Torts an Olympian


USA Hockey today announced that John Tortorella — who has the most NHL victories by an American-born coach — and Islanders coach Scott Gordon will be assistants to Ron Wilson for Team USA in the 2010 Olympic games.

The U.S. roster is to be announced on a conference call tomorrow.

Also, long-time Rangers massage therapist Bruce Lifrieri was named to Wilson’s staff.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    I would’ve dealt Dubi, not Callahan. And it’s purely a positionaly thing. If Dubinsky was a natural wing and Callahan was a natural center, I would’ve dealt Cally and not Dubinsky. Staal I wouldn’t have traded for skill and potential purposes.

    As it stands, Callahan is the only wing on our team to have ever scored 20 goals besides Zherdev, and who knows what’s happening with that guy.

    I like Dubi, but it’s a business. I think Heatley was the kind of gamble we needed. Dubinsky is looking like he’ll max out as a 2nd line center, something that AA looks to do as well. Meanwhile, if Heatley can get Gomez going, it would be like getting 2 players back instead of one. Remember, we’re stuck with Gomez for another 5 years. If he and Heater clicked, we might actually be able to trade him towards the end of that contract.

    There is no one on the team I wouldn’t trade if the right deal was offered. Staal will be a great defenseman, but there are already other young guys out there who are/will be better. Same goes for LQ. He’s already 27, and with Gomez, Drury, Redden, and Rozsi’s awful contracts around, we’re not winning anything during LQ’s prime. If the right deal came along, I’d cash in on him. At least then we could finish near the bottom of the league and get some quality draft picks (that Sather would blow).

    But to trade LQ, the return would have to be beyond the ridiculous trade that Philly made for one year of Chris Pronger.

    Wow. If I were a Philly fan I’d be out for blood.

  2. I don’t know Doodie,
    I would rather let Dubi continue to develop. Getting rid of player in their youth always has a way of bitting us in the ass. I still believe he has a hidden offensive game. Don’t forget he played under Renneys Defense always system (it can’t be defense first if you never score) I think under Torts we are going to see a different Dubinski.

  3. I also think if Sather has talked to Torts, the player he would say don’t get rid of would be non other than Staal, Dubi and Cally.

  4. Laurel Babcock on

    Am I the only one who finds the subject of this post amusing….Torts and Gordon coaching together?

  5. Congrats to Torts. Also, I posted this the other day but the thread was dying and I wanted to see what you all thought:

    I understand that the Rangers’ biggest need is a goal scorer, and few players in the league are better scorers than Heatley. But my question is this: if the Rangers do get Heatley to fill that role, where does that put them? It doesn’t all of a sudden make them a cup winning team. Jagr was a dominant scorer, and the team only made it to round 2 with him. Right now, I don’t think trading for Heatley would make much sense, because I just don’t see it pushing the Rangers any further than that. If anything, it’d just perpetuate this cycle of being mediocre year after year.

  6. If Sather doesn’t get Heatley because he wouldn’t give up Dubi or Staal or Cally then I’d have some respect for him. I have none now. The way I look at it is if we get Heatley, is he enough to overcome all of the faults with this team to win a cup in the next 3 years or, in 3 years, will we be constant contenders with Staal, Cally and Dubi? I’d stick with our guys and let them grow.

  7. If Dubi or Callahan are moved, it won’t be without Tort’s approval. That alone makes me feel better about any trade thats made.

  8. I agree with Laurel , I think its kind of ironic that Torts and commissioner Gordon are coaching side by side, but when you really think about there can’t be much real rivalry between the two yet given Torts short tenure here so far. but is an amusing coincidence nonetheless.

    Crisis Crashes Islander draft party :

  9. Not sure if this was mentioned in the earlier banter, but this is a scary stat from Brooks:

    “At this moment, players on the Ranger roster (including everyone under contract or qualified) scored a combined 138 NHL goals last season. The Islanders were last in the East with 198 goals.”

  10. Listen, Lundqvist is staying put, because without him we wouldn’t even be medicore, we would be the Lightning. Heatley coming here would be the end of Staal, as will any big trade involving the Rangers this offseason. Every team wants him, and I say let him go! We need a scorer desperately and we have enough D-men that are both young and experienced (Sanguinetti to Girardi to Mara) to make such a sacrifice. If we lose out on Heatley, we need to go after Cammalarie, Gaborik, even Sedins! However, we need a scoring wing–Gionta would look great with Gomez and Zherdev, that line would almost have to succeed. To have a shot at the Cup next season, we need to play our ace in the hole and deal Stall while GMs still want him.

  11. Torts is going to turn Callahan into a 30 goal scorer first liner, and Dubi into a solid 2nd line center and PKer.

    Anisimov is going to impress this year as well.

    Grachev wants to be in the NHL more than anything.

    We’ll be fine! Let the kids play!!

  12. It’ll be good for Torts to get some time away from the team. He’ll need some time for his headache to go away. Plus by that time he’ll probably want to quit when we’re buried at 14th in the East by then.

  13. you KNOW Team USA is going all the way now that massage therapist Bruce Lifrieri was named to the squad ;)

  14. The only way we can get a heatly or get a gaborik is if Dreary, Gomez, Redden or Rosival are gone. And it has to be more on the 2 of 4 gone than 1 of 4 gone side.

    There is no way to play 6 of 18 players more than half the cap.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    ” But my question is this: if the Rangers do get Heatley to fill that role, where does that put them?”

    That’s a good point, but here are my counterpoints:

    1) If Heatley can get Gomez going, that gets us two good players instead of one. And make no mistake about it, we’re stuck with Gomez for another 5 years.

    2) In three years Drury will be gone and we will have some more money to flesh out the rest of our roster by giving our home grown guys that remained contract extensions. Meanwhile, we will still have that (hopefully) good relationship with Heatley and be able to keep him in the fold of the team, albeit at less than the 7.5 million he is currently making.

