Gaborik to the rescue?


TSN is reporting Marian Gaborik to the Rangers for five years at $5.75 million per.


Darren Dreger at TSN corrects the salary. It’s $7.5 million per year, which sounds more like it.

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  1. heatley to edmonton

    gaborik to rangers

    i don’t know if i’m happy…i hope he stays healthy

  2. Not a bad deal years and dollars-wise, but you have to pray he stays healthy. Now who will center Gaborik?

  3. what a steal of a deal, sather is on fire, say what you want about brashear but he is a good veteran presence to have on the team and he sticks up for the team which is most important, hes still a scary dude out there

    but gaborik, wow!! what a steal!!! now who does he play with? i dont see him with drury, its gotta be doobie!

  4. Awesome job by Sather

    We keep Dubi and Cali by not going after Heatley.

    Gabo comes almost 2 million dollars cheaper than Gomez

    We basically traded Gomez for Higgins, Gaborik, and Ryan McDonagh….equal salary


  5. If he stays healthy, this could be a good signing. At least now we won’t have him scoring 5 goals against us the next time we play Minnesota…

  6. Not bad Sather

    Gaborik, Higgins, the #1 MTL prospect, and Brashear
    Gomez and assorted trash


  7. 7.5 mil? really?
    someone double check!!!
    i actually have to do work at work

  8. Leetchhalloffame on

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    Former Minnesota Wild winger Marian Gaborik has agreed to a five-year contract with the New York Rangers.

    The Slovakian forward will earn $5.75 million per year.

    Gaborik played his entire seven-year career with the Wild, scoring 219 goals and 437 points in 502 games. Injuries limited Gaborik to just 13 goals and 23 points in 17 games this season. Gaborik set career highs in goals (42), assists (41) and points (83) in 77 games during the 2007-2008 campaign.

    The 27-year-old was Minnesota’s first pick (third overall) at the 2000 NHL Entry Draft.

  9. ok dreger made a mistake

    its 5 years @ $7.5 a year

    thats the price you pay for an elite sniper

  10. 10 should be retired for Esa Tikkanen, but I guess its ok if we loan it to Gabby until then…

  11. I wonder if we pull the deal for Neil now.

    How much are we currently under the cap after this deal? About 16 million before our remaining RFAs are signed?

  12. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Oh Glen Sather, just when I think you can’t get any dumber, you go and do something like this.


    Good deal, getting Gaborik for under 6, and only 5 years. Now pull that Neil offer stat.

  13. wow. well he can’t be injured ALL 5 years can he???? we’re at least getting a 40 goal year right? I mean Gabby scored 40 under lemaire!

  14. disgrunted rangers fan on

    $6 million a season to a guy who plays only half of it? Bad deal…

  15. I would like to see Heatly here, but it all depends what we need to give up.

    We get two proven scorers and with Hank behind the net, we could be a competitive team this year.

    I still think we need to add a d-man that can clear the crease for Hank.

  16. whatever, 7.5 is gomer’s contract for an elite scorer

    Avery Dubinsky and Gaborik would make a nice line wouldnt it?

  17. we havent seen the best of gaborik, he played in a very defensive system in minn

    in torts’ uptempo pressure system he could easily score 50

  18. Apparently Heatley agreed to go to Edmonton, too, but only Eklund so far. Any coincidence that this came at the same time?

    $7.5 million is better spent on Gaborik than Gomez, but we don’t have room for anyone else that expensive, despite all of the room we seem to have. There are still so many roster spots to fill.

  19. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    ahh 7.5mil. A little too good I guess. I can’t see the Rangers signing Neil now.

  20. EDIT!!!!

    WTF?!?! How can you give this guy THAT much $$$??? I thought 5.75 would let Sather sign Neil. . . .

    Sather is an IDIOT!!!!

  21. Listen, if Ottawa turned down Dubinsky and Rozi for Heatley, we would have had to improved the offer, and thats giving up too much.

    I am fine with Gabo…we have a good training staff, didnt have any real injuries last year. This is what you pay for a guy of his age/talent.

    If we can offload Roszival or Redden’s contract, we are still in pretty good cap shape.

  22. are you kidding me! it’s a great signing, we finally have a goalscorer that is reliable on the ice(when healthy). Imagine him playing in an uptempo – offensive style system unlike the defensive one under lamaire in minny

  23. sather is still retarded. he pretty much swapped Gomez’s salary for gaborik. Player wise, upgrade, but same cap hit.

  24. I don’t get it. Gomez was a great move. Brash was a good move. But TOO MUCH$$$$$$$$ to Gabby. Way too much.

  25. ‘$7.5 million is better spent on Gaborik than Gomez

    Hell yeah it is!!!! While a true skater & scorer is in rehab from being injured Gomer passes into skates, skates offside and smile while the team gets blow out 10-2.

  26. 7.5!!!

    Ok, disregard, we will not be getting another proven scorer.

