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Hey, it’s me. Do you guys remember me? I’m still on vacation but thought I’d drop in on D-day.

I was looking at some of the NHL sites and saw all these headlines about Babcock and got nervous for a moment. Then I realized they were about Mike, not Laurel. I want to thank Laurel for jumping in here with such enthusiasm while I was gone, and I know she will be back guest-posting/hosting in the future.

Why not? Who loves the NYR more than she?

On to the draft.

Sorry for jumping in here so soon after Jane’s post (we got our signals crossed). But to read her story with Gordie Clark on the Rangers’ draft, scroll down to the previous post.

I guess today and tonight will be big days in the Rangers’ hopes of acquiring Dany Heatley. The first round of the draft is usually the second biggest day of trading in the calendar year (we expect Toronto GM Brian Burke to be the most active guy on the floor tonight). Whether the Rangers can actually pull it off, whether they will do so by overpaying, and whether they they can possibly create the cap space to accomodate Heatley are enormous questions.

It would probably take the first-round pick as part of the package to make Heatley a Ranger.

As far as moving up, I don’t know how far the Rangers could actually move without sacrificing their young talent, or if it would be worth doing so. I doubt it.

And as far as targeting a specific position of need at No. 19, I think that’s ludicrous. Whomever they are able to get there will not play in the NHL next year, or likely even in 2010-11. You pick the best available at that point, and he becomes an asset.

The early part of the draft should be interesting. With the Islanders not saying they will take John Tavares — some think they will grab huge defenseman Victor Hedman, and others speculate they will take third-rated Matt Duchene. Over at TSN’s site, there is a story comparing the draft in which Alexandre Daigle went first and Chris Pronger second to the Tavares-Hedman discussion.

For the Islanders’ sake, they’d better not out-think themselves as they did so many times in this dreadful era.

We won’t be in Montreal tonight, and we’ll be watching as you guys will.

You all know the good sites for info, TSN.ca probably being the best. TSN’s Bob McKenzie is probably the best draft guru on the planet, and he will be involved in the telecast, so I don’t know how much blogging he’ll have time to do, but here’s his blog link.

ESPN.com’s Pierre LeBrun does a pretty good job of updating.

Of course you can check out NHL.com and the Rangers site, and our friend Steve Zipay of Newsday is in Montreal — taking in the culture and fine foods of Old Montreal pre-draft. We know that Zipay updates his blog pretty regularly, so that’s a good spot to go.

But please return here for discussion of the selections, the trades, the Rangers’ picks, Seinfeld, X-box, Megan Fox or whatever else you boneheads (newcomers must understand that’s a term of endearment) love to talk about.

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  1. >>June 26th, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I hear that if you make a wish at exactly 11:11, it stands a very good chance of becoming true. Instead of wishing for eternal life, I wished for a Rangers Stanley Cup next season. Don’t ever say I don’t have my priorities straight.

  2. I don’t often compliment people for doing their job, but I can tell you, Laurel is a keeper. Besides her, I don’t want any other guest blogger when you regulars are away.

  3. Great to hear from you Carp! Excellent intro to your post. It had me laughing out loud. Laurel did a fine job filling in and she deserves to be thanked for her efforts.

    Big couple of days for the NYR. I would love to see them make some moves to shed salary, but jeez i dont know how they are going to do it. It will take some serious work and maybe some sacrifices. They have to get their payroll under control or they will be in a fix in the future years.

    Heres to hoping they make some smart, calculated decisions in the next couple of days! There is always hope!

  4. Brian Burke thinks he is God. I can’t stand him. he thinks everyone likes the Leafs garbage and that he will win every deal by a landslide. how do you expect to get the 1st or second overall pick without giving up your best young asset? Obviously if the team is picking in the top 3 they need a lot and will need these young assets. What could he possibly offer the isles or lightning? Kaberle who will be out of town in two years or Jason Blake(LMAO). this dude is in a fantasy world

  5. Welcome back Carp, i agree with JB, you shouldn’t have any other guest bloggers besides Laurel. If Josh Thompson wants to do it, tell him to grow up first.

    Cant wait for the draft tonight. I better see Buttman’s shaky ass at the mic tonight announcing massive trades. Including Heatley, J-Bo’s rights, and Kaberle, and others.

