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Just wanted to start a new thread for speed purposes. See the previous thread for all the earlier news today. Let’s start with this putrid announcement from the Rangers:


New York, July 1, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Donald Brashear.
Brashear appeared in 63 games with the Washington Capitals last season, registering one goal and three assists, along with a team leading 121 penalty minutes. He placed fourth on the club, and second among team forwards, with 119 hits. Washington posted a 4-0-0 mark in games that Brashear posted a point. He tallied the game-winning goal on December 4 vs. the New York Islanders, his first game-winner since December 14, 2002 vs. Buffalo (as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers).
In 2007-08, Brashear led the Capitals with 119 penalty minutes and ranked fourth on the team with 133 hits. Brashear recorded five goals and three assists while skating in 80 games. The Capitals were 4-0-1 when he tallied a goal, and 6-0-1 when he registered a point. Brashear notched his 200th NHL point on March 3 vs. Boston, and skated in his 900th career game on February 5 at Columbus. On December 12, he posted his first multi-point effort since October 22, 2005, collecting two assists vs. the Rangers. In addition, Brashear tallied two points (one goal and one assist) in seven postseason contests with Washington.
The 6-3, 237-pounder has skated in 989 career regular season contests with the Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, and Washington Capitals, registering 85 goals and 119 assists for 204 points, along with 2,561 penalty minutes. He established career-highs in assists (19), points (28) and shots on goal (127) as a member of the Canucks during the 2000-01 season. Brashear tallied a career-high, three assists/points on December 8, 2000 at San Jose. In 1999-00, Brashear notched a career-best 11 goals in just 60 games. As a rookie in 1993-94, he recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in 14 games with Montreal. He registered an assist in his NHL debut on November 15, 1993 at Ottawa, and tallied his first career goal two days later against Edmonton.
In post-season play, Brashear has appeared in 60 career contests with Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and Washington, registering three goals and six assists for nine points, along with 121 penalty minutes. He skated in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals as a member of the Flyers, recording four points (one goal and three assists) and 61 penalty minutes in 18 games. His three assists, four points and 61 penalty minutes were all career-highs.
The Bedford, Indiana native was originally signed as a free agent by Montreal on July 28, 1992.


OK, back to more normal stuff: TSN reports Rangers are one of the teams to have made an offer to Chris Neil.

Also, that Montreal signed Jaroslav Spacek for three years. Why? No idea.


Reports: Eric Cole is re-signing with Carolina.

TSN saying Nikolai Khabibulin signing with Edmonton.

Ooops. Forgot to report Brian Boucher signing with the Flyers. Can you imagine?

Toronto wants Chris Neil, too.


Bob McKenzie is saying that the Rangers are not involved in the Heatley sweepstakes. And that it will either be Edmonton or bust … “bust being Ottawa.” The Rangers surely aren’t going to put another offer with Dubinsky on the table, in my opinion. Although you never know what the Rangers are actually thinking, proof being earlier today.


Oh, boy. Rumors are the Flyers will sign Ian Laperriere. They may have no goaltending, but they are going to be annoying to play against.


Step out to get the mail at Blog HQ, and you miss a lot: Montreal signing Hal Gill (what is Bob Gainey doing up there?).

Pittsburgh signing Mike Rupp.

Rangers, according to TSN, have a four-year offer on the table for Chris Neil. Who is going to score goals? Do they want to be in the draft lottery next year?

Also, Florida signing Devils G Scott Clemmensen.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a new poll going on the right side of this page. Vote early and often.


Mike Cammalleri to Montreal for five years, $6M per. I know a lot of you guys wanted him, but that’s a big contract. Is there a salary cap in Montreal????

The Toronto trade of Kubina to Atlanta is reportedly done, for Garnet Exelby, Colin Stuart and Tim Stapleton.


Mike Komisarek is off the board, according to TSN: To Toronto.

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  1. I’m appalled. I don’t care about how sticky sweet Brashear is in his personal life. I care that he’s a nasty bully on the ice whom I will have an enormously hard time respecting even as a Blueshirt. The Caps saying that he was a veteran influence in the locker room had to be a joke. He’s just a giant goon who turns mean-tempered when men skate past him quickly. Now the bench has to worry about holding up signs a-la-forrest gump-style for Brashear to “Hit!” “Shoot!” “Fight!”

    And I’m not a nancy.

  2. Brashear is a douche who would not even look at any of us hockey players when the caps were practising at Chelsea Piers (for the record the entire team were a bunch of non-entities) — though I did make a move and beat out Nylander for a slice of pizza !! ahhhaha

  3. NICKtheGREEK on

    Not a lot happening right now HUH?

    C’mon Carp, get the news to us………..

  4. Doodie: lol.

    Sather sucks. I know everyone was loving him yesterday for dumping Blomez’ contract, but I refused to get excited over Sather fixing his own mistakes.

  5. 2008-2009 New York Rangers Glen Slats Sather signed Gabs to a 10 year 101 million dollar contract on July 1st 2009. He is expected to play alongside Susan Boyle and The Kool Aid Man.

  6. not sure why everyone’s getting so excited? i’m sure he’ll be sitting for the most part. and when he isn’t, he’ll be making it a little bit more unpleasant for the other team. the difference between orr and brashear is negligible.

  7. According to Wiki…Brashear is related to Navy Diver Carl Brashear? *COOKIE??*

  8. Suspended 2 times in 3 years for cheap shots against Rangers. Atleast now he can injure Pronger.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, I just called up good ‘ole Glennie and said that I can’t skate, fight, or shoot, and he just asked me how much.

  10. Mister Delaware on

    “not sure why everyone’s getting so excited? i’m sure he’ll be sitting for the most part. and when he isn’t, he’ll be making it a little bit more unpleasant for the other team. the difference between orr and brashear is negligible.”

    Because he’s an overpriced d-bag whose cheapshot broke Betts’ face?

  11. Don’t understand this at all. Will be absolutely impossible to root for this cheap shot artist. Whether its bringing in Trottier, Lindros, Holik or Brashear, Sather disrespects the fans.

  12. I apologize if anyone has mentioned this earlier. It it hard to keep track of everything said. First off..signing of Brashear is the worst move i have ever seen. How can any GM sign a player who intentionally hurt our best PK player who is as an essential part of this team. That is just creating or destroying any chances we had of having harmony in the locker room. Sather does not know a smart deal if it hit him in the ass. I bet a 10 year old can do his job better. Getting rid of Orr i can understand he did not produce but you can not replace him with someone who is as useful as a load shit. Ever off season Sather makes the rangers more of a disgrace and turning the franchise into a want to be yankee organization signing and handing money away to players out of their prime who prob would not have deserved that increase salary in the middle of their prime. SATHER signing brashear just proved that he has no respect for his players…MUTANY TORTS GET ‘ER DONE

  13. Marián Gáborík aka Batman (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional superhero and civil war re-enactor and plays the part of Robert E. Lee on a regular basis. He has the distinction of being one of fewer than 50 NHL players to have scored five or more goals in a single game and the only one of the 21st century.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Not for long though! I’m moving in with Jimmy Dolan. That’s part of my contract. I have to listen to Dolan’s band practice every day.

  15. Carp,

    What is the adress we can send letters to Sather at? I think we should remind Sather that being part of the Ranger organization requires some pride and a long memory.

    What in the world is this guy thinking?

  16. UESBlueshirt on

    added to the wiki entry:

    “2008-2009 New York Rangers Glen Slats Sather signed Gabs to a 10 year 101 million dollar contract on July 1st 2009. He is expected to play alongside Susan Boyle and The Kool Aid Man.”

  17. Really, RK, the “signing of Brashear is the worst move i have ever seen”? You must be new to watching hockey.

  18. Matt, you forgot:

    “Gáborík was drafted by Dr. Frankenstein with the third overall pick in the first round of the 2000 NHL Yahoo Fantasy Draft after Rick DiPietro and Dany Heatley.”

  19. Brian boucher to Flyers. LMFAO He Sucks. Flyers have worst Goaltending in NHL!!!!!

  20. From Puckdaddy (a independent site)

    Meanwhile, Capitals enforcer Donald Brashear(notes) goes to the New York Rangers (two years, $2.8 million) in one of the most bat-crap crazy, unforeseen moves of the day. Like with Fedorov, Washington was a better sports town with him in it. Rangers fans will learn to like him, too, once they get finished cleaning up pieces of Blair Betts from the Garden ice.

  21. Hossa for 12 years. Jesus.

    Was Sather acting as the Hawks’ temporary GM for that one?

  22. Mike D (#96) on

    Brash’s stats from 12 years ago: Sweet Lord Christ:

    1997–98–Vancouver Canucks–NHL–77GP–9G–9A–18PTS–372 PIM


  23. Marián Gáborík aka Batman (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional superhero and civil war re-enactor and plays the part of Robert E. Lee on a regular basis and also is a big time pornstar. He has the distinction of being one of fewer than 50 NHL players to have scored five or more goals in a single game and the only one of the 21st century. He also has 3 Richie Nextell 305 autographs

    Orr on TSN.

  24. Mike D (#96) on

    92nd and 4th–Doodie…

    We should grab a beer at Shenanagins sometime!

  25. Just read that washington post article on brashear. Some heavy stuff in there –
    Not saying i like the signing anymore, but gives you a glimpse of the stuff he’s been through.
    He says he never wanted to be a fighter and he always wanted to be a hard checking scorer. Maybe torts will give him his wish.

  26. Rob(the first) on

    If Brashear is related to former Navy diver Carl, does that mean if we tie his leg to a cinder block and drop him in the ocean, will he survive??????

  27. Do you guys realize that one of the main points in that press release is that in 63 games last year, Washington was 4-0-0 in games in which he scored a point. WTF.

  28. Please let this be a predecessor to a package deal…say Rosival and Brashear to the Stars for Brad Richards?

    The only way Slats can salvage this is by sending Brashear to Edmonton or something. Sign him and send him packing somewhere he’d never go.

    THAT would be retribution.

  29. Glen Cameron “Dr. Faggot” Sather (born September 2, 1943 in High River, Alberta) is the current President and General Manager of the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL). He is best known for single-handedly destroying the New York Rangers from 2000-Present. He has also served as the head coach of the Rangers, as well as General Manager and coach of the Edmonton Oilers of the World Hockey Association (WHA) and later NHL. Prior to coaching, Sather was a professional ice hockey left winger in the WHA and NHL. He played for the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Montreal Canadiens, Minnesota North Stars, and Edmonton Oilers (in their WHA incarnation). Also nicknamed “Tomato Face” due to his perpetually red face during his playing days, Sather was born in High River, Alberta but grew up in Wainwright, Alberta. Sather now resides in Palm Springs, California in the off-season, but also has a home in Banff, Alberta.

  30. UESBlueshirt on

    “Marián Gáborík aka Batman (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional spokesman for the Paraplegic’s Association of America (PAA). He has since donated a hospital wing to Saint Jude’s in NY. He also lead the New York Rangers to the 2010 stanley cup. He has the distinction of being one of fewer than 50 NHL players to have scored five or more goals in a single game and the only one of the 21st century. He is best known for his role in the Iran Contra Affair and has been nominated for seven Oscars.”

