Gomer a goner (it’s official) (updated)


Scott Gomez has been dealt to Montreal in a six-player trade that includes the rights to winger Chris Higgins.

UPDATED, 5:31 P.M.: I’ve been told that Heatley is coming to the Rangers tonight. Not sure what the Rangers are giving up to get him, but they can fit him under the cap now.


It’s official:


Acquire Chris Higgins, Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko from Canadiens 
            New York, June 30, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Chris Higgins and defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for forwards Scott Gomez and Tom Pyatt, and defenseman Mike Busto.

               Higgins, 26, has skated in 282 regular season contests with Montreal, recording 84 goals and 67 assists for 151 points, along with 96 penalty minutes.  The 6-0, 205-pounder has eclipsed the 20-goal mark three times.  In 2007-08, he established career-highs in games played (82), goals (27), assists (25), points (52), power play goals (12), game-winning goals (five), and shots (241).  He led Montreal in shots, tied for second on the team in power play goals and game-winning goals, and ranked third in goals.  He was also one of only three Canadiens to skate in all 82 games during the season.  Higgins registered 11 points (six goals and five assists) in the first 13 games of the season, and went on to surpass the 20-goal plateau for the third straight year.
            Higgins appeared in 57 games with the Montreal Canadiens this past season, registering 12 goals and 11 assists for 23 points, along with 22 penalty minutes.  He tied for second on the team with two shorthanded goals, and placed sixth on the club with 151 shots despite missing 25 games due to injury.  In addition, he led the Canadiens in goals (five) and shots (40) during the month of November.  He tallied his first career hat trick on November 11 vs. Ottawa to cap off a season-high, four-game scoring streak that began on November 1 at the New York Islanders, registering six points (four goals and two assists) over the span. 
           As a rookie in 2005-06, he led Montreal with three shorthanded goals.  In addition, Higgins has registered six goals and five assists for 11 points in 22 career postseason contests with Montreal. The Smithtown, New York native was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 14th overall, in the 2002 NHL Entry Draft.

                McDonagh, 20, skated in 36 contests with the University of Wisconsin Badgers of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA) this past season, registering five goals and 11 assists for 16 points, along with 59 penalty minutes.  The 6-1, 212-pounder established career-highs in assists (11), points (16) and penalty minutes (59) in his second season with the Badgers. The St. Paul, Minnesota native was originally Montreal’s first round choice, 12th overall, in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

                Valentenko, 21, split the 2008-09 season between Dynamo Moscow of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) and the Hamilton Bulldogs of the American Hockey League (AHL).  The 6-2, 220-pounder collected one assist in eight games with Dynamo Moscow after beginning the season in Hamilton, where he tallied two assists in four games.  he Nizhnekamsk, Russia native was originally Montreal’s fifth round choice, 139th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

                Gomez, 29, appeared in 77 games with the Rangers this past season, collecting 16 goals and 42 assists for 58 points, along with 60 penalty minutes.  He was acquired by the Rangers as a free agent on July 1, 2007. Pyatt, 22, appeared in 73 games with the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL) this past season, registering 15 goals and 22 assists for 37 points, along with 22 penalty minutes. Busto, 23, skated in 54 games with the Charlotte Checkers of the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) this past season, recording three goals and eight assists for 11 points, along with 41 penalty minutes.

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  1. please dont say the deal will include cally or dubi? that would be terrible news…

  2. why are you guys happy? gomez was the only one who could rush the puck up ice on the pp. idk, yea we needed cap space, but now our number 1 centers gone. i’ll miss the guy. i wish he wouldve done more but sathers the one who threw all the $$ at him. idk but i think gomez wouldve been awesome with heatley

  3. I’m with you Mike G…..I’m holding my breath.
    I hate to say it but you have to beleive one of them is a part of a deal for Heatly.

  4. im gettin kulikoved tonight. thanks sather for trading away our only playmaker

  5. wow. honestly, the guy did make too much money,. but cmon. we didnt get instantly better.

