Happy Fourth!!


Thanks for checking in on Independence Day.

Don’t know if there will be any news today.

So I thought, on this patriotic day, I’d leave you with a memory that is both patriotic and everything great about hockey, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

Enjoy it, and a hamburger, and a cold beer. Don’t drink and drive, and do stop back here later.

(did you guys ever notice that on this famous cover, the flag is perfectly situated over the U and the S in Sports Illustrated?)

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  1. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Happy 4th.

    FYI, NHL network is showing all 3 games of the 1996 world cup finals back to back from noon until 6 and again from 12am to 6 am. Perfect DVR fodder if you want to watch Richter play perhaps the best games of his career.

  2. To all have a safe holiday and Carp thanks for all the info the last week. Enjoy the day.

    Love the picture. I have a similar one framed that was from an old Fed-Ex poster. It is right in the middle of my Ranger room basement.

  3. DanTheRangerFan on

    Happy 4th…… prob no news today in rangerland but hope you all have a great day anway Be safe and think before you get behind the wheel

  4. reginald dunlop on

    yep struggling down here in the outer banks……hot sun and cold beverages….life is tough….see you soon

  5. At noon ESPN will be showing live coverage of the Hot Dog Eating Contest from Coney Island! Go Black Widow!!!

  6. Hey 4th of July Carp / guys!

    I just downloaded a new Ranger news App for my Blackberry at blackberry app world.com…it’s pretty cool (Not as cool as this blog though!) but worth a look

  7. Happy 4th to you too Rick, and all of the bloggers! Drink some Sam’s Summer Ale and eat like it is you last meal.

    And if you have enough room, go to a local DQ and get the Tag-a-long Blizzard!

  8. happy 4th all. leaving for honeymoon tom morning. gone for a week. however will be bringing laptop withme. so late at night when the wife is passed out i will be checking out any hockey info and will be around.

    rangers still need to do more.

    hearing koivu thinking devils or rangers just like rolston last year. we shall see

  9. happy 4th all you crazy colonists!! so carp, i know its probably not gonna be a busy day news wise, but have you heard of the rangers trying to get tangauy, or another top 6 free agent or are they most likely going to try to trade rozy and get someone that way?

  10. have fun eric. i hope koivu comes here. he could kinda replace gomez set up skills on the top line.

  11. Rick, Jane, Laurel, Josh and ALL THE AWESOME REGULARS…
    Happy Fourth of July to all you guys, from Huntsville AL!!
    Best group of Rangers fans ANYWHERE!!! Much love for all of ya!!

    And everytime I see that picture, no matter what, it always makes me cry! One of THE BEST memories of my life!!!

    Enjoy Independence Day to the fullest, be smart, be safe, and don’t drink and drive!! And don’t forget to thank any member of the military, past or present, that you may be spending your day with!

  12. michael jackson all day all night!!! enough!!! but, he was one white dude that could dance, thats fo sho

  13. linda- i got 2 cousins here that were in iraq. one died. so we’ll all be remembering him today. kinda sad, and im sure we’ll have a good time though. i just hope my uncle who likes to tie one on, doesnt start talkin about him all day, he gets emotional. were gonna be keepin the beers hidden lol from him anyway

  14. to anyone here who has served, or who has family members who have served, or ARE serving now…THANK YOU FOR MY FREEDOM!!

  15. “Drink some Sam’s Summer Ale and eat like it is you last meal.
    And if you have enough room, go to a local DQ and get the Tag-a-long Blizzard!”

    That’s what ill be doing !!


    Haha, yeah Michael Jackson is the best white dancer of all time. Who said white people cant dance !?!?

  16. About those tickets on

    eric – still interested in some of the divisional games and games against toronto with orr. montreal with gomez, and washington

    can’t offer much since the rangers are not really worth it. maybe can go to $ 10 a ticket

  17. what ever happened to on


    he tried so hard to be funny but usually failed in the attempt

  18. Happy fourth to all of you including Uncle Rick and Aunt Jane…!:)

    A hamburger with a coke would definitely beat my usual diet the eucalyptus..!:)

  19. good link Colin….Looking forward to seeing these kids play in the big league. The goal Borque scored, was pretty impressive.


