Bye, bye, Nik


If it’s true that Nik Zherdev’s agent is looking for $4 M or more in arbitration, then he’s done as a Ranger, as Larry Brooks wrote today.

Glen Sather will walk away from an award in that neighborhood, making Zherdev an unrestricted free agent, which is obviously the goal here. The question then becomes, with the additional cap space — $3.25 M alloted as a qualifying offer to Zherdev — what will Sather to do replace him as a scoring forward?

Too bad. Zherdev has great, great skills. He may turn out to be another Kovalev, who finally gets it later on and becomes a star somewhere, albeit a streaky, frustrating, enigmatic star. And if Zherdev scores 40 somewhere, we’ll all surely come back at Sather and say he could have had Zherdev for $4 M or so. That won’t be entirely fair, because right now, right here, we are mostly agreeing that Zherdev isn’t worth that kind of money. Right?

Funny, just about eight days ago we were discussing which Nik the Rangers would keep, Antropov or Zherdev. Both will be gone for asking for too much money.


Reminder, we will have a live video chat here Thursday at 1 p.m. Should be a lively discussion, given the restructuring of the roster since the last chat. Bring your questions and comments.


Yours Truly has a very important meeting with Mr. Titleist at 12:15. Naturally the forecast is for thunder storms.

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  1. The problem is, most of the better talent is gone that would replace Zherdev. Not sure where to go here.

  2. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I’d rather keep Zherdev than over pay for Koivu. I can’t see him awarded more than 4 mil per, more likely 3.75

  3. What if Dallas took Redden off our hands? Didn’t they want him when he was a UFA. I’ll even thrown in a D prospect!

  4. Dr.O-

    Zherdev lead the team in scoring. They are going to use that against us. Plus he shootout wins and the fact his playing time went down in the playoffs he will get 4 million plus.

  5. What if Dallas took Redden off our hands? Didn’t they want him when he was a UFA. I’ll even thrown in a D prospect! (from the last thread!)

  6. i just put this up on the last post. somebody asked why we would want brad richards.

    to get richards the rangers would have to trade either redden or roszival. how could anybody say that is a bad move? honestly? richards is a big hit for 2 years but it would relieve them of redden for 4 more years and roszy for 3.

    plus richards is a proven scorer regular season and in the playoffs 26 pts in 23 games in 2004.

    i would trade either one redden or roszy plus a prospect on defense and a 2nd or 3rd round pick for richards

  7. New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather today announced that the hockey club has traded defenseman Wade Redden to the Dallas Stars for 3-and-a-half used pucks, a dull skate blade, and a bucket of popcorn. While the popcorn expressed enthusiasm about being a snack food in New York City, Redden and the dull skate blade were not available for immediate comment.

  8. I’d sooner spend that money on Tanguay or Sykora. At least you know what you’re getting with those guys game in and game out. Plus Sykora is a shootout stud, and sadly that’s an important consideration for the Rangers. I didnt think he was really given a fair shake his first time here, what with all the line juggling and Renney’s uber-defensive style.

  9. Sykora had 16 goals in 40 games here, that’s a 30 goal season over 82, and only made 2.5 last year, can prob be had for something similar

  10. Goodbye Z – way too soft a player and a lazy one too. Disappeared in the playoffs and 1/2 the regular season. Not worth what he wants by a mile.

  11. bull dog line on

    everyboby is making the jump that Zherdev is going to win his case. don’t be so sure. either way though, i think he is leaving. KHL or free agent.

  12. I wouldn’t mind SYKORA if he’s cheap [ 3mill or less] and for 1 or 2 years…. Or sign SHANNY [1 mill] to play on the 4th line and move up to the top 3 lines when needed and let a kid [PARNETEAU,GRACHEV,BYERS, G.MOORE ]take ZHERDEV’S spot.

  13. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Just because Uncle Larry says it that doesn’t mean it’s so. So what if Zherdev is looking for $4mil +! They are going to ‘arbitration’. That mean that they will determine a fair salary based on his skills, production, and potential as it relates to similar players in the NHL. Using this there is no way that he will get awarded over 4 mil. Slats is not stupid enough and too arrogant to let this kid walk after trading away Toots, who ended up being one of Columbus’ best defensemen last season.

    Rule #1 as a NYR fan – Don’t listen to Larry.

  14. Voice of Reason on

    Any chance Don Waddell in Atlanta would be interested in Zherdev, Higgins, and prospect McDonagh for Kovalchuk? At a $3.5 cap hit for Zherdev, the Rangers would add 750k salary.

    Lines might look like this:

    Kovalchuk Drury Callahan
    Avery Dubinsky Gaborik
    Boyle Anisimov Korpikowski
    Brashear Arnason Byers

    extra Rissmiller, Voros, or Dupont

    Staal Girardi
    Redden Roszival
    Gilroy Potter or Sauer or Sanguinetti or Valentenko



  15. Slats only works 3 things – the links, his stogie and use your imagination for the other.

  16. Voice of Reason,
    with what money? they would have to take a big salary to atlanta. i want to see how higgins and mcdonaugh pan out.

    and rissmiller is a UFA.

  17. It’s not so much that Zherdev will cost too much, but rather that Torts just plain doesnt like Zherdev, and this is an easy out to get him off the team. Sather needed to qualify him in the event that we didnt pick up any scoring help, but with Gaborik on board I think we’re free to let Zherdev walk.

  18. c ya zherdev.. agree would much rather have antropov than zherdev..and if you can offload either rosi or redden in a richards trade..then get it done..i would be fine with getting rid of both of them in trades for whoever.. would much rather have younger defensemen up and learning than watching older defensemen with no upside

  19. The problem with giving ZHERDEV anything more than 3.2 is we all know how it will turn out. He is not going to be a consistent player. The Blue Jacks would not have traded him if he was. I was excited last summer when we got him. i thought coming to NY would motivate him but after seeing his performance down the stretch and playoffs I’m pretty sure that what you see is what you get. if he gets 3.75 mill how much will he want next year with similar #’s?

  20. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Higgins, a solid 20+ goal scorer up until last season signed an RFA contract for 2.25 mil. Booth, a 30 goal scorer, signed an RFA contract for 4.25 mil. No idea how Zherdev’s agent thinks he can get 4.5 in arbitration. I would be shocked if Zherdev gets more than 3.75, which should still be in the Rangers wheelhouse.

  21. Antropov would have been better than Zherdev, but there is still no one to replace him yet. Watched a lot of Montreal games last year — even though Kovalev was under attack from the media, Koivu was much, much worse. Kovalev’s size and strength are important — that’s was a bonus from Antropov. Rangers are still small.

  22. No arbitrator in the world is going to give this clown 4 million buck a years. The guy doesn’t have the stats to back up that contract. His agent has sh@t for brains! Sather is going to rip him apart in that hearing!

  23. agreed with steve and kc.. torts clearly does not like zherdev’s playing style..

    i don’t know maybe antropov played hard bc of contract yr but i thought he played with a lot of passion for the rangers

  24. Wow, everyone will pay $3.25 for Zherdev but balk at 4? For 1 year what is the difference? To walk away would be to lose an asset for .75 million, that makes 0 sense for me- there is still some time before the actual arbitration date- I bet they make a deal-

  25. I guess I’ll be the only one here to defend signing NZ and to castigate Larry Brooks for always trying to forment trouble for Sather. Nik Zherdev is too much of a talent to just let go for nothing. Regardless of what he gets in arbitration, the Rangers need to retain his rights. Let’s face it, even at $4 million he has some trade value — not that I’m suggesting he’ll actually get $4 million, I think he’s fall short of that number. Even if it comes down to just getting a draft pick for the guy, it’s worth it.

