Rangers sign Arnason


According to reports, Tyler Arnason has signed a two-way contract with the Rangers. Steve Zipay had it in his blog. More details to follow.

Here’s the official word:

            New York, July 3, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms on a two-way contract with free agent forward Tyler Arnason.
               Arnason, 30, skated in 71 games with the Colorado Avalanche last season, registering five goals and 17 assists for 22 points, along with 14 penalty minutes.  He finished seventh on the team in scoring with 22 points, and tied for seventh on the Avalanche with 17 assists.  He also ranked third on the club with 58 takeaways.  Arnason recorded four multi-point games on the season, including a three-assist performance, which tied a career-high, on March 8 at Chicago.  He posted a season-high, four-game point streak from January 10 against Pittsburgh to January 16 vs. Edmonton, collecting four points (one goal and three assists) over the span.

              In 2007-08, Arnason finished second on the Avalanche with 179 shots, registering 10 goals and 21 assists for 31 points in 70 games.  He ranked eighth on the team in assists and ninth in goals and points.  He also led Colorado with nine points (three goals and six assists) during the month of February.  Arnason posted eight multi-point performances, including two, three-point games – January 30 against Chicago (one goal and two assists) and February 9 at Vancouver (one goal and two assists).  He also registered 16 points in a 13-game stretch from January 12 at Carolina to February 9 at Vancouver (four goals and 12 assists).  On February 24, Arnason notched the fastest goal to begin a game by an Avalanche player during the season, tallying a goal 27 seconds into the game at Edmonton.  He recorded his 200th NHL point with an assist on November 16 at Dallas, and skated in his 400thcareer game on March 1 against Los Angeles.  In addition, Arnason registered five points (two goals and three assists) in 10 playoff contests with Colorado.  He tied for third on the team in postseason goals (two) and fourth in assists (three) and points (five).
                The 5-11, 204-pounder has skated in 487 career regular season contests with the Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators and Colorado Avalanche, registering 88 goals and 157 assists for 245 points, along with 140 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in goals (22), assists (33), points (55), power play goals (six), and shots (222) as a member of the Blackhawks during the 2003-04 season.  In his first year with the Avalanche in 2006-07, Arnason tied his career-high for assists (33), and finished third on the club with 211 shots.  In 2005-06, he posted a career-high, seven-game scoring streak from December 3 at Florida to December 18 vs. Dallas, registering nine points (four goals and five assists) during the stretch.  In addition, Arnason has recorded two career hat tricks, and was selected to the 2003 NHL All-Rookie Team following his first full season with Chicago.
           The Oklahoma City, Oklahoma native was originally Chicago’s seventh round selection, 183rd overall, in the 1998 NHL Entry Draft.


Here’s another big one:

            New York, July 3, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Corey Locke.
Locke, 25, skated in 77 games with the Houston Aeros of the American Hockey League (AHL) last season, registering 25 goals and 54 assists for 79 points, along with 60 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in assists and points.  Locke ranked among the league leaders in several statistical categories, ranking fourth in assists, tied for seventh in points and tied for 13th in power play goals (13).  He also tied for the AHL lead with 29 power play assists.  Locke led the Aeros in assists, points and power play goals, and finished second on the team in goals.  In addition, he recorded a team-high, 23 multi-point performances, including a four-point effort on October 18 vs. San Antonio (two goals and two assists).  Locke registered a career-high, 10-game scoring streak from March 1 at Milwaukee to March 25 at Milwaukee, collecting 12 points (four goals and eight assists) over the span.
In 2007-08, Locke established a career-high in goals (30), while leading Hamilton (AHL) in goals, assists (42) and points (72).  He tied for 11th in the AHL in goals and points.  He also tied the AHL season-high, and set a new career-high, for points in a game with six points on April 9 against Rochester (three goals and three assists).  In addition, Locke made his NHL debut with the Montreal Canadiens on January 8 vs. Chicago.
The 5-9, 175-pound forward has skated in 390 career AHL games in five seasons with the Hamilton Bulldogs and Houston Aeros, registering 110 goals and 198 assists for 308 points, along with 251 penalty minutes.  The three-time AHL All-Star (2006, 2008 and 2009) is Hamilton’s all-time leader in goals (85), assists (144) and points (229).  In addition, Locke has skated in 46 AHL postseason contests with Hamilton and Houston, collecting 22 goals and 23 assists for 45 points, along with 44 penalty minutes.  Last season, Locke established career-highs in playoff goals (12) and points (23) while skating in 20 games for Houston.  In 2007, he led Hamilton to the Calder Cup Championship, setting the franchise record for most points in a single postseason (22).
The Toronto, Ontario native was originally Montreal’s fourth round selection, 113th overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. 


The Rangers also resigned P.A. Parenteau, who played in Hartford last season. 

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  1. 2 way contract…will have a chance to take Betts/Sjo spot on 4th line…decent signing.

  2. Betts will be one player the Rangers will miss. If they’d had any real scorers, Betts’ PK play alone would have made him a great asset,

  3. I wish we could deal Rozi and Z for Penner or something. Renney would love to have those 2 there.

  4. I guess he has too if he expects Anisimov and Byers/Owens or whoever to be with the main team.

  5. it sucks Rissmiller never got a chance. He only played two games then got hurt and was sent down to hartford

  6. I’m just excited that this year, it doesnt matter who he signs because if Torts doesn’t want to play him then he wont. We’ve never really had that.

  7. I think when Torts puts out the 4th line this year: “its clobbering time!” and then they’ll spend the other 57 minutes sat on the bench watching the top 3 lines soak up the minutes.

  8. Parenteau resigned as well. I really want him to play an NHL game. He was called up once, but Shanny decided to play with an injury instead.

  9. Why has the owner a fascination with this president/GM ? Is it because he was successful almost twenty years ago with some players in Edmonton, with whom even the dumbest GM would have sucess..Come on that was 20 Years ago !!!!

