To spend, or not to spend … (updated)


In 1998, at the Rangers’ annual team Halloween party, Scott Fraser showed up in a ski mask, holding a bag.

“Who are you supposed to be?” his teammates would ask.

“My agent,” said Fraser.

And everybody cracked up. Fraser had just signed a three-year, $4.1 million deal as a free agent, leaving Edmonton that summer. Glen Sather, then the Oilers GM, must have been laughing too.

So as we head into the homestretch of the Dany Heatley sweepstakes (we should know if he will be a Ranger by midnight, when he’s due a $4 million bonus), and as we head into the opening of the free-agent market also at midnight tonight, I thought I might share this.

In no particular order or relevance, here are most (we may have missed a few) of the free agents the Rangers have signed the last 10 years. You decide which ones worked out:

Theo Fleury
Val Kamensky
Sylvain Lefebvre
Stephane Quintal
Kirk McLean
Tim Taylor
Ray Ferraro
Bruce Driver
John MacLean
Bobby Holik
Darius Kasparaitis
Wade Redden
Chris Drury
Scott Gomez
Brendan Shanahan
Martin Rucinsky
Steve Rucchin
Vladimir Malakhov
Mark Messier (the sequel)
Aaron Voros
Markus Naslund
Martin Straka
Jason Strudwick
Alex Gusarov
Dave Karpa
Matt  Cullen
Dan Girardi
Marek Malik
Michael Nylander
Michal Rozsival
Aaron Ward
Jason Ward
Kevin Weekes
Greg DeVries
Chris Simon
Ted Donato
Zdeno Ciger
Barrett  Heisten
Steve McKenna
Igor Ulanov


That said, here’s a list of the top 50 free agents from



My buddy Tom Gulitti, who used to cover the Rangers and now has a fine Devils blog at the Bergen Record, reminded me that the free agency period begins at noon, not midnight like the old days. Geez, I wish Gary Bettman would call me when he changes things.

Also, here is the list of invitees to the U.S. Olympic hockey camp for 2010. It includes Callahan, Drury and Gomez.

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  1. #1

    The better question is which one of those is the worst signing in rangers history- now thats an argument…

  2. Seems to me we ought to stay away from free agents. With that track record someone should take the checkbook away from the GM!

  3. bull dog line on

    driver, ferraro (having good season before trading him) shanhan, straka, girardi, nylander, and rozsival were all good signings. worst one was fleury

  4. onecupin69years and counting on


    Good for 1 year or so only
    Shanahan, fleury, ferraro,nylander, straka
    All the rest including Messier (2nd time around) made no difference what so ever
    all the rest a waste of money

  5. Wow Carp, what a wretched list you have compiled. I am impressed at the ineptitude and stupidity over the many years in signing some of these FAs and hoping that they would work out in Ranger Blue.

    I think my worst group would include: Holik, Kamensky, Ulanov and Carpa. All these guys played at the height of the Country Club years.

  6. John Maclean was a great signing and played hard for us. he gave us everything he had left.
    on a news note i read that Byers wasn’t tendered a qualifying offer. is that true Carp?

  7. I agree Holik and Kamensky were awful. I thought Kaspar was good then ran out out of gas.

  8. little green men on

    Does anyone see anything even close to Heatly’s potential scoring on the horizon? Do not say Dubi if you want to be taken seriously.

  9. onecupin69years and counting on

    This is all under Dolan…and Glen…there will be no cup in NY anytime soon…the fish sticks will probably win it before the ranger do with these two fools in the penthhouse

  10. if the SJO fits on

    BY FAR, the worst signing was Bobby Holik. Thinking about the whole ordeal makes me wanna vomit.

    From what I remember:
    Rucchin was a good buy
    Rucinsky played pretty well
    I always liked how hard Kasparitis played
    DeVries was a great stay at home D-Man
    Shanny of course took care of business here

  11. @ little green men. Did you watch the video of Grachev Highlights someone posted yesterday? I hope to god that Sather doesn’t trade him.

    Someone said recently that they see Dubinsky turning into a Rod Brind’amour type of guy. Would anyone here have a problem with that at all?

    thats Rod the Bod’s career stats. Take that and add in all the intangibles that a guy of that type brings and it makes me even more hesitant to trade Dubinsky

  12. I’m sick after looking at that list. Igor Ulanov was absolutely horrible in his brief stay here. The answer is none of those names worked out for us. Way to go Sather, remember “anybody can win with that payroll.”


    That guy would be a CLASSIC Sather/Ranger signing. He’d show up on Broadway, freak out from the pressure, be booed by December, and would have a 15 goal, 20 assist season. It would be a disaster.

    The only guy I take a flier on is Gaborik. Brooks threw out the idea of an incentive-laden one-year deal. Obviously most of those incentives would be based on ice-time/games played (to prove he can stay healthy). I believe Gaborik is the only gamebreaker in free agency this year, and the Rangers need a gamebreaker.

    The only way he fits under the cap is an incentive-laden deal though.

    Maybe we could also coax Petr Sykora back for a year or two on the cheap. He was basically exiled by Dan Bylsma in Pittsburgh, but he could help out on the 2nd or even 3rd line, and DEFINITLEY the power play. He’s a pure sniper.

    I know everyone wants to see all the kids, but we Ranger fans are also guilty of living by the win-now double-standard. If the Rangers go with all kids this year, they’re probably going to be pretty awful. Add to that the fact that we have a world class goaltender and in his prime, and the core of the team is comprised of vets named Drury and Gomez, the Rangers HAVE TO approach every season with at least a modicum of that “win now” attitude. It sucks, but it’s born out of the front office’s signings of Drury and Gomez, as well as the impatient attitude of the fans.

    So to that end, I say see if you can get Gaborik, maybe a big defenseman on the cheap, and then continue to build the young talent we’re starting to amass.

  14. just a little bit. and my last meal was white castle. so it wasn’t good.

    those of you bashing the holik signing: this guy led the team in scoring during the 03-04 campaign; his 56 points were 13 points more than the number 2 scorer (messier).

    oh god i threw up again.