  26. Glad we are taking Larry Brooks’ word as gospel.

    Relax, let it go to arb. I have a feeling he gets signed beforehand anyway. Regardless, he wont get 4mm in arbitration and will be back next year.

  27. “Any chance Don Waddell in Atlanta would be interested in Zherdev, Higgins, and prospect McDonagh for Kovalchuk? At a $3.5 cap hit for Zherdev, the Rangers would add 750k salary”

    I literally just tried to make that trade in NHL 09, and i thought i heard some laughing coming from the game, but it might have been a song, i don’t know. Either way, it would never happen in real life. If you want to talk aboot trades like that for superstars, you HAVE to include Staal, Dubinsky, or Callahan. And Waddell would ask for two of the three, along with a 1st round pick, and a prospect.

    This sucks, Z is gone, so we lose 20-30 goals. Uggh, what the fugg ?? Im sick of this god damn fuggin greed. This guy did jack SH*T in the fuggin playoffs, where the fugg does he get off, asking for this kind of money when he did NOTHING. Im so sick of this garbage. Im sick of people caring more aboot money than winning the Cup, show some fuggin class, sign a one year deal, and prove you deserve the fuggin money, you jerkoff !!

    And fugg Greg Moore, he’ll always be an AHL’er, or a 4th line borderline NHL player, im trading his ass and giving Weise his spot !

  28. There’s no way Zherdev will be awarded $4 mil, not when an UFA like Antropov got $4 mil–the RFA system is supposed to favor the team and keep down salaries. Thus, Antropov, who had similar stats, but was an UFA should have the higher salary. I believe a fair arbitrator will give Z only his Q.O.

  29. If we lose Zherdev, i think we NEED to give Grachev the shot he deserves…40G 40A in what like 60 games in Brampton? He’s obviously too good for that league and needs something more…I was watching videos of him yesterday…what a freaking wrist shot this guy has…and he’s huge!

  30. Free Agency has has not merely ruined sports, it has demolished it. I scanned the NY Yankees roster a couple days ago – their 3 top starting pitchers and their 4 top hitters are all FA mercenaries. Sports was better when you developed and kept, or traded, your own talent. I HATE to see Zherdev leave, but the reality is that he is not, and never was a Ranger, he is merely half of a business partnership with his agent.

    I used to get really emotionally-attached to professional athletes, Rod, and Jean, and Vic and Brad, et al, were like brothers to me. Who the hell needs and wants to be close to today’s athletes? They don’t care about us, nor feel any team loyalty, why should we kiss their butts? When money matters more than loyalty, players play selfishly, I notice. Not much team-first concept remaining in sports.

    I hated Brashear, now I have to root for Brashear to put Zherdev into the boards. This lunacy can make you neurotic, when you don’t know who to root for, anymore.

  31. So we gave up Fedor Tutyn for 1 year of crappy play by Zherdev? Great move Sather. Tutyn will be a star in this league for years and years.

  32. Cherapanov compensation = our 2nd round pick this year

    Orr – you are sick of them caring about money? No offense, its a career, its their job. We all would take 5mm per year over 3mm, 4mm over 2mm, etc. They have a limited shelf life/career window…dont forget that.

    If we go to arbitration, and we walk away from the number they come up with, Z is a UFA and we get zero compensation.

    He will be signed…Sather isnt going to let him walk away for nothing over 750k that we can afford for this season.

  33. The Yankees are so stereotyped in regards to free agent headhunters

    6 of their active pitchers were brought up through the farm system.

    Both of their catchers are career yanks.

    The starting 2B, SS, and 2/3’s of their Outfield, are all drafted and brought up in the organization.

    Dont know where you want to count Matsui, but again, has only played for the Yanks.

    I would guess that the Yanks have more home-grown talent than any other Top 10 payroll team in the league.

  34. JIVE

    I could understand if he was married, and had kids, or what ever, but he doesn’t, all he cares aboot is money, which is clearly obvious. He did nothing for us towards the end of the year, and he never showed up for a single shift in the playoffs. Why should he get a raise for doing nothing ? It makes no sense.

    I hate this side of sports, cause you can easily lose respect for a player. At least that’s how i feel aboot it.

  35. What do we want Zherdev to do, simply take the $3.25 million if the market dictates he can get more? Give me Z for one year at $4 million compared to everything else that is on the market…it gives us a guy with superior talent for 1 year and leaves us with that cap 4 million in cap flexibility for next year-

    There is also a chance Zherdev is trying to use arbitration to leverage a multi-year deal, which I am against. Give the guy 1 year and lets go-

  36. Jive,

    Call it a “career” or a “job” all you want, they’re still playing a game for a living, and making more money in a single season than many of us will make in a lifetime. The fact they they cry foul over a few hundred G’s when they’re making millions already is what rubs us fans the wrong way. Besides, if an athlete cares more about money than winning, he’s not a guy I want on my team.

    And get out of here with that “limited window” stuff. If someone gave me $3.25MM today, it would last me the rest of my life with plenty to spare.

  37. That’s how it should be, if you’re asking for a big raise when you came off a semi-disappointing year, you should take the one year deal, and prove you can have a good season, and you deserve the raise.

    Even Gabby, i wanted him for one year, but mainly to see if he was healthy, cause i know he can put up good numbers. 5 years, i a big risk, but what are you gonna do ? At least he has put up big numbers.

  38. “The question then becomes, with the additional cap space—$3.25 M alloted as a qualifying offer to Zherdev—what will Sather to do replace him as a scoring forward?

    gee that $1.4 million on Huggybear was well spent! Nice job Sather

  39. I think Zherdev is worth 4 million MAX !! I think if brought back would do very well learning from Gaborik.

    Lets face it … there is not much left in the UFA market and Letting both Niks go could become costly for next season.

    However, you do have to appreciate Sather’s new-found fiscal responsibility

    I really think nothing in the UFA market strikes Sather’s fancy and is looking to build thru trades which is whats taking so long.

    first off … trading Rozsival is top priority
    then … surround Drury and Gaborik with CHEAP, affordable talent is second priority (especially on 1 year deals to keep open the option of Grachev next year, and resigning Staal and Girardi)

    Anaheim, Dallas, and Buffalo have very little money committed to their blue line and need Veteran leadership. I really think Rozsival could be traded to Dallas or Buffalo … Anaheim not so much.


    if you trade Rozsival for picks/ prospects or whoever to either team, then i would like to flip those picks/prospects over to Toronto for Kaberle (they have 9 NHL D-men right now).

    Then signing the 2 best UFA wingers to 1-2 year deals as a “stop-gap” of either Tanguay, Maxim, Kotalik are my choices because all have ties to Chris Drury

  40. oh my god
    so does anyone see the leafs this off season? ey?

    who called that? lol

    burke had TOO MUCH money

  41. how is that low life Voros still on this team??? Zherdev has no heart. Wannabe kovie or not, he’s a dud in NYC.

  42. As I remember from the team electing to take Lundqvist to arbitration, the RFA players can’t sign offer sheets anymore, so I’m guessing this is why Zherdev would become a UFA if Sather turns down the award?

