It’s Friday! Let’s have some fun…


Let’s end our week together with a little amusement shall we. Can’t wait to see the response to this.
Ranger and Rangers Report fan John Patrick Gatta, a freelance writer/photographer, was sooo kind to send me these photos. He was reporting out of Bonnaroo, where he interviewed a Fuse field reporter named Sean Avery.
He took these photos of Mr. Pink Tie doing Vinyl Spin Art and posing with his final artwork. As John says, the moment after Avery used the color blue he turned to the Rangers person and Fuse folks with him and said he was going to make it Rangers colors, then added red and white. 
Some of Avery’s work for Fuse is scheduled to be broadcast at 9 p.m. tomorrow during its 2009 Bonnaroo special.
So now I give you my Friday fun gift. First, though, John, if you’re gonna shoot a guy with his shirt off it had to be that one?

Looky, art!

But seriously folks, I had the most fun with you this week, and I hope you did too. Some blog notes:
• Jane’s back Monday but will likely be swamped after a week off and she’s got Jets and other stuff on her plate, so you’ll still have me for a few more days on the assist (so lucky).
• Carp’s back for draft day!!! He’ll be posting here Friday for the draft. He also says don’t plan on him spoiling you as much as I have this week during the off season.
• I’m taking the weekend off from you knuckleheads. Need to recharge for our next round, so have great weekends, thanks for your support and kind words this week, and catch up with ya Monday!

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  1. thanks laurel
    you did a great job. anyway the isles beat writer fore newsday is thinking that they will take matt duchesne with top pick. if true there fan base would go nuts. hope to see it. i like erixon kid for 19.

    prucha deal 1.1 a year. make or break for him.

    is there a god out there who will take one of the big 4 contracts. please someone

  2. onecupin69years and counting on

    enough of Avery..enough..already, I didn’t mind his first stay in NY. I hope his second is shorter.

  3. jess of prospect park is an egomaniac

    he always uses we when writing. well it should be i as it is his opinion only. what a blowhard

  4. Avery is the best thing Sather has done in the ten years he has been here…which is sad from Sather’s perspective but Avery is one of the few guys who actually cares about being a ranger…

  5. Laurel, thanks for filling in and keeping the blog rolling. I got a lot of enjoyment out of your posts.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery isn’t even close to Sather’s best move. He’s had some serious blunders, but Avery isn’t in the top 5 of the good things.

    1) Anson Carter for Jagr at half salary: Say what you will about Jagr, this trade is the steal of the century.

    2) Move up in the draft to grab Marc Staal.

    3) Signing Brendan Shanahan (the first time only).

    4) Fire Tom Renney/Hire Torts

    Wow. I guess Avery is in the top five. Man, Sather REALLY sucks.

  7. Laurel, I really enjoyed reading your posts this week. You brought some great enthusiasm and excitement to the blog and it definitely was appreciated.

    So, thanks for all of the hard work you put in, you did a great job!


    I read on the Rangers site that Leetch could/most likely will be announced for the Hall this Tuesday.


  8. SALLY

    I liked that show a lot better when Stephanie Tanner from Full House was hosting it. Those gonzagas she’s packing were fun to look at.

  9. I love Laurel, too. And I think it’s time to make a blog specifically for Ranger-related animal stuff. Speaking of… those name changes aren’t happening for me either. Princess Dubinsky Wobbles 4EVA.

  10. My wife now likes Avery even more now that he is in to vinyl spin art .She’s the arts and craft type. BTW great Job Laurel ! By your frequent posting now i know why you are considered the “Mouth” around the office. Great Job !

    Mark Messier’s Ice Violence leads to absolute absurdity:

  11. The Rangers should fire Sather and throw cash at one of these guys and see who takes the job, in order of preference:

    George Mcphee

    All guys with Ranger past.

    Or if that is too difficult for the Dolans, then they should raid the Red Wings management.

    The last time the Dolans watched a hockey game was when the Oilers were good..that is why he hired Sather.