    20 Years ago…The world has changed since then, we have developed, we got the internet we are not stupid at all..


    Man, you don´t need to be an expert to realize that the acquistion of a guy like Brashear doesn´t make sense at all for a guy who is over 35 years old, who can´t play at all and is so hated at Madison Square Garden and is just a monster. ( I don´t want to meet him in a dark night anyway:)
    and even having a guy like Colton Orr, who couldn´t do the same job anyway for less money, if you like this kind of player..I don´t by the way…

    Gaborik is a good move when beeing healthy not doubt about it but I think that was definetly not the idea of the GM !!!

    If you just see like sucessful franchises like Detroit or Pittsburgh are working, you see so much of a difference..

    I never understand the media in NY having to work with a frenchise operated in this kind of leadership..that wouldn´t work over here not even a single season..It is just ridicolous..The media over here would develop so much pressure to produce in such a big market like NY that those changes would takt place automatically, if you understand what I mean….

    But anyway as you know we koalas are from Australia and we like the tennis so I am watching right now the wimbledon semifinal between Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Maybe I have more knowledge about tennis than hockey..:)

    Poor British to have their last hope of winning the Wimbledon crown on a Scot:)

    Wow Tyler Arnason, that is really good move, a really good first line center or even a guy who can quarterback the powerplay..

    Good move guys, very good move..!!!!

  10. I guess if the likes of Grachev, Ansimov, Byers etc are deemed not ready enough then they can slot Arnason in on the 3rd/4th line.

  11. If they decide to go with youth this year, their lineup still is not too bad, maybe something like…

    Avery Dubinsky Gaborik
    Higgins Drury Callahan
    Grachev Anisimov Zherdev
    Brashear Boyle Byers/Arnason

    Depending on how Grachev and Anisimov play, those aren’t bad lines. You have to think Dubi and Cali will improve also.

  12. NYR Guy. Avery on the first line?? A guy no team wanted for half price off waivers??

  13. Gaborik can do all the work…They need someone with an edge to play on a line with him so they don’t go after him so much. Dubi and Avery seemed to have good chemistry too. With Brashear hear, he can focus more on hockey. It’s not like they have any better options either.

  14. The first two lines will probably be getting the same ice time also, so it’s more a matter of who he fits with as opposed to what number line he’s on.

  15. Great job by Slats, these are two great signings, they’ll do a great job replacing Anisimov, and filling in what would have been Grachev’s spot. Muahaha.

    What’s the point in wasting money on a fogie like Arnason. I swear, if this guy gets Boyle’s spot, im gonna be pissed. But what ever, it’s just a 4th line, that will barely play.

    Slats, do something that will actually help. Start by dumping Rozi !! What’s the wait for, get it done already.

  16. I would love to see Zubov here. How many times would Zubov assist a Gabo goal on the PP??

  17. I don’t know about Avery on the 1st line. He’s a 3rd liner on a Cup contender. Also, when has he ever played a full season? Last year doesn’t count.

    I think they’re fine at center but need one more complimentary cheap winger.

  18. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Signing Zubov would most likely mean saying goodbye to at least 1 RFA. Who do you want to let go?

  19. Sather has done some stupid things in the past, but this week has been nothing short of BRILLIANT!!!! How you can bash this guy this week is beyond me. I hope to see you guys crying when Brashear beats the hell out of people. You are the same gus that crucified Sather for dumping Jarko Immonen!!!! What a tragic mistake that was!!!!!

    Give credit where credit is due.

  20. There better be some more moves coming, because as currently constructed, this team sucks.

  21. Oh. And where are all the screams for Marc Andre Cliche’? What a DUMB move by Sather. Jan Marek?! No one was crying about the Marek Malik signing when he was burying between the legs penalty shots. Sather wasn’t a buffoon that night was he? If you look at every GM in the league, I bet their ratio of success is similar or WORSE that Sather’s. . . . excepting Ken Holland perhaps, but let’s see how smart he is next year when he loses half his team.

  22. not a bad couple of moves, as Carp said.. need depth for Hartford if guys are going to make the jump and on the flip side of that, need guys who can play at the NHL level (Arnason) if the kids don’t pan out

    Parenteau’s had plenty of chances to get a callup but never really gets a shot. Might be one of those guys who’s good at the AHL level but overmatched at the NHL level.

    One thing though, I think Torts will be more likely to give all players a fair shake during training camp. Just my feeling, could be wrong but he seems like a big merit system kind of guy so if a kid deserves to play, he will.

  23. If PA wants to makes the team he gotta show Torts his creativity. He’s a very creative player but his timing was a split second off last preseason which is why he was sent back to the AHL.

    Sign Zubov for a one-year incentive laden deal with a bonus and then ship Rozi off somewhere for another winger (Penner, Malone, Cheechoo, ?????)

  24. Yeah Ken Holland is a very good example, what I mean…

    But anyway we can discuss it as much as we want..as long as there are no changes in personal kind of collosal overhaul of the franchise , there is no way, we can talk about the Rangers in June…!!!!

    You never see any kind of strategic behind all those moves..

    Uncle Rick, I wish you all the best for this blog over the summer..

    Oh this is just in Michael Samuelsson moves from the Wings to the Vancouver Canucks..Once again there are moves, where you can see a little bit of..

    You getting tired and burned out always write about the same failures and no one wants to hear it any more…

    It´s time for a little nap now,:)

  25. MikeA

    Not Malone buddy lol….He has a ridiculous contract, I do agree about moving Rozi and signing Zubov.

  26. Signing Zubov wouldn’t mean getting rid of an RFA…if we deal Rozi we can have more than enough space for not only Zubov, but another winger. And I’m not saying Avery is a 1st liner…but given the options, who else is?

  27. By the way Mike Gillis is another one…great job with the twins to resign them…!!!

  28. A local fan

    July 3rd, 2009 at 12:09 pm
    NYR Guy. Avery on the first line?? A guy no team wanted for half price off waivers??


    is that Brodeur talking or is it confused NJD fan?