  20. Damn,Whats with all these famous people dying the past few weeks.Thats like 7 of them.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Happy Fourth ,only to Ranger fans !!! Eric , Congrats!!!

  22. hot-dog eating contender ?

    I may assume if you are a member of the media to cover the Rangers and have to deal with the extremly cooperative GM and President you probably are an extremly overweight…:):):)

    I stay with the eucalyptus:)

  23. colin, yes, Mamaroneck. Best dogs ever, anywhere.

    Koala, I don’t get your connection, but “extremely” might be an exaggeration for either of us.

    That’s awful about McNair, and I am definitely not saying it’s his fault at all, but I fear we’re going to have a lot more athletes/guns tragedies with the way things are now.

  24. Well, I don´t think that not even the Rangers will pull the trigger on a blockbuster on a Saturday night…

    so it is time for a nap..:)

    God bless America for the rest of the fourth of….
    Long live the Queen and the rest of the Kingdom
    And all my friends from downunder…:)

  25. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR !! , I got it!! Ok …it just came to me watching glen yak about how fast Brashear is than Orr….Heres yer new name!!!!???


    What do ya think…its great.

  26. rick
    i think ive been there actually
    i however opted for some burgers out in monmouth new jersey. bobby flay style, lol.

    i dont remember where i found that link. i was a little upset when i read delZ was a little rusty but just like grachev and his slow start im sure both of them will get back in a groove. also its a way different camp this time around for both of them.

    i was obviously happy to read anything positive about gilroy and heikkinen.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sather been coddling ,sending videos ,talking to Gaboriks agent all this time and we didnt even know he was doing it!!

    Alot happens behind closed doors and I know Sather has been and is scalped and prosicuted for all his bad trades.Prucha and Dawes seemed expendible but really , where they? Why we cheer for these guys? Cuz they were homegrown talent and to knock those two now only shows that you would eat your own (so to speak).There gone so I don’t really care or worry but yesterday those two were knocked like they were nothing and last I remebered Prucha was cheered , Dawes was shift and young …with speed.The better they do , the more New York looks wise for drafting them!!

  28. GREG

    Ehh, i don’t want anything to do with something Brash related. If anything ill have a Brash*t type name.

    As for the football player shot to death, why the hell do football players always get shot at every year. Has there ever been a year where none of them have been shot at ?

    Hockey players never get shot at.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sounds like Zherdev will be staying . Theres no Official news stating it , its just my thought. How can Z pass up less cash to play with a guy like Marian Gaborik!!???

    Z will take less to do so. Playing with GABORIK , Would be SCOTT GOMEZ’s dream come true. Some one to finish all that skating around in circles doing nothing and passing to no one. Guys like Gomez take the BIG BUCKS and dont realize , DUHHH we cant afford guys to play with if you take such a huge contract salary loaded. It ties yer own noose if ya dont deliver..Gomez did not deliver and hes gone!!! Zherdev making 3 million doesnt make him a target like Gomez’s huge payday..smile away Gomer , cuz all ya were was a Gomer..yeah , hell boys , boooo this crap outta him,,I dont care.

  30. Happy Fourth all and all the best to our men and women who have fought, are fighting, or will fight for our freedom.


    and remember be careful not to blow any fingers off with your fireworks

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Adding BRASH , gives you the Enforcer roll still with the ORR tribute as a mix. It opens the door when we get Goddard and you put GOD OR WHAT!!??

  32. tyler

    i bet they get even more expensive shoes than that, lol.

    i actually got 2 pairs of the elusive blue lobsters yesterday. i got them for 130 a pair. not as bad as i thought.

  33. I still can’t believe Sather signed Brashear. With all the wingnut goons out there. Why would he sign a worn out cheapshot idiot that is slower than the second coming of Christ. I don’t get it!

