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…and hope to provide some soon as I have spare moment. In the meanwhile, let’s start fresh and lose Leo from the previous post. I was tempted to start by saying “Slats fired, really!” but was afraid of what that might unleash. Carry on….

UPDATE: Speaking of the draft, this ought to spur some discussion. A rundown of the top 30 picks in the history of the entry draft.. Leetchy posts at 9. Discuss.

UPDATE: (two parter)
• MSG and MSG Plus will cover the draft with a one-hour “Hockey Night Live: NHL Draft Special” on both networks Saturday at 9 p.m.
• Past draft picks: King Hank – 205th overall in 2000.

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  1. I hope there’s a lot of trades, that’s the only exciting part of the draft, when Buttman goes up to the mic shaking like a leaf, saying “We have a traaade”

    Other than that, it’s fuggin boring. I just like seeing JD looking at all the GM’s like they’re hiding guns. And Slats and his ice cream cones !

  2. Rick, any more color on the drury for heatley deal, is the rumor a straight up 1 for 1 deal, what is heatley’s contract right now

  3. Hockeyman Rangers on

    We really need to get off this Heatly thing already. WE DO NOT WANT HIM, WE ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH BAGGAGE, WHY DO PEEP’S THINK WE NEED MORE. Cup or or no cup let’s give our own homegrown players a chance.

  4. Hockeyman, we are giving them a chance. And it’s looking like at least a possibility that we won’t have to trade any of our homegrown players on the current roster to get a deal done. It would be silly to not pursue it.

  5. hockeyman-i hear ya but drury cannot play here in NY, and we need a goal scorer for SCOTTY GOMEZ so if this is a one for one and we do not give up any kids in hartford i say definitely go for it


    Speak for yourself, i want Heatley, as long as we don’t give up half the farm for him.

    Lol, and does anyone really think we could give up Dreary for Heatley straight up ?? Maybe if we threw in a 1st rounder, and a prospect, then maybe it can happen.

  7. DRURY=NO TRADE CLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It isn’t happening. the fact that it is from Eklund solidifies the fact that it is fantasy

  8. Hockeyman Rangers on

    No I would really perfer we didn’t pursue it. It hasn’t worked with any palyers as of late. Jag’s,shanny,Drury, Gomer,Nausland, Redden, Redden Redden Redden oh and did I say Redden. I say get rid of them all and let our prospects take over. I think it would be more entertaining.

  9. Hockeyman, of the six players you mention, five came via free agency. Only Jagr, the best of the bunch, came via a trade. Heatley would be a trade as well. Slats has some chips to play with, and if he uses them wisely, he could really improve our club’s scoring while getting rid of some dead weight. It’d be foolish not to pursue.


    Jagr ?!?! That didn’t work out ??? That worked out fuggin great, he had an amazing year, and two good years, and showed up for the playoffs in each year, exept for 06, due to injury. Shanny was great until that concussion. Dreary, Blowmez, and Dredden, yeah i sure as sh*t wont argue that. Naslund, eh he was decent.

    Heatley is the complete opposite of all of them, he’s still young, and he’s a pure goal scorer. And something we desperately need.

  11. I would love to have Neil, but that locker room, i don’t know, it might be a hell hole. Neil and Avery, Neil and Redden, Neil and Dreary, etc.

    We need a physical guy like that, who is useful. He’s a good PK’er too.

    TSN said he got traded to the Panthers at the deadline, but it never happened. Weird.

  12. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Yea well Sather seems to like to like to over pay them and then they come and do very little. I say let our prospects take over for the bulk of the team. I would prefer to over pay a good prospect rather than an old washed up player. How long has it been since a free agency player has done well for us???

  13. the rangers have no one on their team that the opponent says we we are going to use our top d pair to shut down X.

    if there is an “X” on our team please let me know.

  14. This is my two cents:

    NO to Chelios – Too old, no thanks, our D is deep

    NO to Neil – No point, we have enough 3rd/4th liners and him and Avery already hate each other

    NO to Hossa – To expensive, prob wont be able to get him anyway

    YES to Gaborik – ONLY if it’s a 1 or 2 year deal with incentives and not crazy amoutn of $$

    YES to Heatley – ONLY if we are NOT including Dubi, Cally, Staal, and Grachev, and we get rid of Rosi or Redden

    NO to Trading AA – Let’s see what we spent the last few years investing in before we offer him up in a deal.

