Cap room?


Here’s a blank canvas for your comments and discussion during the first round of the draft tonight. It’s on Versus at 7 p.m., but hopefully they’ll use the TSN feed and analysts.

Meanwhile, I just got this from the NHL and NHLPA:


        TORONTO/NEW YORK (June 26, 2009) — The National Hockey League Players’ Association and the National Hockey League announced today that the Team Payroll Range established for the 2009-10 League Year, pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, provides for a Lower Limit of $40.8 million, an Adjusted Midpoint of $48.8 million and an Upper Limit of $56.8 million.

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  1. I really thought we’d hear some trades by now. Let’s hope this draft goes well. I got my popcorn

  2. Re-Post

    I wish Michael Jackson was the GM of Nyr, then none of our kids would get traded.

    But seriously, it’s good to see Slats isn’t budging when it comes to the three youngsters, but at the same time, i hope Murray can forget them and ask for something else.

  3. re-post:

    No nicknames? How about Captain Clutch.
    Best hockey nickname ever: The Isles had a lazy, classic underachiever named Mikko Makela. He was dubbed the European Vacation.
    Can’t get enough Godzilla references for me.

    mike, thanks for the list of nicknames at the end of the last post.


    You got some names wrong. Girardi is “Danny G”, and also you left out Blows-em-all for Blowsival.

    And don’t make fun of Voros too much, cause he’s getting depressed cause of all the stress he’s feeling at home, he has a poor credit score, and the numbers would haunt him when ever he’s on the ice. Free credit, tell your friends, tell your dad, tell your mom, tell your teammates !

  5. repost:

    drury-dreary,droopy,capn crunch,capn crotch

    gomez-gomer,gomey,gomo the clown, blowmez

    lundqvist-hank,(people who cant spell hank usually write henke,lol, king henrik, lungfish(my personal fave)

    staal- staalsy

    avery- aves,the great gabbo(fischlers name for him)

    dubinsky- doob, doobs, dooby, duby, dubi,… doo?

    callahan- cally, punk rock(mikeA’s name for him) cal

    zherdev- Z, zee, zherdoof

    antropov- an-dropoff, antro, android, gigantor the space age robot, godzilla

    naslund- nas, naz, nazzy,

    jagr- jags(yogs)

    sjostrom- shoe, freddy shoes, shoestring,

    voros- virus, crisco, cookie dough

    roszival- rozy, blowzival

    redden- dreaden, traffic cone, pylon

    girardi- girardi

    betts- bettsy, bb, betts

    orr- orr

    valliquette- vally, valleycat, val

    mara- paul bunyon, the beard

    morris- ? nine lives? morris the cat

    anisimov- AA, artie

    sanguinetti- sangs, sags

    del zotto- DZ

    sather- slats, cigar puss,

    schoenfeld- shoney, donuts

    rissmiller- riss, pissmiller

    messier- mess, the capn, the messiah

    graves- gravey

    leetch- leetchynut

    prucha- pru, prooks, peter puck

    dawes- dawesy, black magic

    lol no prob carp. i added a few who will be rangers for life and some that were here recently and had cool nicknames

  6. onecupin69years and counting on

    What does this cap mumbo jumbo really mean? Is it 56.8? or lower or any where in between?

  7. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Draft day today!!! Yo Ricky !!! Whazzzzuppp?

    Sather awakes from his slumber..ahhhh who do I pick again!!??

  8. i hope we get either palmeiri, kreider, kassian, ashton, morin, leblanc, ferraro, shore, or ellis and erixon. lol. im keping my list big so i dont get dissappointed

  9. Carp-remember Mikko Leninen? Allhe had to do as lift the puck over a fallen Billy Smith and the Rangers would have stopped the Icelanders.

  10. onecupin69years and counting on

    I think slats will pull one of his genius moves in the trade, he’ll trade later round picks in this draft and next years draft in an attempt to move up in this years.

    Or better yet, other teams will move up and snare away the rangers picks. They’ll do anything to screw $ather and the Ranger$.

  11. Actually i hope we trade that 1st for Heatley, and Murray pretty much gives him to us for nothing.

    Then it would be a great day. I don’t know if it can top yesterday though, that MJ news brought some great quotes.

  12. I think you forgot Korpedo, which is a good one.

    And Torts, not to be confused with Trots.

    One of my faves from the early 90s was Mario Jr. for Jagr — which is the letters from JAROMIR jumbled; sort of like Mr. Mojo Risin for Jim Morrison.

    Mess’s actual nickname was Moose. (Voros) never fails to crack me up.

  13. onecupin69years and counting on

    I hope they don’t get Erixon, Ferraro ? who knows,
    get someone who can step in right away,and if sather can’t decide, there’s always a goalie.

  14. i keep checking all teh internets every 5 minutes for heatley trade news…literally

    i gotta take a break

  15. I married my dream girl, i married my dream girl, But she didn’t tell me her credit was bad, So now instead of living in a pleasant suburb, We’re living in the basement at her mom and dad’s, No we can’t get a LOAN For a respectable HOME, Just because my girl defaulted on some old credit card. If we’d gone to free credit report dot com ,I’d be a happy bachelor with a dog and a yard.