    Avery is as valuable to this team as LQ! Yeah…i said it!

    i got one thing to say to you:

    Martin Brodeur is still FAT!

  29. ThisYearsModel on

    Read an interesting article about Heatley at Sportsnet. It quotes Ron Hextall, GM of the Kings listing the reasns the Kings would not touch heatley now. That, along with the news that Slats backed away in fear of the backlash is very interesting. Looks like Murray is in a bad spot.

  30. CCCP,
    I don’t know if I’d go that far…he certainly was not a help in game 4 against Washington. but Hank stood on his head that game!

  31. Like I said yesturday, Grachev,Anisimov and Byers are all going to make this team,that is why Sather is signing farm club fotter to replace them. I for one am thrilled at the prospect of having to watch Grachev,Byers,Anisimov,Gilroy,
    and either MDZ or potter or even both make it. There will be some groing pains especially in the first 20-30 games but when we reach the half way point, look out!!!!!! I’ve watched every one of these kids play and I’m telling you guys that these kids have the goods!!! Grachev has the “it” factor and the difference now is that there is a coach on hand who will not be afraid to play them.

    IT WILL BE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Fun fact: Zubov is the all-time leading scorer for Russian born defensman. He belongs in the Hall. He’s the perfect transition guy for a year or two before Del Z and friends take over the PP QB role. He can teach.

    NYR GUy-Somebody put Alex Tanguay’s face on a milk carton. The guys’ been MIA since UFA started. He’s such a solid player. Put him on the PP with Gabby and he’ll set him up. He can pop in 20 as well.

  33. Wouldn’t it be cool if Grachev was that good and played on the left side with Dubi and Gaborik?

  34. MIKEA…I would love to have Tanguay but I’m not sure how much we can afford him…I would think LA would overpay for him at this point after missing out on everbody.

  35. Anisimov and Grachev are gonna be fine but A) they both gotta come into camp and play the way Cally plays. Nothing is being given to them they gotta earn it. They got the tool, they got the talent, they got the motivation b) we can’t expect them to save the franchise in year one. Realistically if both can play 3rd line, solid defense and puck pressure, and AA hits 20 helpers while Grachev pops in 15-20 goals; great success!!!!!

  36. I would think an all Russian line of Anisimov Grachev Zherdev line would be locked in.

  37. Here’s a good question..if we could trade Rozsival…would you guys rather sign Zubov OR Tanguay?

  38. Zubov. We need a veteran presence on D who is proven offensively. Rozsival was our leading defensemen (in points) with 30, which is PATHETIC! Redden (26), Girardi (22) and Mara (21) followed.

    There’s no guarantee that Del Zotto and Gilroy are going to be 50 point defensemen… Staal is too much of a stay at home (which is fine) and Redden might get 30 if pushed like he was by Torts in the post season.

    Zubov (if healthy) is a guaranteed 40-50 point d-man.

  39. If Rozy is traded(hopefully) one of the biggest injustices committed against Rangers fans should be righted. It should be the reaquisition of Sergei Zubov. He was run out of town by Colon Cancer and was part of one of the worst trades in Rangers history. At least if they bring him back, he can finnish his career with the team he should have NEVER benn yraded from. I was at a party thrown for the birth of his first child at a Russian night club called Paradise on emmons avenue in Brooklyn. He is a great guy and someone who was extremly proud and happy to be a Ranger for the rest of his career. IT’s a shame he was traded so soon after the Cup. I lost contact with him after the trade.

  40. ZUBOV? why not Mathieu Schneider? or Chelios? we can then open a veteran club and call it “Good old days”

  41. I don’t know aboot signing Zubov. Last year we took a chance on the whole “change of scenery” scenario, now it’s take a chance on the guys that are most likely to miss 40 games.

    Too much of a risk, but then again, if he goes down, a prospect comes up, so who cares.

    As for Tan-gay. If we need to sign a guy who is easily do for a 20 goal season, take either Kovalev, or Tan-Gay. I don’t know who else if available.

  42. Arnason ? Why ? Where ?

    Happy fourth to all i broke this one out just for you guys out at Ranger Report

    Archives be Damned ! 10 Minutes of 1974 SF GM 3 Ranger/Flyers Playoff Dave Schultz Slugs Brad Park


  43. Uncle Rick , you won´t believe it but there are lot of tennis players who are also huge hockey fans..I can remember sittin´ at the Hyatt Grand Champions in Indian Wells to watch the Rangers in NY on TV when the guy -sorry forgot his name was a swedish-who played in the men final came in after the final and asked me about the game and the Rangers..

    and even I can rember chatting with Patrick McEnroe during a tournament in Hamburg about the Rangers playoff games..but that was even a long time ago, but I know the McEnroes are huge Rangers fans..:)

    But now it is really time for a nap that is..:):):):)

  44. any word on waiving Worthless Wade? before the offseason it was “there is NO way they eat Redden’s contract”, then just before free agency started there were rumblings here and there that it might be considered

    an extra $6.5 million of cap space and just getting rid of Redden as a player would be a HUGE boost for this team now and in the future…we all know Redden is completely useless and won’t be playing for this team 3, 4, 5 years from now (especially with future raises/contracts for Staal, Callahan, etc. on the way), so why not cut the cord now?

    all these complicated scenarios to trade Rozsival’s contract at 3 years/$15 million left (when we’ll have to take back something similar anyway) when the simple solution is to make Redden’s 5 years/$32 million left disappear by waiving him…I just don’t get it

    and please don’t tell me about how much money that is just to eat, between the ticket price increases since the lockout and the hard salary cap Dolan is raking it in more than ever when it comes to the Rangers…most valuable team in the NHL behind Toronto

  45. i was under the impression Zubov resigned w/ dallas – 1 year $2.15m.

    looking for link

  46. tony from AZ on

    Beaucheminnnnnnnnn….Just heard it, a three year deal, didnt get the money terms..Now get me a center.

