Rangers sign Higgins (updated)


The Rangers just announced they have signed RFA Christopher Higgins — the key young guy they got in the Gomez deal. More in a minute …

here’s the announcement:

            New York, July 6, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with restricted free agent forward Christopher Higgins.
         Higgins, 26, was acquired by the Rangers, along with Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko, from the Montreal Canadiens, in exchange for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Mike Busto on June 30.  He has skated in 282 regular season contests with Montreal, recording 84 goals and 67 assists for 151 points, along with 96 penalty minutes.  The 6-0, 205-pounder has eclipsed the 20-goal mark three times.  In 2007-08, he established career-highs in games played (82), goals (27), assists (25), points (52), power play goals (12), game-winning goals (five), and shots (241).  He led Montreal in shots, tied for second on the team in power play goals and game-winning goals, and ranked third in goals.  He was also one of only three Canadiens to skate in all 82 games during the season.  Higgins registered 11 points (six goals and five assists) in the first 13 games of the season, and went on to surpass the 20-goal plateau for the third straight year.
         Higgins appeared in 57 games with the Montreal Canadiens this past season, registering 12 goals and 11 assists for 23 points, along with 22 penalty minutes.  He tied for second on the team with two shorthanded goals, and placed sixth on the club with 151 shots despite missing 25 games due to injury.  In addition, he led the Canadiens in goals (five) and shots (40) during the month of November.  He tallied his first career hat trick on November 11 vs. Ottawa to cap off a season-high, four-game scoring streak that began on November 1 at the New York Islanders, registering six points (four goals and two assists) over the span. 
          As a rookie in 2005-06, he led Montreal with three shorthanded goals.  In addition, Higgins has registered six goals and five assists for 11 points in 22 career postseason contests with Montreal.
         The Smithtown, New York native was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 14th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.


Also, wanted to give you a heads-up. We’ll have a live video chat Thursday at 1 p.m. to talk about free agency and the Rangers’ summer and whatever else you want to talk about. I believe that the fabulous Laurel Babcock will be joining us. Jane’s on vacation and Josh is off celebrating that he’s 26.


AFTERNOON UPDATE, 3:41 PM: According to ESPN, the Higgins contract is for one year, $2.25 M.

ALSO: FAN-590 in Toronto is reporting that Ottawa has signed Alex Kovalev.

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  1. see, its all about just a bit of positive news….the young guns, the future…!!!

  2. LOL the canadiens also hired perry pearn

    i wonder if his power play track record is what got him the job……….

  3. No Country For Old Rangers on

    happy to hear it.

    good article on brash

    brash for captain

  4. Thanks for the update Carp. I see allot of numbers in that announcement but the one that hits the cap. Any idea on the terms?

  5. UESBlueshirt on

    Please let this be for just around his qualifying offer, that was just under $2MM right?

  6. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Orr- I love you but are you nuts?

    The last thing we need is another aging veteran that doesn’t like to try

  7. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=433516&navid=DL|NHL|Home

    These are the defenders that are still available. All of the sudden, Rozsival doesnt look so bad in my opinon.

    We should trade him to Dallas since they only have 7 million dollars committed to their blueline and are void of any kind of Veteran leadership on the back end.

    Id trade Rozy + for Robidas (the big D-man we need) and use that extra cash to sign a playmaking winger to play with Drury (Tanguay or Maxim Afino)

  8. UESBlueshirt on

    Ugh, Afino was just as bad as Kovalev during his most frustrating times. And I’ve heard that Kovalev didn’t like the way his second tour ended with the Rangers so he’s most likely not coming back. Maybe he goes back to Pitt? That would be scary, Kovalev and Malkin.

    I’d do the Rozi trade but get back prospects or draft picks and make a stab at signing Beauchemin or one of the Chicago players if they in fact declare free agency.

  9. Robidas isn’t very big, maybe you’re thinking of someone else?

    Tanguay I’d take a chance on but no way on Afinogenov

  10. Higgins is gonna play on the PK this year. HE had 2 shorties last year also.

    The PK will probably be Drury/Cally and Higgins/Korpi and maybe AA will get some PK time too. I didnt watch him in HArtford but, I hear AA is an excellent 2 way player.

  11. A local fan on

    Can Somebody please explain something to me…Look at our numbers and their cap hits. We have a lot of question marks and I guessed at 1,000,000 for the question marks.. which still puts us way over the cap. What are we going to do have 8 minor leauge players for 500,000? We only have half a team now signed. Somebody please help me understand?
    1 Gaborik $7,500,000.00
    2 drury $7,050,000.00
    3 Avery $7,937,500.00
    4 Brashear $1,400,000.00
    5 voros $1,000,000.00
    6 rismiller $1,000,000.00
    7 anisimov $821,667.00
    8 higgins $2,500,000.00
    9 callahan $2,500,000.00
    10 dubinsky $3,000,000.00
    11 zherdev $3,000,000.00
    12 ?? $1,000,000.00
    13 ?? $1,000,000.00

    1 redden $6,500,000.00
    2 rozival $5,000,000.00
    3 girardi $1,550,000.00
    4 staal $826,667.00
    5 ??? $1,000,000.00
    6 ??? $1,000,000.00
    7 ??? $1,000,000.00

    1 lundquist $6,875,000.00
    2 ????? $850,000.00


  12. UESBlueshirt on

    I’m hoping that AA turns out to be the Rangers version of David Krejci. AA’s even bigger so who knows.