  15. Hey Carp, you should have put a little heart next to the players that actually had one when they played here, because that is what seperated them from the rest. And it is no coincidence that they were the ones we loved most!! Mess, Theo, Shanny!! Ruchinsky was solid, as was Straka, and Rucchin only took 3/4 of the season to play like he wanted to be here, but when he did he was ok. Sather gave Mclean the shaft, Cullen and Holik were both used wrong by the coach. All in all, this list is just a big failure, so i hope we stay quiet on the 1st.

  16. Almost forgot!!! Heatley quit on the Sens, so don’t think he won;t quit on us!!! And if we give up Staal (our biggest asset on D) then we are more foolish than anyone gives Sather credit for. We see how well the change of scenery is working out for Redden so far.

  17. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    No matter who we sign it needs to be done quickly. The Rangers currently have the least amount of signed players in the league at 10. I also posted this over at Steve Zipay’s Blue Notes:

    1 Gomez $7.357
    2 Drury $7.050
    3 Avery $1.938
    4 Voros $1.00

    5 Redden $6.50
    6 Rozival $5.00
    7 Girardi $1.55
    8 Staal $0.827

    9 Lundqvist $6.875
    10 Valliquette $0.725

    11 Anisimov $0.822
    12 Sauer $0.880
    13 Sanguinetti $0.855

    And where are our Wingers? WHERE??

  18. Wow, that is an awful list- Gotta love Theo though!!!

    The thing about signing Gaborik, which is a bit of an advantage- the way the rules are set up the cap doesn’t count injured players (if I’m correct) so while it’s a risk- it’s not as big of a risk as say Redden, who will always play at a lower level- when Gaborik has been healthy he’s been world class-

  19. Yeah but does anyone really think Voros is still on this team next season?

    I’ve seen some morons throwing him on the 2nd or 3rd line in mock up lines for next year

    So take away his 1 mil, cause there is NO WAY he is playing on the team next year. Either he’s banished to HArtford or Sather buys him out
    NOT a torts guy at all

  20. bull dog line on

    Mikey NJ,
    do not disagree with how you feel about voros.
    remember though, torts had voros in the line up in games 6 & 7 against the Caps. i think ha may like him a little.

  21. bull dog line on

    do not rule out rissmiller making a return to the team either. with betts, orr, and sjoostrom, looking like they are leaving, that opens up room for a role player like rissmiler. he was not a bad player on some good san jose teams.

  22. I’m just gonna go with On ice performance rather than contracts.

    Ulanov : #44 was horrible and basically signed by Sather because he played in Edmonton. he was run out of NY on a rail.

    Gusarov: OMG Goosey I’m not Home ! Guy was a horror show on the back line

    David Karpa aka: David Krappa, supposedly physical never was and a travesty of a D-man

    Bruce Driver : “Back it up Bruce” He wasn’t a bad Devil but he sure was a a bad Ranger

    Zdeno Ciger another Edmonton Joker Sather signed cause he “knew him” guy was terrible and a headcase he had to see a psychiatrist because of “Panic attacks” on the ice. he gav eme panic attacks when he was a first line PP guy.

    Barrett Heisten – This guy nearly drove me to kill. Not essentially because of his play But because of Sam Rosen and J.D. Every game they would utter “Barett Heisten is showing a lot of energy out there” which is Ranger announcer code for he sucks and never shows up on the score sheet.

    Ranger Russian Rifleman Grachev Is Filthy :

  23. Jeff, most of us would like Orr back i think, especially now that we will have to deal with Pronger for 6 games this year, plus Godard,Rupp and Cote. You can bet the Isles will try and sign someone to protect Tavares too.

    Also, don’t panic as we have a lot of RFA’s: Cally, Dubi, Korpi, Zherdev have been tendered offers so thats 3 wingers and a center (if they all sign). Sjo is untendered but that could be Slats trying to do a multi year deal at a lower cap hit (which makes sense and Sjo was up for that last year)

  24. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    I tend to agree, Mikey. Like you said, not a Torts guy.

    I was just posting our current situation for those interested. The Rangers actually aren’t particularly bad off as far as cap space is concerned, they just haven’t done well allotting monies to the “talent” that have already been signed. We currently have $17.979(mil) to work with. Our “starting 6” (the 3 highest-paid forwards, 2 d-men and the King) account for $34.667 out of $56.800 cap space for the 2009 – 2010 year. We need some wingers badly.

    LW: Avery, Voros, Korpedo (QO)
    RWers: Zherdev (QO), Callahan(QO), Orr (?), Sjostrom (?)
    QO = Qualifying Offer
    And we seem stacked for Centers (in the bodies department, not talent).

  25. The way Torts normally uses the 4th line it could well be Burke, Virus and someone like Dane Byers from Hartford.

    As for that list, it makes horrible reading with an occasional highlight

  26. Rob C

    This win now attitude has been the problem with the Rangers since our fall from the playoffs in the late 90s. It’s always about, let’s bring in the next big star and that will get us over the top. We HAVE to stop building to make the playoffs and start building to WIN THE CUP. That starts with developing a core group of kids and then filling in the rest of the roster with the one piece to get us over the top. Even if you look at 94, the building blocks started with kids, Leetch, Richter, Graves, Zubov. These were the core pieces we developed. We brought in Messier to teach about winning and then built the rest of the team based on what we needed to get over the top. THIS is the model we need now. Build around the kids we currently have, bring in some MORE kids (the way we brought in Graves), and only THEN do we bring in some high priced guy to get us over the top the way Pitt brought in Guerin, or the Wings tried with Hossa.

    And, we have to stop this “we have to win for Hank now” attitude. No we don’t. If three years down the road when this team is ready to win the cup because of the pieces we built, Hank is not the man, then we’ll have to go out and get that man.

  27. I’m not disagreeing with you guys on Orr … but if he really wants a lot of money (and he will get it somewhere) then he’s got to go. The cap is too tight to afford him. They will have to find another heavyweight somewhere.

    And this Pronger theory is ridiculous. Orr is not going to deter Pronger from a cheapshot, and Pronger will not fight Orr.

  28. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    Haha! Agree with that totally, Carp.