    CARP NOTE: This is not OUR Tony from AZ but an imposter who may have to be banned.

  47. only thing i was able to find was a listing on a house in dallas worth 4.1 mil

    so i guess he didnt resign, lol.

    my last comment is awaiting moderation so no links.

  48. UESBlueshirt on

    Tough choice, Zubov at this point has been pretty much been put through the wringer with injuries and age. He’s not the same guy as even 5 years ago let alone 15. Then again he was paired with Kevin Lowe in the twilight of his career so returning to NY to play the same role would have him coming full circle in a metaphorical sense.

    Tanguay has been a bit of an underachiever since leaving the Avs. He could potentially fill a Naslund type role and ensure some scoring depth if in fact Grachev makes the big club and takes time to find his game.

  49. Carp, or anyone else for that matter, do you think anyone would take Redden for half of his contract? also, are there defensemen that we think are BETTER than Redden available for half his salary?

    My point is, what is the downside of putting Redden on waivers- once on re-entry waivers he either gets claimed by a team, allowing us to clear half of his contract off of the books to sign another player, or no one claims him and we are only on the hook for half of his salary- The smart move is to just bury him in Hartford, but I don’t see the downside with this scenario-

  50. Here is our 4th line center. I don’t know where everyone got the idea that Boyle will 4th line center… Boyle is AHLer with size but no speed whatsoever, Alex Giroux anyone??? This move pretty much means Dubi will try out for the first line, Dru 2nd and Artem will 3rd line center. Boyle on 4th line, please…

  51. Fly Line…there is no downside for us…the downside is for Dolan who has to pay for him to play in Hartford and Sather for admitting a mistake. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for those 2 to do that.

  52. I chyecked wikipedia and it makes no mention of Francois Beauchemin going to the Rangers :)

  53. Right, but even if you aren’t burrying him in Hartford, at least save the 3.25 million!!! Do you guys think another team would claim him at 5 years 16.25? If we are confident they wouldn’t- and I don’t know who after the downturn economically would with the cap potentially shrinking, then you aren’t losing anything, you are just gaining cap room while still having Redden-

  54. I don’t think anyone would claim him at 5 yeras/16.25…now what happens if a team that claims him waived him? what are they responsible for?

  55. Isn’t Kalinin a FA too. Im guessing nobody is interested in a couple of losers like them.

    Ill never forget Backman’s horrible giveaway against the Devs, when he gave Parise the puck, and he scored. Luckily for him, he tied the game up on the PP.

    Why does Slats always bring in losers like Sister Christian, Kalinin, Malik, Bozolynch, etc.

    Makes no sense.

  56. I can’t see a team claiming Redden for 3.5 mil a year…Maybe if he cleared waivers and a team needed to acquire him mid-season, but not now.

  57. I can’t either nyr guy- i dont think we can place him on waivers in the offseason though, think we have to wait until like 12 days before the start of the season or something weird-

  58. I think you’re right Jason- just checking out some of the rules and regular waivers are subject to the 12 days before the season date- re-entry don’t seem to be-

    That being said, is there any possible reason not to do this?

  59. You guys think it will be a quiet weekend or will it not matter considering most hockey players aren’t even american lol

  60. Fedotenko stayed in Pitt, and TFP says Minn could make a bigger push for Tanguay now…about time he had an update today

  61. I think Redden will be on the team at the start of the year — the Rangers have high hopes that he can become a solid contributor under Tortorella — and if it doesn’t work out, then they will send him to Hartford and eat the contract. But he knows he’s on the clock.

  62. Backman’s biggest crime was that turnover in game 1 vs. Pitt when Crosby who is like 7 inches shorter out strengthed him to the puck gave it to Dupuis and it was 3-2 with a complete momentum shift.

  63. Really slow on the Free Agent front. You would think they would want to sign by today.

  64. I have not even heard the names Mara and Morris mentioned ANYWHERE…whats up with that?

  65. thanks for the link. Mara’s not bad and is a good 3rd pair defenseman and a great character guy…don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to take a shot at him.

    Morris on the other hand is probably asking for way too much money. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him back in Phoenix.

  66. TONY

    It’s probably Bimbo.

    It’s about time Mara got mentioned, im surprised he hasn’t been signed yet. Besides his lazy holding penalties, he’s a pretty good 3rd pair d-man. Should be more teams interested in a guy like him.

  67. not one d man played more than like 60 games or so for the islanders and the last 3 years morris played pretty much every game. and they still havent signed enough people to hit the cap floor i think.

    he is asking for way too much imho and if he wants the most money hell go play for the islanders.

  68. Morris sucks. I cant believe we gave up both Dawes, and Prucha for him. We probably could have gotten draft picks for the two of them. Instead we waste it on him.

  69. the only good thing about morris was his shots got thru

    another reason i dont care too much for rozsival, he always took an extra second getting the shot off and it never seemed to get thru.

  70. Morris has a mean shot but hes not that great defensively. I think the money would be better spent else where.

  71. Mara also took a discount to stay in NY last time. Having players who want to play for us goes along way.

  72. oh yeah for sure the rangers need someone who can clear the crease, play the body etc.

  73. “Morris sucks. I cant believe we gave up both Dawes, and Prucha for him. We probably could have gotten draft picks for the two of them. Instead we waste it on him.”

    Prucha was too good offensively for the Rangers…haha!

  74. Sather replaced Prucha & Dawes (marginal NHLers at best), with MTL’s #1 prospect (on D yes) and Higgins (who can actually PLAY in the NHL). So don’t cry a river over the loss of two guys who wouldn’t even MAKE the team next year. Aronson is as good as either of those two and we got him for nothing. Prucha and Dawes are light bulbs. EASILY REPLACED!!!

  75. Rozi is better than his play of last year. He is overpaid, but in a package I could see Vancouver or Chicago biting.

  76. From thefourthperiod.com, the Rangers are thinking about signing Saku Koivu. I don’t like it. Some people were not into the Gabby signing because he was too injury prone. Koivu might be even worse! I really don’t think we need ANOTHER vet… let’s see IF Dubinsky can play with Gabs first??!!