  13. Local fan,
    Just a quick scan of your list…
    Avery doesn’t make 7.9 million…

  14. UESBlueshirt on

    I also doubt they carry more than one extra player be it up front or on D.


    I don’t know, he’ll easily score at least 20 goals, he’ll help out on the PP, and the Habs treated him like a loser, so who knows, maybe he’ll get fired up, and have a good year. You never know.

    Good to get Higgins locked up, hopefully he has a good year.

  16. you cant blame “local fan” for messing up Avery’s salary!

    local fan is a devil fan…that’s how much they value Sean in New Jersey! lol

    for them…he is priceless!

  17. I really like this kid and I have a feeling he is going to blossom here. Torts is going to love him.

  18. Hahaha, TSN is wondering who will wear the “C” for the Habs. Some of the players they mention besides the obvious like Blowmez, Cammy, & Markov, is Lapierre, Georges, the Tit bros, and Latendresse. Lol, sad.

    I hope they blow this season, and Blowmez has his worst year.

  19. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Our defensive corp looks thin as hell and you guys want to get rid of Rozy. From a salary stance I can’t disagree, but damn, who’s gonna play? Morris isn’t coming back. Potter has like 5 NHL games under his belt. DZ and Sangs have 0 NHL experience. Mara is still unsigned. That makes REDDEN the senior defensive presence. Really?! The guy who watched Federov take the shot that ended our season, is going to be the one to mentor our developing defensive corp? It’s going to be a long season for Hank. Seriously, sign Chelios. Trade Rozsival for another, decent, cheaper defender.

  20. UESBlueshirt on

    I have to imagine Markov might get consideration. He’s their best D and with so many of their older guard leaving he’d seem like a natrual choice.

    The funny thing is that all the write ups about the Gomez-Higgins trade talk about how Gomez had a very bad season production-wise but that he’ll fit in a defensinve minded system under Jacques Martin due to his experience in NJ. Do people remember what type of system he played in for most of his Rangers tenure?

  21. It’s funny, cause when he got traded, didn’t he say “I was really looking forward to playing for Torts’ system” ? Or did i hear that wrong ? So you know he’s basically crying that he has to go back to the defensive system.

    Glad he’s gone, and Dru, hopefully he shows some class by waiving his NTC. If you’re not doing what the team expects of you, leave !! Go to LA !!

  22. Everyone is going to think I nuts, but Koivu might be a reasonably priced center. He’s likely 35 or so but he still has lots of game left i figger. He has allways been a very hard worker and a great team man. He could be a great pick up for one or two years. I think he might have pissed big Bob off last year. He didn’t have a great year last year.

  23. Out of all the defensemen still remaining, I think I’d sign Mara. He was solid last season and would probably still sign at a discount.

  24. JOE in DE …

    I was thinking the same thing. We HAVE to trade Rozy because we need to spread some of his salary around.

    I was saying trade Rozy to Dallas for Robidas (who led Dallas in hits last year and only makes 1.5 million)

    Then, I’d resign Mara for about the same 1.5 million. and then round out the last 2 D spots with Rookies.

    I dont see our team going into the season with more then 3-4 rookies especially no more then 2 on Defense

    If i were GM:

    Tanguay/Afino – Drury – Callahan
    Gaborik – Dubi – Avery
    Higgins – AA – Zherdev
    Korpi – Arnason/Boyle – Brashear/Byers

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Robidas
    Gilroy/Sangs/Potter/Sauer (whichever 2 earned the spot) –

    *Mara 7th D-man*

    I dont think MDZ or Grachev will be ready

  25. Holy S***!!! We just saves $6 mil on AVERY’s contract!!!!

    SATHER IS A GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Oh, and for all those siisy marys crying about Cally and Dubi, Slats just signed the best player of the 3.

    (clap, clap, clap. . . . )

  27. avery-dubs-gabs

    dont look to bad to me, and maybe even voros somewhere in there if gabs lights a fire in him.

  28. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    A 190 lbs Robidas hitting someone does more good than a larger Rozsival taking a lazy stick penalty because he got beat to either side.

  29. btw… where is kaspar??

    would love to hear what he thinks about all “gangsta paradise” signings by Slats. I hope kaspar didn’t get traded to another blog! lol

  30. I think the key with this team, the way Torts system/style needs is heavily dependent on the top 9 forwards- while we have all beaten the Brashear move to death, in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t an enormous deal- The way I see it- we have 7 very good top 9 type forwards- Gabby (I can’t believe we aren’t talking more about this guy) Drury, Cally, Dubi, Higgins, Avery, Zherdev- Can Anisimov and Grachev fill in the other 2 spots? Is Korpi the kind of guy we will find useful going forward, I’m not sure he is better than any of those top 9-

    I think we will accept the Zherdev arbitration salary, hope to get the best out of him for a year, and then try to turn his $ + Redden’s $ (buyout) into Kovulchuk come next offseason-

  31. The one year contract makes you think that Sather has his eye on Kovi for next July 1st

  32. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Higgins is eligible for UFA status next offseason, so I’d be surprised if the 1 year deal wasn’t his camp’s idea.

