Arbitration for Callahan, Zherdev


Got this from the NHLPA:

TORONTO (July 5, 2009) – The following players have elected Salary Arbitration:

Anaheim Ducks: James Wisniewski
Atlanta Thrashers: Colby Armstrong
Boston Bruins: Matt Hunwick
Buffalo Sabres: Clarke MacArthur
Carolina Hurricanes: Tuomo Ruutu
Chicago Blackhawks: Aaron Johnson
Columbus Blue Jackets: Marc Methot
Detroit Red Wings: Jiri Hudler
Edmonton Oilers: Denis Grebeshkov
Minnesota Wild: Kyle Brodziak
Montreal Canadiens: Tomas Plekanec
New Jersey Devils: Travis Zajac
New York Islanders: Nate Thompson
New York Rangers: Ryan Callahan, Nikolai Zherdev
Phoenix Coyotes: Nigel Dawes, Daniel Winnik
Tampa Bay Lightning: Matt Smaby
Vancouver Canucks:
Kyle Wellwood
Washington Capitals: Milan Jurcina

The deadline for Club-Elected Salary Arbitration notification is July 6, 2009 at 5 p.m. ET. Hearings will be held in Toronto from July 20 to August 4, 2009.

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  1. for those who asked in the previous post, it’s pretty simple. They go to an aribtrator who decides the salary. It gets pretty ugly, the team trying to paint the player as poorly as possible to save money. But you can also still negotiate during the process.

  2. Oh, and the way I remember it is the club has the right to walk away from the decision, and allow the player to be an unrestricted free agent. Once the club walks away, though, it cannot trade that player.

  3. the only good thing is they cant get offer sheets from other teams, correct?

    this also shows that zherdev wants to play in the nhl.

    the bad is they will only get a 1 year deal and become UFAs next season.

  4. Carp, I read somewhere that we don’t have the right to take Dubi to arbitration, is that true and why?

    Also, does this mean Zherdev will 100% be playing in the NHL next year? It’s basically the player agreeing to a deal TBD based on the arbitration hearing, right?

    I think if Cally is as important as everyone says he is to our future it is pretty important to avoid a nasty arbitration hearing-

  5. Rick, I think someone asked the question, but can you trade a player in arbitration? I would love to see armstrong or tuomo ruutu playing for us!!!

  6. They were going to take Henrik to arbitration and never did. All it does is ensure a team like Chicago or Vancouver doesn’t try anything shady.

    They’ll get it done with Cally; Boston took Ray Bourque to arbitration, and Avery had a nasty case and is still here.

  7. Rick if the rangers reach an agreement can another team match it like they could if there was not arbitration?

  8. Carp – What’s your best guess on what either might be awarded in arbitration? Callahan had a good year and seems like he should get something more, but it is really only the one good year. Zherdev may have a better case based on his goal scoring and amount of time in the league, but I think they’ll let him walk if he is awarded too much.
    Maybe seeing Brash get all that dough got them thinking? Orr now earns more than Cally too…

  9. Oh, ok. I got confused bc I thought all entry level contracts allowed for the arbitration option after 3 years.

  10. Does anyone here think Zherdev is worth over 3.25 million??

    I for one do not think he is worth too much over that amount. Well, it is now a waiting game and we shall see who wins it no later than August 4th.

  11. How did life turn out for Prucha and Dawes? Did either of them amount to anything?

  12. What we have not seen this year is other teams offering restricted free agents offer sheets (ie remember when Edmonton offered Dustin Penner that outrageous deal, and Burke went nutso!)

    So now Sather gives a guy (a guy that smashed in Betts face) $1.4 million….but wants to nickle and dime our three young studs….(I’m including Dubinsky)

    Nice dressing room!!

  13. Hey Carp ive been reading about prospect camp and it seems we have the best group of prospects since the late 80’s early 90’s with leetch richter amonte granato ect. Whats the odds sather screws this up at the trade deadline trying to buy a championship that is not possible to buy?

  14. So what exactly does this mean for Dubinsky though? Does this mean he has no other way to get a better contract then another team making an offer Sather will hafta match or outbid? We all know Ol’Slats’ lowball tactics. Got a bad feeling.
    Chris, Prucha got resigned for a couple of years… not sure about Dawes though.

  15. that sux… i go away for few days to a place with no internet or cable… anxiously waiting for a day to come back home to read about more rangers signings… and i find that there’s is none!? BOOOOO!!

