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  1. looks like sathers trying to get bigger… only one guy under 6′- borque. I hope some of these kids turn into productive NHL’ers

  2. me 2 roc. lol

    hey mikeA- what u talkin about the sedins? we cant get them. too expensive man. unless they take gomez and rozy both. or any combo of the fantastic 4( drury-the invisible woman,er man, er.. entity, gomer- senor fantastico, rozy- the thhing, redden-the human traffic cone, i mean torch

  3. Stephan had a great year with 111 pts… No it’s not a credible league, but hopefully he turns into a great player down the road…

  4. Yeah Stepan had 111 points..in his senior year in high school, which was 2 years ago. He had 33 last year like Pavel said.

  5. I’m horny for the Brian Boyle trade, except for the fact that he could possibly replace Betts. I would rather see it as a precursor to moving one of the expensive centers for an expensive right wing (Heatley?).

  6. Stan Fischler did an interview with Sather for Msg.com. At the end he ask’s Sather about free agency and Sather starts talking about the trade market. So either they are not in the free agent market at all. Or they are really into Heatley. I understand u have to give to get. Other then Staal and Dubi I would trade any other player on the team not named LUndquist.

  7. only contract that has a chance to go to ottowa is rosi’s and even that is a real longshot. getting brian boyle is just sather up to his old tricks-taking someone else’s garbage and most likely giving said player a chance rather than our own prospects

  8. Pete….. Boyle atleast has some size to him and supposedly has somewhat of a scoring touch not saying anything more than maybe 20 goals but hey who knows.

  9. Let’s all blame Holmgren. He gave up Lupul (25 goal scorer), Sbisa (decent d prospect), two 1st rounders and a conditional pick for Pronger and some other dude. Pronger has ONE YEAR on his 6.25m/y deal.

    Murray is going to want to rob as best he can… but maybe that $4m bonus can be used in our favor.

  10. If losing Dubi or Cally means getting Heatley, it’s a no brainer. Heatley is a different class player. The only concern is a potential prsonality clash with Torts (other than $).

  11. It is sooo sad that we have a dbag like Sather running the NY Rangers. This POS has no clue whatsoever. Here we are in June posting about the same garbage on the roster – Redden, Drury, Gomez and Rozy with zero chance of moving these contracts. Watching the Rangers play next year will be like rubbernecking a car crash.

  12. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I agree Chris, although I have no problem with Sather waiting until late Tues to throw 1 of those 2 into the mix, and see if Murray loses his nerve and makes the deal before that.

  13. on sather; while i can’t really support his FA signings of late, his track record for trading is pretty decent. say what you will about tyutin/backstrom for zherdev/fritsche but i have a good feeling about this heatley situation (if it’s going to come to fruition, at all). you can say i’m blind/unfounded in my optimism, but sather has a redeeming hard-ass quality about him that has me feeling secure in the trade department.

    for example, did any of you guys catch murray approaching sather with (presumably) a heatley trade proposal on tv at the draft? Murray dropped the line, sather took a bite out of his unlit cigar and just shook his head. with very few words exchanged, murray walked away scolded like his mom just found his explicit/borderline illegal porn collection.

    this has me thinking if murray is as desperate as many bloggers/beat writers seem to speculate, he’s gonna have to beat a 1st class ego-thoroughbred in our own glen sather at a poker-face match…and let me tell you, sather doesn’t need sun-glasses or a hat.

  14. Where's Pavelich? on

    i just have lost faith in “slats” doing anything right .. we have a third line fwrd and 5-6th tier defender making > $13 mil… i just dont want him doing anything more..except get his “cigar” out of NYC

  15. I don’t know if anyone posted this before but I will pass it along anyway Hugh Jessiman’s mom passed away the link was posted on the HF boards and reported by beyondtheblueshirts blog.

    My condolences to Hugh and his family gotta be a big time heartbreaker.