    Unfortunately, a similar player to Zherdev is Jeff Carter, drafted in the same year, seven spots back (2003, 11th) signed a three-year contract before last season that carries a cap hit of $5 million, but he produced these similar numbers to Zherdev a year sooner. Carter had 29 goals and 24 assists two seasons ago and Zherdev had 23 goals and 35 assists this season. Additionally, Corey Perry (29 G, 25 A two seasons ago) signed with a cap hit of $5.325 million. Based on this, I would take Zherdev at $4 million if he produces like those guys did in the first season of their contracts. It seems like a fair number, and Sather should take it if he doesn’t have a plan to get somebody else.

  43. Zherdev is definitely worth 4 million but not much more.

    He led our team in points and made HUGE strides in improving his defensive play (+6 this year) for the first time ever.

    He ONLY gets a bad rap because of his disappearing act in the playoffs (which were his first ever playoffs), and I dont think that is enough to cut him loose.

    Look up Blake Wheeler of Boston: 21 Goals and 45 points (+36) on the season AND 0 points in 8 playoff games … would you cut him loose??

  44. This is just part of the game. Players look to maximize their value and GM’s look to minimize it when it comes time to negotiate a salary. By going to arbitration Z’s agent obviously thinks he can get a few $’s more than if he just tried to negotiate with Sather or if he were to go out on the market looking for an offer sheet — no one is going to pay more than a 1st rounder for Z as things stand now. Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with Z’s agent trying to use the system and we can’t balk over $3.25 million as opposed to $3.75 million, etc. Don’t confuse the Player with the Agent, how the Player really feels will reveal itself in the end — at this stage though, the Player usually gives the agent a chance to play a little hard ball. This is all just a game of chicken, but for millions of dollars.

    Best to sign him for a year and give him a chance to redeem himself. Slats got him in the first place because his skill set is extremely high. This was his first opportunity to play for something down the stretch and in the playoffs. The history of the NHL is replete with players who have underperformed at one time or another come playoff time, it doesn’t mean they’ll always underperform. Personally I’m skeptical that Z will “get it”, but I’m not willing to just let him walk. If he was on the market as an UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENT, he would get this type of money … so agree to pay it and then move accordingly. At 24+ he has value. Potential isn’t always realized at such an early age, just ask Kovalev.

    Cherapanov = Ethan Werek at #47 in the draft, which looks like a really nice pick all things considered.

    MW – they aren’t allowed to use free agent signings from the same year to set VALUE in an arbitration case, so Antropov’s contract can’t be considered.

  45. Voice of Reason on

    Based on the amount of productivity Zherdev provided in the playoffs, why would anyone pay even $3M for him? Sure he shows glimpses of greatness, but does anyone really believe he will flourish under Tortorella? His production can be replaced, and anyone that replaces him will supply more intensity.

    Regarding whether or not Atlanta would be interested in a package of Higgins (a former 1st rounder), Zherdev (a former 1st rounder), and McDonagh (another former 1st rounder): why wouldn’t they?

    Come next July, what will they get for him if he walks? Might they want that offer sweetened? Maybe next years 1st…That ought to do it.

  46. Zherdev = KHL on

    The whole arbitration thing is probably a ploy by his agent to drive up KHL offers and/or get the Rangers to let him walk so he is “free” to sign in Russia. Have you ever heard Zherdev get interviewed? Of course not, they say he hasn’t bothered to learn English in how many years since he’s been here?

    He wants money and/or to play in Russia.

  47. Maybe to replace Zherdev, we sign Tanguay? I’m not his biggest fan… but he might do well again next to Drury. He’s been on the market for a little bit… maybe a 1 year deal in the same range as what Zherdev was due to make… $3 – $4 million?

  48. Do they make more money than us? Yes of course.

    But you guys are being absolute homers if you think they are dumb for arguing over salary. 4mm versus 3.25 is a big difference, thats 750k

    If the market indicates Z can get 4mm, of course he is going to ask for that from his employer. Just like any other person in any other job. Orr, you arent going to ask for a raise if you dont have kids or a family? Give me a break.

    Enough with the “they should care about winning over money!” No, they shouldnt. That would indicate the player lacks mental capacity. Do they care about winning? Yes…AFTER they get the contract signed.

    Could example with Blake Wheeler whoever mentioned him btw.

    And for all the Zherdev bashing, the guy lead the team in points, was effective in shootouts, and is young. He is what, 1 year older than Cally and Dubi with 5 years of NHL experience? Be reasonable people.

  49. Whatever Sather does to replace Z it better not be more than a 1 year deal we need all the cap room we can get for kovalchuck next year. If Sather trades for Kovalchuk now it will cost him Grachev, Dubinsky, Stall+ not intrested in that when we can just wait till next year and get him for no players.

  50. Oh, and this ridiculous trade offer for Ilya needs to go away. Yea, Higgins, McDonagh, and Zherdev for Kovi…thatll work.

    My god…Ottawa took Zherdev and Rozi as an insult of an offer, and you want to offer ATL 2 guys on 1-year contracts and a guy with zero NHL experience for a Top 10 forward. Keep dreaming.

  51. OldTymeHockey14
    “Just because Uncle Larry says it that doesn’t mean it’s so. So what if Zherdev is looking for $4mil +! They are going to ‘arbitration’. That mean that they will determine a fair salary based on his skills, production, and potential as it relates to similar players in the NHL. Using this there is no way that he will get awarded over 4 mil. Slats is not stupid enough and too arrogant to let this kid walk after trading away Toots, who ended up being one of Columbus’ best defensemen last season.

    Rule #1 as a NYR fan – Don’t listen to Larry.”

    What a great post, I agree 100% with every single thing written here. Just because Brooks wrote that doesnt mean anything, especially since Larry Brooks is a clown.
    You cant just let Zherdev walk away after 1 full season after trading away what would have been one of our best defenseman right up there with Staal and Girardi, I doubt he will be awarded 4 million and I think the Rangers would shell out the extra .5 million that they offered him(3.25) if he was awarded 3.75 at arbitration. Im not saying he is definitely coming back but I dont believe that he is already out the door, lets see what happens

  52. And that great post was followed by one of the worst posts

    Voice of Reason

    “Any chance Don Waddell in Atlanta would be interested in Zherdev, Higgins, and prospect McDonagh for Kovalchuk? At a $3.5 cap hit for Zherdev, the Rangers would add 750k salary.”

    Are you kidding, yea Waddell is going to deal Kovalchuk and get no star player in return while he still has over a year to get him signed long term, yea that definitely might happen.. in fantasy land.

  53. UESBlueshirt on

    I don’t know if I buy the whole argument of Zherdev learning from Gaborik. You can argue that it will take pressure off of Z without having to be the go to guy, but I tend to think that the players with the natural abilities have an instrinsic ability that just can’t be taught. Z also played with a pretty talented Nash in CLB and while they play different styles it didn’t seem to help Z find consistency. He was probably placed in the NHL too soon since CLB was more concerned about getting their players experience (vs. “developing talent”) and maybe could have used a year in the minors getting adjusted to North American hockey and the responsibilities of being a professional player.

  54. If Zherdev wanted to go to Russia, he would. Why would he need to be “free” to do so? Are there armed soldiers at the airport preventing him from doing so?

    and we’re not getting Kovalchuk, this year or next. He’s already started talks with Atlanta in negotiating for a long-term deal.

  55. Oh and to the whole Brad Richards theory… yea lets do it lets trade for him, instead of having three guys locked up for over 21 million (Drury Redden Gomez& now Gaborik instead of Gomez) lets just go even further than last year and have 4 guys locked up for over 28 million, which is half the cap, accounting for less than 20% of your roster, yea lets definitely trade for Richards great idea

    Everyone talks about how Sather mishandles money so badly but imagine if one of you were in charge of the team, the team would be an absolute disaster

  56. Rob M – agree with you on the points about the Ilya trade, but you are wrong on Richards

    We would only take Richards if they took Rozi or Redden, preferably Redden but unlikely. Richards has only 2 years left on his contract, so it would be increasing our salary cap freedom 2 years down the road. Not harming it.

