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OK all, we had a great day with Leetchy. But don’t think I don’t pay attention to your posts! You’re done with Brian, fine. First, for fun, check this out.

Ha ha ha. We’ve debated Heatley and Kassian here. Pick someone new. This is your end of day fun post. Move on and I’ll follow tomorrow.

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  1. This may well be the lamest post ever. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but please, this isn’t your kitty blog.

  2. gaborik purchased a house in vancouver today.
    the house is located in west vancouver right by the inlet (berrard).

    theres some gossip for ya. is that less lame?

  3. Laurel Babcock on

    andy, read the other posts about the song. this isn’t about “kitties” and my other blog. Operative word was “fun” and pick a draft choice.

  4. ooooh a draft choice. been here @ work for too long.

    got to choose zack kassian. ive had him written on my white board for a while as the rangers pick this year.

    ill also say i got kabanov going #1 and taylor hall going #2 next year

  5. In a dream world the Rangers get either Kadri/Kulikov/Ellis.

    If those guys are all gone; I’m sold on Kreider. He can skate and is strong; as long as there is strength, there’s no chance of a Rico Fata.

    Ashton or Shore would be other good choices.

    Round 2 I like Anton Budarov or Toni Rajala.

    If Bobkov is still around in round 3, grab him.

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Andy , if ya been reading the earlier post you lamer , ya know that that big lion on there is Sather you knucklehead..STF you wouldn’t know a writer if one sat right on yer face…

  7. mike

    good run down
    i wish i had a different choice but kassian is the guy i choose from jump.

  8. McGuire says we are getting Erixon…I don’t see why we’d draft another D-Man unless we are trading Sangs or Girardi. Personally I’d like to see us get Carter Ahton.

    Anybody think we should try to sign Chelios to a one year deal?

  9. Colin if Kassian is still on board take him. I think he’s gone top 10.

    Kulikov-will all but definitely be gone
    Kadri-probably be gone but you never know
    Ellis-Has the best chance of being left due to his lack of size and apparent questionable 5 on 5 play. Bob McKenzie from TSN likes him a lot.

  10. Dennis, Chelios is a warrior but too old. Zubov for one year incentive or Seidenberg. Also, Chelios tried to kill Tomas Sandstrom back in the day LOL. He bit him no joke!

  11. i think tavares could be a good coice for us if he slips down.its gonna be hard though. we just might have to move redden to get him and im not sure i can live with sather trading away our all star d man for a draft pick. j/k. but yea ashton,kassian,morin,kreider, anybody not a d man would be nice. but ellis is good so i guess if hes there(which i cant see how)we should get him. hey, whats one more d man right? lol. maybe we can trade 5 or 6 of them and get the next winger that fails to click with gomez. man this offseason better be good. i cant stand the thought of last years roster playing for a whole year again for us. its too painful to watch. lets see if the old fat alleycat, i mean lion!!!!can get some of these losers off the team. especially after talkin about leetch all day it just made it worse thinkin about redden floating around every game and drury and gomez getting paid 7 million to score 15 goals next year

  12. bobkebob is the russian goalie prospect right? hell id take him because we dont have too many goalie prospects now . and id like a little more friendly competition between hank and the backup goalie. not thatg i dont like vally, but hank should be pressured a little. let him get a guy in there that will challenge him a little more for games. i bet hank will play even better if he thinks his backup could possibly take some games away from him .

  13. chelios is older than babcock!!! hes way too old. saying that, he would probably be our best d man if we got him! thats depressing!

  14. Laurel Babcock on

    Stf..obviously haven’t been keeping up..Meow…See previous posts. The rest of you cool cats, thanks and enjoy the rest of the night. See ya tomorrow with new post.

    P.S. From your posts today, should we talk about chelios tomorrow :)

  15. Laurel Babcock on

    Woof back. just deleted one of your imposters…so look out all…off for the night officially. bye.

