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Here’s the release the Rangers sent out this evening:

New York sends a 3rd Round Pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft to Los Angeles

            New York, June 27, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Brian Boyle from the Los Angeles Kings in exchange for a third round pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.
            Boyle, 24, was originally Los Angeles’ first round choice, 26th overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.  He appeared in 28 games with the Kings last season, registering four goals and one assist for five points, along with 42 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played (28) and penalty minutes (42).  Boyle notched three goals in a four-game span from March 28 at Nashville to April 4 vs. Phoenix.  The Hingham, MA native also skated in 42 games with the Manchester Monarchs of the American Hockey League (AHL), recording 10 goals and 11 assists for 21 points, along with 73 penalty minutes.  He collected two points (one goal and one assist) in his season debut with the Monarchs on December 5 vs. Worcester.  In addition, Boyle posted two, four-game scoring streaks – December 13 vs. Providence to December 17 at Manitoba (one goal and four assists) and March 4 vs. Springfield to March 8 at Worcester (two goals and two assists).
            The 6-7, 252-pounder has skated in 36 career NHL games with Los Angeles, recording eight goals and two assists for 10 points, along with 46 penalty minutes.  He registered two points (one goal and one assist) and a plus-two rating in his NHL debut on February 2, 2008 at New Jersey.  Boyle has also appeared in 114 career AHL contests with Manchester, collecting 41 goals and 42 assists for 83 points, along with 162 penalty minutes.  In 2007-08, he established AHL career-highs in games played (70), goals (31), assists (31), points (62), and penalty minutes (87).  That year, he led the Monarchs in goals, ranked second on the team in points and fourth in assists.  His 31 goals also led all AHL rookies and ranked 10th in the league overall, while he finished second in the league among rookies with 62 points.  Boyle also tallied three goals and five assists for eight points in 16 postseason contests with Manchester during the 2007 Calder Cup Playoffs.
            The Rangers also acquired goaltender Chad Johnson from the Pittsburgh Penguins, in exchange for a fifth round pick (151st overall) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.  Johnson, 23, appeared in 35 games with the University of Alaska-Fairbanks last season, registering a 14-16-5 mark with a 1.66 goals against average.  The Calgary, Alberta native was originally Pittsburgh’s fifth round choice, 125th overall, in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft.

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    I really expected a lot more trades around the league at this point. I hope Slats doesn’t go nuts and give up Cally, Dubi or Staal. Do you see that happening, Carp?

  2. First of all, according to the Post, it wasn;t that Sather offered Burke Redden plus either Callahan or the Rangers’ first rounder. That’s just what Burke would have asked if Toronto hadn’t been on Redden’s list. And I don’t know, it might be worth it to get rid of Redden for a first rounder, but not Cally.

    Also, apparently the Rangers are the ONLY team interested in Heatley but Murray still thinks he’s getting Staal out of the Rangers, which he is not.

  3. wow long day for me as i get ready for my wedding on thursday. just read over 250 responses from the day and all I could say is that i am proud so far of sather for not giving in to murray demands. the more hours that go by the more ottawa might lower the price so that staal dubi and cally arent included in the deal.

    rozi z sags and 2010 1st rounder.



    also i think betts HAS TO BE RESIGNED.

    i am not a big fan of zherdev so i was not happy to see him looking like hes a ranger in 2010.

  4. eric- we dont have much choice right now. zheredev is a good 2nd line winger. i dont know why everybody wants him gone. antro is lookin for more than double what he made last season, heatley is gona cost too much. other options are st louis and gionta. both midgets. slim pickens out there. heres a sather quote about antro: “Based on the first volley from [agent] Mark Gandler, there’s a slim chance,” Sather said, “because I told Mark if you think that’s [a contract proposal believed to be far more than double the $2.1 million he earned last season] going to happen here, it would be a snowball’s chance in hell. It’s ridiculous, and I hate to criticize an agent, but let’s have a little bit of reality in this thing.”
    i think we can sign zherdev, but only trade him if we get a good winger in return. cuz antro isnt comin back. naslunds gone too. we’ll have a team of all centers pretty soon.

  5. jbytes- it looks like hes a replacement for betts or a replacement for AA in hartford. seems that they’ll both be applying for the same roster spot. if hes as slow as voros, he damn well better steamroll people with that big body. voros couldnt hit and couldnt skate. his hitting was bad partly cuz he couldnt skate. but i think hes an upgrade over voros. he played d also because of his size so he probably is pretty good in his own end.

  6. onecupin69years and counting on

    This is trade news? A 1st round bust , sather will transform into an All star, or just stocking up Hartford?
    6’7″ 252. he takes the place of Andro ,the slow slug they now have. It seems Sather is replacing pieces to a puzzle , lose 6’7 250 forward? replace with 6’7 250 forward.

  7. Can we just trade all our draft picks for more journeymen like Boyle so we can just sit it out until Sather croaks, because he is obviously NEVER going to retire.

  8. One day, circa 2029, the sun will rise and neither Slats Sather nor Gary “The Human Shoehorn” Bettman will be around.

  9. onecupin69years and counting on

    sather is killing the Rangers, where’s an alien abduction when you really need one,Riley martin where are you?

  10. hey, if anything, its a good move because of the pronger deal. at least we’ll have a big tough guy out there if he tries his dirty tactics. and its gotta be an upgrade over the virus. maybe we still suck, but at least we wont be pushed around as much. hey, if we wait it out and force murrays, hand, we can get heatley and then we’ll be able to at least compete with the rest of the teams in our division. not likeely we’ll be beating the crap out of the piles anymore with tavares. we barely could last year with guys like park and bergenheim makin hank look like threeormore. we at least got bigger and stronger with this guy. we all complain that the team is too small and not tough enough.

  11. jeez guys, its not like he traded all our draft picks for chelios!! he got a big, young tough guy who is probably gonna be arties replacem,ent in hartford or a replacement for our 4th line. hes not replacing antro with this kid.

  12. Chris from Buffalo on

    I think Boyle could be Orr’s replacement. I read somewhere that Orr is not likely to be re-signed.

  13. Chris from Buffalo on

    I think Boyle could be Orr’s replacement. I read somewhere that Orr will most likely not be re-signed.

  14. chris- do you think boyle could be orrs replacemnt? lol j/k joey 2 times!! anyway, this is from ottawa reports on murray and his overpriced demands in the heatley trade talks-

    Murray reiterated he isn’t asking for too much.

    “I watch other contracts get traded,” said Murray. “I believe it’s possible. It’s not so much the contract that’s in play here. It’s a calibre of player. I’ve got to protect the organization.”

    Murray also reiterated that if Heatley isn’t dealt by July 1, he’ll likely be back next season. This time, though, Murray suggested any team that wants Heatley after Wednesday will have to pay a steeper price.

    “They’ll have to take some money on besides (Heatley).”


