New post…random thoughts and some pics (not of Avery)


I lied. Said I wasn’t going to pay attention over the weekend. So sue me. You guys are like crack…very addictive. Nothing major here, but at least wanted to give you all a new thread to chat on.
First, the random thoughts.
• You all are doing amazing draft chat among yourselves….bravo, and continue on.
• Yes, I am giving you the dreaded jump “read more of this story horror!” But there’s a legit reason. There are many photos and many of you may not want to look at them, so don’t read more. Blame Hanny, not me. He found them and sent them to me. Fair warning: it’s the Pens Cup party at Mario’s. My thoughts: it’s nice to be really, really, really rich. And I think the Cup in the pool is not cool.
(I have my own really cool story about the Cup after another team’s victory, but that’s for another post.)
• Men….I love you all and your dedication to this blog. And I’m not meaning to be all parochial school here, cause I want you to have fun and chat about anything. But, really, can we clean up some of the comments please? This ain’t cable ya know, and while all of the girls on here rock (including your hosts, Jane and I) a little respect wouldn’t hurt. I mean, is the Rangers Report or pay per view? And fyi. Carp would agree, Thanks.
And now, the festivities in Pittsburgh…..

No comments to follow. I said my piece above. Bitch away now all!

If you got this far, hey, our name’s on that too.

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  1. First?

    Whats with them putting the cup in the pool? I hope that was a blow up version! Buttman must love them all to death to let them put our holy grail of trophy’s in the chlorinated water. If you didn’t know better you would have thought these guys never won a cup before…Lemieux in particular.

  2. haha Yeah…too many things have happened to that cup that no one wants to discuss! That is probably why the NHL has two guys that clean it and take care of it so much. It needs its TLC. Eh…I was about to say something a little dicey, but I’ll hold my tongue.

    Can someone please teleport me to the start of training camp?

  3. Mike in Ia just propositioned me on another thread, whats wrong with that dude. He likes Avery’s tight body too.

  4. Laurel Babcock on

    One Ranger…thanks!

    CCCP, careful or Shibs will get banned on other blog!

    See ya all Monday….

  5. everybody who posts here needs to get a life. does anybody have anything else to do? omg why would people come here, and then have conversations? whats the point of that? why cant everyone be like me and actually spend their time worrying and getting upset about people i dont know writing on a blog?

  6. mike in ia posts here too much. i think i’ll get even with him by telling him how much i think he posts too much. im a genius!!!

  7. imposter

    in the last hour u posted here more than mike… whats up with that? and plz… make some sense


    where r u getting the news from?

  8. Is Antropov really worth $4 million a year? His career high in goals is only 26.

    Btw this isnt the same Chris who posted earlier.

  9. not worth it chris these guys just want too soak the Rangers see the culture sather has grown over there stop the crazy spending!play the younsters

  10. cccp- that was me man. i was messin around. the imposter likes to tell me i post too much. and he has some sort of fascination with me. idk y.

  11. AA would be good for the 3rd line but antro is actually our highest scorer. i dont think 4 mill is that bad, i mean naslund got that and did less. if we cant get a better replacement for him, id do it. plus AA is center no?

  12. its cool chris. i dont know anybody here, will never meet them, and the way i see it, i will continue to post i could care less if anyone likes it or not. i dont have problems with anyone here. i just dont get why someone would take such an interest in me. someones been doin this for awhile now on and off. it seems like their should be an age limit on this thing

  13. “My thoughts: it’s nice to be really, really, really rich. ”

    While I’m sure that Mario is wealthy, I’m not totally convinced. The only reason he is a team owner is because he deferred $35mn in pay and was the club’s biggest creditor when it went into bankruptcy. I can’t imagine he’s gotten all that money out yet. He’s not exactly the savior he’s made out to be, his only option to get his money was to take over the club.

    The house is impressive, it’s in an area outside of town called Sewickly – very swanky for Pittsburgh. That said, it doesn’t cost anything compared to prices in the New York metro area. When I lived there it was appraised for $1.4mn, Jagr’s house was $350k (I think Sykora lives there now).

  14. im sure AA is replacing betts or hes gonna be on the 3rd while dru moves up to play wing or doobs moves up to play wing. too many centers. and with gomer, dru and doobs all prety much a lock for the roster, i just cant see betts staying unless they just have AA playing wing. too early to tell what his role on the team will be yet. ijust hope he isnt traded to move up in the draft or ina package to move rozy

  15. yea youre the buffalo kid right? i dont think ive pissed you off. either way, i really dont care. its internet. people feel safe when they dont have to show their identity. so ya get some kid who has nothin better to do than talk stupid

  16. There is a rumor going around that the islanders are going to aquire the rights to the sedin twins which if is true would suck

  17. a 14 yr old who doesnt realize that when he sends a comment his ip is left behind. but like mike said, its very convenient to say anything when its behind a keyboard.