  16. Someone in the last post mentioned Leetch saying something to the effect of the Rangers 94 team being a “one and done”. That isn;t what he meant – I think he meant they simply only made it to the Finals once, which is a clear regret. And I think while Brian’s career was a phenomenal one, and 1994 was wonderful, there is much about his Ranger career that is troublesome. Yes, the Rangers were built to win that one year – they gave up some great young players in Amonte and Weight to acquire veterans that likely pushed them over the toip, and also had role players like Anderson, Mactavish, Lidster, Larmer, Lowe who basically were through after that year. but by the same token, Smith failed to recognize that going forward, his true core of players was not only Leetch, Graves, and Richter, but also Messier, Zubov, and Kovalev. And he also failed to add the right parts to complete the picture again, and failed to get the right coach, and so for the next 10 years or so the Rangers had Hall of Fame caliber talent – Leetch is a once in a lifetime player, and Richter was a franchise goalie -in the right places but sadly it was essentially wasted. And that is sad. Brian and Mike and Adam should have played another 10 years with Zubov and Kovalev and even Messier in the middle years there, and there was a nucleus there that any GM should have been able to build around and send to more than one Cup final. Instead, in the attempt to replicate the stab at the golden ring that worked in 1994, Smith gave away too much to recover from and drafted too poorly to build around. Just a damn shame….

  17. laurel. i see/. thx. idk i probably laughed at the guy when he said somethin stupid here and know hes mad at me. so he has to stay up all night waiting for me to say something, just so he can tell me, i post too much. wierdo

  18. well said peter. i think smith made some very bad trades back then and if we hadnt won in 94, hed be looked at worse than sather. well, thats a tough one but imagine if we didnt win that year, and all those guys we got at the deadline left, and now amonte,gartner,weight, were gone too. i think garts wouldve helped us get the cup that year. idk y he was traded but hey, ya never know so im not gonna say i regret losing some of those guys but youre right, we couldve won more than just 1. look at the wings, i mean they have the same guys pretty much and theyre always in the finals.

  19. I cant help but feel somewhat responisbile for contributing to the whole Pro-Sather attitude today from my earlier post??

    I posted the same Pro-Sather post at Blue Notes and got my Arse chewed out…

    But, it doesnt matter, cause I like you guys way more anyways !!ha

  20. its funny laurel. idk y it bothers the guy. and he has to talk about my wife too. actually, he can i dont care im divorced,but to see someone here talking about someone elses wife or family members is pretty tasteless. i dont care if i disagree with someone here, but thats what a coward or a little punk kid who doesnt know better would do.

  21. i have a good feeling i kno who it is though laurel.comin from him, its about what id expect.

  22. Peter-I think it was two seasons ago when the Stars acquired Norstrom that I said “this is an alternate universe Star Trek. The Stars have the two guys who should have been the Rangers leaders and #1 pair; Zubov and Norstrom.” Laperreire was Nemchinov’s replacement but that got messed up too.

    In any event; Mike-Bobkov is a goalie and played for the U-18 and Mettlaurg Meglatorsk. He’s big and is said to be like Varlamov. I’d grab him and by the time he’s ready, maybe him and Henrik can do a Beezer/Richter thing. That was the best. I love Henrik and I want to see him break all of Richter’s records but they need to get him more rest and get a backup who can handle 25-30 games.

  23. oh and Kyle Palmieri is my pick. New York born, New Jersey raised Right winger with grit, speed, and skill

    Here is the most important fact:

    Palmieri credits his father for having the most influence on his career and his childhood hockey hero was Mark Messier – “I’ve always been a huge Ranger fan”.

    NHL Central Scouting’s Jack Barzee:
    “I think Kyle’s got a little bit of Chris Drury in him. I look at his passion, his natural skills and his tenaciousness, and that’s what I saw in Chris. He’s a lot of fun to watch because he has that vision along with a wicked shot. He very seldom passes up the opportunity to make the right play — he’s in position to shoot the puck and has that insight into whether to freeze and dish or just let it go.”

  24. yea i dig that mike. def. need a goalie to take heat off hank and challenge him as well.

    somer-good choice. but drury was a ranger fan too. nah really though he looks good, id be cool with him as our pick

  25. “I’ve always been a huge Ranger fan”.