    3) We will already have jettisoned Rozsival or Redden as part of the deal for Heatley, there is no way to make the trade otherwise. With one of those players gone, it opens up a spot for our very deep group of defensive prospects.

    4) Having a proven goalscorer on your team can only help your other young players by being able to teach them what to do to score goals. Remember when Shanny wanted to help Avery with his shot (and Avery foolishly declined). Also, look at what Jagr did for Dubi’s confidence, and what playing with a dreg like Voros did for it. It makes your other players better to have them play with good players.

    More later, but my boss wants me.

  16. Dark Ranger,
    Huh deal Staal?
    Now while other GM’s want him?
    Think of how much they will want him in 2 years, 4 years…whatever. His value is only going to go up.

  17. Doodie:

    Thanks for the reply, and you make some good points. It would be a big plus to get Gomez going, and Heatley would be a monster on the power play. My only concern would be that the Rangers would have to trade Dubinsky or Callahan, who you’d have to figure would be 2 of the team’s top 5 or 6 most productive guys on the roster next year. Teams that want to contend have guys like Callahan or Dubi on the 2nd and 3rd lines, who can do the dirty work and still put the puck in the net when given an opportunity.

    Essentially, my main fear is that trading for Heatley would strip the Rangers of any depth and quality in their middle lines. Teams that are only top heavy on quality lines generally don’t have much more luck in the playoffs than average teams. I guess it would depend on how much he can teach some of the younger players, which would rely a lot on his attitude which is apparently questionable.

    Plus, cap room is everything at this point. Even if they traded a Redden/Rozi type contract, the team would still have no cap room to work with at all for the next few years.

  18. I am also think the best move for the team is to not trade for Heatley and just go with either the kids or to try and sign Gaborik.
    This way we do not give up any of our youth and give them a chance to develop.
    So I also say“ play the kids“.

  19. Carp

    Will there be a report from this weeks prospect camps practices?


    Two year deal with an option for three more if Gaborik proves himself.

  20. With the cap, winning the Cup requires a perfect balance of young cheap talent and expensive but proven (and productive) vets.

    Right now our roster consists of overpayed underproductive vets and cheap but not talented enough youth.

    One trade is not going to solve our woes.

  21. Betts is a free agent…Sather’s reason for not signing our best, and one of the NHL’s best, PKers…”He likes Tom Renney.”

    We’ve got one heckuva GM folks…one heckuva GM…

  22. Don’t know if anyone has posted, or seen this, but just encase, here’s some quotes from Torts…

    In what amounted to a warning and a mission statement, John Tortorella made it pretty clear what he expects before the puck drops for the regular season and his first full campaign as Rangers head coach::

    “As far as the lines are concerned, as far as the makeup of our team, from Scott Gomez right on down, the only guy I know is gonna be there is Hank. He’s gonna be our starting goalie. But other than that, it’s wide open. And I’m not afraid of youth. It’s going to be done on merit,.” Tortorella said shortly after the first day of prospect camp here in Westchester.

    Last season’s team, he said, were “soft thinkers. We need to grow in what we do in preparation, our practice habits, and that leads us to the game. That’s a huge part of winning, something we’re going to improve on. And if it’s not there, someone else is going to get an opportunity.”

    And he indicated that he wasn’t happy with some of acceptance of the lifestyles of players:
    “We got two hot meals a day, we got a great practice facility, we got limos flying all over the place, we got New York City, the theaters, I need this, I need that,” he said. “It’s time to put your hand, instead of asking for more, take it away and start getting things done.”

    More on this, quotes from some of the prospects, including Matt Gilroy, Evgeny Grachev and Ethan Werek, and some impressions of the on-ice activity, all coming later…

  23. Just read zipays bloo with Torts quotes

    ALl I have to say is THANK F#CKING GOD!!!!

    Love his attitude.

    GO TORTS!!!!

    Time to make this bunch of overpaid pampered babies play like men and earn there checks, if not, have fun in hartford!

  24. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Tortarella is like the Clint Eastwood of the NHL. I’m so glad he’s our coach

  25. love the attitude by torts. thank goodness they signed him on to be their coach. i have a feeling he is going to get the most out of this team and it will help to hide the deficiencies we all recognize that the NYR as an organization have.

    also, love the videos on grachev. man, he looks like a very solid, legit prospect. the most important part, he has a good shot and puts the puck in the net when given the chance. there is a good chance he will be up with the NYR at some point very soon.

  26. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    The way the analysts were talking about Grachev was that it was a man playing among boys. He used his size to dominate his opponents. Granted, I don’t think he is going to do the same in the NHL when everybody is big and strong, but he could turn into a Franzen-esque type of player that battles hard and scores. Man would I love to see a legit power forward on this team

  27. Why does Gordon get to be an assistant coach ?? Lol, what did he do that was so good in his first year of NHL coaching ? He coached a team to last place.

  28. Laurel Babcock on

    I particularly liked this quote by Torts:
    We got two hot meals a day, we got a great practice facility, we got limos flying all over the place, we got New York City, the theaters, I need this, I need that,” he said. “It’s time to put your hand, instead of asking for more, take it away and start getting things done.”

  29. PJ, I agree…
    Some of his goals are spectacular…
    Gives me some hope, actually!!!

  30. I know I am in the minority but I hate when the Olympics stop the season. I wish they used anyone other than pro players.

  31. more and more i think Heatley will be a Ranger and its gonna cost us less and less over the next 2 days

    GREAT JOB DOODIE… I AGREE 100% with this post:

    That’s a good point, but here are my counterpoints:

    1) If Heatley can get Gomez going, that gets us two good players instead of one. And make no mistake about it, we’re stuck with Gomez for another 5 years.

