Joke gone bad…


It’s generally not the rule here at RR to let nay-sayers take over, but perhaps I went to far? You be the judge…I know everyone is nuts for the draft, and while my fans have been great, I also don’t want to alienate everyone else. So, not an apology, but a slight mea culpa…

Here was the joke. But really, did anyone buy that? I guess so. Anyway. Seriously, back to draft…:
Breaking news
Heatley says he wants to go to Rangers, but not under Slats…WOW. What do you think will result from that? My guess, absolutely nothing cause it’s my turn to have fun and fake you out! Bwaaaaaaa!
Seriously, I got nothing right now, sorry, but there is nothing. Changed my mind. Other thread getting long and I figure where the chat was going was a good time to change up. Fox. Eeesh. Carry on….

Well, this joke got an interesting response. Go back to draft talk. I’m signing off til the morning. Bye!

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  1. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Sweet being the top dude….. Having Heatley would give Gomer a bud to pass too!! If we lose Dubinsky,Staal its a bad deal. Hate losing Z but Heatley is proven :(

  2. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Later Laurel …cccp ..well I just got lucky!!!

  3. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Maybe i will type properly ….I ment :Maybe Sather will work a heatley deal out. dats better.

  4. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Well Colin , I dunno ? Yeah I see why Staal Warts upset. Talking of trading Staal and Dubinsky is ridiculas. Toronto can stick thier players up thier own azz!!! Last year we had Renney , now we got super torts!!

    Rember these beuty quotes way back??

    Torts does not sleep, He WAITS….Torts can slam a revolving door….John Tortorella saved 30% by switching to GEICO…..Torterella puts both of his socks on at the same time!…..Some kids piss their name in the snow. Torts can piss his name into concrete….If you have $5 and John Tortorella has $5, John Tortorella has more money than you…..Torts Could out stare Messier in a staring contest and make Mess look down and away!!

    See!! we have a leader!!! Hes gonna Chew up Drury and Redden and if they don’t taste good..Hes gonna spit them out!!!

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Rangers will prevail and I like the part when ORR said that we should go for the cup…makes alotta sense.

  6. if trading staal meant dumping redden and rozsival and possibly picking up hedman or tavares in the draft you still dont do it?

  7. GREG

    It makes a ton of sense. We have the goaltender, even though Hank goes through his slumps. But he’s the kind of goalie who can win Cups, Slats needs to bring the right guys in to support him. Who knows where Hank will be in the next few years, he could be dealing with a major concussion or leg, or hip injury that ruins his career.

    Id love to tank for one year and get 1st overall pick in the draft, but i want a Cup a hell of a lot more. They can do it, just get rid of the losers, and get a guy like Heatley !!

  8. here is the trade once again, i know it hurts to see staals name there.

    To Toronto-

    To Rangers
    #7 pick

    2nd trade

    to lightning
    #7 pick (from toronto)
    #19 pick
    potter (or some other young forward) or another pick

    to rangers
    #2 pick

    the lightning are looking to dump salary (see trade on deadline day between tampa and toronto) and need defense. toronto wants youth or tavares.

    we do get rid of 2 huge salaries here and give up youth but end up getting some youth back and if we were able to scoop up hedman i would be ecstatic. but we end up with vinnys 11 year contract.


    next years top 2 picks are kabanov and hall. kabanov is almost exactly like cherepanov. his hands are second to none.

  9. COLIN

    No way the Bolts would do that deal, in my opinion. It’s just too little.

    They’re giving up Vinny, who is everything that organization needs, along with Hedman, who can be a star D-man. What they would want is…

    #7, #19, Rozi, Cally, and one of Grachev, Artie, Del Z, or Sangs.

    Im sure they would definitely consider that.

  10. colin …

    is the rumor that we are doing both trades OR 1 or the other??

    Honestly, i would do the first trade if you took Staal and Strahlman out of the equation its kind of a wash anyway and just made it Redden and Dubi for Kaberle and their pick.

    i wouldnt even mind if we just kept our new 7th pick and TB kept their 2nd pick and just gave us Vinny for Rozi, Potter and the 19th

  11. the toronto trade was a rumor 3 weeks ago around the time the rangers signed del z

    the second trade i basically said hey! the lightning need to get rid of salary (marty or vinny) and to do so would need to package in a pick.

    its a horrible trade
    dont get me wrong

    but its an ok trade for the rangers, lol getting rid of staal and waiting for hedman would kinda suck but his first 3 years he would make next to nothing.

    i base this on nothing other than contracts, money and one rumor. the first trade between toronto and nyr.
    that first trade is horrible! the tampa salary dump makes it semi worth it. i took into account the trade between tor/tampa last season before the deadline.
    other than that like i said the first trader is horrible and the second trade would make up for it and take advantage of 2 owners arguing, them needing to dump money etc. burke will rape us and then we will rape tampa. seems fair?

