Leetchy in Hall tomorrow?


One would think he’d be a shoo-in, right? And I’d love it if he made it as soon as he became eligible. I’ll post the new class when they announce tomorrow. In the meantime, share your thoughts here.


Grabbed this from The Hockey News:
The Hockey News’s Brian Costello believes that Los Angeles Kings forward Luc Robitaille may have a tough slough in terms of joining Red Wings legend Steve Yzerman, former Wing Brett Hull, and New York Rangers defenseman Brian Leetch as the four players inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame for 2009:

The fourth opening is the one that will spark plenty of dialogue. The other first-time candidates (retired three years from hockey) are Luc Robitaille, Alexander Mogilny and Dave Andreychuk.
At first glance, Robitaille is considered an automatic as well – and by all rights he should be the fourth inductee this year. He’s the highest-scoring left winger in NHL history, 10th on the all-time list in goals (668) and 20th in points (1,394). He won a Stanley Cup, a Calder Trophy and was a first- or second-team all-star eight times.

The only thing that might hold Robitaille back is the fact both Mogilny and Andreychuk are excellent candidates as well. It all depends on the opinions of the 18 committee members, 14 of which must grant approval.

Mogilny scored 473 goals, 1,032 points, won a Cup and was a second-team all-star twice. He was one of the game’s most creative minds and a brilliant skater and he was a pioneer in his defection from the Soviet Union in 1989. Andreychuk also won a Stanley Cup, is 13th all-time in goals (640), 26th in points (1,338) and is the game’s all-time leader in power play goals (274).

Robitaille’s in, no question, but former Red Wings like Dino Ciccarelli and Mike Vernon will have to wait another year or three to earn their place in the Hockey Hall.

For the first-timers who don’t get inducted this year, they go into a pool of players who have been turned down before. That list includes the likes of Pavel Bure, Doug Gilmour, Adam Oates, Dino Ciccarelli, Phil Housley, Tom Barrasso, Mike Richter, Guy Carbonneau, Esa Tikkanen, Sergei Makarov, Mike Vernon, Claude Lemieux and Dale Hunter, to name several.


Long story/press release type dealio on the Rangers’ scouts’ readiness for Friday. Check it out if you can handle the link.

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  1. Brian Leetch is the best defenseman the Rangers have ever had, period…He is a class act, and a phenomenal talent…I had the pleasure of meeting Brian numerous times throughout his amazing career, and can honestly say, he was a truly special person/player…He is the reason I started to play hockey, and is my all time favorite Ranger…I even played defense (with an offensive mind, of course!) and wore # 2 playing for the Rangers in my pee-wee hockey league…Brian Leetch is definitely a shoo-in, in my honest opinion….# 2 IS A LEGEND…

  2. p.s. i was pretty much hysterical crying at his jersey retirement night, and my girlfriend had to console me lol…she didnt quite understand why I would be crying at such a thing, and I told her “you never watched him play, or skate, so you’ll never know” and she was confined to strictly you tube videos of him…lol….her and I had matching Leetch jerseys (i bought numerous jerseys of his over the years, obviously lol)

  3. top 5 american d men of all time for sure..

    great player never wanted to leave the rangers..

    why the hell does he live in boston?

  4. UESBlueshirt on

    – One of 5 defensemen to register a 100 point season
    – First and only American to win the Conn Smythe Trophy, most points in the playoffs that year
    – Calder Trophy winner
    – 2 time Norris Trophy winner

    Not to mention the numerous records he holds for the Rangers.

    He’s not the highest scoring American defenseman, that would be Phil Housley. He might not be a unanimous vote and even in his era it could be argued that he’s at best the 3rd or even 4th best defenseman (since he overlapped with Bourque, Chelios and Coffey but I will not include Lidstrom since he became the league’s premier defenseman toward the end of Leetch’s career). Still, short of having those 4 players on your team I think most GMs and coaches would be hard pressed to name a player they’d prefer having man the blueline during the 90’s.

  5. Gordon Bombay on

    No doubt he gets in tomorrow. It would be a travesty if he is not. This guy is the best US born defenseman and is still the ONLY US BORN player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy. Leetch is my all time favorite Ranger and it would be great to see him get in on his first try.

