One day to draft, thanks heavens


Well, yesterday was interesting. Tomorrow should be joyful with the draft finally upon us (or not, depending on how things go.) But at least there’ll be news.
I have no news today and doubt there will be any anyway, but just thought I’d start the day fresh. Carry on.

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  1. Itan you need to apologize for your poor choice of words.
    Maybe you are distressed with other matters and you are leaking some of your social dignity. I hope you feel better soon and regain some of your respect for others.

  2. Laurel, You have been great ! I think everybody really appreciates your efforts. I know I have. hang tight girl

  3. I’ve been gone since April, who’s Laurel? Ha.

    I think the only thing to draw from these “jokes” is that the person who wrote them is just not that funny. Not everyone can be Chris Rock. Leave the jokes to the funny people.

    I think the Rangers really need to do something big between tomorrow and July 1. Whether that’s trading up or down in the draft, or moving a Gomez, Rossival or Drury for a wildcard player.

    We can not compete with what we have right now. Other teams are getting better; even the Islanders will have a superstar next year with Tavares. We’ll officially be the ONLY team in the Eastern conference without ONE legit scoring threat.

  4. I think that Itan and the others who ripped on Laurel in the last post were too harsh and had poor choice of words.

    That said, this blog is run by a newspaper and by journalists, and for that reason, it is a source of news. To the extent bloggers post false news, they undermine how willing readers are to trust what is posted next time.

    I think it is good for the blogger to keep some distance from the readers in order to retain some authority. When the blogger is trying too hard to be buddy-buddy with the readers, it results in posts like Laurel’s joke post–which is really something you would expect to see from other commenters (and something we have seen from other commenters).

    My 2 cents.

  5. I think everyone that has had an issue with Laurel joke needs to calm the F down…this is supposed to be fun…no one in here is a GM, so just relax

    Haha…My 2 cents

  6. PS I would love to see someone like a Heatley or a Kovi with us next year…is it way to soon to give Grachev a shot?

  7. Grachev went from Russia to the OHL and played only one year. He’s better off having a season in the AHL, much like Anisimov.

    Ani is going to make the team out of camp, and if Grachev does, GREAT, but I will not be shocked (or upset) if Grachev ends up in AHL for a year.

  8. I don’t know whats more unbearable…listening to you people still talking about Itan, or the fact that i’m going to have to see Sidney Crosby and Malkin lifting the cup in every playoff commercial for the next 20 years from here on out.

  9. No Kidding!!!! Let’s move on people! Anywho.. what BAD moves will Slats make to screw us up for next year??

  10. Let me pose a question:

    Would you rather Sather gut the team of it’s age for prospects and draft picks, and have us suck for the next 2-3 years but at the end of this, we’d have a legitimate Cup contender for 5 years after….or….

    Would you rather see Sather trade away a few of OUR prospects along with some salary and draft picks for someone like Heatly, who’s won nothing ever (and that includes a best in the East team), yet would STILL probably not put us over the top.

    Essentially, this is build for the future, but suck, or fill in with some current decent players knowing full well, we’d make the playoffs, but NOT really be good enough for the Cup.

    To me it’s a no brainer, but everyone seems to be DYING for Heatly.

  11. I think the Rangers should part with either Betts or Sjo. I would prefer to keep Sjo since he has more offensive upside and is just as good a penalty killer. Betts was great for the team, but I think its time to move him and give some younger guys a shot to make the roster. Betts packaged with the right players would probably be a very attractive trade for a team looking to improve its penalty kill.

  12. I Honestly dont knwo why I even bother goign to Eklunds site
    Prob because there’s no REAL news

    This is his Major headline today


    I just dont know why I torture myself!!

  13. Rumors are just that…rumors…until Sather pulls the trigger!

    Heard Heatley to Boston is the most likely scenario…


    heard something big is brewing us…what that is…NO CLUE…but something big. Lets hope its not a dud. Personally I think there will be some wheeling and dealing between now and Friday night.

  14. Smalls – Betts is a UFA in 5 days time he’s worthless in terms of trade value.

    The re-signing of Betts will depend on whether or not we use Ansimov as trade bait. If Ansimov stays i expect Betts to go.