  77. Is anyone else sick of sign this free agent trade for this aging star need to win the cup yesterday ect……

    Lets leave this team alone play the youngsters let them go through their growing pains get experience a be better prepared for the future. Really does anyone think we are going to win the cup this year. Hopefully Zheredev walks to the KHL dont let the door hit you on the way out, dump Rozy or Reddens contract next year trade hartford whatever, and go sign Kovalchuck for 10/11 and this is what our team can look like.

    Team would look like this:

    Avery (dont know why nobody has suggested he play with gaborik he is the only 1 who can skate with him on this team)





    Redden/Rozy who ever is still here.

    Sauer, Sangs (think he is a bust), Guy we just got from Mon, ect. prefably who ever is the meanest.

    This makes 2010 look dam good.

  78. At the end of the day, Ranger fans just want players that WORK HARD. Jed Ortmeyer barely scored… and he was beloved. Same with Dominic Moore. If Arnason comes in and works his tail off… we’ll be just fine, as will he.

  79. Mike…one of Arnason’s problem is his motor, I wouldn’t count on that from him.

    Lupz…in projected lines I put on here earlier I put Avery with Gabo and got knocked for it, but I agree with you.

  80. My guess is he will sign with the Devs, Pens, or Isles. I can’t see him going far away.

    Same for Morris.

    I’m all for signing Zubov for one year.

  81. I don’t know if anybody read LeBrun’s article on ESPN.com about the botched Heatley deal, but Senators GM Murray mentioned that “We couldn’t even get a 13-goal scorer in the deal [with the Rangers].” So I looked at Dubinsky’s stats, and he was a 13-goal scorer last season, meaning Sather didn’t offer him in a Heatley trade. Hooray!

    Scotty Hockey – It doesn’t matter if Parenteau’s deal is “two-way” because that only refers to money. He will still have to pass through waivers. Maybe he will get claimed on the way down after camp this time if he doesn’t make the team.

  82. B. Boudreau on

    get real about Brashear. he was a HEALTHY SCRATCH in many of the key playoff games.

    iow, when the chips are down, when actual hockey ability is needed, the coach considers him a LIABILITY. period.

  83. The problem is that the Rangers have plenty of young players, but are any of them very good? Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal — they have been hyped through the roof, but how good are they really? And they are being mentored now by a team full of third line players, except for Gaborik, who will be a lot easier to shut down than Jagr. It would be great if Anisimov and Grachev turned out to be superstars — but is that reality? Sather has no plan for the future; he merely reacts in June to the past season and tries to make some press-worthy, expensive moves. And then he changes everything the next June. Except he never changes, and that’s the real problem.

  84. Spiderpig…you don’t have to pass waivers if you’re on a two way contract. If you release them, they do, but not to bring them up or call them down.

  85. NYR Guy

    I dont get why people dont want avery playing with Gaborik he is the only one on this roster who can skate with him he is willing to do the dirty work in the corners and can knock somebodys block off if they mess with him!

  86. Lupz…that’s what I was saying. Also, it’s not like we have any other options.

  87. B. Boudreau

    Brashear was a suspended scratch plus matt bradley came back so it was not that big of a deal for the caps missing him in the playoffs agains the pens who didnt play an enforcer like Orr or Avery.

  88. B. Boudreau on

    exactly what I said. when actual hockey ability is needed, brashear was scratched by the coach.

  89. Tony,

    Roszival will never take a one-timer… he’s still looking to pass to Jagr first.

  90. ok so heres a question

    if the coyotes move to hamilton
    does that mean that all the no movement contracts are now null and void?

    like if they moved shane doan would be able to sign somewhere else?

  91. It’s hard to believe Rick Carpiniello, a man who covers the NHL for an living, would write something so preposterous as this:

    “I think Redden will be on the team at the start of the year—the Rangers have high hopes that he can become a solid contributor under Tortorella—and if it doesn’t work out, then they will send him to Hartford and eat the contract. But he knows he’s on the clock.”

    There is not a scintilla of a chance that Redden will be sent to Hartford to eat out his contract. No GM on Earth has ever signed a guy to a huge deal and then sent that player to the minors to “eat out” 3-4-5 years of a massive contract. Name me one. More than that, Redden would not accept the assignment.

  92. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Brashear was a garbage move. I’m actually pretty depressed about it. I dont care how many people he beats up or how good of a forechecker he is. I have a hard time believing his minutes couldn’t be better used on somebody, anybody else. And paying him 1.4 a year? What? Maybe he’ll spear Crosby and get thrown out of the league. It would be one thing if he could score maybe 10-15 goals. It just doesnt make any sense to me.

    Gaborik is great and watching his highlight reels on youtube is getting me pretty excited. so now the nyr has 1 legitimate offensive threat. Teams will focus on Gaborik and if you shut him down, you will probably shut the rangers down. They still need another dynamic offensive player. Maybe Grachev fills that role some point down the road but if old man Slats can somehow find a way to bring in another top level offensive player we can feel like a contenders. Then we could actually roll a top line/pp unit that teams will fear instead of humiliate.

  93. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Redden may not be in Hartford but he maybe sitting in the skybox eating ranch 1 while MDZ scores PP goals if he doesnt get his shit together.

  94. F-champs, if he doesn’t have a no-movement clause he cannot decline the assignment

  95. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Thanks for the 09 info. That’s too bad. I guess I’ll have to create him. Will try to show some restraint and not make him too nasty and just jack up his potential.

  96. Can anyone out there tell me how Voros fits in the mix. I just don’t see it, but i’m sure there is some logical reason. Please enlighten me.

  97. No Country For Old Rangers on

    If they can’t get rid of Voros, he will probably play the role of Petr Prucha next season.