  6. brian burke is god.
    how dare you…

    no but seriously watch him this off season and wish he was our gm.

  7. Orr, I only want to see Bettmans shaky ass if all the GM’s are booing him!
    My favorite part of the Stanley Cup is when they boo Bettman…and my favorite part of the Rangers introductions next season will be when the fans boo Sather!

  8. I think he is overrated. he won one cup with Anahiem, and leaves a wake of fractured Teams in his wake much like Bill Parcells does. Then he gets out and into a new position while the last team starts their decline. Yes he is entertaining and Aggressive and is better than Sather but he is honestly overrated.

  9. was he the gm in 1993 for the hartford whalers
    if this is a yes i will start my response
    i can not for the life of me find out the answer to that question

  10. I think he was and look at where they are now. the hockey hotbed that is Carolina. RIP WHALE. RIP Brass Bonanza Song.

  11. ok are you ready?

    look at the 1993 draft
    look who went second
    who traded up to get him

    thats right
    brian burke

    this years draft will be almost identical to 93
    i can FEEL IT!!!

    oh my god guy
    he was their gm for 1 year
    and you already have a response to that

  12. of those 3 the only 2 real untouchables in my opinion are Cally and Staal. Dubi has never scored 30 goals even in Juniors and to expect that from him in NYC i think is unfair. I do like him a lot and hope he can muster up the offense of a top 6 forward though

  13. so what he got Pronger. big deal. 2 years later he was almost traded to the Rangers. he didn’t become the Pronger that we know today till well after the Hartford Whalers. And is now the dirtiest player in the league. He was nothing before he learned from Al MacInnis

  14. Wow the B’s offered Kessel for Kaberle, and the 7th pick.

    Is that a good move ? Kessel is going to be a star in my opinion. Some freak injuries held him back, but it’s not like he’s gonna get mono, and ball cancer every year.

  15. Carp, in short…no
    and tyree, Dubi has other intangables, and he has been more ‘clutch’ than drury for us…Dubi has had a number of big goals at big times…

  16. I would deal Dubinsky but only if they take Rozy as well for the Cap room. Though it would probably even out

  17. Aggressive is what we need right now, in fact can we get Slats a gun to put to someone’s head so they will relieve us of a contract or two?

    I can’t see that Redden to Toronto having any truth behind it..

  18. ORR
    Burke won’t give up the 7th Pick. He wants to do the deal straight up and that would be a rip off of the Bruins in my opinion. The Bruins need to get more back for Kessel.

  19. oh my god guy are you for real?
    look @ that draft son!
    where is #1 from 93??
    look at what burke has done with the ducks he comes in and bam a cup
    look @ vancouver they still hAVE A TEAM cause of him

  20. Intangables are Bull . its a way of saying he isn’t as good as he should be but works real hard at it.
    Bottom line I’ll take a 40-50 goal scorer for a 14 goal scorer any day as long as the 40-50 guy is still in his prime

  21. Cally Staal and Dubi are untouchable in my eyes – i wouldn’t shift any of them for Heatley or Kaberle. If we’re talking for Ovehckin, Zetterberg, Datsyuk or Malkin then thats a different matter….

  22. Dubi looked damn good in the final games of the season, kind of like he did the first two months. He was pretty good in the he playoffs too.

    I don’t know, i just have a hard time giving up on him, Cally, or Staal.

    This is depressing.

  23. I disagree Ty,
    Dubi, Cally and Staal are the best players this team has molded in ages. Dubi does it all. I think the goals will come, give it time. This team is a long way from a Stanley Cup…Trust me Heatley is only one piece.
    Build around the three untouchables!

  24. 2 years ago Vancouver was in Shambles. Can you remember any thing before 2007? really he left them in disarray. Watch as Anahiem sinks over the next 3 years. It already started this year as they barely made the playoffs. And BTW nobody thought that Daigle would flake out like he did in 93 when he was drafted. ANd early on Pronger Looked like a bust because he had no mean streak. I remember all of this vividly. I have been following Hockey like a religion since 1989!

  25. I still think everyone is overvaluing Dubinsky as if he is Peter forsberg or something. Yeah he does everything but doesn’t bring enough offense to the table. I Like him a lot but if he brings in a hard to get piece to the puzzle the thought has to be seriously entertained

  26. Organizationally, we have the most depth at center and defense. I think that means Cally is a keeper at all costs. Staal, of course, is looking like he will be a top-2 d-man for years to come. I think that leaves Dubinski as the most expendable of the three.

