Ethan Werek is the second-round pick (POST DRAFT UPDATE)


Here is the link to the Rangers’ site and the announcement of the second-round pick and the rest of the picks.

UPDATE. 11:20 A.M.: Hall of Famer Raymond Bourque’s son Ryan is the Rangers’ third-round pick.

UPDATE, 12:15 P.M.: Center Roman Horak is the fifth-round pick.

UPDATE, 12:22 P.M.: Goalie Scott Stajcer is picked in the sixth round.

Also, Steve Zipay is reporting on his blog that Glen Sather and Dean Lombardi of the Kings may have something brewing. And that Brian Burke and Sather huddled earlier in the morning.


Zip was dead on. Check out his blog, with news about Antropov, Sjostrom and Zherdev.


From the NHL:


        MONTREAL (June 27, 2009) — The 2009 NHL Entry Draft concluded this afternoon with a total of 210 players selected from 11 countries. Following is a breakdown of 2009 Entry Draft selections by birthplace: 

Canada        102 
United States        55 
Sweden        24 
Finland        10 
Russia        7 
Slovakia        5 
Czech Republic        3 
Belarus        1 
Denmark        1 
Germany        1 
United Kingdom        1 
Total        210 


NY Islanders traded pick #56 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Columbus for picks #62 and #92 in 2009. 
Florida traded D Jay Bouwmeester to Calgary for D Jordan Leopold and pick #67 in the 2009 Entry Draft. 
Calgary traded picks #84 and #107 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Los Angeles for pick #74 in 2009. 
NY Islanders traded pick #91 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Phoenix for a 3rd-round pick in 2010. 
Atlanta traded pick #95 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Los Angeles for picks #117, #120 and #203 in 2009. 
Minnesota traded picks #99 and #133 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Edmonton for C Kyle Brodziak and pick #161 in 2009. 
Los Angeles traded picks #107 and #138 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Florida for Florida’s 3rd-round pick in 2010. 
Washington traded D Sami Lepisto to Phoenix for Phoenix’s 5th-round pick in 2010. 
Pittsburgh traded unsigned draft choice G Chad Johnson to NY Rangers for pick #151 in the 2009 Entry Draft. 
Nashville traded pick #148 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Tampa Bay for a 5th-round pick in 2010. 
Los Angeles traded C Brian Boyle to NY Rangers for a 3rd-round pick in the 2010 Entry Draft. 
Calgary traded D Jim Vandermeer to Phoenix for C Brandon Prust. 
Atlanta traded pick #177 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Chicago for a 5th-round pick in 2010. 
Dallas traded pick #189 in the 2009 Entry Draft to San Jose for San Jose’s 6th-round pick in 2010. 
Phoenix traded pick #187 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Vancouver for the rights to D Shaun Heshka. 
Edmonton traded pick #191 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Ottawa for a 6th-round pick in 2010. 
Nashville traded pick #202 in the 2009 Entry Draft to St. Louis for St. Louis’ 7th-round pick in 2010. 
Pittsburgh traded pick #211 in the 2009 Entry Draft to Montreal for a 6th-round pick in 2010. 

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  1. just finished reading all the comments from the last post i missed and there is already a new post.
    well done guys for real.

  2. Oh baby !!

    Slats, get Frolov, get Johnson !!! Get a new cigar, you’re practically eating the one you have !!!

    That was one boring night. It’s funny that TSN interviewed every single GM, and drafted player, until Nyr. They skipped them. You gotta love the “love” for Nyr. Also funny how that stupid Canadian team congradulated Hull, Yzerman, Robitaille, for being in the HOF, but not Leetch. What a crotch sucker.

    I don’t know much aboot Nyr’s pick, i just hope he’s no Jessiwoman.

  3. Actually no i think it was Bowman. Not a Canadian team, well it was a Canadian. That was pretty classless, if he did it just because Leetch was a rival against the team he coached, that’s pathetic.

    How can you congratulate everyone except for him. Show some class you fat ugly son of a buutch !!

  4. Orr, I’m not defending him but he is a classy guy, and according to those who saw it, he was congratulating the Hall of Famers he coached: Yzerman, Hull and Robitaille.

