Biggest day of the summer … maybe


First I want to step completely out of character and give big props to Glen Sather. Seriously. Look at his last four most important days:

He hired John Tortorella, the best coach he has ever hired in either Edmonton or New York. He worked with his tight salary cap and improved the Rangers dramatically around and at the trade deadline (Avery, Antropov, Morris) without giving up anything the Rangers needed for the coming season other than a second-rounder.

He had a decent draft — we will withhold judgment for years and years, as you must do with any draft.

And yesterday he dumped Scott Gomez’s contract on Montreal, opened up needed cap space to maneuver and improve the 2009-10 roster, got back some potentially high-end young players, and then took Ottawa GM Bryan Murray to school in a Dany Heatley showdown.

Now it’s make or break time. What Sather does with the new cap room, today when the free agent market opens at noon, or going forward through the summer, will define the organization and probably Sather’s legacy here.

Let’s face a few things. The Rangers who collapsed in the first playoff round, who weren’t nearly good enough through the previous 82 games, are worse right now, especially offensively, where they were already dreadful. They have taken off their roster: Gomez, Antropov, Morris, Markus Naslund, probably Colton Orr, Blair Betts, Freddie Sjostrom, Paul Mara, maybe Nik Zherdev and others. They have some young players who will fill those holes.

But Sather has to fill the rest, has to get some offense. 

There are stories today that the Heatley $4 million bonus at the crux of Ottawa’s fire sale can now be paid by the end of today … so Ottawa hasn’t cut that check yet. So Heatley apparently is still in play. There are stories that San Jose is interested. Maybe Sather will be interested again. Or maybe that ship has sailed, since the overmatched Murray was quoted as saying that Brandon Dubinsky and Michal Rozsival weren’t enough.

Can’t imagine Slats will sweeten that offer. Not when he can just spend money to improve his team starting in the next hour. What will he do? I have no idea. Nobody does. Maybe he will go the lesser-name route, which historically has been far more successful than the marquee/big-bucks path the Rangers and other teams have traveled (see list from yesterday morning’s post).

I’m taking up too much space and time saying I can’t even speculate what will happen. Watch (see below) and stay tuned here all day.


     NEW YORK (June 30, 2009) – NHL Network in the U.S. will have six hours of live coverage to celebrate the opening of the NHL’s free agency period at Noon ET on July 1.  The hockey experts from NHL Live! will get things started with two hours of news, analysis, interviews and viewer phone calls beginning at Noon ET.  Next, NHL Network for U.S. viewers is presenting a live airing of TSN’s third annual NHL on TSN: Free Agent Frenzy special from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. ET.  Hosted by James Duthie, the show features TSN’s team of reporters and correspondents providing news of the day’s transactions.   

     TSN Hockey Insiders Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger will be at the ‘News Breakers’ desk to bring viewers the most up-to-date information on NHL signings. Duthie is joined by TSN hockey analysts Pierre McGuire, Darren Pang and former Tampa Bay Lightning General Manager Jay Feaster on the Instant Analysis panel while Gino Reda will deliver an in-depth look at all of the Free Agents in play. Duthie will also conduct live interviews with players, coaches and GMs from around the League, providing viewers with comprehensive access to instant reaction from the deal-makers and players involved.  Dave Hodge is joined in-studio by a panel including Michael Farber, Dave Naylor and Chris Stevenson with additional opinions and analysis.  NHL Network will be the only place on television for U.S. NHL fans to keep updated on all of the transactions of the day. 

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  1. UESBlueshirt on

    Any idea on who’d be going the other way if OTT chooses to dance with the Sharks? The more I looked at it, the Edmonton deal wasn’t actually a grand slam for the Sens. Penner has been a bust and as good as Cogliano probably will become, the Sens will suffer a big drop off in talent on the wing. Smid might be the most valuable part of that proposed trade.

  2. Be afraid, very afraid. Slats with money is like handing whiskey and car keys to a 17 year old. He still needs to some how rid the Rangers of Rosie or Wade Dreadden.