  27. Where's Pavelich? on

    before torts I would say Dubi or Cally can/shld be traded for Heatley (jeez, he is a proven 40-50 goal guy.. 40-50!)… under torts both players excelled and have shown me enough that they deserve to be here given their work ethic (dubs needs to be more consistent with that), gritiness and the fact they are home grown…

    personally, I dont see Staal’s upside on offense, his upside is as a shut down d-man which is, in itself, a valuable asset..

    given their three contracts, in the context of the cap mess “Slats” has put us in, it would be hard to give any of them up, esp for a $7.5 million hit

    ….but, JEEZ, 40-50 goals, is hard to overlook

  28. Giving up a young player so that the other team will take our overpaid player in exchange for another big contract is patently ridiculous

  29. Niedermayer is Brett Favre LOL it sickens me to see a team give all of that leeway to one player. They should move on without him no matter how good he is. if he isn’t committed he is not as useful to the team.

  30. tyree

    if you dont think brian burke is a great gm you are a fool

    ive been following hockey since bobby hull wore a rangers jersey
    so yeah 2 can play at the “ive been x”

  31. Inside info:

    Rangers are working feverishly to add a scoring forward.

    Lundqvuist is NOT untouchable.

    Marty St. Louis in play.

    More as I get it.

  32. Those saying Dubinsky is expendable are insane.

    Think about this…

    He’s what 23 years old?
    Only played 2 full years in the NHL
    Torts said “He has no idea how to be a superstar, we’ll teach him that”.

    Nuff said.

    There are intagibles but then there’s potential. I see him as being stocked with the latter. Maybe I’m wrong but I think the kid is still learning. We need to hold onto him and give him time and guidance.

    He’s a keeper!

  33. I’m not a fool for seeing someone as overrated. That is what I said from the start. He is not the best GM that ever lived like the media portrays him to be. wanna hear another little nugget of truth?
    Detroit isn’t as good at Drafting as their myth Suggests. They are lucky and do an amazing job of developing talent.
    Yo may not agree with either statement but both are true

  34. Also,

    I have a feelin’ that those of us who hate Sather are going to hate him even more by this time next week.

    Really hope I wrong

  35. HE HAS NEVER BEEN A SUPERSTAR AT ANY LEVEL OF HOCKEY! What makes you think he will be one in the NHL? He is at best a 2nd line center if he develops some consistent offence to his game. He is not a superstar or a superstar in waiting. he is a solid NHLer who tops out as someone like Rod Brind’amour

  36. cwgatti –
    i found this

    Another interesting rumor making the rounds was a possible Martin St. Louis move to the New York Rangers, where the veteran winger would be reunited with coach John Tortorella. But a source from one of the two teams told ESPN.com around 11:30 a.m. ET that nothing was in the works there, adding that both teams has not talked today. Another source was more succinct: “No way in hell.”

    but i could see them moving st. louis before vinny

  37. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..if LQ goes… there is a decent chance that marks the end of my lifelong Rangers obsession comes to an end with the Brian Leetch HOF induction…I cannot take the same guy trading away my two favorite players (granted, one not at his prime)..b/c he sucked at HIS job..

  38. Good tyree,

    Please don’t take offense to this but I trust Torts a hell of a lot more than anyone on this blog. I hope you’re wrong and am glad you’re not our GM.

    He’s a powerforward, and I think he’s got the potential to be a damn good one… I’m not sure you could look at his pee wee record and see that kinda thing.

    I’ll take him being a superstar in NHL as the only place he’s ever done it.

  39. So honestly what would you all like to see done with our team…
    If I were GM here is what I’d do.
    In my mind we are still pretty far from a Cup so…
    I would bury Redden in the minor’s and try to trade Rozi,
    Out of camp, I’d give Potter, DZ, and Sangs a shot, as well as anyone else who shows something. Depending on the price tags of Mara, or Morris, I’d probably sign one but not both. Morris I think is a better player with a great shot but he might cost too much.
    My logic with this is I’d rather have kids make mistakes and learn that watch Redden chase his tail in his own end.

