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Here is the official announcement:


            New York, July 1, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Marian Gaborik.
        Gaborik, a two-time NHL All-Star, has reached the 30-goal plateau in five of his eight NHL seasons, including a 42-goal season in 2007-08.  He owns Minnesota Wild franchise records in points (437), goals (219), assists (218), power play goals (59), game-winning goals (43), and shots on goal (1,694).  He has also posted 112 career multi-point performances.  Gaborik, 27, has skated in 502 career regular season contests with Minnesota, registering 219 goals and 218 assists for 437 points, along with 301 penalty minutes.

         In 2007-08, Gaborik established career-highs in goals (42), assists (41), points (83), and plus/minus rating (plus-17).  His 42 goals and 83 points were both Minnesota franchise records, while his eight game-winning goals tied the franchise record he previously set during the 2002-03 season.  He also led the Wild in plus/minus rating and multi-point games (20), and tied for the team lead in power play goals (11).  On December 20, he became the first NHL player in 11 years to tally five goals in a game, accomplishing the feat against the Rangers (last – Sergei Fedorov, December 26, 1996).  He also added an assist in the contest to record his second career six-point effort.  In addition, Gaborik registered his 400th NHL point with an assist on March 7 at Atlanta, and notched his 200th career goal on March 15 against Los Angeles.
           In 2002-03, Gaborik became the first member of the Wild to participate in the NHL All-Star Game, tallying three points (one goal and two assists) in the contest to earn Second Star honors.  As a rookie in 2000-01, Gaborik led the Wild in points (36) and shots (179), and tied for the team lead in goals (18).  His 179 shots led all NHL rookies, while he finished fifth among league rookies in goals and tied for fifth in points.  He also registered his first career goal, the first goal in Wild franchise history, in his NHL debut on October 6, 2000 at Anaheim.
          In postseason play, Gaborik has skated in 29 career contests with Minnesota, collecting 12 goals and 10 assists for 22 points, along with 18 penalty minutes.  He led the Wild to the Western Conference Finals in 2003, registering a team leading nine goals and 17 points in 18 games.  His nine goals and 17 points both ranked third in the NHL.
           The 6-1, 200-pounder appeared in 17 games with Minnesota last season, registering 13 goals and 10 assists for 23 points, along with two penalty minutes.  He led the Wild in points for the month of April, recording 10 points (five goals and five assists) in five games.  Gaborik posted seven multi-point performances, including a four-point effort on March 25 at the New York Islanders (two goals and two assists).  He finished the season riding a seven-game scoring streak, registering 13 points (seven goals and six assists) during the stretch, which included a five-game goal streak from March 29 at Edmonton to April 7 vs. Dallas.  The five-game goal scoring streak tied his career-high.  The April 7 game against Dallas was also Gaborik’s 500th NHL appearance.
        Internationally, Gaborik has represented Slovakia in several major tournaments.  Most recently, he skated for his native country at the 2007 World Championships, registering a team-high five goals and 11 points in six games.  In 2006, he made his Olymipic debut for Slovakia at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, collecting seven points (three goals and four assists) in six games.
        The Trencin, Slovakia native was originally Minnesota’s first round choice, third overall, in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft.



He said the Rangers “had a lot of balls in the air” the last two days, but that they weren’t in on the bidding for Marian Hossa, who signed for 12 years with Chicago.

On Gaborik putting up those stats under Jacqes Lemaire’s stifling system:
“Gaborik played under that system and had almost a point a game. It’ll be interesting to see how he does under Tortorella’s system … an up-tempo, speed game. This guy fits that bill to a ‘T’.”
Said that the Rangers sent a scout to Slovakia, to Gaborik’s house with a video tape. He said Rangers doctors have been in touch with Gaborik’s surgeons, and that the hip surgery he had last season is the same that Michal Rozsival had, and that Mario Lemieux once had. So he’s not concerned at all about the hip (or related groin injuries).

He pointed out that the dollars and term of the Gaborik deal were the same as Dany Heatley’s contract, but the Rangers didn’t have to give up anything else to get him.
Asked where Gaborik stands among the elite forwards in the NHL:
“He’s certainly in the top 10. He’s an exciting guy to watch play. He can skate. He’s a great player and he’s young.”