  3. Mister Delaware on

    Dubinsky has to be off the table at this point. Someone should walk Sather out to his car, have him sit in the driver’s seat and then explain Ottawa’s connundrum. At some point, make the comment “see, we’re in the driver’s seat” and he’ll realize that the comment was both literal (Ottawa stuck with an unhappy superstar and a $4MM payment pending) and figurative (remember, this is taking place in a car, just to make sure Sather fully understood the concept).

    End result: Heatley is dealt in the salary dump trade he should be or we pass and just use that same cap space to either sign a FA or find another salary dump trade partner. Talent (Dubinsky, prospect, pick) for more-expensive-even-if-better talent (Heatley) is the quickest way to F up the gift Montreal gave yesterday.

  4. I hope the heatly deal cools off till tonight – sportsnet was reporting murray wanted

    dubi or cally,
    del Z
    picks to “sweeten the deal”

    we need to move rozy if heatly is coming

  5. I’m glad Slats has freed up some room – what i’m not happy about is that its the same Slats who spends money on guys and expects them to play one level higher than they have in their recent careers (Cullen, Hall, Redden, Drury, Gomez, Virus, Rissmiller etc..).

    Still we need a scorer and it would be good if we could add a hard hitting defenceman – please don’t feck it up Slats!!

  6. tomg July 1st, 2009 at 11:17 am

    1- the callahan/dubi debate over Heatley. Dubi and callahan are still in there growing phase.
    2- heatley plays on a line with alfresson and spezza, two very good players where callahan and dubi play with average players at best.
    3- I was extremely happy yesterday when I read sather pulled of the trade to get rid of Gomez and I praised sather which is extremely rare. After sleeping on it I know in the back of my mind sather will use that money and spend it like a drunken sailor and sign another bad player/contract and the rangers will be back to square one.

  7. sedins stay in vancouver???
    really didnt see that one coming

    anyone have a feed of tsn?
    i cant find one for the life of me.

  8. Slats should save the cap space for next summer when Rick Nash and Kovalchuk become available.

  9. sullivan at 2 years 6 mill would be good for me. he can put up points and would look good in torts system. Forget Knuble he is too slow for the system and Tanguay is too soft for Torts.

  10. Any time that Sather starts wheeling and dealing I shudder
    ….the results are usually not good and they effect lasts
    for several seasons. Be afraid.

  11. So where do we stand right now, before the frenzy opens?


    And of course with youngsters challenging for spots.
    I think we’re pretty much set on defense.

  12. gomez gone, please lets now say goodbye to zherdev next, lets continue to get bigger and play with more grit, so we wont have gomez to carry the puck, it will be more of a get the puck deep team and win battles down low against the flyers and company and the crowd wont have to cheer-will you f– hit someone!, lets not celebrate too much yet though sather has a lot of work to do, come on glen step up one time pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  13. Spiderpig

    PLEASE stop including Voros in any of your current roster make ups

    I know he;s still on our team but he will either be traded or sent to HArtford so there’s no sense in putting his name in there

    Nothing personal, it jsut makes me sick even looking at his name in any roster line up for the Rangers

  14. yeah antropov’s agent wants a ridiculous contract is was an outrageous amount cant recall exactly what it was

  15. My Perfect Day today would be to :

    1. Trade Rozsival to Tampa Bay for Paul Ranger
    2. Heatley signs with San Jose and we trade for Marleau (some picks and/or some prospects since they cant take money back)
    3. We sign Cammalleri
    4. We resign Mara

    Cammalleri(5.5) – Marleau(6.3) – Zherdev(3.5) = 15.3
    Higgins(2) – Drury(7) – Callahan(1.75) = 10.75
    Dubinsky(1.75) – AA (821k) – Avery(1.9) = 4.47
    Korpi(1) – Boyle(700k) – Byers(700k) = 2.4

    Staal(826k) – Girardi(1.55) = 2.37
    Redden(6.5) – Ranger(1.75) = 8.25
    Mara(1.75) – Gilroy (1.5) = 3.25

    Hank(6.87) – Vally (750k) = 7.62


  16. Carp

    hell of job you are doing. wish i could push wedding back a week. i am addicted to this site.

    sather has me more nervous then getting married tom

  17. Carp, some of these post have some ridiculous HOPEFUL line combinations. Reminds me of George Costanza plan to have Bonds and Griffey in the same outfield!

