Heatley vetoes again


Looks like Dany Heatley is getting his $4 million from Ottawa, and Edmonton is getting stuck again.

Heatley again declined the request to waive his no-trade clause, even after personal visits from Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini of the Oilers’ front office. So he remains in Ottawa, $4 million richer, and on a team on which he doesn’t want to play. Good luck trading him now, Senators.

Here’s TSN’s story from shortly after midnight.

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  1. No-trade clauses! You gotta love them! Ha-Ha!

    /waives goodbye to Scotty G. while I’ll be collecting $7 million from the Rangers next year for 20 goals!

  2. those 20 goals will all be clutch 1st period goals against elite goalies like joey macdonald, martin gerber,emery,jose threeormore and kevin weekes right chris?

  3. *Capt Clutch you bastard! Give our money back!*


    My money has a full no-movement clause too! It’s not leaving my bank account! Ha-Ha!

    And in case anyone missed my post about Gaborik, here it is again!



    Captain Clutch is NOT happy about this! I almost drove the Clutchmobile off the road when I heard the news!!! Good thing I was wearing my seatbelt and chewing on my trusty mouthpiece! Safety first, what a leader!

    I thought the whole reason they traded that doofus Gomez is so that Captain Clutch could be the highest paid player on the team!!! I was even gonna celebrate with a party at Redden’s on Friday before Wade’s 4th Of July party!

    Gaborik, who’s ALWAYS injured, making more money than The Ultimate Winner??? Gaborik, a.k.a. Captain CRUTCH, making more money than Captain Clutch??? When Captain Clutch gets injured, I score CLUTCH playoff goals with a broken hand! When Gaborik gets injured, he takes 60 games off!!!

    If Glen is gonna pay Gaborik $7.5 million for his usual 40 games a year, then he needs to pay Captain Clutch $15 million for 80 games of clutch, leadership, and winning!!!

    You know what though? I’m not gonna let this ruin my summer! It would’ve been ME in Montreal if I didn’t have my full no-movement clause! And who wants to go to Canada??? Have fun Scott! Ha-Ha! I feel better already! Hey I’ll even take the Clutchmobile out for another spin! That will cheer me up too! Later guys!

  4. those 20 goals will all be clutch 1st period goals against elite goalies like joey macdonald, martin gerber,emery,jose threeormore and kevin weekes right chris?


    Of course! Remember the CLUTCH 5th goal I scored vs. the powerhouse Avalanche in a 6-1 win??? It put the game away! So clutch! What a winner! You’ll be seeing a a lot of that this year too! Thrashers, Avalanche, Islanders, Kings, all the elite teams better watch out for Captain Clutch!

    And don’t forget my unforgettable CLUTCH broken hand goal in Game 4 vs. Washington! Put us up 3 games to 1! Don’t really remember what happened after that in the series, but that goal made me a Rangers legend!

  5. Will be much easier to trade Heatley now that the $4M is paid, though! I love that Sather came to his senses and got Gaborik for just money instead of Heatley for money/players/prospects.


  6. from Dreger

    Heatley wont decide tonight. He believed NYR and SJ were the main targets before Oilers offer was accepted. Too much too soon.39 minutes ago from mobile web

  7. Chris from Buffalo on

    Chris, when are you going to have your career defining moment with the Rangers like you did with the Sabres (7.7 seconds)

  8. *Chris, when are you going to have your career defining moment with the Rangers like you did with the Sabres (7.7 seconds)*


    Captain Clutch has a career-defining moment with the Rangers every 2 weeks when I cash another check for some more Dolan Dollars! Ha-Ha!

  9. here is the latest from TSN


    Dany Heatley is the villain.

    At least that’s how the Ottawa Senators, their fans and perhaps, the Oilers and their fans view his ongoing reluctance to grant a move to Edmonton.

    What’s clear is Heatley won’t be pushed and for reasons only he knows, Edmonton isn’t the city he envisioned he would be in at the start of next season.

    Part of the problem can be traced back to the NHL entry draft last weekend in Montreal. Heatley was led to believe both the San Jose Sharks and New York Rangers were both strong trading partners. Some suggested, the Los Angeles Kings showed interest as well.

    Heatley was preparing for the trade.

    No doubt he started thinking about life in California, playing for a contending Western Conference team like the Sharks, or the much improved Kings. Heatley thought about the excitement of New York City and how he might fit in with the Rangers.

    If any of those teams had come up with a package suitable to the Senators, this deal would be done and Heatley will be merrily on his way.

    Instead, Ottawa accepted the only offer Sens GM Bryan Murray deemed worthy. The only offer he had based on an asking price some teams reveal was too steep. An offer from the Edmonton Oilers that some close to Heatley say, ”blindsided” him.

    Heatley knew Edmonton was in the mix. How could he not? From the moment news broke he had requested a trade, Edmonton has been at, or near the top of the list of likely destinations. Heatley’s meeting with the Oilers brass on Wednesday night was described as very good and he liked what he heard…just not enough to waive his no-move, end this saga and join a team that is desperate to bring him on board.

    Heatley still believes there are other NHL options that haven’t surfaced and he wasn’t willing to bend to meet Ottawa’s financial deadline to clear this trade.

    He’s not ready and won’t be pushed, and fully understands the nastiness he’s likely to face and the possibility his only option may be to go back to Ottawa, now enemy territory if Murray and Senators owner Eugene Melnyk dig in their heals, as some predict they might.

    Regardless, this story will not have a happy ending.

  10. I for one am very happy with Gaborik. Everyone is looking at the numbers but thats what any elite scorer in the league makes. I’m nervous about his history with injuries but someone had to take the risk in signing him, it might as well be us. If this pays off for us, its going to pay off big.

    An impact player like Gaborik under a pressure heavy system like the one Torts coaches, hes going to be a beast. If he can stay healthy hes easily going to score 40-50 goals, making him well worth the money.

    Now all we need to do is trade Rozi and sign the kids and maybe another good forward and we are good to go.

  11. Chris, when are you going to have your career defining moment with the Rangers like you did with the Sabres (7.7 seconds)


    Career defining moment? When he gets those sponsorships from Dunkin Donuts, Ballpark Franks, Wise Potato Chips, Carvel, etc.

    What a slob.

  12. I hope that whiny brat stays in Ottawa. Yashin, anyone? Cripes.


    Seriously, Ottawa seems to just breed assh*les.

  13. we are still screwed, absolutely no BANG on the blue line. If im hank, I say me no play until you get me a couple of defencive bangers or crease clearers back there!!!!!!

  14. What does everyone think about possibly bringing Manny Malhotra and/or Mikael Samuelsson back to plug in the Sjostrom/Betts PK hole that we now have? (Obviously we have the cap and our RFAs to consider). I think Malhotra has developed into a nice 3rd/4th line center, still only about 30 years old I believe, and has a solid defensive game.