    2) In three years Drury will be gone and we will have some more money to flesh out the rest of our roster by giving our home grown guys that remained contract extensions. Meanwhile, we will still have that (hopefully) good relationship with Heatley and be able to keep him in the fold of the team, albeit at less than the 7.5 million he is currently making.

    3) We will already have jettisoned Rozsival or Redden as part of the deal for Heatley, there is no way to make the trade otherwise. With one of those players gone, it opens up a spot for our very deep group of defensive prospects.

    4) Having a proven goalscorer on your team can only help your other young players by being able to teach them what to do to score goals. Remember when Shanny wanted to help Avery with his shot (and Avery foolishly declined). Also, look at what Jagr did for Dubi’s confidence, and what playing with a dreg like Voros did for it. It makes your other players better to have them play with good players.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Somerset, just read that citizen article that quoted Brooks’ trade suggestion. DID I NOT MAKE THAT EXACT SUGGESTION THE DAY THE HEATLEY NEWS BROKE?

    I should be GM.

  33. the next day and half will all be about whether murray wants to avoid the 4 mill and deal him for less.

    however does anyone think besides me that dubi or cally will end up in a deal for heatley still.

    i think slats caves in to murray before murray caves in to slats

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, Slats knows he has Murray over a barrell.

    Murray is dealing from the ultimate position of weakness.

  35. bull dog line on

    there seems to be a lot more sense in todays comments. the last few days here had the rangers trading, dubi, cally, stall, grachev, anisimov, rosival, and our fist round pick. then getting heatly and the no2 overall pick in the draft. but most importantly, after all that, was keeping betts, orr, and sjoostrom.

  36. Also today is the last day for offer sheets right?
    So anyone who doesnt get on is automatically an UFA.

    WHo else on our team is RFA?
    Korpi right?
    Calli & Dubi

  37. doodie
    lets not give slats too much credit. he can ruin a team at any given moment.

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  39. I think if Heatley is traded here it will be something like:

    Rozy, Dubi, and a 1st round pick in 2010.

    We will have to trade AT THE MOST ONE OF Dubi, Cally, and Staal, but Murray was looking for AT THE LEAST TWO of Dubi, Cally and Staal

    Im fine with cutting Dubinsky loose because we are stuck with Gomez and Drury for a few years, and AA and Grachev are headed up the ranks… Dubi is expendable if it means getting a bonafide scoring winger

  40. I just watched that Grachev video, man he looks so promising. I hope Torts holds to his word and gives these young guy real fair shots at camp. He definitely looks like the real deal here. Big enough body and definitely looks a lot faster than I heard he was.

    Good stuff.

  41. Man that Grachev Video got me stoked, even though I know he’s a year away most likely. The thing I loved is he makes a move/cut gets to the middle and shoots ON NET. Maybe he can teach some of our guys to hit the net?

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Mikey, today is the last day to qualify rights. Not to make offer sheets. Teams can’t make offer sheets until July 1.

  43. I remember when Torts got here that we was saying that its not “good enough to just be an enforcer”, so as much as i hate to say it i think Orr is gone which sucks cause i think we need him (at least for 20-30 games against rivals)

    But this revamping of the 4th line is exciting !!

    Boyle had 5 points in 28 games (4 goals) and that put him on a 82 game pace for 14-15 points, with 11-12 being goals… and that is way better then what Betts, Sjo and Orr can do.

    With Orr and Antropov not resigning i think that puts us in the running for Chris Neil, who i would have no problem paying the 1.7 million he is believed to be asking for.

  44. look at the islanders record and injury report from last year and you will see why he is asst. coach. the islanders should have had a 10 win season with that roster and those goalies

  45. eric
    June 29th, 2009 at 3:45 pm
    lets not give slats too much credit. he can ruin a team at any given moment.

    lol. this one should be up there as a candidate for funniest comments award

  46. Doodie – While I agree Murray is dealing at a position of weakness, I think you’re dead wrong about Sather having him over a barrel. Sather’s weakness is that any deal he does for a high-priced player MUST have at least one of the the Fab Four involved. Otherwise, this team will need to jettison guys I don’t think Torts is willing to give up on. As it stands now, he’s going to have a tough time fitting all his RFAs under the cap. That was demonstrated when he didn’t extend a QO to SJOSTROM. That was a money-saving move, as will be them dumping Orr or Betts. And if that’s the way he’s saving money at this point, that’s a sign that he’s in a REAL bind with his future plans for the team. I suppose without Morris and Antropov(combined $6 million), as well as the best PK unit in the league, he’s nearing the $7.5 million mark. Now I’d say the way he could ensure Heatley is a Ranger and the team isn’t faced with a cap crisis(See: Boston Bruins, who are dangerously close to losing Kessel) is by dealing Callahan and Dubinsky, say along with a first-rounder and Sanguinetti, he’s got plenty of space to work with…then again, that would basically gut the team…BUT…for all you Heatley people out there, here’s what the new-look Rangers would appear on paper, with the respective salaries in parenthesis.




    That leaves about $1 million to play with. Chances are pretty good they’d keep at least one rook on the bench. This is also assuming Grachev and Anisimov make the team out of camp, which I don’t think is a given at this point.

  47. slats and the offseason is like watching a recovering alchoholic go to an AA meeting at octoberfest

  48. bull dog line on

    why don’t you just throw grachev, and anisimov in your trade.
    then heatly could be like bugs bunny, and play all the positions.

  49. wow Grachev looks like he could be NHL ready this year! His shot is unbelievable and his skating looks great. after watching that he has to be our most interesting prospect.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    tdchi, I think it’s a given that in order for any Heatley deal to go down, one of the four has to go back in return. That’s just further proof of how he has Murray over a barrell: You want to dump Heatley? You’re taking Rozsival.

