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Well I gave you all the draft news I had yesterday and I don’t imagine there’ll be more today, so for now let’s rehash last night in Vegas (no, not everything stays there).
OV….Oy vey. He swept. And second Hart in a row! Oh my Lord Stanley, he’s on the books now (and with Gretz and Mess as a repeat. Sigh.) I found this comment ironic, since he, or at least his team did, um, lose.

“Losing’s not for me,” the Washington star said before the results were even announced.

He did make a sweet comment, dedicating the Pearson to the memory of his grandfather, who died during the season. Hey, I can only imagine his pre-hockey life and that was a nice comment, but he’s still OV to me. And no picture of him! (and no soup for you!).

So, since I corrupted this post myself with a long intro, I have to give you a picture for fun. I had trouble finding one of him, and actually got this from a 2006 (yikes) RR from the late great Sam. KInd of easy, but name that Ranger.


NEW YORK (AP)– A golf resort developer duped nearly two dozen NHL players out of $25 million, blowing the money on gratuitous parties that were attended by former Yankees players Roger Clemens and Reggie Jackson, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.
The New York Post reported in Friday’s edition that 19 former and current NHL players filed suit against Ken Jowdy, alleging they invested the money with the Las Vegas-based golf-course mogul to develop two luxury resorts in Mexico — a project they say is seven years behind schedule.
Instead, according to the players, Jowdy squandered the money on “lavish parties” to impress the likes of Clemens, Jackson and banned hits king Pete Rose, among others, who Jowdy hoped would eventually buy real estate in the planned resorts.
The lawsuit seeks the return of the $25 million they invested and $15 million in damages.
Former New York Rangers and Islanders defensman Bryan Berard and one-time Islanders captain Michael Peca were hit the hardest, each losing $700,000 in the deal, according to the filing in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
“It’s particularly uncomfortable for all,” Berard told the Post. “He’s taken our money without telling us, and it’s supposedly all gone.”
Other players involved in the alleged scam include: Chris Simon, who played for both the Rangers and Islanders; former Rangers Greg deVries, Steve Rucchin and Rem Murray; former New Jersey Devil Turner Stevenson; and Sergei Gonchar of the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins.

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  1. first!!!!
    thats Jan Erixon. I hope we can move up to get him in the second round. that would rock

  2. thats josh thompson back in the 80’s during his prime. he was 25 in that picture.

  3. mikeA- jordan caron and chris krieder look like decent picks if ashton or kassian arent available. kadri does but he be gone by then. i hope sather can somehow trade up. even just a few spots. the talent really starts to get slim after the top 10-15

  4. I always liked Jan Erixon. It was a long time ago but he seemed to me to be a Sjo, Betts type player.
    BTW is that a-hole Sather still our GM?

  5. I want to begin this post with the preface that my actions were extremely homosexualish (not that there is anything wrong with that) but I have a defense for Sean Avery-

    While watching Grease late last night with my girlfriend (I swear, girlfriend) my ears puckered up during a scene with Knicky, Rizzo and Zucko- The dialogue goes like this-

    Zucko “You look good, Riz”
    Rizzo “Eat your heart out”
    Zucko “I’m not into sloppy seconds”

    SLOPPY SECONDS!!! This movie was rated PG in 1978! Do you think if Avery prsented this information at the hearing he could have cut down the suspension to 5 games?

  6. If we stay where we are we have to hope one of Kassian or Ashton are around otherwise Sather will take Landon Ferraro due to hie lineage and hope that he gets bigger (as he’s listed as 5’11 & 168 lbs) although he’s meant to be pretty fast and have a good eye for goal.

  7. NYRjurgenno88 on


    there’s a Rangers draft preview on, written by leslie Treff. thought i’d have something to suggest for my first post.

    Other than the obvious she seems to think a centre is essential which i disagree with.

    Rangers should only trade up (and thus give up likely useful parts) if they can draft up high enough (top 8?) to get a real sure fire impact player. Dont give up alot for a good that may not pan out.

    I’d love to get Kassian but im mainly concerned with getting players that will edvelop into starters for us regardless of position, we’ve wasted too many picks in recent yrs even though the drafting has been much better in the past 3-4 years.

  8. None other than Mario Lemieux stated that Jan Erixon was the toughest checking forward that he ever played against. Jan used to shadow him and give him fits. Erixon was possibly the most underrated Ranger player of his era.

  9. NYRjurgenno88 on

    i dont remember the Erixon era well (can it really be called that?!) my first personal memories of the Rangers start around 92. thats when i became a fan and he was at the end of his time at the club and definitely a peripheral figure by then

    I did my ‘geek thing’ and always looked into the past and histroy of teams i supported though and he’s well thought of in alot of places. Having said that, they didnt have a great club when erixon was there.

  10. mike in ia,

    Instead of missing the playoffs and having a higher draft spot, we will have to give something up to move up and for what…one round of playof hockey and more failure.

    Man, the dark days are upon us until we have a total overhaul in ownership and our front office.

    Jess Rubinstein (Prospect Park) who ,always nails it…shows how bad things really are in the Ranger Organizaton.

    We are a second rate organizatoin instead of being at the very top of the list…we have the most money, which should lead to better management, scouts and overall personal..instead, we got Sather who “works” two months a year if that and then thinks he can satisfy the fans with bullsh*t signings and dumb trades. He is so much smarter then us.

    The true Ranger fans, not the corporate seats should ROAR from the preseason on to get Sather FIRED and not stop until it happens.

    He is the worst in the business.

  11. Speed Ranger on

    How about if we cheer to have Sather removed from the HOF instead of fired? That way he’d have something to work toward – like, I dunno, the same # of cups he won for the Oilers – 4? 5?

  12. NYRjurgenno88, if u look at the Rangers History, you will find out 85% and only 15% good and they beat us over the head with the 15% all the time.