  33. Kolvi isnt coming to NYR. not after lobbying management in ATL to sign Antropov

  34. UESBlueshirt on

    Kovi as in Kovalchuk? If Sather gets rid of Redden at some point then maybe. But if the cap goes down next year no way they can afford him unless one of the other big salaries gets moved.

    I look at Higgins as the Rangers way of saying they’re going to try him out and see what he does. He’s not a cornerstone player by any means and if he plays well for a new contract (whether that’s from the Rangers or not) then it makes the deal look smart.

  35. CW- yea that has never happened, before in sports, a player lobbying management to sign someone and then bolting…

    UES- If Grachev shows he can play- he slides into Higgins slot and Kovalchuk slides into Zherdev’s- Zherdev will get between 3.5-4 million this year- that plus Higgins 2.25 is a good start towards a 7-8 million dollar contract, no?

    That is looking way too far ahead, but plausable I think-

  36. I think Kovalchuk will go where the money is (Where ever that is, but I’ll bet you Sather will be in the middle of it)

  37. UESBlueshirt on

    I’d love for them to figure out a way to get Kovalchuk (I think the popular choice among readers here would be to dump Redden).

    I imagine after all is said and done with the team this summer they’ll be right up against the cap like last year and unless they fill out the roster with flexible contracts that are either extremely cap friendly or 1 year deals, they’re going to need to worry about coming up with money for Staal’s raise and extension before even thinking about signing a big ticket player.

  38. injuries stunted his development a bit. this year will go a long way towards determining his pay for the rest of his career. if he has a great year he will want around 4.5 mil long term if he sucks or gets injured look for us to move on and him to get 3 mill a year short term

  39. BillyDeeWilliams on


    He was injured most of last year. He’s only 26 and has already topped 20 goals three times.

  40. has Redden been waived yet? I was thinking about this, Redden being waived might eventually be a Top 3 Rangers moment in my lifetime (I’m 28):

    1. 1994
    2. the 1st day after Sather is no longer with this organization (probably needs to quit/drop dead for this to happen though)
    3. Redden being waived

    all three are parade-worthy

  41. id like higgins to stay. hes a good gritty player. k chuk i think is in talks over a new contract. or the trashers are tryin to anyway. id like to hold onto higgy n ziggy(zherdev) for more than a year. ziggy will play well with gabs and higgy with capn crotch. we could waive deadden and voros to get k chuk and for money to pay for gabbys osteoporosis medicine and his next hip replacement.

  42. NYR4life, its largely based on the 2007-2008 season- i think he had 27 goals-

  43. BillyDeeWilliams on

    Gotta think that Calli and Dubes will get something in the same range as higgins…maybe even less, which is a good thing.

  44. scored 23,22,27 in consecutive seasons before last year. had an injury last year too. its good news for the arbitration with cally. cally only has 1 20 goal season higgins has 3

  45. Kovalchuk will command 8+ million

    If any of you momos can figure out how to fit him in then you ought to be a GM. And no Redden/Drury trades cause they wont ever happen.

  46. Great, another year of Kovalev scoring goals against Nyr. I was hoping he’d sign with a West team.

    And im sure Higgins will want a huge raise after next season, that seems to be the plan.

  47. look at Higgins stats and they are comparable to Kovalev’s stats prior to his bust out years in Pitt
    Average 23 goals and about 45 pts

  48. Somebody ought to take out Redden’s knees with a VW Bug Happy Gilmour style

  49. k chuk will be a ranger. i dont think antro being there is gonna make the team much more competitive. i know he wants money, but he wants to be on a more competitive team and havin gabby and ziggy to play with plus 2 other russians double A and big G should be incentive for him. (and of course alot of dolan dollars)

  50. No Hype very simple, to get kovy, no more long term contracts this year trade Rosy and dont sign Zheredev that is roughly 7.5 mill. Let Z walk this year and sign dubi and cally let AA and Grachev get a year under there belt and we are going to be sick 2010/11 with these lines.




    as our top 9



    Heineken/and any other of our young defensemen

  51. No hype- its not really that difficult- you just tie up all of your $ in a few players for a LONG time and not sure that is the way to go about it- the key would be the kids being able to play at a high level and play for cheap $- you could certainly simply not sign Higgins/Zherdev and have a large chunk of the 8 million- trading Rosival or sending Redden through waivers is another option- it can be done for sure-

  52. A local fan: Dont forget, the Rangers picked up Avery on re-entry waivers, so they are only on the hook for half his $$$ against the cap and in real $$$ the Stars deal with the other half.

  53. “Of course a Redden buyout/waive would make everyone here much happier”


    wow you read my mind…Redden is absolutely worthless, he adds nothing to this team, he will only get WORSE (if that’s possible) over the life of his contract into his mid/late 30’s, and we can get some MAJOR cap relief by just waiving him…Redden has NO chance of EVER succeeding in a Rangers uniform, he is completely finished, and on top of that he’s despised by the entire fanbase, so why is it July 6th and he’s still on this team?

    of course because of that asinine contract we’ll probably have to go through the “give him another chance/a full year under Torts!” scherade, like that will make any difference…I mean Sather already started talking up Redden’s play vs. Washington as if it was Leetch’s ’94 Conn Smythe run, so it will be at least another season before they admit they’re paying Redden $6.5 million for his 650K game…and we will desperately need that cap pace soon too…so frustrating

  54. Also dont forget when our younger kids Grachev, AA, and the 4 defensemen that are up and coming wont need to be signed to big money until Drury,and Redden are gone.