  15. he wanted brown, johnson and their 1st this year from LA.
    he wanted Pierre marc bouchard and brent burns from minny, and wanted staal,cally,and/or dubinsnky from us.

    sather is said to be the only one left with interest and is going to come back with another offer and discuss different trade possibilities with murray pretty soon.

  16. edmonton also was very interested, but didnt want to give up cogliano and gagner. i think murray should take what he can get at this point. i mean, obviously heatley isnt as coveted as he thought. i mean, he did play with 2 all star teammates on the same line and has never won anything really. yea, hes a great player, but if a team is willing to pay the 4 million bonus, and give you say rozy, zherdev and sangs for a guy who doesnt want to play for your team anymore and will just be a distraction, its time to get what you can and cut your losses before your stuck with this guy.

  17. Chris from Buffalo on

    Ha mike in ia. It said there was an error posting my comment so I posted it again and it came up twice.

  18. So we need a top goal scorer and to move some contracts and we get an enforcer….makes perfect sense to me.

  19. bull dog line on

    you guys do not know what you are talking about.
    Boyle scored 30 plus goals in the AHL last year, he is not a goon. please stop complaining about Orr leaving, he was useless.

  20. Losing Orr will be a huge blow..boyle is big..but an average put it into prespective, Riley Cote will handle him & Orr used Cote as his rag doll. I don’t mind the move but if it was done with the idea he will answer the bell against guys like Godard, Sather has made another huge blunder!

    Orr would cost 650k a year..sign for 3 years and move to other signings, I just don’t get why that is so difficult.

    We need Ray Shero/JD/Mcphee running the show..any of them would come back.

    The Kredler kid could be good but we should have went after Jordan Charon.

  21. Yeah, why do people think Boyle is Orr’s replacement ? Lol, that’s as dumb as everyone who thought Voros was Aves’ replacement last year.

    Orr needs to be resigned, it would be depressing if he doesn’t. And will be annoying to watch Pronger elbow the important guys, and watch nobody do anything aboot it.

  22. Why is anyone trading for Heatley when Hossa is gonna be a UFA?!?! Knowing that, why not make a play for Hossa? How much cap space is available anyway? Would $5m per in a long term deal get Hossa? Do we have to sign Marcel at $10.50 per hr. to be the MSG janitor to entice him?

    . . . . oh wait. This is a Union job.

  23. Im happy we got Kreider. The look on Danekyo’s face last night as he watched the clips of his goals, and his speed, that reason alone makes me happy Slats took him.

    And it even made him deliver some smart ass remarks, like maybe Slats will try and sign Oduya. I think he was pissed aboot it. Nyr stealing Holik, Gomez, and now their draft pick, ahaha boo hoo.

    Although stealing Devils crap hasn’t worked out for us.

  24. cwgatti,

    Because if the Rangers trade for Heatley, theoretically, they’d be trading some salary back to Ottawa so Heatley can fit.

    The Rangers can’t bring Hossa in here because there is no cap room.

  25. Slats isn’t going to be signing any crap like Oduya, he has stated publcially this weekend that room is being made for the kids in the organization.

  26. How about giving Brodie Dupont and/or Dane Byers a chance to fill the enforcer role instead of Colton Orr.

    Daniel Carcillo has scored 20 career NHL goals

    Colton Orr has scored 4.

    It would be nice to have an enforcer who he is not completely anemic offensively.

  27. Heatley “is not” coming to the rangers. Ottawa wants young players not bad contracts. Thanks to Sather the Rangers have four bad contracts and because of the bad contracts and the cap the Rangers can’t sign any big free agents or make a big trade. The rangers are going to implement there youth from Hartford to the big club this year. I don’t see the rangers making any progress to win a stanely cup until those four bad contracts are gone.

  28. orr is a 5 min per game guy now in torts system. torts wants guys that can do more on the 4th line. even shoestrom wasnt tendered a QO because slats said his production doesnt match his price(7-6-13). i know that guys like orr and shoe and betts arent bad guys, theyre great role players and dont cost much, but sather has to save money anyway he can, and also start getting some of our prospects onto the team. hes tried to move the big 4 i know that. we all know they cant or have nmc so were most likely stuck with most of them till their term is over. orr is a very good fighter but thats it. he was told to get into better shape, and he was told he needs to be able to keep up and score a few goals too. he scored 1. thats effin pathetic. but were not replacing orr with boyle anyway. were replacing betts or arties spot in hartford. byers is probably gonna replace orr. shoe looks gone too. maybe we keep betts and have artie play wing.

  29. onecupin69years and counting on

    Sather is still the GM and King? According to today’s post:
    Sather made a qualifying offer to zherdev.
    Give Zherdev all the money he wants…tie up more cash and make him un-tradeable by mid season when Torts hates his even more. That’s all sather does, over pays + long term contracts.

    Clean house play the young dudes.

  30. yea murray didnt want either rozy or zherdev he wanted 3 of the 4 untouchables. if sather had more up and coming prospects that were projected top 6 nhl’ers he could maybe do that trade. staal was the dealbreaker imo though. and not just that, but we cant afford heatley anyway if they only want those 3 and not rozy too

  31. its hard to imagine the rangers being a playoff team if
    1. antro walks which i agree 5 mill for him too much
    2. zherdev resigned
    3. no cap space for a pure scorer on the wing
    4. heatley deal looking not good but agree staal dubi and cally need to stay here.
    5 why break up betts and freddy as best pk. we will have to worry about our pk again besides a woeful pp.

    these contracts of the big 4 killed us the last 2 years and whats frustrating more now is we cant do anything about it.

    i usuually go to 25 of the 41 home games so let me know if people want tix
    sit in 330

  32. philly made the move for pronger to contain malkin and crosby and ovechkin. pronger will manhandle any ranger especially if orr is gone. i think orr should be resigned but dressed only on the matchup. 550k for orr is not much

  33. call me a fool no bad moves yet..

    Orr good fighter can’t play. sjostron good skater can’t finish.

    heatley waiting to get the right deal.

    going to play younger guys on 4th line, things are not as terrible as some think…

    dubi, cally, will be back…

  34. Angry Whopper on

    The way I see it we have 4 bad contracts, and 2 are unmoveable(Redden and Drury). 2 are moveable under the right conditions(Rosi and Gomez). I think Rosi can be moved for Penner (not much saving there, but you get a big body for the front of the net to replace Antro). Gomez could probably be moved to LA at some point, for Jack Johnson (looking for 5M per year contract) and Handzus (Bad contract)

  35. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Pronger will manhandle the Rangers like he did tiny Nigel Dawes on the game winner in Anaheim? Pronger has lost a step and Philly massively over paid. Either Pronger walks in a year and the deal gets even worse, or Philly ends up paying Pronger 6 mil per until he’s 40. Prongers agent must be grinning from ear to ear knowing he has the Flyers over a barrel.

  36. guys, I’m interested to know who would like and who wouldn’t do this trade-

    Zherdev, Dubi, Sanguinetti and next year’s 2nd for Heater-

    would it be better to simply sign Gaborik?