  15. hey drury, PLEASE let Heatley take the clutchmobile out for a spin with you, redden and sather in the car too

  16. I know I sound like a broken record, but just imagine how much better our cap situation would be and how much better how roster situation could be if we just waived Redden and had another $6.5 million freed up…with our depth on defense/prospects in the system and the fact that he’s obviously FINISHED, what is the point in keeping him around? with that extra $6.5 mill of cap space we comfortably sign all of our restricted FA’s, we can still make another move if it’s the right move, and if not we’ll have a nice cap buffer for in-season moves…it’s just so frustrating still having Redden on this team

  17. rich, we only get half of that to use. that’s why they’ll give him another chance, and if he sucks still they’ll waive him probably if they can pick someone else up with that money.

  18. ^^^ if we waive Redden they still gotta pay him $6.5 million per year, but that $6.5 million per comes off the salary cap…if we buy him out then it’s still gonna cost money against the cap, which is what I think you were referring to

    I’m just hoping that this is IT for Redden, one full year under Torts, and if he’s still completely worthless (99.9% sure he will be) they GOTTA waive him…can you imagine how bad Redden will be 2, 3, 4 years from now?? and we’ll desperately NEED that cap space in the future

  19. Carp, When do you think Gaborik, Higgins and Brashear will be introduced at the Garden?

  20. Well, I’m excited. I have cautious doubts like the rest of you, but I am just happy to be excited!

    Put Gaborik in a Crossfit Gym!

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Gaborik has brains ,Gomez does not .Gaborik is a sniper, Gomez is not. Gaborik is worth it and Gomez was not. Gaborik can get hurt but so can Gomez.

    Just release it to Gaborik!!!! PASS IT TO GABORIK!!!!

    #10 GABORIK

  22. NorthCountryRanger on

    I’m gonna get crucified on here for this but, I think if the numbers are right we should sign Alexei Kovalev to a 3rd tour of duty…Hear me out. The last time he was here was the dismal pre lockout years and he had all sorts of issues with personnel and such all the way down to the sticks he was using at the time sucked. We traded him away and he has found his scoring touch again and thrived in MTL for the past 4 seasons. He also found sticks he likes and a company which sponsors him in warrior so he would be that much more content with his play (i remember in 2003-2004 his sticks would break like twice a game, often at key moments such as one timers into empty nets). He was just an all star last season (i know MTL but still), He has the best hands in the game, WHY NOT BRING KOVI BACK TO END HIS CAREER WHERE HE BEGAN IT AND HELPED WIN OUR FIRST CUP IN 54 YEARS FOR US? He was a big part of that team as a kid. He now would have a big chance to be a part of a new cup contending NYR squad. With Lundy in net, Staal on d and Dubi and Gaborik and Cally and Zherdev and Higgins on O….(granted a lot of speculation here) we would have ALOT of pieces in place…All i’m saying is offer him a 2 year 7 mil deal…. 3.5 mil per with the allure of ending his career a Ranger and if he won another cup here having his jersey in the rafters with Leetch, Messier, Graves, and Richter as the 94′ boys. Its crazy but could you imagine if this went down? He could be a veteran and a supporting scorer for Gaby….I for one would love to see Kovi end his great career here.

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    It is funny how the Habs have Gomez with Gionta again. WE all pondered that thought (being stuck with Gomer)that we may get those two together again. Nice to see if would have worked out…Geuss well have to watch Mtl to see how it all pans out over there.

  24. NorthCountryRanger on

    oh and the basis of that^ was that MTL is out of $$ after camilarri, Gionta and Gomez…

  25. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Kovalev is a head case so yeah , he’d fit in great here!!!!

    Seriously though …I want Zherdev and I like the size of Antropov. I like the new russian prospect we got from Montreal .So If we add A Kovalev with out pricing out others, sure.

  26. I would have taken Heatley for prospects over Gaborik for 7.5. I don’t care how much talent you have, it ain’t worth s**t if you are in the press box nursing an injury.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Eric Lindros was more injury prone than Gaborik and Sather took him. The question is , whos better Gaborik or Gomez…Gaborik is better , hurt or not.

    Brasher is hated so maybe having him is a good thing.Last time I looked , Avery was the most hated guy around so having Brashear should be a blast!!

  28. “He said Rangers doctors have been in touch with Gaborik’s surgeons, and that the hip surgery he had last season is the same that Michal Rozsival had, and that Mario Lemieux once had. So he’s not concerned at all about the hip (or related groin injuries).”

    Is this supposed to make us feel better??? Lemieux’s career ended EARLY because of injuries!!

    Furthermore, Gaborik missed 65 (!) games last year. We couldn’t get a discount for that??? 7.5M/per? Really?

  29. NorthCountryRanger on

    Uhm Lemieux’s career ended “early” mostly because of his struggle with hotchkin’s (sp) disease… which is hardly a side effect of a hip injury…

  30. Healthy Gomez > Injured Gaborik on the bench


    Gaborik scored almost as many goals as Gomez and only played in about as many games as Gomez missed.

    Gaborik will be fine, the real issue is the rest of our dead weight killing mega cap space in Redden and Captain Carvel.

    Ideally you’d have Gabby/Gomez… this is what we were looking for all along (real wing for Gomez to feed)… but it wasn’t meant to be.

    I just hope Drury will waive his NTC next summer when we finally try to bounce him for a real hockey player.

  31. I’m very happy we got Gaborik, now we have a true game changer again – something we missed since Slats let Jags go. Even if he can manage only 60 games a year he’ll crush Gomez’s stats and i think he’ll make our other players better by not putting those 30+ goal expectations on their shoulders.
    If we can re-sign Z and deploy Gabby with Drury and Zherdev with Dubi i think we’ve a decent top 2 lines i hate doing line combos but i’m thinking:

    Avery – Drury – Gabby
    Higgy – Duby – Cally
    Korpy – Ansy – Z
    Brashy – Boyley – Byers(y)

    Unless Slats has some July 2nd complementary signings to make? Who is left on the market that might fit under the cap? Tanguay, Fedotenko, Kovalev, LaRose, Samuellsson, Zednik? Will Antro re-think the $5m+ for 5 years and come down to >$4m per for 3-4 years which is more realistic?

    At the moment, if our RFA’s all sign for their qualifying offers (or a few hundred $K more) i think we have about $7m cap space left. Although we won’t know for sure until those RFA’s sign the deals or negotiate longer term deals.

    As for Heatley, its his prerogative to choose as he has a full NTC, so Murray is negotiating himself down blind alleys and $4m out of pocket. You’d think he’d check first before negotiating a deal wouldn’t you?

  32. I know….i just contradicted myself, but i can’t put Cally on the 3rd line after last season…

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Gaborik played the last 10 games of the season and average more than a point a game ( or was that goals).

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Cally Dubi Gaborik

    Avery Drury Zherdev

    Korpi AA Higgins

    Brashear Betts Byers

  35. wedding day is here all. any last minute advice.

    i think i am more nervous today to see what sather will do then to say I DO.

    koivu report to play with brother in minny.

    tanguay an option for us how about antropov for less then hes asking.

    will be around until 12 today

  36. onecupin69years and counting on

    Eric-good luck
    when strange poon tang comes your way grab it , life is too short and marriage is overated.
    wait for kids , don’t be in hurry.
    never hit your kids,never!
    never hit your wife or O.J. her, if she cheats, don’t commit suicde,
    they aren’t worth going to jail for or dying for.
    always have your own bank account as a back up, do the bills your self, don’t tell her how much you make.
    play golf, hickey, or whatever , if you cave in once , sell your balls on ebay.

