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First important signing after the noon market opening: USA Today’s Kevin Allen writes that Mattias Ohlund has signed with Tampa Bay. Bob MacKenzie reports it is a seven-year deal.

Please let us know if you come across any news as you surf the net and the twitters.

If you need to catch up at any time, here is TSN’s tracker.


Reports: Radek Dvorak re-signs with Florida, $3.4 M over two years. Not a big deal.

Rumors: Chicago interested in Hossa. Observation: Welcome to the club.

Reports: Kovalev re-signs with Montreal, $8.8M over two years.


Saw this one coming a mile away and predicted it yesterday: Leafs sign Rangers enforcer Colton Orr. I must say, for four years at $1M per, I thought he would be worth keeping. But we saw that John Tortorella scratched him from Game 6 and Game 7. Nobody likes the tough guys like Leafs GM Brian Burke.

Devils re-sign Andy Greene, via Tom Gulitti. Who rules, by the way.


Florida re-signs David Booth for six years.

Toronto Star reports that Toronto traded Pavel Kubina to Atlanta.

ESPN reporting that the Kovalev signing is NOT done.

TSN reporting Hossa signed with Chicago.


Denver Post reports that Avalanche signed G Craig Anderson.


Just an aside: If the Hossa deal is really for 12 years, that’s completely insane. Safe to say the Rangers won’t make the worst move today.

TSN reporting that Tampa Bay added Matt Walker for four years.

Another aside: Marian Hossa was once traded from Ottawa by John Muckler, with Greg DeVries, for Dany Heatley.


TSN reports Ty Conklin signed with St. Louis.

Reports: Islanders sign G Dwayne Roloson for two years, $5M … Roloson confirms it; tells TSN Edmonton only offered one year.

Reports: Chicago also signs Tomas Kopecky for two years.

TSN now saying Scott Niedermayer might be talking to several teams, including the Devils, and not necessarily re-signing with Anaheim.


THIS JUST  IN: The Rangers are really about to sign Donald Brashear. 


Buffalo signed Steve Montador.

Brashear signing is completely official now.

Capitals signed Mike Knuble.


The Brashear numbers, according to TSN: Two years, $1.4 million per. So why the heck not just keep Colton Orr for $1 M per???? Brashear can’t play, is hated by Rangers fans, and violated the Rangers in the playoffs. Makes no sense to me.


Scott Niedermayer re-signed for one year, $6 M with Anaheim. Brother Rob is still available.

TSN says 16 signees have totalled $137.6 M today. Where’s the recession? And only $2.8 M spent by NYR.

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  1. UESBlueshirt on


    July 1st, 2009 at 12:25 pm
    “New York Rangers sign Jeremy Roenick and Joe Murphy from the Chicago Blackhawks……details to follow.”

    At last, the NHL 94 dynasty is coming to fruition. I heard if JR shoots it hard enough off the end glass it will shatter!

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Damn, I was hoping to get Geoff Sanderson from Hartford.

    I’d take Zarley Zalapski too

  3. I’m really praying that sather doesn’t sign another bad contract. Hopefully the theme is to trade our bad contracts and let the kids play.

  4. ADAM Z



    Yeah, i really hope Rozi gets dumped. And NO to Scuderi, lets go with home grown talent this year on D !! Unless we’re bringing in Komisarek ! I want Del Z, Gilroy to make the team.
    And what’s going on with Mara ? I haven’t heard his name at all.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Matt, every player was unstoppable in the early days of EA Sports NHL games.

  6. hahaha, TSN just bashed montreal on the Gomez trade. Has to make a Ranger fan smile. They cant believe the defensive prospects the Canadians gave up for a 2nd line center.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    For every bit as good as Sather is when it comes to trades, he is twice as bad when it comes to free agents. Expect us to have another awful contract by the end of the day.

    If he does trade for Richards, I think a lot would depend on what we give up.

    I’ll say this much: I’d pay a lot more for Heatley than for Richards.

  8. The Ohlund deal was 7 years. If the Rangers don’t use all of the cap room this year, get creative and lock up Dubinksy, Staal and Callahan to long-term deals, possibly front loading them this year.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, I forgot how good Pang was. I’d take a shooter tutor or a garbage can over Pang in his prime

  10. I really think with all the heat he has taken on the Drury, Gomer, and Redden contracts, Sather is going to be cautious in dishing out a long term deal for big dollars.

    Not being sarcastic either.

  11. Who Needs Lohan on

    I always thought the flames were the sleeper team in NHL 93. Loved Theo!!!!!

  12. RangerSteve,

    my exact thoughts. We are a young exciting team in need of NO defensemen. We’ve got some dead weight to be moved and need a scorer, but finally, after all the years of mercenery free agents who cashed more checks than they took, we are young!

    Let’s tie up some of our youth. Let someone else through silly money and 7-10 year contracts at overpaid vets.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    I would love to see Callahan make the US team and Gomez and Drury be sent home.

  14. Any team out there with cap space that would take Redden and Sangs for one of their not as bad contracts?

  15. I would love to see Callahan make the US team and Gomez and Drury be sent home.


    That would make my year. I don’t see Drury making the team either way.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Realistically, with Torts on the coaching staff, is there any way he can pick either Callahan or Gomez over Drury? Especially Gomez.

  17. Hossa’s a bitch. Look at what happened to him the year that Atlanta fell off. He gave up on the team. Do you really want him to come in on a rebuilding project and let his attitude effect all the young guys in the locker room? I don’t.

  18. Actually I forgot Torts is coaching. Drury = shoe in, if not for the media aspect of it alone. Although Torts seems to have faith in the little fat boy.

  19. If we trade either Redden (praying for this) or Rosie, that leaves us with 3 experienced defensemen, do you play three kids and sign a veteran even a Chelios as a mentor? At a minimum I would like to see the Rangers bring up 2 young d-men.

    The Rangers need to sign a playmaking center. What about the Rangers trying to get Nylander back? We would have to move some of our “dead” cap space back – Voros, Rissmiller and maybe others. I don’t think this team is going to have a true 1st line center at the end of the day.

  20. Hossa also needs to play with a great playmaker. Right now, the Rangers don’t have that. He is not a gamebreaker, he’s a finisher.

    I don’t want Hossa. No thanks.

  21. Tomas Sandstrom… LA Kings… maybe one of the hardest shots in the NHL games! i scored tons of goals with that guy!

  22. I would sign Knuble – but only if the money and length of the contract is good. This guy is over 35 so that cuts both ways, can’t bury his contract in the minors if he turns into Mike Rogers or James Patrick overnight, but can put an incentive laden contract, deferring the cap hit to next year.

  23. Has Count Sathula awoken from his slumber yet? Is he out of the coffin, ready to suck the blood out of us fans yet?

  24. I will pass on Hossa any day of the week. Dissappears in big games. Not a game changer as someone said, just a great sniper. Save that cash for Ilya next year.

  25. Carp/Anybody – Is there any possibility of the Rangers trying to make a run at Phil Kessel? He seems like the type of player Torts would love, and I can’t see the downside of signing a 21 year-old who’s only a few years away from being a superstar. Thoughts?

  26. Linda July 1st, 2009 at 12:43 pm

    Has Count Sathula awoken from his slumber yet? Is he out of the coffin, ready to suck the blood out of us fans yet?

    He’s still eatting his Coco Puffs while watching the morning news. In about 15 minutes he’ll realize he can start signing people.

  27. An ideal scenario…Sather signs Dubi, Cally, and Staal to contracts and then looks to plug the gaps with UFAs.

    A likely scenario…Sather throws big $$ at a UFA(s) and then has to worry about fitting Dubi, Cally, and Staal in the remaining cap space that he has just burned up.

    Geez, for once it would be nice to not have to worry about signing our younger players…

  28. Carp/Anybody – Is there any possibility of the Rangers trying to make a run at Phil Kessel? He seems like the type of player Torts would love, and I can’t see the downside of signing a 21 year-old who’s only a few years away from being a superstar. Thoughts?

    Downside = draft pick compensation

  29. Hello everybody, i wrote this song for Daniel Heatley.

    He Told Them I Don’t Want To Come Around Here
    Don’t Wanna See Your Face, I Want To Disappear
    The Fire’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear
    So Heat It, Just Heat It

    You Better Skate, You Better Do What You Can
    Don’t Wanna See A Broken Stick, Or See You With My Chick
    You Wanna Be Traded, Better Help My Team
    So Heat It, But You Wanna Be Traded

    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It
    No One Wants To Be A Senator
    Drink & Drive, Crash Your Ride
    It Doesn’t Matter, As Long As You Score
    Just Heat It, Heat It
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    Just Heat It, Heat It
    Just Heat It, Heat It

    They’re Out To Get You, Better Waive Your NTC While You Can
    Don’t Wanna Be A Sen, You Wanna Play Like A Man
    You Wanna Stay Alive, Better Do What You Can
    So Heat It, Just Heat It

    You Have To Show Them That You Really Score Goals
    You’re Playin’ With Your Career, This Ain’t No Truth Or Dare
    They’ll Refuse To Trade You, Then They Screw You,
    Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair
    So Heat It, But You Wanna Get Traded

    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It
    No One Wants To Be Senator
    Drink & Drive, Crash Your Ride
    It Doesn’t Matter As Long As You Score
    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It

    No One Wants To Be A Senator
    Showin’ How Much You’ve Changed Your Fight
    It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right
    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It

  30. Chicago now has the Goat Curse and the Hossa Curse..somebody get a witch doctor over there..

  31. Fourth Period reports that Chicago’s talks with Havlat are breaking down, which probably helps validate that they are moving on to Hossa

  32. 3 teams interested in signing Antropov for the 5 million per deal he is looking for !!!

    PAVEL …

    Apparently there are a lot of teams GM’s that are dumber then Sather if they sign Antropov to taht deal

  33. Jive – I would love Kessel – what is he 21 and scored almost 40 goals last year. I would trade the draft picks – how many picks amount to nothing, especially Rangers picks. He is one of the best young players in the game.