  37. bull dog line on

    most of us wanted renney fired. now people are complaining about letting the guys go that he overplayed, under produced, and got him fired. Betts, Orr, and Sjoostrom.

  38. Gaborik is banged up and injury prone…. and if we shipped Z, Dubi, and Sanguinetti AND a draft pick to Ottawa for Heatley…. i think New York would riot. That is a HORRIBLE move. Why is everyone bashing on Zherdev? When is the last time we had someone who could create like he can, or has hands like him? Wait….. oh yea, we traded Kovalev away.

  39. I know we want to win now…. but at what price? Do we ship our young prospects for aging players? take on more bad contracts to tie our hands for the next few years?

    We have some many players in our system with ALOT of potential…. I’d hate to see them given up on, or used as trade bait.

    Make stupid moves and trade away talent to be good for a year or two…. or develop prospects and be good for years??

  40. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Vinny V

    I agree. For example why has alot of posters said that Sanguinetti isnt progressing? 42 points (2nd best D rookie) inthe A last year was real progress plus Schoeny and Gernander said his positioning is improving. i would like to see us make a short term addition to the forwards and add some more size (i think Boyle can be a really good addition for a mid level pick)… but i think alot of fans are impatient.

    For example Philly have serious cap issus and NO security in goal. Pittsburgh, to be fair, will be very good very long term but the Isles haev alot of work and Jersey dont have much depth and a few key players not farfronm retirement.

    One or two hard (result wise) but necessary developmental years for Anisimov, maybe Sanguinetti, Byers etc, further investment in Cally, Dubi etc and we can have a really good core established to thensupplement that can challenge Pittsburgh sooner rather than later.
    I think we have alot of talent and the right guy on the bench to develop it.

  41. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Fly line: The Rangers, for one, wouldn’t do that trade, seeing as how they would be taking on several million in cap dollars, plus whatever the player who replaces Dubi in the lineup makes. How long does the league have to have a cap in place until people start taking it into consideration when they come up with these deals?

  42. About those tickets on

    Eric – i would take some off your hands. give you $ 10 a ticket. love to see the caps and some of the divisional games. let me know.

  43. There are some short term solutions for size and scoring out there like an Alex Tanguay or even an Erik Cole. I know Alex Kovalev has driven all of us crazy for his two terms as a Ranger but imaging if they ca get him for like under $3 million for like two years. Put him and Zherdev on the same line /jk.

    I still advocate bringing in one veteran dman either Zubov/Seidenberg/Huskins/ and Strudwick as a 7th so they can pair Redden with one, the new guy with one, and trade Rozi for scoring.

  44. onecupin69years and counting on

    The thing that kills the rangers is that they give up on young inexpensive talent and go with pay too much free agents, these contracts tie up too much money and are too long , then you can’t trade these losers.

    The successful teams are the opposite, they have a lot of young relatively low paid players and one or two high price guys.

  45. Ogrodnick- Zherdev is qualified @ 3 and a quarter and I would think that Dubi will be around 2-2.5- The cap differentials aren’t that much different- 2 million-3 million.

    I understand the people who want to save the cap, and develop from within, etc etc- but do you think that we have anyone currently in our organization who will produce to the level of heatley for the next 5 years? You guys think Dubi is that sort of player? Isn’t Sangs now 3rd on our depth chart in terms of defensive prospects?

    What do you guys want to do? Not arguing just wondering if a scoring winger (Healtey/Gaborik) isn’t in your plans what is?

  46. BULL

    This is the perfect reason to sign Orr. I didn’t want to see him getting so many minutes, now he absolutely knows his role on the team, something that Renney tried to make him forget, and what he made Hollweg forget.

    Orr needs to get resigned so he can play the 5 mins, and sit another 5 mins in the fuggin box. Id rather have Orr there, than have some prospect waste away playing no good time.

    Sign Orr, that’s all there is to it. It wont cost us much, it will cost a lot more if we don’t re sign him.

    Oh yeah, and what happened to Blair Betts when Orr didn’t play ??? That’s right, he took a cheap shot that ended his season by Brashear. Enough said.

    And don’t give me Byers, and Dupont. C’mon, they’re middleweights at best.

  47. Where's Pavelich? on

    keep Orr.. just dont play him every game…at $650k per, I prefer not to get our @sses handed to us against tough, divisional foes (re: Flyers).. if Boyle makes the team (questionable pending Betts).. we will have real size and add’l toughness (and we dont have to watch Voros/Hollweg get beat up)..There is nothing wrong with having a couple of addl cogs (Kocur/Langdon didnt dress every game).

    Rosi for Penner is not a good trade – Rosi is pretty good Penner is not

  48. I’d like Orr back but the team needs to get tougher all around. Cally, Avery, and Dubi are a start. Add in Sauer and Byers and all of a sudden the Rangers are not a soft team.


    basically says if hes not traded he will not show up to camp. but rds isnt really reliable, they are the ones who said he was traded here i believe.

    also spezza is getting married and like kobe did 2 seasons ago it wouldnt shock me if the DIDNT trade him. they will all probably kiss and make up mid-july and we will still be left with a bunch of kids, bad contracts and not one game changing, elite player.

  50. NYRjurgenno88 on


    How much ice time did the pens heavyweights get in the playoffs? when was the last time Detroit played a true heavyweight? the best teams have scoring all the way down. Not necessarily 30 gl guys everywhere but guys that can contribute. Detroit havent had a 100pt player in 20+ years…

    we dont need Orr (i like him) but we need a 4th line thats a genuine threat whihc means giving guys like Byers and Dupont a chance. Betts? love hims as a PKer but i think Byers can do thaat and get 15-20 pts a year rather than 4 or 5!

  51. NYRjurgenno88 on

    by the way for what its worth i want Heatley i just dont want to mortgage the future (cally, Dubi, DZ etc) to get him.

    If we can get rid of Roszy and get him for a low ball offer then great. We really need his threat off the wing and a genuine 40 goal guy…

    …havign said that can Gomez, Drury and Redden be that unproductive again? surely one of them rebounds to some extent? cant help but think not playing a full year (and camp) in Renney’s stifling system will improve the offense with whats already in NY…

  52. This team is sad. Who’s coming and who’s going — it doesn’t matter, they are all mediocre at best. Notice how no one else in the league is interested in anyone on this team? And as usual, Sather throws his own players under the bus for not performing well — it’s never his fault for overpaying or for bad signings.