  98. Yeah it’s too bad No Country that they don’t update rosters in the off-season.

  99. No Country…Arnason doesn’t have the work ethic to be the new Betts…I would assume Korpi would take his role but who knows.

  100. B. Boudreau on

    I say let him rot in Hartford. the Rangers now have a few good D prospects who are going to be held back by his presence over the next couple years.

  101. There is not a scintilla of a chance that Redden will be sent to Hartford to eat out his contract. No GM on Earth has ever signed a guy to a huge deal and then sent that player to the minors to “eat out” 3-4-5 years of a massive contract. Name me one. More than that, Redden would not accept the assignment.


    it doesn’t matter if Redden “would accept the assignment”, if Redden is placed on waivers and no one claims him, it’s either Hartford or nothing for Worthless Wade if he still wants to collect his $6.5 mill each year

    and as far as it never being done before- we’re only 4 years into the cap era, if you had a horrible contract pre-lockout it only cost you money..and we’re also talking about Redden here, who owns THE WORST CONTRACT IN NHL HISTORY (because it is in the cap era)…drastic times will call for drastic measures, you CAN’T keep a player who is obviously FINISHED on the cap at $6.5 mill per year into his mid/late 30’s…and with the crazy length/money given to some of these players in the past few years, you WILL see players getting buried in the minors in the future

  102. Thanks
    I guess voros is a cheaper less talented Prucha, and also a lot harder to get rid of I guess.

  103. Well, right now we have Staal, Girardi, Rozi and Redden…Gilroy will probably be added to that, so it adds 1 spot for MDZ, Potter or Sangs. I could see Sangs using another year in Hartford and Potter being our 7th day/1st callup from Hartford again.

  104. hockeymom…not that much cheaper at $1mil/yr…but who knows…maybe having Gaborik hear will make him play better?

  105. Speed Ranger on

    What I mean is – reading through Arnason’s stats w/ Col last season, his point tally looks like what Sather/Tortorella might have wanted/expected to see from Betts. No one’s work ethic beats Betts.

  106. I guess everyone hopped in the Delorean and went to the beginning of the 09-10 season and saw that this team sucks so bad and that these signing were just awful. Seriously people, how about just waiting and seeing what happens?

    Doc Brown just called me and asked me if I had any plutonium, but he also said that the renovated Garden is beautiful. Said this kid Grachev is just amazing. He also said that Gaborik played his first injury free season and was in the top 5 in scoring. So there! I will take his word before I take any of yours!

  107. Could be Speed Ranger but I’m not sure if he plays on the PK. From a 4th line center standpoint, he would definitely give more offense.

  108. From an Avs fans blog from last year…

    Which brings us to the one and only, much reviled, Tyler Arnason. He has played exactly 1 second shorthanded. His offensive contributions six games into the season has been: 1 point from one goal (same as Guite). He has only 5 shots on goal and is last on the team with 1 hit.

    Arnason gets ragged on a lot by me, and other Avs bloggers, but frankly his play deserves it. He’s not productive on offense, and he’s a liability on defense. Guite may be ineffective on offense, but he’s certainly an asset on the penalty kill and in the defensive end. Sure he’d be an awkward fit on the third line with Tucker and Jones/Wolski, but no more Awkward than Arnason. (Let me take a brief moment to toot my own horn and say that a guy like Brendan Morrison, Sergei Federov or Michael Peca would not be an awkward fit there, would help with face-offs and be an asset on the penalty kill.) Arnason has become a liability to the team by keeping the Avs best penalty killer on the bench.

  109. There was a guy who played in Moncton New brunswick, when Toronto owned the american league franchise there called the hawks. I can’t remember his name right now, it was at least 15 years ago, probaly more. but he was making a big saleery for the NHL at the time and they got so POed at him they stuck him in the miners, until the end of his contract. I think it was a couple of years, but I’m not sure. I remember watching the guy man he could carry the puck end to end any time he wanted. The problem was he didn’t want to as often as the big guys liked. I wish I could think of the guys name, he was a big talented defenceman.

  110. I have a feeling that Sather is making a few pick ups because he is planning another trade.

  111. From LeBrun…

    A source said Friday there’s interest from a “few contenders” for UFA blueliner Derek Morris, who finished last season with the New York Rangers after being picked up from the Phoenix Coyotes at the trade deadline. Scratch Washington off his list. A Caps source said Friday they’re not interested. The Bruins? They’ve been looking for a top-four guy and struck out, at least for now, on Toronto’s Tomas Kaberle and they inquired about Morris at the trade deadline last March.

  112. CWGATTI

    Pruchs, and Dawes aren’t anything special, but still, what would you rather have, draft picks, or a loser like Morris ?

    Im sure Slats could have got something better, im pretty sure.


    He’ll be in NHL 10 most likely. You might have to wait for the first online roster update though. That’s what they did in 09, with a few players. Every game they have sweish, Czech, and Russian teams you can play with, like in NHL 09, they had Hedman’s swedish team, and OMSK with Cherry. Instead they should just have the OHL, and other leagues, where prospects play, or kids set to enter the draft. That would be a lot cooler.

  113. boy Mtl will be a joke this year. they have nothing but smurfs, and they added that boring Lemaire clone pos Jacques Martin as their coach.

    firewagon hockey will be more like yawn and snooze hockey.

  114. Morris was a very solid defenseman. He was overpaid by Phoenix because they wanted someone who could stay healthy, unlike Jovanowski.

  115. Colin
    I stand corrected, they were owned by the Jets, I was just looking to see if I could find the guys name and I saw that they were the jets farm team. But I’m sure that the guy came there from the leafs maybe on loan, I really not sure but I sure The guy made the same playing in the miners as he did with the big club, and he was there for a while.