  5. Yeah, but still he could have threw in Leetch. I mean all these teams were congratulating the Pens for winning the Cup, so it’s basically the same.

  6. Carp,

    Welcome back BTW!

    Sather’s no dummie (debatable I know)… he won’t trade a ridiculous sum for Heatley right now. Sather’s got all the leverage… well except for needing to shed salary in order to get it done. He’s waiting it out and if it never happens, then whatever.

    All I know is that any deal beter not include Staal and it better not involve both Dubi and Callahan. In fact I wouldn’t give up Dubi at all.

    IMHO I’m not sure Heatley will be as good without Alfresson and Spezza and.

  7. I agree with rick, he was giving congrats to the three guys that were on the wings at the same time for a cup!!

  8. Wouldn’t you think that Ray Bourque’s son would be taller than 5 foot 9? Hope he’s got some Parise skills in him because he’s a Smurf.

  9. you can watch it on NHL Network, I think there’s a link on, and definitely a link on the Rangers’ site.

    You’re right, Orr. But the Rangers also snubbed him.

  10. From SNY:

    At pick 127 the Rangers take Roman Horak.

    6-0 center from the Czech Republic.

    Here is his prospect profile, which doesn’t say much. Hockeys Futures profile on him.

    Seems like a project player to me that has loads of talent but needs time to work it all out.

  11. I know Bowman is a classy guy… and maybe he was congratulating the Hall of Famers he coached: Yzerman, Hull and Robitaille.

    BUT… would it hurt to throw name like Brian Leetch in there as well?

  12. With Slats talking to L.A., I guess it’s possible he could be working on a 3 way deal to still get Heatly.

  13. Fiew, Rangers take Stajcer:

    NHL Central Scouting’s Al Jensen: “He’s steadily improved over the course of the year. I really like the way he presents himself in the net. His net coverage is very good. His work ethic was excellent. He’s got an air of confidence about him I really like. I see in him what you need at the pro level — you need to be strong and confident in yourself. He doesn’t let goals bother him, doesn’t let pressure get to him.”
    Owen Sound head coach Mark Reed: “Scott’s strengths are his positioning and his ability to stop the initial shot. When he’s on his game, his ability to control his rebounds is pretty good, which avoids second and third opportunities. For the most part he’s pretty calm in the net and his teammates have a lot of confidence in him.”

  14. The Rangers have traded the last pick of the 5th round (151 overall) to the Pittsburgh Penguins for goaltender Chad Johnson.

  15. Actually, hockeydb wasn’t showing last year’s stats. He actually did really well last year:

    Penguins prospect Chad Johnson was named Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) Player of the Year yesterday.

    The 22-year old goaltender has a record of 12-10-4 with a save percentage of .937 and a goals-against average of 1.70 with the Alaska Fairbanks Nanooks. Johnson ranks second in the NCAA in save percentage and third in goals-against average. He was named CCHA Goalie of the Week on three occasions this season (Nov. 23, Dec.1 and Jan. 19). He is an All-American and a finalist for the 2009 Hobey Baker Award as the best player in college hockey. The senior Nanook has an overall record of 23-29-10 in four years with Alaska.

    The 6-2, 175 pound goalie played two seasons with the Brooks Bandits of the Alberta Junior Hockey League (AJHL) from 2003-2005. Johnson went 25-16-2 during the 2004-05 season, tallying a .923 save percentage, fifth lowest in AJHL history.

    The native of Calgary, Alberta was selected by the Penguins in the fifth round (125th overall) of the 2006 Entry Draft.

  16. jrg
    yes chad ocho cino just got drafted by the rangers.
    i was hopeful we would get TO i just made some popcorn here.

  17. i think its a mistake to not take at least one D man so far.