    Instead he’s singing tunes in the press box watching his teammates play.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, Welcome back.

    To answer your question, I would definitely move Dubinsky for Heatley, if only because we have enough depth up the middle that we can afford to let him go to bring in the goal scorer that our entire system lacks.

    Callahan I would pause on. I think it would depend on the rest of the package.

    Staal is a no.

    What about you? What do you think of acquiring Heatley? If you were interested, what would you propose in exchange? And either way, what do you think it would take to land him?

    I had made a suggestion when this story first broke (and was later plagiarized from me by Larry Brooks) of Zherdev, Rozsi, and Sanguinetti. We would take back Heatley and either Jason Smith or Chris Kelly (helps them clear more cap space to flesh out their roster). Obviously there would need to be some tweaking, but I think that’s the base agreement.

  17. Between tonight and July 1st, it’s like Hanukkah (or Festivus) in the summer.

    Since I’m taking the bar in about a month, I could use some good vibes starting tonight.

    LET’S GO SLATS you moron.

  18. I was getting depressed, cause of all the stress i was feeling at home, i had poor stats, and the numbers would haunt me where ever id play. I thought id sign with a team that would stink and nobody would care, i just wish that team didn’t send me to a Renaissance Fair!

    New York Rangers, Tell Your Dad, Tell Your Mom, Tell My Teammates
    Never mind that they’ve been stealing my ice time every night, since i first showed up and took a penalty.

    So if you’re not into me getting my ass kicked
    Pointy skate blades, and blue tights
    Take a tip from a loser who knows about the New York Rangers, Lets Go !!!

  19. do we love dubi for his effort and attitude and not his play?

    can he be just a good guy who plays hard but will never score more then 23 goals while getting premium minutes?

    that are your opinions…


  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m still pissed about Cherepanov dying, from a hockey sense. Let’s pretend he didn’t die, but instead just retired prematurely from hockey, so I feel like less of a scum bag for talking about this, because it has the same effect on the Rangers. When Slats made that pick, I thought he had hit a home run. When Jags went out there, I thought that he was basically going to prep this kid for the big time and that we finally had a superstar-quality scorer in our system.

    I’d rather the team start tanking than limp into the playoffs every year so this way we can restock our system, because it is just pitiful right now.

  21. DOODIE

    Like i have been saying, and someone else. I got no problem tanking and getting #1 overall picks, and starting from scratch, but Hank is only gonna get older. He may not be the same as he is now, even though he hasn’t really showed up 100% for the playoffs, in each year he’s been in the NHL.

    I don’t know, at this point i don’t even care anymore. Ill root for them, but i don’t expect anything good to come out of the team we have.

  22. doodie

    i felt exactly the same way when i saw them select him, jagr went to go play for him.

    i really felt like we would have a home grown superstar talent.
    it is such a shame. for him, his family, the nyr organization, fans.

    the only person who comes close to his skill set next year is kabanov and he will go top 2 for sure.


    hank is probably the only person ill feel bad for. if the team wants to tank he deserves to go to a contender out west.

  23. Took & passed NY bar last summer. Piece of cake :-)

    NJ is a waste of time, unless you live/work there. Everybody I know regrets it. Especially when their stupid CLE requirements creep up on you.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    stuart, I think Dubinsky has some big time potential. He absolutely does. He’s got a good attitude and work ethic. I don’t think he reaches that potential though, not on this team.

    When he was playing with Jagr he looked like he had a fantastic future. That’s because he was producing on the regular. It gave him great confidence. He would drive to the net, take defenders on, make heads up plays in the offensive zone. When he plays with that confidence, that swagger, you can see the great potential he has. And that swagger carried into the beginning of this season and he had that fast start. But once things started to dry up for him, his confidence was shot, and his play regressed. Without teammates who can help him be productive every night, he isn’t going to learn to be that star player. That’s like what Torts said about him needing to learn to be a star. But he isn’t that blue chip kind of prospect who can make the jump on his own. He needs help. And our team just doesn’t have the right guys to help him. We did, and now he’s in Siberia.

  25. it should read – jagr went to go play with him..
    but now that doesnt even sound good.

  26. doodie
    for one i will take full credit for posting the day that ej hradek broke news of heatley being moved on game 6 of the finals so if anyone plagirized it was you after i first reported rozi zherdev sags and 19th pick for heatley.
    check the proof
    all posts were directed to me

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I took NY last year too. I wish I took NJ. You can go inactive with your license and just renew it by taking the CLE’s and paying some money later. Beats having to take the MBE a second time if you ever wanted to live in Jersey and practice there.

    As it stands, I might end up doing that.

    Good luck Noah. Don’t be concerned with good vibes. SCX and I took the bar with the vibes of signing Wade Redden and reupping Rozsi to that awful contract!

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I took NY last year too. I wish I took NJ. You can go inactive with your license and just renew it by taking the CLE’s and paying some money later. Beats having to take the MBE a second time if you ever wanted to live in Jersey and practice there.