  6. thank god! We’re lucky that Montreal is under so much pressure to get an elite center, though i think they decided to go a notch or two below that with Gomez.

    It will be great not having to watch that brutal interviews with Gomez and his poor attempts to make jokes.

  7. I’m not one who thought Gomez was useless but his pricetag makes this a very good move. Higgins Being an RFA also makes it interesting since if we don’t resign him that’s 7mill off our books.

  8. I’m not happy. This means we need a #1 center…. and if we’re going to trade for one, Staal, Dubi, or Callahan are goners.


  9. well, if it was straight up nasty, we better be getting a heatley, or somebody to lead our offense

  10. “Nasty 1 June 30th, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    I really think we are getting VL”

    dont tease me

  11. to be honest if they do get heatly now, Dubi with Heatly on his wing seems pretty solid.

  12. I am only happy with this if we are getting someone else now. Gomez was one of the better players we had on our team. He had a bad year, but the year before he was probably our best player.

    Now I am glued to my computer the rest of the night.

  13. OR, this could just be the start of all of the rebuilding that everyone on this board wanted- I don’t like this at all- there were other ways to clear cap space and hurt the roster much less

  14. hey, i think his jokes were one of the few bright spots of the season. at least he has a personality unlike the rest of the fantastic 4. well, now i guess its the three amigos.

  15. btw- torts wasnt lying when he said nothing was set in stone

    do the right thing sather, get rid of dreary and redden

  16. Why are people happy?

    Pronger brings back the Ducks the equivelant of 4 first round picks

    We get the rights for 24 hours for Higgins for Gomez.

    We should have at least gotten some picks back. MTL was as desperate to add a center as we were to cut salary…

    bad trade

  17. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    wtf ….whaaaaa / ..huh ,,,what the …G – Gomez!!??

  18. im with ya all the way nasty. slats better be getting someone who can generate offense. i liked gomez. as much as we all hated his contract, he was the best of the 4

  19. Anyone think this might be to clear a little room to sign Gaborik? That would be awesome, he’d be the most exciting player on the ice for the 20 games a year he’d play.

  20. The Montreal Canadiens have acquired centre Scott Gomez, winger Tom Pyatt and defenceman Mike Busto from the New York Rangers in exchange for winger Chris Higgins and defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko from the Montreal Canadiens.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    In Poker this would be a Mike Mattesow blow up by Sather if Dubbie is next!!!!

  22. To Montreal:

    Scott Gomez, Tommy Pyatt and Mike Busto.
    To The Rangers:

    Chris Higgins and defensemen Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko

  23. yea i know jive. everyone is just dying for a big trade to be made, they dont realize that we got higginbs back in the deal, and hes not even garaunteed to sign here. or maybe everyone really thinks gomez is that bad. idk but if no other moves are made, this is a bad trade

  24. Im sorry, but im not that happy. I don’t know much aboot these prospects, but are you seriously telling me that we couldn’t get a better deal ? We couldn’t get one of Pacioretty, or D’Agostini ? We couldn’t get a 1st round pick ?

    This is sickening. Im glad we got rid of Blowmez, but im not happy we couldn’t get a better return.

    Now what ? Are we going to lose another center, like Dubi, to bring in Heatley. Who’s gonna set up Heatley ? Dreary ?

    It’s going to be a long season.

  25. get rid of dreary now

    pawn off redden to la or someother team with capspace

    do not offer anything to zerdev

    lets do this sather, make up for your screw ups

  26. agreed mike. if it was drury or redden, just because of term and dollar figures, maybe i’d be a bit more pleased. but gomer could bring the puck up the ice and is respected around the league. we got back pennies on the dollar.

  27. Ok… a pre-cursor to Heatley obviously. Higgins salary is 1.9M but I don’t know for how many years.

    Of course, this means who will pass to Heatley with Gomez gone?


  28. Jive – Higgins is an RFA, and I assume that the Canadiens gave him a qualifying offer, so we have his rights for more than 24 hours. McDonagh was drafted in the first round, also, so another first-round defenseman (and trading chip) for us.