    On Offense
    We are stuck with Drury and Gomez, and honestly who out there would take Gomez off our hands? It doesn’t make sense to me to sign or trade to get Heatley or any other big time scorer right now. I don’t think it will do anything other than win us a few more games and then go nowhere in the playoffs. I’d bring up AA, and Byers and depending on the price tag of a Gionta possibly try to re unite him with Gomer.
    I want to remain committed to the youth movement.
    These are just my fast (i’m working), random, probably not well thought out opinions on our team.
    What do you guys think?

  40. If they trade Hank im done..thats it for me. I wouldn’t be able to handle anymore of the Sather bullshit. I quit watching the Knicks because of Isiah and if the Rangers trade Hank i might put a “lock-out” of my own on the NHL.

  41. I hope you guys know that Ryan Callahan was a 30-40 goal scorer at pretty much every level before he came to the NHL. Yes he’s had some knee injuries that slowed him down but if he gets back up to that level, he’ll be unstoppable.

  42. if they trade hank i am done too matt.. i will watch hockey still but will root for the hawks/avs… i may come back in 15-20 years when sather is finally gone

  43. Lol, you people are too gullable. What’s the point of trading Hank ?? It makes no sense.

    As far as saying Dubi wont be a star in the NHL cause he wasn’t a star in any other league before this, eh i disagree, mainly because it takes time to mature, and develop as a player, he’s beginning to get there, so you never know. He showed a lot of flashes of stardom, and he’s still really young.

    Heatley is a proven star, with hunger to win a Cup.

    I honestly don’t know. I just hate the idea of giving up on Dubi so soon. I hope this whole thing ends tonight.

  44. Carp, I don’t give up any of the 3 for Heatly. Let’s build for the future and stop trying find this and that guy to put us over the top. We not even halfway to the top, and we have three abominable snowmen ahead of us (Philly, Pitt and Wash). Until we can build a team with the depth those three have, then I say, stop trading the future one guy that ain’t helping us win a cup NOW!!

  45. DanTheRangerFan on

    The Boston Bruins have offered forward Phil Kessel to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Tomas Kaberle and the Leafs’ seventh pick in tonight’s NHL draft, TSN.ca reports.

    When was this offer??? very interesting

  46. if they trade hank they are basically saying we give up
    and are trying to get a top 2 pick next year
    kirill kabanov in ranger blue would be nice
    but if they traded hank that would mean no playoffs
    no playoffs = sad dolan

    i dont see the team as is playing any better than 10-14 with 3rd lowest goals, most shots, worst goals:shots ratio, etc.

    i cant see them ever trading hank.

  47. Dubi/Cally/Staal/Hank give 100% every night. We wouldn’t be in this situation if the rest of the team followed suit.

  48. STEVE

    Those three teams have go to guys, Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, Carter, Richards, and supporters that are far better than ours, like Semin, Backstrom, Green, Staal, Gonchar, Gagne, Hartnell.

    The only way we build the kind of depth they have, is by tanking a couple of seasons. I agree, the only bright spots on this team is those three. But Heatley isn’t Gomez, Shanny, Drreary, etc. He’s a star, he’s the goal scorer we desperately need, and he’s still young.

    Like i said, trading Dubi, Staal, or Cally is a scary thought though.

  49. Riche’
    I hope i am wrong too but Potential never is the same as results. I am not saying that we should do it, I am saying that if it is there we need to seriously debate it. 50 goals is 50 goals and we need a player that can bring that type of fear to the opposing team. Other teams are not scared of Dubinsky. I love him as a player but he is not a Superstar and shows no signs of being one. He shows signs of being a solid 2nd line center. He is overvalued by Ranger fans just like other fans do to their own players. If he is a career Ranger and has a Rod Brind’amour sort of career I would be very happy.
    Elite level offense for Rod Brind’amour in his prime would be a good deal anyway you look at it. Its not like Heatley is Huselious or Zednik

  50. found this funny
    apparently that kid from spain that went #5 @ the nba draft is complaining about cold weather and the article brings up this little tid bit

    Eric Lindros: The No. 1 overall pick of the 1991 NHL Draft was traded from Quebec to Philadelphia. The Nordiques (eventually the Colorado Avalanche) got Peter Forsberg, Ron Hextall, Chris Simon, Mike Ricci, Kerry Huffman, Steve Duchesne and a ’93 first-round pick (G Jocelyn Thibault). Interestingly, another trade by the rangers was nixed by an arbitrator that would have given, get this, Doug Weight, Tony Amonte, Alexei Kovalev, John Vanbiesbrouck and three first-round picks – AND $12 million – to the Nordiques. I think it’s safe to say the Rangers would NOT have won the ’94 Stanley Cup had this trade gone through. The Flyers made it to the Cup in ’97, but lost to Detroit.