  57. I bet ORR has a Megan Fox shrine at home! With her pictures and some personal belongings that he bought on ebay and “Transformers” playing on TV none stop! I bet he also has a blow up doll named Megan! How odd!!! :P

    Btw ORR… not to kill your high but, you know she is all made up by a plastic surgeon, right?

  58. Too bad the Rangers didn’t give Kovalev a hundredth shot on Broadway. He might be able to shape up Z. But without a non-coach to bust his butt and wise him up, it’s hard to believe he’ll simply get more responsible and more productive, especially with a coach that seems to be of [thankfully] limited patience. He doesn’t seem the type of player to respond to whip cracking. Seems like a sulker.

    Tanguay. Sykora.

    F Richards, Redden, and Rosi. For that matter, never sign a defenseman with an “R” name.

    Zubov, Koivu. Great players, limited health.

  59. Exactly Sara, first time i seen you post but already I can see you know more than most on here

  60. higgins will be a UFA next year due to the 1 year contract that he signed this year. Zherdev will be a free agent as well after the year as arbitrations usually grant a one year contract. McDonough isn’t exactly lighting up the NCAA. Do you really think Wadell will trade his superstar for 2 pending free agents and an ok prospect?

  61. A local fan on

    How many games will Gaborik play this year? I say he plays 82…In the next 3 years combined.

  62. I still dont agree with Richards theory and they are not taking Redden and I doubt they will take Rozsival either, I want Rozsival on this team next year and hopefully either Redden plays better and well enough to be a 4th or so d-man, or hopefuly he plays so shitty that they send him down, which i dont see happening this year but who knows

  63. A local fan
    July 7th, 2009 at 1:01 pm
    How many games will Gaborik play this year? I say he plays 82…In the next 3 years combined.


    how many donuts will Brodeur eat this year? i say 82… a game!

  64. A local fan he will play 70 games per year the next 3 years, and his injuries will come early to mid season so he will play about 18-22 extra playoff games each of those 3 years since we will win the cup one of them

    Please go back to your devils blog, i said it before and ill say it again, you CANNOT ROOT FOR THE RANGERS AND DEVILS

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “Any chance Don Waddell in Atlanta would be interested in Zherdev, Higgins, and prospect McDonagh for Kovalchuk? At a $3.5 cap hit for Zherdev, the Rangers would add 750k salary.”

    no. no chance.

  66. A local fan on

    cccp. Ok. Do you know that Brodeur, Kevin Weekes and Scott Clemenson all had a better Goals Against averages and Save percentages then Lundquist last year? Do you know that every single player in the NHL knows now to just shoot high on Lundquist? Too bad they dont make pads that cover the top of the net otherwise Lundquist might have a decent year this year!

  67. A local fan on


    I like the rangers and the devils. I am just frustrated wtih Sather. The brashear thing for orr is obviously ridiculous. The gomez trade was great, but he replaced him with the one guy I didnt want to get. The guy cant stay healthy. Would you give Mark Prior a 7 year 18 million dollar contract? No. That is equivalent of what Sather did.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Everyone here knows I am not a Dev or Isle fan, but c’mon, you HAVE to be worried about Gaborik’s injuries.

    Some things to consider:

    1) He’s just coming off of a hip surgery that left Rozsi in pretty bad condition for the first half of the season (I know, how could you tell). So right there you know Gaborik is going to have some trouble, especially since speed is such a crucial element to his game.

    2) Torts runs his top offensive players into the ground. Gaborik is going to be looking at 22+ minutes a night. Not the best thing for a player with chronic back, hip, and groin injuries.

    3) We’re a very small team, and some of our rivals (especially Philly) got really big. He’s going to get hit, a lot, and very hard.

  69. I cant talk hockey with someone that roots for the Devils and Rangers, I just cant do it.. right off the bat there cant be too much going on upstairs for that person

  70. A local fan on


    I grew up in New Jersey but moved to NY. So I am a fan of both. You have to agree my comments make sense. I love Hockey and I love the Rangers!

  71. How can you root for the Devils and Rangers?

    Do you like the Red Sox and Yankees?

  72. Brodeur Clemmensen and Weekes all played half seasons, for WEeks probably 10 games or something, the more games you play the harder it is to keep those numbers very very good, so thats a poor argument, and your right Lundqvist is going to get shelled this year definitely he couldnt stop a beach ball… HAH he will be better than marty i know that much, and you have no clemmensen to come save the day this year and where is your offense going to come from besides parise/zajac.. cant wait to play you guys 6 times

  73. Hey Carp and Everyone,
    This will always be the best place to come and discuss the Rangers but I have a new blog that I think you guys and Ladies might want to check out, just as a supplement to the great work done here…

    Check it out and let me know what you guys and ladies think. Thanks.

  74. if you moved from new jersey ALLL THE WAYYY to new york, why woudlnt u just keep rootin for the devils and continue to hate the rangers, your probably no more than an hour or 2 from seeing a devils game depending on where you live in ny, i just dont understand it

  75. We dropped the ball on Camaleri, if Zerdev and Antropov were going to ask for 8million together we could have had Cameleri and knew what we were getting for 6mill

  76. A local fan

    Do you know that nobody gives a damn what you got to say about the parking lot team from the other side of the river?

    so as Michael Jackson would say


  77. Doodie, Gaborik played pretty damn well in his return at the end of the year last year, he will be fine… hes going to be playin in a system that helps his game and hes going to be a on a new team where he will really want to prove himself and will want to come here and win I think its going to work out just fine.. and Rozsival played great towards the end of the year last year and in the playoffs, he just needed some time to settle back in

  78. CCCP

    Yeah, unfortunately, she has had a few things done. Which is depressing cause she was pretty hot without all the work, but what ever, still a babe.

    And NO, i don’t have a Megan Fox shrine, although i do have a few of her pics saved in my PS3, and im not that crazy aboot the Transformers movies, i prefer the cartoon. I have trouble watching the movie because of Fox, once i see her, i cant get her out of my head, so i don’t know what the hells going on in the movie. It’s crazy. I will admit though, i was gonna buy a Megan Fox shirt on ebay, but it’s from Japan, and i hate buying from there cause the shipping takes way too long, and i don’t want to get screwed.

    Love the Fox !

  79. Jive
    July 7th, 2009 at 1:18 pm
    How can you root for the Devils and Rangers?

    Do you like the Red Sox and Yankees?


    Last season we already made an analogy to his Devils/Rangers love.

    *He likes to wear pants and a skirt*

  80. A local fan on


    I moved to new york city. So i love the Rangers being in the big city and all. Its obvious why we have more fans, besides the fact we are an original 6 team and our parents grew up Ranger fans, we aer a city that has a population of 8.3 million! It funny that you ask where The devils offense is coming from. The last I checked the Rangers were in the bottom 5 in goals scored last year, and all they did was replace their number 1 play maker, who really is irreplaceable, for a guy who played 17 games last year! I agree dealing Gomez was a great move.. but to replace him with this bum was a terrible move on Sathers Part. 7 years 7.5 million! is that a joke???? I will say it again. its the equivalent of signing mark prior to a 7 year 18 million per year contract. Who does that? our Gm. Glen Sather!

