Antropov gone (updated)


Don’t know if you have seen this yet, but Nik Antropov signed with Atlanta for four years, $4M per. Not bad money. Wonder if they could have avoided giving Brashear $1.4 M per, if they could have afforded to keep Antropov. Enforcers are all over the place, and just as good as Brashear — or better. Or much better.

A apologize for the unavoidable delay in getting this info.


From what I’ve been told about Brashear-Orr is that it was nothing to do with money. They (Tortorella/Sather, et al) decided Brashear could get in on the forecheck better than Orr or any of the other available heavyweight types and be a useful fourth-liner, whereas Orr’s effectiveness fell off with the reduction of his minutes (Torts plays three lines, as you know).



            New York, July 2, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent forward Chris Chappell.
            Chappell, 21, skated in 68 games with the Saginaw Spirit of the Ontario Hockey League (OHL) last season, registering 38 goals and 38 assists for 76 points, along with 88 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played (68), goals (38), assists (38), points (76), and penalty minutes (88).  Chappell led Saginaw in goals and points, and tied for second on the team in assists.  He also led the team and tied for third in the OHL with 18 power play goals, while his 38 goals tied for eighth in the league.  Chappell was selected to represent the Western Conference in the OHL All-Star Classic, and collected one assist in the contest.  He posted two, seven-game scoring streaks – from November 7 vs. Ottawa to November 22 at Barrie (three goals and 10 assists) and February 25 vs. Plymouth to March 12 vs. Owen Sound (four goals and four assists) – and recorded 21 multi-point efforts, including his first career hat trick and four-point performance on February 16 at Oshawa (three goals and one assist).  In addition, the Pickering, Ontario native recorded two goals and six assists for eight points in eight playoff contests with Saginaw.  He tied for the team lead in postseason assists (six) and ranked fourth in postseason points (eight).
            The 6-4, 209-pounder has skated in 248 career OHL games with Saginaw, recording 70 goals and 84 assists for 154 points, along with 243 penalty minutes.  In 2007-08, Chappell ranked fifth on the Spirit in goals (14) and points (34), and tied for sixth on the team in assists (20).  He made his OHL debut against Plymouth on September 21, 2005, and registered his first point with an assist on October 15, 2005, against Owen Sound.  Chappell has also tallied four goals and eight assists for 12 points in 22 career postseason contests with Saginaw.

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  1. Why pay Brashear 1.4 myn when could have signed Orr for 1 myn. Orr has more upside than Brashear and has improved every year. Not that he will ever reach Tie Domi cpabilities.

  2. onecupin69years and counting on

    No loss , I hope Zhederv is next, the rangers don’t need works in project and he’s in Tort’s cross hairs

  3. Slow day today all around. I want to hear some Ranger news!! Think we’ll sign anyone today?

  4. Everyone needs to realize that we do not know what went on behind the scene. Perhaps Orr wanted to go to Toronto? We do not know if Sather tried to resign Orr. I know the whole thing with Torts, but we really do not know. I hate it myself, but it is a done deal.

    The same goes for Mike Komisarek; maybe there was no chance of him coming here. I cannot see how Sather would not inquire about him.

  5. “Don’t know if you have seen this yet, but Nik Antropov signed with Atlanta for four years, $4M per. Not bad money. Wonder if they could have avoided giving Brashear $1.4 M per, if they could have afforded to keep Antropov. Enforcers are all over the place, and just as good as Brashear—or better. Or much better.”

    My thoughts exactly. He may be soft and a little slow but we needed that big bodied forward with nice hands.

  6. Mister Delaware on

    Overall Sather’s done a very good job this offseason (by virtue of getting anything for Gomez, really) but I can’t help but think he’s trying to work what could have been an A+ into a B or B-.

  7. My theory on Orr.

    Orr wanted 2 million a year to resign with us. Sather tried to resign him, but then realized he would be better off with Brashear at 1.4 a year. He then signed Brashear, while Orr took a HOMETOWN DISCOUNT and signed 1 million per for 4 years.

    My theory on Komisarek

    Komisarek never wanted to be an Islander and was only using them to drive up his price. Everyone thought he would take a hometown discount and when named his price, everyone went higher to lure him away from home. Sather, realized and passed on him.

  8. Good call, Jor71, that’s what I’ve been saying. I am one of the many who despise the Brashear signing, but until Sather or Orr comes out and says something, there’s no way to know if he was even an option. Orr has improved tenfold as a hockey player since he started here, maybe he wanted to go somewhere he can get more than the 4 minutes a game Torts will give him and the other 4th liners. Maybe Sather just didnt want to commit 4 years to a guy whose most noted (and pretty much only) skill is punching people in the face. The world may never know.

  9. Orr, we might be signing Saku Koivu. If thats true, we have Drury, Koivu, Dubinsky, Boyle, and Anisimov. Move Dubie to the Wing like Torts wants, and we’ll be in business.

  10. UESBlueshirt on

    If Orr wanted $2 MM I’d tell him (behind protective glass) to take a hike.

  11. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Sorry, but if I’m Sather and I have 4 million dollars to give to either Zherdev or Antropov, I keep the big man. Zherdev disappeared when the team needed him to the most. Antropov has the size and the hands to finish, and showed up in the playoffs. Antro also had a better season stat wise while playing most of the season on a crappy team. Yes, he is a bit slow, but he makes up for it in crease presense. If Antropov went so Zherdev could stay, I can’t agree with that.

  12. “My theory on Orr.
    Orr wanted 2 million a year to resign with us. Sather tried to resign him, but then realized he would be better off with Brashear at 1.4 a year. He then signed Brashear, while Orr took a HOMETOWN DISCOUNT and signed 1 million per for 4 years.”
    I think they disagreed between the amount of years. They sorta hinted at that on Hockey Night Live last night.


    He’s done a decent job, but if he’s expecting this team to be a contender then he’s drunk.

    He needs to make some magic happen, and pull off a nice trade. Start by dumping Rozi, or if possible, at least Redden.

    Scuderi signed a 4 year deal with the Kings, this is good. I want a young defense this year.

    And im still surprised Mara hasn’t even been rumored to go to another team. He had two solid years with Nyr. I thought a couple of teams would definitely be willing to go after him quickly.

  14. We’re not short on center by a long shot, ORR. Drury, Korp, Anisimov, Avery, Higgins, Dubinsky, and Boyle have all played center. What we lack is any semblance of quality ;-)

  15. Blueshirt in Paris on

    My thought on the whole Brashear…actually its not mine its from the Rodent but I think I agree (or want to agree). Yes Orr was liked in the dressing room and maybe Brashear wont be as much but maybe that’s the point…as long as it doesn’t get to a cancer stage maybe its good to have a little tension and a little nastiness in practices.