  51. JBytes
    June 26th, 2009 at 11:13 am
    >>June 26th, 2009 at 11:11 am

    I hear that if you make a wish at exactly 11:11, it stands a very good chance of becoming true. Instead of wishing for eternal life, I wished for a Rangers Stanley Cup next season. Don’t ever say I don’t have my priorities straight.


    but if you tell what you wished for… it won’t come true!

    No Cup for us next season! :(

    P.S. I wished for wider seats at the Garden! lol

  52. Hahaha, I heard aboot that Colin. He wants to stay in Spain for a couple of years, and now the President of the team is pissed off.

    Goes to show you the difference between hockey athletes, and other athletes. Total classlessness. Except for a couple of Russians, here and there, but sometimes it’s not their fault. Like that crotch sucker who was basically telling Slats that he he gives them Jagr, he’ll give them Cherry the next year. Id like to run that guy over with a truck.

  53. I’m not so sure about that, Colin. Of that goup only Kovalev was a key cog in 1994, and then the Rangers would likely have had Lindros as a second line center being tutored and brought along by Messier. I think what definitely wouldn’t have happened is Colorado wouldn’t have gone on to win the Cup in 1996.

  54. tyree, if Detroit isn’t the best drafting organization in the NHL, then who is? Who can even come close to the chain of home-grown draft picks they’ve had the last decade-plus, maybe two decades?

  55. Id love to see a hockey game with the hottest chicks on the planet. I was watching this football game with a bunch of models a few months ago. It was amazing. Im not a big foozeball fan, but with gonzagas bouncing around, and long legs, and short shorts, mama mia, let me go !!!

    It’s pretty much like that football game they play on that Rock of Love show. Except the girls are hot, and don’t look like crazy strippers, with cat faces.

  56. First trade of the day!

    Kings trade Frolov, 3rd round pick, and Johnson’s rights to Capitals for Karl Alzner, 1st round pick, and conditional draft pick.

    My copy & paste isn’t working so you have to go on TSN for details.

  57. look at their first round picks the last ten years. they are no better than anyone else. They found Datsuk and Zetterberg but really that was luck . if they thought they were this good they would have drafted them earlier. I am not saying that they arent good but they are no better than anyone else really when you look at the stats. I dont know who the best is but the argument can be made that it is all myth. The truth to that organization is that they are committed to a proven system and are the absolute best at Developing talent. They have had as many early round busts as anyone else. Its like saying that the Rangers weren’t lucky that Lundqvist became a star. If they new it all along he wouldn’t be taken in the 7th he would be at least a 4th rounder. the best drafting team is the Sharks. I’d take Lombardi over anyone if I was building a team and needed someone to be the architect. look at the Kings now. They are about to explode into the next Chicago.

  58. Would anyone be opposed to this deal:

    To Rangers: 5 Pick Overall and Justin Williams
    To Kings: Chris Druy and Nikolai Zherdev

    The Kings wanted Druy when he was a FA and he has a house their and family. Also this gives the kings a veteran presence to their youth filled tream

  59. i think any trade that involves a HUGE CONTRACT (not LQ) and someone like zherdev as well is a good trade.

  60. TC
    i’d do that deal in a second. But it would never happen as nobody would want Drury at his Tag. Plus the NMC

  61. Sorry, Glen. I meant who, other than you. …
    tyree, so who’s better?

    everybody: Drury is NOT going anywhere. He has a full no-move and loves it here.

  62. the Sharks when you look at their picks. Very few misses., I’d also say the last ten years that Philly is right up there as well.