    Well, we got someone who can score.

  27. The Rangers will never be able to insure this contract, this is quite the gamble. With this contract Gaborik can afford to buy himself a bubble to live in, cause he’s going to need it to stay healthy.

  28. I don’t understand…..the rap on this Gabrik is that he’s always hurt?
    Plus he just came off of major hip surgery???
    same dollars as Gomez….any news on Higgins?

  29. I dunno, just throwing it out there, Avery is a better Voros, so I think he will get the spot, but I bet Voros at least gets a look there

  30. Least people might think about taking out gaborik if they are watching over their shoulder for Avery, Neil and Brashear LOL

  31. You knew Slats couldn’t stay away from a big long contract. Im on the fence with this one. Gabby has all the talent in the world to be a superstar, and put up great numbers, that haven’t been put up since we had Jags. But i don’t know, 5 years ?

    Also who is this guy going to play with, Michael Jackson’s ghost ? Oh wait, he’s a little too old for MJ.

    Maybe Slats tries to get Richards now, so we can have an actual number one center.

    Who knows, maybe nights not over after all.

  32. Centers – Drury, Dubi, Anisimov, Boyle
    Left Wings – Avery, Higgins, Korpikoski, ??
    Right Wings – Gaborik, Zherdev, Callahan, ??
    Def – Staal, Girardi, Rozi, Redden, Gilroy, ??

    Got Brashaer and probably an AHLer called up on the front, and a ton of young D to pick from

    Better than we were last year in my opinion

  33. I wish they would hand out what sather is smoking when we go to games….maybe then things would make sense!

  34. Rangers= FAIL… Gaborik < Heatley… Sather is ridiculous… first Brashear now Gaborik… don’t get me wrong, Gaborik is a good player, but he can’t hold Heatleys jock… Heatley hardly ever missed a game due to injury (aside from his car accident that took most of his season in 04′)… Gaborik is a disaster… and not half as talented, hes scored 40 goals once… Heatley hasn’t score less than 39 goals in 4 years, and last year he had his minutes reduced like crazy because ottawa is nuts… thanks sather, you LOSER

  35. gaborik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you slats!!! he better freakin stay healthy

  36. In 24 hours MTL just changed their average player size from 6’1 200 to 5’8 189.

  37. I’m sorry but I’ll take a Gomez for Gaborik and Higgins trade 10 times out of 10.

  38. HAHAHA

    How predictable is Gainey. Gets Blowmez, and then Gionta, and thinks he can bring back the midget magic they had a few years ago. What a loser.

    Although they might be tough to deal with next year. Blowmez, Kovy, Cammy, Gio, Tan-Gay, Tit Bros, and the rest of the gang of retards.

  39. Anyone watching game 6 on MSG? LOL there would have been 100 penalties called if they called in the NEW NHL!!!!

    Ott probably wants too much for Heatley. Probably asking for Staal & Dubi.

  40. I hope our training staff starts working on some new techniques for keeping Gaborik healthy.

  41. honestly, even at 7.5 im still stoked. gaborik actually has the potential to live up to that contract. gomez did not.

    everyone freaking out about salary needs to take a deep breath. we’re still going to trade rozsival. if not this offseason, sometime before the deadline. we have a glutton of young d prospects that are all knocking on the door. they’re more affordable and some of them have more upside than rozi. as far as im concerned, rozi is a goner.

    im stoked gabby is a ranger. this dude is an absolute horse when he’s healthy. he’s a threat every time he’s on the ice and especially short handed.

  42. Leetchhalloffame on

    The contract is ridiculous but this guy is a proven goal scorer and game changer and only 27 years old. We haven’t had anybody like him in a while. Sather had to make this move and overpay, but it could be good.

  43. I wonder if Gaborik is going to say that Voros was a big factor in him siging here like Gomez was a factor for Cammalleri. :)

  44. satherstinks on

    add this to the list of bad free agent signings the rangers have made throughout the years. burdening the team with another huge salary commitment to a guy that played 17 games last year and has only played more than 65 games once in the past 5 seasons. pathetic.

  45. MAKO…I’m watching. That along with this free agency frenzy has got me all fired up for hockey. Too bad it’s only July 1st.

  46. had it posted the gaborink resigned with minn, then sadly i refreshed the page and it said he signed with the rangers. I just hope to hell he plays alot more than the 17 games he played last year!

  47. So we basically swapped Gomez for Gaborik and Higgins (and a D prospect) without trading any kids?

    Color me happy with the situation.

  48. matt- its better than us signing neil. the guy can score. thats all we really needed. if he stays healthy, which he should, because we have jim ramsay!!! the best, lol. then he will great for us. but, if he does get injured, then we put him on ir and maybe get someone else as a replacement. i really am excited but you could be right and if he does get hurt i will be pissed. its better than not getting any help though. the guy could be the damn league mvp if he played a full season. thats a big if. but if he can play 70 games average fine. i just dont wanna see him play 65 games a year.