    Someone dragging ass during the skates? Torts to Brash “go ‘wake’ him up”…and we know Brash will! And I so can see Tors asking lol

    We were a soft team last year, had no edge whatsoever. I am assuming we will have a bunch of kids in the line up next year and I bet all of them are scared shitless of Brashear (I know I would be)… Maybe like the Rodent said, this wasn’t as much as to put fear into the other teams but to put fear into ours.

  16. Saku Kouvi wont’ be a first line center… He’s not the player he was. Definitely would be an alright addition but I don’t see why we’d need him for three years… One year see how it works out, then maybe sign him for 2 more

  17. UESBlueshirt on

    At this point I’d just still go after the best goal scorer they can get at the best price. They don’t have an elite set up man on the team now and there’s not really any elite set up men anyway on the market. Passing the puck hasn’t seemed to be a problem with this team the past couple of years, pulling the trigger and putting goals away has.

  18. Want some size to replace Antro…Ryan Clowe, 6’2 225, 52 points in 70 games last year, makin 1.6 a year. Can play left or right wing. And why Phil Kessel hasnt been signed yet defies logic.

  19. UESBlueshirt on

    I guess Boston doesn’t want Kessel anymore but no one wants to give up the draft picks and the cash to sign him.

  20. Like him or Not (i think Tort’s really kikes him) Chris Drury is our captain and number 1 Center. I think its time to try and build around his needs instead of always trying to build around Gomez’s needs.

    Bring in a play-making winger to feed Drury the Puck.

    Alex Tanguay would be perfect (ex-Avalanche teammate)

    He only played 50 games last year but had 16 goals (5 PP), 25 assists, and 41 points

  21. UESBlueshirt on

    Normally I despise Michael Kay, but at least with hockey he doesn’t overtly try to be a know it all. Didn’t catch the whole interview but didn’t sound like there was anything too groundbreaking that hasn’t been bantered back and forth already.

  22. heres most of what was said.

    Wasn’t looking to target Gaborik specifically. Gomer had tough year, tough trade. Good player in Gaborik. Looking at center next, left handed center. doesn’t think we’re tough enough.

    Played audio clips from Gomez saying biggest disappointment is not playing for Torts.

    Doesnt think team is hard enough yet. Willing to use Donald in more situations, didnt think Orr could do that. Seems high on Donald, but would take his ice time period to period, game by game.

    Wants a left handed center for Gabby, could be Dubinsky or a trade.

    Took Torts a good month to understand his team and players when he came in last season. Can’t wait to start off fresh this year.

    New philosophy at camp this year for a lot of the guys on the team.

    he really likes staal, dubinsky, callahan and girardi.

    Doesnt think Pro players should be in Olympics and is not a fan of taking time off during the season. But is excited to be assist coach for Team USA. But that is not his concern, only concern is the NYR training camp coming up.

    i copied and pasted what a couple of other people have typed out on other forums and such. most of it came from HF. but this was pretty much it.

  23. What is the real Brashear deal money? I heard it’s $1.7M for 2 years, not $2.8M. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense to not sign Orr for $1M per season.

  24. UES, honest to god I was going to say I was at Josh’s 26th birthday party.

    From what I’ve been told about Brashear-Orr is that it was nothing to do with money. They (Torts/Sather, et al) decided Brashear could get in on the forecheck better than Orr or any of the other heavyweight types and be a useful fourth-liner, whereas Orr’s effectiveness fell off with the reduction of his minutes (Torts plays three lines, as you know).

  25. UESBlueshirt on

    Hm, Dubi/Cally/Avery/Brashear and I presume Higgins are guys I’d consider “hard”. I’m still more concerned with having enough skill rather than being hard enough. But hey Torts is the boss.

  26. I just generated a roster that is just under the cap:

    Marian Gaborik $7,500,000
    Chris Drury $7,050,000
    Nikolai Zherdev $3,250,000 (QO)
    Chris Higgins $2,700,000 (just guessing)
    Ryan Callahan $2,500,000 (just guessing)
    Brandon Dubinsky $2,500,000 (just guessing)
    Sean Avery $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear $1,400,000
    Lauri Korpikoski $1,300,000
    Aaron Voros $1,000,000
    Brian Boyle $1,000,000

    Wade Redden $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi $1,550,000
    Michael Del Zotto $1,087,500
    Marc Staal $826,666

    Henrik Lundqvist $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette $725,000

    That’s $56.4m according to cap geek and we only have 11 forwards.

    Rozsival MUST be traded, but I think my Higgins/Dubi/Cally estimates are accurate.

  27. I have a friend from DC who is a Caps fan and he says Brash is not as bad of a player he’s made out to be and is a very good forechecker….

    I actually like the signing and will be rooting for him.

  28. UESBlueshirt on


    The Josh Thompson gag is like the Rangers PP of the past couple of years…very predictable.

  29. Be afraid…Koivu is a lefty. So is Tuomo Ruutu, bigger at 6 foot 200 but I think a little too psychotic. Tomas Plekanec and Jiri Hudler also. Although i’m thinking they will probably go trade route after nailin down Duby and Cally though.

  30. UESBlueshirt on

    This is true, Josh Thompson gag is more like the Rangers PK effective rate.

  31. I know I’m a little late on this but I just watched Grachev’s highlights videos and all I can say is WOW, bring him up!

  32. turn into naslund all over again?

    i dont konw what you expected out of naslund, but if you would have told me the day we signed him that he will score 24 goals and 22 assists as a 35 year old i would have signed the papers for it right then and there.. .anybody that was expecting to be a first line caliber player was nuts..

    I would definitely take koivu, he is a .75 pt per game type player who can provide good playmaking skills and can still score 15-20 goals, and can definitely be used on the power play.. its just a matter of the right price and years

    I am all for having the young guys come up and play but who knows if grachev will be ready, even though im praying he will make this team

  33. CARP
    What about Joel Lundqvist to be a third liner? Also is there any interest in Sakic playing first line center for us for a year?

  34. Guys, I’m working on a project and I need your help! I’m looking for hockey words that start with the letters K, N, Q, U… and maybe W, X, and Y. They can be players, objects, moments, anything really just as long there’s an accompanying visual. Come on, I’m really counting on you here… get to work, geniuses!

  35. last thing we need is a 3rd liner, those spots will be taken by anisimov and hopefully grachev.. and probably a guy like korpo/zherdev (right now i would say top 6 are gab, cally, dubi, drury, higgins, avery)

    And on sakic, he will be on the avalanche i almost guarantee it, they will want him back to help mentor duchene and now that they have a pretty solid goalie in anderson i dont think they will be anywhere near the bottom of the standings, injuries hurt them last year also

  36. K Kings
    N Nugget (puck)
    Q Quest (the Stanley Cup??)
    U Underdog
    W Wayne Gretzky
    Y ‘Yotes

    ?? I’ll keep working on it

  37. Hey Rick – great sentance — “Orr’s effectiveness fell off with the reduction of his minutes (Torts plays three lines, as you know).”