  37. great quote from Puck Daddy on twitter:

    Ritchie — you want more toughness than Brashear? Who do you want? BA Baracus?

    Very interested to see what UFA’s Slats is going to sign up today. W’re presumably hunting for a top 6 left wing or an experienced defenceman? Beauchemin has a couple of offers on the table at $4.5m – which would fit under our cap if we were looking to add another forward in the $2.5-4m range.
    There’s also the possibility that this Richards thing has legs, but we’ll have to be sending back a center and Dallas won’t give him up for nothing.

  38. Eric – just enjoy it, don’t worry about your speech you’re just talking to friends and family not the executive board (just don’t drink too much before the speech!).

    And just remember its HER big day – not yours!!

  39. One cup , Great Advice for Eric – could’nt of said it better myself!!- Eric Good Luck my man!!!

  40. Eric-
    I’m getting married in November. Your doing it the right way after hockey season. I’m getting married the day before Leecth goes into the HOF. I just went to a buddy wedding and got plastered. One piece of advice that was given to me is a one point of the night take a step back and look around and turn to soak it all in cause it goes so fast. Good Luck Brother!!

  41. Propaghandi on

    After your racist comment up top onecup, I’d bet a years salary the problem with your marriage is you.

  42. UESBlueshirt on

    I got married last month.

    Roc, that’s the advice I was given. There’s only going to be so many minutes you have where you’re not asked to pose for some photo or working the room meeting the relatives, etc. The other piece of advice I was given, if you’ve got a wedding of 100+ people, is to make the most effort to talk to the tables of the older relatives. Your friends and close aged cousins you’ll see a lot in the immediate future and beyond.

  43. roc – No, simple as. Lang is too old.

    If we’ve got 2 top lines with Gabby and Z what we need are complementary players who will do the dirty work on the boards and go to the net and create traffic. I think with Drury, Cally, Dubi you’ve got 3 guys who will go to the net and pick up the rebounds that our 2 snipers will create. Alternatively you play AA with Z and create a less direct puck possession line but then you need someone to fill out the top 2 lines….

    I think Torts has had a great deal of influence on Slats signings (and willingness not to give up the young guys).
    Carp – has anyone got hold of Torts to get his take on it all?

  44. the lines will be



  45. For a while yesterday it looked as though Dolan was telling Sather he wanted to use the money the Rangers wouldn’t spend in cap room this season on buying LeBron next summer…

  46. Avery-Dubinsky-Gaborik



  47. PK unit will be

    PK units will be fine

    PP Units

  48. With no NTC, is it possible that OTT gets desperate and trades Heatley for Gaborik. . . . .straight up?!?!?!

  49. I sure would love to get Heatley, but i doubt it will happen.

    As for Kovalev, who knows, maybe it might work out, and maybe he’ll be a good mentor for Nicky Z. They’re pretty similar, so maybe Kovy could teach him the right things to do, and the wrong things to do.

    Remember, this team isn’t complete. We need something, we cant expect Gabby to do everything. We need someone.

    Slats needs to pull a rabbit out of his hat. No, bigger, he needs to pull a Fox out of his hat !!!! A Megan Fox !!!!!

  50. Chris from Buffalo
    July 2nd, 2009 at 12:53 am
    Chris, when are you going to have your career defining moment with the Rangers like you did with the Sabres (7.7 seconds)

    his career defining moment came when he scored the biggest clutch playoff goal ever, not just for the rangers, but for the league, when he scored the one hander with only 32.5 MINUTES left in the game!!! anyone can score with .5 seconds left like jussi jokinen. imaginw how hard it is to score a game winning goal with almost a half a game left to go???

  51. flipppedturtle on

    Did any of you catch the Free Agent show on MSG last night? Nothing ground breaking but they did have torts on for his reaction of the signings and it seems like he is very happy with the deals but it may be all corperate talk.

  52. Maybe Maxim Afinogenov could be a good fit for the Rangers, he’s coming off a couple of down season and should be cheap. Might be a nice complementary player with Zherdev or Gaborik.

  53. All I can say is…
    Gaborik for 2008-2009
    Oct 16 2008back injury day to day
    Dec 17 2008 missed 27 games…back injury
    Dec 24 2008 CHRISTMAS PRESENT! groin injury…out indefinitely!
    March 22 2009 Missed 38 games, hip surgery

    On one hand this is soo like the Rangers, and on the other hand, this guy IF healthy is a complete game changer. I hope it pays off…
    But over all I’m pretty happy today…We still have Staal, Callahan, and Dubinski. We have kids coming up next season.
    Sather didn’t trade away any youth…yet and for that alone we are having a successful off season

  54. a megan fox! orr yo horny dog you. orr, would you pull a jason biggs from american pie and bust before you even got to you know with megan fox? or would get stone drunk so you can last maybe at least a minute, minute amnd a half?

    cwgatti- thats a good question. i think gaborik was a better choice cuz we only gave up money and cap space for him, while wed be doin the same with heatley, plus wed give up players we dont want to get rid of. but trading them straight up is a good question. obviously i feel much safer with heatley, and i actually would do it. but even with gabbys injuries in the past, he is not gonna be a big distraction like heatley, and i think he can stay healthy and if he does, he could definitely put up more goals and points. all things being equal, i would trade him for heatley. much safrer choice and will still put up much better numbers than anyone else. whos to say heatley doesnt want out of here after a year or 2 because torts is too strict, or he doesnt get along with mangmt, or a player though? gaborik should stay healthy. i think he will. everyone goes through injuries, so im not expecting him to play every 82 game every year, but overall he should be fine. i think if we go out and pick up tangauy as a second line scorer it would help alot with secondary scoring so even if gabby does get hurt, we still have zherdev who will get 25-30 range, tangauy-25-30 range, drury-20-25 range, cally-25 range, duby-18-23 range, higgins-19 or 20 range, avery-15-18 range, korpi- 10-12 range, AA-10-12 range, so wed still probably get about the same production even losing naslund,antro and gomez, if gabby does go down, and say he gets injured for 20-25 games, hed still put up 30-35 range. we need our d to score more though, and that will have to improved also

  55. meshuggah1902 on

    I have this feeling Dubinsky is going to be gone next season. I do not like it but I just get that feeling, especially after reading Larry Brooks article in the Post today.

  56. Mike – i agree, to get Heatley would have cost one or more of our young forwards plus the $7.5m cap hit – to get Gabby we just rolled out the Dolan $$ (as usual).

    I still have a nagging feeling Slats could give someone away that we all want to keep.

  57. Matt – no. We need to keep some experience on D and unless Slats is signing or trading for another D-man to replace him then i say we keep him.