  55. Somerset how are you gona pay Mara 1.5 mil to be a 7th defenseman? Didnt we learn our lesson last year with spend 1 million on guys that are barely going to play (voros, rissmiler, the trade for fritsche)

    I know alot of rangers fans loved him but Mara is as good as gone, and I dont think we are going to be able to move Rozsival and I wont mind if we dont get to move him, puts more pressure on them to bring up one of the young guys (Del Zotto or Sanguinetti) Wouldnt mind signing Koivu as our last move, and possibly Zherdev for right price as long as the arbitrator looks at his playoff stats and does the right thing.. then I’d be real happy with our squad..

  56. just send capn clutch with a scout in the clutchmobile to his house with a video or send gabby to his house on his motorized wheelchair with a check for 8 million dolan dollars.

  57. Can we quit the Kovalchuk talk? Thats not for another whole year and I highly doubt we are going to get him because you know we are going to be pressed against the cap and not many contracts if any besides higgins will be ending after the end of this year, focus on now and what our team is going to look like this year instead of worryin about gettin every single high-priced free agent EVER and falling back into the vicious cycle that was 1997-2005

  58. mara is just not good enough and despite being a fan fave and whatnot, we want to be better, and we have to get some of these young d men a chance. now maras beard i would sign to a6 yr./ 6.5m with a full no shave clause

  59. Kovalchuck is most probably leaving Atlanta after next season…he wants to win

  60. No Country For Old Rangers on

    how is that Richards trade working out in 09? I’m thinking about doing it. I cant get it going on offense with anybody but Gaborik.

  61. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Ok ok Redden is a waist of money but to say he has no chance , rich? With Torts all year ..Redden will be a new man!! If he starts hitting , playing well defensively and starts scoring goals? Wow Redden does have a chance!!!
    IT”S KINDA A PUT UP OR be shipped out for Redden , so with that said Redden knows he sucked last year and maybe he still had wedding photos stuck in his head , i dunno. I can name 8 players who sucked too last year ,last year was not a good year. ( firing the coach shows)Redden gets another chance and Avery does too with Torts.

  62. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Heatley was caught eyeing Reddens wife during a team get together in Ottawa a few years ago. Reddens wife balked the deal that would have sent Dany Heatley to the Rangers for Scott Gomez and 2 un-named Rangers along with NY’s first round pick overall.

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    … Then Nylanders wife called Prongers wife and said Reddens wife was hit on by Heatley!! Heatley’s wife never was told any of this untill the day she talked to Reddens wife after she heard it from Prongers wife who now lives in Philly.

  64. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    confused? You won’t be …just tune in next week to NHL SOAP!!!

  65. Rob M maybe your right we should stop talking about 10/11 but Sather shouldnt thats something he forgot about the past 2 years by throwing money at marginal players throwing the future to the wind its 1 thing to throw 6.5 mill to a scrub like Redden, and a totally different thing to throw 7.5 at game changers top 5 offensive talents like Gabby and Kovy, if you dont think they are you are a fool go look at the tape the last time we played ATL up 4-1 and kovy scored or almost scored every shift after that and we lost 6-5 he is a game changer and Im sorry if I get excited at the possibility at having both him and Gabby on the same team. Sather would right every wrong he ever did if he talked Dolan into releasing Redden and signing Kovy next year. Just hope he does not sell off the future at the trade deadline for him, cause then it would cost us Grachev+ not intrested in that just wait till he is a free agent.

  66. Rob- yea let’s go back to talking about how we all hate Brashear- at least the Kovulchuk talk puts into perspective our cap situation in the future- it’s more about flexibility than Kovulchuk specifically-

  67. bull dog line on

    an interesting free agent forward still out there is, Ales Kotalik. he is still young, has good size, and can score some. has never scored more than 25, but i think he could be worth a look.

  68. i never said kovalchuk isnt worth big money, hes one of the best in the game, but we arent going to get him im telling you right now
    The last time we played them kovalchuk was facing a goalie named Steve Valiquette, and I love the guy as our backup but he had one of his worst performances of the year that night along with the night they blew it in Toronto.. If you watched that game Kovalchuk didnt score a spectacular goal, he scored a wraparound that would have been stopped 9 out of 10 times by any goalie but valiquette poked at him on the first side and then was late gettin to his far side, the guy is unbelievable but dont bring that game up

  69. You use Valiquete as an excuse, the fact of the matter is no matter how unspectacular the actual goal was the fact that nobody could get him off the puck and he was skating by our defense like they were standing still when he is at his best nobody can stop him plain and simple I dont care who is in Goal.

  70. Also if we let Z walk this year and just go with what we have on this team by playing the youth we will actually be under the cap to start the season, I just hope sather sees it like I do build this year let the kids get much needed experience lick their wounds and go for it next year.