  29. I wonder if now Montreal is going to flip Gomez and others to Tampa to get their beloved hometown son V L?

  30. orr- its because the 7 million is now off the books, and now we have the oppurtunity to sign a big free agent. we probably wont get heatley. we probably just sign somebody

  31. the point is, guys, that Sather shed Gomez’s salary so he can add better players tonight (Heatley) or tomorrow via free agency. Yes, the Rangers are worse right now. They should be better soon.

  32. Im disgusted. I thought Slats made good trades ? Ducks GM got the world for a 35 year old D-man, who isn’t as good as he used to be, while we got jack sh*t for a 29 year old center who’s in his prime.

    This guy needs a visit from some of Charles Mansons followers.

  33. We just got a winger back in Higgins. I don’t think Dubi is gone now. If Sather can package Zherdev/Rosi for Heatley, we will come out of today in great shape!

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    This leaves a HUGE MUTHA AZZ HOLE at center!!!????????????
    The only guys who comes close to being a top center and we wanted Heatley for him and now hes gone!!?????? Whaaaaaaa?? AM I missing something here!!!

  35. Nasty 1 – Well, Eklund’s twitter says “Gomez may not be staying. stay tuned” and “wow…..if what I am starting to hear is true…wow.” When it comes down to the wire, I might be able to trust his nonsense.

  36. probably nasty. but maybe they just got nervous and since koivu is probably goin to minny or another team, they figured gomez is better than nothin. gomez is gonna be good on the habs. fast transition team right there

  37. Pierre Larouche on

    This is a fabulous move by the Blueshirts.
    If Gomez had another poor season and chances are he was going to have another bad season under Torts, the Rangers would have never been able to move him. This was the right time to move him. As someone mentioned he was the best of the 4 players with bloated salaries. A year from now he may be the worst and he’s have the longest of all the bloated salaries. The cap could be evern lowe again next year.

  38. Right Carp- but if you are trading whatever you are trading for Heatley- you are pretty much losing 1 first line player, gaining another while giving up some meaningful assets (presumably what we trade for Heatley)

    does not make any sense to me- the only way (and I, for one, hope this isn’t the case) that this makes sense is if they are starting to rebuild here- but if you are rebuilding then get a pick or 2-

  39. Hopefully this McDonagh will be the steal of the deal.

    Habs fans are going nuts over this deal, Right now they’re on their way to Gainey’s house, with guns, and swords, and those double hot dog things they sell in Canada.

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Vinney LeCavailair is our answer ..yes , Right!!!!

    Why would Glen dump our top center , OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!

    For Vinney!!!! Vinny is the best center out there and he comming to NY!!!!


  41. Lets not get too excited…Sather has a habit of pulling off one awesome deal and then doing something stupid the next day…see Bure for nothing…then Poti for York…Bure didn’t work out but it was worth the risk…I hated Poti from day 1…

    Get heatley without sacrificing Staal, Dubs, or Cally and I’ll be really excited…

  42. u guys are unbelievable.. u hated gomez all yr long.. now u dont want to see him go.. this was a GREAT trade.. it brings in youth, and frees up cap.. yes he was talented but under produced as a ranger..

  43. Wow wow wow…. What a turn of events. I use to play deck hockey with Chris higgins when we were kids. I wonder what they’re giving up for heatley.

  44. Thanks Laurel. I don’t care about Gomez (neither does my Gomez). I will be devastated if Dubi goes anywhere. Devastated. That little nose picker better stay where he is.

    Is anyone else entertained listening to the WFAN dudes butcher everyone’s names? Is Busto really that difficult?

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on


  46. Harvey, Sather will demolish your good mood in a few hours!!! Wait till you see what he gives up for Heatley.

  47. I like the NHL Digest twitter: “Breaking News: Bob Gainey seen entering Montreal airport yelling “Kamikaze!” #Habs (He better have Gomez dealt out of town by end of day)”

  48. Does this mean Staal is expendable at the right price with the acquisition of McDonagh, who MTL fans are screaming will be a top pairing dman in the NHL?