    I bet Sather tells the Dolans we win the cup every year and they believe him.

  12. orr- fox is hot no question but theres hotter girls. eva mendez is one juicy tomato man!! damn, i hooked up with a girl at walmart today that looked damn good. not close to megan fox of course, but she is a cutie wit a booty. a hottie wit a body, a bitty wit a t***y. i know you have fox on the brain. i have mendez on the brain. lol. adriana lima is gorgeous too. the victoria secret model. keeley hazel too

  13. guys, what would you all do if glen got canned and dolan hired pierre ‘head’ mcguire or mike dingleberry?!!!!!! would you start a “bring back slats chants”???

  14. Laurel Babcock on

    My head is getting so swollen! (not that I mind:) ….I’m off to begin the weekend, yee-ha!

    mike in ia, I’m glad you love me, but haven’t we talked about the locker room before? tsk.

    Back Monday with new post. Bye!

  15. i did
    but i was too lazy to type before
    workin on “DO” for gnome

    anyone know what that is?

  16. colin

    so i wasnt crazy! good to know lol

    is this some sort of a hint?

    and if it isnt then its just sad…

    out of all the players they chose to put an image of the guy who is no longer here and ironically that guy is still the best guy we had in a very long time! Sigh…

    New York Rangers – We do things through the butthole… why? Because we can!

  17. MIKE

    Mendez is hot, but she has this look on her face, on some angles she can look like a guy sometimes, but she is hot. Lima is pretty hot too, but on some angles she doesn’t look that hot. Hazel, oh yeah, those chest bags she’s packing look like a ton of fun.

    The blonde chick from Heroes is hot too, what a bee-hind on that babe. Panettiere or however you spell it.

  18. Quite frankly except for the fact he’s back…I’m already a little bored of the Avery photo ops…

    Lets win a big series folks..ya know like beating the Pens or the Caps…

  19. CCCP, as soon as i clicked on your link i cracked up at how blatantly Jagr that mouse pad is, and the image of the Cup too…just hilarious! I may just order one! Where’s the Glen Sather dart board and the James Dolan coffin!

    Laurel, thanks for the Avery pics! Always a day brightener.

    Since China will own this country outright before too long.. here is a LEARN CHINESE fortune cookie lesson:

    Tasty in Chinese is Hao-Chi, according to the fortune cookie. (It also says i display the wonderful trait of charm and courtesy…. guess they’ve never seen me watch a Rangers game before.)

  20. im telling you Linda… this mouse pad thing is one cruel joke!! But i ordered one anyway! i am such a consumer!

    btw Linda (and everyone else!)…check out Laurels blog…she posted some funny pics of my cat Shibby…

    Greg… pass on the “beans” bro :)

  21. Laurel Babcock on

    This is Not Laurel….(also Not Carp or Not Sam (the great Weinman)….hee hee…Not Laurel says Sally et al, send your pics…see today’s post about CCCP’s Shibby at

    Hanny, still no luck…:(

  22. This is not CCCP… i repeat, this is not CCCP! And this is not a drill!

    “Turn on, tune in, drop out.” :P

  23. Speed Ranger on

    Isn’t that Hollweg in the background of the first one, shirtless, almost pantless?

  24. im watching the NHL Awards … Chaka Khan was opening up! really? Chaka Khan?! NHL? really? Chaka Khan?!

    good thing it wasnt Fabio!

  25. LAS VEGAS — If there is one moment that illustrates the inherent flaws in Jim Balsillie’s quixotic bid not just to own an NHL team, but also to plunk it down wherever he wants, it recently took place in a cafeteria near the downtown Phoenix court where the Coyotes’ immediate future was being debated.

    Balsillie’s right-hand man, lawyer Richard Rodier, remarked out loud that one of the patrons in the luncheonette bore a striking resemblance to NHL Hall of Famer Guy Lafleur. Rodier then asked the man whether he was a hockey fan, presumably to reinforce the Balsillie camp’s belief that no one in Phoenix cares about the sport or whether its NHL team takes the high dive or not.