    4 Centers and a Goalie?? I knew the Rangers were gonna take some goalies but I really would have liked to have gotten Lehner, and not have waited til round 5 to grab 2 goalies essentially

  18. somerset
    johnson is ready for hartford now
    Stajcer will be ready for hartford in 2 years

  19. Anybody think this could be a possibility…3 Way Deal

    Rangers get Heatley, Johnson and Third Rounder in 2010(Sens)

    Kings get Dubinsky, Roszival, Rights to Chris Neil and 2010 First Round Pick (Rangers)

    Sens get Frolov, Del Zotto, Zherdev and first rounder in 2011(Kings)

  20. Who did we trade for this schlub?…All these centers means Dubi or Anisimov must be going?

  21. I dont see where Boyle fits in…they already have a lot of young-ish centers in the system (Doobs, AA) and centers they cant move b/c of contracts (Dru, Gomez)…I know he played a bit of defense when he was at BC. but i think the NYR have 2-3 players of his stature and skillset in their system similar to him (sauer, potter, taylor (is he still in the NYR system?))

    i see this as a precursor to another move. someone else is going to be moved soon. this move, doesnt make much sense right now.

  22. I agree with MikeA…Betts is probably the odd man out. damn shame too, i always liked him as a player. unless they move one of their centers in a trade.

  23. the lack of wingers drafted makes me think we are trading for one at some point. Betts or gomer may be a goner with all the centers, and drury too, when he retires!

  24. I like Boyle a lot. I think he’s going to be a pretty good player. Not like everyone in that draft, but he’s gonna be a good enough player. Im assuming he’s replacing Betts. Which i wouldn’t mind. He’s got size, park him in front of the net on the PP. BOOM !!!!

  25. im happy we got at least 1 D-man.

    You have to think that none of these late round selections have any impact on the current roster.

    NO ONE the rangers have selected will be playing for them next year, so i think that Betts’ job is safe … for now

  26. Different Boyle. This guy is a center, but has played a little defense because of his size.

  27. I have this weird feeling that big Vin is going to be a Ranger. I don’t think we are getting Heatley, Calamari, or Gaborik. I think Dubi, DelZoto, Rozi, and a pick are going to Tampa. Just a weird feeling I have.

  28. Mister Delaware on

    This is like the exact opposite of what I was hoping for. Would much rather have Antropov over Zherdev (depending on the true definition of “ridiculous”) and would hate to see Sjostrom go.

  29. If we did somehow get Vinny, I think that Antropov could be the perfect winger for him on our first line.

  30. NASTY

    I think it might take a tiny bit more than that to land Vinny.

    I wouldn’t mind bringing him in, but jeez, that’s a big contract, bigger than Heatley’s if i not mistaken.

    Who knows, maybe Slats is doing Torts a favor by trying to bring in Marty St Louis.

  31. Boyle means four things:

    1)cheaper replacement for Betts
    2)One of Dubi/Drury/AA is moving to wing
    3)Orr is probably gone as this guy is tough


    4)Since AA is hopefully gonna work hard and make the club and PA Parenteau leaving via Free Agency who is going to score goals for Hartford? Maybe Boyle plays big minutes down there.

    If this team has AA, Byers, Boyle, and another big player like Antro or Erik Cole; then all of a sudden the Rangers are a team of giants.

  32. i still think a 3 way deal for heatley is goin on. slats wants him. hes a ytop winger. unless gomez is traded

  33. i agree about antro much rather have him than Z, if the price is relatively close. Hate to lose freddy though, really hate to lose freddy!!

  34. Orr, I was thinking that too. St. Louis is a good player no doubt, but he is another small winger. Vin is a legit first line center. If we have Vin and a first line center, then either Drury or Gomez don’t look so bad as second line centers. Or hell, if we can’t move either of them, then we pretty much have the best 1,2,3 centers in the league. I know that sounds funny to hear and say, but Gomez is a number 2 center, and Drury, well he is either a number 2 or a good number 3.

  35. I like Sjo a lot but as I’ve said a few times Jordan Owens is a Sjo clone who hits a little more and since he was an undrafted FA he makes nothing and will be a cheap addition.

    He’s my darkhorse to make the team and impress Torts.

  36. I really wish Drury got traded today. Id literally run around naked, and maybe id even do a little dance, who knows.

    Id do anything to see this guy accept a trade to another team. But odds are it wont happen.