    Ranger Crisis Crashes Islander Draft Party:


  16. Austin – yeah i saw that, i couldn’t tell if Sather laid an offer down and Murray walked away in a sulk or if Murray laid an offer on Slats and he just chewed his cigar and said no.
    Judging by what was said in the quotes Slats realises he has no cap room and has to give the kids a go – but why he won’t re-sign cheap, effective 4th liners like Orr (especially now Pronger is in our division) or Sjostrom or Betts – combined these guys will earn approx $2m per year. If i remember rightly last year Sjo was willing to do a 2 year deal for less than his qualifying offer, i wouldn’t be shocked if that still happened, either way he’ll get a shot somewhere due to his excellent PK skills.

    As for the draft, we won’t know for 2 years if it’s been a success, none of the selections will be in Hartford for at least a year, if not 2, so they won’t be making the NHL team until 2012-13 i think.

    I don;t know if anyone read Larry Brooks, but i don’t think he got the message about the cap, it only went up $100k. He was blarting on about signing Kessel to a $5.5m offer sheet – how the feck would we fit that in?

  17. anyone one think Grachev makes the team out of camp? 40 goal 80 point season last year in Brampton along side 3rd overall pick year in this years draft Matt Duchene. Duchene totalled 79pts. Grachev has size at 6’4 and is a pretty decent skater. reminds me of Antropov, except hes 19 and also faster than Antropov, possible replacement?

  18. I hope Grachev makes the team. We all know Anisimov is going to make it, and I honestly think a line of Zherdev – Anisimov – Grachev will be great.

  19. Would be nice to think he can make it, but the braintrust usually expects them to have a year dominating at the next level before stepping up (ie dominate this year at AHL and then move up to NHL the year after) – however if he blows them away with a good prospects tournament and pro camp then who knows – we certainly need some size and scoring touch on the wing.

  20. The way I see it is the rangers will be a average boring team until the big four bad contracts either run out or some how moved.

  21. I see Dubi or Calli going to OTT with picks/prospects for Heatley. Not Stall. Then I see Redden getting waived, passing thru waivers. Then I see Redden getting sent down and picked up on re-entry waivers. Half his salary off the books. That gets the NYR close to affording Heatley. Then, the pressure will be on Gomez, Drury, and Rozi to perform before they get the same treatment.

    Dubi and Cally are ok, neither are great, and no one should shed a tear if they are replaced by a guy who can outscore the two of them combined. And if u think that Heatley is overpaid, do the math of the new contracts that Dubi and Cally are expecting and tell me you would not prefer Heatley.

  22. Also, Gomez to VAN for the twins may be possible as well.

    And finally, I am not a Sather critic. Nor was I a Renney critic. But I saw Sather this weekend and he reminded me of my grandfather. He just seems old and tired. He really should consider dtepping down.

  23. cw-

    I totally agree about the Heately trade. I too am a fan of Cally and Dubi but emotional bonds as a fan should not preclude tradign either of those players. Both are good, both play hard and both are fun to watch, but to pass up on a bonafide 30-40 goal scorer for two guys with “potential” would be ludicrous. I’d keep Stall, but would offer either Cally or Dubi, and if I had to pick I’d trade Dubi.

  24. 33 points in a freshman campaign is pretty good for the NCAA.

    Sad news about Jessiman’s mother, never wish that upon anyone no matter how hard I’ve been on him.

  25. Spiderpig – Boyle, who was the former captain at BC, is a great pick-up for the cost. In fact, he was the guy I was hoping the Rangers would get before they landed Antropov. He’s a big guy who uses his size to his advantage. I don’t think he has nearly the skill of Antropov, but the guy is supposedly a work horse who like to take the body and will crash the net. To be honest, that’s exactly what the Rangers needed on the line with Dubinsky and Zherdev last season…so if you guys are looking for the guy(s) Boyle will replace, I’ll throw these two names out there: VOROS and ANTROPOV. He’ll be on the NHL roster opening day, you can count on it.

    roc – Heatley’s future is going to set into motion a domino effect around the NHL. Once he finds a home(and I think he will before Wednesday), everything else will follow. In Sather’s case, he simply can’t do much with the UFA market unless one of his big-five contracts are moved. We’ve since learned that Gomez, Drury and Redden are safe, as is Lundqvist. Which leaves ROZSIVAL as the odd man out. My guess is he is(was) being dangled as part of the Heatley trade, where Staal and Dubinsky were mentioned. There’s no doubt, Sather has painted himself into a cap corner. Now he’s got to weigh his options and see if its worth getting out.