    The Rangers dont have the best track records with players that were Ranger fans growing-up.

    Drury (I’m assuming he was one growing up in CT)

  26. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Peter , Mike in ia – good answer to Peters post . Peter sumed it up nice. Gotta love the lion in this header , the lion looks awake>>>? Maybe Laurel knows something we don’t? I don’t see the lion sleeping tonight!!As Draft day looms our Lion hunts. Hunts before the draft even begins ,when he attacks …no one knows!

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    seriously now …I haven’t said my draft pick and im not gonna do this one , sorry. I just can’t!! WHY? Heres why :

    Draft is like x-mas day and our parents arent getting us too much cuz we have been bad. I dont wanna look into the windows and shop for gifts We aint getting!!! Im a lil sad and for this year im just gonna open up our gift ( our draft pick) and be happy with what we got and then maybe ..wanna trade it in next year.

  28. There are a few lesser known Russian players out there with size who can be taken between rounds 2-5 (Avstyn, Andronov, Chavanov)

    The problem is round 2. If it’s between Rajala and Budarov the later has size but the Finnish kid is supposed to be really good yet very small. Who knows what Gordie Clark/Jim Schoenfeld/Christer Rockstrom have up their sleeves.

  29. * The Rangers are reportedly offering a deal that may include Chris Drury to the Sens for Dany Heatley. A source close to the scene in NY said that “There are major wheels in motion, and I believe Heatley to be a Ranger by Sunday.”
    its from eklund though so not the most realiable source buy hey if its true thats fantastic bye bye captain crunch

  30. I hope we get either Morin, Kreider or we make a move up to get Glennie or Kadri. we need offense. I also like Klingberg in the second if we decide to move back to stock picks. Avstyn would be a good pick up in the 3rd

  31. Where's Pavelich? on

    Tyler that’s just cruel to throw out there like that…although if Drury still has any rep as a “leader” (ahem).. maybe there is something to it..some youth would be joining him to ott..Drury “great leader” (potentially) five teams in 10 yrs..

    As far as 1994, I never understood (or liked) the late in-the season Gartner for Anderson trade in 1994 – always left a bad taste (Anderson played 12 games with the Rangers) ..looking back there were some bad trades made bY Smith that year (Marchant for McT).. I do think Larmer was an important part of 1994 (although Smith gave up Turcotte and James Patrick for him and Kypreos)..Patrick played until he was like 51

  32. Pavelich i read it and wanted to share the false hope with all… it will never happen sorry it got me excited for about two seconds too but then realized it was from eklund so its not true most likely.

  33. Where's Pavelich? on did mention it came from Eklund..just so enticing to dream.. I really want heatley here, I think he would be a really good complement for Gomez…but, then again, wasnt everyone?

  34. Eklund just writes that cr8p to get people to hit his site and get his advertising revenue boosted…

    I could see the Sens taking Roszival and a couple of younger players (Ansimov, Korpedo, Zherdev), plus a pick or two. I think it will work itself out by the time that $4m bonus is due to him.

  35. I think his salary was structured so that he got a lump sum of half his annual salary on July 1st and the remainder as monthly salary payments (ie $8m this year, $4m on July 1st).

    Either way its $8m over the course of the contract year so the cap charge isn’t affected as its outside of the 182 day season. I wouldn’t be sursprised if this went down to the wire and he gets traded on the 30th June at 11:59pm.

  36. Actually more current rumor says a deal is done with the Rangers sending Rozie, Zherdev, Potter, a #1 and a #5 pick to Ottawa for Heatley. but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  37. Gotta figure it’ll be Rozy, Zherdev and a pick or two (like a first rounder and a fifth rounder) for Heatley…may even need to include a guy like Potter…

  38. Ottawa is going to want at the very least a Callahan or Dubinsky, in addition to a 1st rounder, Rozsival, an already-signed Zherdev and possibly Anisimov and Grachev.

    This is HEATLEY for f’s sake.