    And Rozsi makes sense for Ottawa in a couple of ways. First of all, even though he is mediocre at it, he is considered a puck-moving defenseman, something Ottawa needs very badly. Two, Rozsi’s contract expires in 3 more seasons, while Heatley’s ends in 5. Therefore, Murray will be making more cap space for himself 2 years sooner than he would with Heatley.

    Throw in Sanguinetti and Zherdev, and you might have yourself a real trade there. Even if you have to probably add Dubinsky.

    But only if it happens before July 1. After July 1, Murray is going to be at an even playing field with other teams because he will have already paid the 4 million bonus.

  51. very good tdchi. i think heatley could becomes another teams problem. i think murray will go for the frolov johnson deal or the sheppard, burns deal before the rozy zherdev and number 1 pick in ’10 deal. both minny and la were offering better than us. but who knows if they are even interested in him anymore. from what it sounds like, we may be the only team really interested and willing to give a little more for him. anyway, heres hoping we get him for as little as possible(youth wise). if rozy is in the deal, then hell yea id do it.

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Hi , Laurel !! Well actually Clint Eastwood compares himself to Torts!!! Like other bloggers said..If Torts had $2 and you have $2 , Torts still has more money than you.

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Boooo Say no to Heatley!!!!!! Torts can make our team better. We don’t need other teams handme downs!!!

  54. bull dog line on

    as far as dumpin betts, orr, and sjoostrom. that is not a salary dump, that is a dead wood dump.

  55. there is no way Ottawa is taking the LA deal. Johnson reportedly wants 5.5 million per, which is why he now trade bait. NO ONE is offering Johnson 5.5 million per !!!!

    Jack Johnson will be playing in the KHL if he doesnt accept something less than 2-3 million.

    DOODIE …

    I think Zherdev has come off the trade block due to his potential flight risk. Honestly, i think he only wants to play here in NY, which is a refreshing sign for his forthcoming efforts towards next year.

    The Heatley deal stands to be more like Rozsival, Dubinsky, and a 1st rounder next year. Maybe an additional pick/prospect but nothing near the cost of Sangs

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    somerset , Flight risk? Zherdev will sink or flourish under Torts so lets hope Z pulls a ….um that guy who won all those Golds in Swimming, Micheal something…

  57. I think its funny that the “stars” on our team just suck to high heaven. And the true fan fav’s and future stars could actually be considered tradable.
    IMO the only “stars” on our team are Hank, Staal, Cally and Dubi. Then we have Avery who’s more of a wannabe movie star than a hockey star

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s not get too excited about Grachev just yet. The guy was still just in juniors. He played in the same league as Tavares and was nowhere near his goals or points totals. So let’s stop annointing this guy as our next superstar. He’s probably going to be a very solid 2nd liner. That’s all our team and entire system is. Solid 2nd and 3rd liners.

    Cherepanov was the lone exception to that and now he’s dead, as are our chances of winning a cup in the next decade.

  59. I say flight risk because the KHL was pushing hard to sign him and he turned the offer down to resign here. If he’s traded he may say screw it and rethink the KHL offer

    No team will be willing to take the chance of trading for him and then he decides to sign in Russia

  60. *****************************************************
    # Rick Carpiniello June 29th, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Hey, don’t mock Bruce Lifrieri. He’s the only guy left on the bench or the roster from ‘94.

    Yeah, I heard that they’re going to do a week-long tribute on MSG and then raise his massage table to the rafters.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Somerset, I’d much rather trade Sanguinetti than a first round pick. He’s like 4th on our defensive prospect depth chart. The pick is much more valuable.

    Staal Wart, I wouldn’t call anybody on our team a star except Hank. After that, I’d say Staal has serious star potential, and Dubinsky and Callahan have some star potential, but are most likely a solid second liners.

    Honestly, I think Zherdev has the most star potential out of all of our skaters. But he is also going to fall the shortest of his potential out of all of our skaters.

    Avery is a 3rd liner on a good team.

  62. The Wild didnt offer Fritsche a “Q-O” You think he’ll sign with us again?? ha

    The Sharks didnt qualify Marcel Goc .. He would be a good Sjostrom replacement and only made 775k last year

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    I like Goc. I wouldn’t pick him up based on our club’s needs and cap situation, but I think he’ll latch on somewhere. Maybe Columbus since they are letting Malhotra loose.

  64. bull dog line on

    what did you think of gretzky? to skinny and slow maybe a penalty killing 4th liner. how about leetch, not good enough on D, 6th Dman at best. is anybody any good, or do they all suck.

  65. Does anybody think Murray could try to screw us by trading us Heatley for Rosi, Sangs and a pick then making a huge offer sheet to Dubi or Cally that we couldnt match because of our commitment to Heatley?

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    BDL, we have some solid young players. We have no star players. No players that can pick the team up and carry it on their backs, other than Hank. But you need more than a goaltender to win.

  67. bull dog line on

    for years we wanted the rangers to develop from within. now that we developed and drafted
    some good players, we want to trade them for the shiniest new toy in the window. stop trying to give away every true ranger we have, and let these guys develop. enough with these ridiculous trade ideas.

  68. Dennis …

    I dont think Ottawa has that kind of cap space to pull a move like that and who the hell is Ganon???

    Ganon from The LEegend of Zelda?? That would be the crease-clearing D-man we need !!!!! ha

  69. betts – sjosterstomsdfosdofmsdfoms

    eh – these guys are great pKrs – but never gave much else- We need solid 2 way guys on our 4th line (and more bangers) – these guys are great defensive players – but we can do better – John Madden – great PK – 30 goals.

  70. Doodie, I don’t see how you can make a call on a player who has never skated in the NHL. There have been plenty of players throughout history who didn’t develop until they figured out the game at this level. It’s too early to make a call on many of the players you call only 2nd or 3rd liners. We have to give them a chance.