  71. Am I the only one on here that wants nothing more than the Rangers to NOT sign Kovalev?

  72. Money thats ridiculous if we let Z walk trade Rozi or just buyout Redden we will be about 10-15 mill under the cap next year only needing to fill 2-3 spots barring sather committing 3-5 mill on a player this offseason.

  73. anyone know the status of valliquete’s contract status for this year is he under contract or not?

    marc andre bergerion’s big shot could help out our powerplay

  74. Lupz- I don’t have a problem with us accepting the 1 year arbitration contract for Zherdev. Still leaves us with options and Zherdev for 1 year is a better value than anything else out there on the market at this point. If we have a bad year he’s a trading chip a la Antropov at the deadline to some playoff team, and if he clicks then we are all the better for it- First priority should be to lock up Dubi/Cally/Stall this year, we have the $ to do that along with taking Z back-

    I don’t think we are going to do much more this offseason, unless its a trade that involves Rosival- which is fine with me-

    BTW, would you guys, right now, trade Redden for Beauchamin and the new deal he just signed?

  75. S, there have been some conflicting reports but Carp and Zipay have reported that he is signed for next year for between 750-850k-

  76. So basically Redden’s 6.5 mil contract is like money in the bank?? Whenever Sather decides to waive him all that money comes off the cap?

  77. Guys, the NHLPA has filed a grievance against the BHAWKS for their mistake with their RFA’s. I say we trade Rozsival ASAP an okay defensemen, then let Z walk and then sign Cam Barker and Kris Versteeg to contracts.

    Barker 4 years 14 million.
    Versteeg 3 years 9 million.

    Barker is the crease clearer we need and then we still have a little money left over.

  78. Kovalchuk… remember when Avery schooled him in the playoffs 2 years ago?

  79. Zherdev might not like what he hears if he goes to arbitration… he needs to man up and let Torts mold him and make him a better player…. or go the Jagr route and bail for the KHL…. and be miserable like Jagr who can’t wait to get out of his contract! Money isn’t everything everytime!

  80. Kovalchuk…remember when he took over the game the last time we played ATL this season and blew a huge lead?

  81. TJ-

    For some strange reason the Rangers don’t do the big Press Conferences anymore.

  82. The Hawks RFA”s are UFA’s now ?? Sweet !! Hopefully Versteeg, and Barker get signed !! At least Barker. That would be awesome.


    It’s awesome, he has pretty good chemistry with Gabby, and Z is starting to come around. But guess who is doing the worst on the team ? Drury. As expected. Rozi, and a 1st for Richards will do it.


    Kotalik flat out sucked with the Oilers, he did absolutely nothing when they got him. Id much rather have anyone from Hartford here, over him. He’s only good for the shootout,

  83. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I’m with you. That is second on my list for nyr wishes for the off season.

    1st would be no redden obviously.

    2nd would be no kovalev.

    gettin rid of redden would feel almost as good as winning a cup

  84. Mundo- there are a few options with Redden- if they just bury him in Hartford none of his $ counts against the cap- each team has a chance to claim him for his full salary before he goes down (YEAH RIGHT!)- they can simply leave him there and the total 6.5 million counts. If they recall him, then Redden is exposed to re-entry waivers, meaning that a team can claim him and we would be on the hook for half the salary while he is playing for another team. If no one claims him then his cap hit to the Rangers is only 3.25 million. I don’t understand why the Rangers aren’t doing this- if another team claims him we can get a better defensemen in here for 3.25 million, in my opinion-

  85. No Country For Old Rangers on


    what does your D look like?

    i’m about 25 games in to a new dynasty. drury has one goal. he’s piling up assists but shoots wide and misses open nets constantly.

    happy to hear AK-27 got signed

  86. Joe Sakic... on

    Any chance we could sign him and Alex Tanguay if they both take reasonable one year deals and reunite them with Drury? I doubt Colorado is bringing him back.

  87. Pipe dreams a lot of pipe dreams
    Redden is not going anywhere. I can’t see Sather laying out big bucks for a top line center. I think he is waiting and feeling out the situation, and he will end up with a medium priced guy hopeing he will be able to foot the bill. I don’t expect any hot shot forwards or D men. I also don’t expect Rozy to go anywhere either. I’m sure we will see some hartford guys. They will get a good shot at making the team. I hope.

  88. Laurel Babcock on

    Awww Carp, I wanted me on the chat to be a surprise! Oh well. You’re excused for agreeing I’m fabulous :)

    Wow, lots to catch up on after just four days. I love how you all checked in on the 4th just to say hi and chat….this blog rocks!

  89. on the brashear article.. he is a bad guy regardless of his background and there was zero need fo rsather to sign him. sather is arrogant even for the know it all GM’s and other execs of sports. they could have kept Orr, tried out Byers or other system guys, or waited until later to see who is available at a lower price.

    brashear is a monster in a bad way. he is a cheap cheap shot artist that does not deserve to make any money from this sport. the hit on betts was a intentional hit to hurt a guy, 3 seconds afte rthe whistle and far from his forst offense. hollwegg has issues with boarding and brashear has overall issues on just being a thug…

    say it all yo uwant apologist, i root for the rangers and always will but brashear is beyond the pale.

    the holik and other comparisons are off base, holik played dirty but trying to hurt someone, i never saw that.. the only one that is even remotely in the same nieghborhood with brashear would be kaspar and that takes a stretch..

    so i will root for 22 of the 23 players but i will never root for that animal. and that is strictly because of how he plays and his lack of any morals or code or decency….