  31. You think we could get Sather and Bettman into a car?

    Then get Heatley hammered and toss him the keys?

  32. Getting Brashear when Cole, Cammalleri, Cam Barker, Kessel, Scuderi and Gill are sitting out there is beyond dumbfounding.

  33. Captain O’Hagan: I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ” Shenanigans.”

    Mac: Hey Farva what’s the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

    Farva: You mean Shenanigans?

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “We should grab a beer at Shenanagins sometime!”

    Is that the place with all of the goofy on the wlal, and the mozzerella sticks?

  35. “Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is the president of the united states and has a 14 inch c***.”

    I almost just spit up coffee all over my desk after reading this.

  36. Mister Delaware on

    “92nd and 4th—Doodie…

    We should grab a beer at Shenanagins sometime!”

    Is that the restaurant with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?

  37. with emery in goal I predict that Wade Redden Scores 8 goals aginst him in the season series between the Flyers and Rangers. Sadly they will be the only goals and 1/2 of his season point total. The reason?
    Emery promises an 8-ball to Redden for each goal he scores on him LOL

  38. How is there not rioting in Montreal right now?

    Spacek isn’t worth that much, good god.

  39. Mike D (#96) on

    “We should grab a beer at Shenanagins sometime!”

    Is that the place with all of the goofy on the wlal, and the mozzerella sticks?
    Not sure, usually drink @ home. But I hear they do have mozzarella sticks. I think it’s on 3rd and 90th.

  40. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    July 1st, 2009 at 3:46 pm
    Just read that washington post article on brashear. Some heavy stuff in there –
    Not saying i like the signing anymore, but gives you a glimpse of the stuff he’s been through.
    He says he never wanted to be a fighter and he always wanted to be a hard checking scorer. Maybe torts will give him his wish.

    Aaron, I sure as hell hope you’re not on the parole board

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike it’s a reference to Super Troopers. A few other guys thought of the same thing.

  42. TSN is reporting the Rangers are one of three teams with an offer out there for Chris Neil

  43. If we get Neil our 4th line is gonna be Neil – Boyle – Brashear … Pretty deadly actually

  44. Why would the Rangers need Neil if we already have Avery and Brashear?


  45. Rob(the first) on

    Why would we sign Brashear and Neil, are we just going to go out there and beat the shit out of everyone….

  46. The Ranger were way too soft last year. Boston and Philly will manhandle them unless they sign Brash, Neil, et al. That is a good start to a 4th line IMHO.

  47. Reggie Dunlop: “Boy, every piece of garbage that comes into the market and you gotta buy it!”

  48. so if the NYR sign Neil…we would have Neil, Avery, brashear, boyle (who is big but i dont think fights very well)…ummm…who is going to score for the offense? or are we going to head back to the renney days of trying to win 1-0 every game.

  49. The only ONLY way this Brashear crap kind of makes sense is if we are getting Gaborik. It would make sense because of his injury history, and as much as I hate Brashear, and I really despise this guy, he is a tough enough guy, and you don’t ever really seem him lose a fight.

  50. signing goons doesn’t make you any tougher, unless you play them all the time. so it would make no sense to also sign neal. you need forwards with toughness who can play. but the rangers needs some freaking scoring first.

  51. yeah, i’d rather have a return visit from Lappy
    than brasher…….and add Neil to the mix.
    a very tough pair right there.
    add a person or two with consistent scoring.

  52. No more Gaborik nonsense on WP; it’s been protected. Are you guys happy? hehe

    Doodie’s page is already being deleted, too.

  53. Now we are gonna complain about scoring? We just cut Gomez and there is $$$$ to spend yet. Patience.

  54. Mister Delaware on

    Anyone who has never seen Super Troopers could make today a little better by renting it. Great flick. The skip straight to Beer Fest. Ignore the middle movie.

  55. What cwgatti said. Are we trying to become the Cheifs? I think we need to sign Oglethorpe next.

  56. Michabenjamin on

    I was just complaining today about now that I just had Fios installed I can’t watch the Rangers in HD. After signing Gorilla from the caps, it’s not even a concern of mine – I have no desire to watch at all.

    And anyone who thinks me calling this goon a gorilla is racist can shut up. He really does look like gorilla regardless of his race and with his behavior belongs in the zoo. Sedated for the crowds.

  57. RangerSteve on

    I would not be too concerned with the 4th line. Neil is not being signed to play 4th line, not for that kind of money. If they sign Neil, let’s expect the Rangers to make another deal.

  58. what deal that was made today by other teams would any ranger fan have been happy about sather making? i think people have overpaid.

  59. You guys can be really proud of the fact to have the best GM and President of the NHL…

    This guy is so much out of the world and his advisors even more..

    That Brashear move is so much insane, that no one can really describe it…

    Instead of improving the offense he just simply waste the money in a monster….

  60. Beer Fest is one of the greatest silly movies of all time.
    And Landfill 1 was so much better than Landfill 2

  61. whats with the All-American team we are building??

    Brian Boyle, Ryan Callahan, Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky, Chris Higgins, Don Brashear,

    and possibly Komiserik

  62. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Even if we did sign Brashear for protection, how much protecting can you do in 5 minutes of ice time?

  63. ok bye for real… off to the Yankee game… hope when I come back everyone is in a better mood…Khabibulin an Oiler…

  64. Honestly, this is torts line of gettin bigger nd tougher. I would actually love to see the rangers sign neil because tht makes the new 4th line, pretty big. and if AA makes the team next year nd higgins is resigned, there’s a new young team growing from within rather than buying all these new guys.

  65. NYRanger4Life on

    Everyone needs to calm down. I’d rather see Slither spend $1.4 mill on a player who will be a healthy scratch for 75% of the time than spend $8.5 million on a player like Havlat or Gaborik who will be injured 75% of the time….

    Brashear isnt such a bad signing. At all.

  66. Bob McKenzie says Nikolai Khabibulin has a tentative agreement with the Edmonton Oilers. This is not confirmed yet

  67. I like Komiserik fine, but don’t we already have D-men and a batch of prospects in that position. Seems like a waste of money.

  68. davy

    i dunno my wikipedia source is locked
    last time i checked he was still a member of the sillynannies

  69. I see a trade for Heatley coming tonite. I believe that there will be a salary (Rozi) going the other way. Let’s see what we can complain about Sather then. “oh HOW did Sather let Rozi go to get that crybaby Heatley!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I can see it now.

  70. “I’d rather see Slither spend $1.4 mill on a player who will be a healthy scratch for 75% of the time than spend $8.5 million on a player like Havlat or Gaborik who will be injured 75% of the time….”

    LOL, I never thought of it that way.

  71. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    I hope Brashear gets hurt before the season starts.

    Speaking of Brashear, I just took a nice big one on my lunch break.

  72. Listen, Slats, if you are so unprofessional and moronic that you can’t create a winning team, at least let us have some sense of decency and self-respect.
    Getting rid of Orr to sign Brashear??? What an idiot…

  73. cwg….

    you wont see that because it is a different situation… pick a player that is disgusting and loathed and who injured a fan favorite… then sign him for more than a comparable player who was also loved by fans… thats the situation…

    lets get rid of Cally for Ruutu… thats the situation… if you would be happy with that than go for it… but the difference is the player not so much the money

  74. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So despite having a ton of 3rd and 4th line forwards in the system already, Slats is going to go out and sign every 4th liner on the market?

  75. GOD I hate Bowmeester. I don’t care if I spelled it wrong. COMPLETELY OVERRATED. WHY does everyone act like he is Pronger or Leetch. Not worth the ink that he gets.

  76. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    This is just like last year when Slats goes out and signs Voros and Rissmiller.

  77. Sather's Brain on

    Is is it 12 o’clock yet? Pass me my cigar and scotch, oh, and turn up Dolan’s horrible music. His band sucks!

  78. hah

    Roloson can onl get a 1 year offer from edm. and then they sign bulin for 4yrs/15mil????

    I wonder if he was even on their radar before roloson left

  79. With Brashear, its a good and bad move. Good cause it gives us someone who is known as dirty who can fight pronger, instead of avery. Bad because he cant play and orr is a better player. Rick what do you think? Besides, Avery and Brashear could do alot to agitate other teams?

  80. Cally for Ruttu? That’s the dumbest analogy I have ever heard. I am commenting on the insanity surrounding the feedback about signing Brashear. The criticism is often warranted, but in this case it isn’t. It is just a bunch of homers crying over a (illegal) hit to their cuddly little son Blair Betts. The same guys who would piss themselves if we traded Dubi or Cally for Heatley. Nonsensical vitriol aimed at a guy that is BETTER than a guy that is now in Toronto.

  81. Sather's Brain on

    Good signing by Edmonton. I would have given Bulin 30 mil for 4 years – too bad their is a salary cap. Where is that damn lighter?

  82. Pavel
    July 1st, 2009 at 4:09 pm
    I agree. Calgary will regret Bouwmeester’s deal.

    How can you say this about one of the best defenseman in both ends of the ice? Plus he is only 25 and moving into his prime. Imagine what Phaneuf and Bouwmeester will look like next season and that’s not mentioning Robin Regher(sp?).

  83. So who do we hate more now, Brashear or Redden? Redden is probably dancing around and snorting lines off of a passed out hooker right now. Anything that will take some of the negative attention away from him, haha.

  84. Sather's Brain on

    Nasty 1 – Redden is snorting lines, with me and Dolan too. Nothing interferes with my partying.

  85. Sather's Brain on

    I am an ass – we don’t need a 1st or 2nd line. We didn’t have one last year and still made the playoffs. Too bad there isn’t another WHA and this is not 1982.

  86. Don’t do too much at once man, once that tingling in your jaw and mouth kicks in, don’t snort another line until that buzz wears off.

  87. you guys realize the past few years this is the time the rangers wake up and make moves

    4-6 is gonna be big time moves

  88. Please tell me Rick, is there anyone over there in the media who take Sather for serious…???

    His comments about Gomez after the trade” He is a very good player, can´t complain about him! but he traded him away after realizing that he made a huge mistake with that deal two years ago…

    Is there really on one over there to stop this monster to ruin the Rangers ?

  89. Why do you guys hate Brashear? He’s a tough guy, so what he hit Betts blind sided, it was dirty, should have been penalized but that’s his game. He is a gritty strong powerful forward who will protect the teammates. Take the signing for what it is.

  90. Ive been on this website all day long and it’s been a free live webcast of the TSN show for us in America and a weblog of all the twitters going on relevant to hockey. I highly recommend it. Just, breaking every story instantly pretty much.

  91. we do not have any d man close to komisarek in our system, we need him. Cole back to carolina sucks, maybe they will not be able to afford the good ruutu and we can swipe him!! I wonder if havlat is broadway bound???

  92. Its HAS to be HEatley or Gabroik

    I mean whats the point of Neil, And Gorillaman hybrid?

