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I see that Larry Brooks, in his Slap Shots column today, feels similar to the way most of the people here feel about the signing of Donald Brashear.

Yet I think that most of you guys will change your minds as soon as he has a couple of fights at MSG. I’m not being negative toward fans, but that’s the nature of fan-dom. You all hated Bobby Holik, Darius Kasparaitis, Ulf Samuelsson and Eric Lindros before they were Rangers. Many of you warmed up to them to various degrees after they put on the Blueshirt.

By the way, Brashear still leads the poll on the right side of the page.

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  1. The only thing I care about is dumb penalties. Remember when Hollweg completely screwed up in the Pens’ series in 2008? His idiocy was the turning point of the series.

    I fear Brashear will just take dumb penalties, and Betts/Sjostrom will not be there to defend.

  2. totally hear ya Rick…trust me this is way too big of a discussion already…he is gonna play 5-8 minutes a game on average-he is out there to protect Gaborik, Henrik, Staal, Dubi, etc….how many times did dubi have to stand up for himself last year-Torts is gonna tell the kids to let donald handle the dirty work-i think the rangers were sick and tired of being abused and now with Sean and Donald in Ranger blue we will no longer be pushed around…he does have more skill then Orr, There is no argument there-once Brashear shoot the puck he is little skill but a whole lot more than Colton

  3. *******sorry i think im still hungover********* last line was meant to read like this-there is no argument -Brashear is more skilled then Colton, watch Brashear and you see his shot is decent compared to Orr’s…..he has a little skill not much but a whole lot more than Colton

  4. Stick to your guns ranger fans!! Boo the sh-t out of him!!! Let run this guy out of town!!

  5. There is a nice little write up over at hockey’s future (I know they are usually awful) on the development camp.Some real nice stuff about Grachev. I really can’t imagine that he’s not going to play on the big club at some point this year. He’s a dominating power forward who has the size, speed and defensive capabilities to play in the NHL.Give him a full year in the NHL and I guarantee he goes 20/20. Same w/ Anisimov. I haven’t been this excited for a Rangers team in a long time. Not necessarily because they are going to do well but because the kids will have a major opportunity to contribute.

    One other thing – I’ve seen people write about how losing Betts and Sjo will come back to bite us. The reason why they were so important last year is because this team couldn’t score so PK was essential as was having a shut-down 4th line. However when you have 3 lines that can put the puck in the net, there is no need for those guys anymore. Torts is going run and gun. I like it.

  6. the penalty kill i do not think will be a problem on this team….granted sjostrom and betts were great but now the top four will most likely be drury, dubinsky, callahan, and korpi, did boyle/arnason play on the pk?, i think the pk will be fine….this could maybe take some pressure away from drury-maybe he plays well on the pk and that confidence helps him improve the rest of his game

  7. Brooks also said something about breaking that ‘family bond’ by bringing him on board after what he did to Betts, and the ‘family’ atmosphere they try to foster within the team and the fans. Dolan and Sather have broken that bond for YEARS! They don’t give two flying cahoots about the fans, they care about the fans money, and in sathers case, resting on laurels from over 20 years ago.

    Would Rangers fans have loved Denis Potvin on the team the season after he busted up Ulf? I had no problem with Lindros, albeit it was many seasons too late, had no trouble with Kaspar or Holik honestly. I DID have a problem with John Mcclean after he broke Niklas Sundstrom’s wrist. I seriously doubt I will ever accept this guy. That’s just me, girls hold grudges longer than guys do I supposed. What’d be great is if Orr tko’s him and he has to sit out the rest of the season.

  8. Lindros and Holik are horrible examples, many of us never cheered for them even after they put on a Rangers sweater.

  9. Amazingly Carp, you neglected to include Richie Pilon in your list of d-bags the Rangers wasted money on – every one of whom, by the way, I still loathed when they undeservedly pulled on the Blueshirt.

  10. notice how we got most of those guys when they were shells of their former selves….tis a trend in Rangerland ;-)

  11. As usual Sather is way off base on the signing of Brashear. Die hard Ranger fans will have a very difficult time welcoming him to MSG. I say on opening night he gets more boos than cheers by far.

  12. reginald dunlop on

    does the return of Fishler to MSG qualify as a washed up returnee? presuming ,of course, that you don’t already consider him a ” never was”

  13. I hope Brashear bumps into Cindy early in the season. That will result in a life sentence and a ban on Brashear ever playing again in the NHL.

    The guy is a thug and I don’t care who he beats up – he shouldn’t be on the Rangers. Period. I will root for him to get his ass handed to him every time he fights.

    Boo him out of town, fans!

  14. last thing we need is gabby killin penalties. he might have to block a shot. wouldnt want him to get a bruise on his shin. he might need back surgery

  15. “Yet I think that most of you guys will change your minds as soon as he has a couple of fights at MSG.”

    No, we won’t. He’s old garbage fighter at best being paid way too much. Orr should have stayed Tortorella doesn’t even use the fourth line. The only thread he poses is to cheapshot someone or hug them to the ground after swinging two blind fists. Was Boogaard available?

    LOL @ warming up to Bobby Holik are you still drunk?

  16. And Carp, thanks for being on the ball (ex-Antrosoft hehe ;)) and your contributions you are much better than Sam!

  17. noonan, i think I’m sober. I just recall people happily taking the Holik Bobbleheads, people wearing Holik jerseys, and Holik not getting booed every night. I don’t think he was ever beloved, nor was Lindros or Kasparaitis. But they weren’t hated out of the building, either.

    … and fellas and ladies, can we please stop with the un-clever racial remarks on Brashear. I don’t like the guy, I think it was a bad move, and I expect most of you to dislike him. But there’s no room here for racial crap.

  18. rangers would be the brady bunch without brash. starring greg brady aka drury, marcia aka gabby, peter aka redden, jan aka zherdev, bobby aka staal, cindy aka voros, and the little troublemaking cousin aka avery.

  19. I think some people here are too young to remember the trade that brough Osbourne, Blaisdell and Huber here from Detroit for Mio, Duguay and Eddie Johnstone… those guys were fan favorites and the 3 they brought in were garbage. I hated that one more than any of the others. I have no problem with Brashear because Orr was awful, he can’t be any worse. And as soon as Brashear KO’s a Devil, Flyer or Islander we’ll all love him.