  34. Jive – I’m more than willing to deal with pick compensation for a guy who should be a 40 goal scorer

  35. TSN talking heads are a bunch of Nationalist Pigs. The only one I like is McKenzie because he doesn’t look like an inbreed doofus like the rest of them

  36. we dont HAVE TO send a offer sheet for Kessel. We could trade for him and then sign him, or accept the compensation if someone else offer-sheets him

  37. For Kessel I would trade Dubinksy, a pick and one of young defensive prospects or Dubinsky and two picks. Kessel is a stud and he is very young. Tremendous speed, hockey sense and a good finisher.

  38. Sather is going to sign Havlat to some sort of ridiculous contract just waiting for it

  39. Chicago has both Kane and Toews up for contracts next summer…and they already have Brian Campell signed to big money (worse than Redden’s deal in terms of length and cap hit)…

    If Hossa is looking for Big $$ and a long term contract, I dont see Chicago being the place. If they do, then Campbell, Hossa, Kane, Toews will be their big contracts in a year and will restrict what they can do financially.

    If Hossa signs, it will have to be at a discount, or a short term contract.

  40. Jane's Addiction on

    do we have to trade for kessel? cant we sign him to an offer sheet and just give up picks? id be so down for that as we dont have to move cally doobie or staal

  41. HF Boards reporting Radek Dvorak re-signs in FLA @3.4 mil over 2 years (1.7/season)

  42. That would be dumb for the Hawks to sign Hossa. Aren’t they in a similar situation as Nyr with the cap ?

    I think Nyr should get Gaborik AND Havlat. Imagine them together, if they combine their sensitivity, they will create the ultimate iron man hockey player. Together, they play 82 games !!!!!!!!

  43. Wow Tampa is paying Ohlund a 7 year contract? he is 33 years old. i am sure he will be a swell defensemen at age 38 and up and i thought our management was moronic.

  44. Any chance we could throw Gordie Howe into the fountain of youth and then sign him to a 20 year deal?

  45. Who Needs Lohan on

    The was always something about winning the cup with the Whale that really did it for me!!!!

  46. Don’t forget the KALININ signing – the second coming of Backman. Why do WE have to accomodate the Backman’s, the Kalinin’s and the Redden’s of the world? And the Ozone’s and Kas wash-out? And Mara, all too often prior to his decent 2008-2009 season. Can we just give our talented kids a shot before they hit 26 years of age? (No, we can’t.)

    Sather’s problem is that spending other people’s money clouds his judgement. A drunken sailor is more discretionary.

  47. Gordie Howe was Rangers property when he was 16 years old, for anyone who didn’t know that. We released him because he was “Too skinny.” Honest to God, not a joke.

  48. PJ the Ohlund deal is front-loaded to ease the terms of a buyout later in the contract’s life. it was probably given assuming that mattias won’t actually play all seven years. it’s not a bad deal at a 3.75 hit annually

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    If we could throw people into the fountain of youth, you’d go for Howe befor Gretzky and Orr?

  50. Calgary is really up against the cap and I wouldnt mind trading for Sarich (3.6 mill). Big tough D-man

    Any thoughts??

  51. Orr- it’s gonna be even more painful when we see gomez with the smirk and the assist

  52. Mister Delaware on

    “If we could throw people into the fountain of youth, you’d go for Howe befor Gretzky and Orr?”

    Colton or Bobby?

  53. Cakewalk July 1st, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    Gordie Howe was Rangers property when he was 16 years old, for anyone who didn’t know that. We released him because he was “Too skinny.” Honest to God, not a joke.

    Wrong..Howe was homesick and he was made fun of by the Veterans for being too skinny. We actually never had him, it was just a tryout. Then the story goes he goes to a Wings tryout makes the team and becomes the greatest hockey player ever.

  54. I agree with Cake. These rookie d-men come in and play pretty damn good. Baranka played a good first game against Tampa, Potter looked good in his few games. Del Z looked great in pre season, Gilroy looks like he could be a damn good signing. And there’s Sangs, and Sauer.

    Fugg Mara, Morris, and anyone else. Unless Slats brings in Komisarek, i want to see nothing but kids, and old man druggie Dredden.

    Del Zotto-Gilroy
    Dredden-Sanguinetti / Potter / Sauer / Maybe even McDonagh

    Is McDonagh NHL ready at all ? Anybody know ?

  55. Kessel is, what they call in horseracing parlance “a ridgling.” Look it up, it ain’t all that good.

  56. Doodie Machetto July 1st, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    If we could throw people into the fountain of youth, you’d go for Howe before Gretzky and Orr?

    Hell yeah. Gretzky was a pansy and Orr only had 6 good years. Howe was a consistent beast for like 15 years.

  57. AUSTIN

    Yeah, thats going to be the worst part. I really hope Avery nails Blowmez in that first game.

    Personally, im going to boo Blowmez to hell and back if im at that game.

  58. RangerSteve on

    I would not sign a d-man. Let’s see what our prospects have. There are like 5 or 6 legitimate prospects, hoping two of them are good is not unreasoanble. And consider this, can they be any worse than Dredden?

  59. Carp- I’d be willing to trade pretty much anyone not named Staal or Lundquist. It’d be nice to keep Dubi out too. Honestly though, I just feel like Kessel will be one of the league’s best 5 or 6 forwards for the next 10 years or so.

    Since he’s a RFA couldn’t the Rangers also try to just make an offer to him with the extra money the Gomez trade freed up?

  60. BANJ July 1st, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    And didn’t the Redwings give Howe a team jacket that sealed the deal?

    Yeah, they were like “Your close to home, your good blah blah blah, here have a jacket” and Gordie was like “OMG This Jacket’s gonna make me a beast”

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, don’t take the greatest player ever because he was “a pansy.”

    Also, Bobby Orr had 8 great years. 8 Consecutive Norris Trophies. He got hurt then, but with better training facilities and conditioning regimens today, he probably wouldn’t.

  62. Wow, Hawks might regret that when he’s sitting around in the playoffs thinking aboot how he almost won the Cup, TWICE, but failed.



    I think that’s where he goes. Him and DiPietro are butt buddies, they do yoga in the summer together.

  63. Who Needs Lohan on

    I thought they just agreed to have Cameron Fry wear his jersey in a movie to be named later. Wasnt that the story???

  64. Komisarek’s talking to the Isles. Hopefully his parents are like “NO THEY SUCK, WE’RE CLOSET RANGER FANS ANYWAY!”

  65. the terms may actually be different (i’m actually fairly positive it will be) but darren dreger (fairly reliable source) says that hossa to chicago is close

  66. these dos equis commercials are great!

    komisarek to isles, not so great
    god no

  67. Let me get this straight just so its clear ….

    Most people on this blog would prefer the Rangers to resign their own RFA’s and sit out today and wait til next years Free Agent day??

    Fair assessment ??

  68. Ah, gotcha. I thought I had read somewhere that they wouldn’t be able to match an offer sheet if someone raised the price to a bit over 5.5 mil per year. Thanks for clearing that up.

  69. Please, someone explain to me why ANYONE in the NHL right now would choose NYI over NYR, unless you’re a die hard NYI fan. Nyr has a better chance of making the playoffs, it’s just mind boggling.

    Streight would be a Ranger if Slats made an offer, i refuse to believe he would choose that garbage team over an Original 6 team.

    Slats, get Komi !!!

  70. Jive July 1st, 2009 at 1:08 pm

    Do the Hawks realize they need to resign Kane and Toews next year?

    Supposedly Kane already told them he wants to go to Buffalo next year. I could see that. kane’s a buffalo kid.

  71. Chicago and the Islanders (now with Tavares) are on the upswing now … it makes sense that they can attract the Big Name today

  72. reports of HOSSA TO CHICAGO AT 10MIL/YEAR FOR 6 YEARS….holy crap

    Good then next year when they have to sign the kids…it will be open season…
    Rangers should have dibbs on Kane…lol

  73. i would rather see “the rangers sign korpedo, dubbie, cally to long term deals”
    and then maybe a hard hitting dman?
    maybe a trade?
    we have a lot of young d talent now
    i dunno

    i know one thing we still havent addressed scoring.
    so i dunno what to expect but id like to hear those 3 are signed long term before i hear that we signed X UFA.

  74. COLIN

    Have you ever seen the ESPN Barry Melrose commercials of Barry imperonsating the Dos Equis guy ? It’s hilarious. And they look pretty much the same. It might be on youtube.

  75. staalwart- thats the word right now but i think the terms are going to change. we’re probably looking at an issue of translation. i would be more inclined to think the terms would fall more along the lines of 10 years/6 mil per. who knows though. i’m going to sit and wait until it’s officially confirmed (which I should have done in the first place).

    All that is confirmed right now is Hossa to CHI is close (basically no confirmation of anything)

  76. tsn blog just said toronto just signed colton orr four years at a million per year….

  77. Speed Ranger on

    Yeah Sally just heard – $1M yr / 4 yrs Orr to the Leafs. THANKS COLTON for some really great Ranger highlights!!

  78. RangerSteve on

    Komisarek had a horrible year last year. He is not worth $5.5 mil a year or more. One of our young guys has to able to throw a freaking check. Our money should go towards getting a legitimate scorer. If we had Detroit’s defense, we would still suck – no scoring. If we had 1 “real” scorer, we win vs the Caps.

  79. You know what, good for Orr. He got himself a great contract and worked hard for it. No problem with him getting paid while he can, his role has a limited shelf life

  80. Ugh, come ON !

    We have to get Neil now. We need some toughness god damn it !!

    Gotta say, Orr & Hollweg is funny. Even though Hollywood is buried in the minors.

  81. Who Needs Lohan on

    see this is why i just sit back and wait for you guys to report the signings. This way i can hear that Orr went to Toronto a couple of dozen times!!!