    There gonna get a total of 5 goals next season


    And Doodie, your freaking hysterical!!
    And whoever has NTO seen Super Troopers go rent it RIGHT NOW

    Favre is the best part of the movie
    That and the other cop saying “Who wants a mustache ride?”

  93. so, we got a huggy bear who wets his bed, plays with civil war toy soldiers, and lives in bay ridge.

    got it.

  94. haha. Antropov still out there. i guess 4-5 million IS too much huh Nicky??

  95. If we got Neil, he wouldn’t be playing on the 4th line. That’s for sure. Probably 3rd line.

    We do need a guy like Neil here. But what the fugg, Brash hates Avery, Neil hates Brashear, Brash hates Neil, Neil hates Avery, Avery hates anyone who doesn’t like fashion.

    What kind of team are we building for next season ?

    I have a feeling we’ll be battling for the #1 overall pick in the 2010 draft.

  96. If they trade Rozi and Calli for Heatley, does that leave room for Antropov to come back? Can he play center?

  97. nyr21… he’s not going to fight Pronger. Pronger is not going to fight him. he’s going to fight other goons, take bad penalties, get suspended, and be a big waste like he usually is. He can’t play at all.

  98. terrible terrible terrible signing morons.. the fighting critics here have no friggin clue. he is a meat head thug, cheap shot artist dispicable human being……………

    37, a thug, no skill and a 2 year deal.

    sather is a friggin moron of the highest order……………….

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yo ORR , the unthinkable what are ya gonna do?

    You have had the name”Orr” for awhile now and on a sad note , we lost our KO beast.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Hurry Slats, you can still trade for Hollweg and get Chris Simon too!

  101. Rick, I can’t believe this. Do you really think this is a big deal?! Can you honestly say Orr was a better option at $4mil for 4 years? Orr can’t skate. At all. Chris Higgins FATHER is 100 times better than Colton Orr. . . .and I am not exaggerating. Higgins dad is the best amatuer player I have ever seen.

  102. GREG

    Im keeping the name, in his honor. No need to get rid of it. Although i was considering a “BB+ Dubi Sucks Gabby’s 14 Inches” name.

  103. Now what is crazier:

    Toronto signing Orr and Neil
    NYR signing Brashear and Neil

  104. UESBlueshirt on

    So the Flyers are going to have Emery and Boucher? Pronger better be ready to play 50 mins a night.

  105. “Brashear retired on July 1, 2009 after New York Ranger fans revolted after the signing.”

    You guys are terrible.

  106. If we sign Brashear and Neil out of the gate, it will somehow beat out last years brutal signings of rissmiller and voros to start out free agency… Please no Chris Neil there is no need for him at all, get Cammalieri he is what we need, 19 PP goals last year

  107. can someone please type out what Orr said in the interview? did he want to leave?

  108. “The snozberries taste like snozberries!!”

    “Littering and.. littering and.. littering and.. littering and…”

    “that look like spit to you? F&CK It!”

    Maybe Sather should get higg, watch super troopers, then start making deals.

  109. At least the Flyers look worse as of right now, mostly based on goalies and having Briere as a third-line center for over $7 million per season.

  110. Am I the only one that thinks not signing free agents is a good thing?
    Look at the contracts this year and we should have learned our lesson from the last decade of awful free agent decisions. Stay the course glen. give us all a good healthy serving of youth next year

  111. tyree

    the only reason that is good is cause come jan 1st the rangers will be able to sign staal like they did w/ lundy

  112. Rumoured from a source saying Dany Heatley is off to play with Big Joe in San Jose for a package including Patrick Marleau and/or Milan Michalek. Wasn’t I just talking about these guys earlier today?

    Again, rumour only as of now. Nothing else out of the Sens camp…given the need to deal Dany and our cap situation we looked like a ‘Day 2’-type team anyways.

    Colin Jeffrey

  113. Sather's Brain on

    It is kind of amazing that the Flyers have not had consistent goaltending since Hextall in the 80s or arguably since Bernie Parent.


    Torts is trying to teach Avery discipline so Slats signed Brashear. And how is Torts going to get discipline from Aves now? Forget about getting it from Brashear. I wonder how Torts is going to like Brashear.

  115. orr- we will be challenging for the top pick next year. i think thats the plan. and we get the top pick hall or whoever and then we sign kovalchuk. its all sathers master plan

  116. Rick, now that I read, what I wrote more clearly I meant fight back as far as dirty play, (it still keeps us tough). It is agreed that Brashear can’t play. He wasnt brought in for his hockey ability thats for sure. Is it true from Tsn, Rangers offered dub for Heatley, and now withdraw the offer? Who do you think should the rangers get if any?

  117. ” Am i saying Meow? Do I look like a cat to you boy? Am I jumpin’ around all nimbly bimbly from tree to tree? Am I drinking milk from a saucer? DO YOU SEE ME EATING MICE? “

  118. bob mckenzie is now saying that the rangers will NOT include Dubi in any heatley deal, and that it’s down to either Oilers or bust for Heatley. good

  119. forget that top pick crap. Even if we had it the League would rig the lottery so toronto would get it. You know that they will be there lol

    Marleau has a NTC so it is BS!

  120. Damn Lappy , Carcillo, Pronger, Asham, the flyers are gonna be Slapshot Dirty next season

  121. Dubi isn’t in the deal. . . . yet. Wait til 11:45 when one of these guys blinks. And Dubi for heatley? Why not? we need goals!!!!!!!!! Not nice kids that we like. And are cuddly.

  122. can everyone relax with the brashear signing, who cares he is replacing orr, obviously he is dirty we all know that, we all know about his hit on betts, orr is not winning any lady byng award anytime soon in toronto….orr wanted more money, we end up paying brashear a lil more but he is definitely more talented than orr-i dont think orr can physically lift the puck off the ice….bottom line is this really is a non issue

  123. Briere will be traded before season is over. Philly has no cap room for all of these guys. Watch Briere to Mtl for nothin special

  124. Greg_Section_403 on

    Why build a team to battle the Flyers? We only play them 6 times. Last I checked, an NHL schedule has 82 games. You should build a team to battle the best in the league (Wings, Penquins, Bruins).

    Great, so the Rangers will pound the Flyers for 6 games, but will be outscored and out skated the remainder of the season by the real Stanley Cup contenders. At the end of the season, we can all get back on this board and discuss “how tough we were against the Flyers” and how cool it was to beat the shit of of them, while watching real teams contend for the cup.

    Sather sucks monkey nuts!

  125. They are in our division. it is important since we cant do the Pittsburgh thing

  126. This really begs the question…

    How the hell can we afford to let go of our 2 best PKers with morons like Brashear and Avery on the team? I’m sure it will be super fun watching our PK unit drop 15 spots. I hope Henrik fakes a season-ending injury so he doesnt have to deal with the diarrhea seeping slowly into his crease.

  127. Chicago’s Chris Versteeg is RFA? I like that kid’s skills. Offer sheet anyone?

  128. Dubi is not a “nice kid”, he has a great work etic and is on his way to become a genuine first line center while Heatley is most likely on his way down as a premier goal scorer.

  129. Greg_Section_403 on


    “can everyone relax with the brashear signing,”

    We care cuz we used $1.4m in cap room for a piece of who will only play 6 minutes a night, when he’s not scratched.

    Sather could have gotten another ‘tough guy’ for half the price.

  130. not to belabor the Brashear point – but I suppose Betts is not coming back now

  131. It’s like an arms race in the Atlantic Dvision to sign the most destructive goon.

  132. Philly will need to fight in order to save face cause they aint gonna stop any one with those goalies

  133. Go on uncyclopedia if you like messing up wikipedia articles. It’s undisciplined fun!! Also the rangers have the best offer for neil according to TSN

  134. well..we still lack any kind of scoring

    i thought sather got rid of gomez to clear cap space to sign a scorer?

    he better have something up his sleeve tonight.

  135. Brashear… not that big of a deal. Under Renney, 4th liners got some ice time. Under Torts? They’ll get nothing. $1.4 million for a Joey Kocur type guy; barely plays, but no one touches anyone on our team because they’ll get jumped.

  136. Neil and Brashear? What happened to Gaborik and Cammalleri? I didn’t come here for this.

    I want Betts, Orr, and Sjo back :-(

  137. Are the Rangers competing with the Flyers for most PIM’s? That Neil offer is pretty nuts

  138. DCloutier39 on

    Wow! Brashear and Neil? Should we change our name to the New York Goons??

    So freaking pissed off now…

  139. yeah but we touched the Caps in the Playoffs when we could catch them and it only cost us Betts for a game. Brashear scares no one really

  140. PruBelongsOnTheIce on

    “Are the Rangers competing with the Flyers for most PIM’s? That Neil offer is pretty nuts”

    I hope not… not without Betts and Sjo to kill them off.

  141. UESBlueshirt on

    Brashear and Neil? This takes me back to the days of Keane and Skrudland.

  142. Neil can actually play. He could be a 10 goal scoring goon which is better than our entire 4rt line combined last year

  143. DCloutier39 on

    We lose Mara and Betts – pure class – for Brashear and Neil? Freaking pathetic!

  144. DCloutier39 on

    Did Sather watch this team at all last season? WE NEED GOAL SCORERS!!!!!

  145. Carp – On the poll, I’m still sticking with Redden because of his salary and seeing him play for a season. We’ll see if he can possibly redeem himself next year.

  146. BillyDeeWilliams on

    i can’t wait for the “fire sather” chants from day one. so much fun.

  147. LOL sorry Carp. but who is he? really? besides i’m 34 so I could just be an idiot LOL

  148. Wow. Sather is actually trying to create a no-skills team. Didn’t think it was possible to score less than last year. Won’t matter what kind of conditioning they have, whether they get Gaborik or not. This will be the worst team in a decade, but on the bright side maybe it’s enough to get Sather fired.

  149. can they stop with the Obama commercials on NHL Net. Im getting sick to my stomach

  150. there is nothing regarding neil on TSN. I think it is just the posters screwing round

  151. I am def picking Brashear in this poll and he hasnt even put on a jersey yet.

    I actually have some hope Redden will rebound under Torts

  152. “there is nothing regarding neil on TSN. I think it is just the posters screwing round”

    They mentioned it about 45minutes ago on the live feed.

  153. Carp- We’ll never hit draft lotto with Lundqvist… At worst we’ll be a 10 or 11.

  154. carp, that poll’s not fair…why no option that says “hate them all equally”?

    and replace huber with lindros

  155. Brashear is gonna be very hard to root for in Blue. He’s a waste of a roster spot and an even bigger waste of a human being. Sather can’t stand prosperity.

  156. Carp, I was just going to vote on who I thought would win the Stanley Cup…lol. Willie Huber lives…lol

  157. normally, i would have said, no way to Neil b/c of his history with cheap shotting our captain in 2007. normally that kind of relationship would have soured a team like the NYR into signing a guy like neil knowing that drury is on the team.

    but after signing brashear after what he did to betts…anything is possible. maybe this is the new NHL?