  20. calling Brashear Huggybear isn’t racist is it? Because that’s all he does is hug people to the ground.

  21. oliver!!! thanks linda. that kid reminds me of aves all the way. couldnt remember his name. troubled little kid he was.

  22. Noonan are you nuts? Look on youtube and you’ll see various videos of Brash delivering beat downs courtesy of his left hand.

  23. “Noonan are you nuts? Look on youtube and you’ll see various videos of Brash delivering beat downs courtesy of his left hand.”

    I’ve seen them even used to like the scumbag even as a Flyer I liked to watch him. And I hated Philly as much as I detest the Pens today.

    Look at his recent fights. Throw two punches, hug to ground/get @$$ beaten. He’s garbage and not worth over $1million. Isn’t he 37 now?

  24. idk brash is old so yea, hes not gonna go all out and try to throw haymakers and wear himself out if he can get away with it. but if he has to, he will lay a beatdown ‘o plenty on his oppenent. if these young dudes were as old as him, they wouldnt dare mess with him. even a young colton orr barely could hang with him.

  25. Brashear is a good aquistion. He will intimadate other teams & can play a little. The Rangers have not intimadated teams since Kocur and you have another who sill stand up for teammates. I hated what he did to Betts, but that was the teams, refs & leagues fault letting him get away with it.
    I do hope they sign Betts, but PK will still be excellent.
    The second pair was Drury & Cally which were equally as good or alomost as Betts & Sjos
    Also, Higgins is a very good PK

  26. Trashear’s only usefullness will be to cheapshot someone and get suspended. That’s all he’s good for. He’ll win a few fights but he scares nobody aside fromt he cheapshot factor.

  27. “I don’t know if anyone is afraid of orr.”

    To fight, yes they are afraid. He will fight anyone and has KO power and can throw lefts and rights and keeps the fight on the ice as long as possible. If he could get other players helmets off better and at the beginning, he would be the undisputed champ possibly.

    Afraid of getting cheapsotted = why people are afraid of Orr

    Nobody is afraid of a fight that can end so easily by getting hugged to the ground.

    Huggybear underesitmated Belak’s leverage and reach!

  28. also alot is experience so he may be old but hes got the intimidation factor and he knows when to pick his fights. colton will be missed by me cuz that guy has one of the hardest punches ive seen in the league. knockout power puncher. but theres other aspects of an enforcers game and they gotta be able to hit hard and skate. when guys cant skate good they cant hit hard enough. he looked like he got better at skating but i dont remember him being able to just level guys with a good open ice hit

  29. That’s probably the only time brash has ever been knocked down. I seem to remember orr getting laid out by brashear – was that last season? Posting from my blackberry otherwise I’d post the link.

    Carp, can you provide your insight here? What’s the consensus on the scare factor around the league? I imagine boogaard, laraque and brash are up there?

  30. our pk was mostly good because of hank. alot of times, if guy broke sticks, youd see betts make a run to the bench and let dru on. idk but that leaves a big opening for a few seconds and i think the faith in your goaltender taht these guys have in hank has given them the confidence to do little things like that and take chances. betts and shoe were great though, and i really dont think our pk will be as good without them. but we have something we didnt before, thats gaborik. we have a go to guy now that we didnt have last year and i dont know about you guys, but whenever we were down in a game, i thought for sure we would lose. z and doobs and nazzy came through for us in some clutch situations and gabby is so good i wont be as worried if we are down a goal or 2 in the 3rd anymore. of course if capn clutch can show up the way he did in the victoriacup game against metal mountain, id be more than satisfied with himthis year.

  31. orr wasnt an intimidator. he was just a crazy sob who would kick butt in a fight, but i never got the feeling people were as afraid of him as brashear. idk y i just think brash has more of a rep and can throw some good hits. yea, and noonans right, he does cheapshot ya but hey, it works and if he can stop guys from goin after gabby, then yea, im fine with him bein here.

  32. With Mara seemingly gone, there’s no one at all on the back line to keep them from running over Henrik. Brashear will at least take their number. He’ll also finish a lot of things that Avery starts. I think it’s a good pickup.

  33. I will always root for the rangers. but I will never root for the thug.

    he is a thug, Orr was not a thug a good old fashioned enforcer.

    Brashear intentionally tries to hurt people..

  34. Most fighters in the league are nervous when it comes to fighting Orr, because he’s the ONLY FIGHTER, in the NHL who has the balls to take a shot to give a shot. If he cant hit you with the right, he’ll switch to the right, and pound you until you grab hold of his left, then he switches to the right.

    Orr has huge pink canadian balls !! As Dennis Leary once said.

    I miss him already, just like i missed Ortmeyer. Instead of Ortmeyer, Slats chose Hollweg, instead of Orr, Slats chose Brash. They’re small decisions that don’t mean much, but still, id much rather have Orty, and Orr over those two losers any day of the week. Even if Orty isn’t healthy.

    But what ever. And i disagree with you Carp, we all hate Komisarek, but most of us wanted him here, and same for Orpik the year before, and even some with Commodore. That was the same deal with Kaspar, and others.

    I hate Brash, and i don’t care what he does, ill cheer against him when he fights, and i wont like him unless every game he does something good. And scored ten game winning goals. And a Malik shootout winner.

  35. Mike, matt cullen may disagree with you!!! I liked orr a lot, but I agree with carp. I think this brashear crap will die down. We paid a little too much for him, but sather did that to ensure we got him. He is a bit of a better player dthan orr and the fact that torts supposedly wanted him tells me he may see abit more ice time than we all think. He is a cheap shot artist at times, but that is what makes him an assest on the team, other teams worried about what he will do (intimidation folks, what we need more of), same reason slats needs to go out and get gauthier on D. He intimidates people with his hitting. Pilon was a good pick up back in the day(man he could hit), and ulf samuellson is still one of my favorite rangers of all time (even though he was only here for 4 years). For what it is worth I thought Chris Simon was one of the best enforcers in the league and he had hockey skills, too bad we didn’t hold on to him during the purge, we would not be having this orr vs brashear debate!

  36. bull dog line on

    i think most are overestimating Orr’s value. tried to like the brashere move, can’t bring myself to it.