  71. Also,
    Dubi and Cally where more clutch this past season than Mr. Clutch was.
    Dubi didn’t light the lamp like a Heatley but he scored some big goals in some big situations.
    And Cally grew better as the season went on.
    I’m just happy that Torts like those three and because of that they more than likely won’t be moved.

  72. lts put boyle on the 2nd and put dru on the 4th. then we’ll have an awesome 2 way scoring 4th line!! i knew dru was signed for a reason. slats you sly dog you!!!

  73. torts isnt gonna tell slats who he can or cannot trade. he will tell him his opinion. but i honestly dont think torts would be that pissed if we swapped a 20 g scorer for a 40 g scorer.

  74. opps. misread ya post staal. youre right though. if torts really has faith in dubi or cally, he will definitely influence sather, but i still dont think he would be against getting heatley for any of those 2.

  75. *Dubi and Cally where more clutch this past season than Mr. Clutch was.*


    “Dubi and Cally where more clutch”? Bad grammar is NOT clutch! Ha-Ha!

    And Mr. Clutch? That’s Captain Clutch to you! Or for this week only…The King Of Clutch!

    Did your precious Dubi or Cally ever score a goal THIS clutch???

  76. *lts put boyle on the 2nd and put dru on the 4th. then we’ll have an awesome 2 way scoring 4th line!! i knew dru was signed for a reason. slats you sly dog you!!!*


    Betcha didn’t know Captain Clutch “led” Boston University to the NCAA title as a 4th liner! I was a glorified water boy! Ha-Ha! But hey, whatever adds to my myth……..uhhh, I mean my reputation as “the ultimate winner”! I mean, 25 goal seasons alone don’t get you $35 million Dolan Dollars with full no-movement clauses! Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone though! Especially not ol’ senile Glen!


    “However, while Terriers head coach Jack Parker is quick to mention Drury when discussing that 1995 team, it’s not necessarily how he’d like to be remembered.”

    “Chris Drury was a fourth line center on that team,” Parker said, “and he never played the power play.”

  77. I liked that Doodie said that Staal, Callihan, and Dubinsky all have “star potential”. Reading only the comments on this blog you would think each scored 30 goals last year.

    In my view, Staal has the furthest to go to reach fan’s expectations. Good, yes. Bargain at $827k, double yes. Can he become a great shutdown d-man, no doubt. “Star”, not yet.

    If you look at the stats of most all-star d-men they’ve usually found the offensive side of the game by their 4th year in the league. Staal has time to make strides, so no worries but he needs to get there to be worth the price he’s going to demand once his contract up.

    Staal would pose a problem for any GM, he’s young, he’s been good so far, he has name pedigree and has the dreaded “potential”. His brother, a 3rd line center, is getting paid $4mn. No agent worth his salt his is going to let him get paid less than that when Orpik is making $4mn and guys like Campbell are making over $7mn. The average 1st pairing d-man in the league makes $4.5mn, he is going to be expensive to keep.

    While it pains me to say it, it does make sense to trade Staal while you can still get maximum value with a proven player and make another team take a risk that he reaches his “potential”.

  78. Chris from Buffalo on

    I heard on the sports radio station here in Buffalo the Mike Cammalleri is rumored to be signing with the Washington Capitals.

  79. Steve Zipay reports on the Rangers extending qualifying offers to restricted free agents Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan, Lauri Korpikoski, Corey Potter and newly acquired center Brian Boyle.

  80. jjp- good points. however i think stal has it man. hes gotten better at offense, and i really feel if we lose him, he will be become a player that we will have regretted that we let go of him. i think he really is gonna be awesome for us. by next year he should be due a nice raise but not 4-5 mill. maybe we give him a 1-2 yr deal for 2-3, then after dru rozy, or whoever is gone, we can sign him longer term for more if hes worth it. if hes traded, every damn ranger fan will basically give up on this team until sather is gone.

  81. pavel- good news. also, about the 4th line. with betts, shoe and orr gone, who will replace them? im thinkin boyle, owens and byers. i think artie should be on the 3rd

  82. washington better hope varblamooooooov is really ready for the number 1 spot. yea, i know he kicked our asses, but thats not really hard nowadays. they should be tryin to get a vet backup like conklin who detroit isnt resigning instead of threeormore who is horrible. instead of goin after calamari, they should go for defense And a vet backup goalie

  83. bull dog line

    That dead wood that you are referring to is the one line that busted their guts out there every time on the ice, doing all the dirty work that the sunshne boys couldn’t handle. Let’s see how the Rangers fare without them this coming season. BTW…did it ever occur that perhaps Drury might just have a bounce back season next year seeing as he couldn’t play that bad two years in a row and still be considered a top flight player. Could happen.

  84. I think Slats will sign Gionta… just a gut feeling.. there’s no way he can sign Hossa or Gabo-groin.. the other part of me feels Slats will get desperate and trade Dubi in a package for Heatley.. if only Drury didn’t have that NMC… GRRRR

    Callahan – Gomez – Gionta
    Zherdev – Anisimov – Grachev
    Dubinsky – Drury – Korpikowski
    Byers – Boyle – Dupont

    No clue on D.

  85. I highly doubt Slats goes for that midget Gionta. We already have Cally, one Rochester Rocket is enough. Ours is better !!!

    Korpikowski, hahaha, i love that. It’s like the people that call Heath Ledger, Keith Ledger.

  86. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I like Staal alot. Howevere, Ithink Staal is going to be more like Jbow than say a Pronger. That sai, JBow is a good quality player but not a star.

    I’m glad you guys caught the video of Grachev I told you about Yesterday. I really believe he will be a big time player.