  82. lol Lohan… I just wish we;d get sources too…

    man our guys are going to get killed we don’t have anyone who can fight now… better be a fast team…

  83. Wasn’t Hollweg was buried in the minors after he got suspended like 5 times in one week?

  84. Im keeping his name in his honor !! Just encase people forget him, ill make sure they wont.

    Im glad he got a nice contract though. It just sucks to see him on the East Conference. 4 times a year we;ll have to see him, ugh !

  85. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I was a big proponent of resigning Orr, but seeing as he got a million per over 4 years, I’m not sweating it that much. He was a good signing for 500k-750k for a shorter stint, but whatever.

    i can’t wait til he pummels voros in a fight next year.

  86. RangerSteve on

    The Rangers have plenty of fighters in the minors. Go to youtube and look at Justin Soryal, good fighter and better play than Orr – expect him to be our “tough guy” next year.

  87. I wouldn’t mind erik cole (until you guys tell me that I’m an idiot. Then I’ll mind)

  88. BillyDee,

    I really don’t see Orr getting that contract and playing with the Marlies, I mean, after all, that’s the only way he’d ever get a chance to play Voros.

  89. I cant wait to see Who and What Antropov signs for … Its a shame cause i wanted him back but he’s being ridiculous

  90. RangerSteve on

    The Rangers won’s sign Neil – he is like Avery and wants $2 mil a year. Bring up a kid for $500K as your tough guy, we have plenty of them.

    I will miss Orr, he is one of the best in the league.

  91. We can probably all stop breaking the news about Orr signing with the leafs.

  92. CARP ..

    can you just keep updating this thread, instead of adding new posts?? I’d like to see a final comment count at the end of the day

  93. Haha, Hacklund says Gionta could go to the Habs.

    Habs fans may consider suicide if that happens. Two midgets on their team, haha hilarious !!

  94. good job by colton getting that contract- now come on how about some ranger news/rumors-

  95. NorthCountryRanger on

    to all of you bashing the Isles as a second rate team… as of right now they might be a better team than us… at least they have a star offensive player… as we are at this time we will never increase in goals next season… all who say that we need to not sign any big offensive names or trade for one is disillusional….we need a big time scorer or we are screwed for years to come…unless Grachev steps in…

  96. Dane Byers, come on dooooooooown! You’re the next enforcer of the New York Rangers!

  97. Somerset-

    There is nothing better than being on here, hearing all of the rumors, and seeing NEW POST- for the 5 seconds it takes to reaload a lot can run through your brain!

  98. Slats does this every year, he doesn’t wake up until 3-4 p.m. And it might be even later, since he was negotiating with Murray all night. Two old guys talking all night long, Heatley will probably be dealt around 7 or 8 p.m.

    He does it at the trade deadline too. Actually he does it during games as well.

  99. Domi, Drury has a full no-move clause and loves it here. They couldn’t move him. I feel sorry for the new Rangers enforcer when they play Toronto.

  100. doean anyone know sugdens story?

    In 2006, Sugden retired from the Columbus Blue Jackets’ farm team. His father had just learned he had cancer and needed help running the family’s label-making business. Sugden supplemented his income by playing in a semipro league in Quebec on weekends, earning $500 a game to batter opponents.

    Because he had retired, an obscure rule in the N.H.L.’s collective bargaining agreement required that he sit out a full season of hockey or gain approval from all 30 teams to be reinstated. When the Islanders invited him to training camp this summer, four teams objected.

    Sugden’s case seemed to revive a timeless debate about fighting and violence in hockey. He was known for rampaging through the minor leagues. In 2001, he was barred for life from the ECHL for throwing a stick that hit a fan in the stands. The decision was later overturned.


    the rangers were one of those 4 teams, lol.

  101. Any chance Joey Kocur comes out of retirement? I mean all he has to do is skate around, hit people, then use his brick hands to break faces.

  102. Yeah Rick, I think Avery’s going to really have to step up and take out Orr when we play Toronto.

  103. NorthCountryRanger on

    Domi that would be great then we lose drury’s defense and just have blind gomer rushes up ice… i’d much rather have a complete forward who will drop the gloves and play defensively than Gomez ANY DAY.

  104. Rick Carpiniello
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:27 pm
    Domi, Drury has a full no-move clause and loves it here. They couldn’t move him. I feel sorry for the new Rangers enforcer when they play Toronto.

    Thanks for cleasring that up Ricky, I did not know about that.

  105. somerset, we’re just updating this post at the top. Won’t do a new post until the end of the day, or until something major calls for a new post.

  106. NORTH

    The guy hasn’t even played a pre season game yet. Everyone thought Stamkos was going to be hot sh*t, but he had a decent rookie year, and it took him almost half a season to get it together.

    Plus Komisarek, and other FA”s wont look at the Isles, and think “Oh man, they got that Tavares kid, they’re gonna be the best in the East”, it doesn’t work that way.

  107. Oh well..Im gonna go on NHL 09 and beat the **** out of the Flyers one last time with Orr..see ya guys later.

  108. McGrattan to Rangers?
    The Rangers are expressing significant interest in tough guy Brian McGrattan.
    Source: Andy Strickland

  109. looks like Rangers will be younger and more homegrown next season. and I like that.

  110. Supposedly the 10 teams trying to get Komi are, the Kings, Habs, Isles, Devils, Sens, Blues, Lightning, Leafs, Caps and Nucks.

    And Hockeybuzz is saying Nyr has interest in McGratton.

  111. Pavel, that was 12:01 am, right? I remember being at a Devils fans house and he was like wow you guys got Gomez, and then WOW you guys got DRURY too-

    Have to admit at that point I was really pumped up about the team-

  112. Carp …

    Very cool. Be interesting to see us go over 1500-2000 comments today

  113. Kind of funny, replacing Orr with McGratton, it’s not bad, but Orr is a better skater. Either way, who cares, the guy will play 2 mins a night.

  114. no way avery goes near orr. orr would pummel him. remember avery stays away from the heavyweights. he is worried one of them might rearrange his face and prematurely end his side modeling career.

  115. I think we should send Drury back to Buffalo for Derek Roy. Both teams would benefit, and the money (Drury has three years left at 7 per, Roy has four years left at 4 per) is pretty close. Buffalo could throw someone else in to balance it out. Thoughts?

  116. NorthCountryRanger
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:29 pm
    Domi that would be great then we lose drury’s defense and just have blind gomer rushes up ice… i’d much rather have a complete forward who will drop the gloves and play defensively than Gomez ANY DAY.

    Wait a minute, I recall plenty of times last season when Drury did not live up to his Captaincy status. Oh and I recall plenty of games when the only line that produced was Avery-Gomez-Callahan.

  117. RangerSteve on

    I wish the Rangers only worry is who is going to be their tough guy. Who the bleep is going to score? You need a tough guy, but Orr did nothing to help us in the playoffs. Our 4th line sucked offensively. When the Rangers won the cup they had lots of scoring from the 3rd and 4th line – do you remember Nemchinov. We can’t have 3 guys who score less than 10 combined goals a year.

  118. Forget Orr, Torts uses his 4th liners for 4 minutes a night, 3 minutes of which come on the PK. If we’re signing a guy to spend more time in the box than on the ice, there’s no sense in locking up that kind of money for 4 years. Clearly Orr’s fights did nothing for their uninspired play anyway.

  119. I think Slats is trying to trade Rozsival before signing contracts. His signings always come in pairs. Expect two $6m+ players.

  120. NorthCountryRanger on

    Domi… sure if you call production the third lowest gf total in the NHL last season i guess we should have kept gomer and his 58 points around…Drury is 3D gomez is 1d end of story…plus how many open nets did gomer miss the last 2 seasons…? WAY TOO MANY…Good Ridence scotty!

  121. Why are we worried about Colton Orr again?

    Who cares what he does when we play the Leafs. There’s no guarantee he’ll even be in uniform.

  122. theres no way they can sign both kane and towes

    jeez thats a lot of money

  123. NorthCountryRanger
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:45 pm
    Domi… sure if you call production the third lowest gf total in the NHL last season i guess we should have kept gomer and his 58 points around…Drury is 3D gomez is 1d end of story…plus how many open nets did gomer miss the last 2 seasons…? WAY TOO MANY…Good Ridence scotty!

    Im sure he missed just a much as Drury, however we were expected to see more from him since he is the Captain and he was nowhere to be found especially in the playoffs.

  124. RangerSteve on

    If we sign Komisarek, we better get rid of Dredden or Rosie. Don’t forget we have to resign Staal soon. If these two clowns are getting a lot of money, what will he want. Please Sather think past this year you senile fool!

  125. RangerSteve on

    Brashear is not coming here. He moves worse than Bruce Driver with the Rangers.

  126. Blackhawks must have already decided to give up one of their two young guns….

  127. does any have confirmation that hossa is really off the board? that would be good news. just another bum that someone else signed, and removing the NYR the chance of giving him an outrageous contract.

    hossa will always be a bum who wilts in the clutch (not like our captain and driver of the clutchmobile).

    how is chicago going to sign kane and toews next summer? they are going to be on the NYR 4-5 big contract plan.

  128. Im telling you guys Rozy is gone in the next couple of days … to Dallas, Flordia, or Buffalo (if they lose Spacek)

  129. Blackhawks will regret signing Hossa! Dude shoots his load in the regular season. Thank you Sather for not signing him!

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone got the feeling that Gomez-Kovalev will become the all time biggest Ranger-killer combination in history?

  131. Wow, Craig Anderson to the Avs. Guarantee you that this will be one of the best deals to fly under the radar this year!!

  132. smallish official updates per TSN; G craig anderson to COL, devils resign andy greene

  133. NorthCountryRanger
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:51 pm
    you should watch the Pisles Domi, they’re more your speed.

    Obviously, North. You did not follow the Rangers last season.

  134. the best thing for the Rangers is that all the good scorers get signed elsewhere and Sather is forced to do what he does best … Make a Trade for a scorer to one of those teams desperate to move a player

  135. NO to brashear- glad we aren’t getting Hossa based on the success of the last Hossa we had-

  136. BRASHEAR ???? NOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!

    That is purely a move to keep Pronger Honest during Ranger/Flyer games ….. LAME

  137. Doodie Machetto on

    Signing Anderson takes them out of the running for Gustaffson though. So it might end up backfiring, big time.