  158. So I guess they’ll be counting on Hank to become a 20+ goal scorer next season.

  159. tyree, he was a 6-6 defenseman in the 80s who wouldn’t hit anybody. good skill guy, but they hated him at MSG.
    joe, Lindros was a consideration. Wasn’t booed like the others, though. Holik, too.
    Chopper, I voted for the Penguins yesterday.

    I think Sather will still do something … and it doesn’t need to be today. But right now, this team is far worse than the team that choked away a 3-1 series lead. Far, far worse.

  160. Neil for 4 years that is ridiculous, id pay Cammalieri 8 million before id pay neil anything

  161. good thing were getting all these guys that can’t skate. they will complement tortorella’s system perfectly. think of all the goals were gonna score!!!

  162. So, with who is left out there, what do we need to do to bring this team back up to respectibility? There’s Gabby, Cammy, Komisarek, and Havlat out there. What do we need, like, 3 of the 4? And that’s financially impossible, I would imagine. Ugh. Stupid Sather.

    And we still don’t have Dubi or Cally locked in either.

    The Wolfpack kids better be GOOD!

  163. TSN still says absolutely nothing going on between the Rangers and Sens for Heatley. That it’ll be only Sens or Edmonton for him. Good. Keep him up there. We’re safer on the road down here.

    No new update on Neil… Still reporting the Rangers have a deal on the table for 2.2m/year for 4 years

  164. Pavel – Not cool. Not at all. That comment should have never, ever made it through onto this board. Just disgusting.

    On the hockey side of things: what a mess. This team is going to be awful.

    So close to quitting. I really had high hopes after the Gomez trade. Now we’re going to be EXACTLY like those awful teams that missed the playoffs from ’97-’04. Slow, unimaginitive, low-scoring. Remember when our BEST PLAYER was Sandy McCarthy.

    Welcome to Hell everyone.

  165. Antro is still out there remember…maybe we can bring him in for cheap once he realizes the market for him sucks…him and Gabo wouldn’t be too bad

  166. #1 CENTER?!

    Hey Carp, hopefully you haven’t responded to this already, but wondering if you or Jane have any ideas or inkling about who Sather might get to replace Gomez as the #1 Center?

    I’ve seen other Ranger fans say that Dubinsky, Drury and Anisimov can do the #1, 2 and 3rd line Center positions well enough, but I’m not convinced that the Rangers can get by without an elite #1 Center for their top line.

  167. I don’t care. Brashear is garbage. He’s a piece of crap human being and deserves every thing negative thrown at him. Kurwa murzyn!

  168. Sad to say, the way things are going, I might just have to go get a Tavares jersey.

  169. while hes at it, sather should just sign olaf kolzig for the month of december when hank has his mid season crisis. then sign marion gaboogroin for 10 games for 5 mill and we should be good to go

  170. Wow..usually today’s like Christmas in July…This year’s like having to spend Christmas at your Jewish neighbors house because your parents were killed in a car wreck.

  171. “No new update on Neil… Still reporting the Rangers have a deal on the table for 2.2m/year for 4 years”

    This is insanity.. I’d rather the Rangers just do nothing.

  172. BillyDeeWilliams on

    wait….the neil deal on the table is for 2.2 a year? seriously?

    i heard dubinsky is gonna score 40 goals next year.

  173. Carp, I referenced a funny youtube clip (probably been banned by now) that was circulating the internet around 2005/6.

  174. love this. brashear, avery and neil can tape their knuckles up every night with foil.

  175. They may not know what it means, but it’s still racist.

    I think Brashear is a horrendous hockey player and a horrid signing. But that has nothing to do with his race.

    Anyone who even makes a backhanded reference to his race should be kicked off of this site. It’s just not right.

    Jeez people, it’s 2009.

  176. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Are the Rangers really going to commit 4 mil in cap room to 2 4th line goons when they should be addressing scoring?

  177. Im out boys and girls
    First day and Sather does NOTHING to get what we need, AGAIN!!

    At this point I hopehe stopds thsi insanty and jsut bring up all the kids

    F SAther
    F BRashear
    F NEil

    Im out til tomoorw mornign when I wake up and fin dout we signed Voros to a 5 year 30 mil deal

    Carp again you’ve done fabulous today with all this horrible news

  178. carp- if sather doesnt do any other signings today, there wont be many good players left. why for gods sake, would your first free agent signing on the first day of free agency, be someone who we dont need at all??? why? we need scoring. i hope torts isnt telling him that dubinsky and callahan are gonna be our offense this year. i know he can still make a trade for a talented scorer, but jeez, at least sign cammaleri or at least try antro for cheaper.

  179. WHAT THE HELL IS SATHER DOING??? I cant wait to hear his excuses for who he signed and who he didnt. If we all are so blessed to be able to listen to audio snippets from his conference call. One of the 3 conference calls he gives all year and then avoids all responsibility to the media and the fans.

    I think my second happiest day as a NYR fan (#1 being 94 cup) will be when he is out as the GM.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, any word on a conference call with Slats tonight? I doubt he makes himself available to the (NY) media two days in a row, but thought I should ask to see if we would get an explanation to his madness.

  181. Sather running the Rangers is like what George Costanza would have been like running the Yankees!

  182. they should trade draft picks to toronto and bring back ryan hollweg. it, might as well.

  183. Pierre Larouche on

    Report from Montreal saying Cammalleri deal to Montreal is done

    5 years/$30million – if true then Slats should be slapped

  184. All this vitriol on a day when we lost one 4th liner and replaced him with another 4th liner. Last year on Day 1, we spent $60 million to lock in Redden and Rosi for 10 combined seasons. Perspective, folks.

  185. Tony,

    True, that worked for a day, nothing that Sather has done here has worked at all!

  186. I don’t mind that Sather has kept it quite today. There are still a bunch of players on the board, and by waiting till later in the week he may save 2 or 3 million against this years cap.

  187. nyrcc, as of this moment, Voros might be on the first line and on the power play. But try to clean up the language for me, OK?

    Doodie, no word yet.

  188. I think the NYR are really going with the youth movement this year. For everyone who wanted the youth to be given a chance to shine…this season will be that time.

    Sather is fortifying the 4th line so when someone takes liberties with our younger players, they will pay a hefty price. In his mind this is the next step in the “rebuild”. Throw the young kids to fire, hand over the keys to them, and protect them with Brash, Neil (if he is signed) when necessary.

    That is the only sense i can make out of all of this madness and inactivity. Does anyone else have a guess to what might actually be the “plan”?

  189. gotta say – Im interested in seeing how Gomer and Cammy work out together – could be a good combo

  190. All that needs to happen now is Slats signs LaFontaine and a rival gets Komisarek. That’s ok. I’d like Taylor Hall.

  191. yea, just about all the good free agents are gone, and we traded our best center and playmaker, for a 3rd liner, and now have signed a more expensive, older goon for more money than the decent one we had. this is horrible for us. i think sather hates us. i really do. and after we get neil, all the money we saved from gomez will almost be nothing close to be able to sign even antropov!!! wtf?? i might have to switch to being a hawks fan or something until this guy is fired

  192. @pj it looks like the plan is taylor hall of the windsor spitfires.

    @ rick no prob.

  193. Adam Z. I completely agree but this is what happens when you get a bunch or rabid NYR fans together, Mob mentality takes over and we just become thirsty for anything and look for anything to either be angry or happy about we just want some sort of emotional outlet.

    on a serious note i think the brashear signing (as much as i absolutely hate the guy) makes a bit of sense. Not sure I’m down for Neal etc though.

    I’m thinking Gaborik makes alot of sense and a elite scorer like him makes Dubinsky as first line center much more acceptable.

    Also the more and more that goes by the more and more i believe that the young guys (esp Grachev) will be getting a serious look in camp, who knows maybe he makes it

  194. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t say Cammy! Sather might get the wrong idea and we’ll have Cammy Granato as our 1st line center.

  195. nyrcc

    kirill kabanov goes 1st next year
    taylor hall cries because he wount go first

  196. Pierre Larouche on

    I would have liked to have seen Cammalleri & Higgins.
    Maybe Richards is still in play for Rozival. And we sign Komisarek. That would be a youth movement I would be sold on.

  197. My guess is that its either Gaborik or Havlat and that will be our only signing…I cannot believe that Spacek got 3.5 mil a year and apparently Beauchemin was offered 4.5

    Stick with the D we have and just get that 1 big offensive piece. Nothing else is needed. You will have Drury, Duby and Anisimov as the 3 centers.

  198. anyone remember manon rheaume?
    that was an awesome signing by phil esposito

  199. well there is the Gomez – Cammalleri line combo i was looking for …. too bad that it is on Montreal

  200. NYRanger4Life on

    Tis looking more and more like Grachev will be given EVERY possible chance to make the 09-10 roster….given the lack of scorers available at this point.

  201. I still think Chris Drury straight up for Derek Roy makes a ton of sense for us and Buffalo.

  202. Interesting thought PJ, not sure if you’re right but interesting.
    Potentially Brasher and Neil on the same team w Avery?
    Ranger Flyer games r going to be interesting.

  203. I will eat my sweaty, smelly knickers if Brashear is “packaged in a trade,” as someone above, suggests. Are you joking? Can’t skate, can’t shoot, can’t score, but of course he can kill you if he breathes on you. And, besides, he is older than the Dead Sea.

    Sather keeps scraping a lower bottom, every off-season. Why in the name of God Almighty did we have to bring him here and retain him until he is in a pine box? It’s a nightmare that never ends.

  204. @ NYRanger4Life

    I’m completely happy with that, maybe the plan is let the young guns go at it and bring in some guys to protect them. If thats the plan i think i can accept it.

  205. I guess it’s a salary dump for the Leafs and the Thrashers will take it because it’s a known player, at least in that division, because he won a Stanley Cup with the Lightning.

  206. So as of now:

    _____ – Drury – ______
    Avery – Anisimov – _____
    _____ – _______ – ________
    Brashear – ______ – Voros

    We want the cup!

  207. Apparently Komisarek is down to 2 teams, but no-one knows which 2.

    p.s. i hate the Brashear signing, should have kept Colton Orr big time.

  208. hate the brashear signing, he is a thug….

    cammaleri is 5 ft 8, 5 yrs. the guy is 28 already. he could not hold gaboriks underwear.

    if gaborik or heatley do not work out at right price, go young and 4 lines…..

    neil for 4 years is not just stupid but insane stupidity.. the guy is late 20’s hurt all the time, and slow, besides that he can play……………..

  209. Im glad we are out of the heatley drama – I’m hoping Heatley does go to edmonton, havlat to LA and we pick up Gaborik.

  210. Brad Richards for Rozsival???

    We shoudl have got Cammalieri he was clearly the best guy left and was exactly waht we needed, i guess he will go for havlat or gaborik now? who knows

    Of course this site would have exploded over 6 mill for cammalieri, but yet everyone says WE NEED SCORING.. this blog is filled with idiots and a few knowledgable posters whose posts are worth reading… the point is we need a scorer and we just got rid of 7.36 million through gomez, i would have taken cammalieri for 6 in a second, but sather has 2.2 on the table for a retard so he probably thought he couldnt afford it so montreal gets him and not us..

