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Here’s some tidbits I picked up for you this morning. Enjoy, and keep your fingers crossed for Leetchy later.

Two of three nhl.com experts say it’ll be Tavares, Hedman and Duchene as the top three.
Here’s who they predict the Blueshirts will pick at 19.
• Nazem Kadri, C, London (OHL)
• Tim Erixon, D, Skelleftea (Sweden)
• Kyle Palmieri, C, USNTDP

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have Jan’s son! Boy, I so adored him. I’ve already posted Dad’s pic, so here’s junior…

Also, funny that I should have just mentioned Ulfie the other day. Found this piece on his son Philip, who’s 60 in Central Scouting’s final ranking of North American skaters for the draft. It’s long, so yes, we link.

Jane is back! You lucky people now get both of us..(Carp, feeling a tad nervous yet? The hens are rocking the house :)
Seriously, she’ll be joining me, um, I mean, I’ll be joining her on the Hall/Leetchy results this afternoon. Go Brian!

Still waiting on Leechy…..will let you know as soon as I hear..

Jane here — Leetch is in the Hall of Fame, more later…

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  1. Wow first? good morning…it has been raining all morning down here in “Sunny” South Florida. It sucks…man am I bored. I can’t wait until free agency begins. Should be fun. Hopefully the Rangers wont shoot themselves in the foot…I’m, keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. The only time I have ever been first is twice now when Laurel has been posting. haha I guess once Carp and Jane get back in to the swing of it I can expect to never be first again.

  3. One Ranger-please don’t bitch about rain in Florida, that’s all we’ve had in June up here. Wait, the sun is out! Feels like a nice April day.

    I hope Sather doesn’t give up Dubinsky if he makes any moves. I feel Dubi can grow into a monster with the puck. The goals will come for him.

  4. That would be pretty cool if we can get Colby Armstrong, he’s nothing special offensively, but he is a physical guy, and we can use some of that.

    He does throw around some huge hits every now and then.

  5. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Personally i’ll do chartweels and go nuts in celebration if Kadri falls to us at 19. I appreciate certain teams have needs at D or whaetever and certain players are bound to be top 5-10 etc but there’s no way Kadri fallas that far. He’s got serious talent and he’d be a great pick if he came to us.

    i wont get my hopes up though. Personally i’d lvoe to get Scott Glennie but again, doubt he’ll be there at 19.

    If either of those are up for grabs in the 12-17 picks we must move up and get them. They’re scorers and we need that so much.

  6. apparently florida is asking for a 1st for jaybo. i doubt anyone will trade their first for a guy almost definitely headed to free agency. why doesnt sather trade rozsival or gomez to florida for jaybos rights. i’m sure at this point florida will try to get at least some kind of return for jaybo. even if he doesnt sign here we get rid of either rozsival or gomez so we can go after people who actually put the puck in the net on july 1st.

  7. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    Jan Erixon’s son? The absolute last thing the Rangers need to be doing is drafting another defenseman in the 1st round.

  8. Yeah, this rain is pissing me off, I like to wake up in the morning and go for a nice little jog to fully wake me up, and i don’t like doing it in the fuggin rain !!!

    Supposed to be crappy again tomorrow. It’s all Renney’s fault.

  9. DR

    Im with you, id much rather see a forward come out of the 1st round, but at the same time, i just want someone who will be a solid NHL player.

  10. I have a strong gut feeling that we’re going to get Heatley. I also have a feeling Slats will give up too much.

  11. I personally would LOVE to have jaybo. I’ve lived down here in FL for about 9 years now and I’ve seen every Ranger-Panther game down here and then some. I love that guy. He has really started to come into his own. However, I think the Panthers will be the laughing stock of the league if they can’t get him resigned. Then they would have lost all their good players in the past 3 years. Luongo. Jokinen. Jaybo.

    Who am I to judge tho.

    Also, I don’t think Gomez would be terrible for us IF we could get him a top line center that could finish. If Sather could pull that off I think we would all see a rise in Gomez’s numbers next year. Plus it would help Drury to because he is a perfect second line center.

  12. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    well, it goes without saying that slats would give up too much in a Heatley deal.