    Sound logic for the move.

  38. Yeah, it would be pretty sad if we bring in Koivu to be our 1st line center.

    It’s nice that Heatley wants to be a Ranger, but Murray needs to just take what Slats is offering.

    Speaking of which, id like to know exactly what Slats offered. Obviously Rozi, and im assuming one of Potter, or Sangs, since the Sens don’t have much depth in their organization, when it comes to D.

    Like i said, im still hoping for Heatley.

  39. I agree we dont need another first liner, but i do think we need a playmaker center who can set up our scorers in cally and ghaborik. zherdev is a third liner, id be perfectly happy if we traded him. I also wouldnt mind sundin who will take up a lot of space down the middle and can def set up our wingers for good scoring chances.

  40. On Hockey Night Live last night(MSG), Dave Maloney said that he thought Brasheaer had more skills then Orr,.
    Nobody agreed , but he said it.

  41. K for Kneeing

    N for Net
    N for Neutral Zone

    U for Umbrella

    W for Wheels
    W for Wrist Shot
    W for Washout

    w could also be for WKIPEDIA, right agravaine?

  42. k koho
    n net
    q quebec nordiques
    u ulf samuelsson
    w winnepeg jets
    x x-ray (lots of broken bones in hockey)
    y yzerman

  43. bitt

    i think torts saying he wanted a left handed center was his way of saying no to sundin.

  44. Uncle Rick, I am sorry but I have a question to you…I am from overseas and it´s getting very late right now.. Do you think it makes it worthwile not going to bed now and waiting for another hour for a big guy signing with the Rangers ???

    An answer would really be appreciated..
    I know you have some very good sources to investigate, haven´t you ?:)

  45. Dubinsky will do fine as a center for Gaborik. He was thrown in to center Jagr (after #68 whined about Gomez being too fast) and got 40 points.

    The following season we have no Jagr and he gets 41 points… several of those points were in clutch situations (remember him undressing Green?).

    You can tell Dubi stepped up his game when Torts took over. I’m not saying Dubi is going to have 90 points, but 50 are not out of the question, especially since (in this scenario) he’d be centering a pure sniper.

    If Sather is serious about the youth movement, he needs to focus on developing the center role from within… otherwise why did he draft like 19 centers the last 3 years?

    The team still lacks some veteran presence, and if necessary, perhaps a Tanguay or Koivu could be signed to replace Zherdev (I think he’s going to KHL) or if Rozsival is traded.

    Tanguay – Dubinsky – Gaborik
    Higgins – Drury – Callahan
    Avery – Anisimov – Korpedo
    Owens/Byers – Boyle – Brashear

    It’s not going to get a cup, but every single one of those lines is going to be exciting!

  46. wesleysniper on

    suprised no one said x-check=cross check like x-country = cross country

  47. I always click on the refresh button of the 2009 sortable NHL frenzy live ticker from TSN…!!!

    Isn´t it the best source or you know something better for me ????

  48. how long does sather wait with all names starting to come off the board or look locked up in other places

  49. Brashear is an upgrade from Orr, no doubt. Brashear is a better skater, better hands and a better fighter than Orr, even at 38 years of age. I agree, he can be dirty but it’s an upgrade.

  50. I think tuomo ruutu is the guy to go after. We still need a tough d acquisition.

  51. voodoo Hossa on

    Anyone know if there is any truth to the rumor of us talking to Koivu?? Any input would be appreciated!

  52. voodoo Hossa on

    If that were so he wouldn’t be thinking so much, but I think he will end up in Min. I did ask if we are talkin to him not where he will end up.

  53. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    Gaborik, 27, is one of the most electrifying players in the league, when healthy, and that qualification is precisely why there weren’t more teams lined up eager to take him on for five years at $37.5-million.

    A blazing skater, who accelerates to top speed very quickly, Gaborik is also an elite finisher. Since the lockout, Gaborik has been limited to 207 games over four seasons, yet with 123 goals, his 0.59 goals per game ranks second in the entire NHL over that period (Alexander Ovechkin ranks first at 0.68 goals per game) and in just 17 games last season, Gaborik tallied 13 goals and 23 points.

    Possibly even more impressive, Gaborik produced at this rate despite playing in one of the league’s most notorious defence-first systems. Moving to New York, Gaborik should be able to count on a more aggressive, attacking style of play, so it’s possible his production could be even greater.

  54. Is there any chance we will re-sign Betts? Maloney made it sound like no chance last night on HNL. There is a reason the Rangers had the number one PK in the league last year. This guy making the small salary he did last year was more responsible for the team making the playoffs than our wonderful centers making HUGE money. Seriously, if there PK was not ridiculous they would not have made the playoffs.

  55. We must get another player who can score goals! If Gaborik goes down (usually 40-50 games) then we are going to be in deep trouble w/o another player who can step up to the plate!

    This is from Sather:
    “Donlad is a great player and we need a guy to fill the tough role. He is a tough guy and the man we need. He certainly will be the man his teammates can go to and I have no doubts in my mind his new teammates will accept him.”

    Glen…was there same “no doubt” in your mind when you signed Gomez and Drury?
    Or maybe Lindros and Dave Karpa? I sure wouldn’t trust my own mind if I was Sather!

    Speaking of Lindros… watch Gaborik turn into Lindros number two!

  56. Hey Rick

    Any word on re-signing Betts? I really hope they do. I bet Rozsi gets moved too….

  57. Laurel Babcock on

    Before I comment on the deal..repost from Carp:

    Rick Carpiniello July 2nd, 2009 at 4:55 pm e

    Laurel, it’s Boneheads. Not Knuckleheads.
    Have fun in the sun.

    Uh, Carp, some have taken to knuckleheads you may have noticed. How about you take the boneheads and I’ll take the knuckleheads…plenty to go around, eh?

  58. Mikey, I think everyone saw that Sjo signed. I don’t have a problem with him leaving, Betts is more important for the PK.

  59. Laurel Babcock on

    Blueshirt in Paris (really? so jealous)…anyway, as for Basher:

    “as long as it doesn’t get to a cancer stage maybe its good to have a little tension and a little nastiness in practices.”

    that’s not how we won in ’94…I respectfully disagree, but I don’t think that’s what we need. Mon dieu!

  60. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Nonsense Speed.

    Drury, Callahan, Korpikoski, Dubinsky, all killed penalties last season. Both Higgins and Gaborik are good penalty killers as well. Nothing to worry about.

  61. Laurel- in 94 there was constantly some type of controversy swirling around-

  62. Laurel Babcock on

    FlyLine…yeah, I know, but they were still a team. obviously, it worked :)

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Carp , don’t appolojise for anything man!! Half these knuckleheads only whine and complain cuz thats how they are…Delay all ya want ,its not a race to who get the scoop first!!