  49. see you later scotty. Does anyone know how much salary we got back? Is Higgins a RFA?

    So many possibilities.

  50. This is just a start, Slats is making room for Heater as Murray probably won’t take on one of our big contracts in return – question is what will it take, hopefully not Dubi, Staal or Cally…..

  51. More details to come obviously, but the bottom line is that this is a shake-up of major proportions. For whomever is left on the team after sather sits down to have a smoke, this is a wake-up call. No one is untouchable so don’t be too comfortable. Especially taken together with Tort’s comments the other day.

  52. feeling a bit better after hearing about mcdonagh coming back to us. we are definitely trading a D prospect for heatley right? gilroy, del z, sangs, now mcdonagh…plus staal and girardi? my lord

  53. Eklund did not break the Gomez trade; Kevin Allen of USA Today had it first. (kausatoday on Twitter)

    Carp – The Rangers probably already had the cap room to fit Heatley based on the offseason cushion of 10%. They clearly would not have been able to fit him under the regular season cap before this trade, however.

  54. good move.. now trade zherdev, roszival and a high pick for heatley and they are better and have more financial flexibiltiy.

    this is a good move, posters constantly complain bout gomez and the other over priced and now they get rid of him and you still complain….

    higgins is a rfa, so they will sign him………..

  55. Here comes Heatley!

    I dont mind the gomer trade
    he never did what he was brought here do to, which is make people around him better

    good luck in MTL with there crazy ass fans, you were a decent Ranger and a hell of a person

    Why wasnt Voros thrown into the deal I wonder?

    PLEase Sather GET HIM OUT OF HERE!!

  56. wow, crazy day so far. carp- thanks for puttin my mind at ease about this gomez trade. ya knew there was more comin, but heatley comin here just made this a great day for us fans

  57. TSN and NHL Digest have us also getting Doug Janik, but I don’t see that in Rangers press release, so I’m guessing it’s untrue.

  58. mcdonagh makes the deal a little bit better- but now im with everyone else- with no gomez I don’t want to deal cally or duby-

    I will like this if Sather can pull a deal using Rosi and Zherdev-

  59. If i didn’t have a life i would search through the old threads where i pointed out that Higgins would be a good move. Fits in perfectly with the Callys and Dubis, Cheers to a younger and more scrappy New York Hockey Rangers 09/10!

  60. Slats did get McDonagh back in this deal. One wonders if Sanguinetti will be included in a potential deal with Ottawa.

  61. Don’t move Zherdev. He’s shown he has some pretty good play making capabilites (He’s young enough to keep developing and learning all aspects of the game). With losing Gomez who is there that’s going to be putting the puck on Heatley’s stick? Keep Zherdev and put him on the ice with Heater.

  62. I think we might want to put a search out for Sather….he seems to be missing and an imposter is now making our trades

  63. onecupin69years and counting on

    Salary dump for sure, Higgins for gomez? Montreal would jump at it.
    I wonder who in this trade will be dealt elsewhere, otherwise its another futile attempt to get another star to sell jersey’s in Cosby’s HEATLEY.

    sather must go, he doesn’t have F—-ing clue!

  64. Speed Ranger on

    I am less surprised Gomez is leaving than I was the day he arrived. Trading Gomez seems to say that away-from-Jagr decision was a mistake.

    Heatley’s gonna have EXACTLY the year Gomez had this year. Let the comparisons begin.

  65. oh, heatley didnt get traded yet. lol crap. thanks greg!!! and the “vinnys comin” quotes had me jumpin up n down. damn you!!

  66. Just out of curiosity, does Slats try to trade Rozi to make room for Antro ?

    Im not in love with the dough he’s asking for, so i hope not. But we do need a center. Who knows.

    Slats needs to do this ASAP, i don’t want to sit in front of this comp all night, worrying my ass off.