  13. I know Nyr has too many big contracts, but if they can get rid of Rozi, and Dreary some how some way, i would love to see Slats go for J-Bo.

    But that’s a lot of money, and there’s no way Dreary is going.

    But D isn’t our concern, we need a goal scorer. Heatley, or Gaborik.

    Like i have been saying, give Gabby a one year deal. Virus, make it happen !!!

  14. Callahan – Gomez – Heatley
    Avery – Dubinsky – Zherdev
    Anisimov – Drury – Sjostrom
    Byers – Betts – Rissmiller (Orr when we play rivals)

    Redden – Staal
    Mara – Girardi
    Sauer – Sangs/DZ

    That’s what I want to see (since Drury is untradeable). It’s probably impossible cap-wise… btw when do they announce it?

  15. Sjostrom is a solid 3rd or 4th liner. He scored 10 goals for PHX on their 3rd line before being traded to us.

    Rissmiller is a perfect 4th liner, and he can PK. He is 1000000000000000000000000000 times better than Voros, and they have the same contract. When they sent Rissmiller to the minors, he put up 54 points in 64 games. He’s being wasted in the AHL.. that’s where Voros belongs.

  16. If we can get a few solid players from this draft.It would be a good sign. Signing free agents to build a core around them is high risk.
    The guy who is making 8 million has 5 more points than the guy who is making one million etc. You get my drift?

  17. taries, I agree, but Heatley is actually worth his contract. Gomez and Drury are not, and we’re stuck with them, but until the team gets at least an elite sniper, they will go nowhere.

    Slats might as well tank for lottery picks until the Gomez/Drury contracts expire, if they do not significantly improve the offense.

  18. PAVEL

    But that’s the AHL, the AHL is almost like the KHL. Krog is a legend in that league, but he’s a loser in the NHL.

    I get what you’re saying, but besides the retarded penalties, and the ass kickings, Virus was better than Pissmiller. When that guy played he looked lost, and didn’t know what to do.

    Im not backing Virus up, but he did look a little determined towards the end of the year, he didn’t play that bad, in his final few games, and he wasn’t that bad in the playoffs, almost scored a goal i think.

    Like i said, im not backing him up, id rather see a prospect get the spot over him and Pissmiller. They both belong in the AHL.

  19. Sorry, but Gaborik is made of glass, and Heatley is a selfish, over-rated punk. Sure, he’s a good player, but he’s not the elite player we need. We need a player along the lines of Kovalchuk, Crosby, Malkin, OV, Datsyuk, Zetterberg…who is ready to step into the spotlight, lead and do it by himself if needed, a la Jagr. Im sick of overpaid players who bitch that come to NY and don’t have the supporting cast. They should be making the players around them better, not the other way around. Big names are fine as long as they’re young and independent, and come at market value. J-Bo will make a lot, but will prob be worth it. Redden was not

  20. Does anyone think Dreary would accept a trade to the LA Kings, and Lombardi would want to trade for him. Honestly it’s the only place i can see him going to, since he ha sa house down there, and lots of friends.

    Lombardi might be dumb enough to want him, i mean he’s willing to trade Johnson, and Frolov, and he traded O’Sully, so who knows, maybe he’ll want Dreary.

    Can dreams…….come true ??

  21. i didnt mean we go after jaybo to sign him but rather use him as a means to unload one of gomez or rozsival (drury and redden are untradeable). if jaybo doesnt sign or asks for too much who cares since we have a surplus of defencemen and lack forwards who score goals.

  22. JOE

    You wouldn’t take a one year deal for Gabby ? It’s only one year, and if it doesn’t work out, he’s done. As far as Heatley, yeah it’s scumbagish what he’s doing, but i don’t blame him, he wants a Cup, and that team is falling apart. And Kovalchuk is one of the best in the league, but he hasn’t proven a thing, he’s only been to the playoffs once, and he did absolutely nothing in those four games.

    But to be fair, he didn’t have the goaltending, and defense to back him up, but they had a pretty deep team that year, two superstars, and Kozlov, and Tkachuk, and others.