On worries about putting Brashear in the Rangers’ lockerroom:
“I think our players will be excited to have him in the room. They know he’s going to be the man.”
He said he thinks Brashear is quicker to the puck than Orr, and that he will be a better fit for Tortorella’s puck-pressure system.

Sather also said that he thinks Dubinsky could be a No. 1 center, but that he will still be looking to add players, maybe as soon as tomorrow. He is also confident he has enough cap space left to sign Dubinsky, Callahan, and even Nik Zherdev; and to ward off any potential — albeit unlikely — offer sheets to any of his restricted free agents.


One more thing: We’re told Gaborik did not get a No-Move clause.

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  1. One thing I must give Slats credit for, he’s kept the young guys on the team, and not giving into the randsoms. However, with Gaborik comes his risky health. And 7.5 mil is a lot to pay someone to produce only half the time, althought Gomez without being injured only produced half the time so I guess in that regards its a wash…

  2. Hey, at least if Gaborik goes on IR…his cap number is off the books and we can acquire help…better to have that then a healthy guy who will underachieve.

  3. Doodie machetto on

    In response to Adam z, when sather blows it as often as he does, I suppose I do sound repetitive.

  4. onecupin69years and counting on

    Coming off an major injury , not good, I like the canadiens moves better.

  5. Gaborik signing is fine cause we are replacing Gomez with Gaborik even though he cant stay healthy.


  6. Doodie machetto on

    Where is the conference call?

    Also, I’m worried about gaborik in the olympics.

  7. Love to see them trade Rosy or better yet Redden to free up a spot for a youngster and possibly get another scorer back.

  8. Gaborik is a great player, but the rest of the team is still mediocre at best, no matter how MSG tries to sell them. How many playoff rounds has Gaborik won for Minnesota? Once again, Sather overpaid for the biggest name on the market. Instead of building a team, Sather stuck to his style of dumping last year’s faves for the new boy in town — he doesn’t know how to build a team. It’s the same garbage every July 1. The only true team in the last 10 years was when they built a team around Jagr, post-lockout — and Jagr probably selected the players. Sather is incompetent. This team can’t compete against the Caps, Penguins, Flyers, Bruins. Is there a good number one draft pick coming up next year at least?

  9. You guys, once again, were awesome today.

    Thank you.

    I’m going to bed. Not sure if I’ll have much tomorrow. Need to try to keep my “other” job.

  10. onecupin69years and counting on

    Sather is out of touch,Dubi a #1 center? When? where?
    He shows no class and respect for team and Betts by signing old man Brashear.
    And 7.75 mil per for 5 years for gaborik?

    Give Zherdev big money too an we’ll have ice capades instead of a hockey team

  11. Carp, bed time? Its FREE AGENCY DAY!!! Sather says adding guys…like who? and if so, then who goes? Right now it may look like…

    Avery Dubi Gaborik
    Higgins Drury Callahan
    Korpikoski Anisimov Zherdev
    Brashear Boyle Dupont/Byers

  12. Come on, people. If Gaborik stays healthy he has the potential to be a huge offensive power — exactly what we needed.

    Getting Brashear was crazy, but at least other teams are afraid of him.

    Getting rid of Gomez was good. He simply wasn’t working for the Rangers.

    Slats is doing a good job, possibly great if Gaborik stays. Ryan McDonagh could be a great steal.

    Credit where credit is due. Now lose Redden.

    We may regret losing Rosi too soon if we ship him now.

  13. Between injuries ad suspensions, anyone wanna take bets on who plays more games, Gaborik or Brashear?

  14. jason

    thats a good poll to take

    i hope he stays healthy so ima say 75 for gabs and 40 for brash

  15. “Stay away from hockey players with Marian as a first name”

    yeah, we ain’t the Marian kind.

  16. i think you guys forget how good doobie was in the playoffs

    he will be a number one center and if gaborik is on his wing his point production goes up a ton

  17. sather is full of it with his bs aboot Huggy. he can’t skate worth a sh!t. he’s abooot as uptempo as a statue.