  58. I’m pretty excited, this basically came down to the following trade

    Gomez, Orr and some inconsequential minor leagurs for

    Gaborik, Brashear, Higgins, and a stud D prospect, i’d make that trade any day.

  59. Send Heatley to San Jose where he can slack off with Joe Thornton and they can not play up to their abilities together in a city where no one cares. Heatley is too much of a head case for New York.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    “Healthy Gomez > Injured Gaborik on the bench”

    I disagree. Injured Gaborik means a callup from Hartford. I’d take the Hartford call up over Gomez.

    My favorite part about that TSN article is that now that Heatley is being portayed as a villain, he’s a Freiburg, Germany native, and not a Canadian. Haha, TSN, you amuse me.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Draxen, would that trade be made even better if you dropped the Orr and Brashear components of it?

    Don’t sugar coat Sather’s disrespect for the team and fans. He signed Brashear. He hates us.

  62. Should be another fun day- a ton of flexibility and options-

    Dubi Rosi Sangs for Vinny?

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Fly, Vinny’s no-trade clause kicked in yesterday. It’s over. He’s not going anywhere.

    Especially for that lousy deal.

  64. Eric-good luck and all the best today. I’m married 3 years and we got right to it and have 2 kids. Enjoy the day as much as you can cause you’re gonna be busy. I remember the priest put me in a back room while the ceremony started. Alot of thoughts went through my head while I was waiting to be called to join the ceremony but it’s all good. My only advice is to enjoy the day.

  65. Doodie

    Oh I hate Brashear too, and yes it was a lowball move but that wouldn’t stop me from making that trade as I listed it

    I think our team may not necessarily be “better” points wise this year but man will they be more fun to watch with all the youth and a legit scoring threat.

  66. onecupin69years and counting on

    I would include dubi ina package to get Heatley, this team needs more. remeber the beatings jagr took his last year here.

    jags was the go to guy.
    Do you think gaborik can take punishment?
    Do you actually think Gaborik will survive a full season without help?

  67. I think Dubi will be the man to get the puck to Gaborik. Dubi is a monster on the puck, I can see 2 guys going to him and leaving a wing open. The way the team looks today, I hope Sather keeps course and holds onto Staal, Dubi and Cally.

  68. Doodie- you don’t think Vinny would waive to reunite with Torts and feed Gabby? Certainly was wishful thinking, but tampa has to do something over there, right?

  69. Don’t think we can afford Heatly right now. I like Gaborick if only because we didn’t have to give up any young talent for him. Now we need Gomez back (just kidding) but we DO need a playmaking center to get him the puck. Is Nylander completly done? He’d be the type of guy we need. Not sure who’s left on the FA market. Still not sure this all brings us a cup though.

  70. TSN is so Nationalist its pathetic. I bet they weren’t mentioning that before the trade request or when he got to Ottawa in the first place.

  71. steveknj >> nylander would fit nice… that type of playmaker again ..
    throwing this out there … JAGR? hhaha

  72. Sather really knows how to make Rangers fans happy.

    Erica Lindros
    Bryan Trottier
    Donald Brashear

    Who’s next? Denis Potvin as color announcer?

  73. Laurel Babcock on

    Just posing a question here, so don’t go all Kramer on me, but I wonder….

    I’m no fan of Basher, but it honestly took me while to warm up to Jagr and Shanny when they got here, being former sworn enemies. So do you think fans will eventually cool off about Brashear? Again, just asking……

  74. Laurel, I believe the first person he pounces on, everyone will be cheering him on….and here comes the bashers…………….

  75. I still think Sather has a hard on for HEately and now with the 4 mil bonus off the books who knows what that crazy ass cigar smoking wacko is gonna do.

    And ONECUP if your married for 30 years and miserable, then its your fault and your an idiot. Dont crap on someone else’s parade because you cant divorce your own mistake. Let the guy enjoy it.

    Congrats Eric!

  76. Laurel Babcock on

    Jor71, yep, kinda what I’m saying…….wouldn’t you love to know the first conversation between him and Betts?

  77. gamemisconduct17 on

    We all know that Gaborik is injured a little too often. He has been playing 8 years now and even with injuries, 5 of them have been 30 plus goal seasons. Who else can we say that about. Not many I presume. Still need one more D a possible Center, and maybe one more cheap wing for third line

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d say no to Rozsi for Penner. If only because Rozsi’s contract will end long before Penner’s.

    Also, Edmonton won’t make that trade. If there is one thing Edmonton doesn’t need, it’s defensemen.

    Laurel, I don’t think Brashear is in the same class as Jagr or Shanahan. First, I don’t know that anyone truly HATED Jagr or Shanahan, especially Shanahan. We might’ve hated the way the would carve up our team, but the guys personally? I don’t think so, at least I certainly didn’t. In fact, I always really admired both.

    But Brashear is different. He is a gutless puke. He’s cheapshotted our guys on more than one occassion (Betts, Ward). He’s a piece of garbage. I hope he gets his ass beat every single time he fights, Aaron Voros against Cam Janssens style.

  79. Laurel, Brashear may have more capabilities than Orr but when push comes to shove Brashear is just another Dave Brown goon type.

    I would think we could use someone younger and cheaper. There has to be some young goons on someone’s minor league team.

  80. Laurel Babcock on

    I hear ya Doodie, I do…..and definitely wasn’t equating them as men….I have to admit tho, I hated Jagr when he was a Pen.

  81. eric, I believe somebody already said this, but it’s true: Make sure you enjoy every moment today because it will go by in a heartbeat. Photos, cake-cutting, all those little responsibilities, plus chatting with every guest. It’s done in a flash. So make sure to enjoy it.

    Congratulations and good luck!

  82. And pose for a lot of pictures, because you really do relive it through the photo album and DVD. I didn’t remember half of what happened at my wedding until I saw it in pictures and on video, ha.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, good luck today. Have a blast.

    I get married in exactly six months to the day and I already can’t wait for it. I can’t imagine how excited you must be. Many years of happiness to you.

    And a retraction of my Rozsi-Penner statement about contracts. They expire at the same time. I would therefore go for that deal. However, I do not believe Edmonton would for the reason stated above.

  84. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah Eric, dont listen to the guys that bash their wives. Make sure to have a drink in your hand and enjoy the day. It will fly by and you will feel like you are floating! Congrats!


    Carp, what are you doing up so early? :) How many posts were there yesterday? 2000?

  86. on Brashear, we’ll warm up to him, or at least tolerate him, especially the first time he beats the puke out of someone who cheapshotted one of our guys. Heck, we warmed up to Espo who was one of the most despised Bruins when that was our chief rival in the 70s. The thing is, the first time he gets suspended, everyone will come out of the woodwork and say “told you so”. Also, Avery is a cheap shot artist too, and we all love him.

    Not hearing any rumors yet today? Anyone have anything juicy?

  87. The way I see it is …

    As long as Gaborik is healthy, he is one of the best scorers in the game. So thats a WIN for the Rangers.

    IF he gets severely hurt, we can put him on IR and his money doesnt count towards the Cap, and we can finally have cap flexibility year after year going into trade deadlines, and Free agent day and such

  88. UESBlueshirt on

    I still have a feeling Koivu might take a discount to play with his brother in Minny.