    I want to keep Orr, but if he’s asking for ridiculous money then it’s a deal breaker. Maybe wouldn’t be if we didn’t already have money tied up in other unproductive players, but there it is. And there’s no way Pronger would fight Orr.

  29. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    From SNY RangersBlog:

    “Kevin Allen of USA Today, on his twitter page, reports that the Devils have re-signed defenseman Johnny Oduya to a three year deal worth 3.5 million dollars per season.

    Oduya made $600K last season.”

  30. Where's Pavelich? on

    Good points, Carp. Pronger will hit. Pronger/Orr will never happen.

    The Rangers need a “heavy” on the roster, why not one of the best in Orr (at a reasonable price)? Byers is not a good fighter. The young guy Soryal can really fight but isnt big enough to take on the likes of Godard/Brashear/Rupp/Cote… I do like Soryal though, he uses both hand VERY effectively can even play a bit.

    I just dont want Dubs to feel the need to step up against a heavy or have the team back down when challenged.

  31. TSN says the Habs might be willing to take Gomez. Wow, that would be sweet.

    Perchance to dream…

  32. What is this love for Orr? Because he’s a fighter? That is the ONLY thing this guy does. He can’t skate, he can’t score, he can’t pass, he plays barely passible defense. Basically, I’d rather find someone who can enforce AND play. Chris Neil is intreguing if he’s healthy. Avery does a good job of enforcing as well. Does anyone think that Joey Kocur, the goon on the ’94 team was a key member of that team? And like Keenan, Torts rarely uses his 4th line. I’m sure we can find some guy who can step in and fight if that’s what it needed.

    As for Pronger, I agree with Carp, he’s not going to have much interaction with Orr, as he’ll be on the ice against the Rangers BEST guys, not the fourth line. Another note about the Pronger trade….outside of a goalie, Philly is LOADED!! Pronger fits a need and they traded from their strength to get him. Did they overpay? Perhaps, but trading Lupel is NOT going to hurt them. They have great young depth, and needed Pronger, mostly to keep Malkin and Crosby away from the crease.

  33. CARP

    It’s not just for Pronger. Game 6 is more than enough reason to re-sign Orr. That hit would never have been thrown if Orr was on the ice.

    Lets face the facts, when Orr isn’t on the ice, the Rangers get bullied. The proof is in the pudding !! Fedoruk, Brashear.

    I agree, though, if he’s asking for too much money, forget aboot it. Hopefully he doesn’t ask for too much.

    And Nylander worked out the best. He was damn good in his short time here. Played good in the playoffs, especially in 07. Both Nyls, and Jags should have been here in 08, but Slats had to get greedy, and sign both Blowmez, and Dreary.

  34. STEVE

    It’s more of a love for seeing Nyr’s best player play, without getting elbowed, boarded, sucker punched, etc.

    Plus, c’mon, Orr’s fights are exciting. He’s the ONLY player in the NHL right now, that has knocked someone out in each of the last four seasons. 06, he knocked out Godard, 07 he knocked out Fedoruk, 08, he knocked out Boulofrice in pre season, and last season he knocked out Rupp.

    Best right hand in the NHL when it comes to fighting. Id hate to see a new enforcer take his place, it’s like replacing Megan Fox, with Angelina Jolie. Which to some may not be bad, but i like Fox better.

  35. What about Gretzky?
    This list is from the last 10 years. Gretzky retired in ’99, was signed in ’96.
    But now that I think of it, MacLean and/or Driver and/or Ferraro might have been pre-’99. I’m too busy to check.

  36. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    I fail to see the correlation between fox/Jolie and Orr/newcomer, but I agree. We want Orr unless he’s asking for the big bucks.

    By the way, what’s the word on Betts? I assume Sjostrom isn’t returning, what about our other PK guy?

  37. Yeah, the Habs have nothing special. And if an old Pronger can get two 1st round picks, a 25 goal scorer, and top defensive prospect, and a conditional pick, then Blowmez should get a similar return. He’s only 29 i think, and has talent.

    Unless they throw in D’Agostini, Pacioretty, and the rights to Komisarek, and a couple of picks, including a 1st rounder.

  38. “The New York Rangers have been unable to re-sign forward Nik Antropov, and it appears he’s going to market. “He’s definitely going to hit the market because the Rangers have no space to sign him,” Antropov’s agent, Mark Gandler, told on Tuesday.

    Two sources told that Gandler asked the Rangers for five years at $5.25 million a year, which seems a little rich.”

    5.25???? That’s a ridiculous number for Antro, let him go

  39. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    Are you kidding, ORR? They’d never agree to that! Besides, Montreal is going to get Komisarek back.

  40. Last thing Nyr needs, is another semi long term contract, paying a guy a lot more than he deserves. Nothing but greed, show that your deserve the money you’re asking for, then maybe you’ll get it.

    It makes me sick. The NHL players are starting to act like basketball, football players. Nothing but greed. It’s sickening.

  41. Pavel,

    Trade him for a way lower cap hit. Then sign someone else.

    Orr is nice, but the Rangers need to quit it with “fan favorites” and start signing “good players.” And by “good,” I mean “skilled.”

  42. JEFF

    Im just saying, if Pronger can get that kind of return, then i don’t see why Blowmez cant get a similar return. Other teams don’t look at Dreary, Rozi, and Blowmez the way we do. They think that they can help their team.

    Maybe that trade is asking for much, but they need a top line center, and Briere, and Blowmez are the only ones out there available for trade. If they desperately need center, they’re going to have to part with some talent.

  43. I don’t wan to get too revolutionary or “outside the box,” but the management of the Rangers should do this:

    Sign offensive players who can score and defensive players who can stop the other team from scoring.

  44. NYRanger4Life on

    I’d have to go with HOLIK as the worst signing in this decade. I think it was a 6 yr $45m deal…..for a 3rd line center??

    His deal was the main reason a salary cap was implemented me thinks…

    Carp – I’m hoping your next post will be something along the lines of RANGERS TRADE FOR HEATLEY, Redden, Sangs & 1st round pick OTTAWA BOUND!