  18. Why would anyone give Sather credit for anything? Just because he keeps bringing in new players every years? How many free agents did the Penguins, Red Wings, Bruins, Caps, Devils, sign today? Did they break up their entire team first? Sather is desperate — the same as he has been every single year here as GM. He is horrendous, and this team is progressively getting worse, solely due to upper management decisions.

  19. BTW, What the hell are the Devils gonna do, no Madden, no Gionta. Are they ever gonna resign someone?

  20. Wow, just wow.
    My mind is blown.
    I have the feeling this is going to be an interesting ride.
    The revolution with be Carp-a-blogged.

  21. I knew Sather was going to sign another bad contract. 5 years at 7.5 million for a guy who never stays healthy. That signing is a desperate signing. This contract will be worse than gomez’s. I really hope I’m wrong.

  22. Sather traded gomez for higgins and gaborik. Gomez is second line talent, gaborik is first line talent. Let’s try not to get too bogged down in the details of our fourth line. Torts rolls 3 lines and brash’s role is limited. Orr wanted to play In TO.

  23. Cant’t believe it hit 2000 posts today on this blog alone. And its not even over yet.
    Good Show.

  24. Doodie machetto on

    Thanks for the great work today Carp.

    Gaborik is boom or bust. I hope boom. I really, really do.

  25. After 24 hours, essentially getting Higgins and Gaborik for Gomez, we are MUCH better.

  26. onecupin69years and counting on

    it depressing to be a ranger fan… each year is without hope, its a sather crapshoot

    Great Job Carp

  27. Well, at least he didn’t get a ntc. I’m not doubting his talent but the guy is injury prone hands down.

  28. Brashear is up there in age but he is a better skater than Orr and his hands aren’t as bad as Orr’s. Orr was afraid of Brashear so to me that is a upgrade.

  29. still incomplete but sather has been doing a fantastic job, he changed the whole make up of this team without trading any young assets whatsoever!!

    yep hell definitely has frozen over

  30. Yea but can Sather now sign callahan, dubi and stall long term and sign the other rfa’s he traded for?


    Captain Clutch is NOT happy about this! I almost drove the Clutchmobile off the road when I heard the news!!! Good thing I was wearing my seatbelt and chewing on my trusty mouthpiece! Safety first, what a leader!

    I thought the whole reason they traded that doofus Gomez is so that Captain Clutch could be the highest paid player on the team!!! I was even gonna celebrate with a party at Redden’s on Friday before Wade’s 4th Of July party!

    Gaborik, who’s ALWAYS injured, making more money than The Ultimate Winner??? Gaborik, a.k.a. Captain CRUTCH, making more money than Captain Clutch??? When Captain Clutch gets injured, I score CLUTCH playoff goals with a broken hand! When Gaborik gets injured, he takes 60 games off!!!

    If Glen is gonna pay Gaborik $7.5 million for his usual 40 games a year, then he needs to pay Captain Clutch $15 million for 80 games of clutch, leadership, and winning!!!

    You know what though? I’m not gonna let this ruin my summer! It would’ve been ME in Montreal if I didn’t have my full no-movement clause! And who wants to go to Canada??? Have fun Scott! Ha-Ha! I feel better already! Hey I’ll even take the Clutchmobile out for another spin! That will cheer me up too! Later guys!

  32. you know what’s funny. there have been a lot of people on the board pining for Gaborik to be wearing red, white and blue.
    and now he is and all those people are elsewhere and the naysayers are around just to bitch.

    is he a risk? hell, any athlete is. look at Leetch, unless there’s some secret backstory no one has heard, didn’t he break his ankle slipping on the ice in front of his building? how about Jagr screwing up his shoulder in one of the more non-contact check in NHL history?
    so yeah, it’s possible that Gaborik could be on IR tomorrow or it could be that he somehow stays more healthy than he has in the past.

    as someone else pointed out, at least with his signing we get someone who is good for a point or more per game
    AND we didn’t lose any of our youth.

    now, as for brashear………….sheesh!! it’s still giving me a headache!