  138. NorthCountryRanger on

    bottom line Domi get over it your boy gomez is GONE… Hope he knows French!…oh and Drury is still our captain lol at you.

  139. The Fan590 is reporting that noted goon Donald Brashear has signed with the Rangers.

  140. The Fan590 is reporting that noted goon Donald Brashear has signed with the Rangers.

    from sny blog

  141. The Fan590 is reporting that noted goon Donald Brashear has signed with the Rangers. That is from

  142. Brashear? Can’t be true. It makes literally NO SENSE! How does Brashear fit into the Tortorella system?

  143. TSN just officially announced Hossa to Chicago via live feed

    looks like the cap hit will be a “shade over 5 million per year over 12 years”

  144. Mister Delaware on

    There’s no fucking way we could sign Brashear after the hit on Betts, is there?

  145. Does anyone know the terms of the Brashear deal? Do you think Sather used up all his cap space on Brashear???

  146. why dont we go after gagne? havent heard too much about him recently. is he a fre agent or would we have to trade?

  147. i cant forgive him for hat he did to betts
    its not cause it was betts
    its not cause he was a ranger
    its cause hes done it in the past
    hell do it again

  148. Wow, so Orr FINALLY beats the crap out of Brashear. And what do we do ? Get rid of Orr, and sign Brash. Unreal.

    This pisses me off, that Slats would do this. This guy took a cheap shot at one of our guys, and he gets rewarded by getting signed to retire in NY ? Gimme a fuggin break.

    What a waste. Id rather give the two mins to a prospect than to that scum bag.

    Of course we sign him when he cant fight. After Belak knocked his fat ass out, that was it for him. But welcome to NY, where we give second chances to losers !!

  149. Doodie – Burke’s in Sweden wooing Gusta to come to the Leafs. I think it’s the best move that the avs could’ve made, it’s not for a ton of money, and he can spell budaj on a 50/50 basis.

  150. Donald Brashear to the Rangers?

    That better be a fing joke

    WHY would we sign him?

  151. Jeez Glen, you get us all pumped up and you sign Brashear, a guy everyone on this board wanted to destroy 2 months ago???????

  152. Hossa making 5.5 mill per season …… Antropov is crazy to think he can get anywhere near 5 million a year??

  153. Brashear is fine if its one or two years then theyll bring up byers if hes ready

  154. well, i guess the dumb sather is back today. we had the somewhat smart and savvy sather yesterday. whoever is at MSG needs to disconnect his phone for the rest of the day.

  155. Doodie Machetto on

    Isn’t that Sather’s MO? Sign the guy who hurt us in the playoffs?

    This time it was the guy who physically hurt us.

  156. Who Needs Lohan on

    whats the big deal with Brashear? We need a little muscle. He will dress when Torts feels he needs him. I wouldnt lose hair over it……

  157. If we coulda got Hossa for 5.5 a year… I wouldn’t have bashed him… woops.

    Though I wouldn’t want him for that long.

  158. take that back. Heatley has not said no to Edmonton. posted accidentally


  159. let’s get the guy who kills our season after the fact every year-

    Drury (goal with 5 seconds left)
    Brashear (kills one of our guys without penalty)

  160. NorthCountryRanger
    July 1st, 2009 at 2:00 pm
    bottom line Domi get over it your boy gomez is GONE… Hope he knows French!…oh and Drury is still our captain lol at you.

    And the bottomline was and still is that Chris Drury (your boy) is the worst Captain the Rangers ever had, Fractured his hand last year’s playoffs and rather than having someone from Hartford called up, this jerk with his one hand did like he has done all season NOTHING! Way to go Captain, what an embarassment. Naslund was more of a Captain, heck even Gomez was more of a Captain.

  161. The 12 yrs for Hossa is simply cap management. Same as if he got $8.5 mil (probably the number he was looking for) for 7 yrs (when he’s 40 and more than likely done). After 7 yrs, they buy him out. Assuming you’re willing to pay him $60 mil, the contract length is a smart move.

  162. RangerSteve on

    They are not signing Brashear, relax. He was and will continue to make way more than Orr. Sather is not brilliant, but he is not going to pay more for an older, more broken down goon. Goons are like running backs, they break down.

    Hossa deal, cap wise, may be a very good signing by CHI

  163. why arent we signing any good players? brashear? hes far from what we need. we couldve just signed orr. dont get this signing at all. we need scoring. we have way too many grinders and 2nd 3rd liners. we gotta get some talent up front man. cmon sather

  164. LOHAN

    That’s like the Canes signing Orpik, even after what he did to Cole, or the Avs signing Bertuzzi even after what he did to Moore.

    Brash is scum, and the worst part is, he pretends to be a “heavyweight champ” but he’s nothing more than a hugger, who sneaks in baby punches, and pretends to win.

    Also remember his sucker punch on Aaron Ward, after he did that stupid gesture after his fight with Shanny, like he kicked his ass. Fugg this.

    Slats will do anything to piss us off. A$$hole !!!

  165. no way on brassiere. that boob does not belong in Ranger blue. the odds are stacked against it. keep me abreast of any news.

  166. brashear is disappointing, but so far so good on sather sleeping through the day. i can see them needing some size to protect the smaller guys on the team, but geez brashear is just such a punk.

    now if he can get a good return for rozi…then we would be in great shape.

  167. Doodie Machetto on

    “Fractured his hand last year’s playoffs and rather than having someone from Hartford called up, this jerk with his one hand did like he has done all season NOTHING! Way to go Captain, what an embarassment”

    I remember him scoring a goal with his broken hand.

  168. This just in Eklund has been sent over to Russia to now report on the KHL.

    No Gabby news?
    oh no! I just want to hear he signs elsewhere

  169. no to brashear. he is a thug animal and a bum..

    this position can be filled later. trade some d men and add 2 forwards that know where the net is…………

  170. RangerSteve on

    The Rangers are going to get Gaborik or Havlat. I just hope they get a good insurance policy on them.

  171. RANGER

    Are you sure ? Maybe he’s willing to take a discount. Ugggghhh i really hope not.

    I hope we are able to get Heatley for Rozi, Sangs, and a 1st. After Heatley says not to the Oils. That would be sweet. I like Sangs, but we have so many D prospects, we can afford to let one go. I just hope we let the bust go, not that he’ll be a bust, but im just hoping he is if we trade him.

    This team is looking scary bad so far. Drury is our number one center, Redden might be our only Vet D-man, and Brashear might be our oldest player. WOW !

  172. Brashear?? great. So Hossa gone for 12 years at over 5 per? wow…. how many years he have left ya think??

    Heatley saying no to EDM?? still a possiblity i suppose. I hope they don’t go after Gaborik.

  173. the hossa signing is insane..12 years for a 30 yr old…………………….

    interesting that the best teams detroit, boston, etc. make no big splashes…

  174. Who Needs Lohan on

    I just dont see why we are even discussing it. You need a fighter, who cares!

  175. I’m pretty suspicious of this Brashear stuff. Doesn’t make sense… even for Sather…

  176. The Hawks are the new Rangers. They’re signing all of these players to huge contracts. Campbell, Huet, Hossa. The end result probably wont be as disappointing as it is with us, naturally.

  177. Who Needs Lohan on

    so far Staal Wart… patient our bad signing will come. Patience…………….

  178. hawks are my pick to win the cup next year. hossa will be better than havlat geting them into a higher seed, and if they play the wings again, which i dont think detroit will get that far, but if they do, hawks will win. they got farther this year than we have 4 years after the lockout. their first trip to the playoffs for them they were better , got farther than us, and played better teams and won. they will go far next year, and even if hossa doesnt play great again in the playoffs, the hawks are gonna win it. id love to see hawks-rangers in a few years after our prospects develop more. but now i can see pens hawks final just like in the movie sudden death with the ultimate action hero jcvd baby!!!!!

  179. michaelsee3 on

    Things will pick up soon. Our overpaid undersized forward is almost here.

  180. It’s a rumor on Hockeybuzz, but it’s from Stickland, he isn’t like Hacklund.

    The more i think of it, it wont happen. Supposedly he makes more or as much as Orr makes right now, he’s a fogie, and Avery called LaCrackhead a monkey, so why would he want to come here, and why would Slats potentially wanna fugg up the locker room, by brining in a guy who threw a cheap shot at one of their guys only two months ago, more or less.

    Yeah, it’s not happening.

  181. Eklund reporting Havlat to the Kings??

    makes sense with Hossa coming. Not how i thought today would go… still don’t want Gaborik. Maybe Komisarek is an option, and we sit on our offense for a year and go after Kovalchuk next season?

  182. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE tell me all this talk about the Rangers having signed Brashear is one, big, late April Fools Joke. PLEASE!

  183. years are insane on these deals but money per yr. is down way way down.

    the economy is hitting the nhl big time…

    trade roszival, zherdev, a scrub, and a 2nd round pick for psycho heatley.

  184. one of the reasons why i love this blog. mike in ia, brings jcvd and his movie sudden death into the conversation.

    what an absolutely, terribly awesome movie.

    come on slats…wake up, wipe the drool off your face and do something.

    still no news on heatley…does anyone think the NYR and OTT are still trying to work something out?

  185. NorthCountryRanger on

    yeah Domi all i can hear is bull from the playoffs last season… what about the rest of his ranger tenure??? did you just start watching the rangers after Avery returned? Gomez could never finish…you bash Drury b/c he played hurt??? thats what captains do you fool… go out and play hockey cus then you’ll understand Drury is a true hockey player Gomez is a primadonna with a witty interview habit….other than that he was and still will be a disappointment for his salary. as for Dru’s salary it is exorbitant too, but at least he backchecks, kills penalties and blocks shots to suppliment his offensive game… if you knew hockey you’d know that. GOMEZ is not a FINISHER!!! at least if Dru’s hand isn’t broken he has the abillity to be.

