No Heatley? (updated)


Now it sounds as if the Rangers are done for the night — I was wondering why they had the Glen Sather conference call so early. And if they are done for the night, that probably means they are done in the dealing for Dany Heatley.

Earlier I said it looked like it was getting done. Apparently what I was actually hearing but not comprehending was the Gomez deal going down. Sorry about that.

But once Ottawa makes that $4 million bonus payment to Heatley, I’m pretty sure there is no reason for the Senators to trade him … or to do it any time soon. So I assume the Sens will make a deal with Edmonton or some other team by midnight tonight.

And, again, Glen Sather should be applauded if he refused to give in on one of his valued younger players in a deal for Heatley when he had Ottawa over a barrel. With the cap space he opened up by dealing Gomez, Sather can be a player in free agency today and get some offense without giving up anything.

Or he can get something better than Heatley (Vinny Lecavalier?) with those assets.

Maybe I’m misreading this, too. Maybe it’s possible the Rangers will reimburse the Senators for the $4 million if they can get a deal done another time. But I think Ottawa will trade Heatley tonight, and now I think he won’t be coming to New York.



TSN is reporting that the Oilers and Senators have a deal for Heatley, pending Heatley waiving his no-trade and agreeing to go to Edmonton.

UPDATE, 11:07 P.M.:

Thanks to reader Mike D who tipped us off to the Sportsnet report that the Heatley-to-Edmonton deal is done.

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  1. kind of a shame if it’s true, i was excited at the possibility for heatley in blue

  2. totally agree, once the senators pay out the 4 mil heatley will stay with the thrashers. Sather needs to find a trade that includes rozi and than the rangers can sign hossa. Somebody in the other poost said something like “how do we know hossa would come here” because money talks and bull

  3. Good — he’s great but I don’t want him, he’ll throw on the blue sweater and it’ll suck all the talent outta him anyway…

  4. totally agree, once the senators pay out the 4 mil heatley will stay with the *thrashers*



    you mean Ottawa?

  5. ah- I guess Heatley for Rosi+Sangs+Zherdev’s rights and a pick would have been too much to ask for- at least we have some flexibility now and that big d prospect from the habs-

  6. UESBlueshirt on

    Wonder if OTT changed the demands after they saw the Gomez trade. While Gomez was on the Rangers at least Sather could demand someone like Rozi as being part of the package to create cap room but OTT knows that the Rangers have plenty of cap room and they won’t have to take a bad contract in return.

  7. Really the NYR are done for the night? Sather never rests in destroying our beloved NYR. I dont think he is done for the night. I will be up waiting for the inevitable bad move/complete head scratcher on July 1.

  8. So what’s this season going to look like ? What kind of fuggin team will Nyr be ?

    Tomorrow should be interesting. I just hope Rozi is gone by tomorrow.

    I don’t care if half our team is rookies next year.

    It’s disappointing that we wont have Heatley, but at the same time, id hate to see Dubi get dumped. But at the same time, if Dubi turns out to be nothing more than a 3rd line center, then we’ll look back at this day, and always regret it.

    Im outta here, i guess ill trade Heatley back to Ottawa in NHL 09.

  9. Like I said the other day, why trade for Heatley when Hossa comes for nothing but $$$$?

  10. embarrassing carps just embarrassing. your story is everywhere right now and you “misunderstood”. well done

  11. Very important for Sather to do somthing smart here and not screw up all the good he has done today.

    IF he were to take a chance on Gaborik I’d be fine with it ONLY because he wouldn’t have to sell the farm for him. Vinny on the other hand…

    I’m not saying it wouldn’t be worth it, but we would lose somebody we don’t want to lose. Maybe a few of ’em

  12. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Great trade for Sather. Higgins is someone I’ve always liked as a player. He can score 20+ goals a year and to all you Betts fans, he is an excellent penalty killer. If we don’t trade Cally( hopefully)he and Higgins will light it up on the penalty kill! This McDunough kid is an outright Steal!!!!!. I wanted us to draft him in ‘07. He may be signed in time for camp and may make the team if there is enough room.

    I hope we don’t get Heatly if it means trading Dubi or Cally. I would rather get a ufa.

    Just remeber one thing about Sather. Sather giveth and Sather taketh away. So hold on to your hats because we will soon find out how mucheth

  13. PJ
    June 30th, 2009 at 8:04 pm
    Really the NYR are done for the night? Sather never rests in destroying our beloved NYR.

    Well said PJ. So, is Versus going to have any coverage of Day 1 of Free Agency?? ;-)

  14. I still say if sather could some how figure a way to dump rozi the rangers would have plenty to sign hossa.

  15. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally, yay for you! Carp, great post, that’s why I’m just a temp. Catch up with it all tomorrow….

  16. I have to say I’m happy we didn’t sacrifice our future stars for Heatley. If that was the asking price then Slats deserves all the credit for not budging. Should make tomorrow even more interesting now.

    Here’s a thought I have, Carp or anyone else feel free to chime in, Sather’s career is definitely heading into its twilight years. Are these deals (or lack there of) a new outlook he may have? He’s seeing his career winding down and wants another cup before it’s over. Maybe he’s looking at 6-7 year contracts and saying “I won’t be here to see these through, let’s try to get this done and win one before I’m out of here”. I dont know maybe I’m way off but the Slats we’ve seen in the last 8-9 hours seems different than the last 8 or 9 years.

  17. Dave G.

    One deal doesn’t mean the leopard has lost his spots. Sather may still acquire Heatley or give in long term to Hossa. Don’t sleep on Staher finding a way to spend the cap space.

  18. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    and this is why the blog went down hill after weinman. The other blogs have people at prospect camp, while this one is just spreading false rumors.

  19. Doodie machetto on

    Now that gomez is gone, I’m glad there won’t be heatley. Not at the cost of dubi, staal, or callahan. If they go for my original rozsi-zherdev-sanguinetti, i’d still be all for it

  20. yeah i was hopeful heatley and gomer would play together
    it would have been gomers last straw for sure

    he never worked well with anyone so im kinda glad to see him go
    i think its more of the contract

  21. Wow…Akeson is a waste of life…First Heatley is being finalized..Now we should watch out for Lecavalier?…This is closed to Eklund territory in throwing out names just to get web hits…really Sad!

  22. Doodie machetto on

    Btw, give sather some credit. All of a sudden we have one of the deepest pools of defensive prospects in the league, if not the deepest.

    Of course, we have almost no offense, but we’re in a very good place from the net out

  23. Laurel Babcock on

    Some of you guys are unbelievable….jeez. Not gonna go on a rant now, but serenity now would be good.

  24. hey Dr. Ogro…if you dont like the “direction” blog why are you here reading and posting? thanks for being a wet blanket.

    I think Carp, Jane, Josh (snicker), and even Laurel have done a great job since Sam left. A big thank you to all of their hard work and effort.

  25. “And, again, Glen Sather should be applauded if he refused to give in on one of his valued younger players in a deal for Heatley when he had Ottawa over a barrel. With the cap space he opened up by dealing Gomez, Sather can be a player in free agency today and get some offense without giving up anything.”

    Well put, I was cringing he’d give up something like Staalzy, Cally, and a #1 pick with Girloy or somehting insanely stupid (well not that stupid).

  26. Sally, if I knew it would make you feel better, I’d have said it earlier.
    Linda, welcome back, too.

    kovy, that’s what happens in this blog world. it would never have happened in the newspaper because I wouldn’t have run with it without burning up the phones checking it out.
    It doesn’t bother me at all, actually.

  27. Mike D (#96) on

    Why are all of you guys beating up on Carp? He doesn’t control Sather or the news…He reports events as they happen. Also, most of you guys are on here because you know that this is one of the best sources of up-to-date Rangers coverage year-round. Stop bitchin’. Carp: thanks for keeping us updated as this thing develops.

    As for my two cents: I don’t want to see Dubinsky or Callhan go now that Gomez is gone. We parted ways with an overpaid player…I think most of us knew that he was overpaid as soon as he was picked up. He is never going to score 50 goals.

    No Heatley, then no Heatley. I am ambivalent about him. I would be happy starting the season like we are right now…let the kids play and if there is cap room, see who blossoms next year, maybe we can trade then. No need to rush this…

  28. onecupin69years and counting on

    Looks like sather’s plan for heatley may backfire,if they can’t get him.
    Nothing will stop sather from spending the money and be very close to the cap ,thus screwing up any late season deals which you know they will need.

    So what if he signs Hossa or lecavelier?
    they don’t need long term high priced deals, look at the mess they have now.

  29. dudes, relax on Carp, he made a freakin mistake….oh wait, you two are just perfect and we must ask for your forgiveness. Get over it and move on….keep up the great work Carp and crew!

  30. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Its a nice little message board now. It used to be the place I came for all my Ranger info, now its a distant 4th or 5th. It is what it is, I realize Carp and the gang have other responsibilities, but my point stands.

  31. Carp, everybody makes mistakes and you are a good journalist and I appreciate the fine job you do on this blog but admitting you “just ran with it” and that it doesn’t bother you to be wrong is kind of obnoxious. We all come here to get the information that you, as an insider with press credentials gets, and I think you are better than that.

  32. I’m fine with not getting this Heater deal done.

    Cally or Staal had to be included in that package along with our stack of talented prospects.

  33. Assuming we don’t get Heatley, do you guys really want Hossa? Can he really put the team on his shoulders? I’m not so sure he’s what we need.

  34. Tomorrow should be very interesting. I am on the fence with Hossa. Didn’t Edmonton want him bad last year? Why wouldn’t they pitch for him again?

  35. DanTheRangerFan on

    Nicely said Dennis…I think Carp has done a great job. But got to agree your last comment Carp made me say what the frigg?

  36. Hossa is the last player that i want to see on the rangers. I can’t imagine how you will react to him when he has a bad game after seeing what you guys say about Drury, Gomez and rozy. It would be a nightmare if we sign the guy from detroit that didnt show up in the finals 2 years in a row while being surrounded by talent.