    Doodie– while I share much of your skeptisism about the prospects,some of these guys are really good. The ones I’ve always advocated for are the ones I’ve seen play several games.

    I was a big proponent of Dubi,and especially Cally. I’m not saying I’m some hockey sage or something, but these are the players I think will be players for this team and be good ones. I base this on watching at least 10 games.

    Dubi— Still believe he will be a 25-30 goal man as well as 40-50 assists and captain material. As we all know great charachter as well.

    Cally— I love this kid!!!!! I think this is a player you need on your team to win a Stanley cup. I think He scores 30-35 next year in torts’ system. He’ll probobly get 20-30 assits per season as well and be the guy who scores those memorable goals in O.T.

    Staal—Very good but not great because his offensive game will never be on par with the truly great dmen like Leetch.

    Korpi— We will all be disapointed with his production because he was a high draft pick. From what I’ve seen, he is nothing more than a third line wing who may get 15 goals a year. He will be a good penalty killer and hard worker but nothing more.

    Byers— Big tough pretty good skating winger for his size who will go hard behind the net,dig the puck out to his teamates and get in front to bury a rebound or tip in home. He is also a good penalty killer and an above average fighter who is not pleasent to play against. A fantastic third or fourth line player that will pop in 10-12 goals a year.

    AA—Possible second line player who is not great at any one thing but good at almost everything except faceoffs in the games I’ve seen. I think he is capable of scoring 20+ golas and about 30+ assists. If I had to make a choice between AA or Dubi as far as who to trade, I would rather trade AA. But only for a big time player coming back.

    Grachev— I’ve already called him the best prospect I’ve seen since Brian Leetch. Our first home grown star since I’ve followed this team since 1975.

    MDZ— I think he was the best dman in camp last year. He outplayed ALL of our own lazy ass millionare dmen and even Marc Staal who had a good camp too. He is the teams PP quaterback and is ready to play here right now.

    Mike Sauer— Is going to be very reliable dman who plays tough and makes a very good first pass. Nothing flashy about him but he can be a very good number four dman.

    Sangs— Not very impressed with Bobby yet. I’ve yet to see the great skating,the good passing, the great shot and offensive wiz we were all told about. I feel he may be a disapointment to us fans. And his deense is not that great either. I also question his hockey sense a bit.

    Matt Gilroy— Only saw him play about 6-7 games last year.
    but what I saw I really liked. He is a good skater and is a very good offensive player. It is his defense and his physical play that will suprise us all I think.

    Dale Weise— Watched this guy last pre season. He did everything but score. He was robbed numerous times by the goalies. He got off to a slow start in Hartford but really turned it on towrds the end of the regular seasona nd in the playoffs. He is a very physically tough kid and a good skater. He is some to watch for next season or even as a mid season callup.

    Brodie Dupont— Very physical player who can drop the gloves,kill penalties and score some goals.I think he has a shot at the fourth line as either a wing or center.

    Justin Soryal— Colton Orr’s replacement who can skate and actually play this game. He is one to watch during camp as well. Might be a dark horse to make the team in the Chris Neil mode.

    So thereyou have it, my two cents on our young players and prospects.

  87. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    You forgot about Avery.Gionta is smaller than Cammellari who is a better scorer. I’d rather have him.

  88. bull dog line on

    betts, orr and sjoostrom were dead wood. one dimensional players who offered nothing on the offensive end. orr could not skate, sjoostrom has no O to his game, and while betts was a good shot blocker, players like him are a dime a dozen.

  89. I don’t get losing that entire 4th line of Betts, Sjoestrom, and Orr. In total they cost ~$2mn, the least three players could cost is $1.6mn due to the league minimum. For that extra $400k the Rangers got half of the best PK unit in the league and arguably a top five enforcer who can skate better than 3/4ths of the other enforcers. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    Also, that Tortorella quote that roster spots on the team are “wide open” is bullshit. I like Tortorella. I enjoyed watching the team more once he came on. I didn’t see a dramatic change in the players, particularly the accountability everyone harped on about. I thought the whole snafu with benching Avery and getting himself suspended lost the series for the Rangers.

    No management team is going to let the coach sit multiple players like Gomez, Drury, Redden and Rozsival. That is a death sentence for all involved. It’s big, blustery talk on Tortorella’s part. If he were going to make an example the time to do it was last year when he first was brought on.

  90. bull dog line on

    my guess on boyle is that sather sees him as a possible joel otto type. otto was a good penalty killer, planted himself in front of the net on the power play, and was calgary 4th line checking center. he was around boyle size. and remember, sather faced otto many times during the edm calgary rivalry.

  91. LOL how could I forget about Avery. He’s one of my favorite Rangers!

    I liked the Avery – Dubi combo.. maybe sit Drury? :D

  92. Where's Pavelich? on

    roc- thanks for posting that link (although I think u meant “Torts”, not “Trots”!!).. it got me totally stoked for PRE-season…esp minute 10 (and after) of the interview: “we are soft”..Torts is going to have a real impact on this team… I am thinking Dubinsky is going to take to Torts…

  93. 8BTW…did it ever occur that perhaps Drury might just have a bounce back season next year seeing as he couldn’t play that bad two years in a row and still be considered a top flight player. Could happen.*


    Yeah that’s it! If I have a bounce back season maybe I’ll even get a 5 year, $35 million contract from the Rangers WITH a no-movement clause! Oh wait…I already have that! Ha-Ha!

    Let’s do the math!

    Captain Clutch scores 0 goals next season = I still make $7 million and can’t be moved!

    So expect the usual Captain Clutch season next year! I still won’t let losses ruin my holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weekdays, weeknights or weekends! And when I’m on one of my usual double-digit goal scoring droughts, don’t forget about what a winner and leader I am! And make sure you listen to the media- even when I’m a minus player (-11 in two NYR seasons) I’m still a good two-way player! You guys are so gullible! Ha-Ha!