  37. BULL

    No, that was a beauty hit by Orr, he saw it all the way, but he’s not used to throwing open ice hits, so he accidentally cracked his head on Cullens helmet, which is why he was busted open.

    That was the best Ranger hit ive seen since i started watching Nyr hockey, unless im missing something. I just hate that it had to be Cullen, i always liked the guy.

  38. This “cheap shot” arguement just doesn’t hold water for me, did I like some of the shot he put on rangers in the past, hell no, I’m a rangers fan and betts was one of my favorite recent rangers (i do remember when kaspar was miked up by msg and there was a scrum and he ended up with brash when he was with the flyers and after he got to the bench kaspar jokingly said good thing for him they broke it up, man kaspar was hilarious). Being an edgy role player/fighter is a part of a team like a talented scorer or great passer is. The logic just doesn’t make sense because he is a “cheap shot artist”, I mean gaborik scored 5 goals agaist us in a game, sounds like an “offencive” cheap shot to me, where are all his haters. How many points did jagr score against us with pitt and the caps, why didn’t anyone “always hate him” and boo him continuously and always cheer for him to never score?? Makes absolutely NO sense to me, brash has a niche job in the NHL and does it well, just like prolific scorers have a job. I will miss orr and betts and sjo and ulfie and simon and norstrom and reitz and savard and mess and bueke and graves and all the other players for one reason or another are gone now that were good rangers (or great) when they were here, but brash is a ranger now and my wife and I are HUGE ranger fans and we will root for him as part of our hockey club.

  39. Tom Foolery on

    4 years for Orr was ridiculous. They needed someone to replace him. Brashear was the best available. This will be a non-issue once the season starts and we go back to complaining about the awful power play and Redden

  40. I hate the Brashear signing, but there is a lot more to talk about right now, and in a Sunday column, then the 12th forward on the Rangers-

    This team has made great moves thus far in my opinion- the Brash move stings but anyone that isn’t overjoyed at what we have done thus far is out of their mind- we took Gomez’ salary that a week ago we all said was unmovable and turned it into a useful top 9 forward along with a guy who becomes our top 3 best prospect- then turned around and used the $ to sign a guy with world-class talent (albeit an oft-injured one). We have a much better, much more flexible roster now and something we can build on in the next several years- The current dead weight is simply Redden (I don’t consider Drury/Rosival dead weight) who if we put on waivers will cost half as much.

    What are the next moves?

  41. Yeah, hopefully today, we see those “next moves”, there’s some decent talent out there, either sign, or make a trade, either way, do it NOW !!!

  42. I hope we can move rozie’s contract for a decent center obviously not straight up maybe throw in a prospect (defensive)and a 2nd or 3rd round pick

  43. Bull Dog

    Either way it was a helluva hit, but no, orr was NOT a big time open ice hitter.

  44. I agree about the next moves, what the heck is taking so long, could someone call slats and tell him to get off the golf course and on the phone, we need a hard hitting physical d man or two and we need to dump rozy somewhere.

  45. i think any move the Rangers make from here on out will be bt trade and there is no rush if that is the case.

  46. Would you guys simply “dump” Rosi, or would you need something of value back? For me, I need something of value back- I think Rosi is a bit underrated. He’s not perfect by any stretch, and is not worth 5 million per- but at this point there aren’t any FA D-men out there who are as good-

    Redden I would straight up dump (impossible), Rosi I need the deal to make sense-

  47. Question guys …

    I’ve been pushing the idea that we a fine at center (I cant wait to see Dubinsky centering Gaborik) and could use a playmaking winger to build around Drury

    Would you rather see Tanguay here (Drury Colorado Days revisted) for about 3.5 – 4 million/ 1 year ??


    Maxim Afinoganov here (Max’s highest point totals on Buffalo coincide with Drury’s highest point totals in his career 2005-2007) for about 1.5 – 2 million/ 1 year

  48. We hate Brashear because of who he is, not who he plays for. We hated Holik, Lindros, et al. because of the teams they played for, not because they were out and out goons like Brashear is. Whatever he brings to the team that Orr did not (very little, if anything), will be outweighed by the negative aspects of his game. Is it any wonder that he’s never even come close to winning a Cup? I know, I know, a lot of great players never won Cups. That said, however, there is a lot to be said for team chemistry in winning a Cup, and most GMs (and good players) don’t want this guy on their team.

    On the other hand, it’s not the end of the world like some Ranger fans (and especially those commenting on Larry Brooks’ story) seem to think. He’s a veteran, he brings some toughness to the team, and teams will be wary because of him. As decent a guy as Colton Orr was, that didn’t stop players from taking runs at the Rangers (see Jagr, Betts (!), et al.). So let’s not get into a huff just because of Brashear. Maybe Tortorella will get through to him.

  49. Donald Brashear is an idiot, he has allways been an idiot, except now he is older but no wiser. As far as his playing prowness, he was bad when he started in this league, now he’s worse. He is a cheap shot, goon faced, half wit, that I never liked when he broke in and i like a lot less now. With that said I will always be a Ranger fan, but I will never have any use for him. I can’t wait til he screws up and gets dumped from this team. I really wonder what Sather is thinking

  50. As sick as it sounds brash wore an A in washington he actually might be able to shoulder some of the load that drury feels he has to bare. That being said i’m not defending him, i never liked brash but who knows it may make drury a little lighter and play better. Gomez joked around way too much yea we got killed last night hugh smile on his face like hey i’m robbing this place blind i don’t care if we lose 7-1 or 2-1 i still make my millions.

  51. Somerset- If you can get Alex T. for a 1/2 year deal I would rather him- but I’m not sure you can get him for less than 3, which would make me walk away-

  52. in rozys case, i believe he will be much easir to move during the season. all people rememnber is his bad season and its cuz he was nursing a hip surgery. give it some time, he’ll be moved, and if he returns to form, maybe we will want him to stay.

  53. tangay has bad shoulder, and we dont need 2 top forwards with injury problems. i wanted tangauy before, but idk, i mean if we cant trade for one, i guess hed be a good plan b.

  54. i do think tangauy would be great with drury like in col. but what is gonna want 5mm? we could trade rozy and bacically not take on more salary.

  55. IMO, the idea of goons stopping people from taking runs at people is old-fashioned and antiquated. All the goon does now is fight the other team’s goon. Sometimes it’s in retaliation for the goon hitting somebody. But it doesn’t deter the other goon from hitting somebody, it just exacts vengeance … to a very small degree. It stops nothing.