    YES to trading Drury – BUT it’s NOT EVER GONNA HAPPEN so let’s all move on from that

    YES to trading Redden – LEt the LEafs or ANYONE take him and his salary off our hands, goodbye, thanks for being a crappy Ranger.

  15. And almsot forgot


    Hartford, Trade, buyout, whatever, GET HIM OFF THE ROSTER!!!

  16. staal wart

    i tried talking about that 3 weeks ago. i remember you specifically saying NO to staal being moved.

    but if there was a 2nd team involved (im just throwing the lightning in here) and the rangers were able to move rozsival + 2 1st rd picks (their #19 and TO’s #7) this year and then get hedman (#2 pick) in the draft and vinny back would you do it?

    im sure the answer is still no.

    to me its something to think about, you can trade staal now and get something for him or get your b@lls put in a vice by bobby orr and end up losing him for nothing next year.

    i dont want to trade staal but i am scared the rangers with their current cap situation even by next off season wount be able to sign staal to the contract he deserves.

    i cant see that toronto trade happening if there isnt a second deal somewhere. if the second deal is ottawa i dont do it. getting the 2nd pick in this years draft is the only way i even consider it.


    Heatley isn’t an overpaid FA, he’s a guy who earns his money a hell of a lot more than the losers on this team. He’s only 28, he’s far from washed up.

    Im not against giving prospects a chance, but c’mon, Greg Moore, and Dane Byers aren’t gonna come up and turn into goal scorers, in my opinion they’re just 4th liners. Anisimov is the only one down there that has a lot of promise to be at least a solid 3rd liner next season, and hopefully something more in years to come. Grachev, he might not be ready, and he’ll be back in the juniors. Besides Artie, i don’t see anyone on the Pack, as far as the forwards, making this team, and doing anything a random 4th liner can do. But that’s my opinion.

    “Trading either of them would be like wiping the sauce off a Big Mac”

    Haha, i love that quote. That guys right, trading Dubi, and Staal just to get rid of Redden ? Hell no, Stralman ? Kaberle ? Fugg em ! I like the 1st round pick, but it’s not enough. If Slats made that deal, im with Staal, id turn against the team, ill root for the LA Kings or something. I would officially be done as a Ranger fan.

  18. once again before everyone starts throwing tomatoes i dont want to trade the youth. you dont trade players anymore, you trade contracts.

    im not thinking about the player when i say ok to this trade im thinking about the cap and the value of a dollar over the next 2 years.

    i will really hate to see staal and dubbie go but you can blame sather when we have to trade our youth to make our crap look better.

  19. why would they trade two players that Torts loves?? not gonna happen unless they want to get another coach already. players that i can see being moved in a deal are Zherdev, Korpikoski, Anisimov and either Sangs or DelZ and also Rosival. These young assets could possibly net Heatly in some combination, but rozy would have to be part of the trade for cap reasons. If not heatly then it would potentially get us some other offensive player in the future. That player also will have to be a Winger because we already have too many Centers.

  20. COLIN

    Do you think the Bolts would really consider Rozi, and two 1st rounders, by giving up their #2 overall pick, AND their star player / Captain ? That seems like a steal. It is a 7th overall, pick and a late 1st rounder, but still they’re basically giving up a superstar, and potentially the next Lidstrom for an overrated offensive d-man, who’s making too much money, and two draft picks that may or may not be what they hoped for when they drafted them. It’s a big risk on their part.

    Id consider that, as a fan, because Vinny is obviously what this team needs, an actual leader, and a actual superstar, and Hedman has a lot of hype surrounding him. But it just makes me sick thinking aboot trading away Dubi, and Staal.

  21. BTW, Grachev will be either on the Rangers or the WolfPack next season. he does not need to go back to Juniors if he doesn’t make the team.

  22. I have a feeling that Grachev and Anisimov will click… in the NHL :D

    Hell, maybe Zherdev would work well with them?