    As it stands, I might end up doing that.

    Good luck Noah. Don’t be concerned with good vibes. SCX and I took the bar with the vibes of signing Wade Redden and reupping Rozsi to that awful contract!

  29. ‘Cause this is thriller, thriller night(draft)
    And no one’s gonna save you from the beast(sather) about to strike
    You know it’s thriller, thriller night
    You’re fighting for life inside a killer, thriller tonight

  30. LOL thank you guys for the support.

    I plan to practice in NJ as I am clerking there next year and am currently living there. And I took NY because I’m sure I’ll eventually end up there.

    I will say if Redden is not on the Rangers as of next week, I will probably miss the bar due to excessive celebration inebriation.

  31. It puts us with an elite winger, but one (or two) fan favorites who gave 110% every shift, every game, are now in Ottawa.

  32. thrashers shopping the 4th pick.
    sather nowhere to be found on the floor
    burke has been there for hours getting heckled

    god 7pm cant come soon enough

  33. The Sharks have just traded Joe Thornton to the Leafs, with the Oilers in the deal. Michael and I have alot in common with oiled youngsters.

  34. valleycat is the best nickname, hands down.

    prediction: the rangers arent going to make any big trades tonight.

  35. Pavel it puts us with an elite winger, and down 1 maybe 2 gritty hard working young players and still a first and at most a 2nd round exit from the playoffs.

  36. Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the “Neil Type”),and Rozsival.

    i dont know where i found this, i posted it somewhere else last night. did anyone see this proposed trade?

  37. if we wont be able to get Heatley or Gaborik this season or Kovalchuk in 10/11 season… well there is always Malkin in 5 years or Crosby in 4. :)

  38. Raider this will only be true if it was past 7pm and after the Isles made an official selection…till then… nobody knows…not even people at Newsday

  39. “avalanche sources” say the isles will take duchene
    hedman will go to bolts
    and they will take tavares

  40. Stallwart- I may be late to the party, but when you say
    “for the playes mentioned” what is the rumored deal you are talking about?

  41. Fly line,
    I’m referring to the Staal, Cally, and/or Dubinski…who are IMO untouchable.

  42. has that been reported anywhere? I am apposed to trading staal- don’t want to trade duby or cally- but have to give to get- if I have to deal 1 i would deal dubi-

  43. Fly Line,
    but my question is…where does a Heatley get us?
    IMO the same first and second round exits we are used to.

  44. I’m out…later guys!
    Have fun…
    I can’t post from my home computer for some reason so I’ll be reading but not posting.

  45. dont screw us again sather. please for the love of god dont mortgage all kids for heatley. dont cave in to murray. do it on your terms

  46. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I don’t expect the Rangers to do anything other than staying put and take the best player they think is out there. So although there is alot of intrigue, nothing much will happen because of the cap next year and the year after.

  47. heatley wont get traded tonight. and we arent gettin him either. sather isnt budging which is good. he isnt giving up on guys like duby,cally,staal. hes not makin the same mistakes again. good sather. now pick kasian!!!

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    azzlanders can take a flying Fu** !!! They need a building and a player ..looks like they get a few players today!! Islanders are trying to out do The Rangers and try to emerge as the best team in New York!!Today is step towards that goal for them..we have to pull some rabbits outta someones azz!!!!!!!!

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    This a bad news for us Ranger fans …only Glen can save us now!!!! GULp!!!

  50. pronger move for philly is to try and shut down crosby and malkin. flyers will have to move people now

  51. Laurel Babcock on

    Hey guys! Damn, I lied again….I just can’t stay away….Carp, thanks for the bit on the previous post. Funny and appreciated. I said I wasn’t gonna watch, but eh, here I am. But TV and computer are in different rooms, so I may lag behind.

    and thanks to you who posted kind words too.

    mike in ia, belated hysterics on the typo

  52. I sort of agree with you Staal but Heatly can be a very good player for us, give us a better chance to win next year as well as say in 3 years when hopefully some of the kids can develop. I wouldn’t trade for a 34 year old but Heatley will be good for a while-

    Tough spot but the talent level on our forwards are just not up to par. We aren’t going to rebuild, so what do you do? nothing and waste Lunqists prime?

  53. yea this is awesome!!!! draft day!!! love this excitement. oh yea, we pick 19th. damn. ok landon yea we pick ya. ya dad was good. ok, cmon get your rangers jersey that you will never wear besides tonight because we’ll be trading you in 3 years for a 50 year old chelios

  54. Why does it always take forever for this crap to start. It’s almost 15 after and round 1 takes like 30 minutes per spot!

  55. piles are taking tavares. unless they are planning on trading the 1st pick to us and in exchange, we will let them play their home games at the rangers practice facility when their arena gets demolished

    bettmans shakin already orr!!

  56. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Islanders have always been the top team in NY sinse they came in ..Rangers played second fiddle to them in the 80’s untill the Rangers picked up Messier in 1991 ..we have ruled so far…

  57. The Question shouldn’t be who the Islanders will take.It should be who the hell wants to go there.

  58. DarrenDreger: as TSN reported off the top of the show. Pronger traded to Philly. Deal is for Lupul, Sbisa and 2 firsts.