  53. penner would piss us off worse than any of the big 4 do by a mile. his gm and coaches were quoted as saying he is lazy, and after he got his contract, saw it as a free ride basically instead of the beginning of a long, productive career with them. i dont know why we would trade for him with another bad contract that actually plays and at least tries. rozy isnt the best, but hes better for what he does than what penner would bring to the table.
    ive seen good arguments both ways as to the reasons to keep orr or let him go. i think what sather and torts want, is a 4th line that is more of a threat to score more than 10 goals a year combined. i guess they feel byers and boyle and anisimov could be a big, tough 4th line that can also score and take pressure off the other guys. it shouldnt work that way, but with no major changes looking to be made, were gonna need help back there. anisimov is supposedly great defensively too. korpi was great on the pk so i dont think replacing that is gonna be that hard. as far as fighting, for the divisional games that he would really only be needed for, you could either sign him to play those games, or just have boyle and byers fight. i dont know imo id keep orr at his 500k. very cheap and makes your teammates sleep better at night. unless boyle is good at it, keep orr. byers doesnt seem like he can fight the heavyweights

  54. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    It’s amazing reading this blog sometimes. The pinig for Orr to be resigned is pathetic. Did you guys not watch last year towards the stretch run when his teamates were run all over the ice and that fool would not retaliate to protect his teamates? This guy is a goon and a bad one at that in terms of when to drop the gloves. Only a schmuck like Renney could give this ass clown 10-12 minutes a night.Justin Soryal can easily replace ORR for those 30-35 games and he can skate too!

    As for Betts, please give it up already. The best penalty killer on the Rangers is Lundqvist not Betts/Sjo, get that through your head please. These two guys are a dime a dozen in this league and anyone of Dupont,Pyatt,AA,Grachev,Byers,Dubi,Cally,Drury,etc…. can do what these guys can on the PK. The difference is that these guys still have alot of upside and Betts and Sjo do not.

    As for the draft and the trade or non trade. I think that Murray is smoking thise funny little cigs if he thinks he’ll get what he’s asking for which is the moon. He hould be happy to just get rid of his cap hit and his questionable charachter from the lockeroom. As I’ve said before, I would rather sign Gaborik for two seasons and if not him than Mike Camallari who is young and can score. I know he’s not the biggest guy but he plays bigger than his size,does not miis playing time and comes to play every night and the playoffs. We should keep our good young assets and let them play already! Besides, Cally will get more than 30 next year and Dubi will break 20. Add Camallari’s 30 plus and Zherdev’s 25+ and they will be OK!

    As for bad contracts and defense,Rozy,Gomez/Drury’s
    bad contracts can be traded. Redden can be buried in Hartford. I would use the money on Komiserik/JBow.








    No Stanley cup but definate progress and playoffs. Once you get there, who knows!

  55. NYRjurgenno88 on

    no one is interested in anyone on this team? that bad contracts sure, but thats an inaccurate and poor general comment. Most teams ask for and would love Staal. There’s maybe only 3 or 4 teams that wouldnt want Henrik. Lots of teams enquire and like Cally, Dubi etc. Drury? teams love him they justdont love his contract. He’s a good player he’s just got a contract he cant live up to. There’s a fair few prospects that are pretty damn good so to say there’s nothing teams would be interested on is false.

    I do agree however, that one day Sather needs to admit mistakes. i love the fact he said everyone lvoed the Redden signing in the beginning. Who? everyone said it was too much $ and too much term for a guy on the decline. Sather must have been listening to his own voice!

  56. NYRjurgenno88 on

    we dont need Camalleri for the money he’ll demand and get. Smallish winger whose pretty one dimensional (though good at what he does) i’d be shocked if he doesnt get 5.5m and 4 years+…

    We cant afford that and we need size.

    If we cant get Hossa (unlikely) and cant get Gaborik on an incentive ladden deal then stay clear of adding big name UFA’s. A trade? sure, but not UFA’s.

  57. Angry Whopper on

    Were’s Pavelich? –

    Rosi is only worth his money if he shoots on the pp, but he doesn’t. He is not much of an offensive defenseman, and we have 2 waiting in the wings. I would even take Morris over him on the pp , because at least he shot the puck.

    Penner is 6′ 4” 245 , and was a beast on the cycle when he was with Anahiem, the line he was on was basically unstoppable, I believe the Oil play more of a speed/skill game, which doesnt suit him well.

  58. nyrjurgeens- the only guys i think who will rebound are redden and dubinsky. dubinsky stagnated in his production but i think torts will have him playing more minutes, and giving him better oppurtunities. redden will play beter too. not much defensively, but he’ll get more points and he’ll be better on the pp. you know if he doesnt, hes in hartford soon. that should be motivation enough to get his sh!@ together. dru and gomez had average seasons for them. they might get a few more goals or assists but i dont see them really doing that much better. gomez will if we get gionta or st louis for his wing. or heatley but he if hes gonna play with 3rd liners like avery, or 2nd liner in cally, no offense, hes gonna have another bad season.

  59. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    You say no to ufa’s and in the next sentence advocate signing Gaborik or Hossa who will most likley ask and get more than Cammalleri. Hossa does nothing in the playoffs. Gaborik doesn’t play defense either,and in the playoffs is the same as Hossa. Cammalleri is short not small. Watch him play in the playoffs when it counts like I did this year and you will change your mind on him.

  60. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on


    My last post was to you.

  61. To the dude that said Orr is useless. Colton is one of the best fighters in the league sure he needs to improve hitting wise but he actually excels at what he’s paid to do. How
    many Rangers can you say that about.

    Oh, BTW I crashed the Islander Draft party Friday and shot video. Maybe you guys will get a chuckle out of it. Shot video of Bossy, Nystrom and one of the worst coaches in Ranger History if not thee worst Bryan Trottier

  62. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i said no to ufa’s but yes to those two under strict conditions. If the deal is right sure, but in general no to ufa’s because we have no cap space.

    mike in ia; i dont see DUbinsky needing to rebound; he did just as good as the yr before but without Jagr. Hell, he scored with Voros as a linemate! He’s due a breakout but he may even have started that in the playoffs where i thought he was prett damn good.

    and whopper; im not Roszy’s biggest fan but he scores 35-40 pts for a few years now and Bouwmeester is due to get 6m a year for doing just a little bit more. Roszival is not top tier but i dont think Roszy is THAT much overpaid. Had we not had Redden on this team i dont think people would be complianing about Rsozivals deal so much.

    And guys; lets see what alot of these guys can do (hell even Redden deserves a 2nd chance (on a short leash!) under a non negative system like Renneys was.

  63. angry whopper- youre right that the oil does have mostly fast, skill type guys but i doubt that the reason it didnt work out was because of that. all teams usually have a mix of those 2 kinda players. so many players would love to have his size and be able to score too. most guys have only 1 of those. if hes naturally that slow, then hes gotta work on his speed but its pretty hard to not get alot out of a guy his size and ability. look at byfuglien. hes like 270lbs and he hustled his a$$ off and is very good for the hawks.

  64. bouwmeesters already been traded to the flames. i know its only his rights, but hes prob gonna sign there and phaneuf could be moved. he would be perfect for the rangers too.