  18. $5+ for 5 years for Antropov – and Slats told him it was a ridiculous demand – why didn;t he say the same thing to Redden’s agent?

  19. yeah antropov’s agent wants a ridiculous contract is was an outrageous amount cant recall exactly what it was


    Okay, so not official but about to happen today? I missed this info…

  20. Did someone actually say that one player or another was better or worse because they can score shootout goals? Did I actually read that in a previous thread? Which clown posted that? Come on. Shootout goals are a reason why we should or should not take a guy? Holy cow! Fine maybe there are 3 or 4 pts in a year that hinge on the shootout. So we sign a guy for those 3 or 4 pts. That’s a joke. By that logic, we would have never wanted Jagr. Jussi Jokinen with a great shootout record and an ability to score clutch goals is fine. But signing some guy cuz he can score in a shootout alone….SOLD SOLD SOLD.

  21. Mister Delaware on

    Isn’t a player worth an extra 3 or 4 points over the course of a season pretty valuable?

  22. my comment is awaiting moderation…

    i dont blame you, lol
    with all the links i post

    i found a channel on ustream and one on justin tv

    tml-live on ustream
    skinny_01 on justin tv

    once it starts ill let everyone know which one of these has the feed


  23. Henrik and Daniel $6.1 for 5 years each – well at least we don’t have to see brothers fight over a few pennies..!!

    25 minutes to go!!

  24. Spiderpig: Higgins is probably our best LW right now so he should be in your “Vacant” spot.

  25. New Newman – It’s pretty much why the Hurricanes traded for Jussi Jokinen last year, but I personally wouldn’t focus on it right now in the free agency period, especially with Lundqvist in our net.

  26. colin, I wish I could watch that instead of NHL Network today. But NHL Network online … with a link from, carried the draft coverage over the weekend. Might do the same at noon today. Good luck.

    And speaking of Good Luck, eric, hope you bring Rangers Report on the honeymoon … so to speak.

    I think I found a way to get Bonds and Griffey and we wouldn’t have to give up that much.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, whatsamatta? you dont like me anymore?

    BTW, great job on the draft and the coverage of the trade yesterday.

    I think everyone can agree that as far as offseasons go, this one has been fairly entertaining.

  28. The kids I teach in my summer program are getting nothing but busy work today, ha.

    I wonder what is going to happen here. I wonder if we are going to hear things right away, or if it is going to be a slow moving kind of day.

  29. Yeah, you’re right. I wasn’t sure whether Higgins fit at right or left for some reason. Perfect spot for our free agent right wing signing or trading, right?

  30. It’s always nice when you throw in a Seinfeld reference Carp.

    Slats should go after Komisarek and let the young guys play.

  31. im a little sad gome4r is gone. what he said after he was traded proves that either he should never have been signed with renney as the coach or renney should have been gone when he signed him. if we can get rid of rosi id sign a d man if not dont sign a d man. i want scoring, 4 lines of it. and relentless offense in ur face all the time. take no prisoners its not worth winning if u cant win big.

  32. PBR… why are they kissing Gaborik goodbye?

    They still have a bunch of cap room freed up from letting Sundin go. I’m sure they could move ONE player if they have to, to get Gab signed.

  33. A buddy of mine seems to think that Staal could be heading to Tampa as part of a package for Vinny.

    I hope he is wrong.

    He seems to think that Tampa wants Staal, Rozi and picks for Vinny. Meaning we would not have to give up Cally or Dubi.

    I don’t know about this and don’t quote me on it. I really don’t want to give up Staal. Out of Dubi, Cally, and Staal, Staal is the one I least would want to part with.

