nice 4 year 20 million contract..I’ll be right back my agents on the other line with an offer from Arizona….

  31. From previous thread

    WOW!! My day off, I go run a couple errands and miss everything….where to start!!

    I would put my vote in for versteeg (not sure at 5 mil per, but yes go get him slats)I’m ok with koivu or zubov, rozy must go!!!!!! Glad to see Z walk (if he does), just don’t think it will work in torts system with him!! Glad jagr is gone and no to him coming back.

    Our d IS soft, If we are saying staal and girardi are our “tough physical guys” then we are a team with a softer D. This is not saying they are not physical, staal and girardi are, but if they are your “most physical guys” then it is a problem. Staal could develop into a big time physical guy and hitter, but isn’t now. We do not have that guy on D that we need that the other team says “is that guy going to bury me when I’m on the ice, how many times will he cross check me???” A guy like komisarek, pronger, phaneuf, bueke, pilon, samuelsson, witt, dare i say it GAUTHIER!!!!! A play with an edge or an unpedictableness that makes other team’s players always think of where is he and what is he going to do. Kinda what brash brings to the team….btw he is a ranger now so go brash!!!

    Lastly, Brodiva…no class at all cheats on his wife, and his record is based upon being a goalie in the right system at the right time (can we say new jersey trap). He is a good goalie, but not great. the stifiling trap with lax nhl obstruction rules seriously bloated his record (but, it is his record)..I’d take Roy over him any day any time any game!!!!

    Thanks, I feel better!!!

  32. Per the previous post regarding Zherdev, yes, he has talent but he does not have a snipers touch, hence I do not think you will see another Kovalev. I would let him walk. He is lazy and once he gets his money he will be less motivated to do anything. I rarely saw him roof the puck in the corners ala a true sniper… Rangers can do better … Save the money for Kovalchuk (and send Redden to the minors to help pay for him)

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Hell yeah Z is thr real deal , hes a 4th over all pick , wasnt Jagr a 5th?

    Obama said , it’s really great having Alexander Ovechkin here in Washington…pulleeese!! Ovechkin is a great talent and is funny ,he has alot of emotion . He is good for the league. BUT next time OV , sitting at our practice and your antics of celebration is not what Washington need as a role model. OV , keep scoring,keep celebrating,keep having fun…NEVER MOCK SALUTE OUR CROUD at the end of our loss and get the FU** outta our practice while were planning to roll over your team!!! OV should have been suspended the rest of our series.

    Micheal Jackson is being honoured by familly and friends wearing a white glove …So If OJ SImpson dies , I geuss he’ll get inducted into the hall of fame and be honoured for his football achivements.

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    BTW Koffy , Zherdev was never a sniper ..hes a passer ..he passes all the time..didnt ya watch all 82 games like i did?
    One game he did snipe it in and we won like with 3 seconds left.

  35. NOOOO !!!


    And fugg OJ Simpson, if he died, id that would be great. The less losers like OJ, and MJ around, the better !

    And i agree with you Greg. We don’t have any actual playmakers besides Dubi, so we cant afford to lose Z.

  36. if signing morris meant moving someone else on d i say sure

    you have to give morris credit even tho he isnt tough his shots always seem to find their way to the net.

    his shot off the pass is very quick.

  37. If the Devils are really offering Koivu 3/4 years then let him go- Would have enjoyed him for 1 or 2- but that is too much- At this point there is no reason not to sign Zherdev- he is better than anyone else remaining-

    Those that don’t want Z, what is the reasoning?

  38. if Rozi gets dealt, they may HAVE to sign Morris. they need SOME experience on the blue line.

  39. Fly Line

    I tell you the reasoning of those who does not want Z back…


    AND TORTS REALLY HATES HIM! (how would any of us know that is beyond my understanding)

    yeah ok… as if this kid made playoffs every year and every year same story! some people dont have a clue what they talking about… this was his first year on a real hockey club (if one can call Rangers that) with somewhat real expectations.

    People here are so quick to throw anyone under the bus! And then they cry that the team has no real talent! funny…

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    4ever Ranger, that was good. HAHA

    Yeah Orr ,Zherdev is a guy who holds onto the puck then sees Gaborik cocked up and ready to fire!!