    As far as D goes. I could see Danny G getting traded, and id rather trade Sangs. I have a good feeling aboot Del Z, and Gilroy. I hope this kid McDonagh is the real deal, in the future.


    Take it easy broseph. No way in hell that happens.

  67. I would much rather have Vinny than Heatley.. am I in the minority?

    I would have also rather traded Drury, but whatever

  68. There are no elite centers in this FA pool. If Slats goes into the season with Drury/Dubi/AA/Boyle, that’d be cool with me.

  69. I would much rather have Heatley because he’s a 5 year contract. Vinny is another 10 years at 7.7m and the cap is going down.

  70. Maybe its just a personal thing then.. I guess I’m still not over that whole “murder” thing

  71. I bet Jagr is sitting in front of his fire place in Russia, laughing, while placing pictures of Gomez. Then doing a shot of vodka in Cherry’s honor.

    Muwahaha……MWUAhahahahahaa. Then he goes to sleep.

  72. I read a great comment on Hockeybuzz from one of the moderators.

    “Sather will trade for Heatley once he stops laughing”

  73. speed- no way dude. not with torts as coach. this isnt a country club anymore. if heatleys a ranger, he’ll be a damn good one. he wants his to be a leader, he will have his chance here. he will be the #1 player on this team besides hank. he will be good dont worry

  74. This is a horrible trade. If we don’t get Hossa/Gaborik tomorrow we go into the season with Higgins-Drury-Callahan as our top line. We’ll finish in about 10th place with that combo.

  75. I have a feeling that Sather is going to give up Callahan, Dubi Staal to make this happen.

  76. Nasty 1 – There’s no way we would have room under the cap for both Heatley and Lecavalier under the regular season cap. They are both over $7 million!

  77. Send Dreeary to LA for Frolov, and give them something to sweeten the deal. That would make my day, but it wont happen.

    Sens fans seem to think McDonagh, Dubinsky, and Anisimov are coming back for Heatley.

  78. Hey MORON,All you IDIOT CRY BABIES.to do anything at all WE HAD TO SLASH PAYROLL Sather did just that.
    I bet he’s not done yet.Great move.

  79. orr- thats funny stuff!!. pavel- also funny stuff. this blog is crazy. i love you crazy sobs. lets go rangers!!!! du du dududu!!!

  80. I think it’s an awesome deal for us…I don’t think some of you realize just how much cap relief we just got.

  81. Sens fans seem to think McDonagh, Dubinsky, and Anisimov are coming back for Heatley

    Good god, now THAT is overpaying.

  82. onecupin69years and counting on

    I like Higgins.. but not for gomez ..is this the best that sather can muster?
    This is a Philly trade Holmgren and sather must be related.

    Sather will make more trades and make the team older by selling off Callahan and dubi and their low salaries for the high price guys.
    Kiss the cup goodbye!

  83. McDonagh, Dubi, and AA for Heatley is absurd. So then we have all wingers and drop 3 centers in 1 day? No frigin way that is happening.

  84. I will be livid if we give up Dubinsy, Staal or Cally for Heatley. Dubinsky is 23, Staal is 22 and Callahan is 24. Heatley in’t super young at 28, I just don’t like the sound of that

  85. How is this a great move at all? We’re forced now to deal a package of youth for Heatley or sign glass bones Gaborik or underperforming Hossa.

    Heatley to NYR right now doesn’t even make sense. In order for that to work, you need Gomez here to be his setup man. If Heatley came to the NYR it wouldn’t be any different than last season. Drury and Dubinsky can’t setup shit.

  86. onecupin69years and counting on

    Slash payroll? To sign high price players? puts you back to square one

  87. orr- we trade drury we have dubinsky and AA as centers. cmon we cant trade the captain of clutch.

  88. dayz

    take a deep breath…relax…open your eyes and just sit down!

    July 1st is tomorrow… have you heard before what happens on that day?


    that was a funny line! lol

  89. We needed wing help and we have a good amount of C…we cleared up tons of cap and it sets us up perfectly for tonight and tomorrow if we don’t give up stupid stuff.