  34. If we still had Godzilla on the Wolf Pack, we could have just used him instead of signing Brash*t.

    He better score 10 game winning goals. That’s what it will take for me to forgive all the crap he’s done to Nyr players. But right now,he’s just a guy id like to see in Heatley’s car.

  35. orr

    the rangers have brandon sugden in hartford but im sure calling him up wouldnt have gone well.

  36. greg- gomez would still be here buddy if dru didnt have the no trade clause. or if someone wouldve taken redden or rozy. gomez was probably a last resort for slats to trade, and im sure he tried the other 3 to no success. thats the only reason gomez is gone. id much rather, and im sure sather, torts, and all the fans would rather have gomez centering gabby than duby, and dru still on the 2nd line or 3rd.

  37. The Fourth of July means alot to me, and being French and American, a great appreciation for the fact without what the French did for us in 1776, we would have still been a British colony. Thanks to my homeland for the freedom you helped us achieve.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Maybe true Mike , cuz I was shocked when Gomez was traded. Gomez salary was too pricy and it ultimatle cost him his job here. Sure Drury has a no movement but when i comes down to those two, Drury always wins!! Clutch Contract ( Gomez didnt)Drury won the #23 ( Gomez lost that too)Drury makes Captain of the Rangers (Gomez just an A , and a ticket outta town)Sad to Say Drury is so clutch , he scores clutch timing goals which keeps him outta the dog house!!

  39. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Captain Cluch fits right along with Avery ,Torts and a off the wall Zherdev!!

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Brashear is the gooniest thing weve had here in NEW YORK sinse we had Marty ” Tom-a-hawk-chop” McSorley!!

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Shane Chrula and Tie Domi were goons but not Thug like -dopey looking- Death row animal that Brashear is.

  42. Colin, interesting link about Rangers rookie camp. Anyone know anything about the kid Ilkka Heikkinen, according to the article he was the best d-man. And Grachev was the best forward, hopefully he can earn a spot on the roster this year.

  43. happy fourth rick! great job this week, tks for keeping us informed! and happy fourth to all who bleed blue out there! another sixty days or so until camp! LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS

  44. ive seen grachev highlights and the kid has some wrist shot. i mean if he were to make the team hed probably have the 2nd or 3rd best shot right behind gabby and nikky z. but i think he should start out in hartford. no need to rush him yet. id like to see him play against better competition first and call him up for gaboriks annual injury or if someone else goes down. at least try and get him 5-10 nhl games this year. id hate to see him thrown in too early and just get overwhelmed. but if hes really that good then start him out on a line with zherdev and let them work some magic. i think he has a good chance and hopefully im wrong and he is ready.

  45. Hey guys! I miss the blog so much! happy fourth of july everyone! I can’t wait for this season to come with all the new players we have. Now, one thing I do have to complain. As a fresh reminder, I live in Philly. I went to the roots/sheryl crowe show. First of, the roots rocked. They unfortunately couldn’t play alot of their own stuff because of the content, but they did a great job. Sheryl Crowe was awesome as well and I forgot how many great hits she had. The only problem I had was the crowd. Most of the crowd were complete downers and were yelling at me and my friends for singing along, dancing, and trying to start a USA chant. What ever happened to the fun?!!! Philly I guess is lame and this is why I am a Rangers fan still! Happy fourth everyone! Oh yeah, and I am going to vegas for monday through Wednesday. Will be looking for the potential to see if the islander should move there..haha peace!

  46. Speaking of “enforcers” what ever became of big Mitch?

    Last I saw of him he was putting his face back together after a fight with some un recalled player.

  47. FLYNN

    That would be Orr. He busted him up a few months back. He’s playing with the Isles farm, unfortunately.

    That guy is a monster, but has sensitive skin, he bleeds very easily.

  48. Lets face it I hate Brashear to but the firt time he hits someone who is cheap shotting one of our players we will be cheering for him and so will the crowd at MSG.

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