  49. Teams still far away from being a contender. This guy’s bones break after a Mariah Carey concert, he might not be around for a full season to help out, and if he does, who’s gonna help him out ?

    Slats needs to make a trade, and somehow, some way find a way to bring in someone who can help. I know Heatley’s not an option anymore, but it sure would be sweet if we can somehow find a way to talk these idiots into sending him here without giving up the young 3.

  50. Good signing (we are a lot better then we were 24 hours ago!) Now go pull a trade out of your arse Glenn, and get us Vinnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Thank goodness we did not have to have Neil; good thing Ottawa also offered four years. Is he really worth double of Orr? I guess because he scores sometimes.

  52. does anyone think that this signing means another big contract may be leaving?

  53. too much money and too much term for my liking. sather is a drunken sailor or a tiger looking for prey. bad deal back to cap hell

  54. We basically traded Gomez, Pyatt, and Busto for Gaborik, Higgins, McDonagh, Valentenko, and Janik. That’s a great trade, no matter how you look at it. Period.

    I will take Gaborik at 7.5mill over Gomez at 7.5mill any day, injured or not. When he’s healthy, he can do things Gomez is simply incapable of. Wait to see the details of this deal, full salary could be tied into games played. There may also be club options at the back end. Additionally, we don’t know if there’s a no-movement clause. Injury prone as he is, Gaborik is talented enough that someone will be willing to take him off our hands if this doesn’t work out.

    Sather has redeemed himself. Wait, Redden is still a Ranger. ALMOST redeemed himself.

  55. honestly- im upset we didnt get camileri too

    we have 4 free from naslund, 3.1 if we dont keep zerdev, and 2.5 from antro

    we could have swung and got him

  56. So, I read that we got Gaborik & everybody’s happy.
    Then I read that we got Gaborik & people are pissed off.
    That is it – we happy or not ?

  57. The Ranger medical staff better be ready! If Gaborik can stay healthy, awesome. If not, obviously flaw ignored.

  58. COLIN

    Rozi to the Stars. I wish it was actually to the Stars, out in space, but he’s probably going to Dallas.

    We need a center. Richards is that guy.

    Unless Vinny L is on the list which i highly doubt. Wouldn’t mind getting St Louis, as long as it doesn’t cost us Cally, Dubi, Staal, Del Z, Geno, or Artie. Obviously.

    Gotta get something, cause this teams incomplete. You cant expect Drury, or Dubi to be the guy that Gabby depends on. That’s for sure. Dreary just cant do it, and it’s too much pressure for Dubi.

  59. satherstinks on

    i love how everyone justifies this because they see it as a trade for gomez et al. we just dumped a bad decision and turn around and make another one. i hope for the best, but this is a huge gamble that i don’t think will pay off. thank god we didn’t get rid of callahan, dubi, stall, etc.

  60. nyrcc

    we need the cap room
    he is next on the list that can be traded

    maybe we can go 3 for 3 with the wikipedia?

  61. We have a legit 26 year old superstar winger locked up for 5 years.

    We couldnt put pucks in the net last year, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

    The contract is steep but its the going rate for a top notch sniper – thats all there is to it.

  62. I’m glad Neil signed elsewhere, although truth be told I’d rather have him then Brashear.

    On another topic, Kovalev still has not signed with Montreal, and I wonder if they could even afford him at this point.

    If we could take on another 4-5 million a year for 2 years, would you do it? He might be a good fit in Tort’s uptempo style of play.

    I’d hate to see him wind up in Pittsburgh and add to our playoff misery.


  63. Yes, we probably overpaid but the truth is, Gaborik is one of the best wingers in the game and is dominant when healthy. It will be great to see him really be able to skate in Torts’ system after being choked in Minnesota. You can look at his stats vs Heaters all day but you cant forget who Heatley has played with (Spezza, Alfreddson) vs Gaborik and what system theyve been in.

    Im willing to believe he can stay healthy. Sometimes its best to get these guys right after the year they played the least. Maybe he finally dealt with whatever was wrong with his groin. And don’t forget he came back and put up 23 points in 17 games. All in all, I cant HATE slats for what he’s done. Still not perfect, but hell, I thought he was a genius after Drury and Gomez so what do I know.

  64. DIV

    That’s different. The team had Blowmez, Shanny, Dreary, etc. Gabby is the go to guy now. He’s the only guy.

    BTW – In NHL 09 it has Higgins as a Center. Is that right, or is he a Winger ?

  65. Calgary Flames General Manager Darryl Sutter announced today the signing of forward Fredrik Sjostrom.

  66. I hear that Orr, but Jagr was the go to guy then, support or not, and Dubi is more experienced, I think he’d do fine…. who knows, maybe Gaborik plays with Anisimov, def not Drury

  67. gaborik just being on the team and practicing with the team makes our offense better, his talent rubs off on the others, and i think hell do wonders for zherdev and grachev!!