  45. Ranger history has always been to bring the biggest name to NY, even though they are 10 years past their prime. This is great it you like to make it to the first round then get spanked!! The REAL fans would not have a problem with building the team that can compete for the cup for 10 years, but for some reason management seems to think that we need to bring in the biggest salary inseatd of the biggest heart! If Dolan had a set, he would bring in Mess as the GM, and let Sather go. We need a GM that cares about this organization and will do anything for the organization/fans. Perfect example… Sather brings in Mike Barnett for what???? He brought his friend in to get a nice cushy job and make a mill a year, what does he do??. When Mess first came here he said that he would bring the cup to NY no matter what it took, Sather couldn’t care less if we win the cup(s), just pay him the big bucks and he’s good. Bring in someone (MESSIER) that will bring some fire to the organization!!! PLEASE!!

  46. Holik is the worst. You cant say Redden yet, cause you never know, he might have a decent year next year, maybe 10 goals, 30 assists. Point being it’s still early, but it’s not looking good, and im pretty sure by the end of his time in NY, he will be the worst.

  47. A Guy Who Likes the Rangers on

    Carp I heard the rangers have given offers to cally and duby? Any idea how much they were offered

  48. what about brian skrudland and mike keane? or were they too early for the previous 10 year cutoff?

    those guys were bums once they put the NYR sweater on, but played their butts off for everyone else. geez, i hated those years. signing all these FA bums and then the team horribly sucking on the ice. at least now we have some young talent and not all bloated contracts…ok, we still have 4 of them, that is better than the 8-10 we used to have during those, dark, dark years.

  49. Orr,

    Not signing Nylander was the right choice, what more proof do you need other than that he was the healthy scratch for the Caps this year in favor of Brashear.

  50. Mister Delaware on

    “Holik is the worst. You cant say Redden yet, cause you never know, he might have a decent year next year, maybe 10 goals, 30 assists. Point being it’s still early, but it’s not looking good, and im pretty sure by the end of his time in NY, he will be the worst.”

    Redden is worse (or certainly on good pace to be worse) simply because of the cap. Holik only cost money; Redden is costing money and chances at potential upgrades (and sleep, I guess). Hell, even after year one he’s costing us a chance to overpay for Antropov (a likely less painful move) and use one of the kids on D.

  51. I don’t know why sather would be so concerned with Heatley… Why not make a play for Hossa?? Maybe Detroit can do a sign and trade and Gomez could end up on Detroit… now that would be a win-win i think.(wishful thinking i know)

    Unless Heatley gives us 35 plus goals, it’ll be a disaster. Our young talent will make us good for many years unless Darth Sather blows up the team and ships away the young talent.

    Look at Pitt…. average goalie, 2 superstars…. and the rest…. well no real big deal. And they beat Detroit. We have the talent pool to be a real good team pretty soon.

  52. any contract in the cap era is the worst. redden drury are the 2 worst in my opinion. holik was awful but there was no cap

  53. PeteK-I love Messier, he brought the cup home. But, he has zero experience running a team and how much did he care about New York when he bolted to Vancouver? Anybody remember the last time a NYR captain (Espo) ran the team? We’re stuck with Sather and Dolan for a long time.

  54. Chris F., that is revolutionary.
    NYR4life, anything else? How about you hit the Powerball?
    Mister Delaware, that is a disaster list. The victims are you guys.
    A Guy who likes … The qualifying offer, I believe, is a set percentage raise. I am not sure what the current CBA demands the percentage be, but the QO is only a starting point in negotiations, required to maintain the rights to the restricted free agents.

  55. O God, Dave Karpa, Have a nice life everyone, I’m going to go put my head in the oven!

  56. I think it’s pretty easy to see the 3 worst…all in a row too.

    Redden, Dru, Gomer.

    Cap-world puts them right to the top. Even without the cap.

    Dollars:Performance is pitiful.

  57. “5.25???? That’s a ridiculous number for Antro, let him go”

    Really? Look at what we are paying for Redden and his useless azz!!

    I dont blame Antro’s agent asking for such a contract!

    and now BECAUSE of Redden we can’t sigh a guy who could be very useful to our club!

    Slats at his best!

    regarding the list…

    Fleury, Kasparaitis, Shanahan, Rucinsky, Straka, Nylander

    thats it… burn the rest of that list.

  58. Just because Redden’s deal is MORE ridiculous doesn’t make 5.25 for Antro NOT insane, guy’s not even a 30 goal scorer

  59. Laurel Babcock on

    “If you hit that Powerball, don’t forget your good friend Carp.”

    or me!

  60. DanNYC


    yeah we need to let Antro go… he isnt a 30 goal scorer that is also true! Our team doesn’t take anyone who isn’t a 30 goal scorer!! We are full of high scoring players! Who needs one more? thats right…cuz we are cool like that! Big strong forward with good hands…something this team needed for YEARS… F him…get him outta town immediately!

    not a 30 goal scorer?! This team doesn’t need one who can score goals anyway!

    Drury and his leadership will take us into the BRIGHT (bullsh.t) future!

  61. Mike G, will you be posting or linking any of Carp’s stuff to your blog? If you do, I’ll believe you about not wanting to compete with him.

  62. Carp, that list is the single-most relevant piece of evidence pointing to the incompetence of the Rangers front office over the last decade.

    Please excuse me while I beat myself into unconsciousness with my keyboard now.

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  64. The speculation on Heatley is this, some of it culled from discussions with other teams’ executives in Montreal during the weekend. Today is critical because Ottawa does not want to play Heatley the $4 million owed him tomorrow, so the Sens (GM Byran Murray and boss Eugene Melnyk) might be forced to lower their demands. The possible scenarios: Rozsival-Dubinsky, a high-draft pick and a prospect; Zherdev-Dubinsky and a high pick. The Rangers apparently do not want to include Staal or Ryan Callahan or take any other player back, given the Heatley cap hit.

    according to zip

  65. just updated above with the link to the U.S. Olympic roster invitees, and also with a correction that free agency begins at noon tomorrow, not midnight. Sorry. I’m stuck in the old days.