  6. mike in ia – I’ll eat my sweat-filled jock if Antropov makes $4- to $5 million per. THE GUY HAS NEVER SCORED 30 GOALS!! Prucha, who admittedly isn’t nearly the physical specimen, score 30 in his career, probably has as much talent and only got himself $1.1 million per! Antro, realistically, is a $3.5 million player. A team desperate to get size might pay UP TO $4 million. But think about it this way: Penner, who is two years younger, got $4.25 mil and the Oil(and their fans) are regretting every last minute of it. Penner, it should also be noted, HITS.

  7. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Brian Leetch is a hall of famer. He actually is one of the top 10 defensemen of all time. I am not old enough to remeber Doug Harvey or Eddie Shore. The best 10 defenseman of all time (since the mid 60’s)
    1. Orr
    2. Bourque
    3. Lidstrom
    4. Leetch
    5. Coffey
    6. Potvin
    7. Savard
    8. Robinson
    9. Chelios
    10 Langway or Stevens

  8. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Paul Coffey played defense like umm….actually he didn’t.

  9. onecupin69years and counting on

    Tdchi- I’m so gunshy of any moves Sather makes, they always seem to backfire.

    After leetch and richter make the HOF it will be a long time before we see and ranger draft pick make it to the hall, although they will probably trade a young guy who will make the hall on another team. Like Howe.

  10. Leetch was an incredible talent and I have never seen any player EVER who could keep a puck in at the point like Brian Leetch. It didn’t matter how hard or how high the opposition fired the puck out along the boards, Leetch would somehow knock it down and keep it in the zone. I’ve been watching hockey since the 60s and, besides all of his other talents, that is one area where he is the best who ever played.

  11. Leetch is easily my favorite Ranger of all time. I’ll never forget game 7, how casually he shoveled the puck into the net.
    He better be a first timer!

  12. And this one will last a lifetime on

    4 should go into the Hall of Fame tomorrow, no more ,no less.

    1. Yzerman
    2. Leetch
    3. Hull
    4 Lucky Luc

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, I knew which one of yours was wrong. However, I thought Phil Housley was the 4th, but he only topped out at 97.

  14. SPRAYSTOP…i could not agree more…still to this day, no defenseman has the skills at keeping the puck in the offensive zone or playing the whole 2 minutes of the powerplay…that is one thing ive always noticed and loved and Leetch never gets enough credit for that….never even mentioned lol….seriously, dont we all miss those days where the power play was exciting?? and the puck would actually stay in the offensive zone for more than 20 seconds at a time??? haha…ill never forget watching the power play with Leetch at the point and having that feeling “any power play can lead to a goal at any time”…dont get that feeling no more lol…..he is just superb….and the other 4 100 pt d-men….Orr, Housley, Coffey, Bourque?

  15. haha…ill never forget watching the power play with Leetch at the point and having that feeling “any power play can lead to a goal at any time”…

    the current Rangers??? –> for the other team

  16. Leetch is probably my all-time fav Ranger, and one of the saddest hockey days of my life was when Sather traded him to Toronto (for what? I can’t even remember!!) I was in stunned disbelief, considering they got nothing for him and while he was definitely a shell of his former self, he could have stuck around as a coach and leader to the younger guys they were trying to bring up at the time. And unlike so many other athletes, the guy was a class act.

  17. When they had both Leetch and Zubov on the point, I’m amazed the puck EVER left the zone during a PP. Zubov was almost Leetch’s equal in keeping the puck in.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Three of the defensemen are Orr, Coffey, and Savard. I can’t come up with the fourth. I thought it was Housley. I knew it wasn’t Bourque.

    I’m gonna cheat and say Federov because he plays defense sometimes.

  19. Another note: neither Phil Housley, Raymond Borque, nor Larry Murphy reached 100 points in a season, despite all being in the top 40 all time in NHL scoring.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    good stuff on MacInnis, although, I know you looked it up, so I’m less impressed.

    I would take present-day MacInnis over our defensemen on the PP.