  59. Laurel Babcock on

    He is the enemy. Until he (maybe) joins the Rangers at some point (hello, Jagr, Shanney…). besides, he’s cute.

  60. wow, thats pretty much like 4 #1 picks- for pronger

    they have to make another move with their cap, right?

  61. my god pierre when he talks and bops and twitches his head i wanna kill somebody!!!!

  62. anyone see duchesne reaction when hedman got picked pumped his fist wants colorado not tampa

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Philthy gets Pronger
    Tampa gets Headman

    Rangers….are screwed!!

  64. stamkos and hedman are gonna make the lightning great for the lightning to compete with the caps down there

  65. they said Hedman wanted to be a goalie.. Tampa has a sheet for a goalie so they may as well put Hedman in net! Lol

  66. to answer my own question, Lawton was No. 1 overall in 1983 and never scored more than 21 goals in the most offensive era in recent history if not ever.

  67. pavel- lol only if we had picked him. any other team and hes a star buddy lol

  68. lol you ready for dreary and blowmez getting destroyed by pronger 6 times + a year (if for some reason we make the playoffs by a miracle and play philly)

    dont worry though our big stoppers Redden and Rosival will take it to pronger

  69. we all know sather will do something crazy. lets hope we all like it.

    drury gomez 07
    redden rozival 08 no jagr

    09 dont screw up again

  70. sather aint doin jack eric. we have no real asets that were willing to part with anyway

  71. Pronger went to Philthy for Lukas Sbisa, Joffrey Lupul and two first-round picks

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Nawww we got Gravchev and seeing this Drat , I like Staalsie even more…no wait..I love Staasie!!!

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Rangerss!!!!!!!!!!! Load up on Crosby for all we care asslanders….Rangers will always be above you clowns!!!!

  74. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    come on , come on , show the Rangers pick!!!!!

  75. chris- defensman dont usually try to shutdown other defenseman. usually they stop the forwards lol

  76. philthy gave up a ton for a guy I think is a FA after next year…

    2 first, lupul and spiza…

    philthy always goes for it that is for sure…anaheim has neidermayer coming back 1 more year and they will be good for a long long time with all these picks….

  77. ok. the big 3 are gone. is this almost over yet??? no big trades with this weak draft class

  78. Laurel Babcock on

    Ha! Carp, had to chime in on that. When I heard that I thought, he is the enemy now. Trots. Eesh.

  79. agree flyers gave up tons but i think they want to win now and need to shut down crosby and malkin and ovechkin so i see there point if thats it

  80. man i really like duchene. i wish we couldve got him. damnit drury its all your fault

  81. “I think there is more to that Flyers/Ducks trade.”

    yeah, they forgot to mention a Philly Cheesesteak with onions!

  82. Laurel Babcock on

    Oy. Does everyone have to thank Montreal and congratulate the Pens….by the time we get to 19 it will be tomorrow.

  83. mike
    can only hope. getting married in 6 days the rangers owe me a gift for being a season tix holder


    This is painful. Can’t they speed it up? We get presidential election results faster.

  85. so, what type of a contract Snow is going to offer to Tavares? I bet it wont be less than 9 years at 7 mil per.

  86. tavares is gonna be doin the kansas city shuffle with wang and snow in a few months. wang and snow. i like that. kinda like hall and oates

  87. If we’re lucky it’ll be tomorrow. Someone needs to make a sign and hold it up every time “We’d like to thank the city of montreal and congratulate the Pens”.

    much faster that way.

  88. Hey guys and gals
    Possting live from islanders draft party. Quite afew Rangers jerseys. I’m telling you that there would be a riot if the pick was anyone else. It’s gonna be great to hate him in the coming years. 4 1st round picks for pronger. We are screwed but so are the Pens so I’m not so upset LOL

  89. congrats eric. when i got married in 03- the rangers repayed me with the best pick ever!!! huge specimen!!! so youre sure to bein for another treat good buddy

  90. when i got divorced, that year they picked del zotto!!! burkey is pissed!!!!! awwww no schenn bros for burke

  91. Laurel Babcock on

    Eric, congrats! and CCCP too. You’re making Shibby’s mama legal…didn’t tell me that :)

    Tyree, you are brave.

  92. i told you guys the Isles were looking to move up and we should have traded our picks to gain more picks in order to sweeten some possible future trades !!!!

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    “In April, 2010:


    We don’t have that kind of luck.

  94. Man, the action here is happening WAY too fast! Can we slow this down a little so I can think of some memory device to get all the picks in order? Tavares, Hedman, Duchene, Kane…
    Two Happy Dorks Keep Smiling… etc…

  95. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s a question. TSN is part owned by ESPN. Isn’t it strange that they allow TSN’s coverage to be broadcasted on Versus, considering how ESPN didn’t want to cover the NHL in America?

    Doesn’t that just strengthen their rival?

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane, compared to how slowly the last couple of weeks have gone, this is an unbelievably fast pace.

  97. Blueshirt in Paris on

    As much as I cant stand him they should play more of him with the mic.