  37. Guys…lets remember its a blog. A BLOG. Due to the nature of a blog, sometimes things are posted that are true, sometimes untrue. If you want 100% true hockey news, why not check out or something like that.

    Carp, I think you are fantastic and have done great things for this place.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Do you hear that? It’s Vinny L banging on the NY dressing room. THUMP THUMP THUMP!!!

    MONTREAL’s DREAMING if they think they can land Vinny with Gomez. Sather thought of that already.Heres a kinda sick thought in Tampa:

    St,louis Dubinsky Stamko’s as forwards
    Headman delzotto on dfense

  39. With the free cap space Gaborik is a no brainer and no risk. MSG has plenty of money – if he gets injured then put him on IR and the cap space returns. WOuld like to have Heatley or Vinny too but for the right price. For once we should be getting the good end of the lollipop. If the deal included Redden and only worked with Dubi – would you do it? I think you would have to think about it. It sucks…

  40. I always liked higgens — tough kid

    remember that you heard it here first –

    – Komiserick to the Island — he’s going UFA – he’s from the island – and a chance to play with Tavares and bring some love to his peeps!

  41. Thanks all.

    Dr. Ogrodnick, sorry I can’t give you all that exciting stuff happening in the rookie scrimmages. Big news you’re missing there. And I would really love to know what the four or five better blogs are. I know of two blogs written by people paid to attend every practice and prospect camp. That’s it.

    Dennis, I’m not being obnoxious. I am living with the new-age journalism. You think you have something, you go with it. I was told something, I misunderstood it (apparently, though it’s possible I was correct and then things changed), and I went with it. That’s part of doing a blog. You have to have a fearlessness. I wasn’t just guessing. I was reporting what I knew at that moment. Again, if I did that in the newspaper or in a story on the web site, I’d be ticked off. But to make a relatively minor mistake on the blog, well, it doesn’t bother me.

  42. dont sign ANYONE

    sign dubie and cally long term

    sign staal NOW long term

    this is what needs to be done

    lock these 3 players up now that you have the money

  43. Supposedley, Dustin Penner is the key ingredient that Murray wants in Ottawa… and that makes sense to me…

    What I get the feeling for right now is something bigger… I think Sather already has something cooking for tomorrow… and don’t be surprised if another big trade happens involving Rozsival perhaps and then Glen brings in the Sedin twins. The trade doesn’t necessarily have to happen before any signing either. I read that if the Sedins don’t take Vancouver’s offer tonight, they would be willing to sign for smaller lengthed contracts in order to play together on a contending team.

    From what I’ve heard about the Canucks offer… they’ll be signing elsewhere.

    If not the Sedins, I think Slats will pull in a big name at least tomorrow… At this point I don’t care anymore. He needed desperately to whipe out one of those big contracts and he managed to do so with a wonderfully inexpensive piece in return. Higgins will fit right in with Torts’ boys.

    I don’t know… even if the Rangers don’t add a big name player tomorrow… I like the idea of now suring up Callahan and Dubinsky as well as keeping Betts/Sjostrom in the mix. Allow for more youth injections and let this team build going forward.

    Slats has something cookin though… I can just feel it.


  44. PJ

    Come on..That’s a pretty simplistic view. When you saw that Gomez was traded did you believe it or did you go to TSN for confirmation?…I believed it because Carp is a journalist first and foremost and I have come to trust him over the time he has run this BLOG…like I said earlier , he does a fine job (along with Jane, Imaginary Josh and Laurel) but just blowing off the fact that he posted something without checking out its validity rubbed me and obviously some others the wrong way and like on any BLOG comments section < i am just voicing my opinion on the matter (in a very respectful manner).

  45. i cant see the sedins signing here

    brian burke will be on the phone first thing tomorrow getting them locked up
    he has too much money to spend

  46. Carp you said in your post midnight tonight about a deal to go down,isn’t it the dead line 12 noon tomorrow?

  47. NO SEDINS! We need hard nosed players… skilled and hard nosed. Cally. Dubie. Higgins… as well. Let’s stick with that. Can Thornton be had? Players like Zherdev and such, too finesse… not enough grit. Hard workers will be welcome here, not laid back fancy players… like Gomez and such. Chad LaRose would fit in perfectly… especially if Sjostrom is gone…

  48. though now that swedes are the flavor-of-the-month (see detroit) it could be that slats is going blond???


    Henrick will put in a call —

  49. Carp- Thank you for the explanation. Another reason I enjoy this blog is you are definitely the most accessible of all the Rangers blog writers. I’ll say it a hundred times, You do a wonderful job and I still consider this the best place for Rangers info and I was just voicing my opinion>

  50. I forgot who posted earlier that sather better not spend all of the cap money because you need some to make a deal during the season. That’s easy to do, just place redden in the farm system and recall him, somebody will take him for half price. Redden stinks, I rather pay him half price than full price and still be on the rangers.

  51. I can see the Sedins signing here for one reason at least…


    I’m not saying this is something that’s highly likely… but I can see something like this going down???

    Regardless… I never faulted Sather for signing both Gomez and Drury when he did two summers ago… but it was great to get out of that tanglement when he received an opportunity to do so… I’m both shocked and extremely satisfied it happened so quickly!


  52. Carp, don’t listen to any of the airheads who are criticizing you. You’re doing an excellent job with this blog (as do Jane and Laurel when you’re gone)

    What I want to know is why does everyone here have giant man-crushes on Dubinsky and Callahan?

    I love both players and think they have great careers ahead of them, but for Jeebus’ sake, we’d be getting Dany Heatley.

    To get a talented player via trade, you need to give up talent. If Dubi and Cally both had 30-30 seasons last year, than I’d be behind us not moving either player. But let’s be real. Dubinsky had 13 goals and was invisible for most of the regular season. I don’t care how quick and fiesty he is, he isn’t a 50 goal scorer.

    As far as I’m concerned, unless they prove it with 30-30 type seasons this year, neither Dubi or Cally are untouchable. To me, that list is only two players long: Staal and Lundqvist.

    This is a COMPLETELY different team with a guy like Heatley up front, and I hate to break it to you guys, but he would be worth the upgrade.

    Besides, Hossa has no sack, Gaborik is injury prone, and Lecavliar has a 10 year deal.

    Heatley should be the target, and if Zherdev + Rozy + Sanguienetti/Del Zotto + a 1st isn’t good enough, I say throw either Dubinsky and Callahan.

    Also, when are the Sather-bashers gonna thank him for Ryan McDonough??? One of the best pickups you’ll never talk about. That kid will be on the team next year and will be a stud..

  53. wow what a day. i gate back from doin last minute wedding stuff for thursday night and to see gomez contract moved this is an early wedding present. i love the fact that we have cap flexibility now. tom should be intersting

  54. Dennis, by the way, I respect your opinion on this.

    Dr. Ogrodnick, I scoff at the prospect camp as a source of news.

    ACD… I believe Heatley gets the $4 million bonus at midnight. Noon is the free agency period. I may be wrong on that (hope people don’t jump down my throat on it if I am wrong). But whenever that bonus deadline passes, the Rangers are out of the Heatley bidding.

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Dont Boo Gomez , we got lots of class and he didnt say he wanted out. He wanted NY but it didnt work. Gomez in my books is ok.

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Gomez is humbled alot now if thought he makes too much. Seems a player saying yes to big cash from his agent should now think….if i make more , im expendable…

  57. Eklund saying Bouwmeester’s off the market. Does it make someone like Roszival that much more valuable?

  58. “i cant see the sedins signing here”

    Why the hell would you even bring that up?

  59. mike
    he is a vet

    i hope to see him shipped off to tampa
    they need d still i think?

  60. Rick… the free agency bonanza has been starting at Noon, July One for the past couple of years now, so you are correct with that one.

    As for the $4 million bonus and Heatley… TSN is reporting that he probably won’t be traded if Ottawa ends up paying that bonus. But it’s also been reported that they would still trade him after they pay him his bonus… but that the deal would become more involved, and the team trading for Heatley would have to take on additional contract money in the form of one or two more players. Thus, complicating the deal.

    Midnight doesn’t nail down Heatley staying in Ottawa… mark my words, he gets dealt before this season… one way or another. I think the Bonus talk and Heatley staying was incentive for Murray to get a better deal before July 1!


  61. Just a thought… what does it tell you when both of our Alternate Captains from this past year are gone? Either we don’t know leadership whatsoever (I’m sure Naslund was asked quite nicely to retire to help us out… or he would have been bought out)… or what Renney and Sather considered our “core” was nothing like it. If Drury’s our captain then ok… but someone like Cally or Dubie or Staal has to wear that “A” to show that they are here long term, and are the true core group of our team.

  62. dubi is mad cause his paid site probably isnt working out

    those hits went down ey?

  63. the mancrush on dubi and cally comes from being home grown…its like they are family…i don’t think they are untouchable. if you can dump redden by dealing one of them and land a real stud sniper then you have to do it.

    Carp – don’t pay attention to the haters…thanks for the info.

    Do we ever get to see a picture of the infamous Laurel??? Got to be better than your mug shot

  64. Laurel Babcock on

    Blog and Carp fans, a blanket thanks (and from me too).

    Critics….we’ve discussed this before. Go find info elsewhere if you must, but you’ll not find chat (and info) like this anywhere (and it’s why you come here, eh?)


  65. zzzz… Rangers players get boo’d wearing Rangers sweaters… I think there’s a good chance Gomez gets boo’d… there are plenty of Rangers fans that feel like he let them down…

    I wouldn’t boo him… but I can see it happen.

    I mentioned the Sedins… and we would be lucky to have them if the cards fell right…


  66. CARP
    thursday night. all this ranger news and free agent frenzy i wish i could move my wedding back a week

  67. Laurel Babcock on

    paulg and the rest that have been asking to have me unveiled….stay tuned til next week…got a surprise for you.

  68. Sedin twins… 29 years old

    for the past three seasons, they’ve scored 240 and 239 points each…

    just throwing it out there… and they’re not soft like some might think…


  69. Laurel Babcock on

    But Doc….you just can’t stay away :) and you all will be flaming here tomorrow! C’mon regulars…help me here. Carp rules!