  12. Sounds like Itan’s the one that needs to get out, or at least step back and consider how worked up he’s getting over a Rangers blog.

    Laurel, I liked the post.

  13. Itan Chavira

    the joke is on you buddy… smile!

    he got excited… who gives a damn if you did… being ignorant is hard… i know…but dont disrespect a woman who is doing her best to keep this place alive! and it wouldn’t hurt if you could follow the conversation first before you post something stupid like that!

  14. smalls –
    the 2nd trade is a made up trade.

    and a simple google search will show you the feud between the 2 owners and what to do with vinny.

    if i wasnt on my phone i would find a link.

    they did dump a lot of salary before the deadline last year but one owner feels that if they move his money off the books they could sign more people.

  15. i just dont get people… wtf do you all expect at this time of the year?? what juicy news are you looking for?? i mean, internet is huge… find your niche…get a sense of humor or get the fck put! Nobody is holding anybody…

  16. Itan Chavira, you brainless fugg.

    A Moron is a moron even in a blog. Calm down and put your garbage somewhere in a Pissburg blog – they will understand you.Not here.

  17. Oh, and Laurel you are great,very entertaining doing a great job in this desperate and boring time. Thanks and do not pay attention to any hopeless morons.


    Some of you need to get a grip. The regulars on this blog know the drill and are really cool. Rick, Jane and Laurel do a great job keeping us informed and also, posting creative blogs when there is not much news. I wish these others who come on here to disrupt everything would go AWAY.
    End of rant.

    I wonder how much say Torts has in the off-season wheeling and dealing. I had the feeling Renney’s input, if any, was totally discounted. I hope Slats listens to Torts.

    Bottom line, Slats is probably going to pull off some lame brain deal that nobody on this blog ever thought possible….in typical Slats fashion. Heaven help us….


  19. Laurel Babcock on

    To all my fans, thanks, that means a lot, seriously.

    Itan, I wasn’t going to respond to you because all of us Ranger Report bloggers generally don’t answer these kinds of posts. But read what the regulars here have to say and check out the discussions. You might find them very interesting and might change your mind about this blog, since it’s, let’s see, June 24? Check out other blogs and see if you can do better.

    John, you’re just rude, and we don’t do that here at RR, right fans!

  20. nhl network rangers quebec 1995 east quarters classic series on from 9-10 8 vs 1 upset

  21. Laurel Babcock on

    Puck, I agree. Hope Slats listens to Torts. (and of course, I agree with the rest of what you said.)

    and SaId…hee. Thanks for appreceating the humor.

  22. laurel rick jane josh

    you guys are all awesome. hockey is my life now go get heatley


    Laurel, you just proved you’re a professional! Ignore the jerks. Keep up the good work and thanks.

  24. I believe the Rangers have a reasonable — not excellent — chance of landing Dany Heatley. Me? I’d love to see him in Rangers blue. 38 minutes ago from web

    -Fishlers Twiiter


    I said rozi 5mil sign and trade z 3.5 mil bobby sags and a 5th rounder.

    lets see how close i get.

    maybe i could take over and be gm and make mike in ia and orr my ass since they were on board since my first post

  26. TWITTER!

    god i love twitter.

    i actually had to work just now for an extended period of time. its a very rare occasion i am away from my computer for longer than an hour while im at work, lol.


    and for the complainers give it a rest will ya. show me your blog. god the reasons i come here are cause the writers interact with the commenters, and i dont have to log in YET. i have enough user names, log ins, etc for much more important things. guarantee if you have a website its strait doo doo butter.


  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    John , you suck!! Get the hell off our blog you moron , Itan , has some respect and stop being an idiot!!!

    These new Bloggers writers are cool and uphold the intergrity quite well thank you.

  28. June 24th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    I believe the Rangers have a reasonable—not excellent—chance of landing Dany Heatley. Me? I’d love to see him in Rangers blue. 38 minutes ago from web
    -Fishlers Twiiter



    you better not be making stuff up man…we got some sensitive crowd up in here!! Things can easily start happening any minute… so watch out or Itan Chavira will go ape sh.t and rotten bananas on you!