  68. im surpised calgary hasnt signed a decent back up yet with all of these other moves

  69. Look what Gabby did in the amount of games he played last year. He dominated. And i think put up pretty much a point per game.

    Obviously he had Koivu helping him out.

    I know it’s going to be tough, but Slats needs to stay awake, light up a cigar, get out your fav ice cream, get a cup of joe, and stay awake.

    Gotta do something. Start by dumping Mikey Blowsemall !!

  70. Gaborik will play with Dubi, I’m sure of it.

    Now get Samuelson!!!!! And trade Rozi!!!!!!

  71. i don’t know…….maybe someone with a little more
    background on this could determine whether we overpaid (again).
    i have a feeling that we did. 5 years at 7.5 mil per year?!?!?
    3 would have been alright or at a smaller price.

    and back to brashear (good god, i still can’t my mind around that acquisition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    if Tortorella ran the youth camp in such a ferocious style and said that the September camp will be more of the same, how in the hell is the should-have-retired-rather-than-take-an-MSG-paycheck brashear going to make it through the first week, let alone first practice?!?!?!?!?!?


  72. honestly though, say he did get injured and played only 25 or 30 games this year, hed still have more goals and points than gomez would the whole season. so its still better than where we were yesterday. i say he stays healthy enough. maybe not play all 82 games, but i think anybody that tries hurtin him will have to fight boyle,brashear,or voros. thats voros buddy right there. lol. voros was a fan fave in minny. how is that even remotely possible? he doesnt win fights!! he sucks. more goals he scored came off his a$$cheeks than off his stick!!

  73. ok so does anyone see heatley to ottawa ANYWHERE but hockeybuzz?
    my heatley feed went down

  74. I think the best thing to do is to hang on to Nicky Z. Unless we manage to get Heatley and have to give him up then that’s alright, but he’s the only guy we have that might have some chemistry with Gabby.

  75. TONY

    tsn originally reported Gaborik at 5.7 per year.


    They made a misatke and it’s actually 7.5

  76. Is it me, or does Slats love to just get people that ruin Hank’s life. Dreary’s 7.7 secs goals, Gabby’s 5 goal night, etc.

    Does this help Hank’s confidence or does it fugg with him ?

  77. jpg- lamo about training camp. idk brotha. but brashit wont be a happy camper. o well. then retire

  78. Last i checked, the Trashers were interested in him. Don’t know who the other teams are. Who knows, maybe the Habs will get him. They’re getting everything.

  79. Alot of you guys wre begging for Gaborik. The only thing I know about him is he scored 5 goals against us and he’s ALWAYS HURT. If he’s a pussy vs Philly-Dev-Pitt and gets hurt, you guys better shut up. He still doesn’t bring us the cup.

  80. Heater is being a little biznitch. He requested the trade and is holding out.

  81. chris

    Gabby had 23 points in 17 games. Not 36 in 17. Still, that point/game rate spread over 82 games is 110. (yes I know, I know….. more like 32 games…43 points)

  82. Voros – Dubinsky – Gaborik

    27 points in the first month, until Gaborik hurts his groin and Voros reaches 75 PIM.

    PLEASE RE-SIGN DUBI AND CALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. This is a fantasy-land deal. This guy gets banged up in game 10 and misses 80 games over the next three years. Damaged-goods always cost you – TWICE. Typical short-sighted Sather move.

  84. my mistake

    but we dont have 1 player we could pretend will score 13 in 17 games

  85. great job on the “IR” Pavel! great wit!!

    thanks for a great job on the PK Shoe!!! I guess beeshiz will be on the pk now!

  86. no more then 50 games played for him. i hate this deal. why cant we sit still and not do anything instead of throwing money around

  87. Ol’ Crabby signed Gabby.

    now let’s hope he plays the games and doesn’t get groin pulls every other day.

  88. yeah yeah great but now the tough decisions really come. Gotta love the first line though…
    Higgins-Dubinsky-Callahan(Torts wet dream)
    Avery-Betts(do they sign?)-Z/Antro(stay or go)
    Brashear-A.A. or Boyle- Sjostrom

    Girardi/Wade/Rozi/Staal/Cam Barker or Scuderi(PLEASE PLEASE) and either Potter, Sangs orSauer

  89. next Move Should be offering Kovalev a two year deal for 8 million and see if he bites. Then Trade Rosi to DAL for Richards and pick up the best of what’s left in the crease clearing D man dept.

    or just sign Havlat and make the Rosi trade.

  90. Like I always say… what this team really needs to be a Cup contender is a Civil War reenactor with a 14″ c*ck.

  91. trade for richards in that unload rosival with someone else. then Sign Havlat with that money that we cleared a bit. I dont know richards contract and then maybe sign a decent second liner like antro but obviously we would couldnt pay him what hes asking or someone like him. Fill the kids in on d, trade brashear for some food and well be all set

  92. Maybe we could play three defensemen on each power play unit. I’m not inspired by our penalty-killng from forwards except for Drury, Callahan, and Korpikoski (if he makes the team).