    And Brashear hitting the other team’s goon proves nothing. Maybe it gets the crowd a little fired up, or the bench, maybe.

    The thing with Brashear is that if Tortorella can get him on the ice against decent players, he can deliver big hits, especially on opposing defensemen. But if Chris Pronger wants to hit Gaborik high or late, Brashear’s not going to be able to do a thing about it. Pronger won’t fight him.

  56. yer right carp. about brash and his role on the team. it was basically just a slight improvement over orr. thats about it.

  57. When Pronger takes a run at Gaborik, Brash takes a run at Carter. The Rangers never had that before. Brash is capable. Better than Orr in every aspect. Even at this age. Mark my words: He will be effective on this new Ranger team.

  58. I did it before and I do it again even if he is wearing our jersey, I will BOO Brashear. I’d rather see Malik make a comeback rather than signing this THUG

  59. Master of Puppets on

    1st, eff larry. God only knows what keeps a cartoon-sized anvil from falling on that fools head.

    2nd, Carp, its understandable that you feel the need to warm up to him. In the lockerroom you’re a reporter first, and a fan second…nothing wrong with that. But the guy’s a scumbag. Deep down, its just the way it is.

    3rd, those other guys were pretty good hockey players and played a ‘chippy’ game on top of it. Brashear is a goon that can play hockey. Orr at $1m/4y was a better option. ESPECIALLY if Torts doesn’t like to roll 4. So you pay a guy MORE to play even LESS?

    4th, as long as this team runs under slats, and as long as the team is blanketed by reddens and drury’s ridiculous contracts they won’t get over the 2nd round hurdle. Just not good enough to compete with the teams in our division, let alone the rest of the East…or the league.

    Gabs 65-75 games this year won’t change that.

    (Getting out from under redden’s contract is the only chance…)

  60. Well I guess there is no place for Betts with this team anymore. So much for penalty killing.

  61. What are we in a Mother Theresa Sunday school? As long as a guy is plaing his role in team is ok with me being a TEAM fan not a person. From this standpoint I personally prefer him to hit/fight/intimidate like Cindy,Malkin,etc. instead of Gaborik/Dubi and be afraid for my players every time his is on ice. Our collective hatred of him didn’t help my fave Betts a one bit. Nothing personal really.

  62. “When Pronger takes a run at Gaborik, Brash takes a run at Carter. The Rangers never had that before.”

    CWGATTI-you hit the nail right on the head with this comment….cannot agree with you more…donald will be effective AND players like dubi and callahan wont have to drop the gloves-they are tough kids and will still stand up for themselves but how many times did we see dubi get 10 min misconducts when we needed him out there….maybe redden and roszival will be a little less scared to go in the corners when they have avery and donald on the ice-maybe the opposition will think twice about going after our dman hard in the corner-we shall see

  63. I think there is a very good chance that Rozy gets traded to Dallas. I dont believe that we are trading for Brad Richards, but i wouldnt mind getting back Stephane Robidas in the deal.

    Right now Dallas only has 7.5 million committed to their blue-line (they took a big hit losing Zubov and Sydor), and still have around 13 million dollars in total cap space.

    I think Rozy has value still, and since the UFA market is pretty depleted of Defensive talent (only Schneider, Kuba, and MA Bergeron had more points then Rozsival last year are available). I think a trade could possibly worked out there??

    This is the second time Rozsival has been rumored to be on the block to Dallas. THe first time was when the whole Avery thing first happened, and now Brook’s “Rozy + for Richards” rumor.

  64. DOMI28 July 5th, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    “I did it before and I do it again even if he is wearing our jersey, I will BOO Brashear. I’d rather see Malik make a comeback rather than signing this THUG”

    Your name is DOMI28. . . are you f***ing kidding me?!?! Bring your self righteous crap to Scott Neidermeyer’s concussion specialist.

    Geez. When Brashear beats the hell out of some poor guy 2 games into next season, are you goona change your name to BRASH87?!?!?1

  65. I’m a Caps fan living in NYC and I’m thrilled that he signed with the Rangers, because it’s the next best thing to him being on the Caps. I hated it when the Caps first signed him and quickly changed my mind- you all will too. He’s a great addition to any team. He may not be the most talented guy on the team, but he’s more capable than he’s given credit for. He’ll provide some veteran leadership and even if he doesn’t drop the gloves every game, his presence still makes a difference. Last season is last season- time to look forward.

  66. Larry Brooks’ moralizing .. ugh.

    1. As soon as Brashear lands a haymaker on the guy who knocked Ryan Callahan silly, real Rangers fans will alter their attitude pronto. They should. I appreciated Betts as much as the next fan, but he is more Kris King not Jean Ratelle

    2. Goons come and go. The Rangers have signed virtually every gangster they could get their hands on in the past four decades and most of them had, and one point or another, also deployed some contemptible cheap shot at some Ranger. Do you remember what Chris Nilan used to do to the Rangers before he got here from Montreal? Pat Verbeek once kicked the crap out of a Brain Leetch, because he knew Leetch had never fought in his life. Those are two off the top of my head, surely there are others.

    3. If Brasher is not that type of guy the team needs he won’t play. Sitting a fourth-liner is no big shakes.

    4. Orr is better. I don’t like Brashear. Yet, the difference on the ice will be marginal. Both would play little. Orr was younger; Brashear is unquestionably more intimidating. He’s nuts and he makes people nervous on the ice. It’s ugly, but it’s been around forever. We played Sandy McCarthy and Chris Simon, and one of the cheapest guys on earth, Dale Puriton, on this team. Sean Avery is borderline rational. Let’s not get high and mighty.

    5. I’ve been watching the Rangers since I’m 9, starting in 1979. And for the vast majority of those frustrating years it’s been the Rangers who are apprehensive and bullied. The Rangers are the ones who end up crying about Dave Browns and Dennis Potvins and Donald Brashers and Mick Vokutas. For a while there in the 90s we were loaded with fighters, but that didn’t work out either. Obviously it takes more than Joey Kocur, it takes team toughness – Graves, Messier, Beaukaboom and other players with grit who can play. But it never hurts to have a borderline homicidal maniac hanging around, either. Especially if the coach can control him, somewhat.