  94. Chris from Buffalo on

    Atta boy Captain Clutch, don’t let all this negative talk ruin your summer.

  95. Somerset- sorry it was a typo, i meant Zanon

    From…”Zanon isn’t exactly a household name, but he’s one of the League’s best shot blockers. Zanon was tops in the Central Division and third in the League with 237 blocked shots. Playing for the second-longest tenured coach in the NHL in Barry Trotz, Zanon is used in a mainly defensive capacity and has never even had 15 points in a season. But he’ll make life a lot easier for any goalie he plays in front of.”

  96. Does it worry anybody that Moore, Byers and Parenteau werent qualified??

    Im kinda bummed about the last 2, but not so much Moore

  97. Cally—- I love this kid!!!!! I think this is a player you need on your team to win a Stanley cup. I think He scores 30-35 next year in torts’ system.

    really? wow, so why bother trying to get a winger for gomez? it really seems like we could come down a few notches with cally and duby. theyre good players but cmon the way some people here projecting all these huge expectations from them is crazy.

  98. bull dog line – Dude, did I say I WANTED to deal Cally and Dubinsky for Heately? No. I frankly love the energy that they bring to the lineup, and like most Ranger fans, feel they’ve got a chance to be top-line players. But the fact is, we’re Ranger fans. And the rest of the league (namely other GMs) don’t view them as valuable. Bottom line is that Cally is no longer a ‘prospect’ and has a game that will only marginally develop. Realistically, he’s not an 80-point or even a 70-point player, which puts him in a category with a ton of other NHLers. Dubinsky, who looked as though he was breaking out in the first months of the season, disappeared for half the season. Even during the playoffs(when I thought he played his heart out), he wasn’t the type of guy any objective scout would consider a future star. Both have an upside of being solid, second-line, team-first players. But to say they’ll be all-stars at this point is ludicrous.

    So back to my point…The Sens aren’t going to give Heatley away; no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Murray said it too. They’re looking for a package that’s similar to the one PRONGER fetched Anaheim. And mind you, the Flyers will be done with his contract come next year, which means they basically paid a pair of first rounders, a top defensive prospect and a Callahan look-alike. So you still think it’s too much for the Sens to be looking for a pair of potential second liners, a top pick and a top prospect? If you look at it objectively, or better yet, like Murray, your answer should be an emphatic ‘hell no.’

    Now on to your second preposterous supposition: Betts and Sjostrom. You say good riddance to the league’s TOP PK line?!? Sweet Jesus, I can’t wait to here you bitch about how lame the Rangers’ PK is. Those guys are invaluable to teams, and I wouldn’t be surprise if some wily GM offers them both contracts(See: Kevin Lowe). The fact that they’re both making peanuts makes their loss even more egregious, IMO. Both plus Orr could be had for under $3 million, which incidentally is less than half Redden’s contract. So while we’re talking about useless, let’s focus on the truly useless, which would be all the stiffs on the Ranger PP.

  99. Pavel – Grachev, like most Russians, dropped in the draft because of a lack of transfer agreement. The Rangers obviously saw enough in him to risk a third round.

    Doodie – I just don’t think Murray would go for that. Maybe all the talk about the Sens playing Heatley if they don’t get the right deal is a rouse. Personally, I think he’s one of the worst deals the Rangers could pull off with guys like Gaborik, Hossa and Cammellari on the market. Heatley has a bad rap, doesn’t seem to like the limelight and is rumored to be costing a good contingent of the Rangers’ youthful base. I’d rather shot for a UFA than give up what I can almost assure you Murray is asking.

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Some Ranger fans do project high goals and assists totals for our your stars and really , who is to say that none of these totals wont pan out? The reason Dubi is valuble isnt becauce of his totals so far. It is his potential of being a power forward who gains more his touch as his carreer moves on. Brendan Shanahan didnt light eem up all the time during his NHL carreer but as time went on he became this Power forward with a great shot!!!

  101. tdchi – one of the TSN articles did say they were attempting to sort out an extension for Pronger.

    In other news this morning: Orr could be off to Toronto and Gomez(apparently) to Montreal, although i think the first is 100 times more likely than the latter.

    The suitors are dropping like flies for Heatley, i think Murray is going to hold out till the last minute. I’ll bet something gets done late tonight, i really can’t see the Sens paying that $4m and keeping him. This theory about having to balance their books, well everyone has to do that, so how they would expect to offload even more salary along with that whopping contract of Heatley’s i have no idea – we certainly have no room for anything else.
    He’s not going to give the guy away but you can bet if there’s a deal for a good NHLer, top prospect and #1 draft pick he’ll have to take it – our problem is we’ve got find some sort of salary parity in the deal in order not to screw the cap situation up even more than it already is.

  102. bull dog line on

    so you have decided after 2 seasons cally and dubi, at 22 23 years of age have maxed out.
    you have decided that you would trade them, but it important to keep those big potential guys, betts, orr, and sjoostrom. i think i got it now.

  103. tdchi,

    “Bottom line is that Cally is no longer a ‘prospect’ and has a game that will only marginally develop”

    Thanks! that is the dumbest statement I have ever read on a hockey blog.

    I really appreciate that, you have made history my friend!

    so what you are saying is Ryan Callahan is only 24 years old and his 22 goal season last year is about the best he is ever going to do right?

    LOL……… IDIOT!!!!

  104. Here’s what I think is gonna happen,forget the Rangers.I don’t know who else is gonna be involved,but I think that Heatley is gonna end up in in Toronto and Kaberla will be in Ottawa.