  13. What a great day, Chris Simon, and Serg Gonchar get screwed out of some money, and more importantly supposedly there is a Leighton Meester sex tape that could be released, she’s the chick from Gossip Girl !!!! Happy day !!!

    Im sure Voros is extra happy about that news since he’s a fan of Gossip Girl.

    Still waiting for a Fox tape though. Probably wont ever happen, sadly.

  14. Jess Rubenstein is a tool. Enough said. He’s the sidekick of that loser Dubi. Id put my trust in Ted Bundy before id even consider them.

    Id rather see what Laurel has to say aboot the Rangers for free than what Dubi has to say aboot crap we already know, and crap a 10 year old fan can come up with, and be forced to pay money. Haha, pathetic !!


  15. Good Luck with that, Sather is not taking us to 1 cup, and we probably won’t see 4 in our lifetime!! Dolan knows ZERO about Hockey, so Sather is not going anywhere anytime soon. He put together a team that made the playoffs, so in Dolans world he’s probably good for 5 or 6 years with no playoffs before he gets canned. Look at Isiah, he basically ran the place like a kids whose parents were away for the summer, and only got fired when the house burned to the ground! So Glen is ours for years to come. Better bring your fire extinguishers!

  16. PETE

    I think the older Nyr fans need to brain wash some young Nyr fans into “taking out” Slats, Charles Manson style.

    I wont be a part of that though, i don’t want to get my hands dirty. It’s an idea.

  17. Avery’s sloppy seconds comment is the best thing that happened to the Rangers this year. Without that, he probably wouldn’t be here

    Besides Renney getting fired.

  18. Orr you are so right about dubi’s side kick jesse they both are hypocrytes and there site isn’t worth paying for.

  19. Orr and Vince A,

    Prospect Park is free.

    Jess knows his stuff regardless of his affiliation with Dubi.

    He gives great insight into our prospect and when he offers his opinions are pretty accurate.

  20. Laurel Babcock on

    Aw, ORR, I think you’re starting to like me….though that may change with a new post I’m preparing for later :)

  21. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Damn do you guys have to blog so loud, I have a headache this morning. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that last shot of, actaully I don’t even know what it was truthfully. It must have been the one that put me away. Happy unBirthday to me. So Sather got fired by the City of NY or was that a dream???

  22. They should pay me to read that rag they call Prospect Park. It’s written by a 4th rate lackey who likes to blast beat writers for a mistake one of his fellow lackeys made!

  23. When Drury and Gomez combine for 40 they will cost the Rangers $350,000 per goal

    Even at 2 Million a Year Prucha only has to score 6 goals to be as cost effective

  24. And this one will last a lifetime on

    Jan was an easy answer…now who can name the Bruin ?

    a number 39 in the mid-late 80’s ?

    I think the picture is a fake. Photoshop is amazing.

  25. Pruchs has a lot to prove next season. He’s gonna get solid playing time, and he wont have to deal with getting scratched for not scoring more than a goal, and an assist like that retard Renney would do to him.

    I hope he goes back to his scoring ways, and puts up at least 20 goals.


    Not Prospect Park, it’s BB+. Jess thinks he’s the sh*t cause he knows Dubi, and he gets to tell Dubi to ban someone. Lol, what a doofus.

  26. hockeyman

    When hungover; and blogging; it is common a fact; that excessive use: of the semi-colon (;); can reduce pressure: behind the eys; which is the main reason for: blogging hangover discomfort; so semi-colon; constantly; today

    it also helps people who are grammatically challenged;


  27. And this one will last a lifetime on


    You have one on three chance of being right, nice going.
    As John Blue and Norm Foster were both netminders, it means that it is either Greg Johnston , or Lou Crawford or Matt Glennon.

    I have no idea which one it is. But if you say Greg Johnston, thats fine with me.

  28. jess of prospect park is an egomaniac

    he always uses we when writing. well it should be i as it is his opinion only. what a blowhard.

  29. Orr What/Jack – I find both of those guys(Dubi and Jess) to be biased; either overly pessimistic or overly optimistic. I can recall one summer when they were touting Trevor Koverko as the next big thing…and then they were saying Dwight Helminen would never make the NHL. Small examples, but examples nonetheless…I stopped reading both those guys several months before they start BB+ because of their holier-than-thou attitude. The site they have is good for a fan site, but it’s nothing I’d ever pay money to read…

    …regarding Jess’ most recent masterpiece on Prospect Park, I’ve got to say GIVE ME A BREAK. The guy gushes over Neil Smith, who did assemble the cup team, but also dismantled the Rangers to a point where they didn’t make the playoffs for 7-plus years….now imagine a late 90s, early 2000s Ranger team with a forward line of Sundstrom-Savard-Kovalev, and a top defensive pairing of Zubov-Norstrom. Imagine if the team had Cloutier to prevent Richter from having to hold the team. That would have been the Rangers had they fired Smith after 1994…yeah, Jess. Let’s recreate the Smith years. BRILLIANT!

  30. judging by the position of the sun in the sky I would think that the photo is of Dave Osborne or his brother Ozzy…

    but if that is artificial light being used to backlight the players can you give us a hint about the total Lumen quantity of the invividual lamps?

    The range being used today far outnumbers those in the previous decades…
    its a known fact

  31. and this one will last a life time, it’s either greg johnston or matt glennon…look at the pic, you see the last letters of the Bruin’s last name…it can’t be the other guy u said lol

  32. Name Required on

    This just in…
    Danny Heatley for……………….

  33. Name Required on

    oh heres the site…
    Its not final, sorry if there was any excitement!

  34. Cross Check Charlie on

    If the Rangers do that trade then there needs to be a fan boycot of the team until Sather is fired.

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