    …its pretty sad that the money Callahan could’ve got went to Donald BROshame! Choke Sather!!

  16. And the Saku Koivu rumor is still swirling….he would want 5-5.5 million…so sather with his monopoly money might give him 6 -6.5

  17. According to Wikapedia this was on the website:

    Redden Is not expected to return to the Rangers for the 2009-2010 NHL season, the Rangers are in negotiations to deal him in hopes of ridding themselves of the lucrative contract, and poor play of the once All-Star defenseman

  18. roc, the problem with wikipedia is anyone is allowed to post anything they want at any time. I could go there now, and say the Rangers are in negotiations to trade Gaborik, Dubi, Hank, Avery and Potter to the Coyotes for Gretzky’s pocket lint.

    I wouldn’t use it for anything of this importance. :)

  19. zherdev is gone if the rangers win the hearing he is just gonna go to the khl if Zherdev wins the rangers are going to walk. way to trade tyutin for nothing now

  20. onecupin69years and counting on

    I don’t recall teams keeping players after arbitration, there’s always resentment down the line.

    There’s nothing like animosity for team harmony.

    If the arbitrator agrees with the rangers re: Zherdev, I’m sure he’ll be traded or he’ll be a zombie on skates for the rangers.
    And callahan thinks he’s worth more than the rangers offer?

    Korpi and dubi are probably still negotiating in good faith.
    keep 2 lose 2?

  21. Zherdev more than 3.25 million? Really? I mean I know he was our skill guy (until Gaborik), but the guy is a major choker. He doesn’t show up when it counts, and until then, he’s no superstar worth 4 mil. In any case, I see this getting ugly and think Zherdev won’t be sticking around…

    Cally obviously deserves more than the QO. I’m just going to assume that one ends with a fair offer before arbitration. I hope that’s not too much to expect from Slats.

    Dubi wasn’t eligible, but you have to believe he’d get more than his QO. If not, though, what are the options for guys like him who deserve more than their QO but can’t file for arbitration? Do they demand a trade? Or sign for one year and play like arse, waiting for the day they can get out of NY?

    This is making me nervous!

  22. Only Z and Callahan were eligible for arbitration… not sure how that is determined, but Dubinsky and Korpedo weren’t eligible…

  23. Also, Higgins was eligible and didn’t file. So whatever his qualifying offer was is probably what he’s getting paid, assuming the Rangers keep him (which I believe they are?).

  24. Cally deserves a heck of a raise. For a 4th round pick he’s improved every year and made a name for himself. Forget about Brashear, there’s no reason Cally shouldn’t get somewhere in the $2-2.5 million range.

    I’d lock both Cally and Dubi up for 3-4 year deals at 2.5 each. A little generous? Maybe, but they’re homegrown, want to be here, and work hard.

    Zherdev still had 59 points, while he has a horrible playoffs, he had a decent season.

    Korpi should get a minor raise for one year and see if he improves.

  25. fyi…. ARBITRATION

    Who will be eligible for Salary Arbitration?

    As a general matter, players will be eligible for salary arbitration after four years in the League instead of three. For the first time, Clubs also will have the right to elect salary arbitration with respect to two categories of players. For players who are earning more than $1.5 million in their prior year, Clubs will have the right to elect salary arbitration in lieu of making a Qualifying Offer. Clubs also will have the right to elect salary arbitration with respect to other Group 2 players who chose not to take the Club to arbitration.


    How will qualifying offers work?

    Players earning $660,000 or less will be entitled to qualifying offers (QO) at 110% of their prior year’s salary; players earning more than $660,000 and up to $1 million will be entitled to QOs at 105% of prior year’s salary; players earning more than $1 million will be entitled to QO at 100% of their prior year’s salary.

  26. Higgins (26 years old/4 full NHL seasons)
    – 1.9 million 08/09

    Zherdev (24 years old/5 NHL seasons)
    – 3.250 million 08/09

    Dubinsky (23 years old/2 full NHL seasons)
    – .635 million 08/09 salary

    Callahan (24 years old/3 full seasons)
    – .600 million 08/09 salary

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Welcome back CCCP , yeah nothing happinin yet…

  28. I know Zherdev can sometimes be a gelding especially in the playoffs but purely for his young age and goal production he should command 3 to 3.5 million

    Calllahan needs to be signed or their will be a revolt by Ranger fans.