  37. Zherdev received his $3.25 million QO which means the Rangers retained his rights.They can trade him or sign him.

  38. l.a. was supposedly talking to murray and so have we and maybe boyle is a replacement for somebody were moving,or hes part of another deal

  39. I am sure the price between Antro and Z is NOT close. Zherdev is what, 2.5-3 million? I’ll bet Antro wants 5 or 6.

    And of course they have to qualify Z whether they trade him or not he has to be the Rangers property.

    Ottawa’s only chip to play is that they’re keeping Heatley. Murray wants a Pronger-like return but Anaheim had no pressure to move Pronger. The longer Murray waits, the more Heatley’s price goes DOWN. Otherwise they’re going to have to pay him that $4 million and keep an unhappy camper around all year. And that isn’t a good idea.

  40. I think after the Rangers had the best PK last year Sjostrom stock has risen really high … TRADE him now because we will never get this much for him again.

    He could be a good sweetener for a trade for Heatley, Kaberle, or Kessel

  41. Orr, oh yeah, I forgot about those 3. Well, then we would have the second best 1, 2, 3. I like Vinny a lot, and he definitely plays with an edge.

  42. Pierre-Yeah good call. He probably goes back the the OHL or even Hartford buy ya never know.

  43. somerset

    if they made the qualifying offer of 900,000 (assumption) they could have signed or traded him then.

  44. It’s funny that Slats doesn’t want to overpay for Antro, but he did for Redden. This is a sign that Slats has learned his lesson the hard way.

    Who knows, maybe we’re seeing the new Slats. Or maybe he’s just holding out for Heatley by trading every important piece of this organization, including Sam Rosens hair piece.

  45. Flames fans seem to think Phaneuf is on his way out the door. Any chance Nyr can get him….

    Oh wait, he’s dating Avery’s gf. Never mind.

  46. man brian boyle is 6’7 – 250 lbs ??? .. not bad for a f3rd round pick.

    He’s got 10 points in 36 games of NHL experience. Not to Shabby since he’s been on LA

  47. Everyone watch the interview Fischler did with Slats last night. Slats ended it by saying something like: “We have a lot of kids looking for jobs and don’t really want to give up youth.”

    And from his mannerisms, tone, and facial expressions, he seemed much more sincere than the Slats of the pre lockout.

  48. thats good news colin. im glad we are keepin Z. i like antro a little more but hes too expensive. Z is pretty cheap for being our 2nd highest point scorer last year. imo, evrybody on the rangers did their houdini acts last season. its just that Z is more talented so you noticed him more when he wasnt playin well. a little torts azzkickin and some maturity and he will be a good 2nd line winger for us. maybe 1 day a true first liner

  49. i cant believe after we showed so much confidence in Antropov by trading away a 2nd round pick, and essentially “rescuing him” from a miserable life in Toronto, He’s not willing to “play ball” with us, and give a us a little discount for trusting in him.

    Completely crappy of him

  50. i think we should go European with our last pick. it seems to work our pretty good when you consider Lundqvist, Zetterberg, Kim Johnsson all 7th rounders

  51. i wish p.a.p woul;d get a shot on the big team. i know hes like 26-27 already, but he is just wasting in the minors. he could be a good 3rd line winger if we get rid of shoe or korpi. pappy doesnt wanna be in hartford forever.

  52. Antro needs to sign a one year deal, to prove he deserves the money he’s asking. That’s what these players have to do, if you want money, show you can put up the kind of numbers that a player making that kind of money can. Sign a one year deal, if you don’t live up to expectations, move on.

    Im in favor of keeping Z as well. He’s cheaper, and still has talent, hopefully he gets his sh*t together this season.

    BTW – Anyone think Heatley will be a Sen by the time the season starts ? How awkward would that be, he basically told his team that they suck, and wont ever win a Cup. I wouldn’t be able to look, or talk to the guy.

  53. Grachev should play in Hartford next year. Duchesne and Hodgson won’t be in Brampton so he’ll have better linemates and face better competition in the AHL.

    Rangers should pick another goalie, Holly, seriously..