  186. VINNY

    Suppoesdly Nyr isn’t one of the 10 or 11 teams talking to him. So i don’t know. He’s going to get severely overpaid though, that’s for sure.

  187. Brashear is a goon, but the Rangers need an enforcer now that Orr is gone. If that is true, I doubt he gets much playing time under Torts.

  188. i want us to get cammaleri. why isnt slats getting him??? or how about kessel? oh we cant cuz sather traded our 3rd rnd pick. lol

  189. Does anyone have a feed for TSN….the feed I was watching on the leafs site just went down

  190. It’s a loophole in the CBA. If you retire before you turn 35, you are no longer against the cap!!

    So if you front load the deal, it’s a nice loophole.

  191. la has tons of cap room and there fans are very disgruntled..

    havlat will get hurt and he is a soft euro player..

    gaborik at the right price for a few years may be a gamble worth taking, he is so so talented but 5 yrs max……

  192. I wish I could listen to some toronto radio on my G1, but I can’t find any way to stream on my cell. :(

  193. Im hearing Cammalleri to Edm and Havlat to the Kings.

    If this is true we are getting Heatley and maybe Komisarek today

  194. At least Sather is not Garth Snow! WHO pays a 39 yo goalie 5 million for 2 years!!!!!!

  195. it wasnt snow
    snow said yes
    it was bobby orr who got the deal done

    damn you bobby orr!
    sign staal jan. 1st to an extension glen!!!

  196. I don’t think the Heatley Scenario is done yet… Murray wants too much from what i hear??

  197. wow…good for roloson. a nice big check to help you finish your career. dipietro must be in bad shape if they are paying a possible back up (assuming dippy is healthy) that kind of $$.

  198. Esa Tikanen on

    another rangers blog,, has reports of sather signing donald brashear. that makes me very angry.

  199. Lol, and i was backing up Snow the other day, saying it was too early to call him a bad GM.

    I don’t care if we don’t sign anybody, as long as Rozi gets traded, i mean at the very least make that happen Slats.

    I just want to see a roster next season that would give Michael Jacksons dead body a stiffy.

  200. I see no confirmation about Brashear anywhere. So, I doubt it is really happening. Doesn’t make sense. Although everybody is worried about Gaborik, I think the Rangers should take a chance with him. He is a game breaker. Yeah, he gets injured, but his injury was a chronic problem that lead to the other groin issues because he was compensating for the chronic hip thing. Now that he has had surgery, this year will be a monster year for him regardless of who he will be playing for.


    Torts won’t let anybody step on the logo out of respect for the team and then Sather goes and signs Brashear. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Now that OTT needs a goalie, throw in Vali into the deal for Heatly. We can find a back up goalie somewhere, maybe even Weekes comes back. Rozi, Vali and #1 next yr would be my offer.
    I’d rather give them our #1 vs. Dubi and lower pick.

  203. I think we’re going to spank Ottawa if Edmonton goes and gets Camalleri. We’re basically all they have to get a deal done with. I don’t think the Sharks have the type of talent that can be groomed into their system like we do.

  204. WTF are the Islanders doing signing Roloson for two years at $2.5 million per? I guess they’re really not confident in DiPietro over there and need a player who can stop pucks when he is left out to dry like Roloson showed in Edmonton last season.

  205. thanks pj. i loved that movie. i was a teenager when it came out and i loved the fact that robitaille was in it. i think he mightve been playing for us that year. idk, but it was cool watchin jcvd step into the game as the back up goalie it was funny as hell. plus i like powers boothe. or booth. forgot the spelling. he was good in tombstone.

  206. source of the Brashear rumor is apparently the FAN 590 in Toronto. I am having a hard time believing it, and getting no response for confirmation from the Rangers.

  207. pavel

    did you upgrade to the new firmware when the htc hero came out?
    i think its called cupcake or something

    i dont have an android based phone. unfortunately my htc runs windoZe

  208. cally and dubi’s raises will not be as high as some of you think.

    look at the new deals on TSN, these guys are not getting David Botth money. Salaries are not up.. They are not getting Krecji money…

    timing is everything and gomez and drury are lucky dudes…………..

    detroit lost conklin. kopeczky, and hossa.. they will be fine they only have about 23 good players now…

    the good teams do not go wild over players not part of there system…

    chicago overpaid big big time.. they better win now else they are f-cked………

  209. UESBlueshirt on

    Actually it should be if you can’t beat em, steal em…Chicago. Then again the Rangers did that with the Devils and the result was that yesterday was probably the happiest day for half the people on the blog.

  210. Pierre Larouche on

    Just got off the phone with someone who said the Rangers are hot for Mike Komisarek and Mike Cammalleri.

    Monzo at SNY

  211. brunnerstrom never played in the nhl?

    do they realize they are talking about the stars player who scores a hat trick in his first game and not the goaltender from sweeden?

  212. Well Brashear is also a classically trained pianist. Maybe Sather hired him to set a romantic mood when he makes love to James Dolan.

  213. Brashear

    Just a rumor
    Sather talking about Mcgratton more seriously

    He inquired, and every one got wind of it
    LEts hope he doesnt actually WANT to sign him

    And if Callimari is to EDM, Heately is A Ranger

  214. Montador to Buffalo.

    Im told you guys this morn: Dallas, Flordia, TB, Buff, and Anaheim were in the Market for D-men …. We should have traded Rozy sooner to them

  215. UESBlueshirt on

    “Damn Chicago is going to be a real cup contender (if Hossa steps up).”

    Who’s going to be there goalie? I think they were less than enamored with Huet. They might end up being like the Flyers of the West.

  216. This is funny from NHL Digest: “The Isles now have 2 goaltenders signed to the end of their careers. Roloson & DiPietro. Whose career will end first is the question.”

  217. I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing in Komisarek, as long as we get rid of Redden or Roszival and it’s not more than $5 mil a year.

  218. UESBlueshirt on

    I only like Komisarek if they can trade Rozi or unless they’re dealing someone like Sangs/DZ.

  219. Zip Tweets: “Rangers and Brashear sounds like it’s being finalized”


    I hate this team. I hate this front office. Why do I still have season tickets?

  220. Take it for what it’s worth, but my friend works for a nj radio station and is friends with Elias- said Rangers are hot for Mike Rupp…hate it but better than Brash-

    Seems like slats may be just kicking the tires on all of these tough guys

  221. FAN960AM (Calgary) – the asking price is too high for the Rangers to pursue it any further

  222. unbelievable- guess my friend is an idiot

    HOW DO WE SIGN THIS GUY? is it worth it to make your 12th forward on the team a controversial guy who the fans all hate?

  223. Ville Koistinen to Fla:

    Again… Dallas, Flordia, TB, Buff, and Anaheim were in the Market for D-men … We should have traded Rozy sooner to them

  224. colin,

    AKA they want Dubi and won’t do the deal without him.

    I hope Ottawa enjoys the many battles their coach and star will have for years to come.

  225. Get Gaborik on

    SteveZipay reporting via twitter: “Rangers and Donald Brashear sounds like it’s being finalized”

  226. We don’t NEED Komisarek. I don’t know why all of you are so hard pressed for another defenseman. I mean, from what I remember of the playoffs, all redden is good for now is clearing the puck. Bring back Backman on the cheap. Then go after Gaborik AND Camalleri!!

  227. Sather can redeem himself of the Brashear signing by IMMEDIATELY extending Dubi and Cally before signing anyone else.

  228. Guys and Gals
    DUM-BRashear is a rumor, and hopefully not happening
    Too much money for an aging fighter

    And if the first signing is a contract extension to Aaron Voros for 5 years I will kill Sather myself!!

    hehe lol

  229. It better be less then a million because that would be the ONLY way i would take Brashear … Because he is cheaper

  230. damnit i’m gonna vomit up my lunch if bumshear is a Ranger, not only is it disrespectful to Rangers fans, but would also indicate that Betts is gone

  231. I can’t believe this. Seriously? Brashear? Of all the free agents out there? Slats has lost it. He got lucky yesterday with the Gomez trade and now he’s going to run this team into the ground. Soon we’ll be talking about first-round playoff exits as the good old days. What a joke.

  232. maybe we will send him elsewhere or bury him in Hartford or something… maybe we just signed him to take a spot for the kid who will be our real enforcer… ugh it still disgusts me…

  233. i cant believe it
    i cant friggen believe they signed this guy
    i use they word guy loosely

  234. Where is the honor? the respect for the players? What a freaking joke. Just disgusting!

  235. MIKE

    What if he replaces Rozi ? That wouldn’t be bad, a crease clearing d-man, solid defender, PK’er. Good mentor for the young guys.

    Komi-Del Z

    BOOM !!

  236. Esa Tikanen on


    snyrangersblog is relatively new. they talk too much about things going on around the NHL though when the rangers aren’t making headlines. kind of annoying.

  237. I knew it couldn’t last I knew the Sather I know and hate would phone it in from the golf course to make stupid signings. Why Brashear, there is no way he can skate well enough for Torts, he’s old and not even as good defensively as Orr was. I HATE THIS MOVE SO MUCH. Sather you better be announcing this as I hate to get protection for my new winger Dany Heatley other wise just stick your head in a sand trap.

  238. I know we need someone who can stand up for the team but I would think someone else would have been promoted.

  239. esa
    it was a joke
    a lot gets lost in type translation

    a lot of people have been posting that blog

  240. OK scrath that calm down


    Of course a bad signign has to come after a great trade yesterday


    Why the hell wouldnt he have jsut kept Orr


  241. Betts isn’t anyone special, but Slats should have shown respect for his hard work by not signing this bum. What a waste. As always Slats screws up the day.

  242. Amazing. The Rangers used to sign over-the-hill HOFers. Now they’re signing over the hill goons? Good call.


  243. I am having a really hard time understanding the Brashear signing. The guy just violated your team in the playoffs, can’t play at all, the fans hate him, and you sign him?

  244. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Please Sather, whatever you do do not sign Brashear!!!!! He’s a scumbag and he doesnt belong in New york!