    Brian Boyle For Dummies Video:

  29. Chances are if Zherdev gets $4m the team will walk away, if Grachev is looking ready to make the team there is no need to pay Zherdev so much to play 3rd line. Is Grachev an LW or RW?

    As for Cally, i expect it may go to the wire but they will negotiate a 3 or 4 year deal for approx $2m per, maybe with a payrise each season to reflect what he would have gained as an RFA.

    So if i read that right Dubi doesn’t qualify for Arbitration because he’s only 2 seasons experience? They may be able to negoatiate more easily with him then, maybe a 3 year deal worth $1.5-1.75m per.

    Reading about the prospect camp it sounds like Gilroy and Heikkinen are turning heads – could those 2 be our 3rd pair?

    Final point…Tyler Arnason, WHY?

  30. I don’t see Callihan going anywhere. Althought sometimes things are said at these things that change the way some players look at things after. I think Calli is pretty thick skined, I can’t see him being bothered much.
    As far as Zeirdev goes I think it’s a toss up, I’m sure The powers to be wern’t very impress with him in last years playoffs, but I guess it will depend on the raise he is gets or doesn’t get.
    I personally think he’s a lot better player than he’s shown, and if anyone could get the goods out of him Torts could.

  31. No one sees Sather’s brilliance?

    1st off, arbitration is a FAIR (albeit ugly)process. Let these guys find out their market value. Cally will get a nice raise. I bet Dubinsky gets a fair raise too. . . .not much but fair. Zherdev may get crushed during the process but so what. THIS is why Aranson is here. Insurance that if the Rags lose any of these guys, there is an NHL ready fill in.

    2nd, Tyutin & BACKMAN were traded (dumped) for Zherdev. There are no less that 5 (FIVE) kids that are every bit as good as Tyutin just waiting to play at MSG next season. That trade for Zherdev was BRILLIANT.

    3rd (probably 1st) he shed a contract that was IMPOSSIBLE to shed. He wet the bed, but he changed the sheets. Redden is a disaster. That one is on Sather. Drury? Probably. Rozi? I don’t think is that bad, and if Sather can trade Gomez he DEFINITELY can trade Rozi, and with the GREAT job he has done signing Gilroy, trading for McDougnah, etc. He can afford too.

    Give credit where credit is due.

  32. This means nothing for Dubinsky or Korpikoski. They aren’t signed yet.

    Aribtration is fairly common. It won’t have a negative, lasting effect on Callahan. In Zherdev’s case, if the arbitor gives Zherdev a big raise, the Rangers can walk away and let him become a free agent.

    Don’t make too much of this. Sorry for the late explanation. I typed up several comments last night and for some reason they never appeared.

  33. Although Dubinski is not involved in any aribtration, I am wondering if he is trade bait. I know a lot of people are not all that impressed with him, but I like him and I have faith that he will improve very quickly under Torts. I predict Dudinski will be a very good center in the NHL soon.

  34. At this point I would put more stock (read: cash) in Callahan than Zherdev. He should be the priority in these hearings. Like others said, if they award Zherdev anything more than $4 million they should let him walk. They can’t afford to lose both him and Ryan Callahan.

  35. uk- gilroys almost a lock for the one spot open. on the other open spot, its lookin like potter/sangs/sauer or maybe del zotto. im thinkin potter or sauer. hey, maybe they all get passed over by heineken

  36. Mike – Gilroy and Heikkinen both sound like they are PP specialists too – which would mean you could make them 3rd pair and PP specialists (13-14 minutes a night) and stick the other 4 out against the oppositions top players, therefore not denting the new guys confidence too much.

    However, they may go with Sauer or Potter having given them a look this year and the fact they’ve played consistently well at AHL level (when fit) the past 2 years.

    Either way i’m more excited about our defense at the moment, as we’re sitting here waiting for the “Dubi/Cally signs multi-year contract” headlines…

  37. I’m starting to think that Zherdev will get around 4.5m… but you know what? I think he’d play better if he’s not the first threat on the team.. we now have Gaborik..

    I know Nash was always #1 and Z was still his lazy self, but I’d like to see him for a full year under Torts and let Grachev develop a year in the AHL… look what it did for Anisimov.

  38. Well We all know what Torts does with Lazy players. Zherdev and Torts had their go arounds last year I’m sure. Maybe Big Z would just as soon not play for Torts this year.