  23. tyree

    you do bring up a good point torts does love them. and he definitely has some say.

    i know that the 2 owners are arguing right now and i know they need to move salary. the only way to make a deal look good is to throw in their draft pick. its either vinny or marty from tampa.

    i dont like the trade but tampa needs to shed salary
    heres a recent link

    one wants vinny the other wants to move him. i know they will get more from montreal but i dont like the toronto “trade” and this seems to make it fair for us, lol.

    and heres another link for you orr

  24. I’ve read numerous places that he doesn’t. It either has to due with his age or the fact that he is not from North America. He just needs to sign a contract.

  25. can someone approve my comment please ive tried posting it w/o links from my pc.

    do a google search for lightning owners bettman

    they are meeting w/ him today.

    one wants vinny
    the other will move him.

  26. I’m sure Messier is fishing with Sather right now telling him how good a signing Chelios will be…just like he did when he came back in 2000 and tried to be player/GM by bringing in all his boys. For all the praise (rightly deserved) he gets for 1994, he never gets slammed for his 2nd tour of duty and how he single-handedly kept the playoff drought going by being waaaay too involved with personnel decisions.

  27. ugh why is my comment still awaiting moderation! lol.
    back to my phone for now i suppose.

  28. The thing with Heatly is I can see us all convening next year after he scores 21 goals and 48 points and saying what a waste of a trade it was to get this bum. I agree with Hockeyman, trade away older guys for young unprovens or draft picks and start over. Bringing in Heatly isn’t winning us a cup, but building a young up and coming team might in the near future. Plus with the cap situation, it’s the best way to clear off the dead weight. Sather was about to do this right before the strike, but got greedy when the team had some success back in ’06 and decided (once again) we need only one or two pieces to win. No, we need a new infrastructure.

  29. Josh Thompson on

    TY is correct on Grachev’s options, since he was drafted in the NHL before the OHL, his NHL rights take precedent over anything major junior related.

  30. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Call me crazy, but I’d love to see Chelios as a Ranger. Sure, he’s so old he farts dust, but our D is not deep. Staal is our best D man and he is still developing, though not at the pace we’d hoped. Rozsival is better than he gets credit for but still not great in any aspect of his game. Redden is awful, the game has past him by moreso than Cheli. We have 2 marginal D men and a bunch of kids. Potter, Sangs, DelZ, Girardi, Staal…could all learn a lot from Chelios, especially coming from a team like Detroit. He’d bring personal experience and skills, in addition to team concept and leadership, which Drury clearly is lacking in. A strong veteran presence on the blue line may be just what the doctor ordered, even for a 5-6 spot. Very little would be expected of him, and his salary would be well below a million, so he wouldn’t draw the ire of the fans. Any positive contributions would be a bonus. Redden is hardly a role model for upcoming D men when half of the blue seats are waiting outside to tar and feather him.

  31. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Speaking of the Leafs, WTF is up with Mark Bell? The dude is big and showed promise, as long as he can stay off the sauce. Think he can crack the roster nest year?

  32. I’ll tell u what … Sather makes better trades then he does Free Agent signings,

    so i trust him more by getting a Player like Kovalchuk or Heatley thru a trade, then Signing one from free agency like Hossa, Gaborik or Sundin

    but you can bank on the Rangers getting 1 of those 5 players for next season. WE NEED A SCORER !!!

  33. “the rangers have no one on their team that the opponent says we we are going to use our top d pair to shut down X.

    if there is an “X” on our team please let me know.”

    Avery could be that “X”

    he doesn’t necessarily have to be shut down by top D but he attacks a lot of attention by opposite teams… im pretty sure opposite teams got special “plan” just for Avery when they facing NYR.

    other than him this team is more like “0” than “X”

    so yeah… bring on the Heat-lai

  34. joe in DE

    we got bell from toronto because they called him up to play against us. i think it was a way for sather to save the “heads” of our players.
    he is a UFA i believe as well.

    sather could have also picked him up as “revenge” for burke taking reitz from us, lol.

  35. akayama-

    or should i say “joe rotenberg” from north jersey, lol

    you have a blog?
    its the “off season”
    there wount be news till the draft.
    and then oh my you have to wait till wednesday for some more news.