  81. Is no one else here at all concerned about our lack of a physical d man ANYWHERE near our team??? I mean seriously, Z…..We should have kept antro and let Z walk, but oh well, brash is a ranger now….OK, he is on our team, simple really! But no physical d man at all, no rumors about one, toronto adds three and we can not get ONE??? We have NONE in the system, and no one else here sees this as a problem????

  82. it’d be cool if we could get spezza somehow if we end up unloading zherdev’s money

    i think spezza and gaborik would be an awesome first line combo

  83. A local fan
    July 7th, 2009 at 11:44 am
    ” Tutyn will be a star in this league for years and years.”

    Yeah, you always hear Tyutin mentioned right after Lidstrom, Chara and Niedermeyer.

  84. Doodie…you make some intelligent points. As much as I hate to admit this, I think this is why Brashear got signed. At this point, if Z is gone, Marleau might make some sense. I guess Koivu might be an alternative. But with Koivu and Gaborik, we become excessively frail. At least Marleau brings leadership and some grittiness, I think. BTW, our D still sucks…as in, no upgrades from last year and losing Mara will hurt.

    Sather is a f-ing clown.

  85. A local fan on

    22figures8: Tutyn is a very good top 4 if not top 2 defenseman. He was cheap too. We traded him and Backman for Zherdev and Fritsche. You do the math. YOu think that was a good trade?

  86. A local fan on

    Thank you New Newman and Doodie. Atleast us 3 are looking at this logically.

  87. LOL tyutin is not a top 2 defenseman, he is a top 4 defenseman, usually in the 4th spot, not 3rd.

  88. Tyutin is definitely, DEFINITELY better than a 4th d-man, he will be a top pair guy he is still young and getting better offensively, and he is unbelievable defensively, theres no way you cant call him a 3rd D-man right now, and he is the best one they have in Columbus right now

  89. A local fan “Replacing him with this ‘bum’ ”

    Yea Marion Gaborik is a bum definitely, bums score 40+goals and 40+ assists in seasons, you definitely see bums doing that all over the league

  90. unbelievable defensively? has that much changed in one year since he was on the rangers?

  91. Losing Mara does NOT hurt, everyone has a man crush on the guy because he grew a disgusting never ending beard i dont get it, he played real good for what he was (5th defenseman) at the first half of the year last year, the second half and playoffs all he did was take dumb unnecessary penalties and got undeserved power play time while Marc Staal was sitting there on the bench during most PPs

  92. A local fan on

    Rob M,

    He is not a bum. If he was healty he would be awesome. I just envision Chris Pronger crushing this guy until tomorrow. He played 17 games last year and how many the year before and the year before that? What is everybody here missing?

  93. Tyutin is a 4th D on 95% of all NHL rosters. I liked him, but the trade for Zherdev (considering offensive shortcomings into last season) was an easy one to make. Sather has no less than 5 Dmen that will be better than Tyutin. In short order.

    Sather is doing a greta job right now. Richards is next. Then you will see a lot of the kids that Sather is accumulating make the lineup in the next year or so.

  94. he was great defensively as a ranger too, i watch every game, i count on my 2 hands the amount of mistakes defensively him and girardi made last year, where as some other d-men only need one game to have more mistakes than i have fingers

  95. the year before last he played 77 games man, if your gona make an argument back it up

  96. Tyutin is not a star and we have a glut of young, solid defensemen

    It was a good trade.

  97. ” Tutyn will be a star in this league for years and years.”

    Ugh, you sound like my stupid brother. Tyutin is nothing special, he’s a good 2nd pair d-man, we have too many d-man in our system that can do what he does, we needed a goal scorer, and we got Z. It’s still a great trade, even if Z only put up 20+ goals.

    Fugg Toots ! Sanguinetti, Del Zotto, Gilroy, McDonagh, Potter, Sauer, and on and on. He was expendable, with all of them in the system.

  98. A local fan on


    You are commenting on a bye bye Zherdev post that it was a good trade. The rangers traded a top 4 young solid defenseman, a pysical defenseman in backman, for a guy who everybody complained all season about and wont be on our team next year and dan fritche who couldnt crack our lineup last year. How could this possibly be a good trade?

  99. By the way, Fedor Tyutin had 9g 25a last year, 5 pp goals, our defense corps accounted for 8 total pp goals, and our leader on d has 8g 22a(Rozi), So Tyutin would have lead our team in points from a D, and Tyutin would have also led our D in shots, another thing our D needs to do more often….

    and you all want to get rid of our top producer from the blue line, i love staal and the other young guys coming up, i expect them to do big things eventually, but you cant expect that right out of the gate, I think staals numbers offensively will improve greatly (3g 12a) but i dont think you can get rid of Rozsival, most of you want to rid him for a crease clearer but then who becomes the go to guy on the blueline for offense, we know its not Wade, can you put that pressure on a 19,20,21 yr old? (Sangs/MDZ) i dont think you can, Rozi needs to stay

  100. A local fan. CCCP stands for USSR in Russian, if you know what it is, which I doubt consider your clulessness in any other fields including hockey. (Sorry, CCCP)

  101. A local fan – You immediately lose all credibility by ragging on Gaborik. Any knowledgeable fan knows that he is one of the best players in the league. Yea, he had injury problems, but that’s not reason in and of itself to rag on him. Lemieux had injury problems too and he was amazing.

  102. A local fan on

    I know what it stands for 4ever. I just wanted to make fun of him. What are kovalevs and Zherdevs reputation again? I think lazy and Enigmatic?

  103. Im not sayin it was a bad trade.. because we needed offense and Zherdev seemed like a good pickup… even though i think it is a bad trade if Zherdev is gone after only 1 year, especially if he goes somewhere else and scores 30 or so eventually, or consistently… But Im just saying it will suck if we ended up trading Tyutin for one year of Zherdev, god forbid if Redden signing never happened, our D could hav eventually been
    Staal Girardi
    Rozsival Del Zotto
    Sanguinetti Tyutin
    With Potter/Sauer as 7th, (Gilroy probably would have never been signed if that is how things went down in my estimation)

    But i know we had all these young D guys and that is why Tyutin was expendable but he is a real solid player and is only getting better, but for the record i never used the word star that was someone else

  104. local fan – please point out where zherdev complained, i dont recall a single story on that

    he was our leading point scorer last season…thats a good trade

    he is not gone, this is based off of a larry brooks article, nothing more

    but please, continue to root for 2 rival teams

  105. and by calling backman a solid phyiscal defensemen, youve lost all credibility

    did you even watch 2 seasons ago?

  106. UESBlueshirt on

    It’s not like the defense completely suffered last year by trading Tytuin. Yes, Lundqvist had worse stats but some of that I put on Henrik rather than the team in front of him. Sather made a gamble with the trade hoping to replace some offense, it didn’t quite work out but I don’t think it necessarily set the organization back on defense.

  107. A local fan on


    You a Yankee or a Mets Fan? Ill bring up my point again, Mark Prior was awesome when he played. But would any GM have offered him a 7 year 18 million per year deal???? the answer is a big NO. beacuse they are not idiots. Why didnt sather just give him a 1 or two year deal for 8 million?? 7 years? What a joke. I know he is awesome but he is so injury riddled and he is only what 26???