  90. Onecup… Montreal fans are saying that McDonagh has the type of talent to be a franchise dman. That’s pretty good considering that Gomez was failing miserably here…I was afraid the Rangers would be stuck with him until the last year or two of his contract.

  91. Mister Delaware on

    “Sens fans seem to think McDonagh, Dubinsky, and Anisimov are coming back for Heatley…”

    I will literally chop my genitals off if that happens.

  92. For all those saying we needed Gomez to set up Heatley…he couldn’t even set up Jagr.

  93. NY Strangers on

    that probably means that ahole sather will be trading Cally in a package to Ott for Heatley.

    if they won’t take blowsival and snoredev then forget it.

    no effin way should they give up Cally for a non team guy with a selfish attitude

    sather MUST GO if he trades Cally away.

  94. yea, heatley is definitely gonna need a set up man, and it shouldve been drury traded and not gomez. if sather hadnt given him a ntc we would have gomez,heatley and cally for a top line. now thats a good top line. whos gonna pass to heatley? redden?? lol

  95. I can’t imagine how anyone could possibly think this is a bad trade for us. If we didn’t get rid of any of the big contracts, we’d have been destined for mediocrity anyway. This allows us to actually do some things which might make our team genuinely competitive and good. Couple the fact that we’ve just got rid of a 50-60 something point scorer earning 7.5 million per with the fact that we just got Montreal’s top prospect, and this is an absolute steal.

    Also, I’d give up Dubinsky in a trade for Heatley. He’s a second line talent in this league once he’s matured, while Heatley is a top of the line talent who is only 28 years of age. Seems like an acceptable move to me.

  96. NYRanger4Life on

    Anyone who is upset with this trade is on CRACK.
    Yes, Gomez was a FAST skater, but seriously, how many times did he turn the puck over in the neutral zone?? How many times can we have to see his lollipop shot flutter on net??

    Other guys on the team will step up and become playmakers…I’m not so concerned with that. This frees up money, plain and simple. We improved our prospect base AND shed money. Something tells me Sather isnt dumb enough (I can easily be proven wrong) to part with Cally or Dubi at this point in a Heatley trade. Ottawa is DESPARATE, and we just gained some more flexibility by shedding one of our big four.

    I still feel like there is NO WAY we can afford to trade for VL…I’d be happy with Hossa or Heater…but please pass on Gaborik.

  97. It wont happen, but can you imagine if Vinny L was centering Danny Heatley next season. Wow, that would be something.

    But that would also mean, Staal, Cally, and Dubi are gone, along with others.

    I seriously think Slats is re-signing Antro. We need another center.

  98. this just in:

    Heatley and Mike Comrie to NYR for Rozi, Korpi, Dubinsky, and next year’s first round draft.

    hold on…let me find the link… my browser just crashed lol

  99. Kepp Dubi, Cally and Staal…. Go out and get the Sedin twins that will cost nothing

  100. he couldnt set up jagr cuz while gomez was in the offensive zone, hed have to fiddle around for 5 seconds waiting for the rhino to catch up. they play 2 totally different styles. gomez-north south, jagr- wherever the hell his big ass leads him. and the one thing they had in comon- they hold the puck too long. theyre both 2 different style players. neither wanted to budge in changng their game to accomodate the other

  101. orr- if we had vinny setting up heatster, we would prob win the cup. or damn well get close to it

  102. how about zherdev, girardi, and 2010 1st rd pick to sens for heatly?

    don’t really want or need Z. with mcdonagh, sang, del zotto, gilroy, sauer, staal girardi is expendable. 1st rd pick with be wasted by sather anyway.

  103. I would think an Anisimov, Sanguinetti, Rozsival for Heatley and something else could get it done.

  104. NY Strangers on

    I’m not upset with this trade. I’m upset with what comes next, if it means trading Cally, then Sather is a complete joke of an idiot who must be forced out by the fans.

