Farewell (Rangers) fans


Carp’s still on vacation, but will post links here tomorrow for you to follow so you can comment on the draft. And Jane will be here!
As for me, I’m completing my tenure here as guest blogger. Perhaps I’ll be back one day, perhaps not. It’s been one heck of a wild ride these past two weeks, and was certainly an education for me on sports blogging.
The goal was to give you all something to read/chat about during these dreaded dead weeks, and I think I succeeded there! Some posts may have been hits or misses with some folks, but I just wanted to say I’ve had a great time and I hope you did, too, for the most part :)
Thanks to all who showed me great support and appreciated the effort. It’s been fun getting to know you here and being part of the conversation, and I adore your dedication to this blog and team. The rest….eh.

I’m sure you’ll set this place on fire in the next few days. Me, I’m off work, so I think I’ll just go old school and read about it in the paper. With my cats…Cheers all. See you in the comments section….And LGR!

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  1. Laurel Babcock on

    aww, mike i may miss you most of all scarecrow.

    Pavel, sweet! Gonna post kitteh now on other blog

  2. mike in ia
    June 25th, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    “welcome back sweet lay mcmanus!!”


    This must be the funniest comment (typo) of the year!


  3. lol scarecrow. is cccp tin man? is tony in az the cowardly lion? is greg toto? is orr the leader of the lollipop guild? carp must be the wiz and jane is the glenda the good witch of the east. itan chabongo is one of those monkey gargoyles that fly around and try to eat greg(toto)

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Arf Arf , gemme outta here (in bark translation)

  5. yea my keyboard is screwed up cuz i spilled coffee on it this mornin before work an now some letters are stuck. lol. im glad jane has a sense of humour about it.

  6. Hahaha Sweet Lay Mcmanus, sounds like something the great Conan O”Brien would say.

    Welcome back Jane, and good job by Laurel. Maybe she should replace that other guy, i forget his name, it’s similar to a Pokemon. Point being, it’s a sausage factory in here, we need some pizza, and melons.

  7. woof, arf, ruff ruff woof, heatley, awooooooooooh!!!! yarp!!!!, staal, woof bark, yelp, roszival, woof, scooby snacks- sather has just traded staal and rozsival for heatley and a box of cuban cigars(in bark translation)

    note-scooby snacks= cigars for sather

  8. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Great responsive journalism Laurel , see ya ’round. BTW My repost that im not gonna repost is on the last post at the end of the posts. Read it , eat it and be merry my fellow bloggers that are fans of my Favorite team!!

  9. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    haha Mike ..nice to see someone crazier than I am ’round here…mind you , have you seen me around game time?

  10. Laurel Babcock on

    Saw it ZzZz….much appreciated. thanks. I think I might cry! Heading out gand…..catch ya later.

  11. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    I just got this rumour from a colleague at work. He got very friendly with HL when he refinanced his mtg about 8-9 months ago. He is somewhat of a hockey fan and knows that I’m a huge Rangers fan, so he wanted to pass this rumor along to me. Anyway, If the Islanders draft Hedman,we have a deal on the table with T.B. that would send Marc Staal and Lauri Korpikoski our third and one of our fifth round picks to the Bolts for the second pick in the draft and the lightnings third round pick. The plan would then be to draft Tavares at number two, power type forward at 19 and a trade to the Panthers for one of our third round picks and we would also get the riths to JBOW. We would than look to dump one of our 4 bad contracts to create enough cap space to sign him and possibly Antro.

    Bottom ine, we give up Staal,korpi for Tavares and JBow.
    I have to say that as much as I love Staal,if this is true I do this.


  12. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    My heart got ripped out when we lost Messier twice , Gretzky ,Theo Fluery , lost the fly line ,Brendel and Lundmark being busts, losing Jagr, Avery….If we lose my 2 favorite players …Staalsie and Dubi !!?? One thing for sure Our team here is full of emotion,pride ,and excitement!! After seeing Mess not return and Jagr going…Im much more numb and cold twards players , maybe some of you are like that too? Even if we lose my two favs and not to mention Zherdev , who im still loyal too..as our leading score most of the season ..Ill pick up the pieces we have and move on …for another chance to sip outta lord Stanley’s mug.