  108. why is our D soft.. Redden is soft, Rozsival ehhh maybe a little bit but he is tougher than he is given credit for (see 2008 playoff when he played with that bad hip injury throughout the playoffs), Staal and Girardi are DEFINITELY not soft, and then you have the young guys which we will see how they are at this level but obviously they are more known for their offensive traits than their physical abilities (Sanguinetti, Del Zotto & Gilroy)
    We just dont have a “Crease clearer” but I think Staal and Girardi will have to be separated next year on pairings and they can handle the physical play in our end

  109. Renney stroked the players ego’s and gave them pats on the back and a few ‘atta boys’ even after they messed up, or got beat on a play. I enjoyed Renney as a coach, but he was too soft, especially with Zherdev. Z is a good player, just needs thicker skin and a bit more heart. Torts pushed him, and also showed him you can’t mess up and still play alot of minutes.

    If Z is gonna be a crybaby and sulk, than goodbye and good riddens. If Z wants to be a star and man up under Torts(Vinny Lecavelier anyone??) Than it can happen. The decision is his. He’ll be MISERABLE if he goes to the KHL…. read Jagr’s interviews. He’s sorry he left.

  110. If Zherdev plays here next year, you can’t argue the trade. Did everybody forget how bad Tyutin sucked in the playoffs vs Pitt 2 years ago? He maxed out on what he could do here. If we weren’t stocked with defensive prospects then there might be a valid argument. No big loss. Funny line by local fan (schools out for summer) a star in this league for years and years.

  111. It can’t be compared to Mark Prior. He had injuries that were directly related to his delivery. You would have a good argument if you said well the way that Gaborik shoots causes a hip injury so he can’t play without injuring himself. But that’s not the case. Injuries dealing with pitchers are completely different.

  112. I like Zherdev, wasnt a complainer. People fawn over Antro and hate Z…Antro has the *exact same reputation for being lazy* as Zherdev, is older, and not as skilled. Blows my mind that people would prefer Antro over Z

    Zherdev’s production also went along with a steep decline in minutes. Renney never put him on the 1st PP line like he should have been, and Torts followed suit. Guy was one of our leading scorers, and he was like the 6th overall in PP minutes. Made no sense considering our PP was awful.

    He will be a great winger on a 2nd line under Torts, and is worth 4mm for the year. What are we going to spend that extra 750k on exactly?

  113. BillyDeeWilliams on

    local fan

    regarding gaborik…has it ever occurred to you that he wouldn’t have accepted a 1 or 2 year deal? you think sather wanted to give the guy a 5 year deal knowing his injury history (and it’s 5 years, not 7 like you’ve been saying)?

    it amazes me how some people think they can just sign any player for any amount of money and time that they think is reasonable. it’s called negotiating, and there are two sides…the gm and the player/agent.

  114. SuperLarrio on

    in my opinion signing gaborik for 5 years as opposed to 1 was a smart move. if his previous injuries stem from his hip which surgery has repaired then i say take the risk. if you sign him for 1 year and he goes out and scores 50 goals that season hes gonna be gone after that, sign him for 5 and he could have 5 fifty goal seasons…its a risk. just like doubling down on 11 in black jack, sure the next card could be a 2 but its a risk and the potential is there for profit…

  115. exactly BillyDeeWilliams, but people here dont like to consider whats actually realistic

  116. Zherdev at 1 year, 4 million, is much much much better than Antropov at 4 years 16 million-

  117. UESBlueshirt on

    I look at it that Gaborik has the talent to be a franchise player. Maybe not at the same level as Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin. He was at least the cornerstone in Minny and the injuries decreased his value, otherwise he’d be getting one of the 8 year/$65MM deals that rightly or wrongly are being given out by teams locking up their core players (the aforementioned trio, the Flyers locking up Richards, the Wings with Zetterberg and Franzen).

    The market demands that you lock up elite talent, and injury issues aside, Gaborik is an elite talent.

  118. Jive, If you read Brooksy article, You have to listen at Murry’s interview. He said that “some offer was insalted for Dany offering 13 goal scorer”. In my ears it was Dubi, but why Brooksy desided that is Z, nobody knows. Brooksy is a dum,

  119. I Was Duguay on

    Great point about Z never complaining. He could especially after that benching towards the end, but he handled himself like a gentleman. How much should Fat Cheeks Sather pay for him? I dunno, but I guess it depends on how potent you think Z and Gabs can be (I know they are both RWs, both Gabs shoots left, so maybe he can move to the other side for the PP at least).

  120. “Michael Jackson hasn’t been this stiff since Macully Culkin spent the night at Neverland Ranch”

    Hahaha, i was gonna tune in to see that stupid funeral, but my little sister is home, i don’t want her to have nightmares.

  121. zherdev is a tease..

    he is not as good as his sizzle.. he has had 4 or 5 underachieving seasons..he is a worse kovalev…..

    let him go…………..

  122. A local fan July 7th, 2009 at 1:30 pm
    What does CCCP stand for?
    A local fan July 7th, 2009 at 1:57 pm
    I know what it stands for 4ever. I just wanted to make fun of him. What are kovalevs and Zherdevs reputation again? I think lazy and Enigmatic?

    Make fun of me? Not very creative… which is what I expected coming from a confused teenager from New Jersey.

    Speaking of Kovalev and his big part in bringing the CUP to New York! Yeah…he is garbage
    And Zherdev who was tied for second in points…tied for second in plus/minus and third in goals on the team last year…so yea… put him in the same garbage bin with Kovalev!

    Do you want to know what CCCP means for me? it means Hockey…something you have no clue about!

    …oh and local fan…would you like to hear the best two words joke?


  123. ^^no offense, because i dont like this local fan guy

    but you cant boast about Kovalev and the cup he brought to town, and then say marty brodeur is a joke

    unless the joke went over my head


  124. “Jive

    July 7th, 2009 at 2:52 pm
    no offense, because i dont like this local fan guy
    but you cant boast about Kovalev and the cup he brought to town, and then say marty brodeur is a joke
    unless the joke went over my head

    I think Marty is a great goaltender. But I think the joke may be is that people refer to him as “classy”. Marty doesn’t have a clue about class.

  125. I Was Duguay on

    Local Fan,

    What do you do when the Rangers play the Devils? There’s no more ties, so who do you want to get the 2 points?

  126. A local fan on

    CCCP are you lazy and enigmatic like Kovalev and Zherdev? Are you strong like Russian? Ha. When did you graduate from your english classes? Maybe you need a refresher course.

    “would you like to hear the best two words joke?”

    Ill help you pass the first day. Don’t put the above sentence on the blackboard.
    This does not make sense guy!

  127. that article says versteeg could demand 5mm per.. a lot of caaaaaash for a 2yr guy

  128. A local fan on


    I have to admit I root for the Devils when they play eachother. But guys don’t take that the wrong way. I still love the Rangers. I am just not happy with our organization. Our owner obviously has no clue and our GM is even worse. The Best thing he did was trade Gomez. But to replace him with an injury waiting to happen was not the answer. I think we all know that. And whas up with Brashear for Orr. More expensive. Worse. Older?? Makes no sense to me.
    Then if you really think about it everybody is happy he got rid of Gomez, but he was our huge free agent signing two years ago and we were jumping for joy then. Lou is not dumb. He knew Gomez was worth 5 million a year nothing more. How come Sather didnt know this?

  129. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    If you root for the Devils when they play the Rangers, then you have no business referring to the Rangers as “our” organization.

  130. if the SJO fits on

    i dont understand how people are voting that DONALD BRASHEAR was a more “hated” acquisition than WADE REDDEN!! you guys are out of your mind…just remember, donald brashear isn’t getting paid $6.5 MIL to make bad defensive plays, 23+ minutes a game…once this guy knocks out someone on the flyers, devils, or islanders, he’s gonna be liked alot more in this city.