  211. I would love Gaborik, but he’s too injury prone… so is Havlat.. They’d be destined to fail in NYR.

    I hope Sather sticks to his words and commits to youth… but the question is who is our #1 center? Koivu is available. haha

  212. My take: don’t like Brashear but he’s gonna play all of 30 games against the Flyers/Devils/Leafs/any team with a goon squad. I’d almost pay good money to see him go through a Torts conditioning camp.

    Tanguay, Gaborik, Kouivu, Havlat and a bunch of D are still out there so no worries yet. Can Kouivu play wing?

    Why is Willie Huber on the worst acquisition ever list? Was he THAT bad?

  213. Doodie, Cammy Granato would be the second-line center right now.

    onecup, yes, I would imagine so. Maybe the numbers we’re doing here the last two days will help save me. God only knows.

  214. NYRanger4Life on

    Atlanta is not trading Kovy. Period. He is the face of that franchise, and the only reason they havent contracted…

  215. everyone is all over sather, but which one of these deals would have been worth the money?

    gaborik is hurt often, but he’s a legit superstar when playing.

  216. there we go somebody FINALLY said cammalieri is too small

    stuart in the new NHL it doenst matter, and he can SCORE, HANDS are more important than HEIGHT, ill take cammalieri for 80 games over gaborik for 40 anyday… but now we might have to take gaborik and i will pray he doesnt get hurt and hope he performs the way he can, but dont knock cammalieri the guy is a great player who was on an offensively challenged team last year and still lit it up…

  217. lmao @ hanks midseason crisis and guys taping their knuckles with foil! Thank God for you guys because I’m about to go insane thanks to Count Yeti Sathula! Holy Crap!!! Just noticed ‘older than the Dead Sea!”

    You guys are fantastic!

  218. The more and more I look at it…they have to be really, i mean REALLY, running with the youth this year. there is no other way i can rationalize what they have/have not done today.

    Honestly, it may not be a bad thing. Its time to let the kids that are on the cusp get some time in as NHLers. AA, Gilroy, Sangs/Potter, maybe DZ, maybe Grachev…Dubi, Cally, Korpi, Staal, Girardi (as the “vet” younger guys) and then Drury, Redden, Rozi, Hank to be the real Vets on a very, very young roster.

    Sure the team is going to go through a lot of growing pains and they will most likely suck. But maybe this is what is needed rather than throwing money at another handicapping long term contract such as Hossa, or Camalleri,or Boumester. The team will probably suck, but at sometime they need to see whether or not all these younger guys can play, and if they play well together then the NYR will be at the start of something great. A young team, going through the lessons of what it takes to win. Torts will be their guide. Capn Drury as well ;)

  219. MikeA — Huber wasn’t that bad. It’s just that when you’re 6-6 people expect you to hit once in a blue moon. On a fight tape I own, Mark Pavelich gets into a fight with Willie Huber (when he was on the Red Wings). Pavelich holds his own and Pavelich made Danny DeVito look tall.

  220. Tanguay might work but he tends to ride the coat-tails of someone else – who is that going to be on our roster? We’d have to add Tanguay and a playmaker to make it worth signing him.

    Slats is going in for Gabby or Havvy if the Heater is off elsewhere…

  221. Drury is our number one center. We really need a number one right wing, and they are still out there. Hopefully, either Drury will take his play up a couple notches or Anisimov or Dubinsky will prove ready to play with that number one right wing.

  222. TSN just hinted (heavily) that Komisarek is just about done.. only thing they said was not Montreal… I predict the Piles.

  223. NYRanger4Life on


    Agree 100%….the only problem is that if the youth proves to not be sufficient enough, the free agent class of 2010 isnt shaping up to be a particularly good one. (Nash….??)

  224. This is truly embarrassing. Habs get Blowmez from us, and hook him up with a scoring winger.

    We’re done with Heatley.

    We have NO scoring, and we’re trying to get Neil. And we signed Brash.

    Im embarrassed to be a Ranger fan. Honest to god, im embarrassed. This has been the worst day in a long time.

    We’re gonna have to sit through a waste of a year. The thought is sickening.

  225. Why do people hope we get Komisarek? We actually LOST offense so far, and have not replaced any of it. Our defense corps for the future is amazing. We need GOALS.

  226. rick nash won’t hit free agency next year. the frame work for a deal has already been laid out. he’s going to remain a jacket. trust me.

    komisarek isnt going to be a ranger.

    best case scenario at this point is gabby / havlat. i really want havlat but i know he’s no where near the answer to all of our scoring problems.

  227. Chris
    “if komisarek goes to the isles they make the playoffs next year”

    HAHA, because komisarek is SUCHA GAMECHANGER.. most ridiculous thing said on this blog all day, and theres been alot to compete with.. maybe if john tavares clones himself twice and that is their first line they will be a playoff team.. they got a longway to go my friend.. they wont be terrible, and even in these past years they are never an easy team to beat bc they play hard, but playoff team is reeally pushing it just from mike komisarek and tavares

  228. I want Komisarek so we can trade Rosi to the Lightning for Richards and sign Gaborik.

  229. Great Komisarek signs with the Islandorks. What a great day !!!

    Im strongly considering getting a group together to break into Slats’ house, and steal EVERYTHING he owns, including his precious cigars, and ice cream cones !!

  230. Komisarek is a great player, who you’d want under normal circumstances. But the Rangers’ shortcomings are not on defense. They are in first-line and second-line scorers. I don’t think it’s smart to try to fit him in.

  231. Well most of you guys wanted to sit pat this season and hand the keys to the kids so ….. Here’s your wish

    I for one wanted to make a big splash this year and not purposely tank and wait out for Nash or Kovalchuk next summer, looks like we’re in for a boring, non-playoff watching Rangers team this year

    I really, really hop that the majority of yous on here are correct about letting the kids play and still be competitive … because I think our team sucks as of right now

  232. After gaborik i think i like koivu second best but i have a feeling he will go play with his brother Mikko in minnesota, we’ll see what happens, id take havlat or tanguay but if we get guys like that it has to be 2 guys signed and not just 1 name

  233. holy crickey, what did cakewalk say??? It’s hard to keep up with patients coming in and out all day!! It’s also sad that each time I refresh, there’s no new blog saying Sather took a long walk off a short pier

  234. I want Komisarek because I think Brooks’ rumor of Rozsival packaged for Richards is true. As much as I can’t stand Brooks’ whining about Sather not trading for St. Louis or signing Kessel via offer sheet, Brooks was right the last 2 years about his insider info.

    I only hope that whatever Sather is up to, Torts is guiding him.. somehow.

  235. Cakewalk trying to be clever, but instead is walking on eggshells.

    Re: #1 CENTER. Yes, Drury’s the #1 Center at the moment, by default–and I really what Drury brings as a player–but he’s not a legit #1 Center. We need someone who can dish/set-up, score some goals as well. Weird as it is to say, one of Sather’s biggest mistakes was letting Nylander walk.

    Understand we need elite scoring as top priority, but would like Slats to find a legit #1 Center who can dish to that scorer. Not convinced we have that type of playmaker on the team, and not sure who’s out there.

    I’ve heard St. Louis, but he’s just too small for me, for Broadway. Know it’s a tough comparison, but he’d be like Theo Fleury, minus the drug problems.

  236. Slats used to have a HUGE one for Havlat a few years back.

    I am still thinking that we will see some movement here before 7.

    Gaborik talks have been non existent and that could be because we are the only team that has been talking to him for this whole time and are working on finalizing a deal.


    We really still are in the Heatley talks.


    Sather and Lightning GM’s are working out which players would go to and from to complete some multi player blockbuster deal.

    We got Zherdev last year on the first day and that was considered our big move of the summer. That was by trade and not signing.

    You have to think that Sather is up to something folks. Have a little hope.

  237. well now all thats left on my list is kessel

    i know a lot about kessel
    he is a really talented player

  238. By the way its 5:55 pm on July 1st 2009 and I’m reading “Rangers Fans” write about how we are going to be a non-playoff team next year.. quit the bitching and moaning and complaining and whining that you all do and wait to see what else happens, jesus its so pathetic reading all of the crap.. i hate brashear too but you do need a goon on your team, wish it wasnt him but we will have to deal with it…

  239. Agree with Jive. Komi doesnt solve any of our deficiencies. He only adds to the glut of young guys at the blue line.

    Plus, he would be signed for a long term deal and that would mean Redden, Rozi and Komi would have long term deals with all these young guys ready to come up.

    Yes I am counting Redden and Rozi being here through their contracts, until they are moved or bought out.

  240. What a contrast to season’s past – all the big spending from the Canadian teams and Sathers still sat there with his wallet shut (apart from that $2.8m that Brashear’s agent robbed him of!)

  241. Lol, yeah i don’t know aboot the Islandorks making the playoffs just by signing Komi. Who knows Tvares might not even play next year. Who do they have ? Okpiggo, Bailey, Blake Homo, who else ? I cant think of anyone ?

    That team is going NOWHERE, it will take them another two or three years to get up to that level.

  242. I don’t know much about Sullivan… but back to d (lol)… how about Zanon? He’d be a great stay at homer if Rozsilol is gone.

  243. My wife just called me from home and asked, “so why did the Rangers sign that goon, who took out Betts?” She hates Sather as much as us!

  244. Orr, Komisarek, Exelby. the Leafs will be tough this year. they won’t win but they will be rock’em sock’em

  245. this team is not going to score a single goal during the 2009/20010 season. I am only slightly exaggerating

    this is going to be rotten to watch

  246. im glad most of you guys all convinced Sather to “Hide the Checkbook”

    no we suck this year and are a bottom feeder for the league

  247. Komisarek was a bad fit. they need forward who can score……………………….

    gaborik or heatley or both..

    the brashear signing is moronic……………………………………………..

  248. Even though the word Cakewalk used actually means,

    “1. Grudging and petty in giving or spending.
    2. Meanly small; scanty or meager”,

    though he was trying to be clever, he knew how it would be perceived. Thus, not cool.

  249. I would like to see Rosz moved for salary cap purposes.

    I know Torts wasnt big on Mara, but I really like the guy, plays with alot of heart, took a discount to stay in NY last time around, I think he would be a great example for our young D if we resign him for about the same price

  250. This team sucks so bad it’s scary. Del Z, Gilroy, Grachev, Anisimov, and a sh*t load of other rookies need to come in and steal the show.

    Also this needs to be a wake up call for Dubi. We could have had Heatley, but decided to give him a shot to prove he can be a star. If he turns out to be a bust, we’re gonna look like the biggest idiot. Oh wait, this team is already full of idiots, led by Slats.

    Im still raging over this fuggin Brash signing. How can something so small, and meaningless make me want to go Dexter on criminals ??