  66. zipay has heatley to the rangers rumors..

    i say trade roszival, zherdev and a pick for heatley. heatley is owed $4 mill manana……

    ottowa wants dubi.. No trading of Dubi….

    zipay also says Gilroy looks great.

    BTW notice FA moves almost never work out, can’t we learn……….

  67. Adam Z:

    Yes I will be, infact I have already done that twice and even given carp and the Rangers report a personal shout out post. I love the RR!

  68. If we trade Dubi for Heatley… and Gomez to Montreal…then who will Heatley play with? im lost…

    And NO… I wouldn’t trade Dubi for Heatley

  69. I would not give up Dubinsky because he’s the future captain of this team. He stepped up his game when Torts came, and you could tell Torts has plans for him. I’m not saying he’s the next Vinny, but he can be a solid two-way center. He’s already a fan favorite. He gives 110% every shift. The only other players on the team that give the same are Callahan and Staal.

    I say play the kids and see what Torts can do.

    What’s the worst that could happen? A lottery pick? lol

  70. I love when people get outraged at a player’s initial contract demands. If you were negotiating a contract, wouldn’t you shoot for the stars first? This is the real world…always aim high and then we he sees no team will offer him $5.25 million/year, the price will gradually come down.

    Let’s not jump down the guy’s throat. This is a business, let’s not forget.

  71. Not i sir he has bad joo joo. He is a me first person so what im pretty much saying as you pointed out in the last ten years he is perfect for the rangers. i hate that all these guys that come here have such a money hungry attitude wait if we get him how long before he wants out of here… and i’m sure if sather is still here we won’t get a dubinsky back in our return. we will get first round bombs so in other words no keep heatly and let him rot in ottawa.

  72. heatley is a much better player then dubi under any measurement let’s be real.. healtey scores 30 goals in his sleep…

    but ottawa should be desperate and roszi, zherdev and a big pick or prospect of the rangers chice non cally dubi etc should be a good deal.. philly gave up a ton for pronger and are in worse cap hell then the rangers..

  73. Mister Delaware on

    I wouldn’t move Dubinsky for Heatley but that’s due to (equal parts, or thereabout) the length of Heatley’s deal (even moving Roszival would lead to a further loss of flexibility), my admitted affinity for Dubinsky and my belief that in a shaky economy with a seriously disgruntled player about to get a check for $4MM, we shouldn’t have to give up a key player. Shake all that with a general lack of hockey knowledge outside of the immediate MSG area and post.

    (And he spells his name with a single ‘n’. C’mon.)

  74. If this team was anywhere close i would give up Dubi for Heatley, Heatley might put us over the edge. However, i think we are faced with buidling around Henrik, Staal, Dubi and Callahan, so I would keep those guys.

    On another note, Heatley was my first pick in my fantasy draft last year. He had a terrible year (turned it on somewhat late). I didn’t even make the playoffs in the league that I was the commissioner. Forget him.

  75. Wow, very VERY young invite list for Team USA with the exception of 2-3 guys. I love the make up of the list, young, hard nosed… no doubt Burke is putting his stamp on this team. I can’t wait for the Vancouver games!

  76. What was a better contract?
    Wade redden: 6 Years 39 Million
    Johnny Oduya: 4 years 12 Million?
    What is wrong with Glen Sather? we are stuck in this miserable cap situation for another 5 years? I really think somebody is going to throw an offer sheet at Duby and RC.. hopefully its the Devils so we can atleast watch them develop…

  77. here we go… a local devils fan out of the hibernation and suddenly it smell like poop around here! :)

  78. JASON

    Doesn’t matter, he had two great years playing along side Jagr. And he came off a great run in the playoffs, where he led the team in goals and points if im not mistaken. He sucks with the Craps now, yeah that’s obvious. Maybe Jagr was the only reason why he was so good, but the fact is, he was good with him here, and it worked. Right now, we cant get this overrated balding douchebag Blowmez to have chemistry with anyone.


    Yeah, lets sign a “good player” who will play 5 mins a night. Gimme a break, it’s one spot on the god damn wing, the 4th line wont play that much, as long as Torts is the coach. Just leave him there, and he doesn’t have to play on the 4th line that much, just double shift Cally, or someone else.

    It’s all aboot money. I hope Orr doesn’t get greedy.

    And nice to see Cally on Team USA, it’s aboot time they went young. Who knows, maybe they’ll finally get some fuggin gold. I was getting sick of watching DiPietro blow games left and right. Thomas, and Miller better stand on their ugly heads, and save the day.

  79. cccp –

    i have money
    i need sneakers!
    i need these sneakers bad. this is like a last resort form me cause i hope that someone in the city has a hook up. ive called stores on staten island and stores where i live in south jersey not one place has em.

    carp –

    i would trade dubi just because of our kids in the minors.
    but at the same time because ive seen him play i dont want to. i think him and cally would flourish under torts.

    its so hard because of all the hooplah thats going on today. heatley, lecavalier, gomez, this swedish goalie, the twins. ugh no one knows where people will land and everyone thought when pronger was dealt and jaybo was traded that kaberle would go and then this and then that.

    i cant get caught up in this today.
    midnight tonight heatley needs to be moved or senator fans will bugg the eff out. 7.5 mil can sign 2 to 3 players. they need the money.

  80. bull dog line on

    byers, and more were given qualifying offers.
    would not trade dubi, or any other home grown ranger for heatly. need to build from within.

  81. From TSN:

    “USA Hockey previously announced its management team for the 2010 Olympic team, including Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke as G.M.; David Poile, associate G.M.; Jim Johannson, assistant executive director of hockey operations. Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson will act as head coach, and his assistant coaches will be New Jersey Devils coach John Tortorella and New York Islanders coach Scott Gordon.”

    Uhhhh did Torts already jump ship to Jersey when looking at our cap situation???

  82. Where's Pavelich? on

    interesting to see cally on roster and not Dubie …thght he would bring some flexibility andd size up least Drury made it.. he will prob be named Captain

  83. im sure drury will swing by soon to let us know that the phone call ruined his morning but not his summer.