    The man in question, however, was Phoenix Coyotes GM Don Maloney.

    Now, one might imagine that if you were trying to take control of an NHL team, you might want to familiarize yourself with the key members of your management team. At least it wasn’t Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky that Rodier failed to recognize. But the point is this: Balsillie has never really gotten it right in his pursuit of an NHL team.


  26. Tyler

    that is funny! these people with money really think that the world revolves around them!

    but the interesting thing is that the lawyer knows what Guy Lafleur looks like!

  27. Wonder why the pics aren’t going thru to your email? One more try. If it doesn’t work, I’ll just post the links here. :)

  28. Thanks Shoryuken on Wade Redden i appreciate the kind words glad I made you laugh , Lets Go Rangers !

  29. So what do you guys think of this trade??

    It’s very well known that the Flyers want Jay Bo but they need to move some money, so …

    The Flyers trade Gagne to the Rangers (5.25 mill),–> The Rangers trade Rozy (5.0 mill) to the Panthers, –> and the Flyers trade a “sweetener” to the Panthers for Jay Bo.

    I think this works out for everyone, especially cap wise.

    1. The Flyers move salary and a “sweetener” to get their guy

    2. The Rangers get out of 1 of their contracts and get a scoring winger (although he has health issues and lost some trade value)

    3. The Panthers get a decent replacement in Rozsival (which they need tons of help on their D-line since only Mccabe, Ballard, and Allen and currently signed for next year) and a prospect/draft pick, which is pretty good if you consider they took a gamble not trading him at the deadline and really could end up with nothing since they waited so long to trade him.

    So what do you guys think???

  30. While I used to think that Gagne was one of the dominating wingers in the league, he has dropped off a bit. I don’t know if I like that deal. I understand that we are going to have to move significant salary to get a legit goal scoring threat of a winger, but if we are going to gamble on damaged good, I would rather place my money on Gaborik.


    Better yet, Slats should get Vanreimsdyke to replace Huge Jessiwoman. I gotta say, not having a Ranger fan, former 1st round bust in our system is kind of depressing.

    I wouldn’t mind having Gagne though, but i don’t know they’re willing to part with him, especially since he proved last season that the concussion wont really hold him back, he had a pretty good year.

    But isn’t J-Bo a FA ?? Or is that next season ?

  32. Orr…

    I live in south jersey (Flyer territory), The Flyers are definitely trying to move either Briere or Gagne to clear up some space.

    This trade would just be for the FLyers to have his rights prior to July 1st, but they have such a “Hard-on” for Jay Bo that they will give him whatever he wants contract wise.

    Plus, the Flyers have a good track record of dealing for a players rights and signing him (Kimmo Timmonen and Scott Hartnall)

  33. somerset,

    exactly, they traded Lindros to use because they knew he had scrambled eggs for a brain and we gave them Kim Jonahanson, who was better then Lindros at the time and whatever the rangers gave up.

    The only Sather makes a trade at this point is if he gets robbed…like giving a 2nd rounder for Antro for 15 games.

    Any move Sather makes will only harm this organization further.

  34. JACK

    Eh, that second rounder wasn’t that bad, especially since we got it back for Cherry. He was pretty good though, so it was a good deal, he played decent in the playoffs, could have done better, but he did help out.

    I wouldn’t mind him coming back. At the right price.

    Hopefully we can get Hollweg back too, cause we need some physicality on this team…

    Just kidding.

  35. hollweg would complete the circle of insanity for this franchise. yea, lets get him back like the fashionista glorified savior avery. next were gonna have a fshion show at the garden before the home opener next october. we’ll have all the rangers walkin down the runway strutting their stuff for the ladies. hollweg can come back and do the safety dance with sather and dolan.