  33. I’m actually pretty happy with today’s (and yesterday’s) moves. Maybe my expectations were set low, but I’m happy. Would have rather kept Orr over Brashear. Apart from the racist comments (gorilla? really guys?), had a nice time being entertained by yall today.


  34. Love how Sather always does one conference call on July 1 about how great all his signings are, and how terrible everyone was the previous year. Then he disappears until the next spring when he complains about his coaches and players again. But he never makes a mistake — it’s those other guys. And every new player he signs is better than last year’s player. Year after year after year — is it a conference call or just the same tape recording?

  35. Chris from Buffalo on

    Nothing like a Cap’n Clutch update to end the first day of free agency.

  36. “Sather also said that he thinks Dubinsky could be a No. 1 center, but that he will still be looking to add players, maybe as soon as tomorrow. He is also confident he has enough cap space left to sign Dubinsky, Callahan, and even Nik Zherdev; and to ward off any potential—albeit unlikely—offer sheets to any of his restricted free agents.”

    That’s all I wanted to hear. Thanks for being on the ball today, Carp.

  37. Just back from the yankee game, there was a buzz in the stands when i told them about zipay’s tweet that we got Gaborik…im very happy- do we want to take a chance on Gaborik’s injuries and keep one of our big 3 assets (cally, duby, staal) or do we go after heatley and deal one of them? I’m all for Gaby, its a high risk, but the reward is a top, top player in the NHL.

    Still is more to do here though- Zherdev, Rosival, Sangs, picks for a front line center- we are a big center and big wing away from being very, very dangerous-

  38. guys taking a day off from the blog tomorrow. getting married. will be back on before honeymoon on sunday,

    we need more then just gaborik. what about kovalev for 2 years

  39. i cant imagine what other trades sather has up his sleeve, im sure he wants to get rid of redden but he wont have any takers, so that leaves rosival, now while i think rosy is a good 2 way defender whos not as bad as everybody makes him out to be, he is definitely not worth the contract he is receiving

    i doubt we get heatley

  40. gaborik is a win win. hes an awesome player and will score a ton of goals. we actually have a legit sniper on the team now. and if he gets injured, we take him off the books and get someone else or trade him. isnt so bad of a deal. plus, it was only money. no kids or picks were traded. only money. if we have enough to get the rfa’s signed, then its fine. the guy cant be that brittle that hes gona probablyget seriously injured again. but, if he does, im just gonna laugh, go crazy and and probably check myself into bellevue. it would cap off the sather era for me. i mean, not just a sore neck or bruised ribs. im talkin a season or career ending injury. then i will will go loony tunes

  41. those pining for kovalev, guess you didnt watch his prior 2 stints on the rangers

  42. Aside with HuggyBear signing, this is going well so far if we can sign our boyeeeees!

  43. our cap situation/roster situation would be SO much better if we just waived Redden, even with this Gaborik deal…$6.5 million per year is just sitting there, waiting to be freed up, but instead we’re gonna give Redden “another chance” when he’s completely finished and will NEVER succeed in NY, what a joke

    and Drury is NOWHERE NEAR a #1 center, Dubi is progressing nicely but still isn’t really a #2, and is Anisimov truly ready? there are big issues down the middle…and of course Redden is still on the team, big negative there too

  44. colin

    remember bloggers i have season tix so i will let people know what games i cant make. sec 330. like to sell about 15

  45. kc , How do you want to build a team that we can compete? Just tell us. No Gabby, ok. Just tell us your lines and money spend. Fire Slats. You are the GM. Just tell us the story or just stop complaine.

  46. congrats eric!! mazeltov dude!! hey, hope marriage treats you better than it did me.

  47. Congrats Eric!

    The Girl Scout Tag A Long Blizzard is AMAZING!!!

    I am going to sleep. My eyes are bleeding from looking at the screen so much today.

    Thanks to you Carp, and thanks to my fellow bloggers.