  98. why does this guy who does the interviews ask the gm’s hoe ffrustrated are you that didnt get so and so player right in front of the guy who they did pick??? thats freakin rude man id smack him in his head if i was the kid sittin there

  99. Rick – no way can that be a good idea. Buy a roller and a nice, wide tray, get some killer tunes on the box, start early in the AM and paint like a professional.

  100. ricky, the power painter sucks, really, dont even bother, just paint the old fashioned way, the power painter always gets clogged, and youre constantly having to refill it

  101. Laurel

    Yes, July 31st Shibby will no longer be a bastard child!


    I’ll lunch with you any time man!

  102. josh actually is now 24. the pace of the draft has slowed time so much that we actually are all a year younger

  103. Laurel Babcock on

    CCCP, if the wedding’s anywhere near I want an invite!

    Josh will always be 26….we’ll all be 100 by the time 19 comes around.

  104. if we have to give up cally staal doobie del zotto or grachev for heatley i say no effin way!

  105. eric- i told ya we arent gettin heatley. not today anyway. there wont be much trades. i dont want one. i wanna see who we will pick

  106. and plus i wanna see if slats is still alive. thats another reason i wanna see us pick

  107. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    whooohoo Saskatoon conection , Bob Mckensies says!!!! Great Saskatoon players…maybe thats why im so good!!! hahaha

  108. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    My city with no NHL franchise , not even in my province (Sask.)Gets some talk at the Draft …sweet.

    Rangerssss come on …who do we get!!!??????

  109. greg- youre so good because youre a ranger fan!!!! and youre a zherdev fan too!!! go zherdev!!!! i wanna se him dangle next year like a man possessed with finnesse!!!

  110. anybody notice how bitter Bryan murray looked making that pick?? is kadri that good, he;s still upset he didnt get him

  111. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Zherdev was ruined by Torts to make ANY trade…his Value went down after the playoff , but he’ll be cheap and alot better ..fur shirley!!

  112. im possessed with finnesse myself actually. murray just said he aint budgin. we aint gettin him eric. sry bud

  113. greg, dont u mean renny messed him up?? how did torts? he benched him just like renny did and he deserved it

  114. What a boring draft this is, nothing good going on. Unfortunately we’re going to have to deal with Prongers elbow’s to the heads to everyone on Nyr. And nobody will step up to fight the guy. Forcing Dubi, or Staal to take an ass kicking. Ugh.

    Holmgrn is an idiot, he gave TWO 1ST ROUND PICKS, AND Lupul, & Luca Spisa, for this aging lunatic, cry baby. Are you kidding me, all the Ducks gave them was Pronger, and some Dingle-berry kid. Wow, what a horrible job.

    There better be some trades, cause this is boring me.

    And im guessing that East team that turned down Murray’s offer, was Nyr. It has to be.

  115. used one once on one outside wall. had a nice smoother finish
    but used a lot of paint.

    you’ll probably do just as well using the old roller or paintbrush.

  116. orr- you’ll get to keep your name now. orr is gonna be resigned now that pronger is in philthy!!! and greg you can kep yours too cuz nobody wants him!!!

  117. Laurel Babcock on

    Carry on fans….I’m out of here. 19 is faaaarrrr away. I let you and the blog pros take ever. Catch you lateeeer….(Orr that was you right? If not, sorry. I was Dazed and Confused.”)

  118. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    No , i don’t believe Renney did , Renny only scratched Prucha,Dawes and Korpi alot. Zherdev could have been scatched maybe once by Renney …but Renney put up with his bad givaways cuz he was still producing. Like one blog poster here once said…I’d rather see a young guy screw up and learn from it than some old vet screwing up .

    Torts came in and Zherdev was playing alot , then not at all..Torts screwed up by Not playing Avery in the series clinching game while we had momentum , and then got himself tossed. Torts is what we need and I’ll just follow what our coach wants.

  119. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Laterrrr , Laurel!!! Pros? WOW were blog pros.

  120. greg- u confusin me on that last sentence. torts is a good coach man. he sucked in the playoffs though. but hes just gettin used to the team. i believe after he watches drury for a few more months he’ll get sick of him and strip the c and put it on doobs. watch. dru is gonna have another bad year. hes gettin old

  121. Laurel Babcock on

    mike in ia…i love the princess!

    ZzZz..sorry, you’re right.

    See, this is how boring this draft is…See ya later! Really…

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    If Slats picks Kulikov, he BETTER trade someone. Too many defensemen, not any offense.

  123. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I like Kulikov alot but I think it might be time to stop with the gambling on russians if someone else is there at forward. That being said, Kulikov is great and is ready to play now!

  124. greg- were blog masters!!!! me, you, cccp, orr, tyree, eric, colin, pavel, kaspar, nasty, jpg, no country, staal wart, chris, somerset, and last but not least, mikeA, are all the assistant blog gms . the rest are blog scouts and consultants

  125. damn mike in ia

    “blog princess”
    Jane may be watching
    or she your “blog queen”

  126. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia , Don’t be confused . I know Torts screwed up but I have faith in him. I can’t bail on my coach and GM.