  34. Hello everybody, i wrote this song for Daniel Heatley.

    He Told Them I Don’t Want To Come Around Here
    Don’t Wanna See Your Face, I Want To Disappear
    The Fire’s In Their Eyes And Their Words Are Really Clear
    So Heat It, Just Heat It

    You Better Skate, You Better Do What You Can
    Don’t Wanna See A Broken Stick, Or See You With My Chick
    You Wanna Be Traded, Better Help My Team
    So Heat It, But You Wanna Be Traded

    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It
    No One Wants To Be A Senator
    Drink & Drive, Crash Your Ride
    It Doesn’t Matter, As Long As You Score
    Just Heat It, Heat It
    Just Heat It, Heat It
    Just Heat It, Heat It
    Just Heat It, Heat It

    They’re Out To Get You, Better Waive Your NTC While You Can
    Don’t Wanna Be A Sen, You Wanna Play Like A Man
    You Wanna Stay Alive, Better Do What You Can
    So Heat It, Just Heat It

    You Have To Show Them That You Really Score Goals
    You’re Playin’ With Your Career, This Ain’t No Truth Or Dare
    They’ll Refuse To Trade You, Then They Screw You,
    Then They’ll Tell You It’s Fair
    So Heat It, But You Wanna Get Traded

    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It
    No One Wants To Be Senator
    Drink & Drive, Crash Your Ride
    It Doesn’t Matter As Long As You Score

    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It
    No One Wants To Be A Senator
    Showin’ How Much You’ve Changed Your Fight
    It Doesn’t Matter Who’s Wrong Or Right
    Just Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It, Heat It

  35. for anyone thinking Nash from Columbus makes it to UFA next summer…just stop dreaming. he either is going to resign with CLB for big $$ or get traded at the deadline then head back to TOR for big $$

  36. 6 minutes………….and counting.

    Lets see what dumb thin Sather does to screw us today.


    Does Sather completley turn this around for us??????????

  37. Agravaine – I’m just using Twitter and following Puck Daddy, Kevin Allen, Darren Dreger, Craig Custance, The Fourth Period, Eklund, Chris Botta, Pierre LeBrun, and Chris Johnston

  38. i see it more like Dubi, Rozy, and picks for Vinny, They need to replace a Centerman with a Centerman … and Staal is pretty much a deal-breaker it seems no matter who the player is coming back this way

  39. if vinny comes, heatley comes

    today the rangers could look totally different AGAIN

    god this is crazy ey?

  40. Mister Delaware on

    Gentlemen, take it all in right now. This may be the best you feel about the state of the Rangers for a long time. Lets enjoy these last 240 seconds …

  41. Mister Delaware on

    (I still hope we trade away our rights to give every player a nickname that is simply first syllable of last name plus ‘y’ or ‘i’ or ‘ie’.)

    – Dely

  42. Not sure why we should give props to Slats for his desperate attempts to fix the mistakes he made himself. Not to mention the countless errors he didn’t or couldn’t fix. Why is he rebuilding every year — isn’t that his fault, and his fault alone? Whoohoo, he got rid of one albatross, but who’s to say he won’t sign another one, not to mention the lousy ones he already is stuck with. Big picture — Slats is still a disaster. Small picture — he got rid of Gomez — better than keeping him.


    Im prepared to accept the compensation for Zherdev, but not for Dubi and Cally

    OBVIOUS FACT OF THE DAY: Betts signs with Edmonton

  44. delaware

    ghahahahaha yeah totally right
    right now we have a ton of money
    lets enjoy it
    ride it out

  45. Awww… and I’ve missed all of you

    I don’t have twitter but I will be watching nhl network…

    Carp I’ve been reading if not posting I still love your work!!!!

  46. Speaking of Brian Burke, theirs rumors that if Rick Nash doesn’t sign his contract extension, Toronto might trade for him. If Rick Nash becomes available..i want first dibs.

  47. Dusty Todd Harvey Jersey on

    How much does the gong show that exists in Tampa weigh on potential trades? Would you want to deal with a crazy regime? Did anyone else see Duchene celebrating when they picked Hedman at #2?

    Lets hope Slats does not make the mistakes today that will need to be unwound in two years ala Gomez.

  48. Doodie Machetto on


    I heard a great story yesterday from my friend who runs a big Penguins blog. This is what he said to me:

    Thought you’d find it amusing to know that a fan chased Glen Sather for a block in Montreal, finally got there and asked for an autograph only for Sather to tell the out-of-breath Rangers fan to, “Get lost.”

  49. am I the only one who’s okay with Gaborik?

    I want a gamebreaker. To me, Gaborik is the only FA out there that fits the profile. Might the economy and his injury history drive the price down as well?