  64. He put in his time when we had him. In fact, he did something with us that he never did with any other team – play all 82 games of a season. If Theo didn’t check into rehab that year we could have done something – that cost us the season.

  65. I’m just trying to trick myself into thinking the Brashear signing isn’t a disaster…

  66. Koala, nobody knows what the GM is thinking. Nobody no how. But I would go to bed … if you haven’t already … at this point it appears the Rangers are doing what most smart teams do: wait for the dust to clear and get some bargain guys who perform very well for less money, rather than the marquee names. But Koivu could be in the mix.

    Mako, I’d be surprised if Betts comes back. But it’s not out of the question.

    meshuggah, those restricted guys usually get done later. There is no rush. They began negotiating with the qualifying offers, if not before that. They will get done.

    Laurel, I don’t know about that. It’s not Tom-A-to, Tom-ah-to. My guys are the Boneheads.

  67. Laurel Babcock on

    I hear Fly…as I said in previous post, I really want the details on his and Betts first conversation, but we’ll never get it….

  68. Laurel Babcock on

    Ha! Good point Carp….as I said, you take the Boneheads, I’ll take the Knuckleheads…enough to go around here :)

  69. Kyle

    Could be that Kessel bruises easily. It seems that he is oft injured.

    When you come right down to it, there are several budding Ranger D’s in Hartford that just might be ready to bake the big move. Let’s give them a good look see….and bring back Mara.

  70. BTW

    It could be another decade before Bruins wind up with a season record like last year’s……and it wasn’t quite good enough.

  71. Laurel Babcock on

    Off to start the weekend…bye bone/knuckle heads. Catch up with you later Carp…AMAZING job this week, btw….Nobody could have or did better.

  72. Speed Ranger on

    CARP – thanks for all the hard work – tireless efforts and ACCURATE too. Can’t be beaten – thank you

  73. Delay all ya want ,its not a race to who get the scoop first!!


    uhh, carp is fine…. but FYI in journalism it actually is a race.

  74. Wow, looking at what Larose signed for makes me wonder why we did not pursue him.

  75. Dr. O., no doubt they have other guys that can play the PK, but my point (and Speed Ranger’s point also I’m assuming) was that Betts was the number one guy on the PK. I would much rather have him take the bulk of the PK minutes over our current top two centers (Drury and Dubi). Ideally, I think you would want them playing less minutes on the kill and obviously more time at even strengh for obvious reasons.

  76. Salty, it ain’t like the old days, though, when every paper had a guy on every beat every minute of every day. Then you had 24 hours to get beat. Now you have minutes, and the playing field is tipped because some (few) outlets have full-time beat guys who blog, some have full-time beat guys who would rather stick pins in their eyes, some have part-time people like me doing all sorts of odds and ends and, “oh yeah, would you mind doing this blog 40 hours a week, too?”
    So if I’m late with a scoop, or if I get beat, so be it. The next scoop is right around the corner.
    Thanks, though, Speed Ranger and ZzZz and others.

  77. Fantastic job Carp, Jane and Laurel! Oh Carp I only have one blog I check for info…Your not 4 or 5 on my list


  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yeah , its a race and if Carp loses , why do they ALWAYS COME BACK HERE ? Journalism is a race but Carp isn’t a 24 -7 Ranger beat reporter who stalks the Rangers pratice facilties. I have numerous place to find out all about hockey and who acquires who…I CHOOSE to come here to hear about it , Alot of times I already know what happened but comming here to listen to views from my fellow Ranger fans and The people here that run it , make it alot funner place to goto share views on certain topics.

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Later , Laurel!!

    Betts is a solid defensive guy and he earns his paycheck . I think were moving into another Euro faze here with Gaborik comming in for Gomez. AA and Gravchev moving up.
    Betts being replaced by younger players is the way were going , kinda a Youth/Euro mix. Fast creative and higly skilled. Zherdev can out skate ,out pass and out price Antro , so Z is a must.

  80. LaRose is a steal at 3.4 for two years, 11 points in the playoffs, how many did Z have again? how much are we gonna pay him?

  81. No Country For Old Rangers on

    we definitely got better. would have rather seen drury go than gomez but what are you gonna do. cant wait for camp.

  82. my apologies if someone already said this but Rick, does your statement mean that Brashear will be on one of those 3 lines Torts does roll??? ;-)

  83. Orr

    I second that. I might not post all the time but I’m here everyday reading either Carp, Jane or Laurel and also what all posters have to say. Compared to other blogs, who have 24/7 beat writers this one has the most fans posting on it. Sam was ultimately the man but this new crew of writers took over and it hasn’t skipped a beat. Keep up the great work and just know, I’m always here… always >=)

  84. Eklund saying that a big 3 way trade between Hawks, Sharks, and Leafs about to be announced…Stay tuned

  85. Ah sorry I had to take off right after posting that but YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!! I’m not sure about “Q for LundQvist” though, Tony…

    I can’t wait to finish this project so I can share it with you guys!

  86. Eklund says theres a story behind why heatley didnt go to edmonton and the rangers stopped dealing ‘out of respect’. wonder what that means

  87. Hey guys! Another question! When you think “LOSERS”… who do you picture?


  88. Great news. I want to see Z leave next, better off in the KHL honestly. Let’s bring up some Wolfpack talent.

  89. Might be a dumb question here, I’m not familiar with how alot of this works
    was this guy not eligible for the draft or why was he a free agent? just a little confused

  90. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yeah , the guy lead your team in scoring all year and couldn’t adjust to the new system and his play declined.

    Throw ’em under the bus .Sad thing is , when he scored and set up nice plays ,you cheered …

  91. sally what about WICKETS for w lol. sorry i’m late to the game!

    Losers? hmm BETTMAN, Brashear, Bertuzzi, all diehard hockey fans under the reign of bettman….

  92. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It is so bizarre reading some of the idiotic posts from some of you guys. All you read day in and day out here and on other blogs is how the kids should be given a shot to play and prove what they can do. Yet what I’m reading now is we should sign that Koivu, we should sign Larose, we should sign Rutuu,Pyatt,Sundin,etc…. ! How are any of the kids supposed to ever make it here when all you armchair fantasy league G.M.’s are calling for the signing of every Player out there who’s not tied up and chained to a chair.

    I for one think the the other score on the wing that we need is already here and his name is Evgeny Grachev! I bet he pops in 25-30 golas this year. I also think Dubi will get into the 20’s in terms of goals,and into the 40’s in terms of assists this year playing with Gaborik. I also think Cally will get more than 30golas this year. AA will excel as a third line center and score 15-20 as well. Even Zherdev will get around 25-30 this year,so just be a little patient and stop with the lets sign this guy or that guy.