  63. pat falloon
    best draft pick EVER

    the sharks however did draft kipper and tosk back to back i cant remember when tho.

    i know the 2002 draft was a good draft for the wings
    they got franzen in round 3 @one point

    the jets drafted dan bylsma (spelling?)
    best pick EVER! lol

  64. its about 50% draft picks and 50% acquisition. Cleary was a monster on the playoffs and was a reclamation project. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were really Lucky Picks. Kronwall was a good pick as a late rounder. Franzen was a great pick and what we all hope Gratchev becomes. Rafalski, Draper, Cleary Maltby, Stuart, Chelios, Hossa, Samuelsson and back in the day Shannahan, Sheppard, Murphy ….were all not drafted by the wings. Most of the home grown talent consists of role players. They just got lucky that some of their late round picks turned out to be stars. just like anyone else that drafts Stars in the late rounds. They are all about development and system and conditioning. They have great management but their scouting staff is the same as most of the rest of the NHL

  65. Where's Pavelich? on

    CCCP – I had Veal Carpinello for dinner at a local Italian joint.. maybe that’s why it sounds familar?

  66. Four cups because of System, Development and a few picks that were really lucky. I wouldn’t say that Filipula or Abracadabra or Kopecky and Lebda strike fear into any one. Datsyuk , and Zetterberg were gambles that paid off

  67. Lombardi is the best drafting GM in the league. he is good at taking risks in lower rounds with goalies and has a low Bust ratio with his higher picks

  68. Carp to answer your question…

    I dont think anyone is better than Det. Lou Lamoriello and the NJ Devils are a close 2nd.

    Jonathan Ericsson: Last pick in the 02 NHL Draft and he played a major role with the Wings. If they thought Datysuk or Zetterberg were going to be this good, why didnt they draft sooner? Uhm, because they probably figured they could draft other plays who were considered “higher potential” player across the league and still get those two guys. Why draft a player earlier if you can get him later?

  69. Dean Lombardi has done an excellent job with the Kings. They team is going to be really good in the coming years. However, they have had to endure some pretty awful seasons.

  70. to insure that you get them. To think that you wait till round seven to get a guy that you know for sure is going to be a potential hall of famer is just illogical. They obviously thought that theer earlier draft picks in those drafts were better prospects then Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Its like saying that the Rangers knew all along that LQ was going to be a franchise goalie but waited till the 7th round just to one up the rest of the league and laugh at how foolish all the other teams are

  71. right but the fact is that his high round draft picks dont bust like so many other high picks do for other teams.

  72. remember for all of San Jose’s playoff faults the team was very good for the last ten years because of Lombardi’s drafting

  73. anyone thinking besides me we could steal heatley without giving up staal dubi and cally.

    like i have said for months \

    rozi zherdev bobby sags and 19th pick for dany .

    lets hope we could

  74. Tchaikovski
    June 26th, 2009 at 2:10 pm
    Would anyone be opposed to this deal:

    To Rangers: 5 Pick Overall and Justin Williams
    To Kings: Chris Druy and Nikolai Zherdev

    Yeah, the Kings would be opposed.

  75. Ha Ha
    Weepy Ryan Smyth is being shopped. i thought he had a NMC. He should be stuck playing for the Awful Avalanche for the rest of his career. LOL

  76. You have to be an Islander fan. Only someone living in his mother’s basement could offer up such a vile comment.

  77. After Michael Jackson’s autopsy revealed that his body was made up of 80% plastic, his estate decided to melt down his body into leggos so that Children would be able to play with HIS parts for a change.

  78. Speaking of being sick. It’s going to be nauseating hearing every GM congratulating the Stanley Cup Champion Penguins and Crosby.

  79. tyree, i agree that luck is a huge part of the deal in the draft. Nobody knows how any of these kids will turn out. Every once in a while you get a Crosby or an Ovechkin, but the others are all rolls of the dice.

    I always bring up the point about Messier. If Sather knew he would be so good, why did he wait so long to draft him? Yet Daigle was considered quite a sure thing. It’s a crap shoot.

    So, to agree with you to a point, Detroit has been the luckiest team in the NHL draft the last 12 years or so.

  80. I agree. I wish one of them had the balls to say
    Id like to Congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins for Sucking so Bad for so long and almost moving from the city twice in your history that you were able to stockpile generational talent and win the Stanley cup again. Congratulations for being in a market that is allowed to tank repeatedly due to lack of interest until you receive the best players in the league through being sucky enough at the right time draft them 1st and 2nd overall and then fooling everyone in the PR department into thinking that you are a model sports franchise.