  13. i think id rather have duchene then tavares, i could see tavares coming here and being terrible

  14. You know, im ashamed to say, for the longest time i didn’t know what everyone meant by “LGR”, i thought it was some sort of secret Rangers gang code, or something. I finally got it !!

  15. also i dont think Jbo is worth 7M a year, he hasnt shown yet that he is a real number 1 defenseman, very good but not necessarily dominant and if you thought chris drury gave a terrible interview Jbo may have an even worse personality

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sweet tidbit (czechthemout!) I just can’t see how Hank knows this stuff and then to leak it out for a chance that it may hurt Staalsie?? That my friend is a juicy rumour but it is just that…a rumour.

  17. this is the one thing i hate about twitters trending topics, havinng to sift thru the BS.

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Glens mulling over Draft moves with Hank lounging in his chair on a balcony in costa rica. Says to Hank ..we may have to part with yer #1 d-man , that young staal kid …Hank looks at him and says ..for a chance at headman or Tavares? yeah but well have to throw in Korpi and a few picks. Sather mulls it over and calls his chief scout…looks like gordie I have found something here!!

    That probally how it went down Eh czechthemout!

  19. COLIN

    I heard he went to the hospital, is he really dead ? I wouldn’t care, he’s a sick demented creep, no matter what the Jackson fans tell you !!!

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Colin is just too dam twitterpatted. Dude , if you say twitter one more time …I’m gonna think yer working there and is just plugging the blog!! :\

  21. As for that MJ report (I read it via Twitter too) I would take it with a grain of salt. I’ve never, ever heard of “Swell Server” and CNN and LA Times aren’t reporting that he’s dead yet.

  22. I don’t believe it, IMDB says he is in the hospital, but he’s still alive. Damn shame, i was blasting “Another One Bites The Dust”, but now it’s meaningless since he’s still alive.

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    colin…twitter away..man , who am I to say what you type.
    MJ is in the hospital!!?? Was he BAD ,will he BEAT IT? Was he STARTING SOMETHING? Did BILLY JEAN catch him with BEN!??

  24. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Welcome back to the fold Jane …text Carpie for us and say we said HI!!!!!!!!

  25. I wonder how Cory Feldman feels aboot this, they were so close, all of those sleep overs, along with the Home Alone kid.

    Ugh, sicko’s !!! Where’s Chris Hanson !!

  26. Renney must be behind this, if he gave Prucha more ice time, Jackson would be alive.

    Mwahaha, im going back to blasting “Another One Bites The Dust”

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Even on a sadder note..Farah Faucet has died too!! She was an american hottie icon at one time!!! 62 years old.

  28. jane

    the power of twitter!

    i usually blast that song when someone in my field of work dies or gets fired.

  29. COLIN

    Ahahaha, i like your style.


    Yeah, i was more into playing with toys, than boobs at the time she was hot. But at least she’s not a sick pedophile like Jackson. Karma is a buuuitch !!

  30. i heard glen sather was going to sign michael jackson to a 2 year deal. he was going to be a top 6 forward for us this year.

    such a shame

    michael jackson rip.
    you will be missed

    back to heatley/kaberle/jaybo etc….

  31. breaking news- michael has been found alive in his iowa apartment. hes doing fine now. he just passed out after hearing sathers proposed trade to get heatley. michael jackson on the other hand is dead as a duck

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    They found him not breathing and some dumbass Medic saved him by breathing life back into him. MJ is not dead …the way things are in this world People will be saying hes still alive like Elvis Prestley and Bruce Lee…MJ found years and years later on a remote island…or kinda like the Simpson when Krusty was noticed to be alive when Bart discovered him…Or on Family guy when Peter discovered Jesus Christ!! In a used record store!!

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Jackson is actually in a Coma right now as we speak.

  34. yea he aint dead yet. everyone relax. guys, i know youre all sad that you had bought tickets for his shows in europe. he’ll be there doin the moonwalk or actually he’ll probably be doin the thriller dance cuz he gonna be one ghoulish lookin zombie

  35. lol funny how this site turned into world news!

    btw…Heatley was traded to NY… he is driving right now from Canada

  36. hes not dead yet guys. he had full on heart attack though which doesnt bode well for him. hes been said to have been doin pills which prob caused it. probably percocet or oxycontin.