    We still won’t win the cup this year but with some seasoning,our kids will be ready next year to make a run assuming we can address what I believe is our biggest need now and that’s a thumping dman. Maybe Sauer will become that guy or maybe Glenn can figure out a way to fleece another team via a trade. Enough with the free agency crap already now that we have a scorer.

    LET THE KIDS PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Thanks Linda! I’m glad you’re here cause I have a special question for YOU!

    Who’s the Ugliest? Kennedy, Malkin, Jokinen, Ricci, Brind’Amour? So hard to pick!

    What do you guys think of the Sharks for “Losers”? Or Hossa?

  94. I agree with letting the kids play and not signing any free agents if not necessary

    The one last move i would like to see is shipping out Roszy for a moderatly priced center.

    Then lets roll.

  95. Aaron it happens when a player goes undrafted and his draft eligibilty passes by, he then becomes a free agent and anyone can sign him.

  96. Absolutely, let the kids play, see what they got. Hopefully Sather can fleece Marleau away from the Sharks, if they still want to get rid of him.

  97. “I for one think the the other score on the wing that we need is already here and his name is Evgeny Grachev! I bet he pops in 25-30 golas this year. I also think Dubi will get into the 20’s in terms of goals,and into the 40’s in terms of assists this year playing with Gaborik. I also think Cally will get more than 30golas this year. AA will excel as a third line center and score 15-20 as well. Even Zherdev will get around 25-30 this year,so just be a little patient and stop with the lets sign this guy or that guy.”

    Ridiculous wishful thinking. Not all young guys/prospects work out.

  98. JOHNR

    Bad move in my opinion. His fiance died a few months ago. I highly doubt he’s in the right frame of mind to be playing this game. And if he does, i highly doubt he’s gonna be able to do much. Rightfully so.

    I gotta say, the more i think of it, i kind of like the idea of bringing Kovalev in, but eh.

  99. Who was the great center that played with gaborik in MN? I dont think a Sundin, or a Thorton, or Marleau ever played there and he scored plenty there!

  100. Not all young guys and prospects work out but how many people here remember the 1988-89 addition of the Rangers? That team had like 5 rookies or 2nd year guys on it and did fine in terms of making the post season; Leetch, Granato, Kevin Miller, Dahlen, and even Richter got in a game.

    I’m not trying to be all happy go lucky but anything is possible, kinda like finishing 30th overall in 2006 never happened.

  101. I know anything is possible, but a GM should not build a team hoping for everything to work out. You need to put in the requisite talent.

  102. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    How would we no if we never give them a chance to work out.

    Plus your argument is rediculous. Blake Wheeler worked out. Devin Setaghuci worked out. Milan Lucic worked out. Drew Doughty worked out. Steve Stamkos worked out. Marion Gaborik worked out. David Perron worked out. Patrick Berglund worked out. Luke Schenn worked out. I can go on and on if you’d like. The only kids who we are not sure about are our own because we had a dope for a coach who was scred to death o fplaying any one of them, ever! Those days are over!!!!!! go to NYR.COM and look for JT’s interview from camp this week and watch what he says about ” age will not determin if a player is going to play or not”.

  103. Rick

    If Grachev was in this years draft after his season last year were do you think he would have been drafted, top 10?

  104. Tim Hunter is the ugliest player I have ever seen. He player for the lames in the 80’s and 90’s

  105. Ranger depth chart



    Sean Avery

    Christopher Higgins

    Evgeny Grachev*

    Donald Brashear

    Aaron Voros

    Patrick Rissmiller

    Dane Byers*

    Brodie Dupont*

    Justin Soryal*

    Jordan Owens*

    Devin Didiomete*

    Tomas Zaborsky*

    Chris Kreider*

    Mitch Gaulton*

    Greg Beller*

    Carl Hagelin*

    Ryan Hillier*


    Chris Drury

    Brandon Dubinsky

    Artem Anisimov*

    Brian Boyle

    Paul Crowder*

    Chris Doyle*

    Derek Stepan*

    Max Campbell*

    Daniel Hobbs*

    Lukas Zeliska*


    Marian Gaborik

    Ryan Callahan

    Nikolai Zherdev

    Lauri Korpikoski

    Andres Ambuhl

    Dale Weise*

    David Kveton*

    Andreas Jamtin



    Dan Girardi

    Marc Staal

    Michal Rozsival

    Wade Redden

    Matt Gilroy*

    Corey Potter*

    Michael Sauer*

    Ilkka Heikkinen*

    Bobby Sanguinetti*

    Brian Fahey

    Michael Del Zotto*

    Ryan McDonagh
    Tomas Kundratek*

    Tysen Dowzak*

    Pavel Valentenko*


    Henrik Lundqvist

    Stephen Valiquette

    Miika Wiikman*

    Matt Zaba

    Chad Johnson*

  106. grachev would probably go top 5 if he were in this years draft after his 40 40 year

  107. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    I think top 5!!!!!!!. from some of the games I watched in the WJC, the highlights of some of his goals on youtube,and the four games I saw him play in the playoffs where I thought he was the best Brampton player on the ice including Duschene.

  108. the reason his WJC #’s weren’y great is because he played center and was the defensive conscience on that line with Filatov. some one had to play d with that guy freewheeling.

  109. So – we lost two As.
    Who do we think will wear the A? Gabi for sure…but would be nice to get a homegrown ranger to step up…Cali anyone?

  110. Roszy or Redden will get an A and probably Gaborik. I hate when they give the captaincy to new players. They should have to earn it within the team and should need to complete a year of service before being eligible

  111. Tyree – Oo. Tim Hunter’s quite the looker.

    Agravaine – Hint: it involves letters!
    (PS I just looked at your myspace… Gogol Bordello rules!)

  112. ok first of all gaborik will not be an assistant on this team, naslund was last year bc the guy is a 15 year vet who has been a leader his whole way through vancouver and renney probably liked him alot at the beginning and renney i feel like would tend to give an A to someone older
    Redden there is no way will get an A, and Rozsival, i love the guy but i dont think he talks enough and I just woudlnt see him getting the A from Torts even though I think torts likes him, I really think it will be 2 people out of Dubi Staal Callahan and i think those letters will stay there the next 10-15 years, those will be the 3 captains once drury finishes up

    Alex B i like where your heads at man might be overestimating amount of production from some guys but i believe they have the ability to produce like that if they stay healthy and do what they have the potential for, and its nice to read someone talking positive for once

  113. Ag – Well, it involves letters, drinking, and interpretive dance. I’ll keep you updated on how the whole thing is coming along.

    I am sooooo ready for hockey season.

  114. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Rob M–

    I’ve been positive since the minute they fired Renney. I think he was the worst thing that could ever happen to the development of the young kids on the team. He was also a shitty coach who had no clue and no balls! Torts is the man. He WILL play the kids if the deserve it,of that I have no doubt.