  65. NYRJUR

    Teams like that don’t need enforcers, they have superstars, and for what ever reason, just by skill alone, it puts teams in their place. But with teams like Nyr, we don’e have anyone to put a team in their place, so we get bullied around, and are forced “send a message”

    That’s just the way it goes.

    And yeah, sometimes Orr didn’t fight a couple of heavyweights, it’s because this jerk off Renney gets it into his head that he can play the game, just like he did to Hollweg, and they both forgot what they’re supposed to do, and Orr sometimes didn’t want to leave the ice, cause he knew he’d get some more minutes. Under Torts’ system, he wont get much time, but he’ll be there when we need him, and the players that matter, like Dubi, Cally, etc. will get extra time. Don’t waste prospects on the 4th line ! Sign Orr.

  66. “And guys; lets see what alot of these guys can do (hell even Redden deserves a 2nd chance (on a short leash!) under a non negative system like Renneys was.”

    Unfortunately this is really our only course of action. There’s no way that Sather can move any of bad signings from the past… we can only hope that they play better this year.


    Thta happens they COULD become tradeable or we could be decent enough to be decent.

  67. jurgens- sorry, but if you think duby had a good season, and doesnt need to rebound, then you must see somethinmg i dont. i know hes good and has lots of potential still. but he went like 20 somethin games without a goal and numerous other scoreless streaks. i figured he would get about 25 goals 20 minimum last year. he did play very well at certain times of the season, and others,, he looked lost. he started really playin good towards the end and the playoffs which is a good sign that he and torts are on the same page and he is ready to take on more responsibility now. he just needs to be more consistent. same with zherdev who is naturally more talented than every other forward. and yea, he score while playing with voros, but him, voros and zherdev were all playing with alot of confidence and were havin a fun time doin it. you can blame alot of it on renny for going back to his trap after the first 15-20 games. and after he benched duby on the island he wasnt the same for awhile. i have little doubt tat he will rebound from that. zherdev is still probably gonna be traded i think. if we cant get heatley, i think his chances of staying are much better though. cuz we cant really afford any free agents.

  68. lol jurgens- i think its the opposite. if we hadnt had redden on the team, rozy would be the only overpaid d man left. so i think hed get it even worse lol

  69. ORR
    totally agree not waste a prospect on a 4th line when torts will play them 5 mins a night. would like to see betts back if i had to choose btwn him and freddy sjostrom

  70. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I think some of you are a little too in love with Dubinsky. Yeah he captured my heart too when he was playing with Jags and actually putting up numbers but are you really not willing to package him in a deal for heatley? it’s not like dubi is going to develop into a 50 goal scorer any time soon. what was is it, 30 straight games without a goal for him this year? i like the kid too but if dealing him would bring in heatley i say do it.

  71. Sather said today that he expects more from Gomez, Drury and Redden so none of them are going anywhere…He is not gonna bury Redden in the Minors…We only have one shot at adding scoring and that is trading Dubi in a deal for Heatley.

  72. No Country For Old Rangers on

    also- All this love for Colton Orr? come on! this guy is useless. especially in the pansified direction this league is going in. Orr cant skate. Orr cant score. Orr is easily replaceable. I agree we need a thug but can we find a thug who will score more than 3 goals a year?


    The thing is, what if you ship him off and he turns into Savard ? If there’s anyone that was a part of this organization, that we need right now, it’s Savard. And ACTUAL playmaker, who is way better than Gomez, and who can actually score a couple of goals.

    Heatley is damn good, and the thing that has everyone nervous is the whole NY curse. It hasn’t worked out for Gomer, Drury, Redden, Naslund, so everyone think she’ll turn into a 20 goal scorer, instead of a 50.

    That’s the way i see it. Unfortunately we don’t live in a dream world, so we’re forced to give up one of Staal, Dubi, Cally, and one of Del Z, Grachev, Sangs, or Artie, along with a first round pick, and Rozi, which is great, cause Rozi sucks.

    i honestly don’t know what to do, id hate to give up on anyone. But Heatley is Heatley, a super star.


    No “thug” in the NHL is gonna score more than three goals under Torts. He’s not gonna get the ice time to do it. It’s physically impossible. What’s the big deal, he’s cheap, and he can knock people out, and all the ice time he used to get will go to the better players, that can score more than three goals.

  75. NYRjurgenno88 on


    Teams like the Wings dont just win becaue they have superstars.. they have people like the ‘grind line’. like when they had guys like Maltby, Draper, Mcarty. These guys digged the corners, worked hard, checked but could also\ chip in goals when needed. We have very few guys that can do both roles.

    And mike in ia… i dont think Dubinsky had a good year; it was distinctly average but you have to remember it was his 2nd year, without Jagr and in a defensive system whth much less talent overall than the yr before yet he hit the same numbers. He also had 6(?) GWG out of 14; he has shown he can rise to the occasion. Yes; i expected more but look at a guy like Travis Zajac. He had 2 decent years like Dubi then hit 60ish points last year. Its solid development. Hopefully now Dubi has had 2 years in the league and really learnt what he can do, knows what is expected of him he can porgress. I expect 25 goals this coming year and i think we need that off him.

  76. NYRjurgenno88 on

    it was a great goal but im based in europe and im a bayern munich fan and he came to us for a few months and sucked a5s! and now all of a sudden he’s great again? where was that for my team! lol

  77. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I’m with you. Donovan could have been so much more, but he’s content being a big fish in the little MLS pond. Kind of like US soccer as a whole, actually.

  78. No Country For Old Rangers on


    I agree that Dubi may develop into Marc Savard but Heatley is already Heatley. When was the last time this organization brought in a legitimate, bonafied superstar high scoring winger? It was Jagr and that worked out pretty well until Sather f*cked it all up.

    As far as thugs go, I think a Tie Domi or Shayne Corson type would fit in great. There is gotta be a player like that available. Add some scoring without sacrificing grit.

    Imagine having 3 or 4 lines that can score as opposed to none?

  79. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Did you guys see Donovan screamming “ME!” “ME!” as he thumped his chest? What a douche bag. The brazilians will pull this one out and break like Landon’s heart.

  80. NYRjurgenno88 on

    No Country…

    Corson is a great example. I think Avery is a pretty good start with grit/scoring but we need so much more. I think Boyle could provide some of that but even then i think we need more. I do think a guy like Byers can provide some of that but it’d be unfair to expect too much if he made the team considering he must most of last year… Available out there? well depends on what age; if its short term (1 year max 2) then maybe a guy like Laperriere?

  81. I agree, Laperriere is the only guy out there that can fight, and chip in a few goals, but he wants a little more than he deserves supposedly. Plus you cant get him and Aves in the same room, without something happening.

    Stick with Orr.

    Speaking of the Avs, and Orr. I loved that game against Nyr and Col, it was a total rape fest, and Torts’ first win. And Orr destroyed that rookie, it was aboot time we did the fuggin bullying !!! And then Tucker got his ass handed to him by a one armed Mara. Great game, probably one of my favs of the season next to the PIssburgh game, when Nicky Z tied it with 7 secs left.