  54. i dont get nhl network out here unlesssi go back to direct tv. which is too damn expensive. is there a link online i can watch the rest of the ddraft?

  55. If krejci just signed a 3.75 million a year deal …. how can Antro and Z expect more then that, especially wityh the cap going down in 2010??

    id offer each a 1-2 year deal making 3.5-3.75 a year and thats the absolute max

  56. Doodie machetto on

    Wow. Not like the team isn’t thinnest on the wing. Good thing we addressed that need.

  57. im glad we got a bourque! he passed down his genes to his son!! hes gonna be good watch

  58. doodie- im sure were trading for some wingers. zherdevs back and hes a winger!!:-)

  59. how can we ever expect Pashnin to come over here?? the kid went first overall and will probably reach celebrity stauts over there in a year or 2.

    We will never see that kid over here … thats a wasted pick IMO, but at least we took a chance with a 7th rounder instead of like a 2nd or 3rd rounder.

    i guess its low risk- high reward really

  60. I had the NHL Network for a year, then my town chooses to get rid of it. I love it for things like the draft and NHL on the Fly and also they sometimes have good games on from Hockey Night in Canada.

    I am so annoyed that I don’t have it anymore.

    Anyone get an email from EA Sports to pre order NHL 2010. Looks amazing!

  61. hahahahaha
    nike in ia

    speaking of nike
    anyone got the blue lobsters in a 12?
    im dyin over here

  62. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Most of the Centers the Rangers drafted project to wingers in the NHL. Now you guys can go ahead and whine about not having enough centers.

  63. btw guys. im still a little kulikoved from last night. bear with me while i get it together.

    nasty- same here. about nhlk network and the nhl ’10 game i havent gottemn an email but i already preordered it. it will be awesome. plus its gonna be deeper in all the modes like dynasty, be a pro(in my case, be a jessiman mode).

  64. orr- i usually dont fight too much in the games, just for the fact u just mentioned, but i will be in the new one, cuz they have added a feature where the other teams goons will now try goin after youre star players(well, in our case, let em, theyd be doin us a favor) and if you fight and win, you git momentum on your side and your team plays better, while the other team loses momentum

  65. From the video, the fighting looks pretty good. It won sports game of the year at some video game awards thing. Fight Night 4 looks sick too. I love that you can be Iron Mike.

  66. Lol, that’s gonna be cool to do. I always love slashing the goalies head after the whistle. I hate the 1st person fighting though. It just looks dumb.

  67. orr- bourque is a smurf. guess papa bourque popped the cork and porked a short dork. whoaa that made no sennse but try sayin it fast.

  68. yea tyson vs ali!!! gonna be good. how bout ufc undisputed? is that good anybody know?

  69. You can do an Avery in the new game, and while the other team’s goalie is stretching you can tap him on the back of the head with your stick. Ha.

  70. UFC undisputed is ridiculously good. The career mode isn’t all that great and beating BJJ guys is almost impossible, but if you wanna play against some buddies, it couldn’t be any better

  71. ohh i alays take runs and plow through guys after the whistle. it’ll be fun when they actualy get mad and do somethin back instead of being a redden and just stand there and take it. member reddens 1 punch knockdown against clark?? i started to like redden after that. until the next game lol

  72. nice nasty!!. good stuff. thanks pierre. i was gonna get it used at gamestop but got fallout 3 instead. maybe i’ll get it now. cant wait for F.N.4 and ’10

  73. This will sound corny as hell, but the Ghostbusters game is SO MUCH FUN to play. My way younger cousin was over two days ago and brought it with him, he is in 7th grade, and man, we had a blast playing it. Check that game out. Good stuff.

  74. i think Murray really screwed himself by not dealing Heatley at the Draft.

    I’m sure they could have gotten a first round pick and a good prospect/good young NHLer, and a salary dump, but i think they got too greedy wanting to take a 1st rounder and 2 prospects and no salary back.

    a 1st rounder, Dubinsky and Rozsival should have gotten it done. but i hear they wanted

    a 1st rounder, Staal, and dubinsky and no salary dumps back

    Now Murray’s in a tougher spot because that 4 million bonus day is creeping up pretty fast

  75. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Obviously they are going to qualify and sign Boyle. Shouldn’t cost too much.