  115. Being the best player on the team (Gaborik next season) has nothing to do with being the captain.. Yes Lemieux, Gretzky, Messier all were the captains but they were leaders, I hope Gaborik becomes a great leader for us, but most of all I hope he leads our scoring with about 100 pts but I dont expect him to get an A on his jersey, I could be dead wrong but we will see… I think it would be foolish to overlook the leadership Dubi Cally and Staal have shown already in their early 20’s… toews is a young captain, dustin brown, shea weber is an A, kopitar is an A, duncan keith is an A..

  116. hey you know Reden had an A last year when Gomez went down. It is a fact that he will get the A. like it or ot. Rozy deserves it for being one of the logest tenured players on the team, if he wants it that is. Roay is a good dman the only thing about him that is bad is that he hesitates in the offensive end. Gaborik will get one because he had one in Minny and is the defacto go to guy on offense. I guarantee that Redden and Gabby get the letters because the team votes for it.

  117. Renney helped us make the playoffs years in a row after being in the worst drought ever so i cant share your hate for him, but I agree that we needed a change and I loved that it was Torts, and its great watchin offense first hockey.. with the goalie we have as long as we put up some goals we are in playoff contention every year and all you need to do is get hot at the right time (see New York Giants 2008)

  118. yea Renney gave REdden that A, it is false that Redden will have an A this year, they are not giving an A to a guy that might end up in Hartford in the next few years, sorry guy

  119. thats a real bold guarantee when there are alot of other possibilities to where those A’s can go

  120. they made the playoffs in spite of Renney. to repeat again, he had Weekes as his #1 goalie and Henrik on the bench. it was only injuries and Henriks performance and the fans that forced him to quit the charade and make Henrik #1. but only after the SECOND injury to Weekes. after the first one, he still insisted that Weekes was his #1. he was clueless

  121. it wont go to the kids because they have enough pressure on them to perform already. Torts will not due that to them. He mentioned last year that the capaincy was weighing down rury so you know he will be smart enough to not due that to the kids this year

  122. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    You have a good memory becuase that is exactly how it happened with Weeks and HL. Renney was and is nothing but a glorified paper pusher who has never won a title of any kind at any level of coaching. He will be Pat Quinn’s yes man in Edmonton,a role he so richly deserves.

  123. Hank was a rookie and won the #1 spot. Weekes was our #1 goalie at the time. Quite bashing the coach that brought bake respectability to this organ-I-zation. he did a good job as coach of the Rangers and realized that we werent good enough to play run and gun. He did the best with what he had. the only thing that he was really terrible at was the PP and teaching ofense.

  124. right, Alex. I remember it well. the Renney defenders don’t like to hear it, but it is exactly how it happened.

  125. remember. Players quit on coaches all the time. it happened to Torts in Tampa, it happend in Pitsburgh this year and that team went to the finals the year before. This game always has been and allways will be about the players

  126. i somewaht agree with tyree about how hank was still a rook and won the number one spot, you all just see what a goalie hank is now after these years and think it should hav been automatic that when he stepped foot on the rangers he become the starter, renney didnt have a time machine that showed him how unbelievable hank would be.. dominik hasek was a backup too when he started and he turned out pretty good, the rangers are an organization that doesnt rush into things with the younger guys either (even though i know he wasnt super young bc he had played in sweden but still), just take it easy on renney lets just forget him hes in the past and worry about now and the future

  127. alex b …

    Renney won a Memorial Cup with the Kamloops Blazers!!! ha

    He was a good coach who knew how to spot talent but not coach it. He was far better at “cuddling” Vets and getting them to perform (Jagr, Nylander)then grooming prospects to play the game and getting them to perform (Prucha, Dawes)

  128. somerset
    Vets and getting them to perform (Jagr, Nylander)then grooming prospects to play the game and getting them to perform (Prucha, Dawes)

    See how well Prucha and Dawes are doing now?

  129. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Renny was good when he had Jagr cuz Jagr was the one who ran the club, it was so cool having Jagr say…naww I dont wanna do the shoot out cuz i suck.

    Jagr and Tort would not have mixed. Jagr rules always!!!

  130. Tom Renney is an x’s and o’s coach he never knew how to light a fire under the players to get them to preform. He is also a fantastic coach when your team is in the gutter he can return a team to respectability but just can’t get over the hump to win a professional championship….. His best chance was last year when they first sign drury and gomez

  131. Must be nice to be Team Canada and be able to leave players off your short list like Jason Spezza, Chris Osgood and Marc Savard, Sheldon Souray and Brian Campbell.

    All those players would easily play on Team USA. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the young guns like TJ Oshie and Dustin Brown and Kane though.

  132. matteauonov u misread his post, he said “He was far better at “cuddling” Vets and getting them to perform (Jagr, Nylander)
    grooming prospects to play the game and getting them to perform (Prucha, Dawes)”

  133. Rob M

    Ok I gotcha. But, I thought Renny was the guy who was good at developing youth. I hate going back down this road, but Pruch and Dawes couldn’t be developed on any team. (Doesn’t mean I don’t like ’em)

  134. renny was good at first. 05-06 we played somewhat of an uptempo style. we played decent during his tenure until last year but the team was so demoralized after getting scored on that a 1 goal lead on us was almost insurmountable and the way we would take shots from 60 feet out and bad angle shots was pathetic to watch. renny instilled fear in these kids that every goal that was scored on us, looked like we would lose the game. he was so scared sometimes that he couldnt even watch when when we got to the shootout. hed close his eyes and hoped to god hank made a save. none of our prospects were ever gonna become good under this fearful coach. he did some good things while here though. he did teach them defense and how to be responsible in the defensive zone. he helped get us into the playoffs for the first time in awhile and his defensive style did work sometimes. it was a good foundation to build from, but it got to a point where he became out of control with it. he didnt look confident and im sure he didnt instill the players with confidence. its good that he taught them to be responsible 2 way players, but then we could only win 1 way. get a quick lead and hold it for the game. or try to play catchup all game and get a point from ot. it was boring for us to watch, imagine how boring and how much energy it mustve took out of the players. the only time he let them play offense was when we were losing in the 3rd. im glad we have a coach now that has balls and will push these guys to their potentials. renny was never gonna make a star or even a decent top 6 forward out of the prospects with his scared, safe approach to the game. not to mention it was so damn boring to watch. how could the players even get up for these games i have no clue

  135. samuelson? dont we nee a center? ok i guess. not what i wanted though. thought tangauy wouldve been better especially to play with drury

  136. mike
    Wow, quite a wall of text(lol). That being said, I am glad to see an opposite style from the previoue coach. I’m hoping for a great season.

  137. Renney is a very stubborn man who always thinks he’s smarter than the rest of the world.

    In reality it doesn’t take a genius to be a great coach… it takes hockey sense and intuition – of which Renney had none. It also takes someone who can admit that they made a mistake and then fix it. Renney’s pride didn’t allow him to ever admit that he was wrong – even after he was fired.