  84. CCCP. I am a local fan and Love Love Love Hockey. I just think our cap situation is nothing but Dire.. and we would not be able to match any kind of offers given to RC or Dubi so I would like to see them go to the Devils. But we deserve what we get giving Gomez Dury REDDEN And Rozival an average of 6.5 million long term.. who the hell does that in a cap era?

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    “Honestly, how many of you would give up Dubinsky in a trade for Heatley?”

    I would, but it depends on the rest of the package.

    As for the free agents, I think the following had success when they were signed as a UFA:


    I would say Fleury had the most success if it wasn’t for falling off the wagon. He was having a great season that year, too.

    Straka and Shanahan were both excellent in the original UFA contracts. During their resigned year, they were both awful.

    Kaspar was good for a couple of years, especially 05-06. Then he just lost it that summer.

    Nylander cannot be considered anything but a smashing success. The biggest failure around him was signing both Drury and Gomez instead of keeping him around. Cost us Jagr too.

    Girardi was a good signing too.

    Everyone else on there was a disaster except maybe Strudwick, the 2nd time around.

  86. yeah byers has to make the rangers now
    my last comment is awaiting moderation but the rangers signed chris chappell who will most likely replace byers in hartford.

    do a youtube search the kid can fight and he got 38-38 , 76pts in 68 games

    grachev went 40-40

  87. Interesting, it looks like Gomez is the top center on the USA team too!! Who’s this other goalie besides Miller and Thomas? I think the USA team has strong goaltending and a good D, but lacks scoring punch….sound familiar?

  88. collin

    those are some expensive kicks bro! $800 on ebay for a pair of nike sneakers? How many little children died making those for 10 cents a day! lol

  89. Couple of questions- does noon tomorrow mean that noon tomorrow is also the deadline for the Heatley bonus?

    Also, my offers would be this to Ottowa, as I feel they are desperate-

    Zherdev, Rosival and a 2 for Heatley
    Redden, Dubi for Heatley and a 2

    You want Dubi fine, you get Redden back and we get a pick (they won’t do that)

    Hopefully they start to really feel the pressure up there- if I’m Ottowa’s owner I’m telling my GM to make a dam deal that get’s us something and save me the dam 4 million on a guy that could ruin the season-

  90. Why not just send Redden to the minors n save those dollars on the cap?
    Lamorello did that for the D man who played on the Rangers, Malakov?

    Sather probably has too much pride but lets take advantage of the system like the Devils did.

  91. cccp
    yeah they are pretty expensive
    i have the red ones
    i need the blue ones now
    and they just came out today so those 800 dollar ones could be ones released in mass. 2 weeks ago, depends on the packaging.

    i dunno
    but i hope with all these signings that we will find another “girardi”

  92. JAB: Sather has too much pride to do that. I could have sword he did that to Darius Kasparitis. Short memory?

  93. 800 sneakers? I’d be afraid to walk outside in them? That’s crazy. I spend $40 tops for my nikes and they last me a year or more….

    Anyway I’m still against bringing Heatly here, but if it’s not giving up anyone of our kids, I’ll do it. I haven’t looked at the FA list, anyone know if there’s a couple of younger FA who haven’t developed into anything yet, but have a lot of potential, but won’t cost a lot? That’s who I want. Bring in a bunch of those guys and mix and match.

    About putting Redden in Hartford, how does that work against the cap if we bring him up, say in January? Would that be an immediate cap hit and we’d have to cut someone?

  94. I’m glad Sather smartened up and decided to tender Byers. He should make this roster as a 4th liner.

  95. Nueve-Uno-Cuatro on

    USA needs to go young with this team, Miller and Thomas in net.
    Suter, Whitney, Komisarek, Rafalski, Paul Martin, and both the Johnsons on D.

    At forward Kane, Kessel, Parise, Brown, Statsny, Kessler, Booth, Callahan, Drury, Ryan, Booth and maybe Langenbrunner.

  96. bull dog line – I can’t disagree that you’ve “forgotten more” than I “will ever know about hockey.” Obviously, you’ve forgotten all about hockey altogether if:

    A. You think the NHL is ANYTHING like it was during when Verbeek was potting goals at 40 a clip.
    B. You think the cinderblock onVoros is on Torts’ ‘good’ list.
    C. You think Rissmiller, who signed a one-year contract and only skated two games last season, will be back with the Rangers.
    D. You think the TOP PK UNIT IN THE NHL is expendable and replaceable.

    You may be an old fan. You may think you’re knowledgeable. But if you agree with the above four statements, you should give yourself a reality check, or maybe see if you’ve developed Alzheimer’s…

  97. My Vans cost $35.00. You must have Wade Redden type money to buy $800 sneakers. I hope you deserve that money, unlike Coke-head Red.


    He’s LA’s starter.

  98. You have two Booth’s in there. I guessing one of them is supposed to be Blowmez. Also fugg Langrnbrunner, he’ll do jack sh*t for Team USA. Id much rather have Backes, or even Oshie in that spot.

  99. Ive been saying forever, who cares if Betts leaves. It wont hurt this team. Losing two PK’ers wont ruin the PK.

    I don’t care if Betts stays, or goes. Same for Shoes.

  100. pavel-

    the recession is man made
    if your money isnt backed by anything of value how does it get a “value”


    i deserve every penny i make

    i wouldnt pay 800 for them
    im looking for someone who knows of a store that still has em

    my size (12) isnt popular
    10.5s are prob 800 bucks

    ok im sorry about all the sneaker talk we can go back to hockey now, lol

  101. For $800 you can probably bribe Lindsey Lohan to get it on with you. Would you like to wear Lindsey Lohan or shoes ?

    Possibly Paris Hilton too, but im sure you can get a discount, maybe $400, as long as you laugh at everything she says.

  102. couldn’t go through the whole list
    cause i just ate lunch
    the stress of all the names and
    all the bad decisions would have made
    my nose bleed again.


  103. Doodie Machetto on

    Who do you guys think the steal of this year’s free agency will be? I think last year it was Mark Streit.

    I think this year it will be Erik Cole.

  104. Sally in Sabreland on

    I don’t give a poo about Heatly. Dubi better not be going anywhere (unless it’s Buffalo… that’d be okay).