  15. Yeah UK I remembered that as soon as I posted. In that case I think we should let him walk.

  16. Stevknj – in answer to your question, another question…

    Who do you consider the “age” that we could trade away to acquire other team’s prospects? We only have Drury and Redden over 30 (excluding Valleycat) and those are contracts no-one wants.

    We are already a young team (average age of 26 – compared to Detroit, 31), and may even get younger this year with the departures of Naslund (34), Mara (28), Morris (29) if they are replaced by younger players.

    The future is NOW and I, like a lot of other people, think by adding a legit scorer that the team can get better and go far in the play-offs – as long as Slats keeps the core of young players together and only trades using fringe players or replacable Vets like Roszi or Redden.

  17. The first thing i would do if i were GM

    TRADE DOWN to the New York Islanders, they have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and im sure will be looking to package some picks to move up a little more in the late 1st round.

    Then i trade Sjostrom to Atlanta or Toronto since they had the worst PK’s last year for a 3rd round pick

    So I trade our 19th to NYI for their 26th and 31st

    Then i trade Rozsival, our new 1st rounder (26th), and our original 2nd round pick (47th)to Ottawa for Heatley.

    That does leave us w/o a first rounder but we have the first pick in round 2 and an additional pick in round 3

  18. i dont think ottawa would want anything to do with Zherdev, being a potential “flight risk” so i think Rozi, a 1st,and a 2nd would be more suited for Ottawa

    Then i guess, we resign Zherdev and let Antropov walk even though i’d like it to be the other way around

  19. UKRanger,

    While we are young, the core players are older. I’m talking about Drury, Gomez, Rozi, Redden, etc. The young players we have, while I like them, are really role players. We need a YOUNG star, and the only way to get someone like that is through the draft or trading for someone’s prospect. Once you hit 27-28, you are what you are. Gomez, had ONE year where his stats warrented his contract. Same with Drury. Anyone think that any of the guys we have now will ever be more than 25 goal scorers. The one guy I thought could be that, was Prucha, and his career was buried by Renney. Look at the other big teams, all the star players were either developed by the team or traded for before they became a superstar. Where is that guy for the Rangers. I disagree, I DON’T think they are close, I think they are going to be like the Rangers of the 80s, a good but great team who was handicapped by NEVER drafting low enough to get a superstar, and trading away whatever decent guys we had for aging stars.

  20. Heatley to the B’s. That’s all they need, then the B’s will rule the NHL for the next few years.

    Ugh, how does the Bruins who were a garbage team for a little while, turn into a team that can contend for a Cup, while Nyr was a garbage team for more years, and they barely make the playoffs, and have no actual stars, besides Lundqvist.

    Oh wait, it’s Slats, enough said.

  21. somersets heatley idea would be good…

    i would let most of the ufa’s like betts and orr go. they can use some of there younger ahl players to fill the roles at a lower price tag. you never know if anisimov, dane byers or others can produce.

    they need scoring bad, they have a glut of potential D men.. obviously that could be an area that they trade from…

  22. the cherapanov death will hurt this team for years and years..

    he could have been the high end forward along with grachev that makes all the difference in the world…

  23. boston is far from a lock.. there are no lock’s in the salary cap era.. boston has age on core guys also. chara, savard, thomas, they are not teenagers and they may lose kessel.. detroit is as close to a lock yr in and yr out you get…..

  24. STUART

    You never know how he could have turned out, it wont hurt the team, it’s just a tragedy, nothing more nothing less. Even if he survived, he wouldn’t be able to play the game. He could have been great, or just okay, or maybe a bust, you just never know.

    The only thing that will hurt this teams future is the bad drafting by Slats. That’s all there is to it. He had opportunities to draft stars, and he didn’t.

    I really hope Korpedo has a break out season, if he turns out to be a bust, then that draft will officially be another waste. Two 1st rounders, wasted.