  70. Higgins needs to talk Komisarek into coming to Nyr tomorrow. Slats needs to do what he should have done last year, get a crease clearing D-man.

    You know you’re team is full of pussies when you let ALEX SEMIN run over your goaltender and you do sh*t aboot it.

    Get Komisarek !!

  71. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Dubi , you aint that real dubi guy from BB….nawwww just peeps here havin fun .

    Carps , ignore this fool. Guy throws down a sentence at a time and says stuff about journalism…talk about a moron!!!

  72. is this Dubi the same joker that runs blueshirt bulletin?

    If so – go home to your website that has a bounce rate higher the LiLo’s ____________ … pick one- A: success at rehab B; Love Life C: Career

    ahahhaha – real journalist!!! ahahhahahaha

    Sorry Carp et al – couldn’t resist flaming the troll !!!!

    let’s just talk hockey – if you want to talk journalism – go sit in a quorom at colombia!! — drop the puck!

    I like higgens a lot – big power forwardy kind of guy who wants to play here — seen him score some solid goals.

  73. Not really Dubi on

    2006-07: McDonagh opted to stay at Cretin-Derham for his senior season after finishing the 05-06 AA on a state championship team. The smooth skating blueliner may not have improved statistically, but put on some size and polished his two-way game. McDonough was named Mr. Hockey and first-team all-state by the AP. He finished his season playing for the US U-18 team in the World Championships. McDonagh is widely regarded as the top pro prospect coming out of the Minnesota HS for the 07 draft, will tryout for the USA WJC team in August ’07 and play for Wisconsin (NCAA-WCHA) 07-08 season.

    2007-08: In his freshman season with the University of Wisconsin (WCHA), McDonagh was named to the 2008 WCHA All-Rookie Team. He was named WCHA Rookie of the Week on Dec. 4. He skated in every game during the 2007-08 season and had back-to-back multi-point games at Michigan State (Nov. 24) and against St. Cloud State (Nov. 30). He tied for third on the team among rookies with 12 points and shared the team lead among defensemen with five goals on a team that led the nation’s defensemen with 26 tallies. His first career goal was scored against Robert Morris on Oct. 20, the game-winner. McDonagh was additionally named to the INCH. Com Preseason All-Rookie Team.

    Talent Analysis
    McDonagh’s key asset is his speed, which has been described by the club’s director of player development and acquisition, Trevor Timmins, as “dimensional.” Added to this is his ability to play an all-ice game. He’s responsible in his own end and has the size to be a physical force. He combines that with an ability to contribute on the offensive end of the rink, making the smart pass and keying the rush.


    McDonagh has it all and is expected to play a key role in the Canadiens’ fortunes for the next decade. If not a number-one blueliner, he would be considered a 1A, with the talent to easily stake a long-term claim on the first defensive pairing.


  74. bull dog line on

    thats what your boy colton orr was there to take care of (semin running hank)
    and the fact that he did not is why he is not needed back.

  75. tellin’ ya – Komisarik to the isles (I don’t learn to spell their names till their wearing blue!) – play for the hometown with Tavares?

  76. we need heatley, we need a big shot from the point. if we can get him and somehow get komisarek it solves our two biggest needs. getting a scorer and a hard hitting defenseman that will clear the crease. We can cut wade redden and save 3 million a year. i would rather have one of or rookie defenseman anyway who cannot be worse than redden, its just not possible. that gives us enough room for redd.en and komisarek. get it done sather, i know you read these blogs for your information and advice.

  77. I’d like to point out it’s painfully obvious that isn’t Dubi from BB just someone with too much time on their hands

  78. paulg,

    I respect your opinion on that.

    And believe me, I love Dubi and Cally’s games. They play hard, they play with “juevos”, and they have (or appear to have) great futures here in NY…

    I’m just being realistic when I look at the team and see what its needs are. Sure, if they could get rid of Zherdev + Redden together that would be lovely, but I’m just looking at the logical options. I hate to see either Dubi or Cally go, but I think to get Heater (which is the best option in my opinion), one of them would have to go..

  79. Not really Dubi on

    I was just kidding. lighten up fellow Ranger fans.

    We had a good day today. I’m ready for some hockey.

  80. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    As I said, Laurel, its a nice little bulletin board, but not nearly the source of information that it once was. Sam would have been at prospect camp. Carp just scoffs at it, which is pretty sad for a rangers blogger with such a large group of die hard rangers fan following it. I like the people, so I continue to post, but more info comes from the comments than from the actual blog posts.

  81. redden isn’t going anywhere but logging 20 mins under Torts, who seems to like ol Wade.

  82. Sign Gaborik. He lives for the limelight and where better to experience it than NY? He sat out in Minn because he was constantly “hurt” and didn’t have any real motivation to get back to the club, especially when he despised the coach and the GM. If Torts lets him play like he wants to (he’s going to put up 100 points) and he stays healthy it’s the best move for the blue shirts.

    Plus we’ll get another year (or maybe the trade deadline) to see if Dubi and Calli are going to turn into real scoring threats, or expendable.

    That’s the right move. I hope Sather makes it.

  83. Komisarek had 11 points in 61 games. I know he’s a defensive d-man, but he’s going to get 5.5m-6m… Slats needs to keep $ open for Staal’s extension next year and Cally/Dubi this year.

  84. “Sedin twins… 29 years old

    for the past three seasons, they’ve scored 240 and 239 points each…

    just throwing it out there… and they’re not soft like some might think…”

    And those numbers go down from their. And I’m sure they will get more soft year after year (Gomez is also 29 years old, aren’t you glad he’s gone?).

    Please… just stop. Seriously.

    Sorry, Colin, you were addressing the issue.

  85. # Pavel June 30th, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    Komisarek had 11 points in 61 games. I know he’s a defensive d-man, but he’s going to get 5.5m-6m… Slats needs to keep $ open for Staal’s extension next year and Cally/Dubi this year.

    I agree completely…

    If possible get Heatley, but that’s it. I think our ‘D’ is solid enough, though we’ll prob lose both Mara and Morris (definitely Morris), which mean Sanguenetti or Potter will play and that means one less NHL-experienced d-man.

    We’ll need to sign Staal to a big contract, and whichever young players we have after this season.

    We have some cap room now, but let’s not go bananas…

  86. The Hockey Night Live crew over the weekend said Gaborik just bought a house in Vancouver and they think he will sign there.

  87. You rock Carp
    even if we don’t agree on Brian Burke
    You no what works to keep this blog jumping and seem to love it. keep up he great work

  88. Laurel Babcock on

    Doc..What do you do for living? If you have any idea what it’s like to survive in mine and Carp’s, and what it takes to bring you this blog then bless you. But I don’t think you do.
    If you respond with a debate, well, I’m done with you and back to hockey.

  89. we need a stay at home defenseman that can hurt people. we missed out on orpik last year. i think 4 million max i would give him. if we cant get heatley and somehow include rozival in that trade, i would love to get gaborik who is still young. our only problem is that we still dont have a playmaker to get a scorer the puck.

  90. According to, MSG’s scheduled programming for tomorrow at noon is “Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise”. Awesome.

  91. Carp, you’re still the man even though my friends are all calling me telling me that I’m an a-hole for telling them that heater was coming- haha

    Based on the McDonagh’s aparently huge ceiling, looks like we have an abundance of D prospects. From what I have read we love Del Z and have soured a bit on Sangs- I would think that we utilize Sangs in some type of deal for an NHL ready centerman- while this deal makes us younger and fetches us a winger, we still lack the world-class game breaker(s) that it currently takes to win-

  92. bold lettered mike- i like your term “blogmance” i think thats what me and laurel got goin on

  93. WOW been a long time guys. Been traveling for work, havent been on the computer much etc… I heard the news today. Cant say Im upset. I would have Captain Snore get traded… But Im sure Glenn saved him some face…
    Come on Glenn pull a rabbit out of your hat and get rid of Redden!!!!!

  94. According to, MSG’s scheduled programming for tomorrow at noon is “Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise”. Awesome.


    Why the hell is MSG running a special on Brodeur?

  95. I think the Sedins would be good players in New York… and I don’t think they’ve hit their peaks at all… that said… I do think they could be too costly for what they’re worth and that WOULD scare me…

    But if the right situation came up and they were willing to sign for a short while… I wouldn’t be too upset!

    They are asking for the moon to stay in Vancouver… they wanted 12 years… hahaa…. but that was obvious that that was the first indication that they wanted out to begin with. The real market for the twins to remain together would be for much less time and much less money. If the deal were a steal, why not?


  96. Any Vinny rumors out there? his no-trade kicks in at midnight as well as the Heatley 4 million-

  97. how about going after gaborik for a year and signing cammaleri to go with this team. komisarek to isles is my gut.

  98. mako???? where the hell ya been man? i almost forgot you were alive!! welcome back buddey

  99. mike in ia
    sorrry havent been around all day miss the usual conversation last few weeks. been awat from computer doing last min wedding.

    no hossa please hes a reg season player with no heart

  100. Chopper,

    yeah I heard that too. Like i said, it’d be the right move, so obviously sather is going the other way.

    i could see us making a pitch for vinny or kovalchuk.

    the sedin twins are going to toronto if they don’t stay in vancouver. burke’s pretty much guaranteed that, though a bidding war would really handcuff the leafs and might be a good attempt to throw a little money in front of them mr sather… but just don’t get us stuck with them!

  101. Also, one question I have- why on earth would a guy like Jay Bo sign a deal 15 hours before free agency starts? The whole trading of rights of unrestricted free agents in hockey sort of boggles my mind- anyone have any insight?

  102. Thanks Mike LOL
    Been on the road a lot with work, lots on my plate… Miss talking hockey with you guys. How are ya??? Wanted the Wings to win so bad…. didnt watch game 7 LOL

    But WOW I was in shock that Gomer is a Goner. Out of the 3 big $$$$ contracts he was the one I wanted to stay. Oh well… Now he can smile all he wants when the Habs tank again….