  245. Let’s be honest. Fighting skills aside, Orr doesn’t scare opponents nearly as much as Brashear.

  246. though I think it was Mike Green after seeing a Day in the Life with him on NHLN

  247. You and the rest of us Rick. Washington loses Brashear gets Knuble….Thats a good day.

  248. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    What a terrible move by Sather on multiple levels. The fan base is going to crucify Brashear from day 1.

  249. Disgusting. Our first signing of the day is Brashear? for 1.4 million?? to what, sit on the bench if he plays at all?

  250. I’m with Linda, I just tossed up my lunch.

    Good thing I’m moving to vancouver, i can fake cheer for the nucks b/c we aint makin the playoffs.

  251. This is a crazy move- is this really what our brass has been spending their time on today? Donald Fing Brashear? Great way to start spending that cap space-

  252. Wow, it’s one thing to sign him to a one year deal, but two ?

    Honestly i want to break into Slats’ house and give him a Ted Bundy bludgeoning. What an idiot.

    He better have something up his sleeve to please us. Start by threatening Dreary until he accepts a god damn trade, Dredden too !!

  253. thanks somerset

    colin… wiki isn’t confirmation becuase i I wanted to I could go and make it say Gaborik is a Ranger and is playing for peanuts and until someone reports it it will remain there… so it isn’t confirmation anyone can edit it… I’ve seen some crazy stuff on there… funny but crazy

    ok now where are we sending Brashear…

  254. Not that we needed a reality check, but if this doesn’t prove that Sather is running a business, nothing will. Our time, money, loyatly and emotion are wasted on this team. I’ve seen the Rangers do some pretty stupid things over the 40+ yrs I’ve been watching……this ranks pretty.
    Well put ORR WHAT….disrespectful. To Betts AND the fans!

    New York, July 1, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Donald Brashear.
    Brashear appeared in 63 games with the Washington Capitals last season, registering one goal and three assists, along with a team leading 121 penalty minutes. He placed fourth on the club, and second among team forwards, with 119 hits. Washington posted a 4-0-0 mark in games that Brashear posted a point. He tallied the game-winning goal on December 4 vs. the New York Islanders, his first game-winner since December 14, 2002 vs. Buffalo (as a member of the Philadelphia Flyers).
    In 2007-08, Brashear led the Capitals with 119 penalty minutes and ranked fourth on the team with 133 hits. Brashear recorded five goals and three assists while skating in 80 games. The Capitals were 4-0-1 when he tallied a goal, and 6-0-1 when he registered a point. Brashear notched his 200th NHL point on March 3 vs. Boston, and skated in his 900th career game on February 5 at Columbus. On December 12, he posted his first multi-point effort since October 22, 2005, collecting two assists vs. the Rangers. In addition, Brashear tallied two points (one goal and one assist) in seven postseason contests with Washington.
    The 6-3, 237-pounder has skated in 989 career regular season contests with the Montreal Canadiens, Vancouver Canucks, Philadelphia Flyers, and Washington Capitals, registering 85 goals and 119 assists for 204 points, along with 2,561 penalty minutes. He established career-highs in assists (19), points (28) and shots on goal (127) as a member of the Canucks during the 2000-01 season. Brashear tallied a career-high, three assists/points on December 8, 2000 at San Jose. In 1999-00, Brashear notched a career-best 11 goals in just 60 games. As a rookie in 1993-94, he recorded four points (two goals and two assists) in 14 games with Montreal. He registered an assist in his NHL debut on November 15, 1993 at Ottawa, and tallied his first career goal two days later against Edmonton.
    In post-season play, Brashear has appeared in 60 career contests with Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia, and Washington, registering three goals and six assists for nine points, along with 121 penalty minutes. He skated in the 2004 Eastern Conference Finals as a member of the Flyers, recording four points (one goal and three assists) and 61 penalty minutes in 18 games. His three assists, four points and 61 penalty minutes were all career-highs.
    The Bedford, Indiana native was originally signed as a free agent by Montreal on July 28, 1992.

  256. All BS aside – you guys don’t think Brashear is a better overall player than Orr???

  257. WHAT THE . 2 YEARS 2.8 MIL?!!?



  258. Speed Ranger on

    CARP – et al – TSN reports 2.8 Mil / 2 yrs Brashear to NYR – they’re laughing….

  259. ahole Sather!

    putting that punk on the Blueshirts, and giving him more money than Orr too.

  260. Carp we are all baffled and angry….

    gotta say if I were there and Orr went toe to toe with Brash it would be the first time I’m rooting for the other guy to win the fight… this really makes me sick…

  261. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Slats signed a 37 year old 1 dimensional goon to a 2 year deal for 1.4 per, who the fanbase despises for last years playoff cheapshot. totally assinine.

  262. this is ridiculous. donald brashear. for more money per year than they let Orr walk away for. I hate this joke of a human being. he takes joy in his cheap shots. hates avery. has zero respect for the game or his team. i will never cheer for him. what a waste of money.

  263. Its not that bad…yeah he has been a jerk but he is protection for the team…orr for 4 years 4 mil too much to pay…brashear couple years around a mil…much better…plus the guy has alittle bit of skill…more than orr…

  264. Its not that bad…yeah he has been a jerk but he is protection for the team…orr for 4 years 4 mil too much to pay…brashear couple years around a mil…much better…plus the guy has alittle bit of skill…more than orr…

  265. What a ridiculous, awful, stupid, slap in the face to your fans and players type of signing-

    Anyone else be rooting for Colton to destroy this guy? I know I root for the laundry but jesus-

  266. WTF!

  267. People, relax…you act as though you’re surprised Sather would do something like this.

    Dont worry, Sather’s magic works in pairs. Naslund/Redden Drury/Gomez…


    I AM GOING TO BE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sather should have stayed in bed or gone crusing with Captn Clutch in the Clutchmobile.

  269. Is this team that Dumb This guy goes after Betts a heart and soul guy hurts him badly and you give a contract FOR TWO F—ing YEARS. Just when u think Sather is coming around. I will never route for that piece of crap!! Garbage!!

  270. This is embarrassing. Voros was Aves’ replacement last year, and now Brash is Orr’s this year.

    PATHETIC !!!!

    Im outta here, i need time to cool off, cause im gonna lose my god damn mind.

  271. What a dumb signing. $1.4 mill a year?

    You’ve got to be kidding…. Just when I thought Sather had a brain.

  272. WHAT THE @#$^


  273. Clive Diggs on

    Case and point from my earlier post. Sather has decent cap space available for about 18 hours and makes one of the most pointless signings I’ve ever witnessed. $1.4M?

  274. The ONLY possible reason for signing that gutless goon Brashear is that Slats is going to make a move for Gaborik and really wants other teams to think twice before making a run at an injury prone star.

    That being said, it’s just bad form. Brashear has zero class, and apparently neither does Sather, signing a player who inentionally injured a Ranger three months ago. This is embarassing for the franchise.

  275. NorthCountryRanger on

    i hate this team…i’ve been a ranger fan since i have played/watched hockey, but this is too much the management could give a you know what about its fan base. Neurotic Sather gives a P.O.S. like Brashear more than a mil per??? what did he offer colton??? i mean if it was less than for Brash i want Sather’s Head NOW.

  276. So who exactly is Brashear being brought in to protect? Is it just for Hank? There aren’t any stars on this team to fight for.

  277. Why sign a guy for more money when they do the same thing, and Orr being a fan favorite??


  278. BillyDeeWilliams on

    I’d rather have Voros taking all the fights (and losing) than Brashear on this team.

  279. How, WHy?

    This makes absolutely ZERO SENSE!!

    Someone on Zip’s blog was saying we shoudl respect him, he’s one of our bgoys now, F THAT!!

    The guy is a piece o Sheet, with zero playing ability

    THis is what we needed?

    Where the hell is our scorer?
    Wheres the offense?
    BRashear the monkey faced bafoon?

    Sather jsut go kill yourself please!!

  280. You need aguy that can be a deterent to Pronger. He skates MUCH better than Orr. He can play on the 3rd line or even top line on the rare occasion that games get out of hand. GET A GRIP!!! Sather just made a BRILLIANT move and now you are gonna kill him for signing a TRUE HEAVYWEIGHT that can ACTUALLY SKATE?!?!?!?!

    Come to your senses boys. By the second game, he will make you forget all about Orr.

  281. Mister Delaware on

    Is it worse when your team trades a player you love or signs a player you hate? I went into today fearing the former (Dubinsky) and now I’m not so sure the latter isn’t worse. I hope he gets hit by a bus before training camp.

  282. anyone who says Bra-sheer is a better player is nutz. have you watched him last year? he is an old statue with hands of venus de milo

  283. Some of you need to stop talking about protection. The Rangers dont have anybody worth protecting that cant handle their own business.

  284. looks like 90% of the posters here are as disgusted by this as I am….sad day. Can they turn around and trade him now for a Marty McSorely poster???

  285. Dcloutier39 on

    Ugh this is disgusting. I would rather have hollweg back instead of this douche. Brashear is a scumbag. Nice move Sather. Way to alienate most of your fanbase!!!

  286. I’m out for awhile…. I can’t take this piece of shit for a GM…


  288. Time to give the Potvin chant a rest for a while?
    How does BRASHEAR SUCKS sound???

  289. Not really Dubi on

    I refused to believe this one till I saw it on TSN. doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

    Stupid move there. What does SAther have against Orr? Granted its not gonna make a whole lot of difference considering the amount of ice time Torts will give them, but I just dont think it makes us a better team.

  290. i think it was the amount of years
    colton got 4
    we only have brash for 2

    i dont like this one bit

  291. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Thank god our PK is still good, because we’ll need it to be with Brashear skating a regular shift.

  292. What the hell, did Sather bid against himself? 1.4 mil for someone that can’t play! Brashear better be in the AHL very soon, I can’t stand the thought that he might take up a roster spot that a young player otherwise could get.

  293. I can see us getting Gabo…..What a day that would be…Getting a guy who cant skate and a guy who never skates….. B E A utiful!