  36. cccp

    you know what avery could be that x
    he does attract a lot of attention and throw people off their game
    suckers people into taking penalties a lot more than the penalties he takes imho.

    i was trying to say basically the other team would be scared when “X” touched the puck cause he may score.

    no one can take over a game on our team. i know its a team thing but there is not one person like lets say OV or malkin where you see him with the puck with 7.7 seconds left, lol, and say oh god here we go again.

    right capt. clutch?

  37. All I have to say Colin is you trade Staal and/or Dubi I am done this this embarrassment of an organization. I’ll find a new team to root for…Probably Boston.
    This organization is already a joke! I hate the fact that I love the team, but hate the organization and the front office.
    Is that even possible?

  38. ORR WHAT ?!?!
    June 24th, 2009 at 11:27 am
    I hope there’s a lot of trades, that’s the only exciting part of the draft, when Buttman goes up to the mic shaking like a leaf, saying “We have a traaade”

    lmao!!! he is a nervous twitchy bass turd

  39. dubi i may be able to part with.
    stall i cant.

    but like i said if you look at bobby orr and what he has done with the players he represents (see rick dipietro) i would rather trade him now then lose him for nothing.

    but im thinking from a money point of view.
    i like the idea of getting rid of rozsival and redden but i dont like the idea of giving up on youth.

    its a lose/lose situation.
    keep the team as is and do just as good as last year or trade away youth to get rid of bad contracts.

    look at JayBo.
    the panthers could have moved him, didnt, and will most likely get nothing for him. unless philly bites. but they need to move contracts.

    the way the league is now you move contracts and money, not players and their ability.

  40. im with ya staal. i dont wanna trade anybody named duby,cally,grachev,anisimov,del zotto,staal,girardi,redden, lol j/k about redden. its just the thing that was promised a few years ago by the management that we would build from within. we should trade rozy, zherdev, and and the rights to paul maras beard. maybe i’ll be cool with givin up sangs. but we cant get rid of guys weve been putting alot of work and hope into like grachev, anisimov,and del z. cally and duby and staal are the future leaders of this team damnit!!!! no sather dont trade em!!!!!

  41. Joe in DE,
    I have to be honest…Chelios? Are your sure? Really?
    I mean is our D really the problem, cause last time I checked we still can’t score goals! With this offense our Defense could be Pre-Reagan Soviet Union Iron Curtain Defense and we’d still loose cause that Cigar Smoking Turd of a GM built a team without an offensive clue!

  42. colin- you are makin sense from a business standpoint and detached from emotions. i think even though we dont wanna trade any youth, some may have to go like you said because of salary. but it all couldve been avoided by not signing free agents to 7 mill a year. sather has to find a way to give up as little as possible in terms of prospects because he got us into this mess.

  43. Oh and Joe, Staal hasn’t progressed like we all had hoped? Are you kidding? He’s easily our #1 D man. He will be, baring injury of course, one of the top 5 shut down defensemen in the league, within the next 2 years.

  44. it turns out that we have 8 picks in 7 rounds this weekend.

    you think a couple of those could be headed to Ottawa for Heatley??

  45. staal- yea we need offense not more d men. we had our best chance at a cup 2 years ago. jagrs gone, shannys gone and too old now, we just gotta keep building from the draft and let the kids slowly learn and take over the team. i think maybe if we get rid of rozy and since mara and morris are prob goners, chelios wouldnt be bad to have for the kids to learn from and he wouldnt be expensive. but defense is not what we need, so chelios is not gonna be on our priority list of players to get. heatley would be awesome to have but i still think LA will get him. unless sather parts with guys we dont want him parting with. its a job that sather has a lot of hard decisions and work to deal with, but he put us in the situation. caps goin down too next year. i wish some damn team would just take dru off our hands. and if we cant trade wade, waive wade!!! say that 10 times fast!!

  46. I’d rather see a young kid like DZ make mistakes but learn on the big squad, than have an old fart like Chelios make mistakes because he’s too old an slow. Damn you think Redden is slow…!

  47. hey the NHL Network is playing a “Classic Series” between Rangers and Canucks from 1994 right now, it ends at 3pm though.