    If Tortorella had been coach the second year after the lockout, the Rangers would never have lost to Buffalo. The following year, they would have never lost to Pittsburgh.

    That’s two years that Renney killed the team with his coaching mistakes.

    Renney is not suited to be an NHL head coach. He’s well suited to be a back-office paper-pushing research analyst. He’s a perfect example of the Peter Principle.

  138. me neither tyler.

    matteau- yup, me too. torts is what this team needed on so many levels. th intensity he brings and the accountability he preaches.. lets hope he keeps his temper cool and doesnt pull that crap like in washington. that kinda had me scratching my head and had me thinkin maybe he should listen to his own advice. but either way, im not gonna and im sure capn clutch wont let that distraction ruin our blown 3-1 series lead. lol no torts is good though. we’ll at least be fun to watch again. and we’ll see more rookies integrated this year and more often than before so thats gonna be great too.

  139. I still sather is going to move rosival for whom or where i don’t know but i still think it’s going to happen

  140. the most telling thing is that he did not get another head coaching job. he is only an asst to old Pat Quinn in Edm

    teams were not exactly lining up to have him run their squad as head coach.

  141. thank god tyree was jokin. i dont want samuelson. wehave enough grinder/3rd liners

  142. Yeah I had hoped Renney would stick around with the organization, just not as head coach.
    He does know hockey (although most of you will disagree im sure) and hes a really smart guy – just not the best coach.

  143. Doesn’t the Antropov signing help us get Heatley, since they were the only other team interested in him?

  144. Carp, I don’t know about 4th line duties for Brashear…just heard Torts talking today about he’s not a 4 line coach, and that Brashear can play the game and get minutes. Guess we’ll see.

  145. the antropov signing means we are probably keeping zherdev now. i think thats all that means. as far as heatley, i think he sather doesnt even want him anymore. he already said that he wasnt interested after the whole edmonton thing. heatley will now also be a huge distraction for any team that gets him. hes a jackass and sather did good by getting gabby whos better anyway, maybe a little risky but we are good on the wings now with gabby,cally,zherdev,higgins,korpi,avery, byers,and our favorite!!! brashear!! we need a center for the top line unless torts thinks duby can handle it, or get a good passer for drurys line. he has a decent shot and could use a guy like tangauy to set him up down low or in the slot. they know each othert from colorado too. he would be great imo for the 2nd line with dru. koivus goin to minny or the ducks.

  146. Can Mike Tyson skate? If he can just have him on the fourth line.

    Mike Tyson – Riley Cote I

    Cote throws a right
    Another right by Cote
    Another right by Cote
    They switch to lefts
    Left by Cote
    Tyson Winner by TKO.

  147. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Tyson can’t even fight anymore.He doesn’t have that killer instinct in him anymore.

  148. Antro took the money and decided not to compete for 4 years, especially when someone takes Kovalchuk from them next year.

    I think the only free agents we may be keeping tabs on at the moment are Koivu and Kovy, presumably for only a couple of million and shorter term deal. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Slats pulls a trade from somewhere. Won’t anyone give us a 4/5th round pick for Virus?

  149. koivu is lookin at joining his brother in minny. and anaheim too. what other centers are out there? kovy and zherdev on the same line, let alone same team!! that would be called the blue ballz line. they tease ya and tease ya with their playmaking and dangling skill, and then, they miss wide.

  150. Higgins can play center. He is gonna surprise a lot of people. He is a PLAYER!!! This kid McDounah was MTL’s #1 prospect. I am AMAZED that Sather pulled this off. Dubi can play #1st line center. He will just pull Gaborik’s stats down just like he did to Jagr.

  151. Rob(the first) on

    How did Kovy fall from grace so quickly, this guy was the MVP at last yrs All Star game!! I think he still has some miles left….

  152. Rob(the first) on

    I say we bring back Kovy and Zubov, then trade Rosi for 1 1st rounder

  153. i didn’t read every post above so forgive me if this was discussed before,

    i asked the other day about making a trade offer to boston for phil kessel. what do you guys think it will take to get him? remember, he is a RFA and everyone in the world knows boston is looking to move him rather than pay him. he will probably get around 4.5-5.5 million. 21 yrs old and nothing but speed and skill to bring to NY. would boston take dubi, a defensive prospect (sauer, del z,etc) and a 1st round pick? i would love to say offer them rozsival, but they are trying to lessen their cap hit not raise it.

    another idea would be to make an offer of 2 yrs- $3million per for mikhail samuelsson in det.


  154. Been the Samuellson route. He is just an older version of Cally/Dubi. Kessel is a great idea, but you need a set of draft picks as compensation and I think Larry Brooks wrote about how the Rangers can’t do the RFA offer with Kessel. I believe time will go by, Heatley’s trade price will come down, and he will be a Ranger too. Sounds crazy? I bet Sather makes OTT take Rozy & Zherdev/Dubi/Cally, and picks. Because it looks like NO ONE wants Heatley and his BS now. And as the Sean Avery fiasco has taught us: There is only ONE team that will take a complete a**hole in with waiting arms. . . . the NYR!!!!

  155. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    The Rangers don’t have the Cap room to add Kessel without sending salary cap back, but the Bruins are looking to trade Kessel because they have no cap room. Can’t see how it works out.

  156. What is the deal with Zherdev? He just doesn’t fit…he is way too soft for a Torts style of play. He disappeared in the playoffs. He would have been more noticeable as the team water boy in the playoffs!

    Kessel…I want, I want…that’d be sweet! But I don’t see it happening. Boston know’s he’s worth alot more than what Sather would be willing to give up.

  157. you don’t need picks to TRADE for him. only if you sign him to a free agent offer sheet. if you trade dubi thats one less to fit in under the cap.

  158. staal, he is worth alot more. but the everyone knows they are trying to trade him so the offers will be less. boston doesn’t have the leverage they would in a normal situation

  159. If we were to offersheet Kessel we don’t have the necessary picks (as Brooks said we shopped our 2nd round pick) but you could do a sign and trade, or if its allowed you could trade his rights to us with a view to signing although i’m not sure what they’d want in return but as he’s a 21 year-old it would be a decent return (#1 pick 09, maybe #1 2010 too plus a young player and more)

  160. that was my original post. trade for him and sign him. dubi, del zotto, and 2010 1st rnd pick?

  161. UKRanger…our 2nd pick was for this year. I’m pretty sure it’s the 3rd rounder for next year (that we just traded for Boyle) that’s the issue.

  162. I don’t want Heatley straight for Dubi. No way. Don’t want him at all. Heatley, Avery & Brashear in the same lockeroom – pure madness…

  163. ROB (THE FIRST)

    Haha, what team would ever consider giving up their first round pick for Rozsival ? But then again, the Sabres did give up a 1st round pick for Zubrus two seasons ago, so you never know.