  39. I really hope Grachev turns out to be all we are building him up to be. Is he too young for the AHL next year? Is he going back to juniors of he doesn’t land a spot on the big team?
    Have we had anyone make the jump from juniors to NHL in recent years? It seems to me that all the prospects have gone through a couple of junior years, followed by 1 or 2 years at Hartford. Even Staal went through the same timeline and he was a reasonably high 1st round pick.
    Is it more realistic to expect Grachev to make the team in 2 years time and DelZ in 1 year? Should we be looking at Potter, Sauer, Ansimov, Byers etc as this years possible crop?

  40. Pavel – i agree, Murray is going to want someone good and young in return but his negotiating position is weakened by Heatley’s public request and everyone’s knowledge of the $4m due on 1st July.
    Slats has to keep the young core of the team together but should consider including one or more players like Girardi, Ansimov, Potter, Sanguinetti if it clinches the deal along with a draft pick or two (its not like we’ve been so bad that its a top 10 pick is it?).

  41. I was thinking about his negotiations being weakened, but other teams with much more cap space have tons more to offer (i.e. Kings).

  42. Other rumor that Cheechoo was offered to the Rangers for Rozie but they’d pass if they could get Heatley, creating the rumor that the Rangers would send Zherdev, Rozie, and Potter or a pick to Ottawa who would then ship Rozie to SJ for Cheechoo. They’d then get Zherdev and Cheechoo for Heatley, which probably works for them.

  43. Got to love how Eklund posts stuf without research
    Drury for Heatley? I guess that NTC doesnt really matter

    WE all know Sather is goign to move some people to get a HEatley, Gaborik, etc

    Im jsut hoping its not Cally or Dubi.

    But as always he’s gonna give something to get something
    At least we are pretty stacked with D men

  44. True – we are up against the cap so we’ve got to send similar salary back their way, but Murray is in need of players who can go straight into the lineup not just prospects so we might be in a reasonable position.

    Plus, there’s plenty of Taxi’s in NYC so he’d not have to drive anywhere!

  45. If Burke is going to take Redden, then Wade is going to bring a high draft pick and a top prospect with him. There’s no way Burke takes Redden without ROBBING us.

  46. I think to get Heatley the rangers would have to give Rozival,Zerdhev,1st round pick and Dubi. Some of the other teams in the running have better quality players to offer the sens so it would be matter if the rangers are willing to part with dubi or someone of his nature.

  47. I like Cheechoo, he’s got a real cap-friendly contract if he could produce like 2 years ago. He dropped down the lines to 3rd line duty this season so maybe he missed having a premier set-up man like Big Joe? Could Gomez set him up with 30+ goals a year?

    Heatley is less of a question mark, only Ovy and Kovy have scored more goals than him in the last 3 seasons – i think he’ll score 35-40 wherever he plays.

    Sara – if we could get Kaberle or Kubina for Redden i’d snatch Burke’s hand off. In fact i’d let him go for a bag of pucks and a Snickers bar.

  48. Cheechoo would be a good choice. I would even consider signing Gionta because of his speed and chemistry with Gomez

  49. anyone talking about a trade involving redden and toronto please go back in this blog to the del Z post and you will see the “trade”. like i said back then it would have to be a 3 team deal if it got done.

    once im off this train ill find the link and post it.

  50. ok so the trade was

    toronto would trade stralman, kaberle and their 1st rounder (#7) to the rangers for dubbie, staal and redden

    this can never happen on its own yes we do get rid of redden but we also get rid of 2 great kids witha lot of potential.

    we do address a need on defense for the power play and we do get another defenseman back and a 1st rounder.

    my 2nd trade to basically balance out the first one was with tampa which would look like this

    tampa bay trades lecavalier and their 1st round pick (#2) to the rangers for rozsival and the rangers 1st rounder (#19) and torontos 1st rounder (#7)

    this trade would never happen and no one will want to see this happen. i tried talking about this 3 weeks ago or more. so i dont plan on talking about this any more today.

    here is A link about the trade

    the one i saw was from tsn.

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