  105. any chance that we can do Higgens, Sangs, and a pick? now we have the cap room and Ottowa would gain a good player to contribute right away, a prospect and a draft pick- better than paying him 4 mil, right?

    If that is the deal, then today is great- if Dubi/Cally/Stall are in the deal, it is not in my opinion-

  106. From the Fourth period….Whoa, this one comes a bit as a shock. There were some rumblings over the last week that the Habs and Rangers were talking, but I didn’t expect Gainey to pull the trigger on a deal. As good as Gomez is, his salary and cap hit is simply enormous. This should cancel out any chance of the Sedin twins coming to Montreal. As for the Rangers, a good deal for them. Higgins is an RFA but he won’t command a lot. McDonagh’s a great young prospect and he’ll be a solid No.2-3 defenseman for the Rangers in the future.

  107. ok, i would love to see roszival go, but i don’t think ott wants the cap hit. isn’t that why they are dumping heatley?

  108. they’re dumping heatley because he doesn’t want to be there, has nothing to do with the cap hit

  109. davy,
    are yo sure? they are only 5.5 under the cap right now. thats alot worse than the rangers cap situation USED to be

  110. Walt Poddubny on

    I like the trade alot. Now we can get Heatley and find a center to play with him.

  111. 1940 Now and Forever on

    Rags love adding other teams problems or cancers. Were going to miss those Gomez infomercials. How long before Heatley wants out of his latest team when he has no Alfredsson or Spezza.

    Avery, Lundqvist, Heatley, just get back Theo Fleury with Stevens and watch the chemistry in the nightclubs but never on the ice. Tortorella must love the character of this group, Heatley makes Yashin look like a boy scout.

    Parole for Scott Gomez and a nice fat Cablevision retirement check, only reason he signed there in the first place.

  112. NY Strangers on

    Heatley asked for a trade because he was mad at the new Ott coach Cory Clouston, who reduced his ice time and went more defensive minded. it worked, as OTT was one of the better teams in the final quarter of the season under Clouston. but Heatley is more selfish minded, so he wants out.

  113. Using logic I’d think that Sanguinetti is gonna be dealt now with this kid they got.

    Also, I have a feeling Korpi might be gone too as Sather doesn’t want to part with Cally and Dubi.

  114. habs fans and other fans are calling this a bad trade for the habs. they say we made out good. they really think their players are all golden. idk, they got a number 1 center. they are more mad about mcdonough than higgins. i guess this kid is really good

  115. HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING… If we had the choice to trade Drury or Gomez, which would all of ya have picked. Mike in IA… totally with ya. Kinda of sad to see Gomer go. Out of our 4 salary cap monsters. He was at least the most productive. Over paid… YES! But he has an upside. Get him good wingers and we would have probably been a hell of a lot more productive.

  116. Come on Sather, make something good happen here- you’ve got the leverage the longer the clock ticks-

    Keep our guys and pluck this guy-

  117. Mike A-

    If its, Korpi, Sangs, Higgens and a pick I would do cartwheels, that would be great-

  118. People, how many times does it need to be mentioned that Drury has a full no move clause!!!

    Ryan McDonagh is considered one of the top defensive prospects. We basically did get a first rd pick.

    Fans were complaining about Gomez and now people are crying that we are so worst off without him. If he was that bad, why would it matter what we received from this trade?

    Some fans also complained we have too many centers and not enough wingers. Well, we got rid of a center and picked up a winger (RFA) Higgins.

    I am sure this is one of a few moves the Rangers will be making. Let us all wait for the dust to clear, before we start passing judgement.

    I for one think this was a great trade and will help us in the long run.


  119. mikeA- na. korpis not good enough or sangs. definitely one of cally, duby goin too. it sucks, but i think higins will replace cally if hes dealt.