    Don’t get me wrong, id literally kill to have Kovalchuk on this team. I mean that !! Ill hunt some criminals, Punisher style !!!!

    Point being, you cant be against having Heatley.

  23. little green men on

    The sources(inside my head) say we will trade UP in the draft and take Kadri first round.

  24. Just in…..The NY Rangers have traded Zherdev, Roszival and this years first and third rounders to the Senators for Dany Heatley. Great trade, Glen.

  25. Slats will once again prove to us that he is the worst manager this or any other organization ever had or ever will!

    he is one of a kind (dumb) managers!

    Look at the contracts of Drury and Redden…

    and contracts of Rozi and Gomez…

    guys that are useless (see first two) we cant move

    and guys that we can actually use now we have to find a way to get rid of!

    Ingenious Slats! NOT!!!!

  26. Pavel and others who keep mentioning Zerdev.

    He should be gone, hes an underachiever who will some how get more $ to do nothing in the coming years from Sather

  27. From the SNY blog “Rangers ‘Director of Player Personnel’ Gordie Clark will join EJ Hradek and Rob Simpson on NHL Live! today at 12:30P ET.

    Tune into the NHL Network and Sirius XM to get all the news about the Rangers draft.”

    Anyone catch Clark on the show?

  28. Here’s who they predict the Blueshirts will pick at 19.
    • Nazem Kadri, C, London (OHL)
    • Tim Erixon, D, Skelleftea (Sweden)
    • Kyle Palmieri, C, USNTDP

    Of those three selections, I am very curious as to how the “experts” at NHL.com came up with.

    Kadri looks like he is more likely than not going to go into the top 10. He is one of thebest offensive prospects to go into the draft. Kadri has an excellent first three steps, and when he wants to he can be the best player on the ice. If he goes to NY I think it will be with a trade where the Rangers grab a pick between 10-15.

    Erixon…Seems like every year bloodlines get selected in Mock drafts by clubs thier Dad’s, Uncles, Grandfathers etc used to play for. In the case of Erixon, I would love too see the “experts” justify the thinking of taking Erixon here. Erion put up a whooping 7 pts in 45 games this year. He’s labeled as a defensive defenseman. With Staal and Dan Girardi already on the club…and Gilroy, and Sauer chomping at the bit to get to the big club. Not too mention Sanguinetti and Del Zotto…Any defenseman they select, has to really wow Gordie Clark and the staff. To me that means maybe a guy like Ryan Ellis if he fell to the 15 range or so. Maybe John Moore…or Eckman-Larsson. And maybe…just maybe David Rundblad…But Erixon? If it’s one thing Goride Clark has proven is that he draft in the first round via BPA. I don’t think it’s Erixon in the first…Now in the 2nd…that’s another story!

    Klye Palmieri- Small in height only. He’s 5’11” as if half of the Rangers top 6 for the past 4 years! But…Palmieri doesn’t play small. He’s a gritty SOB that is very tough to knock off the puck. Climbed the rankings as the year went on and put up an amazing showing at the Combine. He’s a two way player, that could potentialls fit well in the system. But…I do believe the current team has three other players that would be better fits than the ones mentioned.

    1) Zack Kassian- Big tough powerforward out of the Bertuzzi mold. There isn’t a player like him in the system, and player slike this if they can translate thier game ot the NHL level are tough commodities to find in the free agent market. Better to select one and develop him into the system.

    2)Ryan Ellis- I know…”not another defenseman!” But, this kid is a stud! Tore through the OHL. Has a howitzer of a shot, and he also has that ability to make opposing players looks as if they are standing still. Ellis this year really made himself known as the best offensive defenseman in the draft. Why might he fall? He’s 5’9″, and 175lbs. But, you need to bolster your powerplay?Make am mvoe toget into the top 15 if Ellis is available.

    3)Chris Krieder- Best skater in the draft. A total rocketship with the skills and hockey sense to go with it. Total plackage player with serious offensive upside. Potential to be a superstar. He’sbeen compared to Jeff Carter, and Eric Staal. Maybe this pick is a little aggressive for Clark in the first round as he seems to be a BPA guy when it comes to the first round. But…the sixze here and the tools I personally would gamble on if I couldn’t figure out a way to land the furst two players mentioned.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Redden for Heatley straight up. Send that oaf back to his beloved ottawa

  30. Dr. Ogrodnick on

    I’ll give it a whirl CCCP:

    Sather is a good general manager.