  37. ya know what. god punishes sick sobs like jackson. i dont wish death on anyone but i wouldnt be sad if he did. now hes in a coma. enough of this guy now. now were gonna get all his sick wierdo fans singing koombaya and holdin hands worshipping this pedophile

  38. yea she was a fox. poor girl suffered with cancer. michael died a quick death. she suffered for months

  39. i hope the people who come here for their up to date ranger news dont mind us talking about this…


  40. “from Never Land to La La Land!”

    AAAhahahahahahahaha, that was funny.

    B.I.H Michael Jackson !!!

    I honestly don’t give a fugg, i feel bad for his kids, that’s aboot it. Other than that, he’s a sick freak, nothing more nothing less.

    Lol, imagine being the medic that had to attept to resuscitate the pedophile, ugh, guys probably burning his lips with a lighter.

    Anyway, he’s dead so who cares, what’s more important is Heatley’s drive to NY. Hopefully he’s alone.

  41. u right colin

    the crowd is too sensetive around here!

    well, there is nothing else going on..so


  42. i just got this from a buddy. a LOT gets lost in translation


    Senators and the Wild would be important talks about Dany Heatley, as the Rangers and the Blues.

    With the loss of Marian Gaborik, the Wild are looking for a scorer to replace him. The problem is that the new DG of the Wild, would not move away from Mikko Koivu (26 years) and Brent Burns (24 years). One suggestion: Murray could take the center James Sheppard (9th in total in 2007) and defenseman Tyler Cuma and some choice in the repechage. Chuck Fletcher, the CEO of the Wild, would not comment on rumors that Gaborik wants to be building a house in Vancouver, but he said: “We have depth on defense, two good guards, but I add the aid to the attack. ”

    It’s hard to believe that the Blues, is interested in Heatley, who have recovered in recent years, but a scorer of 50 goals is rare. The Team Chair John Davidson would like to add a star Blues sell more tickets and excite the supporters, as he had done in 2007 by signing Paul Kariya.

    They could afford to let a few players among them: Barret Jackman (28 years), center Brad Boyes (25 years), left winger David Perron 21 years, the center Patrick Berglund (21 years) supporter of the 23 Roman Polak years and maybe even the old junior defender Alex Pietrangelo.

    Although it is unlikely the Rangers would be very interested as well, the problem is that they do not have a space on their payroll. Michal Rozsival might be one of the players exchanged, but Bryan Murray was not dropped from the last rain, anyway.

  43. So who gets custody of the kids, and when does that person take Blanket(Sheesh!) downtown to get his/her/it’s? named changed.

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Some asked earlier if Drury should step down as Captain…HELL YEAH!!!Give it to Dubinsky and just watch Dubi turn into a Mark Messier!!!

  45. first horrible attempt at a michael jackson joke
    just got this text

    guess he couldnt beat it…

    anyone else?

  46. breaking news- my xbox controller just died!!!!!! thats 5 now!!!! damn it all!!! crap, my goldfish gill just died. my cat laurel just ate him!!!thats 6 and 7. am i next???? ahhhhhhh gurgle. nooo . gurgle. jnejf bjwu2heik enkljjhifjlkfnklwjfio;jfpio ughhhhh noooo…. damnit jim shock him!!! beeeeep…CLEAR__________________, nooooo cmon jim, CLEAR!!_______________________________/\/\/\/\ we got a pulse!!!!!!____/\____/\____/\_____________________beep, flatline… noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  47. lol colin

    be careful man… or you will open some doors that might be not so proper at this time lol

    ill try one anyway

    His album “bad” should be renamed now to “dead”

    im burning in hell…i can feel it!

  48. supporter of the 23 Roman Polak years and maybe even the old junior defender Alex Pietrangelo.
    Michal Rozsival might be one of the players exchanged, but Bryan Murray was not dropped from the last rain, anyway.

    dude!!! colin!! lmao WTF is that supposed to mean?? lol where’d you get that from?

  49. ORR

    we should play tonight… lately everyone owns online! lol

    when i give up first goal i get so frustrated that i lose my focus…plus not being able to finish much doesnt help either!