  93. it looks like most of us are agreeing. Get richards unload rozi sign whats left of crease clearing defensemen or just let the kids play and sign havlat and just do something to get rid of brashear

  94. They have like $13 million left and still gotta resign Dubi, Cally, Kori, and Nicky Z.

    The chances for Byers, Weisse, Owens, and Grachev to make the team just increased!

  95. BREAKING NEWS- marion gaborik who had just moments ago signed a 5 yr deal with the new york rangers, got hit by a nut driving a sportscar. the suspect fled the scene but police have the car almost identified. it was an ottawa license plate that read: EATLEY. they are looking closely at traffic cameras for evidence of the missing 1st letter of the license plate. if anyone has any information about this crime, please call the injured reserve hotline. as for gaborik, he is in stable condition, but doctors have said that he will not be able to play hockey again for at least 5 years thus, ending his 5 minute career with the rangers. the new york rangers are now pursuing other options for a top line winger and have been reports that pavel brendl has been offered a 10 year deal to replace4 gaborik

  96. I have no sources, but something tells me Slats has something else in the works for tonight – either another signing or a trade.

  97. richards is makin 7.8 mil guys, screw him, spend the rest of our money on cally and doobie and staal, lock them up for years and years like detroits doing with their franzens and zetterbergs

  98. Richards’s contract is more expensive than Rozsival’s, but it will take more than Rozsival to get him. I don’t want him here.

  99. Can we even afford Richards contract AND sign Havlat, or a crease clearing d-man ?

    Slats pull something off, get Heatley !! Use your trade magic, damn it !! Convince them !!

  100. I still think its Richards with Dubi and Redden and Sangs going to Dallas. I like Dubi as much as the next guy, but whats best for the team is to get rid of Redden and get back a proven Torts favorite. Rozi could go also and then you can keep Mara as your veteran presence on a D full of young potential studs. This team is going to be offensive (scoring or really bad) – but I love it either way.

    For all of you complaining about length of contract…stop. for all of you complaining about $$$…stop. Redden to the minors makes this team light as a feather again. Gaborik is a stud! end of story.

    Carp you da man and Dr. O is still here….
    Laurel – where’s the pick?

  101. ur centers right now r drury, dubi AA and boyle. NOW fill in the wingers

    higgins cally gaborik and avery korpedo( who by the way better pick up in offensive production, if he could contribute a little more that would be a plus) i can think of anyone else feel free to add cause i probably forgot someone

  102. Guys, Raider had it spot on above. Gaborik is ELITE and well deserving of 7.5mm per – its market rate. Also, there is alot of talk about him on different boards – HF has a poster that said all of Gabby’s leg related injuries were due to groin issues that were FIXED by his surgery prior to this past season. Supposedly, he should be trouble free going forward. I guess we’ll find out, but even if he get hurt, we only spent money, not assets, which we have tons of. This is a great signing.

  103. we dont have money to sign havlat or anybodyelse that expensive. unless we trade redden or rozy.

  104. Betts is gone if i were him i would tell sather and dolan to go straight to hell.

    I think the rangers are a better team today than they were yesterday, but the health issue with this guy frightens me. Surgery on both hips last year. Has had upper leg problems his entire career.

  105. or drury ;-)

    KIDDING dont all go nuts, I KNOW he has a NMC and absolutely LOVES being clutch for the Rangers and their legions of fans!

  106. I played around with the cap; they can sign Cally and Dubi for 2.5 each, Boyle for 1 mill, Byers for 800K, Zherdev for 3.75, Higginns for 2.5 and add AA, Grachev for their salaries and even Owens at 500K and still have 1.6 million plus of cap room.

    Not too shabby.

  107. kurt
    July 1st, 2009 at 9:22 pm
    ur centers right now r drury, dubi AA and boyle. NOW fill in the wingers

    higgins cally gaborik and avery korpedo( who by the way better pick up in offensive production, if he could contribute a little more that would be a plus) i can think of anyone else feel free to add cause i probably forgot someone

    kurt- how could you forget voros????? wtf dude? lol

  108. Someone else is going to have to be moved. We don’t have enough money to re-sign all of these guys. What happens if Dubi or Callahan is signed to an offer sheet?

  109. WAIVE REDDEN…we get Gaborik and free up another $6.5 million of cap space for some breathing room (and to use on our restricted FA’s)…why is Redden not in Hartford yet???

  110. sjo only signed for 1.5 over 2 years?? ouch too bad we couldnt have kept him

  111. There is just enough cap space left to resign RFAs. Thus, if Richards is acquired an RFA must go the other way, otherwise there won’t be any cap space left to sign the RFAs,

  112. Doodie machetto on

    Gaborik strained his hip, pulled his groin, and broke both of his arms signing the contract.