  25. Hey folks

    Let’s get real here. I keep reading where we should trade or draft this one or that one, when in fact this club is nowhere being a contender even, with the totality of numbness that exists in the present lineup. It’s going to take a lot of restructuring that will take more than one or even two seasons to accomplish – and more than one or two players.And that only if this so called GM has a sudden epiphany and realizes that he’s been a numbskull for years, and now he has to pay the price for his stupidity.

  26. ORR …

    TBH, I dont think Sather has drafted that badly. I think its compounded with how bad Neil Smith drafted.

    In Sather’s first draft he picked up Lundqvist the Cornerstone of the franchise. Plus, Prucha, Tyutin, Girardi (sort of), Staal, Cally, Dubi, AA, MDZ, etc.

    The main things that severely tarnish his drafting record is Jessiman. And honestly, who cares at this point when we have the prospects we have and the goalie we have on his draft watch

  27. orr what i meant if he did not die and obvisouly have this heart defect.

    he was the best player on the ice at the world juniors a few years ago.

    dynamic offensive player, a game changer. rangers almost never have game changers……

    the only good news for the rangers is they have some young talent and depth.. no game changers as of yet but more youth then in many years…

  28. The only recent game changers on this team were Hollweg and Voros because they took penalties at the worst possible times!

  29. enough talking about how the rangers are awful. it’s depressing.

    whose career are the knicks going to ruin tonight?

  30. Stay the course Glen. Just say no to Heater. Have patience everyone. we are not a cup caliber team and are not a few pieces away from being one. Last year and this year are transition years in which we are remaining competitive. Give some of the kids a chance to develop. in 2 yeas we will be alot better.

  31. Chuck should be banned for talking about Basketball on this blog. You want basketball or baseball go to ESPN. this is sacred ground here

  32. There are two sites I go to that give me the most updated info..HF Boards and Both are Canadian based, and if news happens, they have it first. Heatley is going to Boston with Phil Kessel as part of the deal. Atlanta and the Leafs also have a deal in place.

  33. The problem with going into “suck for 3 years” mode is that Hank’s career is wasted/ruined. I’m not saying that he won’t be incredible still in that time… it just seems a shame that he’d fight night in and out for a team rebuilding over the course of years.

    I’m sure when he signed his contract Sather told him that rebuilding anytime soon wasn’t in the cards.

    For better or worse, we’re not rebuilding unless that rebuilding begings with Hank being traded.

  34. i didnt say rebuild. I said that we will be competitive. its not like I’m saying we should scrap it all. in 2 years we will have a more solid core and developed young assets that can help get us our missing pieces. by then Hank will be 29, in his Prime. Vinny will cost us too many assets and capspace, Heatley is not going to bring us a cup, nor is Gaborik. we have no real choice unless we want to be mediocre for the next 7 years

  35. The Dolans are only interested in revenue. They will never let this team rebuild the proper way, such as Detroit (well they’ve just had amazing management for 15 years), Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Washington.

    They only want us to just make the playoffs for those extra 2 games, whoa 3 this year. Other than that, they don’t care about this team.

  36. No Country For Old Rangers on

    how will sather break our hearts this time around? anybody want to take a guess?

  37. I hope we use some of Redden, Rozsival, Gomez, Drury, Sjostrom in trades.
    If the deal is really good then use Korpikoski and or Sanguinetti.

  38. SOMER

    I doubt Slats was the one who thought of drafting Hank. The Euro scouts probably told him aboot them, and convinced him to draft him. He probably takes credit for it though. In my opinion, i don’t even think Slats cares aboot anything past the 1st or 2nd round.


    That’s exactly what i have been saying. You never know where he will be in the next few years, who knows maybe Vally would outplay him, and Hank will become a borderline backup goalie. That’s why they have to go for it now, if it doesn’t work out, rebuild, wait for these garbage players contracts to run out, and dump them, and start over, and go back to the depressing years.


    Yeah, you know someone is a game changer when the coach of the other team is telling his own son to clip the knees of a player, and throw a shoulder into his head. Like that scumbag Sutter did to Artie, and Cherry a few years back. Sutter got what he deserved when Dougie Weight gave him that beauty hit. That’s what happens, biiiuuuuuuuutch !