  48. my only complaint is brashear. not necessary, to much $, and he is a big time j ass…

    the rangers are better then a week ago. gaborik is 27 gomez is 29, higgins is 26, the got a good d man proespect from MtL..

    they are obviously keeping all the young forwards, they should try to move roszival and a good d man prospect and get another forward……….

    they have too many young d men……………

  49. rich- were only minus gomez in the center dept. we also added higgins who plays center and wing i think. yea, we could use a better center for gabby though. we gotta do it via trade though. no other guys left really except tangauy and hes a lw. dont know who else is left whos a center. is kessels a center right? wish we could get him

  50. 5 mill/yr for havlat? pretty damn good deal. lets sign antro hes a center/wing and hes big, thats killing two betts with one brashear

  51. i’d like to see antrpov signed over zherdev, but i hear antropov wants something crazy like 5 million. funny sather said that price was “ridiculous” yet he pays brashear 2 million to sit in the press box and be scratched

  52. i think anisimov,boyle,drury,dubi,higgins all are pretty good but no number 1 center in any of those guys. lets get sundin. j/k even though his price would be a lot lower from his bad performance in van.

  53. Can we sign Antropov and put him on Gabbys wing? I hope Antro signs a one year deal at 3.7

  54. Congrats and Good Luck Eric, and the Mrs.!! Hope you’re day is beautiful!!!

    Too bad Billy Mays didn’t invent ReddenBGone before he passed away!

  55. then again, slats feels duby could be the no.1 center. im sure torts feels that way and sees something in him and convinced sather. i mean the kid must have some real potential there if we wouldnt trade him for heatley. though if gabby wasnt available or any other good winger, he probably wouldve been swapped for heatley already

  56. i hope Gaborik shows Zherdev a thing or two about playing up to his potential.

    What a perfect person to learn from … very similar styles

  57. congrats eric.
    have a great wedding and honeymoon.

    happy birthday Linda (caught there somewhere today)

    that is all.

  58. Minnesota had weird issues with their medical staff; Brett Burns and the concussions is one example. He was angry. So maybe coming to NY will get Gabby healthy. It worked for one Walt Poddubny like 20+ years ago.

    Devils are gonna get Kouivu or Tangauy, they have to.

    I still say try and get Cheechoo for Rozi and sign Zubov for a year.

  59. yea lol colin. i know the l is so close to the s i do that all time. right lassy??? damn i mean sally

  60. Speed Ranger on

    Any chance Gaborik and Brashear were acquired to be a package trade? It just doesn’t really make much sense – not complaining, just confused.

    Gaborik is a little too fragile for Tort’s system IMO and Brashear… well why pay for someone less loved by the MSG faithful, who does more or less what Orr did? I am open to being enlightened.

    Wonder if we’re gathering a bouquet of players to offer one particular GM, for one particular player ??

  61. somerset- im hoping gaborik is able to just show up, forget about showin zherdev anything yet. in time. patience. baby steps. but zherdev is good, he doesnt really need to be shown anything except for playing his heart out and giving a damn. he’ll be alright. gaborik better just play and not get hurt again. bt if theres one thing zherdev can learn from gabby is that when youre goin at the net to try to get a rebound or deflectioon, you have to stop in front of the net, not wiz by it while the puck is right in front of the goalie tryin to smack it in while skating by. i saw him do that in game 3 or 4. cant remember but it pissed me off.

  62. I like the Gaborik signing. Is it a lot of money? Yes. But you needed to sped money to get a scorer, and I would rather have Gaborik over Havlat, and I wouldn’t sign Hossa to a 12 year deal. So in terms of money, the Rangers did what they had to do. Gaborik needs to stay healthy, but when he is, man, he’s great. A sniper. What the Rangers have needed for a long time.
    Brashear, well, he’s a fighter, and a good one. I don’t like him, but he may be able to chip 2 goals. Better than Orr in that respect.
    I think they will make another move, whether it be trade or signing. They need a center and a tough dman. They don’t have to be big name guys, just tough. Scuderi would be awesome, but probably too expensive. Ruslan Fedetenko is a guy who could score 15-20 goals. not bad, and played for torts. Robert Lang is not a bad idea, solid veteran. And hey, my favorite player Jed Ortmeyer is available. Replacement for shoe?
    anyway here are my lines: (subject to change, obviously)
    brashear-boyle-(insert hartford winger here)

  63. Mister Delaware on

    “Any chance Gaborik and Brashear were acquired to be a package trade?”