  103. the vancouver GM, Gillis, flew all the way to Sweden today, met with the Sedin twins and their agent for 2 hours, and made them an offer. the twins say they are considering it now

    I expect them to stay in Vanc

  104. where did dubi go?
    i wanted to abuse him

    he runs a blogging tool called typepad on his horrid site
    tends to leak a lot of info

    earth to dubi please delete hello.php from your site
    that ugly disgusting site that gets 3030 views a month

    come back here again and i post your address and phone number

  105. Komisarek wont sign with the Isles because of the pressure of playing for your home town team. i read it today on one of the many blogs i visit. after hearing that i doubt he wants the rangers either. i have a feeling McDounagh and maybe Sauer or Sangs are gonna be traded for scoring help. just a feeling

  106. i wish we could sign batman and wolverine and on d/goalie(cuz we wouldnt need hank anymore, we could sign the thing. ben grimm. he could hurt people and stand in front of the net to stop shots. nobody would score on him.

  107. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Laurel, So we aren’t allowed to debate here now? Pretty weak.

    The other bloggers with press credentials are out watching the prospects and reporting. You guys aren’t. Which seems like better journalism to you?

  108. Anyone but Hossa. He is sure to be a mega-bust in NY. His no show in the finals was all I needed to see.

  109. I would make the play for Hossa, the guy can score and is consistent (finals not withstanding). Lets worry about winning the Cup when we get there.

    I’m really happy with getting Higgins on board. An old flame dated his 1st cousin, knew him growing up and only had good things to say about his aptitude (Yale) and attitude. Every time Montreal was in town, there was a whole section of his family in the stands at the Garden. Thats a strong incentive to play well in NY.

  110. sorry
    i dont care
    there is no need to come on someone elses blog and talk trash
    especially when your blog is THAT ugly
    and running typepad
    come one
    you might as well have a xanga

    there is a huge difference between 102,055 U.S. visitors per month
    and 3,030 U.S. visitors per month

  111. nice going, Not Dubi. You got everybody all riled up and off of me for a little while.

    Dr. Ogrodnick, I’m going to let this go after this remark. If I were being paid to be a full-time Rangers reporter, as the TWO other bloggers are, I’d be there. But if I have to do my other jobs at the paper and the web site, and try to stay on top of the big news for my Bonehead blog-dwellers, then the prospect news is really, really minor. There will be very little substance coming out of there, I guarantee it, unless somebody breaks a leg (god forbid). But I really doubt there are three or four other blogs where you get better info than here. Thanks for your opinion, and thanks for coming here as often as you do. I mean that.

  112. i want heatley. damnit slats, you get on the horn and get it done. i dont wanna come back here tommorow and find out you signed knuble or havlat. not even hossa. if we did get to the playoffs, he certainly wouldnt help. while your at it, trade voros for princess dubinsky wobbles. the cat can play betterthan him. sign calamari too

  113. Why do I have a feeling we’re going to end up with Knuble for 4yrs/$20 mil. It would be typical

  114. I would be happy to see cammalleri in NY. The PP would immediately improve.

    I wonder if our PK will be anywhere near as effective as it was this season.

  115. Mike in la
    I want Captain America in Goal with that impenitrable Shield of his and Mr. Fantastic as 1st line center with his wicked reach LOL. I also want Hellboy as my Goon!!!

  116. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    and as I said Carp, I recognize the fact that you guys have other responsibilities, but ultimately the lack of a full time guy has negatively effected the blog. It is what it is. For the record, Zipay, andrew Gross, and SNY Rangers blog all have in depth info and lighting quick updates.

  117. Laurel Babcock on

    Linda, Sally, did you see what mike in ia said about “princess dubinksy”! careful mike!

  118. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    And for the record, many Rangers fans are interested how the prospects look in camp, and how Torts is running it.

  119. I bet Scuderi comes home to Long Island. he and streit would make a great pair for the Isles

  120. Forget if Penner is the right guy to get back for Ottawa but will Heatley be allowed to be his creative self in assistant-coach Renney’s up-tempo offense/Power Play??

  121. Laurel Babcock on

    Doc….still haven’t answered my question….and you still don’t get what Carp does here. I agree with him. Done talking. Post at will….see ya.

  122. So go to the other blogs then, if you come here to talk with people, then talk, and get off his back. There’s no reason to sit there and continue to trash the blog. No one is forcing you to read the posts.

  123. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Ottawa is worried about Heatley disrupting their locker room yet is going to bring in permanent vacation Penner?

  124. Princess Dubinsky Wobbles would be a 1st line center. She’s fearless, always plays with heart… and you could pay her with Temptations!

  125. Rick: You shouldn’t expend so much energy defending yourself to every douche bag here who has nothing better to do than to rip you and talk about how much they hate a blog that they visit all the time. You just bring yourself down to their level. I would ignore it. There are always going to be haters.

  126. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Laurel, I thought you were done talking to me last time. What I do doesn’t matter, and I reconize you guys work hard, just like I recognize its not as good as it once was. Maybe LOHUD needs to make one of you a full timer Ranger blogger.

  127. all right folks. its time to stop your grinnin and drop your linen. -bill paxton from aliens. i think thats what sather should do right about now and get heater already

  128. thanks for the info ORR!!! Unfortunately, I don’t get MSG down here in Alabama…damn that southern comcast!!! I’ll just have to check in on here whenever I can, you guys (and girls) are more interesting.

    J-Bo getting Redden type money..and actually DESERVING it.

    Doc, i don’t think the Journal has the expense account to send Rick to prospect camp. Too bad Josh is lost in space somewhere these days, he could have maybe gone on his own dime to report from there. What are the other sites you go to for info? Are they ones you need to pay for? I’m being serious. Being down here in AL, I’m always looking for more info, and appreciate any links you guys can give, although this is my number 1 spot. I enjoy the banter between all the regulars, and appreciate what Rick, Jane, and Laurel do.

    LMAO @ Meatloaf, the search for paradise!!! Get the lucky beers ready Sally, Yeti could do some crazy stuff tomorrow!

  129. Dr. Ogrodnick (ps, I love the screen name; I knew Johnny O really well), you seem to want to continue this. So if you’re going to tell me SNY’s blog is a better source than this one, why is SNY’s guy using the quotes from Rangers Report? And I love Andrew Gross, who used to be my colleague here at The Journal News and LoHud, and who succeeded me on the Rangers beat here, and who is still my friend, but Rangers Report had the Gomez trade before he did. And Newsday’s blog is down now. Steve Zipay does a great job, too. A really great job, and when he’s at a game or at the draft and we’re not, we use his stuff and credit him, as we did this past weekend.

    But you can’t be serious about the lightning-quick updates, especially on days when the coach is fired, or the trade deadline, or days like today. You can’t be serious.

  130. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Dr. Ogrodnick–

    Know one is forcing you to come to this site for prospect coverage. If you enjoy the other blogs, great! There is no need however to trash Carp and this blog. I too go to other blogs for news that the other guys get that Carp may not get. So what! But I will tell you one thing,no one had better coverage when Renney was fired or on trade deadline day. Also, no one interacts more with his posters than Carp does,no one!

  131. lmao sally. dubsky could center princess dubsky wobbles.

    this back and forth banter about what blog is better than others is in the words of my esteemed colleague’miamipimp’ UTTER BUSHLEAGUE!!!!

  132. I’m down for Cammaleri now that the Rangers actually have cap room and either that Zannon dide from Nashville, Scuderi, Seidenberg, or even Zubov for one year.

    If they sign Gaborik does that mean his BFF Voros is gonna stay on the team?

  133. is there a full time position open?

    everyone elses blog is an ugly jumbled mess

    all this blog needs is some AJAXified comments and we are good to go.

  134. I hate this blog! It’s so bad! I’m going to refresh every 5 minutes to see how bad it gets! And then I’m going to post again, instead of going to another blog! Because it’s so bad! And, I just need to tell you how bad it is! At 10pm on a work night!

    Douche bags. Urgh.

  135. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Actually Carp, you and Laurel keep bringing me back up. Well Laurel does, but them pulls the I’m not talking about it anymore, until she brings it back up. It’s my opinion, I posted it, I still believe it, and I bet I’m not the only one.

  136. i visit all blogs and they all have their qualities and their shortcomings. this blog just happens to be a place where 99%of the time, any rangers related news is being posted, and there are alot of bloggers here to talk with. idk what the problem is?

  137. People said Rick was “all over the place” and what not…

    all he said was “I’ve been told Heatley may be coming” or something along those lines –
    not saying anything official or starting rumours – and Im guessing the haters read this blog regularly, so they should know that this blog is pretty credible and doesnt post nonsense – i dont understand the hate.

    Thanks for all the hard work and volunteering that goes into keeping this blog/community alive.

  138. I said it before and i’ll say it again …

    No matter what you think of Sather, you have to admit he makes pretty darn good trades

  139. HOLD ON


  140. i did read somewhere that Torts has been implementing the CONDITIONING at prospect camp. Those poor kids must be dyin! I wonder if drury has a ClutchStationary bike that he uses in the off season to maintain his conditioning. And props to whoever said Gomez being traded won’t ruin Drurys 4th of July…

  141. Carp…

    Johnny O #25, NY Rangers….Do you remember how he had the knack for hitting the freakin post? Let me take you back in time….

    Sam Rosen: Kisio gains the Islanders zone, passes to Ogrodnick, he shoots and he…….”HIT THE POST”

    JD: Oh baby!

    Sam Rosen: (turns to JD) That was very close, big boy.

  142. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Johnny O hit a lot of net too. He was no Walt Puddubny, but who could compete with that stache.

  143. Ha-ha-ha!!!
    The Blueshirt Bulletin (the home of the Dubi) has reported this couple of hours ago:

    Source: Heatley deal being finalized

    A source has been told that Dany Heatley will be a Ranger before midnight tonight. The Gomez deal has apparently freed enough cap space for the move to be made.

    Rick Carpinello has also reported the Heatley deal to be done.