  116. guy larose is the only player i know of that played for the jets, maple leafs and the moncton hawks

  117. i hit submit too soon
    he doesnt play defense but he was the only player i could think of who played for the leafs and hawks

  118. What are the chances a team like LA, with tons of cap room, offers Dubi or Cali $3mil/yr?

  119. oh god was it flichel?

    he played like a billion games for em and only like 5 for the jets

    never played for the leafs

  120. Ehklund was actually reporting Kings were in on Clowe, so the Sharks moved fast to lock him up before an offer sheet could be offered…it would make sense for them to move their attention to the NYR

  121. Carp what are the chances LA swipes in with some ridiculous deal to Dubi/Cali?

  122. Hm, that would be interesting. Kovalev has never really played in front of fans without feeling any pressure.

  123. Ha good point Chris.

    Tanguay, Koivu, Morris, Mara, Beauchemin, Bergeron, Kovalev, Betts…ALOT of guys still out there.

  124. No word on zubov, no word on what’s Sather’s next move. But there really are a lot of guys still available. If you can wait, you can get some bargains.

  125. Colin
    I finally found the guys name. It was Bob Neely, he played for the Moncton Hawks the 78-79, 79 80 seasons. the last NHL team listed is the colordo rockies in 77, but he played for the leafs the same year. Why he was in Moncton I don’t know.

  126. I count on Sather doing nothing this weekend and pickin up the scraps Monday. But right now I don’t see why a team would acquire a guy like Rozi when they can sign someone like Beauchemin

  127. Any word on Dubi/Cally’s contracts yet? How long do they have to do this?

    I’ve been working on the project all day. Finished A&B. It’s so much fun! Can’t wait to show all you boneheads on Monday!

  128. hockeymom

    glad you figured it out
    i was looking more towards the end years figuring it was a little sooner.

  129. Been watching Youtube highlights of Gaborik can skate like the wind lightning quick wrist/snap shot but I noticed he never once took a slap shot on any of those highlights does he even have one just wondering very wierd seeing a sniper not have an effective slap shot.

  130. Rick, thats a good point.

    I guess it could end up better than the spend millions in 1 day like the last two years have been

  131. Colin
    I’m an old guy, I guess I already gave that away, but I remember watching the guy play , man he was good when he wanted to be.

  132. cccp,
    I saw transformers 2 the other day. The movie is two and a half hours and i didn’t even realize it because between watching Megan Fox, huba, huba and listening to the one liners the robots were saying, hilarious and the action it was excellent.

  133. I didn’t like Transformers 2 as much as the first one. Too long and the ending got ridiculous. My favorite movie has been Crank 2 (hilarious) followed by Star Trek and then the other summer movies like Wolverine, Transformers, Terminator, Brothers Bloom have all been OK.

    Excited for Public Enemies, GI Joe, and I hope When In Rome isn’t a chick flick (good cast; Red Wings fan Kristin Bell, Jon Herder, Dax Sheopard, Will Arnett, Danny Devito).

  134. I was looking a Arnason numbers. He scored 16 goals the season before. I think maybe Drury is going to move to the wing.

  135. anyone think ryan hollweg will ever play in the nhl again? beloved ranger would have done well w torts

  136. was waived by the team last year and is on their minor league squad, the marlies

  137. Sorry I’ve been in the hospital for a while. I just checked the website and he’s not on the leafs roster. I wonder where he will play. I got to say I was never very impressed with him when he was a Ranger. I was happy to see him go.

  138. btw – the more I think about Brashear over Orr – the more I like it.

    Orr was a good guy – but in his role of 4th line enforcer, he wasn’t all that effective – yeah he could beat up most guys in the league – but he did not intimidate anyone into NOT taking runs at our guys.

    Brashear on the other hand – will enforce AND intimidate.

    It also seems that management feels he can do that with the reduced minutes he’ll get on a Tortarella 4th line – while Orr needs to be on a 4th line that is getting more minutes —

    seems like a smart move all around — and I’m telling you – when we play against Philly & Chris “dirties player in the league” Pronger – you’re gonna appreciate Big Brash putting down some flyers!!!

    I feel safer already — our team has been way to soft for to many years.

  139. ryan hollweg sucks and will never get any better in the nhl, he is a 4th liner at best and he ended up costing us multiple playoff games

  140. drury wont move to the wing because of arnason but i think arnason may get a shot at the start of the year on the 4th line and if all goes well could end up being a pretty good 3rd liner getting 10 goals or so or even around 10 goals on the 4th line if he plays all year, he has potential still in my opinion

  141. Hollweg was fine in year one as it was refreshing to have some young hungry kid hit everything. Halfway through year two he wore out his welcome.

    Arnasson better have a great camp if he wants to make the team.

  142. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    If he checks in , The honeymoon is in deep trouble!!!

  143. Anyone else see this?


    Chicago tendered qualifying offers to several key players this week, including Kris Versteeg, Cam Barker, Ben Eager, Colin Fraser, Aaron Johnson and Troy Brouwer, however the investigation underway is to determiner whether the qualifying offers were filed correctly.

    If not, there is the remote possibility the qualifying offers could be ruled invalid and the players listed above, conceivably, could be deemed unrestricted free agents because of the blunder.

  144. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Tony AZ , yeah I could tell those other posts wasn’t you. Nice to have ip’s traces to find the guilty.

  145. Oi, i woke up five minutes ago..dreamt about return of Kovalev to Broadway..

    …no it was just a dream…oi good night now…

  146. Leetchhalloffame on

    Grachev is going to be our power winger for years to come. Really excited about seeing him on Broadway.

  147. so after im done @ work i plan on heading into the city and drink a couple of molsons @ warren 77

    ill be wearing some expensive sneakers, lol

    if anyone is interested
    no excuse this time! lol
    you got nothin to do tomorrow!!!

  148. Tyler,

    That video was hilarious but it also depressed me because that was when hockey was on ESPN (which made them, you know, discuss it during their shows).

    I know Carp wasn’t a big fan, but when Gary Thorne and Bill Patrick did games, they had a big game feel. And I’ll take them over Joe Benninati 100 times out of 100.