  89. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Guys… Marc Staal has been invited to the Canadian Olympic training camp. Nice recognition for his progress…

  90. Congrats Eric!

    How much longer do we have to wait for Cally/Dubi signings? I’m sick of being nervous about one of them leaving.

  91. thanks for all the kind wishes on my wedding. have few hours till pictures. any rumors on whose coming in day 2.

  92. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    The Rangers can’t really sign anybody else without a trade, not if they plan on signing their RFA’s

    Cally 2.25 mil
    Dubi 2.25 mil
    Higgins 2.5 mil
    Zherdev 3.5 mil
    Boyle 1.25 mil
    Korp 1 mil

    That spends 12.75 mil of the available 16.4 Add in Anisimov’s .82 mil, Gilroy’s 1.85 mil, and Sauer’s .88 mil and it gets the Rangers to the minumum 20 man roster while being right up against the cap.

  93. A few things:

    1) Gaborik gives me visions of Bure. A guy who played zero D, scored a few goals yes, but was one of the worst team players in history. And Bure lasted what, less than 2 seasons cuz of his knees. Please I hope I am wrong.

    2) Brashear over Orr. Cannot understand that at all.

    3) People putting up their projected lines on July 2 has to be the most retarded thing I have seen on this blog in the longest time.

    4) Hearing that Redden could be put on waivers. But my gut tells me Torts probably gives him a chance.

    5) How we didn’t even make a push for Komisarek is beyond me.

    6) Still missing a few D men. No real feared guy on the blueline to clear out the front of the net. Hardly a PP QB either. Maybe Staal learned how to shoot the puck?

  94. Who Needs Lohan on

    Mister Delaware is sooooo right. Its the key to a successful marriage. No matter how tired or drunk……go for it!

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    “Avery is a cheap shot artist too, and we all love him.”

    I do not love Avery. Especially then. If he left his cheapshots and whining for calls out, I think he would be a gritty third line forechecking forward.

    But his attitude is disgraceful.

  96. Doc – i think thst a bit generous for Cally and Dubi, they were only earning approx $600k last year, i’d think a figure around $1.5 for 2-3 years is more likely (as they’d both still be RFA’s for another 3 years anyway).

  97. Blueshirt in Paris on

    All I can say is…
    Gaborik for 2008-2009
    Oct 16 2008back injury day to day
    Dec 17 2008 missed 27 games…back injury
    Dec 24 2008 CHRISTMAS PRESENT! groin injury…out indefinitely!
    March 22 2009 Missed 38 games, hip surgery

    I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but looks to me all those injuries…back/groin…are a result from the hip issue…so theoretically if you fixed the hip you should not see him out all those multiple times. Its not like he was out for a knee, wrist, concussion, etc…

  98. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Gaborik played in Lemair’s defense first system, and is known as a very good penalty killer. Trust me, he plays all facets of the game, not a cherry picking Bure.

    Rangers aren’t really in a position to add another close to 5 mil per defenseman in Komisarek.

  99. by the way all insidepittsburghsports.com is a great site to see the latest. they had the naslund signing last year before anyone. they have been accurate

  100. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Zipay thought they would each get 2.5 per. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they each signed offer sheets that the Rangers matched to up their salary. I hope the Rangers get them on the cheap, but I also hope they don’t spend the money while expecting that to happen.

  101. UESBlueshirt on

    I just wish Sather didn’t reference Lemieux and Rozi when talking about the hip. Lemieux was as fragile as they come, although it was ultimately a heart condition that forced his retirement. And Rozi was flat out awful the first few months of the season.

    I’d feel better about Gaborik’s questionable health if the Rangers had better scoring depth that could absorb losing him for potentially 15-20 games a year. If Cally/Dubi/Higgins emerge as 20+ goal scorers then it somewhat provides a hedge but in all honesty they better hope Gaborik plays 75+ games a year.

  102. Noone here is interested in bringing in either Samuelsson or Malhotra as a PKer/3rd or 4th liner to replace Betts or Sjostrom (cap willing)?

    God knows our PIM will be going up with Brashear here and a full season of Avery, not to mention a potentially young D that will run into their fair share of trouble.

    I would want a play-making center first and foremost, but in the meantime, if either Malhotra of Samuelsson came cheap, I think it would be a nice addition.

  103. Doc – i agree, but Slats maybe trying to cheapskate them by offering low and only matching when the offersheet comes in.
    It sounded to me like he had put some feelers out to see if anyone was likely to offersheet them.

    Newman – if i want to run some line combos i will – its a more visual way of figuring out who fits where and where any gaps in our lineup are. I’m not suggesting Torts goes with what i say just trying to get a read on how me MIGHT look come opening game.

  104. The Rangers should sign Joel Lundquist as a fourth line center for $850.000. He can kill penalties and is much younger than Betts.

    Brashear for the tough Atlantic Division Games.
    Voros to Hartford

  105. NYRjurgenno88 on


    Cally emerged as a 20 goal guy last year and Higgins has done it 3 of the past 4 years and once he almost hit 30; last year was a write off because he got injured. So along with Dubi, Drury and Zherdev (if he stays) there is scoring to be had.

    Also, count on contributions from AA and Boyle can play too.

    I think the forwards are nicely balanced right now just missing some size.

    I do think however, that Zherdev may run to the KHL so we should kick the tires on a few guys like Tanguay for scoring or someone else for size…

  106. Doodie,

    “Healthy Gomez > Injured Gaborik on the bench”

    I disagree. Injured Gaborik means a callup from Hartford. I’d take the Hartford call up over Gomez.”

    Doodie, I didn’t think of it that way…good point!

  107. NYRjurgenno88 on

    as obvious it seems to say (and its a change of subject) has anyone noticed how much weaker Jersey have become with losing two core guys in GIonta and Madden?

    granted they may add more today but with Philly and Pittsburgh ebign so strong its a good thign for us that Jersey lost some key guys…

  108. I am not even going there with the Devils. Every year I think, “This is finally the year that they tank and miss the playoffs,” and every year they manage to get by just fine.

  109. UESBlueshirt on

    We’ll see how everyone adjusts under a full year of Torts. I would think scoring goes up. I agree that Higgins should net 20, but Cally only did it once and Dubi has never scored 20 so while I’m optimistic they make some strides this year you can’t count on it. Heck, it looked like Dubi was on course to become a 70 point guy last year and then went on droughts that equated to like 2 goals in 30 games.

  110. While I like the idea of Joel Lundquist, I worry about retarding the growth of guys like AA. I’d like to see him get a shot, starting on the 4th line and working his way up. Also Boyle might work out as a PK type forward. And don’t forget, Drury is a good PK forward. If we can get a good playmaking center, and let Drury play less important minutes, he can be a primary PK forward. Korpi, if he comes back was turning into a great PK forward as well. We’ll be fine. To have a real shot at the cup this year, we need two things….a big D* who can clear the front of the net, and a playmaking center. I wonder why we didn’t take a crack at Hal Gill.