  36. Orr,

    Just think we could have packaged our 19th and one of the seconds for a chance to draft Zach Kassian and we would have a true power forward and still another 2nd rounder to get a good player. That is how u build and get better…not given up picks for rentals…where we gonna win the cup with Antro…obviously not…then we give that up.

    Instead we got Antro for 2 months and empty playoff feelings.

    Antro wants 5 million a year…fcuk that…he shows up only when he wants to…

  37. somerset – It’ll never happen. The Lindros trade was a fluke of nature, because the Flyers(and Clarke more specifically) wanted nothing to do with him. They knew his melon was mush and his playing days were limited. On the other side, Sather knew Pavel ‘Hotdog’ Brendl was going nowhere in the NHL. He showed up to camp a fat slob, and impressed no one. He also bargained that Hlavac and Johnsson were dime-a-dozen players(and he was probably right, too). So basically, both GMs were ready to cut their losses one way or another. The deal gave them an opportunity to do it simultaneously…in the case of GAGNE, they would trade a popular player who is still very dangerous to a division rival for what amounts to the rights to sign Bouwmeester, a player they could probably get on July 1 anyway and without disrupting too much of their cap structure.They can dump Rathje or Jones and probably sign JBo…so I’d say there’s a better chance of hell freezing over than that deal happening…

    Jack – Where the #$%^ did you see Antropov wants $5 million?!? I’d be ASTOUNDED if there was a team on the planet that would give him that much. He’s never even score 30 goals…Jesus…I doubt even mother Russia would pay him that kind of cash. $3.5 million and Antro stays in NY.

    Interesting… just updated their cap info…the Rangers have $16.1 million to sign 10 players…the Penguins have $6.2 million to sign 6 players…another team that seems to be in a bit of a cap bind is BOSTON, which has only $6.6 million to purse out. Problem is, the one guy they need to sign is PHIL KESSEL.

  38. JACK

    The thing is, Slats is too dumb to pull off moves like that, so you got to set your expectations low, and just hope.

    That’s the life of a Ranger fan.

    If things continue to be this way, most will commit suicide, and the Devs will have more fans than us. Dun, dun, duuuuuuuun !!


    Megan Fox is gonna be on Letterman next thursday i think. Yum ! Should be funny, Letterman likes the young ones, and he loves to kiss the hand while rubbing the palm with his thumb. That’s his signature move. Cant blame him though.

  39. somerset

    Holmgren wasn’t Philly’s GM then, I think it was Clarke.

    Holmgren is a very smart GM. He ROBBED Atlanta for Coburn and he then robbed Nashville in the Forsberg trade. He then dumped garbage to sign Timmonen (40 assists!) and Hartnell (30 goals, 30 assists!).. Granted, Briere didn’t work out too well because of an injury, but he’s still an impact player.

    Every contract on the Flyers’ is tradeable, whether it’s Richards, Carter, Hartnell, Briere (pending a healthier return someone would bite), Timmonen, etc..

    There is no way that any club would take the Drury, Gomez or Redden contracts (assuming NTCs were waived)… maybe Rozsival, but that’s only if a team is desperate for d, like Dallas.

  40. lets face it all of you who have posted here. sather moves with the big 4 contracts will make us nothing more then a team battling for 8th for next few years. this team should have no expectations because if you do you will get that empty feeling once again.

    we are screwed and i agree with ORR MOST OF US WILL JUMP or will not be around to see the cup again

  41. how bout we trade rozy,staal,dooby,cally,artie,grachev,del z,and sather for ken holland

  42. my daughter just gave me my fathers day present today cuz her mom wont let me get her tommorrow. it was a nice card that my ex wrote in at the bottom saying “hey, i need $200 for clothes and stuff for the kid.” isnt that sweet? f the rangers problems. if im gonna be jumpin off a building, its cuz of her, not the rangers!!

  43. MIKE

    Good for you, there’s more important things than hockey. That’s why im so quick to choose Fox over Nyr. Why should i stick around, and give 100% to this team with the way they are. Im still a fan, but im not the same. If they half ass it as players every year, then im gonna half ass it as a fan.