  50. cccp- i suck too. i use old school controls so i mostly score on one timers and wrist shots. once in awhile i get lucky with a cool rebound goal or my favorite- when the goalie freezes the puck outside the crease, i pokecheck the goalie and sometimes the puck will slide in! lol

  51. Mj can rot in hell

    Molest children all your life, and that’s what happens, God gets pissed

    Rangers sign Hossa, Gaborik and Heatley and only trade away ARON VOROS,

    see u all 2 moro

  52. sometimes i use the analog stick and do a deke and score but usually i try to deke and just get stuck with the puck on one side and my guy just freezes in that position and i skate right into the goalie. you guys would probably beat me 10-2 or 10-3. like the dallas game. if im losing i try to hard and start takin hard slappers from everywhere and i get pissed when i cant score with my top line, but i’ll score a stupid goal from betts or shoe shorthanded on a cheesy wrister.

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Mike in ia , I would probally demolish you in xbox live!!

    BANJ …just curious about the Captain thingy…Has Drury ever won a fight? Jagr was captain too..never really see him in the winning circle of fisticuffs!!

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky being tough would be cool but it’s not the key ingredient to being a Captain ala Crosby ,Listrom …luongo?

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Messier did and so will Iginla ..rare few do and Just wait..Dubinsky has some fiestness and he will drop his gloves again and who knows , maybe he will win!!??

  56. mike in ia

    i didnt say i suck.. i said lately ive been losing more than usual lol

    sorry to hear that u suck at that game! lol

  57. yea probly greg. ohh i get game informer subscription cuz i got the gamestop discount card and the july issue has a preview for nhl 10. it looks good. new enhanced and realistic forechecking and along the boards play. you can trap the puck along the boards, cycle and wear out defenders, and when you do that enough they start getting tired and make mistakes. they cant get the puck out sometimes and fumble it. also a new first person fighting style. more options and a deeper and more enhanced dynasty, be a pro and tournament modes.

    ohhhh geez- another a hole. al sharpton the fat old racist is makin a speech. i hate that guy

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Dubinsky deserves your “C” be the class player you are and give it to him …Gomez handed you the #23 after he lost the toss..Gomez should have has the Number and the “C”.

  59. Agreed, But if Dubi could score like Jagr, I’d sew the C on his sweater myself. I was just comparing him to Mess, my favorite captain in any sport.

  60. i dont suck really. im exaggerating a bit there just to be funny. but yea, you guys would beat me. lol

  61. all these deaths i regret to inform everyone that the HFBoards Servers have died…

    what is wrong with the internet today?

  62. The first thing i would do if i were GM

    TRADE DOWN to the New York Islanders, they have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds and im sure will be looking to package some picks to move up a little more in the late 1st round.

    Then i trade Sjostrom to Atlanta or Toronto since they had the worst PK’s last year for a 3rd round pick

    So I trade our 19th to NYI for their 26th and 31st

    Then i trade Rozsival, our new 1st rounder (26th), and our original 2nd round pick (47th)to Ottawa for Heatley.

    That does leave us w/o a first rounder but we have the first pick in round 2 and an additional pick in round 3

  63. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Well Colin , I just did!! Make it 5!!?? Can kiss my azz and go to Hell and rot with Michael Fagson!!! Make it 5??? What a joke!!! Im a prairies Canadian and I don’t even want to think about ditching Toronto to the AHL..Who is the idiotic , Moronic , hair -brains who thought of that? Quebec!!???

  64. CCCP

    I might be playing around 10 p.m, or around that time.

    I know this is a hockey blog, and no b-ball allowed, and i don’t like b-ball, but i was cracking up so badly when the Knicks fans booed the player that the Knicks drafted. Hahaha, that guy was stuttering like crazy in his interview, he tried to play it of like he didn’t care, but he was a little embarrassed. Funny stuff.

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Could n’t Jane look up Mr Clutches ip and tell us who it is…hmmm Mike in ia , haha!!

  66. Somerset- Okay, now just go get that information to Sather ASAP. haha The only thing that could possibly go better in that deal is if somehow Redden was leaving. haha

  67. One Ranger Love …

    I came up with that while sitting in traffic like a day or two ago. I also thought about expanding the whole Sjostrom trade to Toronto where …

    we trade Redden, Dubi, and Sjostrom for Kaberle and their 3rd round pick. Then we would have Heatley and Kaberle. A true sniper and a true PP QB.