    Finally, I’ve worked in media for around 15 years, and still can’t figure out why things like the Brashear signing create so much (media-stoked) consternation among fans, considering the rangers signed a 27-year-old superstar, as well. I can’t believe that Brashear deserves a Sunday column from Larry Brooks but not Gaborik. The Rangers have legitimate young talent on the blueline and guys like Dubinsky and Callahan and Staal — and now Higgins — that easy to root for and embody the grit of the game. Brashear is a trivial component to the team, certainly compared to the additions of Gaborik or Higgins — and probably trivial compared to Gilroy or Grachev or Del Zotto, et al. I would rather learn more about any one of those young players than read more of Brooks’ didactic finger-wagging.

    Just one curmudgeon’s opinion.

  67. f-champs. In total agreement.I couldn’t say better, for the lack of literature talent, – you did. Thank you.

  68. “When Pronger takes a run at Gaborik, Brash takes a run at Carter. The Rangers never had that before.”

    Lol, yeah, Pronger throws a shot at Gabby that goes un-penalized, naturally. Then Brash does what ever he can to try and catch Richards, or Carter, and any of their top players, and when he finally does, he takes a dumb penalty, and they score on the PP, and we lose the game.

    Pointless signing. I do agree with Carp, enforcers are becoming useless, they’re putting in that dumb fighting rule, so staged fights are long gone, and the instigator penalty ruins fighting, so any time Brash retaliates, odds are he’s gonna be in the box for two or more minutes.

    That’s the way it is, like Carp said, enforcers wont scare players into not throwing big hits at stars. All you can do is make them pay for it, legally. This team needs players that know how to throw a hit, cause that’s the only way to retaliate these days.

  69. I hope Aves doesn’t call Brash a monkey. The locker room could get ugly this year. Can you imagine if we signed Komi and Neil, along with Aves, and Brash here. Wow, the hatred would be amazing.

    As for Rozi, i agree with that guy. If Slats trades Rozi, i expect him to get a decent return, hopefully. But i wont care that much if we don’t, as long as he’s gone. I don’t care if you’re coming off of hip surgery, there is no reason to make the kind of mistakes he made, look no further then that game against the Isles, where he coughed up the puck so pathetically, and we gave up a shorthanded goal.

    Too many times he’s made stupid moves. He had one great year with Nyr, and that was in 07, and i don’t expect him to have a year like that again, at least not with this team.

    Dump him, get a center, or who knows, maybe LA would be interested since they just gave up the guy who QB’d their PP. It would be super sweet to bring in Frolov ! Obviously the deal would need to be sweetened.

  70. Carp- From your 2:59 post- i think that the difference that the Rangers see between Orr and Brashear is that, while both are “heavyweights” Brashear affects the game much more when he is not fighting…I agree that in today’s NHL the heavyweight pretty much just fights other heavyweights- but Brashear really does go after people without just fighting them…I still hate him, but maybe there is a reason I hate him and other teams will hate him just as much-

    But there are much more important things to discuss going forward than this- hopefully there will be some rumors, news soon-

  71. rozy should get some sort of return in my opinion. Trade him to dallas along with korpi and either Z or a pick or two for richards and something, then sign zubov for a year or so and get a banger like Gauthier as a FA. Option two trade him to the sens for heatley and volchenkov along with korpi and Z, then try to sign koivu as a pivot (even though I think he is more of a second line center at this stage of his career). Option three trade him to LA for the rights to Jack Johnson (I think he is a RFA). Just on opinion though.

  72. cwgatti
    July 5th, 2009 at 3:26 pm
    DOMI28 July 5th, 2009 at 3:17 pm
    “I did it before and I do it again even if he is wearing our jersey, I will BOO Brashear. I’d rather see Malik make a comeback rather than signing this THUG”
    Your name is DOMI28. . . are you f***ing kidding me? Bring your self righteous crap to Scott Neidermeyer’s concussion specialist.
    Geez. When Brashear beats the hell out of some poor guy 2 games into next season, are you goona change your name to BRASH87?!?!?1
    WHo is he gonna beat up, Betts again? WRONG,You @ss!

  73. Brasher will be fine,Pretty good at getting in the corners.I agree that he is pure goon,but a great goon to have on our team.If he starts getting stupid and careless minors or worse he won’t play Torts won’t put up with it.
    Two months til training camp.
    One more thing with us not getting a center in the free agent(yes,i know its not over yet) market it looks like we’re gonna play our kids.We have some real good loking ones not counting Dubi,hes a given.

  74. seth and cw, I understand. But what I’m saying is you get retaliation but not prevention. Pronger is going to hit Gaborik, no two ways about it. Whatever Brashear does to Carter isn’t going to stop that. And Brashear better hit Carter anyway.

    The point is, Brashear isn’t changing anything in the way Pronger plays … although perhaps Pronger will be more careful for those three minutes or so that he and Brashear might be on the ice at the same time. Just as having Brashear on Washington didn’t affect what Orr did in those games, not even one little bit.

    People argued that if Orr had been in Game 6, Brashear wouldn’t have taken out Betts. That’s bull. Orr would have fought Brashear at some point, or maybe right then and there. But Betts still would have had his head busted up.

  75. I am just impatient as all hell now. I want to see some hockey. Remember last season when Gaborik hit Nazzy so hard that Nazzy had a rough time getting to the bench, ha.

  76. Rick,

    I understand what you are saying…i guess what i am really trying to say is that Donald is overall a better hockey player than Orr but at the same time this issue wont really be a focal point once training camp and the season begins-both guys wont see more than 6-8 minutes a games but yes overall donald is better than orr, how many pts did orr have last year? definitely under 10 pts, i believe he has 3 goals in 2 years-he cant lift the puck off the ice..good luck to toronto they may have a 4th line that intimidates but with orr and hollweg there wont be many red lights lit or GO LEAFS GO chant with them on the ice…heck they should go after betts to complete our old 4th line…. i know Orr was well liked by his team but it is the coaching staff’s job to make sure Donald is well liked in the locker room-they will have failed us if the chemistry is an issue

  77. The last while the only people Brashear can hit, are either blindsided, or from behind, Well I do remember seeing him hit a guy with his stick, who had been knocked down in the corner by someone else. all a person has to do to avoid Brashear is keep his feet moving. Brashear can’t catch an old guy pushing a walker.