  39. In order to pass the time until the draft, I was wondering who people thought are the 3 best and worst GMs in the NHL

    My list:
    Ken Holland
    Lou Lamoriello
    Jim Rutherford (McPhee has Ovechkin and countless other high picks…and has done a poor job with D and Goalies, Shero had the good fortune of coming to a team with countless number 1 and 2 picks…he has made some good trades though, Dale Tallon is much like the Shero, Doug Wilson i could see be in the number 3 spot or a guy like Darcy Regier who has a cash strapped team that always seems to be competitive.

    Worst GMs
    Don Waddell
    Garth Snow (though he’s far more competent than Mad Mike)
    Glen Sather

  40. JC

    It’s a bit early to label Snow as a bad GM. You gotta be a little fair, give him four more years, then he’ll really suck ! Hopefully not as bad as last year, cause it would suck if they got a couple of 1st overall picks in back to back years.

    I hope who ever they choose is the biggest bust of all time. Id take massive pleasure in that.

  41. I guess my problem with Garth Snow is 1) that DP contract when everyone knew he had injury issues 2) The Ryan Smyth deal were he blew away quality prospects just to make the playoffs (like a guy like Smyth would want to resign with the Isles 3) allowing Wang to mettle in operations and 4) his handling of the draft last year (though this is up in the air, because he could be a genius for stockpiling picks or an idiot for not using one of his higher picks.

  42. Snow is dumb. He could’ve had Schenn at #5 last year or even Filatov.. then they’d fill the hole of a franchise winger and defensive d-man.

    Instead he took Bailey.

    If he was smart, he’d have Schenn/Filatov and Tavares/Hedman going into next season, instead of Bailey and Tavares/Hedman

    5th rounders are probably not going to be impact players.

  43. He did a good job at the draft last year and got 5 or 6 quality prospects from it. Filatov didn’t even play much in the NHL this year so a savior he wasn’t. You’re right about Smyth. why sign with the Isles when you can be part of the NHL powerhouse that is Colorado. Yeah he made a graet decision signing there. Give the guy time to prove himself. He could wind up being good. Afterall you know he is smart because of the ways he found to circumvent the NHL rules with those goofy shoulder pads that he used to wear.

  44. Filatov played 8 games last year and had 4 goals. That’s pretty impressive, considering how pathetic the CBJ are.

  45. yeah they are pathetic and still chose not to keep him with the club. Prucha scored 30 his rookie year and look at him now. Baily will be an excellent player just wait and see. We will all hate him in no time

  46. Yea, I have a feeling that Bailey, Okposo and Tavares are going to cause us some stress for years to come.

    It’s ok, Brendl’s, Lundmarks’, Malhotra’s, Jessiman’s former roommate will be strong along the boards!

  47. I want that “Bossy Type” :vomit: Glennie

    I’m crashing the icelanders draft party should make for some good video

    Chris Kotsopoulos Interviewed:

    On Colton Orr: “He is probably the most respected heavyweight in the NHL”

    On Fred Shero’s Firing during the 80-81 season : “Some of the veterans on the team who shall go nameless turned on him”

    You can hear these topics discussed in their entirety at

  48. ESPN is citing a report from the Toronto Globe and Mail that Brian Burke may be interested in trading for Wade Redden; the Leafs have the cap room for it. The article mentions that if Burke really does pull the trigger on a deal like this, it probably means that Kaberle and/or Kubina are out the door (though not necessarily as part of the same trade). Fingers crossed that Sather does everything in his power to make this happen!

  49. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I suspect that the only way the Leafs make a deal like that is if they get Staal as part of the package, so uncross your fingers Jimbo.

  50. PAVEL

    Yeah you’re definitely right, they needed a guy like Schenn, even though it was a great move getting all those draft picks, Schenn is the kind of guy every team would want. Why he didn’t go for him, who fuggin knows, it was dumb. Same with Filitov, even though he only scored in 2 games, one was a hat trick which is always impressive for a rookie on a shitty team, which while he was playing they were a shitty team.

    Lol, the way Smyth cried when he found out he got traded was one of the most funniest things. Yes, it is the end of the world, you have to spend 2 weeks with the Isles, ahahaha !!