  82. Heres Dubinsky scoring:
    2008-09 13G 28A 41 PTS
    2007-08 14G 26A 40 PTS

    Hardly stagnantion. sophomore slump? IL know ai had higher expectations for him. But in the playoffs it looked like he was the only skater on the ice who could affect the play and just not skate around.

    I can’t believe all the calls I hear for trading Dubinsky for Heatley. $1million guy for a $7.5 Million guy. Heatleys production went down to 83 points last year? Its not all about the points you score. Im predicting Dubinsky to have a breakout year under Torts.

    I’ve been watching this guy since he was a strange kid in Anchorage. I’ll wait a few more.

  83. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i totally agree about not moving Dubi and like i said, he did well in the playoffs. It wasnt a sophmore slump he did the same stuff but without having a legend on his wing. That’s impressive in itself; like i said earlier; the fact he contributed offesnively when he had Voros on his line impressed me.

    I think (and hope) he’ll hit 65 points next year especially with a system that creates and a coach that believes in him.

    I still want Heatley but not at the expense of the ‘kids’; thus i dont think it’ll happen!

  84. I think Heatley had 70 points, 39 goals. Not bad considering he was on a garbage team.

    The only reason why some say Dubi had a sophomore slump is because he was on fire early in the season, then he disappeared, and couldn’t score a goal to save his sisters virginity. Renney’s system really screwed with Dubi, Staal, and Cally. Cally broke out with Torts system, and Dubi looked great at the end of the year. Hopefully Staal will follow, and be able to be somewhat of a PP QB for us.

  85. I do NOT want to see Dubi go… at all. He’s young, learning, growing and Torts said he was going to make him a star. Time will tell and I for one am willing to give him that time.

    If we got Heatley and had to give up Dubi I doubt we’d be any closer to a cup.

  86. Heatley doesn’t want to be here. It would be a convenience for him. He doesn’t care. There is nobody who takes wearing a Rangers jersey more seriously and with more pride than Brandon Dubinsky. There is nobody who goes out on the ice and plays harder and with more pride than Ryan Callahan. That’s the end to me.

    Dubi will get 55-60 points. Cally should score 24-26 goals and get like 20 assists. AA is more of a playmaker than a goal scorer. His defense in Hartford was top notch and his passing is unpredictable and accurate. Those two takeaways he had in each of the games he plays, that’s his style. I’d love to see him on the PP work his passing.

    I think Penner under Torts could work because Torts would push and condition his out of shape you know what. I’d still do Rozi for Cheechoo though.

  87. I like Dubi too- but to treat him like he is untouchable is foolish- what do you guys think his ceiling is? I would understand if we were talking about a 34 year old winger, but Heatley is in his prime and a no-doubt first liner (um, we don’t have one of those)-

    For the people that don’t like the Heatley trade- what is your plan? Just wait for 4 years for kids to develop and do nothing during Lundy’s prime?

  88. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i think Cheechoo is starting to be exposed slightly. Good player but terrible skater and these days you need to be able to keep up. Great shot though.

    I think if AA was given the proper ice time/situation he could be a great addition and have a good rookie year. I’d like to see him anchor the 3rd line and get PP time. He could easily put up 40 pts in a rookie yr. He’s goot great skills and as you say, his defense is pretty damn good too.

    IF Gordie clark is telling the tuth about needing to dominate before players get to the next level then AA should be with the big club next yr.

  89. I love Dubi’s heart and grit too- but weren’t those the things we were talking about several years ago when Domonic Moore was going to be our next captain?

  90. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i dont think anyone ever saw the same upside and skill level in Dominic Moore that they do in Dubinsky. Dubinsky has scored at every level he’s played on; even at the worlds (hattrick on debut?)… im not saying he’ll be a first line all star but he’s a good homegrown, young and fairly cheap player who we should build around. Moore never had the same appeal and possibilities.

  91. but if he won’t be a first line all star, you don’t think it’s worth it to deal him for one?

  92. NYRjurgenno88 on

    not really no. because sometimes its not just about talent levels but also about building chemistry, a core, having homegrown talent. What signal does it send tot he other youngsters in the system if’ get good enough and we might just be able to trade you and get a good return’.

    I want Heatley but good (especially young) forwards on this team are at a preimum as it is. I’d be far more willing to give them a good young D man (not Staal) from our system because its the one area where we have alot to choose from/bring up. Besides, Ottawa could do with some D so it might make sense to tempt them that way…

  93. id much rather put cally in a deal to get heatley than dubisnky, i think dubinskys upside is a lot higher than callahan (who had a great year but realistically wont become a 30 goal scorer). im all for playing young players and trying to build within, but at some point if we ever want to be a contender we need an elite scorer. maybe grachev could be that guy down the road and who knows about the kid they drafted friday (but he’s at least 2 years away probably).

    -our overpaid players are just good enough to probably sneak in the playoffs every year, which means we will probably not be able to draft such a forward anytime soon. so that means we have to get such a player via trade or via free agency. if you could get heatley with only having to give up cally and sanguinetti (plus say pick and rosi) i think you make that deal right away. like someone said above, gomez is gonna do nothing again if avery and cally are his wingers, for as good as those players are, they aren’t first liners, avery is a 3rd liner and cally is a nice 2nd liner/great third liner.

    -other options would be to try and sign camm (who i like a lot but he alone isn’t gonna be enough to really compete with pitt and u can’t ignore that his best year came when he was playing with iginla, so he wasn’t expected to be the main guy); or we wait for next years potential ufas (kovalchuk/nash), but if these guys reach free agency they are gonna command 8-9M. even if we had the cap room for hossa id want nothing to do with him for 7M a year, he wouldnt do well here having to be our only good offensive player

  94. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Viva Brasil! Never count out the brazilians! F*ck you landon donovan!

  95. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    No country…the love you see for Dubinsky is what happens when a team has “home grown” talent. The love you see is what hockey is all about. Giving up on Dubinsky for Heatley is not a good move for what NY wants to accomplish. We don’t love Heatley ..we love our Dubinsky. If you can’t see that …go follow Heatley (where ever he lands).

    Alex..good arguement about Colton Orr. I didn’t like how he let others take liberties at us . I also was wondering at the time..why? Why doesn’t Colton Orr do something about it!!??? With that being said , The way Colton Orr attacks and fights is ferocious !! He gets you outta yer seat and makes us Ranger fans freakout watching this animal tear apart the other guy. Orrs a keeper ,just play him when we play teams like the Asslanders ,flyers and when ever we need his size. If this guy bodychecked more his value would increase alot more.

    btw KC …your pritty sad if you think the Rangers are sad cuz your on a Ranger Blog , so ya must be even sadder?

  96. out0fyourelement on

    does anyone know any good sites to purchase international hockey jerseys?

    specifically, HC Ocelá?i T?inec (T?inec Steelers) of the Czech Extraliga

    I have tried ebay, amazon, etc…but no luck

    thanks in advance!