  131. local fan u r the can’t claim “I still love the Rangers. I am just not happy with our organization.”

    uh “our”? ur softer than your boy backman

  132. local fan should never be allowed to use the word “our”

    First he’ll probably use it this way
    “Our offense will be fine with Parise and Zajac”

    “he was OUR huge free agent signing two years ago…”
    Talking about gomez

    How can you use the word our, if u didnt name players we woudlnt know if u were talkin about the devils or rangers, you cant have TWO teams, ughhh

  133. You root for the Devils over the Rangers…dude there is just ZERO rationale behind your thinking.

    “Dur, I like two teams who have fan bases that hate each other and one of the biggest on-ice rivalries in the league”

    You keep saying lazy and enigmatic like a Russian…what does that classify Ovechkin as? Please leave the 1980s stereotypes about Russian players back in that decade.

    I’d rather most of us *Rangers fans* here just start ignoring your posts. Until you hate the Devils, you really are more of a troll than anything else. Glad we are now so off-topic for like the 4th post in a row. First we focus on Brashaer all thread long, now we are talking about people who root for two completely conflciting teams. Fantastic.

  134. A local fan on

    I am one of you guys. I Love the Rangers. So on this blog and every time I talk about the Rangers I refer to them as my organization, just like I think our organization needs somebody else in charge.. Badly. Look at the Devils. What have they done since 1994? Playoffs every year except one, 3 Stanley Cups, Two Conference Finals, and a Stanley Cup final. I mean obvious something is wrong with the Rangers if the lowely old Devils can accomplish all that and what do we have? 3 or 4 Playoff series victories in 15 years?

  135. A local fan on

    CCCP where was I being creative? I didn’t notice it? Thanks though. Go Rangers. Why cant we all just agree its ok to like both teams. None of you guys Root for the Yankees and the Mets because they are local teams and have a favorite when they play eachother?

  136. My god…we had 4 series victories in 1994 alone…there are 4 rounds in the Stanley Cup playoffs

  137. UESBlueshirt on

    Local fan,

    You had to expect that you’d raise some hostility when you announced yourself as a Devils and Rangers fan. I don’t think anyone else on this blog is a fan of both teams and you’d be hard pressed to find a lot of fans of the tri-state area teams wishing the other teams well.

    You take a negative slant on most of the personnel moves the Rangers have made and while Sather has done his fair share of blunderous moves the past few seasons the fact is since the lockout the Rangers and the Devils have won the same amount of playoff series and have split the two series where they’ve met head to head.

    Now you can bring up the Devils 3 Cups in 8 years and any level headed fan will commend that as a great achievement. But the Devils are approaching the point where you have to wonder what their plans will be going forward.

    They did a great job in developing Parise and Zajac, but past those two and other players like Elias and Langenbrunner, they do not have a deep scoring team. Their defense is steady but they hardly have an elite defenseman that either completely shuts down another team’s best forward or handles the breakout as well as a player like Niedermayer did in his prime.

    Anyone would be a fool to completely dismiss Brodeur’s achievements, particularly his win total but his effectiveness has decreased the past several seasons in the playoffs and he has some sort of a mental block when playing the Rangers.

    The point is, if you’re going to criticize the team that the members of this blog fervently support, you should be prepared for the forthcoming arguments however passionate or dispassionate they might be.

  138. 1997 East Conf finals, theres 2…upset Quebec as the 8 seed in that time as well…thrashers, and devils

    Obviously missing 7 years in a row will make your record awful, but thats 9 series victories off the top of my head

    Anywhere near the Devils? no..but if they are so great, get back to rooting for them

  139. A local fan aka Martys fat azz lover

    I am one of you guys.



    FCK OFF!

    hows that for English as a Second Language?

  140. A local fan on


    Since means after 1994. I know we like to dwell on 1994 and bring the cup back to the Garden everytime somebody from 15 years ago enters the building but c’mon! I didnt see the devils bring back the stanley cup when they retired Daneyko and Scotty Stevens number. I think its an embarassment all we have to do is dwell on the past. Im suprised we dont retire every jersey from the 1994 team as a way to get the cup back to the building.
    I dont know we are all arguing. I love the Rangers just not as much as the Devils!

  141. Anyone watching this Michael Jackson BS? I agree with the LI congressman, enough praising this pedophile and abuser. LET’S GO RANGERS BABY. Let Grachev play on the third line with Anisimov. He will score 30 goals for sure. He has Ovechkins style when he shots.

  142. I am starting to think this guy is messing with us. I vote for ignore.

    I wish this site required logins so we can block certain usernames.

    *Carp! I have an assignment for Josh!*

  143. onecupin69years and counting on

    You coach and GM in the Present , you can’t worry how a player you trade will turn out otherwise you won’t make moves, overpay and boggdown the team and miss out on good players.
    If you bought Zherdev’s jersey too bad.. this is free agent hockey ,you root for the team not the players, the players play for themselves and the money , not the teams.

    Sather has a lot of options , he can trade players and throw in cash because Zherdev is history.

  144. If most of you guys were running this team , our youngsters would never make Broadway . forget going to the store = give all the young guys a real shot

  145. A local Fan

    “I love the Rangers just not as much as the Devils!”

    You’re a stiff.

  146. local fan,

    I grew up on Long Island and moved to Philadelphia? Am I a Rangers, Islanders and Flyers fan? I’ve also lived in NJ and went to school near Pittsburgh. Am I also a Devils and Penguins fan?

    No, because it’s impossible to root for 2 rival teams in the same division. If you were a loyal fan you wouldnt dare cheer for that rival based solely on a location change. Pick a team and be on your merry way.

  147. Everybody loves a youth movement….

    …until they get the crazy idea of trading 5 prospects for the elite flavor of the month.

  148. I would rather use our youth than bring in another underachieving over payed bum.

  149. When this new Maple Leaf team comes to town. They may get beat but it will hurt playing them.

    Just because Zherdev’s agent is asking for 4 mill. does that mean he will be awarded that much? It sounds like its said and done, but that is not written in stone. He may still be a Ranger when this is all said and done right? Or am I missing something?

  150. Angry Whopper on

    Local Fan

    You are an *ss munch if you think you can be a fan of 2 hockey teams in the same division, its just not possible.

    You can tolerate one other hockey team in the West, but that’s it, you can’t be a bi-fan in the same division.

    You probably rooted for the Rangers , until the Devils started winning, then switched loyalty.

    Go away, this site is for Real Ranger fans who are talking hockey in July..

  151. Wade Redden
    Wade Redden will score goals for us. By the bucket full. Yes sir we can count on Wade this year for sure.

  152. why r people so happy Z is gone? (if thats the case)

    we are such a talented team that we could really afford to lose a KID who can put the puck in the net!

    i dont get it.

  153. A local fan on

    When will we start to win so I can start to root for us again? Its been a while. CCCP: Exactly my point. Who is going to score for us except for Gabby (who may play what 17 games)? Seriously. I think we are screwed for a long time. This is what happends when you have 3 of the top 5 worst contracts in the NHL. Too bad we dont still have Gomer. Then it could be 4 out of the top 5 worst contracts in the NHL. Pronger signed for 7 more years with Philly. Wow. Gabby better watch out. And dont say Brashear will take care of it. As we all saw the guy can barely skate.

  154. From Eklund:
    Pronger Inks 7 Year Extension with Flyers

    Considering the source I will question the validity of this announcement but if it is true then all I can say is WOW.

  155. CCCP
    I agree with you one hundred percent. I liked the guy, He didn’t always play well, but he was just a kid and he was loaded with talent. I expect him to get real good. I don’t think Torts liked him though, end of story. The team would be better with him in the line up no question.