  113. Gaborik is one of the top 10 nhl players when healthy.
    That said i think we overpaid by 1/1.5 mil (not that bad by sather standards).
    Let’s hope he stay healthy.
    sather trades are much better then his signings.

  114. we offered 4 yrs for $2.3 mil a year for Neil and he took less money to go back to Ottawa…THANK GOD!

  115. Chris from Albany on

    Sjo was my favorite player..UGH..oh well..Calgary is an awesome place to play hockey though

  116. Doodie machetto on

    Lame. Overpaid for gaborik, overpaid for brashear, left no extra cap cushion for our rfas this year and next.

    Way to blow the benefits of the gomez trade.

    God damn it I hate sather

  117. don’t worry Chris, we got donald brashear replacing Shoe on the penalty kill now! ;-)

  118. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, the Rangers couldn’t give Sjostrom 750K, but can give a big pile of shit 1.2M? Nice work Glen.

  119. Hey, Hey, Has anyone made a joke about Gaborik hurting himself when he signed the contract yet????? Anybody?????????

  120. This just in: Doodie Machetto has claimed that Sather “blew it.” In other news, today is Wednesday!

  121. I don’t have a problem letting Sjo walk…they can probably use one of their younger guys (Byers, Dupont) to kill penalties and play on 4th line for cheaper…what i do have a problem with is paying Brasher 1.4 million dollars

  122. cant wait to see anisimov grachev zherdev on a line. then have duby cally and gabby. higgins drury and avery. then the B line-boyle/betts byers bashear on D- staal- del zotto, redden- girardi, gilroy-potter/sauer tradekorpi for a pick, donate voros and josh thompsons head to science.

  123. Great we got Ga-broke who has been injured through out all of last season & Brashear who causes injures.

    What happen with the devils, no more Rupp, Madden, Gionta, Clemmenson. WOW

    We lost Sjostrom, Orr, Gomer Pile,

  124. Does Gabby have a NTC or NMC ?? I hope not. That has to be the deal breaker, if you want 5 years, and that amount of money, you cant have the NTC.

    Odds are Slats gave him one, just because he likes to do retarded things.

    Remember ladies, Hockey Night Live is on at 10, and then it resumes at 11, after a 30 minute break which they’ll need since they can barely stay awake. Plus Danekyo shakes so much on camera he needs time to re-cooperate.

  125. What the odds Betts will comeback to this team now with his rapist as a teammate?

  126. Why give 7.5 mil to a guy who has never played a full NHL season and has only scored 40 goals once? I think Sather outbid himself again on this one. Rangers still need to clear a couple of million if they want to resign Korpi, Staal, Dubi and Cally.

  127. tell you what – brashear scares a lot more people then colton orr ..

    this and he is a veteran for only 400k more than orr who hasnt scored more than 20goals lifetime

  128. Chris from Albany on

    Remember months ago when we were complaining about the Tom Renney system. Well blogger’s, we are at the pres ibis of the John Torterella system and this is what it is going to look like. I say anything else is always something better. Ok, that is “Coglins Law” from what movie. Little trivia for you guys and girls.

  129. Lol, yeah i just realized the Devs got pretty crappy. They still have a good team, but they lost a lot. Plus Shanny wont be back, im guessing.

    My lines for NHL 10


    Gilroy-Del Zotto

    Am i missing anyone ?

  130. mike in ia
    July 1st, 2009 at 9:42 pm
    cant wait to see anisimov grachev zherdev on a line. then have duby cally and gabby. higgins drury and avery. then the B line-boyle/betts byers bashear on D- staal- del zotto, redden- girardi, gilroy-potter/sauer tradekorpi for a pick, donate voros and josh thompsons head to science.

    agree 110% I am not a big fan of korpedo give grachev a shot and maybe Z comes around and really develops(hey all we can do is hope)

    Love whats going to happen with the D. Hopefully they develop just a quick as staal did and we could have one of the best defensive cores.

  131. I actually do not mind having Brashear, especially with how the flyers bulked up again.

  132. ORR WHAT-

    12 minutes and counting….atleast you know maloney will be honest and call it how he sees it, i think he will be happy but still knows we have a long way to go before we can match the elite in the east…i cannot wait to see Daneyko-wtf are the devils doing!

  133. “tell you what – brashear scares a lot more people then colton orr ”

    Lol, yeah a whopping ONE extra goal. He’s not that big of a hitter, he’s a garbage fighter who hugs, and kisses.

    He’s a loser. And he’s going to have to wear the sacred Nyr jersey. How would Domi feel aboot this ?

  134. ORR WHAT ?!?!
    July 1st, 2009 at 9:48 pm
    Lol, yeah i just realized the Devs got pretty crappy. They still have a good team, but they lost a lot. Plus Shanny wont be back, im guessing.