  29. Lol, you really have to have no life if you take blog pranks so serious. Hahaha, what a loser.

    A lot of people on this blog cant take jokes. They must be a major drag to hang out with. I fuggin hate losers with no sense of humor.

  30. you have to have a twitter to be a geek
    and your twitter account has to have more than 15,000 followers

    then you are super geek!

  31. Laurel Babcock on

    colin, sorry! not dissing you. just (not floating head) joshing…you said “i remember last year in the summer it was very quiet. or so i thought…”

    I was just riffing on that for the critics….blog mamma loves you.

  32. Chris from Buffalo on

    When I saw breaking news I was hoping Sather got fired but, no luck. hahaha.

  33. what does sather have planned.
    we all know something big will happen in the next 10 days. staal and dubi better be here

  34. Boo!!!!
    We want Carp back! Laurel, go back to writing about something else!!!! BOOO!!! This blog has gone downhill- Sam to Carp to Laurel. Who would think I would ever ask for Carp back.

  35. onecupin69years and counting on

    I wish we had the D.I . from “Full Metal jacket” I would make sather choke himself. He kills a wet dream

  36. Let’s face it… Sather is the only GM who will take Heatley and pay him his $4M bonus due July 1. I really think the Rangers are the only team that seriously wants him right now.

    From what I’m hearing it hinges on Ottawa taking Rozsival. The Rangers are pretty much prepared to give Ottawa whatever they want so long as it’s within reason.

    The deal will be something like Rozsival, Zherdev or Callahan, Anisimov, and our 19th overall pick for Heatley and Ottawa’s 3rd.

  37. heatley and a 3rd. gee. we cant squeeze a 2nd out of em? heatleys 1 player!!! what if he gets to ny and cant drive with all the traffic and loses control and then we see him at the press conference in a wheelchair in the hospital next to a frowning sather who has to manually help him put the jersey on? or he gets yelled at by torts and has an aneurism in his ‘gina? no callahan damnit!!! they dont get our future 30 goal scorer!!!

  38. Itan Chavira on


    All I am asking is that you don’t make main headline posts and the content in a serious tone about the happenings with this team.

    I come to this blog for real information, not to be ‘entertained’.

    You can be lighthearted but always keep up the journalistic integrity of what this blog is about.

    Sam Weinman did this brilliantly, you should take a page from him.

    Either that, or go back to writing about dogs and cats and stupid like that.

    Good thing is, the Journal News is in such bad shape, your job is most likely in jeopardy, so hopefully you can either be more serious about giving us real actual information, or posting reliable rumors, or give us Rick and Jane back asap.

  39. alex- and anyone else complaining for that matter. laurel has been doin fine job so far. she posts alot. gives us somethin to talk about even if its not pulitzer material. because theres really nothing goin on!! in fact, laurel has kept this blog goin alot and there have been more posts recently. more topics to talk about. shes tryin hard to fill in for the CARPINATOR. yea, sometimes its hard enough just bein a ranger fan without getting messed with, but cmon, theres gonna be alot of stuff goin on soon. dont get all crazy on babcock just cuz she had some fun

  40. hows this for a headline- breaking news-rangers will pick 19th on draft day. besides that, nothing is goin on right now. yea, sathers trying to land a sniper any way he can, and hes gonna get somebody here and will eventually give in and trade youth away yet again. i can kinda see your point itan but you couldnt get the joke about heatley and sather?

  41. Itan Chavira

    my man wtf is your problem? eh? If you come here only for the “headlines” and skipping the comments of the bloggers than i don’t see a reason for you to come here at all! frankly i never see you post here at all…If you don’t come here to be entertained… than F… OFF!
    And stop with this Sam bullsh.t already!! Sam does not exist anymore! This blog was his job and he never took this blog personally! Carp, Jane, Laurel, Josh (age 26) they all doing great job bringing the news to us! They take this blog more personally than Sam ever was able to! We, the regular readers and posters, know what time it is… we feel strongly connected to Carp, Jane, Laurel and Josh (age 26)
    We, (the regulars) know what to expect and how to be lose and enjoy our time here…

    And YOU Itan Chavira is a one hit wonder… popped up out of nowhere and trying to educate people and bringing the “integrity” up nonstop… do you even know the meaning of “integrity”

    once again… if you think that this blog doesnt satisfy your needs then move the F ON buddy! get lost…

  42. Sands writes “Reports from an underground source are coming out tonight in New York that the New York Rangers have acquired Dany Heatley.