  26. 2 days til free agent time,of our top two lines last year look for at least 3players to be gone.And no I don’t think Heately will be one of their replacements.

  27. cwgatti – something I’ve heard mentioned is that the Sedins’ lofty contract demand(something like $120 million for the pair)could be arranged in a ludicrously long contract(like 12 years). And the way it would be structured would be to pay them a ton of cash up front, say $9 million per for the first three years, and then dwindle the payments down to $500,000 by the time the twins hit their mid 30s. Detroit did something to that effect with Franzen and Zetterberg. I could see Sather making a pitch for the duo. But if he does, I doubt its at the expense of Gomez, who would become a good fit at second-line center. More likely, it will be Dubinsky who is the odd man out.

  28. Liquid is absolutely right.

    I mentioend this at the end of last year’s uh, adventure. There’s way too much wrong with this team to be straightened out by a couple of glamorous trades, and the biggest problem is the front office.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    If a deal for Heatley isn’t made before July 1, a deal for Heatley won’t be made. If Ottawa has to pay him the 4 million, they are going to have no incentive to move him other than if an offer comes in on the Chris Pronger scale, and that isn’t happening for a guy who potentially has an attitude problem.

    What a boring draft. I hope free agency is fun at least.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    “The way I see it is the rangers will be a average boring team until the big four bad contracts either run out or some how moved.”

    Bingo. And not only until then. Our team is good enough to narrowly make/miss the playoffs every season, partly due to how bad a lot of the conference is (I’m looking at you Islanders). Take how bad some of the Western Conference is (here’s looking at you, Phoenix), and the Rangers won’t even get good position in the draft. So we’re looking at a bad team being replenished with bad draft picks. Why does this sound familiar. Oh yeah, I know. It’s the years of not making the playoffs before the lockout.

    The cycle repeats itself. Way to go Slats!

  31. If you guys want to take a look at why Grachev will make the team,go to
    Youtube and look for a four and half minute clip compilation of his goals.
    Notice his speed,stickhandling,his shot,and his shot. He was a man amongst boys.
    He is the best looking prospect we’ve had since Brian Leetch.

  32. NYRanger4Life on

    Did anyone read Rodents (www.hockeyrodent.com) blog on Sather talking out of his behind re: Boyle??
    He says that Boyle shut down A.A. in the AHL playoffs, but after further review, Boyle wasnt EVEN ON THE PLAYOFF ROSTER versus AA??

    This is the guy we have running the show….

    /serenity now

  33. Hello all!

    Just got my own website (yesterday) and am going to try to pull some makeshift Rangers blogging on my random ideas and opinions. Can be found here: http://www.pickledotcom.com

    As always, RR is the true blue blog but I like to share my opinions. Let me know what you all think.

    Topic suggestions? (I’m looking at you loyal readers here; nasty, Doodie, CCCP, Clutch mobile, mike in ia etc…)


  34. NYR RAN

    I don’t know where you read that quote, but the one that i read had him saying he shut him A.A. down, but never said anything aboot the playoffs.

    And NOOOOOO !! Billy Mays died !!!! I wanted to see what his next sales pitch was going to be ! Don’t fly US Airways, that’s what killed him, He banged his head on the plane, after a bumpy landing, and went home and went to sleep and never woke up.

    Slats needs to by Oxi-Clean in his honor, and use it to clean up the mess he made with this team.