  120. Ottowa has to trade Heatley- we don’t have to give full value here- just have to have the best offer in at 11:59-

  121. Come on Carp – whats the update?

    Rumours say we are in for Heatley and Komisarek and that the Habs will flip Gomez for Vinny…

  122. UK- what are the rumors for Vinny- what are the Habs giving up? If its gomez plus prospects/picks I think I would rather Vinny (even with the 10 year deal)

  123. If the Rangers do it right, why can’t they get Vinny and Heatley? It’s certainly possible. Not saying I think it will happen, but who knows…

  124. Gomez was overrated and overpaid, good riddance

    the acquisition of McDonogh makes me think Staal, Sanguinetti or DelZotto will be in a package for Heatley… if not, the Rangers have FOUR awesome D prospects right there

  125. 1940 Now and Forever on

    Poor Rags, they never learn from history which is why they cannot win by getting players other teams want to unload or are badly overpriced. I guess that’s the only way Knicks fans will buy half the tickets so you come close enough to an announced phony sellout.

    The Rags paid Gomez the bulk of his front-loaded contract already that’s why Montreal took him now.

    Time to go add another team cancer to Avery, Lundqvist and Tortorella and time to watch Raggie fans act like seals flapping at numbers and not quality players who help a team win.

    Ottawa cannot be rid of Heatley fast enough, only the Rags add team cancers.

  126. Drury sucks as a playmaker, so who is going to get the puck to any scoring winger the rangers acquire?

  127. Bitter Now and Forever on

    I love seeing bitter hockey fans coming on other team’s blogs and displaying the hate! Good stuff!

  128. gomez was a prick, had no heart and desire to win in new york. his nonchalant attitude just pissed me off.. good riddens. we got a local kid (who by the way my father knows so i can get more tix haha) and if he stays healthy he can do great things for us.

  129. Look folks

    Bad mouth Heatley all you want, but keep in mind that this guy is almost a carbon copy of Mike Bossy, but tougher physically. He’s a sneaky scorer, seems to appear out of no where ( just like Bossy )and he knows where the net is.

    Give him a break before you dump on him. ( If he comes here.)

  130. The Rangers D will be so sick for years. Girardi, Staal, Bobby S, Del Zotto, McDonagh, Potter/Gilroy/Sauer. Wow, the youth will be so nice while still being able to be very good right now. The Rangers will be full of fast, hard working buzz saws up front with offensively gifted and good defensive defensemen.

    I can’t wait to see the final piece(s) that get added tonight and tomorrow

  131. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Heyy Waittt!!! Its not Canada’s Fault , hahahahaa bye bye Gomez !!!! Gomez just never felt comfy here,,thanks to all you guys!!HAHAHAA

  132. I hope people remember that it looks like Betts and Orr are gone… maybe we should save some cash for guys like Corey LaRose or Chris Neil?

  133. Sather better not give up any of the youngsters on the current roster….
    I’ll give up Rosi, one young d-man on the wolfpack and 2 fwds on the wolfpack…
    Sather you better not F this up!!!!!! Also Gomey was the only guy who rushed the puck up ice, but if it ends up being Gomey for Heathly then its a great move….
    resign Betts and Shjstrom……..next up is Redden’s contract, send him to the AHL and erase all knowledge of his albatross of a contract!!!!

  134. late to the festivities, but the second i found out about this, all i thought of was how much cap space it would free up, THEN thought, who the hell is going to be the intermission guest for all those away games now! I’m sure Yeti has other moves up his sleeve, just praying none of them contain Cally, Staal or Dubi. I think Sally would go apocalyptic if Dubi was traded!

  135. I dont think the trade is as much of a loss as I did when I found out Ryan McDonagh was the #1 rated prospect of the Canadiens at Hockeysfuture.com

  136. Scotty G, will be missed because speed is whats wining these days! good luck torts u made the worst mistake ever by sitting avery in the playoffs.. maybe u should coach tennis were hitting is not allowed!!

  137. does not matter who the rangers aquire if torts sits them when he has a temper tantrum?

  138. I don’t understand why they would give up a great player like Gomez and get crap in return. But they need the space if they want to get Dany Heatley. But if they do get Heatley, they have to get someone like Saku Koivu or Mike Cammalleri to increase scoring.

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