  251. somerset overreacting like a young punk..the team could not score last year and subtracting; naslund and gomez, and betts, sjustrom, orr and other junk.

    the rangers added; gilroy, and higgins so far… add a gaborik or heatley and bring up grachev, anisimov, and the other young guys and expand the roles of dubi, cally, korpedo, and others.. they can be adecent team..

    if they can get heatley and trade roszival with it. then they improve financial flexibility for next year also… the world is not coming to an end..

    toronto will be much more physical……………

  252. brad richards better be acquired to be our new no.1 center. he can also play the point on the power play..
    heatley is no longer an option, sather dropped the ball on camallerri and gaborik and havlat won’t be signed.
    trade for richards!!!!!

  253. DCloutier39 on

    I don’t know where Sather thinks we are getting these goal scorers from. As much as I love the young kids on this team, no one has proven themselves to be a 30/40 goal scorer yet (Except Prucha- but I’m not going to go there)

    Hopefully Cally or Brandon can step it up this year, but I wouldn’t hold my breath

  254. Hopefully Slats is really in talks about Heatley. I think he fits better than Havlat or Gaborik, who are pretty soft. Heatley’s pretty solid physically and I think that’s gonna be necessary against the teams in the NorthEast/Atlantic.

  255. the mara love again. the guy is a nice 5th or 6th d man, SO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  256. By the way I know everyone is angry about Brashear but he’s gonna rot in the press box most nights so don’t feel too bad.

  257. Honestly im all for signing Gabby at this point, just give him a one year deal, damn it. We have NOTHING !!! We can put this kind of pressure on Cally, Dubi, and a bunch of fuggin rookies, we need something, anything !!!


    I don’t want him back. I could do without his lazy holding penalties. Him, and Morris, both, forget them. Let the kids play on D.

    Forget Scuderi too.

  258. Keep the faith all. We may suck next season, but hopefully we will allow the younger guys to grow as individuals and as a team.

    IMO its better than throwing more band-aids on the organization and signing the “hot” UFA riff-raff of 2009. Remember we tried that in 07 and 08. Where did that get us? To the playoffs but out on our butts with nothing but cap troubles for the future.

    Thank you Carp and for all the other posters today. It has been very entertaining.

  259. Carp, am I really to understand that someone is being banned for using the word, “niggardly?” That’s patently absurd.

  260. Orr What the brashear signing was vintage sather punk arrogant know it all.

    brashear serves no purpose and there is no market for him.

    he is a as-hole big time, other enforcers like laroque and orr do follow the code but breashear is an out and out animal thug..i hate him with a passion and will hate him in blue also….

  261. I hope to god we sign no one else. No signing or trade will help us win the cup next year. No chance in hell. If we actually do let the kids play, and not spend any more money, we will have the cap space to sign Lebron!

  262. We’re gonna need Neil just for the fact alone, that we don’t get bullied game in and game out.


    Even if that’s the case, the fact that he’s getting that money for free, pisses me off. I hate that guy, i hope he gets knocked the FUGG out every game, and makes Voros look like Anderson Silva

  263. Colin, I sure do remember manon rheaume.
    She turned down a million dollares to pose in Playboy. She said it was not in her values.
    A Million dollars !

  264. Chris from Albany on

    I hate to let everyone know, but decisions on which players to sign is a COLLECTIVE agreement between the GM, the assistant GM, the head coach, the assistant coach, the scouts, players, etc, etc, etc. So, if you hate Sather for his signings, you have to hate Torts and Schoney also.

    Brashear yes is a old and real dirty, but I would rather have him on my team protecting my players then having to worry about him taking cheap shots. This is the kind of in your face player that Torts likes. So, lets give em a break. He is a Ranger now like it or not.

  265. PJ-exactly. We all want the young guys to get a chance and it looks like we’re getting that. BUT!!!Don’t count out Sather doing something big yet. It’s not like him to have money in his pocket when the store closes.

  266. Ok, I’m convinced Sather is working on a trade. There is no way he waits this long to sign a big free agent.

  267. I wouldn’t mind having Gaborik on the team if he can stay healthy, the guy does know how to score and is a speed machine.

    For anyone who has ever done Blue Streak at Chelsea Piers, supposedly Gaborik is one of the few people to ever get one of those skating treadmills up to full speed and full elevation.

  268. yea, I understand that, “ughhhhhh,” and I agree that it’s stupid and wrong to use it in a context that’s obviously not within the meaning of the word. However, there should be nothing wrong with using the word within proper context. Even the NAACP has come out in support of the word!

  269. UESBlueshirt on

    Orr buddy calm down. Wait until the dust settles. I normally have little faith that Sather knows what he’s doing but he did clear up all that cap space for something and there’s still a couple of prime FA’s out there.

  270. Stuart …

    The reason we arent signing any scorers is because we traded away our best playmaker. Every major scorer out there is saying to themselves “Who’s gonna pass me the puck?? Drury … Dubinsky??””

    Maybe Gaborik still signs but There is no way we get Heatley now. Dubi is off the table because he is currently our 2nd line center with Gomez gone, and there is no way we package Staal or Callahan.

    Young punk or not the fact is this team sucks with less talent then it had last year, with more goons to take more stupid penalties and a weaker PK to boot with Sjo and Betts gone

  271. Gaborik Havlat, Sundin, Heatley, Tanguay, kotalik..

    Who does everyone want?

    Casue even if the youth all come up we need ONE legit 30 goal scorer

    Nad I hope Ape man rots in the press box all next year
    And to hell with Neil, 4 years. are you kidding Sather?

    I rather you sign Rod Gilbert again. Even at 75 or however old he is, he’ll get more points than these two morons

  272. CHRIS

    Yeah right, Torts would much rather have Brash over Orr. He doesn’t give a fugg aboot enforcers, he’s barely gonna play them.

    This was all Slats, and if Shoeny signed off on this, then he better look for a new job, cause i don’t want him to be the next GM of this team.

    Completely spitting all over the tradition of NYR. Id like to stick Brash in Heatley’s car, stick bottles of Jack Daniels down Heatley’s throat, and rip off Brash’s seatbelt, and let fate take care of the rest.

  273. UESBlueshirt on

    “sullivan 2yr 3.75 in nashville” somewhat of a hometown discount, plus they stuck with him through those years he missed so I guess he owed them something.

  274. Carp-

    No, I don’t know what he was doing with the word. I didn’t see the post. I’m not even saying it wasn’t right for you to warn him. My only point is that people on this forum should be able to use acceptable words even if they might sound like other words as long as they are being used properly. Otherwise, it’s just censorship for censorship’s sake.

  275. Carp, I’ll be honest. It is very difficult for my mind to grasp that Brashear is a Ranger. Hartford I could understand, but not MSG.

    He is a dirty player who is not respected. At least Orr did not intentionally hurt people. He only played 4 minutes a night, but he did not take untimely penalties like Brashear will… plus Brash was a Flyer.. lol

    Another concern is that Brashear is going to have to really open up to his teammates if they are to accept him.. he has a BAD reputation. If Torts wanted him and can utilize him, then so be it, but I don’t see the sense of spending $400k more than was given to KOlton.

  276. somerset you are naive.. yea heatley cares about who is feeding him???he cares about the same thing gaborik or hossa care about and I will spell it out for you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    The rangers have many prospects that may or may not turn into big time players only time will tell.. guys like havlat don’t go somewhere because they do not have ther feeder!!!!No figgin way.. most of these guys care about green, heatley who the hell knows what that loser cares about, all I know is he can play, he scores 30 + goals in his sleep….

    get gaborik or heatley and the ywill be fine, as long as they play 4 lines and give the young guys the chance to produce..

    neil would be brashear type stupidity and does nothing for the team.. save $$$$$$$$$$$ sather if you are not making a big improvement do not give me incremental at best changes…………

  277. I’m willing to pay 400K more for Brashear just so I don’t have to play against him. And I think he’s def. better at what he does than Orr. If you can’t beat em, join em.

  278. Cry when he spends too much. Cry when he doesn’t spend enough. Cry when he doesn’t make a trade. Cry when he makes one.

    It doesn’t matter what Sather does, as long as it’s him making a move, everyone will groan and moan.

    As it stand right now, the youth movement that a lot of you wanted is now underway. So let’s delay our wild urge for immediate gratification and step back to the big picture rationale that we always b*tch and moan about…

  279. Where's Sather? on

    What the hell is going on here? Youth movement? Tank the season, draft that Russian kid 1st overall in 2010? Setting up to sign Mats Sundin sometime before Christmas?

  280. BillyDeeWilliams on

    the dreaded wikipedia link. let’s hope it’s nowhere near as right as the brashear one.

  281. UESBlueshirt on

    The youth movement was started last season. The Rangers had very few players over 30 (Drury and Redden).

  282. SUNDIN? I totally forgot about Sundin. Is he a UFA now? Or did he re-sign with Vancouver? Must admit I saw his name on Zipay’s blog poll.

  283. Sundin could at least win faceoffs and set up our soon to be signed elite scoring winger, (hopefully).

  284. It’s looking as if the Atlantic Division is going to be extremely competitive,
    thats the thing thats bothering me, before we can start thiking about cups we need to be able to win our division (or come close) at least.

    -NJ didnt have much work to do

    -Philly is looking tougher and should be able to make up for knuble and lupul leaving

    -The Isles are constantly improving (did the lose any key players at all?)

    -Pittsburghs D might be a bit softer, but the team is still a force.

  285. how can you argue the use of such a word… the context is all that matters and that was unnecessary!

    how many times in a life do you use that word?

    people are being dumb!


  286. Anybody see an over-under on how many total games Brashears will be suspended for now that he is a NYR? Bet if he pulls a stunt like his hit on Betts the refs not only give him a penalty they have him arrested and testify to put him in prison- “Yo Donald you just signed to wear a target all season- just ask Avery.”

  287. If you look at the East with Pittsburgh and Washington, then Boston and …. well, there’s no competing with either Pittsburgh or Washington right now, so really, what’s the sense of throwing money around at players when you know we’re not going to be competitive.

    If Slats can get Richards from Dallas for Rozival and Zherdev that would make us a bit more competitive.

    But we don’t have the players like OV, Crosby and Malkin and now the frickin crappy Isles get Taveres because they can afford to suck every year.

    Right now, I think we stand pat with Dubi, Cally, Drury, Higgins, Avery as our top forwards and try to get Richards. If we can get Richards, the team looks better, but still Richards is a perimeter player, not a difference maker by any stretch.

  288. clowns there are many players still available such as tanguay, gaborik, heatley, kessel, and others if the prices are insane, pass how hard is that to figure out.

    who is philly’s golatender? emery..

    the islanders have a long way to go.

    nj is a year older, the yare old real old..

    pitts is the champs but they count on 2 guys to do so much, that can bite you on occassion…

    mtl. is all over the place.

    buff done nothign as usual, they count on there system..

    do not pick winners and losers july 1, that is stupidity…

  289. “I’m willing to pay 400K more for Brashear just so I don’t have to play against him. And I think he’s def. better at what he does than Orr. If you can’t beat em, join em.”

    Just shows how sucky we where last season…
    and Brashole signing just shows how much more sucky we will be next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Staal, Dubi and Cally are wishing they’d get traded…and Hank…Hank is going to have to grow wider cause we are going to have to win most games 1-0

  290. My last post is under review, but I only posted the links to Vinny, Dubi, and Staal because I think someone is being cute.