    My lines for NHL 10


    Gilroy-Del Zotto

    Am i missing anyone ?

    The 4th line can be called the missing link line

  135. So…right now…we don’t have any money to sign anybody else? I guess their banking on Grachev b/c if Gaborik isn’t healthy…we’re worse off than last year.

  136. SETH

    Haha, he’s going to be shaking like Ali when they start talking aboot the Devils. I only tune in for Danekyo, that guy is a spazz.

    Does anyone notice when Maloney turns his head to the camera he makes this face like he’s in pain. Look out for it, it’s kind of funny.

    And i hate the close ups on Butch’s ugly mug. That guy is just all kinds of ugly.

  137. LOL kinda embarrassed that I knew the answer. Elizabeth Shue was hot for a minute LOL

  138. holy crap domi! You’re last line was absolute comedy GOLD! I laughed so loud my cat jumped about 4 feet in the air!

  139. Domi just put on his imaginary heavyweight belt… love him…

    In cat news, Gomez just found a bug. He’s looking at it and crying.

  140. Am i missing anyone ?

    Rozi whoch means we really need to dunmp him for sdomething

  141. Angry Whopper on

    The Devils never spend on free agents, they did last year on Rolston and he was a huge bust. I bet Lou lays in the woods and picks up some scraps like Tanguay and maybe a D-man.

  142. Mister Delaware on

    I guess I’m a little disheartened about the fact that we could have had Cammallieri/Orr/Sjostrom/Betts for just a tad more than Gaborik/Brashear but, overall, the Gomez for Gaborik-plus tradeoff is a big net win.

  143. NYRGuy
    July 1st, 2009 at 9:51 pm
    So…right now…we don’t have any money to sign anybody else? I guess their banking on Grachev b/c if Gaborik isn’t healthy…we’re worse off than last year.

    You are so right.

  144. All year we talked about how the Rangers were an easy team to play against…well, with Avery and Brashear and the playmaking ability of Gabo…not so easy anymore huh?

  145. i was thinking the ‘bro-magnon”line but..

    butch goring looks like golum from Lord of the Rings!

    I wish i was watchin all these shows you guys get, damn I need to move back to NY!!

  146. Voros is Gaborik’s BFF so him and his 1 million will probably still be here. joy :(

  147. As much as I like Gabo though, I would’ve been content with keeping the cap space this year and signing Kovalchuk next year

  148. u think daneyko gets caught wearing jeans again!!!!!!! oh man first sutter stabs them in the back, now madden and lil gionta jump ship, u had to love the devils locker room and press conferences after the debacle against the canes, that atleast somewhat numbed the pain after federov went top shelf on the king! how many times will kenny d mention PARISE tonight, sorry im fired up i just watched emrick annouce game 6 of the eastern conf finals from 1994


  149. stop hating on the korpedo! the kid is 23 years old!! give him some time, he is a great 2 way player and always hustles, hes a given on the team and let gaborik teach him some things!!!

  150. Chris from Albany on

    Yeah she was totally hot. MAKO, all we can do is keep the faith, hope Gaborik stays healthy, and higgins and the others play at the Torterella level. Super pumped for the new season. Lets see what our boys can do. Remember..if you build it they will come.

  151. I miss Domi, I saw him after an Dice Clay show at Radio City. Me and my friends started chanting DOMI DOMI, he waved, then did that speed bag deal! Awesome.

  152. “tell you what – brashear scares a lot more people then colton orr ”

    Lol, yeah a whopping ONE extra goal. He’s not that big of a hitter, he’s a garbage fighter who hugs, and kisses.

    He’s a loser. And he’s going to have to wear the sacred Nyr jersey. How would Domi feel aboot this ?

    orr – he said “scares” not “scores”

    l2read punk! :)

  153. Lets be honest, only Trautface and Maloney have half a clue what they’re talking about. Daneyko is struggling to make sentences.

  154. interesting questions on the other board

    If NY trades off Rozsival to acquire one more winger, how would you feel about signing Zubov to a 2-3 million dollar contract if hes healthy. He could fill the void for a year until MDZ and Sangs are ready.
    He was one of the top o- dmen in the league.

    heres the loink

  155. Chris from Albany.

    I have faith in the medical staff on the team. They have some of the BEST Orthopaedic doctors here in NYC. He will be in good hands if he gets hurt *crossing fingers*

    I still think Redden and Drury are some of the weakest links on the team Drury was a game changer on Colorado & Buffalo. But Im sorry $7mm for a handful of games isnt worth it in my book. They are missing a piece or two no doubt.

  156. Kovalchik would never be available.
    Team looks better today than on June 29 for sure.
    Any chance Tampa wants Redden for their minor league system? I can dream right?

    Korpedo could play wing on the fourth line, but his $1M and change salary means he is going to be traded since Owens or Byers is cheaper and at this rate same output.