    It sucks we would have to part with Dubi to make it happen but we have really good depth at Center with AA and Grachev coming up the ranks.

    My team for next year would be:

    Heatley – Gomez – Avery
    Antropov – Drury – Callahan
    Zherdev – AA – Korpi
    Byers – Betts – Orr/Voros/Ambuhl/Whoever ??

    Staal – Girardi
    Mara – Kaberle

    i dont think MDZ or Grachev will be ready yet

  68. heres a quote from the ABOUT page

    Roger Jolie, the French-Canadian billionaire and CEO of Swashbucks Entertainment Group, Inc., has made an offer to purchase the Toronto Maple Leafs, and relocate the organization to the AHL, lowering the number of NHL teams in Canada to five.

    “I love the Leafs. But, it’s about time they became competitive. Which is why they need to be moved to the AHL. Make it Five!” Mr. Jolie says.

    It’s time for Canadians to take a stand … mediocrity is simply not good enough anymore!


  69. Why do people insist on dreaming up these dream trades where the Rangers give up crap (or, maybe, a decent 4th liner) and get top quality players?

  70. Chris F.
    June 25th, 2009 at 10:30 pm
    Why do people insist on dreaming up these dream trades where the Rangers give up crap (or, maybe, a decent 4th liner) and get top quality players?


    Because Glen Sather is our GM!

  71. kudos cccp it fun to live in a dream world where sather is no longer the gm and we have a gm that can put a good team together.

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues… says Greg L.
    June 25th, 2009 at 8:58 pm
    Could n’t Jane look up Mr Clutches ip and tell us who it is…hmmm Mike in ia , haha!!

    nope, not me. i actually was gonna post and say something similar but i ws waiting for mr clutch to do the honors. and he didnt dissappoint.

  73. we all live in a yellow submarine down here next to an octopuss garden. leave us alone while we tune out for awhile. i’ll trade voros and redden for heatley if i want to buddy!! im the GM now!!! hahaha

  74. honestly..i read this blog everyday, and hardly write.. i am a diehard ranger fan and would never bring this up on a NYR blog, but since someone else already did.. why talk about MJ at all?? if u dont like him SHUT UP. i love him, the most talented person on this earth… thank you for your brilliance..the world has changed because of it, the music is TIMELESS….

  75. http://www.blueseatblogs.com/2009/06/25/dreger-rangers-in-top-three-for-heatley/%5D

    As per Blueshirt Banter, Darren Dreger has reported that the Rangers are one of three teams (Sharks and Oilers) in the final running for Heatley. This is the second rumor we have heard about the Rangers closing in on Heatley. Again, the players rumored to be involved:

    The players involved are Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the “Neil Type”),and Rozsival.

    There has to be a draft pick or two going each way to make this work. The salaries going each way work (Voros – $1 million, Rozsi – $5 million, Dubi – roughly $2 million after he resigns). Personally, I would prefer Zherdev goes to Ottawa in lieu of Dubinsky, I have grown rather attached to Dubinsky, but to get that go-to sniper, I wouldn’t exactly say no to this deal. It’s a bitter-sweet deal, but a good one nonetheless.

  76. Chris F…

    I know that “Why do people insist on dreaming up these dream trades where the Rangers give up crap (or, maybe, a decent 4th liner) and get top quality players?” comment was partially directed towards my last post but honestly, i think they are very plausable

    3 facts:

    1. Heatley will be traded and Ottawa is going to have to take a contract back

    2. Kaberle will be traded and Toronto is going to have to take a contract back

    3. 1st and 2nd round Draft picks are like GOLD to teams (especially rebuilding teams like the Isles, Leafs, and Sens this year)

    Now go back and really read my 3 trade suggestions and tell me they are not fair. Especially when Heatley and Kaberle’s respective teams cant wait to unload them as soon as possible

    Dubinsky deserves your “C” be the class player you are and give it to him …Gomez handed you the #23 after he lost the toss..Gomez should have has the Number and the “C”.*


    WAKE UP CALL AGAIN TO GREG L: Full no-movement clause! That includes my “C”! It’s not going anywhere! How many CLUTCH broken hand playoff goals did Dubinsky score? He can barely score with two good hands!