  50. Did anyone else see Duchene celebrating when they picked Hedman at #2?

    Thats cause Duchene grew up an Aves fan and obviously wanted to go to Colorado

  51. Sedin’s signed with the Canucks right before the deadline. Scratch them off the list.

  52. Mister Delaware on

    “Not sure why we should give props to Slats for his desperate attempts to fix the mistakes he made himself.”

    Because the trade yesterday was pretty stellar. If given a freebie, we would have just dropped Gomez off the roster to save the cap space. Its highly likely no other team would have offered him the same AAV he’s currently getting. Sather somehow turned that into a decent LW *and* a top prospect. Credit where credit is due. The ledger isn’t balanced, but that was a steal.

  53. oh im not stating it as a fact

    with heatley who centers him?
    i say if they go hard after vinny
    they try to get heatley

    id love to see them with all the defensive prospects get a stay at home d man

    i hope for not a lot of signings with the extra money but dubbie and cally getting what they deserve to stay here

  54. I don’t want Heatley anymore. To me, it’s either Gaborik, Hossa, or Komisarek if we trade Rozi.

  55. mckenzie is calling “steve dubinsky” the pivotal piece in the Heatley to Rangers deal.

  56. Who Needs Lohan on

    Komisarek would be sick. As I told all of you when you hated him on Montreal….we’d adore that guy in blue! And he is a LI guy!

  57. Columbus wont trade Nash to TOR. Maybe at the deadline next year, but not over the summer. They will do everything in their power to resign him up to the trade deadline.

    I dont think the BJs fanbase would ever forgive the club if they let Nash go. He is the franchise in CLB and the GM and ownership know it. He will resign there or be moved at the deadline. No sooner.

    I honestly see him resigning there for 5 years or so. That will put him at 30 when his next contract runs out and he can go through the courting process all over again at 30.

  58. ROB C

    I like the idea of getting him here for one year. I love it even more if we get Heatley too.

    Who knows, maybe Dreary might have a good season, just for the fact alone that he knows it’s his fault that Blowmez got traded. He stole his number 23, and he stole his job. Odds are he’ll still suck but it would be nice if this lit a fire under the ass of “Captain “Clutch”, and have a season like he did in 07 with the Sabs.

    Doubt that will happen though.

  59. Who Needs Lohan July 1st, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    Komisarek would be sick. As I told all of you when you hated him on Montreal….we’d adore that guy in blue! And he is a LI guy!

    He grew up an Isles fan, but his parents are closet Ranger fans. Plus his best friend is Higgins…

  60. most Islander fans are just looking for reasons to switch… and witht he Lighthouse situation they are going to have to be Ranger fans soon… or have no hockey

  61. Komisarek either lands here, or with the Isles. It’s either Higgins talks him into coming here, or DiPifaggo talks him into going there. Or he just re-signs with the Habs.

    Hacklund says Hossa is talking to LA, and Nyr.

    Surprise, Surprise, first Blowmez, and Dreary, then Dredden, now Lossa.

  62. Someone at RangerFanCentral has the NYR are in a bidding war for PIT defensemen Scuderi. I sure hope not.

    Wrong year and wrong PIT defensemen Sather. You should have been in bidding war for Orpik last year. Its 2009, not 2008.

  63. Apparently Sather is in discussing with Dallas about Brad Richards. Torts actually likes Brad from his old days. Maybe, Rozi + 1st for Brad? Since Brad has a Gomez like contract..but only for 2 more years.

  64. PJ

    did they get that form that other Pittsburgh blog… I don’t recall what it is but its been pretty accurate for up to the minute stuff…

  65. ORR your play on words with various hockey players’ last names is unbelievably creative. I can’t applaud it enough.

  66. So, Sather took Murray to school by getting absolutely nothing out of him? Sounds like Sather tried to hit a home run, Murray wouldn’t go for it. I suppose if Sather is your gm though, it’s much different from the ordinary so maybe I see why you’re happy.

  67. Rob Rossi, the Penguins beat reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, also says Rangers, Wild, and Stars bidding for Scuderi.