    Rangers reportedly have dealt Rozival, Zherdev, Defensive prospect Cory Potter, a 1st and 5th Round pick in exchange for Dany Heatley.

    I have NOT been able to confirm this deal as of yet. And with what the Rangers gave up for Healtey I would not be surprised if these where False reports. But It is a report non the less. And I figured it should be shared.

    Is the Rumor True?

    If this rumor is true, the amount Ottawa got back is not that great. Rozival is a solid D man when he shoots the puck, Zherdev gets hot… and then looks like he lost interest in the game of hockey as a whole. Cory Potter.. ahhh nothing seen from him was ever that special. The 1st round pick is the 19th overall. and the 5th round pick is one of 3 or 4 that the rangers have in the 5th.

    So if this is true… was it the right deal? I would have guessed that LA could have offered something with Frolov or Vancouver could have done something knowing they will most likely lose the Sedin’s and Sundin. The Blackhawks have a solid amount of good young players they could have packaged up… maybe patrick sharp?

    so all and all this “deal” doesn’t seem like the Hossa for Heatley deal one would have expected.

    But we will see.. if this rumored “done deal” is true… the Rangers pulled off another steal… but will this steal pan out this time? god knows the others never did.

    Here’s hoping this is no lie.

    Note: This is not sourced – Just a rumor at this point. Take it as it is … a rumor.

    from hockey trade rumors

  43. ivan chabonga- you can easily get the joke man. she plainly says it right there in the post. the people who come here and talk every day all pretty much get along and have a sense of humour. its not cool the way you handled it man. first of all, its not her blog. shes filling in and doin carp a big favor. shes made the blog a little interesting during these slow times. enjoy life a little man. need to take a vacay huh?

  44. yea tyler- its only the proposed rumour that weve been talkin about for awhile now. no way the sens take our offer. i can see instead of poter, they will have to give up something better. even though the 1st rnd pick is good, they want proven nhl players comin back. rozy and zherdev are a good starting point though.

  45. well, slats would be takin 4 mill right off their hands by trading for him, and frolov isnt that great, and maybe they didnt wanna pay what johnson wants. lol. no. you can bet cally or dubi is in that deal too.

  46. onecupin69years and counting on

    This team is so messed up.. how do you rebuild it? Keep Staal and Hank, trade everyone else , dump salary? Trade Staal and hank for top draft choices? Would you trade staal and hank for a top 5 pick? There is too much dead wood and salary on this team, Gomez, drury, rozival , reddon.
    If you keep everyone ,its a long trip to the finals.

  47. i hope not mike you know all the untouchables but that doesn’t mean sather does!?!?!?!

  48. if they don’t get the big name i hope grachev turns out to be amazing this year and win the calder as a ranger for the first time since leetch.. but who knows

  49. My f’ing hard drive crashed… AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have so much crap to do tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  50. i take three days off from this blog and i can’t even make any sense as to what the hell is going on here… the front page is a mess

  51. what about our 1st and dreary for heatly

    also- we entertain getting torontos 1st for rosi and someone else

  52. where are all these people ive never heard of coming from? austin, do u post on another name?

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Listen to CCCP you moron , Try reading the fine print cuz it sure looks like you don’t read anything anyone else writes! ? Who cares what you have to say. So wake up and take a joke!!

    Get a life and complain about something thats actually worth flappin your lips and typing it down and sending it on here . Listen to Mike in ia and read it c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y

    John , you suck!!!

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    come on …make up some more names Johnny!!!

    Say NO to trading Callahan!!!
    Say no to trading Zherdev …well maybe if we get Heatley.
    Say NO to trasing our beloved Staalsieeee!!!

  55. I heard something like that too. That’s how its gonna go down. Sather gets himself another pariah for a reclamation project.

  56. Where's Pavelich? on

    itan – you are annoying

    get heatley…I would do the trade rumored (rosie, z, 1,3, potter)….. I am a big giradi fan – somehow, I feel that he will end up as part of this (if it happens)…maybe we will need to eat a contract, if the money works (somehow) ..Chris philips (3.5 per)??

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Thanks Austin Powers , I know . The HEADER SHOULD BE:
    IDIOTS GONE WILD instead of Joke gone bad.

  58. So we want to keep a guy (Zherdev) around that can score 58 points instead of putting him in a package for a player who, minus the year he was injured, has not had less than 67 points in a season. And that 67 point season was his rookie year!!!
    Heatly has had two 50 goal seasons playing in a system that was all offense in Ottawa. The Rangers have only had 3!!!! players in their history score more than 50 in a season.