    The Samuelsson signing is BS, but im guessing any day now he’s gonna sign with us. I just have a feeling, Slats is thinking he can be one of our top 6 players, which isn’t the case, cause he’s a 3rd liner.

  164. Sally
    July 2nd, 2009 at 9:34 pm
    Thanks Linda! I’m glad you’re here cause I have a special question for YOU!

    Who’s the Ugliest? Kennedy, Malkin, Jokinen, Ricci, Brind’Amour? So hard to pick!

    What do you guys think of the Sharks for “Losers”? Or Hossa?


    Good God in Heaven Sally, that is a rogues gallery of genetic mishaps!!!! It’s almos like Lays potato chips, how can ya pick just one!??

  165. stf?, who said anything about dubi for heatley?

    orr, i agree, nobody makes that trade…except maybe bob gainey…haha!

    i think you are underestimating samuelsson a little. he never really was counted on for offense in detroit. he has the skills to do it though. great two way player when he has to be

  166. If we can sign Zubov for half of what Rozi is making for 1 year and then deal Rozi, it would be perfect. Get a veteran for the young defense were gonna have and someone who is top notch and QBing a PP. Then we should have about $2.5 mil to lock some people up or a sign another forward or make a trade.

  167. onecupin69years and counting on

    Heatley for dubi straight? what are you smokin?
    In a heart beat!
    What is a Dubinski? An all star?
    Avery and brashear are short timers they can and will implode, sather will use them up and toss em out when need be.
    Avery will self destruct.
    Everyone clamored about the cap last year, Sather simply made a trade Gomzez and Voila’, there’s room.

    SO trade for heatley, gaborik can’t play an entire NHL season without wearing out.
    I think heatley will be a ranger, if Sather made an offer for him, sather will get him.

  168. Thanks Mike – i couldn’t be bothered to re-read Brooks (once is enough for anyone) to check which one he was on about.

    I wouldn’t put it past Slats to try and make Samuelsson a top 6 forward when in reality he’s a 3rd liner through and through and thats not what we still need. Sounds like trades for Richards or Marleau are getting more likely and Koivu’s name keeps flashing up..

  169. Uncle Rick, you are nice but I have missed your response as I fell asleep almost ten minutes after my post from last night: )…. You need to know my name is program as my spezies like to sleep and to rest very often during hot days, and we have it very hot over here right now:)

    But I haven´t missed anything as I have checked the TSN live ticker today early in the morning…

    But today I have another question to you as I think you know all the people involved in the daily operations of the Rangers..Is Glen Sather the only one to make the decision which player to acquire or do you know if Torts is also allowed to have any input or some other guys as well..!!!! As we know that Sather rarely appears publicly it seems to me that he is a kind of rulers, who doesn´t accept any different opinion…..That would kind of explain to me that there were some kind of strange moves with extraordinary high contracts throwing out around the league the last couple of years , which didn´t make any kind of sense at all (Gomez,Drury, Roszival,Redden etc.)..Why do the Rangers really allow someone to run the show on Broadway with so less sucess in the last couple of season, or would you really say it was a sucess reaching the first or second round of the playoffs the last two seasons after even missing the playoffs in the previous years ????

    You can say what you want but I feel there are very strange things happening in New York, because no other franchise with this kind of background would allow this kind of failure in the last decade without changing management or trying to go into different directons..

    But I am just a small koala from the other side of the world, who can´t understand that in New York the normal ways of business don´t work as usual….!!!!

  170. Onecup, all that money is gone, Gaborik is making the same salary as Gomez was. we’re back to where we were before, just with a better player.

  171. general ramblings

    Zubov! i wouldn’t mind having him back for a season!!

    Sally…interpretive dance? You surely are a well rounded hockey chick! Glad you threw in the drinking game!! Now that we dont have all those Gomez interviews to look forward to, we need a new drinking game for the season. I was thinking something based on the sheer awesomeness of having such a talent as Brashear on the team.

    Nine days til my bday, I am so hoping Redden either retires or gets abducted by aliens!

    Once again, Bugsheez on the 3rd line is just absolutely hysterical. Thanks Mike D.

    LMAO @ the whole Cote Tyson scenario!

    I thought we were past the entire Renney thing. Can it finally be put to rest?

  172. Koala. yes, the whole franchise has been run in a strange fashion through all this failure. But we all know that the owner has a fascination with the president/GM. But I don’t think Sather is a dictator. He accepts much input from Tortorella and Schoenfeld and his scouts — probably more now that ever.

  173. Arnason’s had a few good years but the last 2 have been 4th line, 10 min/night type years…where do you see we signed him?

  174. Rangers have signed Wilf Paiement and Tony McKegney….

    Oh wait, that was a hundred years ago…Disregard

  175. If we signed him for cheap then I have no problem with it. He will probably take Betts center spot on the 4th line. He’s a good defensive forward I believe…good amount of takeaways.

  176. Well is +/- suggests otherwise, but that’s what being a career 3rd/4th liner does for ya.

  177. He made $1.75m last year, thats a lot to pay a 4th liner for < 10 minutes a night.

  178. It’s a 2-way deal according to Zipay. Arnason had 22 points in 71 games with the Avs last season

  179. Why has the owner a fascination with this president/GM ? Is it because he was successful almost twenty years ago with some players in Edmonton, with whom even the dumbest GM would have sucess..Come on that was 20 Years ago !!!!

    20 Years ago…The world has changed since then, we have developed, we got the internet we are not stupid at all..


    Man, you don´t need to be an expert to realize that the acquistion of a guy like Brashear doesn´t make sense at all for a guy who is over 35 years old, who can´t play at all and is so hated at Madison Square Garden and is just a monster. ( I don´t want to meet him in a dark night anyway:)
    and even having a guy like Colton Orr, who couldn´t do the same job anyway for less money, if you like this kind of player..I don´t by the way…

    Gaborik is a good move when beeing healthy not doubt about it but I think that was definetly not the idea of the GM !!!

    If you just see like sucessful franchises like Detroit or Pittsburgh are working, you see so much of a difference..

    I never understand the media in NY having to work with a frenchise operated in this kind of leadership..that wouldn´t work over here not even a single season..It is just ridicolous..The media over here would develop so much pressure to produce in such a big market like NY that those changes would takt place automatically, if you understand what I mean….

    But anyway as you know we koalas are from Australia and we like the tennis so I am watching right now the wimbledon semifinal between Andy Roddick and Andy Murray. Maybe I have more knowledge about tennis than hockey..:)

    Poor British to have their last hope of winning the Wimbledon crown on a Scott:)

  180. O.K. I’m going to try again. Where does Voros fit in? Why is he still in the line up?

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