    I like the fact Zherdev is young and our team has younger euros waiting to play with Zherdev. Throwing Z under the bus is not a wise thing to do. Guy goes from Penthouse to out house and i aint buying it ,We lost in the playoffs because of Torts (which I forgive) ,not Zherdev.

  41. Too many comparisions are being made between Zherdev and Kovalev.

    Here are the facts: Both were enigmas as young players.

    Kovalev in his first playoffs at age 20 no less, was a HUGE presence and big part in winning the Cup. He and Messier were the reason we beat Devs in Game 6 1994.

    Zherdev first year in playoffs: Zip, zelch, nada, thanks for playing punk, but your not worthy! ZERO Points in a 7 friggin game series against an offensive team with a weak D!!!!!!! Are you kidding me! He has no balls!!!!!!

    Rangers should smack him around in arbitration, sign him and DUMP him. Some dumbass GM will give something decent in return.

  42. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I have no problem signing Morris, as long as they trade Roszi/Redden and clear more cap room than they sign Morris for in the deal.

  43. pbr

    Kovalev and Messier. 1994 team…full of talent and great veterans…

    Zherdev and Gomez?? Maybe Redden and his great “first pass” ability?

    2008 team full of “cash in’s” and has beens… how can you even compare those two teams??

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    So If Zherdev should get smacked around for a bad playoff performance then Gomez,Drury,Redden,Dubinsky,Staalsie,Korpi,Avery and Hank should all be called out because they have had playoff experience.YEAH why not call ’em all out pbr ? Hell , ya mays well call out Torts too!!! Why not blame sather too?…heck blame Canada!!!

    Back in the early 90’s Kovalev was the only exciting thing we had with flair and he still didnt satify coaches or anyone. Zherdev never had Messier backing him in the playoffs.

  45. Where did I compare 94 and 2009 team?
    My point is Zherdev has no balls and is a zombie! Comparing him to Kovalev is an insult to Alex!

    I say good riddance! Trade him for the best offer.

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Saw a thing on tsn top 10

    When Guy Lafleur doned a Ranger Jersey he came back to the Montreal forum and was cheered and cheered!! He scored two goals and thier crowd went crazy!!Such emotion , wow.

    It made me remeber when …Mark Messer doned a Canuck jersey he came back to the Garden and was cheered with signs saying “we Mess you”
    I could cry just seeing the pain of not having OUR captain there. When Messier came back and buried the hatchet , we all felt great knowing our hero was back!!

    Maybe having Mess here would help Dubinsky turn into the fierce leader we know he can be. Dubi keeps in touch with Jagr and probally plays online OTP with Jags as his teamate!!

  47. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    pbr …weird how a zombie with no-balls gets awarded $4 million in an arbitration hearing. You know hes capable of big things and you were hurt last spring when your leading scorer didnt show up. He was too busy trying to pull his azz outt that doghouse Torts put him in!! Torts would look at you and you would not only go zombie you’d do the Micheal Jackson moon walk three steps and faint !!

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Don’t insult Zherdev by saying hes another Koval-crap-ev!!

    Kovalev gave up on a play in the playoffs ,while in OT cuz his hand got wacked!!!( I know you all do remember) Kovalev is talented but is over-paid and is great one game and invisable for the next month or so. Kovalev is useless and old and washed up.

  49. Morris’ Agent talking to Glen. ! year it’s OK with Morris.
    What about $$$? Is that sign to moving Rosi? Otherwise it’s stupid.

  50. I would resigned Morris if we can’t sign Zubov or we trade Rosy!! We need some guys with playoff experience. Guys that have won some cups and are not weak minded.

  51. Zherdev isn’t bad, he’s just totally one dimensional. If he’s not scoring, he’s a ghost on the ice.

    The guy has exceptional hands – I would say even better than Kovalev’s but his skating and willingness to get his nose dirty are lacking. Kovalev had size, speed, strength, skill and determination – you would be hard pressed to make that same argument for Zherdev.

    Watch any game from last year, Zherdev’s forecheck is horrible. It’s a function of his bad skating without the puck. He’ll make sweeping wide turns to get back into plays like a rollerballer. No quick stops or pivots. It hurt the breakout as well. Seriously rewatch a game and tell me how many pivots Zherdev makes in a game – it is two or less.

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  53. I think i know why Sakic chose today of all days to retire…its his birthday lol.

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues… says Greg L. July 7th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Don’t insult Zherdev by saying hes another Koval-crap-ev!!