  81. I will say this Carp.
    Detroit has the best Talent Development in the league. And I do agree that they are one of if not the best organization in all of the NHL.

  82. “After Michael Jackson’s autopsy revealed that his body was made up of 80% plastic, his estate decided to melt down his body into leggos so that Children would be able to play with HIS parts for a change”

    Ahahahaha, i needed that.


    That deal wont ever happen, compared to what LA is supposedly offering.

    At this point, the only way we get Heatley is if Slats offers of one of those two, in a package of Rozi, #19, and a top prospect.

  83. tyree
    June 26th, 2009 at 2:38 pm
    Four cups because of System, Development and a few picks that were really lucky. I wouldn’t say that Filipula or Abracadabra or Kopecky and Lebda strike fear into any one. Datsyuk , and Zetterberg were gambles that paid off

    right on tyree.

  84. I agree with your point on the Sather/Messier thing. I think that Sather got lucky with Kurri and Ranford and Klima as well as others. And i think that he was lucky to be a bad team at the right time so he was able to pick some top flight talet early like Coffey and Lowe and Fuhr. These players could have verywell been different players if he had to pick, say 4 spots earlier or later. the draft is a crapshoot and you just hope that the players become what you envision.

  85. i for one want heatley real bad but if it means staal dubi or cally i think we have to pass. as a season tix holder who sits in last row of 300s i can’t see this team doing something ordinary.

    ticket prices raised means sather will do something huge. lets hope he doesnt screw us 3 years in a row.

    gomez drury 07
    redden rozival no jagr 08
    whats 09 bring

  86. i would be ok giving up cally for heatley. but i think dubi is better and will be a very good player for us in the future. not sayin cally wouldnt, but hes a 20 goal scorer and he did that playing with gomez on the 1st line alot.

  87. Now after all of my rants I do believe that I could draft the best players in this draft from reading the scouting reports, but thats because I am an Ahole. LOL

  88. Dubi was a 14 goal scorer and has a season playing with Jagr under his belt and played alot on the wing with gomez towards the end the season as well. Ill take the relentless 20 goal scoring Callahan over Dubi if I needed to pick. Though I hope i never have to.

  89. eric- i hear ya. i would love to gat heats. i would give up rozy,zherdev,our 1st in ’10,sangs, and the rights to maras beard. hey, were gonna be takin 4 mill off their hands too. so that should be good enough. throw in duby if they give us elliot. j/k.

  90. Kaberle has a window in his NMC where he can be traded…. does something like his exist for any of our big contracts!!???!

  91. tyree- yea. its hard. i love em both. duby is a better passer, bigger, more versatile. cally is more straightforward. what ya see is pretty much it. but he has shown to be able to get to a another level in his career that duby hasnt yet. hes tougher, faster and can score more goals it seems for right now. they both have great qualities and are alike in many respects. its hard. its like saying that godzilla is better than rodan because he can shoot that firey lightning breath at rodan and burn him . but then rodan can fly and pick godilla up and drop him on a high tension wire or drop giant boulders on him. then ya got staal(the smog monster) who can fly and dump a couple tons of monstrous green diahrea and farts on both of them. then theres heatley(geedra the 3 headed monster from planet x) who can kill all 3 of them with electricity blasts and he can fly too and he has 3 heads so he can bite godzilla, rodan and the smog monster at the same time. then ya have zherdev who is mothra in this epic battle. hes not big mothra, thats antropov. hes baby mothra the caterpillar. then ya got sather who is gamera the flying turtle that farts fire and hot ass air to propel bhim through the galaxy. its a battle for all mankind and were just the little japanese people getting stepped on

  92. pavel- i know gomez has a limited clause where either he can pick 3 teams he will accept a trade to, or 3 teams that he wont accept a trade too. not sure. but hes very movable. dru has full ntc and dru is nmc so he cant even be demoted to hartford i dont think. redden i think cant be traded unless he ok’s it, but he can be threatened with demotion or being scratched every game, so he would probably accept a trade

  93. Cally reminds me of the “little ball of hate”
    Anyone know who i’m talking aboot?

  94. YAY
    We need more nicknames in Hockey. They dont seem to be anymore inventive than adding a y or an er to their names now. Like Heater for Heatly or Cally for Callahan and Gomer for Gomez. Lets start giving these players the nicknames they deserve. The last cool name i can remember is Godzilla for Kolzig

  95. gio the flying squirrel. he does look like rocky. gomez looks like bullwinkle.