    Vinny says he plays for NYR

    Dubi and Staal say Tampa Bay

  291. im not saying who is going to win the cup

    Im saying our entire division is improving and is going to be very comptetive.

  292. turcottelives on

    my heart broke with everyone else at work today when i found out about brashear… especially after yesterday. Then I was thinking in traffic on the way home…

    how awesome would it be, if after that hit on betts in the playoffs last year, sather signed brashear, only to bury him in the minors for two years with no cap hit.

    it would never happen, but how sweet would that be…

  293. ORR needs to be punished Carp….5 minute major and a post misconduct. Ban him for 1 hour!! :)

  294. Andrew Gross mentioned Samuleson from Detroit. I’d be interested in him as a cheap winger.


  295. disgruntled rangers fan on

    To whomever posted that link about Gannett cutting back 1400 jobs, I wouldn’t worry about Carp.

    TJN is a big paper and has several branches, and when you factor out the cuts, it’s only about 17 people per publication.

    Plus they usually cut editors and consolidate their workload to other editors.

    Within a few years though hopefully the print media industry will find a suitable way to charge for online content and less of these will be happening.

  296. This is sad… Eff Brashear. And why would Hossa go to Chicago? He should have stayed with the WIngs….

  297. no were not done for the night

    Another stupid ass signign is coming dont you worry
    PLUS remember the Neil offer is out there,

    and Im sure he’ll push the heatly thing til 11:59

  298. Well we still have an ‘American Hero’ in fat kid Drury to get us through the playoffs.

    Seriously, this day kinda sucks. Acquiring BRASHEAR?

  299. We’re not done for the night, we’re done for the next 3-4 years. This teams going nowhere.

    Im ashamed to be a Ranger fan. What a terrible week, it started out great when i found out Michael Jackson died, but then it slowly got crappy. First Billy Mays dies, but then Blowmez gets traded and things are looking up for us, but then we sign Brash.

    Just sign Dubi, Cally, and Z. That’s it.

  300. Mako,
    In Hossa’s mind he has the best chance to freeload a Cup with the Hawks…LOL

  301. antro has apparently narrowed his choice down to three teams

    i find it hard to believe he even had three offers with the contract he wanted

  302. BTW I like the Knuble deal. Think his experience will go well with the Caps.

    Glad to see all you guys again!!! Hiya Rick!!!!

  303. Orr,
    Yesterday I was pretty happy…Gomer gone…has a nice ring…didn’t fit here…but today I too am embarrassed to be a Ranger Fan…I mean Avery was one thing he does good things when he plays his game…but there is NO good side to signing Brashear…nothing in fact today while most teams where trying to get better…we got worse.

  304. disgruntled rangers fan on

    Trading Gomez yesterday was and still is a horrible move. We really didn’t need to unload the contract of a center…it was completely unnecessary…we need to get rid of defensive or Rozsival/Redden, NOT offense.

    We barely have any offense and we just traded away our best forward.

  305. What did Orr do?
    mikeynj, I think we did that on trade deadline day. And maybe during the playoffs. Perhaps the day Renney was fired and Torts hired.

    I do not think the Rangers are done for the day. I really don’t. But I wonder if they’d part with Dubinsky to get Heatley at this point.

  306. Billy, I noticed that before. Now go look at Staal and Dubi’s wiki pages.

    I think someone is messing around.

  307. What boggles my mind sometimes is Sather goes out two years ago and gets Drury and Gomez, the two top UFA’s that summer, and we all go “Whoa! nice work Slats, but did we need both and for all that money?”

    So the guy gets rid of Gomez for Higgins and I think we can all agree, it was a good move.

    So Sather hasn’t offered 100 years for Hossa and Gaborik and some of you think the world is over.

    You can not have it both way people… if Hossa, Gaborik, etc are getting offers that high, then Slats passes, isn;t that what we want? To let the kids play?

    So Brashears isn’t the best signing, who cares. The guy is not a factor on the team.

    I don’t want Gaborik, I don’t want Heatley and I don’t want Hossa, neither of them have won diddly. Slats has done the right thing. He has cleared space and gotten a goon so at least we won’t get beat up game in and game out.

    If he can pick up a Richards or even Sundin cheap, there’s no harm.

    Slats will deal Rozival during the year opening up a spot on defense and our prospect forwards will get some ice time.

  308. Rick, I think the longer they wait, the more leverage Ottawa’s gaining. If a team, say LA for instance, swoops in and picks up gaborik and antropov, we’re royally screwed.

    Ottawa can ask for anything they want because we will have no alternative.

    Get a deal done for Heat or Gab RIGHT NOW GLEN!!!

  309. from TFP

    “Cammalleri said the Habs acquisition of Gomez played a factor in his decision”


  310. WHO IS GOING TO SCORE????? This team couldn’t score last year, next year could be worse!

    Dubi? Cally? Yeah, right. They’re not 40 goal scorers. AA is more likely to pot that many, probably.

    Buddy of mine pointed out that it could be cool to let young guys get some ice and hope for an UFA next summer. Maybe he’s right.

  311. not great points, there’s no sense in signing two TOP guys for the SAME position.

    doesn’t make sense. you want to sign TOP guys who will PLAY on the same LINE!

    Get us a winger who can score. AKA Gaborik.

  312. Mike D (#96) on

    Vogs–Agreed. And in the long run, we all realize that the Rangers need to give the kids some ice time.

  313. vogs – Yeah, but we need some sort of right wing help. As much as I love Dubinsky, I think I would be willing to get rid of him as part of a Heatley package. I’ve gotten over the loss of Prucha, and I could do the same with Dubinsky. I’d rather get rid of a younger player that we haven’t seen yet, but players like Anisimov and Grachev are probably better. It would be lovely if we could give up a defensive prospect instead.

  314. 2 things

    1-guys, relax. Maybe Sather sees the light and knows we’re not close to the cup so lets throw the kids in the pool and see who sinks and who floats.
    2-who am I kidding, does anybody really think Sather isn’t done yet?

  315. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Hey Chris F,
    I bet that buddy also feels that if the Rangers are going to commit close to 4 mil in cap space to 4th line goons, he’d rather spend that money towards a scorer.

  316. NorthCountryRanger on

    Carp- so now do we look at a trade for a third rounder so we can give kessel an offer sheet? or is Gaborik still a possibility?

  317. So im guessing Neil’s a ranger in about 5 minutes? seeing how Sather loves his goonies.

  318. Mike, I disagree to a point. As we get closer to midnight tonight (the real deadline, not the imagined one everybody had talked about yesterday, self included) and that $4M bonus looms, Ottawa loses leverage by the minute. Especially if Heatley continues to say NO to Edmonton.
    But the fact remains, Dubinsky will probably have to be in the package.

  319. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    This might be a record for Sather, making the Brashear signing irrelevant and wasteful a mere 3 hours later.

  320. glen sather has wanted neil for a long time.

    what a joke.

    this team is looking like a disaster at the moment.

  321. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    I don’t often use “bush-league”, but when I do … I prefer to use it in conjunction with “Sather”

  322. DCloutier39 on

    July 1st, 2009 at 7:14 pm
    Like it was said in the last 3 threads, why sign goons when there’s no talent to defend?

    Great point!

  323. “Neil, 30, tied a career-low with ten points and set a career-low with a minus-13 in 60 games last season” – tsn

    it’s got sather written all over it!

  324. TSN says that the Iolers and Leafs also have “sold” offers on the table.

    >>Sources say while the Rangers have made the most substantial bid, the veteran forward is weighing the appeal of staying in Canada which is making his decision more difficult.

    Earlier in the week, Neil reportedly turned down the Senators’ offer of $1.7-million per year.

    Neil, 30, tied a career-low with ten points and set a career-low with a minus-13 in 60 games last season.>>

  325. TSN says that the Iolers and Leafs also have “sold” offers on the table.

    >>Sources say while the Rangers have made the most substantial bid, the veteran forward is weighing the appeal of staying in Canada which is making his decision more difficult.

    Earlier in the week, Neil reportedly turned down the Senators’ offer of $1.7-million per year.

    Neil, 30, tied a career-low with ten points and set a career-low with a minus-13 in 60 games last season.>>

  326. disgruntled rangers fan on

    Carp don’t worry…the blog has been doing great lately (even beside the fact that it’s the first day of FA period).

    I’m just getting into the print media game as a student, and while it doesn’t look good and I still have much to learn, I’m confident within five years everything will be figured out. People can’t keep reading this stuff free forever- eventually the proper people need to get paid.

    BTW one of my co-workers at my college paper interns for you guys. Looking forward to hearing about it when school resumes in August.

  327. What’s ironic about those wiki pages. Every time the players changed teams ( Remember we all saw Shanny’s page a week before the Devils announced his signing ) they all proved to be true.

  328. Mike D (#96) on

    MAKO–Gaborik was listed as having played on the Buffalo Bills earlier. That would be great.

  329. So why is Neil so deserving of a raise? His points-PIM combination lost the points last season.

    If midnight passes, at least we can still attempt a trade for Kessel, but it will cost more. There’s still injury-prone Havlat and Gaborik out there. At least if Gaborik gets injured, we could move his cap hit off of the books to be able to make a trade.

  330. Mike D –

    Yeah that would be pretty funny LOL looks like he’s back with the Wild ;)

  331. Well I’ll say this… if this FA is a bust… Glenny its starting to look like you better build from within. Sucks for LQ though…

  332. This is what the top UFA’s are signing for. Either multiple years for big money or two years for HUGE money.

    Orr and Brashear are not part of the conversation, they are not going to win us games.

    Hossa signs with Chicago, who already have the pieces in place with Toews and Kane, he wasn’t coming to New York, unless we overpaid.

    We need our own pieces in place before we go off and give guys tons of money. Right now we don;t have em, yet..

  333. if this deal is so good for Neil and we allllllll think it sucks,then why hasn’t he jumped on it and signed yet?

  334. ACDAVIDDC July 1st, 2009 at 7:33 pm

    if this deal is so good for Neil and we allllllll think it sucks,then why hasn’t he jumped on it and signed yet?

    Supposedly he realllllllllyy wants to go to the Leafs but their low balling him.

  335. vogs

    True, but with Cally improving every year (and Staal) and Dubinsky showing flashes here and there who’s to say that Heatly will be a fit for them or them for him? I still think they should bring up AA and give Grachev a try. With the way this team is going…it cant hurt.

  336. disgruntled rangers fan on

    I don’t want Neil for 4 years, $2.3 per season.

    Why does Sather always do this? I swear, every offseason he goes out and signs these 3rd/4th line banger guys like Voros, Rissmiller, Brashear, Boyle, etc., who will be gone after one season.

    It’s a revolving door of 4th line material this franchise has- just ridiculous.