  149. CARP
    the wedding was awesome. it was everything that i imagined and i was still very aware of what was going on in the hockey world.

    leaving for cabo san lucas on sunday morning. should be a great honeymoon.

    i hear koivu is liking the devils and rangers.

  150. I wouldnt really want anyone on that list other than Cam Barker anyway so it’s not a big deal. Barker would probably re-sign with the Hawks>

  151. Tyler, that video is hilarious. I have that Kasparitis jersey in white. My buddy from school is a Flyers fan, and his ex-gf from Long Island was a huge Isles fan, and left the jersey over his house after they broke up. he never gave it back. I took it to play pick up games in. Odd thing is I always seem to play well when I wear it

  152. Those fishsticks jerseys nearly got me killed in 9th grade. I would always tell this one kid who was an Isles fan: ‘Yo, why do you have Charles Manson fishing on your team’s jersey?” He’d get angry, and at my very first keg party him and his drunk friends roughed me up a little because of it. I escaped with minimal damage thanks to my speed.

    Smyth in LA is good as it means they may lay off Tangauy, and any other FAs.

  153. The Colorado Avalanche have traded Ryan Smyth to the Los Angeles Kings for defencemen Kyle Quincey, Tom Preissing and a fifth-round pick. The 33-year old posted 26 goals and 33 assists in 77 games last season.

  154. Good trade for LA. It looks like a lot but it was really Quincey and a pick. Preissing was a healthy scratch a lot. Quincey was good but Thomas Hickey is going to be the real deal PP QB. Smyth will open up room for Kopitar or cycle with Brown.

  155. Word from the league is that Chicago screwed up some paper work so some of their RFA”s this year could become UFA’s.


    If this is true, Sather’s going to be all over this like it’s christmas

    “ill take Barker, and Versteeg, and maybe Eager..you know what gimme Fraser too”

  156. I’d absolutely love Barker. Exactly what the Rangers need. I think they should submit an offer sheet for him.

  157. i think they should leave the hawks ufa’s alone. if they actually beome ufa’s. they’ll probably sign with chicago anyway. theyre gonna be contending for the cup very soon. we should get tangauy and thats it. he could play well on drurys line as he is a playmaker and dru has a decent shot. could be good to get dru goin again

  158. barkers good. id love to have him over rozy. but ya gotta think that the hawks will match

  159. matt k- hey, we got our “eyehead” gaborik man. lol. who woulda thought wed get our wish. in a year or 2, the only thing left of him will be a head. hes gonna fall apart

  160. hopefully he is fully recovered from his hip surgery though. man he could be exciting to watch this year.

  161. Yeah Mike haha, i think im gonna pass on the Gaborik jersey though..im afraid that might fall apart too. lol

  162. Gaborik will be fine. I’d be willing to lay good odds on him playing at least 70 games. Barker is fantastic and it will be hard for Chicago to sign all of them. I think the Rangers should give him a very generous offer sheet and at least that forces the hawks to match

  163. i’ll get a gaborik jersey and on the fron the logo will say- ‘INJURED RESERVE ALL STAR’

  164. Alright we have 16 million left.

    Higgins – 3
    Zherdev – 3
    Cally – 2.5
    Dubie – 2.5
    Korpo – 2
    Potter – 1
    Boyle – 1

    Thats 14 million bucks.
    Potter goes to AHL
    13 million

    Thats 3 million..
    Now to sign an RFA the league gives you lee-way right?

    So figure about 4 million

    Now do you think that 4 million could get either Tanguay or Baker? Probably..will they go for it? Maybe..can they get better offers? Hell yeah.

  165. we should try and trade rozy first if we get barker or at least waive redden. as much as i like barker, id like on of ourt kids getting at ashot too.

  166. Be careful Mike. If you were a Gaborik jersey, you might suffer from some random injuries that are season ending too.

  167. im not so sure duby gets 2.5 i mean he scored 13 goals. maybe he does deserve more but at this point in time, would we give shoe 2.5 if he got 13 goals?? na, he needs to prove he can start producing some goals before. i know compared to other guys it doesnt sound like much, but unless its a long term deal, i would only give him 1.5-2 tops. same with cally

  168. True mike..plus we need to LOCK UP Staal next year. No way he hits the market until he’s at least 35.

  169. I think some of those numbers might be different; no way Korpi gets 2 million, he scored 7 goals. 1.2 million. Also Zherdev is gonna make like 3.5 or 3.75, Higgins 2.5 at most, and Potter while he showed promise is not worth 1 million yet.

    Tanguay or Zubov; it’s such a toss up. Zubov you can at least cheat and give him an incentive laden deal.

  170. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    HAPPY 4th of July my american fellow Ranger guys who bloggout on da blog with Carp N Jane with Laurel too ..don’t forget at age 26 Josh Thompson.

  171. “If he checks in , The honeymoon is in deep trouble!!!”

    . . .. maybe he has his laptop on her back.

  172. I think that was a bad trade by the Kings. Lombardi is a pretty stupid GM, i don’t know if he’s like the total opposite of Michael Jackson, and hates kids, cause he is very quick to give up on the youth of his team.

    Quincey came out of nowhere last season, and had a pretty good year. I mean yeah they have Hickey coming up, but they may lose Jack Johnson, so why lose both Johnson, and Quincey, for Smyth ? Smyth is good, but he’s aging, and he wont help that team. Quick is decent but he’s not taking the to the playoffs.

    As for the Hawks screw up, i hope their RFA’s become UFA’s, that would be so sweet. Id at least want Barker.

  173. The only problem with all of this is that the rangers assests aren’t locked up and i can see tallon going after dubi callahan etc. if we try getting these players

  174. No Larry Brooks Article today. Must be saving his thoughts for Slap Shot Tomorrow.

  175. NYRGuy – It doesn’t matter f you’re on a two-way contract. If you’ve been in the league long enough, you have to pass through waivers. A two-way contract just means that the Rangers save money by Arnason being in the minors. I’m fairly certain that Arnason will be waiver-eligible to go down to the minors.

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