  48. staal- joe has a point. staal was supposed to be workin on his offense more and even torts said and wants him to improve in that area. its not enough in this league to be 1 dimensional anymore. and he did dissappoint a little in the playoffs. sayin that, i think staal is our best d man. and the offense did improve a bit. i saw him do some end to end rushes that looked good. hes gettin beter at joinin the rush. he only had 3 goals, but so did redden. and he got 1 in the playoffs too. i think that sort of messed with his d game a little though because in the playoffs he was taken off coverin ovie and backstrom. but staal is still learning and ovie is the toughest guy to try to shut down. hes gonna be great for us in the future for many yearts to come. and this playoffs was definitely a good learning process for him and girardi. i think torts did the right thing in taking him off against ovie at first and then putting hiom back on splitting the duties with rozy and redden. but, like most of the rangers, the coaching change was a hard adjustment. much faster paced. and i think he did pretty good at maintaining his level of play and jumpin into a more offensive role too. so yea, in short, no trading staal!!!

  49. I agree Staal Wart. It’s easy to hate Redden, and Rozi for their retard mistakes, but when a rookie makes it, it’s no big deal, you have to learn the hard way.

  50. I think Rozi should be the first guy gone if possible. He stinks!! Should have never been signed and with Jagr gone God only knows Y he was resigned. Heatley and Gaborik are the two guys they should go after. Get one of them and I think the team is sooo much better.

  51. “I don’t give a rat’s ass what they do in Pittsburgh or Detroit,” Burke said. “There have been four Cups won since the (lockout) ended, and I got one of them (with Anaheim in 2007), and it was a fighting team. So, we are playing it that way, regardless, and if other teams don’t, I don’t give a . . . “

  52. ShootsHeScores on

    I agree with Pavel at the top. SNYRANGERSBLOG.com is pretty good. They have been running these cool draft recaps also.

  53. i just read all 80 posts today and let me say one thing if there was even any truth to the rumor of trading staal dubi and redden for kaberle stralman and the 7th pick i WOULD AND STRESS THE WORD WOULD cancel my season tickets asap. sather should be taking outside and kicked numerous times over and over again. thats as nicely as i could put it.

    there is only one thing that should come out of MONTREAL.


    rozi zherdev sags and 19th pick and i will even throw in one of the 3 5th rounders if need be.

    one of the big 4 need to move gomez limited no trade
    drury no trade
    redden worst contract in game keep him if it means that stupid package with toronto
    rozival only one who could be affordable

  54. I think they’re fairly new. Someone linked them when they had the Gilroy signing. I think Zipay has quoted them as well. It’s one big Ranger family. :D

  55. Laurel Babcock on

    Ah. Zipay. Well, since Sam used to, and Carp still pulls from him, I will today, too. Here’s what he’s got today, and I quote:

    The Rangers picks are 19, 47, 80 (none in the fourth round), 127, 140, 151, 170 and 200. Personally, I would try to package one of the fives.

    We should know the 2009-10 cap number soon; my sense is that it will be somewhere over $55 million.

    On Monday, the 29th, the Rangers key draftees — plus most of the top prospects — report to the training center for a week-long development camp, which will provide an up-close assessment. Interested in seeing Evgeny Grachev and Mike Del Zotto, for sure…

  56. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    StaalWart – don’t take my opinion as a knock on Staal. I agree that he is our #1 D man. But as mike in ia mentioned, he has had some difficulties with offense, and it’s abundantly obvious that there is nobody on the team to mentor him. Rozsival is struggling and doesn’t want to shoot, and is an inferior shut down player to Staal. Redden is a train wreck. Not to mention that Rozsival may not even stay on the team if they can move his salary. That leaves Redden, Staal & Girardi, with the next 3 spots to be filled by rookies or by Mara and 2 rookies? No way. Chelios has issues because of his age, not his game. He could easily be a defensive mentor to the young guys while picking up 10 minutes a game.

    True, we need goals, and a lot could come from a big time scoring winger. But a lot of goals could be generated by a stable presence on the blue line, that is able to get shots through on the PP and skate the puck into the offensive zone. I’m not saying Cheli could do that all the time, but with him around, we may see more of it from Staal, Girardi, Gilroy, Potter, Sangs or DZ

  57. Marc was raised by trying to constantly stop Jordan and Eric from scoring… can’t expect too much offense from him! XD

  58. steveknj: “Bringing in Heatly isn’t winning us a cup, but building a young up and coming team might in the near future. Plus with the cap situation, it’s the best way to clear off the dead weight. Sather was about to do this right before the strike, but got greedy when the team had some success back in ‘06 and decided (once again) we need only one or two pieces to win. No, we need a new infrastructure.”