  144. This blog is good because it is run with a open floor policy and everyone is allowed voice their opinion. If anyone is going to report news first then that will be am640 in Toronto and

    They cover hockey 24/7 and speak with certain reporters/personnel with respect to the every NHL team.

  145. you know AJAX?

    oh thank god!

    god ive been using ajax for what seems like an eternity now.

  146. Carp- don’t sweat it man I go to all the blogs (as I’m sure most do) and this one,along with Zipay’s is the best-

    tomorrow is the key day- last year we were rocking with all of the breaking news, rumors, etc- should be fun in the next 2 hours and then tomorrow-

    Get us the heater without dubi, cally and staal and it’s a dramatically better Rangers team/future in one day- let’s go Glennie

  147. this is the most fun part of the offseason it’s like christmas eve when you still believe in santa and think he will bring you awesome stuff.

  148. hahahaha

    another tech joke of sorts

    someone was wearing an I Love LAMP shirt @ my job and i dont watch movies

    im a huge linux head

    needless to say that conversation went nowhere

  149. btw- all this talk of edmonton- does edmonton have the funds to pay the $4 million cold hard cash bonus due to Heatley? That’s what is weird to me- I think pre midnight deal means Heatley will be here, post means he’s DEF not here and somewhere else, if not back in Ottowa (that will be a fun season for them)

  150. Mike- I brought Zanon up yesterday. I think he would be a less expensive option on D should we not get Komisarek. Of course, we will only be looking for D help if we move Rosi or Redden.

    If we trade Rosi and sign Komisarek, Would Torts move Dan Girardi up to the first pair with Redden and put Komisarek on the second pair with Staal. It seems to me like that would be the best way to utilize Komisarek as a stay at home for when Staal jumps into plays and for Girardi to be Redden’s saftey blanket when he coughs it up over and over.

  151. I think I’d go for Cammalleri and Komi if you can get them around 5m/each… but how much would that leave to re-sign Dubi and Cally?

  152. E-migo (EE-mee-go), noun, a friend you have never met and don’t know but keep up with through various means such as IMing and Facebook.

    hilarious mike
    im dyin here

  153. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I can’t see the Rangers signing Komisarek and adding another big overpriced contract to the back line when they have so many prospects and seem intent on having a few of them on the big club.

  154. Doodie machetto on

    The best thing about this blog has never been the reporting. It’s always been the comments. And the comments section has greatly improved since carp and jane took over because of how much they participate in it as opposed to Sam, who commented about as often as josh turns 27

  155. You guys think Sather is still talking or is home with a scotch and a cigar? He’s probably refreshing the blogs like all of us are to see what happens-

  156. Another typical Sather move. Gets rid of another long contract that he was responsible for — see Holik, Kaspar, Cullen, Ward, now Gomez. Will any player trust Rangers management? How is this building a team when he gets rid of everyone he signs? And when Jagr, Straka & Shanahan make this team successful, he won’t sign them. But hooray, a local 12 goal scorer will make all the difference. And Heatley — if the limelight in Atlanta & Ottawa was too much, how will he survive in NYC? Another reclamation project by Sather — those never pan out well. Sad. The fantasy team building continues.

  157. Doodie machetto
    June 30th, 2009 at 10:06 pm
    And the comments section has greatly improved since carp and jane took over because of how much they participate in it as opposed to Sam, who commented about as often as josh turns 27

    BEST josh inspired line since the season ended, great job Doodie!!

  158. I’ll tell you guys now, that the Habs fans are pissed that they gave up McDonaugh and only got Gomez in return.

    It seems most Habs fans didnt like Higgins anyway and actually thought they should have gotten MORE in return because they considered the trade basically “Mcdonaugh for Gomez” straight up

  159. This kid Ryan Macdonagh is no joke he is rated as #1 prospect for the canadiens by Hockey Future.

  160. Doodie machetto on

    the only thing they sign will be forwards and prospects.

    Are callahan and Dubinsky elligible for arbitration, and if so, do you think slats files for it to protect them from offer sheets (a la lundqvist)

  161. I think Glen has been great with trades. If he can get rid of Rosy I will be even happier!! I want Heatley or Vinny!!

  162. i can’t believe some people trashing Carp and this blog and YET come here every day! How does that make any sense?

    dont like it? get the F@(K OUT! pretty simple!

  163. just for a bit of comic relief on Free Agent Eve…

    i took a mindless quiz, and found out I’d last 16 seconds in a fight with Chuck Norris.

    Also, Deadliest Catch marathon starts Friday morning. I could still be recuperating from Sathers wheeling and dealin then!

  164. First, getting rid of Gomez is good for the Rangers. Of the 4 huge contracts, Gomez was the only one who other teams would want. However, over the last two years we Ranger fans saw that he is not a #1 center, he is a complimentary player and and he did not compliment anyone very well in New York. Him and Drury are the same type of player but Drury brings more to the table.

    To the Heatley trade: Why give up players for him when we can sign a Free Agent without giving up young talent. For the same reasons we are not trading for Lecavlier.

    Hossa’s agent said they are looking for six million a year in a long term deal. That’s a savings of 1.5 million a year over Heatley and Vinny that could be used for fourth line players like Betts. Hossa is a perennial 40 goal scorer and would be the sniper that Heatley would be but without giving anyone up and for 1.5 million less.

    I would rather have Heatley, but wouldn’t give up Staal, Dubinsky or Callahan to get him when a comparable player (Hossa) is available. Don’t forget, Heatley did nothing in the 07 finals with Ottawa; Hossa had 26 points in the playoffs last year with 8 in the finals and had just under 20 points in this years playoffs.

  165. lol colin.

    i wouldn’t be surprised if EVERY canadien prospect is rated as #1 there taries.

    just think of how everyone who comes from quebec/plays for the habs is uber hyped and then (usually) fall on their faces when things really matter.

  166. Laurel Babcock on

    taries..I posted about Ryan earlier.
    Night you knuckleheads…..see ya tomorrow with Carp’s new posts.

  167. Id like to see Sather sign Mike Cammalleri to a 3-4 year deal and stay away from the injury prone Gaborik and the high price tag on hossa. Of course, this comes after resigning our core kids (and leaving space for Staal)

  168. Don’t hate the blog hate the blog haters.

    Gaborik for $ only is the best option. Don’t like Hossa and the only saving grace about the pens winning was the Hossa lost.

    Remember those Rozi for Penner rumors? Anything to a possible three way deal? Rozi to Oilers for Penner – Penner Sangs Zherdev and a pick for the Heater? Maybe the Oilers give and get someone else. Maybe the Rangers give away picks in next years week draft for current prospects?

    Carp if something goes down tonight before midnight will you have it for us?

  169. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    I dont have time to goto other no bloggaholic going blog to blog , judging the writer ( ahem Dr. Ogodhes postingagain)

    Dr O , go take a hike cuz im sick of your lame rant…go blogg yer brains out somewhere else you knucklehead..actually yer not even good enough to be a knucklehead you knucklehead.

    I come here and here only.

  170. Callahan (2.5m?) – Cammalleri (5m?)- Grachev
    Avery – Dubinsky (2.5m?) – Higgins (3m?)
    Anisimov (entry level) – Drury (7.05m) – Korpikowski (1.1m?)
    Byers (800k?) – Boyle (1m?) – Owens (800k?)

    Staal – Girardi
    Redden – Komisarek (5m?)
    Gilroy – DZ

    I don’t know how realistic/unrealistic that seems, but according to that would leave us with 5m cap space.

    I’m very tired so feel free to plug in your own numbers on that site. It’s been updated with some of the new players today.



  172. I wish I was a GM. I would be hounding the phones all day and night. Carp. Any contact between Nick Keator (Komisarek’s agent) and Slats?

    Half you dudes don’t know much about doe.

  173. havent heard you guys mentioning havlats name? i wouldnt say he is as talented as a hossa or gaborik, but hes definitely a sniper who i personally think hasnt had his best year yet, and on top of being a scorer, he really gets under the other teams skin, i know hes injury prone but he definitely wouldnt command what hossa will

  174. Hey Carp- I love ya- how bout we get back to some Ranger talk though instead of the back and for with Dr, Johnny O-

    Carp- would you give up any of Staal, Dubi or Cally to get Heatley?

  175. sally, isnt he about 70 now??? and where do YOU stand on the Heatley situation?

    Heatley and Gaborik seem to be the ones the boys are most lusting after (talk about mancrushes on Cally and Dubi eh???). I’ve heard/read that Gaborik does NOT want to come here, and with heatley there’s no middle ground, ya either love him or hate him. Both are extremely talented, either would be an upgrade on offense, but do they have the right ‘make up’ for the big city. Would Heatley be hounded about his past? Does Gaborik want to be in the limelight? I DOUBT Sather would trade for VL and his HUGE contract…it makes for an interesting 24 hours.

  176. eklund is saying Hossa to edmonton- that means he’s def not going there but don’t think they can fit both him and heater-

  177. doctor Zhivago on

    I hate this blog. the other guys spend 24 hours a day stalking sather and the players, and they get the scoops.

    remember the 3 Stooges episode where they went past security with bathroom handles that said “Press” “Press” and “Pull”?

    that’s the kind of ink stained wretch I want for my blog

    Carp is the best, but that ain’t good enough. I want a blogger who eats, sleeps, and breathes Rangers info

    and by God, I will keep coming back to read this blog I hate because it is the best, even though I feel a need to shoot the messenger

    but because I am a doctor, I must take the hypocrite oath, and pretend that I don’t like this blog when in reality I love it and come here daily for my Ranger fix, which I get without needles. I save the needling for Carp

    toot a loo

  178. MAKO!

    whats up buddy! long time no see! How’s life been treating you? You are missing out on some real deal blog fun!

  179. From :

    Sources tell TSN a Dany Heatley deal to the Oilers is getting close, but not yet finalized.

    The expected deal is Edmonton sending Andrew Cogliano, Dustin Penner and Ladislav Smid to the Senators in exchange for Heatley.

  180. Im glad the heatley deal didnt work. This way the rangers might have some room to go after kovalchuk at the trade deadline.