  97. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Flyline , Dubinsky was a first line guy and was in the young stars game, so yes he is a first line allstar you knucklehead. Sorry for the out burst …it’s just unknown right now if Heatley would deliver in NY. Can you gareentee it?? well? Come on flyline ..can you garentee , heatley will flourish in NY!!?? A guy who bailed on his team for a guy who ‘ll fight and get beat up..just to please his teammates and fans..Ill take Dubi , Cally, Staal over anyone.This are our kids and im not trading them for nothing.

  98. I hear what you are saying nyrj- and I would LOVE to get Heatley and give up rosival sangs and a pick- but when it all comes down to it for me, if I can add a top 15 type of player- I’m not letting Dubi or Cally stop me from getting a guy like that in his prime-

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Ottawa screwed up .Heatley wants out.Bryan Murray wants full return.Ottawa could be stuck with Heatley’s $4 million bonus on July1.

    Bryan Murray can take his lisp and his over-paid disgruntled all-star and his 4mil bonus and stick it up his azz!!! Brian Burke should dump Kaberle and schenn for him!!

  100. Greg L, not sre if that was sarcastic or not- but you think that Dubi playing on the first line in a young stars game means he’s a first line player? I think Pavel Brendyl did the same thing, haha-

    What I will guarantee is that Heatley will do more for our team in the next 5 years than Dubi will- and again I’m not trying to hate on Dubi, i love him- but he’s not in Heatley’s universe. How many times has Carp brought up that we lack world class talent, and that type of talent is needed, especially in Tort’s brand of hockey.

  101. Kaberle and Schenn. You must be smoking heroin, because the pot around here just isnt that good.

    Kaberle- A cornerstone All-Star Defenseman.
    Schenn- Their top DD Prospectus, their next cornerstone.
    Burke- Said vocally he would not be dealing with Heatley
    You- Not saying anything logical

  102. NYRjurgenno88 on


    I hear what you’re saying and i always want top end talent on the Rangers but at what cost? i dunno… maybe im just gunshy after what the cigar smoking spawn of satan has brought in over the past decade!! lol

    and to think, i thought he was changing his rep in NY after the lockout, the past couple of years have shown him revert to form!

  103. Its fun to root for kids that we drafted and developed, but part of that process is also trying to realize the maximum value for such players and that means if you have the potential to get a player vastly more talented for a homegrown player who also fills a huge organizational void, you do it, period. if i felt cally was gonna develop into a scorer like heatley i wouldnt be advocating such a trade, but in my opinion he is a complimentary player (tho a good one). Heatley’s attitude problems aside, Cally will never be half the player Heatley already is

    At the end of the day I want to see the Rangers competing for a cup rather than taking heart in the fact that a young player we drafted hustles, etc. Just as these players want to make as much money as possible I want this team to be as good as possible. Getting Heatley doesn’t make us an instant cup favorite by any means, but it gets us a lot closer and it would also mean that we would by necessity have to get rid of at least one of our bad contracts.

  104. Heatley wants to go somewhere where there’s less scrutiny and the coach is wasier on him. NY=media capital of the world Torts=hardass coach whol will be on him if he doesn’t do well.
    Seems like a disaster to me.

    Add Tanguay or Cole, one dman, resign Orr, and let 3-4 rookies come up and that’s it.

    Go after Kovalchuk next year, give Staal/Girardi raises, and waive Redden for cap room.

  105. Long time reader, first time poster. I don’t think anyone here questions whether the Rangers need to add some real goal scorers and Heatley is certainly one. However, while some have called him a cancer, there is no doubt that he is not a leader and seems to have been openly selfish multiple times in his past. Doesn’t appear to have high character or much mental toughness. Do you really want to have another ultra high priced player with those traits. I say pass.

    I love what Dubi brings to the table in heart and character and he still has significant upside as he showed in the playoffs. Having said that, I would be willing to trade him if we were getting a goal scorer who was also a leader/didn’t carry so muc baggage. Heatley couldn’t handle Atlanta or Ottawa, what makes you think he can handle NY? For me at least, you don’t trade Dubi unless its for a game changer who makes your whole team better. Heatley may have the skills, but he’s not the player or contract that we can afford to take to add to our other Big 4, all of whom aren’t worth close to their contracts. We can’t afford to be hamstrung by another.

    I agree with

  106. NYRjurgenno88 on

    the problem is those type of star players without issues, with the leadership skills arent available. Or if they can be had its when you through a huge amount in an offer. There’s no UFA options of that type this year or next year because even Nash hasnt those qualities(albeit he works hard) and he wont make it to free agency anyway

    so if the type of player you need isnt available you ‘grow’ your own surely?

  107. Heart, Passion, Grit- all phenominal attributes…sounds a lot like Drury- would you guys trade Drury for Heatley? Dubi’s upside isn’t Drury (in my opinion)-

  108. DKA great first post. I completely and totally agree with your post. I think if we could move Dubinsky for a goal scorer with the tools, somebody like Lecavalier I could see that being more reasonable. If we packaged Dubinsky, Sanguinetti, next years 1st, next years 2nd and a conditional 1st in ’11 hinging on production.

    That’s something reasonable. Chris Pronger garnered 2 roster players, one being a skilled 25-35 goal scorer, another being a very young defensive prospect in Luca Sbisa who showed upside in every area pretty much- even at the NHL level, and 1st’s in this years and next years’ draft.

    We’ve got a lot to spend if we’re looking for a scorer without baggage.

  109. The mentality of having to trade for someone to save this franchise has to stop. I will always point out it’s worked once in almost 70 years with Messier and after 94 he became an egocentric maniac (who I still love but truth is truth) who jettisoned good players out of town.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if in like 5-6 years the Rangers four lines all had dynamic duos?
    AA-Grachev, Dubi-Cally, Steppan-Kreider, Hagelin-Korpi.

    You can always dream I guess……

  110. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..JEEZ! evrytime I want to post some idea for a (realistic) trade, I just can’t believe that Sather signed Redden, Drury and Gomez to those contracts – and renains GM. I give up! go with what we got.. let Torts get Rosi to shoot and these players to score..

    Mouth – Rangers Crisis continues to improve

  111. i agree growing your own stars is the best course of action, but to do so you either need to get really lucky with a low pick (Zetterberg and Datsyuk are the exceptions, not the norm) or draft in the top 5.

    and if Heatley really would be that big a cancer then maybe you don’t make the trade, but to say Cally (or even Dubinsky) shouldn’t be traded to get such an offensive talent doesn’t make sense to me b/c if either player was the centerpiece of such a trade, then rangers would be getting the better end of the deal. those two players alone wouldn’t be even nearly enough to get kovalchuk through a trade (and at this point we shouldnt be trading for kovalchuk b/c if he doesn’t resign with Atlanta in the near future you have to believe he is going to be a ufa and expect an enormous contract)

  112. right nyr, but the rangers are “too good” to draft that top end talent as well- that’s why lots of posters here say they are in no man’s land and why a trade for a telent like Heatley is neccesary- as there are very fews ways for the Rangers to acquire this type of guy in the next 2-3 years

    You guys are really comfortable with Dubi, Cally, Avery, Drury, Gomez and Zherdev as our top 6 forwards for the next TWO years?