  156. I Was Duguay on

    These arbitration hearings can get a bit brutal. Sure Z had more points than most Rangers last season but that’s like being a dwarf among midgets. There is no treading lightly when it comes to these negotiations, I hope Z remembers it’s just business. I bet he gets $2.75M.

  157. “A local fan” remind me of Bob of many faces(remember him?) Just want to get under your skin and have nothing to do with hockey, much less with Rangers. He is blog bug,brainless,clueless but poisonous.Just ignore him and his 15 min. of fame in this blog.

  158. I’ve kept my eye on Versteeg and he’s quite a player. Not 5mil a year great, but I’d much rather have him than Z.

  159. “A local Fan” Perhaps the best thing that can happen to us is we finish near the bottom and get a couple of top 3 picks over the next two years. See what it’s done for Pitt, Wash and Chicago.

  160. The craziest thing to me about the Pronger deal is the no-movement clause. Where else is this guy gonna go? Do you really need a NTC when you are gonna be a 40 year old defenseman making 5+ mil per year?

  161. A local fan on


    I’m sorry that I love the Rangers and happen to like the Devils as well. I really dont care if you think its impossible, I guess I can defy logic!!! hehehe look at me!!! I also truly enjoyed the day on this blog. I am here to stay and you can expect a lot of posts from me even if im ignored! sorry 4everanger. Lets talk about how we are going to protect Gabby. Man is brittle. This is not good Pronger will be punishing him for atleast 6 games a year.

  162. I feel like arguing about how many games Gaborik is going to play is somewhat useless in July. Looking at his last few seasons, it seems obvious that he could play anywhere from 0 to 82 games this season and there’s no way to predict it. We’re all going to have to hope for the best and just swallow our medicine if he gets hurt.

    Also if the Zherdev arbitration only comes out to $4 mil, why wouldn’t we re-sign him? If you’d argue that you’d rather spend the money on an aging star like Zubov or Koivu, I’d like you to think about our signings the last few summers. (See: Redden, Wade.) There’s not many young players with Zherdev’s talent, and he might not fulfill it but I’m more than willing to give him a year to try, especially seeing as there aren’t other options out there we could acquire without a trade.

    This team’s not going to win the cup next season regardless, so it really can’t hurt to give Zherdev one more year to realize his potential. If he does, then great for us. If not, we let him go and bring up a young guy.

    Finally, am I the only person who isn’t quite ready to rush Grachev up? I know his video looks impressive and everything; he’s big and fast and looks like he has scoring instincts. But he played in Juniors last year. He was older and bigger than a lot of the players in his league, and that doesn’t mean he can come up and be effective in the NHL right away. Someone compared him to Ovechkin a little earlier, and I think we all need to just cool off a bit regardless of how impressive 4 minutes of YouTube highlights can be.

  163. rangerfan32 on

    “A local Fan” seriously get your head out of Marty’s Fat ass! There is no way you can be a Devils and a Rangers Fan!
    No Matter what you say to defend your so called “Loyalty” to the Rangers you are wrong. I read this Blog everyday and it makes me sick, you are just here to piss off the real New York Rangers Fans! What a joke! If you are a Rangers fan, there is no other team that matters, everyone else on this site sat there and cheered for our team through the losing years while you were off cheering for Marty and the Debbies! But now that the Blue Shirts are relevent once again it is now convenient for you to be a Rangers fan. God I hate “Fans” like you and i use the word “Fans” very loosely!
    Next your going to be a Fishsticks fan!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. 7 years?? Pronger will be older than Redden when his contract is up! lol

    btw…Redden and Pronger were both 2nd overall picks in their respective draft years!

  165. As for Nic situation, unlike majority, I think it will be big loss. You can teach or force a lot of things for players, exept God given talant and that’s a case. Besides being able to score unbelivable goals he’s playmaker – watch his laser passes setting scoring guys and vision of the game, which a lot of his partners didn’t share or posess. By his character he is of course soft on puck and shy,witch was extremely annoying to watch sometimes,but he has time and desire to overcome it.He is not hartless or gutless; we saw him even try to fight and stand for partners. I’m pretty sure he likes and wants play for Rangers, just like all rear talants needs work and patients. Think about it, with everything negative being said he score 1.5 times more points than all favorite Calli.I do believe his potential is still huge and hate to see if it will bite us in an ass later in any other team. My point is – you almost always can force talant to work, but could never force mediocraty become talant. May be I’m wrong but we should try at least

  166. WOW!! My day off, I go run a couple errands and miss everything….where to start!!

    I would put my vote in for versteeg (not sure at 5 mil per, but yes go get him slats)I’m ok with koivu or zubov, rozy must go!!!!!! Glad to see Z walk (if he does), just don’t think it will work in torts system with him!! Glad jagr is gone and no to him coming back.

    Our d IS soft, If we are saying staal and girardi are our “tough physical guys” then we are a team with a softer D. This is not saying they are not physical, staal and girardi are, but if they are your “most physical guys” then it is a problem. Staal could develop into a big time physical guy and hitter, but isn’t now. We do not have that guy on D that we need that the other team says “is that guy going to bury me when I’m on the ice, how many times will he cross check me???” A guy like komisarek, pronger, phaneuf, bueke, pilon, samuelsson, witt, dare i say it GAUTHIER!!!!! A play with an edge or an unpedictableness that makes other team’s players always think of where is he and what is he going to do. Kinda what brash brings to the team….btw he is a ranger now so go brash!!!

    Lastly, Brodiva…no class at all cheats on his wife, and his record is based upon being a goalie in the right system at the right time (can we say new jersey trap). He is a good goalie, but not great. the stifiling trap with lax nhl obstruction rules seriously bloated his record (but, it is his record)..I’d take Roy over him any day any time any game!!!!

    Thanks, I feel better!!!

  167. I just cant believe how Sather can throw an obscene amount of money at Redden, Gomez, Drury and Rozsival but not give this kid another chance. We all know how fickle some players are and he didnt really have much to work with last season, but before Antro he WAS the top scorer on the team. I think matched with Gaborik those two can do special things together. But that is just my opinion.

  168. NYRangersFan on

    I kind of new it might come to this when they got Zherdev. The same thing happen to Kovalev here. Personally I think there is no problem here. Let the arbitrator decide how much he gets. I am sure it will not be over 4 million. Antropov is better than him at this point, and Antropov was a free agent. They gave Naslund 4 million but he retired after a poor season. All of this should be told to the arbitrator. 3 million he should get.

    Where he fits in the lineup is another question. Hopefull on the second line. He has to beat out Callahan, another right wing who filed for arbitration after scoring over 20 goals last year, for that spot.

    He is only 24 and if the Rangers are truly rebuilding then they will not give up on him. I cannot believe they traded Tyutin for him last year and will get nothing in return.

  169. Anyone who wants Zherdev gone is out of their mind. He’s a 23 year old who had 58 points last year while apparently not playing all out.

    Where else are you going to get 60+ points for $4 million in this league?

    And who now after Gaborik is going to be the scoring option? Callahan? Maybe. But that may be asking too much at this point.

    Let’s give him his $4 million, see how he plays out under a full year of Torts and then decide whether or not he is a centerpiece of our future.

    Giving up on a 23 year old kid with tremendous upside is the wrong move, any way you argue it.

  170. Gaborik without a strong support staff will be very easy to keep off the score boards by opposing teams. We need additional scoring. Give Zherdev the 4M already.

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