    Should this be any question? As much as I love what Cally brings to this team, and his projected 30 goal seasons in the future, I ship him off to Ottawa with Blosival and our first rounder.

    We have three contracts that run till the end of the 2014-15 season. What the hell is another one? It’s not like this team is going to be a dynasty anytime in the near future. Why not ice the best possible team that can finally put some pucks in the net?

    Say what you want but I would love to see Heatly flying down the wing and Gomez dishing off to him for 82 games. It would be a lot more entertaining then the crap we put up with this past season.

  59. The Rangers don’t have what it takes to get Heatley. Why on earth would Ottawa want Roszival? And then on top of that is the rumor that the Sens would keep Zherdev and ship Rozie to San Jose for Cheechoo, which would be great for the Sens, but why on earth would SJ want Rozier? Neither Ottawa nor SJ currently have a need for an overpaid second pair defenseman unless they’re just looking to turn over some of their roster. And those teams aren’t going near any of the other brutal 3.

  60. No trades will happen. I hope we get Glennie.

    Chris Kotsopoulos Interviewed

    On Colton Orr: “He is probably the most respected heavyweight in the NHL”

    On Fred Shero’s Firing during the 80-81 season : “Some of the veterans on the team who shall go nameless turned on him”

    You can hear these topics discussed in their entirety at

  61. I love it when people make up names and try to pretend like they’re not the only one upset aboot something. Haha, so loserish. Honestly if blog jokes piss people off to the point where they refuse to come back, you seriously need some kind of therapy. Or maybe you just need to get laid, either way…


    If this trade actually happened, what would all of you think of Slats ? I mean, that’s a bit of a steal in my opinion, Potter is a decent prospect, but he wont be a star, Rozi sucks, Nicky Z is talented but proved he cant show up when a team needs him. And the 5th round pick doesn’t matter. So it’s really a 1st round pick, for Heatley. That would be the steal of the century.

    It’s such BS though, cause if i were Murray id give Heatley up for Kessel, alone, or to LA for Frolov, and Johnson.

  62. Oh yeah, and this guy on Hockeybuzz said Shanny is coming back next year, but he wont be going back to the Devs, and will probably consider moving out of NY. I bet he’s wishing he just accepted that contract from Pissburgh before the season started, then he would have won a Cup.

    Still one of my favorite players ever. What ever happens in the Rangers future, i was damn glad to see Shanny, and Jags play on the same team. 06-07, i loved that first game against the Craps, Jags scoring 30 secs in, Shanny scoring twice, getting his 600th, and the two hugging it out after the game. Best Ranger team in a long time !!

    Then good ol’ Dreary ruins our season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. we had a nice little streak of scoring on our first shot of the season going there for a bit, too

  64. I don’t want Heatly. This is a leaderless team and Heatly already has personal problems that will only be exaggerated in NY. I don’t want to give up Cally, Dubi, Staal or Hank under any circumstances. Anyone else is fair game. Seriously, does anyone thing Heatly gets us closer to the cup? On Rozi, I think he’s a lot more respected around the league than us Ranger think. Watching a lot of out of town or national broadcasts, a lot of the press in those places like Rozi. So why not try and milk whatever we can get for him? I just think Heatly is the wrong way to go. Don’t come crying to me next June when we get knocked out of the playoffs early (or don’t make it at all, and be complaining about Heatly getting 25 goals instead of 40. And he’s also a crybaby in the Crosby sense of the word. You guys will end up hating him.

  65. the guys on other teams blogs talk the same way about our players as we do. everyone pretty much knows the young core of this team is good and headed in right direction. i really doint know how to take the heatley rumour. part of me(like austin) wants a team that can at least score and have some kind of chance being competitive with the big teams in the east, and another part wants us to just ride out the bad times and either get a kovalchuk next year or just try and see how we do through drafting. i mean grachev could be a star for us and if we have another huge contract, were gonna have to ndo more trading, including youth to make room for our own guys who deserve big money. it seems like other teams have patience with this. sather is nearing the end and he wants to go for it soon. i get that, but do we really think one guy is gonna do that? i mean, jagr and shanny couldnt. thats how tough the teams are. we need to develop our own stars and not have to take a huge chance every year

  66. Here is a good question…………does Torts take the “C” away from Drury or not?

  67. well steve-rozy had his best seasons production wise with us. rozy got better when given the chance to be a top d man. now last year he was comin off a hip surgery, and he still put up the most points of our d men. i read comments on other stes that rozy sucks, hes way overpaid, etc/.. he had more goals than campbell!! now, he was pretty bad in some games last year, and i wanted to kill him, but hes better than people give him credit for. if he wouldve taken a big discount like mara hed be a hero. or at least hed be more accepted by us because of his willingness to play for peanuts. its really sathers fault. rozy was either supposed to stay or if they got a better guy(redden), they wouldnt need him. but sather signed him again after we just got redden. or right before, cant remember. sounds similar to 07 with not 1 but 2 second rate centers for the price of 4!!!!