  105. I’m glad to see that most of you are agreeing with me now. Trading for Heatly, especially giving up our developing young talent for him, is a dumb idea. You can watch Dubinsky turing into Mike Ridely…a guy we gave up for an over the hill Bobby Carpenter in the 80s while Ridley turned into a solid 2 way center and leader for the Caps. I can see Cally becoming a solid 35 goal scorer under Torts system. He’s also a clutch leader type. And he REALLY shined under Torts as well. I can see him getting a LOT of ice time and improving his game. Staal? He made some rookie mistakes for sure, but he DID show, toward the end of the year his O game improving. If someone was looking for a young D from us, I’d have no problems trading someone like Girardi, who I think it very overrated. I think the only thing he does well is block shots. Heatly is trouble waiting to happen. Let’s give the kids a year to develop, and see what we have? Sign a few lower case UFAs to fill in. If you can trade a Rozi or Redden for some draft picks, I’m all for it.

  106. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Rick or Jane, Hope to hear some things from the Prospect camp this week. thanks .

  107. guys, cmon lets not fight about who thinks what callahan is or may become. hes not saying that cally will only be a 22 goal scorer. but i think hes sayin that cally will be entering his 4th nhl season and its kind of hard to imagine that he will all of a sudden become a 35-40g-70p player. yea, he is still only 24 and he will improve. but lets face it, we all were surprised when he did so well last year. i wasnt surprised with his work ethic, but i think 20-25 goals is his range. on the other hand he could get better in other aspects of his game and as he enters his prime, could hit a 70 -75 point. in that aspect,hes still considered a prospect based on the fact that he still hasnt reached his full potential yet. but its getting pretty close to the time where we can no longer call him a prospect, and call him what he is, which will most likely be a 2nd line or 3rd line checking forward.

  108. Zanon would be great, but at what cost (cap wise)?

    Cally/Dubi both hit… a lot… you let one of them go and who are you going to depend on for physical play?.. Orr? nevermind.. Betts? nevermind.. Sjostrom? nevermind!

  109. i really hope he scores 30-35 goals. i hope he can score 50. in torts system he could get 30. and maybe one year he’ll have an adam graves ’94 season, but as of now, it looks like he is 20-25g. and that alone would exceed my expectations of him from when he first got here.

  110. dubinsky or cally will see offer sheet from edmonton. renney will try and stick to us. just a prediction

  111. cally’s a great checker, tons of energy, and alot of his goals came from that. he does have skill, but most of his goals came from in close. if he can develop his wrist shot like zherdevs, then holy crap, look out. if zherdev can develop his work ethic and desire to play like cally, then we wont need any ufa’s or heatley. maybe they should coach each other and work on a line together next season. cally could forecheck, create turnovers, zherdev can pounce on loose pucks, fire wristers and cally could get rebounds if he desnt score.

  112. yea maybe eric. but i think neither will want to go play for him. torts style is perfect for them, and i think they know renny will be head coach in the near future with quinn being as old as he is.

  113. foof – keep your head in the clouds, that’s cool. But when you’re ready to come down, consider this: Callahan is a smallish winger at 185. He’s filled out, and probably won’t grow much more at the age of 24(not 23, bull dog line), and will be 25 by next spring. Also, he plays the game much larger than his size, so when he hits his 30s, he’s bound to start breaking down(see: Mike York). No doubt, He’s a good player, and I could see him becoming a 60- to 70 point player as he grows into his role. But pie-in-the-sky fans such as yourself like to think he’s going to be a perennial 30- or even 40-goal all-star. Dude, get real with your expectations. I’ll bet you also looked at PRUCHA and figured he’d be the next prolific goal scorer on the Rangers.

    Reality bites, dude, and the truth hurts. But you’re stretching expectations if you expect Cally or Dubi for that matter to be top-line players. Is there a chance? Sure there’s a chance. Both of these guys are approaching their ceiling. Hell, I hope you’re right and I’m the idiot. I hope Cally becomes the next great Ranger forward. But I think when all is said and done, you’ll be the one looking sheepish in this argument.

    bull dog line – the only thing you’ve got is an attitude. Come back when you’re ready to argue your point rationally. Better yet, come back when you learn a little more about the sport of hockey.

  114. eric – Teams would have to offer in excess of $2.5 million for both players to prevent the Rangers from matching. That’s a first and third round pick it would take to pry either from. I don’t think any team thinks those guys are worth losing that bounty. Besides, I’ve never read that the Rangers and Renney parted anything but amicably. And we all know Lowe and Slats are good buddies from back in the day.

  115. Holy Toledo Batman!! I just checked on and if their article is right we have betwenn $8m and $12m to spend depending on who of the free agent bunch is re-signed and for how much (ie will the RFA’s sign up for the qualifying offers or sign long-term extensions for a bit more).

    That amount of money worries me if it is the higher end of that scale because it just means that Slats can go and make more high-priced mistakes. Will he be able to sign a scoring winger and crease-clearing defenseman with that much? Francois Beauchemin anybody? Slats is bound to go for Knuble, unless he learned his lesson with Naslund?

  116. i read somewhere that Byers was not qualified so he looks to be a gonner. That sucks because i was hoping to see him get a real shot this camp for the 4th line.

  117. bull dog line on

    i have forgotten more than you will ever know about hockey. again you have decided cally is to small, and plays to physical a game to last. you ever hear of pat verbeek, very similar player to cally. at the same stage. cally has only played 2 full seasons in the league, he has not become what he will be yet. please give it up on betts, orr, and sjoostrom. they are easily replaced.

  118. bull dog line on

    on prucha,
    i am probably one of the few who looked at prucha and saw a ranger from the 81 season. peter wallin. they played the same style, and wore the same number. the only difference in the beginning, was that prucha scored. in the end he turned out just like wallin, couldn’t score.

  119. Interesting that Calli (along with dru and Gomez) was invited to US Olympic Team Orientation camp…Dubi was not

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