  105. ima go with a goalie and say ty conklin
    there are a lot of teams looking for a goalie
    he needs to be a starter somewhere next year

  106. When is the deadline to accept or decline a Qualifying Offer?

    Will we know by noon tomorrow if Zherdev is a go or not?

  107. Hockeyman Rangers on

    So is the NHL all star break not happening this year b/c of the olympics???
    And I think I saw somewhere that this is the last year that the NHL will let the olympics interfear with the NHL seaoson correct???

  108. the same people wanting to trade dubinsky for heatly are the same people who will be bitching about giving up youth for over payed hasbeens like it always happens

  109. Orr,

    At the time, what he did in the past was in the past. He wanted a 4-5 year deal for approx $5ish mil. Now I understand we gave both Drury and Gomez more money for more years but they both were much younger than Nylander and coming in, both had won cups. Before becoming a Ranger, Nylander had never been on a team that won a playoff series more or less a cup. Since leaving the Rangers, he’s had the chance to play with the most exciting player in the world and one who was much better at that point in his career than Jagr was in his and he couldn’t hack it so yes, it does matter.

  110. Oh, and glad to see Moore and Byers rights also to be retained. For some reason, I have hope that Moore becomes a steady NHLer and Byers can be Orr’s successor.

    I also think that Zhedrev rights were only retained so that the Rangers get compensation when he signs elsewhere. At least, that’s what I hope. He was the epitome of what was wrong with the Rangers last year.

  111. I am very concerned. How many agents will be saying this for the next 5 years? OMG our organization is terrible:

    The New York Rangers have been unable to re-sign forward Nik Antropov, and it appears he’s going to market. “He’s definitely going to hit the market because the Rangers have no space to sign him,” Antropov’s agent, Mark Gandler, told on Tuesday.

    Thanks alot Sather. I think we are all owed an apology.

  112. 8 hundo for sneaks? u must be out of your can build your own etnies for a tenth of the price

  113. For spending $800 on a pair of sneakers (not even shoes mind you) Colin should change his name to Colon.

  114. jason

    how does that make sense?
    sorry that i like lookin good

    my p-rods cost me anywhere from 90 to 150
    these are LIMITED
    thats why they are so much money

    i never said i was spendin 800 bucks on the shoes
    retail is 98
    i can prolly get em for 180

  115. thank you jason..”i like looking good” too funny colon.. too funny..

    design ur own ur own..

    you have a matching suede suit colon?

  116. Doodie,

    I just see “He’s definitely going to hit the market because the Rangers have no space to sign him,” Antropov’s agent, Mark Gandler, told on Tuesday as something we will be hearing alot of over the next 5 years. I mean he is right.. we have no space whatsoever. So I guess Sather thinks other GMS are as bad as him and thinks he can unload Gomez Drury Redden for Joe Thorton Danny Heatley and Ovechkin, but seriously that quote says it all. We are in a dire situation and we can all dream of these ridiculous trades, but the fact of the matter is, we are screwed for 5 years.

  117. Cross your fingers that ol’ Glennie boy doesn’t do anything stupid this summer guys. Hopefully he’ll earn his money and rip off Ottawa for Heatley, but I doubt it. Or maybe get a taker for Redden (please?)

    btw, just got 360 and my friends list is empty. Anyone with Xbox Live, add me. My tag is JCVD Roundhouse.

  118. *at least Drury made it.. he will prob be named Captain*


    If Captain Clutch isn’t named Captain America, Captain Clutch isn’t showing up!

    4th Of July party at Redden’s house this weekend!!! I can’t wait!!! Best offseason ever!!! Clutchmobile is shined to the max and ready to roll!!! The clutch in the Clutchmobile has been acting funny since I lent it to Carp for one of his trips to the middle of nowhere in Upstate NY (articles about girls lacrosse in Bedford is NOT clutch Carp!), but I’d still lend it to him again! What a team player! What a leader!

    And after Captain Clutch, Wade Redden is the best free agent signing! Think about everything he brings to this team! The parties! The cookouts! The holiday celebrations! A Wade Redden party will “blow” everything else out of the water if you know what I mean! It’s not even hockey season and all this guy talks about is the “lines”! This guy makes Scarface look like an amateur! Ha-Ha!

    I’m not gonna let all the negativity on this blog ruin my summer! Nap time!

  119. Everyone is after poor colin! lol

    those kicks are $800 on eBay! and they do look good… i am intrigued and will definitely get myself a pair!

    in few weeks they’ll be available in stores for like $100 or $150 bucks! so relax boys… save your strength for July 1st! lol

  120. don’t think we’ll know for sure on Zherdev tomorrow. The QO just means that the Rangers are entitled to compensation if he signs an offer sheet elsewhere. He can still decide not to play for that QO or any amount. He can go play in Europe. He can still negotiate with the Rangers.

  121. cccp

    they came out 2 weeks ago in mass. limited to 250 in a biohazard box w/ yellow laces and a t shirt and other stuff

    they just re-released them today limited to 10,000 price tag of 98 retail in just a blue box w/ black and white laces

    shops are selling them for at most 200

    the people on ebay are selling the “package” that came out 2 weeks ago
    or they are fake

    dont ever buy nikes on ebay
    they will most likely be fake

  122. back to hockey however

    the Rangers offered Roszival, Voros and Kundratek. Bryan Murray was gonna take it but Edmonton made a better offer.
    on sportsnet

  123. Antropov asking for 5 million is absolutely ridiculous…

    Except when you compare him to Drury, Gomez & Redden…Compared to those three, Antropov at 5 million is actually a steal!

    I’ve got no faith in Sather to do anything right this summer. Watching that buffoon stagger around the draft with his stogie dangling makes me think of my old neighbor who needed help finding his way back home.

    Glen Sather has neither the ability, the desire, nor the inclination to work his ass off and put together a contending team. He certainly won’t admit to his horrific mistakes:

    Regarding Wade Redden, he actually thinks he played good!!

    I have very, very little faith in Sather to do anything right. And I believe he’ll give up too much for Heatley if he does make that mistake.