    Sather was about to do this??? Says who, Sather? Do you believe a man with a forked tongue?

    No, Sather is part of that infrastructure that needs to be replaced.

  59. Joe they should hire Leetch as a offensive defenseman coach…not many did it like him.
    I also understand it wasn’t a knock on him…sorry…I was fired up about the thought of Sather trading away the reasons I tune into every game…Staal, Dubi and Cally!
    I never looked to Staal to be an offensive D-man…and I still don’t…I see him as a shutdown defenseman. If we had any offense to speak of we wouldn’t need Staal to contribute, and we wouldn’t look to him for any production.
    If Staal develops into a shut down D man with a good hard shot from the point, I’d be pumped!

  60. “Bringing in Heatly isn’t winning us a cup, but building a young up and coming team might in the near future. Plus with the cap situation, it’s the best way to clear off the dead weight. Sather was about to do this right before the strike, but got greedy when the team had some success back in ‘06 and decided (once again) we need only one or two pieces to win. No, we need a new infrastructure.”

    Bringing in Heatley potentially takes us a step closer to winning the Cup. We need to go for it now, i mean, yeah we can patiently wait 5 or 6 years build through our farm, and through the draft, go young, while our starting goalie gets older and not as good as he used to be. We can win a Cup right now, with the right group around Hank, but what if he turns into DiPietro in a few years, constant injuries, and he loses his touch, and goaltending is our new problem. Then we’ll all be saying, “damn, if we went for it a few years ago, who knows, maybe we could have won a Cup”. That’s the last thing i want to be thinking 5 or 6 years from now.

    Point being, this team has talent, and they have a couple of cancers, that screw over Hank, game in and game out, remove them, bring in a couple of people who can support the guy, and this is a whole new team, damn it !

    We need an actual goal scorer, Heatley is a goal scorer, get him ! Get rid of Rozi, and Slats needs to try as hard as he possibly can to dump Redden, or Dreary. Package Dreary with a couple of extra pieces, and send him to LA for Johnson, or Frolov.

    I don’t care aboot anyone in this organization except for Dubi, Staal, Cally, Hank, Grachev, Artie, and Del Z. Everyone else, if they get traded i wouldn’t care.

    And Sharapova lost today !! Why, Whyyyyyy !?!?!?!

  61. snyrangersblog.com is a great Rangers site, they do much more than a lot of the other sites out there. They update multiple times a day, even during the quiet off-season times. I go there a lot, you should all too.

  62. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow, you all are on fire today! I’m going to let you all continue here for the night so everyone can keep track of the chat. You all kept me up too late last night so I’m going to do my best to ignore you once I get home and will start with something new tomorrow….then only one day til draft!!

  63. Before Staal learns how to be an offensive d-man, he needs to learn how to avoid breaking his stick. I swear, i never seen a guy so unlucky. When Torts came in her tried shooting more, and played a little PP time, but every time he was set up for the one timer, his stick broke.

    In the goals he’s scored so far in his career, besides the one against the Avs, they were pretty shots. He has damn good aim.

  64. The NY Rangers are expected to announce some major news in an hour according to their site, cameras are in front of the Garden as I work across the street from there. It may concern a trade, or firing, I’m not sure. Will keep you posted.

  65. hockey trade rumors says Heatley for Zherdev, Roszi, Potter and a couple of picks is a done deal.

    Bwa ha haha. I swear people just make that shit up to get site visits.

  66. Laurel Babcock on

    Hmmm. truth or faker? I’m seeing anything on the site about that eric….

  67. Wow, it actually is a deal. It’s not done, but supposedly there are some side trades between them, sort of like how Slats trade for Fritsche, and gave up Backman.

    If all goes well, Heatley is a Ranger. Geez louise.