    Yes. Some team interested in both didn’t sign them as free agents so they could instead trade talent to get them under NY’s contract terms. That is definitely what’s happening here.

  64. Less Spotlight and Pressure on Drury will be a good thing for this team. If he can somehow get through a season without having to play through a suspecting injury, I do think he has some magic left in that stick.?@!

    I never thought the Rangers would get Gaborik… oh boy… fasten your seatbelts… Dubinsky, Anisimov or one day Grachev all sound like terrific centers for him… The speed and playmaking abilities of Dubi or soon-to-be Grachev would make sense with Marian…

    Interesting moves so far, once again, didn’t see these moves coming… nice job Slats!


  65. grachev is a winger no? or do most of these forward prospects all learn to play center position at some point so they can be more versatile and appealing to teams that need players at every forward position

  66. do you work in a cubicle colin? if so, do you feel like the guy from office space sometimes? remember milton? that guy was funny

  67. t minus 6 minutes till the heatley shuttle is launched into orbit over edmonton

  68. He was drafted as a centerman, although I think he played most of last season on the wing. Either way, a line with those two together sounds great!


  69. TULRangerFan on

    The Rangers basically traded Gomez for Gaborik. Gomez will play 78 games and he’s lucky if he gets 60 points. Even if Gaborik plays just 50 games, he will get 60 points. If he plays 70, he’ll get 85. For basically the same amount of money as Gomez, I’ll take just the promise of Gaborik over the reality of Gomez.

  70. Who in Montreal thinks Gainey stole anything?

    They’re not as much unhappy about getting Gomez as they are upset with having to give up a well-liked player in Higgins and their once future keystone defensmen…

    Rangers killed on this combo of the Gaborik signing with the trade.


  71. All I can say is…
    Gaborik for 2008- 2009
    Oct 16 2008back injury day to day
    Dec 17 2008 missed 27 games…back injury
    Dec 24 2008 CHRISTMAS PRESENT! groin injury…out indefinitely!
    March 22 2009 Missed 38 games, hip surgery

    I was rolling!

  72. Dubinsky could pretty much move the puck up ice just as good as Gomez. Atleast now in Gaborik there is someone to finish the play.

  73. idk bout the rest of you guys, but when we play toronto, if brash fights orr, im rooting for orr. i hope the garden cheer wildly for him too. but maybe we can appreciate brash when we play tough teams and he still will be good to have instead of just having boyle or byers and voros. my god that is one scary thought. so in a way, even though hes not liked, and he isnt worth more money than orr, i know we all will sleep better knowing at least we have him when things get rough. especially if guys start targeting gabby

  74. onecupin69years and counting on

    make a trade for heatley ,they might as well shoot the load, what ever it takes ,sather should get him,then if it fails fire sather and rebuild.But this team as it is isn’t good enough.

  75. Avery and Brashear on the same team as Marian Gaborik… and almost had Neil too… all crazy thoughts! Weird mixes


  76. I can’t believe Sather said Brashear was a strong skater who can pressure the puck faster than Orr. Brashear is just as bad a skater as Orr is.
    Orr was easily one of my favorite Rangers.

  77. onecupin69years and counting on

    If gabs plays more than 350 games 5×82=410,they’ll be lucky

  78. I know, but I had to watch two Seinfelds.

    One, with Martin in a coma. (Who are these stooges you speak of?).
    Two, David Puddy doing Jerry’s move. (Assman).

    I don’t think Brashear can play at all.

  79. higgins will sign with us, hes a new yorker. im sure his friends and fam love that hes playin here. its not like he went to the coyotes or some hole in the wall franchise. he came to the rangers baby. higgins will be a good player for us. hes a pretty tough kid too. hes a new yorker of course he is.