  111. Blueshirt in Paris

    “————————————I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but looks to me all those injuries…back/groin…are a result from the hip issue…so theoretically if you fixed the hip you should not see him out all those multiple times. Its not like he was out for a knee, wrist, concussion, etc…”

    As a chiropractor, i’m gonna say both aren’t good…
    Back, groin, and hip injuries are difficult to return from alone, then add in surgery of a joint…not good. How good was Rozi after surgery…lol!
    Alot also depends on rehab etc.
    The Docs have been talking
    From the Rangers website…
    “We’ve had conversations with our doctors, with the people who did the surgery, with his agent, so we know where he’s at,” Sather said of Gaborik’s operation. “It’s almost the identical surgery Mario Lemieux had. In fact (Michal) Rozsival had that surgery last year. We don’t expect there’s going to be any problems. His health is fine.”

    Hope I’m allowed to use that quote.

  112. Dubi went through those droughts under Renney who retarded his offensive growth. If you recall, for awhile the Rangers had a lot of success playing those d minded games. Renney just went with it to the extreme. Dubi played A LOT better under Torts.

  113. Doodie Machetto on

    I have to fight with Chris Drury for number 23 before I get introduced.

    I also want to be introduced on my own day, not with any other acquisitions.

  114. Mister Delaware on

    “The Rangers should sign Joel Lundquist as a fourth line center for $850.000. He can kill penalties and is *much younger* than Betts.”

    2 years.

  115. I say let Antro walk. Sign back Cally & Dubi and we’re fine with the Wolfpack callups.

  116. Nelson,

    You might be right. Let’s see what they can do. We can always trade later

  117. ThisYearsModel on

    ERIC–Congrats and good luck! Gabby–Thrilled. The guy is an elite talent. Just imagine the power play with him and Higgins.

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    “I am not even going there with the Devils. Every year I think, “This is finally the year that they tank and miss the playoffs,” and every year they manage to get by just fine.”

    Ha, I thought the exact same thing yesterday.

    The worse they look, the better they do. Parise is going to get serious MVP consideration next season if they make the playoffs.

    Hell, he should’ve gotten it this season over Datsyuk.

  119. UESBlueshirt on

    I read one of the Devils blogs last night and their fans bring up a good point that they might have a hard time signing FA’s given that they have no coach right now.

  120. Antropov 4 year 16 million deal with Atlanta.

    Are they getting what Kovy wants or are they preparing for Kovy leaving or both?

  121. I don’t get the hardon that some people have with Joel Lundqvist? Just ‘cos he’s Hank’s brother.
    Plus we’re stocked with 3rd/4th liners and have a few potential ones in Hartford.

    More scoring talent please Slats, and a solid D-man…

  122. Steve, I hope I am. Gaborik is a debatable great signing.

    Past few seasons have been a joke with the FA signings. Look at teams that have won the cup, they haven’t had to overspend on FA’s. Mostly home-grown talent. If Slats doesn’t get his sht together, I am seriously going to go buy a Tavares jersey.

  123. Has everyone else figured out tat onecupin69years is an Islander fan or is it just me?

  124. i was hoping antro’s price would come down. i would rather have him than zherdev right now

  125. The thing about Gaborik, is there’s a lot of upside, but a lot of downside. It’s a risk for that money. If you looked at the other bad signings, to me, there was no UPSIDE with any of them. At best they would do what they’ve always done, which is just above average stats. At worst…well, you saw what that was first hand. Gaborik would normally make or break a GM, but unless us Ranger fans have a Knicks type revolt, Sather is hear to stay. Anyway, I’m for giving the kids a shot. There’s nothing more satisfying seeing a young kid succeed for your team.

  126. Antro, at $4mil per, not worth it? At $5mil, definitely not. But, I’m not sure he’s what we need right now.

  127. Zherdev & Antro shouldn’t be resigned. They’re just like Kovalev (still have his jersey). They’ll come to play when they feel like it. Come to think of it, that’s how most Russian players have been.

  128. I still cant believe Z had zero points in 7 games in the playoffs. Talk about not showing up. However, in his defense, not many players did.

  129. Zherdev played in march and april? I could’ve sworn he only played october and november and then took the rest of the season off.

  130. UESBlueshirt on

    “Zherdev & Antro shouldn’t be resigned. They’re just like Kovalev (still have his jersey). They’ll come to play when they feel like it. Come to think of it, that’s how most Russian players have been.”

    Malkin, Datsyuk, Ovechkin? Fedorov, Mogilny and when healthy Bure? Even though he wasn’t a superstar, guys like Nemchinov?

    Where’s CCCP?

  131. i wouldn’t say many players didn’t show up in april. i thought betts, sjo, dubi, antro, korpi, avery (when in the lineup) orr, and staal were very good in the playoffs. too bad 4 of them won’t be back!

  132. UESBlueshirt,

    good point! nemchinov was one of my favorites! he brought it every shift.

  133. Malkin, Datsyuk, Ovechkin? Fedorov, Mogilny and when healthy Bure? Even though he wasn’t a superstar, guys like Nemchinov?

    Where’s CCCP?

    Datsyuk and Fedorov are soft. So was Bure. Then again they didn’t have to be “hard” because they had people like Joey Kocur, Tomas Holmstrom, and Donald Brashear to be “hard” for them.

  134. I would have given Antropov that contract. 4 million a year is a good price for a 6’6 – 30 goal scorer. I wouldnt have done 4 years though because of his lazy play. 2-3 years max

  135. lets talk a bit about rosival shall we

    his main problem is not his skill, he has plenty
    his main problem is not his hockey IQ, he has plenty of that as well

    his main problem ladies and gents, he hesitates more than any professional hockey player ive ever seen, double clutching, never one timing the puck from the point, if he never hesitated and always knew what he wanted to do with the puck right off the bat well hot damn hed be a dramatically better player and would probably be worth the contract hes getting paid

    now i would much rather have sather trade away redden instead of rosival but nobody in their right mind would take redden, and to be honest, if torts can light a fire under reddens ass and keep it there the whole season, i dont see any reason we cant have the redden that we saw in the playoffs (which was dramatically better than the regular season version of himself)


  136. Matt K. it’s not an issue of them being soft…the fact is they came to play every night. I’m sure noone on this board expects Zherdev to play an in-your-face type of game, but we want him to come to the rink ready to play his game and produce, instead of coasting around like Eric Lindros the first game back from a concussion

  137. roszy is the only other big contract the rangers have a chance of moving. get it done glen!

  138. No…he doesn’t double clutch more then anybody else. Thats Captain “Double” Clutch’s job. And yes, Rozsvial does hesitate. When he would fire lazers when Jagr was screaming at him, he was a 30-40 points guy. He still is but he could be a 40-50 point guy if he did it more.

  139. UESBlueshirt on

    In Torts first game, Redden ripped a shot from the point for what I think was the Rangers only goal. After watching him flip limp wristed floaters to the net the entire season I was stunned. He also started skating the puck up more. His positioning in his own end was still poor and he provided almost no challenge physically but you could see that he had some of his old touch back.