  127. somerset- i said that before. we def are signin orr again.

    jpg- theyre blog royalty man. were just peasants. lol. no, ive been promoted to esquire of lohudland

  128. mike in ia

    see……i stay away from here for awhile and
    not only find out that there is a
    but now that there was an opening for esquire of lohudland

    shouldn’t that make you
    sir mike in ia now??

  129. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    lol, the Isles move up to take a guy who would have been there at 16, and might have even been there at their original 26th pick.

  130. i said this days ago … it could have been us inheriting the 4-5 picks columbus got!!!

    somerset June 25th, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    The first thing i would do if i were GM

    TRADE DOWN to the New York Islanders, they have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and im sure will be looking to package some picks to move up a little more in the late 1st round.

    Then i trade Sjostrom to Atlanta or Toronto since they had the worst PK’s last year for a 3rd round pick

    So I trade our 19th to NYI for their 26th and 31st

    Then i trade Rozsival, our new 1st rounder (26th), and our original 2nd round pick (47th)to Ottawa for Heatley.

    That does leave us w/o a first rounder but we have the first pick in round 2 and an additional pick in round 3

  131. isles give up lots of picks to move up to 12 to take a guy ranked 23rd on tsn they may have gotten him at 26. pierre was surprised

  132. mike in IA …

    i appreciate being included in the co-online Gm Spot since im a first year blogger on here !! putting some faith in a rookie !!! i’ll do my best to not dissappoint you !! ha

  133. Rangers are getting Kulikhov and including Sangs in a trade for Kaberle or Heatley!!! MARK IT DOWN !! ha

  134. Damn, I want to see another trade or signing. Preferably someone for us.

    Hi Jane :)

  135. thanks for the power painter comments. I love painting with the iPod blasting. As long as I don’t have to climb ladders. And it will be dry before the first round is over.

    If this is this bad, imagine what tomorrow will be like. Fortunately it won’t be on TV.

    Seriously, you guys who are getting married: Congratulations! It’s a great institution. And I would still like to have lunch with you. We can talk Rangers instead of advice.

  136. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    uhg. this is playing out with the Rangers drafting Kulikov simply because he falls to them, despite being already overly strong with defensive prospects and desperately needing potential top 6 talent in their system. Not to mention a bad experience with our last Russian prospect.

  137. kassian is armenian. kinda like kardashian. hey, guys, and gals, were getting landon!!!!!!

  138. lol jpg. i want ashton!!!! i want bobkov!!!! i want heat… i mean i wanna keep dubinsky. yea!!!

  139. damn !!!! im heading to the janitorial closet as we speak mike in IA.

    thats the 2nd time i named a player and then he was picked !! i suck

    The President and GM has slipped off to the side for a one-on-one with the Sens GM…He’s leaning against the sideboards, they’ve been talking for several minutes. Might they be discussing the 19th pick?

  141. somer- i was writing a rersponse about us gettin kulikov and then they said his name. we must have some sort of special connection

  142. speaking of Jay Bo
    since just about every player moving is
    supposedly on Sather’s radar

    i’m curious what others have heard about him because
    i could have sworn that near the trade deadline some
    were saying that he’s overrated, possibly not as good defensively in his end or not as big or something.

    am i imagining things here?

  143. i hope so dore!!!!!!! please sather get heatley!!!!! lol my true feelings come out when im kulikoved

  144. I spent a lot of time watching Schroeder in the World Juniors and he played on a line with Van Riemsdyk (Drafted 2 overall by Philly in ’07) and Wilson (Drafted 10 overall by Nashviller on ’08). He outplayed both of them in that tournament and was DOMINANT at times. It is time for Sather to move up a few spots and take this kid. He has already spent a year playing college hockey.

  145. I with ya Mike! 28 year old 40 goal scorer…VS just reported the same thing Mr. Zipay reported.

  146. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Boooooooo!! But wait!!..this cat will have his day!!! Sather will feast!!! Attack Glen!! Attack!!! Jump on that Ottawa table and growl at Brian!!! Seek him Sather like Tyson and DON’T take your eyes off him!!!!

  147. rozy and zherdev must be kulikoved right now worrying about getting traded. lol naaa theyre playin peanuckle. its a new game where you pee on your nuckle

  148. deep down ottawa wants to move him by wed to avoid the 4 mill. sather play his cards right

  149. Mr Zipay note:
    ..with both nodding. Something could be up on the Heatley front. Sather discussing with the table…Then again, it may be that they’ll talk again tomorrow.

  150. sathers not gonna get out gmed by murray. he’ll sign heatley in 2018 dont worry guys

  151. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    S-A-T-H-E-R !!!!! Fire….ooops I mean Go SATHER!!! GO GO GO!!!

  152. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Whewwww!! Pavel..hope so!! no offece , it him or you andddddd I have to take my good buddy Dubi!!

  153. Look at what Philly had to give up for Pronger, who’s under contract for ONE more year!??!?… Murray got a stiffy while he talked to Slats.