    I always thought Slats was gonna get him that year, i heard Pock, and a 2nd round pick is what was offered.

    And please don’t post that Redden rumor. I don’t mind it, but i just don’t want to see everyone get their hopes up, and get their hearts crushed when you hear “Number 6, Waaade Reeeddeeeeen” on opening night. Followed by “boooooo”.

  51. Darren Dreger: The Rangers are trying to trade for Dany Heatley and at the same time are trying to move Scott Gomez. I don’t see Ottawa swapping contract for contract as Gomez hasn’t lived up to New York’s expectations. Sather will trade almost anyone with the exception of his younger players

  52. and how is Sather not the dumbest mofo in the world?? First he throws a baked of money at Redden and now he is looking for ways to get rid of him by trading him to another team along with our future! AGAIN! F@#% NO! Why can’t redden be sent to Hartford?? Why?? WTF did Redden do so memorable that we have to find a new team for him that could pay for his ridiculous contract? HOW DOES SATHER STILL HAVE THE JOB?? Anyone cares to explain?

  53. Report- LA Offer For Heatley

    Blog: KK Hockey By Paul

    06/25/09 at 03:13 PM ET | Comments (0)

    from Michael Russo’s Twitter,

    Appears L.A. Kings team to beat for Heatley; Alex Frolov, another & the fifth overall pick I’m hearing.

    If this offer is correct they are screwed!!

  54. I’m crashing the Isles draft party also. LOL i wanna see the riot when they pick the gentle giant

  55. i have to say i rush home from work to get on the blog. its all i have been thinking about over last few weeks.

    after reading your posts today

    i gather that heatley to boston is growing but i think he will go out west when all said and done.

    rozi z sags and 19th pick for dany

  56. ERIC

    Lol, that trade is laughable compared to what LA is supposedly offering. It’s hopefully at this point, the only way Nyr gets Heatley is if they throw in Staal, or Dubi, or maybe even both, along with Rozi, and the 19th pick.

    LA is gonna be a fun team to watch in a few years, Kopitar, or Brown playing with Heatley, that will be something to watch. I hope they can re-sign Johnson though.

  57. orr
    i posted that before httign refresh and seeing that.

    agree we dont match up if thats the case

  58. yeah the wild trade is the only one closer but i think a trade to the “west” is more favorable for the senators so they dont have to see him, lol.

    why does EVERYONE have to be in the process of being traded to the NYR? lol

  59. yea with la throwin their 5th overall out there, they’ll get the heatster. and they’ll make the playoffs next year too. theyre gonna be a good team on level with the hawks from last season i do believe. if sather does somethin stupid like trade our 1st pick im a kings fan. bye rangers until the throat tumour is gone

  60. Kings is a young and a good team but they don’t have a goalie!
    Pacific division is tough with Ducks and SJ and Dallas all looking to retool! Good luck Danny… you’ll see playoffs in like 5 years from now!

  61. tsn
    signicficant offer on table for kaberle.

    lets hope its not us with that stupid trade with redden and dubi and staal

  62. cccp

    i can think of 1 team that had an “abundance” of goaltenders

    and now i can think of 2

    bruins, blackhawks

    and Quick is a really good goalie. he just got thrown into a bad situation when the kings traded their goalie @the time labarbera? to canucks.

  63. just kidding. i hate every other team. im a ranger!!!!! I AM A RANGER!!!! right aves?? until some other team offers me 1/4 of a mill more a year, right mr pink tie?? in the circus that is the nhl, we are the sideshow with the bearded ladies and the 2 headed midgets

  64. CCCP

    They have Bernier, who could potentially be the guy they need. But yeah, Quick, and Ersberg are not gonna get the job done.

    As for that Wild offer, eh, it’s not that great, Sheppard is pretty good, and the 1st is always nice, but it’s nothing special.

  65. if the kings offer is true the rangers have no shot. frolov is good plus top 5 pick we have nothing to offer like that

  66. OFF TOPIC (just a bit)

    USA caused another sensation at the FIFA Confederations Cup South Africa 2009, beating European champions Spain 2-0 to book a place in their first-ever world final.