  21. Anyone see that Brooks is reporting that the Rangers aren’t going to resign Colton Orr?

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Haven’t seen it, but I’m not going to cry over it. I like Orr’s fighting abilities, but he’s a lousy hockey player. Not to mention that since Torts took over, he’s getting about five minutes of ice.

    Thanks for the memories. Good luck.

  23. Laurel Babcock on

    Jason, here’s what he’s saying:

    “The Rangers, by the way, have made no effort to re-sign Colton Orr, who will have no trouble at all scoring a multi-year deal within hours of the opening of the market. We’re told Florida is keenly interested in the heavyweight.”

  24. Laurel Babcock on

    Also, just picked up this tidbit:

    Leetch stands to become the first U.S.-born defenseman to reach the Hall in more than 60 years worth of induction ceremonies.

  25. Doodie,

    I agree. He doesn’t fit into Tort’s coaching style at all. A guy who occasionally fights and plays a solid game with some type of offensive skill is much more valuable than a guy who only fights and doesn’t offer much else.

  26. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    yeah , scrap our heaveyweight champ to get pushed around during the season….ah thanks but no thanks , I want Colton Orr in Ranger Blue..period!!

  27. UGH !!!

    Senators trade Danny Heatley, Chris Kelly and a 2nd & 5th round pick in the upcoming draft to the Pitsburgh Penguins for Jordan Staal, Kris Letang, Alex Goligoski, and Tyler Kennedy !!

    Nooooo, why the Pens of all teams ?!?!?! Ugh, i want to cry right now.

    Horrible day !

  28. Spraystop

    Don’t forget Leetch’s play one on one! He was almost never beaten one on one.And Howabout his shot blocking.That down to one knee drop to block, and instantly backon his feet if the puck didn’t come to him. He was sure handed and sure footed, and always had his position under control- attacking or defending. He made it all look too easy.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yeah if it was true ….penguins getting Heatley , who cares who the penises pick up!!! Funny thing is …our Staal is next in line to capture the cup!!! Sweet!!!

  30. -Leetch earned the Conn Smythe Trophy after helping the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup in 2004, was twice given the Norris Trophy as the league’s top defencemen and was named rookie of the year in 1989- from TSN

    rangers won the cup in 2004?!

  31. what the heck? why did that get crossed out? anyway this is what it said

    “Leetch earned the Conn Smythe Trophy after helping the New York Rangers to the Stanley Cup in 2004, was twice given the Norris Trophy as the league’s top defencemen and was named rookie of the year in 1989”

  32. nothing on the
    tsn website. if it was true, the pens got there 3rd big time scorer. but give up puck moving d men.

    the rangers have zero big time scorers. we can be mediocore for years……..yech

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    look out ORR . when the wolves are chasing you as your screaming for someone , anyone to open the cabin door to let you in..but no wait…this could be a trick!!! We laugh and scoff saying nawww hes not gonna fool us again …then as we waited for you to come in …you didnt!!! So we looked out the window and saw ORR all ripped to shreds with his armas and legs missing …we gasp in great terror and wish we would have believed him when he was screaming!! We all go to bed that night thinking “only if we had believed him!!”

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Im off to go kick some azz to some of these lamers on xboxlive , I score a goal or two and they abort!!! Seems like the game doesn’ give you a loss if you forfit in the first period? Not me , ive never quit a game even if im getting smoked 10 – 0!!!

  35. I guess that’s the risk you run when you let even the dumbest allowed on the internet.

  36. Don’t worry everyone…Million doallar man Voros is gonna replace Orr…

  37. I love making stuff up every now and then, cause then you get to tell who are the people with a fun sense of humor, and the losers who take life so seriously. Mwahaha, cry babies !

    Anyway, if Orr doesn’t get re-signed, i have to decide whether or not i should keep the name.

  38. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Better start getting in shape or your azz is grazz! Torts owns you and we don’t want any pussies as Captain on this ship.( no derogatory to the ladies , it as in kitty cats) No wanting out a xmas cuz last I heard the Captain goes down with the ship. Wake the Fu** up!!!