  76. nasty- i knew it looked good and fun, but the stupid G>I> mag gave it a 8 rating. thats why i go by alot of different opinions b4 i buy it

  77. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I think Murray got too greedy when he saw what Anaheim got for Pronger, although the situation is completely different. He can’t allow himself to choose between paying Heatley 4 million then trading him, or keeping a disgruntled Heatley through next season.

  78. somer- murrays an ass if he thought he could fool slats like that. staal and doobs???? eff him. good job slats!! youre slowly getting back in my good graces. until you eff up again. but im glad hes stickin to the plan from the lockout. somewhat anyway.

  79. I was playing it on the Wii. I have 360 and the Wii, and the controls were fun as hell on the Wii. I loved Ghostbusters as a kid, and the fact that they brought in all the actors to do the voices is great.

  80. i think we have until sometime in july to qualify our RFA’s, NOT July 1st. this is from TSN:

    * June 26 – 27: NHL Entry Draft in Montreal
    * July 1: Free agency signing period begins
    * July 5: Deadline for player-elected salary arbitration
    * July 6: Deadline for club-elected salary arbitration
    * July 10: Deadline for eligible players to elect Group 5 free agency
    * July 20 – Aug. 4: Salary arbitration hearings held
    * Aug. 6: Deadline for salary arbitration decisions to be rendered

  81. To me, Hank and Staal are the only real untouchables on our team. If we HAD to give up a Dubi or a Cally to get Heatley or Vinny, as much as I would hate to lose either of them, I would probably just say do it.

  82. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Qualifying deadline is monday. All the rest of those dates are for things that happen after players are qualified.

  83. I agree about Heatley (although I have a Dubi jersey, so I’m biased), but I would not give up that much for Vinny, unless Gomez or Drury (yes, I know.. NTC) were in the deal.

    Vinny is going to be a 7.7m cap hit until the 2019-2020 SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Dr. O…

    ok, thanks. Do we still get compensation if we dont qualify RFA players by monday??

  85. Oh definitely, we would have to shed Salary before we could take on Vin. But I would not mind paying that much for him because he is a top player in the league. Definitely a top 10, maybe even a top 5 player.

  86. how could we not qualify Sjo and at least hope someone offers him an offer sheet or rade him or something??

    He was a top guy for the best PK in the NHL last year !!

    Seems his stock would have risen quite a bit to be trade bait at the least

  87. The Ghostbusters game is amazing!!! PLAY IT! It’s basically Ghostbusters 3 as it takes place around Thanksgiving 91. Everyone is back to do voices; Murray, Ramis, Hudson, Akroyd, Annie Potts, they even got William Atherton who played Walter Peck!

  88. William Atherton is one of the best scum bag portrayers in the history of motion pictures. He plays roles like that part perfectly!

  89. Doodie machetto on

    Dr. O, I have not seen anything stating those players project to wingers. And even if they did, I’d still prefer natural wings. We’re very deep at center, even without the later round picks.

  90. Yeah Nasty, he was awesome in Die Hard 2 when Bonnie whatever her last name is tasered him on the airplane.

  91. And he was in Die Hard 1 too, and Holly Mclane punches him in the face at the end, and then he asks the camera man, “Did you get that?”


  92. atherton was good. i think he was in 2 die hards and a few others besides gbusters

  93. they shoulda brought him back for the last die hard or live free movie. he woulve been good as just a few minutes or even a cameo. it wouldve been cool

  94. Dr. Ogrodnick on


    Kreider was quoted somewhere as saying that he has played some center, but is most comfortable on the wing. I believe Borque projects to the wing as well. Fact is most dominant forwards at their draft age will play center, even if they are more suited to the wing.

  95. onecupin69years and counting on

    Rangers can’t afford to throw money at Zherdev, betts , and the others, let them walk its no big loss.
    sather trading for the big stars keeps the merry go round going ,forever chasing the cup.