  35. onecupin69years and counting on

    What happens if Dubi and callahan don’t resign in NY. All we get is draft picks to trade, It would serve sather right if they were picked off by another team(s)

  36. uk
    i think this is it


    i dont see the rangers doing anything but sign dubbie and cally on july 1st

    the draft was boring, i for one really had my hopes up and NOTHING HAPPENED

    no contacts leaving means no money, no money means we cant sign anyone and just bring the kids up. look @ ottawa and their boards they HATE heatley because he is locking up 7.5 mil of the sens money on july 1st. next season they will suck if hes there or if he leaves after july 1st.

    im not expecting anything this wednesday but to own 2 pairs of blue lobsters
    blue lobsters?

    and june 28th is officially all caps day for the great billy mays.

  37. The Rangers need to get rid of the ‘Big 4’ and not re-sign another ‘Big 4’

    we should have ONE centerpiece for our forward corps- NOT TWO! Thats why it was confusing when we signed BOTH drury AND gomez, because it gives no depth players even the chance to break the top 6 center position, a little ridiculous scratching 2 of those spots off with a young team.

    The future is our hope. If we trade now for a guy like Heatley we’ll only pay dearly.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I would’ve dealt Dubi, not Callahan. And it’s purely a positionaly thing. If Dubinsky was a natural wing and Callahan was a natural center, I would’ve dealt Cally and not Dubinsky. Staal I wouldn’t have traded for skill and potential purposes.

    As it stands, Callahan is the only wing on our team to have ever scored 20 goals besides Zherdev, and who knows what’s happening with that guy.

    I like Dubi, but it’s a business. I think Heatley was the kind of gamble we needed. Dubinsky is looking like he’ll max out as a 2nd line center, something that AA looks to do as well. Meanwhile, if Heatley can get Gomez going, it would be like getting 2 players back instead of one. Remember, we’re stuck with Gomez for another 5 years. If he and Heater clicked, we might actually be able to trade him towards the end of that contract.

    There is no one on the team I wouldn’t trade if the right deal was offered. Staal will be a great defenseman, but there are already other young guys out there who are/will be better. Same goes for LQ. He’s already 27, and with Gomez, Drury, Redden, and Rozsi’s awful contracts around, we’re not winning anything during LQ’s prime. If the right deal came along, I’d cash in on him. At least then we could finish near the bottom of the league and get some quality draft picks (that Sather would blow).

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    But to trade LQ, the return would have to be beyond the ridiculous trade that Philly made for one year of Chris Pronger.

    Wow. If I were a Philly fan I’d be out for blood.

  40. Scott
    June 29th, 2009 at 12:14 pm
    The Rangers need to get rid of the ‘Big 4’ and not re-sign another ‘Big 4’

    Scott-that’s the problem with Sather. If he somehow got some money available, he’d look to overpay another free agent.

  41. hoping to see what Matt Gilroy is capable of in the prospect camp – i’m a Boston U alumn and enjoyed watching this kid’s steady play in the NCAA frozen four.

    i pray we sign NO ONE – and let the system and training camp build a team. the hard way – the right way! by earning a spot each shift, by being accountable and by wearing the jersey with pride. not because that jersey threw you the large$t retirement check.

  42. i feel like because our FA signings havent worked out at all, everybodys believes that growing young talent is the ‘right way’ to win a cup. Sure, it is definitely more difficult, but just because a team grows 20 guys out of the system doesn’t put them on the fast track to winning a cup.

    Don’t get me wrong, young guys do mean a lot in terms of chemistry and energy at least but i don’t feel they’re the end-all solution. Our FA signings have sucked ass but let’s be realistic, too- we will eventually need an elite finisher to make any noise in the playoffs. grachev’s on his way but he’s no shoe-in and I would assume if he is to become a great scoring threat that he’s a few years from it at the very least. that means we’re going to have to look into the FA market and make some ‘smart’ signings.

    don’t discredit the impact players like rafalski, hossa, danny boyle, marc savard, etc etc have had on their FA teams. FA signings shouldnt be the focal point of a squad (like they were for the rangers for a LONG time) but they are completely essential to fielding a competitive squad.

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