    Redden is worth every penny.

    The Rangers will win the cup next season.

    This blog got better when Sam left.

    You’re right, making stuff up is fun!

  31. Please tell me that’s not true…

    Seems alright but we’d be so screwed in the future with Heatley Gomer Drury Redden and Hanks contracts we couldn’t sign anyone else when the cap goes down… When the cap goes down it’d be nice if previous contracts would adjust with the cap… Cap goes down 5% you lose 5%….

    One could dream!

  32. Please, no more d-men in the first round. The only d-man I want to see on the Rangers would be Jaybo. I’d give up the 19th pick for him in a heartbeat.

  33. imposters-

    you are only going to ruin this site both short and long term for the visitors, the writers, and the tech dept.

    ill thank you a$$h0l3s now in advance when i have to “log in” to this site just to talk with people.


  34. impostors
    thats more like it

    ill blame that one on my dvorak keyboard

    where did “geek god” go from the other day. i challenge him to a geek off!

  35. yeah that’s right… no need for another big contract that could bring a player such as Heatley (potential 50 goal scorer and 100 point man)! But let’s get the other big contract of Jaybo who is so overrated it’s scary!

    Dr. Ogrodnick

    I agree with you on the top three lines that you made up… BUT I MUST disagree with the last line!

    In my opinion, this blog got better since Carp and Co. took over… Sam was good but he was never so closely involved with the blog the way Carp and Jane and of course Laurel, who is doing a great job filing in. And let’s us not forget Josh Thomson (age 26) and his legendary contribution to the blog!

  36. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Is Chelios old enough and inexpensive enough for Sather to be interested ?

    Congrats Leetchy !!

    My fellow blueshirt fanatics…forget free agnecy this year.
    If we wish to keep Callahan and Dubie this year, and Stall next year, under the cap rules, we are basically out of any big name free agents. Lets roll all the kids out there with what we got.

  37. JOE

    Wasn’t me.

    Wasn’t there a report that Heatley handed the Sens a list of teams, and Nyr wasn’t on the list ? Now he is ?

    Eh, i don’t care, as long as they don’t give up too much for him, it’s cool

    Go Sharapova, and Ivanovic !!!!

  38. Laurel Babcock on

    Here’s the key element to that bleacher report:

    “The New York Rangers are believed to be highly interested in the left winger who has 543 career points in 507 games, as a solution to their offensive woes. But at this point, it’s unclear how the Rangers would fit Heatley into their cap plans and if they have the pieces to entice Ottawa to make the deal.:

  39. Interesting. I just hope Slats doesn’t go overboard. Who knows, maybe we wont even have a 1st round pick by friday.

    I hope it gets done before July 1st. I hate dragged out deals.

  40. here is who allan muir of SI has the NYR Drafting in his mock draft. he sounds like a hell of a risk. meaning he is perfect for $ather’s big risk big reward tendency.


    19. New York Rangers: Peter Holland, C, Guelph (OHL)

    Other than “no draft,” there’s no more damning tag applied to a young player than “lazy.” Once it’s there, it’s almost impossible to shake. Scouts hear it and then all it takes is a couple of soft shifts per night for it to stick. Holland’s earned a rep as this year’s Patrick Marleau — a big, talented center who doesn’t always compete hard — and that’s damaged his stock. So maybe he’s not the centerpiece of your offense, but with his size (6-2, 185), dazzling foot speed and heavy shot, Holland can make a contribution. How much depends on his desire.

  41. i wouldnt listen to bleacherreport too much…i can post stories there too…it’s just a site for fans to be the media for a short while….there’s no “Experts” on that site….

  42. in other words, it’s the poor man’s espn.com lol no real knowledge just a bunch of people thinking they know everything

  43. This Laurel Babcock person runs the blog better than Carp or anybody since Sam.

    I like the women. If women are going to talk hockey they better reeeeaaaally know their shit. Lots of respect.

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