  39. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Yeah ORR I hear ya , Zherdev goes and im kinda outta one too!!! Zherdev and Orr belong on the Rangers so lets hope Glen helps us out here . BTW , love my speech? I had a blast writing it! hahahaa!

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    If ya guys couldn’t tell , that was Jack in the box up there ^

  41. ORR



  42. Leetch was one of the best , I don’t have to tell you guys that , he was the best at keeping the puck in the offensive zone I have ever witnessed. I hope he gets in, I will be ecstatic.

    Colton Orr makes Chop Meat of Eric Godard and his OWN hands:


  43. I think Alexander Mogilny should get into HOF before Luc Robitaille because Molgilny had to get to the NHL in the trunk of a car.

  44. Speed Ranger on

    I vote MOGILNY. Maybe his stats say yes, maybe no – but his defection led the way for all the Russians playing today, starting with Federov and Bure – sure HOF’ers. Alexander deserves recognition as a true builder of the league.

  45. Chris Kotsopoulos will join me to talk Ranger Hockey on WUSB 90.1 FM Tomorrow June 23rd between 9am and 11am on WUSB’s The Nick show.If you are not near a radio or don’t live in the Long island area and want to listen you can tune in via live audio stream at


    I will be sure to mention this awesome blog and the Lohud blog writers

  46. alex b (the poster formely known as czechthemout!!!!) on

    Joe in DE- I would rather sign Larry Murphy,Ray Bourque,Brian Leetch,Phil Housley,or even Ron Greschner.

    Come on man, be serious. I know it’s boring waiting until the draft but really dude!

  47. Laurel Babcock on

    Matt, that’s awesome. My brother has a signed Gretzky Rangers jersey that I got for him.

    Mouth, thanks in advance for plugging the blog, especially since you shill yourself here all the time :)

    ZzZz…and what makes you think us cat owners here still aren’t offended!! meow.

    You all were great today…se ya tomorrow with something new, I hope, and the Hall announcement at 3:30.

  48. “Slats needs to do whatever it takes to get Kassian.”

    No, I’d actually prefer if he didn’t try to get another worthless power forward.

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Where do they find these blog writers? This Blog has some pritty good people running it , Carp leads the way with Jane and now Laurel as stand in is again pritty dam good.
    I do say peeps here like the refreshing views of these writers and it does show that Lo HUD is a respectable place who does smart hiring.

  50. Does this team have any plan? Forget Friday. Im talking about next Wednesday, hate to tell you guys but we are screwed for the next 5+ yrs unless something changes asap

  51. the plan is to make the best possible draft choice at 19. thats it. then sign a winger for gomez. then trade voros and rozy for another winger to play with gomez after the one we just signed to play with gomez, doesnt have any chemistry with gomez. then after about 2 months into season, trade gomez after his stock rises from playing well with the 30th winger theyve put on his line, for next years 1st round pick which we will choose another d man who will be used in part of a trade with the other 20 d men weve stockpiled for another winger

  52. then in 5 years, we trade for gomez who just came off winning the cup the year before on the atlanta thrashers, while putting up 35g 60a playing with kovalchuk. then we trade for kovalchuk at the deadline and lose in the 2nd round of playoffs after the penguins top 4 scorers, crosby,malkin,heatley and hossa go scoreless in game 7 and tyler kennedy gets hat trick on hank to win and go on to win cup for 6th year in a row. then we finally win the cup in 2099 after sather finally retires and ORR(WHAT FOR) is named the new gm of the rangers

  53. should be 6th time in 7 years. not 6 in a row because the thrashers won it the year they got the gomer!!

  54. seriously though, eric, we cant get heatley. ive heard the top 4 teams in on heatley and we are one of them, but l.a. is the frontrunner and will likely get him. they have the best offer so far. we dont want him that bad that we give up half our prospects for him, and you know as soon as we get heatley, those prospects turn into all stars. its the rangerr jinx man. sather wants to move up in draft and if hes gonna do that, he cant trade for heatley, unless someone really likes redden and drury!lol

  55. The only way we get a big-time scoring forward is to TRADE for a scoring forward. This pipe dream of signing a Hossa or Gaborik for free and then trading Drury, Gomez, Redden or Rozy w/o taking money back is ridiculous !!!