  18. Liza from LA on

    The Cup in the pool is awesome! It is the greatest trophy in sports because the winners are able to do crazy things with it. It’s revered beyond belief but it’s also enjoyed in real life situations. Players humanize the trophy by deciding exactly what they want to do with it, no matter how absurd. After all, they deserve it. No respect is lost whatsoever and such stories give the trophy much more character than a glass case ever could.

  19. yea colin its lame. its not the kid from buffalo though. hes cool. btw, is there a way you can find out who is posing as me and chris? can you find their ip address?

  20. Looks like the rangers are beginning tlaks with Nik Antropov which I approve of.

    if you are looking for a chuckle and dont mind foul language check this out

    Scott Ferrall’s F-Bomb laden Stanley Cup call NSFW

  21. Whoever is the imposter is pretty bad. mike in ia never capitalizes words so that is obviously not him.

  22. not me but when you write a comment you basically leave a trail back to you. if the admin ever looked at “colin” he would see that there are actually 4 of us.

    wordpress is awesome to say the least.

    i would also like to say the molson tasted more canadian today than last week here @ warren 77, lol.

  23. NYRjurgenno88 on

    Cally getting re-signed; hoe much will it cost?

    Just seen the AVs re-signed Cody McLeod for 1.1m/yr for 3 years. good deal… he’s a similar player to Cally (though not as good) and had 15 gls and 20 assists…

    the numbers are simialr; what can Cally expect?

    If we get him for 1.5m i’d be delighted.

  24. If Phaneuf wins the Cup next year, id imagine he’s gonna bang Elisha Cuthberts brains out while she’s sitting on that thing.

    Can anyone say….sex tape ? That would be sweet, minus Phaneufs penguin looking ass. Ugh, creepy. But Cuth would be awesome !

  25. doobs is a more well rounded player but cally is faster and is more confident of a player. doobs has a little more potential i think, and looked early on like he was really gonna break out but thank god for us he didnt have a 30 goal season or else wed be parting with him or cally. callys high point total was defintely a benefit of playin first line with gomez but he became a better finisher last season than i thought he would be. i think cally is pretty much at or almost at his potential and for us thats great. he could be a 25 goal guy for a long time maybe break 30 once in awhile. dubi looks like he could be a set up guy as well as score 20-30 goals.

  26. but imo chris even though cally had the better season, i think dubi is and will become the better of the 2

  27. try ebay sec308 i got an authentic rbk jersey with fight strap and all on ebay for 38 bucks new with tags check there

  28. also is good they only have staal orr gomez drury lundqvist and shanahan i believe its 38.00 for the jersey and like 15.00 for the shipping

  29. sweet, i might get me a staal or drury jersey. man the decision is so tough to make. staal, future leader and number 1 d man on the team for years to come, or the most clutch captain to ever don the ranger blue!!! 22 goals is nothin to sneeze at,plus he scored a one hander in the 2nd period against one of the best goalies in the league to secure game 4 win!!! hank was ok too, but that goal was clutch!!!

  30. it looks like brooks reads this blog and prety much based his whole article on what weve been saying for days now. nothin new from him. and hes saying if we can get heats without giving up any of our prospects, we could give them rozy instead. ok!!! riiiiggghht!!!!

  31. Laurel Babcock on

    ORR, Jesus….I work my butt off all week to feed you guys and still you wanna tick me off….argh!

  32. anyone else surprised to see Mario Lemieux in the pool with a bunch of children?

    Me neither.

  33. Laurel- It is not possible to please everyone even if you commit 100% of your life to it. You should feel very good about your efforts on this blog.
    I am grateful and will miss you.

  34. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks hey orr. I’m not generally known for being the most subtle of people, but I guess I wasn’t clear enough at the start of this post :) yeesh.

    Heading out in a while to have dinner with Dad, which reminds to say, Happy Father’s Day to all you pops out there. Set a good example for your children by behaving here! And if you’re not a dad, behave anyway will ya.

  35. Warren Mason on

    The only thing I don’t get about these pictures is that the cup is not supposed to be able to float…. I wonder if Mario put floaties inside of it?


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