  113. MikeA theres no time to rebuild when you’re Jim Dolan. Thats why rangers fans are this way, simply because theyve been trained that way and its just been that way for so god damn long. We got to cups before that, dont forget, those teams were good too.

    I said GIVE UP last season and lets not trade at the deadline and just rebuild. We never do that. Ever. We did the right thing for 2 seasons by rebuilding, then went back to normal.

    It wont change.

  114. Scott- what is your plan to rebuild then? It’s an easy word to say- but how can the Rangers possibly rebuild (I would think at least a 3 year project if you do it correctly) in the middle of Ludqvist’s prime?

  115. Rangers are in the process of acquiring the Sedins. Frogen groven Sedins adt Nove Yourke ports lods un Kroners. Swedish blonde boys my fav.

  116. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Fly, one thing i would say is Hank is 27 and he’ll be a greatgoalie longer than 30 so i think you’ve got a larger timeline but it would take 100% commitment from management to do it which isnt there as we all know.

  117. You know everyone talks about how other teams get top 5 picks and how great a future they have. Not one of you would put up with the Rangers stinking as bad as Pittsburgh did to get picks they got Fleury, Crosby & Malkin with. The Rangers were barely palatable this year but not lousy enough to get a top 5 pick. You would all be having coronaries if they were that bad. I know I would be totally ready to give up on them. Sather made some bad mistakes but what if these guys play as good as they were bad this year.
    It’s not likely but I didn’t expect them to stink as much as they did.

  118. i am all for rebuilding, but we won’t be able to do so until sather is gone and dolan will allow it to happen. also i dont think we can really rebuild as long as drury, gomez and redden are on the team. they are players that aren’t worth their money, but prob good enough to help us qualify for the playoffs or just miss for the next 3 or 4 years. if that happens we can’t rebuild b/c we wont be able to draft high enough to get potential stars around which to build a team, instead you get some hardworking potential 2nd liners (like Cally and Dubi) who help but wont likely ever lead u to a cup on their own

    -so i am not an impatient fan, but rather one who recognizes the reality of the debacle that sather has created, ie a team that absent a significant upgrade or downgrade in talent will be middle of the pack for the next 3-4 years and only then will a true rebuild be possible

  119. heater isn’t going to be a ranger. that deal was dead when murray’s demands never came down.

    honestly, i have no idea what this team looks like coming out of camp this year. the only thing that i think is safe to bet on is some of sjostrom, betts, and orr will be gone.

  120. I can understand the point you guys are making in not wanting to move either Dubi or Cally (I personally would move 1 of them) but is it because it is Heatley or just the idea of trading some future assets (picks, Sangs) in general? Would you trade Rosi, Sangs, Zherdev and a conditional pick?

  121. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Scott , Im not from around there , so maybe my pot is pritty good …lol

    I ment if Burke has a thing for making the Leafs better and Brian Murray want to unload Heatley for Gold..The deal for Schenn and Kaberlee does suck but WHO CARES what they do Is all i ment. I said a dumb trade cuz i think satifying Bryan Murray is dumb ( even if it means not getting Heatley). Bryan and Brian can go blow and stick thier deals up thier own …cuz Dubi ,Staalsie aint going anywhere but UP UP UP in this league and Flyguy ..Ill remeber this day when Dubi lights ’em up this year!!

  122. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Kaberle- Booed by fans ,too many give aways ala Malik!
    Schenn- Too young to say hes Bobby orr ,mays say Dubinsky is ours.
    Burke- flapps his trap too much , Garth Snow didnt even wanna do business with him. Burke is DESPERATE!!dont believe him.
    You- see it wayyyy different. My fellow Ranger fan.

  123. Hey, I’d love to eat crow on this one- hopefully Dubi will be better than Heatley- but don’t think that is realistic-

  124. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on


    Yo dude , You got the fire kid!! Close your eyes and picture good ol Jarda ..guiding you…leading you…remeber what he said. Keep pumping those weights and snapping that wrist shot!! Oh yeah one thing, try to look like ya ment to do it when ya score …that “deer in the headlights” look when ya do had got to stop.(funny as hell when he does though)Brandon Dubinsky , you are our Top Center!!

  125. Thanks for impersonating me whoever it was but I actually prefer more exotic looking WOMEN or so my friends tell me :)P

  126. I posted a couple of links to Grachev Youtube videos at 3:20pm, but it says “your comment is awaiting moderation”. What is that about?

  127. Ok so this team is going to be worse then last year. So how can you raise ticket prices. You want to add young players to the roster that’s fine but we still need a big time goal scorer. Whether it’s Heatley or not.

  128. No Country For Old Rangers on

    ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues… says Greg L –

    Would you rather lose with beloved home grown talent or win with players you bring in?

    How many guys on the 94 team were home grown/drafted by the rangers? 5 or 6? Off the top of my head: Leetch, Richter, Zubov, Kovalev, Karpovtsev?

    There are plenty of home grown guys on this team and we have some good prospects in Grachev, AA, MDZ. If Dubi goes, so be it. He will get his millions and life will go on.

  129. Alex B

    The reason thatOrr did not retaliate, is because the coach didn’t have the wit to put him on ice with his best performers once in a while. That way he would have been able to retaliate! If he came out on the ice after a check like that on Betts, he’d have immediately been thrown out and suspended and fined. Orr does what he can for his team, when he can – but he has never astered the art of being in two places at once.

    And I tell you this: They will rue the day they let him go.

  130. I understand that the Rangers’ biggest need is a goal scorer, and few players in the league are better scorers than Heatley. But my question is this: if the Rangers do get Heatley to fill that role, where does that put them? It doesn’t all of a sudden make them a cup winning team. Jagr was a dominant scorer, and the team only made it to round 2 with him. Right now, I don’t think trading for Heatley would make much sense, because I just don’t see it pushing the Rangers any further than that.

  131. Anyone remember when Havlat was called frail? Last year? He had himself one healthy season and a nice playoff run and everyone wants him now, forget about the frail title.

    Gaborik is the most talented FA on the market. If we need a scoring bolster it’d be Gaborik, not Heatley. Heatley is cancer. Gaborik has had almost a full season to recover.

  132. Everyone keeps bringing up Gaborik….didn’t we read that he is bound for Vancouver, in some type of multi trade?

  133. Have you thought about adding extra videos to your blog posts to keep the readers more entertained? I mean I just learn through your complete article of yours and it was fairly good but since I am more of a visual learner,I discovered that to be more helpful. nevertheless, let me know how it turns out!

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