    The best option is to straight-up trade our crap for someone else’s gold (or tarnished gold… Heatley), and include sweeteners to make the crap more tolerable to eat!! ha

  56. id be ok if we get heatley and the only prospect(s) goin their way are sangs and,or korpi. thats it. if sather trades any one of cally, dubi,del z, aa, grach, and most of all, hanks heir to the throne,prince staal, then i’ll effin hang myself with my skate laces

  57. Mike, I gotta agree. I don’t like the idea of signing Heatley, too much salary. I’d be all for giving up big contracts for draft picks just to rid ourselves of the salary. I dunno what Drury’s contract stipulates, but I’d love to send his ass off to a place like LA for Frolov or anyone with a short contract term.

    On a side note, where does Sjostrom and Korpi fit on the team? I honestly don’t see either sticking around

  58. Rumor kicking around that the Rangers are looking to get Colby Armstrong.The names I hear going is Betts and morris

  59. ACDAVIDDC-Aren’t Betts and Morris UFA’s? Everybody on here knows that if you don’t post a link, it’s B.S.

    The only blemish on Luc Robitaille’s career is his time in N.Y.

    I bought my Leetch jersey the day he was traded and have worn it ever since. Definitely a 1st ballot or the powers in the HHOF don’t know anything.

  60. Laurel Babcock on

    ZzZz…..my new official best friend. Thanks.

    mike in ia, hysterical!

    New post should be up in a bit.

  61. If we’re trading for Armstrong, we’ll need to send more than 2 impending UFA’s negotiating rights.

    Interesting quote from Clark in that article about the draft:

    Even if you sit at 19, you’re going to get an NHL player,” said Clark. “You’re going to get a solid NHL player. You hope you’re getting a top-six forward or a top-four defenseman, and you might, but you’re definitely getting an NHL player.”

    In other words we might be getting another 3rd/4th liner or 3rd pair D-man. Our best bet to get top end talent right now is to trade for it, and you don’t get something for nothing (unless your name is Redden), if we want Heatley you can bet Slats will have to give up more than Roszi, Zherdev and a couple of picks, the Sens will want a top young player in return.

  62. I would say that Sather is a retard, but that’s not fair to retarded people. I’ll be watching him on draft day with a list of names and a package of darts. Our team is a joke

  63. That Vinny L rumour is laughable – TB gives up Vinny to get Redden and buy him out so basically end up with Girardi, Grachev, Potter and Zherdev (if he doesn’t bolt to Russia). The season ticket sales in Tampa would fall through the floor and we’d have way too many centers for our own good (although finally a genuine tope line center).

    Kudos to Slats if he can get Heatley by shedding a big contract and not losing one of the key youngsters (Staal/Cally/Dubi) or one with big potential (DelZ, Grachev).

    As for that Orr report from Uncle Larry, i hope its not true, if we’re going into next year expecting Virus and Dubi to provide “toughness” we’ll be taken to pieces – look what happened to Betts when Orr wasn’t around, do you want that to happen to Cally or Staal or Hank…?

  64. Now Eklund is saying were goign after Scuderi, and that HE wants to play for NY.
    Aslo that were gunning for Gabby AND heatly.
    Wonder where all the imaginary cap space is coming from?

    Take it with a grain of salt as it is Eklund

    I go there for shits and giggles when there’s no real rumors around

  65. I would imagine if you ask 90% of players they would want to play for NYR:
    great arena and fans
    great training facilities
    travel-friendly schedule
    guaranteed to be overpaid
    attraction of NYC
    Original 6 franchise

    Anytime you see a quote about a player wanting to play for NY i always take it with a pinch of salt as i think most would say that when asked (and if its from Eklund…..).

  66. We’d be stupid if we weren’t gunning for Gabby and Heatley, both are top line scoring wingers who (i think) would be ideal to play with Gomer – the question is can we shift a contract to make room for Gabby or to send back in the opposite direction to make room for Heatley’s $7.5m per.

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