  181. I would trade Dubi, Callahan + a 1st for Heatley. Why, because their free agents. Tell them not to sign, wait till the 1st and BOOM their back. Done deal. we get Heatley for basically just a 1st round pick.

  182. Speed Ranger on

    HA!! If we get LeCav for Gomez – however indirect, LI JOE you owe me a beer!!!

  183. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    those 2 are restricted. Ottawa would retain their rights and the ability to match any offer, or receive compensation in the form of multiple draft picks.

  184. Heatley is good, but he is not an exciting player to watch in person. Hossa was invisible in the finals. There is no one on this team who is top quality — they’re still a team of 3rd liners. Gaborik and Havlat are exciting when they’re healthy, but that’s a gamble. And don’t wear the C or A on Sather’s Rangers — you won’t be here long!

  185. good, let Edm have him. Murray was a little jerk about not taking the Ranger offer, so screw him. I’m glad he’s now stuck with Penner the statue.

  186. Dr. Ogrodnick June 30th, 2009 at 10:33 pm

    those 2 are restricted. Ottawa would retain their rights and the ability to match any offer, or receive compensation in the form of multiple draft picks.


  187. haha Matt K i like what you are thinking- maybe we do that with the new cap space! sign both to ridiculous offer sheets- although we’d be giving up the extra picks that it costs to sign rfas- like where your head is at though-


    Lots of speed to nowhere…never found a winger he could work with…always smiling no matter how bad he’s playing…

    Maybe if he spent more time playing hard and trying to score instead of thinking up another lame joke for John Giannone…

    I’m not sad to see him leave…but I’d LOVE to be rid of Drury as well. And Redden. And Rozi. LOL

    Don’t worry…something tells me Slats will screw this up yet. As someone said, watch him sign Knuble for 4 years at $20 million…Sather doesn’t have a brain in his head, he now thinks he has money to play with…

    And he NEVER plays well with it.

    Good move to free up space and dump one overpaid player…but I still don’t trust Slats…

  189. I don’t know, Linda. We had some pretty good Josh Thomson (age 26) jokes going a couple of weeks ago, including posts by faux Josh.

    Fly Line, I know this isn’t popular, but I think I would do Dubinsky for Heatley, considering what the Rangers need so badly is an offensive stud. Don’t get me wrong. I like Dubinsky as a player, a lot. But Heatley is a 40-goal guy, maybe 50 under Tortorella, and a guy who helps the power play. Callahan might be more difficult for me to deal. I think he’s captain material with more offensive upside. Staal is probably an untouchable, although IMO, he has to add some offense before he starts being considered a star.

    Thanks, Dr. Z.

    I’m signing off now unless something happens with Heatley in the next 1:22:00.

  190. Where do I stand? I think trading Dubi, Cally or Staal for Heatley would be a terrible decision. It’s been said before, but they are the heart and the future of this team. Getting rid of those silly young dudes would come back to bite us in the butt. Heatley or no Heatley, I don’t think that’s going to be the difference that gets us the Cup in 2010. If that was the only missing puzzle piece I might feel differently…

  191. I for one think that Carp and the gang have done a great job here….when he predicts what he thought was probable (he did not reported as a done deal) everyone jumps on it and we all get to discuss the pros and cons.

    Then he not only takes the time to come back a reverse his opinion instead of waiting for the morning, but actually participates in discussions and wastes his time explaining his position to the knuckleheads who spend all their time here while praising other sites! Get a life, get a new blog spot, and get a sense of appreciation for the hard work being done here. Some of us come to enjoy the blog and the posts – your inability to let this go are ruining both.

  192. Is it me, or has Sather actually turned into a decent GM lately? We need centers..he signed us Dreary and Blowmez, not his fault they sucked. We need a defensemen. He signed Crack Head Wade, not his fault he sucked. Yes he over pays…ALOT but still he gets us what we want. He’s been drafting great lately and he rips people off in trades like he’s a thief. Maybe he’s decent…or im high. Hope to god its not the second.

  193. Rick, sally has my point proven for me right there.

    I doubt we’re cup contenders with or without heatley this year.

    and I LOVED all the moves Dubi was putting together in the playoffs, he just couldn’t finish, how could he, he’s just developing the skills to get to the net, I think you’re going to see a huge breakthrough within the next season and a half with him. He’s got the moves to get to the net now, he’s just gotta learn how to finish.

    Sign him to a reasonable deal and get a guy like Gaborik (maybe save some $$ and get Camalleri) and keep building for the future.

  194. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Not to bust your balls carp, but it was posted on SNY rangers at 10:32. :)

    Apparently Eklund is saying that Heater vetoed the deal. But I only read that on a message board, and its eklund, so take it with a massive salt lick size grain of salt.

  195. Seriously, I would love it if Sather could get us Zetterberg and Goligoski. Their names are SO MUCH FUN to say.

  196. Everyone here forgets that Jagr/Shanny/Straka were all old and there was no way the Rangers were gonna win the Cup with them as the main guys. 2007 was the closest they would come. Also look at Nylander..what happened to him? He declined big time in only a year and change.

    Komisarek would be great only if they can trade Rozival for Cheechoo. I’d even do Rozi/Potter for Cheecho. That’s another winger.

    And I doubt Owens makes any more than the league minimum ($475K?). He was an undrafted free agent.

  197. linda- i think sather falls asleep just before midnight when murray starts callin him with a new deal. rozy, zherdev, sangs, 1st rnd and slats is passed out so he doesnt answer. then murray calls edmonton and deals heatley for penner. lol we love our glenny boy!!!

  198. Rozy for Johnathan “The Choo Choo Train” Cheechoo? I could see that happening, Cheechoo has declined and San Jose needs some more defense.

  199. sallys new cat would then be Zettergoski.

    Great take on Heatley. He’d be a difference maker if we were that one guy away from Cup contention. I think as long as Capn Dreary, Brind’Amour sired zombie Redden, and Aaron “hasnt met a Krystal he doesnt like” Voros are on this team, we’re not contenders!

    Matt K. you might be high! :-)

  200. how great would it be if Heatley nixes a trade to EDM and makes Murray make a deal with the Rangers…

  201. Hello Carp- huge 53 y/o NYR fan here-saw my 1st NYR game with my NYPD dad in 1966-age 11 -at the old garden-

    I have always enjoyed your reporting and your blog here-from afar. Thanbks for the insights and also kudo’s to Laurel as well!

    I will miss Gomez’s speed but the cap space gain far outweighs -in my opinion- his skill set. One can only hope Slats has seen the light as it relates to unwise over bloated contracts. I never understood who we were bidding against when we signed Redden. Oh well it’s 2009 and we need to keep our youth and shed as much bad contarct cap space as possible in order to get healthy again.

    I think Hossa and /or Gaborik would represent a huge mistake.

    For what it’s worth I think Komisarik would represent a throw back to Beuk or Mattias Norstrom (before we handed him to the Kings)- a banger back there for the next 5 years.

    But still I know we have to address the serious lack of scoring…

    Too bad our plan B avter Mess left for Vancouver never worked out…Paramount Pictures and the Colorado franchise matching our Joe Sakic Offer Sheet..what could have been ….

    Once again- thanks for all the enjoyable articles over the years and for your dedication to this blog…

  202. heatley got some pair of balls if he goes to ottawa and says no. zherdev sags 2010 1st rounder for dany. come on get it done just say no

  203. mike, i think sather’s all confused and went back into his coffin about 45 minutes ago! My stomach is starting to hurt wondering/worrying what he’s gonna do tomorrow! I do have to give him credit for cuttin loose one of the bigarsed contracts today though!

  204. ahhh- and carp, I agree with you I would have dealt dubi for him- I think I am in the minority with that, and I would have tried anything in my power to make Zherdev, anisimov, sangs and a 1 to work- but i think heater would have made a big difference-

    ahh well-

  205. If Heatley nixes the deal, Zherdev + Rosi + Sangs has to get it done. Or if not Zherdev then Higgins.

  206. *Aftermath of the Heatley veto*

    Murray: Heatley Doesn’t want to go to Edmonton
    Sather: Why are you telling me this?
    Murray: Do you still want Heatley?
    Sather: What do you want for him
    Murray: Rozy, Zherdev, + 1st
    Sather: Ill give you Dubi and Rozy
    Murray: But i want Zherdev
    Sather: And i want a bagel
    Murray: What?
    Sather: 6 years 34 Million
    Murray: …. Im not a free agent
    Sather: Done, ill announce it on monday.

    *Murray hangs up*

  207. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I’m a little torn here. On the one hand, it would be hilarious if Heatley vetoed the trade, and Slats would have Murray over a barrel. On the other hand, do you really want a guy in your locker room who despite trying to get off of his second team, is nixing the deal that they finally get done?

  208. Anyone else see this deal at a gateway deal. Maybe McDonagh gets traded, or replaces Sangs?

  209. If Heatley doesn’t come to the Rangers, it’s simply because Sather can sign someone he and/or Torts like better tomorrow for nothing but money. If Edmonton gives up Andrew Cogliano they’ve overpaid, even if it means they get to dump useless Penner.

  210. Hey Fly Line —

    Players may not want to test the UFA market if they feel they have a perceived value higher then they think they will actually be made offers for.

    Ie. JB – gets 5 million offer from Calgary because his agent believes he will probably only get offers in the 4 mil range – and that if he waits; then calgary can offer 4.5 and still be tops —

    tired and bad writing, but you get the gist

  211. McDonagh’s stock is much higher than Sangs right now. I’d LOVE to see Heatley say no to Edmonton.

  212. Dr. O

    listen, Pronger’s wife single handedly got him traded from Ed, what makes you think Heatley wants to go there?

    You know, unless he can kill another teammate while driving a thousand miles per hour and get away with it…

  213. Murray: But i want Zherdev
    Sather: And i want a bagel
    Murray: What?
    Sather: 6 years 34 Million
    Murray: …. Im not a free agent
    Sather: Done, ill announce it on monday.