  68. This is the same old story. why is it so hard for us living in “Ranger World” to realize that players come here to retire (with the exception of the 94 team).

    Any player the rangers get, thus far, has proven to be a wash-up……… Gomez, Drury, Nedved, Robitaille, Holik, Redden, Lindros……….the list goes on and on, and that is only naming a few.

    We need a young-talented-developed player to come in and take over. We have absolutley no player leadership (i say this because Torts is the leader now) and we need that in order to even try to compete for anything.

    Change is MANDATORY!!!!!!!

    This needs to be accomplished on JULY 1st.

  69. Dear Mr. Bettman,

    First off, let me start this out by saying that the NHL Winter Classic is a brilliant idea, and staging it annually is even better. The Pens-Sabres game in Buffalo finished with a dream ending, as your lover Sidney scored the shootout winner. The game at Wrigley this past season had a more authentic and intimate touch, with 2 original six teams going head to head in an entertaining high-scoring affair.
    However, your choice to send the Broad St Bullies to Beantown this upcoming season is a travesty. The Winter Classic should only remain within the original six circle. At the very least, it should be a game between two fierce rivals. Your first mistake was picking Boston as the host city, but I cannot deny that I am nevertheless intrigued by ice hockey engulfed by shadows of the Green Monster. Your most egregious error will be picking the Flyers as the opponents. Nobody really cares about a Flyers-Bruins matchup. I write to you today to encourage you to instead select the NY Rangers, an original six team, to play the B’s on New Year’s Day. Have you not seen Yankees-Red Sox games at Fenway? The atmosphere will be electric with a good mix of blueshirts and bears in the crowd. You nixed New York first with the lame excuse of poor piping in the old Yankee Stadium, and now you are rejecting NY fans again, clearly the biggest US hockey market. Big mistake, Gary, big mistake. Enjoy the low ratings of a Flyers-Bruins matchup if you dare choose that path. Think big, think Blueshirts-B’s.

    Hockey Fan

  70. messiah-no. hes respected by his coach and i forgot where i heard this, but hes the one who influenced sather to sign gilroy. he is well liked. but im sure theyre tellin him to step his game up and be more productive and to be more of an on ice leader and more vocal. im sure nobody in front office or coaching staff feels the same way about him like the fans, because they realize he didnt give himself the big contract. sather did. but he does need to get at least 30 goals in a season for us. 22,25 is not good enough. i think he’ll be better this year as will aot of guys because of the style of play. and im pretty sure dru, hank, and gomez were pretty influential in the coaching change. and you can see dru and torts do get along good. he used him in shootouts which got him some confidence back too after not scoring for awhile. hes pretty respected in the lockerroom. but hes been told im sure to start playing and leading better too.

  71. lol hockeyfan- hey, you have a valid point. it would be great with the baseball rivalry thing, but it doesnt really exist in hockey. the rangers arent rivals with the bruins. the yankees main rival is boston. the rangers best rivalry is the devils(islanders a close 2nd if they werent so bad). it would be better only on the basis that boston and us are original six. not because of the yankees and sox. maybe it will to an extent since it will be played in fenway. i think next year its rangers/devils in the new stadium. id rather see that

  72. messiah- who would you want gone and what prospects and picks would you be ok with giving up for the change that we need? if sather can get heatley with the rozy,zherdev,1st pick trade id be cool with that. then ya start throwin del zotto in there or anisimov, and it just becomes another sather special. dubi and cally too. they gotta stay. if theres 1 out of them id be ok dealing, its sanguinetti. and gilroy. because we have no idea how hes gonna do.

  73. Mike- i would have to completely agree with you there, but there is a catch. if the rangers and by rangers i mean Sather, think that by gaining Heatly is more than enought to compete, then i hate to break it to you buddy, but we are in for a long, non-entertaining season. Moves need to be made, bodies need to be traded, salaries need to fly.

    We are the BIGGEST market for the NHL, it is a disgrace we cant show it in form of play!

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