  90. stuart I second that and then some. The PC BS has to stop. Otherwise bring back Chris Simon.


    Sanguinetti-Del Zotto

    Im aboot 10 games in more or less, and i have the same problems with Dreary, one goal, a couple of assists, cant hit the net, can put the puck in an open net. Ugh, this guy was not made to be a Ranger, in life, or in a video game.

    I created a sh*t load of prospects for the game, like Del Zotto, Ryan McDonagh, Matt Gilroy, Evgeny Grachev, Carl Hagelin, Tysen Dowzak, Ryan Bourque, Ethan Werek, Chris Kreider, Derek Stepan, Ryan Hillier, David Skokan, IIkka Heikkinen, & Tomas Kundratek, Also i put myself in the system just for the hell of it.

    And to be fair, i traded Hedman to the Bolts, and created Carter Ashton for them, and created everyone from the 09 draft in the 1st round, and sent them to their teams, cause im such a nice guy.

    But of course, once i start my dynasty, Beauchemin, and Kovalev decide to sign with new teams.

  92. Safe to say with the signing of Kovalev that Heatley is definitely on the move???

  93. Laurel Babcock on

    Repost: what I said earlier on the story Carp posted about Basher….

    I’m late to this post, having been away the past few days, but I found one glaring absence from that story….maybe it’s known to other folks and I’m just stupid, but I would like to know how a kid from that upbringing managed to become so big in the NHL…..

  94. Hey guys… i’d like to announce great news! Glen Sather just gave me contract extension! 7 extra years at 8.2 a year! Isn’t Glen wonderful?!

  95. I can’t say I understand the Kovalev hate on this board, the guy won a Cup with the Rangers and averages 28 goals per 82 games. He’s good, albeit old. I know he had that garbage year right before the lockout but I would have taken him for $4mn per (Ottowa overpaid). He scores big goals that change games, the kind Zherdev has to score if he wants to be successful.

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Stuart , Blkblue for seconing it…Brashear is dirty ,but to not chear him at all in a Ranger uniform is kinda pushing it.Avery is verbally worse and way back then we had Ulf. Ulf Sammeulsson always tried hurting people and was a gem here in NY. Brashear is this …Brashear is that…Brashear is not as bad as Chris Simon either.
    Donald Brashear is now a Ranger and will be protecting your players sorry azzes!! Have some respect now cuz this goon does his job and if Colton Orr did his ,we wouldnt be having this discussion now would we?

  97. fly line

    not true about redden at 5:56

    “If no one claims him then his cap hit to the Rangers is only 3.25 million.”

    if no one claims him and he comes back to the rangers it is full cap hit again (excluding time he was in ahl)

  98. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Colton Orr is a KO beast but he lacks in size and apperence of Brashear. Brashear will goon out on anyone (Betts) where Colton will only fight and he fights heaveyweights. Colton Orr was made to believe he was more than a goon from Renney playing him all the time.Brashear can skate better and throw that occational hit.Brashear knows hes a goons goon so to speak haha , he knows his role.When a Ranger wins a fight , our bench erupts!!! After the Don Bashes in a few guys and Avery gets over looked ..well be smiling!!

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Glen Sather is licking his chops in the Salary Arbitration with Zherdev!! Z bailing out in the playoffs gives him atleast 1.6 million less according to Sather.All those seasonal points is Zherdev’s only defense. Zherdev started the season passing like Wayne Gretzky but ended the season playing like a Drunk Kovalev who could n’t pass worth a crap.

  100. Rich
    July 6th, 2009 at 4:15 pm
    has Redden been waived yet? I was thinking about this, Redden being waived might eventually be a Top 3 Rangers moment in my lifetime (I’m 28):

    1. 1994
    2. the 1st day after Sather is no longer with this organization (probably needs to quit/drop dead for this to happen though)
    3. Redden being waived

    all three are parade-worthy

    absolutely, hysterically awesome post!!!

  101. I’m sorry but I just can’t get pumped over the Brashear signing…I have no respect for him.
    I think things would have been different if he hadn’t cheap shotted Betts, but he did so…When Orr one of my favorite Rangers comes back to the Garden…I hope he beats the hell out of Brashear.
    I like the name Colton so much, my first son will be named Colton…he just sounds like a bruiser.

  102. Laurel Babcock on

    bklynblue…yeah, the reporter got a lot of access, but a lot was left out. hey, this is my biz..as an editor on this story I’d have lots of questions.

  103. what-

    looks like i am wrong on that one, don’t know where i got it from…

    It is sad though that I would rather pay Redden 3.25 million to play somewhere else though

  104. Laurel it’s the old story believe half of what you read, there’s at least 3 sides to every story.

  105. hey all
    checking in from cabo on the honeymoon. noticed that z and cally going to arbitration.

    cally will get signed
    z let him walk if he gets raise.

    saw that kovy and beauch got signed.

    any latest rumors for rangers

  106. Everybody will learn to love Brashear, unless he does something STUPID right away….other than that give him a chance…..it will be great to finally hve someone on the team where opposing fans say f*ck that guy

  107. “it will be great to finally hve someone on the team where opposing fans say f*ck that guy”

    Kris – we have Avery already.