    This is pretty huge for US soccer! Now USA waits for the winner between Brazil and South Africa to play for the championship.

    Way to go USA!

  67. Is it me, or is Ottawa GM Bryan Murray dreaming when with his asking price for malcontent Dany Heatley? Word is he wants two players and a draft pick, preferably a first rounder.

    Oh, yes. And could we get this done this weekend at the draft, so Ottawa doesn’t have to fork over $4 million to Heatley on July 1? That would be some might smooth GM’ing from Murray, which seems totally out of character for a guy who presided over a train wreck in Ottawa, to be sure.

    he does bring up points, lol

  68. orr
    i love the humor you show. with that being said how bout joining me at a game next year. we could discuss sharapova and how freakign hot she is

  69. damnit all to hell orr. you got us again. i just vomited in my mouth a little. mmm ovaltine tastes good 2nd time around!

  70. i had this puerto rican neighbor back in ny and the guy used to drink this wierd malted stuff. it was called goya malt drink or somethin like that. when i burped up the ovaltine it reminded me of the taste of that drink. thanks orr for the memories ya bass turd!!! j/k buddy. i wont go crazy on ya like heart. and like the constipated duck itan chabongo

  71. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    A little Twisted Sister song to describe our up comming event at the NHL entry Draft : The Glen Sather Show !!!

    its his move on Heatley:

    you can hear the thunder
    long before the storm,
    but you can’t hear the lion when he stalks his prey …
    he’s moving like a shadow –
    creeping up on you
    and like a siren’s call he’s gonna have his way

    this killer knows his business …
    he is the predator!!
    you are his only target, you’re his only goal!

    your wildest nightmare’s comin’ true !!

    There is nothing you can say
    no way to change, he won’t delay
    this cain will have his feast
    it’s the nature of the beast!!!

  72. lmao i just found out my boss is trying out for american idol!!. what a dork.

  73. I’m using Twitter too at janesports, and I’ll be posting stuff tomorrow as it comes up. I tweeted today that I spoke with Gordie Clark, the Rangers dir. of player personnel, and he said first priority is a playmaker. Now, is that possible with No. 19?

    I’ll have something on that later.

  74. Welcome back Jane!!

    Luarel is good, but your our blog sweetheart!!

    Honestly cant wait to wake up on Saturday morning and see what really has transpired
    I may jsut skip tomorrows posts during the day so I dont regurgitate in my mouth from all the false hope, false rumors!! lol

    Who am I kidding, cant keep away if i treid

    PLEASE SATHER dont screw us up this year!!

  75. you remind me of one of those fair maidens from medieval times(not the place where you eat while watching guys joust and have sword fights)

  76. me neither mikey. im so sited!!!! lol. and im so happy queen mcmanus has returned to her throne. princess laurel was a rare delight during the past week. i hope she continues to post along with us and nobody better mess with her anymore or me, cccp, orr,greg,colin, and the rest of the ranger report swat team will come down and smoke you out of your troll caves!!!

  77. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    BTW Orr ….MUHAAAHAAA ya got us again!!!! HAHAHA good ‘ol tyree…got hooked line and sinker!!! Thing is , ya can’t get mad at Orr cuz if ya haven’t been around for the last few years ..ya just woulnt understand. I can’t believe they banned you like 3 times from B.B.!!! Crazyyyy.

    I started all the cat stuff and then that lion was sooooo cool as the next header ..ANYONE who says Laurel was being unproffesional or talking about cats and not hockey , Doesn’t read this blog and if ya asked me , shes a very good ,responsive writer! She is no Jane , no Carp , because she is Laurel!! Any idiots have a problem with her , blame me , I started it and she just respond …like an excellent journalist would . BTW Jane talked about cats last month and it was not in reference like Laurel did. No one fried Jane. These 4 , including Josh (age 26) are awsome , so get lost if ya don’t like it!

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Just had to say my peace before I moved on …dats a right mike!

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Go Rangers!!!!!! Whooohooo can we be big winners this year!!! or big Whiners after the draft.

  80. jane

    i follow you!
    i actually just replied to your 2nd to last tweet

    love love love twitter.

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