  68. Gaborik would be nice, pretty sure he’d drop his value due to his injury streak.

  69. Who Needs Lohan on

    Here’s how I see it, Im a huge Mets fan, I hate the yankees. Now if I was a major league calibar baseball prospect and was given the choice of mets or yankees. Sh!t yeah Im putting on the pinstripes!!!! Catch my drift…….

  70. Agree, no Redden/Rosival no Richards- only 2 years left on his deal so it’s not quite cap hell though-

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    No to all free agents because they can’t be had for the right price.

    Definitely no defenseive free agents. We have too many prospects to tie up defensemen spots.

  72. I’d go 2 years / 7.5 mil for Gaborik.

    As someone said above, he is the most talented FA available and the only one with the ability to take over a game.

    I would take a gamble and hope that his hip surgery has eliminated the majority of his injury woes.

  73. Who Needs Lohan on

    But then again, Komisarek might be the best looking girl out of a bunch of fat ugly chicks, versus the bottom of the barrel in a smoking hot crew!

  74. UESBlueshirt on

    Lohan, Mets have pinstripes too although they wear black more than the traditional uni’s. But I think it’s appropriate, I’m in mourning over that team. I know you can’t blame anyone for the injuries but Omar is just as bad as Sather when it comes to team building.

  75. No to Scuderi. Why pay waste FA $$ when you have all these younger guys ready to come up soon? Gilroy, Sauer, Potter, Sangs, DZ eventually, McDonagh eventually.

    Plus, Scuds completely overachieved this year. Let someone else pay him for his performance in the playoffs when everyone was oohhing and ahhing over his defensive game.

    If they sign Scuds they better be moving Rosi or demoting Redden. There isnt enough room on the blue line for all of these bodies.

    Please Sather stay away from him.

  76. Thordic, exactly. I say give him an incentive laden contract. Put him at a base of 6 and a game play incentive of a mil and a 50 goal incentive of a mil.

    Maybe for 3 years? and a club option for 4?

  77. Sather worked best in Edmonton when he had no money to spend. With the cap maxed out, he went back to his old (smart) ways.

    Maybe Sather’s staff needs to consistently trick him into believing they have no cap room left…

  78. Clive…good idea. They should also trick him into believing he is still in charge. Maybe set him up in an office with a fake phone and have someone on staff on the other end of the line pretending to be NHL GMs.

  79. e3 probably not happening
    e4 definitely not hapening
    e5 my dog told me this might happen


    Add the veteran Swede D-man to help out the rookie Swede D-man

  81. I would offer Gaborik 2 at 7- if we are willing to deal for healey/richards, etc then the Gaborik injury risk is worth it for a short term deal if it means keeping all of our other assets-

  82. New York Rangers sign Jeremy Roenick and Joe Murphy from the Chicago Blackhawks……details to follow.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone is going to offer Gaborik a giant contract. So get your ideas of him out of your head.

  84. Oh sorry, I was having a flashback from my days of Sega Genesis Drafting. What a year it was……

  85. UESBlueshirt on

    “New York Rangers sign Jeremy Roenick and Joe Murphy from the Chicago Blackhawks……details to follow.”

    At last, the NHL 94 dynasty is coming to fruition. I heard if JR shoots it hard enough off the end glass it will shatter!

  86. ADAM Z



    Yeah, i really hope Rozi gets dumped. And NO to Scuderi, lets go with home grown talent this year on D !! Unless we’re bringing in Komisarek ! I want Del Z, Gilroy to make the team.

    And what’s going on with Mara ? I haven’t heard his name at all.

  87. Canadiens still have 25 million in cap space (granted they have no players signed)

  88. ok was able to check in…anything going on yet???? lol
    did sather sign knuble? ya know he wants to

  89. Am I the only concerned about possibly losing Colton Orr??
    I’m surprised his situation does not get more ink. True heavyweights like him just don’t come around often.

  90. Is till think the Rangers should go after Kessesl and Gaborik. They can sign them to short term contracts appx. 5M-6M each and try dumping Rozsival and pick up Komisarek. It would give us two proven scorers and a decent D-man with plenty or room to sill sign Dubi, Callahan and Korpikoski to decent contracts with a decent cushion of cap space.

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