    As for Heatley…another pompous, overpaid mercenary who’s crying only one year into his contract that he wants out??

    We don’t need Heatley. We’ve got plenty of heartless mercenaries on this team as it is…Starting with Our Captain.

  124. I hear ya Carp, but isn’t there a deadline for when someone has to accept or reject the QO? It seems like the Rangers could have their hands tied with that 3.25 million number at noon tomorrow- Do they keep it for Zherdev or do they go out and get an asset utilizing that $?

  125. Flyline,

    A player has no time line in which they accept a QO, its the same as a regular contract offer though if it’s taken, the Rangers would have 7 days in which they can accept it or let him walk and receive the appropriate compensation.

  126. Rick,

    How could we afford Heatley? They would really take Salary dumps in return?

  127. don’t know how they’d fit him in, but they’re obviously interested. Maybe Redden goes to Hartford and they eat his contract. Maybe they think they have a deal for Gomez and/or Rozsival. They will probably shed some salary in the trade — Dubinsky maybe?

  128. Carp – Out of curiosity, is there any way a Heatley deal could go down without the inclusion of Callahan/Dubinsky? For example, a Rozi/Zherdev/high draft pick or prospect type package? Obviously Zherdev isn’t signed at the moment so it’d have to be a sign and trade, but I’m bored at work and just wondering.

  129. Honestly, just to see one of our bad contracts (Rosi) even though its the lesser of all the evils, and VOROS thrown into the deal I would do it.

    Voros needs to get the hell off of this teams roster and payroll IMMEDIATELY

    And as long as Dubi and Cally are NOT included in the deal Im fine with Heatley: yeah selfish, pain in the ass, whatever, he scores alot and can get hopefully get Gomer going, were not giving up youth for him, and Torts will bust his balls to no end. WHich shoudl be hysterical if it happens

    Either way Rosi Voros Kundratek for HEately = do it!!

    And after reading Cally’s interview on anohter site and Gomez’ comments about how everyone knwos they have to bust there nuts to even be playing next season, Im cautiously optimistic that Torts new regime is really gonna get the most out of the team, whoever they may be

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I imagine that any deal for Heatley would include Rozsival, thus opening up the cap space for Heatley, especially if they don’t come to terms with Zherdev.

    But if they just ate Redden’s contract in Hartford. Oh man. It would be the best move they make all season.

    And I agree with both of your inclinations. Heatley will be dealt tonight, and Orr is signing in Toronto tomorrow. I’ll do you one better: I think Chris Neil signs there too.

  131. Jason- so can Zherdev just drag his feet, using the KHL as a backup, forcing the Rangers to pretty much earmark 3.25 million for him and possibly losing out on other players?

  132. carp- i would trade duby, zherdev, colins blue lobsters, orrs megan fox posters, cccp and laurels cats, pavels right kidney, and my left for heatley.

  133. bull dog line on

    I struck a nerve eh, so you resorted to name calling.
    this is not fantasy hockey, or your game of choice NHL09.
    i will take yor comments 1 at a time.
    todays game is supposed to be even more wide open now then is was when verbeek played.
    did not say i thought voros was a good player, said torts played him in game 6 and 7 instead of wonder boy orr. and that torts may like him.
    thought rissmiller signed 3 year deal, and could replace sjoostrom, he played that roll on very good san jose teams.
    and yes i think that the entire 4th line is replaceable.

  134. wow, mike. that’s not the popular feeling I’m getting from the Boneheads. glad you’re not dealing any of my stuff … are you? doubt Orr and colin would go for that.

  135. colin- edmontons gonna grab heatley then. voros and kundratek?? lol the islanders could trade dipietro faster than we could trade voros

  136. Colin-

    the Rangers offered Roszival, Voros and Kundratek. Bryan Murray was gonna take it but Edmonton made a better offer.
    on sportsnet

    I was just looking for that on sportsnet and couldnt find you have a link to the article?

  137. Mister Delaware on

    The only positive in trading either Dubinsky or Callahan would be the end of this annoying “Dubi and Cally” stuff. We aren’t their buddies.

  138. carp- id think about as a bonus to murray, we could throw in my vhs collection of the dukes of hazzard and the A team. murray kinda looks like george peppard doesnt he?

  139. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Alright , Carp ..the best on the list is Theo Fleury!! Theo captured the hearts of Calgary Flames fans and did not dissapoint in his tenure with NY. This guy was entertaining as well as a gifted scorer. Theo by far is the best on that list besides Messier.

    Dubie for Heatley…ah I think you know who I picked!!

    Bryan Murray can got rot in hell , cuz what!!!??? we paid Heatleys $4 bonus plus what ever,,,no way!!! I would love to have Heatley because his swccoring touch is sweet BUT no not at the cost of our own teams players. Maybe crap we wanna ditch but not to Dubi,Staal,Cally or …ok fine well ditch Z ( i hate that move too!)

  140. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Mister Deleware dont be jelous…you can be thier buddies too!!!

    The list worst’s is Kevin ” weak goalie” Weeks. This guy was a waist of space,ice time ,player development. All the player on the list at least did SOMETHING…Weeks did nothing and of all the player , he the one we could care less about.Even Vally is more memorable than Weeks .( Sorry Vally “legs open like a Vally” Valequette.)

  141. If Higgins gets signed, I will guarantee we get Heatley, and bet it involves either Dubi or Cally

  142. Sny rangers blog is reporting that chris higgins (LI native) was traded to the rangers from montreal. Details are following soon

  143. carp- id even consider throwin in your grateful dead colection. or your pink floyd and jimi hendrix albums

  144. gomers gone???? wtf??? sather!!! you bass turd. whos gonne feed the puck to heatley now?

  145. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Gomez for higgins, done deal. Frees up around 4 mil after higgins is signed

  146. I guess we could get Heatly or even Lecavalier now with the freed up cap space.(Or not….)

  147. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Too expensive $180 for shoes!!! People who wear that crap are just looking to get robbed.

    Shoruken , yeah 360 is perty good im ZzZz GL on dare!!!

  148. I admire the valuable details you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my kids check up here typically. I am quite certain they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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