  154. im 2 for 2 with naming names so im afraid to say i think we have a shot at John Moore.

    Then we trade Sangs in a package for Heatley

  155. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    NOOOOOOOOO Not Dubi!!!! We grew this kid up , all of us..he like are own son!!!! We raised him through Hartford and Blogged him to death to be a Ranger full time!!! NO TO GIVING UP ON DUBI!!! ….ahh Fu** it ..we lost Jagr..i dont care anymore….wait!! I do!!..too many emotions..goto be cool!!!

  156. pavel- ive been getting kulikoved on seagrams 102 proof gin!!! hey, its cheap. ok!!

  157. it takes so long because those damn kids have
    to hug and shake hands with a couple dozen well-wishers.

  158. MTL is going to take Leblanc. They love getting those Frenchies, but they won’t be getting a Cup in another decade! ahhaahaha

  159. You gotta take the best player available in the 1st round no matter the position and John Moore is the best player

    Goodbye Sangs

    My pick is Kyle Palmieri

  160. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Ok , almost time for our pick…it is very interesting .

  161. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp I’m getting married too, and I honestly can’t wait.

    We have a shot at Carter Ashton. I hope we get him.

    Provided there is no Heatley trade. I was so happy when I saw Slats talking to Murray. Looks like it ain’t happenin though.

    I would’ve dumped Dubinsky, even though he’s my fiancee’s favorite player.

  162. wow there is a shocker! Canadians selected a CANADIAN!

    its like if i would got o Bright Beach and go to a Russian store!

  163. told ya greg. between now and the next 5 minutes, our chances of gettin heater is greatly diminished cuz of the pick

  164. Doodie Machetto on

    If they get Ashton, I will be thoroughly happy.

    It’s not best player available when your system has a CLEAR hole. We have no goal-scoring wings in our entire system. We are also very small on the wing. Ashton addresses all of those issues.

    Let’s see how Slats manages to screw this up. I bet he drafts someone ranked outside of the first round.

  165. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d also consider Chris Kreider, even though he is a natural center.

    Not small Schroeder, and NO MORE GOD DAMN DEFENSEMEN!

  166. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    This year I didnt do any window shopping …I’m happy with whom ever we get!!…well not that jed jesseman , mike was saying about.

  167. morin thats my pick!!! or ashton. or dingleberry. or pigvomit. or smegma mc heatley

  168. Doodie Machetto on



  169. Doodie Machetto on



  170. UESBlueshirt on

    Bettman and Sather, who are two people that I’d like to see get struck by lightning.

  171. Doodie Machetto on

    HA, no Leetch congratulations, and they continue to ignore their glaring need on the wing.

    At least he’s got good size, and he is a good skater.

  172. good luck to the kid and all
    did you see his photo
    his neck looks as if it was photoshopped!

  173. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    wow , Kreider is fast!!! the fastest of all scouted..nice. Best sinse Brian Leetch!??? sweeet!!

  174. i wonder the deal was
    that they didn’t take Ashton
    (looked over Zipay’s list of Ranger possibilities)

  175. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Jessiman was from Dartmouth, not a very good program and they play in a relatively crappy conference. Kreider is headed to Boston College, which is a very good program in a very tough conference. He is being touted as the best incoming freshman college player in the nation. For those complaining about him being a center I think his skill set transfers better to a wing in the NHL so I wouldn’t worry.

  176. torts is chillin wit me carp. were drinkin and playin nhl 09. he just laughed when we picked krieder and said, bye doobs. oh crap. i just beat him in 09 and now hes tryin to throw beer bottles at me!!! brb

  177. kind of upset … taking the fast skater out of high school doesnt impress me.

    the last time we drafted with SIZE being top priority we drafted Jessiman, so im glad Slats was thinking size, size, size

  178. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Dubi’s not a center too is he!?!! GuLp!!!..but ..but ..this kids fast!!! Rica Fata yeah yeah was fast but this kids looks tough and NJ wanted him!! HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAHAHAHaa NJ ya losers , we got speedy!! you didnt!!!!!

  179. Doodie proclaiming that the Rangers “blew it” is as commonplace as Slats chomping a cigar.

  180. little green men on

    Torts is busy signin autographs.(they thought he was Fonzie from Happy Days).

  181. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Biggest winnner in the Draft so far : New York Rangers

    why? Beacause all the other teams suck!!!

  182. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I am not at all upset with the pick. At least unlike Jessiman, he can really skate. I still think there is alot of really good talent out there.

  183. Doodie Machetto on

    I guess it’s not the worst pick we could have made. I still would’ve preferred Ashton. But Kreider was my 2nd pick from who was left on the board.

    Also, did anyone notice when they interviewed Ray Ferraro that the guy called him the Little Ball of Hate, when that was actually Pat Verbeek?