  80. 2009 New York Rangers (As of Right Now)

    Zherdev – Drury – Gaborik
    Higgins – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Avery – Anisimov – Korpikoski
    Brashear – Boyle – Voros

    Staal – Girardi
    Rozsival – Redden
    Potter – Sauer/Sanguinetti/Del Zotto

  81. wow, heatley wants us. murray is gonna cave in. take zherdev, rozy, sangs and a pick murray. its not like your getting an overpaid d amn, a lazy and sensitive winger, and an average d prospect!! youre gettin michal rozsival baby!!! nikky zherdev oh yea!!!!! and dont even get me started on bobby spaghettilinguini!!! do it murray. or your gonna regret it

  82. matt- so anisimov is the only prospect to make the team ya think? not byers or dupont, maybe grachev? i think some will definitely make it on d. i hope at least byers, grachev or dupont get some nhl games in this year. probably in late october when gabby pulls his groin while standing at the bank cashing dolans check

  83. you’re right, Carp, because in the playoffs, Huggy was scratched by Bruce B. in several games. thus, sather is full of it, he can’t skate.

  84. lol hey onecup, it will be good for that!! i garauntee you graves brings brash with him when they do that again. very smart idea!!

  85. heatley rejected the edmonton deal because he wanted to stick it to ottawa management (so the story goes)

    he’s hoping for sj now that gaborik is in ny

    as far as pivots for gaborik…what about anisimov?

  86. i knew the majority of you all would complain about signing gaborik.. you were all complaining about doin nothing so far when it was 6pm and all we had was brashear… now we get somebody and there is more complaining.. yes it may be alot of money & years but the guy is ridiculously talented, if we wouldnt have signed anybody you would have all complained, theres no winning with most of you.. like most of said already taht dont mind the deal, when he plays he will be effective and even if he plays half the year he will probably do what gomez woudl have done in a full year, and if he gets hurt he wont count against the cap.. Also, he replaces the money gomez was getting paid so we are back to being pretty strapped against the cap, which in a way, if any of you would look at the bright side of things, is a goood thing, because it means guys like anisimov and grachev will have to get a shot on the squad now since money will be tight and they wont be able to sign retard free agent 3rd/4th liners for 1 to 2 million dollars (aka voros/rissmiller) Gaborik had 80 pts in 77 games just the year before last in 2007-08 in a defensive system, if he plays 65-70 games for us and is healthy in the playoffs it will payoff

  87. Oh and why cant dubinsky play on a line with gaborik?

    i am confident in dubinsky scoring more goals this year but he may be more of a playmaker, seeing is how he never wants to shoot the puck, but now when he makes all those passes alot of them will be going to a guy thats going to bury half those passes, throw a guy like cally or avery with them to go in the corner and do the dirty work and you hav a line.. most of you will say well thats no top line, but we arent going to be an ottawa senators/old tampa bay lightning team that has to rely on one top line, we are going to have to be a team that gets scoring from the first 3 lines by committee, hopefuly with gaborik carrying the most of the load with about 40 goals.. get 20 from dubi, 25 from cally, maybe 17-20 from avery in a full season, 20 from drury, and 15-20 from higgins, and then hopefully 12-17 from guys like korpo anisimov grachev.. and who konws if zherdev comes back maybe he breaks out you never know.. i dont know i just find a way to be positive and confident unlike alot of you.. especially with having a full year and full training camp under a guy like tortorella

  88. Rangers got a legit super star!
    Most players get stronger when they reach 27, 28 so maybe he will stay off IR
    So, singing Zherdev might be good. He’ll skate with gaborik another Russian. Too bad Antro want too much money
    As far as getting Brashear, I hate him & so does everyone else, but he can score a little and intimidates opponents and the Rangers need that!

    Great job Carp, thanks!!

  89. Best 24 hours by Slats since he’s been here. And there still can be more moves.

  90. The answer to who plays more games next year, Gaborik or Brashear due to injuries/suspensions is an easy one:

    VALI will see more ice time backing up Hank than either of these 2

  91. I think it could be Drury/Higgins (Higgins played C, right?) centering Gaborik and Zherdev. I hope Torts keeps that Avery-Dubinsky-Callahan line together. They may not put up a ton of points but it’s a hell of an energy/checking line.

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