    It’s kind of funny, two summers ago, the big FA centers that were available, and can change a team. And Slats is supposedly interested in trading one of Dreary, or Blowmez, and Holmgren is interested in moving Briere. Crazy.

    We were better off with Cullen, and Nylander. Then maybe Jags would have stuck around for another year, instead of rotting in Russia, in a garbage league where Marcel Hossa, and Chris Simon are great.

  44. You guys are talking about ancient history….

    If I were trying to make any sort of a deal with the Cryers I would try to get Briere instead of Gagne. Briere is younger, has no concussion history like Gagne does and has played with Drury before.

  45. mkay! all the question marks were supposed to be russian letters… anyway

    there is a website sort of a Russian MySpace… the other day i found this kid back from my home town currently residing on LI

    He has a picture of him wearing long sleeve shirt with name Tavares and #19 on the back! What a dreamer! Anyway here is what i wrote to him and what he replied back with:

    * Ha! An Islander fan! Good for you guys…you sucked enough to get the first over all pick in the next week’s draft! So, you think it’s going to be Tavares? i just hope your organization is smart about this kid… he can be the one! Lets see what kind of long term contract he’ll get… i say 15 years at 7 mil per? lol
    speaking of the large contracts… how’s is DP? or better yet, how is Yashin? lol
    btw, Rangers fan here! Good luck next season! You guys are going to need it! lol

    Ha! A Rangers fan… Have I seen a lot of your kind around… Regarding DP he is either playing next year or geting picked up by insurance and off the books he goes… Yash is in Russia enjoying his stardom thereand trying to get back to NHL … Who cares… I am hoping for tavares and if they won’t take him it’ll be trouble in old Colliseum. I am going there on Friday to witness this freak show and tell my grand-kids all about it. How is Redden and Drury doing? You got lucky with Naslund, i wonder how much Sather paid him under the table to retire…

  46. That fella in the first photo with no shirt and a back pack really set my timer off. Get us at a beach locker room, all wet and taking his tight bikini trunks off. Need a towel fella.

  47. With the draft next week, I found a great site called Habs inside/out run by the Gazette, mock drafts, guests, trivia shows with prizes, articles, and all week long a draft preview discussion. Thought you might like it.

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz saga continues... says Greg L. on

    Hot chicks are nice to look at , great to drool over , awsome to make out with and sweet to talk to for umm…like 5 minutes and then ya wanna kill yer self. Thats why having Rangers is a great escape from the mindless hoes .The ladies on this blog are not like that .Which is nice to see!!

  49. “LAS VEGAS – Gary Bettman is about to get a rare audience with the NHL Players’ Association. He better come ready for some tough questions.

    The NHL commissioner will speak to players during their annual North American meetings on Saturday morning, marking the first time in his 16 years on the job that it has happened.

    The players are looking forward to it.”

    16 years and he never had a meeting with the players?? wow… what a great commissioner we got! such a great man!

  50. hi guys, im mike in ia’s imposter. i like thinking and talking about naked guys. in fact, im obsessed with mike. i wont use my real screen name cuz hes scary and might beat me up even though i can hide behind the internet. i have nothing else to do with my life but when i come to this site i can be myself. i can say really clever stuff like”yea get me in a locker room with a hairy guy!!” and i can act like mike and nobody will ever know!!! im really cool!!

  51. I was at Bonnaroo and when I heard Avery was there I headed over to the Fuse Barn to see if he was hanging around. The rep from Fuse was such a dbag…our interaction went something like this.

    Me: Hey Man. Has Avery been hanging around the Fuse Barn?
    Fuse Guy: Yeah he has. But you shouldn’t bother him if you see him. He’s a suuuper chill guy. So if you see him, all you should say is “Hey Sean. Whats up?” and then move along.
    Me: I’m a hockey fan dude. I’m not a teeny-bopper.
    Fuse Guy: Well, its just that he’s quiet you know.
    Me: Thanks, got it.

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