    Kovalev gave up on a play in the playoffs ,while in OT cuz his hand got wacked!!!( I know you all do remember) Kovalev is talented but is over-paid and is great one game and invisable for the next month or so. Kovalev is useless and old and washed up.


    While I agree that wasnt Kovalev’s finest moment, many people seem to conveniently forget that after that game Kovalev brought his game to a new level. He pretty much single-handedly brought the Canadians back from a 3-1 deficit to win that series. Kovalev is definitely a playoff performer.

  55. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    I’m throwing my hat in with the “keep Zherdev” crowd. He’s young, probably better than anyone currently available, and he’s only got one season with NY ( and a defensive minded coach) for us to go on. I’m willing to give him another try. Let’s just not pay him some crazy exorbitant salary that will ruin our cap space for years.

  56. We definately can use Zherdev, the kid is great. On the other hand Glen Sather is the only one who really counts in these matters, and I get a feeling he is going to let him go. I really hope I’m wrong.

  57. why even entertain the the thought of signing Morris? Not a shutdown D-Man Not a PP guy totally not physical. The Rangers have stockpiled Defenseman this offseason give those guys a chance instead of this has been-never was.

    Christopher Comes In June : Christopher Higgins For Dummies Video


  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues… says Greg L. July 7th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Don’t insult Zherdev by saying hes another Koval-crap-ev!!

    Kovalev gave up on a play in the playoffs ,while in OT cuz his hand got wacked!!!( I know you all do remember) Kovalev is talented but is over-paid and is great one game and invisable for the next month or so. Kovalev is useless and old and washed up.


    While I agree that wasnt Kovalev’s finest moment, many people seem to conveniently forget that after that game Kovalev brought his game to a new level. He pretty much single-handedly brought the Canadians back from a 3-1 deficit to win that series. Kovalev is definitely a playoff performer.

    greg was talking about a playoff game for the Rangers way back in the day lol…i believe it was ’95…he got slashed and went down and the other team scored on the ensuing rush to win the playoff game…..

  59. VERSTEEG…53 points in 78 games, 16 power play points, 7 shorthanded points, +15, 12 playoff points. His agent must be fishing for a long term deal because he should have been one of the first guys to get picked up. And there are stories today that he is signing a three year deal with the Hawks, how does this tie in to the post?

  60. bull dog line on

    the kovalev play you are talking about was in the 95 playoffs against Quebec.
    He was slashed in the back, and went down, Quebec scored, but the referee(Van Hellumund) blew the whistle before the goal was scored. This was because Kovalev went down. The goal would have made it 3 zip, instead the Rangers took control of the game shortly after, and went on to win the game.

  61. bull dog line on

    by the way,
    carp should remember that 95 series well.
    that was the series that Kovalev saved Cambell’s bacon.
    Kovalev was the best player on the ice, for either team in that series.

  62. UESBlueshirt on

    Are you talking about the game against the Nordiques in the first round of 95? Kovalev was hit, stayed down and the play went the other way and the Nordiques scored. However the ref ruled that he whistled the play dead which was wrong because the Rangers never regained possession of the puck and negated the goal.

  63. UESBlueshirt on

    Ah Bull Dog, beat me to it. That was more of a reflection on poor officiating than Kovalev.

  64. bull dog line on

    no diving penalty. it was a real good two hand slash to the back of Kovalev.
    ref blew the whistle because of injury.

  65. UESBlueshirt on

    No, the issue was that the play should have continued on and not been blown dead.

  66. Actually, Wolanin did whack Kovalev in the back, rather hard. The kid might have been really hurt, but he shouldn’t have stayed down.

    The ref, Andy van Hellemond, kept looking back to see if Kovalev would get up, because he didn’t want the blow his whistle for fear that Kovalev was faking. He waited, and as Sakic scored, van Hellemond blew the whistle — perhaps even a second after Sakic scored. Then he said the play was dead and disallowed the goal. That pretty much cost van Hellemond his refereeing career.

    As for the notion that Kovalev is a playoff performer, well, that goes up and down like the rest of his career. He was a hero in ’94, but how convenient to forget that he did nothing for the first five games against the Devils, and nothing in Game 7. Or some of his in-and-out playoffs with Pittsburgh and Montreal. He was dreadful every other game this past spring.

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