  337. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on


    Def: 1) Below good standards, not good, incorrect 2) Pitiful, poor, terrible, awful, bad, sucky 3) Amateur performance; Behavior that doesn’t belong in the major leagues 4)Someone who signs unskilled players to big-money, long-term contracts

  338. What a terrible week, it *started out great when i found out Michael Jackson died*, but *then it slowly got crappy. First Billy Mays dies…*

    are you kidding?

    what did billy mays ever do? grow up.

  339. If Neil is signed, and with brashear, Slats better re-sign betts and sjo just to kill off their penalties!

  340. I had my iPod on random while sitting on the F train on the way home, and the most fitting song I can think of came on… “When The Dream of Paradise Died” by the band Winds, just seemed to perfect at that moment

  341. billy mays called out vince offer
    what a fight that would have been

    rip billy mays
    your mighty putty has worked wonders!

  342. Crazy|NYR
    July 1st, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    If Neil is signed, and with brashear, Slats better re-sign betts and sjo just to kill off their penalties!


    LMAO!!! Funny because its true!!!

  343. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    A better poll: Who’ll actually pay to watch the NYRangers play if these two clowns are brought in?

  344. We better not be done for today.

    We better not be signing Chris Neil. Not at that ridiculous contract.

    Can someone please kidnap sather?

  345. Mike D (#96) on

    MiamiPimp–The usual crowd that thinks hockey is just fighting. Way to appeal to the idiots.

  346. Cammalleri says the Habs bringing in Gomez played a big part in his decision.

    So i guess, maybe he would have signed with us if we didn’t trade Blowmez. Or maybe this is just a Canadian thing, and he wants to stay in Canada.

    This has been a boring July 1st. There’s hasn’t been one Gaborik rumor.

    Im accepting the fact that Slats is done for the night. I just don’t see him making any moves, besides Neil.

    It’s gonna be a young, inexperienced Nyr team. Maybe they’ll be exciting but we wont win a Cup. I think this is officially rebuilding time for us. Oh, so much to look forward too.

  347. I believe Sather panicked at the loss of Orr and…
    A.Signed Brashear to package to OTT in a 11th hour Heatley deal
    B.Figured Neil would be scooped up by TOR and didn’t want to be left with no toughness whatsover in our lineup
    C.Knows Betts will be gone and didn’t take into account chemistry
    or finally
    D.Torts asked Slats to get em.

    Either way I cannot stand the thought of this man in a New York Ranger sweater.

    July 1st, 2009 at 7:22 pm
    What a difference 2 years makes. I remember exactly where I my car in Kahului Maui around 1 pm when I stopped in for a beer at Buzz’a Wharf and on ESPN they had it..Rangers sign BOTH Drury and Gomez…man so much enthusiam and good this….Brashear…Gomez gone..Redden here….but on a bright note Malik is gone also so….hey How bout those Mets??!!

  348. disgruntled rangers fan on

    MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) July 1st, 2009 at 7:46 pm

    A better poll: Who’ll actually pay to watch the NYRangers play if these two clowns are brought in?


    Less and less people are paying to go to sporting events no matter who’s on the playing field. It’s just too expensive these days, and more middle-class families are finding out that spending money on a nice HDTV is more cost-effective than paying for two games in the nosebleeds at the Garden. When you go to an NYR game, you always get the same lazy team that gets blown out each year on home ice with a different look.

    What happened with the movie/DVD industry is happening right now with sporting events- save the cash and stay at home.

  349. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    KA-THUMP!!! KapLunK!! Brashear’s over the boards and is on the ice!!! WE HATE YOU DONALD BRASHEAR ..but wait , NOW YOUR ON OUR SIDE!!????? Mean,ugly,goonish brute is now gonna lace ’em up with us..The New York Rangers!!??

    As much as I hate him…hehe , now hes with us. He could be an early fan favorite and a show down with Colton Orr will be marked on all of our Calenders!!!!!!


  350. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    Can we all give him this nickname? Donald “Bush-League” Brasher

  351. I hate that Sham-Wow guy. I couldn’t stop laughing when Billy Mays kept calling it the Sham-Pow. It’s nothing compared to the Zorbeez !!

  352. What amazes me is that of all the teams retooling, Rangers probably need more rejuvenating than any of them, but they seem to be wafting alon like it’s beneath nthem to replenish this club. Right at this point in time, I see nothing that shows an effort to improve this team. And you all know how bad they have been.

  353. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    I’m willing to bet Sather also enjoys Girl Scout Tag Along Blizzards

  354. If the Rangers don’t get either Cam Barker or Rob Scuderi for some back line help if Mara and Morris(please) are walkin. And Phil Kessel and Chad LaRose up front if Antro and Z are walkin its goin to be a long season. And they better not mess up with Duby and Cally and to a lesser extent Betts, Lori and Sjo. But throwing money at Neil and Brashear is mind boggling.

  355. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Funny how we trade a goon for a goon , why?..whats the logic?..i dunno why we’d do it..?

  356. “Trading Gomez yesterday was and still is a horrible move. We really didn’t need to unload the contract of a center…it was completely unnecessary…we need to get rid of defensive or Rozsival/Redden, NOT offense.

    We barely have any offense and we just traded away our best forward.”


    exactly…we needed to get rid of one of the D-Men contracts, especially with our depth on defense at the NHL level and in the system, not trade our best offensive player…REDDEN BEING WAIVED SHOULD’VE BEEN THE FIRST THING TO HAPPEN THIS SUMMER

    don’t tell everyone here that though, despite seeing Sather’s work for the past 10 years, they think trading Gomez was a “genius” move by Sather and that he had more “genius” moves up his sleeve for today…like signing Brashear and offering Neil $2.5 mill per year…unreal

    toxic Redden/Drury/Rozsival contracts + Sather as GM + Dolan as owner = no chance of winning ANYTHING or any reason for optimism for years at least

    it will be fun watching Redden struggle to score 20 points and Drury struggle to score 45 points next season

  357. MiamiPimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    I can’t wait until Glen Sunbather quits and joins Pierre McNugget and Mike MilkBerry in that rainbowfest NBC likes to charade as the Intermission Report

  358. Carp, is it reasonable to expect a conference call when Sather thinks he is done for the evening? I know he avoids the media normally, but I think I remember him doing them every night he signed anyone last year

  359. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    The Sham-wow guy just was on a new comercial for chopping stuff , He like , tossed over his shoulder the old chopper!!


    If the Flyers didn’t land Pronger, would we still have gone for Brashear? I wonder. Any thoughts?

  361. Im considering killing the Sham-Wow guy, just for kicks. Anything to honor Billy Mays.

    But seriously, i hate Sham-Wow guys face, i want to rearrange the bones in his face. Kind of like what id like to do to Slats right now.

  362. Kyle

    You aint kidding its gonna be a long season if Gaborik or Heatley arent signed. I wouldnt be surprised if they have 20-30 less goals scored this season. It wouldnt be a bust if they DO rebuild with the young kids, but I just feel bad for Lundqvist.

  363. zzzzzzzzzzzz

    “youre gonna love my nuts!”

    favorite line from that commercial

    vince offer the new pitch man champion of the woooooooooooorld!

  364. I cant wait to see what Trautwig says on Hockey Night Live, he was going nuts saying he was a cheap shot artist, and now he’s gonna be interviewing this guy. Hahaha, ugh, poor guy.

  365. MAKO

    In my opinion, they need Gabby AND Heatley to have some kind of successful season.

    Face the facts, it’s over, this team is going nowhere for the next few years. Unless some of these prospects come in and become instant stars.

    I to feel bad for Hank. If i was him, id ask for a trade, cause Slats clearly doesn’t give a flying fugg aboot him.

  366. Taylor Pyatt is free. Injury prone but maybe he’s a stop gap.

    Tanguay can be Gabby’s playmaker on the PP here.?????

  367. onecupin69years and counting on

    I don’t care who sather signs this team is 1 or 2 round team, until new GM comes

  368. Billy Mays last words: “But wait! there’s more!”

    Also in a related announcement: God has stated that he has picked up the shipping and handling on May’s body for thr trip to heaven…

    Lastly: Sather on Gomez to MTL:
    Sather (also by the way The Most interesting Man In The World and also He Is Castro’s Cigar Butler) says:
    “I Don’t Always Dump Salary But When I Do I Prefer To Dump It In Montreal”

  369. ORR

    Guess you’re gonna have to change your name now :( But unless Captain snooze or White Lines gets waived or traded… Sather wont get both.

  370. Mike D (#96) on

    Dale, who? There are no crazy goal scorers out there unless we’re back to the Heater.

  371. Angry Whopper on

    Unless Glenny pulls the old rabbit out of the hat in the next few hours, the day of reckoning is here. All of us who were begging for the kids to play are going to see a lot of that this year, and the quick fix culture of the Rangers will change be changed forever. Will we ever know whether this was the plan, or we were forced down this path?

  372. Cindy Crawford on

    is there still a live feed of news on TSN? i know there were links here earlier but please spare me the trouble of looking through 3000 posts


    The Rangers have over $21 million dollars to spend, if I am reading it right. What are we doing? Spend some of that money on quality talent. The only thing I can think of, is Sather has a deal on the table for a big name star, and he is finding pieces to add around him. Why else would we not be spending some of that money?

  374. say we get Neil,,,,,So now we have Neil,Brasher,Avery,Vorros.
    There must a trade coming if we get Neil.
    Don’t why,or for who,but we ARE NOT going to camp with those 4 guys.

  375. The last time the Rangers decided to play kids in large roles rather than sign UFAs was 1988-89 and Leetch, Granato, and Mallete did just fine. A repeat of that year?

  376. darren dreger of tsn reports gaborik to rangers

    5 years X $5.75

    not bad at all!!!! yes!!!

  377. dreger tweeted it, gaborik is gonna be nasty on broadway if he can stay healthy, hes only 27, prime years ahead boys!! we got our sniper, in torts’ system he is gonna be flyin!!!

  378. they just interrupted the cfl game between toronto and hamilton to say so bob mckenzie reported it

  379. Well wikipedia has Blair Betts on the Devils. So that will be the true test of wikipowers.

  380. Now what else does Slats have up his sleeve. Is there a legit center coming?? If we got a decent center, I would not feel half bad about whats going on here.

  381. Heatley to Edmonton at the same time as Gaborik to NY

    I wonder which influenced which.

  382. I know people here won’t be happy about the term but sather just tarded gomez for higgins and gaborik. Money is about the same and the term left for gaboril is the same as gomezs contract. well done

  383. not thrilled with gaborik

    80+ points once in his career primarily because he can’t stay healthy, and now he’s in a division as physically punishing as the atlantic?

  384. Angry Whopper on

    As Julian Tavares would say, its 4:00 am and the bars are closing. We are going home with a hot chick with a wooden leg.

  385. I said earlier we should go after gaborik and Kessel…just need Kessel now and I think we’re good.

  386. Sometimes I really wonder where Sather’s head is at.

    You have the #1 PK in the league yet find it completely unecessary to resign betts and sjstrom…then you really punch them in the face and sign the guy who purposely took betts out in game 6…MAKES NO SENSE.

    I think my 12 year old brother could put a winning team together better then Glenn

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    Oh, and yes I’m a real person LOL.


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