  184. According to the hockey news he is a lw he is 6-2 201 lbs shoots L
    “Scouting is an inexact science, but any scout will tell you the most difficult part of the job is evaluating players in high school or prep school. Such is the case with chris kreider a boffo skater and an absolutely dominant player with andover academy. “Sometimes it’s like watching wayne Gretzky in a pick-up game,” You’re trying to decide whether those five goals he just scored were good or where they because of the competition?” That being said one thing for sure is that kreider’s skating is off the charts good. “He’s not just the best skater in the draft,” a scout said “but i’m not sure there are many guys in the nhl that skate better than this guy. “He gets out of the blocks as fast as anyone i’ve seen.” Kreider also still has a year left at Andover. The team taking him will almost certainly steer him to the USHL or Quebec League next season.” from the hockey news

  185. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie proclaiming that the Rangers “blew it” is as commonplace as Slats chomping a cigar”

    The sad fact is, I’m usually right.

    The one move he made in the past 3 years I was all about was the Cherepanov pick, and the guy went and died on us.

  186. Carp, wouldn’t the Devils trading up there mean that they most likely had 2 guys that they liked- the rangers took one of the 2 and they wanted to make sure they got the other? That’s usually how trading up comes about, when your options are limited due to someone taking who is on your list-

  187. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    HaHA Yeah Carp ..Torts was seen tossing it at the Senators table just missing Brian Murray. I geuss Sather was also seen giggling and hunched over covering his mouth!!

  188. flyline, that’s a possibility. but i think they saw the guy they wanted was still there after the rangers picked and decided to jump in and get him.

    Maybe Torts is guarding the logo in the Canadiens lockerroom.

  189. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Maybe Avery will come out in a suede pink suit with a flared up colar and brimming high boots doing the cat-walk up to the podium for our pick tommorow?


    Andy Bathgate
    Possible Pick in Rounds 4-7

    His grandfather, Andy Bathgate, was one of the greatest Rangers and NHL wingers of all time, with his No. 9 in the rafters at MSG, but 18-year-old Andy Bathgate, a center with the OHL’s Belleville Bulls, is hardly a sure-fire draft pick this year.

    Bathgate isn’t ranked by NHL Central Scouting due to a mid-season shoulder injury, but places 167th on the International Scouting Service report, which could land him in one of the last two rounds of the draft. He scored four goals and 16 points in 44 games with Belleville this season — stats that aren’t eye-popping even for someone with a Hall of Fame name.

  191. Avery is at Citi Field tonight for Mets-Yankes, they showed him on TV and the scoreboard

  192. burp…. giggle. we got rico fata 1.5!!! no really though he looks like hes gonna be a good player for us sometime in the next few years. hey, we got artie and grachev and del zotto that are gonna be closer to joining the team. and stepan looks good too. sather did good imo. at 19, he got a very fast forward who will probably take awhile, but lets not start getting leary about it and think hes a jessiman or fata yet. looks like a solid pick to me. id give sather a 7.5-8. id rather ashton or palmeiri. but this kid has some good qualities

  193. Doodie Machetto on

    Ashton was available, I thought we should’ve grabbed him. Kreider was 2nd on my list, narrowly ahead of Caron.

    I’ll give Sather a 7.

  194. Maybe Torts is guarding the logo in the Canadiens lockerroom.

    lmfao!!!!! carp ur a comedian.

  195. i dont get why wed take a high school player who is 4 or more years from being NHL ready when we couldve taken someone whod be closer to the NHL

    we took a guy whos a physical specimen who is also one of the best skaters in the draft, big deal!!

    choose a guy who has the hockey IQ and who is responsible in his own end every time and you will never be let down

    i hope sather chokes on his cigar

  196. this is off topic but does anyone else think Torts has the shiniest forehead out there? Something I couldn’t help but notice the whole second part of the season

  197. sal- hes italian man. were shiny ok!!! cant help it. we consume more olive oil than most other people

  198. Draft picks don’t mean sh*t for years, hope for the best. Complain all you want but no one knows (including team execs) whether the pick is any good. For every bust (Jessiman) there’s always late round picks that turn into legitimate NHL players (Lundqvist Rd7, Prucha Rd8).

    I personally hate the idea of drafting a high schooler because you know he hasn’t played against real competition and the pick is purely based on athleticism but we’ll see.

  199. wow. ashton isnt as coveted as we all thought huh.

    thanks sec308. im happy the draft is about done. took forever to watch us pick a guy who is pretty decent but i thought for sure wed trade up and get kassian. o well. see ya in 3 years kreider

  200. Doodie Machetto on

    Mike, if we wanted Caron, we should’ve taken Ashton. Caron was my fallback choice.

  201. this draft has been brutal to watch. the pronger trade was only excitement. garth snow ruined our fun

  202. In 2011, will the Rangers draft pick have a number 11 on his jersey? That would look very weird, considering Messier and all. Cool to see Graves hand out an 09 jersey, though.

  203. eric- its ok. we got kreider man!!!! and we still have doobs. and most importantly. the big 4!!! you know who they are. they need no introduction.

  204. Do you guys think we moved Rosi, Dubi and next years one for heatley tomorrow..I really think we are gonna give up Dubi and Anisimov is gonna be the third line center next year.

  205. oh man what an awesome draft…wait this just in: WE STILL DON’T HAVE ANYBODY TO PUT THE PUCK IN THE NET!!!!!

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