  39. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Forget the AHL, if Grachev is physically ready and his game is good enough, get him up to the big club. He’ll sink or swim, which he will have to do any way. I think we let our youth flounder in the minors too long, they don’t develop at the pace other team’s prospects do. Grachev dominated the OHL last year, and I bet at 6’4″ he’s probably strong enough to survive in the NHL. He may have some growing pains in the beginning of the season, but I’d bet by December he’d be comfortable and get down to business

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m happy that Callahan is going to arbitration because no one can send him an offer sheet.

    For the same reason, I’m upset that Zherdev is going to arbitration.

  41. the AHL is much higher competition than the OHL. Though he may be ready we should not force Grachev into the NHL. Let him develop and if he Dominates on the AHL level like Cally did then you bring him up.

  42. I have never seen Grachev play. I don’t think he’s twenty yet. Dispite having a great season in junior last year, I would like to see him in Hartford next year to prepare for the big league. i would be suprised to see him in the NHL this season. He may even stay in junior for another year. Thats doubtful though.

  43. Speed Ranger on

    Regarding previous Brashear post — if The Donald can predict when an opponent is going to hit Gaborik (or anyone) and take him out before an injury can happen, I’ll be a fan.

  44. NYRanger4Life on

    Joe in DE — 100% agree.

    Its unfortunately obvious that we are not in the upper echelon in terms of talent. Pitt, Wash, Boston and even arguably Phi have more skilled players than we do. Why keep our most talented players in the minors?

    Why not give the MDZ’s and Grachev’s of the organEYEzation a chance to compete at the varsity level?? We have a good group of veterans for them to learn from….

  45. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    No doubt that the AHL is a higher level of play than the OHL, but what about college? Gilroy is supposedly ready to play in the big league. Granted, he is older. But I see other teams take their young guys and throw them in head first, and a lot of them develop quickly into impact players. Luke Schenn, Doughty in LA… even Stamkos in TB. He had a slow start, but he really found his game by the end of the season. Melrose criticised his NHL readiness because of his lack of strength, but I don’t think the same problem goes for Grachev. This kid is BIG, and can bulldoze himself around the ice and win battles in corners. No matter what league the prospects are coming from, there is going to be a learning curve playing in the NHL. If the kid can hack it talent-wise and survive physically, get him a sweater

  46. Look, no matter how you present it, Zherdev has proven to be a stiff. He does what he wants when he wants, and little more. Unreliable. Great potential talent but no follow thru. Let him go.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t think Grachev can go to the AHL this season. I think it’s NHL or juniors only for him.

  48. I agree that if he can hack it, and he’s physicaly able to play at the NHL level, he deserves a chance. I really don’t see it happening though. That is not the way they do things in Rangerland. At least I don’t remember them promoting a prospect to the pros right out of junior. I think maybe they might have done that with the goalie Blackburn, and I don’t think that turned out very well for them. You never know they might go that route with Grachev, I guess he’s loaded with talent.

  49. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    NYRanger4Life, agreed we don’t have the talent of teams like Pittsburgh and Washington, but we also haven’t sucked so bad as to get picks that high in a while. I do, however, believe that the level of talent we do have is superior to the level it represents itself as. I can’t help but think that if maybe Anisimov, DelZotto or Sanguinetti were playing for a team like Detroit, they’d be NHL regulars already. I’m not saying the guys we have are expected to step out of the draft and on to the NHL club and be game changers like Crosby or OV, but maybe strong, improving complimentary players like Jiri Hudler, Pascal DuPuis or Colby Armstrong.

    I would rather have kept Antropov than Z, but no way should we have matched the deal he got from ATL, so good riddance. Z will have to find his game fast with Torts. Judging by his ice time, I think his leash is short as it is

  50. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Blackburn had nerve damage, which was a chronic, career-ending injury. If he was able to stay healthy, you can bet he would be an NHL regular. The kid was ready talent-wise, but his body thought otherwise. Blackburn is more comparable to Cherepanov

  51. Best thing Zherdev ever did on

    Was his completely random fight with Steve Stamkos (of all people). Ill remember him for that.

  52. DanTheRangerFan on

    Yaaa last time I checked those who called the Rangers “Rags” were Not Rangers Fans….think you need to ask yourself something.. Do you have a framed picture of DP on a stand surrounded by candles and refer to him as the anointed one? I think we all know the answer to that one by your ranger vocab

  53. I have not checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

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