  214. I think this is a case of a guy just really wanting a fresh start, and heck, he has a no trade clause for a reason – to prevent him from being traded somewhere he doesn’t want to play. I don’t think it’s a sign of being selfish – he’s negotiated for this right. The team changed dramatically since he signed there just one year ago.

  215. mike i literally just spat beer on my computer reading the last part of your post…lmao

  216. Sally June 30th, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    Murray: But i want Zherdev
    Sather: And i want a bagel
    Murray: What?
    Sather: 6 years 34 Million
    Murray: …. Im not a free agent
    Sather: Done, ill announce it on monday.


    your welcome Sally

  217. although i was pumped about getting heatley, i think him going somewhere else is for the best. this is the second time he has asked out and thats a strike against his character. id rather keep dubinsky/callahan/staal/whoever was going to be in the deal and get hossa or just keep the cap space. i would rather they stay away from gaborik and the sedin twins.

    imagine, if you will, for a moment, if there is some way slats could pry thornton from san jose in a trade involving drury and they sign hossa. they would still have plenty of cap space and they would a great first line. but thats a pipe dream.

    What do you think it would take?

    Drury, Callahan/Dubinsky, Saguinetti/Del Zotto/McDonagh and probably more.

  218. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    They are supposedly really nice in canada. At least that’s what the movie Canadian Bacon tells me.

  219. Sangs, Del Zotto, Staal, Dubi, Callahan, Grachev, and a 1st for Malkin…get it done Sather.

  220. So im guessing we resign the youngsters now and maybe sign Mike “The Squid” Calamari?

  221. See, the truth doesn’t always have to hurt! Here I could make a dead upon impact joke, but I digress.

    If we go after Sundin I will no longer be a Rangers fan. Get Gaborik or Camalleri or make a deal for Kovalchuk, I think the Thrashers know they’re not going anywhere for a while and won’t ask for TOO much.

  222. swizzle, from what i’ve heard, no, they’ve been shopping him looking for an offensive defenseman, i don’t think we have anything to offer them besides staal and that’s out of the question.

  223. Septemous- but does that make any sense? One would think that if someone made an offer form me at 10pm today- it would be there at 12 pm 14 hours later, no?

  224. Miami Pimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    All of criticizing Rick are bush-league

  225. Getting Kovalchuk from Atlanta shouldn’t be hard. They want Picks, and they know they have no chance at resigning him.

  226. Miami Pimp (aka The Most Interesting Man in the World) on

    All of you criticizing Rick are bush-league

  227. nice job Mike D.

    ok, you guys have a great night debating heatley vs gaborik, or the new malkin deal!!

    can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings us…OR TAKES AWAY FROM US!

  228. I think its funny that all the “Anti-Heatley to the Rangers” people on here thought it was gonna take Rozy, Zherdev, Sangs/AA, Dubi/Cally, and 1-2 draft picks to get Heatley here and it turn out to be…

    Smid, Cogliano, and Penner??? Pathetic return for Ottawa !!!

    BIGGER QUESTION – Anybody worried that we traded Gomez who has 60-70 point capabilities and acquired Higgins who maxes out around 40-50 points, PLUS we wont have Antropov who has the best chance to be our highest goal scorer and for what cost??

    No Gomez, No Antropov, No Betts, No Orr, and No Sjostrom is making us look like a team that is going to score even less then last year, physically weaker, and have a crappier PK

  229. Come on Sather.

    2009 First Round Pick, 2010 First, 2011 First, 2012 First, 2013 first..ETC..ETC..ETC…ETC until 2050 + Everyone on the Hartford Wolfpack to The Pens for Crosby and Malkin.

    Its the only way we could ever get Crosby and Malkin in their prime.

  230. It’s almost tomorrow and no matter what happens tomorrow,tomorrow is better then today cause BLOWMEZ is gone.

  231. thanks for the alert carp- “I would say, when the nipple makes its first appearance”

  232. Good salary dump. Gomez was never going to play well here, his contract is an albatross, and his cocky jokes blow. Higgins is a good player. Unless Heatly was coming here to be Redden’s personal driver, I didn’t want him anyway. Heatley and Hossa are born losers. We already have enough of those. Keep the cap space and give some kids a chance, maybe something will come along at the trade deadline.

    As far as I’m concerned, dump as much salary as possible from Drury, Rozy and Redden. 1 down, 3 to go.

  233. is sather crazy enough to offer a gigantic offer sheet to phil kessel?

    i sure hope so

  234. we need to wait for a team to **** up really bad and i mean REALLLLLLY bad and then we can trade Redden for him.

  235. Hey Carp, if you had your druthers, would you like to become the full-time beat guy again? Or do you prefer what you have now, what with your jack-of-many-trades role?

  236. id offer a gigantic offer sheet to kessel, though it might piss off Staal, Dubi and Callahan, and in that case resign them THEN gigantic offer to kessel

  237. SportsCenter here in Canada just said reports that Heatley has already waived his no trade clause are false, Sens havent heard back as of yet.

  238. i really dont want to keep hitting refresh, cant we make this thing automated somehow, cmon carp, theres gotta be a few more bucks in the budget, hook it up

  239. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    This may have been Glen Sather’s best day as Rangers G.M..

    He stole one of the best prospects in the league and a second line winger who is young and when healthy can score 25+ goals a year. And all he traded for these guys is an ECHL Dman, A former 4th round pick who is at best a 4th line checking center,and extremly overpaid and underperforming center who is in the way of younger players like AA and Dubi for ice time.

    As for tomorrow,sign either Gaborik for three years 15 million,or Cammellari for 4 years and 17million. Than,sign Komiserik for 5million per for 4 years and look into dumping Rozy to the Blues for one of their many good prospects like T.J. Oshie.

  240. Where's Pavelich? on

    thinking through the forwards as they stand.. .. Dubs, Cally, avery, Sjo (not too often).. ample grit, but not a lot of size.. esp if we remain small on Defense (Mara will have to continue to play tough)…keep Orr ..dang paying $7.5 mil for a third line center is bad..

    “the seas were angry that day, my friend”

  241. Im not panicked … Im just kinda bummed that we look like a weaker team right now. Im sure we will get somebody.

    I felt the same way this time last year when Avery, Straka, Shanny and Jags werent going to be back.

    I’m hoping we can land Kessel or Cammaleri now, and if Sather manages to trade Rozsival to clear space for a Komisarek or Beauchemin … Sather will regarded as God in my book

  242. Players hate going to Edmonton. It really is absolutely in the middle of nowhere and cold by even Canadian standards, but Heatley really effs the sens over if he rejects the trade with a half hour left before his bonus kicks in.

  243. schneee,. Dude ya just have to touch a button.Ya want me to get you a cup of tea too.

  244. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    So if Heatley doesn’t get back to Ottawa until after midnight, do they owe him 4 mil?

  245. Komisarek said he grew up an Isles fan, but his parents always go to his games at the Garden, but never the trash can in Union dale. Weird. Does this mean his mom and pop want him to stay in New York but stay away from the trash can?

  246. That’s why TSN hasn’t called it official yet.

    Higgins led the Canandiens in shots two seasons ago when healthy… he doesn’t take penalties and he can put up points on the powerplay… another much-needed aspect.

    great trade…

    ignore me all you want noonan… I’m not writing for you, thanks though.


  247. Rosi must follow Gomez off Broadway. I would like to see Kessel more so than Gaborik and Hossa. Isnt Camalleri another peanut?

  248. somerset-I think the PK will be fine; maybe not #1 but as long as this Heatley nonsense is over they still have Cally/Dubi/Drury/Korpi and maybe even Higgins to PK to go along with AA/Owens/Byers who all PK.

    The only disadvantage to losing Gomez is his speed. Who is going to transport the puck during the PP. Drury was pretty bad at it.

    Maybe Antro comes back now. No one in their right mind is giving him $4 million.

  249. Thats a great question Ogrodnick- i really thought we would be able to take advantage of that 4 million- Edmonton is going to pay that?

  250. Is Camelleri a big time scorer? No. We dont need anymore 2nd line guys trying to step up. We already tried that in Blowmez and Dreary. We need a BIG TIME scorer. Sather needs to get a Kovalchuk or a Kessel. Now i know they dont grow on trees but thats what we need.

  251. i really, really, really hope Sather stays away from Scuderi !!!!

    Sure he had a good Stanley Cup Finals, but that is the exact type of “flash in the pan” actions that cause Sather to spring a 4 million a year contract on the guy after he made a measly 725k last year.


  252. Betts and Sjostrom didnt make the penalty kill..the coaching staff did. Betts and Sjostrom were just willing to sacrifice their bodies. Find 2 hard workers and our penalty kill is fine.

  253. eric, why?

    let ottawa pay that $4 mil and then make your move for him! sather isn’t stupid. he’s going to sleep on it and if ottawa had to pick up heat’s bonus THEN make a move for him. No sense in burdening yourself with that money when there may not be a need to!

  254. Honestly, since we have a little wiggle room in the cap now… I’d like to see Antropov and Mara resigned (AS LONG AS ITS FOR A REASONABLE PRICE).

    I’m sick of this team looking so drastically different every year !!!

    Let a couple of people go … Add a guy or 2 … resign the rest of our playesr should be this seasons M.O.

  255. we blast sather because he usually deserves it

    lets give him credit. since last trade deadline, i think he has been spot on. i thought getting avery back for half price was great, antropov for a 2nd rounder was fine because we needed scoring and we got a 2nd round pick as cherapanov compensation

    he tendered offers to the guys we needed, had a solid draft, dumped gomer’s contract, got a heart and soul guy in higgins, and stole montreals #1 prospect which has canadiens fans as angry as we would be if we traded grachev

    gomer gone means anisimov or grachev will be on the team next year. our defense in terms of young guys looks like this:
    del zotto

    we still have our 2010 draft pics, added cap room, and are poised to be players tomorrow

    if sather is smart tomorrow, this has been an amazing offseason. if he can do ANYTHING with the redden contract, i will officially wipe the slate clean. although i imagine itll be rozi moving, not worthless wade

  256. 11:59 June 30th 2009

    Rangers get Heatley for 1st and Rozsival

    Here how things go down

    *Sather calls Murray*

    Sather: So what happened
    Murray: Heatley rejected
    Sather: So Can i have Dany?
    Murray: For what?
    Sather: Rozi and a 1st
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Murray: No
    Sather: Please?
    Sather: Thank you

    *Sather hangs up*

  257. You’d think that Dr O, but I don’t think Edmonton’s got much more to part with for him. So I think we’d just have to slightly out-bid them (toss in a draft pick) and I think he’s ours.