  294. RangerSteve on

    This signing makes no sense. Old fighters die hard. If he was 27, rather than 37 fine. I would have given the job to a younger guy and saved the money.

    Domi, Probert and others were not punching bags, but not unbeatable like they were earlier in their careers. Brashear has mileage. I hope Orr drops his ___ at the Garden.

    Let’s just hope this BS move is a side show and something bigger and more important is forthcoming.

  295. Agree with the sentiment, wtf…who needs him. I’m not a goon lover, I think the whole thing is overrated by those who still think fighting is better than action packed hard hitting and real hockey. I’d rather spend a little more for Neil, at least the guy can play!

  296. Now we just need to sign dubinsky and callahan to 6M/10yr contracts and we’re set..woohoo!!

  297. Can we talk about anything else to get my mind off of this? Any rumors at all?

  298. Sather is crap after unloading Gomez?!?! Cmon. Was Orr that great? Was he Cam Neely and I just didn’t see it?!?!?! This is infuriating!!! GREAT SIGNING BY SATHER!!!!

  299. brashear…
    we knew after sather did something good ( gomez trade) he’d turn around and so something to piss off all the fans..
    glad sather is spending his time and cap money on a 370year old goon. Really, anyone on Hartford’s 4th line could do what Brashear does for 700,000 bucks.
    RETARDED move…

  300. So the Rangers say goodbye to their 27 year old, cheaper enforcer. Then, they sign someone who is ten years older and more expensive? Either they have ZERO clue, or this is insurance in the event that Byers doesn’t fill the job adequately.

  301. honestly though, is he not going to get boo’ed as soon as he steps onto the ice?

  302. Sather did well yesterday with the Gomez trade, then he pulls off this garbage of a move? It’s like washing your hands and wiping them on the floor. Gee whiz!!

  303. Carp if I were there I’d be booing him… heck I’ll probably be booing him over the tv (and I won’t care how crazy I look/sound!)

    2 yrs 1.4 per=2.8 mil I wonder if Sather could have gotten Orr to take 3 yrs 1 per=3 mil…

    you gotta be kidding me that he had to go to frickin Brashear

  304. Brashear? Ew.

    At least with any other questionable signings in their history I hoped they would succeed.

    I’m placing my fan status on the UFA list.

    Sather must have had to make a deal with the devil (and I don’t mean Lou L) to move Gomez.

  305. Having old man Brashear around, or any other “enforcer” for that matter, isnt going to deter Pronger from doing what Pronger does. A true enforcer goes about his business regardless of who’s on the other side of the ice. The only thing an enforcer protects against is little punk ass wannabes like Daniel Carcillo.

  306. Cross Check Charlie on

    Please take down the props to Sather thread. Signing Brashear was stupid. No, it’s worse than stupid. It’s Glen Sather Stupid.

  307. Doodie Machetto on

    This is the enforcer equivalent of Gomez and Drury’s contracts.

    The worst.

  308. Smalls July 1st, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    Now we just need to sign dubinsky and callahan to 6M/10yr contracts and we’re set..woohoo!!

    Neither Dubinsky or Callahan will ever be worth 6 mil a year, but I cant tell if you’re being sarcastic, which you probably are…and yeah, i wouldnt put it past sather.

  309. Glennie can’t take us being happy with him- we got one night to be excited and now- gonzo-

  310. This is unreal. really sather? REALLY??? I hate this move. I hate brashear, GRRRRR




  312. “Stupid” traded Gomez?!?! Please. 1st game at MSG Brash beats the hell out of whoever he faces, dusts off his hands, and the crowd goes wild. . . . and the only Orr you will remember is Bobby.

  313. RangerSteve on

    Brashear is not an insurance policy. No matter where they put him, he is over 35, thus his full salary counts against the cap.

    Agree with the sentiment above, I would rather have spent a few more dollars and got Neil, though he is not a “true” heavyweight.

    I heard Sather is also talking to Claude Lemieux.


    Redden is no longer the disgrace of the Rangers


  315. >>so do you guys boo him right from the first preseason game?

    Rick, that guy should never wear the Rangers jersey. I will boo even if it’s his picture I see on the Net or in the papers. How can anyone cheer for a guy like that?

  316. Come on guys…I loved Orr more then anyone…but Brashear is legit.

    He is top three and is a better player then Orr.

    All in all..i would have rather kept Orr but it is not as bad as most are making it.

  317. NICKtheGREEK on


    NO respect to any of the fans or players!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate this.

  318. Rick, boo him from the drop of the puck on the first game. This guy is a piece of crap. He can’t skate, he can’t play, and as the NHL works towards phasing out fighting, we go and spend an extra 400K of cap space on a one dimensional pylon who’s one dimension is declining (remember Belak knocking him on his ass?). It must be written in the CBA in 2 point font that when a player is old and useless, they need to sign with NYR. I hope Betts farts on his face as retribution for that late hit. This guy sucks

  319. damn you sather for ruining another birthday!!!! May you burn in the netherworld with octomom, kate gosselin, liver, snakes, and islanders! DAMN YOU!!

  320. the TSN guys were actually chuckling when they announced Brashear signed with NY

  321. I hate the signing as much as you guys, but RELAX. This is not the only guy coming today. This is merely a blip on the radar.

  322. Why aren’t we pissing all over Higgins for taking Betts money?!?! Just STUPID rationale. Ugh. I can’t wait til we sign a big name so we can get past this….

  323. onecupin69years and counting on

    If you’re pissed off now?

    Relax Sather is warming up,wait and see.

    At least get a tough guy who can score,or . bring up a nhl minimum pay goon from the Ahl then

  324. NICKtheGREEK on

    I am EMBARRASSED to be a NYR fan as of this news……….

    How are we going to see this GOON wear a jersey of ours?

  325. It’s not about who’s the better player, Orr or Brashit. It’s about having some pride in your organization….something our GM lacks.

    Torts blasts the media for standing on the ranger logo in the locker room but then allows this low life to wear the jersey? In my eyes, Torts loses credibility and takes a BIG hit on this.

  326. Who Needs Lohan on

    Seriously, why are we wasting energy discussing this. Its a necessary signing to add muscle. Get over it, it means nothing to the future of this team. I know that when I see him on the ice, I get overcome with fear and hatred…..hence he does his job.

  327. I’m going to straight to hell for saying this, but I would honestly rather be an Islanders fan right now.

  328. Is this serious?

    I hope every single Ranger fan boos the F’ing crap out of Brashear.

    Get him the hell off this team. What a joke Sather. What a joke….

  329. Rob(the first) on

    See here is my take on Brashear…when torts came in he talked about the class and dignity about putting on an original six jersey…this signing makes us look like a classless bunch of goons…how could we go out and sign a guy who disrespected the game and our organization… its like the avs signing bertuzzi the summer after the steve moore incident….

  330. UESBlueshirt on

    Pavel that’s because they were on entry level contracts, can’t compare the two.

  331. I am still hoping that Brashear is $1.4 million total, not per year, but that still doesn’t make the signing good, especially since he will be playing less than five minutes per night. It looks like our whole fourth line is going to change.

  332. just git in for lunch.


    are you freekin kidding me?!?!?!?!?



  333. why doesn’t everyone stop being a drama queen about the brashear signing?

    like avery, you’re going to love him when he’s on our team

    get over it nancies.

  334. Maybe Brash is going to be part of a trade package out of NY. That would be nice. Slats with the mind F. It’d be great.

  335. cwg

    well I don’t like Avery and have never shied away from saying that… not everyone is a hypocrite…


    no it isn’t slowing down, not that I noticed atleast

  336. NYR fan in DC on

    As a Ranger fan in DC, I have had the opportunity to see Brashear play for the Caps. I have to say this man is slow, old and a liability. So, let’s smack Betts in the face by signing the guy who took him out. I will never root for this guy. I am embarrased that we sign him and let Orr go away for less. Way to go Slats you never fail to disappoint.

  337. UNREAL! The guy will be booed by the faithful constantly. He is hated. He knocked out our most important penalty killer with a cheap shot.

    Loved the Gomez trade and then doucheboy sather pulls this idiotic move.

    So hard to be a fan of this franchise…

  338. why didn’t we just keep Voros lol

    “Come on guys…I loved Orr more then anyone…but Brashear is legit.”

    Huggybear WAS legit. He’s 35 and an average garbage fighter at best. Nobody gets intimidated by a guy who throws two punches then tries to wrestle you to the ground every time he drops the gloves. NOBODY.

    As long as Huggybear is in the box, there will be a better player on the other team in the box, that is for sure.

  339. “Is there any GM doing nothing today on purpose?”



  340. Brashear doesn’t deserve to wear red & blue and Rangers fans hate him! Especially after what he did to Betts. So, beloved Ranger Betts gets exit and Brashear gets awarded by Sather? Plain stupid and ridiculous, it’s like spitting in our face!!! C’mon Sather!!! I hope they can send him in package. WHY NOT ORR?!!! The perfect move to ruin my day.

    Rick – do you think we signed Brashear to trade him in package?

  341. Jesus, what are you people in junior high? Wikipedia is not a legit source for ANYTHING.

  342. Hey Rick- I hope one of you guys will ask the questions that all Ranger fans want to ask-

    1) “When did you make signing a 37 year old enforcer a priority?”
    2) “All the talk of respecting the logo, original 6, do you feel this move, with all that happened last year, practices that phillosophy?”
    3) “How do you expect the fans to react to this, and do you have any concerned that there will be a hugely negative reaction?”

  343. Great move Sather. I guess Chris Simon wasn’t available. You’ve got to be F’ing kidding us. Yea, Brashear fits Tort’s uptempo style. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    da da da
    da da
    da da da


  344. Carp – I know that about Brashear; I’m just hoping it’s different because the Rangers haven’t put out a press release with the numbers. Just like how everybody was fooled into thinking that Rissmiller was one year instead of three.