  78. Rick, thanks for blogging / commenting on Sundays.

    Brashear’ll be Brashear… It’s 2 years, if nothing happens whatever, another Sather mistake… Other than that we’re looking good to go next year.

  79. f champs- you make some very good and logical points aqbout brash. great post

  80. Take a look at the Red Wings. I think few would disagree that they have been the most consistent team in hockey for the past 15-or-so years. Why have they been so good (aside from having excellent scouting)? Because they can roll four lines and have a scoring threat on each one. Darren McCarty is their “enforcer”, but the guy has shown that he can score 10+ goals a year. Contrast this with a guy like Orr or Brashear, both of whom offer nothing more than their fists.

    With the way the game has changed over the past few decades (more padding, faster/more finesse-style game), the enforcer has become obsolete, unless he can shoot and pass the puck. To see a team make a significant financial investment in a guy like Brashear makes me question Sather’s judgment; but then again, it seems like everything he’s done in New York has done the same.

  81. As usual, Sather can’t put it all together at the right time. Maybe Brashear would have been better when Jagr was getting beaten up every night? And why did he need to be signed for two years at his age? Even Bill Guerin was only signed for one year. Sather just doesn’t seem to know what to do every year, and builds his team around the available free agents, instead of using free agents to complement his plan of building a team. It’s not Brashear who is the problem, it’s Sather’s desperate need to sign random players. Yes, he got Gaborik, but who else is a first liner on this team? Don’t boo the players, boo the management who never has to apologize or take the blame for their huge and continual mistakes.

  82. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Brashear takes costly penalties
    Brashear will take cheap hits
    Brashear wont score much
    Brashear is paid too much
    Brashear is ugly
    Brashear is dumb looking
    Brashear makes people hate him
    Brashear is a goon

    With that said :

    Brashear will hit
    Brashear will fight
    Brashear will intimidate
    Brashear will give us a type of presence
    Brashear is now a Ranger

  83. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Guy puts on a Ranger sweater …is alright by me.

  84. Propaghandi on

    There’s something incredibly hilarious to me about hockey fans who accept fighting and aggressiveness but draw the line at some intangible line of morality they feel Brashear has crossed.

    I know Ranger fans who wax poetically about Tie Domi skating down the ice sitting on his stick after scoring a goal when he was with the Rangers, ignorant of him knocking out Ulf Samuelsson in 95. And they easily forget Domi knocking out Niedermeyer in the 2001 playoffs. Not to mention him beating the snot out of a fan.

    Hockey fans know and celebrate the name Eddie Shore, but how many know about Shore hitting Ace Bailey from behind, ending Bailey’s hockey career? Bailey fractured his skull and Shore was on trial for attempted murder.

    Anyone remember McSorley’s attack on Brashear? Or how about the antics of Chris Simon or Todd Bertuzzi?

    The worse Brashear has done was his hit on Betts. And it wasn’t even really a cheap shot. He squared up to Betts and threw him a shoulder. At worst, it could be called a late hit as Campbell ruled.

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Many hockey fans are racist and judge Brashear much more harshly than Bertuzzi or McSorley or Simon or Shore, dismissing the simple fact that all of those guys are unarguably much dirtier players than Brashear. Hockey is still predominantly considered a “white” sport and the thought of a black guy on the Rangers angers many folks.

  85. This Brashear talk is ridiculous. Spilled milk. Let it vanish like all the crying over Jarko Imonnen. I would prefer to talk about the NEXT Ranger acquisition. . . .that Brashear will protect.

  86. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    The sterio – typical hockey player was white at one time…Hockey is not us “whites” comming together and making a sport that other races , cant be or wont be accepted. Those days are long gone!! Im in Saskatchewan and we have natives (Cree ,Metis Indians)playing hockey all year round!!! If you ever get into a pick up game in an old school yard , The amount of Natives with Hard shots and fast legs are overbearing. Many Native don’t make it and alot of Black famillies cant afford the hockey programs and get shut out. In a day were your president is black , i’d say the hockey players have that same freedom and Brashear is a hated goon cuz hes just miseble to play against and Marty hit him in the head with his stick cuz he was a jerk!! Not because he was black. Colors of skin is a mute point when it comes to hockey players. Any race can play!!!

  87. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Brashear hasn’t even laced on a pair of skates yet and here we are …One thing for sure , ya all can’t wait to see him play his first game!! It’s kinda like watching a train wreck isn’t it? just can look away …even as awfull it is.
    Limited ice time he’ll get so you’ll just have to watch Avery!!!

  88. rozy should get some sort of return in my opinion. Trade him to dallas along with korpi and either Z or a pick or two for richards and something, then sign zubov for a year or so and get a banger like Gauthier as a FA. Option two trade him to the sens for heatley and volchenkov along with korpi and Z, then try to sign koivu as a pivot (even though I think he is more of a second line center at this stage of his career). Option three trade him to LA for the rights to Jack Johnson (I think he is a RFA). Just on opinion though.


    In my opinion, i think Rozi, and a pick or prospect is enough for Richards, he’s a big contract, and from what i hear they’re not that hot for him, sort of like us with Blowmez, so i think they’re just look to move him, and they need a guy who can man the PP, and as crazy as it seems, Rozi can be that guy, or at least that’s what they think. As for Gauthier, no way, it wont ever work out, Aves already basically called him a French Canadian pu$$y, and they hate each other, and it most likely wont work out. And there’s no way Murray trades us tHeatley, and their most most important D-man, for Rozi, an un-proven prospect, and a RFA who disappears from time to time. They would trade Heatley alone for what ever Slats was offering. It would take Dubi, Rozi, Korp, a 1st, and Grachev to land those two, in my opinion, and that’s way too much to give up. And lastly, id love to trade Rozi for JJ straight up, and Lombardi is a fuggin MORON, so he might do that deal, but JJ wants a big raise, which he doesn’t really deserve, especially since he hasn’t put up the kind of number worthy enough for the money he wants, and on top of that he spent most of last season injured. But i sure would love ot add JJ, and Frolov to this roster.