    If they could ever find a D that could completely compensate for Redden’s incompetence in his own end then it would make his existence somewhat tolerable, but you’d basically need an in his prime Chelios or Bourque to do that.

  140. schnee,

    rosi should be gone. like u said he hesitates way too much. most nhlers can sense that. hes gotta go

  141. i get this feeling that antro off the market means that z is gonna end up back

    if hes back he better f—ing play like he means it

  142. Basically we need Zdeno Chara. And Redden has Zdeno Chara. Chara would show Redden how to fire lazers, and also show him how to hit. Now that Redden doesn’t have Chara its like Redden has no idea what to do.

  143. captain clutch and captain crutch
    im still rollin from that last night/this morning

  144. I found a list back from 2006 about the top 10 defensemen in the NHL..take a look at whats wrong with this

    1. Nicklas Lidstrom <– Right
    2. Scott Niedermayer <– Right
    3. Chris Pronger <– Above Average now
    4. Sergei Zubov <– Yeah, i guess
    5. Zdeno Chara <– Right
    6. Wade Redden <– WTF IS THIS?
    7. Tomas Kaberle <– Right
    8. Rob Blake <– Yeah, i guess
    9. Mattias Ohlund <– Above Average
    10. Brian Rafalski <– Right

    Basically what im saying here is. How did Wade Redden fall from 6th best defensemen to basically the worst in less then 3 years? WTF IS THIS!

  145. Greg_Section_403 on

    I frankly don’t understand why people like Antropov.

    First off, he has NEVER scored 30 goals in a season, so he’s not a 30 goal scorer. Sure, he has the potential, but how many people have we said that about over the years.

    He’s lazy and doesn’t use his size. How can a guy that big disappear for so many games at a time?

  146. UESBlueshirt on

    I don’t know, maybe it’s the Borat inspired nostalgia. I mean not every fan can say they watch a 6’6″ Kazakh play every night.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    ” 4 million a year is a good price for a 6’6 – 30 goal scorer”

    He’s never potted 30. He might soon, but there’s no guarantee of that. Especially since he’s pushing 30. If he doesn’t do it next season, he won’t do it.

    But looking at his point totals and Chris Drury’s point totals, you would think that Sather would have gladly paid Antropov 5-6 million with a full NTC.

  148. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt, Redden is not as bad as he is overpaid.

    Also, he is all offense and no defense. When he was paired with Chara, that was fine. Now his mistakes are a lot more obvious.

  149. I would have taken Antropov for $4 million if we are not making a trade of defense for a forward because we will likely need that extra room to fit the other player under the cap.

  150. “I would have taken Antropov for $4 million if we are not making a trade of defense for a forward because we will likely need that extra room to fit the other player under the cap.”

    I would have too. Too bad we have 5 players taking well over half the salary cap leaving an average of $1.49million to pay 16 other players (LOL).

    Cally, Dubi, Staalzy stays. Keep the young core.

  151. “Malkin, Datsyuk, Ovechkin? Fedorov, Mogilny and when healthy Bure? Even though he wasn’t a superstar, guys like Nemchinov?

    Where’s CCCP?”

    I said “most”. I’m a huge Kovalev fan (and Ovechkin-though I think he’s juicin’)

    Malkin disappeared in last years playoffs. Count how many Russian players have been labeled “engimatic”.

  152. UESBlueshirt on

    Malkin carried the Penguins two years ago when Crosby had his little ouchie and won this year’s Conn Smythe.

    Enigmatic or dogging it? The same can be said for almost any nationality of players. How about Thornton and Marleau on San Jose? They’ve pulled a choke job nearly every year they’ve been out there.

  153. What’s going on with Sundin too?
    Just asking

    Think he calls Sather and see’s if he’s interested in a 1 year deal?

    Havent been able to find anything on him as of yet, but it still early and I remember last year all to well

  154. Hockeyman Rangers on

    What’s happening with Zherduv?? Is he a free agent?? And if so are we going to sign him?? I guess no one picked him up yet??

  155. There is a difference between “enigmatic” and “choke”. All I’m saying is, there are a lot of Russian born players labeled enigmatic. Just google “enigmatic russian hockey players” and you’ll see what I’m trying to say. But enough about that.

    Forget about Sundin. Glad we didn’t sign him last year. He’s useless. Then again, that’s what Slats goes for.

  156. Zherdev is a restricted free agent, so he would have to be given an offer sheet; nobody can just pick him up because we would have a chance to match.

  157. “a megan fox! orr yo horny dog you. orr, would you pull a jason biggs from american pie and bust before you even got to you know with megan fox? or would get stone drunk so you can last maybe at least a minute, minute amnd a half?”

    Haha, fugg you !! I don’t need the booze to help me out. Even so, if i drink too much the only thing that’s getting shot out is the stuff i had for lunch, not the baby batter.

    Anyway, too bad Antro signed with the Trashers. I hope he doesn’t make life suck for us.

    Still waiting for Slats to wake up, hopefully he’s getting a trade done today. Teams still very incomplete.

    Also what aboot D ? Is Torts, and Slats really trying to go with a younger group ? I have no problem with that, i like that they feel confident in our group of young D-men, if that’s the case.

  158. UESBlueshirt on

    Sundin is pushing to move a team to Las Vegas so he can work on his poker game in between shifts.

  159. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Thanks Spider pig. It seems like Zherdy has a lot of potential, can’t quite put my finger on what is holding him back. Maybe it is just work ethic that everyone talks about. He can hanlde the puck like hell but then he does nothing with it. Maybe Gaborik can teach him how to finish.

  160. Just popped onto the NYR site to look at the “official roster” at this point. Looks kinda funny, it’s so small:
    (plus a bunch of these are unsigned!)

    Artem Anisimov
    Sean Avery
    Brian Boyle
    Ryan Callahan
    Chris Drury “C”
    Brandon Dubinsky
    Christopher Higgins
    Lauri Korpikoski
    Aaron Voros
    Nikolai Zherdev

    Dan Girardi
    Wade Redden
    Michal Rozsival
    Marc Staal

    Henrik Lundqvist
    Stephen Valiquette

  161. NorthCountryRanger on

    lol anyone read the daily news sports section?…on the first page of sports they have a caption “NEW in BLUE” and a pic of Georges Laraque labeled donald brashear lol

  162. thx.. yes dan he suxs.. the guy is awful has no heart whatsover.. is invisible in big games.. was a piece of sht before he got here… but he can stick handle so we should keep him.. sign kovalev.. the fans love him.. he loves NY.. and will score a ton under torts..

  163. I’m all for having Zherdev back on the team for 2 or 3 years just to see what he can become, because he’s obviously talented as all get out. But I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, Zherdev misses the net with about 98% of his shots. He drove me out of my f’n mind last season because he was one of the only guys who had no problem pulling the trigger once he got to a decent spot, but he never got it on the cage. It was like he only aimed for the corners and the top shelf, and basically never hit his spots. If he can either start getting those shots where he aims them or learns that it’s better to just fire it on net and hope for a rebound, he’d be great to have on the team. If not, I’m going to end up with a drinking problem.