  345. agravine

    no offense
    but anyone can change it?

    no sh|t

    but what you may not know is wikipedia has changed a lot since that crap went down 4 years ago


    Two weeks ago I said that Slats would probably come up with some harebrained trade nobody on this blog ever even considered but I never thought it would be THIS hare

  347. Does anyone realize how unbelievably bad this team’s going to be next season ?

    We might as well trade Hank, cause he’s being wasted. By the time we get good, he’s probably gonna be on the downside of his career.

  348. Dr Fitznicentight on

    Brashear should be Vick’s roomate at the halfway house. I’ll be rooting for Orr when they fight.

  349. colin

    I don’t know what you are referring to… but anyone can still change it and even in the last months there have been crazy things on there that aren’t true…

    again not syaing its never right I’m just saying it isn’t confirmation

  350. Barry Wallace on

    You guys are insane. Who really cares which bum plays 2 minutes a game? Yeah Brashear is a cheap shot artist, but so is Avery and we all love him. Just take a look at the playoff game where Avery nailed Milan Jurcina in the face with the butt end of his stick. You can drink all the kool aid you want that wasnt an accident. And just like the rest of you I remember the lat hit on Betts and how mad it made me, but that hit changed the whole tone of the game and the Capitals won because of it. So maybe instead of being so upset about garbage players lets start caring about people who will actually score goals and win games for us.

  351. C’mon guys, don’t u get it? He’s gonna protect Captain Clutch who was not that clutch last couple of season due to lack of protection!

  352. Thing about Wikipedia is that the information gets reviewed, doesn’t it?

    I really hope it’s true.

  353. Did Orr even want to come back ? i have a hard time believing Slats chose him over Orr.

    What goes through this retards head ?? Honestly, i want to fuggin know. Id pay cash money to find out what goes on inside the head of this IDIOT !!

  354. RangerSteve on

    Do any of you want Bertuzzi? With Knuble gone, Antropov wanting Sather’s next grandchild he is one of the few remaining big forwards. He is a cheaper and better option than Antropov. He looked pretty good last year playing for CAL.

  355. Who Needs Lohan on

    someone is effing with us. now wiki reads….

    Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Buffalo Bills of the National Hockey League (NHL). He has the distinction of being one of fewer than 50 NHL players to have scored five or more goals in a single game and the only one of the 21st century.

  356. Doodie Machetto on

    “You guys are insane. Who really cares which bum plays 2 minutes a game? Yeah Brashear is a cheap shot artist, but so is Avery and we all love him. Just take a look at the playoff game where Avery nailed Milan Jurcina in the face with the butt end of his stick. You can drink all the kool aid you want that wasnt an accident. And just like the rest of you I remember the lat hit on Betts and how mad it made me, but that hit changed the whole tone of the game and the Capitals won because of it. So maybe instead of being so upset about garbage players lets start caring about people who will actually score goals and win games for us.”

    1) I don’t like Avery. He’s a piece of garbage. I hated that hit on Jurcina. Classless move by the classless player.

    2) At least Avery can play offense occasionally. Brashear can do nothing but fight.

    3) Brashear is taking away cap space that can be used on Dubinsky, Callahan, and Staal’s new contracts. So even if he never plays, his contract is offensive to me.

  357. BARRY

    Avery isn’t a scum bag who delivered cheap shots to Nyr players basically every chance het gets. The Betts thing, the Shanny, and Ward thing, anyone remember him throwing cheap shots at Kaspar, and pulling his hair.

    This isn’t aboot getting an un-liked player, he’s just a disgrace, and he deserved the stick to the head he got from McSorley.

    Wrong choice for an enforcer. I hate Rupp, but id much rather have him, or McGratton over this scumbag, son of a whoer.

  358. Now it says that Gaborik is playing for the Sabres. So I would not even bother going back there to check again.

  359. Haha, and as you say that Ag, it says “Buffalo Bills” in the text of the article, not “Buffalo Sabres”!


  360. Brashear over Orr DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL. How come Sather is doing something like this??? Can anybody explain?

  361. i recall Milbury ripping brashear as being a waste of a roster space (yeah, agreeing with Milbury…….i know. a broken clock gives the correct time twice a day)

    everyone wanted an enforcer type on the team but why oh why oh why HIM?!?!?!?!

    why not Chris Neil or just keep Colton? brashear is viewed as slow slow slow. so, i don’t understand how this helps us…at all.

  362. i just tried changing it to the california seals
    and now im blocked

    when they see something fishy goin on they lock you out

  363. If Brashear over Orr is the only real mistake Sather makes today, then the Rangers are lucky…

  364. Who Needs Lohan on

    currently playing for AK Bars Kazan of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL).

  365. And to think that last summer I thought Montreal’s signing of Laraque for $1.5mn was the silliest tough guy contract I had seen. Sather’s folly with Brashear is a close second. It’s almost unfathomable that the same guy who argued that Avery was only worth $2mn a year signs a washed up goon with hands of stone and will only play in 30 games for $1.4mn……

  366. Rob(the first) on

    I just checked Wikipedia and apparently Brashear makes his home in NY, so thats why he wanted to be here. SO we signed him and now he can still live in the Bronx Zoo…and commute to NYC…

  367. Perhaps Sather was scared of giving Orr 4 years. But, the guy is only 27, as opposed to Brash, who is 37. Urgh.

  368. This Brashear crap really pisses me off, Stanley Cup caliber teams dont have these bums on the team…waste of money/roster spot. Avery on 2nd line and Brashear on 4th. GREAT. Sather must be getting Gaborik, Havlat or Heatley, there is no reason for 2 enforcers

  369. 2008-2009 New York Rangers Glen Slats Sather signed Gabs to a 10 year 85 million dollar contract on July 1st 2009. He is expected to play alongside Dany Heatley and Brandon Dubinisky

    but hes a sabre

    why dont we screw with jason krogs page or someone else

  370. Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Hartford Whalers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

  371. haha Rob

    colin I don’t know what your problem is but I hope you get help for it… the only thing I said was that wiki isn’t confirmation of anything if you want to make that an issue run with it… I really don’t care and all these posts form wiki have just proved that it isn’t reliable

    cheers and have a nice life.

  372. I apologize if anyone has mentioned this earlier. It it hard to keep track of everything said. First off..signing of Brashear is the worst move i have ever seen. How can any GM sign a player who intentionally hurt our best PK player who is as an essential part of this team. That is just creating or destroying any chances we had of having harmony in the locker room. Sather does not know a smart deal if it hit him in the ass. I bet a 10 year old can do his job better. Getting rid of Orr i can understand he did not produce but you can not replace him with someone who is as useful as a load shit. Ever off season Sather makes the rangers more of a disgrace and turning the franchise into a want to be yankee organization signing and handing money away to players out of their prime who prob would not have deserved that increase salary in the middle of their prime. SATHER signing brashear just proved that he has no respect for his players…MUTANY TORTS GET ‘ER DONE

  373. UESBlueshirt on

    “Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional civil war re-enactor and plays the part of Robert E. Lee on a regular basis”

    per wiki

  374. DanTheRangerFan on

    Now gaborik is a porn star actor in miget movies acording to wiki….

  375. Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the Yomiyuri Giants of the Japanese Baseball Leauge.

  376. And finally:
    Marián Gáborík (born February 14, 1982 in Tren?ín, Czechoslovakia) is a Slovak professional ice hockey right winger currently playing for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

  377. MikeyMcD!CK on

    we signed the dirtiest mother f*cker in hockey? how do we sign that punk after what he did to bettsy? so now we have avery, brashear, and betts on the same team… DISASTER.

    thank you sather for ruining another season.

  378. i hate sather. he really sucks. i dont get why you dont sign the main type of player you need first, like a high scoring winger. no, instead, he throws money away at an old crappy, hated goon first. now watch, we will be just a little short on cap space to get a op line player cuz of this. im getting sick of this team. it was so fun yesterday and just like eric said, dont get too happy, sather can ruin this team at any time. and he is only getting started.


    What’s he saying?

  380. It’s a good thing Sather was working his magic landing the bum that is Donald Brasear while other teams are scooping up Hossa and the like.

    Gotta love a GM with his priorities.

    Carp: please find out what the deal is with this Orr-Brasear thing. Did Orr WANT to leave or something?

  381. PLEASE GLEN SATHER, PLEASE SIGN GABORIK NOW!!!!! After busting open the awful day by signing Brashear, us Rangers fans need something to be excited about…Please sign Marian Gaborik and bring a scorer to NY!!!!

  382. we arent signing anybody spencer. not anyone that will help us that much. looks like sather is thinking drury will be a 40 gaoal scorer and zherdev will be a 60 goal score along with duby and cally who will be 30 goal scoerers. after all, duby did score 13 goals last year. our offense is pathetic. we have so many d men, and we have voros,brashear,boyle,betts,avery,maybe neil, drury,higgins,zherdev,cally and duby as our forwards. thank god i cancelled the nhl gamecenter cuz i aint gonna be watching this crap next year

  383. oops, i forgot korpi who scored a staggering 6 goals last year and anisimov, who hasnt scored any!!! yet. but im sure he’ll get 45 maybe 50

  384. I believe Sather panicked at the loss of Orr and…
    A.Signed Brashear to package to OTT in a 11th hour Heatley deal
    B.Figured Neil would be scooped up by TOR and didn’t want to be left with no toughness whatsover in our lineup
    C.Knows Betts will be gone and didn’t take into account chemistry
    or finally
    D.Torts asked Slats to get em.

    Either way I cannot stand the thought of this man in a New York Ranger sweater.

  385. What a difference 2 years makes. I remember exactly where I my car in Kahului Maui around 1 pm when I stopped in for a beer at Buzz’a Wharf and on ESPN they had it..Rangers sign BOTH Drury and Gomez…man so much enthusiam and good this….Brashear…Gomez gone..Redden here….but on a bright note Malik is gone also so….hey How bout those Mets??!!

  386. Orr was let go because of off ice problems that the Rangers did not want to deal with anymore. Brashear is a much better person.

  387. Clearly Sather reads these forums, my prayers were answered, Marian Gaborik is a Ranger!!! thank you sather for finally listening!!

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