  108. blog history on

    eric you have to be the first to ever read and post on this blog on their honeymoon.

  109. Lol, this retard Hacklund wont give up on that stupid Heatley to the Oilers rumor. Why cant this stupid idiot just give it up already ? He didn’t refuse to waive his NTC once, he did it TWICE !!! He’s not gonna decide that it’s the right move to go there, when he already told the whole organization, and their fans that the teams not good enough to win a Cup. The players, and fans wont forget that, even if he turns around and accepts the trade, which he wont.

    I don’t know aboot any of you, but id pay cash money to punch Hacklund in the face. Better yet, ill go Dexter on him, chop him up into little pieces, and dump him into the ocean !! Sounds like a plan !

  110. Kris

    You rarely know what you’re talking about but I have to agree with you on this one

  111. Can we please stop with this regurgitated stuff about Brashear? We know that no one likes him, he is a goon, a cheap shot, etc, etc. He is a Ranger and no matter what you say, no matter how many times you say it, he is still going to be a Ranger.

    For crying out loud, this article is in regards to Higgins signing a contract…..Why not bring up why we traded York for Poti!!

    Barker signs an extension with the Hawks……

  112. adding brashear gives the team psyche a sense of security. he brings a presence. anyone who has ever played hockey against a bigger and stronger team knows that a Brashear on your team bolsters confidence. like a big brother in the room.

    good addition. will build confidence in the young guys when they go up against Philly etc so many times a year.

  113. “July 6th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    Lol, this retard Hacklund wont give up on that stupid Heatley to the Oilers rumor. Why cant this stupid idiot just give it up already ? He didn’t refuse to waive his NTC once, he did it TWICE !!! He’s not gonna decide that it’s the right move to go there, when he already told the whole organization, and their fans that the teams not good enough to win a Cup. The players, and fans wont forget that, even if he turns around and accepts the trade, which he wont.
    I don’t know aboot any of you, but id pay cash money to punch Hacklund in the face. Better yet, ill go Dexter on him, chop him up into little pieces, and dump him into the ocean !! Sounds like a plan !”

    I enjoy reading the Hockeybuzz forum comments after he announces rumors. =)

  114. Classic Series on NHL network is showing Rangers vs. Canadiens from 96, its rediculous how nasty Richter is in net… wow

  115. Kris “it will be great to finally hve someone on the team where opposing fans say f*ck that guy”

    Kris still doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Sean Avery.

  116. mox

    Great post. Agree 100%. It’s that intangible aspect of other teams worrying about him and not focusing on their game. Same reason we need to add a gauthier on D, the “man that guy is out here, I might get flattened” feeling by guys on the other team that makes them lose focus and not always make the best play!

  117. Dam looks like the Chicago boys are going to get swept up pretty quickly here- both 23 year olds would have been a good fit…

  118. Stuart , Blkblue for seconing it…Brashear is dirty ,but to not chear him at all in a Ranger uniform is kinda pushing it.Avery is verbally worse and way back then we had Ulf. Ulf Sammeulsson always tried hurting people and was a gem here in NY. Brashear is this …Brashear is that…Brashear is not as bad as Chris Simon either.
    Donald Brashear is now a Ranger and will be protecting your players sorry azzes!! Have some respect now cuz this goon does his job and if Colton Orr did his ,we wouldnt be having this discussion now would we?


    Mark the time and date….. first time I have ever agreed with ZzzZZZZzZzZzGreg.

  119. Any chance of Joe Sakic? on

    Assuming he wants to play another season (and play in the Olympics) and Colorado is too committed to their rebuild to bring him back, and we know he was willing to come to us 13 years ago, why wouldn’t we sign him to a one year deal if he wants to play? He’s an old friend of Drury’s.

  120. I waited a table one time with Sakic, Drury, Blake, Roy and Forseburg when they were playing the Devils in the finals- worked in a restaurant at the short hills mall and they stayed across the street at the Hilton- they all were very cool-

  121. No To JOE!

    What is he, 39?

    No way jose…

    This tradition of NYR being the end of the rainbow for washed up stars has GOT TO END NOW!

  122. Sakic was my favorite non ranger player growing up pure class he is a first ballot hall of famer i wish the rangers had gotten him back then

  123. Considering the contract Higgins signed, id be surprised is Dubi or Callahan got more than a $2 mill cap hit, hes a much more proven player at this point and more productive. Not to mention hes damn close to his prime. Zherdev shouldn’t get much more than $3

  124. Yea but i have to agree with you salty he is too old now plus i think if he plays he will play with colorado they aren’t going to not sign him if he wants to play he has probably one of the best if not the best veteran presences in the entire league right now. If you are rebuilding you need someone to teach the kids

  125. I thought it was reported that Greg Moore was tendered a offer but I guess that was wrong. I liked him, saw some potential.

  126. Sakic remains the best center available on

    I don’t count Mats Sundin anymore and I hope we don’t get him. Watch him sign in Detroit to play with his Swedish buddies now that they have some cap space. He was all upset that they couldn’t sign him last summer due to lack of cap space so he held out until VAN got him in December.