  164. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yea lets let Torts have at Zherdy, maybe he can turn him to a Lecavlier LOL(or how ever you say/spell his name)

  165. I think Z fits Torts style alot better than Antro would have. Not worried about not resigning him at all.

  166. Hockeyman Rangers on

    J-BOne You already have one(drinking problem) your a Ranger fan. LOL

  167. guys like Zherdev don’t change.. they are “projects” wherever they go… they are career underachievers.. give me a cally or duby with 1/10th the skill any day

  168. MArleu is interesting, that team is in cap hell- (i guess we are in cap purgatory at this time)

  169. Zherdev is this generation’s Kovalev. All that talent, but selfish puck hog who either over skates with the puck or gets checked off of it before he can make a play. And every so often he’ll tease you with one of “those” moves that have you amazed. Maybe he’ll mature and become at least what Kovy became in his good years, but it will be frustrating as hell watching that happen.

    A bit off topic…ESPN rant. Was listening to ESPN radio sportscenter late yesterday afternoon and this morning, when they have their national sports center, not even a MENTION of Hossa or Gaborik or any other big signing. They mentioned the Pistons signing some low lever FA, and the tennis stuff and something about NASCAR. Nothing on NHL. What a joke!! I think ESPN just blotted hockey out of their mind as if it doesn’t exist. Michael Kay DID have Gomez on (missed the interview), but mostly because it’s the Ranger flagship and Gomez had a regular spot on there last season. But no national coverage.

  170. Marleau a playmaking center? Wonder if we could get Thornton (although not sure about his playoff chokes). His type of player is exactly what we need to pair off with Gaborik.

  171. True Blue 23 on

    steveknj espn is a joke when it comes to NHL along with Melrose… I wonder if Melrose sent a picture of Laraque to Daily news with a caption ” New in Blue Donald Brashear (r) “

  172. Eric..Congrats, if she’s the one (hope she is), then you are making the right decision. We still need a banger back on the blueline. If we trade for heatley yet, we should ask for volchenkov as well.

  173. LOL True Blue 23 No kidding. And I’m sure if they did cover it, they’d get the names wrong. As for ESPN radio, I listen to Michael Kay and his sidekick I can’t remember his name, is a big hockey guy (he does the NHL Live show on NHL Network, so at least they have one guy locally who gets it.

  174. Greg_Section_403 on

    Someone compared Zherdev to Kovalev? Hardly. You blow on Zherdev and you can knock him off the puck. Kovalev, for all of his faults, is probably the hardest player in the NHL to knock off the puck. He’s one of the strongest skaters in the NHL (when he wants to be).

  175. NorthCountryRanger on

    anyone think Kessel may still be a poss. after a trade for salary dump and acquiring a 3rd rounder necessary?

  176. Matt K.
    July 2nd, 2009 at 12:19 pm
    I found a list back from 2006 about the top 10 defensemen in the NHL..take a look at whats wrong with this

    1. Nicklas Lidstrom < —Right
    2. Scott Niedermayer < —Right
    3. Chris Pronger < —Above Average now
    4. Sergei Zubov < —Yeah, i guess
    5. Zdeno Chara < —Right
    6. Wade Redden < —WTF IS THIS?
    7. Tomas Kaberle < —Right
    8. Rob Blake < —Yeah, i guess
    9. Mattias Ohlund < —Above Average
    10. Brian Rafalski < —Right

    Basically what im saying here is. How did Wade Redden fall from 6th best defensemen to basically the worst in less then 3 years? WTF IS THIS!


  177. lol anyone read the daily news sports section?…on the first page of sports they have a caption “NEW in BLUE” and a pic of Georges Laraque labeled donald brashear lol



    that guy is so fired unless he’s black.

  178. I’m not talking about Kovalev now, I’m talking about him when he was Zherdev’s age. They were very similar.

  179. I’d love to know what Sather is up to today. Surprised how slow it’s been.

  180. so…let me get this straight…

    We traded our “best” playmaking center and signed a high scoring wing guy who is made out of play dough…and another semi scoring wing Higgins… now we have bunch of wingers and no legit center…


  181. i think trading for Marleau is the right direction to go in.

    1. Cheaper cap hit then Richards, and shorter term contract as well.

    2. Will probably mean it gets rid of Rozy and/or Zherdev

    Plus i think Marleau is just a better player than Richards

  182. Saku Koivu? Eh`…not as bad, but i really just want to resign the kids and stop there.

  183. a 3-year deal for Koivu makes a lot of sense, though. He definitely will provide a strong leadership role and maybe that helps Drury. Also, he compliments Gaborik very well and can fill in until one of the young guys can take that role. If they’re ready for it, then I’m all for them taking it sooner rather than later, but Koivu will still be good on a second or third line, too. It all depends how much he costs.

  184. Saku isn’t the Koivu that i want playing with Gabby, but what ever.

    But i don’t know. He seems like another guy coming here to retire. I don’t think it would hurt us, but as far as helping, who knows.

    Heatley better get dealt today, this things getting dragged out way too long.

  185. True Blue 23 on

    i think rangers are moving in the right direction (for the most part) by putting their future on Dubie, Cally, Anisimov and other young guns… Would hate to see any one of them go now for Heatley.. I think if we stick with this core group (- Redden) for the next couple of years we’ll do well…but what do I know watch Slats send Dubie for Heatley in about 10min..

  186. don’t know if grachev will be close to making the team in camp, but i read a proposed line of anisimov-grachev-zherdev and thought there might be some potential there…provided they don’t cause torts a heart attack going east-west…

  187. Here’s what some people don’t seem to be considering: what if Dubinsky becomes a 25-30 goal scorer, maybe 65 points a year. And Heatley is out there scoring 40-50 goals and 90-odd points for the next 6-7 years? Would you still be OK not trading him then?

    I know these things are hard to predict, but that’s why Sather gets the big bucks from Cablevision.

    I’m honestly 50-50 on trading him.

  188. Asked this before:

    Where’s Sundin? Has he even said he was playing again this year?

    And Betts hasn’t signed anywhere yet either right?

    And I still dont think we are out of the Heately woods yet;
    Remember this is Sather we are talking about

  189. I feel pretty confident in our group of Centers. Honestly, I think Dubinsky is ready to step up and be the #2 Center on this team. I think the Rangers should go and get Tanguay to play on a line with Drury (like the old Avalanche days) and put Gaborik on a line with Dubinsky.

    I’d still like to trade Rozy and maybe re-sign Mara and let the kids fill the rest in.

    Callahan – Drury – *Tanguay*
    Zherdev – Dubi – Gaborik
    Avery – AA – Higgins
    Korpi – Boyle – Brashear

    Girardi – Staal
    Redden – Mara
    Sangs/Gilroy/Sauer/Potter — any combo would do??

  190. faulty heater on

    Heatley wants out of Ott because he did not like the new coach holding him accountable in the defensive zone.

    he would last about 2 days under Torts. he is not an uptempo type winger. his selfish attitude won’t fly with Torts.

    let him stay in Ott and be booed

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