    And Gomez didn’t lose the toss…Captain Clutch WON it! What a winner!

    Stop believing the impostors on this blog too! The King Of Clutch could care less about the King Of Pop!

  78. Somerset – i think what you’ve suggested is fair, i’m still wondering why anyone can have any interest in Redden though?

    I can’t see us signing both Antro and Zherdev though and i think Ottawa would want another young player in the package, other than that those are the kind of deals that are going to be happening in the next few days.

  79. I love the captain clutch updates. We need more of them. Tell us your opinion on the draft, Dru.

  80. i just hope we don’t a Defensemantonight Now I jinxed it fawk !

    Former NYR Chris Kotsopoulos talks about “Fake Fighting” In The NHL, Chris also gives his take on Brian Leetch who he played against.


  81. Colin

    That trade was floating around earlier in the week. I read it at Out Side the Gaarden.

  82. “The players involved are Heatley(contract plus $4 mil bonus) to the Rangers for possibly Dubinsky, Stepan(on top line at Univ. of Wisconsin as a freshman),Voros(they like the “Neil Type”),and Rozsival.”

    And here we go again, trading away another good young player for a player with baggage who will NOT be the sniper you all expect. If they trade Dubi, I GUARANTEE he will be come one of those 35 goal tough two way forwards that are so hard to come by. Guys like Dubi are harder to find than goal scorers. I’d rather take a flyer on a lower level guy who might have potential to score than trade away Dubi. Anyone ever thing Graves was going to be a 50 goal scorer when we brought him over? No? He was a young forward with POTENTIAL to score, and he did just that. And Kaberle, another past his prime old defensemen, he’ll be another Redden. We’ve been looking for a QB on the PP since Leetchie left. I’m against bringing in any high salaried older players. How about we trade for draft picks and young guys with Potential. I’d rather take a crack at another Zherdev type player than Heatly. The guy is a drunk. Putting him into the NY nightlife (a la Fleury) is a recipe for trouble.

  83. i dont think a drunk cares where he drinks. if youre gonna have a drinking problem, i dont think it matters where you live. heatley is a great player though and there was no way we were getting him with the brooks proposed trade or the other one sided flops being spread around. i think dubinsky is never gonna be as good as heatley. hes got talent and has a good bright future. but hes not a bigtime goal scorer. idk how anyone can think that the team wouldnt get beter with heatley. but i still dont want sather to trade dubi. hes got heart and will make a good 2nd line center for any team in the future. i hope we can throw zherdev in the deal instead like colin said. sathers taking a huge chance by doing this just to get gomez a winger capable of scoring on his crazy passes. gomez better step up and have career numbers if we do get heatley.

  84. alot of sources are sayin that 10 teams are in on heatley. maybe 15 but th rangers chances of getting him are only because other teams are yet to put serious offers on the table and alot of it is because of the 4 million bonus. this is whats making it hard for murray and is in the rangers favor if murray wants to deal him before july 1st. it seems the rangers are a team hed like to go to, but i doubt any trade is made tonight.

  85. tyree – Sjostrom’s an RFA (he’s under 27 with less than 7 years service).

    I wonder if any of this will transpire and Heatley goes to LA, Kaberle elsewhere and we start the season with pretty much the roster we have now (minus Mara, Morris, Betts and i hate to say it, Orr) and all we do is add Brian Gionta for 2yrs at $4m per. Would that be a disaster?

  86. The Rangers don’t necessarily need to add salary, but they do need to clear it (For next year)

  87. Gionta at $4mil is a waste. He’s too small and is not a game changer. I still say get some younger guys with talent, and forget mortgaging your future for a guy who will just disappoint. I’m old enough to remember some really disastorous trades made in this same vain. Remember Ridley and Miller for Bobby Carpenter? How about Middleton for Hodge? With the exception of Messier and Jagr, name the last BIG name star that came here and was as good as he was supposed to be, and led us to bigger expectations? Fleury? No. Robataille? No. Even Jagr only had ONE great year for us, and one great playoff run. But they’ve brought quite a few no name guys who wound up being great for us. Podubny, Pavelich, Graves to name a few. Look at the other teams in our division. Pretty much all of the big players were either drafted by or traded for when they didn’t have big names, and most of the big names were busts (Briere?). We keep running into the same cycle. We get excited about some big player and end up disappointed. All because the Dolans are afraid to “rebuild”

  88. We have to accept the Dolan’s will never let us go into full rebuild mode, they are too greedy.
    What we are left with is a bit of a youth movement coupled with the return to the bad old days of dishing out contracts which are too long and waaaaay too generous.