  96. …..the GM said he believed that penalty-killing UFA center Blair Betts could be wooed by Edmonton. He is from Western Canada…”and Tom (Renney) always liked him.”

    LMAO!! Classic!

  97. i dont get Slats… he says that he needs to make room for young guys and all that… but why the fock he signed all these broken parts for in the last two seasons? Was it Renneys idea? Is Torts talking through Sather now? So freaking confusing.

  98. i think murray was bluffing about keeping heatley if hes not gone when his bonus kicks in. he knows heatleys value decreases with every passing day, and is trying to get some leverage. how is he supposed to face his fans? his teammates? the media? his coach?

    he’ll be an albatross around their neck. worse…a stephen marbury!

    i’d give zherdev, sanguinetti, rozie, and next years 1st rounder and maybe another pick next year.

  99. I wanna play that Ghostbusters game, it looks pretty cool.

    Even better, im seriously looking forward to playing Batman:Arkham Asylum, Marvel:Ultimate Alliance 2, and DC Universe game.

    All will be super sweet !

  100. Sather says Renney will try to woo Betts to Edmonton…I think they are letting Sjostrom walk and Korpedo will be on top PK unit.

  101. ghostbuster the game is great… my stupid xbox had to be sent in for repairs i got two blinking lights it is ridiculous that they charge you 100.00 when they know stuff is wrong with the product!!!!!!!!!!

  102. although im a huge fan of trading for Heatley …. it looks like the Rangers want to bring back both Z and Antro and could probably be looking to add a more affordable goal scorer such as Kessel, Cammaleri, or M. Samuelsson to slide into the spot Naslund (and his 4 million dollar salary) left.

  103. only guy id go after in that group is Camm, but he is gona want at least 5M so he wont come cheap.

    id let antropov walk and at most id give zherdev the 10% raise we are required to give. i cant see anyone giving him an offer sheet (as he isnt worth a number 1 pick at all). sather is playing with fire if he doesnt lockup cally and dubi b4 july 1

  104. cuz hes probably tryin to see what players he can trade for before he signs them. idk why he isnt signing them as we speak. he shouldve done it already

  105. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Antro is huge and is a gem …too bad hes asking too much!
    Zherdev is highly gifted and is young ..he should be cheaper.

    So do we sigh ’em both or can we? I say both are young and could easily play with AA or Gravchev.

  106. Michael isnt the only one that likes to sleep with young boys and play hide the sausage. My woodshed is for misbehaving lads.

  107. I am pretty happy with this draft. This wasn’t a deep year, and these guys usually don’t pay dividends for a few years, but I like the chances taken. I think Chris Kreider will either be a bust/fringe player or he will be scoring 40 goals in 5 years. He was the kind of player to take a chance on. Maybe he and Steppan will be an awesome tandem in 4 years or so. That is a pretty big wish, but I have more peace about those picks than I did Jessiman and Korpido. Korpido hasn’t lived up to potential so far, but he is a solid player, but I wasn’t sure about him. I was excited to see Steppan get picked, and I am excited to see Kreider get picked. These may be boom or bust picks, but it is better than being safe and drafting more 3-4 liners.

  108. we can sign them both. sure greg. but then we pretty much will have the same exact team minus betts,orr/shoe next year. the only bright spot on the team besides a few young guys and hank

  109. Rangers offered Redden to Toronto along with Callahan or 1st round pick which Burke would have accepted but Redden put Toronto down as one of the 8 teams he did not want to be traded to. From NY post and NHL network

  110. Wow, id rather keep Redden for 5 more years than trade Cally just to get rid of Dredden.

    He’s going nowhere, so we’re just gonna have to hope he gets injured and misses the whole season for the next 5 years.

    I think it’s just a retarded move to trade one of our most promising young players just to get rid of a loser that we’re stuck with. Id personally stab Slats in the thigh with a pen, if he ever did something like that.

    You wanna trade Cally, Dubi, or Staal, make sure we’re getting Heatley in return, not so we can get rid of a waste of a player, and get some losers in return.

    Err !


    Let’s not give up Cally, Dubi or Staal for anybody. You are going to see great things from them with Torts as coach. You gotta believe. LGR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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