  96. LOL

    a disease where you make millions of dollars off of one fluke 40 goal season

  97. My roommates and I used to call Gionta that (in reference to Verbeek) when he was at BC. Gionta was a complete SOB when he played college hockey.

  98. Andy Bathgate’s grandson is in this draft. projected to go anywhere from 4th to 7th round.
    His name is Andy Bathgate lol

  99. Spectors reporting Rangers are super Hot on HEatley and there the onyl team throwing a REAL offer at him. Deal is again Rosi, 5th, but Murray want either Dubi, Cally, or Stall thrown into the mix (Not Zherdev)and SAther’s not budging (THANK GOD)

    Window is closing and sources say they dont want to pay the 4 mil he’s owed so it could go down as early as tonight

    we shall see

    See you all 2 morow boys and girls

    Welcome back Carp!!

  100. drury-dreary,droopy,capn crunch,capn crotch

    gomez-gomer,gomey,gomo the clown, blowmez

    lundqvist-hank,(people who cant spell hank usually write henke,lol, king henrik, lungfish(my personal fave)

    staal- staalsy

    avery- aves,the great gabbo(fischlers name for him)

    dubinsky- doob, doobs, dooby, duby, dubi,… doo?

    callahan- cally, punk rock(mikeA’s name for him) cal

    zherdev- Z, zee, zherdoof

    antropov- an-dropoff, antro, android, gigantor the space age robot, godzilla

    naslund- nas, naz, nazzy,

    jagr- jags(yogs)

    sjostrom- shoe, freddy shoes, shoestring,

    voros- virus, crisco, cookie dough

    roszival- rozy, blowzival

    redden- dreaden, traffic cone, pylon

    girardi- girardi

    betts- bettsy, bb, betts

    orr- orr

    valliquette- vally, valleycat, val

    mara- paul bunyon, the beard

    morris- ? nine lives? morris the cat

    anisimov- AA, artie

    sanguinetti- sangs, sags

    del zotto- DZ

    sather- slats, cigar puss,

    schoenfeld- shoney, donuts

    rissmiller- riss, pissmiller

    messier- mess, the capn, the messiah

    graves- gravey

    leetch- leetchynut

    prucha- pru, prooks, peter puck

    dawes- dawesy, black magic

  101. No nicknames? How about Captain Clutch.

    Best hockey nickname ever: The Isles had a lazy, classic underachiever named Mikko Makela. He was dubbed the European Vacation.

    Can’t get enough Godzilla references for me.

    New post.

  102. 22- lol megalon. how bout mecha godzilla?, oh and one of antros nicknames shouldnt be godzilla, it shouldve been baby godzilla.

  103. HAHA Makela. I remember him Thats a great Nickname. Could be used for Zee also lol

  104. well boys
    Im off to crash the Isles draft party. Lets all hope that Sather doesn’t screw us anymore thatn usual tonight.

  105. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Welcome back.

    To answer your question, I would definitely move Dubinsky for Heatley, if only because we have enough depth up the middle that we can afford to let him go to bring in the goal scorer that our entire system lacks.

    Callahan I would pause on. I think it would depend on the rest of the package.

    Staal is a no.

    What about you? What do you think of acquiring Heatley? If you were interested, what would you propose in exchange? And either way, what do you think it would take to land him?

    I had made a suggestion when this story first broke (and was later plagiarized from me by Larry Brooks) of Zherdev, Rozsi, and Sanguinetti. We would take back Heatley and either Jason Smith or Chris Kelly (helps them clear more cap space to flesh out their roster). Obviously there would need to be some tweaking, but I think that’s the base agreement.

  106. doodie
    for one u plagerized me on the rozy zherdev sags and number 19 pick. the day ej hradek broke news about 130 in afternnon of game 6 of the finals i wrote first post about that package.
    check the proof.

    i will take full credit for that trade

  107. You have to admit, that Brass Bonanza was a unique way of celebrating a goal and introducing a team. We all loved it.

    Holmgren was the best GM Whale ever had, and the worst? I’d have to reccomend Pierre McGuire.

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