    This is all moot if he approves the deal to Ed though…

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  259. Mike- I think the reason we are up looking at this now is because of that 4 million- it mean nada to the Rangers- which was our advantage in a deal- if the next 10 minutes pass and he’s not a ranger, he aint gonna be a ranger-

    Ottowa isn’t paying him 4 million and then trading him for 50 cents

  260. jane and laurel

    i apologize for my post but there are so many mens mens in this forum, i mean if you ladies know a good place by all means, if you wanna come to the party just email me, poppin mad bottles, i believe there will be some “posts” that you could work

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    except for jane and laurel, i would do everything to you 2

    and i dont even need to know what you look like, your personality is amazing, seriously <3 <3 <3

    thats 3 hearts

  261. Jive…

    our D depth chart looks amazing !!!

    i’d rank them:

    1. Staal
    2. Girardi
    3. McDonaugh
    4. MDZ
    5. Gilroy
    6. Sangs
    7. Potter
    8. Sauer
    9. Kundarek


    With Gomez, and Nazzy gone …. WHO GETS THE A’s ????

  262. Fly, to the contrary, I think they’ll hit the panic button. This team was a defender or two away from a cup just two years ago, I don’t see them rolling over and keeping a guy who doesn’t want to be there. Especially one who doesn’t like the coach as much as he does.

  263. does anyone have a brief rundown of the big name free agents available next year? nothing this year is really worth the investment, in my opinion. i’d just give the kids a chance to play on the cheap.

  264. Dr. Ogrodnick, he gets $4 million at midnight. If he’s a Senator, he gets it from them. If he’s an Oiler, he gets it from them. And I guess it counts against that team’s cap.

    Adam Z., at this point in this business, I’m just happy to have a job, whichever it may be. I loved doing the Rangers all those years, and if they wanted me to do that full-time, I’d be happy to do it. That’s not going to happen. I also love doing my new job, columns on everything, and since I’ve added the blog duty, I’ve had a blast having my hand back in hockey.
    I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to have had the blog while I was with the Rangers full-time, home and away. But there was no such thing as a blog back then.

  265. Kinda of odd the Heatley trade is not finalzed yet, have a feeling he is going to be a douche and say no to the trade.

  266. maybe heatley is waiting to 1201 to screw ottawa the paperwork might be in to the league

  267. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I wonder if Heatley is going for the pocket veto by just not responding in time.

  268. rick, that 4 million definitely doesnt count against the cap, that would make heatleys cap hit next year 11mil and change right? no way

  269. 1. Why would anyone want Antropov back? Ridiculous.

    2. No way Sather will sign any defensemen other than Komisarek tomorrow. he and Higgins are buddies. And nobody else would be an upgrade. Personally I think he should move Rozie, sign Komisarek and let Gilroy, Sanguinetti, DelZotto, Sauer and Potter fight out the last two spots.

    3. They will not be going into the season with Drury/Dubinsky/Anisimov/Boyle down the middle. Not in a million years. Someone else is coming, probably via trade, and it will cost youth. But hopefully not be too painful.

  270. you guys are way off. Scuderi was used against the other teams top scorers like Ovechkin. he is NOT a third pair dman. he played on the 2nd pairing with Gill. he is a very good, shotblocking, shutdown, defensive dman who has very minimal offensive skills.

    he is not worth millions, but he is a needed cog in a cup winning team, and will likely be wanted back in Pitt.

  271. Mara seems like the leader of the clubhouse when things are going shitty. Why not give him an A?




  273. It is 12:02 and….Heatley is at no decision. Ottawa hit and Edmonton get him..hahaha

  274. Carp, the $ are just $ for the bonus- no cap ramifications- sort of how we paid gomez more than 7.3 million the first 2 years but his cap number is at 7.3-

  275. Ottawa takes a hit..but that also means they dont have to trade him now, because they have to pay him the bonus either way.

  276. dont u think tsn would have it official by now it it was true. tsn place to be tom

    2-6 nhlnetwork tsn free agent frenzy

  277. Free Agency starts now! Oh crap..nop in 12 hours…Damn you Bettman and your ever changing rules!

  278. Peter-Why not go into this year with those 4 centers? Both Slats and Torts said they have to make room for kids. AA will be fine just put an experienced winger with him. Boyle can handle 6 minutes a night.

    I’d like to see any two of Cally/Dubi/Staal/Girardi wear the As this year.

  279. if that is true- and the deal was vetoed- gotta check on if the rangers can absorb that 4 million- we are talking getting him on the cheap!

  280. WOW !!! Heatley is a jerk-*** !!! haha

    In his defense though he apparently blocked a trade to Edmonton a couple of days ago, and the Sens were foolish to keep trying to work a trade out with them all the way up until the zero hour

  281. Its times like this when i wish JD were here and he would say something like..”OH BABY” and everyone would cheer up.

  282. For all the SNY lovers- what the hell does this mean-

    Fourth Update: Bruce Garroich reports that the deal is off and that Heatley will PLAY IN EDMONTON this season.

    Is the deal on or off?

  283. Sorry guys. It was the link on SNY. But now SNY is saying that Heatley will play in Edmonton.

  284. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on


    Who cares what other sites post. You sound like a little child who trying to say his toy is better. Don’t plug other blogs on here cuz other don’t appreciate your kind of rude behavior. To your answer about Canadians being is nice , it is true but when ya Tick off one of us , we might just tear a strip outta you. Please take your smart azz outts here if ya have anything elese to say thats just you putting on a show.

  285. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Noway Matt!!! Gravchev will be better!!! btw your Sather note was interesting.

  286. That’s fitting, SNY saying the deal is off and Heatley will play in EDMONTON. Fitting for any who bashed Rick tonight.

  287. There’s a reason why we’re all here and not on other blogs..and the reason is…

    Rick > Everyone else.

    100% Fact

  288. agreed shory- the 4 million is not a stopping us at all- dubi, cally, and stall are-

    If they get desperate, and we can still agree to pay the 4 mil, we could be looking at a steal here-

    You think their owner wants to pay that 4 million and trade this guy a day, week, month, year later?

  289. Per Bob McKenzie from TSN:

    “But as it turns out, the NHL says as long as a Heatley trade is concluded before midnight eastern tomorrow night, the bonus payment allocation can be transferred to the new team.

    So, in effect, the Senators have another 24 hours to find a suitable deal that Heatley will approve and NOT be on the hook for his $4 million signing bonus.”

    Did anyone know this? That makes tomorrow even more bizarre.

  290. Mister Delaware on

    “You think their owner wants to pay that 4 million and trade this guy a day, week, month, year later?”

    So … we’re getting him in August of 2010?

  291. Sign Kessel, Gaborik, and Komisarek, trade Rozsival.


    Potter/Sauer/Del Zotto/Gilroy/Etc..


  292. mister delaware, just means that heatley is either getting traded before the 4 million kicks in or he is staying in ottowa-

    seems as though the league cops out by giving them another 244 hours, but if its ture it was just us vs the oilers to go after heatley- then we have a TON of leverage and it makes tomorrow very exciting- i say we put our own deadline of 11:30 on ottowa to accept whatever we offer-

  293. Matt K –
    “Captain: Dreary
    A: Mara
    A: Avery?? Staal?”

    First: Mara cant wear an A on a team he wont be apart of next year.. Second: They wont give Avery an A

    Mike –
    “Matt, no way they give Mara an A. Staal and either Dubi/Callahan is my guess.”

    Agreed. I know Tortorella likes Dubi alot though so i would say
    C: Drury
    A: Dubinsky
    A: Staal or Callahan

    It would be a stretch but maybe combo of alternates: Dubi Staal Cally and Girardi, 2 on the road, 2 at home

  294. Smalls

    Dont know if they can get all 3 of Gaborik, Kessel and Komisarek
    Kessel: You woudl still have to wait and see if Boston matched so it would have to be a legit 5 or 5.5 mill/year
    Komisarek: He will ask for too much money for a defensive d-man that will provide close to zero offense, i think he will remain in montreal or go to his hometown in long island to the isles if they have a good deal to offer him
    Gaborik: I’d give him 1-2 year deal tops but think he will land in vancouver
    Rozsival: You’d have to find somewhere to ship him before you can make all these offers and by that time they may not all be available though
    2 scorers and a crease clearing D-man i like where your head is at just dont know if it can be done to be honest

  295. get this. Murray said that Dubinsky and Rosival were not enough. so the Rangers are supposedly going after Hossa or Havlat tomorrow.


    from the Ott Sun

    “the Rangers and San Jose Sharks were both in on the bidding, but they had concerns about the $4-million bonus.

    The Rangers cleared money by sending Scott Gomez to Montreal for Chris Higgins yesterday. Sources say the Rangers may have been willing to offer centre Brandon Dubinsky and defenceman Michal Roszival. The Senators said the offer wasn’t enough. The Rangers may pursue Marian Hossa or Martin Havlat as free agents today.

    The indications are the Sharks were ready to move winger Jonathan Cheechoo and defenceman Christian Erhoff to the Senators.

  296. Well then murray is an idiot for not taking cheechoo and ehroff if that was on the table..

  297. Mako me bhoy!

    Good to see that you’re still among the survivors!

    It’s been a long time indeed since we’ve hear from ye.

    Gald you’re back. ( Drop in at the old Blog now and then..we’ver sitll got a good bucnh and would be pleased to refresh old memories…don’t let their snooty regulations ruffle yer feathers. We don’t have nearly this many posts, but they are all pretty sound fellers.

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