    I disagree with you, Brash wouldn’t throw that hit, if Orr was on the ice, which he would have been. Throwing that hit through off Nyr, and they played terrible, he took advantage of the situation. That’s my opinion, but that’s just the way it is, look no further than Todd Fedoruk. Orr wasn’t on the ice in that game, and the Flowers were a garbage team, and they played dirty, and he led the way, elbowing Jagr’s head, slew footing Prucha, twice in a row, boarding Ortmeyer. He took advantage, and he knew there was nothing nyone can do aboot it, cause he was the toughest player on the ice. Orr made him pay, he embarrassed him, and made him look like a pathetic wimp, and ever since that game where Orr knocked him to hell n back, he hasn’t played dirty like that ever since.

    Don’t underestimate the presence of an enforcer !!!

    Hate the refs !!

  89. “When Pronger takes a run at Gaborik, Brash takes a run at Carter. The Rangers never had that before.”

    But guess what, Gaborik would still be out cold or otherwise injured. The key to having an enforcer is to give a regular, or semi-regular, shift so he acts a deterrent – not a retaliator. With Torts giving the fourth line limited minutes how is Brashear, Orr or anyone else a deterrent? You can’t put the toothpaste back in the conatiner once you squeeze it out.

  90. He probably won’t be getting the big bucks if he didn’t get them already.

    If he’s an affordable signing it makes sense to get him.

  91. GREG

    In NHL 09, right now he has ZERO ice time, matter of fact, he isn’t even in the lineup, muahaha, i stuck Aranson on that 4th line, with Voros, and Boyle, Nice chemistry.

    I hope Boyle is as good in real life as he is in NHL 09. Wicked slap shot !! Fun to play as.

    And im finally using the regular controls for the game, the fancy version. It’s tough, but im getting used to it. The only reason im trying to learn, is cause you cant switch lines with the original controls, so the 4th line, for what ever reason, gets more ice time than the 2nd, and 3rd. EA SUCKS !!!

  92. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Actually …ya can suck it back up by squezzing out the air and then bending the sides , it will suck the tooth paste back in!!!

    NHL 09 controls are like butter now , easy and great!! My be a pro guy is building up stats nicely online but me and my buddy havent been winning much as teamate on our own club!! My versus play is 33-33-3 xbox360 that is.

  93. Propaghandi, I agree 200% with your post and I wanna thank you for saying it. A lot of people don’t have any clue about the nuances of racism. They don’t understand that, despite having a black man in the White House, old biases prevail.

    This is a weird place to have this discussion because, even though I love you guys, I don’t think you really want to think about how your reactions to a player like Brashear might be tinged with racism.

    Whatever, I’m just asking you guys to think about it before you keep going on calling him a “thug”. It IS racist language, even if that wasn’t your intention.

    And thanks, Carp, for being tuned in to what’s going on and for not putting up with it. You’re awesome.

  94. Should never had traded simon in the purge! Agree with CW, let’s try and move on from the new rangers and discuss the soon to be rangers. Anyone hear any new info or rumors on future acquisitions???

  95. Brashear will not protect anyone, he will not help this team one bit. Unless you consider him sitting on the bench will toughen up the Rangers. I guess Washington didn’t think so or he wouldn’t be in New York.

  96. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sally , when I refer to him as a thug …Its because he is one. I know racism is still around but to defend Donald cuz hes black and not realizing how hated he can be ( ala Avery). Brashear does his role to a “T” , thats why we have him and I know im gonna be pritty happy knowing this “goon” is on our side!! Goon is a hockey fighter , see the show SLAP SHOT and youll see it has nothing to do with being black.

  97. racism my behind, Brashear’s an on ice idiot, cheap shot artist, has been from day one.

  98. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Hockeymon , I know sather has be crusicied here in NY but he made this move to make us better. Brashear does protect and he does more that Colton Orr.In this wild Atlantic Division , ya need brute strength and If Carp doesn’t think Brashear will bump into Pronger …well , ill take Glen on this one . Brashear will make his mark , mark my word.

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    ok ok Brashear has done some idiotic things ….but EASYYYYYYY , hes a Ranger now , let’s give him a clean slate eh?

  100. Tyler, you’d have to trade back a center, so a more likely trade scenario would be:

    Rozsival (or Redden if possible) (Dallas owes us a favor!)
    2010 1st

    Richards is an elite player, plus if Redden was to be included (remember, Dallas tried to sign Redden last year), they’d want Dubi or a top prospect such as Anisimov in return.

    Rozsival/Girardi/pick might get you another d-man though… lol

  101. thats fine i like girardi a lot but i feel like he isn’t as good without tyutin who i also wish they still had. i think he would have done well with torts… def better than redden and a whole lot cheaper!


    Have faith in Drury, Dubi, and AA.

    Rozsival +(Korpi?) to Dallas for Robidas (the Big D-man we need)

    Then with the 3.5 million we save, get a playmaking winger to play with Drury … Tanguay or Maxim Afino

  103. Most of us liked Dawes, up until that little scene in Boston where he pussied out, and avoided a hit, that eventually led to the lone goal in that game, so i doubt racism has anything to do with it. Granted Dawes isn’t the poster boy for this subject, he’s more gray than black, in my opinion.

    Does anyone know if Chris Kreider, and Ryan Bourque know each other or played on the same team ? I just noticed they’re both from Boxford, MA.

  104. Maxim is a joke he is a terrible player i have friends that are sabres fans that couldn’t wait to get rid of him he is lazier than Zherdev!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tanguay wants way too much money he wants like 5 million and he wants multi year deal if your gonna do that you might as well kept antro. Robidas makes sense but i doubt dallas wants to give him up. Straight up trade rosival for gomez hahahaha jk

  105. Orr, so we disagree. That’s fine. But I’ve known enough of these heavyweights to know that they’re not afraid of each other, that if they’re going to hit somebody clean or even if they’re going to do something stupid, the idea that they will have to fight the other goon doesn’t deter them from doing it. They go into every game figuring they’re going to have to fight the opposing goon, no matter what happens in the game.

    I still think Brashear lays out Betts in Game 6. Then he has to answer to Orr. Doesn’t change what happened.

  106. Come to think of it … if Brashear laid out Betts and Orr tried to get at him, I’d bet the referees would have given Brashear a penalty. That’s how they react.

    And the more I think of it, the more I can’t believe how incompetent those referees were in that game.