    If Sakic will take a one year deal from us, we have to do it. I know it would be the hockey equivalent of Brett Favre to the Jets but it’s worth a shot. Worst comes to worst he gets hurt and a kid would then get a shot to fill in. Colorado dealing away Ryan Smyth shows that they’re committed to a rebuild.

    At least then we’d know what Torts is gonna do with Drury.

  127. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Thanks Saltz , For a minute there I thought ya were disagreeing with me ( I had to shake my head ).Yeah as much as he is hated , everyone has a job to do! Donald’s is just a lil dirtier than most people.

  128. Easy question, when I order my jersey is it a sure thing Gaborik will have an A or should I wait until its official?

  129. onecupin69years and counting on

    Arbitration doesn’t sit well with the GM’shttp://www.nypost.com/seven/07072009/sports/rangers/rangers_likely_done_with_zherdev_177951.htm

    I know Callahan did well and deserves a raise , how much of a raise?
    Having one good year doesn’t mean you can ask for the Brinks truck, production over time makes you rich.
    By going to arbitration he can throw the cap out of whack, the Rangers need the cash to make the team better in other area’s.
    I hope callahan isn’t one of those me first selfish players

  130. I think Callahan is rightfully saying that he’s produced last year and has progressed nicely into a top 6 forward and deserves more than $660k – which he does. However, i wouldn’t go throwing a huge contract his way, he has 3 more years as an RFA and Slats should be looking at a 3-year contract to see out his restricted years with decent payrises: ie $1.3m, $1.6m , $2m.

  131. I’d be surprised if the Rangers even turned up to Zherdev’s hearing. He may have the skills of a more valuable player but not the heart or commitment (yet). Slats could just sit there and tell the arbitrator to look on youtube for “Zherdev loses puck in traffic” or “Zherdev makes bad no look pass”.

    I like what we saw in flashes from the guy, but if he wants to be earning $4m, he better be bringing it every shift and scoring 30+ a year.

  132. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    callahan could qualify with an offer of 110% of his salary, so what would that be, like $750K? I don’t think he’s trying to be greedy, but he did pour in 20+ last season and he knows he’s worth more than that. Hell, it’s a just a game, but for these guys it’s also business, and their living. I don’t think 1.5 for the season would be unreasonable for Cally. And let’s face it, that extra $750K buys you a nice home cash. I can’t blame him

  133. UESBlueshirt on

    Doesn’t Cally become a UFA after he decides to go to arbitration? They should prudently lock him up if possible.

    Let’s face it though, he needs to play on a team like the Rangers that will give him quality minutes. If he was on a deeper team like the Pens/Bruins/Flyers/Wings/Sharks he’d be getting 3rd line minutes at best. Not to say that Cally tops out as a 3rd liner, but given the Rangers lack of all around scoring depth, Cally benefits from more minutes.

  134. Is it someone on twitter? I’m setup for Kevin Allen, Dreger, Eklund and a few others but i can’t see anything?

  135. Cross Check Charlie on

    Please say no to any C over the age of 35. No Sundin. No Sakic. No Lang. In fact, that should be for any position. A couple of people have said to sign Chelios. He’s what? 103? Come on, these guys just can’t keep up any more.

  136. To above poster: on

    Larry Brooks in the Post wrote today that Richards is being discussed but nothing yet. Dallas has too many centers.

  137. UESBlueshirt on

    Richards has a cap hit of $7.8MM, on top of having to draw water from a stone…er moving Rozsival, say good bye to re-signing 2 of the 3 RFA’s.

  138. -Zherdev & -Naslund & -Gomez &- Mara & – Morris & -Betts
    & – Cally/Dubi + Rozi



  139. Sakic isnt coming here, he is retiring. Someone mentioned him in passing. If he goes anywhere, its Vancouver to play near his home.

  140. Honestly, how can anyone justify wanting to trade for Brad Richards??

    He’s a good player sure, but NOT 7.8 million for 2 years good. Please dont let the fact that he has a relationship with Tort’s cloud your decision.

    Whoever is proposing this couldnt have been a “anti-gomez” person, because it is the same contract for the same production … just the relationship is different.

    How can we afford another 7.8 million dollar contract ?? … I think its silly.

    Have faith in our Centers !! Drury, Dubinsky, AA, Boyle, and Arnason will be able to get it done. What we need is some depth at WING (esp. if Z walks) and another veteran presence at D.

  141. yea, Richards is stupid. We should save that money and try and get Kovalchuck next year. I’m fine with one year contracts for players but nothing big past that.

  142. Who is this confused, brainless Jason. Poor thing – he mistakes the door in his bordello. Dont drink and type.

  143. to get richards the rangers would have to trade either redden or roszival. how could anybody say that is a bad move? honestly? richards is a big hit for 2 years but it would relieve them of redden for 4 more years and roszy for 3.

    plus richards is a proven scorer regular season and in the playoffs 26 pts in 23 games in 2004.

    i would trade either one redden or roszy plus a prospect on defense and a 2nd or 3rd round pick for richards

  144. What if Dallas took Redden off our hands? Didn’t they want him when he was a UFA. I’ll even thrown in a D prospect!

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