    Where is the Heater right now? Is he in Edmonton? Still think we can get him if not and that would be sick

  157. So…… If Gaborik gets hurt we put him on the IR. We than sign Kovalchuk at the trade deadline (cause Atlanta ain’t making the playoffs) and we go on to win the Stanley cup!! -who cares about next season???

  158. go torts-still change to come! he didnt like gomez, he didnt like zherdev-i dont see zherdev coming back, whats the latest gossip on kessel?

    Domi28-lets see what kenny d has to say when we get to discuss the team from dirty jerz….

  159. Hockey man Rangers on

    Ok got get my .2 cents in here tonight, since yesterday all I have been doing is reading everyone else. The Gomer deal was bitter sweet but over all probably a good deal. Higgins sounds like he plays hard, should be good for Torts. Brashaer I am not thrilled about at all, I REALLY hope to see him clean up his act out on the ice. Gaboriks??? not really sure about him sounds like he might be injury prone. I just don’t think Sather has made us BETTER. I think we are where we were at last year. But you never know, as we have said for the last how many years, looks good on paper. But I am not so sure this looks good on paper??? If nothing else I hope to watch the young players do well. I would love to see Dubi come out and have a killer year.

  160. there ya go maloney! i understand orr was a team player but listen to maloney here! brashear has much more skill then orr this is a fact people, i posted 6 hrs ago that im pretty sure orr cannot lift the puck of the ice, he has no shot, orr for brashear no big deal at all

  161. Yes Seth – Said it earlier- Say what you want about ORR he was definitely liked and also a Team player- Simply put Brashear is a better Hockey Player!!

  162. no way does Huggy play the uptempo Torts style. he stands around. hopefully he gets injured and replaced by a young Ranger who actually can skate.

    I say it now. I hope Gabby does NOT get hurt, and I hope that the Donald breaks his trump.

  163. Im not saying we are going to win a cup this year – but I am gonna say that when Torts’s Lightning won in 2003-04 it was because of a core group of young stars playing their hearts out in front of a solid goaltender. Nobody expected them to have the season they did.
    I think we will see younger guys make the team this year, and not even just because of salary.
    I would also like to see Z resigned so Torts can get to work turning him into the next vinny (half kidding, but it would be nice)


    Captain Clutch is NOT happy about this! I almost drove the Clutchmobile off the road when I heard the news!!! Good thing I was wearing my seatbelt and chewing on my trusty mouthpiece! Safety first, what a leader!

    I thought the whole reason they traded that doofus Gomez is so that Captain Clutch could be the highest paid player on the team!!! I was even gonna celebrate with a party at Redden’s on Friday before Wade’s 4th Of July party!

    Gaborik, who’s ALWAYS injured, making more money than The Ultimate Winner??? Gaborik, a.k.a. Captain CRUTCH, making more money than Captain Clutch??? When Captain Clutch gets injured, I score CLUTCH playoff goals with a broken hand! When Gaborik gets injured, he takes 60 games off!!!

    If Glen is gonna pay Gaborik $7.5 million for his usual 40 games a year, then he needs to pay Captain Clutch $15 million for 80 games of clutch, leadership, and winning!!!

    You know what though? I’m not gonna let this ruin my summer! It would’ve been ME in Montreal if I didn’t have my full no-movement clause! And who wants to go to Canada??? Have fun Scott! Ha-Ha! I feel better already! Hey I’ll even take the Clutchmobile out for another spin! That will cheer me up too! Later guys!

  165. Hockey man Rangers on

    As far as Brashear there is one thing of being a better player than Orr and another as to be being a you know what hole out on the ice also.

  166. that was the worst half hour in television. they told us absolutely nothing.

    how much cap space the rangers have left

  167. Angry Whopper on

    Whats happening with Heatley? What if he still says no after Edmundton wines and dines him?

  168. from espn:
    3. Marian Gaborik to New York Rangers
    Two years ago, the Rangers thought they had struck Stanley Cup gold when they signed top free-agent centers Chris Drury and Scott Gomez. Last offseason, they thought they had turned a Stanley Cup corner with Markus Naslund, Nikolai Zherdev and Wade Redden. Is Gaborik the long-awaited answer? If the brittle Slovak winger stays healthy, he’s a 50-goal man and one of the most dynamic offensive forces in the game.

    GM Glen Sather, who has tendered some of the worst contracts offered in NHL history, deserves credit for being able to maneuver out of Gomez’s contract (he was traded to Montreal) to free up the cap space and have the ability to make Gaborik an offer. Gaborik’s deal is five years, worth an average of $7.5 million a year. Gaborik can be the kind of player the goal-starved Rangers dreamed about the past couple of years. If he is, New York is a Cup contender. If not, it will be yet another year of the Rangers pouring good money down the drain.

  169. For your info

    Both Havlat and Neil are gone. Neil back to Ottawa.I believe Havlat went to ATL but don’t quote me.

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