  68. Lol, Burke isn’t that stupid, there’s no way he even considers getting Redden for a split second, just not possible. Only Slats is dumb enough to sign him. And supposedly the Stars too, but unfortunately Slats had to offer him all that fuggin money !!!

  69. I’m trying to find my kitteh to take a pic but can’t find ’em. He’s probably terrorizing the woods… I’ll get him eventually!

  70. Burke would only take Redden if he could rip off Sather by also including Staal, Grachev, a roster forward, and 2 or 3 draft picks. Burke might then considering giving up Kubina and maybe Stralman lol


    I’m more concerned about Dubi/Cally re-signing. I actually think Redden will have a much better year this year, because Torts will be running training/conditioning.

  71. hahahah
    hey maybe eklund got it right
    what did he say drury for who? heatley?

    but i just looked outside my work window and i dont see any pigs flying

  72. Rich that link is hysterical!
    The line…”Leafs have been zeroing in on Wade Redden…” is priceless.
    That is exactly what Redden is…a big freakin ZERO!

  73. NO one is taking Redden. And why all worried about Staal? He’s not going anywhere. So who cares if Bobby Orr is his agent 1)He’s RFA 2)They can always waive Redden if he stinks this year and get cap room that way.

    Artie stays period. He plays with Heately and Grachev in like 3 years. Also, do you wanna risk losing Betts and having 3 centers to of whom are overrated (Gomez, Drury)?

    There are guys who can come up and play besides Artie. Jordan Owens is a Sjostrom clone; he can play 4th line and PK. He has speed. Torts likes speed. Byers can do the same.

    I don’t care about winning with Henrik. The goal is to have the best team. I want to win with Henrik love the guy, but you need a younger guy just in case. Take Igor Bobkov. He’s gonna be good.

    Don’t win for one guy. This is the Rangers, the people’s team. Always will, always has been despite whichever moron owns them. They gotta remember that.

  74. Laurel Babcock on

    Maybe Rachel should switch to baseball…..or at least find a hockey player in her age’s decade….just a thought.

  75. is anyone watching MSG Most wanted “All-Time Team?”

    Renney was mentioned as one of the all time coaches and the coach who helped to rejuvenate career of Jaromir Jagr? really? how come we didnt THAT BEFORE? LOL

    do i smell billsh.t or do i smell BULLSH.T?

    and now MSG is showing Rangers #19 Scott Gomez… someone just called him the MOST imaginative center in hockey!!


  76. It took Stoll long enough, but he finally realized he cant compete with Rod Stewart.

    Haha, kind of funny. I guess he found out that megan Fox is single, so he thinks he has a shot.

    Aves needs to date Fox, hopefully she’s into iceholes. I would sure love to see her at the Garden.

  77. Laurel Babcock on

    Well, really, who can compete with Rod the Mod? I think Avery’s next woman will not be so famous…he needs a real person. Like me, maybe :)

  78. Rachel Hunt is a beautiful woman.
    Laurel is right…Rachel needs someone her age… someone mature enough to at least break up with her in person and not through email! What a prick!

  79. Avery should go after Lady Gaga; that would be ridiculous.

    Rachel Hunter? Pretty hot but 1992 called and wants their swimsuit models back.

    I love how know one brings up Mogilny with Gomez. You think he had a little something to do with Scott’s success?

  80. Lol, ohhh this is the chicks that dated Aves. Lol, no wonder why he dumped her. Can you imagine every time he’s in bed with her, he’ll imagine Aves and her. That cant be healthy.

    That’s why Komisarek had to end things with Cuth. And soon enough Dion will too. Or maybe not, he looks like an ugly Dick Tracy character, he’s lucky to have a babe like Cuth.

  81. Hahaha, Lady Gaga, that would be crazy. Her and those weird outfits, with Avery’s crazy fashion. That would be some wedding. Id pay money, and give up some organs, and blood to get an invite.

    These Rangers need to get off their asses and go after Fox. I refuse to believe that 90210 loser has been, gets to date her, but none of these guys can ??? NO !! Id feel a lot better seeing Nyr lose if i get to see her on the jumbo-tron at the Garden. Then Redden, and Rozi can make tons of stupid plays, and i wont go as crazy.

  82. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Wow Staal Wart ..who pissed in yer cornflakes this morning?

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