  107. Yeah but Orr… that’s what I mean by “nuance”. I wouldn’t say that any of you hate all people of color or that you don’t think they should play the game. I’m saying that some of the words you all use have really long histories. Racism isn’t black and white (haha!)… it’s complicated. I’m not arguing for being “PC” for PCs sake, I’m just saying it’s really important to know where your thoughts/words are coming from.

  108. SALLY

    You know what adds to it ? The fact that the black Rangers of the past haven’t really been that great. Weekes didn’t work out, Carter was more interested in rap than hockey, supposedly, and Dawes was a disappointment, cause we all thought that he’d be a 20-30 goal scorer, and he turned out to be a bust, at least for now.

    I bet everyone wishes we had Evander Kane though, huh ??? Speaking of which, i notcied Evander Kane has some hot sisters. Patrick Kane has some hot sisters too. No relation between the two, obviously.

  109. I would rather have Orr but once he was gone , I wasn’t upset about the Brashear signing. It’s just like Pacino said in the Godfather “it’s nothing personal it’s just business”

    I am however concerned That Huggy Bear is 37 and was banged up last year. But there is no doubt once he goes out for a shift EVERY One in the Building knows it

    He also Hits and fights more often than Orr which I am looking forward to.

    10 Minutes of 1974 Ranger/Flyer Semifinal Game Three at MSG Schultz Slugs Park :

  110. I haven’t really watched him play too much and I’m not really sure what “type” of d man he is(hard hitter, good passer, pp specialist…) but what do you guys/gals think of signing Francois Beauchemin?!?!

  111. He is a shutdown d man but he is probably going to be too rich for the rangers..he is very good and can chew up a lot of minutes if needed

  112. I still hated Holik and Kaspar, even when they were Rangers. And somehow I never hated Lindros all those years he was in Philly — blame my misguided hormones of my teenage years — so I was probably the only Ranger fan in the ‘verse that was *happy* when he came here.

    But yes, I will hate Brashear his entire existence (as a Ranger and beyond). I won’t warm up to him after a couple fights or anything. I’ll hope he does well at what he does, for the sake of the Rangers, but I’ll still feel extreme annoyance whenever I have to look at him.

  113. Brooks is out of line… I wonder how many times Brashears took a run at a Cap when he was with the Flyers?

    This isn’t Detroit picking up Lemieux, this isn’t the Rangers picking up Potvin… is Sather out of touch? yes, he is. He needs to go. But calm it down Larry. Brashears has a job to do on the ice. And it doesn’t matter if he plays for Vancouver, Washington, Philly, or New York.

    When Pronger, Rupp, Cote, etc are taking liberties with Gaborik, Drury, Callahan, etc, Orr signed with TO, we need someone to do something.

  114. Brashear is a thug. But he is a Ranger now. I don’t want him to get booed or to fail. I want him to succeed. I’ve played on a few hockey teams.

    You use every tool you have to win a championship. He can provide more value than Orr did I believe. I was pissed at first, but this isn’t the family picnic, and emotions don’t matter.

    Last year’s Rangers almost made it to the second round of the playoffs. Mostly because of the man behind the mask. I think we are better than a lot of eastern teams on paper. Heck. I wanted the penguins over Boston in the playoffs this year.

    I guess I am trying to say that we got a lot better this off season. Brashear wasn’t my favorite signing, but when I put my emotions aside, it was probably a good move after Orr left.

    People are whining about our penalty kill. Have these people played hockey? They don’t realize it takes a goalie first, then two good lines after that. We still have that.

    Rangers will be a better team next year.

    Happy Birthday America!

  115. Fly line

    As to the capability of Roszival, that’s not the important thing. Sure he has a certain amount of ability ( after all look how long he’s played in the league, that has to count for something in the way of ability.) But the problem of having him is the inordinate amount of ice time that he is given. He’s way over used, and he doesn’t deserve it, nor earn it. He stays on too long, gets tired and if in his own end he coughs up the puck, sometimes with perfect passes to the other team. He also takes Waaaaay too many cheapo penalties like hooking holding and tripping. Why these coaches put him on the PP night after night stuns me. Redden too. Redden takes at least 30 -40 seconds between getting the puck and deciding what to do with it.

  116. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sorry to say but that Brookies article is a bunch of garbage!!! Let me get this straight , as much as Mario disliked Gretzky , Malkin dislike Ovetchkin or Churla and that other goon we got at the same time …all get along when they are on the same team!! Brooks states that animosities with outher player should be held with team grudges , bla bla bla….SO WHY BROOKS ..Did we get Drury (when he was in buffalo)when he killed us in that last few seconds in the playoffs ?? Gomez was the reason Jagr threw his shoulder out and we aquired Gomez. Holik was hated and we got him…Avery slanders our team after he left..Averys here!!!Brooks article is just to piss off us Ranger fans and I aint biting!!! Lets put it this way , If Avery ever went to the Devils , Marty would be the first person to say welcome. I knotice that marty did say Aves was doing his “job” and in hockey , all is war untill ya meet up as teamates!!

  117. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    As soon as Glens finished coddling Vinny L. Videos have been sent and blank Powerplay option papers for Vinny to “fill in”. Were gonna lose someone we like …But visions of vinny dancing in our heads at night will stop us from crying when Dubi is sacrifieced!!!

  118. I think Brook’s article was a shot at Torts, for making such a big deal when someone likely Brooks walked on the Ranger emblem on rhe floor. The pride thing and all yet according to Brooks they don’t pride not to sign a goon that allmost took rhe head off a clean playing hard working Ranger only a few short months ago. Maybe I added a bit to it but thats my take on it.

  119. zherdev and cally filed for salary arbitration today. dunno if it was mentioned in betwen all the brash talk.

  120. so, what exactly does it mean they filed? They did not agree with the rangers QO??? Please enlighten me!!!

  121. f-champs, one of the best posts I’ve read on any Ranger site in a while. Great, well thought out points, made very intelligently.

  122. Well, whatever the heck the whole arbitration thing is, I see colby armstrong and tuomo ruutu on the list and I would love to have ither one of those guys on our roster!!!

  123. Brooks is, at best, only occaisionally worth reading – most of the time he is just full of scheit. And yes, I did read his piece. The comment that I was thinking about before I did, wasn’t this harsh.

  124. robidas is small and old..

    they would never give up girardi and roszival unless they got a D man back…

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