    However, with the cap the way it is, Sather cannot afford to sign another one like that unless he shifts one or two of the existing contracts off the books.

  89. Another reason not to get Heatly. Appearently he wants to be traded because he doesn’t get along with the hard driving coach. Ummmm…last I looked, isn’t that what Torts is? More reason to think this would be a recipe for disaster.

  90. UK Ranger

    Totally agree. And as long as they have this attitude, we’ll never build a winner. There might be a freak year where we might get lucky and make it to the conference finals. This has happened before. But we’ll never build a consistant winner with this philosophy. We need a total youth movement built on homegrown talent and savvy trades and free agents to “fill in” the roster. I go back to…does ANYONE think getting Heatly makes us a cup contender? Philly, Pitts, Wash all have lots of great young talent and more on the way. What do we have? We keep talking about trading the only talented guys we have. I say, lets get rid of salary, I agree. Bring in more Zherdev type projects and hope that one or two pan out. Let the kids play. We have a good corp of young D. We have a couple of good young forwards and perhaps another 2 or so coming up. Now go and trade for a couple of younger projects.

  91. It definately sounds like he has a big ego steveknj, would he fit under Torts ? I think if he’s playing top line minutes and 1st PP unit he’ll be happy, but what happens when he gets his first benching??

  92. Exactly. Not sure if this is the guy we want. You have to be thick skinned to play here, and especially with a tough coach it’s doubly that.

  93. Posted, June 29, 2009 2:01pm at Rangers Report, lohud.com

    The following is copyright 2009 by Bernhard Christian Helgason, All Rights Reserved.
    Bernhard Christian Helgason is a/k/a bernmeister
    Limited permission is granted to reprint same here without charge or compensation, with understanding it is only for permission to use the material subject only to full credit to the author and does not constitute transfer or surrender of copyright.

    Strongly advise acquire Heatley, but ONLY conditionally. Understand one way deal shoved down Sens’ throat will only lead to desire for payback down road, so no deal is better than bad deal that poisons trading environment for all; by same token, Ottawa has to get real. Inexpensive players/ prospects w/strong upside are not gonna be given away. Thus forget Sanguinetti etc.; Rosival straight up is not enough talent for them and puts NYR behind on cap space.
    {Very quick aside my preliminary thought — I STRESS PRELIMINARY — is Redden + Rosival for Flyer’s Briere (need to check out his story first). That roughly works out $$ wise and loses two D roster spots we want to make available for one F.}
    Thus using up Rosival in that deal — and losing Redden is addition by subtraction — that leaves Gomez. Gomez not the talent of Heatley but different upside. While Gomez more overpaid, his lower total salary is easier to move. Senators — as they should — will have to accept price from likes of Les Habs; but that cost aside, Gomez is means by which they get this cleared off their cap, and they avoid the multimillion payment due this week.
    I recognize we are not out of the woods yet, but adding Briere and Heatley has more upside than Redden, Rosival + Gomez. Heatley seems $$ oriented, and for a little extra coin, may agree to restructure his contract. Plus he’s not Malkin or Ovechkin but he will get some goals.
    To get real cap space, if he will agree to the move early, while your heart wants to keep Lundqvist, logic tells your head he should be moved as the core part of a larger deal to Tampa Bay for 2nd overall Victor Hedman. [The math is undeniable; Lundqvist now commands closer to $6, 6+ mil; Hedman will be huge but can take less $$ (?$2.5 mil?) for his first year, which helps with cap this year.]
    We need to sign Hal Gill to be sure to clear the crease.
    I think Pittsburgh would consider $2 mil + Dubinski (sign + trade) and Korpikoski as core for deal for Jordan Staal and maybe Kris LeTang.
    Need to keep our bluest blue chips and trade many second and third rounders, trading up for talent quantity for quality (exceptions keep Evgeny Grachev and Tysen Dowzak).
    Enjoyed your comments, look forward to your feedback.
    Regards, bernmeister.

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